E-Pao! Timeline - COVID-19 : Impact in Manipur :: 2020

COVID-19 : Impact in Manipur :: 2020 - 2023

Covid-19 : Impact in Manipur

29 December 2023
Covid returns with one positive
Fresh Covid case in state

27 December 2023
"No JN.1 cases detected in State"
No JN 1 variant in state, follow guidelines: Health Dir

05 May 2023
3 test positive

04 May 2023
3 more positive

03 May 2023
Seven new cases take active tally to 9

30 April 2023
One confirmed positive

29 April 2023
Covid : No new cases

28 April 2023
3 recover from Covid

27 April 2023
No case detected

26 April 2023
No new case

25 April 2023
Two test positive
Two new cases, one

24 April 2023
8 active cases

22 April 2023
No new cases logged

21 April 2023
3 including infant test positive
Three found positive, two discharged

20 April 2023
No new case

19 April 2023
1 more positive
One case detected, one discharged

18 April 2023
One positive
One case detected, Centre halts vaccine supply

17 April 2023
Three more test positive
Three cases reported, four discharged

16 April 2023
No new case

14 April 2023
Manipur logs two new cases

13 April 2023
CAPF man tests Covid positive
Covid-19: One fresh case reported, two recover

12 April 2023
10 active cases
No new case, two discharged

11 April 2023
Mock drills held
Two more cases take active tally to 12
Two more test positive

10 April 2023
4 more cases logged
State logs four fresh Covid-19 cases

09 April 2023
One tested positive

08 April 2023
None vaccinated in last 24 hrs

07 April 2023
1 more test positive
Covid-19 active tally reaches eight

06 April 2023
Post-Covid mental issues on the rise: Health minister
Covid-19 active tally reaches seven
2 more test positive to take active cases to 7

05 April 2023
2 more cases logged

04 April 2023
1 more case logged

03 April 2023
Two active cases
Active case rises to two in state

02 April 2023
Manipur back on Covid map with one testing positive
State logs fresh Covid case after three months

01 April 2023
Still Covid free

31 March 2023
Nine vaccinated

30 March 2023
None vaccinated

29 March 2023
56 samples tested

28 March 2023
33 samples tested

27 March 2023
None vaccinated

24 March 2023
Nil active cases

22 March 2023
7 vaccinated

21 March 2023
47 tested

18 March 2023
No new case

07 March 2023
136 test negative
136 samples tested, no vaccination

06 March 2023
39 vaccinated
15 samples tested, 39 vaccinated

05 March 2023
Seven vaccinated
42 samples tested, 7 vaccinated

04 March 2023
3 vaccinated

03 March 2023
74 samples tested
74 samples tested, 2 vaccinated

02 March 2023
100 tested, vaccination only on Friday
None vaccinated

01 March 2023
89 samples tested, 8 vaccinated

28 February 2023
108 test negative
108 samples tested, 8 vaccinated

27 February 2023
57 test negative
57 samples tested, 18 vaccinated

26 February 2023
13 vaccinated
42 samples tested, 13 vaccinated

25 February 2023
52 samples tested, 10 vaccinated

24 February 2023
8 persons vaccinated
113 samples tested, 8 vaccinated

23 February 2023
48 samples tested, 23 vaccinated

22 February 2023
77 persons vaccinated

21 February 2023
No new cases
'Covid-19' of Radhakumar released
89 samples tested, no new case

20 February 2023
7 vaccinated
60 samples tested, 7 jabbed

19 February 2023
No new cases
72 samples tested, six jabbed

18 February 2023
31 vaccinated

17 February 2023
84 samples tested, 9 jabbed

16 February 2023
38 vaccinated

15 February 2023
No fresh cases
83 samples tested, no new case

14 February 2023
None vaccinated
146 samples tested, no new case

13 February 2023
No new Covid cases
24 vaccinated, 41 samples tested

12 February 2023
Covid-19: 62 vaccinated

11 February 2023
COVID-19 : Nil cases
71 vaccinated, 84 samples tested

10 February 2023
61 vaccinated
61 vaccinated, 81 samples tested

09 February 2023
No new cases
100 vaccinated, 27 samples tested

08 February 2023
No new cases
48 vaccinated, 103 samples tested

07 February 2023
No new cases
No fresh Covid-19 case, 42 screened

06 February 2023
No new cases
33 vaccinated, 80 samples tested

05 February 2023
No new cases
71 vaccinated, 29 samples tested

04 February 2023
No new cases
71 vaccinated, 5 samples tested

03 February 2023
73 samples tested, 54 vaccinated

02 February 2023
No new case

01 February 2023
109 tested, 138 vaccinated

30 January 2023
No new cases
Covid-19: 75 samples tested, 108 jabbed

28 January 2023
No new cases
Covid-19: 76 tested, 18 vaccinated

26 January 2023
154 persons vaccinated

25 January 2023
No new case
104 tested, 221 jabbed, no new case

24 January 2023
128 tested, 188 jabbed, no new case

23 January 2023
No new cases reported
10 screened, no new case; 57 jabbed

22 January 2023
Zero active case
238 jabbed, no new case reported

21 January 2023
No fresh case
240 vaccine doses administered

20 January 2023
No new cases

19 January 2023
Nil active cases
43 jabbed, no new case reported

18 January 2023
No active case
30 jabbed, no new case reported

17 January 2023
Zero cases
State remains free from Covid

16 January 2023
No new cases

15 January 2023
No new case
No new case, 18 vaccinated

14 January 2023
Get vaccinated, Govt urges
State Covid free for fourth day

13 January 2023
No active case
Covid-19: 70 screened, 16 vaccinated

12 January 2023
15 jabbed, no new case reported

11 January 2023
State Covid-free, once again
Zero active case

10 January 2023
No new case
No new case, none vaccinated

09 January 2023
One active case
One discharged, one active

08 January 2023
No new Covid case in last 48 hours

06 January 2023
Two active cases
No new case, no vaccination

05 January 2023
No new case
No new case reported, active tally at 2

04 January 2023
1 more infected
Covid-19 caseload rises to two

03 January 2023
New Year begins with fresh Covid case
One new case

01 January 2023
Zero active case
Covid-free run continues

31 December 2022
Get fully vaccinated call issued
State remains Covid-free, 73 tested, 15 jabbed

30 December 2022
Zero active case
Covid-19: 24 tested, 18 jabbed

29 December 2022
No new cases
No new case, 70 tested, 21 jabbed

28 December 2022
With Covid on the rise in many countries, mock drills held to face any eventuality
Covid free
COVID mock drill conducted across state
16 jabbed, 101 tested
DC Bishnupur reviews COVID preparedness

27 December 2022
Full-scale COVID-19 mock drill in state today
Covid-free run continues, none vaccinated
No active case

25 December 2022
Public urged to follow Covid protocols

24 December 2022
Precautionary measures initiated, says Health Minister
Covid regulations soon: CM
Manipur still Covid free
No fresh case, 69 vaccinated

23 December 2022
Annual meeting held on Covid vaccination
Low Covid vaccine jab rate in hills worries minister
Covid-free status remains, 69 jabbed
No new case

22 December 2022
State Covid-free after seven months
Manipur technically COVID-19 free

21 December 2022
Five tested, zero new case, 34 jabbed
No new case reported

20 December 2022
Caseload static at two, 74 jabbed
No new case

19 December 2022
Caseload remains unchanged, 82 jabbed
Two active cases

18 December 2022
No new case, no recovery reported
Zero positive case

17 December 2022
No new case reported, 148 vaccinated
No new case

16 December 2022
One discharged, caseload falls to 2
One recovers from Covid

15 December 2022
Two new Covid-19 cases detected
Two positive

14 December 2022
No new case for five days in row
One active case

13 December 2022
No new Covid case reported, 49 Jabbed
No new case

12 December 2022
No new case reported

11 December 2022
Caseload falls to one as one recovers
No new case

10 December 2022
No new case, no recovery reported
No new case detected

09 December 2022
One new case takes caseload to two
One case detected

08 December 2022
No new case for four consecutive days
No new case

07 December 2022
Caseload falls to one
One active case

06 December 2022
No new case
Caseload falls to 4, no new case detected

05 December 2022
No new Covid-19 case detected

04 December 2022
One new case, one recovery reported
One tests positive

03 December 2022
Caseload falls to 5, no new case reported
No fresh case

02 December 2022
No new case for second consecutive day
No new case

01 December 2022
Two cases detected, caseload falls to 6
Covid: None test positive

30 November 2022
Two cases detected, caseload falls to 6
2 test positive

29 November 2022
State logs one fresh case
One positive

28 November 2022
Covid caseload falls to seven
No new case

27 November 2022
No new case
No new Covid case, recovery reported

26 November 2022
Two new cases take caseload to 12
2 test positive

25 November 2022
No new case
No new case detected in state

24 November 2022
State logs one new case, two recoveries
One test positive

23 November 2022
One new case takes caseload to 11
One tests positive

22 November 2022
Two new cases with 6.7 pc TPR recorded
Two test positive

21 November 2022
One new case takes caseload to 9
One case detected

20 November 2022
Two cases detected with 11.1 pc TPR
2 test positive

19 November 2022
Covid-19: Two infected, seven recover
Two test positive

18 November 2022
No new case
No new case detected, 326 jabbed

17 November 2022
One new case, two recoveries in state
One tests positive

16 November 2022
No new case
One recovery brings down caseload

15 November 2022
Covid caseload rises again
2 cases logged

14 November 2022
No new case
Covid caseload falls to 10

13 November 2022
Two fresh cases, one recovery reported
2 test positive

12 November 2022
One fresh Covid case detected
One case detected in last 24 hrs

11 November 2022
State logs one fresh case
One tests positive

10 November 2022
Active tally rises to double digit
Three positive

09 November 2022
Three infected, Covid active tally rises
3 Covid cases detected

08 November 2022
State logs one new case, three recoveries
One new case

07 November 2022
Active tally falls to single digit
Active cases drop to 7

06 November 2022
One new case detected, two discharged
One tests positive

05 November 2022
Three new cases take active tally to 17
3 test positive

04 November 2022
State logs one new case, one recovery
One positive

03 November 2022
Caseload falls to 15 after one recovery
No new cases

02 November 2022
Zero case
No new cases reported, three discharged

01 November 2022
Two new cases take active tally to 19
2 test positive

31 October 2022
No new Covid case detected, 2 discharged
No new cases

30 October 2022
State logs 7 new cases
TPR crosses 5 pc again, seven infected

29 October 2022
5 test positive
Covid infects five, caseload dips to 12

27 October 2022
No fresh Covid case detected

26 October 2022
One new case detected, active tally falls
State logs single case

25 October 2022
2 test positive
State logs 2 fresh cases

24 October 2022
2 cases detected
2 new cases reported with 6.3 pc TPR

23 October 2022
No fresh cases reported, three recover
No new case

22 October 2022
Four positive

21 October 2022
6 new cases logged
TPR crosses 5 pc, six new cases detected

20 October 2022
State logs two fresh cases four recoveries

19 October 2022
Seven new cases detected; active cases, TPR rise
7 new cases

18 October 2022
4 Covid cases detected
State logs four more fresh cases

17 October 2022
Caseload rises, two more infected
2 new Covid-19 cases logged

16 October 2022
Five new cases take active tally to 14
5 test positive

15 October 2022
Covid-19 active cases fall to 11
No new case

14 October 2022
Two new cases, one recovery reported
2 test positive

10 October 2022
For second day no new case in state

09 October 2022
No new case reported, active tally stands at 15

08 October 2022
One new case, two recoveries reported
One positive case detected

07 October 2022
State logs one new case, recovery
One tests positive

06 October 2022
Five test positive
Covid newly infects five, active tally rising

05 October 2022
Two more cases added
Active tally crosses double digit, two fresh cases detected

04 October 2022
One positive
State logs one fresh case

03 October 2022
1 death reported
Three fresh cases, one recovery reported

02 October 2022
3 recoveries, 1 new case reported
RIMS projects including Covid Care Centre inaugurated
Active tally falls to seven, one new case detected

01 October 2022
9 active cases
Covid infects two more, four discharged

30 September 2022
2 test positive
State logs two new cases, recoveries

29 September 2022
No case detected
Active tally drops to 11

28 September 2022
Nil case
No fresh Covid case reported

27 September 2022
Active cases drop to 16
State logs two new cases, tally drops to 16

26 September 2022
No new cases detected
Active tally drops to 22 after case-free day

25 September 2022
2 test positive
Covid-19 infects two more, four discharged

24 September 2022
3 test positive in 24 hrs
Three more infected with Covid

23 September 2022
4 positive
State logs four fresh cases, two recoveries

22 September 2022
No new cases
Covid-19 active cases drop to 24

21 September 2022
6 test positive
6 fresh cases detected, 10 recover

20 September 2022
3 test positive
State logs three fresh cases

19 September 2022
7 new cases logged in last 48 hours
5 more test Covid-19 positive

17 September 2022
TPR drops to 0.9 pc
Two test positive, four discharged

16 September 2022
Five test positive
Caseload rises as state logs five more cases

15 September 2022
5 positive
Five more test Covid-19 positive

14 September 2022
Manipur records 4 new cases
Active tally rises, four more test positive

13 September 2022
5 more cases added
State logs five new Covid cases

12 September 2022
4 test positive
Four new cases detected, active tally falls to 20

11 September 2022
State logs zero positive case
No new Covid case after 79 days

10 September 2022
3 more cases logged
3 more infected by Covid-19

09 September 2022
Four more test positive
Only 37 cases active, four new cases detected

08 September 2022
Single digit spike continues with 4
Caseload drops, four new cases detected

07 September 2022
TPR drops to 0.7 percent
Two more test Covid-19 positive, 10 discharged

06 September 2022
Single digit spike on with 4 more detected
State logs four new cases, three recoveries

05 September 2022
Covid claims one more
One fatality, seven new cases reported

04 September 2022
7 test positive
State logs seven new cases, 15 recoveries

03 September 2022
Single digit spike continues
Active cases in state drop to 64

02 September 2022
Eight new Covid cases, eight recoveries reported

01 September 2022
12 new cases
State logs 12 new cases

31 August 2022
Positive cases rise by 15
State logs 15 new cases, active tally rises

30 August 2022
5 test positive
Five new cases, 13 recoveries reported

29 August 2022
Covid claims one more
Covid-19 claims another life, infects four

28 August 2022
2 test positive
New cases lowest after two months

27 August 2022
Covid cases rise by 17
State still under the shadow of Covid-19

26 August 2022
29 cases, one death reported in 48 hrs
State logs 15 new cases, 9 recoveries

24 August 2022
State logs 1 pc TPR
Only 5 fresh cases detected

23 August 2022
11 test positive
State logs 11 fresh cases, nine recoveries

22 August 2022
State logs 2 deaths, 10 new Covid cases
10 new cases take caseload to 100

21 August 2022
13 test positive
State logs 13 new cases, active cases fall below 100

20 August 2022
Recovery surpasses fresh infection
Four districts report fresh cases

19 August 2022
12 cases detected
12 fresh cases detected, 56 discharged

18 August 2022
Covid positive cases rise by 26
State lags behind in administering precautionary dose
State logs 26 fresh cases, 19 recoveries

17 August 2022
18 test positive
149 active cases remain, 18 new cases detected

15 August 2022
6 new cases detected
TPR dips, 6 new cases detected

14 August 2022
State logs 12 new cases
12 fresh cases take Covid tally to 183

13 August 2022
Death count continues with two more
2 more die, 18 new cases detected

12 August 2022
Death count continues with one more
1 dies, 26 fresh Covid cases confirmed

11 August 2022
Two more deaths logged
Covid positivity rate falls to 3.7 pc

10 August 2022
Active Covid cases stand at 233
31 fresh Covid-19 cases detected

09 August 2022
Low count continues with 29 new cases
State logs 29 new Covid cases

08 August 2022
Death count continues with two more
Fourth wave Covid death toll reaches 18

07 August 2022
Covid claims three more
Covid claims three more lives, infects 33

06 August 2022
82 cases logged in 48 hours
46 new cases take Covid tally to 297

04 August 2022
Low count continues with 32 new cases
32 new active cases detected

03 August 2022
Covid claims 2 lives in 24 hrs
Control Room opened as Covid claims two

02 August 2022
59 new cases reported
59 test positive, 99 recover

01 August 2022
37 new cases take Covid tally to 541
Low count continues with 37 new cases reported

31 July 2022
State logs 53 new cases, 9 pc TPR
Covid warriors cry foul over 10 grace marks policy
53 new cases logged
Covid warriors

30 July 2022
Highest single day spike so far in the month of July
Priority to HCWs who battled Covid: CM
98 new Covid cases detected
ZUF cadre netted, found Covid positive

29 July 2022
Covid claims 1 more to take total to 2129
Free Covid vaccination drive held
Covid claims another life, caseload dips to 590

28 July 2022
Covid claims two more lives, infects 87
Virus claims two more

27 July 2022
91 new cases, 88 recoveries reported
Virus spread continues with 91 more cases

26 July 2022
73 new cases detected, one dies, 107 recover
73 new cases logged

25 July 2022
4th wave claims 5th victim, newly infects 90
One more Covid death recorded to take tally to 2125

24 July 2022
Active cases dip, 79 new cases detected
With 79 fresh cases, active caseload rises to 596
District Hospital Kangpokpi issues precautionary measures

23 July 2022
79 new cases detected, 62 discharged
No lower classes till August 7
DH Kangpokpi issues Covid-19 safety measures
Least vaccinated Kangpokpi tops daily TPR with 28.6pc
Classes (upto VII) suspended till Aug 7
Follow SOPs to beat Covid: PPCM
Covid vaccination drive conducted

22 July 2022
State logs two deaths, 89 new cases
Manipur records 2 more deaths, 89 new cases
Normal classes for Cl-8 and above from Jul 25
Moreh denizens jabbed with precaution dose

21 July 2022
Fourth wave reaches Pherzawl district
Highest single day spike so far in July with 98 logged
Covid lines
CCpur raises red flag over Covid

20 July 2022
Another dies, 90 fresh cases reported
Entry restricted to CM secretariat
One more death takes total to 2122; 90 more test positive
CCpur denizens advised to follow Covid SOP
Booster dose administered at Thoubal
Closure of all tourist sites suggested
District Hospital Ccpur bans visitors

19 July 2022
90 fresh cases take Covid caseload to 537
Kamjong leads daily TPR with 50 pc, Kpi 33.3 pc and IW 28.4 pc

18 July 2022
70 new cases reported, hill dists continue to lag in vaccination
After four months, state records first Covid death

17 July 2022
Inching towards three figure mark per day Manipur logs 94 new cases
94 fresh cases take caseload to 450

16 July 2022
Covid spread inches to 100 mark with 89 new cases
CM launches vaccine mahotsav
Covid spreads in 15 districts, 89 new cases detected
Precaution dose vaccination begins
Vaccination schedule

15 July 2022
Call for new normal goes for a big toss as caution thrown to the wind
Least vaccinated Kangpokpi notches 40 pc
State ready to face any situation, asserts Minister
State logs 77 new cases, caseload crosses 300

14 July 2022
Manipur logs a high of 70 new Covid cases
CSOs inspect 'ill staffed' District Hospital at Kangpokpi
CCpur rolls up sleeves in face of rising cases
Covid situation aggravates as state logs 70 new cases
Covid teams activated, samples sent to Kolkata
Patients crowd Kangpokpi District Hospital amid staff shortage
CCpur gears up to contain Covid-19 spread
Covid alert sounded ahead of Meeyamgi Numit

13 July 2022
Upward tick continues with 59 more cases; TPR at a high of 15.6 pc
Governor issues 'get vaccinated' call at Saikul
Schools shut till Jul 24; caseload breaches 200 mark
MSF urges online/physical issuance of admission forms

12 July 2022
187 new Covid cases added from July 4
State cabinet to review Covid situation: CM N Biren
State logs 45 new cases, highest TPR since Jan 31

11 July 2022
Active caseload rises to 144 with 27 more
School kids highest risk group in 4th wave
27 fresh cases detected, 13 discharged

10 July 2022
23 more added to State's Covid tally
Covid cases rise, 23 more infected

09 July 2022
Dr Rajo stresses
22 more test positive
4th wave on in state, follow safety norms: Dr Rajo
Caseload crosses 100, 22 new cases detected
Chaos at Jirighat over Covid testing fee

08 July 2022
Steady climb on with 22 more cases reported
Covid situation worsen as 22 more new cases detected
Prepared to combat new wave: Dr Ranjan

07 July 2022
Steady rise in Covid cases recorded with 22 more 79 cases added from Jun 30 to Jul 6
All new Covid cases are Omicron: Dr Rajo
Booster dose
State logs 22 fresh cases from seven districts

06 July 2022
Chandel records 42.9 pc TPR, Thoubal 25 pc, IE 13.2 pc; 17 new cases logged, active caseload at 62
17 new cases take active tally to 62- 06 Jul '22

05 July 2022
Upward tick continues with nine new cases
Covid beds
Covid uptick continues, nine new cases detected
CM reviews situation

04 July 2022
Double digit spike recorded with 16
State logs 16 new cases, highest since Mar 14

03 July 2022
In a new high in last many days 7 new cases reported
State reports seven new cases

02 July 2022
Four test positive
Four new cases take active tally to 24

01 July 2022
Four more test positive
June sees highest monthly TPR in four months

30 June 2022
From zero case on May 20 to 6 cases on June 28
State logs 6 new cases, highest in 73 days

29 June 2022
Two test positive
Two new Covid cases reported

28 June 2022
Active caseload rises to 14
State records highest TPR since Feb 6

27 June 2022
One more test positive
One more fresh case detected

26 June 2022
Three positive
Three fresh cases take active tally to 10

25 June 2022
No new positive case reported
No new Covid-19 case detected, 2025 jabbed

24 June 2022
Active cases rise to 7
Active cases climb to seven
Vaccination drive underway in state

23 June 2022
Three more positive
State sees surge in Covid cases

22 June 2022
One more test positive
Another fresh case takes active tally to 4

21 June 2022
One tests positive
One fresh case takes active tally to 3

20 June 2022
Covid-19: No new case detected
No fresh Covid case in state

19 June 2022
1 test positive
One fresh case detected, one discharged

18 June 2022
Active cases remain static at 2

17 June 2022
State has two active Covid cases
Active cases dip to 2 as one recovers

16 June 2022
Active cases rise to 3
One more case takes active tally to 3

13 June 2022
Active cases rise to 2
One fresh case takes caseload to two

12 June 2022
All 74 samples test negative

11 June 2022
No new case

10 June 2022
One tests positive
State logs one fresh case

09 June 2022
Active cases down to 2

08 June 2022
Active cases drop to 3

07 June 2022
No new case

06 June 2022
All test negative

05 June 2022
Zero positive case

04 June 2022
No new case reported

03 June 2022
One positive
One fresh case takes active tally to 10

02 June 2022
Active cases rise to 9 with 2 more
Two fresh cases detected, one discharged

01 June 2022
Two positive
Two fresh cases take active case to 8

31 May 2022
All test negative

30 May 2022
No new case reported

29 May 2022
Zero positive case

28 May 2022
4 more test positive, active cases rise to 6
Four more infected, active cases rise to 6

27 May 2022
One more infected
State's active case rises to two

26 May 2022
No new case

25 May 2022
One positive
State loses Covid free status

24 May 2022
No new case

22 May 2022
State remains Covid free for second day
2125 vaccine doses administered

21 May 2022
After 26 months Manipur becomes Covid free, at least for now !
State becomes Covid-19 free after two years
Centre stresses 'mission mode' vaccination

20 May 2022
All test negative
No Covid cases for seventh day

19 May 2022
All test negative
No new case, death, recovery reported

18 May 2022
Only 3 active cases now
One discharged, active cases fall to 3

17 May 2022
Active cases drop to 4
Caseload falls to 4, no new case reported

16 May 2022
No new cases, again
No fresh case in state for three days

15 May 2022
Zero positive case
Covid scare wanes as dry spell continues

14 May 2022
No new cases
Active cases come down to 8

13 May 2022
3 test positive
Three new cases take active tally to 9

12 May 2022
No new cases
No new Covid deaths in state since March 18

11 May 2022
No positive case in last 24 hrs
No new case, no recovery reported

10 May 2022
State logs 1.1 pc TPR
State logs one new case

09 May 2022
After 2 days, one tests positive
One new case detected, two discharged

08 May 2022
State logs zero positive case
No new case for two days in row

07 May 2022
No new cases logged
No fresh Covid case, no recovery reported

06 May 2022
State logs 0.5 pc TPR
State reports one new case
Medical, awareness camp conducted

05 May 2022
2 test positive, 2 discharged
Shija Hospitals receive National Health Award 2021
Two new cases, two recoveries reported
Shija gets Double Helical National Health Award

03 May 2022
Active cases drop to six
State's active cases drop to 6

01 May 2022
Active cases drop to 15 : No new cases reported for fourth time in April
No new case detected, 2 recover

30 April 2022
For third time in April, no positive case reported
3 from Manipur make cut for NE Unsung Heroes
No new Covid case, recovery reported

29 April 2022
State logs 1.4 pc TPR; 3 more test positive
State logs three cases, three recoveries
Students, parents protest inadequacies

28 April 2022
Governor reiterates vaccination call
For 2nd time in Apr State logs nil cases
No new cases, recoveries in state

27 April 2022
Two infected, 2 discharged
Two new cases detected, two discharged

26 April 2022
3 test positive, TPR at 1.5 pc
Three cases detected, active cases fall to 17

25 April 2022
State logs 1.1 pc TPR
State logs two cases, two recoveries
CHC women staff present Sajibu Khudol

24 April 2022
Single digit spike continues with 5
Five new cases detected, four discharged

23 April 2022
Zero case reported in last 24 hrs since 1st wave in 2020
State logs no Covid case after 13 months

22 April 2022
2 test positive
Two new cases detected, seven recover
Free rice, LPG connection provided under PMGKAY, PMUY

21 April 2022
2 test positive
State logs 2 new cases

20 April 2022
Low count continues with 3 new cases
Three newly infected by Covid-19

19 April 2022
Two new cases, no new deaths reported in last 24 hours
Two cases detected; active cases decline
COVID warriors stage protest

18 April 2022
6 new cases reported in last 24 hours
State's active cases rise to 57

17 April 2022
5 new cases logged
China MBBS students
Five cases detected; TPR, active cases rising

16 April 2022
16 new cases logged in last 48 hours
CM inaugurates Block Health Mela and Telemedicine
State logs 16 cases in 48 hours

14 April 2022
Four new Covid cases reported, daily TPR at 1.5 pc
State logs four new cases
State Central Library informs
Central Library to reopen Apr 18

13 April 2022
3 test positive
Governor flags off
3 cases detected, TPR dips below 1 pc
44 AR conducts health camp

12 April 2022
Active cases drop to 38
Motorcycle expedition reaches Imphal
Six new cases, 12 recoveries reported
Army expedition team honours Covid warriors

11 April 2022
Daily TPR rises to 3.7 p
State logs seven cases with TPR of 3.68 PC
Covid warriors stage sit-in protest

10 April 2022
Three test Covid positive
Three new cases detected, 11 discharged

09 April 2022
3 test positive
Three new cases detected in state

08 April 2022
Daily TPR rises to 1.9 pc with 7 new cases
RIMS, IMA celebrate World Health Day
State logs seven new cases, 1.92 pc TPR

07 April 2022
State logs 1 pc TPR
State logs four new cases

06 April 2022
6 test positive, 5 recover
HSLCE 2022 commences
Daily cases, TPR drop marginally
Matric exam begins at 192 centres
Indo-Myanmar border sealing affects Moreh

05 April 2022
State logs 2 per cent TPR
State logs seven fresh cases

04 April 2022
15 new cases reported in last 48 hrs
State sees double digit cases, again

02 April 2022
10 new cases detected
DC Ukhrul informs
Cases spike day after lift of Covid curbs
Govt opens Manipur Zoological Garden

01 April 2022
Manipur logs one more Covid case
CCpur is now Covid free
Intensified Mission Indradhanush 4.0 from April 4
All Covid restrictions lifted
One new case added, five discharged
Covid-19 curbs lifted, mask rule remains
Covid warriors stage protest

31 March 2022
6 new cases detected
Deputy Commissioner Imphal West informs
TPR rises above 1 pc, six cases detected

30 March 2022
Just one positive case reported in a new low
One new case detected, two discharged

29 March 2022
Just 2 new cases reported
Covid warriors stage sit-in
State logs 2 new cases with 0.4 pc TPR
Covid warriors' body warns of stir
Folktale writing, painting competition held

28 March 2022
Only three test positive
Three fresh Covid cases detected

27 March 2022
State logs 1.2 pc TPR
MESOCON 2022 organised
TPR rises above 1 pc, 11 new cases detected
Vaccination prog conducted

26 March 2022
Active cases plummet to 33
Four cases detected, caseload dips
Government shuts CCCs, terminates staff; Covid warriors fume
Integrated Communication and Outreach Programme concluded
Photo exhibition on AKAM ends

25 March 2022
Active cases drop to 81
Covid-19 newly infects 9
Outreach on AKAM, COVID-19 awareness held

24 March 2022
Just 22 positive cases in 6 days
State logs six fresh Covid cases
Vaccination for 12-14 years launched

19 March 2022
State logs four new cases, recovery rate reaches 98.38 pc
Awareness prog on vaccination begins

18 March 2022
Two succumb to Covid
Two deaths, 7 fresh cases reported

17 March 2022
Daily TPR hits all time low of 0.7 pc
Vaccination of kids in 12-14 age group starts
ICOP on 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and Covid-19' held
Seven fresh cases detected, TPR dips below 1 pc
Covid jabs for 12-14 yrs begins across state
ICOP Covid organised

16 March 2022
State logs 1.2 percent TPR
Vaccination for 12 to 14 years from today
State logs 14 new cases, active cases rise

15 March 2022
Active cases cross 100 again
Covid victims
Active cases rise, 16 newly infected
ICOP on Amrit Mahotsav & COVID held
Central Library to resume operation

14 March 2022
Covid death toll rises by 2
Covid claims two more lives, infects 15

13 March 2022
14 test positive, 20 discharged
State logs 14 new cases, zero death

12 March 2022
Covid-19 : 15 new cases
RIMS to resume normal functions
15 new cases, 10 recoveries reported

11 March 2022
State logs 16 fresh cases

10 March 2022
Daily TPR drops below 1 pc mark
Schools, colleges to re-open from today
RIMS notifies
One fatality, 10 new cases reported
Corbevax arrives for 12-15 age group: Dr Rajo
Committee formed to oversee Covid ex-gratia disbursement

09 March 2022
18 test positive, 25 discharged
Students, cops hurt in tense stand off
New cases, TPR rise again
Vaccination women champions honoured
Students protest exam notice, seven hurt
Covid-19 scare hits Aibulon village
Govt begins process to compensate Covid victims

08 March 2022
Daily TPR drops to 0.5 pc
Intensified Mission Indradhanush 4.0 programme launched
COVID-19 awareness / poster campaign organised
Intensified Mission Indradhanush 4.0 launched in Chandel
New cases drop to single digit, TPR below 1 pc
Intensified Mission Indradhanush 4.0 launched

07 March 2022
Covid claims one more to take toll to 2115
One fatality, 10 new cases reported
COVID-19 awareness camp held
Covid awareness campaign held

06 March 2022
Covid: One succumbs, 16 test positive
Rs 2,65,56,760 collected as fine till date in State for violating Covid guidelines
Covid claims one more life, newly infects 16

05 March 2022
State logs 1.5 pc TPR for second day
Celin Digital continues campaign against COVID-19
18 new Covid cases detected

04 March 2022
TPR drops to 1.5 pc Covid: 19 test positive in last 24 hrs
Navodaya Vidyalaya Employees Welfare Association appeals
TPR below 2 pc,19 new cases detected
NVEWA urges Govt to reopen JNVs
Covid awareness / poster campaign conducted
116 SOPs violators detained

03 March 2022
Death toll climbs to 2113
One fatality, 32 new cases reported
COVID-19 awareness programme held

02 March 2022
2nd lowest hike of 20 for 2022 reported
Daily new cases dip to 20, no fatality
COVID-19 awareness / poster campaign held

01 March 2022
25 new cases, one death reported
State logs one death, 25 fresh cases
44 AR organises health check-up

28 February 2022
31 new cases, 2 deaths reported
Graduation ceremony of first batch of STEP fellowship held
Covid claims two lives, infects 31 more
Health director appeals voters to follow Covid CAB

27 February 2022
Covid : State reports 37 fresh cases, 1 death
Covid vaccination certificate mandatory for entry to polling stations: DC
State logs one death, 37 new cases
AR recovers Covid vax, test kits, contraband items

26 February 2022
COVID-19 Pandemic 3 deaths, 36 new cases reported
Rapid Response Team lined up for poll duty
36 new cases, three deaths reported
Covid cases may dip by Mar: Dr Rajo

25 February 2022
Covid claims 1 more, 56 positive
State logs one death, 56 new cases

24 February 2022
No deaths reported, 50 test positive
State logs zero death, 50 new cases
'Aashwasan' launched to fight Covid, TB infections

23 February 2022
Low new cases, deaths climb with 3 more
Mass awareness programme on COVID-19, vaccination drive held
TPR dips to 2.8 pc, 3 die
Govt urged to allow physical classes

22 February 2022
Daily TPR below 5 pc for second day
One death, 73 new cases reported

21 February 2022
Daily TPR dips to 4 pc, 49 new cases reported
State logs four deaths, 49 new cases

20 February 2022
New cases dip to 62 New high of 4 deaths in days reported
AMRPSWA appeals
TPR, cases drop; fatality rises
AMRPSWA pleas against admission fee hike

19 February 2022
New cases low, but death count continues
"Aashwasan" campaign kicks off
83 new cases detected, caseload dips below 700
FMR suspended for 45 days
Aashwashan Campaign launched

18 February 2022
Covid continues to claim lives with 2 more
Two fatalities, 103 fresh cases reported

17 February 2022
Covid claims 2 more, 104 more cases detected
COVID-19 negative test reports no more mandatory for fully vaccinated people to enter State
TPR rises, two die, 104 new cases reported

16 February 2022
102 test positive, 7 out of 16 dists log daily TPR above 5 pc
State logs two deaths, 102 new cases
Covid awareness prog held

15 February 2022
92 new cases, 1 death reported
State records one death, 92 fresh cases

14 February 2022
State reports 90 Covid cases, 3 deaths in last 24 hrs
96 percent voters inoculated with 1st dose in Thangmeiband: Dr Imran
TPR drops below 5pc after 33 days; 3 die

13 February 2022
Covid death toll touches 2080
ECI permits poll campaigns from 6 am to 10 pm
State logs three deaths, 110 fresh cases

12 February 2022
108 test positive, death toll rises by 2
Covid vaccination programme : Guv seeks cooperation from all
TPR below 7 pc; two deaths, 108 new cases reported
Vaccination of 15-18 yr: Pherzawl tops at 86.71 pc
COVID-19 awareness / poster campaign held

11 February 2022
One succumbs, TPR drops to 9.3 pc
Governor inspects vaccination centres
TPR rises, active cases dip below 3000
Guv inspects vax centres in CCpur, Bishnupur

10 February 2022
188 new cases, 2 more deaths recorded in last 24 hours
"School Fagathansi Mission" not implemented effectively, says MSF president
TPR bounces back, fresh cases increase
Covid hits state Ranjit Trophy team, five from reserved list added

09 February 2022
Death toll rises by 6, 160 test positive
Governor inspects vaccination centres
Covid awareness drive held at Khongsang village
BK Moirangcha condoled
TPR dips as daily cases rise, deaths spike
AR holds Covid awareness drive
Govt bans

08 February 2022
Covid claims 3 more, 148 positive
Condolences pour in
Royal Riders organise free medical camp
Single digit TPR reported in state after 22 days
Many condole demise of BK Moirangcha
MLA Susindro assures tablets for 10K students

07 February 2022
Covid toll rises to 2063 with 4 more
Virus claims BK Moirangcha
Fresh Covid infections, TPR drop further
'Covid' claims JCILPS convenor BK Moirangcha
SUK launches blood donation camp

06 February 2022
Covid claims two more, TPR declines to 12.4 pc
Royal Riders Manipur to organise free medical camp
Covid claims two more lives, infects 217

05 February 2022
Three succumb, 277 test positive
CCpur braces up
Governor conducts meeting on COVID-19 vaccination
State logs 277 new cases, three fatalities
Churachandpur prepares to speed up vaccination
Police enforce COVID SOPs
MBC Service

04 February 2022
State logs 14.1 pc TPR, 1 death
Governor visits COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at RIMS
Poll preparedness: Series of meeting held with DLOs
Fresh cases, TPR, test capacity drop
Covid situation, poll preparedness reviewed
Covid-19 awareness prog held

03 February 2022
Daily deaths logged without break since Jan 20
Covid wave continues amid sluggish testing rate
Governor visits JNIMS vax centre
Governor inspects

02 February 2022
327 new cases, 4 more deaths recorded
44 persons have succumbed since the beginning of the 3rd wave
State logs 327 new cases, 4 deaths
127 Omicron cases detected till date: Dr Rajo

01 February 2022
Covid claims 5 more, 346 test positive
Interaction programme on COVID-19 conducted
Mass Covid awareness programme, vaccination drive conducted
Hill Tribal Council appeals
Five fatalities, 346 new cases reported
Schools asked to vaccinate staff, students
Coaching class for class X students begins
HTC calls for upholding Covid SOPs

31 January 2022
Covid claims three more, 329 more test positive
Pherzawl district records no Covid violators, vehicles
State logs three deaths, 329 new cases, test capacity dips
Covid-19 awareness prog held

30 January 2022
One death, 425 new cases, 16.3 percent TPR reported
Low vaccine coverage in hill dists worries Governor
TNL, TKS oppose 'forced' vaccination
Restrictions extended till Feb 28
Mass Covid awareness drive held
Covid vaccination drive held
Fresh cases, TPR drop; one dies
Guv seeks help of religious leaders
TKS decries vax mandate
Night curfew continues, curbs on shops eased
Covid vaccination, awareness conducted

29 January 2022
Chandel records 56.9 percent TPR 452 new cases, one death logged
COVID-19 awareness / poster campaign held
452 new cases detected, TPR highest in eight months
Mizoram logs 2064 new cases
Covid-19 awareness campaign conducted
Myanmarese found positive in Moreh

28 January 2022
5 deaths, 753 cases logged in last 48 hrs
DESAM warns against extra charge of examination fees
Fresh cases, test capacity drop; TPR rises
Polling personnel advised to get vaccinated
Tackling of Covid-19 stressed at district-level R-Day
DESAM against hiking examination fees
SSUM asks all not to disturb CoHSEM

26 January 2022
Kpi, Ukl continue to be two least vaccinated dists
10 'Vaccine Express' flagged off in Churachandpur
Two Myanmarse nationals among 461 fresh cases
'Vaccine Express' flagged off in CCpur
17 more test positive in Tengnoupal
Covid warriors ask Govt to clear dues
Omicron tally reaches 42
Awareness, vaccination prog held
3 more Omicron cases detected, tally rises to 42
Decontamination box displayed
Vaccination camp conducted

25 January 2022
2 deaths, 418 new cases logged
Advocacy meeting on COVID-19 vaccination held all over
50 from CAU among 418 fresh cases
District level meetings on vaccination, election held
Conduct of pre-board exam inspected
CS calls for accelerating vaccination drive
Protect students from pandemic: SUK to Govt

24 January 2022
3 deaths, 411 more cases recorded; no test at Pherzawl for second day
Cases rise marginally, TPR drops, jabbed trio dies
Lucky draw for vaccine beneficiaries
Awareness prog organised
Meeting held to enhance vax rate

23 January 2022
Kpi logs 49.2 pc TPR; 404 new cases, 3 deaths reported
Mass Covid testing conducted
DESAM urges
Cases, TPR drop as state sees three Covid deaths
10 found positive during mass testing
DESAM for exam specific SOPs

22 January 2022
TPR Steep spurt continues with 578 cases
ACOAM-Lup seeks response for 'expensive' Covid tests cost
MSF calls for measures for efficient functioning of Govt schools
Public meeting conducted at Ukhrul
Govt urged
Daily Cases close to 600 mark as TPR spikes, two succumb
Covid-19: 20 kids orphaned, 222 lost one parent
25 BRTF donates decontamination box to RIMS
Awareness programme held

21 January 2022
Highest single day surge of 448 in 2022 logged
Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory (I-LAB) launched for Covid testing in Mizoram
Covid vaccination drive for students held
COVID-19 awareness / poster campaign held
Inoculation for students mooted
State records highest spike after five months
Manipur lowest in jab rate, highest in deaths
IBSD launches Covid testing lab in Mizoram
Curbs on shops eased
More relaxation for shops

20 January 2022
3 digit spurt continues with 358 new cases
Daily cases decline, TPR rises, caseload over 2K
Covid-19 awareness campaign held

19 January 2022
Spurt continues with 380 more cases recorded
MSF expresses concern over pitiable condition of Govt school students
State logs 380 fresh cases, highest in 140 days
Covid curbs hitting hard Govt schools: MSF
'BJP responsible for Omicron case spike
SBI staff test positive, closure irks customers
Covid-19 awareness prog held

18 January 2022
TPR continues to be in double digit for second day at 11.9 pc ; 235 more cases added
CCpur reports 42 new Covid cases
State sees 32 more Omicron cases, 235 new infections
CCpur reports 42 new COVID-19 cases
32 more Omicron cases detected

17 January 2022
Manipur reports 279 more cases including 77 Central security personnel
More than 1.5 lakh SOP violators pulled-up, half from Thoubal alone
2,54,179 persons vaccinated so far in Thoubal District
State sees highest spike in 127 days, TPR in 154 days
Class X pre-board exam from Jan 19
Tirupati meet dissects issues of college teachers
2.54 lakh Thoubal beneficiaries jabbed
Manipur at lower end of vaccination table
Lower prices of essential items: MDPF

16 January 2022
State logs 2 deaths, 7.1 pc TPR, 158 cases
State's caseload crosses 1000-mark; two die
Additional restrictions

15 January 2022
Six more Omicron cases detected, all discharged
Six new Omicron, 116 fresh cases reported

14 January 2022
Manipur records 155 new cases, TPR at 5.9 pc
Get vaccinated, urges Chief Minister
RIMS Director inaugurates
55 CAPF personnel among 155 new cases in state
CM Biren pitches for aggressive vaccination
PM Modi stresses on local containment
Covid-19 awareness prog held

13 January 2022
Three figure spike continues with 206 new cases, TPR stands at 8.6 pc
YAS Dept suspends RCC for 10 days
206 new cases detected; Chandel records 64 pc TPR
CMO Thoubal chairs meet on rising Covid cases

12 January 2022
Manipur sees highest spike in over 2 months with 116 cases
DESAM appeals
State logs record daily cases, TPR
DESAM alleges apathy by Edu Dept
Covid-19 awareness organised
NEROCA FC cancels regular coaching and grassroots programme

11 January 2022
72 new cases added; TPR at 4.1 pc
Meeting on "Sanitation / covid-19 awareness" held
COVID-19 awareness / poster campaign held
TPR crosses 4 pc, 72 new cases detected
Night curfew clamped in Bishnupur

10 January 2022
68 new cases, one more death recorded
Precautionary dose for FLWs and Senior Citizens from today: Dr N Shyamjai
DM Thoubal imposes new restrictions
Norms issued
Daily cases drop, TPR rises, one dies
CS chairs meet on MCC, vaccination
Songlung villagers briefed on Covid-19

09 January 2022
Steady spike continues with 76 new cases
New restrictions
Impact of COVID-19 on health and education in children deliberated
TPR crosses 3 pc, 76 fresh cases reported
Incoming passengers screened at Jiri Bridge
Partial lockdown imposed as Covid cases surge
25th Manipedicon organised
Coaching activities deferred

08 January 2022
Daily count swings up, 1 death reported in last 48 hrs
Chief Minister trumps transparency of Government
JCI to aid sick and ailing
Sharp rise in new cases, caseload increases
Negative Covid report mandatory now
Covid awareness campaign held
Negative RTPCR report mandatory

06 January 2022
27 new cases, 2 deaths reported
CEC reviews poll preparedness
Covid claims two, infects 27
Will prioritise prevention of Covid-19: Joykisan
Covid vaccination at Moreh for 15-18 age group
Postpone Grassroots or youth league programme: AMFA

05 January 2022
New cases see spurt with 35 more, 2 deaths
COVID-19 awareness / poster campaign conducted
State logs 35 new cases, highest in 35 days; 2 die
Kakching ASHA workers cease work

04 January 2022
Kpi, Ukl, Kamjong fare poorly in vaccination coverage
Yadav launches vaccination for children
Covid-19 vaccination for 15-18 age group begins
Covid claims one more life, infects 20
Union minister Bhupender, CM Biren launch vax drive
Children vaccinated across state to tackle Covid-19
AR distributes essential items

03 January 2022
35 test positive in last 48 hours
New Year begins with higher TPR, 16 new cases, one death
Satudai Students Union informs

01 January 2022
Daily TPR drops to .9 pc with 10 new cases
Thiyam Nilamani Singh conferred with National Corona Warrior Award
"Unlocking Locks under Lockdowns" released
10 cases detected, death rate highest in Dec
Vaccination for 15-18 yrs from Jan 3

31 December 2021
17 new cases logged
No new Omicron case
State logs 17 new cases, TPR rises
Only one Omicron case: K Rajo
DMs order restrictions on mass gatherings
Contract nurses, MTS storm Health Directorate
'Unlocking Locks Under Lockdowns' released

30 December 2021
14 new cases recorded, no deaths
State logs 14 fresh cases, zero death

29 December 2021
15 more test positive to take tally to 1,25,747
Omicron scare: DM orders strict compliance of National Directives
15 fresh cases detected, 13 discharged
Surveillance on as Omicron patient flouted SOP

28 December 2021
State puts NE on Omicron map with first case
Manipur reports first Omicron case in NE
Fully jabbed dies, TPR drops, nine cases detected
Covid testing, sample collection centre opened

27 December 2021
Manipur logs one death, 2.4 pc TPR
Covid claims one, newly infects 17

26 December 2021
13 test positive, 17 discharged
13 fresh cases reported, 17 discharged
Noney DM enforces strict Covid SOP

25 December 2021
Covid death toll touches 2000 mark
Best way to tackle Omicron: Social distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitisation
3 out of 4 negative for Omicron
AMRPSWA appeals
Death toll reaches 2000, eight cases detected
Health director alerts on Omicron threat
Permission must for public gathering
Seek prior permissions, informs IW DM

24 December 2021
Covid claims 1 more, 16 test positive
N-95 masks case : No evidence: Special Judge
41 percent of State's eligible population vaccinated with second dose
Court upholds IO's final report in face mask case
RIMS PGT doctors stage protest
Norway returnee home quarantined
YASH observance ends, prizes distributed

23 December 2021
Daily TPR drops to .5 pc, 3 deaths recorded
Three die, eight cases detected
MASTEC painting competition results out

22 December 2021
TPR drops below 1 pc with 11 new cases
Govt brings together health, nutrition and education
InSIDE-North East distributes O2 cylinders
CS lays down dos and don'ts for event organisers
State logs 11 fresh cases amid Omicron scare
Three foreign returnees test positive, isolated
Centre warns states on Omicron, told to activate war rooms
Wear mask or face penalty: Govt
Govt hikes honorarium of ASHA, Anganwadi workers
InSIDE-North East distributes oxygen cylinders
Ex-gratia for COVID-19 fatalities

21 December 2021
TPR rises to 2.5 pc with 23 new cases
Awareness programme kicks off
TPR rises, 13 air passengers alerted
Science awareness programme begins

20 December 2021
14 test Covid positive, 22 discharged
State legs 14 fresh Covid cases

19 December 2021
Death toll rises to 1995, active cases cross 200 again
Govt emphasising on health of people: CM Biren
Covid deaths: Govt to provide Rs 50K ex-gratia
State logs two deaths, 16 fresh cases

18 December 2021
Covid active cases drop below 200
State brings out white paper on tackling Covid 2nd wave
Caseload under 200, 11 new cases detected
Covid 2nd wave: Govt produces white paper

16 December 2021
Covid: State adds 20 cases, 1 death
One death, 20 new cases reported

15 December 2021
Covid claims two more, 14 test positive
TPR dips below 1 pc after nine months

14 December 2021
State logs 2 pc TPR, zero Covid death
State logs zero death, 20 fresh cases
MASTEC lecture series from Dec 28

13 December 2021
Covid claims one more, 19 test positive

12 December 2021
2 succumb, 18 test positive
Advocate points at irregularities in rice distribution
Covid claims two more lives, infects 18

11 December 2021
State logs two deaths, 1.7 pc TPR
State records two deaths, 24 cases
BJP accused of violating Covid SOP

10 December 2021
State reports 25 new Covid cases
Zero fatality, 25 new cases reported
'Doctors For You' donate 5 oxygen concentrators, 1 BiPAP

09 December 2021
Covid: State reports zero deaths
SUK to oversee Covid SOP adherence in schools
No new death case, 23 infected
Govt should ensure the prescribed SOP for education sector is being followed: SUK

08 December 2021
TPR drops to 1.2 pc
TPR lowest in 8 months
Covid vaccination camp held

07 December 2021
Covid claims 3 more, TPR rises to 2.6 pc
TPR rises to 2.64 pc, highest in 15 days
Awareness prog on Covid-19 held

06 December 2021
Positive cases rise by 32, death toll by one
Moreh Ayush hospital inaugurated
PBC hosts memorial service for Late Thotshang Shaiza & Phungton Shaiza
TPR rises; one death, 32 new cases reported
State to have 15 Ayush dispensaries, seven hospitals
PBC holds memorial service for departed siblings
Covid-19 awareness campaign continues

05 December 2021
Covid claims one more, 31 test positive
Losii Dikho flags off 'Open Marathon Run 2021' at Maram
Workshop on COVID related arrangements held
State logs one death, 31 new eases
DYF donates oxygen concentrators, BiPAP machine

04 December 2021
Covid-19 active cases drop to 366
La Ganesan visits Jiribam
One dies, active cases dip to 366
Full vaccination must for school staffers: AMRPSWA
Myanmar to open Friendship Gate No 1
State to rope in private parties

03 December 2021
TPR rises to 2.2 pc, one more succumbs
One death, 33 new positive cases reported
Four students test positive for Covid

02 December 2021
One dies, 31 test positive
New SOP for fighting Omicron in place: Dr Rajo
State logs one death, 31 new cases
Details of Omicron variant not known fully: Health Director
Celin Digital organises awareness programme

01 December 2021
State logs 36 positive cases, 1.7 pc TPR
Governor inaugurates oxygen plants
November becomes deadliest Covid month
Myanmar junta issues no-mask order

30 November 2021
Death toll rises by 4
Covid claims 4 more lives, infects 17
RIMS Nurses commend Director

29 November 2021
Covid positive cases rise by 35, death toll by one
BJP youth volunteers distribute medical items at Karong AC
TPR rises; one dies, 35 newly infected
Ex-CM Ibobi for Rs 4 lakh ex-gratia to Covid victim
Awareness through street play held

28 November 2021
TPR dips below 2 pc for third straight day
FOB Senapati organises ICOP on COVID-19 vaccination
44 pc given double doses: Dr Shyamjai
O Ibobi urges Govt to pay adequate ex-gratia to kin of Covid victims
Nurses demand service extension
TPR falls, new cases in only three districts
Govt working to check new Covid wave: Director
Need to be cautious, proactive: PM Modi
FOB Senapati organises ICOP on vaccination
Withhold walk-in-interview: Nursing officers
Covid awareness campaign held

27 November 2021
State logs 28 Covid positive cases, 2 deaths
TPR remains below 2 pc, two die
Covid awareness held

26 November 2021
TPR drops to 1.4 pc
TPR dips below 2 pc, lowest since April 11
EC likely to curtail poll events

25 November 2021
Two more succumb, 39 test Covid-19 positive
Cabinet okays release of Covid liabilities
COVID-19 awareness / poster campaign held
TPR dips; 39 new cases, two deaths reported
PM urged to address plight of pandemic-hit candidates
MASTEC notifies
TG Hr Sec to remain closed
TG school staff tests positive
Covid-19 awareness prog held

24 November 2021
COVID-19: State adds 50 new cases, 1 fatality
Covid Warrior Nursing Officers Association appeals
State logs one death, 50 new cases
Covid nurses seek job security
Covid-19 awareness prog held

23 November 2021
State logs 39 new cases, zero death
Integrated communication and outreach programme organised at various places
TPR drops, 39 infected, recovery rate 97.89 pc
Thoubal denizens exhorted to take vaccine shots
Outreach on 100 crore vaccination held in Chandel
Essential items donated to Children home
51 jabbed in Moreh

22 November 2021
Covid claims two more, TPR jumps to 4.3 pc
COVID-19 awareness drive continues
State logs highest new cases since Oct 23

21 November 2021
TPR rises to 3.8 pc, one more dies
Covid vaccination campaign organised
TPR above 3 pc for three consecutive days

20 November 2021
State logs three deaths, 57 positive cases
AMSU seeks Govt attention to travel fare hike
Covid-19 claims three more lives, infects 57
AMSU convenes meet to discuss transport issues

19 November 2021
Positive cases rise by 61, death toll by one
One death, 61 new cases reported
Edible items donated under 'One India Mission'
MSF calls for free Covid testing & treatment for teaching & non teaching staff

18 November 2021
51 test positive, two more succumb
State logs two more deaths, 61 new cases
Mass Covid vaccination camp organised

17 November 2021
State records zero Covid death, 71 positive cases
Covid Vaccination Express launched
State logs 71 new eases, caseload dips
Covid Vaccination Express launched in Bishnupur
Tamenglong set to jab all eligible people
COVID awareness prog for teachers, students held
MCPCR inspects children homes

16 November 2021
State logs four Covid deaths, 2.8 pc TPR
Health camp held for post Covid patients
Covid Vaccination Camp
Four die as Covid threat persists, 35 newly infected
Health of elderly post-Covid patients examined
Vaccination camp organised

15 November 2021
Death toll climbs by 3, TPR stands at 2.8 pc
Three death cases, 50 new cases reported
Awareness campaign conducted
14 SOP violators fined

14 November 2021
Covid claims four more lives, 49 test positive
National Achievement Survey conducted
Covid claims four more lives, newly infects 49

13 November 2021
State logs 2.9 pc TPR, one more succumbs
Surge in positive cases among children sparks panic in CCpur
55 new Covid-19 cases detected, one dies
CCpur CMO conducts spot enquiry
60K-plus yet to take 2nd dose: DC Thoubal

12 November 2021
COVID-19 positive cases rise by 78, death toll by one
Covid Vaccination Express flagged off
AMSU urges for physical classes
TPR rises to 4.2 pc, 78 new cases detected
CM eyes full vaccination before Christmas
15 students test positive in CCpur

11 November 2021
2 unvaccinated persons die of Covid, 64 test positive
Active cases rise, two die, 64 infected
Schools, colleges unable to reopen despite Govt order
Ukhrul's total active cases dip to 11
Essay, quiz, elocution competition held
Essay competition conducted

10 November 2021
Covid: State's cumulative cases rise to 1,24,186
Govt gives nod to reopen educational institutes
Chief Minister launches face to face classes under CMCS
DC informs
Covid claims another life, infects 49
Class IX above, colleges to be reopened
Order issued to reopen schools, colleges
37,512 vaccine doses administered in Ukhrul

09 November 2021
51 new cases, 3 deaths in last 24 hrs COVID-19
State logs 51 new cases, three deaths
MSF fears virus surge post-poll
Ministry puts state's population to 23.41L, poll roll 19.68L
Aid extended to old age homes
Short film e-premiered
Tengnoupal CMO hands over electric vaccine carriers

08 November 2021
Covid: State adds 4 deaths, 85 cases in last 48 hours
Mass Covid vaccination drive held
Covid claims three more lives, infects 39 others

06 November 2021
3 more succumb, 44 test positive
Another story of Ningol Chakkouba told
Foundation day of Nursing college held
Awareness campaign held, face masks, sanitizers distributed
CCpur reports no new Covid cases for past four days
Three die, 44 newly infected, 32 recover
Rs 190 cr plus utilised in Covid battle: Dr K Rajo
Gifts presented to Covid Task Force volunteers

05 November 2021
One more unvaccinated person succumbs
Sensitization & interaction on Covid vaccination / consultative meeting held
Doctors, nurses, ASHA workers honoured
One more succumbs, 58 newly infected
Govt urged to release dues to catering volunteers
Denizens briefed on benefits of vaccination
Gifts presented to health workers

04 November 2021
57 new cases, one death reported
Mass Covid vaccination drive conducted
PM reviews vax rate; interacts with Senapati DC
Covid claims one more life, infects 57
Meeting held on opening educational institutes
Prep for Nihgol Chakkouba in full swing amidst Covid
Mass Covid vaccination held

03 November 2021
Sub-100 count continues with 55 new cases
No one went hungry during COVID-19 pandemic, says Nemcha Kipgen
Legal awareness programme continues
State logs two deaths, 55 new cases
Ukhrul records one Covid case out of 33 samples
Legal awareness programmes underway
Covid awareness lecture conducted
Relief items distributed
Police detain
'Frontline warriors' demand salary before Chakkouba

02 November 2021
56 more test positive, 2 succumb
'Mantra for Change' to set up 5 oxygenated beds in Moreh PHC
TPR rises, two succumb, 50 recover
Moreh PHC set to get 5 oxygenated beds
PPCM kicks off inspection drive
Awareness / poster campaign conducted

01 November 2021
Senapati at bottom of vaccination
State logs 63 new eases, one fatality
MLA Mirabai fears COVID-19 third wave in state
CM wary of AY.4.2 variant threat
PM Modi to review jab rate on Nov 3

31 October 2021
COVID-19 State records 1 fatality, 59 new cases; 221 discharged
Manipur Loumi Lup decries fuel price hike
Active cases dip to 708, one dies
Chandel observes Mental Health Day
20 detained

30 October 2021
136 cases, 2 deaths reported in last 48 hours
Financial assist assured
Vaccination drive
Daily cases, TPR rise; one succumbs
Low jab rate in Kpi, Senapati worries Governor
MoS Dr Bhagwat vows to support businessmen
Private schools conduct exam in Jiribam
MBC service

29 October 2021
One death recorded, cases on the decline
PPCM presses for strong measures to control prices
TPR falls below 3 per cent, one dies
Govt urged to control price of essential items
Single Covid case, no death in Bpr

28 October 2021
Active Covid cases dip to 844
State logs 70 new cases, two fatalities
No plan yet to resume physical classes: Rajen
Report on regular physical classes submitted

27 October 2021
COVID-19: State logs 70 cases, 2 deaths
Vendors struggling to maintain business at Ima Keithel
Covid newly infects 70, claims 2 more
Vaccination programme conducted
More fine collected

26 October 2021
COVID-19: Single day recovery exceeds daily cases
Kangpokpi MLA celebrates 'India's 100 Crore Covid vaccination' at Poudel Basti
State logs two deaths, 41 new cases
Kangpokpi celebrates 100 cr jab milestone at Poudel Basti
Awareness prog on hygiene, Covid conducted

25 October 2021
Covid kills 4 more
Nurse from Senapati interacting with PM goes viral
Covid claims four more lives, infects 63
Lions Club of Imphal observes UN Day
Winners declared for 1st Mega Vaccination / Bumper Draw
Winners of 'vaccination' draw announced

24 October 2021
Covid cases return to three figure mark with 122
Governor takes vaccine call to CCpur, Pherzawl
Nishikant reaches out beyond home turf
TPR rises above 5 pc, 122 new cases reported
Governor assures uplift of Ccpur, Pherzawl districts
More pulled up
Mega vaccination camp begins today

23 October 2021
COVID-19 single day count : Fresh cases dip to 56; 2 deaths reported
Govt seeks views on college re-opening
Mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign held at Kamjong
Covid relief items distributed
Active cases dip under 1000, two more die
Awareness campaign on vaccination held
Covid relief items distributed

22 October 2021
COVID-19: State adds 81 new coronavirus cases, 1 death in 24 hours
Make victory sign to show Covid vaccination status: Governor
One fatality, 81 new positive cases reported
CM hails PM Modi
CM stresses on strict adherence to Could SOPs
Governor stresses full vaccination of eligible citizens
Nurses cease jabbing over unpaid salary
COVID-19 awareness held in Noney
12 violators fined
Aid extended to Covid positive VDF personnel

21 October 2021
Low count continues with 71 new cases; three deaths recorded
Get vaccinated, urges RIMS
State logs three deaths, 71 new cases
RIMS urges public to get jabbed
Police detain

20 October 2021
TPR of sub 5 pc logged for sixth day on the trot
Four deaths take fatality toll past 19K
UKL records 11 cases
Virus-inducted rights violations discussed
Mass covid vaccination drive held

19 October 2021
67 new cases, no deaths reported ; Only Ukhrul reports TPR in double digit
State logs 67 new eases, no death
Covid volunteers urge release of remuneration
Oxygen concentrator provided

18 October 2021
2 more deaths
Two more die, 104 newly infected
CSOs discuss safety of kids post COVID-19
22 SOP violators fined

17 October 2021
88 more test positive; 2 deaths reported in last 24 hours
No Mu or Epsilon strain detected: Addl Director
State reports two fatalities, 88 new cases
Covid situation improving significantly: AD (H)
Govt orders closure of coaching centres
Mega vaccination campaign underway
Cinema halls to start screening from Oct 20
Police fine SOP violators

16 October 2021
4 deaths, 113 new cases reported
Vaccination at door steps
TPR rises; 4 deaths, 113 new cases reported
Sangai Festival unlikely this year
Mega Vaccination begins today
Police fine SOP violators

15 October 2021
Manipur logs lowest daily rise with 69 cases since Apr 19
69 new cases, lowest TPR since April 13

14 October 2021
Low count continues with 135 new cases, 2 deaths
AYUSH medicines distributed at Phayeng
Special entrance coaching concludes
Violators fined
Awareness campaign conducted
State reports two deaths, 135 new cases
MCPCR chief hails vaccine for kids

13 October 2021
120 new cases, 2 deaths reported in last 24 hours
Biren launches 'CM Da Haisi' platform
Two fatalities- 120 new cases detected
CM to directly deal public complaints
CM flags off COVID Vaccination Express
BGVS continues Covid-19 relief work in Senapati

12 October 2021
Low count continues with 105 new cases; no deaths reported
Mass Covid vaccination drive held
State logs 105 new cases, zero death
Governor visits Chandel, stresses vaccination of all
Mass Covid vaccination prog organised
RIMS informs
Mass Covid-19 vaccination conducted
Edible items distributed
RIMS jab site shifted

11 October 2021
COVID-19: 3 deaths, 150 cases recorded
Govt urged
TPR crosses 7pc, 150 newly infected
Medical camp conducted
Shumang Leela shows set to resume
56 Covid violators detained

10 October 2021
147 new cases, no Covid death in last 24 hours
Pandemic: Hard tale of a handicapped doll maker told
Mental health multiplies in Covid time
Mass Covid-19 vaccination conducted at various places
No death reported, 147 new cases detected
Covid relief, sports items distributed
Curbs on film-related activities lifted
Nearly 300 jabbed at Wabagai camp

09 October 2021
Steep hike in deaths with 6, 128 new cases recorded
KSA submits inputs for reopening schools, colleges
Covid claims 6 more lives, infects 128
MMI lifts ban
MMI Complex reopens to visitors

08 October 2021
One more death, 116 new cases added to total caseload
PM dedicates 35 PSA Oxygen plants across India
Trial run for delivering vaccines by drones held
PSA Oxygen Plants under 'PM CARES' inaugurated at various places
All Manipur Nupi Marup denounces
TPR dips below 5 pc; 116 new cases detected
CM Biren thankful to PM, says pandemic almost overcome in state
Union MoS John Barla scans projects
MLA Nemcha hails PM for 'gifting' oxygen plant
CM sets condition for opening schools
MLA Khashim inaugurates PSA oxygen plant at Somdal
Senapati, Jiribam DHs get Oxygen plants under PM Cares
Kakching PSA Oxygen Plant inaugurated
Nupi Marup decries price hike
Kakching police penalise violators
PSA inaugurated

07 October 2021
4 succumb to Covid, 159 more test positive
TA & Hills Minister praises frontline health workers
Four more die, 159 newly infected
Ccpur health workers felicitated
Covid poster campaign held

06 October 2021
Covid claims 3 more, 157 new cases logged
State allows social, religious gathering with riders
Three fatalities, 157 new positive cases reported
Govt allows social gathering
Army assisted drone delivery of vaccine: PRO
Kangla Board informs
Mass Covid vaccination organised
Kangla to reopen today

05 October 2021
6 deaths, 100 fresh cases in last 24 hrs
Drones deliver 900 Covid vaccine doses at Karang Island
TPR drops, fatalities rise, 100 newly infected
Drone drops Covid vaccine at Karang Island PHC
11 fined
Covid vaccination programme held
Mass vaccination programme organised

04 October 2021
State reports 167 Covid cases, 2 deaths in last 24 hrs
860 individuals vaccinated
Covid claims two more, infects 167
Dr Kesho provides dinner to CCC
34 detained

03 October 2021
State maintains declining trend in daily Covid cases
State reports two fatalities, 136 new cases
Resumption of sports activities soon: Chandel DC

02 October 2021
State logs 159 positive cases, 3 deaths COVID-19
Three more die, 159 newly infected
Education minister launches digital class recording studios
Nearly 100 jabbed at Khangabok vax camp
Vaccination prog held

01 October 2021
Covid claims one more, positive cases cross 1.20 lakh
State reports one death, 158 new cases
Addble launches e-commerce platformh
Thambal Marik College CHIC closed down

30 September 2021
210 test positive, two succumb
Vaccination drive in remote areas in the offing
IMA assures vaccination help
Two more die as TPR rises in state
Get jabbed before festive season: Dr Shyamjai
Will assist vax drive in remote areas: IMA
AMRPSWA hails BoSEM's revised scheme (IE)
25 CHICs closed in IW
30 fined
Covid awareness drive held at Taobam village

29 September 2021
Death toll jumps by five, 216 test positive
Covid threat persist, five die, 216 infected
No plan to resume regular classes: Minister

28 September 2021
Covid claims one more, 116 test positive
Covid induced shut down lifted Khwairamband Keithel re-opens
State reports one death, 116 cases
Ukhrul reports 14 fresh cases
Ima Keithel reopens as Covid situation improves
Absolute bail (sans condition) granted to Health Director, 3 others

27 September 2021
Death toll touches 1846 with 3 more, 210 test positive
Three die, 210 infected, Kamjong logs 29pc TPR
36 detained

26 September 2021
State logs 229 positive cases, zero death
State records 229 new cases, no fatality
IMC asks vendors to collect cards
Jyotin Waikhom continues attack on Joykisan
Govt told to declare RCS members as frontline workers

25 September 2021
Death toll surges by 5, positive cases by 210
Five succumb to Covid, 210 newly infected
More detained
Assam Rifles extends aid

24 September 2021
Two more succumb, TPR rises to 5.7 pc
State logs two deaths, 194 new cases
Will not remain ignorant when people are suffering: Mirabai
Jyotin Waikhom censures Thangmeiband MLA
Police bar Ima Keithel vendors from trading wares

23 September 2021
Death toll climbs by one, PR drops to 4.8 pc
Markets reopen, public buses get green signal
Keithel Nupi Lup questions wisdom
Cover families of transgenders under CM's support scheme: Court
Crypto Relief, SELCO Foundation partner with Govt agencies to power and revitalize healthcare systems
Ranjit derides
TPR below 5pc after five months; one dies
HC directs Govt to address Covid affected transgender
Govt can't contain third wave: MLA Ranjit
Community Service Booth opened at Kakching Lamkhai
SK Women's College CHIC closes
Night curfew shortened, Ima Keithel to open

22 September 2021
Below 200 count continues with 197 new cases, 3 deaths reported
Mass awareness programme on COVID-19 and poster campaign held
State reports three deaths, 197 new cases
Float campaign on vaccination launched
Naba Chakthekpi passes away

21 September 2021
Positive cases rise by 178, death toll by one
Health card mela will commence from Sept 21 in Sagolband AC, says RK Imo
Mass Covid vaccination drive organised
TPR continues to rise; one dies, 178 infected
CHC Wangoo begins second round vaccination
Students storm Education (U) office
Health card fair to be organised: RK Imo
Covid awareness, poster campaign conducted
Ex-minister's son clarifies, to contest election
Govt urged for steps to resume bus service
Bishnupur reports 10 new Covid cases
Lions Club organises Covid vax prog
Medical Superintendent takes stock of Covid wards in RIMS
RIMS MS scans Covid-19 ward

20 September 2021
TPR stands at 8 pc, one more succumbs
KSA organises panel discussion programme on "Reopening of schools, colleges and universities in Manipur"
Medical camp organised at Ukhrul
Bike rally to create awareness on COVID-19 held
AMUCO's outreach programme continues
TPR picks up again, Kamjong reports 42.9 pc
AMUCO distributes rice to poor families
Virus impact on education sector discussed
Bike rally raises awareness on Covid-19
Covid-19 awareness programme held
Vaccination drive marks Modi's birthday
22 detained 19 September 2021
State logs 348 new cases, 9 deaths
Opposition parties announce 11-day protest
UDH PSA Oxygen Plant yet to start operation
TPR below 6 pc, recovery 96.61 pc, four die
CM assures relocation of MU AR post
Govt urged to address inadequacies in colleges
AR donates ventilator
Aishi VA hails conduct of medical camp

17 September 2021
4 more succumb, 216 test positive
Finer details of ravages wreaked by Covid spelt out
Panthung provides telemedicine and diagnostic services to Covid patients for free
Mobile testing
State records four deaths, 216 new cases
Health director disapproves reopening of schools
Mass vaccination drive held
Passengers from Mizoram to be screened
Mobile Covid testing centre opened

16 September 2021
Death toll mounts to 1817, 236 test positive
Speaker cautions
Student unions decry
Covid vaccination awareness programme organised
Covid claims two more, infects 236
Speaker fears virus surge during poll activities
Vaccination drive conducted in Phungyar villages
CRAM, HLRN seek probe into forced evictions
33 detained
AR facilitates vaccination drive
Edibles to CCC, CHIC; Gl sheet distributed
Mass Covid-19 vaccination held

15 September 2021
231 new cases, 3 deaths reported in last 24 hours
TPR drops, three die; IW tally crosses 40K
Awareness campaign held, medicines distributed
AR facilitates medical care for Khongsang villagers
More fines collected

14 September 2021
Lowest surge in 142 days recorded with 136 cases
Construction of CHC Sagolband will begin next month: RK Imo
IPAK distributes medicines to aid fight against Covid
Rice distribution drive carries on
Revise fee hike in colleges: AMSU
State reports one death, 136 new eases
SUK organises tree plantation programme
AMSU objects admission fee hike in colleges
Aid extended
Violators fined

13 September 2021
Manipur logs lowest spike since April 27 with 195
NEET held
Test capacity drops; two deaths, 195 new cases reported
Students protest admission fee hike
Increase seat intake for Class XI: MPDF to Govt
IPAK forms job card holders' committee
Y Nabachandra provides relief items
Food grains distributed to needy families

12 September 2021
5 Districts post above 10 pc daily positivity rate with Kamjong topping with 27.8 pc
Many endorse AMSU's 15-day ultimatum
TPR rises again; two die, 292 newly infected
Vocal4Local on mission to promote local enterprises with Friday Market

11 September 2021
Covid claims one more, 210 test positive
Refrain from causing noise pollution in crowded localities, urges KSA
Ayush medicines distributed
State reports one death, 210 new cases
World Suicide Prevention Dav observed
AYUSH medicine distributed

10 September 2021
State reports one death, 263 positive cases
Student unions demand release of pending scholarship amount
AYUSH medicines distributed
MHJU observes 38th foundation day
One dies, 263 newly infected as TPR dips further
Police penalise COVID SOP violators
Covid-19 awareness programme conducted
29 violators fined
CCSK distributes medicines, face masks

09 September 2021
Covid-19 claims three more
Punam Rani lashes out at pretentious acts of State Govt
Police detain 38 Covid violators
Edible items distributed
Covid claims three more lives, infects 268
Free food, medicines people's rights: MPCG Secy
Covid issues dominate observance of Physiotherapy Day
Awareness prog on Covid-19 held

08 September 2021
After 137 days, State reports no Covid death
Farmer training / COVID-19 awareness drive continues
State reports zero death after 137 days, 282 new cases
UCM conducts farmers' training / COVID-19 awareness prog
Centre approves Urban Health Centre: MLA RK Imo
Edibles, fertiliser distributed

07 September 2021
Covid: State adds 185 new cases, 4 deaths
Night curfew
PSA Oxygen plant in Sub District Hospital Moreh awaits inauguration
Sit in protest staged against exorbitant price hike of petrol, diesel and cooking gas
Public meeting convened to address COVID-19 issue and drug menace
Farmers training / covid-19 awareness programme held
Mass vaccination programme organised
1998 samples tested, 185 infected, four die
Night curfew shortened, unlock process continues
UCM organises training, awareness programme
CADA meet flags concern over Covid-19, drugs & alcohol
CPI sit-in protests LPG, fuel price hike
Two fatalities, 11 new cases in Bishnupur
Uripok body sets rules for street vendors
Inspection visit carried out
Ex-ML A Keba distributes fertiliser, edibles
Mass vaccination prog held
Covid patient picked up from Mao gate

06 September 2021
Noney reports disturbing TPR of 32.3 pc
COVID-19 poster campaign launched
PTFC questions Govt's preparedness over likely third wave of Covid pandemic
Nemcha Kipgen reaches out to Children Home at Taloulong
Nemcha Kipgen reaches out to Children Home at Taloulong
PTFC-19 doubts state's preparedness to face 3rd Wave
Medical kits distributed to villagers
13 news cases detected, 354 jabbed in Bishnupur
Letpao inaugurates extended ward of Christian Hospital
YAS Minister inaugurates

05 September 2021
TPR in Ukhrul rises to staggering 26.5 pc
Accept test report: Govt
State logs four deaths, 303 new cases
Centre not 'satisfied' with state's jab rate

04 September 2021
Fresh Covid count sees 2 deaths, 272 cases
RK Anand stresses on need to tackle COVID-19 effectively
Covid vaccine smuggling case : Court remands three to police custody
'Honouring ceremony' held
Awareness drive on COVID-19 conducted
OPD to resume
Two succumb, 272 new cases detected
CAB, vaccination must to protect kids from Covid: Dr Rajo
Moreh COVID-19 task force volunteers feted
13-month-old baby among 47 tested positive in 2 days
Body declares two localities COVID-free
RIMS to resume OPD, OT services
Medical kits for villagers distributed
35 detained
Govt informs
Jab drive for Pvt school teachers on Sept 5

03 September 2021
Lowest TPR since July 12, new cases at 299; 6 deaths
Sputnik V vaccine soon at SHRI
All 480 samples test positive for Delta variant at IBSD lab
CCpur records 11 pc TPR in August, lowest since May
UARSoM urges Govt to formulate SOPs for reopening schools
InSIDE NE donates oxygen concentrators
BWWA felicitates frontline health workers
Press Club opens
School re-opening
Time to resume offline classes: AMRPSWA
TPR dips further, fatality rises as state logs 299 new cases
Three arrested trying to sell Covishield vaccine in black
Delta variant detected in all samples tested: IBSD
Govt orders schools to jab teachers
UARSoM urges Govt to frame SOPs for schools
Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine at SHRI soon
InSIDE NE donates 10 DCs to KP1 health centres
CMOs asked to prohibit home isolation
Association eager to reopen private schools
Three held
CCSK provides medicines to orphanage

02 September 2021
Finally district wise number of tests, daily positivity rate made known
KSA denounces intervention in Class XI admission process
Sewa Bharati Manipur donates medical equipment
Covid claims two more lives, infects 270
Govt fully prepared to tackle Covid third wave: CM
Farmers no longer trust BJP Govt, says MLA Ranjit
Upgrade schools, says Mirabai; bodies hail government
Upcoming Somdal Oygen Plant a beacon for decentralisation
Medical equipment, protective gears handed over
Bishnupur records seven Covid cases
35 detained

01 September 2021
1 death, 382 cases recorded in last 24 hrs
Lamlai Mapari Thougal Lup pledges to work for welfare of Lamlai AC
MAPI Council appeals
Extend monetary aid to vendors of 3 Ima Keithel, says All Manipur Nupi Marup
D Korungthang interacts with CSO leaders in Moreh
State records lowest TPR in 75 days; one dies
Eight cases of three Delta+ strains detected
Awareness prog held, AYUSH medicines, edibles distributed
Legal awareness programme conducted
24 fresh Covid cases reported in Bishnupur
42 detained
Health check-up camp held

31 August 2021
2 deaths, 223 cases: Lowest in Aug so far
Measures underway to reopen schools, says DC, IW
Mass awareness drive on COVID-19 conducted at various places
Beef-up infrastructure development to combat third wave: CPI
Thangminlien Kipgen provides medicines, medical equipment to Makui PHSC
Urea distributed
CM inspects
Only two die of Covid, 223 newly infected, TPR drops
Land row, pandemic delayed rail project: MoS
All Jiribam denizens jabbed with first dose
Develop infrastructure for combating third wave: CPI
Ex-minister Thangminlien donates medical kits to Makui PHSC
Money lenders urged to exempt vendors
Ukhrul Covid toll reaches 36
Schools to reopen if situation stabilises: DC
CHIC set up at college ceases operation
CCI stops accepting application for ICRF 2.0
Dedicated Covid hospital likely to operate soon

30 August 2021
Manipur returns to two figure daily positivity rate with 11.2 pc
Breaking the Silence Worldwide Foundation reaches out to local clubs
Mass Covid vaccination conducted
TPR rises, 4 deaths, 387 new cases reported
Covid-19 protective kits distributed to clubs
Medical kits distributed to families of ex-servicemen

29 August 2021
Below 500 count continues with 275 new cases
Online one day legal awareness programme held
Covid relief items distributed
CADA continues its awareness drive on COVID-19 and drug abuse
State logs five deaths, 275 new cases
Online legal awareness progs conducted
Money, medical items donated to CM CRF
Bishnupur registers 19 new Covid cases
Heirok MLA distributes 3rd phase monetary aid
Monetary aid, essential items distributed
Body suspects Govt-black marketers nexus
Reproductive child health, vaccination camp held
39 detained

28 August 2021
Positivity rate at 9.7 pc, 311 cases, 3 deaths logged
Of 400 samples sent for genome sequencing, 390 are Delta variant
Remanded to judicial custody
Tangkhul CSOs to probe controversial death of female patient in UDH
Rice distribution drive continues
TPR falls; 311 new cases, 3 deaths reported
Over 20,000 minors infected, six died so far
Rice MHRC raps DGP, SP over rice disputes
Assam Rifles initiates vaccination drive, promotes fitness
Safety kits provided to Covid Task Force
Food grains, medicines distributed

27 August 2021
3206 samples tested, 380 new cases, 11.9 daily positivity rate, 4 deaths reported
KKL organises free medical camp at Tangkhul Khullen
Zeliangrong Union appeals
Krishna Kumar hands over 50 oxygen concentrators
Daily cases, TPR rise as state sees four more deaths
Furore at UDH over death of patient
Shabby road condition hinders vax drive
Examine reinfection of jabbed persons: CPI
CSOs, political activist distribute medicines, edibles
Covid-19: 12 cases reported in Ccpur, 19 recover
CHIC for Khangabok AC closed
30 detained

26 August 2021
8 deaths, 763 new cases reported in last 48 hours
Mass Covid awareness drive conducted
Distribution drive continues
State sees 4 deaths; Ccpur tops daily cases chart
Joykisan proposes MLA fund-cut to curb third wave
Making all efforts to curb COVID-19: DFWO
Political activist winds up relief distribution
Covid-19 awareness prog conducted
Relief items distributed
Edibles distributed, awareness on recruitment held
Hans Foundation donates 50 oxygen concentrators
AYUSH medicines distributed
SOP violators fined
Training for Health volunteers organised

24 August 2021
Death count in single digit continues since August 16 with 4
Rs 3 Cr spent so far on Covid management: CM
Night curfew to continue, permitted activities announced
Bid to smuggle Covid drugs outside foiled
'Need to address COVID-19 pandemic and drug menace simultaneously'
Covid awareness programmes held
HC stays vaccination order
PANDM & IPSA appeal
AMAKHAK shows gratitude
DC IE notifies
Four deaths, 270 new cases reported
Will produce white paper on Covid expense: CM
Covid vaccination voluntary, says HC
Jadonang tribute event to be held solemnly
Two nabbed trying to smuggle Covid medicines to Myanmar
Task force volunteers, health staff honoured
39 detained
Vaccination drive held
CPI unit provides monetary aid

23 August 2021
Drop in detection of new cases continues with 285
COVID-19 Affected Livelihood Support Scheme launched
Relief items and AYUSH medicines distributed
CPI Patsoi Local Council decries
Distribution of relief items continues
Test capacity yet to pick up, four succumb
Govt working sincerely to uplift weaker sections: CM
Essential items, study materials distributed
N Bimol Kumar condoled
38 detained
Award presented to Covid warrior
Tangkhul body condoles Bimol
Relief items, urea distributed

22 August 2021
Low number of tests, low count continues for second day
State extends night curfew by another 15 days
MSF resents apathy
Distribution of relief items continues
Monetary aid extended and Covid relief items distributed
AMSU urges
Covid-19 claims eight more lives, newly infects 442
Night curfew remains, unlock process continues
MSF slams Govt reluctance to revoke order
Increase intake capacity of Govt schools: AMSU
Meet stresses accelerating jab rate
Training programme for farmers conducted
Distribution of relief items continues
Ukhrul DH MS tests positive
Aimol Waterfall reopens for public

21 August 2021
Low number of tests, low new cases define Covid map on Aug 20
CM assures white paper on COVID management
Obituary reference paid to departed members
Covid Response Team distributes medicines, kits to Covid volunteers
Issues of COVID-19 and drug menace highlighted
Student bodies summon school authorities for charging extra fees
Low numberRelief items distributed
State reports 372 new cases, seven fatalities
Govt considering compensation for Covid victims: CM
Dr Ranjan unveils incinerator plant
Edibles, medicines, medical kits distributed
Student bodies flay Pvt schools for defying fee norms
23 detained
Kakching cops penalise two
AR distributes essential items

20 August 2021
526 more test positive to take daily positivity rate to 12.6 pc
Marking criteria of Class X, Class XII leave many 'high and dry'
ASHA workers reiterate demand for regularization
Ayush medicines distributed
TPR picks up after temporary relief, four succumb
Schools halt issuance of admission forms
Covid forces deferment of municipal polls
ASHA workers seek job security
MSF meets Edn (S) Dir over mark cut-off order
NPYF to aid admission of students in distress
Education Director (S) assures MSF to increase intake capacity of Hr Secondary School
AITUC urges for honorarium hike of Anganwadi workers and helpers
Photography Day celebrated
AYUSH medicines distributed
Bodies mourn N Bimol s death

19 August 2021
Daily positivity rate back to double digit count with 10 pc
Union Health Minister reviews Covid situation in NE States
MSF fumes over cut-off mark notifications for admission to Govt Hr Secondary Schools
COVID-19 awareness programme held; Ayush medicines distributed
Lions Club reaches out to visually impaired students
All Manipur Nupi Marup decries LPG price hike
RSS, Seva Bharti extend aid to Covid patients
Govt prohibits
Relief items distributed
CCpur Battalion assists installation of Oxygen plant
TRP rises marginally, fatality rate remains low
Govt invokes Act to ban cease strike by HC workers
Awareness on Covid-19 conducted, aid distributed
Covid-19 awareness campaign organised
COVID-19 situation significantly controlled: KKDC
Revoke cut off mark notification: MSF
Prizes of poster, poetry competition distributed
Condolences pour in over demise of N Bimol
Ex-MLA distributes ration items

18 August 2021
Daily Covid positivity rate of State dips to 9.29 %
Ayush medicines distributed
Senapati-Phaibung road construction labourers face food shortage
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted
SOP violators
State's TPR dips to single digit after 49 days
AYUSH medicines, edibles distributed
Kangpokpi felicitates Union minister Dr RK Ranjan
AIMS asks colleges not to overcharge exam fee
Demise of N Bimol condoled
Vaccination drive held

17 August 2021
State sees 877 fresh Covid cases, 16 deaths in last 48 hours
More children test positive in second wave: Dr Rajo
Many condole Nongthombam Bimol Meitei
AIMS appeals
40 violators fined
Fatalities, test capacity dip; 275 new cases, 6 deaths recorded
Nearly 15 K children infected so far: Dr K Rajo
First dose of vaccine given to over one lakh: DC
CSOs, AMSU mourn demise of N Bimol
UCM reaches out to Covid-hit people
'COVID-19 versus Online Class' bags best video award
Seva Bharati International donates

15 August 2021
Lowest surge in last 40 days with 439 cases, number of test drops
Mass awareness drive conducted
Khurai AC achieves 94.63% vaccination
Relief items distributed
MAPI Council president N Bimol no more
Test capcity, jab rate dip; state sees 439 new cases, 9 deaths
PTFC rants at Govt, Navodaya Samiti
IMC ex-corporators suggest formation of Board of Administrators
Many extend aid to Covid-hit people
Committee conducts Covid-19 awareness campaign
Many mourn demise of MAPI Council president Bimol
Khurai AC achieves 94.63 pc vax rate: MLA
Medicines, essential items distributed
Sagolband locality declared micro C-zone
Moreh CSOs condole demise of N Bimol

14 August 2021
Second lowest surge in Aug recorded with 522 cases
Mobile testing unit launched : Now RT-PCR results within 3/4 hours
Amid restrictions imposed due to Covid pandemic...
UARSoM reiterates call to honour Govt order
State records 522 new cases, 8 deaths; test rate dips
DESAM flays conduct of JNV test amidst pandemic
UARSOM backs Govt order on fee, salary
KCP bans JNV Samiti Manipur
MHRC urged to postpone IUCB election
Medical, safety kits donated to DH, ex-servicemen
KSWC organises mass vaccination camp

13 August 2021
Daily of count over 600 cases continues with 677, 9 deaths reported
Committee on COVID-19 Manipur continues its mass awareness drive
DESAM to conduct inspection drive in private schools
Advocacy on COVID-19 vaccination held
Cong lines up agenda for House sitting
TPR rises; state sees 677 new cases, 9 deaths
KCP shares thougths on Covid pandemic in state
Advocacy, vaccination awareness programmes continue in Senapati
Kakching oxygen ready for inauguration: MIA
AIMS organises webinar on Covid-19 effect
Assembly Secretariat informs
77 more fined
Health kits provided to scribes
Hiyanglam AC achieves 75 pc jab rate

12 August 2021
New cases see marginal dip at 606, deaths see slight rise at 10
One dies after 5 days of inoculation
Ayush medicines distributed
More violators detained
Monetary aid extended to van drivers of Sagolband AC
Mass Covid vaccination drive held
Relief items distributed
Covid claims 10 more lives, 606 new cases crop up
Deceased listed as infected after cremation
Road side vendors briefed on Covid-19 SOPs
AR distributes essential goods
MPSC extends exam deadline, announces schedules
Mass vaccination drive conducted
AMSU informs
Committee on COVID-19 Manipur launches drive to check crowding
Equipment for oxygen plant reaches Kakching
Edibles, monetary assistance extended

11 August 2021
633 new cases, 7 deaths recorded in last 24 hours
LMO plant installed at Veterinary complex
Seva Bharati reaches out with aid
Speaker condoles
Book released
Mass Covid vaccination camp held
ADAM invites trainees
State logs lowest TPR since July 1; seven succumb
CM Biren vows quality healthcare service to all
Student bodies warn excess fees by schools
MLA Ranjit asks Govt to probe NFSA rice loss
Noney's Dolang village fully vaccinated against Covid
Medicine assistance extended to Myanmar
Ration items distributed, awareness prog conducted
Employees' body hails service regularisation
Edibles distributed to vulnerable families
Medical kits distributed
TA & Hills extends last date for scheme aid

10 August 2021
Low test of 3005, low new cases at 467 and high DPR of 15.5 pc
CM inaugurates O2 Plants in 3 districts
Condolences pour in over demise of Dr S Ibocha
InSIDE-North East continues to extend help
'Adherence to Covid SOPs and protocol, only way to redress COVID-19'
Incentives and Covid relief items provided
Test rate dips, TPR rises, 467 new cases detected
State aims to achieve cent per cent vaccination by Sep
Senapati epicentre of peace
Will address pay disparities of Covid fighters: CM
COVID, fuel price hike cost state Rs 89.34 Cr revenue loss
CLP meet held ahead of assembly session
Relief and safety items distributed
MLA Ranjit slams Govt over fertiliser shortage
InSIDE-NE reaches out to 3000 vulnerable families
Govt urged to ensure education of Polytechnic students
Demolition of CHC: Heirok clubs refute BJP's claim
'Coronadagee Karamna Ngakthokadage' released

09 August 2021
Daily surge continues with 736 new cases, 10 deaths
Local vegetable vendors allowed to open from 7 am to 10 am on Sunday, Wednesday & Saturday
AIFB concerned
Noted former police officer Dr S Ibocha no more
AMUCO continues its distribution drive
Distribution of relief items continues
Portable inverter gifted to ensure uninterrupted power supply
Will work earnestly for development of Patsoi AC, says W Dineshchandra
Ayush medicines distributed
Cycle rally held at Chandel
State logs 736 new cases, 10 deaths; 921 recover
District officials asked to enforce containnent measures
Many continue to extend relief, safety items
Covid claims former IGP Dr Ibocha
Review Covid policy: AIFBM
IPSA slams Govt, demands immediate measures
CM to inaugurate oxygen plants today
Covid claims two in Bishnupur, infects 103
Wabagai locality becomes Covid free
Gaidon Kamei distributes edibles
More detained
DC Thoubal informs
2nd round vaccination organised in Moreh
Khangembam Priyojit feeds inmates of CHIC

08 August 2021
New cases dip below 700 at 699 after 4 days
Curfew lifted, micro containment model on
CCpur reports first zero death in Aug
Distribution of Ayush medicines continues
AMMOCOC appeals
Covid relief items distributed
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted
Covid-19: State continues to record high TPR
Covid-19: Relief items, ayush medicines distributed
AHPI NE receives Best Chapter Award 2020-21
Govt lifts day curfew
Govt urged to cut rent rate
Ration, essential items provided to orphanage home
97 detained
Mass Covid testing drive held

07 August 2021
Manipur continues to log above 700 cases with 742, 14 deaths
TKS urges Government to make alternative arrangements for Ukhrul students
ICMR's guideline on contact tracing: Test 10 contacts
Door to door delivery of fertilizers, a good initiative by Govt, says RK Anand
Edible items distributed
Covid situation inspected in Pourabi
Mass Covid testing conducted
44 Assam Rifles organises vaccination camp
State records 14 fatalities, 742 new cases
Power outrage costs lives of 2 Covid patients
Bed shortage looms amid growing cases in Ukhrul
Covid-19: Distribution of relief items continues
RK Anand lauds Govt for door-to-door urea distribution
AR, CSOs facilitate mass vaccination programme
Liangmai organisations convey gratitude to AR
Launch of Mobile RTPCR van soon: Dr Rajo
CM urged for inclusion of Wabagai vendors in Covid scheme
101 detained
Relief items distributed
Mass vaccination camp held

06 August 2021
Covid shows no sign of respite with 757 cases, 8 deaths recorded
22 freed
Fraud held
Distribution of relief items continues
BJP Heirok Mandal urges AMSU to clarify
Mass Covid vaccination drive conducted
Ayush medicines distributed widely
Ekta Parishad distributes edible items
Thangmeiband BJP questions MLA
Tangkhul Naga Long appeals
State reports 757 new cases, 8 fatalities
Backward Kwatha village yearns for Govt attention
TNL appeals CM for changes in Covid-19 scheme criteria
Mass vaccination prog conducted
AYUSH medicines, edibles distributed
Joykisan epitome of party-hopping: BJP Mandal
BJP demands clarification from AMSU unit
Man held for fleecing Covid scheme aid seekers
One Myanmar-returnee IMT worker found Covid positive
94 detained
19,128 persons vaccinated in Noney so far

05 August 2021
High surge continues with 765 more cases, 14 deaths
Central team to study situation, again
Modi invited to inaugurate major projects
Free taxi service adds edge to Covid fight
Mass Covid vaccination camps held
Cong meet
Lectures held on 'Health & hygiene awareness'
X-Men Help Group continues to extend help
Relief items distributed
State records 763 new cases, 14 deaths
Centre deputes expert team to State
Cong sitting, ex-MLAs hold joint meeting
Free taxi service for Covid testing launched
Mass vaccination programme conducted
Relief items distributed in C-zone, to organisations

04 August 2021
Cumulative tally of positive cases cross 1 lakh at 100,625
One held with fake Remdesivir medicines
AIMS appeals
Schedule for AC wise vaccination in IE
Curfew extended for another 4 days till Aug 7
Curfew extended
753 new cases take state's tally past 1 lakh, 14 die
Curfew extended, curbs eased
Muivah recovers from COVID-19
Man held with fake Remdesivir injections
Distribution of relief items, medicines continues
Keishampat Keisam Leikai declared Covid-19 free zone
Jiribam MLA rewards GP for vax success
AIMS demands release of scholarship
163 detained
Yaibilen Children Home extends gratitude
JCI donates

03 August 2021
State records least jump since Jul 5 with 541 new cases; 12 deaths
Aid worth Rs 30 lakh to be sent to Manipuri diaspora in Myanmar
Indo Myanmar Border Traders Union seeks help for Meeteis at Myanmar
Many continue to distribute medicines and Covid relief items
'CHC Heirok in a deplorable state'
44 AR organsies Covid awareness drive
Mass Covid vaccination conducted at various places
State logs 541 new cases, 12 fatalities; 1120 recover
Aid distributed to Covid-19 affected people, CCCs, CHICs
Kakching MLA provides portable X-ray machine to CHC
Volunteerism spirit comes handy in fighting Covid
Covid vaccination, testing held at Monsang Pantha
CCI distributes relief materials
Myanmar Meeteis appeal for help
AMGSU praises AR's Covid initiatives
AR units conduct awareness drive, distribute relief items
Relief items distributed
Mass vaccination prog conducted
LMC extends monetary aid

02 August 2021
Manipur steps into Aug with 832 new cases, 10 deaths
Ayush medicines and Covid relief items distributed
CCpur records 30 deaths in July, its deadliest month
MLA of Keirao AC extends monetary aid to ASHA workers
Bad road defers Covid advocacy programme at Maiba village
EECHAL observes 16th Foundation Day
Mass Covid vaccination drives held
TPR, new cases rise, as state records 10 Covid deaths
Kid succumbs to Covid, 10 test positive in Ukhrul
Elderly diabetic man with heart disease overcomes COVID-19
Medicines, protective kits, ration items distributed
Poor road forces deferment of Covid prog in Maiba village
MLA Mirabai calls for inclusion of other categories
Safety kits, edibles distributed
Susindro pledges aid to Myanmar Meiteis
Dr Lenin stresses on student-parent harmony
MLA Ranjit distributes urea at subsidised rate
Gifted to TSE
Mass Covid testing conducted
More detained
Oxygen generators donated for public use
Border gates to reopen for exporting medicines
Mass vaccination drive conducted

01 August 2021
TPR dips as state records 801 new cases, 15 fatalities
PANDM suspects cops, tobacco traders' nexus
MSF demands action against rogue private schools
Edibles, protective kits distributed to scribes, police, C-zones
DESAM for release of pending wages of contract medical staff
FPS agents clarify on rice distribution
95 more Delta variant cases detected
Covid positive patient delivers baby at Chandel DH
AR conducts COVID awareness drive in Tousem
July logs a total of 28,709 cases with 15.53 pc positivity rate, 406 deaths
KIYDO hands over monetary aid, PPE kits to ambulance drivers
Super agents of Mayang Imphal AC clarify on rice distribution row
Distribution of relief items continues
Mass Covid vaccination drive conducted
44 Assam Rifles organises Covid awareness programme
DESAM alleges
Inmates of rehab centres inoculated
Monetary aid given to Covid patient
Mass testing organised, 15 test positive
Mass Covid vaccination held
Club appeals
SOP violators detained

31 July 2021
State logs 874 new cases, second highest deaths in July
Crowd attacks as cops try to nab suspects, 34 held
Home testing kits users advised to share status
JNIMS doctors take care of Covid positive woman
Importance of vaccination stressed at awareness prog
Vaccination drive held at rehab centres
KSA calls for equal treatment of students
Awareness prog on Covid-19, welfare schemes held
PM urged to provide aid to Myanmar
Medicines, ration items distributed
DESAM against JNV test on Aug 11
Resolve issue of Govt Polytechnic: Student bodies
KSO halts transportation of medicine to Moreh
Legal awareness webinar conducted
Govt urged to expand coverage
Manipur records 874 new cases in last 24 hours to take daily positivity rate to 13.1 pc
Covid cases now moving to rural areas: Dr Rajo
DESAM appeals
AIMS seeks support from Prime Minister for Myanmar
Ayush medicines and Covid relief items distributed
Cop hurt in stone pelting at Khomidok
JNMS Director/docs to bear expenses for treatment of Covid positive woman
Interaction programme on COVID-19 held
KSO Moreh bans transportation of medicine
Distribution of relief items continues
SPDPO voices for differently abled persons and widows
O Malesh distributes relief materials in Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC
Monetary aid, PPE provided to ambulance driver
Chan Heisnam condoled
Ambulance donated
Edibles distributed to families in distress
Thongju residents advised to remain indoors
SOP violators fined

30 July 2021
1000 new cases, 11 deaths reported; TPR crosses 9 pc
ICICI, NEDFi donate medical kits, ambulance
CM's livelihood support: Short deadline upsets many
MLA Nemcha reviews Covid situation in Kangpokpi district
AR accused of obstructing medical supplies
MHFW additional secretary visits RIMS
4 held for exporting COVID-19 medicines to Myanmar
Khurai MLA speaks out against vote seekers
Medicines, Covid kits, ration items distributed
Mass vaccination drives continue
Authorities urged to allow labourers to work
Manipur records 1000 new cases to take daily positivity rate to 15 pc, 11 deaths
CM's livelihood support scheme on
COVID infection surges in rural areas due to negligence of SOP's
AYUSH-64 tablets distributed
ICICI donates
Relief and breakfast items distributed
Mass vaccination camps held
90 pc vaccinated
X-Men Group distributes Covid kits to ex-servicemen
KSO Sadar Hills lauds L Dikho
Locals enforce curfew in Thongju

29 July 2021
On first day of extended curfew Manipur logs 1003 new cases, 12 deaths
Let vaccines cover all call
Vaccination lowers death rate: Deben
More added to exempted list
Present scenario inside jails and cases of Covid-19 positive inmates highlighted
DLSA Tamenglong organises online training programme
Reschedule selection test for JNVs, urges KIMACS
RIMSSU extends gratitude to RIMS Director
HC directs DC Imphal East
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted at various places
COVID-19 awareness programmes held
Singtom first fully vaccinated village in Chandel
Mass Covid vaccination drives conducted
VOK founder appeals
Mass Covid testing conducted
State logs 12 deaths, 1003 new Covid cases
Singtom becomes first fully vaccinated village in Chandel
Patsoi MLA distributes PMJAY, CMHT cards
Govt, HCWs alone could not defeat Covid-19: Prof Deven
Tusom CV declared C-zone after 9 test positive
DM orders people in IW district to remain indoors
Ration items distributed to Covid-affected villagers
Covid-19 Response Fund provides free taxi service
KIMACS raises concern over JNV test
Mass vaccination drive continues
Cash sops announced to spur vaccination
Police detain SOP violators
Govt approves use of Covid Home Test kits
Medicines, edibles distributed
Court orders water supply in C-zones
Essential items provided for Covid patients
VDF association extends help

28 July 2021
1165 cases, 11 deaths recorded : Manipur logs over 1000 cases in a day for the 10th time in July
'Control exorbitant price hike of essential commodities' says All Manipur Nupi Marup
Vaccine cured her paralysed arm, claims woman
Public defy curfew to welcome Mirabai
State logs 11 deaths, 1165 new cases
Chandel yearns for anesthetist, specialist
Committee sustains Covid-19 awareness programme
Sugnu MLA rues shortage of medical staff
Rehab centre inmates, others vaccinated
Many reach out to Task Force, CHIC, C-zones
DESAM urges for release of scholarship
KKDC extends relief items in C-zone
Govt eases entry norms
Govt asked to check price rise
Chandel DH in urgent need of specialist doctors: CMO
Mass Covid vaccination camps held
Curfew extended
DESAM appeals
Violators detained
AR conducts Covid awareness drive
Financial assistance provided

27 July 2021
Highest daily positivity rate of 20.2 pc in last 2 months recorded
Covid claims doyen of Manipuri film Chand Heisnam
PTFC-19 shares thoughts to Govt
Don't extend curfew: Cong
CCpur records highest single-day Covid jab
Online legal awareness programme held
CHICs meals
Highest TPR since May 29, test capacity drops
Time for Govt to review Covid curb strategies: PTFC-19
Curfew compounding public misery: Cong GS
Over 680 jabbed at 'Ritual Festival of Vaccination'
Mass awareness prog conducted at several places
Mass vaccination prog, testing drive conducted
Online legal awareness programmes held
MSFDS, others mourn demise of filmmaker Chan Heisnam
High vaccination rate under CHC Wangoo Laipham
Mob burns Moreh PS gate
Oxygen Plant to be set up at CHC Kakching
Aids extended to vax centres, C-zones
COVID-19 awareness programmes carry on
Mass Covid vaccination and testing programme held
Keishamthong BJP Mandal cautions
Social worker W Dineshchandra continues to extend help
Ritual Festival of Vaccination' conducted
Mass Covid vaccination conducted
Will continue extending all help in tackling COVID-19: S Subhaschandra
Private firm distributes fertilisers
Mega vaccination programme conducted
LMG extends cash assistance
Assistance provided to ex-servicemen
Police detain SOP violators

26 July 2021
8808 cases, 113 deaths logged from July 18 to July 25
Leishiyo eyes getting all adults of Kamjong vaccinated by mid Aug
TLRF lauds PHE Minister
Lukhoi urges
Kakching district to get 1386.76 tonne of rice till November
Organisation alleges
VDF association thank Imphal West SP
Covid scourge continues, 1207 infected, 13 die
Confusion galore over CM's livelihood support scheme
Mass awareness on Covid-19 organised
Mass vaccination, testing drives continue
"Recognise FPS agents as frontline warriors"
IW SP provides 1000 face masks to VDF
Ex-MLA Subashchandra assures help in combating Covid-19
Transportation arranged for vaccination
Monetary aid extended to Covid victim families
UPF provides AYUSH tablets for Covid patients
Ayush medicines distributed widely
Mass awareness drive on COVID-19 held
Bus service provided to boost mass Covid vaccination
PHG extends monetary assistance
Th Satyabrata donates edible items to Langol Old Age Home
Mass Covid vaccination drive organised
63 detained
Safety kits, edibles distributed to front liners
Edibles, medicines distributed
Mass Covid testing conducted
Mass vaccination held

25 July 2021
Daily count of 1000 plus cases continues with 1198 more
CCpur sees record surge in cases, vax crosses halfway mark
Mass Covid vaccination camps conducted
Covid claims scribe
COVID-19: Vaccination / awareness programme held
States sees 1198 new cases, 14 fatalities
Doctors hailed for treatment of lonely Hiyanglam woman
TLRF lauds Corona Warrior awardee minister Dikho
High turnout for vaccination at Kakching CHC
Mass vaccination programmes, testing camps conducted across state
Commotion over PDS rice denial in Khundrakpam AC
TA & Hills minister organises vaccination drive
'Ritual festival of vaccination' begins
Imphal Times reporter Bijen no more
Covid deaths in Bishnupur touch 200
Advocacy programme on COVID-19 vaccination organisedt
KSA to conduct MU/ DMU entrance coaching
Mass Covid vaccination conducted at various places
Advocacy programme on COVID-19 vaccination held
NFSA beneficiaries storm residence of FPS agents
COVID-19: Vaccination cum awareness programme held
O Lukhoi stresses on the importance of Covid vaccination
Police detain 75 SOP violators
Essential items presented to Singjamei PS
Mass vaccination drive underway
ATDUCO distributes AYUSH medicines to CHICs
BGVS distributes essential items
Awareness drive conducted at Pungmon

24 July 2021
On 6th day of total curfew Manipur logs 1248 new cases, 15 deaths
On HC's order Wangthoi walks out free from jail
Khousabung pineapple farmers press distress button
Covid relief materials distributed
Local e-commerce stores fume, question
Malom fully vaccinated
Second highest spike of 1284 takes tally past 90K
After HC order, journalist Kishorchandra released
Home vaccination launched, many jabbed in IE, Jiribam
Charhajare first fully vaccinated village in Saitu AC
Get vaccinated without any delay, exhorts Nemcha Kipgen
Vax advocacy prog, webinar on cyber safety held
Malom first fully vaccinated village in Thoubal district
CPI flays political tug of war amid Covid crisis
Covid committee holds mass awareness programme
Free taxi service for COVID-19 patients launched
Delivery executives detained; police, DA clarify
Mass vaccination camps, awareness programmes conducted
Online legal awareness programme held
Bishnupur sees six more deaths, 93 new cases
KADUCO distributes homeopathic medicines
Medical kits, medicines distributed
Discussion on mass vaccination drive held
Works Minister appeals all not to believe in hearsay and myths associated with Covid vaccine
Nemcha Kipgen leads advocacy on Covid vaccination at Tumnoupokpi
Special Covid vaccination drive for differently abled persons kicks off
Charhajare: Saitu AC's first My vaccinated village
Consultative meeting on COVID-19 vaccination held
Mass Covid vaccination organised
Breakfast provided to CHIC
Mass Covid testing conducted
Covid awareness programme
101 violators detained
Mass vaccination conducted
136 vaccinated at Longmai centres
Edibles provided in containment zone
224 tested, 129 positive in Heirok AC village

23 July 2021
Deaths, positive cases continue to remain high as virus runs riot
Kalapahar, Santolabari Parsain fully vaccinated
BC Das takes pot shots at BJP Govt on Covid handling
Vaccination picks up pace 'About 20 thousand vaccinated daily'
Implementation of CM's Covid scheme reviewed
460 vaccinated at Thongju
Remand for accused
Minister appreciates Covid warriors
K Ranjit interacts with Covid warriors
MLYO thanks TSE owner
State records 12 deaths, 928 new cases, 16.71 pc TPR
BC Das blames BJP for mess in Cong, Covid crisis
'Vaccination rate lowest in Sora'
CM's Livelihood Support Scheme guidelines notified
Kalapahar, Santolabari fully vaccinated villages in KPI
COVID-19 awareness prog conducted in Chandel, Kakching
13 test positive in Ukhrul, two in Kamjong
Mass vaccination, testing drives continue
Locals briefed on Covid SOP, vaccination
Vaccination drive for Thanlon AC on Jul 24
Covid claims six in Bpr, infects 135
151 detained for violating curfew
MLA Ranjit vows to shield people from Covid
Vaccination drive conducted in Hiyanglam AC
Mass Covid vaccination camps held
Mass awareness campaigns on COVID-19 conducted widely
S Rajen visits Covid affected families in Lamsang AC
Awareness programme on 'COVID-19 appropriate behaviour' held
Mass COVID-19 vaccination organised at various places
Ayush medicines distributed
More detained
Total curfew at full swing in Moreh
Covid recovery family extends aid
Mass Covid testing conducted

22 July 2021
COVID-19: Manipur sees highest ever spurt with 1,327 cases
Unvaccinated folks similar to leaving house sans locks: Gaikhangam
Declare Pourabi as red zone: Task Force
Students Union of Kangleipak appeals school authorities to work for students welfare
Medicines distributed to CHICs
Covid positives
Yet another record spike takes tally past 88K
Gaikhangam exhorts Nungba denizens to get vaccinated
Mass vaccination conducted in Thoubal, Imphal East, Imphal West districts
KKDC appeals Govt to help Covid-hit people
Covid awareness drive held in Moreh
Bishnupur logs six deaths, 90 new cases
Farmers advised to follow Covid SOPs
Kakching Covid testing centre sanitised
People in containment zones, CHICs aided
JSCC condoles demise of Ima Momon
Mass Covid vaccination drive carries on
Relief items distributed
Mass Covid vaccination held
Distribution of relief items continues
AR organises COVID-19 awareness drive at various places
Gamblers netted
JSCC condoles
Violators fined
Vungzagin donates vehicle to Covid TF
Protective kits presented to SPs
AR conducts Covid awareness prog
Medicines provided to cops, Muslim families
48-hour shutdown deferred
House-to-house Covid testing done
PPE kits donated to Wangoi Police

21 July 2021
Manipur returns to four figure spurt with 1127 cases
Erendro's release is a slap on Government: CPI MSC
Active cases cross 10K as state logs 1127 new cases, 17 deaths
Ringui logs highest-ever single day inoculation of 431 in Chingai AC
Trucks stop refueling in state due to high price
Dr Pfoze presented Corona Warrior 2021 award
Sekmai AC sees record vaccination of 1064 beneficiaries
ZB urges Govt to ensure ration provision to tenants
MLA Rameshwar distributes OCs, safety items
Govt urged to provide PDS items to Wangkhei AC denizens
Mass vaccination progs held in Wabagai, Keirak
SP urges Kakching farmers to follow Covid SOPs
Condolences continue to pour in
'Healthy mind key to recovery from Covid'
Nurses suspend protest plan
Letpao donates rice to Lambung village
Bamboo barricades put up in CCpur town
Sekmai AC administers highest number of Covid vaccine doses in IW today
Romen extends help to Covid warriors
Dr Lorho Pfoze receives 'Corona Warrior Award 2021'
Police erect bamboo dividers on CCpur streets
Vaccination drive
Violators detained
Ima Momon condoled
Cop hurt as curfew violators pelt stones
177 vaccinated at Lamding
Curfew total in Noney, Tamenglong
Mirabai gets second vaccine shot
PMJKAY rice distribution begins today

20 July 2021
COVID-19: State reports 774 cases, 16 deaths
Delta+ strikes: 8 deaths in 19 days
Covid outbreak among students, teachers reported at Tousem
FPS agents entrusted to deliver monthly rations to beneficiaries
Smile Project's Covid relief drive continues at Senapati district
Condolences continue to pour in for Ima Momon
'Don't encourage Home Isolation'
Advocacy programme and mass Covid vaccination drive at rehab centres begins
Mass Covid vaccination held at Jiribam
Activities relaxed
Daily cases dip, positivity rate rises, 16 succumb
Held for FB post, Erendro freed after SC order9
Man claims recovery from chronic illness after Covid jab
Curfew intensified as cases, fatalities rise in Kangpokpi
FPS agents to home deliver food grains during curfew
Preshow distributes relief items in 10 villages
Task Force opposes home isolation policy
Bpr virus load crosses 6K-mark, three die
Several services exempted on 2nd day of total curfew
High-end cars dominate city roads on Day-2 of total curfew
Death of Ima Momon condoled
Transgender jabbed, edibles distributed
150 jabbed in mass vax camp in Tamei AC
2 more die of COVID-19 in Kpi; curfew on in full swing
Smile Project's Covid relief drive continues at Senapati district
Discrepancies in ration distribution in Wangoi AC alleged
Ration shares for constituencies in Thoubal district spelt out
Mass Covid testing camps held
Ambulance service suspended
Monetary aid extended to VDF personnel
Moreh bodies condole Ima Momon
Edible items, monetary aid extended
Blood donation camp held at JNIMS

19 July 2021
Manipur sees slight dip from the 1000 plus daily cases of last 4 days
Vaccination lowers death rate: Dr Rajo
Statewide 10 days total curfew starts
Satyabrata urges all to back total curfew
One held with fake Covid test report
Distribution of Covid relief items continues
Mass Covid-19 vaccination conducted at various places
Ima Momon condoled
Special ration distribution drive
PMGKAY benefits should be extended to those in need, says FATYCM
Charhajare on verge of becoming 100% vaccinated village
Tribal bodies decry political blame game amid pandemic
Marginal dip in daily virus cases as state sees 11 deaths
MPCC shares strategies to curb Covid-19
Total curfew: Minister justifies, CPI demands edibles to poor
MLA Khashim dispels vaccination fear
State wears deserted look as 10-day curfew begins
CSOs decry political blame game over Covid pandemic
Vaccination festival on Jul 24, 25
Mayeng Lamjao achieves 95 pc vaccination rate
Charhajare set to be fully-vaccinated village
Many condole demise of Ima Momon
Kpi police, CTF enforce curfew; test, vaccination held
FATYCM urges rice to student tenants, daily wagers
KKDC assures help during total curfew
Bishnupur records 73 new Covid-19 cases
Khurai MLA to arrange vaccination prog
Curfew partial in localities
CRY donates medical items to Tpl DHS, JNIMS
Biswajit distributes PA systems
Free vaccination / awareness programme held at Tashar village
Panic buying in Senapati
Public cooperation must to win over COVID-19: Joint Committee
Violators fined
103 people vaccinated in border villages
Protective kits distributed to SF
Mass testing, vaccination prog concludes
Sound system distributed
Poster campaign organised

18 July 2021
Manipur sees highest spike on single day with 1171 positive
Highest number of deaths in the age group of 61 to 75 years: Dr Rajo
DIPR provides financial assistance under MSJWS to 3 journalists
Education Minister launches MOODLE Learning System for colleges
Mass Covid vaccination drive continues
Many mourn Ima Momon
Vaccination camp
Curfew backed
UARSoM appeals to allow movement of 'Result Committee' members
State on record-breaking spree; 15 succumb
Committee calls for joint fight against pandemic
Delta variant rampant in state, cautions Dr Rajo
DIPR aids three scribes under MSJWS
Protests continue against fuel price hike
CSOs mourn demise of Ima Momon
MLA Ranjit will continue rice provision: Committee
Kangpokpi 'relocked', DC issues curfew order
CCPur police seizes illicit RAT kits
Understand reason behind recruitment plan: ex-MLA
DMs declare curfew from July 18
CM's scheme for orphan launched
Assn for exempting results committee from curfew
Rotatory Club donates to JNV CHIC
Vaccination drive continues
Relief items distributed in C-zone, widows
Former MLA questions motive behind mass recruitment
Child Rights and You (CRY) donates to JNIMS
Tamenglong prepares for 10 days lockdown
Panic buying
132 detained
New representatives of UCM in Joint Committee on COVID-19
Face masks distributed

17 July 2021
Highest single day spike of 1128 cases reported
State Govt imposes 10 days total curfew
Situation deeply disturbing: CM
4000 RAT kits seized at CCpur
KIMACS welcomes Govt's call for total curfew
Vaccination drive
Record spike of 1128 cases takes tally past 82K, 10 die
Get vaccinated to stay alive: Gaikhangam to people
People throng market as Govt announces total curfew
Strictly enforce total curfew: KIMACS
Vector search begins in Kangpokpi town
Kangpokpi protests fuel price hike
Training on Home Isolation Management, online reporting held
Strictures ordered for total curfew in Ukhrul
Mass vaccination prog held, inspected
20K jabbed in Sekmai AC; mass vaccination, testing continue
UCM urges public to back total curfew
Edibles provided to needy, volunteers
Sadar Hills DYCC stages protest against fuel price hike at Kpi
Mass Covid vaccination camps held
Covid relief items distributed
House-to-house Covid testing begins at Kpi, active cases stand at 180
Lions Club hands over
More fined
CTF inspects shops in Moreh

16 July 2021
1039 new cases, 14 deaths reported : 4 figure total logged for 2nd successive day
Pregnant woman, lactating mom receive vaccine shots
Mass Covid vaccination drives held widely
Only registered students can submit online forms: Education Minister clarifies
New cases remain above 1000 mark for second day
Only registered students will be promoted: Minister
HC stays Govt's mandatory vaccination order
Pregnant woman, new mom honoured
Mass vaccination programmes conducted across state
CPI discusses Covid deaths, issues besieging state
Edibles distributed to people in distress
Govt lauded for announcing aid to labourers
Covid duty-bound doctor, mom die
Four deaths, 132 new cases in Bishnupur
Mid-day meal items distributed
Medical camp, vaccination prog organised
Total curfew imposed for 10 days
FRM along Indo-Myanmar Border suspended
45 cases detected
Youth Cong protests
More detained
House-to-house tests conducted at Japhou bazar
4House-to-house Covid testing conducted at Chandel
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted at Sora

15 July 2021
Manipur records single day highest spike with 1104 cases
Put up vaccination certificate or shut shop: Valte
HC stays order to prioritise vaccinated persons
Interaction programme on SARS-CoV-2 held
Sub-standard sanitisers worry AIMS
Testing sites named
State scripts new record with 1104 cases; 17 succumb
IBSD organises interaction prog on INSACOG facility
Shops in Kangpopi town allowed to open
Vaccination drive for drivers, shopkeepers in CCpur begins today
No cheap politics during pandemic: MLA Shyam
Committee for increasing CHICs, CCCs in Bpr
One more CHIC opened in Hiyanglam AC
Awangbow leads vaccination, tree plantation drive at Makui village
Mass vaccination conducted in IE, Kakching districts
Vaccination only can bring new normal, says Nemcha
Edible items distributed in C-zone, safety kits to frontline workers
Shops, vendors in Senapati town checked
More containment zones in Sagolband AC
Vaccination at 20 sites in IW district today
126 new cases reported in Bishnupur, three die
Lions Club lines up plantation, distribution prog
DNOs (HI) asked to submit list of staffers
AR promotes CAB, plants saplings
Awangbow Newmai leads mass vaccination drive at Makui village
Nemcha Kipgen promotes awareness on Covid vaccine, visits vaccination site
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted at various places
44 AR organises Covid vaccination camp and plantation drive
Police fine 168 violators
45 positive in mass testing
1058 vaccinated
Containment zone
Protest staged against fuel price hike
CRY donates 50 PPEs to DHS, Chandel
24 test positive in H-to-H testing

14 July 2021
Surge continues with 796 more testing positive to return daily positivity rate of 16 pc
Relief work is done purely on humanitarian ground: Karam Shyam
Mass Covid vaccination drive conducted widely
Congress party protests against fuel price hike in Wabagai
Many laud PHE Minister, family of Ankit Kala
COHSEM appeals
State sees second highest Covid deaths, 796 new cases
PM stresses on micro containment in Northeast
House-to-house testing, vaccination prog conducted
Many police stations sans vehicles, fuel fund
Vaccination at 19 sites in IW, 16 in IE today
Advocacy meeting on vaccination held
Schools set Jul 15 deadline to submit evaluation report
Get vaccinated against Covid-19: MLA Fajur Rahim
Mobile vaccination begins in Khurai AC
CCpur trio receives GiveIndia's aid
MLA of Khurai urges all to carry Covid vaccination certificates
Moreh police checks entry-exit in Moreh
Mass vaccination prog held at DMU
Advocacy meeting on COVID-19 vaccination held

13 July 2021
Covid claims 15 more, 890 more test positive
Letpao takes vaccination drive to Khengjoi
Rice allocation under PMGKAY and NFSA for Bishnupur district spelt out
House-to-house Covid testing conducted at various places
Family of late scribe extends gratitude
890 new cases, 15 deaths reported, 2208 beds vacant
10.97 pc vaccination rate in Senapati, lowest in state
Robve Solephe village in Mao AC fully vaccinated
Mass vaccination at 31 sites in IW, IE today
Vaccination advocacy campaign held at Maram Khullen
Letpao exhorts village heads to lead in Covid vaccination
Entry to Leimaram Waroiching prohibited
Mass vaccination camp held at Phouden
SIMS to launch vaccination programme
Virus curbs eased in Senapati market
PHE Minister declares Robve Solephe village as 100% vaccinated, first in Senapati district
Distribution of relief items continues
Medical kits distributed
Partial relaxation of containment measures in Senapati
MKS organises COVID-19 mass vaccination advocacy campaign
Sibong Khudengthabi village lauds District Administration Tengnoupal
Krishpa Group extends help to Hawkers Assn
Financial aid
119 detained
Low key Rath Yatra celebration
Monetary aid given to constable's widow
Auto rickshaw drivers vaccinated
Kakching cops fine SOP violators
Relief items distributed
Waqf Board informs

12 July 2021
Highest number of cases with 911 after May 30, 14 death recorded
CM notes Shumang Kumhei role in shaping public opinion
3 remanded for spreading fake Covid news
Covid claims noted film maker
Ema Keithel Lup expresses gratitude
State logs 911 new cases, highest in last 42 days
CM seeks public support to battle Covid-19
36 people in IW, 38 in IE found positive
Three held for fanning virus fear
Covid-19 dissected, medical kits provided to scribes
MLA Nemcha continues to aid non-ration cardholders
Search for vectors continues in Moreh, Kakching, Jiri
Many mourn demise of filmmaker Homen D'Wai
School body for relaxing base year for exam results
Aid provided to people in containment zones
Heirok MLA cash aids Covid-19 victim families
18,416 people jabbed in Tengnoupal district
Entry of tourists in Longa Koireng areas banned
Training / awareness programme held
Awareness campaign on "Know your Covid vaccine" concludes
Nemcha Kipgen provides food grains to non-ration card holders
Forest Minister visits Oinamlong village
Achoibam Deben distributes pension
IPSA distributes essential items to media houses
Govindajee Temple Board notifies

11 July 2021
Not let up in surge as 788 positive, 7 deaths reported
CM inaugurates 'INSACOG' sequencing facilities at IBSD
Biswajit takes vaccination slogan to Noney
'Women Wing' sensitized on Covid vaccination
Biswajit appeals to eligible persons in Thongju AC to get vaccinated
AMUCO continues to extend help
O2 concentrators donated to RIMS
119 out of 120 samples found positive for Delta variant
CM opens INSACOG Sequencing Facility
1125 tested, 61 found positive in house-to-house drive
Oxygen plant to be installed at Bishnupur DH soon
MU honours its Health Centre staff
House-to-house testing begins in Chandel, Kakching, Thoubal
Govt justifies arrest of two 'habitual offenders
Meeting held on COVID-19 vaccination
Authority urged to check expenditure of intending candidates
AMUCO, RRM continue to extend aid
625 vaccinated in Bpr, 84 new cases found
AR promotes CAB
Distribution of relief items continues
Awareness campaign conducted
Nupi Marup decries
AMMSO puts all its activities on hold
14 positive in house to house testing
ARIMSA donates
ARIMSA donates essential items to JNIMS
House to house testing begins in Noney

10 July 2021
State logs 852 new positive cases, 10 fatalities
CM declares house-to-house testing, total night curfew
Govt extends curfew, bans movement after dusk
Lup alleges illegal sale of RAT kits
6039 cases detected in IW, 1197 in Sagolband alone
Road woes deepen Covid fear for people in Twilang area
Distribution of relief items to Covid-19 affected continues
Help virus-hit Covid volunteers: AMUCO to Govt
Rules framed for home isolation management
250 people vaccinated at 7 Miles Maohing camp
Govt urged to review school fees, salary order
More continue to donate to Patsoi relief fund
Vaccination advocacy meeting held
65 new cases detected in Bishnupur, two succumb
Thoubal MLA pitches for timely vaccination of all
World Vision donates OCs, beds to RIMS
Covid continues to surge with 852 more positive, 10 deaths
Following advice and suggestions from Centre, Imphal East to start house to house testing today
More stringent night curfew to, be in force till July 20: CM
'Give equal thrust to vaccination and testing'
AMSGO submits memorandum to CM, seeks review of June 16 order
ACOAM-Lup raises allegations
BP Vikas Basnet leads mass vaccination drive at 7 Miles Maohing
S Kebi reaches out to private school teachers
Mass Covid testing drive conducted
MLA extends monetary aids to ASHA workers
NSUC hails Olish for rendering service to public
Govt now to provide food at CCCs
Modi, Biren thanked for providing free vaccine
Mass Covid-19 vaccination conducted
Police detains 188
Cop passes away

09 July 2021
839 more test positive to take total past 75 K, 12 deaths recorded
Sight corrected after vaccination: Elderly man claims
MLA leads vaccination drive at Kamjong
Khudengthabi first village in Tpl to be fully vaccinated
Only BJP can develop Manipur: Biswajit
MHIM online application State Govt rolls out guidelines
Union Health Ministry organises capacity building workshop
Vaccination call sounded
Vaccination call sounded
State records highest positivity rate in 40 days
Dr Lenin disapproves popping pills to curb Covid anxiety
Covid vaccine restored eyesight, Sugnu elderly claims
Over 21K Kakching AC denizens given Covid vaccine
Nippon Foundation donates medical kits to CM CRF
Three curfew violators found Covid positive
Khudengthabi village fully vaccinated: Tengnoupal DC
IE DC advocates vaccination; mass jabbing in IW halted
Items presented to clubs involved in Covid fight
Awareness on vaccination held; many jabbed
Positive cases on rise in Kakching district
11 sites in IW declared micro C-zones
Relief items distributed in C-zones, needy families
Vaccination must to defeat Covid: Minister Rajen
Left parties back stir against price hike
BSF distributes Covid relief items
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted at various places
Bishnupur District Hospital set to receive an Oxygen Plant soon
AIMS seeks Governors intervention
Awareness campaign on 'COVID-19 vaccination' concludes in Pherzawl
CCI extends financial aid to families of 3 Covid victims
211 detained
Edibles distributed to retired employees
28 SOP violators fined in Kakching
MLA GS Haupu inspects CHC Singhat
BSF distributes essential items
Micro containment zones in IW inspected
Awareness programme held

08 July 2021
High count, high daily positivity rate and deaths in double digits continue
To control fast spread of virus Centre asks State Govt to focus on 6 points
Serving poor and needy is greatest service : CM
CorCom shares thoughts on pandemic on 10th foundation day
'Get vaccinated'
Thoubal DC asks police to carry out investigation
Radheshyam issues vaccination call
DESAM seeks Government's attention
Sekmai MLA claims largest vaccination drive
State records 760 new cases, 11 more succumb
Centre notes state's virus situation, seeks reports
Seven test positive in Ukhrul village
Vaccine does not kill people: Th Biswajit
CM kick-starts distribution of dry ration kits in Ccpur
First instalment of livelihood support scheme soon: CM
MLA Nemcha keeping tab on vaccination progress
MLA Susindro launches second Covid vaccination bus
Mass vaccination held in Kakching district
Covid vaccination, political awareness prog held
Advocacy meeting on vaccination held
Discourse on Covid-19 prevention held
Essential items distributed, Royal Riders donates to CM CRF
Mass vaccination programmes continue
SHADC hands over ALS ambulance to CMO
Rameshwor urges all help free state from virus grip
DESAM raises posers over PPE charge rate
Covid certificate forgery
Manaoton distributes relief materials
Mass vaccination in 20 centres of IW
8345 inoculated in IW, 6599 in IE
Task Force bans shops sans vaccination certificate
Advocacy meeting on COVID-19 vaccination held
ADC Sadar Hills hands over ALS ambulance to CMO Kpi
VDF Assn extends help
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted at various places
Distribution of relief items is humanitarian service, not publicity stunt: Khashim Ruivah
Nemcha Kipgen inspects vaccination drive at Parsian, provides relief items
Khurai Assembly Constituency gets second insulated vaccination bus
184 fined
Vaccination for Ima Market vendors on July 9 & 10
Edibles distributed to 2000 households
Will try to vaccinate all in Singjamei AC: Khemchand
'Vaccination only can stop Covid-19 pandemic'
CTF inspects shops in Moreh

07 July 2021
Highest positivity rate of 17 pc since June recorded
Cabinet okays scheme for Covid affected families
Need for vaccination stressed
BJP gives it back to Cong on visit of BL Santhosh
Vaccination certificates found issued sans giving shots, notice served
Results of painting competition declared
Speaker urges
Positivity rate spikes to 17 pc, 14 die
Central team visits 'headless' JNIMS hospital
Cabinet approves scheme for Covid-19 affected families
Violation of SOPs root cause for virus spread: Dr Sasheekumar
Early detection, early hospitalisation still a myth
Huge turnout at Kpi vaccination site
Vaccination rate rising, no shortage: CM
Don't make vaccination sites political centres: AMUCO
Inmates sanitise Lamboi Khongnangkhong CCC
AIYF to campaign against price rise, job crunch
Central team urged to instruct state Govt
Mass vaccination at 18 sites in IW, 15 in IE today
Crypto relief package reaches CCpur
Church leaders vow to aid vaccination drive
Get vaccinated without fear: Task Force
Safety items distributed, lunch served
Campaign on vaccination held in Kamjong village
Nemcha Kipgen provides essential items; mass vaccination held at Poudel Basti
Webinar on 'Impact of COVID-19 on Education..
AR distributes essential items
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted at various places
MK Preshow Shimray visits remote villages
Police detain
Aid to patients
Royal Rider Manipur donates to CM's Relief Fund
Result of painting competition declared
120 jabbed at Uran Chiru vax camp
Food packets donated to RIMS
Relief items presented to volunteers

06 July 2021
Daily positivity rate continues to run high with 13.5 pc
Intensive analysis of data needed to tackle situation: Central team
Cong questions Covid management of Govt
AMUCO nears 10k goal with aid to 5050 households
FCI furnishes details of PMGKAY rice allocation in Manipur
Sumchinvum: CCpur's first fully vaccinated village
Mass Covid-19 vaccination conducted at various places
State logs 432 new cases, eight deaths
'Post-vax positivity rate only 2 pc'
State gets 46,504 MT PKGKAY rice for five months
Party outweighs public for BJP: MLA Lokeshwar
Mass vaccination programmes continue across state
AMUCO, NPP, others distribute relief items, safety kits
MLA Nemcha intensifies vaccination campaign
Edibles distributed; medical kits presented to Yairipok CHIC
Comprehensive policy on online class mooted
Comprehensive policy on online class mooted
Aid provided to C-zones, CHICs, CCC, police
Mass jabbing at 12 sites in IW, 14 in IE today
CCpur village achieves 100 pc vaccination
8886 vaccinated in IW, 6310 in IE
Full dress rehearsal of 'Keidoubagi Kidoino' held
Heirok MLA sponsors vaccination van for AC
Mass Covid vaccination camps held
Nemcha Kipgen intensifies awareness campaign; 1 more succumb to COVID-19
IRCS IE distributes masks and sanitizers to ASHA workers
Pourabi Task Force seeks Govt attention
HS Benjamin Mate visits Machi PHC, SDO Office
AR holds awareness prog, gives first aid
T-shirt launched for Covid volunteers

05 July 2021
Daily positivity rate sees slight drop at 14.9 pc; virus claims 8 more
Let vaccinated folks campaign for vaccination: MLA
Details of rice quota under NFSA and PMGKAY for IW spelt out
MLA Brojen backs safety of vaccine
NPF-MSU provides relief materials in Chandel
Get vaccinated, urges PTFC-19
Keidoubagi Kidoino
Vaccination drive: KRA announces cash incentives
Covid rages unabated in state; 8 die, 643 infected
Imphal West has highest count of Delta cases
Central team discusses Covid status in state
NSUC raises issues concerning Chandel district
MLA Nemcha leads advocacy on COVID-19
MLA Khashim donates ambulance to Somdal CHC
FEGOCTA suspends stir, resumes online classes
Mass vaccination programme conducted
NPF reaches out to needy people in interior Chandel
Covid claims one, infects 75 in Bishnupur
AMMOCOC calls for getting vaccinated without fear
MLA Susindro warns against spreading rumour
Political activist stresses awareness on vaccination
Mass jabbing at 11 sites in IW today
KRA to reward fully vaccinated villages in Saikul
Police pull up SOP violators
Covid awareness held, PMJAY & CMHT card distributed
Lamkang CSOs thankful to Olish Shilshi
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted
LMG extends help to Yanglem Kollup
AMMOCOC urges people to get vaccinated
Nemcha Kipgen leads advocacy on COVID-19 vaccination at Ngahmun
More detained
AITUC extends support
Mass vaccination held at Wabagai
IRCS distributes safety items to ASHA workers
Many donate to Patsoi Covid-19 relief fund
AMSU donates
Mass vaccination drive

04 July 2021
13 deaths, 689 more positive cases reported in last 24 hours
COHSEM conducts webinar
State logs 689 new cases, 13 deaths
Poor people can no longer endure lockdown: AMUCO
MP Dr Ranjan lauds role of frontline workers
7012 vaccinated in Imphal West
Covid positivity rate in state worries MLA Radheshyam
Bishnupur reports 55 new cases of Covid
At 680, Patsoi records highest number of vaccination
608 people administered vaccine in border villages
Give more benefits to scheme workers: AITUC
MLA M Rameshwar presents 8 oxygen concentrators
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted
Kakching AC MLA hands over 8 oxygen concentrators
More detained
Manipur Emergency Support Group promises continued support
RIMS informs
MLA Khashim provides ambulance
Aid extended to C-zone
Webinar held

03 July 2021
69 more cases of Delta variant detected in state
CM encourages state doctors on Doctors' Day
MLA Shyam condemns politics over pandemic
Govindas assures revival of District Hospital
Mass vaccination conducted across state, 7230 jabbed in IW
Medicines distributed to patients; edibles in C-zones, homes
MLA urges Lilong denizens to get jabbed
Mass vaccination in IW at 12 sites today
13 deaths, 656 more cases reported
June recoveries surpassed new cases but deadliest for CCpur
UCM provides dinner to COVID-19 patients at RIMS and JNIMS
Mass vaccination drives for COVID-19 continues
PTFC-19, IW dist administration reaches out
Distribution of relief items continues
Will never use pandemic and humanitarian aid for political gains, says Karam Shyam
HRA urges MHRC
'Akoimart' app launched
Lecture on 'Sujok Therapy for Covid management' held
Rotary Club extends help
SOP violators test positive in Chandel
Jiri MLA announces reward
Random Covid testing conducted at Japhou Bazar
More pulled up

02 July 2021
Daily positivity rate continues to be above 10 percent
MLA speaks out against home isolation
CM greets doctors
AMUCO continues distribution of edible items
MMWO to back mass vaccination programme
Consumers Club appeals
National Doctor's Day observed widely
Details of NFSA and PMGKAY rice allocation for ACs in IE laid out
No moral right to question on fuel price hike: Wilubou
Covid vaccination mandatory for entry
Oxygen bank
Covid leela
UCM extends help to labourers
Tally crosses 70K as state logs 508 cases, 12 deaths
4633 vaccinated in Imphal West; 3451 in Imphal East
CM, others greet doctors
Cong MLA Ranjit blames Govt for virus menace
Oxygen concentrators, PPEs donated; aid extended
Consumer Club warns of legal action
Organisations back Covid-19 vaccination drive
Aid extended ahead of UCM's foundation day
Tamenglong veteran doctor feted on National Doctors' Day
Covid death toll rises to 39 in Kangpokpi
SIMS to stop free ambulance service: MD
State eases entry norms for jabbed people
36K receive first dose in Kakching
IMC begins cleanliness drive at parks
Timely vaccination protected me: Anganwadi worker
Kakching cops lead vaccination awareness campaign
Sunbird Trust reaches out with Covid supplies
Mass vaccination held at Kpi, death toll reaches 39
Police detain
SBI donates PPE kits
Kakching police fines SOP violators
Vaccination prog held at Haolenphai village
App launched to home deliver essential items
MHRC seeks report on rice denial petition
Rotary Club reaches out to homes
Royal Riders Manipur and NAMA donates

01 July 2021
592 new cases added to total tally of infection, 9 fall victim
Joykisan urges legislators
Vaccinated persons may get priority while opening up
Vaccinated persons may get priority while opening up
AMUCO distributes edible items
State reports nine deaths, 592 new cases, 494 recoveries
First fully vaccinated AC to be rewarded Rs 20L
State sees no relief from Covid amid fear of third wave
Joykisan prods MLAs, ministers to feed CCC inmates
BJP state executive meet begins
232 people vaccinated in Moreh
Govt extends curfew till July 10
Mass vaccination camps conducted
Govt mandates mandatory vaccination
Orientation programme on vaccination held
Aid extended to police, orphanages, CCC
IMA to honour senior doctors
Protest against price hike concludes
Aid India continues distribution of essential items
Mass vaccination in IW at 12 sites today
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted at various places
MLA lauds volunteers of Kshetrigao AC
Sunbird Trust, Aid India continue to provide relief items
Mass Covid vaccination drives conducted
Awareness programme on 'COVID-19 vaccination' held
TAKDO to serve meals to RD Wing Covid patients
1000 people under Keinou GP vaccinated
Monetary assistance extended
Celin Digital organises Covid awareness programme
Poster campaign held
Royal Riders Manipur distributes Covid relief items

30 June 2021
780 test positive, 11 more die due to coronavirus
Islamic scholars back vaccination call
No online classes, examinations ultimatum : FEGOCTA sticks to stand
Utilise us: IMC
AMECHA extends gratitude
11 succumb, 780 newly infected
Vaccination rate low in hill districts
Mass vaccination at 21 centres in IW, IE today
Don't whine about curfew, get jabbed: AMUCO
MLA to reward fully vaccinated villages
Mass vaccination progs held; aid provided
Don't fear the vaccine: Islamic Scholars to Islam followers
Vaccination drive continues in Patsoi
More people jabbed than targeted: SDO
Form ad-hoc committee: Ex-IMC corporators to Govt
Relief items distributed in C-zones, orphanages
MLA Md Fajur gets first dose of Covid vaccine
FEGOCTA reaffirms online class boycott stand
3946 jabbed in IW; 2777 in Thoubal
Business community advised to get vaccinated
Air purifiers donated to Shija Hospitals
Mass Covid vaccination drive held widely
Finance Minister's Covid relief plan not satisfactory: CPI
Relief items distributed
Mass testing exposes rampant infection in remote villages
Saikul MLA launches mobile Covid vaccination, assures reward to fully vaccinated villages
Chanura Lamchinglel Kangleipak mulls for extensive identification of Covid variant
Distribution of relief items continues
COVID-19 mass vaccination conducted at various places
AR launches campaign
BMSA donates to Yaibilen Children Home
Violators fined
Vaccination figures sought
Air purifiers donated
Mass vaccination conducted
Edu staffers asked to submit certificates
Covid play 'Keidoubei Kidoino' premieres
Mami Thawan extends monetary aid
Francis Ngajokpa donates relief materials

29 June 2021
432 fresh cases, 6 deaths reported in last 24 hours; recovery rate shoots up to 90.1 pc
Priority is to save lives: CM
New regulations for July likely soon
Make sure there is no discrepancy in rice distribution, says MPP
COHSEM instructs
Violators detained
Fatality dips to six as state reports 432 new cases
CM stresses on saving lives, vaccination of all
Over 8K mass jabbed in IE, IW; at 21 sites today
Covid orphans 12 kids, leaves 133 in distress
CLK cautions against easing curbs sans genome sequencing
Ccpur village becoming another virus hotpot
Preshow reaches out to villagers under 'Seva Hi Sangathan'
Pandemic hits hard families depending on Khwairamband Keithel
One more succumbs in Kpi, mass vaccination conducted
Govt allotted ambulances handed over to CMO
Aid extended to media houses, cops
Bishnupur records 2 deaths, 88 new cases
MPP urges ministers, MLAs to resolve rice row
Principals advised to start promotion process
Seva Hi Sangathan-II: MK Preshow Shimray visits remote villages of Chingai AC
One more succumb to COVID-19 in Kpi, mass vaccination held in Irang Part-1
44 AR organises 'Mass vaccination'
Monetary aid provided to auto drivers and rickshaw pullers
Awareness drive on 'Covid vaccination' held at Western Maram
Mass COVID-19 vaccination drive
Distribution of relief items continues
Relief items distributed
Mami Thawan Foundation donates to KTP Relief Fund
Vaccination drive held in Tamenglong
75 differently abled persons vaccinated
Covid-19 testing, vaccination held in Yaiskul AC
Covid vaccination centres inspected
Grace Colony appeals

28 June 2021
Manipur hits highest daily positivity rate of 12.9 pc since Jun
AMCTA resolves to carry on online classes
Many continue to distribute relief items
CCpur registers highest ever single-day Covid related deaths
Mao Council congratulates L Dikho on winning 'National Corona Warrior Award'
FEGOCTA reaffirms its stand to boycott online classes
LMG extends help to Covid positive journalist
SOP violators fined
16 deaths, 669 cases as Covid onslaught rages
AMWJU, EGM urge Govt not to take harsh action
Kangpokpi steps up Covid-19 vaccination drive
AMCTA sticks to demand, urges continuation of online class
Minister Dikho hailed on receiving Corona Warrior Award
AMUCO, political activists extend aid to destitute families
Let's not get complacent: Minister Biswajit
IRCS reaches out to ASHA workers in Senapati
Protest held against fuel price hike
Awareness drive on vaccination held in western Maram
MLA Radheshyam allays public fear over vaccination
Relief items distributed to vulnerable communities
AR conducts awareness drive, extends aid
USO urges all to get vaccinated
'Review boycott decision'
COVID-19 mass vaccination organised at Hengbung
Union Social Upliftment appeals
IRCS Manipur distributes face masks to ASHA workers
MAPI Council provides breakfast to Covid patients
Webinar on coping mental stress held
Vaccination for film fraternity held
152 jabbed at Moreh vaccination camps

27 June 2021
Daily positivity rate continues in double digit with 12.8 pc
Following cancellation of Class X, XII board exams...
Only those vaccinated will be allowed commercial activities: CM
Stop circulating misleading claims about Covid vaccine, appeals Deputy speaker
DM extends lockdown for another 14 days in Kpi, 15 test positive
561 new cases detected, fatalities spike to 15
Class X, XII results within Jul 31: Minister Rajen
No vaccination, no selling or buying, asserts CM
Koide villagers recover from COVID-19 without any fatality
Mass vaccination in Ukhrul begins today
Arbitrary detentions condemnable: Coalition
Firm rules must to contain pandemic: MLA Joykisan
Covid-19 more severe than WW: MP Sanajaoba
Mass vaccination prog held at Singhat village
Businessman spurs TSA to continue mess service for Covid patients
Stop spreading misinformation about vaccine: Dy Speaker
Mass vaccination at 11 sites in IW, 10 in IE
Bishnupur's virus cases cross 4K-mark, three die
DIPR's play "Keidoubei Kidoino" to be showcased
Curfew extended for 14 days in Kangpokpi
Aid extended to ASHA workers
Over 250 jabbed as mass vax camp begins in Moreh
AR holds Covid awareness prog
Khundrakpam committee continues to help people
RIMS conveys gratitude to donors
Mass COVID-19 vaccination conducted at various places
Singngat MLA supervises mass testing & vaccination drive at Muallum
H Dingo inspects mobile vaccination drive at Kanglatongbi
44 Assam Rifles organises vaccination
Intending candidate reaches out to ASHA workers
Relief fund
Protective items given to vaccine beneficiaries
1038 jabbed in Thoubal
NHM staffers told to submit vax certificates
Donation to CM CRF continues
Distribution of relief materials continues
Benjamin Mate provides relief items
AR promotes Covid appropriate behaviour
RIMS expresses gratitude

26 June 2021
585 new positive cases detected, 8 more deaths reported
Take Opposition into confidence: Joykisan
PPCM urges
7th Pay demand
Waqf board appeals
Nishikant reaches out with food to containment zones
State reports 585 new cases, 8 deaths, 4083 recoveries
20 tested, 16 found positive
Protest against fuel price hike
PPCM urges to cease poll-related activities amid pandemic
Vaccination drive spreads to remote areas in Kpi
MLA announces awards to up vaccination rate
FEGOCTA reiterates demand for 7th UGC pay
Protest wake-up call for BJP Govt: Lup
Mass vaccination conducted at Oinam, Konthoujam ACs
Mass vaccination drives conducted
Aid distribution continues for Covid affected people
Don't oppress poor by hiking fuel prices: CPI
Dry rations provided to most vulnerable people in Kpi
Mass vaccination drive for Patsoi begins
Tamei BCC office opened, ration distributed
Nurul Hassan distributes food materials
COVID-19 mass vaccination and testing conducted widely
Distribution of relief item continues
Mass vaccination, free medical camp held at Gorkha Jhil
COVID-19 mass vaccination conducted at various places
Losii Dikho honoured with 'National Corona Warrior' award
InSIDE-North East provides dry ration to fight hunger in Saikul
CHC Saikul lauds Manipur Emergency Support Group
NMO donates Oxygen concentrators to RIMS
AR extends aid, conducts awareness prog
IWCF extends aid in containment zones
Oxygen concentrators handed over

25 June 2021
11 more deaths recorded, positivity rate continues in double digit with 12.8 pc
Nearly 6 lakh vaccinated in Manipur
Positivity and death rate still high, need to relook 'Containment Policy': Dr Y Mohen
DESAM states demands before commencement of new session
State reports 11 deaths, 549 new positive cases
Steps taken up to curb Delta variant, third wave: CM
1,25,832 people vaccinated against Covid in IE
PHE minister L Dikho listed for National Corona Warrior Award
CoNE celebrates 10th anniv, distributes essential items
IRCS distributes masks, RIMS contractors donate oxygen
MLA stresses collective effort to curb pandemic
NFSA rice distribution in Wangkhei AC ceased
8K jabbed at Sangaipat UPHC, no AEFI so far: MO
Aid distributed by AMUCO, Hiyanglam MLA, others
Nemcha distributes essential items to people without ration cards
Covid-19 awareness / vaccination held
MSF for devising new plan
MLA Susindro allays vaccination fear
COVID-19 mass vaccination conducted at various places
CTF Kangpokpi, Yaikongpao distribute essential items
Letpao Haokip distributes relief materials
COVID-19 mass vaccination drives conducted
Oxygen cylinders donated to RMS
More fined
HRA donates oxygen concentrator, PPE sets
Items distributed at vaccination site
1281 vaccinated in IE district

24 June 2021
Triple digit rise continues with 629
Students express concern
UARSoM clarifies on 70 pc fee request
COVID-19 relief items distributed
AMUCO continues to extend help
Stop blame game: AMYPCO
State reports 629 new cases, nine fatalities
Mass vaccination continues in IE district
Minister Letpao, AMUCO, others extend aid
Kangpokpi AC first in state to launch Covid vaccination bus
Online conclave on combating coronavirus held
FEGOCTA's pay stir plan worries AMSU, PSU
Mass vaccination in IW from Jun 25
MLA Nemcha reviews Covid situation in her AC
PNB, DC's security barrack sealed
Masjids, Madrassas advised to jab 18-plus citizens
MSF conducts drive against price hike
Covid claims two Bishnupur denizens, infects 51
Left parties stage protest at fuel outlets
TMNL airs healthcare shortfalls to CM
COVID-19 mass testing and vaccination programmes held
Kpi AC MLA chairs COVID-19 review meeting
Nemcha Kipgen launches Covid vaccination bus
Distribution of relief items continues
Many donate to CM Relief Fund
Mass testing, vaccination held
IE drive: 40 found positive, 1777 jabbed
Aid extended to families of Covid victims
Vaccination, testing centre opened

23 June 2021
575 more new cases, 10 deaths, 12 percent positivity rate
Further remand for 'misleading' people
Kpi reports 22 new COVID-19 positive cases; 1 death
'Blaming Congress Govt for financial impropriety is nothing but a baseless allegation'
State logs 575 new cases from 4791 samples
17 test positive in Ukhrul
Virus caseload crosses 100-mark for fourth time in Kpi
Cong chronicles achievements, asks BJP's
AMUCO aims to help 10K destitute families
Vaccination drive to intensify from June 25
RIMS conducts 4 Covid caesarean deliveries
MLA Meghachandra, others distribute aid
Distribution of aid to Covid-hit families, CHICs continues
UARSOM warns against defamatory remarks
Zillai, KhSO hail social worker SS Olish
Covid vaccination camps held in Yaiskul AC
Agri employees suspend agitation, to donate to CM CRF
PRDA donates oxygen concentrators
AR conducts mobile vaccination drive
CPI accuses NDA Govt of selling public assets
Three day extensive tour off Seva Hi Sangathan Phase-IF concludes
ADC Sadar Hills allots two ambulances to combat COVID-19 in Kpi
Partial relaxation of containment measures in Senapati
Mass Covid vaccination conducted at Kakching
Action Aid Association of India, PRDA distributes oxygen concentrators
Covid vaccination camps organised at Yaiskul AC
44 AR organises mobile vaccination drive
Fines collected
Mass vaccination conducted
Rumour monger MR man jailed
Left parties protest fuel price hike
Modi Cultural & Sporting Club lauds SS Olish

22 June 2021
Lowest case of 353 with highest positivity rate of 15.5 pc recorded
Yoga Day observed with a call to get vaccinated
Many continue to protest against price hike of fuel and essential commodities
Appeal for 70 pc fee unreasonable, says AMSGO
RK Sushant organises 2nd COVID-19 Vaccination Camp for Northeast People
Police fine SOP violators
DC of Bishnupur notifies
DLSA Imphal East organises awareness programme
Tests dip, TPR spikes to 15 pc, 8 deaths reported
Reports of fake Covid certificate crop up
Saving lives need of the hour, says MLA Loken
Legal awareness programme for children held
Physically challenged, above 18-yr vaccinated
MLA Khashim's Covid-19 village tour hits 'grace note' with dad's praye
Watermelon farmers facing tough situation
CTF unhappy over public negligence
Yarn crunch worries pandemic-hit weavers
RNSOM hails Govt's Covid fight, flays criticism
Officials appreciate unique vaccination drive in Khurai AC
Guardians seek revision of fee order
Armed force veterans provide financial aid to ESMs
People's protest due to petrol hike: CPI
Protest against price rise staged in Mongsangei
ADC-SH allots ambulances to combat COVID-19
Mass Covid vaccination held
1 more dies of COVID-19 in Kpi, Mask Kangpokpi campaign continues
VDF Assn extends help
Mass testing, vaccination held
Police, committee enforce Covid SOPs in Moreh
Local club clarifies

21 June 2021
527 out of 4491 test positive to take positivity rate to a high of 11.3 pc
BJP tongue lashes Cong
Sambit Patra in town on 3 days visit
Start genome sequencing fast, suggests PTFC-19
BJP spokesperson lists ills of previous Cong Govt
Police fine SOP violators
TPR remains high as state logs 8 deaths, 527 new cases
PTFC-19 for genome sequencing to identify virus variants in state
Condition of Waichong PHC worries inspection team
Ready for Covid vaccination in Patsoi AC: MLA Mirabai
Target set to jab 70 pc of population this year: Dr Shyamjai
Rationing agents looting poor: AMUCO
Khurai AC denizens urged to vaccinate, freebies assured
Heirok task force helping victims' families
Sambit meets BJP ministers, MlAs
Edibles, medical items distributed
Covid Task Force extends aid to PHCs in Poumai Naga area
SIMS to begin free treatment of destitute people
Left parties continue protest against price hike
Mass testing, vaccination drive conducted
RIMSSU donates edible, medical items
Two more die, 53 new cases reported in Bishnupur
Time to review virus containment strategies: Lup
Distribution of relief item continues
Sekmai AC MLA appeals to all to get vaccinated
SIMS to provide free medical services
Covid vaccinees in Khurai AC to receive 5 kg rice each
Special Covid vaccination drive organised
COVTD-19 poster campaign held
Soraisam Kebi extends financial assistance to ASHA workers
Poumai Naga Covid Task Force distributes oxygen concentrator, generator
CCpur reports more COVID-19 recoveries than fresh cases
Sunbird Trust donates medical equipment to Tamenglong DH
Tadubi MLA team visit T Waichong PHC
Aid extended on Rahul Gandhi's birthday
Aid India donates medical kits to Senapati DH
Mass vaccination conducted
Mass Covid testing conducted
RIMMSU donates to old age home

20 June 2021
592 more positive : Death count of 6, lowest in June recorded
Media sensitisation on Covid vaccination held
Asufii Christian Institute Mao organises webinar on 'Stress Management'
UARSoM backs proposal for 50 pc fee from students
BJP goes on the offensive
YRC flays MPCC president's statement
AMUCO joins hands with EKTA Parishad in carrying out yeomen service
Police fine SOP violators
State reports six fatalities, 592 new positive cases
Public will judge Govt: Govindas
Headache, runny nose main symptoms of Delta variant infection
Ukhrul body rues spat over fuel price, backs CM
UADC allots ambulances for free service to Covid patients
Fuel price higher during Cong rule: Asnikumar
Govindas misleading opposition group: Council
Edibles, safety items distributed on Rahul's birthday
AMUCO urges Govt to help poor families
CHC Singhat's new building inaugurated
AYUSH directorate urged to give nod to antiviral medicinee
100-bedded Covid Hospital soon in Kakching
Protest staged against fuel price rise
CM thanked for healthcare facilities, food grains
Medical items donated to RIMS
Wangoi weavers provided yarn at cheaper rates
56 new cases reported in Bishnupur
Donation to combat Covid-16 continues
Mass vaccination for IE begins June 21
Distribution of relief items continues
MPCC distributes relief items on Rahul Gandhi's 51st birthday
Review workshops conducted
PPC urges not to politicise COVID-19 issue
Meals arranged, aid extended
ADC chairman hands over ambulance to CMOs
Church leaders visit, pray for police
Nursing Home to start jabbing
Ambulances handed over
Medical kits donated to RIMS

19 June 2021
603 new cases, 12 deaths reported
Delta variant detected in Manipur ; AYUSH-64 launched
One held for 'scripting anti-vaccine campaign'
No death at Kamjong in second wave so far: MLA
SPDPO appeals for reconsideration of Govt decision to collect school fees
Pongringlong VA urges State Govt to conduct mass testing
Will look into rising price of agricultural items: MSF
CJM denies bail
Virus claims 12 lives, infects 603 more
CM confirms Delta variant of Covid-19 in state
RIMS surgeons remove black fungus of Covid patient
Bishnupur gets 100-bedded 2nd CCC
Vaccine rumour monger held
Relief assistance extended to needy
DC, CSOs inspect Kakching CHC
Many donate to CM CRF; LIC to RIMS
One more dies, 66 new cases in Bishnupur
Protest staged against fuel price hike
Curfew violators tested, 6 found positive
Mass vaccination for Thongju AC to start from June 21
Mass testing and vaccination camps held
Distribution of relief items continues
BJP Nambol Mandal demands white paper from MLA
Distribution of relief items continues
UNACSU appeals
Donates to RIMS
Forest Minister visits Jiribam district
Surgery for Mucormycosis conducted
AMWJU assists late scribe's family
NSCN rejects Covid fund demand report
Medical camp / awareness drive organised
Mass testing, vaccination organised

18 June 2021
495 positive, 13 more fatalities reported
Demand for medical oxygen in second wave
Rohan Philem: Cycling for humanity during Covid crisis
Prayer offered at Koubru Leikha
Guidelines for assessing Class X, XII students studied
School fees and salary structure issued
Cong ridicules claim of BJP
HHP Tele Health Services renders help to many
PPC lauds State Govt for opening Canara Bank branch in Noney DHQs
More donate to CM Relief Fund
Weeklong CWAF virtual event from June 20
Aid to RIMS
New cases dip below 500, state sees 13 deaths
Covid death toll rises to 32 in Kangpokpi
Public glee over negative RAT results creates room to fan virus
Nothing wrong in exposing Govt flaws: Cong
Aid extended to trans-gender, families in C-zones, task forces
Prayer held seeking protection against Covid-19
Work begins to convert Umathel CHIC into CCC
Govt orders 50 pc school fee, 70 pc salary
Covid-19 claims one, infects 33 others in Bpr
MLA Surjakumar hands over second ambulance
No sign of curfew in Sekmai: UDO
PNB donates three infusion pumps to RIMS
COVID-19 Task Force helping needy people
NPF Covid-19 team visits District Hospital
Mass testing, vaccination prog conducted
892 tested, 54 turn positive
Online essay competition on Jun 21
Protests staged against hike in fuel, goods price
Cyclist Rohan continues to 'feed the hungry'
Distribution of relief items continues
2 more succumb to COVID-19 in Kangpokpi
Relief items distributed
L Susindro donates to All Manipur Artiste Relief Committee
NPF Chandel COVID-19 Monitoring Cell visits District Hospital Chandel
UADCTA hails Chief Minister
More fined
Cash assists to late scribes
Donation to CM CRF continues
Monkeys in Mahabali, Oinam fed
First Committee meet held
Workshop on Covid-19 stress held
Mass testing detects 39 positive cases
DC donates cash, PPE to Moreh CTF
Jiri jail ready to house rogue vectors
Covid awareness prog held
Mass Covid testing conducted at Wabagai
Sub-Jail Jiribam to serve as "Temporary Lock Up"

17 June 2021
Daily spike continues with 752 more returning positive results
Class X, Class XII board exams cancelled
CM hands 10 ambulances to six ADCs
Keep children engaged during lockdown: Experts
BJP gives it back to Cong word for word
Service provided by MOMA is not for profit earning: K Devdutta
FPS agents should use e-POS devices to maintain proper records: Govt
KK Singh Covid positive, remanded
Virus toll crosses 1000; 10 more die, 752 new cases
Virus forces cancellation of CL X, XI, XII exams
BJP accuses Congress of politicising Covid-19
AMWJU team brings hope, gives healing touch for Shaiza family
New 100-bedded JNIMS ICU lying unutilised
Govt allows income tax, agricultural activities
No intention to earn profit: MOMA project director
IRCS youth brigade sanitises Senapati town
AR conducts Covid vaccination drive in Kpi district
Essential items distributed to scribes, needy people
Food shortage prime reason for flouting curfew: Pradhan
992 tested, 55 found positive for Covid-19
SEACO for special policy on food self-reliance
IMA wants hospital to be declared 'protected zone'
AMRPSWA proposes admission processes within August
MSF to look into rising prices of agricultural items
'ICU ward to function soon'
Art of Living conducts vaccination drive
PPE suit found discard on Imphal-Ukhrul roadside
Police inspect shops in Chandel district
Will vaccinate all above 18 years by July: Kakching MLA
Distribution of Covid relief items continues
COVID-19 Task Force Samurou formed
COVID-19 mass testing and vaccination drives held
IRCS Senapati Youth volunteers sanitize Senapati town
Assam Rifles organises mobile COVID-19 vaccination drive
148 violators detained
MLA Susindro donates '3.7 lakh to artiste committee
Rice, cash help extended to Moreh's poor
Minister Vungzagin donates ambulance in ZYA's name
Mass vaccination programme held at Sugnu Zouveng
Chandel Police inspect shops in Japhou Bazar

16 June 2021
New cases return to 700 plus daily count, positivity rate hits high of 9.72 pc
Cong takes strong exception to CM's remarks
KK Singh formally arrested in O2 case
162 PwDs receive Covid jabs during special drive
Interaction programme on "Mental Health and Psychosocial Support" held
Art of Living organises Covid vaccination drive
KSO Sadar Hills condemns 'high handedness' of Sekmai police
Contributions pour in to CM's Covid relief fund
All Manipur Artist Relief Committee floated
More violators fined
State records eight deaths, 785 new cases
CM advised to apologise over 'freebies' remark
Doctor, nurse in viral PPE suit scuffle patch up
JNIMS serving public despite manpower shortage: MS
Entrepreneur vows to aid daily wagers sustain livelihood
Relief items distributed to families in containment zones, widows
562 bags of paddy donated for distribution
UARSOM proposes modalities on promotion of Class X, XII students
Oxygen kits, safety items presented to CCCC, RIMS, cops
KSO condemns manhandling of theologian by Sekmai police
Active caseload drops to 61, one dies in Kpi
Webinar on effects of pandemic on MSME held
Mass testing detects 141 positive cases in IW
HC records PIL on rice distribution
Ccpur records 121 new cases, one fatality; 81 recover
55 new cases reported in Bishnupur
No entry to Moreh sans negative certificates
Artiste Relief Committee constituted
Many donate to CM CRF
KIL honours Covid victims
Distribution of relief items continues
Mass COVID-10 testing and vaccination drives conducted
1 more succumbs to COVID-19 in Kpi, death toll rises to 32
Will extend every possible help to ramp up vaccination: RK Rameshwar
L Susindro to purchase rice from OMS to distribute to non card holders of NFSA
CADA condoles demise of boxer Ng Dingko, comedian Surmangol
Kanglei Ima Lup appeals
Helpline numbers
CRED donates
Mass testing sites
Covid-19 Task Force formed
AR distributes medicines to villagers
UFM mourns demise of Thotshang Shaiza
Vaccination prog concludes
Mass testing, vaccination prog held
Speaker thanks

15 June 2021
459 new positive cases reported
39 test positive in two day mass testing drive
Joykisan lauds meal supply to CCCs
IPAK urges
Nupi Marup decries fuel price hike
O2 concentrators
Testing sites
Test rate dips, fatality count high as state crosses 60K mark
Wrong to loot public over Govt failure: Govindas
Grocery shops reopen after more than a month in Kpi
Joykisan hails Samaritan act of Milan Enterprises
Bishnupur records two deaths, 96 new cases
NISHTHA guidebook elucidates Covid safety rules for kids
Condolences pour in for Thotshang Shaiza
MLA Susindro vows rice to non-NFSA cardholders
After mass testing, DC IW plans mass vaccination
158 positive cases detected from 2173 tests
Minister Letpao, others reach out to people in distress
PM continues to torture people: Nupi Marup
Ventilators donated to JNIMS, oxygen to RIMS
Aid extended to destitute homes, needy people
Bishnupur DM issues guidelines to open shops
Ex-MLA RK Anand demands white paper on missing rice
MLA Kayisii distributes safety equipment
People involved in embezzlement of NFSA ration should be punished: RK Anand
Nutritious food will be distributed to people of Heingang AC: P Saratchandra
Kpi becomes first to open market with Covid free certificates
Many continue to provide relief items
Meals distributed at CCC to mark 27th death anniversary of RK Jaichandra
Relief items distributed
District Magistrate Bishnupur notifies
Speaker donates
Cong gifts
Thotshang Shaiza condoled
AR distributes essential items
DDMA reviews virus, monsoon situation
Red Cross offers oxygen service
MLA of Tadubi AC distributes essential medical equipments

14 June 2021
15 more deaths reported, 530 out of 5,059 test positive
CM, IPR Minister lead in paying homage to Ukhrul journalist
New schedule for opening shops issued
Comic actor of Nokphade fame Surmangol no more
Get vaccinated if eligible: Dr Shyamjai
1.2 MT of pineapples exported to other States
Testing sites named
TNAI, Manipur State Branch condemns
Positivity rate tops 10 pc after five days, 15 die
Govt allows wholesale trading, veg vendors
JNIMS doctors potential spreaders of Covid
263 tested, 34 cases detected in IW contact tracing
Ukhrul scribe succumbs to Covid-19
Covid infects 5318 children this year
Politics over vaccination unfortunate: Nimaichand
Charhajare curfew spat ends, another crops up at Sekmai
Cong leader parts with granary stock to aid Covid families
Good health best remedy for Covid: Vungzagin
Monetary aid, edibles distributed at Khangabok, Wabagai
Left parties in state to protest price hike
Covid-free certificate must for traders in Kpi
Relief items extended to police, needy people
Comedian Surmangol succumbs to Covid-19
TNAI condemns assault of nurse
Mass testing continues in Sekmai
69 jabbed at AR Covid VC, Makui
Many continue to distribute relief items
Govindas Konthoujam feeds inmates of CCC
COVID-19 negative report mandatory to open shops: CTF Kpi
Distribution of relief items continues
Charhajare curfew violation row resolved, another crops up at Sekmai
Veterinary and AH employees postpone strike
Jan Seva Abhiyan: Mobile vaccination drive held at Makui
153 detained
BJP leaders visit Chandel CCCs
AR distributes essential commodities to needy families
Leprosy Patients Welfare Society extends gratitude
COVID-19 Relief fund opened
153 detained

13 June 2021
Death count continue in double digit with 15 more
CM opens 100 bedded Covid ICU block at JNIMS
State updates advisory for Covid testing
MOMA procures cabbages and plums from Tungjoy
Containment measures extended in Senapati
Differently abled artist extends monetary aid for treatment of Covid positive painter
Officers assigned Covid duties at hospitals
Recoveries outnumber new cases, fatality remains high
CM stresses doctor-nurse harmony in fighting Covid
Contact tracing unearths 83 vectors
Confusion galore over Govt notice on second dose vaccination
Fresh advisory on testing issued
CPI slams MLA Susindro on his vaccine policy
Khurai committee, FPS agents back MLA's stand
Lockdown-3 of CSOs ends, DM extends curfew till June 25
Covid mass testing at Senapati bazaar concludes
Covid curbs extended till June 17 in Senapati
Relief items distributed to Covid-19 affected people
MLA calls for concerted efforts in combating pandemic
MLA sets Jun 25 target to jab 45-plus citizens
AR units hold Covid awareness
Affordable yarns distributed to weavers
Death toll reaches 18 in Ukhrul
IE village manages to keep Covid-19 at bay
MOMA to home deliver organic cabbage, plum
IAS, MCS officers to scan premier hospitals
Covid death toll in Bishnupur reaches 100
Painter helps Covid positive colleague
Distribution of relief items continues
6 found COVID-19 positive in mass testing at Apfii Saliki Senapati
DM Kangpokpi imposes curfew with limited permitted activities
CTF Charhajare clarifies
Mass Covid vaccination conducted at Kakching
Awareness programme on COVID-19 and Black Fungus held
Random testing drive of curfew violators conducted
Relief items distributed
Monetary assistance provided
Nurse on mass testing duty collapses
AR organises Covid awareness

12 June 2021
COVID-19 claims 19 more to take death tally to 944
Fields lie barren in face of Covid-19, poor monsoon
Ukhrul condoles demise of HEC VC Phungton Shaiza
MPCC protests galloping fuel price
CCpur positivity rate stands at 5.8 pc
Stick to SOPs, urges ACOAM-Lup
'MLA of Khurai should withdraw his statement regarding Covid vaccination'
Curfew extended
Negative results mandatory for shopkeepers in CCpur
Doctor suspended
TDC donates
19 fatalities reported, highest after May 19
Curfew extended till Jun 30
JNIMS doctor suspended in nurse assault case
Mass testing, vaccination drives continue
Govt asked to prepare for combating Covid third wave
MLA Susindro advised to withdraw rice statement
Humanity way above politics in fighting Covid-19: MLA Khashim
Cong protests rising fuel and goods prices
JBA Chandel imposes various restrictions
Post Covid care must for two months: Dr Narendra
Deduction of 19-day wages peeves Jiri CCC staff
Lilong, Jiribam protest fuel price hike
CTF Charhajare junks allegations of Motbung TF
MP Ranjan, others provide Covid relief items
Asnikumar hands over ambulance for Thanga fishers
Mass vaccination camp held at Ishok, Leimaram
Only 3 kg rice distributed in Wangoi AC: CPI
Bishnupur records two fatalities, 43 new cases
Distribution of relief items continues
Mao CSOs hand over medical equipments to CMO Senapati
Relief items distributed
IRCS Manipur State Branch donates 2 oxygen concentrators
Mass testing cum vaccination drive held
Help extended to Tamei people
BJP Kisan Morcha extends help
TSE aids in mass testing
Police detain 141
MYA condoles demise of its ex-president
Safety items presented to scribes, police
DC inspects Bishnupur bazar area
Lunch arranged for poor widows
AMWJU extends cash aid to deceased Hemant's family
YPA relishes free ambulance service

11 June 2021
Daily death count back to double digit surge with 10
STDCM bats for free treatment, meals of Covid patients
CM notes meals arranged by Bazar Community for inmates of CCCs
Student bodies raise questions on Class X, XII board exams
'Final year students of DMU at risk of losing an academic year'
Distribution of Covid relief items continues
Nurses protest
State sees lowest positivity rate since May 1
Will not force test, jab: Kakching MLA
No vaccination no rice: Susindro
Mao CSOs vow to sustain battle against Covid
Precaution must to prevent COVID-19: Govindas
Consumers Club for uniform NFSA rice share
Milan Enterprises serves lunch to 15 CCCs
NPF Manipur chief distributes safety items
DM students on the verge of losing academic year
Aid extended to public, Covid Task Force, CHICs
Only three Covid cases at Sambei now: Task Force
Low turnout marks mass testing, 93 test positive
TSA feeds Covid patients from far-flung areas
Six student bodies meet M Harekrishna
DMU to conduct semester exams onlineh
AR conducts Covid vaccination drive in Kpi district
Bishnupur registers 47 new Covid cases
Vegetables distributed in containment area
Distribution of Covid relief items continues
Mass testing and vaccination for Covid held at Kakching
TSA Sadar Hills feeds inmates of CCC Leikop
AR organises Covid vaccination drive
CCI provides ration to people in distress
Minister Letpao Haokip extends aid
Many mourn demise of RK Bidur
AMEA condoles N Ibochouba
Saikhom Shantikumar Singh condoled
Random Covid testing held
Ambulance handed over to locals of Andro
RK Bidur condoled
Medical equipments donated

10 June 2021
775 more test positive, 7 more deaths reported
Negative Covid certificate now needed to open pharmacies/oil pumps
Pharmacy closure leaves many in the lurch
Police officer suspended for 'excessess' at Motbung, CTF Motbung area condemns
HiDiPSAM appeals
Tengnoupal Village Authority lauds HS Benjamin Mate
RIMS docs donate medical O2 cylinders
SBI Foundation
MSFDS mourns demise of RK Bidur
86 test positive
First aid training for IRCS, Senapati concludes
Seven fatalities, 775 new positive cases reported
State records another post-vaccination fatality
Probe into woman's death
Crowd at PNB bank posing risk of Covid-19 spread
Film critic, national awardee RK Bidur no more
87 people found positive in IW
Mass testing in Senapati: 248 tested, four positive
Govt urged to lift curbs on distribution of relief items
Dr Kala stresses timely treatment
Mass testing to continue in virus zones: MLA
Suspension of Motbung outpost officer triggers mixed reactions
Continue NFSA with PMGKAY till pandemic is over: CPI-M
School body expresses concern over marking criteria
None will starve in CCpur AC, assures MLA Hangkhanlian
RIMS doctors donate medical oxygen cylinders
SBI Foundation, others donate to CM-CRF
MLA helps 16 families of Covid victims
Philanthropy group presents medical kits to Noney DA
Covid curbs taking toll on Langathel farmers
Many continue to distribute relief items
Mass Covid testing conducted at Apfii Saliki Senapati
Mass testing and vaccination for COVID-19 held at Khurai AC
CM performs prayer at Sanamahi shrine
CPI donates
CM offers prayer
Vaccination drive held at Japhou Bazar
Meals provided to Covid Care Centres

09 June 2021
12 more deaths, 748 new cases added
Young mother dies after receiving vaccine shot
Cong picks holes in Covid management
Covid testing at private health centres : Charging more than Govt fixed rate ?
Campaign for People's Health Rights alleges..
98 positive in IW aggressive mass testing, takes tally to 684
State logs 12 deaths, 748 new positive cases
Downward trend continues in Ukhrul
Govindas fears 3rd wave, demands economic package
Senapati village sets sight on 100 pc Covid vaccination
Lactating woman dies after jab, JAC formed
Aid extended to C-zones, CHICs, CCC, Task Force
MP hails PM's ration, vax policies
One dead, 68 new cases reported in Bishnupur
PM's free vaccination mood quite late: CPI
Henry's PRO junks fund misuse allegations
IW mass drive: 1965 samples tested, 115 positive
Women home guards on CCC duty plea for washroom
Police act tough on Covid SOP violators
Five test positive at Haobam Marak camp
AR extends help to Mao villagers
Mass testing continues in Jiribam
Relief items provided to people in remote areas
12 test positive for Covid-19 at vax camp
Distribution of relief items continues
Oxygen plant coming up at Kamjong: Leishiyo
'Charges made against O Henry baseless'
Ghari Youth Club expresses gratitude
Mass Covid vaccination drive conducted at Maram Centre village
Mass testing drive held at Haobam Marak
BJP Kisan Morcha distributes relief items, tree saplings
Ambulance handed over to Covid volunteers
Mass testing sites
MPCC donates oxygen cylinders
AMWJU fund
TSE owner hands lunch packs to CHIC inmates
384 vaccinated at Kshetrigao camp
17 vectors detected in Thoubal
MPPBF donates protective gears to DH Kpi
BJP morchas conduct awareness prog
MCC launches drive against price hike
FW Dept assures priority to differently abled persons
AR distributes essential items at remote Mao villages
Mass Covid testing conducted
LLWA extends gratitude

08 June 2021
Slight dip with 598 new cases, back to double digit deaths with 15
Traffic paints curfew hours with congestions!
Manipur looks up for divine intervention
Donations to CM Relief Fund continue
Mass testing sites namedp
TSE sponsored vaccination camp concludes
LS MP inspects
ARIMSA hands over O2
More violators fined
Fatality, positivity figures rise; test rate drops
CM leads interfaith prayer to curb virus
Biomass chunks cut off Covid-free Karang Island
Surge in vehicular traffic renders curfew meaningless
Private hospitals defy Govt fixed rate for Covid test
1614 tested, 89 turn positive for Covid-19 in Imphal West
Virus containment steps extended in Senapati
CTF Kpi steps up Covid curb, relief measures
Erabot casts fund misuse slur against Henry
Covid-19 affected people provided aid
Assam Rifles extends help to Oinam village
MP Ranjan inspects RIMS hospital
Mass vaccination underway at Kwakeithel UHC
ARIMSA donates 25 medical oxygen cylinders to RIMS
Death of ex-MP, scribe condoled
Covid cases cross 3000 mark in Bishnupur
40 Covid negative people inoculated
Mass testing / vaccination drives launched at various sites
Distribution of relief items continues
CTF Kpi provides aid to home isolation patients, conducts mass testing
Government extends containment period in Senapati, orders mass Covid testing
Random Covid testing held
Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC gets new vaccination centre
AR Maram provides relief items to Oinam Hill village
Drive conducted to check price hike
Many continue to donate to CM CRF
YPA launches free ambulance service
BJP spokesperson extends help
Covid Task Force constituted
Covid task force Samurou expresses gratitude

07 June 2021
COVID-19 claims 9 more, 823 test positive
Two held for ransacking JNIMS ward
Protest erupts at CCC, Thoubal
District Magistrate Thoubal bans
Online programme 'Leipung Phamba' to begin today
AMMOCOC appeals
Sanatan Samaj donates oxygen concentrator
Covid claims scribe
Nine deaths, 823 new positive cases detected
Several deaths labelled as non-Covid cases
Covid-19 victim's kin ransacks JNIMS, condemned
Tension in CCC as doctor makes caretaker wear PPE
KDCC-villagers meet on Covid, infrastructure issues
Covid negative people to be inoculated instantly
LMTL sets sight to make Lamlai self-sufficient
31 test positive during contract tracing
Salespersons in a fix over mandatory test order
Aid provided to CHICs, Covid Task Force, containment zones
Two more fatalities take Kpi's Covid toll 31
Rice mess, Covid treatment fee under AMMOCOC scanner
34 new cases reported in Bishnupur
Bangladesh body mourns demise of eminent Manipuris
Random mass testing continues in Jiribam
MLA Rameshwar distributes NFSA rice for free
Ireibak sub-editor succumbs to Covid
AR organises Covid awareness campaign
KDCC visits Block HQs to review COVID-19 situation in Kamjong
Two more succumb to COVID-19 in Kpi, death toll reaches 31
COVID-19 relief items distribution continues
C-19 Huyen Lanlong Task Force continues to procure vegetables
Mass Covid testing conducted
5-day mass testing / vaccination camp to be held at Khurai AC
Shumang Leela playwright K Nilbir no more
Distribution of relief items continues
116 persons fined
KRSU-CCpur appeals
Vaccination drive held at Luwangshangbam

06 June 2021
9 succumb, 717 positive, 740 recover
CM opens CCC with 30 beds set aside for children
Health Centres to double up as permanent vaccination points
CCSK urges
HRDA writes to NHRC
AC wise RAT to begin from Jun 7 in IE
Testing sites
AMMSO condemns
Violators detained
Below 10 deaths after 29 days, 717 new cases detected
Steps taken up to accelerate vaccination
Chief Minister inaugurates, inspects CCCs
Mass drive: IW sees 101, Jiribam 45 positive cases
Wangkhei MLA urged to provide rice to all
MU holds talk on real life experience of COVID-19 patients
Heirok MLA extends financial aid to COVID-19 victims' families
Restore ecosystem to check pandemics: L Sotinkumar
JNIMS has enough oxygen stock: Director
State declares 44 permanent vaccination centres
CAF&PD issues order for procuring OMSS (D) rice
Tangkhul community to pray for safety amid Covid-19
BPAP ventilators, cash donated to CM
Two ambulances, medical items handed over
Govt urged to take action against recalcitrant doctors
14 new cases detected in Moreh
Distribution of relief items continues
Ex FPS agents of Wangkhei AC clarify
Senapati District Police organises 'COVID-19 free village competition'
'Ensure allotted rice quota to beneficiaries, introduce new scheme for non card holders'
DC Jiribam inaugurates 20 bedded COVID-19 Isolation Ward
Mass COVID-19 testing conducted at Samurou
Mass Covid testing conducted
Army distributes Covid relief materials
KRSU seeks jabbing of its frontline workers
Sites for mass testing shortlisted

05 June 2021
Death toll surges by 14, active cases cross 9000 again with 791 new cases
For shopkeepers at pharmacy, workshop etc...
'Rice misappropriation' irks AMUCO
Senapati: Inadequacy at PHC worries locals
Virtual series of National Talks concludes at MU
Forest Minister visits Noney DHQs
Aid to AMWJU
CPI to protest against rise in fuel prices
Van donated
791 new positive cases, 14 fatalities reported
Congress takes 'vaccinate all' plea to Governor
Covid impact: CM seeks divine intervention
Healthcare inadequacies fan Covid fear in Senapati village
PRO junks NFSA rice snub slur on ex-MLA Henry
Govt empanels Ccpur Nursing Home
Cancellation of Cl-X, XII exams discussed
MLA Erabot vows legal actions
Convenient vaccination of PwDs stressed
Talk series on Fit India Movement concludes
MLA Kayisii assesses Covid-19 situation in Tadubi AC
Mass testing: 4th day detects 112 cases from 2173 tests
AMUCO demands action against erring rice agents
MLA Shyam hands over ambulance to CHIC
Donations to CM CRF, distribution of essential items continue
Moreh gears up fight Covid spread
Forest minister reviews Covid situation in Noney
MLA seeks special policy for Covid volunteers
46 curfew violators tested in Moreh
N Kayisii takes stock of COVID-19 situation in Tadubi AC
Mass testing drive conducted at Kangla Siphai
Sheikh brothers distribute relief items to every household in Kshetrigao AC
Discrepancies in NFSA and PMGKAY ration in Wangkhei AC will be probed: Y Erabot
H Dingo opens new CHIC at Sekmai AC
Relief items distributed
Th Satyabrata provides assistance to Koide villages in Senapati district
Covid Task force meeting held
First phase vaccination for KTP winds up
Hodam Leirak refutes
Violators detained
Many donate to cm's relief fund
Covid Care Centre inmates plant trees
SOP violators detained, fined
Mass testing in Jiribam today
Valentina: Plant saplings at homestead land
Random Covid testing held at Moreh
Meals provided
Vaccination camp held at Kshetrigao AC
Red Shield Division organises COVID-19 awareness program

04 June 2021
Recovered cases outnumber new cases to bring down active caseload to below 9000
Roll out addl steps to defeat Covid: SUK
'Charges against O Henry baseless'
UCCOC alleges discrepancies in NFSA and PMGKAY ration
Daily positivity rate dips, recoveries outnumber new cases
Tardy vaccination jeopardising herd immunity goal
PNOF donates generator to Senapati DH
Mass testing yields 121 positive cases
SUK fears extinction of indigenous people
Dikho gifts ambulances, activates OT, clears Laii road
Garbage collectors working sans safety kits
Jiribam wards sealed to curb virus
Six test Covid positive in random testing in Kpi
Minister Biswajit, others extend help, donate cash
Minister Biswajit, others extend help, donate cash
Mass testing drive held at Langmeidong
39 curfew violators found Covid positive
Five new Covid cases detected in Moreh
220 tested, 20 found positive in Chandel town
Bishnupur records one more fatality, 51 new cases
Assam Rifles launches sanitisation drive
Mass Covid testing conducted in various places
Random Covid testing conducted at Kpi
PNOF donates 30 KVA KOEL generator to District Hospital Senapati
Distribution of COVID-19 relief items continues
PHE Minister provides humanitarian assistance to people of remote jiliages
BGVS, Aid India distribute COVID-19 relief items
Veterinary and AH employees to postpone their agitation
Youth's Club Brahmapur appeals
SPDPO voices for differently abled persons
K Meghachandra hands over ambulance to CHIC
17 violators positive
AMWJU Relief Fund
Violators detained
Medical items presented to Noney PHC
Priority testing in affected localities: O Lukhoi
Samiti to hold special prayer on Jun 7
Two curfew violators test positive at Wabagai
Club feeds livestock in C-zone
Mayor wears PPE for clean-up drive
Mass testing conducted at Wangoi

03 June 2021
14 more succumb, active cases cross 9000 mark
Installation of additional ICU beds at JNIMS underway: CM
CAF&PD clarifies on NFSA and PMGKAY rations distribution
Workshops, spare parts shops permitted to open
Laughing and Exercising are good ways to relieve stress: Dr RK Lenin
TT drivers, helpers given frontline warrior status
All Manipur Christian Organisation appeals
Ex-Minister Henry slammed
AMSU appeals
AMWJU notifies
Caseload crosses 9000 mark as state logs 14 deaths, 729 new cases
CM reviews virus crisis with religious leaders
RIMS increases COVID beds to 224
Imphal West mass testing drive sees 279 positive cases
Ten curfew violators test positive
BJP executive exhorts people to help each other
BJP unit to probe NFSA rice mess in Wangkhei AC
AMSU demands proper care of elderly COVID-19 patients
MLA Khashim equips 3 PHCs with oxygen concentrators to fight Covid
Reluctant for COVID-19 testing voluntarily: Trans community
Protest staged over inadequate PDS rice provision
Mass testing overwhelms CHICs; Patsoi opens 2nd centre
Medical kits gifted to JNIMS, essential items to needy face masks to Naharup Youth Moral
Workshops, spare parts shops to reopen
Ukhrul sees drop in daily positivity rate
InSIDE-North East reaches out to frontline workers
48 new cases reported in Bishnupur district
5 new cases detected in Moreh Ward no 6
Covid awareness in remote areas of Tamenglong begins
BGVS & Aid India distributes relief materials
KCP-MC calls for House debate on pandemic
Police remove barricades put up by village task forces
Sangh for frontline worker tag to sanitation workers
Four test positive at Khurai testing camp
CM meets religious leaders, joint prayer lined up on Jun 7
Little act of generosity during the pandemic could save thousands: Thangminlen Kipgen
Ambulance handed over to give edge in fight against COVID-19
Distribution of relief items continues
COVID-19 relief items distributed
Nahakpam Indrajit donates oxygen cylinders
Condolences continue to pour in
Conduct online classes for colleges under MU: Imphal College Students' union
Mass testing conducted in Lamlai and Khurai ACs
Karam Shyam Singh extends monetary aid
More donate to CM's Relief Fund
Mass testing at 15 venues today
RS MP donates edible items, medicines
MLA Fajur Rahim donates ambulance
Include Safai Karmachari in FLW list: Safai Karmachari Sangh
2 curfew violators test C0VID-19 positive
DC Thoubal informs

02 June 2021
Death toll rises by 18; 798 test positive
CM flags off mass Covid testing drive
No food arrangements at CCCs add to inmates' woes
With 7 deaths in 3 days, CCpur sheds tears
Outpost stormed
School closure extended
AMUCO resolves
Mass testing sites
More donate
Four violators found positive
Covid claims 18 more lives, infects 798 in state
Two Black Fungus cases detected, one dead
Mass testing drive begins in IW district
Death toll reaches 28 in Kpi
Save academic career of DMU students: PSU to Govt
Vectors on the move: Four curfew violators test positive
All schools in state to remain shut
Covid treatment charge for Pvt hospitals revised
Cash, medical kits donated to CM CRF, RIMS
Stop criticism, join hands to fight pandemic: RK Anand
"Covid-19 negative certificate must to enter Moreh"
Disenchantment over rice distribution concerns AMUCO
Covid vaccination, test conducted at Hiyanglam AC, Waiton
MLA Thaisii hands over medicines for Karong people
Covid vaccination of transgender underway
Widows provided Covid relief materials
KIMACS for full quantity of food grains
Posers raised over NFSA rice in Uripok AC
NFSA beneficiaries protest improper distribution mess
Canadian Manipuris donate to CM Relief Fund
Forum begins tree plantation drive
39 new cases detected in Bishnupur
Art of Living launches tele-counselling helpline
Covid relief material distributed
1 more succumbs to COVID-19, random Covid testing conducted in Kpi town
Th Lokeshwar donates essential items to Covid Isolation Centre
Distribution of relief items continues
COVID-19 relief items distributed
Political parties should unite in fight against COVID-19: RK Anand
TSA Sadar Hills, AR provide relief items to widows of Kpi
Covid vaccination programme held at Arong Tera
Assam Rifles organises COVID-19 awareness programme
Vaccination camp for transgenders organised
Mass COVID-19 testing conducted at Thongju and Khundrakpam ACs
51 Saitu Mandal provides Covid protective gears
DMU notifies
PRDA distributes edibles to artisans
AR distributes essential items
Edible items distributed in Chandel villages
COVID-19 review meeting held at Moreh
Maram AR provides food items

01 June 2021
Manipur crosses 50 thousand mark with 869 more cases
Altogether 17 found positive including 5 from random testing at Ukl
Sites identified for mass testing in IW
CM inaugurates PSA oxygen plant at Thoubal
TSE owner extends help to vaccination centre
MOMA buys 10,000 cut flowers from Purul floriculturists
Ramp up fight against COVID-19 on a war footing, says MSC/CPI
Covid vaccination programme held at Sapam, Tentha
Lodging for drivers
Dr Yaronsho Ngalung distributes essential items in Ukhrul town
CM appreciated
Infant boy among 14 deaths; 869 fresh cases reported in state
Preparation for mass testing in IW completed
Random testing detects five cases in Ukhrul
DCs, CMOs advised to intensify vaccination
May deadliest month, fatal for 0-45 age group
Many continue to extend aid to needy
Lokeshwar stresses adherence to Covid SOP
Dr Yaikhomba relishes chance to help ailing kids
MU discourse studies origin, containment of Covid-19
PREPAK (Pro) hails corona warriors, accuses centre
Easing COVID economic strain: Nevis group helps 1200 poor families with relief package
CPI calls for collective fight against Covid-19
MLA Mirabai assures food grain to all
Oxygen concentrators donated to DH, CHIC
Nursing officer remembered, medical kits donated
RK Imo vows free rice to non-card holders
Police penalise SOP violators; issue warning
MLA Rameshwar begins payment to ASHAs
Vaccination drive for Kangchup-Geljang block launched
UADC condoles demise its senior staffer Paulinus
Sekmai CHIC to be set up at Sardar Patel HS
Mass testing of IMC employees begins
Distribution of relief items continues
L Rameshor Meetei extends monetary aid to ASHA workers
CCpur reports 137 new COVID-19 positive cases
2nd CHIC for Sekmai AC set up at Sadar Patel High School
Saitu MLA launches COVID-19 vaccination programme
CM's Relief Fund
Violators detained
Donation to CM CRF continues
Preshow assists Covid committees
Cash aid handed to drivers
Saitu Mandal provides COVID protective gears
Letpao opens CQC at Chandel village
Ambulances handed over

31 May 2021
Manipur sets new mark with 1032 positives, 17 deaths
Pvt hospital accused of charging fees in excess of cap put by Govt
Brajabidhu no more
Self medication a major factor for Covid surge in Ukhrul: CMO
Covid claims former AMWJU president S Hemant
Nishikant distributes masks, sanitisers
Seva hi Sangathan campaign continues
RK Sushant organizes vaccination for NE people in Chandigarh
DC imposes containment measures in Thoubal
Hospital waters down fees
MPP suggests
More donate to CM's COVID-19 Relief Fund
Births at RIMS
State crosses 1000-mark twice in two days, 17 die
UADC staffer dies, death toll reaches 14
CM launches scheme to aid Covid orphaned kids
Dr Yaikhomba visits homes of positive children
Former AMWJU president Hemant no more
Joykisan urges Govt to review home isolation policy
Covid-19 claims ex-minister Brajabidhu
Follow SOP to help fight COVID-19: MP RK Ranjan
Kangpokpi town sanitised against Covid-19
PPCM for free treatment of Covid patients
MPP seeks all-party meet on COVID-19
Sekmai committee appeals for opening CHIC
MP Sanajaoba donates Covid fighting tools, medicines
RIMS records birth of 25 babies by Covid-19 positive women
Many donate to CM's Covid-19 Relief Fund
COVID protective kits distributed in remote villages
BJP volunteers reach out to 18 Nungba villages
Mass testing conducted at virus 'hotspot'
MoU signed to make TrueNat machine functional
MLA Loken inspects CHIC, health centres
TA & Hills Minister visits CHICs, empowers Task Forces in remote villages
BJP ST Morcha Kpi distributes COVID-19 protective gears
COVID-19 Task Force Kpi sanitizes Kangpokpi town
CCpur reports 84 new Covid positive cases, 4 deaths
COVID-19 relief items distributed
Will extend every possible help to CHICs in Sekmai AC: H Dingo
Mass testing conducted at Khurai AC
Vaccination drive continues in Keishamthong AC
Random test at Ukhrul from today
'Review measures'
More fined
Covid mass testing held
City PS conducts vaccination drive
Vegetable vendors operate during curfew break
Monetary aid extended
COB Motbung provides relief items to widows

30 May 2021
Four figure mark breached with 1007 testing positive
Non-Covid patients struggle to find medical O2
RIMS resumes testing samples
Discharge policy of Covid patients under HI revised
One held for misinformation
Aggressive mass testing in IW from June 1
Don't demand school fees now : Student bodies
More donate
Drivers positive
Temporary lock-up
State's single day cases breach 1000-mark, 15 die
Two deaths take Ukhrul's toll to 13
Man arrested for misleading video clip on vaccination
Doctor volunteers to visit kid patients in home isolation
Govt revises discharge policy for Covid-19 patients
Time to pledge not to spread virus: K Shyam
Govt identifies lock-up for Covid positive accused persons
Student bodies ban collection of tuition fees by schools
Khurai body picks flaws in virus curb steps
PHCs of Oinam, Phaibung, Paomata inspected
Sekmai Committee sets Jun 2 deadline to set up CHIC
Covid vaccination programme conducted at Yaikongpao
Covid-19 patients facing more hurdles
DC writes to MLAs for setting up of isolation centres
COVID awareness publicity panel formed
Clubs oppose CHIC location for Sekmai AC
AR conducts Covid awareness programme
MLA Radheshyam calls for collective efforts against Covid
Two die of Covid-19 in Tengnoupal district
Bishnupur records three deaths, 93 new cases
MLA Brojen calls for making Wangjing-Tentha Covid free
RIMS VRDL resumes operation
Everyone should get vaccinated as soon as possible in order to develop 'Herd Immunity': Dr T Manihar
RK Ranjan launches 2nd vaccination centre in Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC
We need to collectively take stand against COVID-19: Karam Shyam
Curfew extended in Bishnupur district till June 11
KKDC distributes relief materials
44 AR organises COVID 19 awareness program
Cap the rate of RT-PCR/TrueNat, says MSF
CTF Yaikongpao/Tumnoupokpi organises COVID-19 vaccination drive
COVID-19 vaccination programme held at Wangjing
Random Covid testing conducted in CCpur
Poumai Naga Frontal Organisation visit PHCs in Senapati
DM Senapati extends containment period
AITUC appeals for free testing inside containment zones
CCpur reports 91 new COVID-19 positive cases
Cash aid handed to Covid-hit families
Raj Medicity accused of violating Govt order
Lyricist Tabanu Khuraijam no more
More fined
Essential items distributed
Mass testing conducted at Keishamthong AC

29 May 2021
Double digit deaths continue with 13, 732 new cases detected
Covid Hospital for children below 15 years soon, assures CM
Restrictions extended till June 11
CM takes stock of Covid situation in Chandel, Tpl
Open Covid care / drug treatment centre: MSF
Fuel sold on the sly at roadside?
PWF donates to AMWJU relief fund
Seva hi Sangathan and Mera Booth Corona Mukt campaign held
Virtual lecture on "Management of Academic Institutes during Pandemic" held
MSF raises posers over two privately run CCCs in Kakching
RAT rate revised
Vaccination drive for kidney transplant patients
Help extended to working journalists at Thongju AC
Active cases swell as state logs 732 new cases, 13 deaths
Govt extends curfew, partially eases curbs
Covid hospital for children below 15 years soon: CM
Extortion continues unabated along NHs
MSF proposes CCCs for Covid positive drug users
CM reviews Covid situation in CDL, TML
PWF vows Rs 1 lakh to AMWJU Covid Fund, disburses aid
Retired top officials urged to join Covid fight
Covid vaccination drive in Saitu AC expanded
ANSAM condoles Dr Vareso; lauds Catholic Church
Edibles distributed in containment zones
Online classes not feasible in Chandel: NSUC
Early testing best option: MLA Mirabai
Naoriya AC vax centre set up at Ayush hospital
AR assists orphanages, rehabilitation centre
Union warns of shutting down hospitals, dispensaries
Retired bureaucrats and health staff should come forward to fight against COVID-19
Watermelons distributed to public for free
Total lockdown extended till June 3 in Northern Maram
CCpur reports 55 new COVID-19 positive cases
Ngamthang Haokip launches COVID-19 vaccination drive in Saitu AC
Benjamin Mate visits villages in Machi & Tengnoupal Block
Police detain 214
Biren thanks
Govt revises RAT rate
Donation to CM CRF continues
Lockdown in Longmai Bazar relaxed
Minister Letpao opens Sajik Tampak CHIC
Kharibam Jivan feeds inmates of CHIC
Maram AR distributes essential items to orphanage

28 May 2021
Covid claims 18 more, 813 fresh cases reported
Mass testing soon: CM
Ramp up fight against Covid: PTFC-19
CM launches mobile app for HI patients
Condolences pour in
Give free treatment to Covid patients: MPCC
'Time for more stringent actions'
'Find out exact cause of rising Covid cases in Manipur'
DC imposes containment measures in Thoubal
Private hospitals should adhere to Government decision: MSF
AMUCO urges
No home isolation in Khurai AC: L Susindro
'Engage Asst/Asso Profs at RIMS, for Covid duty'
Kpi AC MLA reaches out to poor COVID-19 patients, wins hearts
Distribution of relief items continues
COVID-19 community vaccination programme begins at Thoubal
PHE Minister visits remote PHCs to provide medical items
Covid claims 18 more lives, infects 813 people
Brought ill, 76-yr-old patient dies at UDH
Mass testing across state soon, declares CM
Paediatrician fears next wave, calls for separate CCC for children
MPCC demands, questions Govt on handling Covid crisis
PTFC stresses revision of virus containment steps
Cell to monitor kids mooted
Nemcha reaches out to poor Covid patients with aid
Sunusiphai farmers fear wastage of produces
MSF asks private hospitals to implement fee cap order
Provide food to daily wagers: AMUCO to Govt
Minister Dikho helps set up OT for Covid patients
AR launches 3rd phase of vaccination drive
Appoint a dedicated MLA as minister for fight Covid: Saratchandra
Risk of virus spread from CHICs looms large in Kakching
MLA Mirabai opens 70-bedded CHIC for Patsoi AC
Donation to CM CRF continues to pour in
RIMS professors asked to treat Covid patients
Death of Dr Nareso, others condoled
Aid provided to Homes, people in C-zones
DC for aggressive testing in Imphal West
One dies, 37 infected in Bishnupur district
KMDC fumes over piling of garbage on road side
BJP plans Covid aid prog to celebrate 7 years of NDA
210 detained
Hiyanglam MLA feeds inmates of CHIC
COVID-19 Joint Task Force constituted
AR sets up COVID Care Assistance Centre
MSCW donates
Moreh panics as Covid cases spike in Tamu jail
MLA Meghachandra launches community vaccination prog

27 May 2021
Manipur sees another new high of positive cases with 847
First oxygen plant in hill district now adorns Churachandpur
Vaccination drive for 18 to 44 age group picks up pace
Treatment at private hospitals : Govt works out caps for Covid patients
PPCM calls for preparation to reduce impact of Covid third wave
Interactive meeting for enhancing legal aid and assistance for vulnerable women
ASSCDC distributes relief items, urges Government to open CHIC
DC imposes containment measures in Thoubal
District Magistrate Bishnupur bans
7 days lockdown imposed at Pukhao Terapur
Inquiry committee constituted
Education Minister warns strong action
State on record breaking spree with 847 new cases, 10 deaths
Unlike cancer, COVID-19 not a serious disease: CM Biren
126 virus cases detected in Koide villages, 'sealed'
Covid toll hits 10 in Ukhrul, Kamjong two
RK Imo exhorts people to take Covid test
One more fatality takes Kangpokpi's COVID-19 toll to 27
Law College professor Dr Vareso succumbs to COVID
Khurai MLA disapproves home isolation of COVID-19 patients
Minister Rajen orders action against 'wayward' headmaster
Oxygen kits, edibles, masks, sanitizers distributed
Candidate aspirant announces Rs 5k aid to Covid hit families
KEVA provides medicine, face masks to AMWJU
Bishnupur district records 72 cases, one fatality
Oxygen cylinders donated to Moreh hospital
Donation to CM CRF continues
Many more donate
CSIR-NEIST extends help
Prof succumbs
Covid-19 Task Force Committee formed
Evangelist provides fresh veggies

26 May 2021
Fatalities surge with 16 added including 7 year old child
District Magistrate of Imphal West bans
Two Pvt hospitals first refused admission, claims bereaved dad
Distribution of relief items continues
Donation pours in to CM's COVID-19 Relief Fund
Relief items distributed
1 missing from CCC
15 more die as state records highest ever spike of 824
Slack testing becoming cause of concern
CM to inaugurate Keirao Covid hospital today
CM urged to cap hospital fees, avoid virus spread at vax centres
Locals nab runaway Covid positive drug user
Govt restricts acts of 'charity for publicity'
Sans CHIC, Awang Sekmai locals fear virus spread
Aid provided to people in C-zone, scribes, VDF
Donation to CM'S Covid-19 Relief Fund continues
Nine test positive in Ukhrul, Kamjong
MP Ranjan visits vax centres, extends aid
BJP lines up virus curb, welfare activities
Covid tally reaches 16 in Tengnoupal
Benjamin Mate donates oxygen cylinders, safety kits
Bishnupur DA to bear disposal of unclaimed bodies
Covid claims 2 more lives in Bishnupur, 56 test positive
CSIR NEIST hands over sanitizer
KSO appreciates
237 violators detained
7-yr old dies of Covid-19
Sekmai AC MLA hands over oximeters

25 May 2021
538 more test positive to take total caseload to 44,627
Dists empowered to engage doctors, nurses on contract basis
MSFDS mourns Dr Suresh Singh
Deputy Speaker appeals residents of Mayang Imphal AC to get vaccinated
'Allot Health portfolio to any competent MLA'
Social Welfare department conducts COVID-19 test for street based drug users
Nemcha Kipgen lays down plans to combat COVID-19 second wave in Kangpokpi AC
DC imposes containment measures in Thoubal
Many extend condolence
TA & Hills Minister chairs COVID-19 review meeting at Tuibong
Notice on Black Fungus
TSE owner reaches out to folks in containment zones
Reopen vaccination centre at Khurai AC: Social Reformers' Club
CCC opened at KGBV school in Aimol Khullen
State records 538 new cases, 17 fatalities
No politics in Covid fight: Johnson
Black Fungus not contagious, curable: Dr Dhakeshwar
MLA Nemcha chalks up virus curb strategies
Belated test result, test fee affecting fight against Covid
307 second wave patients in Thoubal recover
Ccpur church leaders vow to join Covid battle
Many donate oxygen cylinders, concentrators CM CRF, health centres
32 drug users tested, one found Covid-19 positive
Demise of eminent personalities condoled
Aid extended to people in C-zone, CHIC volunteers
Relinquish health portfolio: Shiv Sena to CM
Get vaccinated in time to prevent Covid: Robindro
Follow health experts' advice: O Lukhoi
Minister Rajen assures assistance to Covid-19 hit families
Ukhrul sees highest spike of 36 cases
Police officer to donate month's pay to CM CRF
IE home isolation monitoring team formed
Covid claims two in Bpr, newly infects 33
MP, MLA inspect Langmeidong HCW
Police penalise 160 curfew violators
CCpur reports 44 new COVID-19 positive cases, 1 death
MSF finds school conducting tuition at Thoubal
Medical kits, food items distributed
Stricter actions needed to face C0VID-19: Leisem Pathou
'Send staff to operate ventilators at DH Thoubal'
Education Minister assures financial assistance for COVID-19 affected families in Lamsang
Police detain 160
O Nabakishore distributes food items
Oxygen donated
Minister donates
100 in 18-44 age group jabbed in Moreh
Mass Covid testing held at Sekmai AC
COVID-19 vaccination held
HS Benjamin Mate donates Oxygen cylinders

24 May 2021
14 deaths, record single day spike of 767 cases reported
Ensure safe return of MU hostellers, urges DESAM
CM hears grievances of Covid patients
Buy enough vaccine: CPI(M) to Govt
Many peeved by sudden change in venue of CVC
ViB connects rural farmers with urban customers
Senapati should become self-reliant in medical facilities: DC
TSE owner extends financial assist
Youth Brigade IRCS, Senapati sanitizes Senapati town
Regulate cost of treatment: MSF
CELIN Digital expresses concern over spread of black fungus
MP Leishemba Sanajaoba extends financial assistance
Oxygen cylinders donated
Many donate
Government urged
State logs record spike of 767 new cases, 14 more lives lost
Regulate treatment rate of Covid patients: MSF to Govt
Get tested to avoid loss of life: Dr Nandakishore
MLA hands over ambulance to CHC Saikul
IRCS youth brigade sanitises Senapati town
Aid distributed, sodium hypochlorite sprayed
DESAM for Covid test of all MU hostellers
Govt urged to save academic career of Class X students
Police enforce SOP in vegetable markets
Many donate CM CRF, hospitals
CRPF, Assam Rifles distribute essential items
VDFs to donate '28 lakh to CM CRF
MOMA procures 10.5 MT melon, 8 MT tomato
Ratan Thiyam beats Covid-19
Get tested immediately, don't hide: Kh Ibomcha
Sikh group provides oxygen concentrators, stabilisers
CATA condoles demise of Irom Maipak
CCpur reports 89 new COVID-19 positive cases
Saikul MLA hands over ambulance with basic life support to CHC Saikul
MLA inspects construction work of Kongpal Kshetri Leikai CHIC
Relief items distributed
COVID-19 assistance continues to pour in for Naorem Rakesh
M Prithviraj distributes essential food items
Covid vaccination programme held at Leibi village
Shanjoy Ahanthem hands over ambulance to Covid Task Force
AR organises Covid Awareness & Appropriate Behaviour drive
Dr Suresh no more
Violators detained
Covid hospital
COVID awareness drive held in Bishnupur
Sodium Hypochlorite sprayed

23 May 2021
Highest single day spike of 757 cases recorded with 13 deaths
Senapati: DM extends curbs in some areas till May 29
RK Sanahanbi Devi and Irom Maipak condoled
Cap on daily vaccine jabs removed
CM virtually interacts with patients in home isolation
MOMA procures huge quantities of litchi, papaya for home delivery
Vaccinating expecting mothers imperative, says Dr Ranjit
Government should consider preparation for 'third wave': UFM
Lady physiotherapist succumbs to COVID-19
Revise order on oxygen donation, IPSA urges
MCS officers donate oxygen cylinders
State to bear cremation cost
Vaccination for scribes
Police detain 243 violators
With 757 new cases, state records highest single day spike
CM notes flaws in home isolation protocol
Four members of family of five test positive
One more dies, 13 test positive in Ukhrul
Steps to curb Covid add to woes of PLHIVs on ART drugs
Chemists seek jabbing, warn of lockdown protest
Vaccination centres relax beneficiaries' limit
'Mix-up' in CCCs frustrates new, old patients
Don't donate in political party's name: Heirok Committee
Senapati DC stresses on self-reliant healthcare facilities
'Mask Kangpokpi' campaign kicks off
DMU staffers donate to CM CRF, FEGOGTA to follow suit
Essential items distributed in C-zones, CHICs
Several Covid Task Forces formed
Many areas in Senapati to remain under C-zone till May 29
MP RK Ranjan lauds Moirang CCC
Bishnupur reports 47 new Covid cases
Beneficiaries protest 'unfair' rice allocation
Death of eminent personalities condoled
MOMA starts home delivery of Litchi, papaya
MP Sanajaoba calls for joint efforts
Govt to bear cremation of Covid victims
Kpi Area Covid Task Force organises 'Mask Kangpokpi' campaign
VOK, VRDF donate 2 Oxygen Concentrators
CRPF distributes relief items
VDF Welfare Association Thoubal distributes face masks, sanitizers
CCpur reports 90 new COVID-19 positive cases
4 members of family test COVID-19 positive in Koide village
Covid Task Force constituted at Heirok
Essential items provided
RNSO, RNYOM laud N Biren
Sewa Canada, International donate oxygen concentrators
Protective kits, edibles distributed
Police penalise 243 SOP violators
AR promotes Covid Appropriate Behaviour
Essential food items distributed

22 May 2021
Surge continues with 15 deaths, 656 fresh cases
RIMS increases number of Covid beds
Teams constituted to monitor 'Home Isolation cases' in IE, IW
Ensure rights during pandemic: MHRC
'Seva hi Sangathan' and 'Mera Booth Corona Mukt' campaigns launched at Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC
Many condole Dr I Ibohalbi
CM launches mobile app for home delivery
Take permission first: CTK
RK Imo donates oxygen cylinders
Violators fined
Errant doc suspended
Meira Paibis of Thouda Bhabok Leikai set record straight
Two more die of COVID-19 in Kangpokpi
'HBCC members denied entry into CHIC'
2 more succumb to COVID-19 in Ukhrul, death toll touches 12
Provide a new site for cemetery in Imphal, says Dr Chalton lien Amo
EBC Church signs MoU with District Hospital
CCpur reports 37 new COVID-19 positive cases
Congress MLAs donate essential items, Oxygen Concentrator
PHED contract staff appeal
Covid Task Force, District Hospital Kpi laud Nemcha Kipgen
BJP leaders visit Mao Gate; distribute face masks, senitizer
51-Saitu BCC provides assistance
Monetary aid promised to COVID-19 victims
State's Covid tally crosses 42K with 656 new cases; 15 succumb
Covid-19 claims four more Ukhrul, Kpi denizens
When adults fail, little kids save the day
432 Oxygen cylinders enroute to state
RK Anand extends assistance to Mekola PHC
Distribution of safety kits, edibles mark Rajiv Gandhi tribute event
Teams to monitor home isolation cases
Can beat pandemic with public support: BJP
Covid-19 Help Desk launched in state
Moreh panics over flouting of Covid-19 protocol
Project-affected people demand adequate essential items
AR distributes essential items, holds COVID awareness
Heirok MLA accused of blocking aid distribution
Bodies condemn vandalism, assault on Covid relief team
Scarcity of water amidst Covid crisis: Uripok Kanba Lup
Govt urged to help daily wagers
Oxygen donated, edible items distributed
MLA Nemcha hailed for contribution in Covid fight
Club, Lup accuse Maheshwar's followers
Covid Enforcement Committee floated
MCPCR for jabbing all CPS scheme staffers
MLA Rameshwar continues sanitisation drive
Site for Oxygen plant finalised
MCPCR for early vaccination
Relief items distributed in Khundrakpam AC
LEWA launches Low Prices Home Delivery Shopping
Candidate aspirant announces Rs 5K compensation
BJP leaders honour frontline workers
Committee formed to fight Covid-19

21 May 2021
Death toll spikes by 11, 644 fresh cases recorded
CM opens COVID-19 Grievance Cell
Oxygen plant sites inspected
To more effectively combat second wave of pandemic
Former MLA Ibohalbi too succumbs to Covid
'Donate oxygen through Govt'
UFM urges ex-gratia of Rs 5 lakh each
MHRC expresses concern over curtailment of human rights
Cinematographer Irom Maipak condoled
'Formulate special policies for hawkers'
Constitute expert committee to probe rapid spread of COVID-19: MSF
LPAHACA appeals
RK Imo lists relief steps for Sagolband
Covid vaccination drive
Many condole
MOMA distributes Watermelon to Police and Covid Health Workers
Lorho urges CM to approach UNDP, Japan
Hotels found violating SOPs in Moreh Keithel
Covid transmitted at vaccination centres?
Transfer orders stayed
Violators fined
Audit group on oxygen
Covid-19 claims 11 more lives, newly infects 644
CM scans liquid oxygen plant; visits CCC sites
As toll rises, Kangpokpi CSOs extend lockdown
Govt alone not responsible for fending off pandemic: Mani
'Vaccination, timely treatment can minimise Covid impact'
Manipuri cinematographer Irom Maipak succumbs to Covid
Covid situation in Senapati district reviewed
Noney WhatsApp group joins battle against COVID-19
Govt forms panel to audit supply/use of medical oxygen
BJP chief Nadda continuing to extend support to states: RK Ranjan
Attack on vehicle carrying relief items condemned
Hawkers urge subscribers to clear pending bills
MLA urges CM to provide site for cemetery
Six-year old Chandel boy donates to Licypriya's crowdfund
One dies in Bishnupur, 46 new cases detected
Kakching police donates oxygen concentrator
MLA Imo vows help to COVID affected families
Kid orphaned by Covid kept at Fit facility
PHED contract staffers draw Govt attention
MLA interacts with Singhat CHC officials, staff
Equipment for Oxygen plants reach Thoubal, CCpur
Relief items distributed in C-zones, distressed citizens
AR units promote Covid Appropriate Behaviour
2 more succumb to COVID-19 in Kpi, Task Force extends lockdown till May 31
PHE Minister chairs COVID-19 review meeting, donates Oxygen Concentrators
Essential items distributed
Relief items handed over in Khundrakpam A/C
CCpur reports 64 new COVID-19 positive cases
DESAM Jiri District Council condemns
District Police Kakching donate Oxygen Concentrator
Vax drive begins in Keishamthong AC
MOMA 'refreshes' HCWs, police
107 SOPs violators fined
Covid awareness programme held
Youth Brigade, IRCS, Senapati sanitizes DC Office
AMYC distributes food items
Ginsuanhau Zou donates 50 PPE to District Hospital CCpur

20 May 2021
Highest fatalities in one day recorded with 23
In aid of needy persons during pandemic, SIMS offers free ambulance service
Oxygen plant equipment reach Imphal
Speed up vaccination drive, tests: AMSU
BJP spokesman slams 'Cong's campaign' 20 May '21 Professor S Tikendra Singh condoled
Lockdown restrictions extended in Bishnupur district till May 28
Oxygen concentrators donated in Keishamthong AC
Many donate to People's Care Fund Lamlai
PRJA condemns 'arbitrary' arrest of Erendro, Kishorchandra
RIMS hiring nurses on contract
IFM facilitates sale of fruits, vegetables
CELIN DIGITAL preaches for collective fight against Covid
More fine collected
COTA to donate
With 23 deaths, state records highest ever single day fatalities
CM confers with CSO leaders to curb pandemic
Covid death toll reaches 5 in Ukhrul
Just 9-yr old, Licypriya continues to save lives across India
HC picks flaws in treatment of Covid-19 patients
Committee formed to assess Covid-19 deaths
Revised timeline issued for action to be taken up by Depts
CCpur logs 27 new cases, one death; hand gloves donated
NEFIS demands robust healthcare facilities
Activist donates Rs 1 lac to PCF Lamlai
Oxygen concentrators donated, edibles distributed
Locals condemn attack on relief vehicle
Govt directs to constitute local level task forces
Being cautious only way to stay safe: Ng Uttam
BJP units observe Prof Tikendra's 'Mangani Leihun'
Govt 'silences' ambulance
COTA to donate to CM CRF
Mass prayer on May 22: NJCF
UCOBID lauds AMUCO's initiatives in fighting Covid
CCpur reports 27 new COVID-19 positive cases
Thoubal Youth Congress Committee feeds inmates of CHIC
COVID-19 awareness programme held
COVID-19 vaccination for 18-44 age group held at Wangkhem
Hiyanglam MLA inspects Arong Tera Health & Wellness Centre
RIMS OPD services to be closed from May 20
37 new cases detected in Kakching
S Achouba extends aid to hawkers
Curfew violators reprimanded, released
MLA Rameshwar commends Kakching Police
Bpr police detains 23 curfew violators
Food items distributed
Vaccination for 18-44 age group begins
138 SOP violators fined
Essential items distributed
Vaccination programme begins
H Priyobrata distributes relief materials in Sekmai AC
'20-80 Saving Lup' carries out relief work

19 May 2021
Covid claims 20 lives for second time, 624 test positive
AIFUCTO demands inclusive 'National Vaccine Policy'
RNSOM appeals to waive off rent and interest during COVID-19 pandemic
Abhay Kumar Giri inspects Covid centres in Kakching A/C
Oxygen generator plants to be set up in Tamenglong District Hospital
DGP visits CCpur, paves way to involve CSOs in containing pandemic
Many condole demise of former Ministers
Many condole
MPCC condoles
SOP violators fined
Dy Speaker donates
Low volume order
Covid claims 20 more lives, infects 623 others
SBI staffer among 10 positive cases
Staff shortage leaves Kakching CHC ventilators useless
Blooming Shirui Lily misses crowd amid Covid lockdown
K Robindro donates oxygen cylinders, RK Imo ventilators
Death of ex-ministers, BJP state chief condoled
CPI-M leader, writer succumb to Covid-19
Moreh sees one more Covid-19 case
Vaccination, testing centre opened at Langmeidong H&WC
Kpi DH lauds medical aid extended to it
CSOs urged to help enforce Covid guidelines
'Freshies Fresh' delivering veggies at doorstep
Curfew extended till May 28 in Ukhrul
Relief items distributed to scribes, in C-zones
RK Anand facilitates mass Covid testing
Cong accused of eyeing political gain amid pandemic woes
AIFUCTO for inclusive vax policy, deferring NEP
MLA Rameshwar distributes aid for Covid patients
MLA Brojen assures adequate food-grain
Districts can fix slots for vaccination
Usage of PAS in Imphal West restricted
Youth detained, fined for violating SOP in PHC
Mass testing conducted at Kwakeithel
COVID-19 awareness programmes held
WhatsApp group distributes sanitizers, face masks
Essential items distributed
Covid vaccination and testing to be ramped up in Hiyanglam
Oxygen concentrators and other items donated to CHC Moirang
District Hospital Kangpokpi authority expresses gratitude
Khagokpam Khamba distributes relief materials
Lying idle
MLA donates again
'Silence sirens'
COVID-19 testing programme held
Covid task force formed
Drinking water and relief items distributed

18 May 2021
Death toll rises by 14 more, single day positive cases drop to 330
Two former MLAs succumb to Covid
Curfew extended for another 10 days
COVID-19 vaccination for 18-44 age group begins in Kakching, Thoubal
Leishiyo points out Kamjong health care deficiency
Recognise farmers as FLWs: IFM
Fight against COVID-19 will require long term strategies: HRDM
MSF pays tribute to Dr Jodhachandra, Dr Richard and all frontline warriors
Leishemba Sanajaoba provides monetary assistance
Sun Hospital Wabagai opens CCC
Professor S Tikendra Singh condoled
CCpur reports 41 new COVID-19 positive cases
56 new COVID-19 positive cases in Bishnupur
Essential food items distributed
M Rameshwar distributes food items
NPP condoles former MLA Vivek Raj
Robin Blackei distributes essential items
Khundrakpam Kendra Kanba Lup distributes essential items
State logs 330 new positive cases, 14 fatalities
Virus claims ex-ministers Vhrek Raj, Laishom Lalit
Centre sends 60 oxygen concentrators, CM allays fear
Curfew extended May 28, curbs partially eased
CCpur reports 41 new cases, Bpr logs 56
Pharmacist tests positive, C-zone notified
Lockdown taking heavy toll on poor residents
Curfew meaningless in morning hours in Imphal areas
Assistance to virus affected families, police continues
Kakching Khunou Umathel PHC in dire condition
Deaths of eminent persons condoled
MSF calls for joint efforts against Covid-19
300 Thoubal, Kakching denizens in 18-44 age group jabbed
Vaccination for 18-44 age group begins
3rd phase vaccination begins in Noney
437 people vaccinated in CCpur
Kakching gets share of UK aid
Sodium hypochlorite solution sprayed
KRSU donates face shields, gloves to Sagang PHC
Police detain 203 violators
DC imposes containment measures in Nambol
BJP Patsoi Mandal condoles
Essential items distributed

17 May 2021
Death toll rises to 578 with 16 more, positive cases spike by 677
Disturbing positivity rate: 94 out of 154 tested return positive results
Dr Jodha, Richard fall prey to Covid
IMA recommends steps for combating Covid
Upgrade infrastructure: PTFC-19
O2 plants with 200 cylinder capacity to come up in 6 hill dists: Valte
Khundrakpam Kendra Kanba Lup formed
Team Licipriya planning to send 100 Oxygen concentrators to Manipur
RPI (A) demands adequate water supply
Political parties urge for all political parties meet
CMO Kpi clarifies on lack of manpower in CCC Leikop
All set for 18 to 44 vaccination
MP appeals
SOP violators penalised
UKLF urges public to follow SOPs
State records 677 single day cases, 16 fatalities
Dr Jodhachandra succumbs to Covid
IMA memo to CM recommends steps for combatting second wave
CM, Senapati bodies condole Dr Richard's demise
76 pc of patients in Covid hospitals on oxygen support
10 LMO plants to be set up at JNIMS: CM
94 of 154 Sambrei residents test positive, two die
Lok Sabha MP Ranjan calls for donating to CM relief fund
MLA donates ventilators, Licypriya sends oxygen concentrators
Road block plan shelved, minister Valte urges public to follow SOP
Curfew, lockdown make people helpless: HRDM
Enhance manpower, infrastructure to fight pandemic: PTF
Over Rs 2 crore collected from SOP violators
34 Covid cases, 5 deaths reported in Bishnupur
Aid extended to people in C-zones, Covid warriors
Deaths of eminent citizens condoled
Oxygen cylinders purchased by Govt: DC
RK Anand condoles Prof Tiken, Satyabhama
Centres for mass jabbing of 18-44 yrs finalised
CCPur reports 57 new COVID-19 positive cases; 1 death
Dr Huidrom Jiten feeds inmates of CHIC in Langmeidong
Assam Rifles organises COVID-19 awareness drive
Essential food items distributed; Keisham Sunil Singh condoled
COVID-19 awareness programme held
Edibles handed over
Many condole
RK Imo donates
Raj Medicity resumes admission
AR conducts COVID awareness prog
Edibles, medicine distributed
Medicines, cash distributed to people in distress
Khangabok AC MLA distributes food items
Immune boosting medicine distributed
Dr L Somenkumar distributes face masks, medicine

16 May 2021
At 730, State records highest ever single day positive cases
RIMS faces acute shortage of Covid beds, oxygen
AMUCO calls for collective fight against Covid
Joykisan demands House session
CCpur records 3 deaths for 2nd day
MPCC questions Govt on oxygen crisis, Covid issues
Many advocate anticoagulant therapy
35 oxygen cylinders reach Imphal
Pandemic highlights importance of self reliance in food production: AMPFA
Delay in vaccination aiding spread of COVID-19, points CPI
One more succumbs to COVID-19 in Kpi, oxygen shortage may lead to more fatality
Containment measures imposed in Senapati town; IRCS sanitises police station
DCPU to provide aid to children orphaned by COVID-19
K Meghachandra urges CM to ensure ICUs are functional in Thoubal District Hospital
208 SOP violators fined Rs 69,650
Take strict actions against 6 doctors: IPAK
Highest single day spike of 730 new cases reported, 10 die
Joykisan proposes LADF cut to mitigate oxygen crisis
Congress raises posers to Govt on Covid mess
Proper care given to HCWs: JNIMS director
Patients in CHICs left to fend for themselves
Kangpokpi records yet another Covid fatality
C-zone clamped in Senapati town
Govt announces incentives for health workers
Diaspora extends medical aid to hospitals
Another Covid patient dead, toll reaches 3 in Ukhrul
Doctor accused of jabbing for money
BJP chief Nadda joins condolence meet for Prof Tikendra
Delay in vaccination fanned Covid crisis: CPI
Edibles distributed in containment zones, CHICs
AMUCO appeals for extending help to HCWs
ICU in Thoubal DH not functioning: MLA Meghachandra
Dead man tests positive
Covid-19 Committee for Lamlai AC formed
DCPU to help Covid-19 affected orphans
Essential life saving supplies distributed at hospitals
Many condole Prof S Tiken
We should all support and motivate COVID-19 positive patients: S Kebi
35 new COVID-19 positive cases reported in CCpur
Home quarantine centre opened at Lamlai AC
AMNM urges
JNIMS doctor succumbs
Loiterers subjected to RAT, two found positive
Jiribam DC buys oxygen cylinders for patients
Drug addicts pose issue for CCpur police

15 May 2021
Death toll rises to 552, positive cases spike by record 726
Virus claims mother-son duo within 4 days
Vaccination of 18-44 yrs from Monday: Biren
Condolences pour in as Prof S Tiken cremated
CM launches 'MOMA Market' for vegetable
Two held, remanded to police custody for FB post
HERICOUN shares thoughts
Vaccination of TT drivers begins
Nurses: Leading from the front
AHTA lauds Ukhrul AC MLA
State records another spike of 726 new cases
ANSAM demands proactive policy to contain pandemic
Last rites of BJP chief Prof S Tikendra performed
Doctors upset over inadequate infrastructure, favoritism
Virus affects JNIMS doctors, nurses
DC imposes new containment measures in Thoubal
AITUC stresses on need to ramp up vaccination drive
AMSU questions lack of doctors at Kakching CHC
CPI (M) expresses concern over surge in Covid cases
MCPCR urges for testing of children of Covid positive parents
Low on O2 forces Raj Medicity to suspend admission
Th Satyabrata and MSCW condole Bijaya and Satyabhama
Arrange more vaccination centres in Naoriya Pakhanglakpa A/C, says RK Anand
ROL feeds inmates of CCC, CHIC in Kakching
Ex-MLA RK Anand calls for mass Covid testing
Fight against pandemic getting tougher: Ph Deban
Senapati BJP workers mourn Prof Tikendra's demise
Ema Hospital opens Covid Care Centre
MLA Haupu donates safety kits worth Rs 1.5 lakh
37 test positive in CCpur in last 24 hours
Edibles distributed at C-zone, CCCs, CHICs
Curfew breakers made to do sit-ups
18 positive cases detected as Sekmai camp
Lockdown hits hard Langathel farmers
YPA donates B-type Oxygen cylinders
AMHLL to launch 'Chinjak Keithel'
Covid Care Centre opened at Kha Manipur College Kakching
Local Club voices for farmers of Langathel
Edible items and medicines distributed
Youth Council Manipur provides relief items
Mobile testing programme concludes
Tamenglong DTF meeting on May 15
More fines collected
State receives 150 Oxygen cylinders
Vaccination for oil transport, RO staff begins
Raj Medicity suspends admission
CHIC opened at Khangabok AC
Thokchom Jadumani distributes food items

14 May 2021
Covid claims 10 more, 560 test positive
COVID-19 claims State BJP president S Tiken
Norms for admitting Covid patients to hospital changed
TT drivers to be vaccinated from today
Legal notice served on errant Ukhrul docs
Joykisan appeals for CSOs' involvement
Police fine 237 SOP violators, Rs 89,650 collected as fines
Nemcha Kipgen lays down plans to combat COVID-19
Awangbow Newmai chairs meeting with DTF committee
Second Covid death recorded
Bishnupur to get second Covid Care Centre at Mangolnganbi College
Essential items distributed to families inside containment zones at various locations
CAF & PD Minister mourns Bijaya, Satyabhama, many follow suit
7,500 doses marked for 18-44 age group
DC imposes new containment measures in Heirok
Weekly market banned at Kangchup
CS recovers
100 bedded CHIC opened at Wangkhem AC
CCpur reports 29 new COVID-19 positive cases
Ramp up vaccination drive: Dr S Manaoton
Covid claims 10 more lives, infects 560 in state
Dr Rajesh recovers, Prof Tikendra succumbs
Ukhrul reports second Covid death
Early testing, consultation only safeguard: JNIMS MS
Joykisan urges CSOs, jobless docs to join Covid fight
Must survive Covid pandemic: Dr Lenin
Bishnupur plans second CCC in district
Legal notice served to 6 UDH doctors
Onus on Govt to tackle Covid: Dr S Manaoton
29 test positive, CCpur DH faces bed crunch
Curfew-exempted food deliverers detained
Second wave fatality reaches 30 in Thoubal
Relief items distributed in C-zones, Muslim families
Bodies urge to follow SOP during Eid
CHICs set up for Khangabok, Wangkhem ACs
Govt urged to recognise volunteers as FLWs
Lockdown imposed in Chandel
Hospitals told to form admission panel
Facility opened for kids in distress
NSUC conducts drive against price hike
Main infrastructure of Oxygen plant completed
Face masks and sanitizers distributed
Many condole S Satyabhama Devi
Popular Front distributes edible items
Th Bhogen condoled
Health Services notifies
COVID-19 awareness programme held
7 SOP-flouting shuttlers arrested
Deceased turns out to be Covid positive

13 May 2021
Manipur records 666 cases, 17 deaths in last 24 hours
Late admission main reason for spike in deaths: RIMS
Set up 1000 bedded hospital: MPCC to PM
Procurement of 1.5 lakh Oxygen supply systems developed by DRDO approved
Restrictions eased
Government is prepared to combat COVID-19: Vungzagin Valte
ZHRF urges CCpur MLAs to provide Oxygen Concentrators
Total lockdown in Kangpokpi town extended till May 20
Govt doing all it can and beyond: BJP
Police fine SOP violators
Open a Covid Care Centre in Thangmeiband area: TUC
Covid claims AIR officer Bijaya Yumlembam
Fatality rate exceeds national average, positivity rate remains high
RIMS doctor explains causes of fatalities
Govindas airs state's Covid woes to PM
Public, Cong accountable for Covid mess: Asnikumar
CM treasures role of nurses amid Covid pandemic
KIM decries UNC's stand on burial of Dr Nehginpao
Set up CCC in Thangmeiband: TUC to Govt
Many flout SOPs and trade vegetables
Covid claims ex-MSWDC chairperson, ex-AIR prog executive
Relief items, immune-booster medicine distributed
Islam believers exhorted to follow SOP during Eid
CCpur records 55 new Covid cases, 2 deaths
Kpi town lockdown extended, district's active cases surge
CM assures vaccination of fuel pump, LPG workers
Several areas in Senapati declared virus zone
CCCs set up for Keirao, Keishamthong ACs
Second CCC for Thoubal starts functioning
IPR director entrusted to manage JNIMS oxygen supply
CCpur reports 55 new COVID-19 positive cases; 2 deaths
'Celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr adhering to SOPs'
Keirao AC CCC opened at State TB Hospital
Moreh CSOs hold review meeting on COVID-19 pandemic
KKL donates Oxygen Cylinders to CMO CCpur
AMIPTA appeals
Media play an important role in fight againt COVID-19: MPP
Ratan Thiyam tests positive for Covid-19
DC reviews oxygen plant's work progress
AR conducts COVID-19 awareness prog
BJP Tengnoupal Mandal organises 'Seva hi Sangathan'
Members of Celin Digital vaccinated

12 May 2021
592 more test positive just short of the record 600 of May 7
Six doctors yet to report for duty at Ukhrul district hospital
Prepare roadmap for effective vaccination drive: Joykisan
Cong lists demands and suggestions to deal with second wave
MOMA to begin home delivery service
TT driver tests Covid positive : Call for frontline tag raised
Awangbow Newmai supervises Covid vaccination / awareness campaign in Tousem
CCpur cracks down on SOP violators
V Valte assesses CCpur's preparedness
CCpur records 39 new positive cases, total stands at 290
13 localities of Thoubal declared as containment zones
CHICs opened at Wangjing and Khangabok ACs
State adds new categories in curfew exemption list
eSanjeevaniOPD for Covid and non-Covid cases
EGM, ADAM, SEEDS condole Th Bhogen
Many condole demise of S Phakhami
Groom, bride and family members test Covid negative
312 persons fined
HC questions Govt on ICU beds, oxygen
Highest ever Covid toll as 20 die; 592 cases detected
Low vax rate anti-thesis to virus curb goal: Joykisan
Medicine shortage looms, Govt eases curbs
Crime to let someone die of hunger: Dr Chinglen
16 fresh cases in Ukhrul district
MLAs feel the heat over hospital bed, oxygen crunch
Kakching MLA checks Kha Manipur College for opening CCC/CHIC
TDC urges Govt to prioritise vaccination of drivers
ZORO slams UNC's remarks on burial of Dr Nehginpao
Un-movable patients advised to avail eSanjeevani OPD
Suspend 6 derelict doctors if they fail to report by May 15: TMNL
YFPHR calls for allowing bank transactions for NGOs
Nine non-local gamblers fined for flouting SOP
Aid provided at C-zones, Eid edibles presented
UNC, NWU, ANSAM mourn demise of S Phakhami
Ministerial team inspects work progress on oxygen plant
MOMA to home deliver veggies
Shops sealed for flouting curfew rules
Vaccination prog for Patsoi AC begins today
Govt teachers seek recognition as FLWs
Rates of essential commodities revised
JSO Th Bhogen succumbs to Covid-19
Lanjing Purel of Sana Konung no more
Churches urged to suspend all gatherings
Vaccinate truckers: TDC
Staff of Image TV vaccinated agaist Covid-19
Moyon Naga Baptist Association notifies

11 May 2021
424 more test positive as virus continues to spread
Kangpokpi CSO Covid Task Force constituted
STS imposes restriction in view of COVID-19 situation
Some ACs don't have any health centre
COHSEM debunks
CCpur reports 34 new COVID-19 positive cases; 1 death
RAT before vaccination might be helpful in detecting asymptomatic cases: RK Anand
3 more persons succumb to COVID-19 in Bishnupur; death toll touches 57
Andro AC's 2nd CHIC setup at Moirangpurel High School
'Keep Covid and non Covid patients separately'
HJP voices for daily labourers
Monetary aid
Leihou Khunnai Kanba Luptin appeals
Active caseload reaches all time high at 4604
CSOs form Task Force to help fight Covid in Kangpokpi
Planting more plants will help in boosting immunity
Public in conundrum as banks shut, ATMs cashless
Steps taken to shelter kids of virus-hit families
MPP proposes all-party Covid-19 committee
MLA Rameshwar inspects Kakching CCC, CHICs
Class XI, XII exams not shelved: CoHSEM
CHIC opened at SK Women's college
Lup fears virus spread from hospitals
Monsang body imposes restrictions
31 new cases, three deaths in Bishnupur
Catering service begins at RD Wing CCC
More fines collected
COVID-19: Newly married groom tests positive
O Surjakumar inspects Community Home Isolation Centres
Y Shanta distributes essential items in Keirao AC
M Rameshwar distributes face masks, sanitizers
Moirangpurel HS declared CHIC for Andro AC
JSA submits memorandum
Khangabok MLA inspects CHIC sites

10 May 2021
With 15 deaths Manipur sets new grim record
Govt helping State natives in Delhi through Manipur Bhawan
Cash crunch in ATMs adds to woes of public
1 more person succumb to COVID-19 in CCPur; death toll touches 53
'VDF yet to be included in FLW list'
Covid test
'Tengnoupal PHC in dire straits'
SOP violators fined
Fatalities spike with 15 deaths, as state logs 579 new cases
Posers raised over possible "vaccination politics"
Patients in CCCs, families facing inconveniences
State receives 50 oxygen concentrator machines
Edibles distributed in C-zones, awareness prog held
2.66L receive 1st dose, more than half waiting for second
Raj Medicity increases Covid beds
29,206 person receive first dose of Covid vaccine in Thoubal
Relief items distributed to households in containment zones
YCB organises COVID-19 awareness programme
AR organises COVID-19 awareness programme
Covid ambulance meets accident
50 Bedded Jiribam district hospital receives 3 more D Type Oxygen Cylinder
IBSA disinfects areas in Singjamei Yumnam Leikai
K Meghachandra inspects site for Community Home Isolation Centre
Singjamei, Yaiskul localities sanitised
TG HS to be C-19 sample centre
Face masks, sanitizers distributed
Covid awareness campaign at Lamlai
All political parties should join hands to light Covid: MPP

09 May 2021
12 more succumb, 442 test positive
ZHRF sends SOS to CM, seeks oxygen
2 more succumb to COVID-19 in Kpi
Sodium Hypochlorite sprayed
Identify the refugees from Myanmar, says UKAL
Curfew imposed in Ukhrul district for 10 days till May 17
RNSOM appeals public to comply with Government directives
CHIC setup at Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School
Soraisam Kebi distributes essential items in Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC
Student bodies launch drives to study grievances of non Covid patients
Community Isolation Centre opened at Moirang
COVID-19 awareness programme conducted
IPAK appeals
Crackdown on SOP violators continues
Abandoned and orphaned children should be supported: MCPCR
Fatalities continue as state logs 12 deaths, 442 new cases
50 pc of Covid patients on oxygen: RIMS MS
First death in Ukhrul
Two more Kangpokpi denizens succumb to Covid
Scribes, others to be jabbed from May second week
Student bodies scan hospitals for non-Covid patients' service
Police weary as many continue to violate curfew
Covid-19 vaccination, tests conducted
CHIC for Langthabal opens at Standard Robarth school
Police enforce curfew, penalise SOP violators
Aid provided to people in containment zones
Medical staff urged to stay at place of posting
DGP inspects oxygen plant works, lauds CCpur cops
Moreh police enforcing Covid SOP
World Red Cross Day observed across state

08 May 2021
Manipur sees single day highest surge with 600 cases
PIL filed to ensure adequate oxygen supply
CM reviews Covid situation, 60 oxygen concentrators received
Bishnupur facing oxygen shortage: MSF
Lamboi'khong CCC, Babina inspected
Curfew imposed from May 8 to 17
IRCS, Senapati branch starts voluntary services at Senapati
Total shutdown begins at Kangpokpi
NEPY demands action against Doctor and Government hospitals for negligence
CCpur restrictions streamlined
SOP to regulate oxygen supply issued
PTFC-19 continues awareness campaign
SOP violators fined
Reduce rents of students by 50%: AMMSO
Six localities in Thoubal declared as containment zones
Four institutions of Kakching start functioning as CHICs
12 oxygen cylinder purchased from Assam
State sees record single day spike of 600 new cases, two deaths
Govt issues guidelines on admission of Covid-19 patients
Jessami village sealed
DM seals five localities; Noney board declares lockdown
UNICEF provides 60 oxygen concentrators to state
Moreh police begins drive to curb COVID-19
Shops start opening on rotation basis
CHIC inaugurated
Nambol Keithel shut for 15 days

07 May 2021
Positive cases continue to surge with 380 more in last 24 hours
Restrictions extended till May 16
Journalists to be declared frontline warriors
Kangpokpi local bodies impose one week lockdown
TCFC urges DC for minimum staff attendance during lockdown
Khundrakpam Kanba Meetei distributes essential items in containment zone
Many condemn JNIMS incident
DDMA Senapati identifies 3 location for Community Home Isolation Centre
Celin Digital and NR Media condoles
Nonglaikang Transport Union appeals
More fines collected
23 fresh cases in Ukhrul
Record number of 13 deaths, 380 new cases registered
Kpi bodies, Ccpur DM announce weeklong lockdown
CM urges doctors for regular physical assessment of Covid patients
Govt extends curbs till May 16
Maram Assam Rifles sets up Covid care helpline number
Relief items distributed
HERICOUN informs
Hawkers appeal
CCpur DH facing oxygen crisis
YCB organises COVID-19 awareness program
Site for CHIC cleaned

06 May 2021
Upsurge continues with 397 new postive cases in last 24 hours
Case of wrong corpse found being cremated
Time to work beyond party lines: Joykisan
Declare scribes as frontline warriors: AMWJU, EGM
Legal actions will be taken against those spreading false information: Th Jadumani
AoL launches three protocols to help people in second wave
2 from Kpi succumb to COVID-19, immediate installation of well quipped ICU needed
Government should ensure there is no shortage of Oxygen: CPI
First CHIC opened at Singjamei AC
Police collect Rs 1.18 lakh as fines
Vaccination programme conducted
Media persons vaccinated in Thoubal
New curbs on shops in Tengnoupal
Locals ban any form of lottery in Pukhao Terapur
Relief items distributed
PTCC extends gratitude to AK Mirabai Devi
K Meghachandra provides humanitarian assistance
NYK Thoubal organises Covid awareness programme
Dr Nehginpao Kipgen mourned
Second dosage
MU postpones

05 May 2021
Highest single day surge of 432 recorded, State sees two more deaths
Additional restrictions imposed in Greater Imphal areas
6-10 am window period sees huge crowds at Imphal markets
Closure of banks may force pumps to close
11 institutions named for converting to CHICs
Volunteers should be trained to join the fight against COVID-19: AMSU
CCpur sees record high for 2021, lockdown ruled out for now
Disinfection drive launched
Review meeting on Covid vaccination held
MSF conducts drive to check arbitary price hike
Cong for lockdown
Disregard for SOP led to increase in positive cases: Dr S Manaoton
Awongbow Newmai chairs COVID-19 review meeting
MLA of Hiyanglam A/C inspects site for opening quarantine centres
Dr Ksh Kala provides assistance in containment zones
Covid awareness campaign held
KKDC distributes essential items
Oxygen handed to health centres
Edible items distributed
EPAC distributes mask and sanitiser
Dr S Mani condoled

04 May 2021
Covid-19 claims 7 more, positive tally up by 362
Gamblers find time and space in containment zone
Student bodies set to check price hike
Guardians/Parents say conduct HSLC exams ; Cancel exams, says SSUM
244 detained, fined for violating SOPs
MSCW urges
Nemcha Kipgen chairs COVID-19 review meeting
DC imposes new containment measures, curbs on shops in Thoubal
Senapati District Consumers' Club campaigns against price hike
Surgi Tantha Group donates relief items
AMDWA calls for vaccination of drivers
Edible items distributed
Committee donates

03 May 2021
Death toll spikes by 10, positive cases by 575 in last 48 hours
Vaccination for 18-44 age group likely to be deferred
Vaccination protocols issued
COPPK appeals to refrain from trekking Mt Koubru during COVID-19 pandemic
Maintain SOP at vaccination centres: SUK
Covid claims Nehginpao Kipgen at Delhi
Steps on for robust oxygen supply chain
SOP violators pulled up
New RT-PCR machines installed
Cancel HSLC Examination without farther ado: AMRPSWA writes to CM
Local committees step-in to join fight against COVID-19
Khundrakpam Kanba distributes essential items in containment zones
COVID-19 review meeting held at Moreh
COVID-19 mass vaccination drive conducted at Mao Song Song, Top Chingtha
Essential items distributed at various places in Thoubal
New curbs on shops in Churachandpur
Nishikant reaches out with aid
Webinar held
DBSK appeals
Mera Booth Corona Mukht campaign held at Torbung Bangla
Poster campaign kicks off
NYK Thoubal organises Covid awareness programme
Oinam Lukhoi receives first dose of COVID-19 vaccine
All activities in 'Konung Lampak' banned

01 May 2021
COVID-19 claims five more lives, 271 more test positive
On-off statement on 'oxygen shortage' leaves many confused
Containment notice locks down Imphal
Thoubal tops in SOP violation again; Rs 1.72 lakh fine collected
Mt Koubru trekker tests positive
DC issues regulation for shops and markets in Jiribam
CorCom calls for unification of workers
Government clarifies on areas covered by 'Greater Imphal'
Consumers' Club Manipur notifies
Complain Control Centre opened
PTFC-19 appeals
Temporary PHC set-up at Sagolband for vaccination
"Leaders should lead by example in vaccination programme"
DM CCpur imposes additional measures to check spread of COVID-19
Imphal East district regulations
COVID-19 vaccination on full swing at Thoubal
Moreh Consumer Club appeals
Hill Tribal Council lauds 43 Assam Rifles, Tengnoupal Police

30 April 2021
Greater Imphal declared containment zone
Single day positive cases jump from 259 to 314 in 24 hours
Many throng to get vaccine shot
Centre sends 150 AgVa ICU ventilators
Police detain 407 SOP violators, collect Rs 1.63 lakh fine
MR man on poll duty dies of Covid
Malom appeals
Dr Ranjan urges
Kpi COVID-19 infection surge to 36, police gear up to enforce SOPs
Local clubs ban street vendors in localities amid rising Covid-19 cases
SP Tengnoupal holds COVID-19 review meeting at Moreh
Covid Control Room
JNGVO lauds Kakching DC, CMO
NYK Thoubal organises COVID-19 awareness campaign
Assam Rifles organises Covid awareness camp
44 AR sets up COVID-19 helpline for Tamenglong

29 April 2021
2021 sees new peak with 259 positive cases, 2 deaths
Strategies to handle second wave discusseds
SAHILCA appeals to maintain COVID-19 guidelines at Mt Koubru
Mass vaccination drive held at Kakching Mayai Leikai
Thoubal district records highest number of SOP violators
AMSU denounces
CMO notifies
Dr T Radheshyam receives first dose of Covid vaccine

28 April 2021
State records five deaths, 146 positive cases
Increasing Covid-19 cases : RIMS Superintendent fears bed shortage
Government revises prices of 17 items
CM takes stock of Covid situation
Rs 1.21 lakh collected from SOP violators
Locals impose total shutdown amid rising Covid cases
Isolation ward opened at Thoubal District Hospital
AR organises COVID awareness drive
Restrictions at Bishnupur

27 April 2021
State records five deaths, 146 positive cases
Returnee by air submits fake negative report!
CM inspects oxygen plants
Ramp up Covid control measures: PTFC-19
Covid Care Centre opened at ITI Kakching
Uripok Apunba Lup calls for strong measures against COVID-19 pandemic
DCs urged
Rs 1.02 lakh collected as fines
CM inspects oxygen plants at JNIMS and RIMS
Relief materials provided in containment zone
Class XI examination postponed
Summer vacation
TNAI condemns assault on health worker
Police distribute face masks

26 April 2021
Death toll spikes by two, 140 new cases recorded, active cases at 805
Joykisan urges mass testing, vaccination
Youth Development Centre Club kicks off poster campaign
Keishampat Thiyam Leikai Development Committee appeals
'State will not face issue of Oxygen shortage'
Mask drive conducted at Thoubal Keithel
Assam Rifles organises Covid awareness drive
MSF conducts drive at Thoubal
AR organises COVID awareness drive

25 April 2021
Two more succumb, active cases cross 700
Enough stock of medical Oxygen in the state: CM
AMWJU Election postponed
State Govt fixes prices of 17 items
COVID-19 vaccination drive organised at Apfii Saliki
CCpur health workers resume work
Cancel HSLC Examination 2021: AMRPSWA
New Covid-19 guidelines for HEIs issued
Th Lokeshwor provides essential items in containment zone
All Manipur Nupi Marup questions decision to close 'Ima Keithel'
Rs 1.8 cr collected from SOP violators
Medical staff condemn
Essential items donated to children homes
Covid-19 awareness programme held
Face masks and sanitizer distributed
Dr Ksh Kala donates edible items
YAS bans all foms of sporting activities

24 April 2021
After a lull of some time, new cases touch 3 figure mark with 104
Arbitrary price hikes define Thangal, Paona Keithel
CCpur health workers protest, call for exemplary punishment
Police fine SOP violators
DFA Moirang postpones 1st Divn League final match

23 April 2021
Manipur records one more death, 86 new cases
Woman health worker attacked
AMSU decries arbitrary 'price hike'
Set a fix date for Class X and XII exams: UARSOM
Police take up actions to disperse vendors violating Government order
Senapati Police enforcing strict compliance of SOPs
MU hostels closed
KKDC provides assistance
Directorate of Transport notifies

22 April 2021
Two more succumb to take toll to 380, 92 more positive
Govt orders closure of Ima Keithels
Keithel women decry closure order
RAT made valid
Health Services sets record straight
Chief Minister appeals
ZEO Tengnoupal inspects schools
3 Khwairamband Ima Keithel and adjoining markets shut-down
Covid-19 awareness rally held
PMR to remain closed
Retail markets to open from 6am to 6pm in Kakching
Army postpones Recruitment Entrance Exam

21 April 2021
Manipur inches closer to three figure spike with 94
Now Rs 1000 fine for not wearing face mask
Social gatherings banned in Lamlai area
Police fine SOP violators
No roll back on govt decision to produce COVID-19 test
Covid stipulation
CCpur DC positive
MAAMBA informs
Exam postponed

20 April 2021
One more death recorded to take tally to 377
Class X and XII board exams postponed, classes suspended
Non-local succumbs
'Loud speaker devices of Ima Keithel not functioning properly'
CS positive
Mask compulsory
50 pc attendance
Test reports compulsory
Covid restrictions
Stringent guidelines to follow at Entry Point, Mao Gate: DC
Many sporting events in Manipur postponed due to COVID-19

19 April 2021
Highest single day surge of 72 in 2021 recorded
Entry barred at Jiri for those without negative test results
Many schools of Thoubal violate Government's order
Police fine SOP violators
State Boundary at Jiribam makes mandatory to produce negative COVID-19 test
Night curfew imposed at Moreh, Senapati
AR promotes Covid appropriate behaviour

18 April 2021
Active cases climb to 190
AR organises awareness campaigns

17 April 2021
Manipur records 31 new positive cases
Night curfew clamped
Vaccination Mohatsav observed at Senapati
AR conducts Covid Awareness Campaign

16 April 2021
18 positive; for those entering/returning to Manipur
Police fine SOP violators
Covid Awareness Drive by Moreh Battalion
AR conducts awareness programmes

15 April 2021
21 more positive to take active caseload to 133
Turnout for Covid jab surges as positive cases climb
Tika Utsav held at Noney, Thoubal; CPI leaders vaccinated
Police fine SOP violators
AR conducts awareness programmes, medical camp

14 April 2021
26 more test positive, highest surge in 24 hrs in 2021
Awareness campaign on Covid-19 vaccination held at Tadubi
AMMDC presents gifts to journalists

13 April 2021
18 more test positive, 3791 receive Covid jab on Monday
Shija hospital joins Tika Utsav
'Tika Utsav' observed at DBC Maram, District Hospital TML
Assam Rifles conducts awareness programmes
Speaker gets vaccine jab

12 April 2021
CM kick-starts mass vaccination drive
Active Covid cases rise to 107
Agriculture Minister launches 'Tika Utsav' at CHC Wangoi
Assam Rifles organises awareness on 'Tika Utsav'
CM receives First Covid Vaccine Jab
Minister O Lukhoi kicks off 'Tikka Utsav'

11 April 2021
Covid claims one more, toll hits 376
Awareness programme conducted
COVID-19 vaccination awareness programme held
AR conducted campaign on Covid

10 April 2021
Active cases touch 91, 12 more test positive
No physical classes
Police fine SOP violators
COVID-19 awareness drive conducted
AR conducted Covid Awareness Campaign

09 April 2021
5 yr old boy succumbs to Covid, 16 test positive
CM announces mass vaccination programme from Apr 11 to 14
MU Covid alert
Police fine SOP violators

08 April 2021
12 more test positive, 948 vaccinated
Police fine SOP violators
Free Medical Camp held

07 April 2021
Active cases touch 63 with 7 more positive
Covid testing at Mao Gate, Jiri

06 April 2021
Positive cases rise by five
State Covid Task Force takes stock
COVID-19 vaccination / awareness programme held
Police fine SOP violators

05 April 2021
Eight more test positive, 901 vaccinated

04 April 2021
Nine positive cases detected
Police fine SOP violators
Online class

03 April 2021
Five more test Covid positive
PTFC urges Govt to put in strong measures
Police detain violators
Awareness programme held

02 April 2021
Covid active cases touch 64
SOPs clouted for a big six at many places during Yaoshang festival

01 April 2021
313 more vaccinated, 7 test positive
Additional guidelines

28 March 2021
Active cases touch 58
Let's celebrate Yaosang responsibly: Biren

27 March 2021
6 more test positive, 486 vaccinated
AR organises free medical camps

26 March 2021
Manipur gears up for 'Yaoshang' amid rising Covid cases
Five more test positive
PGI expert addresses Aryans students on COVID-19 vaccination
Police fine SOP violators

25 March 2021
Covid claims one more casualty after weeks
Covid pandemic impacts child psyche, study finds
Police fine SOP violators

24 March 2021
13 positive to touch 2 digit mark this month
Police fine SOP violators

23 March 2021
Four more test positive
IE SP warns against rally, Thabal Chongba

22 March 2021
Three more test positive
Ban on Thabal Chongba, Lila in public interest: Biren
Police stop '25 kms Solo Run' midway

21 March 2021
Covid-19 vaccination crosses 80,000

20 March 2021
Found Covid positive after being killed in mishap
Govt issues advisory for Yaoshang
Police fine SOP violators

19 March 2021
State records 2 positive cases
RTPCR testing
MSF appeals
AR organises medical camp at Ukhrul

18 March 2021
692 more vaccinated
Police fine SOP violators

17 March 2021
Over 77 thousand vaccinated
Police fine SOP violators

16 March 2021
No new case reported
Achievement of BJP led government highlights

15 March 2021
76,055 vaccinated

14 March 2021
For the second day only 1 test positive
IPS organises MANIPSYCON 2020
City Police fine SOP violators

13 March 2021
Only one test positive, 7 recove
Awareness campaign held

12 March 2021
Over 73 thousand inoculated
Day after banning Thabal Chongba, Shumang Lila Govt issues Yaoshang SOPs

11 March 2021
More than 70 thousand vaccinated till date
Govt says no to Thabal Chongba ahead of Yaoshang
Ch Lokeshori receives Covid Warrior Award

10 March 2021
2142 more vaccinated

09 March 2021
Active cases stand at 29

08 March 2021
State records 2nd death post Covishield jab
Anganwadi Helper dies after COVID vaccination in Jiribam
Police fine SOP violators
AISF urges
Man "denied" treatment, dies
Indo-Myanmar Friendship Gate to remain closed
Former Revenue Minister Pulinkanta vaccinated

07 March 2021
65,465 inoculated against COVID-19 in State

03 March 2021
8 test positive
AMRPSWA seeks Government attention
DC Noney, staff vaccinated against COVID
COVID-19 & Disaster Risk Reduction program
IGAR organises awareness programme

02 March 2021
3482 more receive vaccine shot
AISF appeals

01 March 2021
Active cases drop to 33
ANSAM, KSO demand resumption of all classes
Temporary market shed opens

26 February 2021
2,535 more receive vaccine shots
Webinar on COVID-19 vaccination held
Police fine SOP violators
44 AR joins Covid vaccination drive
Webinar on COVID-19 vaccination held
140 CRPF front line workers vaccinated today

25 February 2021
Active cases rise to 41 from 36 in 24 hrs
Police fine SOPs violators
Schedule for Class XII examination will be announced soon: S Rajen

24 February 2021
Active cases drop to 36
Mirabai stresses need to still be on guard
MASTEC to organise essay writing and declamation contest
Covid-19 vaccination program commences at Mantripukhri
Police fine SOP violators

23 February 2021
Active cases fall below 50
Students protest demanding right to education
AR joins COVID vaccination drive, 94 immunized on day 1
Police detain
Covid test

22 February 2021
Aganwadi worker's death post Covishield jab
Four positive cases detected
AR conducts awareness lecture on Covid vaccine
Lockdown bags best short film award

21 February 2021
Following death of Anganwadi worker after Covishield shot...
Single day positive cases drop to just 3
Health check should be done before vaccination: AITUC
AR conducts COVID 19 awareness programme

20 February 2021
5 more test positive
CM reopens Ima market, announces exemption of one year vendor license fee
Anganwadi worker dies after Covishield jab
Customers don't adhere to COVID behaviour: Mirabai
TKS urges Government to facilitate opening of new academic session
Covid warriors feted

13 February 2021
3,322 more receive vaccination
No major post Covid complications reported : CM

12 February 2021
7 more test positive for Covid : 15,944 frontline workers vaccinated till date
CCpur student bodies urge Govt to start classes
CCpur police, IRB men take Covid shots
Medical camp organised
Kangla to reopen
Indian Army provides Covid relief medical equipment

11 February 2021
Active cases drop to 49
Plight of returnees discussed in House
CM rules out
COVID-19 Vaccination for Health Workers begins in Jiribam

10 February 2021
Active cases go down to 77
AR organises Medical Camp
Rally staged with 'remove garbage' call
Jiri vaccination
'Nupi Shabee' highlights woes of Shumang leela artists

09 February 2021
Active cases plummet to 85
Supplementary Grants passed
More vaccinated
Police fine SOP violators

08 February 2021
Active cases fall below 100 mark, on 99
CM eyes zero active cases
First phase of COVID-19 awareness programme concludes
Assam Rifles organises awareness programmes

07 February 2021
155 cops receive shots, 7 test positive
Child with post Covid complicacy recovers

06 February 2021
6874 vaccinated till date; vaccination drive goes to Noney, Kangpokpi
Finance Minister presents Budget Estimates 2021-22
Blankets distributed
MBC After Worship

05 February 2021
After 3 days new cases touch double digit with 13 positive
Assembly passes motion of thanks on Governor's address
House condoles Covid victims
Protest continues

04 February 2021
Timely steps taken by Govt to fight COVID-19
One death mars low count of 9 cases
Contractual staff continue protest
Reduce fare hike: PTFC-19
COVID-19: Contract staff demand service extension

03 February 2021
Sub-10 Covid cases in 24 hrs continues for second day
Health workers downplay call for service extension of contract staff
ATSUM calls for immediate opening of schools

02 February 2021
Single digit spike of only 4 cases reported
Contract staff stage protest demanding service extension
Rollback fare hike call sends autos off road
Edn Minister continues inspection visit to schools and colleges
Budget hailed
JNIMS staff nurse extends help to children home
MLA H Dingo distributes masks and hand sanitisers

01 February 2021
16 more cases take total to 29,068
State ready to start 2nd phase of vaccination

31 January 2021
Count of 15 cases in 24 hours continues for 3rd day
Khwairamband Keithel to re-open from February 15
Students protest steep fare hike in Manipur
Contract COVID staff locks office of Dr K Rajo
Govt warns

30 January 2021
Low count continues with 15 more positive
Not all schools have opened: AMSU
COVID-19 Joint Task Force felicitates its members

29 January 2021
Active cases come down to 153, 15 test positive
MHA Guidelines for surveillance, containment and caution
S Rajen, officials of Education Dept inspect schools
1000 COVID-19 testing kits donated to Shija hospital

28 January 2021
COVID-19 death toll reaches 370
Check rumours: Centre to States
Schools, colleges reopen, SOPs in kaput

26 January 2021
Active cases fall below 200

25 January 2021
Low count continues with 16 testing positive

24 January 2021
Active cases drop to 196
BSEM Secy in-charge

23 January 2021
2 more die, recovery rate rises to 98 pc
'Glitches in CoWIN has slowed down vaccination'
Toned down R-Day parade on the card
Police detain
24 vaccinated

22 January 2021
Active cases come down to 220
Army doffs hat to COVID warriors
Violators detained

21 January 2021
48,000 doses of Covishield arrive in Imphal
Active cases drop to 244 with 19 more testing positive
Rajen stresses on role of Education Department
Stop admission process: Education Department

20 January 2021
Covid claims 1 more, 33 test positive
Economic losses due to closure of Ima Keithels pegged at Rs 38.78 Cr
133 health workers inoculated
Let officials continue: ATSUM
Army health care workers get Covishield
Awareness programme held

19 January 2021
Single day positive cases drop to just 11
No complaint of vaccine's side effect in the State: CM
Covid vaccination drive :: No complaints of side effects : CM
Staff of CCCs appeal to extend their contract period
Police fine SOP violators

18 January 2021
COVID active cases decline to 343
Teachers condemn
Monetary aid provided to van drivers
DIPR clarifies
Book released
Scholars Group informs
AR organises Covid awareness drive
Items distributed

17 January 2021
CM launches historic COVID vaccination in the State
100 people vaccinated at the launch of COVID-19 vaccination drive at RIMS
90-year old succumbs to COVID-19
TA & Hills Minister launched COVID-19 vaccine
CM launches COVID inoculation drive, warns against negative remarks
Schools, colleges to reopen from January 27 with strict SOPs: Education Minister
COVID-19 vaccination drive launched all over
Dr Rangitabali visits KMC, KKC
MOs denied remuneration: UPF

16 January 2021
24 test positive, 34 discharged
Schools, colleges to reopen from Jan 27
Decks cleared for COVID inoculation drive
CCpur braces for historic COVID shots
CMO volunteers for first shot in Ukhrul
Court sitting regulated till February 16

15 January 2021
Single day cases drop to just 18
RIMS, JNIMS, SHRI Directors to get first Covid vaccine shot
Open Khwairamband Keithel: Bladesmiths
Meetings held at Sora Keithel
Help extended

14 January 2021
CM receives Covishield vaccine at Bir Tikendrajit International Airport
54,000 doses of Covishield arrive, stage set for vaccination from January 16
Manipur continues to log sub 50 cases
DLO meeting held
AR conducts COVID-19 awareness programmes
Awareness programme held

13 January 2021
Low count continues with 32 cases, no death
State likely to get 45K to 50K doses
NHIDCL organises Swachhta Pakhwada
GB meeting held

12 January 2021
Active cases decline to 477 ; Manipur to receive vaccine on Jan 13
CMs meet for COVID-19 vaccinations
Viability of holding Class XII exams
Relief items donated to media persons
Manipuri cinema theatres to reopen

11 January 2021
Covid recovery rate improves to 97 pc
Barak, Makru bridges completion target shifted
ADC polls likely in March/April
MLA Karam Shyam provides financial assistance
AR organises COVID awareness drive

10 January 2021
COVID-19: Recovery rate crosses 96 pc
Enough storage points readied: Official
Police detain violators
Assam Rifles organises awareness programme
AR organises interactive programme

09 January 2021
40,000 healthcare workers to be innoculated in phase-I
Tamu authority insisting closure of Indo-Myanmar border trade
48 test positive for COVID
Dry run held at district hqs, other places
'Release tentative schedule for Class X, XII examinations'

08 January 2021
COVID-19 active cases spike to 490
People throng Khwairamband Keithel with downtrending COVID-19
Reopening of Indo- Myanmar border trade: India still not ready
Second dry run for Covid vaccination today
COVID-19 vaccination training held
Moreh: Gates still closed

06 January 2021
In 24 hrs, COVID active cases dramatically plummet to 442
Indo-Myanmar border trade to resume tomorrow
WAD invites application from reporters
Journalist award

05 January 2021
Covid death toll rises to 361, active cases stand at 1,109
Repair temporary market shed: Vendors
AR organises COVID-19 awareness campaign

04 January 2021
One more succumbs, 38 test positive
MLA Rameshwar provides assistance to van drivers at Chanam Sandrok
Awareness programme held

03 January 2021
State conducts dry run for COVID vaccination
First two days of 2021 see two COVID deaths, 55 positive cases

01 January 2021
One more Covid death recorded; toll stands at 355
New Year greetings pour in
Police detain violators
Girl Up hands out face masks
RIMS hospital started online booking of OPDs
Indo-Myanmar Friendship Gate No 1&2 to remain closed
Picnic, gathering restricted

31 December 2020
COVID-19: One dies as State registers 41 new cases, 80 discharged
With no dry ice...UK returnee's sample yet to be sent
Consultation programme on crime against women and children held
Police detain
Gatherings in public places prohibited at Kakching

30 December 2020
COVID-19 death toll jumps by five to take tally to 353
MLA H Dingo awarded 'COVID-19 National Corona Warrior Award, 2020'
Police fine SOP violators
Ration distributed
TKTL congratulates

29 December 2020
Total cases cross 28 thousand mark with 31 new cases
No decision yet on opening border
RPF castigates Amit Shah's visit
Nishikant reaches out to school van drivers with assistance
Workshop on COVID-19 held

28 December 2020
4 more Covid fatalities take toll to 348
Patient party laments mismatched of COVID-19 test result
UDC appeals
AR organises awareness programme
Essential commodities distributed at Moirengthel

27 December 2020
COVID claims 3 more, positive cases spike by 100
Indian Red Cross Society organises Students Sensitization Programme
Dalit Sahitya Academy announces list of awardees

25 December 2020
Death toll rises by 3, positive cases by 49
IMA Manipur branch issues advisory on COVID-19 during festive season
IMA issues Covid advisories for fests

24 December 2020
After brief lull, infection shoots up to breach three figure mark
Covid tests' charges revised

23 December 2020
International travellers asked to report to control room
Normal OPD, OT to re-open soon at RIMS, JNIMS; at SHRI from today
Stop collecting bribe from vegetable vendors and auto rickshaws
State Government notifies

22 December 2020
Late report says 20 positive at Thangmeiband Thingel
IMA Manipur State Branch bags National President Appreciation Award
COVID-19 awareness programme held
Hand sanitizers donated
ACODOM : No free coaching for 2021

21 December 2020
Low trend continues with 48 cases in 24 hrs
84 year old woman recovers from C0VID-19 at Ukhrul
PTFC-19, other organisations continue to sensitize public
Rs 1.41 Cr collected as fines till Dec 19
Territorial Army organises awareness drive on COVID-19

20 December 2020
Single day positive cases drop to 58, two succumb
Local bodies of Kpi DHQs are backbones of the district: Nemcha Kipgen
Relief items donated
APSCS appeals
Works Minister assists

19 December 2020
COVID-19 : New cases continue to see dip with 86
NSF expresses concerns over non compliance of SOP
Over 4.6 lakh samples tested for COVID-19
Health Dept clarifies on death tally
CADA organises COVID awareness programme
Police fine SOP violators
Night curfew imposed in Senapati
Police appeal

18 December 2020
Downward swing continues with 81 new cases : COVID-19 claims three more lives
Six CCCs set to be closed
Only symptomatic air passengers to be tested for Covid now
Joykishan questions stand not to hold Winter Session
RK Ranjan inaugurates international symposium at IBSD
One day awareness / distribution programme held

17 December 2020
Positive cases maintain downward trend
COVID-19 testing of Air and in-road passengers to be discontinued
IBSD to host international symposium on combating COVID-19
Stop pressuring parents: AKSU
Police fine SOPs violators

16 December 2020
Manipur prepares ahead of Covid vaccine arrival
Death toll rises by 3 to take official tally fo 327
Chamhana Air sanitizer and purifier donated
Awareness programme held

15 December 2020
Recovery rate jumps to 90.92 pc : Two more succumb, official toll stands at 324
CADA organises COVID-19 awareness programme
Cong points to health crisis
CCpur: C0V1D awareness drive held
Face masks and sanitizers distributed

14 December 2020
Vaccine likely to arrive in Jan, positive cases rise by 119
Tengnoupal: Awareness programme held
AR organises awareness programme

13 December 2020
COVID-19 official death toll touches 322
Cong MLA bats for more ICU beds
Jan Andolan rally held in Moreh
PALEM observes Nupi Lan with pledge to fight COVID-19 collectively
ADC Chandel candidate appeals to ease curfew
Rotary Club organises COVID awareness campaign

12 December 2020
Preparatory works underway for Covid vaccination
COVID-19 death toll rises by 2 to take official tally to 320

11 December 2020
No official Covid deaths in last 24 hours
47 associations resolve to take fight to COVID-19
Dedicated C0VID block opened at JNIMS
Panel discussion on Human Rights Day held
United Front Manipur discusses COVID situation
RAT for patient attendant charge Rs 100 at RIMS

10 December 2020
Covid claims 7 more lives to take official tally to 318
Pandemic paves way for nurturing reading habit
Awareness on DDU-GKY held
Assam Rifles organises Jan Andolan Awareness programme
11 donate blood-

09 December 2020
Retired IGP falls victim to COVID-19, official toll hits 311
Club condemns violence against volunteer
Social and customary ceremonies to take place only in large open spaces
Police fines SOP violators
No 'Nupi Lan' play this year: Rupmahal

08 December 2020
Three more fall victim to COVID-19
CM distributes loans to 3362 vendors
Over 40,000 health workers to be vaccinated
'Non-compliance of COVID SOPs will be penalized'
Free coaching for Govt school students
Police detain

07 December 2020
COVID-19 death toll jumps by seven to take toll to 308
COVID-19 awareness programme held
Health camp held at Tengnoupal

06 December 2020
COVID-19 claims four more lives
ADC polls soon: CM
MLA inaugurates market sheds
AMSU appeals to private colleges to charge less fees
Face masks distributed
Henry condoles

05 December 2020
100-bedded Covid Hospital at JNIMS Complex soon: Biren
Cases stand at 25,691 with 155 fresh infections
High Covid fatality rate due to late hospitalisation: Dr Rajo

04 December 2020
Three more deaths recorded to take total toll to 296
COVID-19 awareness drive held at Kamjong district

03 December 2020
Death toll climbs to 293, cases to 25,390
'Many die due to late admission'
Impact of COVID-19 on journalists deliberated
'Passenger vehicles violating SOPs'

02 December 2020
Covid claims nine more lives to take tally to 290
With 19 deaths, CCpur had 6.5 positive rate in Nov
CM reviews COVID-19 situation
Disposal of bodies of COVID victims by IMC
IMC refutes reports of taking money for disposing body of COVID victims
COVID-19 positive woman delivers baby boy in CHC Saikul
Covid awareness drive
Lawyers urge

01 December 2020
8 more COVID deaths recorded
Doctors directed to be in place of posting
Medical fraternity condoles Covid warrior
COVID effect on education sector
CADA continues awareness drive
Sero epidemiological survey held at Kakching
Assam Rifles conducts painting competition
Interaction / COVID awareness session held

30 November 2020
State records highest ever one day COVID-19 fatality with 10
Jan Andolan for COVID-19 appropriate behaviour
COVID-19 vaccine to be made available in V phases
Sero survey to start in Ukhrul today
One out of 10 deaths due to comorbidity
Banks, financial institutes should stop pressurising poor amidst COVID-19 crisis: MCAN
COVID-19: Awareness motorcycle rally taken out in Kakching
Rotary Club hands over masks, sanitizers
DSWO organises awareness programmes on COVID-19, old age pension for senior citizens
Markets to close for 10 days

29 November 2020
COVID-19 claims six more lives, toll now stands at 263
Declare health emergency: PTFC-19
MPCC questions India Today's award to State
GPO conference: Nemcha Kipgen stresses on importance of COVID awareness
Mass screening programme held

28 November 2020
Restrict gathering at social, customary functions to 20 or less: Govt
Covid continues to extract toll with 8 more dead to take total to 257
Covid vaccine: Priority to healthcare workers
State specific indicators should be identified to achieve SDGs by 2030: Deputy CM
Curfew imposes in Imphal from 6 pm to 6 am in Manipur
Dewangan leaves

27 November 2020
11 more die in last 72 hours to take toll to 249
22 female including 16 minor girls were raped during COVID-19 lockdown
ANSAM sets limit for pay, school fees

24 November 2020
Two more succumb to take death toll to 238
Congestion concern rises as street vendors grow
NEFIS demands scrapping of unjustified fees
Corporator extends monetary assistance to school van drivers

23 November 2020
COVID toll climbs to 236, positive cases reach 23400
COVID-19 pinches hard inter-State transporters
CADA conducts COVID awareness programme
Assam Rifles organises community service
MLA distributes relief materials

22 November 2020
One more succumbs, positive cases rise by 270
Low turnout undermines targeted testing, 23 test positive
CCpur opens dedicated COVID OT
NGO opens COVID counselling helpline
COVID-19 awareness rally / medical camp held at Sajik Tampak
Awareness programme on COVID-19 and Climate Change
Central team

21 November 2020
Death toll rises to 232, positive cases by 200
AR join hands with police & CSOs in Jan Andolan Covid awareness drive
25 more test positive at Wangoi AC
Govt to bear cost: Dr Rajo
Targeted testing drive at Khekman in Lilong AC
Awareness programme held
Prayers held
Panthoibi Housing appeals
College staff

20 November 2020
COVID-19 cases surge by 230
Wangoi AC stares at containment zone tag
Sero survey to start at Lilong, W-T ACs
Ukhrul bikers rally to "Spread compassion not COVID-19"
COVID-19 test
Nute Kailhang sanitized
Assam Rifles organise awareness rally
No Chhath Puja

19 November 2020
COVID-19 claims 10 lives in last 72 hours
95 found positive during special drive at Wangoi
HiDiPSAM opposes Education Department order
Rs 44,950 collected as fines
COHSEM notifies

16 November 2020
CM Biren tests positive, death toll touches 221
Monetary aid extended to school van drivers
TSE reporter to receive best reporting award
Founder Principal of Imphal Public School aids transporters
Daily essential items distributed
Jan Andolan campaign held
Awareness programme held
Relief materials distributed
Awareness on Covid spread
Demonstration program on COVID-19 held at Kakching

15 November 2020
COVID-19 death toll rises by five
Seminar on 'Building our Economy Post Covid-19' held at Ukhrul
Rope in AIIMS docs, suggest group of doctors
Police appeal people to refrain from bursting firecrackers amid COVID-19
CADA conducts awareness programme on COVID-19
ZSUM urges
Medical camp conducted
Awareness rally held

14 November 2020
Six succumb, death toll climbs to 213
Serosurveillance in four districts from November 30
'Dead man not yet included in list of deceased'
EVCA expresses gratitude, clarifies
COVID-19 Awareness Rally staged at Thoubal district

13 November 2020
Upward trend continues, five more die
Minister Henry extends assistance to school transporters
Dampened Ningol Chakkouba in the offing
Lack of attention mars Hatta Kangjeibung
CCpur receives materials for Covid OT
Thoubal police lists achievements of October
MSCW holds awareness programme on COVID-19
PTFC-19 appealse

12 November 2020
Death toll continues to climb with 2 more
CM attends video conference with Dr Harsh Vardhan
COVID-19 Enforcement Committee meeting for Karong AC held at Senapati
Vardhan reviews State's COVID-19 situation
Consumers' Club appeals
MAHUD Minister assists school transporters
Covid awareness

11 November 2020
Death to hits 200, recovery rate rises to 84.39 pc
2 deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hour
Jan Andolan campaign held
PTFC-19 denounces open disregard of SOPs
AR organises Covid-19 awareness campaign
Centre to review

10 November 2020
One more die due to COVID-19
COVID-19: AR organises rally
Private hostels ordered to shut
NEFIS supports MU students' struggle regarding fee
CCpur docs setup Covid OT from own pocket
Colleges, DMU raise intake capacity
Covid SOPs go for a toss in fest shopping
RDPR Minister distributes face masks, hand sanitizers to MGNREGS workers
NEFIS against 'unjustified fees' at MU
Womenfolk stopped
Committee formed

09 November 2020
Toll rises by 3, recovery rate improves to 83.78 pc
Govt orders to exempt school fees during lockdown period
Assam Rifles conducts COVID-19 awareness drive
AMSU hails new fee order, lifts ban on schools
COVID-19 Joint Task Force Pourabi, Waiton GP encourage frontline workers
COVID-19 awareness programme concludes
Awareness programme held
Relief items donated
Lamlong Keithel cleaned

08 November 2020
By-polls record 92.54 pc turnout, COVID-19 SOP virtually thrown to the wind
COVID-19 positive cases cross 20,000 : State records three more deaths
Raj Medicity opens dedicated COVID block
Assam Rifles organises COVID-19 awareness drive
COVID-19 test for flight passengers
Jan Andolan campaign organised at Keirao
Materials donated
MASLSA donates
Jan Andalon at Irilbung
SOP for COVID-19 turns flop show during votingd

07 November 2020
Death toll rises by 2, positives by 166
Local bodies to take onus of enforcing new SOP
'Opening Khwairamband Keithel will be imprudent'
Territorial Army organises medical camp
Let us follow SOP strictly, says LJP general secretary
Steamers, face masks gifted

06 November 2020
COVID-19 claims three more, 222 more test positive
Dumping Covid related wastes draws ire
Wangoi gets ready for by-election; Come forward and cast your vote: DEO
No need to panic, come forward and cast your valuable vote: N Praveen
Allow us to resume business: Vendors of Khwairamband Keithel
Stranded Myanmarese return home
Loans during pandemic
Jan Andolan rally held

05 November 2020
Covid claims 5 more to take tally to 189
Prepare students for post Covid era: MSF
Meeting on COVID-19 treatment and casualties held
KSA asks betel leaves and tobacco traders to surrender before Nov 15
Awareness programme on COVID-19 continues
Labour Card distributed
Would have appreciated if AMFA had consulted relevant Departments: YAS Director

04 November 2020
COVID-19 claims 4 more lives to take death toll to 184
BJP-led Govt violated law from day 1, alleges Ibobi
Congress leaders hit hard on BJP for violation of COVID SOPs
Edible items distributed
Umbrella Campaign in Kamjong and Chassad

03 November 2020
Highest number of deaths recorded with 9 in 24 hours
Multi-disciplinary approach recommended
9 years old kid celebrates birthday by distributing face masks
Public awareness at grassroots level is the only means to tackle Covid-19 : Seram Neken
TYA Sadar Hills applauds MLA Nemcha Kipgen
Compulsory test
KHAYA meeting
Kangla open for religious and ritualistic purpose
Kakching COVID Care Centre cleaned
AMFA denounces YAS's interference over holding tournaments

02 November 2020
COVID-19 death toll rises to 171
Don't hold ADC elections now call raised
PTFC-19 carries forward COVID-19 awareness drive
Relay hunger strike deferred
Kangla closed
Food Items distributed

01 November 2020
4 more succumb, Sajiwa Jail new hotspot with 34 positive cases
SOP for Covid behaviour detailed
COVID-19 vaccine Health care workers to be given priority
IRCS, Senapati donates eeZeePaste nut packs, soaps
Public participation must to make Imphal clean, says Mayor
Nemcha shortlisted among 5 Indian MLAs
Relay hunger strike enters 11th day
COVID 19 awareness programme
AMSU boycotts another 10 schools
Awareness / training programme held

31 October 2020
COVID-19 death toll climbs to 164
CMHT to cover COVID-19 treatment, announces Chief Minister
Hike intake of students: DESAM
Fund COVID-19 hospital: CPI to Centre
COVID-19: Meeting discusses strategies
CM distributes banners and pamphlets on COVID appropriate behaviours
Cancel State League and Women State League: YAS to AMFA

30 October 2020
Death toll rises by 2 to reach 160, total cases cross 19 thousand
Separate hospital for symptomatic COVID patients mooted
CM, IG flag off AR's COVID-19 awareness rally
PTFC-19 demands explanation from State Govt for the deaths of 8 persons in a day
Students continue hunger strike for effective policy on COVID 19
27 AR gifts ventilator set to Ukhrul Hospital
Chief Minister flags-off AR Jan Andolan COVID awareness bike rally
Relay hunger strike goes on
Jan Andolan Rally taken out in Pallel
Imphal East DC notifies about e-pass
Food items distributed at containment zones
MLA Dingo distributes food items

29 October 2020
State records highest ever Covid deaths with 8
Demand for State specific Covid policy continues
Fracas over payment of school fees for lockdown months
Assam Rifles organises COVID-19 awareness drives at remote villages
Students' bodies continues relay hunger strikes demanding effective measures to counter COVID-19
'No SOPs followed in poll campaign'
MSCW highlights
COHSEM extends form submission last date

28 October 2020
Daily test for COVID-19 declining in last two days at RIMS, JNIMS
COVID-19 awareness programme held at Ningel
PTFC-19, others continue COVID-19 awareness
One day awareness programme on Covid-19 SOP held at Senapati
WCM distributes face masks
CPI protests price hike
'Increase seats'
5th MR take out awareness rally

27 October 2020
State records 5 more Covid-19 deaths
CADA conducts awareness programme on COVID-19
PTFC-19, IRCS, IMA, AHPI continue COVID-19 awareness campaign
Families aided
CEO reviews
Rally taken out
Police detain

26 October 2020
Manipur with 140 records lowest increase in last few days
COVID-19 awareness campaign continues
Central team to arrive on Oct 28
Handwashing station installed
COVID-19 awareness programme held

25 October 2020
Positive cases cross 17 thousand mark with 245 new cases
93 year old woman recovers from COVID-19 at Ukhrul
CPI states stand
Probe mass COVID infection at JNIMS: All Manipur Nupi Marup
Kits distributed
COVID-19 victim's family helped

24 October 2020
5 more fall prey to COVID-19 to take death tally to 132
AMSU launches drive to check price rise
CM discusses about COVID-19 situation with RIMS authority
IPAK hints at corrupt approaches for widespread transmission of COVID-19
Denied treatment in hospital, teenager dies of drug overdose: CoNE
COVID-19 awareness campaign continues
PTFC-19 continues awareness drive
Jan Andolan: Rally taken out in Moreh
Heirok: Edible items distributed to 84 households

23 October 2020
Govt to enact new SOP with extensive campaign
State records 3 more COVID-19 deaths
Relay hunger strike continues
Take the sick to hospital on time call raised
SOPs? Shut up this is by election time
JNIMS docs highlight grievances
Modify ICMR's SOPs to our needs: Go8Ds
PTFC-19 carries forward awareness campaign
Panel to probe
AIMS reiterates call for complete banning of intoxicants
Sekmai PS OC leads awareness campaign
Containment zone declared

22 October 2020
Recovery rate declines to 74.93 pc, total cases stand at 16,276
COVID-19 awareness campaign continues
Govt has failed to control virus spread: Ibobi
Webinar on 'Youth Perspective on Covid-19' held
Jan Andolan held at Ukhrul
Student bodies launch relay hunger strike
JNIMS to be closed for three days
Awareness programme held
'Jan Andolan': Police, District Administration hold awareness rally

21 October 2020
COVID-19 claims 3 more, positive cases cross 16,000
Student bodies bat for COVID policy
AMMIK mourns
Police take out rally
'Jan Andolan': Singjamei police hold awareness rally
MBC pledges

20 October 2020
Death toll rises by two, total cases reach 15,778
Signs of community spread, admits CM; Centre's advice sought on further lockdowns
To handle COVID-19 pandemic...List of suggestions highlighted
Student bodies for anti-Covid policy
PTFC-19, IRCS, IMA, CADA and many others continue COVID-19 awareness drives
DESAM to start inspection drives at educational institutes
Imphal post office to close for 48 hours

19 October 2020
Death toll climbs to 116, total cases cross 15 thousand
AMSU sticks to no fees stand
Imphal West police starts Jan Andolan
'Manipur not following ICMR guidelines'
Awareness programme on COVID-19 held at Thinungei
Make State policy to fight COVID-19, say student bodies
Aid extended to people in containment zones
Awareness on COVID-19 held at MU
ZEOs instruct educational institutions

18 October 2020
Highest spike of 426 cases recorded on single day
COVID-19 testing kits run low
Ningol Club demands action against 'erring' doctor
Liangmai organizations acknowledge service of LCTC
Police take out rally
COVID-19 awareness rally held

17 October 2020
Highest single day surge of 337 cases recorded
Thangmeiband areas declared containment zone
'Focussed containment zone' in pipeline to curb COVID-19: Principal Secretary Health
CADA blames 'faulty' policy for surge in COVID cases
Judicial officers inspect special home
AMSU to discuss school fees with teachers

16 October 2020
One more succumbs to COVID-19
Patients in home isolation to be given immune boosters
Mapping begins for localised lockdown
Shutdown derails normal life
School drivers approach Court to bail them out
Woman with colic pain dies, TUC seeks truth
Contradictory results dog kidney patients
Apollo Hospitals Group gears up for battleground vaccine
NSUC demands specialist doctors, TrueNat for District Hospital Chandel
Ex-MLA RK Anand provides testing facility
AISF demands rollback of Govt order on school fees
Global Handwashing Day observed
DC Senapati notifies
Two officers appointed

15 October 2020
Manipur crosses 14 thousand mark with 15 from IGAR (S), 22 from IE locality
IFM stands by no school fees stand
DEO Thoubal notifies
MCPCR to open free tele-counselling to children in need
Jan Andolan campaign held, auto drivers sensitized
Kumbi Urban Development Committee closes markets
Social worker continues to assist residents in containment areas
'Mera Chaorel Houba' to be held with limited people
Tourism Department awards one-time financial assistance to tour operators
Awareness programme on COVID-19 held
Counselling for children
Food items distributed

14 October 2020
Doctor, three others succumb, toll surges to 97
Ukhrul to Kamjong passenger service to resume
GST collection falls short
AMSU re-affirmed stand against govt's order of 30% school fees
AMSU to launch agitation on school fees issue
PFA volunteer tests Covid positive
PTFC-19 conducts awareness drive with City Police in bazar areas
COVID-19 awareness campaigns held
Relief materials distributed
One day awareness programme on COVID-19 held
Awareness rally held
COVID-19 appropriate behaviour campaign held

13 October 2020
Dr Imo passes away at Delhi : COVID-19 claims two more lives, toll rises to 93
7th convocation of NIT Manipur held virtually
Classes of Mt Everest Hr Sec School to begin from Oct 15
'Drug users continue to be at risk during this pandemic'
PTFC-19 continues organising awareness on COVID-19
CSIR-NEIST distributes hand sanitizer

12 October 2020
Positive cases likely to hit 25,000 by mid-Nov
Academic discourse on COVID-19 held

11 October 2020
Two more succumb, positive cases cross 13,000
AMSU continues to oppose 30 pc fees from students
Jiribam team meets CM
Former IMC Chairman calls for strict adherence to SOPs

10 October 2020
Three deaths recorded for second day
Education (S) office locked
'No evidence to call "Ayurveda" COVID-19 Medicine': IMA
Sensitisation cum training on COVID-19 held
Resume emergency medical services: JCPCY
CEO meets political parties
Shops encouraged for obeying SOP
UARSoM, HiDiPSAM resolve to endorse new order

09 October 2020
Death toll climbs to 83, DGP tests positive
PTFC-19 continues awareness programme
Staff of NIT Manipur, COHSEM take pledge
Lions Club celebrates World Service Day
Containment measures lifted at three locations in Thoubal
CM pledges support

08 October 2020
Two more succumb to take death toll to 80
40,000 RAT kits have arrived : CM
48-hour Jiribam shutdown
No transmission after 10 days: Health Dept
PTFC-19 unhappy with police detaining its volunteers
Food items distributed
CCpur District Hospital MS notifies

07 October 2020
COVID-19 death toll touches 78
State Govt orders to collect 30% fees, AMSU says unacceptable
AMSU slams Education minister for collecting 30% school fees during pandemic
AKSU demands enquiry of CMO, Kakching
Committee warns against money collection, COVID testing suspension
CHC Kakching to remain closed
Association appeals
Police detains 149 violators

06 October 2020
COVID tally shoots over 12,000
Containment measures on in full swing, claims CM's advisor (Health)
25 inmates of rehab test COVID-19 positive, panic locals protested
UPBRO concerned over surge in Covid cases
Relief items distributed
Club warns

05 October 2020
Total number of cases reach 11,855; Manipur yet to reach peak
Stranded truckers aided
Civil Services Examination
PTFC-19 continues organising awareness programmes
ZP Member extends aid
MPC to open from Oct 15
Bodies warn against money collection

04 October 2020
State records 252 fresh COVID cases, 227 have no travel history
Irabot Foundation calls for apt SOPs
Covid induced financial crunch looms large
CCpur records more new Covid cases
TSA Sadar Hills reaches out to orphan students
TDWA appeals for elected representative
AMSU appeals
IRCS organises awareness on COVID-19
Relief materials provided
Quota rice distributed
Police detain

03 October 2020
Second highest one day spike recorded with 286, another succumbs
State issues Unlock 2 guidelines
Awangbow Newmai hails zoo officials for dedication during Covid Pandemic

02 October 2020
One more dies, total positive cases reach 11111
Cong MLA demands special SOP for by-polls
Jiribam: Vehicular movements affected as outsourced staff cease screening work

01 October 2020
COVID-19 continues to strike hard
SDSA prohibits morning walks and jogging in the wee hours
Lions Club distributes essential items to home
COHSEM notifies
Violators detained

30 September 2020
200 plus spike in 24 Hrs continues, one more dies
Four including 2 SDOs positive
With present strategy, Covid cases bound to increase: Health experts
World Heart Day observed
PTFC-19 rues Government's lack of commitment
KSO CCpur against unilateral decision on school fees, its re-opening
General conference of LNKR postponed
Friendship gates to remain closed
Bicycles distributed to workers

29 September 2020
Slight dip from 200 plus cases in last 3 days : State records 178 fresh cases
Dental college observes World Tourism Day and Irabot Day
Young cyclists feeding the homeless amid COVID-19
Violators detained

28 September 2020
Over 200 positive cases continue as State records 248 fresh COVID-19 cases
Focus on battling pandemic if reshuffling is over: PTFC-19
Edible items distributed to families at containment Zone in Singjamei
Indefinite lockdown at Noney bazar
COVID-19 awareness campaign conducted at Karang

27 September 2020
Positive cases cross 10,000; three more passes away to take death toll to 66
Cong MLA seeks deferment of by-polls
RPF salutes, stresses collective effort to control COVID-II
'Make emergency service available before deadline'
AMCOVID-19VC cautions to close keithels in Moirang from September 29
Moreh town steps up precautionary measures
Essential items distributed
Masks, sanitizers distributed
Police detain violators

26 September 2020
One more succumbs, COVID death toll rises to 63
Local spread of Covid-19 feared in Ukhrul
3 samples tested positive at JNIMS turn out negative
No political will, data-driven evidence to fight any outbreak in State: Sasheekumar Mangang
PTFC-19 continues awareness on COVID-19
Hope for Children distributes COVID-19 relief
NEIDP distributes essential food items

25 September 2020
161 more infected to take total to 9537
RPF salutes, stresses collective effort to control COVID-I
RPF President Chaoren expresses serious concerns on COVID-19 pandemic
RK Anand organises COVID-19 testing routines
CADA organises awareness on COVID-19

24 September 2020
Two more die, 77 test positive to take tally to 9376
COVID-19 awareness programme conducted
Manipur Doctors' body urges incentive for COVID warrior
NIPCO distributes edible items
Former IMC Chairperson continues charitable work
NIPCO distributes edibles
Relief materials distributed

23 September 2020
Positive cases climb by 270 to inch closer to 10K mark
PTFC-19 continues awareness on COVID-19 prevention
2nd edition of 'Fame & Shame' awarded
Dr Lenin, Dr Uthan to be honoured
CADA organises awareness on COVID-19
Former MLA distributes food items

22 September 2020
Death toll hits 60, recovery rate dips to 75.89 pc
New advisory for COVID testing issued
'Undergo COVID-19 test'
Myanmarese continue to enter Moreh
Clubs laud TSE owner Nishikant
School distributes rice quota of Mid-day Meal scheme to students
Violators detained
CSIR-NEIST distributes sanitizer
Court activities suspended

21 September 2020
COVID-19 death toll reaches 58
COVID-19 awareness prog continues
Constitution adoption
Govt notifies

20 September 2020
COVID-19 death toll climbs to 55; total cases stand at 9724
CPI (M) protests
PTFC-19 springs to action
Returnee allowed to proceed for testing at their own vehicle

19 September 2020
COVID-19 claims two more lives to take toll to 52
PTFC-19's publicity campaign continues
CM distributes loans to street vendors
Foot operated hand wash basin introduced in Ukhrul
CCpur gets new COVID Care

17 September 2020
COVID-19 claims three more lives; HC Judge positive
AIMS draws attention of Govt on 'fake hand sanitizers'
PANDM alleges anomaly in project
"Medicines ordered for COVID patients"
Awareness campaign on COVID-19 held
High Court of Manipur notifies
Sanitization drive
Violators fined

16 September 2020
One more succumbs, Manipur sees highest surge with 293 cases
UG/PG examinations of colleges affiliated to Mangalore University from Sep 16
IRCS continue to conduct COVID awareness programs
e-pass norms laid out
Plasma therapy
PTFC-19 continues awareness campaign

15 September 2020
226 fresh cases detected...With late report of 130 from Imphal West
PTFC continues awareness drive
NEIDP demands foolproof SOP
Treatment programme for drug users of CCpur on
CADA continues awareness campaign on COVID-19
Grocery shops in Moirang to open from today

14 September 2020
State records one more death, 144 fresh cases
Awareness programmes on COVID-19 continue
Nishikant donates PA system to PTF for COVID-19
FMGAM appeals
HiDiPSAM resolves to resume agitation
22nd Foundation day : IPSA sent out strong message to protect Manipur
NEET held
Senapati sanitised
Rice distributed at Nungoi

13 September 2020
COVID-19 kills one more to take death toll to 45
James Sangma tests positive
Be ready to face the worst: PTF to Govt
AIMS's drive to check sale of ineffective hand sanitizers continue
NPP leader James K Sangma tested COVID-19 positive at Imphal Airport
Health Secretary reviews COVID Management Strategies in 8 North East States
Lillong Hoareibi College resume normal functioning - Principal
Ukhrul FPS rice agents suspend transportation
MLA mother and Security personnel tested positive with COVID-19

12 September 2020
Works Minister Biswajit tests positive, 111 fresh cases detected
'State Govt yet to decide on reopening schools'
No provision for opening schools at present - Education Minister
High profile Minister and daughter reported COVID-19 positive
PPRRM appeals for free and fair By-Election
AIMS carries out drives, hand sanitizers lacking essential compositions confiscated
COVID-19: Senapati fetes dutiful citizens
Edibles distributed in containment areas

11 September 2020
State records four more COVID deaths, nine of family positive
Positive man hides status, pulled up
Residents close Singjamei Keithel
KSO appeals against online test
Ccpur hospital wards to close
Helicopter service

10 September 2020
COVID-19 claims one more to take death toll to 40
By-election campaign kicks starts amidst COVID-19 pandemic
Locals of Dungrei, Hundung village protest 'disparity' in PMGKAY rice distribution
COVID-19 awareness programme held at Paona, Thangal Keithels
Kakching Khunou College sanitised, cleaned
CADA organises COVID-19 awareness

09 September 2020
Total number of infected now stands at 7202
Ambulances handed over to give edge in fight against COVID-19
Declare community spread status: Team of 8 doctors
CPI to campaign against by-elections
AIFB shares thought
Online classes to resume
Charly Memorial Award function called off
Ukhrul District Hospital opens, resumes services
Extensive sanitization of Manipur College conducted ahead of 6th sem exam
KIDO appeals for potable water supply in Karang

08 September 2020
Recovery rate reaches 75 per cent, total cases stand at 7106
Eteen Eye Care Centre donates masks, sanitizers
IRCS-IE continues awareness campaign
COVID-19 training programme held
14 tested for COVID in Moreh
Soaps presented to AMWJU

07 September 2020
COVID death toll climbs to 38, cases now stand at 7022
College final year exams from September 18
No masks worn, flouting of social distancing norms at Moreh
One day awareness programme on COVID-19 held
COVID awareness programme held at Khurai
HiDiPSAM appeals
Shops defying containment measures locked
LKDC appeals public to take COVID-19 seriously
Noney district battles COVID-19, positive case drops to 1
Edibles distributed at Mongshangei containment areas

06 September 2020
COVID-19 claims one more, 154 with no travel history test positive
Punish those involved in short supply of PDS rice: Hemanta
Relief items distributed to families in remote areas

05 September 2020
Toll touches 35, recovery surpasses fresh infections
Not in favour of the Government SOPs, KIK opts CQC for returnees
Look after people in containment areas, ex-MLA appeals
Sanitation drive conducted
SP holds meeting with CSOs

04 September 2020
With 5, State sees highest number of deaths on single day, toll now stands at 34
Cashless ATMs make mockery of Covid SOPs
Loanees denied benefits of RBI Covid package
3 more COVID-19 patient died, 75 locals with no travel history tested positive
Help handed
Govt support for weavers and artisans
School re-opening
Liquor held, disposed of as Joint Task Force Pourabi swings into action
Rs 93 lakh fine so far
Helpline on mental illness

03 September 2020
Three digit increase continues to take total to 6507
Shiv Sena backs by polls
COVID-19: Philanthropic works continue across the State
TNFO raises questions
Mass testing conducted at Mongsangei
123 persons with no travel history tested positive with COVID-19 today
DIPR handover face mask and hand sanitizer to media persons
Legal awareness on right to food held at Lamlai
MASLSA organizes State's first E/online Lok Adalat
Bodies formed to study economy revival
Aid continues to pour in for families in containment zones
Nishikant gifts loudspeaker set, club extols
AMWJU thanks donors
Education Dept notifies
Th Arunkumar distributes relief items
Indo-Myanmar friendship bridge, gate to remain closed
MBC informs

02 September 2020
One more succumbs, death toll rises to 29
Apply local adjustment: PANDM to State Govt
Public awareness programme on COVID-19 held
BJP-led Govt is an inconsiderate Govt: Hemanta
Indo-Myanmar Friendship Gate closed
Walk in interview for various posts to CCC conducted
Hotels and grocery stores reopen in Moreh town

01 September 2020
Monitoring cell to supervise CCCs, 140 test positive
Six lakh LPG consumers affected
COVID-19 pandemic: 2 from MSPCL, 1 more VDF tested positive today
Khwairamband Keithel: Repairing works nearing completion
Three localities in Thoubal declared containment zones
Nishikant extends helping hand
Kpi greets COVID recovered frontline warrior
H Dingo organises mass COVID testing at Sekmai
Relief items distributed
Used PPE kits found dumped at roadside

31 August 2020
COVID-19 situation likely to get more critical in winter
Hotel declared containment zone
Curfew relaxed from 5 am to 6 pm
Kiyamgei Muslim Village Development Committee appeals
Labourers face extreme suffering due to lack of shelter home
Beneficiaries protest short supply of 'relief rice'
PTFC-19 urges Govt to cease all activities relating to bye-election
Consumers' Club draws attention

30 August 2020
State records 28th COVID-19 death
Empty/closed ATMs multiply COVID woes
By-poll ill-timed, assert CSOs
By-Election, ADC election during COVID-19 pandemic not appropriate - CSOs
NFSA, PMGKAY beneficiaries seek due share of rice
JAC finds alleged COVID positive 'rapist' at home
Senapati: Additional protocols to be followed in market areas
CQC at Thoubal, Khangabok closed
One more COVID Patient died; death toll reached 28

29 August 2020
Total number of positive cases rise to 5929
MPYCC, NSUI demand deferment of NEET, JEE
2 more COVID -19 patient died today; death toll reached 27
State government continues to ensure availability of foodgrains
Pineapples exported
Screening centre to shut down from today
CSIR-NEIST Branch donated Hand Sanitizers to RIMS
Food items distributed
Clubs decide to close SDO Moirang office
CSIR-NEIST hands out hand sanitisers

28 August 2020
State records 140 more cases to take total to 5725
Plasma therapy soon at RIMS: Superintendent
Child rights bodies distribute essential food items
Celin Digital extends assistance to TOM TV
CPI against by-polls amid pandemic
Distribution of relief materials continues
CISF informs
2 COVID cases detected from Tengnoupal
RIMS appeals its doctors to stop working at private hospital
Non-teaching staff decry

27 August 2020
COVID-19 claims one more, death tally now stands at 25
Tamenglong limping back to normalcy during relaxation hours
Khurmi Naga Peoples' Organisation lauds government
Relief items distributed in Moirang AC containment zones
Lifting of PDS rice continues
CM visits RIMS
WUM thanks
Health Department notifies
RNAL expresses concern
Violators detained

26 August 2020
Death toll rises by two, Nemcha Kipgen tested positive
COVID-19 situation under control: Biren
CM distributes loans to 817 vendors
KNPO demands TrueNat machines
Stop stigmatizing and discriminating healthcare workers: CM
Minister Nemcha Kipgen tested COVID-19 positive
Minister of External Affairs asked Manipur to submit proposal
CM distributes loans to vendors
Assembly constituencies continue lifting of PDS items
MEA asks State to submit proposal
L Dikho donates testing kits for Senapati district
MOs asked to join casualty services
Mingle Club appreciates

24 August 2020
Recovery surpasses fresh infections
By-election amidst COVID-19 crisis can be perilous, says PANDM
60 more locals without travel history tested COVID-19 positive
Sanitizers facemasks and medicines distributed
Community awareness programme on COVID-19 held
TKRC distributes relief items, thanks Th Biswajit
PLMPAM condemns switching parties by politicians during pandemic
Babina Diagnostic Centre now has free HCV RNA PCR test facility
89th Death Anniversary of Haipou Jadonang called off
ISWC thanks Dr Yaikhomba for medical supplies
Sanitization / cleanliness drive carried out in Imphal College
YTT distributes relief items
Relief items distributed

23 August 2020
Toll rises to 22 : Containment measures beefed up in Imphal West
Fuel ROs hail CAF&PD Minister
Lifting and distribution of PDS items continue unabated
Top Naoriya GP Pradhan hands out relief items
COVID-19 awareness programme held at Thanga
206 detained for lockdown violation
Thermal screening conducted
Moirang MLA aids families in containment zone
Sodium hypochlorite sprayed
Water supply resumes

22 August 2020
COVID-19 claims two more lives, toll climbs to 21
ROs to open on rotational basis
Prevent community spread, learn to live with COVID, urges Nemcha Kipgen
ECI issues guidelines for conduct of by election during COVID-19
Medilane Launches Online Doctor Consultation
COVID-19: Chawangkining sets example in community participation
Awangkhunou COVID-19 Task Force protests home isolation idea
Moreh ICP's staff, returnees test COVID negative
Sabal Mamang Leikai declared containment zone

21 August 2020
One more dies of COVID-19 to take death toll to 19
8 doctors call for 'total community survey'
40 more without travel history tested COVID-19 positive
'Whole State lockdown not required'
Hospitals directed
Sirarakhong Chilli Festival cancelled
BYCY distributes fresh vegetables
Nongkam Satang VA urges RAMO to withdraw application
VHUC donates PPE suits, face masks
SOP revised

20 August 2020
Three figure rise continues with 111 new cases
Over half of CCpur's 600 Covid-19 cases are from armed forces
By-polls preparations ill-timed : HERICOUN
AMUCO raises anti-drugs, alcohol banner
PTFC-19, IRCS organize awareness campaigns in different areas
129 Indian labourers from Myanmar return home
AMUCO appeals people to initiate 'Nisha ban' during COVID-19
Cong lambasts govt over new SoP allowing home quarantine
Oil pumps peeved
Local drivers cry foul
MSCW invites entries
'Manipuri Language Day' called off
RNAL appeals
Hemanta denounces new Govt order
SUK's competitions called off

19 August 2020
COVID death toll rises to 18, sixty nine sans travel history test positive
Don't discriminate drivers and helpers on duty call issued
COVID-19 Manipur: One more died ; number of casualty reached 18
Indian Government sends 24 Myanmarese back home
ZHRF highlights hospital staff shortage to Health Minister
Curfew continues in Moreh
Jiribam COVID Care Centre inaugurated
DESAM asks BOSEM to refund exam fee
Violators detained

18 August 2020
Yet another succumbs Manipur sees three figure spike with 118
RIMS appeals to public not to discriminate health workers
Health Minister Distributes Medical Kits to Truck Drivers
SoP turns flop show at Jemon Gas Agency
COVID patients conduct sanitation exercise at COVID Care Centre
Villagers urge Govt to book 'erring' MR officials
CCpur, Kangpokpi announce partial relaxation on lockdown
Medical kits
RIMS appeals
Pineapple festival cancelled
PTFC-19 stresses on right approach
Dr Uthan to be honoured

17 August 2020
Lockdown extended till Aug 31
Death toll climbs to 16, tally soars to 4569
PTFC-19 demands
3 more including a BSF personal died rising COVID-19 casualty to 15
Every Human Lives is Precious : CM
Manipur Art Festival 2020 - Cancelled
Shopkeeper allegedly defiles teenager, perpetrator found COVID positive
Lions of Manipur hands out PPE kits

15 August 2020
59 out of 86 recorded in 24 hrs have no travel history
Director JNIMS denies reports of COVID 19 as cause of death
Edible items distributed at Thongju AC
Farmers donates pineapples to CM COVID relief fundy
Ayush hospital to be used as COVID Care Centre: Health Minister
Individuals, clubs, organisations continue relief work
19 AR personnel, 11 returnees test positive
AMPA donates
Hospital appeals
Police detain

14 August 2020
COVID positive lady left to her lurch questions protocol
Many patients in need benefited from 24x7 hospitalization helpline number
Cop succumbs to COVID, student bodies point fingers
COVID-19 tally now stands at 4112
Frontline warriors suffer as locals deny entry
Expectant mother's death: KWWA demands investigation report be made public
Meira Foods extend aid to farmers
UPBRO objects setting up of COVID grave at Awang Ching
KCP chairman hails frontline warriors-II
Virus lands at Singngat AR camp
KIDO holds discussion programme on COVID-19

13 August 2020
27 more with no travel history test positive
COVID Care centre opens in Tamenglong
SHA takes 250 calls in last three days
KCP chairman hails frontline warriors-I
ECHO objects lodging of school staff with IQC inmates
Many continue to distribute essential items to underprivileged families
COVID Care Centre set up in Tamenglong
Student bodies urge for collective effort to fight pandemic
Justice Committee 1981 appeals
ACOAM-Lup urges Govt
Committee, club appeal to retract transfer order
AMNM draws attention
Police detain lockdown violators

12 August 2020
1st phase of community transmission on, say experts
Second COVID Care Centre for Thoubal District inaugurated
MSU sets 48 hours deadline to form enquiry committee
Death toll rises to 12
Make RIMS for non-COVID patients call issued
MSU demands
KIL denounces struggle for power amid COVID-19 crisis
Indo-Myanmar Workers' Forum seeks Govt's help for labourers
Ukhrul Police open separate QC for security personnel
Masks, sanitizers distributed
Violators detained

11 August 2020
32 new COVID-19 positive cases detected at Thangmeiband
Another woman dies sans medical help
Probe 'misconduct' of medical practitioners: YFPHR to MMC
50 more with no travel history tested COVID-19 positive
COVID-19 positive lady delivered baby at RIMS
HAOMI appeals people to take responsibility in implementation of ILP
YFPHR urges for inquiry to alleged misconduct by medical practioner
MoU inked on baby's death
Face masks, hand sanitizers distributed to Kakching police
People should take onus of enforcing ILP: FH
Place formulated COVID-19 policy in public domain: PTFC-19
SEACDO implores officials to be more serious
COVID positive woman delivers baby
AMRDPWA urges Govt to suspend issue of ILPs
Thoubal District Hospital reopened
TUC appeals
Violators detained
Relief items distributed

10 August 2020
118 new cases detected, IDSP to study COVID status
SUK decries denial of treatment by hospitals
10 frontline workers test positive at Senapati
MSU demands enquiry
71 locals without travel history tested COVID-19 positive
Wordsmith of Northeast India Poetry Reading Title
IPAK demands effective action against drug smugglers
State Govt continues to provide PDS items
CRPF, UAL clarify
JNNURM Community Centre declared containment zone
CHITUWA questions Govt
IFM urges Govt to establish COVID exclusive hospital
Lockdown is useless: AISF

09 August 2020
765 infected through local transmission, death toll touches 11
Congress suggests Cabinet committee to tackle COVID-19
Lockdown should not curtail right to health care services: NPMHR
No power, no security at QC, complains inmate
Cop, family allege discrimination
Lack of kits for extracting RNA to test COVID-19 reduce providing test result
Campaign for "Ayush treatment intervention in fighting of Covid-19" Launched
COVID-19 task force holds awareness programme
Lifting and distribution continue for PDS rice under NFSA and PMGKAY
International Human Rights Assn condemns
With no work amid lockdown, differently abled man yearns for help
Different bodies condemn hospitals, demand stringent action
Be present: Assembly Secretary
TSA-J&T condemns
Man feeds monkeys amid lockdwon
DC orders driver's arrest
YVO thanks
Union notifies
ZP member extends aid

08 August 2020
COVID-19 death toll climbs to 10
Sky Hospital not under containment zone
Moreh Fire Services and BJP workers sanitise Moreh town
Moreh people not satisfied with distribution of PDS - ACODOM
Refusal to admit act repeated, baby dies
For Dr Uthan, nothing matters more than duty
VDF men decry
Death of pregnant woman after hospitals refuse admission
No lockdown relaxation in Kangpokpi till August 15
PTCC expresses concern over entry of COVID patient in Patsoi
Kangpokpi Churches continue samaritan service
COVID-19 warrior collapses probably due to exhaustion of heavy-duty
AMRTDMWU decries
Avoid travelling to other districts: ACODOM
Health Dept opens helpline
Edible items distributed

07 August 2020
Lockdown further extended till Aug 15
COVID-19 death toll reaches 8
Denied treatment by five hospitals, expectant mother dies
Childbirth cannot be locked down: MSCW
Allegations raised, RIMS refutes
Emergency patients' attendance to hospitals in Imphal on the rise
More rice for distribution to beneficiaries during lockdown continues
ATRPFM, others strongly condemn death of pregnant woman
Don't relax lockdown: UPBRO to Govt
Lockdown effective
UAL rejects request to set up COVID Care Centre in Ramakrishna Mission School
Man gets 10 minutes to bid farewell to his father
Moreh locals facing shortage of food items
Essential items distributed
Hawkers appeal
KCYC appeals Govt for help

06 August 2020
Still no exact figure on total number of locally transmitted cases
149 more test positive to take total to 3167
Give a thought for other patients too: Student bodies
Let's block COVID-19 not roads, advises PTFC
Panic at JNIMS after COVID-19 positive patient protest; Matter settled
Students' bodies urge govt to ensure health care facilities to non-COVID patients
Education Minister chairs meeting with Thoubal district administration
Lockdown poses challenge for daily wagers
'Not yet tested'
Entry to Monsang villages in Chandel restricted
Awareness workshop on COVID-19 held

05 August 2020
Total tally now stands at 3018 : Another 63 with no travel history test positive
WAD appeals Govt to ensure medical care to pregnant women amid pandemic
98 persons including 34 security personnel tested with COVID-19
Nemcha Kipgen inaugurates 70 bedded COVID Care Centre
Independence Day to be celebrated with strict SOPs
Spraying of Hypochlorite solution will not kill Novel Coronavirus - Dr Sasheekumar
Folks of MR family quarters hit hard
CM's attention sought
Art of Living distributes immunity kits
Kits distributed
Chemists appeal
Distribution / demonstration programme held

04 August 2020
Tally now inches close to 3000 mark at 2920 : 80 with no travel history test positive
With nine personnel testing positive...Local volunteers don role of cops
CM opens new COVID Care Centre
COVID-19 infects ASHA worker in Kpi, containment zone declared
Lockdown: Businesses suffer blows
Schedule for PG and UG semester examination should be reconsidered - AMSU
Torban Kshetri Leikai GP forms body to fight COVID-19
Sanitization drives continue
Health Services directs to follow new course of actions
JNIMS updates
MUA urges for cancellation of programme
ICU patient positive

03 August 2020
COVID-19 cases reach 2831 : 20 year old girl dies to mark 7th death in Manipur
Enforce norms at leikai level: PTF
Lockdown 0.2 more effective
Elangbam leikai declared as containment zone, locals spray disinfectants
We should all take responsible in fighting COVID-19: Khemchand
Assembly staffs to be tested for COVID-19
Stringent measures taken up in Bishnupur
Hypochlorite sprayed in various areas, help extended
Tangkhul CSOs call for 3 days fast
Disinfectant sprayed
AMYPCO aims for a self sufficient State
QC closed
Thoubal DC chairs meeting
Sanitization drive continues at various places
PMGKAY rice distributed at Kalapahar
5th State level quiz competition postponed

02 August 2020
Death toll touches 6, tally hits 2756
CM inspects COVID Care Centre
RIMS clarifies on how it tackles COVID-19 issue
Boy died as doctor 'refused' treatment, say orgs; hospital clarifies
RIMS is fighting COVID-19 pandemic with full preparation and commitment - Medical Superintendent
One more COVID-19 patient dead, number reaches 6
Doctors at SHRI braves COVID-19 and save a critical patient
Lifting of PDS rice continues
Nemcha Kipgen lauded for her role in combating COVID-19 in Kpi
Lockdown affects people of different fields, cripples businesses
Infection fear grips students
'People's Task Force for COVID-19' formed
Sanitization drive
Ningol Club asks
Sanitization drive conducted

01 August 2020
Nineteen more with no known travel history test positive, State's tally stands at 2621
COVID-19: RIMS found wanting on many aspects
Bulk buying of limcee tablets to boost immunity leads to...Acute shortage in pharmacies
Lifting of allocated PDS items continues
Disinfectant sprayed in different parts of the State
Burial worries LIKLA
Moreh ADC inspects PHC
Court under quarantine
Thoubal volunteers demand more testing
Disinfectant sprayed
Kakching Khunou College distributes lab prepared sanitizers
LEWA appeals Govt for help

31 July 2020
COVID-19 claims 3 more lives taking total to 4
Lockdown extended till Aug 6
2 more COVID-19 patient died; Total fatal case reaches 3
Kakching Khunou College prepares sanitizer bottles
Education Minister held meeting on management of COVID-19
Police enforces lockdown
Few vendors continue to operate amid strict lockdown
AR aids orphanage home in Hnatham village
Singjamei PS OC expresses regret
Ramgailong Village Authority notifies
CCC at Jiribam
Containment zone not yet sealed
Office complexes sanitised
ALDC warns against money collection

30 July 2020
Positive cases continue to surge with 145 more, RIMS becomes hotbed with 19 staff positive
Situation at Thoubal, Kakching studied
Positive cases in 113 BSF swell
Health Minister urges people to extend co-operation
First COVID-19 fatality in Manipur; 56 years old died
Lifting of PDS rice continues amid lockdown
Tetso College conducted webinar on "Covid-19: Emergence, Outbreak and Management"
Ruckus at Thoubal District Hospital due to insufficient test kits
COVID-19 outbreak: IPSA reiterates support to lockdown
OPDs opened
ACOAM-Lup warns
MMWO appeals
Safety kits distributed
'Check price rise'
People with serious illness struggle to get treatment: Club
BMS urges
Sent home
Arapti areas sanitized

29 July 2020
22 without travel history test positive in last 24 hours
IMC sweepers forced to work with shoddy masks
Addl SP detained for violating lockdown : IG
Many demand inquiry, compensation for death of two Thoubal residents; condemn prohibitory orders
"Why ILP at this crucial hour? What is the urgency?"- CSOs
Orgns resent ILP pass issuance amid COVID-19 crisis
Resolutions taken to combat COVID-19
JNIMS doctors
Local club appeals
Lockdown continues
CCpur police cracks down

28 July 2020
COVID-19 : Precautionary measures strengthens
Only affected departments and general OPD closed - RIMS
Four nurses, one health staff positive
8 BSF men, 2 year old child positive
COVID-19: Ibobi censures Govt's line of action
Ukhrul strictly adheres to lockdown / curfew call
Keep ILP suspended for now: MANPAC
Bodies in Thoubal say MU and Assembly Secretariat orders discriminatory
ACs lift PDS rice
Meira Paibis criticize
Told to wait for 5 days, YVO approaches Health Minister
Disinfectant sprayed
Thoubal CSOs condemn
MU withdraws prohibitory order

27 July 2020
RIMS closed till July 29 as containment measure, CCpur district hospital too closed
Three of Health Minister's family test positive
Second sans travel history case at CCpur
Khoirom bodies to further reinforce lockdown
Lifting of PDS items continues
Meet this model teacher who is helping students amid pandemic
JCILPS Jiribam, others denounce entry of non locals
After COVID-19 Control Room, 1 more accident victim tested +ve at Shija hospital
IMC defunct; piled up garbage seen everywhere in Imphal
Sanitization drives carried out
No sign of community spread : Spokesman
Essential items distributed
Sanitation drive conducted along stretch of NH-2
MCPCR notifies
Spraying of disinfectant starts at Heirok

26 July 2020
COVID-19 spreads its tentacles to CM's Secretariat
Lockdown to be tightened today onward
Govt brings out COVID-19 regulation
Senapati tense after 1 doctor tests positive for COVID-19
L Dikho donates 2 fogging machines to IRCS, Senapati
Assembly constituencies continue to lift PDS items
Entry of outsiders restricted in Nambol
AR recovers smuggled medicine supplies
Locals helped
IMC starts spraying disinfectants
ANMN appeals CM
1st group of contacts return negative
Sodium Hypochlorite sprayed
Exam postponed

25 July 2020
6 more with no travel history test positive
143 Samples collected in CCpur
State paralyses due to total lockdown
Regular Court sitting to be suspended
Battle for power seems more concerned than War against COVID-19 Pandemic for BJP led coalition govt
Catholic school teachers demand pay
Oil pumps to open for essential services
KKCL urges Government to check price rise of commodities
Lockdown total in Imphal
'No COVID death in Manipur'
Edibles distributed

24 July 2020
Guidelines issued for 7 days lockdown
CCpur mounts stringent contact tracing exercise
Panic buying leads to traffic snarls, price hike
29 security personnel, one more Pradhan test positive
State government ensures PDS items reach to the beneficiaries
Govt's move to resume issuing ILPS opposed
Stop squabbling, focus on work, COVID: ATSUM
Manipur Information Commission notifies

23 July 2020
Lockdown imposed for 7 days, to be extended if needed
Hours before lockdown announced....For fuel during lockdown many swarm pumps
Roll back stand to issue ILP now: JCILPS, IPAK
HERICOUN conducts price drive
Panic buying begins
Lifting 0f PDS items under PMGKAY and NFSA continues
SBI donates 350 PPE kits, 3 ventilators
Cases continue to surge in Thoubal with 12 more; total now stands at 2068
Moreh Keithel in total disarray
SBI donates
Hawkers appeal
Cases cancelled

22 July 2020
Apprehension of community transmission grows as total crosses 2000 mark
Resolve fees impasse: Student bodies
With 82% recovery rate, CCpur sets up flu clinic
PMGKY giving vital Social and food security to the poor
COVID care centre shifted
AR man dies of COVID-19
Stranded Myanmarese in India leave for home
Mandatory testing
Konsakhul picnic spot closed downk
KSA urges MU
RIMS notifies

21 July 2020
RIMS attendant, 13 others test positive
Old DC Office Complex at Loukoipat to be used as new CCC
Court directs govt to reveal fund utilized to combat COVID-19 pandemic
Jiribam SP urges media to exercise restrain
Headman, ADC members, pastor visit village quarantine centres
ADC organizes poster campaigns
Jiri DC inspects
AMFA clarifies

20 July 2020
COVID-19 positive cases grow by 20 to take tally to 1911
Joykisan asks for common protocol
Khwairamband Ima Keithel lups seek Government's help
Ukhrul district hospital to re-open for regular services
Keithel Imas warns peoples' uprising if elected representatives continue to fight for power
Student bodies express concern over school closure threat
Is there a separate COVID-19 SOPs for VVIPs?- Joykishan
LCI hands over masks to AMWJU
Volunteers appeal
Lifting and distribution of PDS items
Violators detained

19 July 2020
All staff of RIMS test negative for COVID-19
HiDiPSAM warns of protests
IRCS Senapati Branch Youth Brigade organises social work
DC Tamenglong distributes TV sets
Training of health workers conducted
Anganwadi, ASHA workers surveil

18 July 2020
RIMS doctor tests COVID positive
Many beneficiaries deprived of assured food grain - KSA
Lifting and distribution of PDS items continues
KSA suggests revision of PDS
MBC seminar on COVID-19
Jayanta appeals
Power Grid donates PPEs
Sent home

17 July 2020
Who is responsible for bringing in migrant workers sans ILP poser raised
Four with close contact with Thoubal Pradhan test positive
Public money spent on battling COVID-19 :: Share information: HC to Govt
QC escapee held after dramatic chase
COVID factor doesn't stop RIMS from marching ahead
JCILPS warns of unchecked entry of outsiders in the state during COVID pandemic
Wangkhei BJP alleges
BGVS extends relief to COVID Care Centre, Senapati
IBSD distributes
Assembly Constituencies lift rice
Bpr hospital
AITUC appeals

16 July 2020
Another first negative, then positive case
COVID-19 awareness programme conducted
MBC's COVID-19 awareness programme
AMYPCO demands stringent punishment
Faculty development programme held
TNWL lauds MLA for installing generator
ATSUM appeals Govt
CPI appeals

15 July 2020
Recovery rate now stands at 60 pc; 40 new cases detected
Issuance of ILP suspended in view of COVID-19 but...
Inmate passes away
40 year old man dies at quarantine centre
EHWF condemn the increasing act of crime against women in Manipur
State government ensures PDS items reach to the beneficiaries
Booked those who supply substandard medical kits meant for COVID Warriors - KSA
Bodies appeal financial institutes
COVID-19 awareness programme held in Kakching
Poster campaign on COVID-19 held
CRPF clarifies

14 July 2020
Public co-operation must to defeat COVID 19: CM
Three CRPF men positive at Jiri State's tally reaches 1659 with 50 new cases
Karam Shyam assures PMKAY foodgrains till Nov
AMGSU observes Bhanu Jayanti with humanitarian service
CADA organises awareness camp on COVID-19 at Bishnupur, Imphal
CADA organised awareness programme on COVID-19
KBC takes over voluntary catering service
Ukhrul MLA visits COVID Care Centre at TK Woodland
All Manipur Nupi Marup proposes more tests before discharge
KSA decries supply of substandard masks
DDA, social workers laud IE DC for releasing rice and chana
ADC Chandel continues COVID-19 poster campaign
More sent back
411 violators detained

13 July 2020
Healthcare workers, docs yet to be deputed to CCC, Jiri
Kpi women inmates clash with cops on duty
Child activist Licypriya Kangujam develops low cost face shields
NFSA cards but no rice, alleges club
DESAM demands
Moreh becomes ghost town
Sanitization programme ends

12 July 2020
Recovered man tests positive again triggering tension
Medi-kit handed to Manipur scribes
Education Minister leads cleanliness drive at DM University Campus
Cleanliness drive at DMU campus
DESAM urges

11 July 2020
Twelve of six families including two children test positive at Jiri
Who is in charge of Health Dept amid the COVID-19 pandemic..
Accused doctor granted bail
Joykishan slams Health Minister Jayantakumar for his inaction to fight COVID-19
Lady doctor's mother, driver test negative for COVID-19
IBSD launches webinar series
HERICOUN appeals
Guidelines issued
TNL hands over COVID-19 testing kits to Ukhrul district hospital
Director YAS notifies
Rice lifted

10 July 2020
Emerging hotspot Jiri records 7 fresh cases, doctor tests positive
Moreh reels under sealed border
Anticipatory bail for Health Director
PDS rice for Irong Kongleiram Village misappropriated by former village Headman
IBDS Imphal distributes sanitizers, facemasks
Kamjong villagers draw Govt's attention on 'non-distribution' of PMGKAY rice
Celin Digital distributes PPEs
ADC Chandel donates foot operating hand sanitiser dispensers
Johnstone QC closes
Doctors condemn
CCTea donates tea packets

09 July 2020
4 with no travel history suspected to be positive at Jiribam
Remand for accused doctor
CORCOM convey wishes in connection with its 9th Foundation Day
RD& PR officials clarify on masks issue
Sensitization program on 'COVID-19 related mental health issues' held
Khwairamband Nupi Keithel, Sinpham Amadi Saktam Kanba Lup appeals
CorCom shares thoughts on 9th foundation day-II
CPI (M) to support Nationwide 'farmer' protest
IBSD distributes PPE to homes
Thoubal COVID recovery rate stands at 70.37 percent

08 July 2020
COVID-19 cases surge by 40, recovery at 53.91 pc
Lab technician tests positive, medical team reach Jiri
Doctor arrested
TNL lockdown ends, night curfew on
71 drivers test negative, QC shut
Many continue to open IPPB accounts in Senapati based on incentive rumour
CorCom shares thoughts on 9th foundation day-I
'We don't procure sub-standard mask..'
Jiribam women associations demand MLA to step down
KSA appeals for mass COVID testing
PDS rice lifting and distribution on
CCTea donates tea packets to RIMS & JNIMS for front line workers
10 Myanmar citizens return home

07 July 2020
Young girl positive, Thangmeiband Polem Leikai tagged containment zone
9 more Jiri cops test positive
Bid to open Khwairamband Keithel foiled
TUC bats for stringent preventive steps
Vigilance likely to probe
Thangmeiband Polem Leikai declared as containment zone
Manipur University accords warm reception to its COVID-19 volunteers
Sub standard protective mask procured at Rs.25 per piece for distribution to MGNREGA workers
Manipur ensures PDS items reach its beneficiaries
Don't conduct examinations now: NSUI
Greenland gives details of negative to positive status
COVID-19 Committee continues to help returnees
MCTA donates
Class-XII exam conducted in Moreh
Senapati district conducts Class XII exam at 4 different exam centres
Class 12 exam resumes
Violators detained
ADC Chandel donates foot operated hand sanitiser

06 July 2020
COVID-19 tally hits 1366, recovery surpasses active cases
TAKDO launches pension scheme
DESAM hosts academic discourse on COVID-19 & education
'NE will take a lead for India to emerge as economic power house in Post-COVID era'
Theatre workshop to kick off on July 16
Lifting and distribution of PDS items continues
RWO demands monetary package
Wabagai Keithel cleaned
Robindro donates PPEs to CMO Jiribam
COVID-19 awareness programme held
KRUM conducts awareness campaign

05 July 2020
COVID-19: 50,000 rapid testing kits expected by Monday
Special train from Mumbai brings back more residents of Manipur
COVID-19 halts movement of fuel TTs
COVID testing on payment to start shortly
Nemcha Kipgen chairs meeting, distributes protective gears
'FIR will be lodged if rice is not distributed in time'
Buses to bring back medical students flagged off
Quarantine babies: Two new born babies named 'Covina' and 'Covida'
CSOs blame Govt for increasing COVD positive cases in Jiribam
Police detain violators
Migrant workers aided

04 July 2020
27 cops, VDF personnel of Jiri test positive
Kasom Khullen CCC successfully treats COVID patients
Trade Unions protest
Kazakhstan returnees want CM to take legal action against officer who 'detained' them at Delhi airport
Thoubal quarantine centre volunteer tests COVID-19 negative
CCpur private schools unhappy
Train arrives with 105 passengers
Awareness programme on COVID-19 held

03 July 2020
Policeman on duty at Ukhrul QC tests positive, State's tally reaches 1279
As COVID-19 cases grow, laxity surges
CCpur gets its first COVID Care Centre
UCM hails unity amid COVID-19 crisis
Residents against retrofitting Ima Keithel road
NEFIS demands subsidy for fertilizers
Public warned of fake news on social media
CBTU to participate
Guidelines issued
MCCC condoles
Student bodies inspect quarantine centres in Ukhrul
JNGVO threatens stir
CQC Khundrakpam AC notifies
Foodgrain lifted for districts
Food items distributed to transgenders
Gem Public School distributes sanitizers, masks
TKRC condoles

02 July 2020
Thirteen more cases detected to take tally to 1265
Cancer patients left in the lurch at RIMS
ASI positive, samples of 200 cops collected
Stigmatisation will only undermine the battle against COVID-19: Dr Lenin
Closure of Ima Keithel since March 22 : Women vendors set 5 days ultimatum
Sapam Robinhood : JCILPS to observe day sombrely
IMA questions ethic behind self paid quarantine for COVID-19 health workers
'Social stigma against migrants home returnees adds to ongoing covid 19 pandemic'
Smile Train India Strengthens Support To Cleft Patients During COVID19
NEFIS submits charter of demands to PM and NE CMs
Narendra Modi's announcements grossly inadequate: CPI
Nemcha continues to reach out to needy people
JNIMS waste
Vishal Mega Mart closed
AMNM lauds health professionals
Standard Robart Hr Sec CQC closed

01 July 2020
Lockdown till Jul 15 : 3 Ima Keithels to remain closed
COVID-19: Impact on education discussed
25 more test positive to take total tally to 1252
Horticulture Department to buy 100 MT pineapples
L Dikho inaugurates Truenat Testing Centre at Ukhrul
Nemcha Kipgen reaches out to the poor amid COVID crisis
MACR and CRY join hands to organise 'let the education continue non-stop' campaign
CADA conducts awareness program on COVID-19
Over 200 Indians from N E states stranded in UAE
PDS rice and dal lifted for distribution
Smile Train India strengthens support to cleft patients during COVID-19
Docs appeal
COVID-19 awareness
BJP flouts lockdown norms, alleges CPI
Barbers to open shops

30 June 2020
Negative to positive to negative rigmarole
Congress protests fuel price hike
Mom, aunt positive, child negative
'Ideal time to regenerate environment'
Private school bodies strike tough pose
CADA conducts COVID-19 awareness programme
Special train from Bengaluru with 1292 passengers reached Jiribam
State government ensures PDS items reach its beneficiaries
UPACO calls on for resumption of OT at Thoubal district hospital
Swab samples of Kpi COVID frontline workers collected
Police detain violators

29 June 2020
Ukhrul : First report of 25 says negative, second says positive
Lockdown to be extended till Jul 15
COVID-19 pandemic a warning to mankind: Experts
'Recovered patients do not spread COVID-19'
Recovered COVID-19 girl found hung to death
Don't take COVID-19 lightly, says Youth Cong president
Reopen Ima Keithel: All Manipur Nupi Marup
Lockdown extended till July 15, inter-district buses service to resume - CM
Recovered COVID-19 patient found hung to death
WAD appeals Governor to protect women from violence
Govt continues to supply PDS items
JNIMS clarifies
Awareness and immunization programme held
Committee formed
Bishnupur bodies appeal
Police detain violators
Train arrives at Jiri
KSU distributes hygiene items

28 June 2020
COVID-19 positive cases climb to 1168
No decision on lockdown
Manipur High Court directs state govt to release rice
TrueNat machines installs in Tamenglong
Social distancing is 'a must' to dodge transmission among inmates: Nemcha
PHED Minister inaugurates TrueNat Testing Centre
DESAM demands
Sanitary napkins distributed
COVID-19 awareness programme held
Offered free college admission
Ideal Club feeds

27 June 2020
17 more test positive to take tally to 1092
Contractual NHM staff threaten cease work stir
Left parties protest fuel prices hike
Health Services clarifies on substandard masks issue
Revoke order of Dept of Education (S): ATSUM, KSO-GHQ and ANSAM
PM petitioned
TrueNat machines installed in Tamenglong
604 detained

26 June 2020
COVID-19 positive cases cross 1000 mark
NPF decries unrest amid COVID-19 pandemic
Media sensitisation
Aid extended to Kpi locals, non-locals
Ukhrul: Booklet on COVID-19 awareness released
Labour minister instructs officials to form task force to address labour shortage
TrueNat testing machines installed at Senapati
BJP Senapati donates electric heater to District COVID Care Unit
IBSD distributes safety kits to frontliners
AZMU condemns attack on doctor
Edn Dept notifies

25 June 2020
COVID-19 cases stand at 992 now
HDPSAM for 50 pc pay and 50 pc fees
Dialysis unit starts work at CCpur hospital
District administration blamed for surge in COVID cases
NSUC opposes directive of Education (S)
Director Agriculture appeals
AMGSU visits IQCs in districts, distributes protective gears
Inmates refuse COVID positive person to be taken for treatment, police intervene
Containment zone
NPO suspends alternate days total lockdown on public appeal
Left parties denounce price rise of fuel
MU organizes COVID-19 awareness
675 detained

24 June 2020
COVID-19 positive cases touch 946, now 54 shy of 4 figure mark
Lack of fertilisers hits farmers hard
UARSoM urges Govt to revoke fees rider
District frontal organizations call for total lockdown on alternate days in Senapati
TrueNat machines donated by L Dikho arrive at District Hospital
Pineapple Fest
Lifting and distribution of PDS rice continues
Myanmar Nationals
526 detained

23 June 2020
Five health workers, including 2 docs, 3 nurses test positive
No fees for students from April to July : Education Department
COVID-19: 2 Doctors, 1 nurse tested positive, number reached 880
Lifting and distribution of PDS rice and dal continues
KNF extends helping hands to Govt amid COVID-19 crisis
MPCC asks if there is separate guideline
'Selfish motive', says Shiv Sena on current political scenario
LYDA bans use of intoxicants
Continue admission process but keep reserve seats: Govt
Financial aid extended to CQC
Police detain 636

22 June 2020
State struggles to cope with soaring COVID-19 cases
Speaker calls for collective fight against COVID-19
NPP vindicates withdrawal from BJP-led Govt
Lifting and distribution of PDS rice and dal continues
Education Minister dedicates ambulances
IBSA conducts sanitation drive
AKSU urges Govt
Philanthropic works continue in Noney IQC
Violators detained
National INC leaders still in quarantine

21 June 2020
30 pc of positive people are returnees from Delhi
QC inmates take to streets, again
Anand hints at contesting by-election to Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC
CPI protests fuel price hike
After political drama amidst COVID-19 crisis, students' fate at risk
Lifting of PDS Rice and Dal continues
Strict SOP in Q Centres need of the hour: Mohen
RWO, AMADA condemn 'assault' on lady doctor
69 migrant workers leave Moreh
599 detained

20 June 2020
Positive cases jump by 171 to 757
Replace CM, CS, Medical Director to fight COVID effectively: CPI
Institutional Quarantine Centres in Kangpokpi disinfected
COVID-19: 75 new case detected ; positive cases reached 463
Lifting of PDS Rice and Dal continues for public distribution
Training conducted
Police detain 570 lockdown violators

19 June 2020
State tally reaches 644
Quarantine centre inmates want systematic and organised testing protocol
MLA Alfred distributes rations for village quarantine centres in Ukhrul
Rama Foundation conducts training program
10 Indians return
Police detain 459 violators

18 June 2020
COVID-19 cases in Manipur 77 more positive taking total to 618
HRA hails activation of SFC
COVID-19: Manipur has 342 active cases, tally stands at 540
12 Quarantine Centres of Ukhrul solar-powered by SEAT and SELCO Foundation
NSF appeals ANPSA to waive fees for students
Laibi willing to teach women how to drive auto rickshaws
Committee visits centres, distributes aids
Ukhrul: SEAT, SELCO Foundation & SNL Energy Solutions install solar panel at 12 QCs
K Shyam highlights role of returnees
Police detain
Villagers hail nurse who defeat COVID-19
Meeting convened at Moreh
Aids extended to people living with HIV/AIDS

17 June 2020
41 more test positive to take total to 500
Manipur Coronavirus positive cases mount up
Man tests positive after quarantine
253 beds ready at UNACCO CCC
TDC assures assistance
PDS items allocated for the month of June continues to be lifted
Khuman Lampak announced as containment zone
NSCN-K calls upon frontline workers of COVID-19 to be more transparent
SASO thanks

16 June 2020
17 more test positive for COVID-19
Manipur government to stop Flight from June 18
SK Oil price more than tripled
No report of community transmission: Health Minister
Halt flight service: State to MCA
CQC inmates slam ineffective and unsystematic testing procedure
Many continue to donate to CM's COVID-19 Relief Fund
TNL enforced 28-days qurantine effective in preventing spread of virus
State Govt seek suggestions on reopening of educational institutions
Contributions pour in to Kshetrigao Kendra COVID-19 Relief Fund
Masks and sanitizers provided to Moreh frontline workers
Hotels Sangai Continental announced as paid quarantine centres

15 June 2020
Ukhrul situation grim : Positive results for 10 after discharge from IQCs
25 more test positive, 32 discharged
Health Dept suspects virus transmission inside QCs
Artistes plead for enactment of CMAT
Fuel sale drops sharply in last 3 months
Konchak mooted for COVID Care Centre
Student bodies want COVID test labs at all districts
IRCS, Manipur commits to combating COVID-19 till end
AITI Lilong Council expresses concern
Online campaign to install TrueNat machine at Senapati reaps positive decision
Two new QCs installed for Khundrakpam A/C
Various organisations, clubs warn against money collection
Quarantine inmates fed
NIMPAL donates fruits and vegetables to home

14 June 2020
COVID tally spikes by 53; 10,000 samples untested
Online survey reveals inmates' grievances: YFPHR
CCpur records 24 more COVID cases
CM blames indiscipline among inmates for COVID-19 spike
Nupi Marup demands financial aid
Shops reopen in Thangal and Paona markets
Lack of discipline leads to spike in COVID cases: CM
Manipur COVID-19 updates: Total tally climbs to 419
Online survey for people undergoing quarantine launched
Assembly Constituencies continue to lift PDS item
Be alert and prepared to prevent community transmission: Nemcha
SK Women's College, Nambol declared containment zone
Tree plantation drive continues
Committee on COVID expresses gratitude
503 detained
DC announces SK College as containment zone

13 June 2020
40 more test positive to take total tally to 406
Six packed off to Sajiwa QC for violating SOP
Committee condemns Mairenkhun QC incident, hails Govt for timely act
COVID-19: 19 new cases detected in Manipur
Man who tried to supply No 4 at quarantine center held
Viorayys Venture Private Ltd launches "Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser"
COVID-19: Sharing of responsibilities eases workloads in Senapati
JDO appeals
Price monitoring bodies constituted
CROC Manipur helps drug users
Pusher held at QC
IGAR (South) conducts Essay and Painting Competitions
Council asks
Food items donated
1 minute video competition

12 June 2020
Completed 14 days quarantine? Inmates to be discharged sans test results!
After TSE's breaking story of 'Recovered COVID-19 girl takes auto back home'
Change Imphal Hospital to COVID Care Centre?
Auto driver Laibi Oinam honoured by Chief Minister
COVID-19 positive increased in Manipur
MLAs started lifting of PDS items for June
NSCN Zeilad region extends gratitude
ATMA organises awareness campaign on preventive care of COVID-19 at Ukhrul
Disposable bedsheets, pillow covers to be distributed to inmates of Johnstone Hr Sec School
Union donates Rs 10k
MCC convenes meeting
Safety kits distributed
2 arrested for supplying tobacco products to an inmate in quarantine centre
CBSE notifies

11 June 2020
JCPA on COVID-19 inspects QCs at CCpur
IBSD extends support to Sikkim govt
AR provides COVID-19 aid to Kasom Khullen quarantine centre
Pensioners struggle amid COVID-19 crisis
June 18 to be observed under 'norms'
SDO Kangpokpi briefs IQCs inmates on SOPs
ADC arranges food for QC inmates
AMRPSWA extends help to support COVID fight
A Mumbai returnee writes 'Thank You' note to the State Govt
Education Minister chairs review meeting
ADC Senapati provides veggies
Despite multiple awareness campaigns illegal activities continue: AR
Sent home
Rice lifted for migrants
MHRC clarifies
Bishunupur Hospital declared as Containment zone
CGHS to declare as COVID hospital
Containment zones
Aids extended to police personnel
472 booked

10 June 2020
Trouble makers at QCs will be jailed: CM
Manipur's tally climbs to 309 with 27 more positive
HC directs Govt
CCpur QC dancers tender apology
Inmates protest lack of control measures
After 34 tested positive, inmates from Moirang QC came out in protest
CM inspects UNACCO School for opening of COVID care center
Tumnoupokpi local bodies feed IQC inmates
Th Radheshyam chairs review meeting
Lockdown effect: Khwairamband Keithel vendors seek financial assistance
Treat those in QCs humanely: Volunteers
PHE Minister comes to rescue of stranded fliers
UARSoM appeals
Tengnoupal DC warns against forged curfew pass
MP appeals
MCC contributes to Tengnoupal COVID-19 Relief Fund
Violators detained

09 June 2020
34 test positive from a single quarantine centre
Manipur COVID-19
Students' bodies react to exemption of quarantine to doctors visiting state
Manipur Muslim Students remain stranded in Gujarat
CCpur QCs under radar as some defy protocol; 11 from single QC test positive
Shops to open on rotation
Test the incoming doctors too: Student bodies
Nemcha Kipgen seeks support to combat COVTD-19
'Consider procuring portable test kits'
Student union condemns Waikhom Mani Girls' College incident
AR distribute umbrellas to encourage social distancing
Bonika Elangbam wins "IPAK Best Photogenic Award"
Nursing staff extend gratitude
'Don't discharge returnees without obtaining test result'
Social worker aids Andro IQCs
Interaction programme on COVID-19 held
CCpur nurse discharged
QCs inspected
Aids extended
PPE discarded

08 June 2020
COVID-19: Total cases reached 172 in Manipur
Manipur witnesses single day record surge of 47 new cases
Kangpokpi tops active cases chart with 26
More beds for COVID patients, CM assures
Ukhrul DM seals UHSS quarantine centre
30-day free shelter home / detoxification camp commences at Ishikha
KTC, KTCF spend Sunday with quarantine inmates
Sample collection team highlights issues at Thoubal District Hospital
IRCS organises one day orientation programme
With tree saplings
Essential goods distributed
AITI draws attention
KRUM and KRSU conduct awareness campaign
Somorendro's death anniversary
LEWA extends help
Police detain violators
Jirbam MLA presides meeting
UARSoM lauds CM Biren

07 June 2020
25 new cases detected in last 24 hours to take tally to 157
'Mobile testing kit for COVID-19 soon'
Bereaved family pay last respect from QCs
Nemcha Kipgen inspects rice distribution at Kalapahar
Manipur COVID-19: 11 more tested positive, 11 infected recovered
DIPR staffs donate one-day salary to CM's COVID-19 relief fund
Winners of "Online Acting Talent Hunt Competition" feted
Nemcha Kipgen inspects Manipur's first quarantine baby
Foodwifi continues service amid lockdown
Locals of Langol Lairembi appeal
ACs continue to lift PDS items
RNSO-NEI thanks
Okram Surjakumar appeals
COVID-19 patient discharged
BVP distributes mask
Shops may open on rotation
Police detain 574 violators
MHRC inspects quarantine centre
QCs observe Environment Day

06 June 2020
State records 14 new COVID-19 cases with CCpur leading with five
IBSD handed over COVID-19 testing equipments to Mizoram
CM appeals all to follow quarantine protocol
Cabinet okays kits for COVID Care Centre
Committee visits Kangpokpi
COVID-19 lands psychiatric patients in limbo
Many care two hoots about social distancing
Biswajit holds meeting with PIAs on MGNREGS
MHRC takes environment day drive to QCs
Testing equipment airlifted from Imphal to Aizawl
737 more reach State
Webinar conducted
Romi Bag to seek certification of PPEs
Quarantined at hotel
393 individuals detained

05 June 2020
Nurse tests positive in CCpur, State's tally climbs to 124 cases
Dedicated hospital in 2/3 days: Jayantakumar
200 cases by June end, forecasts BJP leader
First quarantine baby and parents found negative for COVID-19
Manipur COVID-19: Nurse with no travel history tested positive
Delay in sample collection, test result peeves TNL
30 stranded migrant workers sent from Moreh
Rongmei Naga bodies laud N Biren
MHRC inspects quarantine centres
Held for uploading fake news
CQC inmates extend financial aid to volunteers
MLA in home quarantine
InSIDE North East evacuates stranded Manipuris from Shillong
PRC-19 donates
QC period skipped?
Police detain 428
UCM, NLM appeal
Health Director notifies

04 June 2020
Manipur hits century with 32 new cases
Sincere efforts on to bring back all stranded folks: CS
Letpao flags off buses to bring back stranded people
COVID-19: Number of positive cases reached 102 in Manipur
'Tenant farmers face the worst in drought'
KCC volunteers to cater to various IQCs in Kpi
BGVS, Manipur reaches out with aids to CQCs
Community gears up for good Samaritan work in Kangpokpi
ATSUM makes certain demands to Govt
YFPHR writes to CM for augmenting manpower, resources at quarantine centres
Maintain quarantine centres: CPI to State Govt
ISBD scientists, researchers extend helping hand
998 persons arrive on buses
SPDPO seeks Govt attention
Distribution and lifting of PDS rice continue
Donation to CM's relief fund

03 June 2020
Six more test positive to take total cases to 89
Person with positive coronavirus cases on the rise
IBSD sent scientist to cope up COVID testing facilities
More PDS rice for distribution to people lifted by respective MLAs
Nemcha Kipgen streamlines food provision at IQCs in Kpi
Thoubal IQCs face drawbacks
Tribal Upliftment Centre appeals
Chawangkining people donate fresh vegetables for IQC
Kabui Union lauds CM
'Handwashing drive' conducted in Talui village
Awareness programme held
High Court issues guidelines
IPAK expresses concern
Tribal student bodies urge Govt
District Magistrate orders
Migrant worker's day held
IE QCs inspected
Police detain 450 violators
Ken Bag donates PPEs
ATU conducts awareness prog
Hill journalists lauds CM

02 June 2020
State Home Department issues guidelines for lockdown 5.0
8 more test positive taking total to 83 cases
Recovered COVID-19 girl takes auto back home
Inmates protest alleged shortfalls at QC
For scribes working under COVID-19 threat CM assures ex-gratia of Rs 5 to 10 lakh
Nurse raring to go back to frontline
10 more tested positive with novel Coronavirus
Distribution of rice in Imphal West for May completed
UADC requests COVID-19 testing lab for Ukhrul & Kamjong districts
Feast arranged for inmates on YUC's 30th foundation day
ACs lift PDS rice
Police detain
Face shield distributed

01 June 2020
COVID-19 positive cases shoot up by 14, Dingko tests positive
Lockdown extended till Jun 30, COVDI-19 hospital assured
Campaign on to make stay at QCs productive
CIRCA against move to send home sans test
Kangpokpi: Girl in quarantine pays last respect to father in coffin
COVID-19: Total positive cases reached 71
Health minister visits quarantine centres in Imphal East and West
AR, MPCC member, social worker distribute edibles
Zeliangrong students extend gratitude
Rice, dal lifting and distribution continues
Shillong returnees laud Nemcha
State Agriculture task force formed
DDK Programme Director aids
Aids to Quarantine Centre
Police detain 617 lockdown violators

31 May 2020
COVID-19 positive cases touch 62
Quarantined folks to be sent home sans test?
Test us fast, keep us separated call rung out
Over 19,000 stranded folks brought back so far
One more returnee tested positive; Number reached 60
Joint Committee Covid-19 conducts awareness program at Kaimai
CCpur CSOs laud Thanlon AC MLA
No iota of favouritism in distribution of food items: Associations
COVID-19 Committee lauds Alfred Arthur Kanngam
Distribution of relief materials continue across State
Committee inspects Jiribam Railway Station, quarantine centres
Help construction, unorganised sector workers: AITUC
IRCS organises one-day awareness programme on COVID-19 at Senapati
State Govt to send back stranded folks
UPACO extend help to Chothe household
Violators detained

30 May 2020
Four more test positive, two discharged
Further eased
Letpao distributes relief items at border villages
Make returnees feel 'at home' in quarantine centres: Nemcha Kipgen
ATSUM, 'a ray of hope' for stranded Manipuris in Chandigarh
"I feel regret about Steffie** " MLA Sushindro on war against COVID-19
COVID-19: Positive cases reached 58, active case is 53
Sagang Villagers help daughter in quarantine to attend father's funeral
Minister Letpao inspects Molcham PS in Indo-Myanmar border
Unable to transport harvested turmeric to Imphal, say farmers
More donate to CM's relief fund
Come out with insightful policy for State farmers: UPF to Government
Trains, flights arrive
Stop stigmatizing returnees: CPI
Containment order withdrawn
Amit Shah speaks to all Chief Ministers
568 detained

29 May 2020
11 more test positive to take COVID-19 active cases to half century mark
Piyush Goyal assures safety of rail passengers
Active cases in CCpur stands at 20
ZSU for COVID test labs in districts
Trains from Kerala, Gujarat bring back stranded folks
BJP lines up week-long awareness programme
Mode and conduct of exam discussed
COVID-19 : Positive cases reach 55
More Manipuri residents return from Delhi and Bengaluru in special train
Issue raised over escalation of cost of raw materials of handloom products
CCSK shares thought
RFT reaches out to Northeastners; edibles, PPEs distributed in districts
'Govt alone cannot fight pandemic'
Ministerial team inspects Thoubal District Hospital
Manage migrant influx in time: BMS
CPI mulls all party meeting
Vungzagin Valte plays favouritism, alleges HPC(D)
Soaps distributed
Donation to CM's COVID-19 relief fund
Centres sealed

28 May 2020
Returnee by flight among 5 to test positive
KSO extends all possible help to stranded folks
CM hosts hill leaders to discuss COVID-19
TDC clears Imphal-Jiribam highway
Joint Committee on COVID-19 formed
HC serves notice on Govt on PIL
2 more tested Coronavirus positive; number reaches 41
Rs 50 lakh Life Insurance Scheme for COVID-19 frontline warriors
Delayed in picking of COVID-19 positive persons irked MLA
More turn up to support fight against COVID-19
COVID-19 positive shifted to hospital late allegations raised
DCC task force takes man for Home Quarantine, educate others
Cong ready for SpeakUp campaign
Lifting and distribution of PDS items continues
Court orders
Vungzagin Valte distributes PDS and relief materials
COVID-19 insurance scheme
Areas contained after 2 tests positive in Thoubal
MAC clarifies
Patient tests negative

27 May 2020
Active cases reach 35, 779 air passengers quarantined
3 trains arrive from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa
Academic period likely to be slashed
Naga leaders work for safe passage on Imphal-Jiri Road
Transporters urge co-operation of all on Imphal-Jiribam route
MSCW and many others provide relief materials
'For 2nd installment ex-gratia for NSAP pensioners released'
ANBA Churches Extends Monetary Aid
ADRF not to admit new inmates
More QCs needed, say student bodies
Separate CAFPD for hills urged
YAS Minister distributes rice free of cost
Test results coming slow
MHRC asked to inspect
Meeting convened at Moreh
Churches extend monetary aid
CKAN condemns
Quarantine centre for drivers opened
3 flights till June 1
Monthly collection banned

25 May 2020
Total active cases now reach 28 : 3 more test COVID-19 positive
Home Dept issues SOP for air passengers
7 flights to land at Imphal today
10th train arrives from Pune with 1033 on board
Lockdown is not the ultimate remedy: RPF
Lapses alleged
CONE, USER Manipur condemn illegal inspection visits to rehab centres amid COVID-19 outbreak
Pathetic condition at Quarantine centres at Haoreibi College Hostel
Lockdown turn out to be a boon for infertile couple - Dr James
Residents of Manipur returns in special Train from Chennai
'Thirty two today'
DAMMS condemns discrimination to Pangals
CRPF conducts fogging
Samaritan acts continue across the State
PPE items for bus drivers handed over to TDC
Lockdown hits hard on 18 yrs old artiste
Tribal bodies raise certain demands from Govt
Videos of online classes airs on ISTV
AMUCO appeals
PCTC to provide snacks
Fogging drive conducted
KEY provides medical aid
Hypochlorite sprayed

24 May 2020
Three more test positive, two discharged
Imphal airport conducts SOP rehearsal
Samaritans help stranded folks at Chennai, Mumbai
Enable schools to pay: UARSoM
Maintain gap: KU
6 Kangpokpi buses head for Jiri to ferry stranded folks
Free food for returnees from Bengaluru
Regulate strict policy for CQC inmates: KIMACS
State natives in Canada in dire straits
Ex-MLA suggests Govt to focus on CQC
IRCS fighting COVID-19 for the last 78 days
MSF, UPF urge Govt to check hike in price of essentials
PDS rice lifting and distribution continues
17 sent for home quarantine
AMNM demands pay for teachers of private institutes
Open fuel pumps
Train from Chennai arrives with 1571 on board
TDC appeals

23 May 2020
CM appeals people not to panic, says Govt fully prepared
One more positive taking total active cases to 24
COVID-19 lockdown: Nine migrant workers sent back home
Three more quarantine centres opened at Bishnupur
Don't levy fees on students: ZSUM
Essential shops to partially open in CCpur
Industries Minister Biswajit chairs MFICL Board of Directors meeting
Lifting and distribution of PDS Rice completed for May in IE District
MMWO seeks Govt attention to help tenants, daily wagers
Jiribam volunteers opt to quarantine after helping returnees
CNPO denounces 'delay in PDS rice distribution'
Nemcha Kipgen visits screening centre at Brig M Thomas Ground
230 more go back to Mizoram
India aids Myanmar
AMEA appeals
Khangabok AC MLA appeals
YAC condemns carelessly disposal of face masks
'Twenty six today'
PDS rice lifted

22 May 2020
No cluster transmission yet
Two trains arrive with 1476 passengers
UCM for sectorwise rehab policies
CCpur newspapers to cease publication
Prohibiting activities exempted from purview of lockdown
PREPAK warns against depriving workers of benefits
Special train brings back stranded Manipuris from Hyderabad
Not all positive cases of Coronavirus are COVID-19 patient - Dr Palin
Lifting and distribution of PDS items in the state underway
Initiate steps to prevent infection from entering community transmission phase: RK Imo
PPE items, relief materials and financial aid provided
TSA urges CM to take action against officials
Somorjit Salam takes charge as new Kangpokpi DC
Monetary aid provided
Markets to open from 6 am to 2 pm
DAMMS appeals
Relief items provided to Manipuri families of Bangladesh
QC inspected
Kakching DM informs
Don't mix call
QCs for transgenders
Police detain 518

21 May 2020
Manipur sees largest spike on single day with 16 testing positive taking tally to 23 active cases
QC with a difference at DMC of Teachers' Education
With 15 cases in a day, CCpur invokes CrPC 144
Train with 496 from Vijayawada reach Jiri
AMUCO shares thoughts as COVID-19 cases spike
Proposed indefinite eco blockade called off
Special Train from Vijayawada brings back residents of Manipur
Mismanagement in allotting accommodation at quarantine center irked family members
Separate room opened for transgender at Thangmeiband Quarantine center
AMWJU continues distribution of masks for journalists of different districts
MSAD raises suspicion of nepotism in listing returnees
Is the NF Railway men free from checking or screening while entering the state?
More stranded people arrive at Kpi, Nemcha Kipgen reaches out to frontline workers, CSOs
Shiv Sena suggests different facility for Red Zone returnees, urges Govt to check detention of people
KNF raising day echoes necessity to help people during the pandemic
Noney Legal Aid Clinic distributes food items to migrants
Lifting and distribution of PDS rice
With quarantine centres in all districts, Manipur may become red zone: K Ranjit
MSAD alleges
EPF contributions
Molnoi Area Welfare Council warns against setting up of CQC
More line up to return
Inspection of CQCs conducted
Tribal Councils appeal
Thoubal Police detained 303 Violators of Curfew
One flees from quarantine centre at Moreh
AMWJU gifts

20 May 2020
Mother and daughter from Kamjong district test positive
5th train arrives from Hyderabad with 536
Locals unearth huge number of betel leaves
On demand to suspend DC...CSOs threaten eco blockade
Posers raised over functioning of QC (Quarantine centre)
Over 10,000 line up for return to Ukhrul, Kamjong
Joint team of CADA, AMSU seize betel leaves
Special train from Hyderabad arrives at Jiribam
Huge haul of betel leaf seized
Distribution of PDS rice for the month of May continues
New Lockdown guidelines issued
Lifting of free foodgrain for stranded migrants
Stranded Manipuris appeal to CM
Curfew imposed in Bishnupur DHQs
KRSU, TYA warn over price hike
Relief materials provided
CBK requests for advisories
Jt inspection of Quarantine Centres at New Keithelmanbi area
Tamei Bn distributes relief items
Provide Rs 5,000 each to barbers, urges AITUC
All test negative
No movement allowed
521 detained
Book shops to open
Face shield and Masks donated

19 May 2020
Lockdown 4.0: What is permitted and what is not; restrictions intensified before guidelines
Train from Gujarat reach Jiribam with 613 on board
FPCs unable to reach out to farmers
Relief materials and financial aids extended
Handed over to India due to COVID-19: RPF
1000 to 1500 tests per day
MHA guidelines for National lock down 4.0
Labour & Employment Minister chairs review meet
Thanga Anganwadi Centres distributed Relief
Food operated hand washing unit installed at RIMS
Mumbai returnees clarify Mao Gate incident
Th Radheshyam instruct officials to provide assistance to labourers
Poumai Naga Union (PNU) asks all returnees to be obedient & cooperative
MSU recounts 'actual incident at Mao gate'
PDS rice distribution continues across State
Stop taking political mileage: O Lukhoi
1 lakh donated
Kangpokpi police continue yeomen services
Sanmati Traders donate ventilators
Awareness campaign held at Bishnupur Chingning
State police detain 825
Relief materials distributed
AITUC calls for more medical staff at entry points
Sanitization drive carried out
Rotary Club distributes marks

18 May 2020
Train with 1384 passengers from Bengaluru arrives
'Don't send persons, send samples instead for test'
Total lockdown for 48 hrs in Senapati district
SYC bans visit to Shirui Lily abode
Community at Kangpokpi gears up to surmount COVID-19
Kamjong proposes two border haats
IBSD launches weekly webinar series on COVID-19
Lockdown strengthened in Imphal after confirmation of 5 positive cases
'Work and Fight Covid-19'- Lunch pack distributed to COVID-19 warriors
3rd phase of nationwide lockdown ends today
COVID-19 recovery rates rises above 35 percent
RK Imo proposes compulsory COVID-19 negative certificate for returnees
KIM, AMMOCOC and others provide food items
CIRCA suggests ways to face virus
FATYCM concerned
BBU questions handling of returnees at Jiribam
PDS rice lifting continues
Sodium Hypochlorite sprayed
Suspect cleared
Impose curfew during Eid: MMoF
819 detained
Tamei MLA gifted PPE and hand sanitizers

17 May 2020
State's COVID-19 active cases jump to 5 in 48 hrs, lockdown tightened
All quarantined people to be tested
CIRCA asks for more test, quarantine centres
MPCC decries 'ban' on distribution of relief materials
Scribes to stay away from press meets
JCILPS appeals for deportation of non-locals
COVID-19 - with another 2 more, number of active cases reaches 4
DeMaS extends moral support and monetary help nurses from Manipur
Press meet and other public gathering banned at Press Club
TSA-GHQ urges for change of medium of teaching
COVID-19 affected lot continue to receive help
PDS rice lifting and distribution
Vendors remove belongings
Nemcha reaches out to frontline workers at Mao
'Delay in payment of statutory contributions not to be penalized'
Lets celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr in a simple way, says Moulana Abdullah
1030 detained
Agri Minister hails Centre's 20 lakh crore package
Sanitization drive conducted
Nestle India donates coffee to police
Bus carrying stranded Manipuri nearly fall into gorge
UPF distributes food items to widows

16 May 2020
Returnee nurse from Kolkata found positive for COVID-19
Recruitment of nurses to serve in COVID-19 ward
ANSAM, DESAM and AIMS hail selfless act ; 3 State natives positive at Delhi
RPF espouses healthy lifestyle to battle COVID-19
Safety measures go for a toss at CCpur
'Could not afford to buy devices for attending on-line class'
Lockdown 3.0: More help the least fortunate
Rice lifting continues
MHRC directs daily briefings on COVID-19
Ban fruits import: AMAFA
N Kayisii inspects quarantine centres
KCA resolves
State natives in Kerala appeals
Two completes quarantine period at Singjamei
Train from Punjab arrives

15 May 2020
One Mumbai returnee tests positive for COVID-19
Second train with 932 passengers expected today
Ranjan hails Modi's eco package
Fight against COVID-19 : Student bodies share thoughts
UCM hands aids to kins of June 18 martyrs
Over 400 arrive from Chennai, Shillong
TSE proprietor reaches out to 44 families with assistance
Tamenglong Journalists body donated Veggies to AMWJU
Many continue to show solidarity amidst lockdown
Running of business not just to survive the lockdown, say street vendors
Humanity matter now more than ever: Nemcha Kipgen
Distribution of PDS rice continues
Sagolband Community Quarantine Centre now functioning
Meeting of COVID-19: Sub-Committee Moreh held
Steps on to house over 400 inmates in Kamjong : MLA
WATEFADEAS launches "Work and Fight COVID-19" campaign
CPI not in favour of FM's package
3 more donate to CM's relief fund
More machines
870 detained

14 May 2020
Trains from Chennai with 1140 on board Shramik Special train reach Jiribam
CM welcomes Centre's mega economic package
Different bodies, individuals continue to assist COVID-19 affected people with relief items
MSHRC to inspect
Manipur Health Department issues strict SOPs for quarantine
Stranded state natives arrived at Jiribam
Manipuris face Racial Discrimination, Migrants should leave - JCILPS
Villagers of hills and plain shares essential items
UPF distributed food items to young widows
Anticipating large influx of people from tomorrow, CCpur to close shops
Stop stranded Kangpokpi locals at arrival point: Nemcha Kipgen
'Frequent modification in Govt order confuse people'
Samples test negative
Relief goods exchanged
Rs 1 lac donated to Sugnu AC
Hill bodies provide
Assistance to police personnel
TDWJU extends aid
Study materials distributed
Handmade mask handed over

13 May 2020
Steps on for community quarantine
YAS Minister Letpao inspects quarantine centres in Chandel
More goods distributed, solidarity amongst different communities continue
Review meeting held at Senapati
TSE proprietor continues with humanitarian service
CPI condemns arrest of students, right activists
HRCM calls for harsher punishment to deal with smuggling of banned items
152 stranded students and families left Shillong for Imphal
Citizens from other Countries and NRIs stranded in NE India
Distribution of PDS rice continues in the State
COVID-19 outbreak: Student bodies bat for institutional quarantine centres
PPCM carries on relief work
Train from Chennai to arrive today
Paid quarantine centres
USU appeals all returnees
TSA flags off bus
688 lockdown violators detained
MU playground closed

12 May 2020
CM highlights challenges in managing returnees
50 buses flagged off for Jiribam
241 samples test negative
Mao Pastors add to CM's Relief Fund
Nemcha Kipgen holds meeting with frontline workers
UNM-M draws attention of State Govt on price rise
Transport Director flag off 50 buses for Jiribam
Education Minister chair joint meeting
MSC AIYF questions basis of evacuee selection
Test returnees for COVID-19: ZYF
YDA applauds Education Minister Radheshyam
Health Minister distributes portable ventilators
All educational institutes to remain suspended
ANSAM, DESAM and AIMS call for mandatory testing of returnees
COVID-19 test
Shangshak police join relief work
Hand sanitizers distributed
Petrol pumps to open
Crack down on violators continue
Many continue donation to CM's COVID relief fund
Oil pumps to open for essential services, Govt engaged buses

11 May 2020
Train with 1140 passengers leaves Chennai for Jiri
Samples pile up at RIMS, JNIMS
1096 samples tested for COVID-19 till date
72 more return from Assam, Nagaland
Chadong body, UCM exchange food
Detoxification camp concludes
Govt ensures availability of foodgrain
Awareness programme on COVID-19 held
KMC conducts cleanliness drive at Kakching Keithel No 2
Bishnupur scribes to get yearly cash incentive
Help extended
Mother's Day
CCpur Police commit to fight COVID-19
HRMO reaches out to Home
Alert sounded
Police to crack down on lockdown violators
KKMC donates

10 May 2020
Train journey from Chennai deferred by one day
Returnees by train to be quarantined
COVID-19 strengthens hill-valley bond: Titular king
UCM, AMUCO, CAU, BGVS, actress Tonthoi and others distribute relief items
PPCM reaches out to Karang
36 stranded Manipuri including 16 Cancer patients departs Mumbai for Imphal
Lifting of PDS Rice for the month of May begins
Help extended to migrant workers by PRC-19
LNC appreciates LCTC's efforts
Returnees find no place; run from one quarantine centre to another
Nemcha Kipgen distributes PPEs to frontline workers
People meet to join hands to ensure enough food production for the State: CAU VC
Officials inspect Jiribam Railway Station, school playground
Two buses to ferry stranded people of Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC
'Revive Mao potato farm'
CPI urges
Zeliangrong Relief Committee thanks
875 detained
HTTCI appeals to waive off rents
MPP appeals
Anal Lelruwl Tangpi, Anal student Union thank
Buses flagged off

09 May 2020
1200 to board special train from Chennai today
Lack of man power dwarfs efforts at Mao Gate
Speaker inspects quarantine centre
Kangpokpi asks passenger vehicles not to stop midway
Letpao flags off buses for stranded people
Dr S Ranjan provides relief material again
CLP approaches PM, Railway Minister
TSE proprietor extends helping hand to widows, differently abled persons
Lifting of PDS rice for the month of May begins
IMC initiates cleanliness drive: at temporary market sites
Quarantine centres for two ACs set up
22 nurses reach State
Vegetable outlet launched
Police detain 1148 lockdown violators

08 May 2020
Stage set to ferry stranded people by train: CS
Lockdown violations :: Don't flout norms: IW SP to public
43 stranded folks reach home, 22 on way from Kolkata
New guidelines strictly enforced in Kangpokpi
With lockdown 3.0 in progress, many more reach out to public with relief materials
PMGKAY - Status of lifting of food grains by states from FCI
Manipuri woman dies in Mumbai's KEM hospital
AR distributes essential household items to local
Councillor hails frontline workers
Donation to CM's relief fund
Lockdown impact claims one
Online classes benefit only few students: KSA
59 test negative
Meeting on quarantine held
LOUSAL appeals
2 women quarantined in Moreh
Hand sanitisers donated
Police detain 732
Donations to CM'S COVID relief fund

07 May 2020
Govt fishes out earlier restrictions, to be in force till May 17
COVID-19 claims first Manipuri victim
Objections raised to 'by train' idea
Man held for posting false COVID-19 news
Titular King, CSOs and others extend aid to many
TSE proprietor extends humanitarian service, again
State government resolved to bear train fare for stranded Manipuri till Guwahati
Rumours & unverified news spread through social media create panic for few hours
CRPF conducts COVID-19 awareness programme
PPCM continues relief work
Police penalize people without masks
Indo-Myanmar border inspected
Infrared thermometers distributed
Poirei Nawakon expresses gratitude
Bus flagged off to bring back stranded people
Many donate to Kshetrigao Kendra COVID-19 Relief Committee
TIF thanks
Donations to CM's relief fund continue
NEEW aids
More assistance comes forward for obscured COVID-19 warrior
Villagers assist
UCM helps

06 May 2020
Huge crowd after partial lifting worries State Govt
SCPC to bring back 42 stranded folks from Guwahati
HC directs Bar Council to release financial aid
Congress demands clear policy...On migrant workers' travel expenses
Assist with CM's Relief Fund: CPI
BJP Thangmeiband Mandal calls for investigation
152 Manipuris stranded at Kolkata left for Manipur
Armed forces distribute essential items to under privileged families
Steps for double cropping taken up
InSIDE North East, ISL player from Kpi extend help to four orphan homes
COVID-19: KYU assists police at Kangpokpi; vehicles detained
Dr Lorho S Pfoze, Leishio present edibles
KSTC with Police aid raids market
Many continue to contribute to CM'S relief fund
Masks for scribes
2nd phase relief distribution ends
KKL donates vegetables to UCM

05 May 2020
Shops at Thangal, Paona Keithels reopen after 43 days
IOC to introduce home delivery of diesel
MPCC appeals Govt to bear travel expenses
Distribution of relief items
Consumers' Club Manipur urges Govt to monitor prices of essential commodities
TSE proprietor continues with humanitarian service
Normalcy partially resumes in Manipur..
Manipur govt challenges is deportation of stranded Manipuris
Civil bodies continue to extend help to needy
Reach out to tribal tenants: HTTCI to Govt
Local entrepreneur seeks Govt attention
Stranded at Amritsar
MASLSA distributes medkit
Markets in Moreh opened
Army extends relief materials
Citizen's Forum thanks
UCM aids
Shops in CCpur to open
Community quarantine centre opened
Police detain
SUCO helps
Face masks distributed
Migrant labourers at Moreh in dire straits
Two feted by Langol Tarung Village Authority

04 May 2020
Lockdown further relaxed : New guidelines issued for Green Zone Manipur
Guidelines spelt out for people returning home
Philanthropic works continue in both hills and valley
Shed dependency mindset: MLA Alfred
Teams formed to help movement of stranded folks
Stranded Manipuris request arrangement for their return to Chief Minister N Biren
Obscured frontline warriors of COVID -19 honoured by Imphal City Police
Donations to CM's relief fund
Embroidery Cluster Distributed Face Mask
SBM extends helping hand during lockdown
IPSA wary as Manipur stare at relaxation
Education Minister holds consultative meeting with CSOs
Over 24 thousand detained so far
City police helps
KBC distributes fresh vegetables
Ukhrul shows appreciation
ATJU appeals
Food packets distributed
NDI provides essential items
IPSA distributes edible items to Rickshaw pullers

03 May 2020
Red, Orange, Green Zone for lockdown: Manipur in Green Zone
Stranded folks brought back
CM chairs meet with FPCs
29000 tonnes of foodgrain
Jyotin Waikhom throws up more questions on rice distribution
Stranded Manipuri at Shillong urge CM to make arrangement for return
PMGKY strategy: strengthen Women to defeat COVID19
KSO lauds CM effort to fight COVID-19 Pandemic
Rice distributed only to voters: ex-MLA RK Anand
Lockdown: Many turn up with relief items
COVID-19: More hill bodies extend help
EPFO makes filing of ECR easier for business
NMSYO reaches out to quarantine inmates at Mao
Community quarantine centre
Relief fund donations
Ex-gratia assured
3 Manipuris among 122 CRPF jawans to test positive for COVID-19
Many go back to Mizoram
FH applauds CSOs
CAU's paddy seed
Duwa Ceremony cancelled
DeMaS requests Bhawan

01 May 2020
Steps on to bring back stranded people: Jayantakumar
'State's economy will bounce back soon'
Myanmar returnees quarantined
No newspapers for Ukhrul and Kamjong folks for more than a month now
Nungba Churches reach out with gifts
Betel leaves disposed
TSE proprietor continues to extend helping hand
PMGKY gives safety cushion to daily wage earners
Lunch Pack distributed to the needy farmers of Tentha Village
AR distributes food to needy people
Joykisan welcomes demand for CBI enquiry
Auto driver who returned rice, OC Kangpokpi felicitated
Agri Director ensures enough urea fertilizers for effective farming
UPF shares thought on fight against COVID-19 Focus on Myanmar border, Govt asked
Many get relief materials
Co-ordinating Body Khurai gifts lunch packages to truckers
Cash deposited to accounts of stranded students
Class XI promotion
Relief material distributed

30 April 2020
Four buses sent to transport stranded folks from Manipur Bhawan, Guwahati
Students database proposed
To discuss sectors where lockdown may be eased and where to carry on...
AMUCO extends aid to Kamjong villages, back with gifts
TSU, social workers, armed forces distribute essentials
Tribal tenants in Imphal valley urge state Government to pay their rent
Lunch pack served to drivers
Dust kicked up over rice distribution at Thangmeiband AC
Hills and valley people exchange brotherly love amid lockdown
MASLSA gives hand sanitizers, face masks and water bottles to hawkers, IMC workers
JNIMS doctor honoured
Monsang Tribe Union helps
PMGKAY rice distributed to many
More donate
'Will continue to assist people'
ADC Sadar Hills Member reaches out
COVID-19 training
UCM continues relief work
Social worker provides monetary aid to students from Khurai AC
CRPF distributes safety items at Mayang Imphal
976 detained
CPI MSC urges

29 April 2020
Centre, Railways approached to bring back stranded people
Biswajit highlights transportation problems to Nitin Gadkari
As lockdown continues, many get COVID-19 relief materials
CM hands over sanitisers, masks
AMSU appeals schools to waive off fees for lockdown period
KYU's 'Mask Kangpokpi' campaign receives applause
Will extend all possible assistance to stranded State natives : MLA
Biswajit joins video conferencing with Nitin Gadkari
Ujjwala Yojana: feeding the family during lockdown
Seva Bharati Donated Medical essential items to RIMS
Some MU authority violates govt advisory for office attendance
HPC(D) clarifies over incidents with Thanlon MLA
Meat sale
Aids extended to scribes in Bishnupur
UCM extends help
CCpur now have sample collection booth
ZP Member extends aid to journalists
HTTCI appeals
RIMS thanks
Former MLA seeks attention
KSO, KGYA thank
IPS will not take fees

28 April 2020
Trade resumption at Khwairamband unlikely right after May 3
MPCC questions SDMA's inaction
COVID-19 patient tests negative for 4th time
COVID-19 lockdown: Many more extend help to poor and underprivileged
KSO, district admn inspect border in Chandel
MPCC helps family taking shelter in river bank
COVID Relief Bank for CCpur inaugurated
Khurai AC MLA launches website
CRPF conducts awareness programme on COVID-19
In response to the Health department clarification
Journalists' role in fighting COVID -19 recognised
Assam Rifles distributes essential items to villagers
Donations to CM's COVID Relief Fund pour in
Rice lifted for ACs
TMF hands out veggies for valley people to UCM
Relief items dispatched for 3rd phase
DD Thaisii reaches out to orphanages
Left cautions
IPAK alleges
Directorate of Edn informs

27 April 2020
84 people in 11 quarantine centres
220 metre long fencing work completed at CCpur
SHGs rise to the need for face masks
Distributed relief materials to about 1,50,000 households: BJP COVID-19 Combat Team
Celebrated footballers extend help to cope with COVID challenge in Bishnupur, Kangpokpi
Kerala Govt provide additional assistance to Manipuri guest workers - AIYF
Armed group tenders apology to MLA regretting their mischievous act
Health Directorate clarifies news report by Imphal Times
CRPF conducts awareness prog on COVID-19
CSOs continue to help villagers
Relief items distributed at various locations
Inspector wins hearts in Kangpokpi
Aid extended to destitute elder, differently-abled persons
Lifting of PMGKAY rice continues
Co-ordinating Body Khurai encourages frontline workers, procures vegetables
Riverlane NaRM-G and SHG join charitable work
MPP extends help
MOMA hands vegs
Returnees to be tested
AR organises sanitization / drinking water distribution drive
PMGKY aids people in need
MCM lauds
Video conference
Fishermen request
Nemcha Kipgen helps students in TN
889 detained

26 April 2020