E-Pao! Timeline - Killing Fields - October Bloody October

The Killing Fields
- October Bloody October -
- 2007 / 2008 -

Ringo Pebam *

The Killing Fields

Cracking dawns and dark nights, 2007 October sky,
Gun shots over the so called jeweled land
Evening news listing names over the radio
The folks in ponds of blood, we'll never get to know.

She never bade goodbye to see the true colour of his eyes.
Now he's in the dirt, covered with dried mud
Did someone ask who or why there's a body floating over the river?
Mothers cry like no one, but this woman refuses to.

The trenches dug within our hearts are wide and deep,
And mothers, children, brothers, sisters, torn apart
One man caught on a barbed wire fence, next one resisted,
Another laid on a paddy field, betrayed with a kiss

"How many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind."

How many times do we have to sing Dylan's dirge
And continue to wipe our tears over the killing fields
It's true we are immune, when fact is fiction
And electronic illusion is the reality.
Today the millions cry, and we eat and drink,
While tomorrow they die over the killing fields.

October bloody October.

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30th September 2008
IRB patrol commander shot at
KRA(U) sets record straight
PULF surrenderee succumbs

29th September 2008
Third attack launched on Nursing institute
Nursing school attacked for 3rd time
Shot dead body identified
One NSCN-K cadre killed

28th September 2008
Rally flays bomb attacks, demands
Surenderee shot, bombs found, bodies identified
Victims of terror attack
Bomb threats at Kwakeithel Moirangpurel

26th September 2008
Two shot dead identified
PREPAK cadre shot dead
Four UG killed at Iribung

25th September 2008
Gunman fires at Heirok bus, 3 hurt
3 KCP (MC) suspects slain
Standoff between IRB and IM continues
Heirok rally for peace, decries threats
Bomb detonated at Yairipok

24th September 2008
Combined force gun down UG suspect
Bomb attack at Nursing Institute protested
HAC, NPP denounce negligence, violence
Shot dead body deposited

23rd September 2008
Two UGs killed at Ukhrul
Bomb retrieved at Kiyamgei

22nd September 2008
Killing sparks protest, road blocked
Bomb attack at Thangmeiband decried
Slain bodies identified
ZU condemns on killing

21st September 2008
Nursing school decries attack
UNPC claims killing Chawang
Bomb retrieved at Sangaiprou
KCP (MC) claims planting bomb, explains
Shot dead body taken
Body lying unclaimed

20th September 2008
Bomb attack at Tera residence
Shot Victims identified
Protest decries bomb threat
Ex-KYKL man shot dead

19th September 2008
Four scalped: 3 killed in city shoot out
CM smokes peace pipe

17th September 2008
Shooting of Heirok youth : Fresh appeal to KYKL/UNLF/KCP
Chandel Bodies condemn bomb attack
Suspected Underground activist Shot dead
Slain identified

16th September 2008
Violence takes its toll
Gunmen target Heirok youth
Attack condemned

15th September 2008
Bomb lobbed at MLA's residence
Two NSCN-K cadres killed
Slain identified
One shot dead

14th September 2008
Bombs retrieved, protest staged
One slain

12th September 2008
Operation Loktak - PREPAK points finger at informers
Naharup killing victims identified, protest staged

11th September 2008
Suspected factional fight: 3 killed in Imphal East
Operation Loktak: Cash incentives for Army, Cdos
SF scalps one, arrests 4 UGs, 3 sympathizers
Three of five slain CTF cadres identified
KCP (MC) claims hand in city blast
Bomb exploded at Nongren
Agreement reached, body claimed
Protest staged against bomb blast

10th September 2008
Five Cobra Task Force cadres of PREPAK eliminated
Five hurt in city blast
AR jawan killed in PLA ambush
Slain UGs identified
JAC against the killing of Apik
UNLF condoles demise of its cadre
UG suspect killed
Protest decries bomb attack
Firing condemned

09th September 2008
SF strikes: 3 shot dead, arms recovered
Heirok rallies against killing
KRA (U) raises a series of posers
Protest staged
RPF condoles

08th September 2008
UG suspect shot dead
Bomb blasted

07th September 2008
Bomb exploded; one shot
Slain UG cadre identified
Shot dead
PREPAK condoles death

06th September 2008
Bomb placed at Manipur Pollution Control Board
KCP claims hand for firing at Uripok residence
Bomb scare at YAS, Khuman Lampak
One shot dead

05th September 2008
Two hurt in bomb attack at MM Gas
Stir threat over killing
Attack at CM bungalow decried
UG suspect shot dead

04th September 2008
CCTVs at CM's quarters found defunct
Two shot dead, house attacked
Firing attack

03rd September 2008
Bomb attack at CM's bungalow
Two suspected UNLF men slain
Firing attack protested
Slain identified

02nd September 2008
Yairipok bandh against shooting woman total
CM's quarters attacked, again
SF slay two UG suspects
Attack condemned

31st August 2008
Slain persons identified
Woman shot at, hospitalised
Bus Owner Assn condemns

30th August 2008
Bomb found inside CCpur bound bus
Bus fired at, 2 killed in follow up action
Body identified

29th August 2008
Division commander of PLA slain
PREPAK claims, clarifies
Firing attack

28th August 2008
JACs formed on killing at Wangjing
Nagaland bandh on September 10
Attack at Ningthoukhong decried
NSCN(IM) cadre shot dead

27th August 2008
GR post attacked, one slain
Many condemn bomb/firing attacks

26th August 2008
NSCN(K) shoots dead IM Second Lt in Dimapur
UG killed at Thoubal
Sit-in-protest at Kwakeithel
Bomb defused at Keirak residence

25th August 2008
Bomb hurled at Wabagai residence
Deceased identified
Oinam Attack condemned

24th August 2008
Combined force gun down UG suspect
UG shot dead body identified
Bomb attack

23rd August 2008
SF gun down one at Meitram
JKLI man killed

22nd August 2008
Heirok bus fired upon, tyres hit
Cr PC clamped in Imphal West District
Body found, sent for disposals
Road blocked in protest against killing

21st August 2008
PREPAK condoles, charges Security forces
Body disposal
Two shot dead at Khuman Lampak
KCP claims

20th August 2008
Attacker killed, bomb defused
Protest staged at Thangmeiband
Bomb found at Khurai Thangjam Leikai
JAC on killing of Chittaranjan warns

19th August 2008
GR man hurt in UG attack
Shots fired at Thangmeiband residence
Body disposal

16th August 2008
Joint force scalp one UG suspect

15th August 2008
Heirok body urges to relax ban
UG killed

14th August 2008
House attacked at Mayang Imphal
Body decries attack

13th August 2008
Unabated armed attacks on Minister
Retired Assam Rifles personnel house burnt
One slain, 6 held in Manipur

12th August 2008
Cease fire at Zeliangrong region
Found shot dead

11th August 2008
SPO penalty : Heirok JAC refutes charges
Surrenderee shot dead
Body condemns bomb at Keishamthong residence

10th August 2008
KYKL-UNLF on Heirok
Tragedy averted

09th August 2008
RPF applauds
Attack on residence decried

08th August 2008
Two CRPF men killed in KYKL ambush
Bomb threat at Sega Road Residence

07th August 2008
Heirok rally

05th August 2008
Bomb attack at residence in Sangaiyumpham
UGs deceased identified
Moreh College Body condemns

04th August 2008
Another two UG suspects slain

03rd August 2008
Two UG suspects slain, three apprehended
Womenfolk storm PS
UG clashes condemned
Man hurt in bomb attack

02nd August 2008
Slaying of non-local sparks protest in CCpur
PREPAK refutes, salutes
Bishnupur bandh over killing still on
Bomb attack at residence in Thoubal

01st August 2008
IRB men fired upon at Kwakeithel bazar
Bodies identified, claimed
KRA (U) hits back at SP
Protest demands punishment for killers

31st July 2008
SF claims two killed
Meira Paibis storm Nambol PS
SP nullifies KRA (U), JAC claims
Bomb found, exploded at Kakching Lamkhai

30th July 2008
Bombs strewn all over Imphal
Thoubal body named as KCP (MC) cadre
KRA(U) condoles death of Army Chief
One shot, hurt at Khoyathong
Body claimed on Hiyangthang killing
UCM concerned over killings of innocent civilians

29th July 2008
One killed in rescue ops of abducted cop
Another cry of innocent killing raised, JAC formed
Factional clash claims two NSCN(U) men
Bomb lobbed at FCS Minister residence

28th July 2008
SF guns down 2, many held
SPO at Heirok
JAC claims Ingo as innocent
SPO sought for all villages in Manipur

27th July 2008
Bishnupur police pull up three bandh supporters
Killings decried, JACs formed in protest
UGs relax ban on Heirok villagers
Shot dead in Dimapur

25th July 2008
Commandos scalp one UG suspect
Shots fired at house, goods damaged
Heirok for full relaxation and State force
Gun attack protested at Lilong
Bomb hurled at Erabot's house
RPF condoles

24th July 2008
Two slain by security forces
One shot dead, two injured in Nagaland
KSO concerned over killing
JAC on killing deadline

22nd July 2008
Keishampat firing, injuries decried
UNLF dismisses KSO's claim

21st July 2008
2 slain, 5 hurt in city shoot-out
Three kids killed, two hurt in bomb blast
Apunba Lup condemns escalation of violence

20th July 2008
Public meet decries killing
Shot dead identified
JAC on killing of Rameshwor memo
IEDs neutralised at Thoubal Kshetri Leikai

19th July 2008
Demand raised to absorb SPO to State force
IED found planted at Khuga Dam
IW Cdos eliminate two UG suspects
MLA's team face Lilong bandh brunt
Wakat Meepham on firing at Nongmeibung
Bomb blast at Sugnu bazar
Agitation retracted

18th July 2008
KYKL clarifies on person shot dead
Family denies police claim
Bishnupur strike on killing
Killing decried by people of Lilong
JAC on killing sets deadline
Bomb hurled at Hatta Minuthong

17th July 2008
Relaxation of restrictions on Heirok
UG suspect shot dead, UGs held
Shots fired at Urup Laphupat

16th July 2008
IW cops/12 MLI scalp two UG suspects
Last rites for youths slain by commandos
JAC on killing thanks

15th July 2008
Apunba Lup's bid to storm House foiled
Truce agreed, strike off
HPC(D) sets record straight on killing of Mizo youth
NSCNs factional fights: It is one all for IM, U
Killing condemned by MSF

14th July 2008
Bandh begins on extra-judicial killings
IM guns down U cadre
KYKL clarifies on killing

13th July 2008
Killing of 2 Lambulane youths
Killed by security forces at Thoubal identified
KRA (U) hails killing
KSO condemns killing of Law student
Wangbal Killing decried, stir lined up

12th July 2008
5 bodies cram RIMS morgue, 8 held
Heirok situation after SPO decision
Ex-KRA leader DT Haokip shot dead
UNLF-KYKL hail Heirok's womenfolk
Body identified

11th July 2008
Restrictions/threats on Heirok
UNLF accuses Heirok
Body identified
Shot and hurt
Slogan shouted at CM bungalow on killing
MAFYF condemns killing of Bimolchandra

10th July 2008
Protection force mooted instead of SPO
Meira Paibis protest 'senseless' killing
Body found

09th July 2008
Cops crackdown on bandh supporters
UG suspects slain
KCP (MC) concerned over Heirok

08th July 2008
Marginal impact of bandh felt
IM annoyed with New Delhi's nod to U
Shot, injured

07th July 2008
Two slain in separate shoot-outs
Bandh on extra judicial killing relaxation
UNLF-KYKL adopt tough stance, impose restrictions

06th July 2008
Suspected UG shot dead
Bombs at Dr Mohen's quarters
Shot dead

04th July 2008
SF scalps PULF cadre

03rd July 2008
Identities ot six slain men established
Assaulted youth succumbs
One slain
RPF clarifies

02nd July 2008
Six UG suspects killed on day of gore and gun fights
3 PLA suspects slain near Baruni Hills
U cadre slain
Protest staged
Uripok-Kangchup Road bandh
RPF condoles

01st July 2008
SF slay 2 in separate incidents
Naga reconciliation: UPDP-S hopes for the best
PREPAK condoles

30th June 2008
Commandos scalp 3 in separate incidents
Deceased identified, two AKs seized
PREPAK gives it back word for word

28th June 2008
Memo submitted to Chief Minister
One UG slain, three held
Many condemn Ningthoukhong attack
PREPAK apologises on bomb blast

27th June 2008
Bomb hurled at dharna site, 10 injured
Three slain in separate shoot-outs
IM over runs U camp, seven U cadres killed
Three including two minor injured in bomb attack

25th June 2008
Bomb retrieved at North AOC
AMWJU meet on (non) publication
One shot dead at Konthoujam
Killing of Zoumunuam chief decried

24th June 2008
Heirok JAC decries Govt
Man shot dead Identified
KCP's Kokkai claims
Grenade defused at Laimaram

23rd June 2008
Candidates in waiting list make up SPO's total
KCP (MC) sticks to stance
IM man killed in clash with U
PREPAK claims responsibility on firing incidents

22nd June 2008
KYKL condoles, clarifies
Gunmen target bus, PCO booth
KLA clarifies

21st June 2008
Activating process of Heirok SPOs starts
Clash between KRA and KNA
Wangoi MLA's house attacked
One Prepak claims, another denies
Ketawn bomb threat decried
Found shot dead at Lilong
Body taken

20th June 2008
KYKL man, civilian killed in clash with KCP (MC)
EE shot on the knee
Arms for Heirok and Chajing

19th June 2008
NSCN (U) cadre killed
Govt declares SPO recruitment result

18th June 2008
One killed, two hurt in last 48 hrs
UNLF hits back at NSCN (IM)-II
UNLF unfazed by IGAR (S)'s comments
Hand grenade threat at embroidery centre

15th June 2008
New IGAR (S) pledges to protect Heirok villagers
UNLF hits back at IM-I
Shots fired, grenade hurled
1 killed in shoot-out
1 NSCN (U) found killed

14th June 2008
Panic stricken villagers flee homesteads
Arming villagers: KYKL-UNLF name collaborators
Shot dead at Chingmeirong Nepali Basti

13th June 2008
Shoot out at Urup Kangthak
Factional killings worrying, says Ibobi
PREPAK salutes to its late cadre
Bomb attack at New Lambulane

12th June 2008
Violence continues to exact heavy toll
Bodies taken, protest staged
SPO recruitment: Last round held for Heirok
AZSU appeals factional groups to stop killing
Thangalphai Chief refutes shot dead report

11th June 2008
AR-UG gun fight: Woman hit by stray bullet
Protest staged for killing of Tiken
KNA-KRA clash: Three killed, one injured
PREPAK claims success strike on AR
Don't meddle, advises IM to UNLF
Bombs lobbed at Sagolband Meino Leirak

10th June 2008
Six including 3 year old kid hurt in Bishnupur firing
Slain persons at Hatta Golapati identified
IRB personnel thrash NSCN-U kilonsers

08th June 2008
Five gunned down, seven nabbed
One more IM cadre shot dead

07th June 2008
Peace call : Kids make a bonfire of toy guns
Seize gun : JAC
Naga bodies reiterate support to peace process
Arming Heirok people: KYKL/UNLF spell out final stand
Road blocked at Khurai for killing

06th June 2008
Introspect why IM group disintegrated, UNLF advises
One shot dead at Kongba
Body taken

05th June 2008
Chingmeirong bomb blast
Factional guns continue to boom in Nagaland

04th June 2008
Debate over SPO in Heirok
No end to verbal duel between factions
Deceased at Bamdiyar identified

03rd June 2008
Welcome but it was generalised : Tamnganba-II
NSCN Factional clash
Protest staged against Inao killing

02nd June 2008
Arming of Heirok people under SPO model
Statement of UNLF and KYKL on RIMS bomb attack

01st June 2008
KCP (MC) bares fang at UNLF/KYKL
IGAR (S) rebuttal to UNLF/KYKL

31st May 2008
Bomb attack at RIMS: Terrorism, say KYKL, UNLF
Deceased at Waikhurok identified

30th May 2008
RIMS re-opened after bomb attack protest
KCP (MC) unfazed, pledges to cleanse RIMS
Student shot at, grievously injured by Commandos
Body disposal

29th May 2008
RIMS blast: Don't harass, says Parijat
Support pledged to collective leadership of NSCN
More killings greet Naga truce call
Wahid killing
Bomb blast at Yairipok residential area
RIMS blast flayed

28th May 2008
After blast, fresh threats to RIMS
Civilian killing slur on Commandos, AR
Stop fights : Naga bodies
NGOs Mission appeals to spare civilians
HC issues ruling on killing by Commando
Violence, killings protested
Body identified

27th May 2008
RIMS blast strongly condemned
UG suspect killed, IRB man rescued
Saikul killings: KNO/KLA refutes, accuses KRA
Naga bodies stand against UNPC
KCP (MC) accuses, Dr Fimate rubbishes
IE Commandos scalp UG suspect

26th May 2008
Inter-UG clash claims five at Saikul
Bomb attack rocks RIMS, no casualties
Planted bombs terrorize people

25th May 2008
IW Commandos scalp 4 UG suspects
No respite from factional clash
Bomb found at Lilong

24th May 2008
'Quiz' adds spice to Heirok drama
NSCN-IM hits out against all over Tangkhul killing
'Nagaland is not a Gaza strip to rehabilitate others'
Zeliangrong Forum appeals Naga UG for peace
RPF eliminates deserter
Bomb blast at Viewland, Ukhrul

23rd May 2008
Violence decried by AAMSU
KNF clarifies on Tera Urak killing
NSCN-IM debunks UNPC stamp
Bomb retrieved

22nd May 2008
Children give up 'arms', make bonfire
Businessman shot dead in Dimapur
Ex-KRA man clarifies on killing
Protest staged at Keishamthong firing
KNF (MC) clarifies on stabbing
Grenade found at Hatta Mayai Leikai
Gas cylinder with lid off left at Minister

21st May 2008
Abducted civilians found killed in Dimapur
Nagaland rallies for peace
MU session discusses arming of villagers
One stabbed to death
NSUC urges all to defuse tension
Shots fired at Keishamthong
Firing attack at Nongada
Committee constituted at NC Hills

20th May 2008
Defectors float UNPC in the face of IM group
Swu hints at snapping truce pact with Delhi
KCP scrutinises move to arm civilians
TNL concerned over factional fights
AR to compensate Rs 3 lakh
Bodies decry shooting of student

19th May 2008
Heirok to study JK guidelines for SPOs
PREPAK salutes slain comrade
Shillong based Hospital offers help to Heirok victim
JAC constituted on killing at Konthoujam
Naga bodies concerned over factional fights

18th May 2008
SPO guidelines entails CI operation duty
Trigger-happy jawan detained
NSCN-IM clarifies on shoot-out
One killed by Imphal West commandos
Deceased identified

17th May 2008
16 killed in Dimapur shoot outs in factional violence
Ngangkhalawai uproar: Apunba Lup extends helping hand
UNLF, KYKL emphatise but disagree with SPO option
Commandos slay one at Top Khongnangkhong

16th May 2008
Guidelines for SPOs soon : DG
MU protests assault on student
Shyamjai JAC to intensify stir against Govt
Bombs found in private house, bridge
Sit-in-protest staged at Kwakeithel
Bomb defused at Hiyangthang Bridge
Bodies support Moirang JAC

15th May 2008
Student hurt in firing from SF
Killing decried, Tiddim road block on
Zillai refutes killing claim

14th May 2008
Heirok JAC decries Govt's vague stance
Scribes take threats complaint to CM
'Slain youth was a driver'
Manipur tops insurgent related incidents
JAC demands guns, calls bandh
Sema tribe fires salvo at IM, Rio
Shot dead Deceased identified

13th May 2008
Commandos gun down two UG suspects at Ghari
Threat to Naharolgi Thoudang
KCP-MC issues clarification on CJM
Moirangpurel JAC demands quashing SoO
ZSUM condemns firing incident
JACs constituted for Shyamjai killing
One shot dead by Imphal(E) Commandos
Body unidentified

12th May 2008
Price of inter-UG clash : 2 including 1 civilian killed
KCP clarifies in planting bombs
KRA clarifies on killing of Rolex
JKLI scalps UG suspect at Bishnupur
Man League urged Heirok not to accept arms

10th May 2008
MLA Anand shares thought on issuing of arms
DESAM puts up case against arming people
Clashes between NSCN (IM) and NSCN (U)
Bomb gift for school principal
NPMHR objects Govt move
Bodies condemn Fairyland's bomb attack

09th May 2008
RPF's stance on creation of SPOs
High security breached
Arming villagers : MPP dithers
Factional clashes claim four more

08th May 2008
Ukhrul bomb attack at EE, PHED
Hall owner shot, MTF claims hand
Proposed rally of May 11 by WCAL
Who is behind factional violence: Dr Shurhozelie
Bodies for reviewing Govt's move on issuing gun
Panel discussion opposes gun issuing move
Bodies urge to shun fratricidal killings
Man shot, hurt at Namdulung
Chajing JAC to discuss on May 12

07th May 2008
DGP asked to submit report
JAC sees red over DG's 'CI ops' statement
Heirok issue to reach SC table
KLA clarifies on killing rival
NSCN-IM, (U) engage in war of words
Slur cast on Commandos shooting
Shots fired at Uchiwa
Bomb explodes at Fairyland

06th May 2008
Recruitment of SPOs at Heirok
Combined force slays one
MAFYF demands resignation of CM
KRA accuses AR officer
4 including student from Ukhrul killed
Killing of Tangkhuls: Ethnic cleansings
KSO questions civilians arming

05th May 2008
Heirok reiterates stance, derides 'doubting Thomases'
Factional feud claims two 'U' men

04th May 2008
Arming public Chajing, Heirok hail
UCM denounces Cabinet decision
Apunba Lup to protest Govt Heirok & Chajing decision

03rd May 2008
Cabinet agrees to provide guns to Heirok, Chajing
Two AR men killed at Phailenkot, Chandel
UNLF claims success strike
Girl found brutally killed at Telipati
Body fished out at Lakhipur, Assam

01st May 2008
UG suspect shot dead by Bishnupur Commandos
NSCM-IM's 'officials' abducted

30th April 2008
Murder of two Anal women; SP cracks case
Peace Brokers appeal for peace on NSCN
TSA condemns bomb blast

29th April 2008
CPI sees red over ban on vehicle entry
Villagers take tough stand against clashes
NSCN-IM seeks social organisations' intervention
JAC on Lukhoi killing constituted
NH-39 bandh on Anal girl killing

28th April 2008
UNLF refutes report on members shot dead
One killed in encounter
UG suspect killed at Bishnupur
AR averts major tragedy

27th April 2008
Central team suggests comprehensive action plan
Highway bandh on killing of 2 Anal women
Dimapur, Kohima reeling under factional fueds
NSCN-IM regrets Hanji's killing
KCP (MC) denies Babupara bomb blast

26th April 2008
15 member Delhi team land at Imphal
Three UG suspects shot dead
JAC against Robi's killing gives a lie to MTF's charges
Traffic regulation adds to chaos in bazar area
KCP (MC) claims 'credit' for Babupara bomb blast
NSCM(IM)-IRB clash in Dimapur

25th April 2008
Blast rocks high security zone Babupara
Bomb found at Pologround
3 UG suspects killed, KCP (MC) slays 1
SPF Cabinet gets serious !
NH-39 bandh on killing of 2 women
PREPAK denies hand in Bomb

24th April 2008
Factional clash claims NSCN (IM), U men
Imphal East commandos slay 2

23rd April 2008
AR refutes allegation from Yairipok people

22nd April 2008
KSO threatens agitation on Guite's killing
KLO/KLA vows revenge strike
Bail for suspects on Inaothoibi's killing
Deceased shot dead by commandos identified
Guite bodies claimed

21st April 2008
KLA's Imphal West town commander killed
Slain youth was PLA cadre
Deceased unidentified

20th April 2008
Cousin brothers shot dead
AR's claim refuted, bandh threat issued
IEDs defused at Nongpok Sekmai
Deceased shot dead by commandos identified

19th April 2008
Out of four shot dead, 3 contradictory claims
No let up in NSCNs clashes
Protest continues on UttamKumar's shrada
Bomb set off at Keirao
RLP appeals against Naga killings

18th April 2008
Commandos scalp one UG suspect
3 killed in NSCNs clash
LNC appeals against factional killing

17th April 2008
Shot dead at Thoubal
Shot dead bodies taken
JAC on killing of S Raju warns

16th April 2008
Man shot dead by nephew
JAC for Kamei demands justice, ex-gratia
Road blocked to protest widow's killing
Gun battle between NSCN(I-M) & (K) at Tamenglong
Bodies shot by Commandos taken

15th April 2008
SF scalps two UG suspects
Projectile lands in RIMS special ward
JAC on killing of Somorendro refutes CM
NH-53 bandh on killing of 19-yrs old
NSCN killings
Stirs lined up on killing of Inaothoibi

13th April 2008
Suspect in widow killing case apprehended
Corpse claimed

12th April 2008
Murder of widow at Kakching
Combined force slay two
NSCN(IM) scalps 3 K cadres
Shantibala killing condemned

11th April 2008
Young widow found dead at Kakching
Heirok boycotts civil society bodies
Gun fire rocks Moreh
Bomb detonated at Bashikhong

10th April 2008
Attacks on Assembly, MLA's residence
Outraged Heirok bids adieu to its departed kids
KRA (U) sets record straight on killing

09th April 2008
Engineers call off stir, works resume
Chandel bodies adopt firm stand, warn
Effigies hanged

07th April 2008
'Proxy war exacerbating law and order'
CM Effigies burnt by Uttamkumar JAC

06th April 2008
Peace call echoes at women's rally
Engineers stick to stir stand
Meet stresses on public dialogue to resolve conflict
IM man shot, abductions on
JAC condemns Minister Jayantakumar
Body cremated

05th April 2008
CM's assurance fails to cut ice
'Armed conflict breeding violence'
Zou bodies condemn killing
KSO decries KCP (MC)
Shots fired

04th April 2008
MoS Defence plays down PR 'story'
KRA rubbishes allegations by KRA (U)
Mayai Lambi bandh on
Guv and CM discuss Law and order
TIPS decries
Engineers' meet

03rd April 2008
Security alarm bells from Imphal
State grilled over grave law and order situation
Comrades in job join hands with PWD
KRA (U) admits killing KRA chief

02nd April 2008
Assassination of AE
Heirok tragedy: JAC seeks co-operation from all
Last rites of slain AE performed
Heirok victim cries, 'Will I ever see again?'
Killing flayed, protest staged

01st April 2008
AE killed, KCP (MC) claims hand
Rally taken out at Chandel, ultimatum served on CM
Heirok mourning
Deceased identified

31st March 2008
Heirok tragedy: PREPAK refutes, clarifies
Talk fails, punishment demanded
All about cash ?
ANSAM flays killing
PULF claims on killing
Grenade attack
Body taken

30th March 2008
Foul play alleged in Keishamthong killing
Last rites of Heirok victims performed
Rally tomorrow to protest women's killings
Body unclaimed

29th March 2008
Heirok tragedy; Last rites not held
Heirok tragedy : Retrospect, says UNLF
Slain person identified as MR man
PULF clarifies - not behind killing of Langu Esther
Pervert shot dead
Many condemn killing of Anal girls

28th March 2008
Heirok tragedy continues to fuel people's ire
I/E Commandos slay one at Naharup
UG suspect shot dead
IM-KNA clash claims 1 at Ukhrul
Chandel killings : Protest rallies lined up
Bodies condemn

27th March 2008
Blood soaked Yaoshang winds up, many including 4 women killed
PREPAK apologises for Heirok tragedy
Shot dead
Bodies identified
Hurt in blast

21st March 2008
Three UG suspects killed in stepped up security vigil
Pact signed, body taken

20th March 2008
Brick field workers stage protest

19th March 2008
Four KRA (U) men killed
'SF conspires to eliminate IM top brass'
Protest rally taken out
Bomb threat decried
Body identified

18th March 2008
Shot dead

17th March 2008
AR debunks UNLF claim
KSO condemns killing by UNLF/MPA
Only one AR man, civilian killed
UG suspect gunned down at Sega road
Shots fired

16th March 2008
UNLF storms AR post in Chandel district
UNLF cites ten killed

13th March 2008
AR scalps three in Ukhrul district
'Mysterious' blast rips apart two to death
Bomb attacks, PREPAK justifies stand
UNLF claims that it awarded capital punishment
One identified

12th March 2008
Shooting rickshaw driver; Explain
Two shot dead
Bomb attack protested, condemned

11th March 2008
CM strikes tough stance Minister's kin's death sparks furore Two shot KNA refutes

10th March 2008
Post bomb attack; Tight security measures
Commandos slay one amid contrasting claims
KSO condemns gunbattle
NSCN killings

09th March 2008
Bomb blast rocks Assembly
Emergency Cabinet meet held post blast
PREPAK claims hand in bomb attack
KRA-KNA clash stretches for Hrs

08th March 2008
Thoubal commandos slay two UG suspects

06th March 2008
Sora public protest arrests, decry Cdos action

04th March 2008
Controversial killings; 39 probes in last decade
Commandos slay one
PREPAK cautions all cilivilians

02nd March 2008
Children rally against violence
Student bodies decry repeated firing
Grenade found

29th February 2008
Lady CDPO killers identifed; Red alert sounded : CM

28th February 2008
Roads blocked to protest youth's killing
Minister's house attacked
PULF claims killing of Talibur

27th February 2008
Bomb retrieved
Slain UGs identified
Students' killing condemned
UNC grimly notes firing incident

26th February 2008
Toll of continued violence; Four shot dead
KSO condemns killing of students

25th February 2008
KRA decries multiple killings
Shot dead
KLO/KLA condemn

24th February 2008
AR slays six UNLF cadres

23rd February 2008
Dead UG identified

22nd February 2008
Protest against killing; Tiddim road blocked
UG shot dead by Commandos

21st February 2008
Imphal(W) Commandos scalp 1 UG suspect
Bomb defused

20th February 2008
Bloodshed continues...
One killed at CCpur

19th February 2008
Slain man identified
Shot on leg

18th February 2008
Death of Kangpokpi youth

17th February 2008
Informer slain
Family cries foul over killing

16th February 2008
Violence unabated, Cdos slay one
Bombs recovered after firing attack

15th February 2008
Four found shot dead all over
Bodies identified
Bomb attack
Bomb blast
Shots fired

14th February 2008
Unidentified youth shot dead
UNLF claims hand in eliminating two

13th February 2008
Unidentified gunmen kill three
Two found shot dead last night

11th February 2008
Ex-UG shot dead

10th February 2008
Ex-UG slain
Five bodies taken away

09th February 2008
Elimination of 22 yr old youth
Identity confirmed
TIPS condemns killing

08th February 2008
Ex-UNLF cadre shot dead
UG suspect killed
Grenade attack
KSO condemns

07th February 2008
Bomb planted at EE's house defused
AR rubbishes

06th February 2008
Lilong dharna decries killing
PULF clarifies

05th February 2008
JAC refuses to take back body

04th February 2008
One shot dead at Oinam Sawombung
Protest against killing in Lilong

01st February 2008
PREPAK claims

30th January 2008
MLA's house attacked
SF post attacked

28th January 2008
AR officer dies, probe ordered
JAC instituted

26th January 2008
Casualty signs after Singjamei firing

25th January 2008
Controversy over Ibobi's killing
MoU signed, body claimed

24th January 2008
SF, PLA exchange heavy gun fire
Controversial CCpur killing, KYKL refutes
JAC strikes tough pose
Uproar raised against Kwakeithel killing

23rd January 2008
AR slays one amidst contradictory claims
Commandos shot dead suspected UG

22nd January 2008
'Planted bomb' explodes

21st January 2008
Hansing's murder, Three more pulled up
Deceased identified

20th January 2008
Two bodies identified

19th January 2008
No let up in violence
Body disposal
One shot dead at Khong-nungpokpi
Bodies claimed

18th January 2008
'Unidentified' gunmen continue to strike
Tension grips Sugnu amid contrasting claims
Bodies identified

17th January 2008
Cdos slay two KCP suspects

16th January 2008
New Samtal under its belt
Deceased cadres
AR aid to IED victim

13th January 2008
Accidental blast hurts four sisters in Tamenglong
KCP justifies killing of three
PREPAK hits back

12th January 2008
UNLF dismisses AR claim
AI's murder: JAC inks truce with Govt

11th January 2008
Last village cleared in Samtal : AR
PREPAK offers salutes
KCP (MTF) claims
Bodies unclaimed

10th January 2008
AI shot dead
Shot dead

05th January 2008
GOC 3 Corps on security recce
KCP (MTF) salutes
UNLF clarifies on killing of KRA

04th January 2008
Cops crack KRA chief's murder case
Body yet to be taken
'Chief not killed by firing'
Body disposed
JAC condemns

03rd January 2008
Shots fired, protest raised
Grenades 'gifted' to Patsoi MLA
One shot dead
Body disposal

01st January 2008
Year ends on violent note, two killed
Two bodies exhumed
KCP executes ex-cadre
KNO condoles

30th December 2007
No let up in violence; AR guns down 3
One civilian hurt in shoot-out3
KRA(U) blamed for Hangsing's murder
BSF post attacked
UNLF claims

29th December 2007
Shot dead
Body found

28th December 2007
Unidentified gunmen kill two youths
Pourabi Blast

27th December
I/E SP sets record straight
Clash with KNF (P) : RPF details its version

25th December
Ex-gratia given to blast victims' kins
Ops Samtal - Another hide out busted : AR
One of two killed identified
PREPAK refutes

24th December
Ops Samtal: UNLF presents its report
I/E commandos gun down two suspected militants
Two PLA suspects killed in showdown with KNF (P)

23rd December
6 UNLF cadres killed: AR

22nd December
Engineer shot
Molcham battle

21st December
Two Thoubal cops hurt in ambush
KMHR decries

20th December
Arrest of PLA cadres
JAC seeks aid for injured victims
Bomb attack
'MPA, SF exchange firing'
RIMS provides blood to blast victims
Dr Sidhu decries Dec 16 bomb blast
KLA condemns

19th December
Pourabi blast toll rises to 8, bodies taken
RPF's story cuts no ice with JAC
MLA assures all help, condoles
DG rubbishes RPF's claims
RPF refutes DG, details its story
Cops net key man in bazar blast
Three killed in factional clash
AR refutes
Condemnations pour in
KCP condoles
Minister's house
UNLF claims

18th December
SFs, PLA cadres trade gunfire in Baruni
RPF regrets Pourabi blast, explains case
Many condemn Pourabi blast
Hunt on to nab blast accused, says DGP
Seven SF men killed, claims UNLF
Van damaged in KCP attack
2 PULF cadre shot dead, another hurt
Patil condemns
CM anguished over Pourabi bomb blast

17th December
Black Sunday : Seven killed as bomb rips apart bus
Bomb explodes
Fired on

16th December
5 more SF men killed: UNLF

14th December
PLA on the offensive under Ops Red Sun
UNLF cautions against SF's covert warfare
KYKL salutes, accuses cops
AR guns down two KYKL cadres

13th December
17 IEDs recovered, 6 defused safely

11th December
Key man Lt Great slain

10th December
Paona Bazar blast accused held
PREPAK refutes
UNLF claims

09th December
UNLF poohs-poohs SF's claim
SP refutes PREPAK

08th December
PREPAK flays
Deceased identified

07th December
Commandos gun down UG suspect
KLA behind abduction : SP Thoubal
Dead AR body taken
Corpse disposal

06th December
Ten hurt in city bomb blast
Alert cops rescue driver, conductor
Dead man's details

05th December
AR man killed, IRB camp picketed
Bomb hoax at NH-39
Bodies disposed
Grenade attack

04th December
AR slays one
Imphal West Police Commandos scalp 1
One shot dead at Hatta

03rd December
Houses of accused destroyed
Slain AR man's body brought
Fired at

02nd December
UNLF salutes, details Khengjoi battle
IE police Cdos scalp 1 UG suspect
Corpses claimed
PREPAK warns
KLA warns

01st December
Combined force guns down 2 PULF suspects
Ukhrul mourns for Capt Thanshok
Body identified
UNLF claims
MPA cadre killed : AR

30th November
Three still unidentified
Body claimed
Meeting condemns killing

29th November
Two lynched at CCpur
Bombs set-off, traffic disrupted
Many more decry blast at World Vision office
Three killed in shoot-out
Corpses claimed
Bodies brought

28th November
AR guns down 2 KYKL suspects
Hoax bomb
Shot dead
World Mission attack flayed

27th November
Dy Speaker escapes life bid
RIMS refutes JAC's allegation
Deceased identified

26th November
At least 7 SF men killed : UNLF
Teens among 3 killed, SF posts attacked
JAC decries RIMS' treatment of victim

25th November
Groom-to-be hacked to dead
Blast condemnation continues

24th November
Brajamani's death
Bomb detected on CM's route
Stray bullet hits boy

23rd November
Cabinet extends DDA
Sisters assaulted, woman dead
Bomb attack on World Vision office
Apunba Lup joins JAC, body claimed
Body unidentified
Grenade threat

22nd November
CRPF jawan hurt in bomb blast
Road blocked in protest
Bomb blast decried
One shot dead
Bodies claimed

21st November
3 UGs killed in separate encounters
World Vision office bombed
Law and order situation
JAC on killing in Phayeng suspends stir
Cops scalp kidnapper

20th November
'Videocon bomb blast was a genuine error'
UNLF condemns blast, cautions
PREPAK denies
Blast protested

19th November
Blast probe
NH cops requisitioned for city task
KCP (MC) sets record straight
Many condemn killing
Commandos slay one

18th November
Road blocked, shops shut to protest terror blast
KRA probes leader's murder
Shot dead
Dialogue on Peace Building in Manipur

17th November
Five hurt in Paona Bazar blast
Tata DI truck torched
Many condemn killing of CDPO

16th November
Body of slain CDPO claimed
Sidhu leads in decrying murder
3 KCP (MC) cadres including VC held

15th November
Gunmen mow down woman CDPO
KCP (MC) justifies killing CDPO

14th November
KRA leader among two shot dead
Negative impact of conflict on kids' edn
Body still unidentified

11th November
Manipur at the nadir of unlawful activities
Three found killed, one hurt in firing
Driver abducted near Yaikongpao

10th November
Suspected UG shot dead

09th November
Grenade attack, abduction decried
Commandos gun down one
Many condemn attack

08th November
Bomb attack at PWD SE residence
Corpses to be disposed

05th November
AR slays two at Sorde village
Deceased identified

03rd November
Cops scalp two
Auto driver shot dead
Bomb attacks at residence of Minister
Ukhrul bodies condemn attack
BSF post attacked

1st November
AR Major among three killed in Ukhrul ambush
Blood soaked October

26th October
Abducted man found shot dead, violence, fear grips Khamenlok

25th October
Blood continues to soak soil UG shot dead by AR

24th October
Another non-local man shot dead at Kakching
Many decry killing spree
One-month old baby joins protest against mother's shooting

23th October
Woman gang raped at Heirok
Two more shot dead at Yourbung

22th October
Youth found thrashed to death

21th October
Abduction of engineers for ransom protested

19th October
Yourbung decries killing
Three youths shot dead at Keibi

18th October
Four militants killed in encounters
One shot dead near Manipur University

17th October
Another woman shot dead

16th October
Hotelier shot dead

15th October
One shot dead

11th to 14th October
There were no news published, as Manipur's Media shut shops.

07th October
SFs slay three UG cadres
Bodies remain unidentified

06th October
Three shot dead No let up in killings since Oct 1
Killed UG identified

05th October
Casualties of UG-SF clash since Oct 1 Seven UG cadres slain in the last 48 hrs
Identities of slain men established

04th October
PREPAK strike claims 5 CRPF men

02th October
AR man killed in Umathel ambush
Wrath falls on villagers, many hospitalised at RIMS hospital

For a while, let's recall that not so long ago,
We used to Laibak Katpa if we touch someone with our feet.
How could we become so brute ?
How could we become so inhumane ?


The wife of Shamungou, a villager of Takyel Korom Leikai, bursts into tears during a sit-in-protest against his killing by unidentified miscreants on 22nd October.
Courtesy: Thingbaijam Dhamen / IFP

A mother weeps for her son shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Yourbung.
Courtesy: The Sangai Express

A protest against the shooting of a housewife at Lamphel Sanakeithel in Imphal.
Courtesy: Thingbaijam Dhamen/ IFP

The bare torsos of the villagers give ample testimony of the harsh thrashings they received at the hands of the rampaging AR men at Umathel Mathal Leikai and Makha Leikai.
Courtesy: The Sangai Express

The spot along NH-53 where the CRPF convoy was ambushed by PREPAK cadres and inset security personnel inspecting a vehicle.
Courtesy: The Sangai Express

Villagers of Khamenlok leaving their homesteads on a truck to escape the harassments from underground cadres.
Courtesy: The Sangai Express

Gory scenes of the violence after a number of UGs were gunned down by security force.
Courtesy: The Sangai Express

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