Poems Paradise from Manipuri Poets

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  My Lil' Hamlet  
      Victor Ramsan      
  Kasanu bing rwan lang pi   Cry of a downtrodden State 4
      Roman Riamroi Inpui       Kh Dinamani
  Cry of a downtrodden State 2   Cry of a downtrodden State 3
      Kh Dinamani       Kh Dinamani
  Cry of a downtrodden State   Sail Away With Me
      Kh Dinamani       Rocko Daryal
  Gift   Distant One
      Joyshree Heisnam       Joyshree Heisnam
  Parental Alienation : Poem 2   Dear Happiness
      Manoj Pukhrambam       Joyshree Heisnam
  The Voice of Silence   Hojang
      Manoj Pukhrambam       Chinkhei Luwang
  The Crying Call of Motherland   In The Heaven of The 'Morrow
      Manoj Pukhrambam       RK Bon
  The cute little chick   Best Christmas Wishes
            Shongminthang Haokip
  In Her Arms Of Death   I am a beautiful HIV Virus
      Akashdeep Kalita       Thoudam Openkumar
  Incomplete Love   Hey! You're a role model
      Akashdeep Kalita       Mikhail Puyam
  Life did put me into darkness   The flute player
      Akashdeep Kalita       Nehtinthang Haokip
  Blue Ocean   The Eternal Moment
      S Priyadarshini      
  Looking for Raju   Born a Kuki, die a Kuki
      Basil Fernando       Nehtinthang Haokip
  To my sweet daughter   Moments to cherish
      K. Dineshwori       S Priyadarshini
  Awakening   Woke Up, But You're Nowhere
      Ibohal Kshetrimayum       Manoj Pukhrambam
  It must be love   To Adya Prasad Pandey from a Mother
      Janghaolun Haokip       a Mother
  Voices from beyond Kangleipak Ema   A blessing to see
      Bharati Yumnam       Janghaolun Haokip
  Yet I have hopes and dreams - fancy   Changing Perspectives
      Janghaolun Haokip       Preety Nongmaithem
  Yet it galloped   Listen
      Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh       Preety Nongmaithem
  Ode to Thy Mellow Light   Oh dear Daddy, see I a Native Proud
      Ajit Singh Naosekpam       N Noren
  The moment   Man with Flower's Life
      Bijoya Khomdram       Chongtham Ronikumar
  I don't want to die before I am dead   Thank God I didn't choose you
      Bijoya Khomdram       Bijoya Khomdram
  Life - A Bubble   A Grain of Rice
      Joykumar Thokchom       James Oinam
  Yesterday Today and Tomorrow   Times I Live In
  to whom it may concern   Populated Attitudes
      Kapil Arambam       Mikhail Puyam
  Homage to Bapuji   Don't ask me if it's true!
      N Noren Singh       Khomdram Guneshwor
  Be an unchained raindrop   Have you seen the Cacti
      Mikhail Puyam       N Noren
  The God was made   The Man with the Place
      Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh       Anganba Tongbram
  A brand new year!   Supermom
      Joanna Fuchs       Gaisinrei Kamei
  Lonelier in love   Whose government is it? Anyway!
      Shongminthang Haokip       Thoi Thoi Kongkham
  Three frogs   Resurrection - IV
      S Balakrishnan       Suchitra Devi Potsangbam
  Good bye to mother Manipur   Every street is my Shelter
      Prof Indra Mohan Jha       B Suchitra Sharma
  The Man with a Broken Heart   The horse is running
      Magaff Ayka       Maisnam Rakesh Singh
  Smile that suits her perfectly   As you grow
      RK Premrose       Maisnam Rakesh Singh
  The night-owls   A Stranger in Disguise
      Kam Zalen       RK Premrose
  Clue to a mystery   Sleep still my sweet, sweet Shilki
      Professor Indramohan Jha       Parshung Angshim
  Meeyamgi Luchingba   Mng ama
      Priyobata Mangangcha       Hijam Irabot
  Jananeta   Ngamok
      Shashi Meetei       Chingtham Balbir Khuman
  Post Mortem   Conflict between soul and mind
      Okendro Khundongbam       Prof Indra Mohan Jha
  Untitled Poem   I wonder
      Guneshwor Khomdram       Wangam Thokchom
  Heartbroken notes   Let me live and feel life
      Shongminthang Haokip       Kshetrimayum Momo
  Kindle the Torch   Wake up baby! Wake up!
      Ronaldo Sapam       Monoranjan Thakur
  On an autumn night   My Magi
      Kshetrimayum Momo       Chandam Thoisana Singh
  An Unprepared Hurricane   He was her God on Earth
      RK Premrose       Lyna H. Misao
  Lest The Martyrs Are Unburied   ...the path to waywardness
      Nkthang (Ngamkhothang-Hkip)       RK Premrose
  Worshiping my daughter   Appeal from a Witch in Assam
      Monoranjan Thakur       Monoranjan Thakur
  Running away seems more legit   Between Radha and Thoibi!
      Stella Chongtham      Thoi Thoi Kongkham
  Post Mortem   Laanpao
      Okendro Khundongbam       Pukhrambam Boboi
  Echo from the Shore   Pitiful life
      Okendro Khundongbam       Ringchangsuiliu Gonmei
  I and You   December love
      Okendro Khundongbam       Shongminthang Haokip
  Let me live and feel life   Red Red Redless
      Kshetrimayum Momo       Dr A. Anita Devi
  On an Autumn Night   -Ode to April
      Kshetrimayum Momo       Kshetrimayum Momo
  Ithou Chille   I Am...
     Dr. Moirangthem Jiban Singh       Kshetrimayum Momo
  Modern Youngster   My Journey Your Life
      Pousinglung Kamei       Okendro Khundongbam
  The Untitled Poem   Poetry Wails
      Okendro Khundongbam       Okendro Khundongbam
  The Burning Heart   Engrossed in Loneliness
      Najibullah SK       RK Premrose
  Is Love, A crime   Once More
      Ruby Tongbram       Peterson Chamroy
  Winter Spellbound   Beauty, it is!
      Shongminthang Haokip       Sonia Oinam
  A Little About Life   Gone but not forgotten
      Peterson Chamroy       Ruby Tongbram
  Your Cry   Life was loving
      Gemson Shimray Awungshi       Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh
  The Kindness that kills   New Planet
      Ruby Tongbram       Lenin Khumancha
  Blind Men's God   The Journey
      Ruby Tongbram       Ashu Longjam
  Remembering   Momon Meenok
      Ruby Tongbram       Dr. Moirangthem Jiban Singh
  Pathetic Parents   Elegy Written On Departed Souls
      Brajeshwor Moirangthem       Shongminthang Haokip
  Facebook Photograph   The Falcon & The Doves
     Shongminthang Haokip      Ruby Tongbram
  Poem for Sapam Robinhood   Mountain Monument
     Rita Rangmei      Brajeshwor Moirangthem
  Forty Winks   Lanfamdani eina lepliba, Lanmini eidi emagi
     Ruby Tongbram      Khumballambam Jayanta
  Nothingness   Love today and tomorrow
     Rosita Heigrujam      Shelney Seltun Anal
  That I wished   Onna Teinaraba Eigi Wari
     Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh       Leishangthem Roshan Meetei
  As long as you   Yakairol
     Shongminthang Haokip       Leishangthem Roshan Meetei
  Curfew Ibobi   Am I Overstated?
     Raggie      Yengkhom Yensouba
  Lamjing Meira Of Manipur   Nulukna
     Dr. Moirangthem Jiban Singh      Dr. Moirangthem Jiban Singh
  Wisps of fragrance   Mangfaonahange
     Thokchom Dhanashree      Dr. Moirangthem Jiban Singh
  Please Be Away   Loneliness
     Bijita Akham      Priyangka Thingujam
  Atom   The Dark Garbage
     Jugeshwar Waikhwa      M Nandakishore Sharma
  Students' Dream   Rise of the Machines
     Pretty Yaikhom       SK. Dinkachin
  The World Full of Chaos   Last Adieu
     Y Indira Devi      Priyangka Thingujam
  A deep sleep   This Is Why
     Maibam Ibempishak Chanu      Dr M Priyobrata
  Is It   The Patriot
     Sadananda Kangabam      Sajou Chenglei
  The Dimensions   A Wall and A War
     L Ibemhal      Jugeshwar Waikhwa
  What'll I do   Villainy
     AK Seram      Moirangthem Rajendra Singh
  On the threshold of grave   Who's There?
     Kayamuddin Pukhrimayum       Y Indira Devi
  Cable of love   Changed into cats
     M Nandakishore      Kalenjao Konthoujam
  Let me inform   A bird of liberty
     Lanbon Kabui      M Rajendra
  Minambani Adungeigi Marup!   A verse bewildered
     Dr. Moirangthem Jiban      Salam Tomba
  For a spring season   Dream versus life
     M Nandakishore       Y Indira
  The orange at the season's end   Living or dreaming?
     M Nandakishore      Bijita Akham
  Words   For the Spear Long Gone
     Saratchand Thiyam      Khorjei Laang
  Love extended   Be Prepared
     Shongminthang Haokip      Sanjenbam Bhanumati Devi
  A Touch of Life   With the coming of the New Year
     Kay Kay      Chana Lukhoi
  My Prince of Parallelogram   A Rose Is Not Forever...
      Salam Tomba       Marxus Aurelius
  An ode to a daughter   1789 is the Womb of Democracy
      Thingnam Herojit Singh       Jagadish Brajabaacy
  Matam Pumnamakta : (Forever)   In search of lost soul
      Dr. Moirangthem Jiban Singh       Tayenjam Bijoykumar Singh
  An Evening : Nungthil Ama   From Haigatlang to Spider Web
      Hijam Irabot      Soubam Tomba Luwang
  Hours   Let's Unfurl High : Haigatshi Wangna
      Pragya Moirangthem       Hijam Irabot
  Redemption   The Survival Mound
      Dr. Romio Khangemba       Soubam Tomba Luwang
  Deity of Death   The Last Tears
      Salam Tomba       Boboi Pukhrambam
  Tip Of The Iceberg ???   A Tale of Two Hearts
      Yengkhom Myrtle-Zest       Kamal Sheikh
  World Of Craving Formalities!   The War is on the rise
      Yengkhom Myrtle-Zest       Boboi Pukhrambam
  Baby and mother : 'Angang Amasung Mama'   The Change of the Hen
      Raghu Leishangthem      Soubam Tomba Luwang
  The Call of Soul   I Gazed Dearly
      Romio Khangemba       Salam Tomba
  The Farm   Bamboo slits
      Rajangdai Gonmei       Angomcha Senjam Jinus
  The Diary of the World   True and Evil
      Jagadish Brajabacy       Brownanuddin Khan
  Her dream village in my dream   Fish
      Shongminthang Haokip       Akham Nilabirdhwaja
  Books and food to cook   Come to me as a child
      Jagadish Brajabacy       Soibam Pramodini Devi
  Misfortune barks at fortune   Homage to Teachers
      Jagadish Brajabacy       Brajeshwor Moirangthem
  Votive Drive   A Doctor's Dilemma
      Yengkhom Myrtle-Zest       Pangabam Nandakumar
  My Essence On Happenings   Life's battle
      Yengkhom Myrtle-Zest       Danish Muneeb
  Beside the Statue of Martyr   Soaring High
      Brajeshwor Moirangthem       Soffy Nongmeikapam
  The Dark Saga   A Fantasy World..
      Dumi       Fuddy Duddy
  August - 13   Path of Life
      Rengneisel Saiphu       Puangcthuailu Gangmei
  Toh- for Love and beyond   I will win. Not immediately, but definitely
      Joy Mathew       Danish Muneeb
  A harmonic cadence of loving   Youngster! Youngster!
      Shongminthang Haokip       Pousinglung Kamei
  An Old Shield in a City   I Had Born In Manipur
      Masoyo HAS       Kenebo Rajkumar
  Unending Letter   Love that never really end
      Kenebo Rajkumar       K. Ritesh
  Flower of my dream   A drop of hope
      Andrew Heanngam Pamei       Vividraj Achom
  Oh, Sharmila is of her food!   A Little Walk
      Sri Jagadish Brajabaacy       Veetu Thokchom
  Ode to the Taj Mahal   Hougatlo Thengle!
      Sri Jagadish Brajabaacy       Gajananda Khwairakpam
  Laan Hougadoure   Love Blues
      Pukhrambam Boboi       Soffy Nongmeikapam
  Appetite for Commotions   Ode to Missed Hope
      Mayanglambam Sanahal       Sri Jagadish Brajabaacy
  My password   Huts on the Phumdi of Loktak
      Shongminthang Haokip       Brajeshwor Moirangthem
  A Souvenir To Treasure   Many a pen can turn into an Aladdin's lamp
      Donald Lairenbam       Sri Jagadish Brajabaacy
  The Foul Smell   Rage of Pain
      Yumlemba Amita       Mayanglambam Sanahal
  Adaptation of ages of a man   One Fine Day
      K Ritesh       Pukhrambam Boboi
  Mother   My Moments of Elevation
      Kabidung Thaimei       Soffy Nongmeikapam
  Mr. World the Great   My Ezabella
      Jagadish Brajabaacy       Biru aka Raggie
  Landing at Tulihal   Hidden Little Truth
      Lucky Sapam       Avis Trump
  Tengthakhol   Chatlo ko O Bodo echal
      Leishangthem Roshan Meetei       Pukhrambam Boboi
  Young lover's hope   Chatlasi Baraak Tampaak Thungna
      Shongminthang Haokip       Pukhrambam Boboi
  Seeking a friend in Happiness!   KILL him or you'll be the KILL
      K Ritesh       Jagadish Brajabaacy
  Spring: "A doctor-turned artist"   Shiroy Lily
      Jagadish Brajabaacy       Jagadish Brajabaacy
  Pink Floyd's Nightmares   The Moon-I
      Angomcha Jinus Senjam      John N Mate
  Yet, it returned   The way he looks at me....
      Akham Nilabirdhwaja       Stella Chongtham
  Rise Of The Slumber Boots   Nungshi Paodam
      Saimond Langhu       Boynao Kabrabam
  Nirvana   Rise of the Indigenous Armour
      Soffy Nongmeikapam       Pukhrambam Boboi
  Time and Life   Five Years' Bell Tolls
      Mohammad Azad Komol       Brajeshwor Moirangthem
  A Realisation   Time and Liberty
      Mehnaz Nasreen       Azad Komol
  To Enlightenment   The trickery of a Threshold
      Biju Thounaojam       Biju Thounaojam
  A Good morning   A Place Called 'Nowhere'
      Shongminthang Haokip       Neela Rajkumari
  The Genesis Of An Unknown Poesy   To Those Concern
      Soffy Nongmeikapam       Soffy Nongmeikapam
  Fictional   Chinky
      Ritesh K       Anuradha Laishram
  We Are Not A Bloody Terrorist   Wishing Lane
      Kenebo Rajkumar       Soffy Nongmeikapam
  The scourge of disguised land   Ning thungjadaba bu thunghanbiyo
      Biju Thounaojam       Boboi Pukhrambam
  O Tears, Silent Tears   That is where I belong
      P Nandakumar       Boboi Pukhrambam
  Dare to dream   When you feel my absence
      Soffy Nongmeikapam       Shongminthang Haokip
  The Awakening   Love Poem
      Boboi Pukhrambam       Omila Thounaojam
  Fall   To the departing year
      Omila Thounaojam       Pangambam Nandakumar
  A Christmas merry note   Confession of a mindful heart
      Shongminthang Haokip       Neela Rajkumari
  Freedom of Mind   When the music has gone
      Poireingamba Ningombam       Kay Kay
  History re-visited   Destination
      Boboi Pukhrambam       Hijam Joyshree
  I'm indeed afraid to rule   The Iron Lady
      Poireingamba Ningombam       Boboi Pukhrambam
  Humari Apni Kahani   Destiny and success awaits you there
      Boboi Pukhrambam       Poireinganba Ningomba
  Lift...! Lift...!   Oh, my pity life
      Phowl       Rohit Sagolsem
  Princess of joy   Still U
      Surendranath Sharma Laimayum       Khailenhou Haokip
  If I Die   Our Own
      Manoj Pukhrambam       Manoj Pukhrambam
  Sweet was the scent of love   What is death like?
      Surendranath Sharma Laimayum       Kay Kay
  An anticipated dream   Freedom
      Manoj Pukhrambam       Manoj Pukhrambam
  Purpose of Life   Innocents' cry
      Dilip Chirom       Poireinganba Ningombam
  My First Date   God v/s Human: The Biggest IPL
      Goiroina Majnu       Mukta Srivastava
  The Heritage of being a woman   Forbidden Friendship
      Mukta Srivastava       Poireinganba Bingombam
  The Frozen Words   The Silent Threat
      Omila Thounaojam       Soffy Nongmeikapam
  Manipur Today, Manipur Tomorrow   A simple substitute- "Freedom"
      Pukhrambam Singh       Mukta Srivastava
  Haipou Jadonang - A Martyr   Hawker by the Street
      Ngamchung Xavier Longmei      Surendranath Sharma Laimayum
  Bur Dubai first landed   Of Man and Salmon
      Shongminthang Haokip       Pukhrambam Singh
  A Fantasy   Tom & Lydia : A Love Song
      Gabriella Thempineng Zou       Nongthombam Neebendra
  In The Wheel   On the death of a Rebel
      Nongthombam Neebendra Singh       Surendranath Sharma Laimayum
  On The Verge Of Fame   Emptiness
     Soffy Nongmeikapam      Soffy Nongmeikapam
  Simple care yet   The Hope
     Shongminthang Haokip      Sole Ningthouja
  Dear Love   This Circus Called Life...
     Soffy Nongmeikapam      Omila Thounaojam
  Queen Of My Dream   The Tunnel
     Shongminthang Haokip      Sole Ningthouja
  Shapeless Shadow   Breaking Point
     Sole Ningthouja      Soffy Nongmeikapam
  AFSPA, the Law that kills at will   Vanity's Whores
     Surendranath Sharma Laimayum      Surendranath Laimayum
  What If   Home
     Omila Thounaojam      Omila Thounaojam
  The Policeman   Self Discipline
     Sheryl Shimray      Dilip Chirom
  True Love   Now
     Donald Lairenbam      Daniel Mairembam
  Why AIDS ?   Just tell me
     L. Seikholen Khongsai      Amos Mairembam
  My Brave MP3 player   Oblivion
     Raggie      Pragya Moirangthem
  Patriot-ism Today   The First-rainfall Of The Year
     Omila Thounaojam      G Poukhinlung
  Here for you I am   15 is Waiting for You Alice
     Shongminthang Haokip      Linthoi Chanu
  Journey Of Life with "Don't worry Be Happy"   When looking back
     Denis Takhellambam      Akham Bidhanchandra
  My Poem Really Unknown   Strange Fruit
     Rohit Sagolsem      Omila Thounaojam
  To The Minister   Journey to Life
     Shongminthang Haokip      Sapam Aristotle
  The Rain   Death: The Untold
     Akham Nilabir Singh       Shongminthang Haokip
  Childhood The Anamnesis   The Annoying Silence
      Shongminthang Haokip       Meisnam Jackson
  Nungsida Matamdo   Pulse Intuition
      Raggie       Aheibam Loyanganba Meitei
  A Marvelous New Year   Last Wish
     Shongminthang Haokip       momowin007
  I Am The New Year   Until I met you !!!
      HL       Maria Sheikh
  Mother's Precious   Christmas In The Air
      Ramananada Moirangcha       Shongminthang Haokip
  The wave   Lies..broken heart..Hope for New beginning !!
      Rumeensha Nguwruw Moyon       Maria Sheikh
  January Kite   An invite to Oneness
      Pukhrambam Kanan       Shongminthang Haokip
  Words   Lover's Sleepless Night
      Omila Thounaojam       Shongminthang Haokip
  Nature   Miss U Always And Forever
      Azad Komol       Momowin
  My Angel   Glorious, The Hill Range
      Momowin       Chongtham Ongbi Subadani
  Paint My World   Few Lines Written above the Sky
      Anuradha Laishram       Shongminthang Haokip
  For The Upcomings   The Modern Housewife
      Mehul Shreth Chongtham       Chongtham Ongbi Subadani Devi
  Finding Myself   Conveying Message of Peace
      Omila Thounaojam       Chongtham Ongbi Subadani Devi
  My Dream   The Final Call
      Thangpu Haokip       Shreekant Sadokpam
  My Dream   Fear God(Almighty)
      Omila Thounaojam       Anuradha Laishram
  Life   Independence Day
      Thokchom Sunita Devi       Shreekant Sadokpam
  Where???   My Three Year Home
      Omila Thounaojam       Shongminthang Haokip
  I realize your existence   Remembrance
      Chongtham Ongbi Subadani Devi       Shreekant Sadokpam
  The Fall of a Ruler..!   My Love
      Aneeket Barua       Thokchom Sunita Devi
  Justice shall be given to OUR Dear Friend Richard Loitam!   Lai Khutsaangbi (Part Two)
      Thokchom Sunita Devi       Ningombam Biswamitra
  Bigger Sinner   Little Birdie
      Bebica Louriyam       Chongtham Ongbi Subadani Devi
  All about life   Deedless words
      Thangpu Haokip       Rizzy
  Life Inside The Graveyard   Lai Khutsaangbi (Part one)
      Amo Nongmaithem       Ningombam Biswamitra
  I Love My Earth   A pent-up portrait, finally sketched, of Money-poor
      Seram Jonarth (Naoba)       Nongthombam Neebendra
  A Silent Spectator   An appraisal to you
      Chongtham Ongbi Subadani Devi       Chongtham Ongbi Subadani Devi
  A hundred Rupee note   My Abode
      Raggie       Bebica Louriyam
  The Uprising   Silence
      Raggie       Aheibam Loyanganba Meitei
  Land of Dimming Jewels   Just You
      Ningthoujam Ajit Singh       Anuradha Laishram
  Foster Mother Cow-i   Manipur - Eternal abode of Imoinu
      Chongtham Ongbi Subadani Devi       Chongtham Ongbi Subadani Devi
  Wishes Existent   Success
      Aheibam Loyanganba Meitei       Simran Arora
  Social Monkeys   Don't ask me about the past
      Superjit Sharma       Pritam Kumar Sharma
  A Meitei Women Crusader   The Tale of Kora
      Chongtham Ongbi Subadani       Th. Wangam
  We are both loners   More or Less Indian !!!
      Aheibam Loyanganba Meitei       Superjit Sharma
  A Reverse Apocalypse   A pinch of sorrow
      Natalidita Ningthoukhongjam       Cecil Thounaojam
  I Am Here   Soulful Sister
      Chingakham Malemnganbi       Chingakham Chinglenthoiba
  Chirai Naga   The Ungrateful Kite
      Chongtham Ongbi Subadani       Lalit Rajkumar
  The Caged Bird   LOVE left US
      Lalit Rajkumar       Devilish Angel
  Children of Modern Age   One more chance
      Chongtham Ongbi Subadani       Louriyam Bebica
  Eating Disorder !   Rain
      Lalit Rajkumar       Lalit Rajkumar
  Money! Money!   PA*SW*RD
      Kansham Modar Maring       K. Angphun Maring
  Salary Day   How many days in Manipur ?
      Malemnganbi Chingakham       Kansham Modar Maring
  The Beauty Of Marriage Ceremony In Manipur   My Last Song to E-pao
      Warner Keisham       Molung Angjoy
  'Name'   Oh Waithou Phunal Maring !
      Smeared       K. Modar Maring
  Shower   Phantasm
      Akham Nilabir Singh       Donil Shijagurumayum
  The Magician   Thunderbolt
     Donil Shijagurumayum      Donil Shijagurumayum
  The Lover   To and back
      Molung Angjoy       Akham Nilabir Singh
  What I worry   My night with an angel
      Bijayata Akham       Robson Thounaojam
  The Dark Shadow   The metaphorical horse
     K. Modar Maring      Robson Thounaojam
  Oh my little gondola   I am sorry !
     K. Modar Maring       K. Angphun Maring
  Lyrics of "Hey Thammoi"   Toy soldier: The edge of reason
     Binoranjan      L Thanglenhao Haokip
  My Slap To Father Learn By Heart   'But Would Never She Haunt'
     W Rorrkychand      W Rorrkychand
  Dream   Asitani Nijaribase
     W Rorrkychand      Nirban Leishangthem
  An Act   Questions for my Generation
     W Rorrkychand      Bablu Waribam
  Paradox   My Friend !!
     Praveen Pukhrambam      Khelen
  Student - A Haiku   Poem about Nothing
     Bishwajit Khumukcham      Praveen Pukhrambam
  For Someone Special [Dreamgirl]   Irom Sharmila and Anna Hazare - A Poem
     Pangamba Khuman      Kamayani Bali Mahabal
  Towards Freedom   We the Indians
     Bishwajit Khumukcham      Bishwajit Khumukcham
  No Doubt! Manipur may end as Hell!!!   Stepbrother
     Warner Keisham      Bishwajit Khumukcham
  I am working on a dream   Black is White
     Pritam Gurumayum      Naorem Kishorchand
  There Goes The Man   Illusions O' Perfection
     Rajiv Nong      Rajiv Nong
  Citizen of Mankind   Weathering sounds of the heavy riffs
     G S Oinam      Rajiv Nong
  What I may say   Patience
     Dr Aribam D Sharma      Naorem Kishorchand
  Knowledge   Risk
     Dr Aribam D Sharma      Dr Aribam D Sharma
  Collective Destiny   Don't We
     Dr Aribam D Sharma      Vikas
  Malady of love   Your Glimpses
     Alex      Thangpu Haokip
  Knowledge or Wisdom To Seek?   To Mother
     Deepa Khomdram      Deepa Khomdram
  Heaven and Hell   Our Real Hero, The Saviour
     Naosekpam Ajit Singh      LT Khuman
  Pollution Pollution, pollution   Who are you?
     Hijam Tompok      Mutum Meeta
  A jughead   A lil chirp
     Mutum Meeta      Mutum Meeta
  Gone Like The Wind   Inspired by silence
     Sacheen Pukhrambam      Rajiv Nong
  Touch Her   The Aisle of Life
     Smeared      Sakila N
  Manipur - The Vietnam Of India   Still I am an Indian!!!
     Sacheen Pukhrambam      R K Brojen
  The corrupt mind   Pendraba Punshi
     Dr. Bhagya Chandra Rajkumar      Puyam Nongdrei
  This Time   Indians' Pride
     G.S. Oinam      Sanjoy Singh
  Meikhurakki Punshi   Silent hills, Silent valley
     Puyam Nongdrei      Nongthang Khaba
  Lament from the womb   The caged addict's soul
     Dr. Bhagya Chandra Rajkumar      Dr. Bhagya Chandra Rajkumar
  Self   Manipur
     Dr. Bhagya Chandra Rajkumar      Deke Tourangbam
  The drunk atheist   The Lover
     Ph. Linthoingambi      Ph. Linthoingambi
  Let Nature take its' course   The life of the wretched fellow
     Ph. Linthoingambi      Ph. Linthoingambi
  The first step   Confidence Confusion of life
     Dr. Bhagya Chandra Rajkumar      Ernest Shimrah
  Mother Manipur   Ode to our Leaders!!!
     Warner Keisham      Momo Raj Irom
  My First Angel   My little Valentine
     Ningombam Bupenda Meitei      Ningombam Bupenda Meitei
  My Undiscovered Purity   Tears of Blood
     Ningombam Bupenda Meitei      R.K. Brojen Singh
  Morning Beauty   Believe and you will find your way
     Vijeta Sanabam      Pritam Gurumayum
  Those Childhood days   My Love
     Vijeta Sanabam      Alexander Lupho
  Spiral dive   That Beautiful Smile
     Jiten Huidrom      Alexander Lupho
  This happen in our motherland   Am I Another Prufrock?
     Pritam Gurumayum      James Watson
  No More   Repentance: On looking back
     James Watson      James Watson
  Cornell, oh Cornell   Mekhele - Long Forgotten
     Rajkumari Sunita      Hodam Pinky
  The Mute Spectators   Life
     Rajkumari Sunita      Praveen Pukhrambam
  Journey Of Love   Door Of Heaven
     Hodam Pinky      Hodam Pinky
  My Dream   Manipuri here we come
     Konthoujam Somorjit Mangang      Pritam Gurumayum
  Peace   Wherever I go
     Moson_guy      Dr. Aribam Devadutta
  The Undulating Dreams   Those Sounds
     SJ@Yumnam      SJ@Yumnam
  "The Last Expression - Blood for Sweat"   Deep Within
     Ringo Pebam      Chaoba Thiyam
  Victory to Human Beings   What goes in my mind??
     os_meitei007      Yellen Seram
  Fly away my friend   Oh! Lovely Place
     Yellen Seram      Momo Raj Irom
  The Broken World   Evening Rain
     Ningombam Bupenda Meitei      Ningombam Bupenda Meitei
  Homesickness III   A Doll
     Sanamacha      Mouse
  Homesickness II   A Tribute
     Sanamacha      Lai Rakes
  My Mom   Home Sickness
     K M Maring      Sanamacha
  The Question You Ask Me   You are the only one
     SJ@Yumnam      K M Maring
  She   Achroma
     Ningkonsin Rajkumar      ajsin18mar
  Hope   Only God can make a tree
     Dineshbemki      J. Paulianding
  Oh Mariner Whip up Your Passion   City of Thousand Dreams
     BR Natarajan      R.K. Brojen Singh
  Primitive Delight   Serenity in Disguise of Unknown Entity
     Kapil Luwang Arambam      Kapil Luwang Arambam
  Challenges for Sea Farers   The bronze pillar and the crystal fairy
     BR Natarajan      shreema2
  His Call   Asangba Nungshiba
     ellamoana26      Somorjit Yambem cha
  My Comfort Zone   A Tribute To Don Bosco School
     ellamoana26      R.L. Pavei
  Despair   Pain
     Birosh Singh Ksh      sotu_khatama
  Vision of Her   The Banyan Tree
     Robert L Sungte      Birosh Singh Ksh
  Aeigee Haiba Leite, Nangi Haiba Leite   My Brother
     Somorjit Yambem cha      M Muon Zou
  Ema   Enigma
     ajsin18mar      ajsin18mar
  Hypo-Poem   Asitani Nijaribase
     Kamaljit Ksh      Nirban Leishangthem
  Tommorrow might never come   Pandora's Box
     Dravid Vaiphei      Kamaljit Ksh
  My Baby Angel   Salute
     Bembem Kshetrimayum      Karan Khumukcham
  Listen   Kari Ishigey
     Neophilis      Rebecca Rongmei
  Life's Odyssey   A serenade on friend
     Liz Vaiphei      Liz Vaiphei
  Dear Home   Come Back
     Lalremlien Neitham      Kheroda Yumnam
  Similies   Dream
     Anonymous_mystery      Anonymous_mystery
  Sacred Revelation   Mother
     Anonymous      Monica Laishram
  The Glance   None Like You
     Lalremlien Neitham      K. Suresh Singh
  The Departed Soul   Immortal's Mortalization
     Satish Khundrakpam      By Poirei Yambem
  To Beloved   Prakitigi Fajaba Urubada Eigi Wakhal
     Yogesh      Satish Khundrakpam
  Those Were The Days   On The Way
     Lalremlien Neitham      Sanjit Singh
  If   Early Morning Tuition
     Romakanta      Shreema N
  Yesterday   The Sun will rise
     Romakanta      R.K. Brojen Singh
  A Beautiful Dream   Picture of Manipur
     Anonymous      Momo Raj Irom
  The Only Ubiquitous Beauty   A Page Of My Life
     Santosh Naorem      Santosh Naorem
  And the river keeps flowing   He knew
     A Prahlad      A Prahlad
  Flight   This heartache
     Neophillis      Shreema N
  Stay Together   It was difficult to find out
     Sana Warrior      Santosh Naorem
  I was on an untrodden way!   I found her
     Santosh Naorem      Santosh Naorem
  Oh My Love   Near the dead's door
     Sakhen      Sakhen
  Just Feel it   Two Streams that form One River
     Anonymous      Maisnam Deven
  Be With You   Life is strange
     N(Hkong'S) Dev      Anonymous
  My Divine Harbinger   Emanungbu
     N(Hkong'S) Dev      Thoudam Indrakumar
  Virgin Soul   LIFE - A Bubble
     By SuprAjit      By Joykumar Thokchom