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Lets save our community

[ Sat, 30 Jun 2007 08:04:56 -0400 ]

It's very disheartening to notice many of us leaving hometown for making our future elsewhere. However, we can't be blamed. We are circumstantially put in this situation . Lack of employment, infrastructure, oppurtunities, corruption and injustice has compelled us to stay away from our home sweet home. We are well aware of our inborn talents and skills which enable us to compete on global platform. Though we weren't brought up in a corporate & professional way. Irrespective of our location, lets create around awareness of existence of our talent embedded community. My message to all is not to forget our birth place & venture anything to help and protect our community from extinction.


Learn to appreciate "disabled"

[ Fri, 29 Jun 2007 08:04:56 -0400 ]

I beleive we love to appreciate and look at things beautiful in this world. But this very right and freedom we enjoy should not be at the cost of depreciating the 'ugly', the 'imperfect' and the 'disabled'. In the article it is rightly pointed out that 'our curiosity can be a source of pain...' (I also add misery) to those who are not as 'able' as us. I don't think 'love and help' are the right words as far as concerted effort to create a world free of discrimination is concerned. Using these very terms carry connotations of sympathy, which the author at the very begining tells us to refrain from. This is the only point of contradiction in the essay. Otherwise, it is highly informative, intelligently written and give us the picture of two different parts of the world (one highly developed, where spending on welfare schemes are high in spite of being a former colonial power; and the other, just coming out of the colonial yoke, where development even in the infrastucture is unspeakable forget about social spending). I must say a very good attempt from a person of management background, who should be more interested in making profit / strategic projections for the client.

Gopu SP

Census should count the "Disabled"

[ Fri, 29 Jun 2007 07:41:05 -0400 ]

A very well documented article with lots of structured thought process gone into it. It is indeed true that the otherwise abled fellow beings do not recieve their due share in our society. It is high time, even counting of the heads (census) in India, should be comprehensively done so as to bring out the exact numbers of this minority section of our society. This should be the first step. Without state intervention, they would not get their due share. This article is highly recommended for anyone who beleives in sharing this earth, without discriminations.

Rahul Singh

AFSPA should NOT be repealed

[ Wed, 27 Jun 2007 03:44:05 -0700 ]

This is with reference to the caption "Antony holds up flag in favour of AFSPA" that appeared in The Sangai Express dated 27th June. In view of the prevailing situation Defence Minister AK Antony is right in opining to retaining the Act. However everything has its ups and downs. By retaining the Act, worst victims are the common people which is for them inhumane, draconian and violation of human rights. Repealing of it, on the other hand, would be of little benefit to the commoners. Even a layman could imagine what sort of situation the so-called anti-national forces would create if the AFSPA-1958 is repealed. Obviously it is the grass that suffers when elephants fight. Scrapping or unscrapping of the Act is not the solution to terrorism in the sub-continent especially in the north-eastern states. History tells it all.

Thangkhochon Haokip

MEA needs to be involve in ILEP

[ Mon, 25 Jun 2007 02:15:27 -0400]

This is regarding Amar Yumnam's article 'The North East as Foreign Affairs'. He asked " what are the critical issues confronting the region in so far the look east policy is concerned? are these matters related to the ministry of external affairs?" First, we need to understand that the Look East Policy is basically a foreign policy mooted by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) way back in the 90's. This sums up everything and we need not delve further on why MEA is involved in the matter. Second, just because the North Eastern Region of India is bound to benefit from the policy through the trade component of the policy, it doesn't mean the policy is all about trade and trade only and that the commerce ministry should jump in and hold the reins altogether. The policy encompass a whole lot of issues for setting up bilateral as well as multilateral partnerships with the South East Countries and MEA is the right body to finalise the modalities and coordinate the whole affair. A little understanding of the government protocol is also required here as it overrides any 'basic understanding' or 'proprieties' we are accustomed with. Mr. Amar also chose to see the efforts of MEA to involve the people of India's north eastern region in its Look East Policy with suspicion. I do not quite see any sane reason behind this. The efforts of the MEA is a sincere and better-late-than-never one to involve the regional stakeholders of the policy. That is the sole reason for creation of the new division of public diplomacy in the ministry. It may be a borrowed idea but a good one to give people of the country an idea of why government takes certain policies. Every foreign policy have its domestic repercussions including economic, political, socio-cultural impacts. For instance, policies involving the Gulf or Shri Lanka has an absolutely direct impact on the situation in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to assume that the Look East Policy would have a direct impact on us. So, doesn't the government have an obligation to explain to its citizens its foreign policies, to see what their inputs are and make an effort to take them abroad? doesn't the government owe us that much? It is in this very context that the MEA had chosen to explain its Look East Policy to the people of the North East India, that too at the cabinet minister's level, for at the end of the day, it is the people of the region who are the stakeholders. This has all been explained clearly by the MEA and mr.amar should know better. Diplomacy in India is seldom put up for public scrutiny and has generally been conducted and remained behind the closed doors of south block and the PMO. Information have so far been been confined to tit-bits press communiqués issued by the government. That is why Mr. Amar was complaining "we have been hearing so much noise about the Look East Policy of the Government of India". But now that the government has taken the initiative to come to his doorsteps to explain its policies, he should welcome it. And when MEA itself does the explaining, he should take it as sign of government's seriousness in the matter for there is no better qualified than mea to explain it as far as look east policy is concerned. It may, although, prove to be a queer change from what we are used to with the kind of dealings we have had with home ministry and defence ministry.


Why only Girls ??

[ Sat, 23 Jun 2007 05:06:59 -0400 ]

I clearly don't understand, every time I read mails or feedbacks in e-pao I always come across people writing only about girls staying elsewhere on how they dress and behave . Its time we start focusing on guys as well. I have been staying away from Manipur for about 5 years and I quite know how most of the guys are. Why don't anyone raise their voice on guys? Why only girls? What about guys doing Drugs, loitering around 24/7, almost every week there's a fight among Manipuri guys with some other people. We are ignoring the facts. Guys can get away with anything whereas the girls have listen to all these .

Killing of Akaba is shameful

[ Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:53:13 +0530 ]

Akaba was killed by the unidentified person at the end of 2006 is a shameful for NE people, We NE people can learn a lot from him because he was only person who understand the long term problems which is going to happen in the native NE. The tribute to great Akaba by NSCN is a symbol of realising the future of North East. We the people of Manipur and NE should be ready to fight in a basic identity like Akaba did for a lone script of NE "Meetei Mayek" to the world. I hope if we love our own culture & tradition even religion, no one is going to manipulate you but most of people in NE is getting out of such ideas. It is very sad that most of intellectauls are killed by our own people who dont have proper understanding what the world is looking for. We need to think big taking the brotherhood of NE because North is going to be a breeding ground of immigrants and foreigners. Truely speaking we love to remain NE with our identity and distinct culture and moral without any assimilation.

Dolen Angom

Chat & Morality & Society

[ Mon, 18 Jun 2007 09:20:12 -0400 ]

My dear Manipuri fellows I have a hearty request.. please moralized yourself when you chat wiht a stranger in the chatroom, we should take full advantages of what 20th century provides for us. We should learn to conduct ourselves in a well-mannered way to cope up with the fully developed society otherwise we will always remain like what we were when we even dont kmow how to walk.. but a kid learn to move his first step holding his parents hands... every person is defined by his words and deeds.. only when you make yourself well disciplined you will achieve whatever you want, not only name and fame but also respects and affections... respect your dignity and have high self respect for yourself.... good luck my fellows...


Don't turn into a violent mode

[ Wed, 13 Jun 2007 07:24:12 -0400 ]

The present situation of Moreh are in the mode of chaotic situation. Many valuable lives were lost, these are the lost of our state. Please convey my simple note to the different section of state not to turn in a violent motive.


Bad customer serive from Aircel

[ Fri, 8 Jun 2007 15:40:18 -0400 ]

With the notice serve for the public in regard to Aircel network I would like to put some comment regarding the network. It really a drawback for the said network tha,the network is not able to give proper network coverage,that we are not able to reach most of the Aircel customer while dialing from outside of Manipur. The said network does not give any message regarding as to why we are not able to reach the network while other network we are able to get acknowledgement message as to why we are not able to reach the dial Number.

Chiru Jrrangsong - Bangalore

"job-and-every-other-needs" security

[ Fri, 8 Jun 2007 07:25:49 -0400 ]

Please do treat this as message from a distant old fren who had left his motherland years back. Wherever I go, the teenage life of my home town always came along, nostalgic. Those were the time when I was wild and free and energetic. Knows only how to dream and the hope, always soaring high, without knowing the way to achieve it. With hard and tough times I have reach a substantial stage to be a face in the crowd. Besides the mainland India, I have been roaming around the globe for their requirements. Once in a while when I reach my lovely home, I wish I could stay here forgetting everything else but again what to do, I would left with no job in hand. There are 1000s like me who does have the same feeling. I guess if we focus on "how-to" come back home with "job-and-every-other-needs" security, we can one day shine out successfully. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Raju Athokpam

90% of articles are sub-standard

[ Thu, 7 Jun 2007 03:54:29 -0400 ]

We could not enjoy most of the articles given here . The articles must be written in simple English, easily understandable and should carry some meaning. More than 90% of the articles given here are not upto the standard. Could you do some thing to screen out the substandard articles before it is webcasted.

Tomthin Nganba

Social Change can never be brought about by Guns

[ Wed, 6 Jun 2007 14:23:11 -0400 ]

Your article, indeed is an expression representing many of us in the State. I agree with you without a single doubt. I am one of those who wanted to discuss and debate this issue among the youth from a very pragmatic approach. It is quite ashame to think of Manipur as compare to many other developed states, when our state has all the talent and capabilities to compete as one of the fastest growing states in the country, if not for these so called pseodo patriots and intellectuals. To the extent that I had many heated arguments with so called supporters and sympathisers or overground. According to International Criminal Law, the atrocities committed by any organised group or defacto group against any section of people in the society can be international crime. The human right violations you are talking about can also be termed as crimes against international law. However, it is the responsibility of state to tackle the crime unless and untill it becomes a threat to the peace and tranquility of the world, such as genocide. Manipur, goes forward 2 steps but goes back 10 steps at the same time due these forces. A social change can never be brought about by GUNs and Bullets, but by the unity of the people in educated manner. We see today in the world, people who tried to rule others by guns and bullets failed miserably and fell themselves into the pitch of their own policy of guns and bullets. To name few, Saddam Husein, Pinochet, Charles Tyler, Khmer Rogue of Cambodia , they all began their crusade in the name of social cleansing and patriotism. But what happen then. I hope they will one day realise this hard fact. But you writing such an article is in a way a very good effort to make our society understand. I always support such efforts. I think one day, like it happened in Punjab, the people in Manipur both in Hills and Velley would open their eyes and called it A DAY.

B. Okram

More reasons for Drug problem

[ Fri, 1 Jun 2007 01:17:03 -0400 ]

I have been working in an international NGO in Delhi as Program officer- HIV/AIDS with special focus on adolescent children and youth. The reasons given for tendency of teen age/ adolescent to have/ to be into drugs provided from your end is right. However, there are many more other reasons too. And one of the most imporatnt reason that you have forgotten and should have been mentioned is that, in a place like Manipur where there are conflict situation exist, education system is among the worse in the country, no proper recreational activities hapening in the state and many more issues leads to frustration among the adolescent, and started looking to have relief from their tention/mental stress. The reasons that you have given are additional/secondary reasons (in fact very important), which is really appreciable but not the root cause. It seems that you read lots of book. Its good to have good references. However, please see the ground reality happening in front of your eyes, and you will find all the reasons.

H. Nongyai
Program Officer- HIV/AIDS
Plan International (India Chapter), New Delhi

Manipur has become "Demand-pur"

[ Thu, 31 May 2007 21:47:13 -0400 ]

The name of our state is Manipur-described as land of Jewels/switzerland of India. And now our Manipur has become a land - demanded from all the directions. Some of the interesting lines of demands that are happenning right now in Manipur are as follows. 1) Demand for a seperate Kuki Land in Manipur
2) Demand for a greater Nagaland in Manipur
3) Demand for creation of Sardar Hills district
and the ugliest demand is
4) Monetery demand from the public, government offices, financial and insurance sector by the different gun/bomb holders.And a lot.

Why it happens in Manipur? There are lot of reasons. It also differs from one person to another. If Manipur is divided as per demands, than what will remain in Manipur? Only four velly districts inhabited by different groups of people like Meiteis, Muslims, Mayangs, Hill people and other small groups. And coming to the demands made by the gun/bomb holders, it is nothing but an insult to our motherland-Manipur. Demands from all the sections of public starting from a pan shop to a business, government offices, financial and insurance sector etc. If these people/institutes have commited any harmful mistake, than giving penalty is different. For example if one pan shop owner runs his business by using unfair/unwanted/harmful means or doing business which is harmful to the society, than he deserves to get some penalty. Like this if businessman run in this fashion or playing monopoly, he deserves to get penalty/punishment. Like this, other group of top officials who are confirmed as corrupted , than he/she also should be given some punishments as per the volume of corruption.

And one of the ugliest thing is demands from the financial/insurance offices. As a citizen of the state, we should feel shame. On what basis such demands are made? Or whether they are seen as an agent of central govt.or whether these institutions are seen as mint place or whether these offices are seen as fort of central government or whether the employees are excessive in taking bribe from the customer and clients? And many more questions? we should not forget that such institutions are opened for the benifit of our people. For Example, Insurance companies are insuring our valuables starting from household articles to life. Like insurance, banks are also giving financial assistance and other public services to us. Even their purpose might be earning profis/income. We should measure the quantum of uses to our state. Also they are giving employment to our people which our government can not do. After all, who is the sufferer? We Manipuri only. The gun/bomb holders are trying to create records of Manipur who has already led in many black fronts. One such record is closure of LIC office in Imphal. This would be first record which one branch is closed due to demand(s). Even it is not happened in Kashmir. The closure is due to demand from gun/bomb holders. Interestingly, our state government is still silent as if everything is normal. Now the time has come to save Manipur from such unwanted things. Come on manipuris.


Killing of ANDO is unjustified

[ Thu, 31 May 2007 21:47:13 -0400 ]

It is unlucky that Manipur society mainly youths are going to die by some uncertainty based on the narcotics and drugs. It is already estimated that out of 15 youths, 1 is HIV positive in Manipur. In addition to this, out of 15 youth - 7 youths are involved in narcotics like tablets/cocaine and heavy drink. Instead of helping their parents after 25 or 30 years of age, their parent are still taking care of them . Please help your elderly parent by earning good money instead of that you are looting their poor properties... Such organizations (ANDO,AMADA,CADA) are helping society by reducing the number of narcotics user. The killing of ANDO is not a joke, it is a serious societal issue otherwise drug businessman will rule our state and will end youths' life...Why Manipur has so much disregard to human right? Why you hate your people instead of helping your brother and sisters? Please help your brother and sisters to stop using drugs and narcotics.


Think beyond Imphal

[ Thu, 31 May 2007 06:36:44 -0400 ]

All the fuzz about choosing the site for the construction of NIT is becoming more and more curious. In my opinion, it would be better if it comes up in one of the most backward areas of the State. If the NIT is constructed in such a place, development of other infrastructures-health centres, metalled roads , electricity etc. will occur automatically. There is a need to think beyond Imphal also. People need to be very cautious because this issue might lead to further politicization and can create a divide among the people of the valley and hill. Planning needs to be done while keping in mind of the future and there is a need for equal development of all the districts in the State.

Somchandra Nahakpam

Generation Speaks

[ Sun, 27 May 2007 06:31:24 +0100 ]

Times are changing and with this; the exposure, the thoughts, the initiatives and the acumen of Youth is also undergoing a transformation from localization to globalization. Today, everywhere the youth is much aware, developed and well versed with the happenings around. Still some youths are following the path of progress, while some are being misguided to follow the path not agreeable to society at large. It was very encouraging to know that five Naga youths and five Manipuri youths are in the final list of 474 candidates for civil services examination after facing a strong competition amongst 15 lakh candidates. At the outset, I extend heartiest felicitations to my friends for such a success. It is very creditable for both the states and also proves the fact that youth of this region is no less than anyone else at other places. It was very heartening to read about Orenthung Kikon, HSLC topper of Nagaland and the good wishes showered on him by all and sundry. One can imagine the pride and happiness of the parents on such brilliant success of their children. Last year a Kohima boy had topped an engineering degree in Goa and was honored by none other than Hon'ble Governor of Goa, Shri SC Jamir. These successful youth have become beacon for others to follow the lighted path.

Besides the above young entrepreneurs are also on the rise. Recently a group of Naga traders had been to China to enhance the trade and learn new trade practices. Last year some young entrepreneurs of Nagaland had also participated in international entrepreneur meet in Brazil (a happy sign). Now the obverse; recently top leadership of NSCN (IM) had accepted the indiscipline prevailing amongst young cadres that needs to be corrected. ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) has changed its strategy of recruitment from Urban to rural because the outfit is finding difficult to manage the urban youth. May be the shift in strategy is to manipulate the poverty and ignorance of rural youth to outfit's advantage. Fact of the matter is, that awareness is making the youth more developed, aware of better environment and futility of the path they have been misled to. Realization is dawning on the youth, though slow, why should they undergo avoidable physiological, psychological and physical insecurities while the top leadership of the outfits is having better times?

It is for sure that youth of this region does not lack potential but positive guidance. Every parent, every teacher, every elder of society would like the youth to contribute positively to their homes, their village, their city, their state and country as a whole. If that be so, now is the time for parents, teachers and elders to play the important role in inculcating positive social values in the youth lest they are misled to the path of darkness. If not, instead of bringing laurels to the family, society, village, and state they belong to, the youth will meet an ignoble end? Decide!


Wrong Poll Question?

[ Fri, 25 May 2007 08:10:22 -0400 ]

This email intends to bring it to your notice that the ongoing poll that has been conducted by your esteemed site regarding setting up of NIT at Kyamgei, tends to incite communal feelings. Had the word "Hill District" be removed from the context, it would have conveyed a very good meaning. The sitation in Manipur is very volatile. Given an opportunity, people are ready to go to any extent to jeopardise the life of many other fellow men. One should not forget that Mr. Maran, a union minister from tamil nadu had to resign because his party run TV channel conducted a very unnecessary poll. Media, be it any medium, should be under the control of responsible citizens.



[ Wed, 23 May 2007 05:17:49 +0100 (BST) ]

It was very strange and amusing to read the following in print media during last few days: - an uproar in the ongoing Manipur State Assembly at motion called by the opposition member Okram Joy of Manipur People’s Party. Replying to the motion Hon’ble CM of the state said “illegal imposition of tax by NSCN (IM) on transportation in Manipur is a cause of serious concern.” He did not highlight the role played by two dozen UG outfits operating in Manipur. Besides this another news item- the reaction of ULFA on killing of an innocent by security forces as mistaken identity in Tinsukia district, Assam. Both are self contradictory in their essence. May I ask the constitutionally elected members of Manipur; Is it only NSCN (IM) involved in collection of illegal taxes? What about UNLF, KYKL, Kukis, PULF, KCP and other outfits of Manipur? Do they enjoy some sort of patronage by those who matter? It was also stated in the state assembly that many a times the issue has been raised with the PM and other functionaries of Central Government.

Does it mean that state Government has no role to play in handling this situation? Will just raising the issue with centre government bring solutions? NO! Ceasefire agreement of GoI with NSCN is only in Nagaland. Therefore, constitutionally elected members of Manipur along with the state machinery must make all efforts for effectively reining in all the UG outfits operating in Manipur that are responsible for the prevailing chaos. Please avoid playing the famous Polka Dance one step forward, two steps backward and side step the issue. From the foregoing and the following it will be clear that it is not only one outfit responsible for collection of illegal taxes there are many. As stated by one of the truck drivers “both legal and illegal taxes start from Jakhalbandha in Assam continue through Nagaland till Imphal in Manipur. He further stated that they have to pay approx Rs 4000/- in one journey because they have to pay Rs 200/- and Rs. 500/- , at various places enroute, for a receipt of Rs. 2/- and Rs. 5/- respectively”. ULFA has condemned the killing of innocent youth in Tinsukia by saying that “Will govt. relief grant of Rs. 3 Lakhs to deceased family bring back the dead”. I agree, the innocent killing is highly condemnable in the strongest words.

May I ask the same from the outfit, “can those innocents killed by the blasts triggered by ULFA comeback” Does the outfit have an answer to questions raised by Assam People’s Works(APW) on 27 Apr07 and 18 May07 against atrocities of ULFA in the state? Who will answer? Probably, None! There is a need to introspect, realize, reconcile and reconstruct the society to meet the changing needs and arrive at a conclusion; who is wrong and who is right?


Upload new Shumang leela

[ Mon, 21 May 2007 01:52:54 -0400 ]

I am from Itanagar and regularly check news from manipur in your web portal. I am very fond of manipuri sumang leela. I have already listen your radio drama like Nirupama, Madhabi and nokphade. They are all interesting and listen to it repeatedly. Now, I request to upload new flavours of FM shumang leela so that we can download and listen when we are free.

N. Johnson Singh

No mercy on child killers

[ Sun, 20 May 2007 09:30:06 -0400 ]

Very often, nagalim has been a land of peace, till recently. however, God knows, whatever is happening in God's own land. I believe, the acussed should get capital punishment. Shouldn't show any mercy and set a good example in order to refrain from such accident in the future.


Little detail on Meitei Culture & tradition

[ Sun, 20 May 2007 08:46:21 -0400 ]

There is a lot to say about Meitei culture and traditions but I am sorry to say that little is given about it in E pao net . I would like to request your kind support and attention in giving more information about the ancient meetei religion and also about Thang-ta and its origin in the . As per me each and every meitei should know about the ancient meitei religion and culture. Now a days because of the influence of western life and culture our traditions and culture are on the verge of extinction. So someone or the other should take up such steps so that atleast the knowledge of our traditions and culture remains on the tip of every meetei's tongue. Moreover I support the introduction of Meitei Mayek in schools and colleges.


re-valuation of CHSEM

[ Fri, 18 May 2007 01:30:02 -0400 ]

This is to take the attention of "The Council Of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur" in regard to the result announce recently for the higher secondary examination 2007 that some candidate were disappointed by the result they have publised. A humble request is that the council has to give a chance to those candidate for re-valuation of their paper (providing photocopy of the concern) at the earliest possible. Being +2 a turning point of the student life the concern authority must have look into the matter for consideration. As far my knowledge is concern the education systen in Manipur in not up to the mark and I hope all the other have the facility to re-evaluate their exan paper.

Akbar Khan , Chennai

Attacking of Priests

[ Wed, 16 May 2007 08:40:38 -0700 (PDT) ]

Following the gruesome assault of Walter Masih in Rajasthan, attacking of Christian priests become a regular weekly phenomenon. Last week the same VHP fanatics had severely beaten up another two Christian missionaries in Maharashtra. Worse still, yet another Christian priest Father George Philip was shot at in Sangam Vihar here. But surprisingly people paid very less attention to them. It is well-known fact that the sangh parivar activists' attacked of a fine arts student in Vadodara make the people to raise hue and cry over it. Attacking of religious minorities is attacking of the Constitution. While it grants 'freedom to practice any religion', 'freedom to speech and expression...' the reality is nowhere near the ideal. It must be remembered that no Christian missionaries forcibly convert anyone from any other religion. They are converted only after they willingly accept the faith by themselves. The attacks should be condemned by all right-thinking citizens. The culprits should be given befitting punishment for the crime.

Thangkhochon Haokip, Delhi-54

Wrong Education Guidance in Manipur

[ Tue, 16 May 2007 11:33:48 -0400 ]

Rojio Usham's view regarding the pathetic condition of Manipuri students led by their parents, friend circle and their gurus is more than a fact. Manipur is still under the cloud of traditional educational system. Only Medical and Enginnering entrance is treated as the master of all. And for direct recruitment exam. It is civil services exam conducted by UPSC. After passing X and XII exam the so called guides will decide the fate of students whether the student is having interest or not. Sometimes they are compelled to follow what they(Guide) want, killing valuable time for students. It is seen that a lot of students who passed such medical/engineering degrees don't get any job in Manipur. Even after seeing these situations, our parents still want to persue such courses. One of the main problem is everyone wants to get a govt job in Manipur where money is the might. That students can appear viz Hotel management, NDA, Computer or Management. And for direct recruitment they can appear Army/Navy/Airforce or Banking exams like clerical. After graduate, there are lots of direct recruitment exams like bank P.O. Gratuale level SSC exam. CDS and time to time vacanies like in Insurance sector etc other than Civil Services Exam. And today, the best entrance exam after graduate is CAT (Common Admission Test) conducted by IIMS every year. Once one is sucessful in Banking exam for P.O there are still lot of chances for better opportunities. One wrong step will led to whole life wrong. One ridiculous thing is that even our parents/teacher/gurus have a funny thinking-study of I.A.S and not appearing the exam. their preference will be Civil services exam without having any security. Our teachers also will always insist for I.A.S even without knowing what is the difference between Civil services exam and I.A.S. And one thing is that if we study for the sake of a job in Manipur, better we should be a cycle mechanic. In manipur getting job is next to impossibe. Our good politicians had already over recruited as a part of public service just for the sake of money and nothing else. Because this wrong policy of our past govt. the state govt employees have become penniless. Also there is no private sector jobs in manipur. No big companies are willing to come in manipur because of our low class infrastructure,accomadation etc.after all there is no scope for such companies. All those who complete their degrees they should motivate themselves to absorb outside Manipur. Lack of Counseling, is also main drawback. Our guides specially parents should not decide the fate of their children without seeing the interest of their children. Choosing educational institutes where there is correct pronunciation of english will be an ideal step. In most of the Manipuri schools, colleges and even in university level there are lot of wrong english pronunciations like- words ending with 'g'is read as k. For example DOG is read as DOK. Like this 'VE' as P,FIVE is read as FIPE. Many words can not read differently such high and height, call and called, ear and air, dead, death and date etc. Now, the time has come to come out of the darkness and let us bring a new education system with purpose of life.


Schooling outside Manipur help UPSC

[ Wed, 16 May 2007 06:08:12 -0400 ]

It is heartening to note that two Manipuris have qualified the UPSC civil services this year. Though the two triumphant gentlemen belong to the state, their grooming in education was done outside the state after their schooling. So, the state of Manipur did not mould their career. It is the wisdom of their parents and wishes of the two that they left the state to pursue their studies. I doubt anybody who studies in Manipur throughout his career could make it. The environment created by us willingly or unwillingly, the work culture of the Govt servants , whiling away of valuable time in joyride by the teenagers, the frequent social unrest, the activities of the militants and security forces , all add towards the negative contributions to the welfare of the state. Whom to be blamed is beyond my reach. It is everybody's responsibility. But what a common man can do . A cry against militancy or excesses of the security forces will be a calling of the untimely demise. When will good sense prevail. May God bless everyone with wisdom.

K P Singh

Amazed by interest shown

[ Mon, 14 May 2007 07:39:01 -0400 ]

I was surprised to notice the development on this site. When I first checked out, I thought its just another site for youngsters to chat. I was also a big time lover and often came online to do the same. Now I see people actually writing articles and giving feedbacks. I am amazed by the interest people of our state are taking. I will definitely volunteer to write and contribute some article for our dear fellow people to read. It was really nice to read Are you from Nepal, Bihar, or Pakistan? By Mr. Pou. Lets Keep up the good work.

Sharon Zimik

e-pao at Orkut

[ Sun, 13 May 2007 03:02:56 -0400 ]

I've been using It's become a part of my life. And I love this site. Now I have created a community called E-Pao Manipur at Orkut. I encourage everyone to join. There we can start a forum thread of the current burning topics, make new friends, polls and much more.

Subodh Thokchom

Chat Notice not required

[ Thu, 10 May 2007 07:24:30 -0400 ]

I come across this notice in chat room. I think this notice is not in proper place. Why not this notice be shown as soon as user logs in but before showing the chat screen or chat room. Allow the user to click a button to have read the contents and connect the user to the chat room after 30 seconds. This will ensure that the user reads it somehow. Simply putting a notice is not viewed. Also the users should not make such complaints. A chat room is open to all and it can not go by the likes and dislikes of a particular group. It is open to everyone. Let them chat what they like and we chat what we like. I personally oppose the use of slang words but the chat room is open to public and no one should complaint regarding this.

Birjit Ningomba

Manipur is living in stone age

[ Wed, 9 May 2007 11:07:41 -0400 ]

I visited Manipur after 3 yrs on 27th April 2007. While I was travelling from Imphal to Mao, I was shocked to see the condition of the road over there. The road is full of potholes. Wow, I had a very bumpy and memorable ride and I couldn't move properly for next 2 days. Nowhere in the World I have seen like the one in Manipur. Such was the road condition. I was wondering if the govt. is still functioning?? I feel Manipur is living in a stone age. My open question to the Govt of Manipur is:
1) Who is responsible for this?
2) Where are all the funds gone for road development?
3) How long will the Govt of Manipur take to improve the road condition?
4) Is there any Transport/Road Minister for Manipur?
**** If this continue, I think the people should go against the ruling party or Govt. of Manipur for PR. Its a waste feeding the stomach of elected representative if they cannot bring any development for the welfare of the general public.


Substandard Meetei Mayek Poems

[ Tue, 8 May 2007 08:29:38 -0400 ]

I am really surprised to find substandard Meetei Mayek poems in such a popular website. I personally request you not to publish such poems at all because there so many spelling mistakes and every poet has no literary sense. Even a student of standard fifth, I feel, can write better. Every poet failed to convey what message they want to convey. Nor has there been no rhyme in each of the poem. This will discourage every Meetei mayek enthuasists. I feel, it will be better to publish rather popular poems written by great poets of Manipur in the Meetei Mayek version. This may encourage many Manipuris and people who love Manipuri culture and/is doing research on Manipuris around the world to start using the Meetei Mayek.

Khundrakpam Sarat

Promote Lai Haraoba

[ Fri, 4 May 2007 14:20:54 -0400 ]

It is a good news that Burmese Meeteis are still the one who loves to revive thier thousands years old religious ceremony. Even in Assam such festivals are very popular now a days as it make a strong worshiping culture atleast during the ceremony. Hope Manipur Valley Meeteis will really love to celebrate Lai harouba by inviting all the meetei living ouside the state and country. Identity of Meetei will improve only when Meetei know themself well in proper meaning and concept. We should support among us in a common platform like Lai haraoba...


No Mobile service during night time

[ Fri, 4 May 2007 12:35:29 -0400 ]

Mobile service providers in the state of Manipur are not providing network during night time starting from 8:30 p.m. onwards to 6:30 a.m. the next morning, especialy in Churachandpur District. Many complains have been lodged but nobody from the Airtel (customer care) are taking care of this. I never expect such a reputed company like Bharti cellular service(Airtel) are treating their own customer in such a way. Are they recovering their lost of other state from Manipur as people are innocent here....?

V Bhardwaj

Rs 399.42 crores for Capitol Project? What?

[ Wed, 2 May 2007 21:15:32 -0400 ]

Rs 399.42 crores for Capitol Project and Mini Secretariat buildings & Rs 31.50 Crores for road/ bridges, am I reading it correctly or is there a printing error? Travelling from Khongjom to Imphal takes about an hour and a half but it's a mere 33 Kms we are talking about. What are we going to achieve by building mini secretariats and CAPITOL HILLS BUILDING? Communication barriers have almost torn the state apart, no road is left without a pothole and here we are concentrating on constructing buildings. Democracy has ruinned this country is what I feel at times, how long can we stay positive? China might have human rights issues but does Manipur have any less, yet we are democratic. On a lighter note, make me a dictator and I'll show you all folks a better India (smirk)!! Pahari's Khomlang Laman Singamloi nangi minungshi chaobi hey Ima' keeps playing in my ears but it remains as a melodius song only. Let's make a better place to live!!

Jiten Sapamcha

About NIT construction

[ Wed, 2 May 2007 18:38:00 -0400 ]

We should not accept the withdrawal of construction of National Institute of Technology (NIT) at any condition after the proposal because it is the core issues for the generation of Manipuri, as it will help thousand of poor students to study there without going to the other State; above hundred of graduates will get job in this institution. To me, the constrution of this institution should be build at the foot of the mountain side but it should be in and around the Imphal valley. The construction at Kyamgei Loukon can affect thousand of farmers as the people of this area have no other means to support their life. Construction should be done at sitea where are no agricultural land.


An appeal to the decision makers

[ Tue, 1 May 2007 11:52:17 +0100 ]

April 23 Cement laden trucks burned by unidentified persons . Are we fighting with our economy to come up or are we killing our selves, we need to ask such kind of questions to our selves whenever we hear this kind of stories. If the Sangai express report of April 30 is true and the S P of west Imphal has really cracked the matter then shouldn’t we start thinking why this is happening with us. We are now facing a tough time with Economic crisis and territorial problem above all this we have the division of the groups in our own state or nation what ever we call it. The hills and plains difference we face, in such kind of situation is it right to burn down such very important material which cost almost 15% more per bag when it reaches to us. Are the people who do such kind of things really committed in doing good for Manipur as a son of the mother Manipur? I don't think so they can be just fools damaging such property in the name of not getting their demand they should realise that they are burning their own money making the things costlier and hitting the pocket of the common man. We should remember that we are very few in number and if we all fight among ourselves than we don’t need anyone to come and kill us, they will just wait for the last moment and make a strike when we are tired lets prepare our economy to fight with any kind of crisis as today is the day of influence of money and we are very much behind in that We should remember that we belong form a courageous community.

The big decision makers should understand that they are making decision and fighting for a cause for the whole community if they are indeed sincere. There should be a policy of the government to help the common man on such kind of conditions which can trigger an economic crisis. The government will do better if they make some policy of bringing the essential commodities properly to the state and control the price raise and fall of such essential commodities. The planners should try to make public consciousness regarding the changing policy of the government regarding the pricing of commodities and let the people know that they are buying things costlier or cheaper the quality of things also should be made known to the common man so that the common man may not be looted. If such kind of precautions are made then the market will be controlled by the government and the incoming and outgoing of money will be known properly which will bring the extra profit of the sellers bit down, making the common man aware will help while making such decision of burning down trucks bringing essential commodities etc as they will be aware of how much money they will loose in doing so. If the loss of doing such things are made publicly aware then they might think twice in taking such a step.

Nahakpam Shanta Singh

Thanks to those strong women

[ Tue, 1 May 2007 02:38:00 -0400 ]

Finally the Magistrate inquiry has started for the cold blooded murder of my brother and his friends by the security commandos on the 6th of April. I don't know what to expect of this inquiry and if justine will prevail. Whatever the outcome I appreciate all those who rallied around and all those who comforted my family during the difficult time. I appreciate the elderly women who also agreed to be witness. Its comforting to know that we have such strong women who wants justice and who will not tolerate any nonsense from the killer commandos. My brother will never come back no matter what, but I sincerely hope something good happen so that other families don't have to go through such pain ever again. Its time we understand that life is not cheap, its precious and no one has the right to destroy what they cannot create. Why do we have to lose someone every day and for how long. What is happenning to this state, it is so difficult to call it my state, it took my innocent brother and his friends away from us and to top it all they branded them as undeground after killing them. They robbed my nephew of his father and he is not yet a year old. This brutal killing by security has to stop. How many more young life has to be sacrificed before we can have peace. I am comforted when I know that god is there and I believe that what you do to others will come back. This is Karma.
( Coverage 7 Apr, 2007, 8 Apr, 2007 & 9 Apr, 2007.)


What about KangleiWood?

[ Sat, 21 Apr 2007 02:10:05 -0400 ]

The feedback is about naming. Why do we call ImphalWood for the Manipuri Film Industry. I have a better name for it. Lets call "KangleiWood".


Taken for an Absolute ride!

[ Tue, 17 Apr 2007 00:15:45 -0400 ]

The Indian Armed Forces are only earning their bread and butter in the North east region, looking after their love ones(they must) staying away from them but in a comfortable places. They creates atrocies and violates human rights to show their presence and get protected from punishment under Special Armed Forces power Act-1958. For two decades and half they helped built up various UGs organisations- under live and let live strategy. We are therefore befooled by the government of Indian, who promises to bring law and order in the region, the problem, which was never there (beyond people finding solution themslves,) before they indulged themself in this peacefull and peace loving virgin region. The Government pumped money to their accountants and agents who are elected every five years, to be distributed to the majority and minority elites and not for any other purpose.( see DM College, see RIMC see roads) comes the UGs. Our brothers and sisters who are there to protect us, and give us sovereinty. But protection from whom ? we were never enemies nor we committed crime nor we were slaves. But yes, they protect us by wanton killing of those who ultered words about them or fails to pay them. And so what ? at the cost of promise land or sovereinty, are we to be killed, deprived of any comfort and convenient and development? that other states in India are enjoying ? The UGs are running parallel government with the elected representatives government, The Armed Forces live and let live with UGs. Where are the Burman war warriors, the nupi warriors ....

Dominic Shilshi

Mollywood/Imphalwood is a misnomer?

[ Sat, 14 Apr 2007 02:30:31 -0400 ]

I'm a student of film direction currently pursuing a certificate course in filmmaking. Recently, in few articles (I prefer not to mention the name) I found the word "Mollywood/Imphalwood" referring to our Manipur film industry. To my knowledge the word Mollywood/Imphalwood makes no sense, like, "Molly" + some "wood" = ???? But why "Mollywood/Imphalwood" and who came up with these words afterall?! And what is so important with this word "wood" attached to it? Is it because Americans use Hollywood, in Mumbai it's Bollywood, in Tamil Nadu it's Kollywood, in Bengal it's Tollywood and so on...???? Can't we remain happy with just something like, for example, the "Manipur film industry" that simply and genuinely identifies our film industry and ourselves from the rest?? This is really disturbing, and I believe that these countless minute things (not only regarding our film industry) push us back further into the past darkness and make us more dependable then before. Everyday I meet people from every walk of life, I have many friends from different parts of this country and other countries as well, every now and then they ask me questions (later becoming more of arguments) but later I end up clarifying to them all. Now, few Manipuri people take things for granted and lead their ways leaving few of us hurt. Our identity is very important, and I hope that people should realize it sooner, its now or never!


Subtle tactics by Church body

[ Thu, 12 Apr 2007 13:30:27 -0400 ]

I would like to take the help of this media to speak out against a particular church body in Imphal, who has used subtle tactics to cause misery and hardship to people( my folks in particular) who rent out rooms from them to run/open shops to earn their livelihood. How is it that they preach peace and happiness and good things that go with the teachings of the Holy book but their practices say otherwise? My folks live in constant fear of their rebukes and getting kicked out by them if they dont cough up the huge deposit amount they keep demanding from them. To me - this means harassment Big time!! through their DADAGIRI just because I refuse to do any sort of CHAMCHAGIRI to their so called Ningthou over here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I refuse to fall in line with them!! They even make them to subscribe to newsletters, magazines without even bothering to ask if they wanted it or not,And my folks have to dole out the amount set by them, of course money speaks a lot from here so instructions are issued from here indirectly as to how to run the affairs there. I know they will subject my folks to all kinds of ridicule for my writing in this column. They run the church like their personal fiefdom and private business. We all know where their superflush funds come from and for what purposes and what kind of so called ministries they run!! So they do not they like to stay and to be portrayed as lily white for people to see and not to question them at all!! I am very upset to see this trend brought about by them whom we use to regard as very hardworking and honest!! But that myth has been shattered and I do not believe in these Bible thumping people of this particular church no more!! They are as fake as can be!! No one has to impose this on us!! Its our choice whether to give or not give!!

Shanti Thokchom

Big initiative from political system

[ Tue, 10 Apr 2007 14:34:19 -0400 ]

Its so sad to see Manipur has become an ugly place to live in. Newspapers, headlines which they always try and undo each other in how many deaths, reports of dirty scandals, kidnapping of innocence childrens and taking away innocent lives for their momentary happiness. Isn't it also because of precisely most people in Manipur try to flee to some other states. Perhaps,there is no price for guessing when it comes to education as to why most parents prefer outside Manipur. Isn't it sad? Manipur was a beautiful state but those were the gone days.. the political system that plays the important role needs to take a big initiative and responsibilities to change and check the whole system of Manipur. If things dont change at the earliest, there wouldnt be no YOU survive in a place called MANIPUR. So lets all get started to do something on this issue. We need to stop the war and create a better place for you and me to live. We want peace.


Brutal killing of my brother

[ Mon, 9 Apr 2007 09:06:48 -0400 ]

Thank you for covering the unfortunate and brutal killing of my brother and his two friends on 6th April by police commandos at Kwakeithel. Finally they are laid to rest today, safe and at peace. He left a part of himself and the biggest gift of all his 11 month old son. Thank you once again.
( Coverage 7 Apr, 2007, 8 Apr, 2007 & 9 Apr, 2007.)


The protection fees/tax

[ Mon, 9 Apr 2007 08:57:07 -0400 ]

For some time I could not understand what the protection fees or tax collected by UGs from one and all in Manipur. Some one pays from his source of income like monthly pay, others by ways of letters and physical contacts on piece meal basis. I asked to myself, "Protection from what ? whom ? when and where etc." I thought it must be protection against " HIV/AIDS" then I said to myself " it must be from Armed forces" before I zero down to one of the choices, the answer was given to me. And surprise, my answer should have been wrong to score perfect "ZERO" if I have written HIV/AIDS or Armed Forces. On getting the answer, again I got confussed. Why should people pay protection fees or tax to UGs when they know only murderers of the first degree are only protected ? Any way I think I am a confussing person but Hrinii Hubert and Muhini Martin were the children who gave me the correct answer. May they live long. In the mean while keep paying the protection fees, but do not forget that the UGs were also came to this world following the same route as any one else.

Dominic Shilshi

e-pao helps me in explaining

[ Sat, 7 Apr 2007 07:54:53 -0400 ]

I really dont know where to start and where to end which I want to share to my people (Manipuris) whenever I open this website I feel that I m in Manipur . I work for Hospitality Management and whenever people ask me about Manipur I was very much excited to explain it . And thanks to which help me a lots to get information about Manipur .


Radio e-pao in Malaysia

[ Fri, 6 Apr 2007 21:33:39 -0400 ]

Thank you very much for your new Radio e-pao. Radio e-pao gives us life here in Malaysia. We do not miss Manipur much when the e-pao radio is with us anywhere anytime. Long Live e-pao!

Kulabidhu Chanam and family
Kuala Lumpur

Kangla older than Shri Govindajee temple

[ Wed, 4 Apr 2007 23:47:38 -0400 ]

CM Ibobi Singh has inspected the present condition of Leishang Hiden and Kangla Fort today. What was his comment on that what he exactly know about the valuable Kangla which is one of most valuable place for Meetei origin and Valley settlers. Regarding the restoration, people should worry about the older history related to Ibuthou Pakhangba and other Deities worship places rather than the Bir Tikendrajit or Shri Govindajee temple. My last visit to Kangla in 2006 was horrible that the guide did not understand the older history of Kangla, they just told that Kangla is the place where Shri Govindajee Temple was first constructed. It is a wrong concept that people who care about Kangla should understand the origin of Kangla rather than the origin of Govindajee in Manipur as it is very new to compare with the Sanamahi Religion which is originated from this fort with many involvement of Lord Pakhangaba and other Deities. Kangla(executive) should focus Kangla as original history of how Valley based People start thier livelihood and generation when they migrated from Koubru Hills. At present Kangla restoration is mainly focus on Bir Tikendrajit residence and Govindajee Temple which is a much younger history. Please try to understand history or originality and Identity before you represent Kangla to the world.


Moving towards Abyss

[ Wed, 4 Apr 2007 06:12:29 -0400 ]

It is perhaps silly on the part of the state government to have declared holiday on April 5 to felicitate Guwahati National Games medal winners not for the fact it was for a worthless reason but since the examinations of the various classes are scheduled on that day. But, I was wondering whether DESAM would have issued or will issue such statements of disapproval when it comes to irritating bandhs called by any Tom, Dick and Harry for rubbishable causes which affected daliy lives of the people including educational pursuit of students. We must introspect on the fact that we are moving towards abyss.


Blackmail Business Syndicate

[ Wed, 4 Apr 2007 02:29:41 -0400 ]

Mr. Sushan,
We need to stop playing into the hands of the vested interest who keep exploiting the entire community with false propaganda and blackmail. AFSPA 1958 and the Naga Integration Issue were the vote planks of MPP. The people have let their minds known through the ballot: MPP got just 5 seats. What would you say about this? Stop encouraging the people who have been running a Blackmail Business Syndicate based on anti-India propaganda for their own interests and to the detrimental of development and civilisation of the community. It is time we wisen up and get rid of these cancerous elements of the society who have so organisedly infiltrated each and every organ of the society. Until then, forget all talks of developmental inititives because they have always failed by virtue of these cancerous elements and the people's indifferent attitude, and they are bound to fail. Why are we talking of CM Ibobi as if there were no other CMs before? What have they done for the state? Why didn't they do anything? Is it all because they couldn't? Or because they didn't want to? Have we the people done anything to change the ground realities? What can Ibobi do now when all other CMs before couldn't do anything?
Have a thought,


An ugly place to live

[ Mon, 2 Apr 2007 23:04:05 -0400 ]

Its sad to learnt the fact that Manipur is no longer safe place to live. Sometimes I wonder why people can be so selfish and mean. An innocent kids are kidnap and murder. What's wrong with the people? Don't they have a heart. It is so weird to think of this uncivilized act. The problem with people, they dont want to work but to live life luxuriously. Perhaps When they cant live up to their expectation, all they could think is the easiest way to meet their expectation..then comes the kidnaping for ransom etc. This is unfair. Manipur has become an ugly place to live in. So before its too late lets start taking an initiative to stop this war.

Amie Paul

World Without Strangers

[ Mon, 2 Apr 2007 02:12:57 -0400 ]

I was looking for some plain white T-Shirts at DFO Sydney when I came across a one from Giordano with the wording "World Without Strangers" there was no second thought, I just pick it up and put in on me. I just wonder what the wording mean to me at the moment but it attracted to me. in a recent interview, there was a question put on me, what word do u prefer on ur shirt? my reply was "World Without Strangers" and I did the explanation from my own thought.
1. world where is no enemy to fight for
2. world where is no man made geographical boundary
3. world where we are free from religion bondage
4. world where there is no racial feelings
5. world where everyone has equal opportunities
6. world where I can smile and talk to anyone I like without fear.

That is my world. may be Giordano have a different version when they put it in their shirt, but my view was based on my experience which I feel in my homeland. I have meet a couple of friend online from different part of Northeast India here in Sydney, USA, and some European country and I never feel they are the same community coming out from our 8 sisters. We have no grudge or fear feeling sharing our view and ideas. I never realise what make us critise and comment and feel afraid of each other existence when we are in our respective place, but feel one when we are outside. Cannot this same feeling of love and belongingness be inculcated there in our homeland too. It always give a thought that we are making an artificial world in our place trying to protect ourself and our identity, the identity which will be always with us no matter what and where we are. I am proud to be a Manipuri, Sylvia is proud to be a nagamese, David is proud to be a mizo for we all know our root and no one can remove it. But we all believe in one thing called coexistance and respect. It is just a though of mine for a better world to live in. May be other people view are different. But it is us who can make a world or say NorthEast a beautiful place.


missing community - Moyon

[ Fri, 30 Mar 2007 04:18:03 -0400 ]

I am a student of Master of Fisheries Science,Central Institute of Fisheries Education,Mumbai. Basically from Komlathabi, Chandel district. As I went through the photo galleries, I was very happy to see some photos of different communities in Manipur with their traditional attire and I excitedly searched for Moyon community and was shocked not to find any! Whereas our neighbours, the monsangs, chothes, maring, etc were there. I could not resist myself to point the missing thing. I hope to see some of the Moyons being pictured in this website. Never forget us. We are manipuris too!

W. Chimwar

Improvement in killing & hatred

[ Thu, 29 Mar 2007 01:48:17 -0400 ]

I am in my last semester MBBS course in China, since the day I left India.... hoping for betterment of our state Manipur, but till now I find no improvement, but I can see there is improvement in killing and hatred for one another and ransom, Everyday we find new cases like extortion, kidnap,JAC,... and so on..... likewise we find new patient in the hospital when we go for wards, we can see different kind of diseases that we have not seen.. sometimes we can see patients who are struggling for life and death... while we still treat the patients to cure...... As in our state Manipur we just know the disease of killing one another which helps driving away the future of Manipuri to other part of the world and let our state be the place of hatred and killing but we never realise how to treat with it ...... I wish we could think for our better future instead of fighting for one another....

Chengdu, China

Let the East look at us too

[ Wed, 28 Mar 2007 16:39:42 +0100 ]

We are very happy after the Goverment of India's Look East policy. The Indian goverment expanding the trade relation to the east Asian countries will be definitely helpful in booming the economy of the north-eastern states such as Manipur which is completely different from the mainland India. Programes such as free trade and road link will be very helpful but have we looked to the political situation of our neighbour MYANMAR, dictatorship in which elite ruler is the law, which means what ever agreement signed can be overthrown whenever they want. Till now Myanmar has been very co-operative with India but shouldn't we think of a time when there can be Chinese influence on the influence of Pakistan as these are the countries which are the major player in the region and with India's booming economy we can think of a situation like that to supress the economy of the country. In case such kind of situation comes up and Myanmar takes a stand against all treaty or they take a U turn and decides a new law. On that situation Look East will simply become looking to the side where the sun raise. Particularly Manipur as we dont have sea and international air link. It should be look to the east and let them look at us too. Let them come to our economy too. We should not look only in to good trade relations but the state govts should also seek some investments on the part of forest products, human resource etc. So that when the Look East become just look to the east. We should invite the big companies and countries and big economies like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia etc, to come to our states and explore the resources here. Here the NGO can play a major role as we already have foreign investment through the NGO. The political situation right now is quite calm and co-operative.

Nahakpam Shanta

Thank You

[ Wed, 28 Mar 2007 13:06:57 -0400 ]

I would like to use this platform to thank all those who helped out with the funeral services of my dad who passed away last week. I would like to share with you all that it has been very nice to know that there are so many good souls out there even if they belonged to different religion & tribes or communities to come together at such times. My mother was very emotional when she talked to me about the whole service. Thank you everybody for your great help!!

Shanti Thokchom

Are we gonna stand silently?

[ Wed, 28 Mar 2007 06:02:10 -0400 ]

The chaos that had took place few days back in jantar mantar, Delhi,is amazing. People from our manipur most of them student from kuki background participated in a protest against the people captured by UNLF, burma. The mothers, sisters, old man and childrens are been captured by this humanless creatures for no peculiar reasons. For any demand they had made and if it is not fulfilled why the impact is always heavily upon the general masses. Are they doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing doesnot matter to us now. The only thing matter is our happiness and peace in the society. Instead of solving the problem the authority has order to control or to smash the protester. This is a democratic country, so why should they have to treat us like this. We are caught in between the militants and the Indian authority. Where should we knock the door asking for justice and equality. Are the" stayiny numb" the only way left for to fight againt un justice done to us. People who were injuried are still struggling in the hospital. Is the Government going to take this charges of those who has injured and who will look after to those who had been injured? The question is whom we have to blame for all this chaos? or shall we welcome more disturbances in the coming future with open arms thinking its our fate?

Sonia Thingbaijam

Calendar & yatra Khongpham

[ Wed, 28 Mar 2007 04:53:49 -0400 ]

First upon I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Cheirouba. Today when I was checking in E-Pao Calendar for a good day to have a puja I recall the calendar which we use to keep in our house. If I recall correctly in the calendar there are a very good point that also indicate when and what time is the best for different kind of puja. Not only that many point were there like .. Laicha, yatra khongpham , thashi maikei, rashi, and many more .. Here I would like to know, it is possible to view all in e pao calendar?


Locate NIT outside Imphal

[ Tue, 27 Mar 2007 09:47:09 -0400 ]

I have been reading some disturbing news regarding site allocation of the new NIT. Read here, here & here .

I am not favouring the culture of opposition through JAC. JAC is a poor joke in Manipur; you have JAC for every small issue. But my first question is why Kyamgei and why Imphal? Manipur is not Imphal. Why should the NIT be located in Imphal? I am sure the new NIT is for Manipur and not only for Imphal. Spreading such national institutions to different locations is one way of solving the non uniform growth of the state. Imphal already has two Central Universities, a national level medical college to name a few. Imphal already is facing a severe crunch of open space. It's high time we do away with myopic vision and short term measures. The new NIT should ideally be located outside Imphal. Why not Churachanpur or Thoubal? And there is no reason for the locals to oppose such move; on contrary they should welcome such move. Institutes of such scale will act as a growth pole for the area. The buzzing activities in Canchipur and RIMS road are a proof. I hope the academicians and the bureaucrats will try to think beyond immediate convenience and concentrate on ways to make the new institute one of the best in the country.

L.D. Singh,
Doctoral Scholar, IIT Kanpur

e-pao not only for Meiteis

[ Tue, 27 Mar 2007 05:31:57 -0400 ]

I'm indeed happy with this precious website but I don't think this website is only for Meiteis but for all the people with different tribe of Manipur. We see lots of division and differentiation. So I think that this valuable and helpful website can help us from these divisions. This is my humble request for each and every soul not to differentiate within our Family( Manipur). And this will help us toward PEACE in future.


India partial in promoting games

[ Sun, 25 Mar 2007 17:10:33 +0100 ]

Its a pity for India that they very bravely lost the cup of their dream. The World Cup as the people of India worship the gods like Tendulkar, Dravid , Harbhajan , Ganguly and all other gods have proven to be wrong. Kapil Dev saying that this team is stronger then the one when as a team captain he won the world cup. Indian Media have not much interest for hockey , but cricket they dont forget that there is a hero playing the game and if they lost also, still they have to show that they have lost terribly & fought a struggle for the sponsors the media and all the people who bet on them.

Its time now that we start realising that if the 10% of the money spent on promoting cricket is used in other soprts then there can be a miracle. If the media and sponsors realised that there are other people like Kunjarani, Tingongleima, Sanamacha, Mary kom etc then surely people will come to know that there are other cups they can hope for not only the cricket cup. Please remember that so many people make India proud, but in certain regions of the country dont know that these people are the reason why their country's flag flew high. Manipur is a good and best example of it. A state infected by the bad storm of 'you dont get anything easily in Manipur' and 'the goverment dont have anything for you' . Thats why the people of India should learn from us to "Promote Each And Every Game With Equal Respect". Lets give a chance to the players of other games also and please remember that if they win they make us proud but to win they need us and the media to promote the game, sponsor to get what they cannot buy by themselves.

Santa Anta

Radio songs from other communities too

[ Sat, 17 Mar 2007 18:17:47 +0530 ]

E-pao is doing a great job by putting up Radio on its site and especially for the people who are out of the State. Its good to hear all those classics,new melodies,rock... The Radio will create more magic if you put songs of other communities also. It will help us more, in knowing each other. Long live e-pao.

Somchandra Nahakpam

Thoughts on Nagas

[ Fri, 16 Mar 2007 19:13:37 -0400 ]

It was nice to read your piece of thoughts on 'Nagas'. But everyone is very confused about your article which used some very generic terms like 'Nagas'. Are you talking about Nagas in Arunachal Pradesh or Nagaland or in Burma or in Assam or Mizoram or in Manipur? What do you mean by ' We the Nagas'? Becasue all Nagas do not come within the category you are refeering to. For example,Nagas in Assam may be more prosperous than Nagas in Nagaland. By the way may I know from you, what is the meaning of 'Naga'? Before Britsh came to India, was this name 'Naga' ever existed?

I have a realiable source that says 'Naga' the name was given by British. 'VIBGOUR'is the harmonious combination of 7 colours that makes Rainbow beautiful. Had a rainbow been made of only one colour, it would have looked quite dull and pity. I think , it is time for scholars and intellectuals to stop and change uni-racial talks. Better talk about historical interdependency and their responsibility towards the progress of the region as a whole. In short a harmonious living. It is not wise to swim opposite the current flow of modern society. If that is the case, we all would have still lived in the caves without proper clothings.

I know charity begins at home. But it has been grossly misconstrued in the case of Nagas. Pseudo intellectuals and pseodo-samartans are responsible for the questions in your article. Let's stop shedding crocodiles tears once and for all. See what and which way we are contributing to our society. Peace and harmonious living is the only foundation for a progressive society. And a society is not constituted only by a single community or race. Together let us build a beautiful world then!

Bishwajit , Prague

Feeling of Brotherhood

[ Wed, 7 Mar 2007 02:33:44 -0500 ] your website. I am not a Manipuri, but I hold strong appreciation and a feeling of brotherhood for you guys...may be because I am a man from mountains. Well I feel very nice to see how you guys have preserved your culture and developed yourself. I may not be a part of your community and I may never be accepted as one...does not matter...I belong to everybody and nobody. But keep on the good a force to reckon with. Let the peace and prosperity spread. long live the traditions and people of Manipur.


South Indian infatuated with Thabal

[ Wed, 7 Mar 2007 02:33:44 -0500 ]

I have to tell you about my holi. This has got to be the darlingest festival in the world. No Im not talking about the bawdy vulgar north indian way with colours. This is the Manipuri way I am talking about and their dance in the moonlight "Thabal Chongba" literally, jumping in the moonlight.

A manipuri friend of mine invited me for the fest and I thank my stars that I took time out from what I was doing otherwise (drinking with friends) and went along, curiosity having got the better of me. Their music is traditional, typically drums with accompaniments on organ. Occasional manipuri songs too. Started warming up after 9.30 (at night) onwards. A few had started already. What happens is young boys and girls hold hands to form a huge circle and around in one direction (anticlockwise) doing simple steps in time with the music and swinging their linked hands.

Apparently this is their social platform an occasion for boys and girls to meet. It was such fun. All of them dressed their best and looked so cute and the atmosphere was so healthy, quite unlike the pubs in Delhi I have been to where the guys behave like raging bulls and the women look and behave like the whores of babylon. It went on till about 2 at night. At anyrate we left at 1.30 and I suppose it must have gone on. Tiring. my legs still aching.

Arjun, from Kerala

Death of a Patient in RIMS

[ Fri, 23 Feb 2007 03:30:08 -0500 ]

Hi Readers

The case of M Sangkhu in RIMS hospital was not a surprise. Though there are different factors that needs to be understand it is a known fact that the Government hospitals in Manipur specially RIMS and JN hospital lacks quality management and discipline. Ask any one who visited RIMS, would know what I am talking about. it's a know fact. The doctors/nurses forget that the patients and the visitors are always human being like one of them. they treat them as if they own them. They use filty languages and the patients party had to be bear with it as there love one is in their hand.

Cleanliness and hygine in not in their dictionary. The rats crawl all over the place picking on foods. The toilets are only for emergency. A request for help is selling yourself. Over all you lose all your dignity. Though there are few sincere doctors and nurses, the situation makes it such. The visiting hours and the number of visitors should be restricted. Cooking inside the campus and meals by other than the patients should at all cost be avoided, if the standard of the hospital is to be establish.

This are facts. Think of it why is there no such case of tussles and fight between the doctors and nurse in private hospitals. Every employee in private hospital will try and make you comfortable. I guess the untouchable fat salary and the unconcern of the hospital authority is one of the biggest cause. Its time every one come together and investigate what happening in those dirty hospital.


Space for student's voice

[ Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:21:29 -0500 ]

I'm a student, of xii standard studying in pune at the moment. Its been a long time since I visited my hometown. There are many reason for students out side of Manipur , for not wanting to go back. We find ourselves in a trap, to many addictive and various situation, this and that. This is a request to have a student column where we have part to to bring to some interest and solution. We feel we are ignored and down cast.


No info on Manipuri cuisine

[ Tue, 30 Jan 2007 08:21:29 -0500 ]

I m a student of Hotel Management and I cannot find a proper information on cuisine of Manipur and I feel so sad because I can get information about other states but not about Manipur and this topic is my assignment as I belong to Manipur. From my side this is my request if i could get proper information about my place and cuisine.

Margereth Koi

Study not enjoy

[ Sun, 28 Jan 2007 05:35:24 -0500 ]

I am a college student in Chennai. I have been here hardly for 6 or 7 months...but in these months I saw many adolescence doing many bad things and I don't want to mention those things.... As a student our parents has send us to study so that we'll be able to stand by ourself. How much trouble our parents are facing to get the big sum of money to fulfil our needs in study, but they only think of the 'hi-fi' fashion as show off to others as our native place i.e., Manipur is not known to others rest of states of our country. Instead of studying, they are trying to enjoy the money our parents sent us. They all go to parties and roamed till night with their girl/female friend and they dont care anything about study & their future life.... I personally saw the situation where my friends are doing it.... I've even told them to fix a routine of doing all those things and spare some time to your studies.... But they dont.... I want to change this system when we study outside..... so that we can bring the name of our Manipur in front of the nation as proudly saying " We Are The MANIPURIES and WE Can Do Better Than You Do" but I am thinking when this will be possible.... It is not possible if we dont stop those habits and fixed our mind & soul in syudy.......


More on Jobs

[ Sat, 27 Jan 2007 06:52:27 -0500 ]

I'm very happy to know that our website "E-pao" has became very popular and I think every youth is aware of this website. So I would like you to add more information about the jobs available in every corner of manipur, may be government or non government. Thank you.


Maring, UNC & 2007 Election

[ Thu, 25 Jan 2007 07:41:02 -0500 ]

Recently we Maring tribe have received number of threat from different communities and societies regarding our outspoken wishes toward the United Naga Council (UNC) by choosing our own candidate for 2007 assembly election of 42 constituency Chandel via media/ radio. Mention may be made her that this is not the first time we are being dominated to propose our own wishful candidate. Whoever, we are standing still firm and will always stand for Naga integrity and prosperity of the Nagas.

Besides, the UNC must also coordinate with us for further over and all development in every expects.

D. Meran Maring

Manipur did not create Champion

[ Thu, 25 Jan 2007 03:04:21 -0500 ]

Today at 'The Indian EXPRESS' newspaper I come across an article, which headline is 'Manipur creates one more champ', excited & happy I grab the paper & go through but once I ended up reading I was leaf with many questions. The article was talking about a young boxing champion who come from Imphal & how he struggle and he said "Back at home the facilities were not the best and with the bandhs, strikes and curfews that were regular, it was hard to train on a regular basis" and said he is glad to have found a place at the Chandiwala boxing centre. This story is of one young fortunate man but what about those who can't afford to come out of the state. Article headline says 'Manipur creates one more champ' but is really Manipur who creates champ or his training outside the state. If Manipur can create champ I can bet there will be champ in every house. This is the high time we should wake-up or it will be too late. People in Manipur should start thinking selflessly. Small, small social organisation, students organisation & militant outfit is mushrooming like anything and once they call for bandhs, strikes and curfews with or without any valid reasons everyone have to follow, no matter how it is effecting our social and economic norms. Rome was not built in a day; every single effort we will put today will count. Government don't do this & don't do that, wells, who vote for them? Now, I don't want to start an argument on this topic because I am here to request my people to look for greater vision. Now Manipuries are more advance, you can find Manipuri community in every corner of this world. There should be network from where we connect with each other and help our society. But first step should be from people who are in State and their first step should be education but education mean 'proper education' without any unfair means and without waste of time due to bandhs, strikes and curfews. I know it's easy to say but hard to do. Well, any path to success is not 'Red Carpet Walk' and even farthest destination start with one step.


Need for restraint

[ Tue, 23 Jan 2007 08:16:49 -0500 ]

As a citizen of Manipur, I would like to share some of my views through this column. We have been seeing every now and then that there are so many killings and rapes, fighting each other, abusing each other for one reason or other. And in another side, some innocent people are suffering due this factors. Most affected section from this innocent group is the student community. We all feel that students are the pillars of the nation. In order to build a better, strong and prosperous society, we need educated and intellectual people. If the future generation are not educated properly, then there is a danger of surrendering our own languages, traditions, cultures and land. Because the future generation might forget about their originality. They probably may forget about the geographical structure of our Mother Land "Manipur". As we know, today is globalized and each and every nook and corner are almost connected. The traditions, cultures and languages of other countries can easily be imported in a state like Manipur since our state can be a open gateway between states of India and other south east countries. If we dont educate our own future generation, there is a danger of losing our own identity. So, I would like to focus in this context to give a thought for a while and think a little for our young generation. I personally feel today is too late but we need to work together and have a considered thought. From my view point, I would like to say with due regards to all sections of the society to give some restraint when we do some extreme steps else we may go in wrong way. Here, I am not giving my judgement to what are happenings as right or wrong but just would like to suggest to show some restraint.


No drug import to our soil

[ Sun, 21 Jan 2007 14:05:11 -0500 ]

Its my worse nightmare after I reached back home tired and exhausted after a long hectic workout. I didnt even put off my clothes and run through the kitchen to have the dinner, I just had an usual chat with my friend which is in the other room, suddenly he yells, you have message that your cousin expired of overdose late in the evening. I was shock and mute, resist to have my usual dinner . He is just a 17 year old lad, died young. I wander myself who is to blame, to my uncle and the family or the dirty environment of the state. How many of them is written to die in the fate of this drugs. What are this social organisation's doing round the clock, busy to get some easy money or ...what's the political policy and issue with the drugs. I have a lot of question heated in my mind, I cannot only weep remembering him. I roll backs to our memory. Its been long a while we have seen this issue every now and then, its been a headlines in the newspaper almost every alternate months. What we are supposed to do now. Break the bones of our brothers or make them educated. Nothing is going to change until and unless the evil mother is vanished. No import of drugs to our soil. That's the only solution we have or it will remains a forgotten tales of woes and disappointment.

How many of us will wait to see them die!!!


What is the role of AMADA ?

[ Wed, 17 Jan 2007 02:12:57 -0500 ]

Whenever any organisation are formed to take up social issue, we pray and hope that they help in building a better society but now we are used of disappointment. Before forming such organisation or joining, one should be very clear what role is going to play? They should remember they are here for social cause & not for personal benefit. If they really want to earn "only money" go ahead & earn but not through such cause. Now we stop trusting AMADA & such other organisation,who claim tall but worth nothing. Now we feel they are just bunch of people who come together because they have nothing to do but just love poking their nose in other business.


Release Martin & Hubert

[ Wed, 17 Jan 2007 02:12:57 -0500 ]

I would like to lend unstinted support to the appeal of Mao Baptist Church, Dewlahland for the release of Muheni Martin and Hriini Hubert of Senapati who were kidnapped for ransom on Dec 14, 2006. Considering on humanitarian ground, one must feel the pain of their parents and the community groping in darkness. Their homecoming would be a great joy of the New Year. Different communities in Manipur deserve peaceful future, devoid of horrors such as kidnapping and death of our dear children. To do that every section of the society starting from the locality/village council need to be sensitised in this dreadful crime.

Remember, if it is not stopped now it will be my or your child next time!!

Yours sincerely,
Sam Daimai
Tamei Bazar, Tamenglong Dist., Manipur

Rikshaw driver- objects of exploitation

[ Fri, 12 Jan 2007 00:42:08 -0500 ]

Akhu, this is a wonderful poem. Not many would understand the mask of courage they wear in earning a livelihood. They are 'objects' of exploitation-- by the traffic police, by the customers and the owners of the tricycles. Most of them suffer from piles. The municipalities do not give them adequate attention, instead harrass them while they try for a license. Coming to your poem, the following sounds a little contrived, though it makes poetic sense:
I do this twenty-four hours a day,
To enable me buy a cow
That can happily graze
On the landlord's green fields.

However, you have the liberty as the poet. Good work.


Epao Radio....for a real Manipuri

[ Sun, 7 Jan 2007 22:38:25 -0500 ]

Its really a great pleasure for all the Manipuris around the globe to experience Epao Radio. Listening to the Manipuri songs from a distant place,like Australia is really great....i cannot express how happy I am.
Three cheers to the E-pao team!!!!
But I have one request, can you guys please make it possible for us to download the songs from the site to our iPods so that we can listen to it even when we travel.....I would be very grateful if you guys please consider my request.
Last but not the least, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the team. May success be all yours.


Ban The Bandhs!

[ Sun, 7 Jan 2007 17:43:43 +0530 ]

There is no place for bandhs in a democratic country. Democracy means exercise of personal freedom without disturbing others' freedom and human rights. Bandhs totally violate the freedom and human rights of others while a small group of people is trying to express its demand[s]. Manipur is menaced by bandhs losing a minimum of 8[eight] crores of rupees every bandh day and this state is already the poorest state in the North East India! So many daily wagers, market dependants are starving during the bandhs! All round progress in every field of activities are hampered! Whose loss is this? Only selfish, shallow minded, senseless, narrow minded & evil people will call bandhs. If this condemnable bandh culture continues for some more years in Manipur, very soon Manipur will become the poorest state in the world! As citizens of a democratic country, we have the rights to express our grievances, complaints, demands etc. as Rallies, Meetings, Memorandums, Hunger Strikes, Sit-in or Sit-out protests, Pen down strike & others forms of Publics Awareness Campaigns etc but never as bandhs. Nobody likes bandhs. Only a small section of selfish or evil people are engaged in this undemocratic practice. Why should general public support this? Is it not the time now to stop the bandhs by the people unitedly? Bandhs are totally undemocratic because they violate human rights and so bandhs should be banned legally!
The following steps are suggested to stop the bandhs:
1. Governments at the states and center should pass bills to ban bandhs legally.
2. Any organization calling bandhs should be black listed as anti state, anti country, anti people organization and punished legally.
3. The people involved in calling the bandhs should be punished appropriately.
4. General people should do their normal work during bandhs with full support from Police & Military forces.
5. All the newspapers should not publish or discourage bandh calls.
6. All India Radio should not announce or discourage bandh calls.
7. All the TV Channels should not telecast or discourage bandh calls.
8. Curfew should be imposed at troublesome areas during the bandhs and punish the bandh supporters.
9. Proper security power should be empowered the Police and Army to stop the bandhs.
10. All Manipur Anti Bandh Organization [AMABO] can be formed with branches all over the state districts/Towns/Villages fully backed by Police & Military forces.
11. AMABO should be patronized by the Govt. & Public to organize Public Awareness Campaign against bandhs.

If all or some of these aforesaid steps are taken up by the people & government, then, this social evil call bandh can be stopped in Manipur & other states as well. However, to root out this menace totally, justice should rule the society because corruption, prejudice, exploitation, poverty, unemployment, hopelessness etc. that are the symptoms of overall injustice in the society could be the reasons behind these bandhs.

Gajendra Naorem
Happy People Society, Kakching

Informative except for chat room

[ Fri, 5 Jan 2007 07:07:58 -0500 ]

I really would like to appreciate for the fantastic details and news which is being provided in this website. This would be my first visit to the site, however I heard about but never tried; Finally I have gone through the site and found very informative to me. Since I am working in Delhi and I could go once in a year to my hometown - Therefore this site is really very interesting to me except the Chat Room. Although I didn't try it (but I could make out after reading the Caution of Chat Room). Anyways, Very positive reaction from my end.
Wish you a Very happy New and great year 2007 ahead for every one of us.


Fashion Maniacs are the culprit

[ Wed, 3 Jan 2007 05:45:55 -0500 ]

I keep full stance on your article, what you are projecting is indeed the present situation out there, typically confined to the two metros say 'delhi' and 'mumbai' (more or less). If not the whole of the mere female population, some of the ill behaved, so call galzzzzzzz, spoiled the lot. but even a small quantity is enough for the whole community to yeild a name that is not well comed by the whole. The solution of this phobia, is in Mr.Nobodies hand. The culprits who are self-styled fashion maniacs must realize that they are not selling themselves but also the whole of the north-eastern states('CHIKKIS'). The more you x-pose the more you are showing, from what background you are from. As the saying goes, PAHARY LOG,SAHAR MEIN, PAHAR KA BHEJJ. Everything is justified, when a 'mayang' says so coz, its human behavior to see the darker side of a group, prior to the brighter side. And F-MANIACS, must show some responsibility and discipline, which might have been imparted to them in there prime age (hope to be). And lastly, the issue is also magnified by us, a large percentage of 'CHIKZ' have the notion of prejudice of the whole 'MAYANGS'. Not every1 of them has got there time to chit-chat on this type of low profile issues.


Killers Of Our Intellectual People

[ Tue, 2 Jan 2007 04:30:17 -0500 ]

It will be a big Issue in Manipur if we count many histories regarding the killing of intellectual people who are working for indigenous people. It was a big sad news to hear about Chinsubam Akaba's death (killed by unidentified gunman). He was a social activist as he did a great work for Manipur script and language towards the linguistic world. Our main question is that who are the killers, who kill our valuable icons of Indigenous people. Mr. Akaba would be a sure shot winner of the MLA candidate for his constituency in Imphal for the coming legislative assembly election in Manipur. So, state govt. should discuss this matter in the political dialogue otherwise CBI should handle this case. It was a shocking incident when Damudor of ISKON was killed; the same thing is happening here again. Akaba was attending the Imoinu Celebration on the 31st night Dec 2006. I, on the behalf of Manipur people, want to stop this killing of our intellectuals otherwise indigenous people of Manipur living outside the state would never come and work for our native place, that will harm our generations. Are you ready to stop those killers who kill the innocent intellectual social activitists?


Challenging Meiteism

[ Mon, 18 Dec 2006 09:52:17 -0500 ]

First in my mind when I think of manipur I hate myself for not making any progression. "India hidden war" a special programme for the English news channel CNN-IBN reveal the whole North-east insurgent problems quite interestingly with different purposed. The more interesting one is that of manipur outfits. It was quite a chill one that makes me ponder again and again with no solutions behind. The Naga demanding the greater nagaland and the Kukis there own territory and the meiteis for the independence manipur. What will be the future if all the demands fulfilled. Before cleaning your house you dont need to do others. First we need to look after at our own problems. Forget about independence manipur or anything, we need a peaceful life. The nagas and the kukis hate meiteis for they said meiteis ill-treated them. The meiteis should shows the solution otherwise the future lies a blood field. And the manipur become a mayang land and that is for sure. The Nagas and the Kukis of Manipur initially remained indifferent to the Meitei rebels to their obsession to respective ethnic politics. But latter with different outlook and pinching by the indian government things getting even worsen. The kuki naga war was then unstopable. A clash between Meiteis and Pangals in 1993 resulted in large number of deaths. Following the massacre of Muslims some militant Islamic outfits like NorthEast Minority Front (NEMF), Islamic National Front (INF), Islamic Revolutionary Front (IRF), United Islamic Liberation Army (UILA), Islamic Liberation Front (ILF), People's United Liberation Front (PULF) were founded in Manipur valley to counter the challenge of Meitei. Protracted deployment of security forces in the state to handle the situation caused lot of inconvenience to common citizens. Selfish and corrupt political leaders for sharing power put the state under socio-political confusion. And issue become more complexed.


Delhi's CP & BT Fly-over

[ Mon, 18 Dec 2006 09:52:17 -0500 ]

Well Delhi is changing so fast and almost in all the departments. Infrastructures, transportations, roads, malls, flyovers, multiplexes, airport, metro if few named so. But the most interesting was the newly open to the publics is the central park at connaught place(CP). CP is the oldest and the big well plan market of its kind in India. It was architect by the British H.T. Russell to boost the city in the future and according to his plan it works today. I was very impressed and enjoyful to see it so unexpectedly. Soon it will be very hot spot and hang out zone for youngstars and the oldiest too in the upcoming days. So whenever you are around in CP dont forget to feel the chills at central park. Moreover than this, the inner circle of it has been installed music boxes to give you more pleasure when you are shoping. Outlets of almost all international brands available in India are along the inner circle: Benetton, Allen Solly, Reebok, Nike, Levi's, Lee Cooper - you name it. Some of the finest restaurants, eateries and bars pop up here too. Connaught Place is officially called Rajiv Chowk, but referred to as C.P. by Delhiites, is a central business district of New Delhi. It is instantly recognisable on any map of Delhi, being the big circle in the middle with radial roads spreading out in all directions, like spokes on a wheel. Rajiv Chowk station, located under Connaught Place, is the interchange for the Yellow and Blue lines of the Delhi Metro and one of the largest and busiest stations in the network. Having said so I always feel the same so happened in our native place. It is very heartening to see our native having survived without any development and prosperity. I think we should also enjoy the booming economy of our so called country India. From my seven years of experience in Delhi is amazing and the most heartening is whenever I go back to home I find nothing new happened and developed but hear all those problems. The flyover at BT road is still pending when hundreds are up in delhi. Please wake up manipur.


No duping by nursing home

[ Wed, 13 Dec 2006 09:16:20 -0500 ]

This mail is to inform that the news that you've posted on your website concerning "Nursing home duping job seekers" is totally a lie. I accept that it was published in Sangai Express. But the main root lies in that even the newspaper agent DO NOT have the right to print such news in the newspaper without clarifying things with the concerned people because the conclusion is Nursing home never duped the nurses. Those are the nurses lying to the media to destruct the image of the doctor couple and news can be printed anyhow by giving money to any newspaper agency. Tomorrow if I go and complain that a particular guy has robbed or murdered somebody, is the world just going to let it out in the media and believe it?? no, this is fraud! I can say SHAME to e-pao for posting this kind of news without knowing the main root of this cause.


Rubbish Step from DESAM

[ Wed, 13 Dec 2006 02:28:40 -0500 ]

Its a total rubbish step, taken up by DESAM. What on earth make them feel this is a great step & such thing will bring positive changes in the society. What I want to suggest them is before bringing out the negative results regarding any issue one should always look into positive side. When world is heading towards new technology and developing, learning and teaching new thoughts and idea, why we are stoping our kids from riding Bike? Let them be independent, give space to grow. If DESAM really want to do something for students, organise seminar and awareness programme in all field like IT, Health, Political and other job related issue, so that they can curve their own future. Help them to think Big, Better & Positive.


Lost in Translation?

[ Tue, 12 Dec 2006 22:19:20 -0500 ]

Ref your story 13 Dec: "Last leg of joint car rally flagged off." The word MARTYR is not appropriate for a soldier. Martyrs are PASSIVE sufferers for a cause. See dictionary too. Poor translation is why this has happened SHAHEED in Hindi is not the same as MARTYR. NO War Memorial in the world refers to soldiers, as martyrs, only increasingly us Hinglish speaking folk. I have a full list of every War Memorial in the World which commemorates Indian soldiers from 1914 to 1946. Please start a campaign to stop this. Request inform your local Indian Army authorities too.


Developing at the pace of light

[ Mon, 11 Dec 2006 00:23:32 -0500 ]

As an NRM( read non resident manipuri) I would like to thank your team for being a messenger of the events of my motherland. It is terrific of you guys to carry out such a dynamic site for the place( rather from the place ) where 'a bullet is mighteir than pen' when our fellow beings are developing at the pace of light.

David Hawaibam

Fallen in love with e-pao

[ Sun, 10 Dec 2006 23:16:04 -0500 ]

Greetings from Malaysia
Thought I am so far away from home and will not know anything happening in Manipur. But Thanks to, you have make it easy to know about Manipur ... thanks a lot! In few days I have fallen in love with e-pao!!!

one of your sister
( thoi )
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Identify HROs having nexus

[ Thu, 7 Dec 2006 05:13:21 -0500 ]

I would like to draw the attention of Manipur government and the people of Kangleipak through your esteemed daily online paper on this seminar. The resource persons include Mani Charenamei, MP and Prof. Lal Dena, L. Keivom and H.T. Sangliana, besides a host of others. Every individuals and organisations have the right to discuss and express their views in a democratic country like India. Indeed, the organisers have chosen an important and relevant theme for the seminar. Significantly, the Sinlung People's Human Rights Organisation and Zomi Human Rights Front regularly highlights abuses by valley based militants in Churachandpur district. While one would expect these HROs to highlight abuses by all militants and security forces, their alignments and working hand in glove with some hill militants puts a question mark on their credibility. Any issues affecting both the valley and hill peoples need to be analysed by intellectuals and scholars without portraying a biased picture and not by the dictates of a particular org. Such seminars, if allow in future would further create tensions between the hill and the valley people. But how such knowledgeable persons agreed to speak without knowing how the seminar is being sponsored? They owe an explanation to the people of Manipur. A viable strategy to fight insurgency in Manipur would be to identify those HROs having nexus and take appropriate actions. Will the State and Centre governments take actions ?

Basanta Thangjam

Great place to meet friends

[ Wed, 6 Dec 2006 14:02:02 -0500 ]

I read with interest all the great articles. And I cannot help but write to you to say how thankful I am to all those who became my friends over a period of few months. Its a great feeling to know that one could get to know people through your website. I particularly would like to mention Dhaneswari of New Jersey who invited us for the Thanksgiving holidays. She is a very sweet lady trying to bring in some cheer into people's lives!! Bless her heart!! I felt very fortunate to know her!! I want to thank you all good friends who have come to know me through the e-pao -Indira ,Prithvi, Samanta, Radhakanta, Dhaneswari, Gautam & many others. Please keep up your good work, E-pao team ! Kudos to you!!


To The Manipur Chief Minister

[ Wed, 6 Dec 2006 07:33:11 -0500 ]

Thank You and Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, 2007. Sir, It has been many days ago that I thought of writing it to you and, now, am feeling great and grabbing this oppourtunitity to write it down. My tedency, here, is to outline of what we, the people of (y)our state, see farther in our near future, under in your presence. Its been a long years that you have been serving in this post. Certain difficult task may had arised, which challenged to maintain a full captured of your power. Firmly, saying, I believe in the quote "Look and Say". With the knowledge that I have and of the understanding regarding the wider problems of our Manipur, there are certain questions which I would like to arise infront of you. As a part of a people born in manipur, I learned a portion of alphabet of duty and personal responsibility, as such kind of impact upon me, its natural to ask.. "Why all the projects are in an incomplete state (except those minorly completed projects) - those bridges, those pending committment for government jobs, those unverified projects...etc etc.- in Manipur. But, my heart is still waiting eagerly to see the first Fly-over-bridge in Manipur. Have we ever tried to learn and feel those economic distortions, caused by all these problems which brings lots of unwanted disturbances to many families. Or do you really forgotten the designation of the previous role of "EMA Keithel ". The only two words, "Ema Keithel" defined the proper understanding of Manipur's Economic grassroot.

Don't you think, we really need to quicken the process of building up fast and make our "Ema Keithel" bigger and comfortable for both, the buyer and seller, which will make an increase in our economic growth. Where the markets are functioning good, we can find a good numbers of investment, investment with a high profit return. And, of course, this extra profit, will help in the expansion of more markets, trade and better communication. Needless to say, but the situation is such that I am forced to mark all such things. As to say, the above sentences which I'd put will help in critically examining the present problems in Manipur.

And, now, I am interested in focussing to another issue like "UNEMPLOYMENT". Do we ever really try to understand what is the mirror structure of employment of Manipur? Who is getting employed Or who is taken away from such oppourtunities of government jobs / who is not employed??? And, please answer, what is the correct ratio of employed population as to the overall working age male/female population. "UNEMPLOYMENT", a big enough problem already and it will get much worse unless the authorities do something quick. There are no attempt to mobilize mass education, mass functioning of press, mass sexual awareness(AIDS), mass medical care..etc.. It is fair enough to ask why the authorities are running away from all these responsibilities. I am not here to upfront an argument upon the authorities, but conveying to short out our problems quickly as possible.

And, we are generally full of doubts as why some of the unauthorized organizations are turning into power, as if they have those legal rights to intervene upon someone happy life. And, what about those unflashed projects/contracts? The UN-ATTEMPT care towards the people/praja about which we are kept unknown. We want better information for every negotiatoins and committment. To sum up, we just cannot ignore all these problems, its like a harmful disease, and diseases are not to be freed to grow of its own. It is dangerous and can spoil everyone life. We all know this, but why are we still delaying.......................

Sonia Thingbaijam

Media neglect on Manorama

[ Wed, 6 Dec 2006 07:33:11 -0500 ]

I am doing my graduation at Delhi univrsity, by reading the news of Manorama from this website, I can get that this issue is a burning topic in Manipur, but according to me the Manorama issue has been totally neglected by the media of Delhi, I think that it is very important to let the people of Delhi to know it so that it will help to pressure the govt. on this issue, so is there any way to make this possible?


Doubts on Hazrat Amir Hamza visiting Manipur

[ Tue, 5 Dec 2006 22:08:48 -0500 ]

This has reference to the article, I have doubts that Hazrat Amir Hamza(RA), one of the uncles of prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) visited Manipur. I am not a historian, but I like to read history of people, places, religions and of other interesting subjects. As a common muslim I read history of Islam and about great men of Islam. As far as I know, that Hazrat Muhammad [PBUH] had an uncle called Hamza ibn 'Abdul Muttalib [RA]. He was a very brave man and a great warrior. He became shaheed in the battle of UHUD. So, how could he visited Bengal and Manipur??

Did prophet Muhammad [PBUH] have another uncle called Amir Hamza?? I do not think so. This Amir Hamza, who, many think, came to Bengal and Manipur could be some one else and could be a sahaba of our prophet [PBUH]. I have heard that a few sahabas came to Bengal, but no one was sure about their names. I would be very grateful if you could give more information on the subject and/or direct me to the reading materials that I may read for further knowledge and information.

Afsan Chowdhury
Toronto, Canada

Tonnes of info

[ Tue, 5 Dec 2006 04:42:20 -0500 ]

I came across your website while looking up for stories on the Hero Jadonang, and I must say you folks have designed a terrific website...!!! Tonnes of info and constantly updated, I am very impressed and will be a regular visitor...!!
More power to you folks!!


Ridiculousness of Bengali script in Calendar

[ Mon, 4 Dec 2006 08:15:21 -0500 ]

It's an audacious move from your side in bringing such a fabulous (idea) e-pao calendar. I would be more happy and comfortable had you encripted the bengali script with meitei-mayek script or simply only in English. I don't know why I'm feeling really ridiculous and non-sense in this of your very idea.


What about Environmental issues?

[ Sat, 2 Dec 2006 09:44:27 -0500 ]

Everyone is getting busy with this fast moving world. But a few care about environmental issues.. lots of disaster has been taken place and still happening... remember this is the only planet where we have to survive in.... what can we do and how we cam control this? Especially with the local backyards, Manipur. These are some of the hot issues that mother earth is facing ...lets fight.
1)Global warming
2)electronic waste
3)toxic polltants
4)genetic engineering
.....many more... u can write to me at


Congratulations to Mary Kom & L Sarita

[ Wed, 29 Nov 2006 07:21:35 -0500 ]

Please convey our congratulations to Mary Kom & L Sarita for winning the first place in Womens World Championship Boxing held in Delhi. We know how strongly they felt about the issue, and how long they worked towards this achievement. They are a good example of how commitment and hard work pay off. They have really Made 'We Manipuris proud of them'.

Thank You e-pao,
West China Medical School,
Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

Come back & contribute

[ Tue, 28 Nov 2006 06:34:10 -0500 ]

Your article on Tharol was really interesting. Besides giving me the idea of that beautiful place it also enthuse one to visit such places despite all odds. But your visualisation of Tharol in the years to come, I find it somewhat drifting away from the reality. Right as you have mentioned, you are lucky in the sense that the trip was an official one. So, lets try to create a conducive atmosphere so that one can at least move freely to those spots. Many things need to be done towards this end. For people like you, who stays abroad, you can only support things emotionally or mentally but not physically...right? Now you must be knowing that what a life people are having in Manipur?!
I'm not saying that you all are not helping us, but most of the people tend to stay back. Even in Delhi many manipuris started settling and no wonder they only remember Manipur when it comes to Ngari, Yongchak

So, my point is one must come back after earning a degree or anything and contribute whatever knowledge we have Manipur- a land full of hopes and aspirations. Last not the least.. keep exploring ...You will find new friends too...
Long Live Manipur


Tales of yore from Manipur

[ Mon, 20 Nov 2006 09:04:38 -0500 ]

I am an avid browser of your website, which I feel makes me being in a place back home momentarily when I log on to this website which I in my capacity, always do. It is a superb and unbiased medium of knowing and understanding the state in which I live in. The current news and other newsworthy articles coupled with snippets of the contents that tickle one's curiosity ( which I in my limited knowledge, all of us have) is a worthwhile time to spend your leisure time. But then I nagivated on and then I reached where the folktales and foklores of Manipur came on,I in my insipid curiosity couldn't find some from the minority Tribes/Caste which I don't know, is due to lack of professionally and efficient content providers for the website or maybe a media-centric oversight. But then with all the info and images and the contents that this website has, I was kept tapping on my critical intellect that then came up with this notion that the content of the website is newsworthy but then when it comes to enriching with it with more sideway articles, there seems to be a very much needed research before you categorise the content of the website.

This state is blessed with myriads of historical and political contents.There however is the thing called minority and majority groups in our state.So when a tribal like me logs in and select a particular section and then find that there are many so missing and overtly oversighted,my mind comes to a point where I have to write this.I know I am a hopeless cynic and a nitpicker,but one thing that the website should have -If it is to classify a content, then there should be a professional who should oversee and see to it that what the content has to have,at least a fair amount of input has to be there.

That is all I am cribbing about this website. Manipur, once you leave the state, there is no Meitei, Zomi, Kuki, Mizo, Tangkhul, Zeliangrong, Naga and all forms of regional tags that makes us a malifide xenophobic in the state. I have many Meitei friends and Naga friends, because I am a Christian and a tribal I don't categorise my friends. My own room-mate is a Meitei and his mother is a Naga. But we are very very good friends. I like ngari,sawibum and all our home made concoctions here outside Mainipur. Recently there was this 'outfit' that gave an ultimatum for the Manipuris to leave Churachandpur. I heard by word of mouth that one of the outfit member has a Meitei mother and that he was shunted out from the "outfit' because he questioned the logic behind that. If we are like this, we will be like this only..yaaar! (sorry about the euphemism ).

It is quite long now. I rest my case here.


Friend's father becoming a "Khullakpa"

[ Fri, 17 Nov 2006 13:33:23 -0500 ]

This was a really interesting article. I have never been to those beautiful places in Manipur. Maybe next time I wil try to visit them. Thank you so much Ms. Y. Chanu for the informative piece. The only small places I have visited in Manipur, whenever I had the opportunities were Liyai village( Senapati district ), way back in the 80s to attend a friend's wedding. Gosh! I never thought such places do existed in our own state!! I was very fortunate to have gone there because I had the opportunity to meet people from other parts of the state and enjoy their warm hospitality! I visited another one in Chandel, I cannot remember the name, but I can still vividly remember that me and friends had to trek for over 5 hrs to get to the top of the hill to attend the ceremony of my friend's father becoming the "Khullakpa" of that village. Thank you Anne, Richa Ngoru & all you friends from Komlathabi, who took me there! It was a great experience to eat dry meat as snacks and drink "Changang" from a bamboo stem cup!! I am sure there are lots of unexplored beautiful places in Manipur waiting to be visited! I would like to know more of such places if anyone has had visited them and can share their experiences and pictures with all! That would be wonderful!


Everlasting Pahari music

[ Mon, 13 Nov 2006 17:06:56 -0500]

hi first of all, I would like to thank you guys for the everlasting music you have in your web, I just love pahari, my father favourite singer; sadly he passed away last year, its does bring back old sweet memory, how much he loved pahari songs, it make me happy and sad today. Keep up the good work, thanks again.


Doubtful job posting

[ Tue, 7 Nov 2006 12:48:44 -0800 ]

I am in Canada for some time now ... I saw the job posting by Surendrajit Ningombam and I have serious doubt about it can an Indian doctor and dentist practice just like that out here ......they need to write exams and study for 2 yrs after that only they can do it .... the pay of all those jobs are way way to high. I am sending this mail as a concerned Manipuri .. lots of people get fooled like that ..


Note from Team e-Pao: The said job posting has been removed.

Tipaimukh - Gain for Majority?

[ Thu, 2 Nov 2006 04:26:30 -0500]

It is natural to come across resistance to such a big project like Tippaimukh dam. Cost and benefits of the dam from the point of view of different stakeholders should be analysed and discussed. Everybody may be right from his/her perspective. All viewpoints may be collected and consolidated issuewise for addressing in an open house.It would be the responsibilty of the authorities who are undertaking the project to arrange such an open session. Any opinion, howsoever insignificant it may appear, should be discussed and efforts made to arrive at a consensus. Ultimately, it will be "tradeoff" between the gains and losses anticipated. When the gains outweigh the losses, the project may get a green signal. However, the major issue is whos gain or loss. It should be the gain for the majority.


Feeling proud to be a Manipuri

[ Wed 1 Nov 2006 10:13:50 -0000 ]

I am very thankful to the E-Pao Team. I am not having any word to say thanks from my side how glad I feel to see my mail in E pao's selected mail. I am sure you all will agree that this day many non manipuries are loging into . They might be having different reason for using E-pao. But what I feel is because of culture which Manipuri people are showcasting across the country. Some of my friend used to log-in to because they like the gallery and they are downloading the picture and using for decorating their places. Not only that some of them use to chat in E-pao room with manipuris and making friendship. When I cross-check with them I came to know that they are planing to visit Manipur and wanted to feel the natural beauty of the place. For that purpose they are making friendship with Manipuris communities. All this thing is making me to feel more proud to be a Manipuri amoung my colleague. So friends, keep it up your good works. I am sure one day whole globe will respect us with the identity of Manipur. I thank you once again to E pao Team.


Maninagapur is a waste of time

[ Wed, 1 Nov 2006 08:12:46 -0500]

This has reference to " Project Maninagapur" By: Lt Col H Bhuban Singh (Retd). I dont know from where he got such kind of idea. It seems he has wasted his time and energy in writing this article. I dont think that non-of the meiteis will accept such kind of idea forget about the Nagas. I am sure that not a single Naga leader will not dream of such kind of idea forget about trying to have Maninaga-pur. I think such kind of article is nothing but just trying to write for fun or for the sake of writing. What about the Kukis, Paite, Vaiphei? Anyway, its not worth to comment further such kind of article. The Indian need to not only need to understand the Nagas, Meteis, Kuki, Vaiphei, Paite etc but more importantly need to feel and understand the feeling of the people. Not only the people in Manipur and Nagaland but also the indian need to understand and feel the sentiment of the northeasten people. Book knowledge of the history of the people is not enough to solve the problem in northeast unless they feel in their heart the true feeling of the northeast people. But they cant understand and finally a very similar idea, like Lt Col H Bhuban Singh (Retd) have written will come up, which is not acceptable and even difficult to dream in a good dream, except in nightmare.

R.B. Thohe Pou

Promote A4Apple more

[ Tue, 31 Oct 2006 07:13:50 -0500 ]

it's a pleasure to hear the songs from the playlist from the jukebox in the music section of this ......... I on behalf of my frens reguest u to put tracks from a4apple too... their sounds and tune are really of international standard... its us who should encourage them by giving publicity... they have two great tracks on thier thanks.. keep up the good work


Other tribes' songs too

[ Tue, 31 Oct 2006 03:43:56 -0500 ]

First of all I must thank all of for their presentation to their fellow Manipuris. Now we can get up-to-date news and other entertainment programs; now we enjoy manipuri songs but if you put other tribes song too, then it will be more complete . So, please put other language songs too... Manipuri Nagas and Manipuri Kukis and others tribes' songs too.


Commend Zuneboto's women & children

[ Mon, 30 Oct 2006 06:17:43 -0500 ]

I would like to commend and laud the heroic act of women and children of Zuneboto in chasing out those irresponsible UGs causing destruction to their homes and dead to their livestock. They were fully justified simply because those UGs did not give them shelter, feed them nor support their children's education but coming to fight each just because they did not agree each other. It is equally true that any force, whether they are from the government or otherwise, in the name of fighting terrorism continue to occupy public places- school, community halls, attack churches (or temple) and harrass innocent people - they deserve to be kicked out by sandals, rotten eggs, shit and what not.

Sam Daimai
Tamei Bazar, Tamei, Manipur

Epao! Radio - love it!

[ Thu, 26 Oct 2006 21:16:10 +0530 ]

I am Gaikhamdim Marangmei. I am a Kabui from Imphal doing my graduation from Delhi University. And you know people are surprise specially Manipur Muslim whom I know out here in Delhi, they are really surprise because I m really addicted to Manipuri songs... I listen to all songs may it be hindi english korean etc. But I love to listen to Manipuri songs the most................. And being in Delhi I used to tell my brother to sent me Manipuri CDs .... but today as I saw this e-pao RADIO.. I m very happy............ I guess lot of manipuri especially those who are out of state will really love it.

This is really a good JOB thank you all, and keep doing the good work. Take care may GOD bless you all.

Gaikhamdim Marangmei

Epao! Radio - new life to NRM

[ Thu, 26 Oct 2006 06:31:38 -0700 (PDT) ]

Hail Epao forever and ever. Epao has been giving a new life to Non Residential Manipuris from time to time, this time with its unique E-pao Radio. Its a great step forward and now I can really enjoy Meiteilon songs from my desk itself, though very far physically from Manipur. It is taking me virtually to Manipur again, reminding me those days there.

I can't, but thanks E-pao again and again for its selfish less Khudol to Manipuris all over world.

Tk. Laish

9 AM bell from Neighbor's wall-clock

[ Mon, 23 Oct 2006 02:48:36 -0400 ]

It was a monday morning dated 23-10-06, the next morning of Happy Diwali(in Manipur Calender). I reached my office at 9:10 am. The first work I do in my office is "Open and spend around 1 hour for reading new articles and news". It was a very interesting and important day in my life. When I open, I got a very interesting article " Problems Of Manipur---Solve by Educational Revolution - by : Surendrajit Ningombam *.

Suddenly I recalled my childhood life:
I was born in a small village. Every morning I am very happy to know that I am going to meet my fiends. When I hear the bell for 9 am from my neighbor's wall-clock. Just I become alert. Then I m in very hurry to inform my friends that we are very late for going in Sekmai River. Everyday we reach the bank of Sekmai River by 9:05 am. Then we take out our cloths and jump into the river. We spend 15 minutes to bath. Then everybody gets ready with school uniform by 9:30 am. We meet at our club by 9:35 am. Then we start our steps toward our school. All paths and roads were very colorful and crowded with students. From my home to school I meet lots of friends studying in different schools and wearing different colors. Whenever we meet friends studying in different school, we ask "Schhol chatlabra?". We reach our school by 9:50. Most of my friends coming together are in different classes. At school gate we promises each other to meet again after the school time. Then I step in into my class room. My class friends are ready to greet me at my first step. Then I start chatting with my school friends.

Now I m 28 years old. I visited Home some days back. I realized that education in Manipur( manily in small villages) is losing day by day. No more I could see the colorful and crowded roads at 9:30 am, the crowd in the bank of the Sekmai River and the sounds producing by them......


Public Property

[ Mon, 23 Oct 2006 02:48:36 -0400 ]

As we all know that our people got a habit of destroying public property for their own interest. Some are doing just for fun and some are for their own demand. But they never try to understand that property they destroyed is the property of their own. I would like ask them what they gain by doing such none sense act? As far as my knowledge is concerned they gain nothing except breaking the heart of people. As we had seen such cases in State Central Library and Railways reservation office ECT. I wonder why the Govt. remain as a silent spectator, even the Govt. failed to booked culprit or put the culprit behind bar. So it is high time to control such act for our better tomorrow if not there wont be things that we can call public property.


History from the beginning, not middle

[ Thu, 19 Oct 2006 07:48:18 +0100 (BST)]

I am shock to read "The Meitei Culture And Religion Of Manipur". When I open the page, hoping that I would found some original information about Meetei original culture and religion but it was almost about Hinduism which is not Meetei's origin, hope you will understand what I'm talking about this is about our identity to world so let's try show the origin and from where we came from what is our original religion and culure; Do not start our history from the middle; Let's make the world know us from the very begining of Meetei for example as the mythology story of "Nongdren Koiba" story about Ibodou Sanamahi and Pakhangba the frist king of Manipur, you have mention little about Puyas once agan if you telling Culture and Religion, let's make it from the beginning

Nao Nameirakpam

Debate challenge..

[ Mon, 16 Oct 2006 22:56:15 -0400 ]

As a medium of conversation, I put up this topic here so that you can forward or display in proper place. I am one of the Manipuris outside Manipur. What I would like to know is:
"Why there is always a bandh or strike when any indian politicians / representatives comes in Manipur?" All other outfits invite govt. representatives to solve their needs and issues. But in our case, we always run away from such things. What is the reason behind this? We have no guts to face with heads erect. Why dont we try to solve our problems instead of surviving it only for extortion. The time is high. If we dont solve it today, all the manipuris will become extinct. I will be thankful if anyone debate on this issue.

A Manipuri outside -

A novel Way To Protest AFSPA

[ Sat, 14 Oct 2006 14:23:52 -0400 ]

We all belong to Sanaleipak Manipur. A land which has been declared "Disturbed area" under some Indian Act that we are unaware of. Yes! they are the law makers... I just wanted to suggest a way of protesting against the Draconian Act, Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958. I want to make a differnce even though its in a small way. For this I need your help. Money does not discriminate its ownwer,it keeps changing hands...from poor to rich, from the young to the old and so on, it keeps circulating. It reaches every nook and corner of this "Undemocratic Country" which proudly proclaims to be the "biggest democratic" in the entire world.

My suggestion is that let us all write down "REMOVE AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act) 1958" in every currency note that comes to your hand.


Upload 2007 Calender

[ Sat, 14 Oct 2006 02:05:51 -0400 ]

I dont go to the net frequently, but whenever I go to the net, it is must that I have to open this site. Because I like this site very much not because of this is Manipur's site, just because of it has lots of interesting things and the site is very good. But every things has its good and bad, some times I found some people using bad language in the public chat, I hate them very much. Even I request not to do, but they mock me for that. So why don't you make some restriction. And I have a request that I dont have any manipuri calender at home, so I downloaded from this site, now I like 2007's calender, I think it's time to upload 2007 calender. And I need it. So as soon as possible please upload 2007's calender.

All the best to all, and have a very nice Happy Dipawali and Ningol Chakouba.

Guneshwor, New Delhi.

No to tourism!

[ Thu, 12 Oct 2006 05:23:09 -0400 ]

Extend the tourists a cordial invitation to visit Manipur- to me this sounds really ironical. No matter how great our history is, the reality is, Manipur is a pathetic corrupted insecure State. Where there is so sense of progressing of the State. May be the corruption of the system is deeply rooted more than ever. Anarchism and usurping of authorities are appealing. So in a place where there is no clean govt employee, politician and people who are narcissists. What kind of tourist would want to come and visit. No matter how much a flowery feel good words we used to describe Manipur, everyone knows that we arenot living in fantasy world. Who will want to come to a place where the making of the hell is going on. Huh! how can we invite the outsiders when our own people are running away to other States, and countries because Manipur is going back to primitive civilization, only destruction is progressing. It is better to wake up from dream and start living !
Forgive my language.

A frustrated lover of the land !

Imphal & Kohima on Google Earth

[Sun, 8 Oct 2006 16:02:35 -0400]

Imphal, Manipur and Kohima, Nagaland are now available on Google earth. The satellite imagery used is SPOT 2.5 metre resolution true color imagery.

I must congratulate Google in bring this data to the publicly usable domain. This provides a powerful tool for a lot of planning and deployment mechanisms. Where will I site my cellular tower or my water tank or the location of my retail store can be effectively mapped out. One more interesting use would be "Where will I put my wireless Internet Antenna" (Look at The multispectral imagery (not available for free) can also give you the type of vegetation growing in different areas, water available and if the crops are growing well or failing or if the bamboo is flowering.

This is substantial information for Nagaland and Manipur and a great step forward for satellite mapping of the North East. I do hope that Ikonos satellite 1metre resolution images will soon be available.

Note: 1 metre resolution means object of the size of 1m can be seen/discerned from the Satellite.

Starting AITeCh - come join

[Sat, 7 Oct 2006 12:57:25 -0400 ]

You have been doing a great services since long time. I am very greatful to you the way you are presenting about Information Technology. I would like to add some points in this matter. This is the high time for all of us who are in the IT field to sit and discuss how we can converge our thought and idea into actions. We all have beautiful thought and ideas and could not converge it as one output which add values to our society. In order to become an IT Leader in north east, this is the high time for all of us to look up and say " COME ON FRIENDS, LETS WORK TOGETHER AND GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO OUR MOTHER MANIPUR". Information Technolgy can changes the way we live, the way we talk, the way we do and the way we think etc.

To provide a better society, better human being, and to become a global leader in IT, we are going to form an Association name as " Association of Information, Technology and Communication" AITeCh shortly. I am inviting on behalf of my team to join hand together and work together. Your may please contact us : send me mail to

AITeCh, Manipur

interested in Art and Culture

[ Sat, 7 Oct 2006 09:47:12 -0400]

I am very glad to be a Manipuri, I am very interested in Art and Culture and to read book related to Manipur history. My papa is a teacher and he is my guru for everything. Since my childhood my papa use to tell me many story of Manipur culture and related to all. I really enjoy those days and I am missing a lot. My papa is in Manipur and I am in Pune, In a year I hardly got 15-20 day time to spend time with my family. So all those wishes I wanted to know from my papa I am able to know from . I am a regular reader and checker of e-pao story and gallery.

I wanted to thank to all the team of e-pao.


Monitor Chat Room

[ Wed, 4 Oct 2006 06:57:07 -0400 ]

I am glad to write to you and happy that atleast I could complain over here and listen to my request. I am one of the e-pao chat room frequenter. Well to come to the point, I request you to assign an Administrator or Monitor of the e-pao chat room to maintain the peace in the room. As a female chatter I, as well as other female chatter, find it hard to find some guys abusing us(the female chatter). To maintain the Moto of e-pao chat room, "Good friendship start with a good chat, and for the good chat with need good environment" I request you to assign an Administrator or Monitor to kick out those guys who use slangs in Manipuri or in English. And I hope with this we could maintain the e-pao chat room. I hope you would consider my request. I m looking forward for your consideration in the matter.


Criminalization Of Politics

[Tue, 3 Oct 2006 17:00:17 -0400]

Manipur is one of the state with maximum unemployment prolem. It may be due to various reasons. But when there is flaws on part of the government in trying to solve this problem, the general public who are expecting many things from the government itself cant help but to get frustrated or some section of the society just "wait and watch" to see how things turn out to be, to see if evil truimph over good or vice versa, or waiting for a slight improvement in the political system. Even a mediocre jobs doesnt give preference to the basic merits but to the amount to be paid to get the may be in lakhs for a job with monthly salary of 3000. And even after the formalities with payment of black money or whatsoever to the concerned authorities, there will be a never ending period of waiting for the final approval of the job. Even there are too many flaws in conducting various important exams of the state. Most recently, some papers for the MPSC mains exam is to be repeated again. Whom are we to blame for this..the government? the authorities? the public? or the system itself? Corruption has become the basis of Indian political system to some extent and it is more prevalent in our state. It is one of the main reason for Criminalization Of Politics And Politicization Of Government.

It may be due to various reasons..there is absence of adequate enforcement machinery to check corruption and weakness among existing machinery, absence of transparency and right to information act, presence of obsolete law, widespread acceptance of corruption among public as if it is a natural phenomenon, absence of role models etc. It had led to a number of negative impact on the society and general frustration among the public specially those who have merits and talents but live with "hand to mouth". Even the most meritious person in our state doesnt have the full confidence to secure a particualr job because money matters have to be taken into consideration, that is..most meritious versus near merituous with power and money.

In such a society where is the place for the rest who are neither the previous nor the latter one??? limited jobs yet wrongful allocation and selection of inefficent and unproductive schemes. What can the public expect from the government in this situation??? It is high time that measures are taken up to check corruption, which in turn would lead to a clean selection to whoever it may deserve for the very limited number of jobs. It will encourage more hard works, more honesty in the society and everybody will be given equal opportunity. Every section of the society will get what they rightly deserve, fruits for hard labour while some may end up saying that the grapes are sour.

Potential of Meitei Mayek

[ Tue, 3 Oct 2006 07:27:27 -0700 ]

It gives me immense pleasure in accesing this valueable website the world over, where every fellow Manipuris may come together to express views and opinions. Though I am not a regular visitor of this web site , I do check out for latest news and events and I wish to say that the Meetei Mayek component interested me a lot. In one sense a Manipuri shall no longer depend on other scripts or continue dialectical usage for expression of ideas..... In this respect, I would like to reiterate that this Mayek launched in the website shall provide valuable guidance to a lay man who has been substantailly unaware of the presence of any meetei mayek. the mayek which was subsided long ago by others' religious policies of subjugating and toxifying for their own benefit. Likewise there was a time when legend use to say that when the outsiders burnt our script there was a hoarse sound and some holy books or Puyas flew from the lighting pyre and fled in different directions..Such was the unfathomable power of our Meetei scripts. It is also worthy to mention that the moment every meetei learns to speak the authentic script Meetei shall possess immense power and excellence in any field. It is therefore my humble request that verification and examination may be made if the scripts which is launched is of authnetic, if authentic...upto what degree?... why shall it be considered authentic...? How to consider it authentic... its a question of rising the potentiality of the Meitei Mayek. The department of Arts & Culture, Linguistics... Archaeology may please extend in this endeavour.

Konthoujam Sanamatum

Set up a Manipuri Matrimonial

[ Tue, 3 Oct 2006 01:15:44 -0400 ]

I am a regular epao reader from the last 11 months. We are getting a lots of information about the current issues, jobs requirements etc.... But one thing is missing I feel that, that is matrimonial ,as for the working guys and girls . Most of them they do not have much time to search a good bridegroom or bride. We have seen every community and religion have matrimonial website but still we have not seen a matrimonial for our Manipuri religion and community. Please spend sometimes and try to put the matrimonial site in the epao website for manipuris guys and girls. This will be helpfull to us to get a good bride and bridegroom without spending much time.


More Manipur-centric news

[ Sun, 1 Oct 2006 11:35:46 -0400]

This is with reference to news from Nagaland. I am not able to comprehend the idea behind reporting news from Nagaland which do not relate/affect Manipur. For instance, the newsbit - " Longsa should be paradigm for others to emulate: Dr Lotha" does seem out of context in e-pao. Why should such trivia be included? Why not news from other states are then given the same importance? However, I would like to add that e-pao has always included news of national importance, be it from Nagaland or elsewere. As this portal is a viewpoint of manipuris, we would like more of manipur-centric news. Opinion polls on current affairs/viewpoint etc would make the portal more interactive...


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