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Update News ASAP

[ Thu, 15 Sep 2005 00:40:42 -0400]

Dear Moderator/ Editor,

With all due respect, I would like to inform you that of late I find the news update done very late. Some time the update for the day is done after 1 p.m. and some time I do not get the news update for the day even on the next day!!!!!!!! For meteis like me who solely depend on e-pao for the happenings in my homeland, such things leaves me sad.

E-pao is what Sangai Express, Poknapham is to me in Imphal!!!!!!! A simple and plain request- please update the news as early as possible!!! I do acknowledge the constraints and work load your team has.

Ever a E-pao reader,

Oinam Gautam
New Delhi

Congratulations to both Scientists

[ Tue, 13 Sep 2005 08:10:26 -0400]

Very Encouraging News.

I am sure many more fellow manipuri (specially youths) like me will be encouraged. What is more encouraging is that both the scientist have done their bachelors and masters degree from Manipur University. This clarify a misconception that people get better education outside Manipur. A perfect example to follow.

Lastly, my heartest congratulations to both Scientists !!


Sad to learn about Andro Fire

[ Mon, Sep 12, 2005 1:46 AM]

I was really sad to learn about the fire at Andro Cultural complex "Priceless antiques burnt in Andro Cultural complex fire". Though I have never been to this place, the items destroyed were not mere antiques but priceless pieces of our heritage.

To prevent any more incidents like this, I hope that similar items or archeological and historical value would be kept at a well maintained, high security location and replicas placed instead like in several other museums in the World.

DS Mutum

Media not to do partiality

[ Mon, Sep 12, 2005 10:07 AM]

This is the site view by thousands of people mostly student staying outside the manipur. I like 2 recall the brutal murder of Laishram Phalguni in Mangalore. I was surprise that in e-pao there is no news regarding Phalguni. Who was innocent. Its duty for all the member of this sites to publish and to let everyone knows that he was innocent, so I like 2 request to publish regarding Phalguni that his departed soul remain in peace.

Lastly media never do partiality.


Enough of Radhabinodh Koijam

[ Sun, 11 Sep 2005 02:38:26 -0400]

It's enough of Mr. Radhabinodh Koijam to join the politics and the NCP for the welfare of Manipur. It's still haunts my mind and of friends recalling his answer in NDTV Big Fight. "Is it correct that you also misuse the funds , and also bribe for the jobs" was the simle question to which his simple answer was, "Every Polticians do that". The whole show was just a mimick of Hindi movie with Shakti Kapoor as Minister.

If I had a wish right now from a Genie, without second thought, I would be on bended knee and request to the former C.M. Please Mr. Take rest. Dont steal the fruits of the poor anymore. You gonna live not more than 20 years and I dont think , you need to increase the size of your building.

Don Brasco

Scribes - wake up

[ Sat, 10 Sep 2005 09:00:00 -0400 ]

Dear Sir,

I am a Manipuri(Meetei) presently serving outside India. I am reading the news section of your website regularly. But it is very sad to read all the bad and gloomy news about Manipur. I don't know what is happening & going on in Manipur. Everybody and every organisation is boss on their own. Anybody can imposed anything on anybody for anything. There is no any Law in this part of the World.

I am shock to read the news of ban on some newspapers by one organisation becouse their version of news was not published in those newspapers. And it is more shocking to read the explaination given by the editors. Come on Scribes at least you people please wake up before it is dark .\

GOD save Manipur!


Manipuri dialect is dying?

[ Mon, 5 Sep 2005 21:50:38 -0400 ]

Isaac L. Hmar's "Manipuri dialects dying among the new generation" is interesting. Acknowledged that many dialects used by smaller groups in the world are disappearing with an alternate popular language replacing the original, in most of the cases "English". But how far this is true in case of Manipur.

Going by what we see in day to-day's life, how many English daily newspapers are available at the market, how many Manipuri literature or Novels have been written in English, how many Manipuri families converse in English among the family members or amongst friends? At least we don't see the trend where kids in metropolitan mainland India converse with their parents in English. The worst - the parents encourage the innocent kids to use a foreign language at a time when they should instill a sense of proud ness in speaking their own mother tongue. English is a world language, if ignored the greatest loser but should always come after one's mother tongue.

Even among the new generation, Manipuri dialects are very much active. It is very rare to see people of same group talking in other languages when they can communicate in their own dialects. We need to develop and encourage the use of our original script. Mr. Isaac is true to every word in saying "The need of the hour are new story tellers, new artists, new writers, and new movie makers, and at the same time a purchaser of good market, eager to get through the finished products". With "Quality" kept at priority number one, it is not impossible to capture a profitable market at the same popularizing the dialects among all groups.

NE Guy

Reckless Management of RIMS X-Ray Unit

[ Mon, 5 Sep 2005 02:06:23 -0400]


I shall be much obliged and thankful if you would kindly publish the following few lines about the reckless and haphazard management of the X-Ray Unit of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Lamphelpat (RIMS), Imphal .

It's a fact that the RIMS is one of the premier public funded hospitals in the north east India. It's sheer luck and prestige that Manipur got such a hospital which also doubles up as medical Institute, much to the delight and succour of the poor people of the State.

But the modus operandi and management of the Radiology Department in RIMS which delivers the X-Rays of the patients coming to RIMS for treatment is really pitiable and heart- rendering. Although X-Rays are taken for the patients in a much subsidized or almost free manner, one will surely agree that the level of satisfaction from the Department's service is quite minimal. This may be the reason why patients often take X-Rays outside for a premium. One may also question the sincerity and professionalism of the X-Ray Unit of RIMS.

One very funny and interesting thing happened to me also when I took my mother's X-Ray on 29th August last. My mother was then hospitalized in a serious condition and doctors treating her advised her to get X-ray for Chest and KUB in the RIMS X-ray Unit . We took her in a trolley with the saline drip needle intact as she was too weak to walk upto the X-Ray Room from the Ward. Although writhing in great pain and discomfort , she was made to wait for hours until one of my family members complained with strong words.

However, my surprise knew no bounds when I got the result the next day. There was a mismatch between the Serial Nos. printed on the X-ray and the receipt we had for the same. Although we complained about this, the staff who seemed too careless insisted that this was the actual result. How am I supposed to trust them in such a situation as a wrong diagnosis could lead to something unexpected ?

Again, the worst thing occurred when we decided to repeat the X-Ray on 31st August taking the patient in the same condition to the X-ray room. This time the technician had done his job too fast and so carelessly that the result for the Chest X-ray was not clear and not readable at all and thus not sent to my mother's Ward for examination by the doctors. When I tried to trace it on 2nd September,2005, I was surprised and frustrated like anything to see no proper record maintained in their Office register and the clerk who sat in the reception ran here and there to all the rooms to search for the same, though to no avail. But, as luck would have it, the hapless patient was once again asked to come to the X-Ray Room in the same pathetic condition. Quite interestingly, to my utter exasperation, a lady technician who sat at the counter that day talked very loosely and even responded in a very irresponsible way.

Nowhere in the civilized world will one find such irresponsible and reckless staff bundled together for any public health service. It's high time that the RIMS authority punishes the derelict staff befittingly and corrects them so that the confidence of the public is not lost altogether. Only then can RIMS be proud of keeping the true spirit of "serving the humanity" as written in the RIMS logo.

Yours faithfully,

Nandeibam Samarjit Singh
Heinoupok Leikai,
N.C.Road, Imphal, Manipur.

"Dr. Yaima" - Oscar worthy?

[ Fri, 2 Sep 2005 05:34:05 -0400]

If I had the resources and power, I would have recommend a award in the line Oscar Award to that digital movie "Dr. Yaima", which some outfits are alleging of aping outside culture. It is such a well made digital feature film and there is nothing objectionable in it. The song "Heiya re heiya" is also beautifully choregraph and executed in such a splendid manner with commendable performance from both the main characters of Binata and Olen, except that the tune of the song was lifted from some South Indian film.

So what? The copied version was many time better then the original version. Hat off to the director, choregrapher, lyricist and all the personals involved in making the film a reality. I wonder if any individuals of the outfit responsible for issuing the 'fatwa' against the film could do a better job. We do not want any remnants of Taliban in Manipur. Instead of banning digital films, please give suggestions to improve the quality of digital films. We are now living in the Information Age. We don't want to go back to prehistoric era.


Shumang Lila an alternative?

[ Wed, 31 Aug 2005 05:47:19 -0400]

Dear E-Pao,

Spartan has tried to give an unbiased view on the ban on digital films at the same time his volume of unhappiness can be seen. In my previous letter I have expressed my support for the imposition. I still think the ban did more good than bad at this time. Trends were that every Tomba, Chaoba started making films and imitation and very unhealthy competition was the order.

However the permanent ban is not warranted. Let's hope the group comes up with some relaxation to the ban for the sake of the creative few who definitely want to make good films and fill the void of Manipuri entertainment. In the mean time let's promote Shumang Lila which in fact gives wholesome entertainment for the entire family.


Spartan got the thing!

[ Wed, 31 Aug 2005 14:57:33 -0400]

I'm fully with spartan_fx, he's got the thing. I'm happy to see some of these articles like the one posted by spartan. So every body must get into the act now or we'll be no longer in the society. What's the need of banning all these things like movies , albums , digital movies and other related stuffs?

Yes, they really work as burden remover from our shoulder what the people want, they really don't know that and just banning all these things won't do, need to be uprooted from the root itself, from my side. What will this banning bring to our state ,they don't know that , then what's the need of interfering in other's life too. This is really a step back, according to me.


Dont let history repeat itself

[ Tue, 30 Aug 2005 21:15:11 -0400]

This piece of information from Ima Khumanleima was quite an eye opener. For one, how may of us really know the true history of Manipur and how much do we know? Hardly nothing.

We never got a chance to study them in our school books. We were busy mugging up on the chronicles of anything and everything, save Manipur. One chapter on Manipur, that was it and everything was stuffed into that chapter, and sadly everything was not everything.

The pish (sic) talk between the NSCN(IM) and GoI have been extended again, excellent! I am a peace loving person, sounds cliche but that's what I am, I am like the rest.

The demand of the NSCN (IM) and the suspicious and not so trustworthy psyche of GoI is what gives us the jitters. Two peddlers tyring to negotiate about the price they have to pay to own something which does not belong to either one of them. And the irony is that there might in fact be a succesful dealing in that, let's not forget the sly GoI.

We lost Kabow Valley, that's true and that's history and we cannot forget that. Now we are on the verge of losing almost everything that's unequivocally ours. We cannot let this happen. We cannot let a repetition of history of the same nature. We simply cannot afford it. No matter where we are at the moment we have to come back with pride to die where we were born, Manipur.


Emotional attachment to e-pao

[ Tue, 30 Aug 2005 01:54:21 -0400]

Hi ( to the member of e-pao ),

I visit e-pao regularly, "coz this is the website where I do feel an emotional attachmemt ,with all the sites I visit, specially when i saw that manipuri calender,it impressed me a lot. I feel too good and homely. Besides, I also see so many Manipuris yelling out ,giving comments and so on. But, for me, this is the place where I can rest. I would be glad if you update the musics and the pictures too and make the chat room more standard. I do thanks a lot for running this website.

Gita Huidrom

Hanging EMA's?

[ Sun, 28 Aug 2005 04:44:43 -0400]

Dear Web Editor,

It is disheartening to see your News Photo item featuring our EMA's returning home after a hard days work hanging and sitting atop a jeep. Doesn't our mothers deserve a better and comfortable journey at least after a hard days work? Many a mothers had faced severe accidents traveling that way on the states poor roads.

I was humiliated to see the inhuman treatment to our mothers who earns for the living of many a family. The state government never bothers about providing public transport facilities to our mothers who work till late in the night. They have to resort to modes and facilities of the strangest types.

The many organizations that claim to be the well doers of the society never raised this issue for the betterment of our mothers. Nowhere in an Indian city can one see such worst sight. Our society can never emerge and develop without our working womenfolk get the minimum of amenities. Let's first talk and raise our voices for these very little rights.


Mumbai - Not a deliberate attack

[ Wed, 24 Aug 2005 01:32:58 -0400]


I would just like to say that it was a very very unfortunate incident that had occurred in Mumbai at the gateway. But I feel we are overreacting by calling it a deliberate attack on NorthEasterners. Thats taking things real far! Considering the fact that the killer was mentally ill & unstable, I dont think he was out to attack every N-E person. We as citizens of this world have a moral responsibilty to not blow things out of proportion or create a mountain out of mole-hill. By saying tht it was a thought-out attack against the NE people, we are unneccesarily stirring up something tht doesnt exist.

It is more important at this point to focus & bring to attention righteous & successful North-East people who have made a change in their region and beyond. and im sure there are many of such individuals who have contributed thus.

Its not a time to divide but to Unite and make positive changes. Drugs, terrorism & violence is not the way to attain anything. We will only worsen things for ourselves & our future generation will pay for our misdoings. Change comes from within...lets all change the way we look at ourselves & create a change.

We, from Manipur hail from the land of legends & beauty... Why not live up to our beautiful reputation. I hope I havent offended anyone by my mail but I do hope people read it.
God Bless You.
Thank you so much.


Ban ..for Good at least!

[ Tue, 23 Aug 2005 09:13:39 -0400]

Dear Web Editor,

I whole heartedly support the recent ban on certain format of films made in our state Manipur. This is in fact one of the only sensible diktat put on by any group. It's a well known fact that the films made during recent years are fit to dump not to mention their entertainment value. We can live without those imitated trash. In spite of many films produced during a short period of time none has brought fame to our state. Better none to many craps.


No need to ban digital films

[ Mon, 22 Aug 2005 00:54:37 -0400]

Dear sir

This is the place never seen before and its called Manipur or the land of jewels getting ready to get looted. Every time and again we have been experiencing a new diktat starting from banning of hindi films to the very recent banning of digital films, reasons very much obscure. Today is the world of interdependence not independence. Looking closer to the world we find all are interdepedent even for the basic three neccessity viz. food, shelter and clothes. Now youngsters are donning Levis jeans sporting gucci goggles.

Why has it arrived here is known to all the smart people. People getting the light of education are now thinking whats going on over here. The banning of hindi film was based on the theory of separation from the mainland but hindi books are in each and every school curricullum. The banning of talab and zarda was based on the theory of cleaning up of the society from consuming items which are hazardous to health when consumed directly or in directly but what about cigarette and bidis. The wearing of phaneks by the girl student was based on the theory uplifting the weavers but what about the boys. And now what is the theory behind the banning of digital film when it is providing a lot of employment to the youths.

The world has seen the courage of Manipuri people on the historic burning down of assembly despite all odds on the 18th of june. It is high time we go along with the world with our culture and tradition carried everywhere we go. The tradition and culture does not go with a dress code but goes with attitude.

Lots are here to say and express but some one need to undestand the gravity of the views.

Ningthoujam Lakpa Meitei
New Delhi

Old Items!!

[ Mon, 22 Aug 2005 07:03:47 -0400]


I m a regular visitor of this site. However whenever I open the music or some entertainment section, the items are the same as before. It seems that you are not updating it . As we people are staying away from home we want to see and know what all new things are happening back home more precisely on music and entertainment. So I would be impressed and delighted if the concerned brothers are taking a look into it and feeling the void.


Premjit Sagolsem

What's the solution for manipur

[ Sun, 21 Aug 2005 17:16:44 -0400]

I was just going through some of the opinions given here and I find Mr. Hopson's article quite interesting.

If I am not mistaken, he feels and this is what I took an extract from Mr. Hopson's article; 'If ethnic groups are still adamant encouraging the present dead-lock then the day of hatred and violence with no love, prosperity, hope and optimism is sure to arrive very soon.' - this is indeed very interesting and I want to add something more to this, in the sense my own idea.

Let me remind you that my idea is in a neutral approach, atleast as much as I can. I remember I was involved with a non-governmental organisation sometime back there in manipur. I found out many of the hill people or tribals complaint that projects such as AIDS/HIV related projects worth lakhs of rupees funded by NACO are confined only to the safe hands of the valley people. There is definitely a kind of idea or feeling that they have, feeling of being cheated and alienated as almost all the projects are handled by the valley people only, thought mostly the area of project implementation happens to be always in the hills. This are some examples out of many. What can be done about this PROJECTS, NACO AND MACS PROJECTS and many more in various fields and sectors needless to mention the legalised corruption and who brought them.

Who is right and who is wrong and who is encouraging the so call 'hatred and violence' in my motherland Manipur. I think we really need to go back to the roots of many relevant things and find out the causes before we finally try to blame, conclude or search for solution. Only when we know the real actual root problem can we think about the solution to the problem. I do not want you to stick to the above single idea mentioned but rather try to find and understand from all angles and dimension.

What kind of future lay ahead for us if we go on this way. I think nobody is safe may it be the valley people or the hill people. Think of the way people are gettings governmental jobs, have you ever heard of any being secured with job without paying bribe or the other to the Rightful Officials or Ministers in my Manipur, please tell me, not even the peon and clerical jobs are spared.

Have yo heard of any officials or MLAs signing their signatures for nothing. Are their any governmental contracts and projects done sincerely, well, I am used to hearing stuffs like contract/project money being squandared or mishandled and yes the picture of underground outfits can not be forgotten. I am not talking about some isolated cases but in general and its everywhere. Do i have to mention about the way employees are getting their salaries, how much and when, how long it takes atleast.

Real Shame and Why!! "Total Complete Chance/Turn-around" is the need of the hour in my Manipur. Are you willing to accept this truth in humility by the way - The truth of Manipur, my SANA LEIBAAK.


Indifference to NE people

[ Fri, 19 Aug 2005 10:24:55 -0400]

Dear Oja,

The recent murders and attacks on people from the North Eastern States, especially Manipuris, is a great concern for all the civilized people. I was shocked to read the gruesome and barbaric murder of a young, innocent manipuri girl.

Mumbai is so overcrowded-people everywhere, especially in broad daylight and this incident should have never taken place. Perhaps some foolish crowd out there (budhoos!)might have thought that it was a film shooting. What else can we say. I do not find any other words.

My condolensces to her bereaved family.

The people from other areas of India, especially from the North, should learn to respect other Indians,especially our brothers and sisters from Manipur.

I was born in Imphal and have a great respect for people from the Northeast, especially the Manipuris.

Thank you.


Mayangs who do respect your culture

[ Thu, 18 Aug 2005 01:52:12 -0400]


I know how it feels to be gaped at just because one is from NE with a different look. Personally when I was in my Undergrad classes, my NE friend would be mad because other hostel mates would ask him "What is the currency of Manipur?", "Is it in India?".....I am a Bengali, but I always liked people from NE, for their simplicity, and there is more than one reason to revere the Meitei civilization.

I would like to mention to you that there few mayangs who do respect your culture and who are proud to have you as their fellow countrymen as my brother.


Strike cripples postal services

[ Wed, 17 Aug 2005 21:17:30 -0400]

The Imphal Post Office is in the news this time around and it's obviously for all the wrong reasons.

To some it might come as a surprise but to those who are familiar with the incompetent and lethargic nature of this office it's nothing shocking. The fact is that the employees in this department are either too lazy or too insincere. This was bound to happen and it was only a matter of time.


Media bias on murder coverage

[ Wed, 17 Aug 2005 10:36:21 -0400]


The recent incident of gruesome murder of an unsuspecting girl at Gateway of India and grievously injuring her friend has created sensation and feeling of insecurity for the feminine gender. This idea of targeting people of different ethnic group has become more frequent and the people of North-East in particular has felt more insecure because their physical appearance doesn't resemble the general mass.

There are many other shocking incident in which people belonging to mongoloid facial feature being under attacked. The May incident of Delhi in which a girl from North-East was gang raped in a moving car, another girl was pulled down from Dadar-Guwahati Train in Bihar and gang raped at Railway platform are few instances which can be cited as examples. The recent incident shows lack-sided attitude of the general mass forwards the North-East people.

In the recent incident the media too give a bias opinion by saying that "the accused was mentally challenged", without any definite proof. If the media persons proved that he was mentally unbalanced and attacked his family member in the morning, why was he not arrested in the morning itself before he could claim another precious life in the evening.

May God grant solace to her bereaved family.


Gruesome murder

[ Tue, 16 Aug 2005 05:26:25 -0400]


We are saddened by the gruesome murder of a young manipuri girl and also causing grievious injuries on the other friend by an insane person in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

It is a great lose for all of us and a great shame for the whole nation. The incident occured in a broad daylight in front of thousands of vistors and the police. It is a high time we Manipuris learn to act unitedly and support the cause of all individuals without prejudice.

I share my grief with the bereaved family. We will display our togetherness in this time of sorrow. Let everyone of us come out and condemned the ghastly incident and fight for a better and secure lives for all the manipuris and the entire humanity.

Lets pray and support the family of the deceased.
May the Lord rest our sister's soul in Peace.

N Haokip

"Bandh" to the people is "Trauma"

[ Fri, 12 Aug 2005 22:35:49 -0700 ]

"Sadar Hills bandh from Aug 16 to 21"

What do we do? does anyone have an answer? It quite funny, very funny a bitter funny. Atleast there should be a gap to take a breath, just one breath. Time to rethink brother, maybe you go by the literal meaning of bandh without studying the consequences and that's pretty bad. What is so good about bandh in NH-39? I have started wondering if there is a secret competition going on for calling bandh. Has anyone thought about being so brutal to others while addressing need of their own self segregated group?

Lets assume that bandh is the only way to show your aggrresive stand on your needs or wants, but the question is to whom you are directing it. If it is directed to the government then you have a very bad targetting skill. The other word for "Bandh" to the people is "Trauma". Its guaranteed trauma,no two meanings about it. To the government it could mean pressure but that too seldom happens. Here the difference is that, it strikes directly at the stomach of the people and for the Govt. it only affects a little bit of political status.

The Grievance expression institution should re-engineer the mode of expression to a more sensible way and should be able to reciprocate the indepth ideas about a better people friendly mode of expression.

Nongmaithem Meghanath

Twisted logic!

[ Fri, 12 Aug 2005 02:34:45 -0400]

Dear E-pao folks,

I was amazed to read : "The MSAD memorandum also demanded an end to the airlifting of commodities to Manipur as it unfurls the Centres intention to develop a dependency syndrome of Manipuri economy and life."

Pray, what does it mean? Does it mean: We prefer being starved by ANSAM to being fed by the Indian govt.?!

In expresssing their anti-India sentiment, MSAD has gone overboard and used twisted logic. One would have thought that one doesn't need explaining things like, why relief is sent to a region, but here it does not seem so. The philosophy of being part of a nation is that if a part of it suffers due to some reason (natural or man-made), it is the duty of other parts to extend unconditional support. It is common knowledge that when Mumbai needed help when it reeled under recent monsoons, or when Tamil Nadu needed help after Tsunami, help was extended without being asked for.

And to suggest that the reason for extending such support is "to develop a dependency syndrome" is just rediculous.

When people of a region suffer, even international help is available, which is an example of the human bonding between people of all countries. We should try to rise above the narrow boundaries of states and nations, and recognize the brotherhood with all humans. That doesn't in any way means that one's love for one's own culture and people reduces in any way. One should make bonds with other groups. For this one has to get over the narrowness in thinking.

Jamia Millia, New Delhi.

Alternative routes connecting Jiri ?

[ Thu, 11 Aug 2005 05:41:33 -0400]

Recent Eco. Blockade has widened the eyebrows of every community living in this remote corner land lock state called Manipur. Connectivity with other neighbouring States/ Country solely depends on physical Road links. Security is not at all major issue since it can be arranged in hours where as establishing a better transportation means includes better road and bridge condition as what we have witnessed some days back and it takes years together to materialise. There must always be a pressure group to build up National Highways to be equipped for better transportation of goods.

Jiribam is strategic centre point for economic development of Manipur. NH 53 to be fully operational will take One Year. NH 150 as well will take same time zone. Alternative route connecting Jiribam will might take 2 to 3 Years time.

All the above Projects can be turn to reality only when centre initiate the process in a positive direction to have consent of Nation Highway Authority as well as willingness of State Govt. take all kinds of odds. In the meantime, there must be a Public representatives, NGO's to act time to time as pressure group to materialise all National Highways existing as well as conceiving Ones. All communities living in and around Jiribam has sole right for better connectivity with state capital Imphal. In the wake let us bear in our mind to complete the above projects by producing positive notes to the concerned Authorities.

Rajesh Salam

Tamenglong is not hinterland of Imphal

[ Wed, 10 Aug 2005 16:29:27 +0530]

Dear Editor,

It is exiting to note that the honourable Governor and a few cabinet ministers have journeyed through the whole length of N.H.53 and interacted with the villagers situated along the way. I must laud this act of courage and energy to brave on the part of the Governor through the militants infested areas in this time of summer heat and rains. I would like to say 'better late than never' because such journey should have been done long ago.

Perhaps the honourable Governor might have noticed how different are the condition of the roads, civic amenities and even social life from the Valley, especially from Imphal city. He could have also understood by this time that people in Tamenglong areas are human beings, they too longed for development as anybody in Imphal. The present political set up is not favourable for them, they are looking forward to beyond the present political set-up in Manipur.

I wonder whether the honourable Governor and those cabinet ministers were interested in NH 53 just because of ANSAM blockade and Imphal was about to be strangled. If that was so, it is totally off mark, I can say they did not care for the people of Tamenglong. The area has been neglected for too long. N.H. 53 passes through Tamenglong 200 kms long and it should benefit the people there primarily, and this road should not be treated only as feeder of Imphal or the Valley. Tamenglong is not hinterland of Imphal, it has its own people, its own culture and social life. It is definitely not an appendage of the Valley.

As for Honorable Minister Mr.Gaikhangam, the less said the better. He was elected from the area but his interest is only how to win the election. He has been holding important portfolios in the government then and now - Education, Forest, PWD and Power etc. etc. But still the condition of the district is in such condition. For him "Vision" is non existent, as any politician today in Manipur.

The Governor team might also have noticed that terrains through which N.H. 53 passes through is very rugged. There could not be full proof security as such, any 10-20 boys could block the road. The only way to keep the road safe is to develop the areas and make the people satisfied. They should get the full benefits of the National Highway passing through them.

Meanwhile I wish them the best for the effort top develop Tamenglong district.

Yours sincerely,
Samuel Daimai
Tamei Bazar,
Tamenglong district,Manipur

Facing the music!

[ Tue, 9 Aug 2005 05:51:43 -0400]

H. Marly has rightly pointed out the roots of the present impasse. Yes successive Governments, which were lead by representative from hill or plain, undermined the development and treated step motherly to various other communities of Manipur. This leaves many a community dissatisfied over the years. The irony is that the political leaders are neither bent on taking responsibility nor try to solve the problems rather they resort to hiding. While the plain people are growing their pockets the gap between the communities ever widened, the hill people were going too near to their dreams and aspirations.

One can hardly see any sustainable infrastructure in the hills of Manipur. It is only during the time of crisis that the plain people were heard to sing the "Chingmee-Tamme amattani" tune. A long lasting solution to the problems of Manipur is far in sight while no one is in a mood to compromise. There is no point in keeping and claiming the hill areas as an integral part of Manipur when the government machinery has very little function or cease to function.

M. Haider

YellOut is a perfect solution!!

[ Mon, 8 Aug 2005 02:38:37 -0400]

I would like to convey my hearty wishes to the whole team of which has came with a good solution for the up-comming bands, it is a perfect spot where we can know it better. But I thing that till now there has been no such punk bands but I think that A4ApPlE is making a very good move and also the EasTeRn DaRk is also making good move. Lastly I wanna wish these two Bands a very best of luck n hope to catch u up in the heart of all fellow peoples of 21st generation "X"

Kumar singh
KTM Nepal.

Not all students wasting time

[ Mon, 8 Aug 2005 12:15:40 +0100 ]

Its been a major issue that life of a student outside Manipur is confused, misleaded and violated, more often in a state of controversy. It is certain, for numerous students are meant to enjoy their life inspite of making a career in a respective field and follows their parents expectations.

But let me tell something about another side of life with that of a disciplined and a typical Manipuri. Like any other students outside Manipur in different cities of the country, I am also a student who is pursuing Doeacc "A" Level in Hyderabad. By the time I was making a decision on my further studies , I choose Hyderabad , not just because IT is in its peak but for its atmosphere, as I can relate the difference between any other city and Hyderadad.

It is true that Bangalore is far more developed in the field of IT. I was in Bangalore 5 years back and I experienced many things there, by making this subjects I am not insulting others , I used to a disturb guy and dont promise to think about my future ,I live for the day, but lately I have been knock by my intuition that I was wrong and now I dare to say I am a better person, right on from today I am joining a call centre training , do you know why, because I want to raise myself and mark an identity, thats the spirit of the Hyderabadis, and there are many hundreds of Manipuri ; being professional by themselves.

So I strongly deny that everyone is wasting there time making fun and killing themselves , remember there are also hundreds of people who are broad minded and determine to be sincere person and a good citizen.

Yendrembam Ramesh

Good solution to upcoming bands

[ Mon, 8 Aug 2005 02:38:37 -0400]

I would like to convey my hearty wishes to the whole team of which has came with a good solution for the up-comming bands, it is a perfect spot where we can know it better. But I thing that till now there has been no such punk bands but I think that A4ApPlE is making a very good move and also the EasTeRn DaRk is also making good move. Lastly I wanna wish these two Bands a very best of luck n hope to catch u up in the heart of all fellow peoples of 21st generation "X"

Kumar singh
KTM Nepal.

Genuine concern for our own siblings

[ Sat, 6 Aug 2005 06:11:02 -0400]

I quite agree with your point that Manipuris are indulging in activities that are degrading in moral and character. Each and every student studying outside Manipur must realise that our motherland is very poor and needs help for her own existence.

We must keep in mind that whatever we do now will affect later on. As Mr Spartan has rightly pointed out we should be concetrating on our studies, rather than being slaves to drugs, alcohol and promiscuity. Our parents send their hard earned money for our welfare and this money gets spent here outside.

Our land is losing money now so that we, the future stars, will bring prosperity to our land someday. We therefore need to perform and make EMA Manipur happy . What spartan has said is very heartening and is a genuine concern for our own siblings. Due to lack of performers Manipuri people are relatively unknown in India and to outsiders.

So from now onwards either we perform or perish. But you perish on your own money and not from our land's priceless money. If you want to do what you want then you are free but no dependence on your parents.

Let us all be faithful to our motherland till last breath


Spartan hit the right chord!

[ Fri, 5 Aug 2005 06:53:37 -0400]

Thanx Mr Spartan! You hit the right chord. This is fact. Manipur as a state failed, parents only hope and dream for their children outside the state is further belittle and frustrated by many irresponsible children. Students outside must act wisely and maturely else no society will ever come to their rescue again.


Spo(r)t the mistake!

[ Thu, 4 Aug 2005 20:39:37 -0400]

This is with regard to your news column titled, "Parijat to students: Stay away from politics" dated August 4, 2005.

Well, see if you could spot the mistake 'cause you printed "...the Minister said imposition of indefinite economic blockade along the National Highways by student body like All Manipur Students' Association, Manipur (ANSAM) to oppose the decision of the State Government in declaring June 10 as State holiday is not right nor a duty of a student body..."

It was easy, wasn't it?


Trust and Faith for Integration

[ Thu, 4 Aug 2005 08:12:17 -0400]


While we all cry foul about the pathetic state of affairs in our state let's paused for a moment and look at the root cause of our problems. Ours is a golden land of the east (I doubt if any other state from NE can compete the natural beauty of Manipur). Beautifully place landscape- plains, hills, mountains, lakes, etc could have been a great tourist attraction that can earn us a fortune.

Unfortunately we failed to capitalize the gift of nature rather we compete one another to destroy all that we got for which there seems no practical answer. If we look at the state of affairs, as far as I can remember the meetei community constitutes the face of Manipur. The reason is they have been more advanced and educated than their counter parts in the hills.

In short they are the dominant tribe/community till today. But in my opinion they are the people who least bother about the health and wealth of Manipur. Nothing in Manipur whether education, jobs, business is free and fair. If one has money an illiterate person can be a minister/teacher etc. Any grants and funds sanction for developments from centre hardly reached their destiny, instead cut short in the valley.

The rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. As the process continues for decades the system backfired and not even the rich people are spared. I am not pointing fingers or being communal but the meeteis especially are the root of our corruption system. They never practice fairness, they are far too greedy and they have no shame when it comes to money(of course with exceptions).

Things were fine until few hill populaces became aware of the looting spree in the valley. Then the hills are no different either. In cohort with their valley counterparts the small hill population further aggravated the system with mindless handling of corruption. Now there is mistrust but only suspicion in the minds of every individual.

Now we talk about the integrity of Manipur. How can we integrate when we don't have trust and faith among ourselves? If we are to succeed in manipur's integrity campaign, we have to practice the basic principles of life.

Don't cheat! don't lie!! Which we studied in our school day moral science lessons. Although corruption exists in every society and systems the level in Manipur is cheap and dangerous. We need to set our moral education right this is the only way to recover from the illness far more dangerous than AIDS.

Time is running out, as you finish reading promise yourself not to give or take bribe. Stop thinking for manipur, think for yourself.

Think about it.

Yours truly,
Ngamkholet Haokip

Choose a right leader

[ Thu, 4 Aug 2005 04:50:54 -0400]

To the people of manipur

My idea of listing this message is about the misleading government and the innocent people of Manipur. Ours is a cool state with everyone in their respective mood. The politics of Manipur is leading our peoples to the most invalid life. Life is made tough day by day instead of developing people's aspirations. This seem like making fun to the people of manipur by some indecent politicians. Maybe one day our state will be under communal riot. To the people of manipur, please choose a right leader for the state.


Menace of Live-Ins

[ Thu, 4 Aug 2005 00:43:55 -0400]

Spartan_fx has rightly brought out the bare truth of quite a sizeable number of students from our state that had gone outside the state to impart future studies and indulged in immoral activities and discussed in such a constructive way that every one would agree to him. Live in relationships are more prevalent in Delhi than other cities. I'll be pleased to join him in divulging another shocking true fact to his article that one of my close friend lost a noble job, which he can hardly land elsewhere. It's high time that the parents and especially the government representatives from our state do something to keep a vigil on our students to stop the menace called live in relationship.

(name changed to conceal identity)

Manipuri Film Industry

[ Tue, 2 Aug 2005 12:13:44 -0400]

Though Mr. Mohan's view has an overall truth , what we have to consider is. Isn't it a bit early to expect Manipuri film industry to be so responsible and effective enough to impart "intensive educative and informative campaigns in respect of political tolerance and the workings of democracy, as well as health issues". Even after 7/8 decades of film making, how many Hindi movies can be remembered for the same.

Manipuri film industry is just 5/6 years old and there has been changes if we have to consider those times when any Honba-Chouba used to cut an album with a handycam. Most of Manipuri films are produced with a shoe string budget and the producers expect a profit out of that. Considering that it is very natural for them to follow a well trodden trend rather than trying something new which could jeopardize their investment.

Even in Bollywood, very few producers and directors dare to experiment with different kind of movies. At the moment, making a movie is still a struggle in Manipur. Financial stabilty and experience will bring quality movies for which we need time. To attract more professionals we have to convice that films here also have good financial potentials and to convince the show must go on. Hindi films has no moral value then why lift the ban? For learning Hindi, our schools, inspite of the "so call ban on Hindi" are not doing bad and every small kid knows which tele-serial has the highest rating in the National channel.

I feel, quite a lot will agree with me if I say "We don't need to watch Hindi movies to learn Hindi". Instead of sending the money out it's better to let the money circulate in the state promising a positive development of a new Manipuri film industry. With it's development, more professionals will join in which again will change the trend inviting more people to invest in this industry. And those in the media can play an important role in many ways.... a sneeze from Aishwarya Rai occupies more space than whatever is happening in the whole NE put together in a Mumbai newspaper.

We need such publicity to attract more serious professionals. We are changing and we will see this trend also ..someday in the near future.the "ORGINAL" in Mr. Mohan's words

NE Guy

Awareness about the natural strengths

[ Tue, 2 Aug 2005 04:55:03 -0400]


This essay brought up some interesting points which throw light to the dark side of our society. It is an encouragement to the females group, it brings awareness about the natural strengths everyone has, and it tried to link the instincts with human side for peace & development.


Films instill moral, cultural and ethical values

[ Mon, 1 Aug 2005 06:46:38 -0400]

It's good to see some sensible stuff from Mr. Mohen Naorem recently in e-pao. He rightly argues against the imposition of ban on Hindi media. I am sure I wholly agree with him. Actually the ban did more damage than good to the society. In these days of globalization there are advantages of knowing different languages, even the Americans are learning Chinese to tap the economic growth.

Films definitely play an important role. Our filmmakers should make films instilling moral, cultural and ethical values not just copying from some foreign source. Our films did wonders and brought accolades in the past. It is very unfortunate that our films neither make good money nor could change the society.


Stand up & face the reality

[ Sun, 31 Jul 2005 07:40:08 -0400]

"One of the worst, perhaps the worst state is the state of Manipur. Everything is in an disarray. Administration is non existent. Leadership is spineless and weak kneed. Leadership survives on rhetoric."

Worrying or lamenting won't help. Got to do something proactive, immediate and fast".

It has to be people of the state who can make all the difference. But need to get out of the cocoon in which we are stuck in. A grain of sincerity by each individual will be the key to a new and vibrant society which has been bleeding from inside for decades without respite. We need to stand up face the reality.

Saroj Konsam

7th standard student can get a Driving Licence

[ Fri, 29 Jul 2005 14:20:30 -0400]

In today's fast growing number of vehicle in road, steps should be taken to reduce number of user. For this our department of Road and Transport have a very importent role to play. With the available road condition and number of vehicle people are scare to go even by the side of road. This problem is made more worse with increase of unexperience or to say, due to increase of youth driving vehicle.

But in Manipur, even class 7th standard student hold a driving licence. Its mainly due to non-monitor issuance of driving licence. Anybody can get a licence on payment of 200 to 300 bucks. The authority did not see to whom or whether the person is well experience or not . One such example is that one of my friend from Dubai is holding a driving licence . That is issued from the state transport authority. He had never visited our state nor know where is our state. He is studing at banglore in the same college where I am presently.

What more can we say to such department


Mr. Jarnail Singh is man of an impeccable record

[ Wed, 27 Jul 2005 16:20:53 -0400]

Dear Sir,

This is in reply to one of the letters posted on the 8th of April 2005 by one Mr./Mrs. RAZ. I certainly hope that his/her view is not shared by even a percent of the Manipuri population. What Shri. Jarnail Singh has done may seem "unlawful" to the naive and young at mind but is prudent and absolutely the right thing to do for the people with a mature and objective outlook. What right had MEELAL have to attack buildings? God knows Manipur needs every bit of infrastructure it can save. They have a word for such a group: Terrorists. How can giving a shoot order against these terrorists and their acts of crime be an "unlawful" act? How can the Government be expected to deal with them peacefully if they themselves resort to such violent acts. Behind these acts are childish and selfish motives. How can MEELAL claim to do good for Manipuris if they resort to burning the very buildings every Manipuri has a right to and a share in? Manipur has long being plagued by such groups and unions claiming to do the will of the people and fight for their rights. Ha! any responsible person would see the joke in such a statement.

Unfortunately many people fail to see the deceit and lies in the propaganda. All you need to do is to ask yourself this and what to do and who to follow will be self evident: "Has any of this ever fed the stomach of a hungry person? Has any of this ever sheltered the homeless? Has any of this educated the uneducated? Has any of this made our state a safer place to live, where our children can live in happiness and without fear? The list is endless. We have to wake up. Long have these parasites (and that includes every single union or party that disrupts the economy and health of Manipur) bled our beloved state dry. Let us not question the authority and judgment of such honourable people such as our Chief Secretary Shri. Jarnail Singh, but rather support them in their actions.

They may seem a little harsh at first, but how else will you teach a child if you don't show him the stick.(especially if he has been very bad and is unwilling to listen.) Mr. Jarnail Singh is man of an impeccable record. Ask anyone who has known him and they will tell you that his intentions for Manipur are even more sincere than those for his own native state (Punjab). He is doing his to bring this state out from the gutters it has fallen into. Let us help him and the many others by offering them our support and not unwanted criticism and resistance. This is for the best of Manipur and all of us who call it home.

Yours sincerely,
Premjit Singh

Squirm the "frozen minds"

[ Wed, 27 Jul 2005 06:19:58 -0400]

The article should be the unanimous voice of the educated enlightened people of Manipur.... it does sound lack of words when i veiw on the topic is the same...but it is a truth that the article speaks out loud what the present scenario of the state is all about...the need of the hour is to save the state from this period of depression( the depression began without ever reaching the boom period!!!!!)....

The self imposed bans(it does not terminate at Geoffrey's topic..the list is not exhaustive) does not cater to the need of the hours....before it is too late we should all wake up and choose our priorities...lets not wait for the day for "Someone" to shout " every man for himself".....if ever it does come( which will soon happen if the present social, political, economical conditions persist)..even the supernatural power will fail to save us!!!! lets save "us" by waking up from this prolonged slumber that most of us are taking and rise up as sensible, dignified, wise , free to eat, drink happiness...

Geoffrey ..well written article... keep up the good job ..I bet such article will surely squirm the "frozen minds"...

Victoria Yengkhom

Tribute to long lost Friends of NE

[ Tue, 26 Jul 2005 01:09:13 -0400]

Indeed a very good site...I was wondering whether there is any site dedicated to NE's.. Friends if you think you are interested in IT career..then goto Hyderabad.. There are lot of institutes with manageable fees and ample of course material in UNIX,Oracle(ERP and DBA's)and other IT related jobs.

Those who have done management better go for course in Oracle Financials/CRM/HRMS/Supply chain as functional consultants. Same is true for technical consultants.If u know ORacle SQL/PLSQL, C, C++, java.

This is my tribute to long lost Friends of NE..

With rgds

Not everyone in India speaks Hindi

[ Mon, 25 Jul 2005 05:07:25 -0700]

Dear editor,

I was quite disappointed to see how Mr. Geoffrey Ningthoujam misinterpret about the ban of Hindi in Manipur but it seems that he is not clear enough that only Hindi movies and Hindi songs are banned but not learning and I think that we don't need to watch Hindi movies or hears song for some romantic reason.

Why cannot we just hear our own songs Manipuri songs and for the communication we don't need to watch the Hindi language and about the cut off from the rest of country as we don't know Hindi. I just can't believe that someone who have graduated from Delhi university would said like that. Where in Delhi only the auto wallas and vegetable vendor speaks Hindi other than that those who are in colleges speaks English. Even though that are the typical north Indians. Let us also take the example of south Indians they don't speaks Hindi but they are not isolated or alienation from the rest of country.

I think Mr. Geoffrey Ningthoujam should reconsider about it.

yours faithfully,

Akee Sorok

People for the Govt.

[ Sun, 24 Jul 2005 10:54:34 -0400]

It is the incapability of the people of Manipur that it can't make its CM happy and it is disgraceful not coming up to the CM expectation in terms of understanding his problems in facing the Opposition party.

The Government is the parent to the People of Manipur and the CM is the head of the family. Ibobi happens to be the CM so, Head of the family. Now does everyone agree this? You got to agree because, he won the election and he is the CM. Now that everyone agrees that Ibobi is the Parent (Head) to the people of Manipur, what about going ahead proactively and understand the pressures that he has from our Naga brothers.

Believe me there is too much pressure, you can't imagine, So much of pressure that he "regrets" the respect he had shown representing the entire family (June 18). Letís try and forget about our brothers who had laid their live because they are no more with us. Letís try and help our CM to settle his Government. It was not a easy job to form a Govt. and to be head of the Govt.

The onus lies in the hands of the People of Manipur to make sure that the ruling Govt. is happy and there is no pressure on them. Few sacrifices are Ok because you don't get power unless you sacrifice or make someone sacrifice. We have to make ourselves convinced that a Govt. is more important than the people because without the Govt.

People cannot be ruled. But without issues, ruling and politics seems to loose its charm, so for the welfare of our Govt. we should at least make sure that we have some issues for them to exercise their political interest. For instance we have our Naga brother (they have hit the right note) who has come up with a date back issue, quite a tough ground to play for politicians yet if played properly can be an opportunity. This issue is 2 pronged, it gives a ground for politicians and they get what they want. Now that Naga brother's has given the opportunity for our Govt. to flex some exercises. It's our turn to make sure that our CM doesn't think unnecessarily about the people rather than concentrating on a political career

What do you say guys?

Ritchie Nong

Intermarriage will protect Integration?

[ Sun, 24 Jul 2005 10:54:34 -0400]

This is my general view regarding your article. Frankly speaking I do not agree with you. Do you think 'integration' is so simple and easy that just by intermarriage we can solve the menace. The philosophy is applicable in old days where power lies with one authorative (king); where a king marries a neibouring princess to save his own kingdom.

This is 21st century and people know their own responsibilities. If dialogue can solve, well and good. Else we can't help except by some force. What about muslims and hindus in both Indo-Pak issue? Lots of intermarriages are there, is the result satisfying?

Just marrying a metei or naga or something else will not help us. The real cause of this issue is mainly due to some literate community(without knowledge). Since time, immemorial meitei and naga are termed as two brothers. But what happens to them?

Love for the nation or state does not require such stuff like mixing bloods. A sense of responsibility and feeling of oneness can do something. But dont say intermarriage. When I heard the sugestion, this seems you are misleading innocent people, encouraging to marry nagas who never loves meiteis since time immemorial.. Do you want the proof?

Tell me do you think intermarriage will protect Integration?

Mohen Naorem

Chat problem

[ Sun, 24 Jul 2005 10:54:34 -0400]


A couple of times when I open the >>chat" I find the windows neatly presented but there's no login slots or mini window (should I say... please solve the prob as it irritates to people like us who really want to keep contact with our manipuri frens.... some says that its java support problem.. some says its website problem.. some says its system problem.

(System problem doesnt convince me much as it works with all other sites.) Website problem also is wrong as the homepage is then it must be java problem..... but then so something that is compatible to all the systems OR..... if it is the fourth prob that I dont know kindly find it out and solve this problem.... you'll be rewarded with blessings and love from all over. ...

yours faithfully
oken khwairakpam....(visakhapatnam).

The Paradox Of Manipur Integration Day

[ Fri, 15 Jul 2005 08:27:28 -0400]

It seems 18 June, so called 'Manipur Integration Day' is going to be the disintegration day of the state. Looking at the situation going on, specially the stand that the Nagas have stand on the issue, it seems to be impossible to find any point of reconciliation between the two.

Our brothers in the plain whom seems to have lost the ground, has started attacking the old politicians-especially Rishang Keishing the one and only and the first Raja Sabha member from among the tribals of Manipur ever since Manipur came into being as a state. In time of joy and ease they do not want to share and consult this old man but when the time of toruble and hardship come they try involve him. This has been the politics of Manipur. Why I say this?

The credibility of Congress I in Manipur was completely lost before the 2002 state assembly election. The so called great MLA of the state shamelessly merged to Manipur Sate Congress Party ( MSCP)in search of green grasses selling off all their moral integrity and political ethic. Only Rishang Keishing remained on Congress I and thus created history in Manipur politics. He worked hard silently to restore party's credibility and power in the state.In subsequent election Congress I came back to power.

Rishang Keishing could have claimed CM position regardless of his personal fate in the election. But he did not do so. He nominated Okram Ibobi who was no where in politic for the Post of CM and he was elected to Raja Sabha the position which he deserved at any cost. Ibobi should have deeply thank the latter and seek his advise in any situation and stand behind him in time of necessity.He could have come closer to this old man and utilize his precious experiences in politics seeking his advise. But he ( Okram)became self aggrandized and think that he has done great favor to Rishang and to the Manipur tribals by giving chance to represent Manipur in Raja Sabha, on the logic that this seat is permanently for the Meiteis since they are majority in the state assembly.This attitude was clearly exposed when Congress formed the Govt at the center.

Rishang Keishang, the most experience parliamentarian who deserved cabinet birth in the center Ministry was sideline on one pretext of one reason or other and the newly elected Lok Sabbha member from the inner parliamentary seat of Manipur, Maya who does not know even a b c of parliamentary politics was tried to promote and lobbied for the cabinet birth in the center. Mayang knows better than Meiteis who is this man, Maya and was ignored. Thus Manipur lost the most precious chance of getting a cabinet birth in the center ministry due to partisan politics of the Manipur major community against the tribals. Now the trouble has come which is beyond the wisdom of the so called great Chief Minister of Manipur to redeem. Now they try to involve this old man in the issue which does not concerned him.

Considering his personal integrity I doubt whether Rishang would have signed the memorandum to PM on Naga integration. Nevertheless, if at all he has signed it, I do not see anything wrong in that. He represents not only plain Manipuris but hill people too specially Nagas. Thus since the whole Naga community desire to be integrated into Nagaland state which is within the purview of Indian constitution there is nothing wrong in his signing the memorandum. In fact, by doing so he has done the wishes of the Manipur people whom he represents in the parliament. Its up to the center to accept or reject. No one has the right to ask him explanation for what he done. Moreover, its not the time to involve him and give another headache in such a controversial issue.He has already received enough when was in Manipur and he has done what he thinks is right. If one really needs, approach him with all respect that he deserves and ask his advice. Otherwise better not to disturb him anymore.


Need Meitei Leader in Assam

[ Tue, 12 Jul 2005 03:41:02 -0400]


In Assam lots of meitei are there but without any leader . So, meitei people has no guardian. We all meiteis come from Manipur in awa lum and settle in Assam,still we feel hurt if anything bad happens to Manipur. It will good for meiteis to have leader in Assam as it is gateway of northeast. Through I want to adrress all the people living in Western and European countries and all the brothers and elders working in higher post in India. I also want to contact all the leaders of manipur to show unity .

my email:

Politicians need classes

[ Sat, 9 Jul 2005 04:29:09 -0400]

Dear Editor,

I would like to request to all the parties in Manipur that we have been suffering from frequent blocking of highways. Due to which our economy is immediately hit when there is blockage for one day. We are really fed up of this. Our political leaders are just like dummy doll or effigy.they knew whats the problem but never listen to reality. I really feel ashamed of them.

So its time for us to do something from our side. If all the extremists really care for the people of Manipur please do something for this. How long will we live like this. Life is too short to live but one day in heaven is better than 50 years in hell. Our political leaders will never do this. They even do not have the guts to rise this issue in the parliament. They just go there and come back. I have doubt that they really know what was the discussion there. Most of them cannot speak proper English and even Hindi too. So how can they will discuss our problems.

Do we need to open free speaking classes for them. Maybe they really need it. We can protest against in a proper way but not by breaking public property and calling band.

So my dear friends please dont harm public property. Once we lost it will never come back again. After all we all are going to suffer. Lets remove band and dirty politics from the menu of Meitrabak.


Communalism, not a good idea

[ Sat, 9 Jul 2005 08:36:19 -0400]

With regard to the remark by the ANSAM, I like to say that Manipuris means the people living in the state. It does'nt matter whoever they are, they may be the Naga's, the Kuki's, the Meeties, the Muslims, the Mayangs... It's very unfortunate that such a body make a statement like this "once and for all we (ANSAM members) are first Nagas and secondly too, we are Nagas and Nagas alone" as their response to the Goverments remark of the ANSAM members are also Manipuris. Communalism is not a very good idea in a ancient land which the idea of brotherhood and peace reflects. I pray that there will be no such remarks in their agitation.


Good to know everyone is safe

[ Fri, 8 Jul 2005 04:15:48 -0400]

Hi I'm baby, my brother lives in UK. Yesterday I could not eat or sleep or relax as my brother was also leaving for home but evrything went well once I heard my daboy's voice.

I hope everybody is safe out there. Thank you so much to know that eveybody is safe out there.

take care

Complete NH53 on urgent basis

[ Thu, 7 Jul 2005 01:18:04 -0400]

Ministers of Manipur:-

Observing that frequent disruptions in the national highways has been a constant threat to cordial co-existence amongst various communities. State authorities should apprise Central leaders on indispensability of raising the Highway Protection Force (HPF) without further delay. Shri O. Ibobi, C.M. is in power for almost four year as a chief Minister of Manipur. Time has come for him to consider it very seriously that the prevailing law and order in Manipur has been deteriorating day by day due to the frequent blockades called by ANSAM and other organizations particularly at NH39.

On the otherhand, he used to deceive general public that the problem of the people will be solved as soon as possible after the construction of road at NH53 is over and it is undergoing in full swing. He should spare more time deviating slightly from the construction of flyover and Ima keithel so that ongoing work at NH53 can be completed on urgent basis without further delay to avoid the hindrance caused to us by some section.

Central leaders from the time of Shri L.K. Advani as Home Minister promised us that the Highway Protection Force will be stationed on both NH39 and NH53, but it has not been implemented practically even during Congress reign. Passengers travelling in these routes have been suffering a lot from looting, molestation of girls and women etc. Our elected and nominated honourable ministers and their relatives have never experienced such a heinous crime, because they always travel by flight. Honourable Ministers!

Please dont't shed crocodile's tear, instead do something for the goodness of the general public.


Manipur going forward or backward?

[ Wed, 6 Jul 2005 00:28:32 -0400]

I am really shocked with the news. The Indian Airlines which is the only medium of air transport of Manipur has declared to close down its flight service. Who will responsible for this? The people of Manipur or the Government? Who has been facing the result of it? Perhaps may be the weakness of the state Government. Inability to maintain peace and prosperity in the state of Manipur is the major weakness of the government. Inability to control the situations like crime, rape,ransacking of human possession.

On the other hand blocking of National Highways, halting of airways, are the major causes to put backward the economy of Manipur. The life of the people of Manipur is rottening day by day. The state is moving backward instead of going forward.


No need to ban Hindi

[ Tue, 5 Jul 2005 02:05:43 -0400]

Dear friends,

I would like to make myself clear that banning hindi in Manipur does not have any meaning. It is sad that some of our youth blindly follow without knowing anything. Whats the big deal if we know hindi. In all the metros the culture is multi language. If you know hindi its an advantage for you. See the BPO booming up in Pune, Bombay and Bangalore. If we dont know English it would have not been possible.

Many indians are getting benefits from that. Likewise even if you want to start a business deal its very necessary to know one language which you communicate with people. You can not communicate with sign all the time. Tomorrow if you want to do business you need to know Hindi and English as we are in India. Our state does not have any industries and no private sector at all. Many youth are unemployed. Why cant we go out and compete with others.

So what if u are branded as nepali, ultimately your work and skill can cut their throat. People want output everywhere. Its true majority always dominate the minority. Even in manipur also I see lots of mayangs are harrased by meities. You have to tolerate everything if you want to be practical. Its up to you how you take things. Who will give government job to all. Be practical and adapt to this hostile world. Survival of the fittest is the mantra of this generation. I dont think British did wrong thing introducing English in India. Why should we ban Hindi movie and Hindi language when most of Manipuris are willing to see them secretly.

If Hindi movie is a threat to Manipuri cinema why dont we try to improve ourself instead of blaming others. Its our fault that we cant not make great movie. Even if so, there is lack of advertisement and communication. Thats why we are back. See the chinese movies. Everywhere people see because they have quality. Even in South India also, their regional films do great. Do they ban hindi movie? Why dont we try to prove ourself to others. For that we have to interact with people all around us irrespective of what they are.

The only ultimate thing is though conversation. so if you dont know Hindi you cant move farther than guwahati. that too is also difficult. so wake up now . Its never too late for a good start. best of luck to all my dear frieds who are against hindi.


Your DISINTEGRITY integrates things!

[ Sun, 3 Jul 2005 00:28:32 -0400]


Sailing on your DISINTEGRITY ( I also touched few of your other articles) made me feel happy acknowledging your orientation towards society. Your submission is a whirlpool. Hope, targetted people read and digest.

I appreciate your contribution.

Paramananda Chabungbam

Worded view of UCM

[ Sat, 2 Jul 2005 04:38:59 -0400]

A very well concluded and worded view of the UCM. Sooner the Manipuries realize the better it will be for them. Now that it has been stated what should they do to overcome the stated problem? United yes is a prerequisite, then what next? Got to find alternatives and ways and means to make these so called life line redundant.

Easily said but not so easy to achieve, yet not impossible. One has to make this bowl called valley self sufficient. Then only these "life lines" will become redundant. How will it become self-sufficient? One option is to sustain and be content with what one has and the other option is to make yourself the center of activities and reverse the flow of life sustaining ingredients.

The second option will reverse the connotation and meaning of the same factor which is now being used to choke one's throat. (That was how it was some years back)

Mind you one can do that, the first step is what UCM has identified.


No discrimination - Changmee & Tamee

[ Sat, 2 Jul 2005 03:35:50 -0400]

The article By Dr Krishnananda Samurailatpam "Lairembi Manaisha Chingkhatlashi Dana!!! I really appreciate your work, which considered every section of the society living in Manipur without differentiating Chingmee and Tammee over the present issue which we need to give prior preference. Your idea is very broad minded.

We generally know that our society has many negative impact for we don't understand the reason properly in ground level through individual level. Most of Newspaper in locals are not considering such articles which is really in need for our future. My point is that we need to come up with the good co-operation and link among the individual in local level in Manipur. Whereas I know that there is no discriminations whether Naga or Kuki or Meetei within the small village level,this happens only when we come to the Town level who doesn't know the about community value.

For example, a meetei living in a village at Thoubal (respect) know more about the importance of Naga or Kuki to maintain the poverty and starvation as compare to a Meetei living in Imphal.

I will be very grateful to you if you can send this article to any newspaper in Manipur at local level for its impact to our society.

With regards
Lukram Ingocha Meetei
Reaserch Scholar,University of Delhi

E-pao rocks!!

[ Thu, 30 Jun 2005 05:31:18 -0400]

Dear e-pao,

When I was browsing the internet for some good job in Manipur, I got this site through google search.

It gives me immense pleasure to go through every channel. Every channel gives me emotional attachment. I would like to say this site is wonderful.. wonderful... overwhelming. I got so absorbed to this site that it has been hours I am here.

The photo galleries and the songs make me feel at home once again. Message Board was one good medium for all Manipuris around the world.

In the Message Board, I have found so many guys raising questions why many Manipuris are working outside. We can start searching jobs in Manipur.
Can we please get a job site as well in this channel? :)

Keep up the good work. E-pao rocks.

Meera Naorem

Sheer negligence of editor

[ Wed, 29 Jun 2005 23:49:19 -0400]

The Editor

I was surprise to read an article heading 'KNA refutes' where KNA is sharply critising the KRA for its allegations but in the very last line of the article it goes,-

Extract from your article
'KRA has contributed nothing toward realising the dream of achieving political goal of the Kuki people like Zalen Gam, the statement said, while appealing to the people not to be mislead by such false propaganda of KNA.'

The editor has made the KNA critize itself in the last line. Is this sheer negligence in the editors part or the person who draft has little idea of what he is writing?

Thanking you

tu-chung-ba article!

[ Mon, 27 Jun 2005 06:20:34 -0400]

Dear e-pao,

Thanks for putting such inspiring articles , in fact it was "tu-chungngi". I hope our leaders could think more like Dr Krish regarding the prevailing issues in Manipur, we need more inspirations like this looking forward.


Unqualified Speculation?

[ Thu, 23 Jun 2005 03:31:23 -0700]

IM negates 'dead end' media reports - TSE

Who qualifies a speculation? A speculation if qualified would have become a fact. The speculation in question is ďthe talks had come to a dead end or deadlockedĒ. A speculation is always based on assumption and an assumption is always supported by ongoing facts. Lets see what we have as facts:

NSCN was formed due to the differences within NNC, NSCN (IM) was formed due to the differences among the leadership of NSCN. The intra-party feuds that led to the formation of NSCN (IM) took place due to a belief that Isak and Muivah have secretly initiated talks with the GOI. So what speculation can be made out of this? Now it may be qualified or unqualified but according to the fact stated above a speculation could always be made; maybe Isak and Muivah is of the ideology that believes in negotiation from the time they joined NNC. It is also said Negotiation comes with compromises. The question, what is that they will compromise to have the negotiation take a final result? Will they compromise on the interest of the people or on the interest of NSCN (IM) or on the interest of the leaders or they make some other group compromise.

All the assumptions would have been easy translating it into action if the negotiation takes place within the NSCN (IM). Unluckily the negotiation table happens to cover a lot more interest than the NSCN (IM) interests. The conflicting interest has been dragging the cease-fire for 8 long yrs. Its is universally agreed that a start has an end, based on this believe and the turn of the event with such diverse interests on the same table for 8 yrs, it is a natural speculation to say that the dead end is nearing. However it may be wrong if the elasticity of patience for negotiation is strong for those participants of the negotiation.

Dinesh Kotwal, Research Fellow, IDSA writes:

Any attempt to find a way out of the present imbroglio would require an impartial stand on the part of the Center. The Government cannot afford to be seen as favoring one or the other faction. For any meaningful outcome, all factions of the undergrounds even including overgrounds, shall have to be involved, otherwise piecemeal peace/dialogue will not bring a satisfactory political solution.

A lasting solution lies in more autonomy to the state, genuine economic development, accelerated infrastructural development, new trade routes, less Central funds and a little bit of pressure on militant groups to accept the peace proposal. Sincerity on the part of political and insurgent leadership alone can bring 'peace to the land of the exhilarating Nagas'.

The demands put up on the table for the peace carries a disaster for the neighboring states. A compromise canít be made in this regard on both the sides. Altering the demands does no good to NSCN (IM) and granting the demand is out of question. What could be a solution in such a case? Continue with the cease-fire and wait for someone to change mind?


We, ourselves, are to be blamed.

[ Thu, 23 Jun 2005 06:12:17 -0400]


This is with reference to "Many abandon 'sinking ship' of RIMS". I would like to ask each and every right thinking indivual from Manipur as to what this will mean to us. RIIMS is the only notable institution left in Manipur. Even MU has lost its meaning now because of various reasons.

It is a sad fact that when one goes out to look for a job with certificates from MU, people look at it with a cynic smile. So who do we blame for all our ills? I think it is US and no one else. We need to change our ways so that we can grow and claim our rightful place once again as the "Jewel of India"


Malaria is not a virus

[ Tue, 21 Jun 2005 09:46:00 -0400]

Malaria is not a virus , it belongs to a groug called Plasmodium. and it has four common types:


Plasmodium Falciparum is the most dangerous one , they can cause multi-organ failure ; renal failure, hepatic failure and even cerebral malaria( infection in the brain ).

The common people should get some idea of what's going on. So please try and provide correct news.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely ,

Dress Code for North-East

[ Tue, 21 Jun 2005 07:14:20 -0400]

Dear Sir,
I happen to read an article written by Mr. Hopson Sapam today ( also by Oken Jeet here )and I really appreciate the things that he has written therein. I understand all that you have written there. At the same time,I feel that we also need to understand the situation for our betterment. I am writing this to you as a brother from Manipur.

As we all know Delhi is no Manipur(North East). Here things are very diferrent. So we also need to be careful. I sympathise the woman who was raped at Dhaula Kuan recently. At the same time many asks as to what was she doing at that hour, wearing a short half-pant and a spagetti? A friend of mine, president of a Student Union here, met her recently and she denied that she was the victim. I was under the impression that had it been any other girl too, even a mayang in her case, she might face the same in that situation and at that point of time. I firmly beleive that she was raped not because she is from North East, but by being there at that time and in that type of dress.What can we do?

The other day I happen to go to Nehru Vihar (North Delhi) for some work. I reach there at around 12:30 am. The people I saw roaming around were only our people,ladies and gents, walking ,holding al loitering near the pan dukans and for nothing (as I see it). I felt bad. If one goes to Munirka (South Delhi) between 12-3am and one will know what I mean.

Things are real bad. In Mahipalpur where I stayed before, there seems to be a young meetei lady who was famous for the wrong reasons. The dukan wallas often says that she could be yours for the night if you bring a bottle of drinks! Such is the impression now. I think you will agree with me if I say that in places like Delhi, only prostitude stays awake near the roadside late in the night taking pan and awaiting prospective customers!

I am not saying that things are right and that I admire the Mayangs for everything. It is just that I think we all need a new orietation programme. While I stand by the community in condemning that guy (KMC) and others, I also feel that we need a RE-THINKING on our part too. Even in Manipur we hardly go out after 6 pm. Why can't we atleast live the life that we live in Manipur(NE) and dress the same way?

Agreed, even Mayangs dress that way. There are even arguments saying so. But who are they?They are the elites, who does not use public transport and does not walk the pavements of Munirka, Nanakpura, Manipalpur, Nehru Vihar or other gaons/villages. I feel we need to understand this aspect too. May be, if we can do the same and live in the type of colony they live, and travel the way they travel, then perhaps its OK and we may not face any harassment from the mayangs. Till such time, I feel we must not forget our ROOTS.

We all come here for a purpose. It would be good if we can fufill that. If we look at the number of students coming to Delhi every year, and the number that pass out properly, it is very disappointing. We seems to think that we are very great people and we tend to look down upon others. Nobody forgets that we are from a State with perennial problems, a state where even a library, storehouse of knowledge, was burnt down, a state where a railway booking office was burnt down, to name a few........It is worth thinking as to where we are heading to?

Sir, it would be highly appreciative if these things are highlighted since many from Manipur are depending on e-pao for day to day information with regards to Manipur. Though we are staying outside for various reasons, our heart bleeds for Manipur.

History is junk

[ Mon, 20 Jun 2005 08:54:39 -0400]

A lot of people nowadays especially in the north-easter states has begun to talk about looking at things in a what they call 'historical context'. The Naga's say historicaly they were never Indians so they should be granted seperate nation-hood. Nation-hood is the word they use. Naga's are the not the only ones. Just about anyone from the 100's of the various ethnic groups want to do just that. Look at things in a 'historical context'. Leave aside Indians even the Chicomos say that Arunachal should be a part of China if looked at historically because of the Tibeti buddhism influence. Though they never explain that uptil 1959 Tibet herself was an independent country. Every one has taken a liking for this term 'Historical context' and want to secede. But the question I want to raise is this : Who is going to decide which eras history we need to refer to ? Who is going to determine how far we go back into the past ? What is going to be the cut-off date ? Is it not true that if we go back into past history far enough we were all monkeys ?

The point I am trying to make is this : The future of countries, nations and peoples cannot be determined by their past history. All History is junk.

Manjit Singh.....Bombay.

Its the careless attitude of North Indians

[ Sun, 19 Jun 2005 13:55:16 -0400]

Well the dress code for N-E students sounds ridiculous of course. How can a responsible person, a principal of a college say such a thing that considers students from the N-E like kids to be dressed by the authority. I find the north indian girls too not dressed differently from our girls. They dress the same way.... its just the... careless attitude of the North Indians for us.

In a way taking the other way round it also let us know that we are in some way( whatever the reasons may be...) not liked in the way we are. I mean to say that there is something in us which makes them look down upon us. I do feel that our mongoloid appearance does a whole lot in that but I believe it is not only that. It is for us to changed if anything is needed. I guess it is high time to show the Indians(north Indians) that are in no way less than them by doing in our respective fields well and excelling in them. Of course the most important being in academic field......


Open Letter to Madam Sonia Gandhi

[ Sat 18 Jun 2005 12:16:22 -0000]

Madam Sonia Gandhi
Honíble Chairperson
National Advisory Council (NAC)
Government of India
New Delhi.

Subject: - Appeal for intervention in the matter of discrimination and Harassment of ethnic Mongoloid race in Delhi.
Restoration of reservation for Tribals in employment in Delhi.


The All India Tribal Studentsí Association Delhi, having a proven record of more than 15 years of social services for the cause of the tribals and northeast, pray for your intervention and do not let the ethnic mongoloid communities in the country feel racially discriminated and treated as 2nd class citizen in the National Capital City of Delhi.

Madam, It is a well-known fact that the people of the Himalayan region stretching from Ladakh to Mizoram, find it difficult to assimilate into the mainstream culture not because of their identity or lack of nationalism, but due to lack of understanding of each otherís cultures and way of life. Being, mostly hailed from remote and neglected region, our intelligence and economy is too low to be compared with people who have been living in cities for centuries. We are too weak and ignorant to assert our rights envisaged in the constitution without the intervention of the government. We are targeted at the slightest pretext irrespective of our social status and position in the government, which really hurts our sentiments at times.

Madam, It is a matter of National concern that a particular section of the Indian society is labeled as Foreigner, Paharis, savages or incompetent. Despite our pathetic living condition, the Govt. of NCT Delhi systematically cancelled our quota in employment, after more than 40 years of implementation thus compelling us to work under the mercy of local businessmen, where threats and exploitation is our daily life. Being a new comer to the Indian mainstream, our ignorance of city life, poor economy and dresses etc should not have been the reason for depriving and victimizing the whole community.

We are left with no choice in the days of weal and woes but to accept our status of a 2nd class citizen in the mainland. House owners, shopkeepers, local youths and even the policemen are more interested in taking advantage of our vulnerability rather than protecting us.

We seldom get justice even if we approach the concern authorities. We are pressurized to compromise or leave Delhi the moment we raise our complaint. E.g. in the case of brutal rape of a Manipuri girl working in a furniture shop in Mehrauli on 21/9/04, the recent rape of Delhi University student at Dhaulakuan on 8/5/05, Molestation of N.East girls in Delhi University on 12/5/05, and a women from Meghalaya was kidnapped for over 12 hrs by an Auto driver on 19/5/05 and many more, no punitive action taken has been heard till today thus making us more insecure and vulnerable besides the harassment we faced in general in the city.


Instruction and direction to all officials of N.C.T and other law enforcing agencies to ensure that no section of the Indian society is targeted on the ground of race/caste/region or religion and justice is restore to every aggrieved citizen in the eyes of the public.

Recruitment in Delhi Police should be based on all India basis representing every states and territories in the Country.

The government of NCT Delhi should immediately restore the Govt. of India notification OM No. 7/2/55-SCT dated 14th Oct. 1955 for reservation for tribals in the National Capital City of Delhi.

For the act of your kindness and concern, we shall ever remain thankful to your honour.

In the Service of the Nation
Sincerely yours
Kham chin pau Zou
All India Tribal Studentsí Association.

Siroi Lily- grown in other part of world

[ Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:42:09 -0400]

I read with interest the review of the movie Siroi Lily - it is en enchanting story.

I wish to point out that there seems to be a myth prevailing, that the Siroi Lily cannot be grown anywhere other than the Shrirui hills. It will be nice for people to know that this beautiful flower of Manipur is actually being grown in many places in the world - it only needs the right kind of weather conditions. Look at the following links to get an idea:


I think this is a matter of pride for all Indians, and Manipuris in particular.


Most chat not educated!

[ Tue, 14 Jun 2005 06:08:46 -0400]

Dear E-pao,

I was in to the e-pao chat room just to know what its like and I find it really degrading. Most of the people chatting are no doubt educated but the quality of chatting shows no level of education rather it portrays a negative image of the Manipuris.

My request to the readers are not to waste time and energy in petty chatting but make it a platform to discuss issues which are relevent and are plaguing our manipur.

Thanking you.


Deteriorating moral values

[ Thu, 9 Jun 2005 08:03:08 -0400]

The day i went for repairing my bike , I stopped a while on the roadside of the busy city. A girl who could be Meitei/naga/kuki/mizo/arunachali came with a tall good looking guy ( could be Iranian/Arabian/Indian) appeared in front of me. It was a street where no girl hang on her partners hand , it was only this girl doing it. Everyone looked at her as a cheap girl even myself ..if she was my sister I could chop off her hand not because she was making friend with that good looking guy. But because she was looking cheap ..and denigrating image of other look alike girls and brothers of those look alike girls. I will have no problem if my sister would make friend with someone from any community but never allow her profane the moral values of our society.

In another incident , I went to the railway station and happened to talk to a guy from Arab country. He asked me if I'm from NE , slowly we became friendly over just few minutes he started telling me the story about his cousin playing around with a Naga girl who initially disguised to be Korean. I behaved a very open guy to know his mind and finally he asked me to introduce to a girl whom he can play for a year or two then go back home happily. I could not bear the infamy our highly educated/over liberated girls have created in the market.

If this is the shortcut to pleasure,remember this will destroy our society one day like any other drug.

Throw away all your religions Hindu/Christian/Sanamahi/Islam if that teaches you to profane social values.


Discrimination in Meiteiland too

[ Thu, 9 Jun 2005 07:26:02 -0400]

I have been seeing lots of threads going on expressing disapproval against the discrimination in the mainland. But none of us ever tried to look at the reality behind whatever is happening. I can understand many times your mood of the day is put off when someone on the roadside assumed you to be bahadur or someone calls you 'bogus Chinese' (which looks like milk is milky ..who looks like(not the real) Chinese is chinky etc). Then you start thinking -ve about them helplessly which is true with any human instinct. But did you people ever remember when a ma yang classmate was always harassed in the class or the one who comes for selling ice or pan or the one in saloon etc.

Majority always harass the minority(who are different) everywhere - anywhere ask any Chinese/Indian/Arab/Jew/European in US's the difference majority always enjoy playing with about the minority..simply because this is inherent human tendency. I can still remember the way a mayang classmate was harassed in Manipur simply because he was different from us and he was an easy target for a weak Meitei guy to make fun of and increase his credential in the group( as if his power was burgeoning by dominating the poor guy). If a mayang would harass you like how this poor guy was done . I think you will fight at the cost of your life even. But do you people imagine what this guy poor guy did? didnt utter a single word to complain about such treatment to him.

Yeah there is one interesting example I wanted to cite . In my class there was another very quite and compliant mayang guy who was hardly harassed. Because he was always compliant to Meitei superiority. You dont like to waste time harassing someone of least importance. The point I try to bring out here is that even there are Meiteis who go along really well with mayangs simply because they adapt to the culture of mayangs and I have seen few leading a bunch of Mayangs. Which even a single mayang cant do in the meiteiland.

But how will a mayang tolerate if you have a better sense of dressing/living while knowing the fact that you come from a economically dormant place. Now we can well understand how polite mayangs are!! So only two options you have: be economy power or adapt. By the way you complain(which can be really helpful) because you never like to be inferior..that's the instinct our society imparted to us since our birth. Really good lets be happy about it.


TTUS produce quality students all these years

[ Thu, 9 Jun 2005 02:52:31 -0400]

First of all I would like to congratulation all the students who pass in the recent HSLC examination. Tiny Tot Unique School has done excellent this year with Laxmi Th. the overall topper of this year HSLC 2005. It has been, the practice of TTUS to produce quality students all these years but this year laxmi has added another star to its crown. I would also like to congratulate all the teacher who has been working all these years to shape the students, to be able to make them a good human being which is the sole purpose of all.

Thank you.
Joseph Huidrom

Concerns about Entrance Exams

[ Tue, 07 Jun 2005 17:13:33 +0530]

Dear Editor,

This mail is regarding the concerns about the abolishing of Entrance tests for Studying Engineering/Medical courses by Tamil Nadu Government (and the suggestions to the current ongoing discussion for the need of change in the education system by the Central Govt).

Current Philosophy of Implementation of Abolition of Entrance Test:

1) To enable the rural Students to get a chance to study in the Professional Colleges.
2) To take out the pressure out of the students who are trying to get through the entrance exams, in addition the ongoing +1 & +2 classess' exams
3) To create a balance in education system and avoid mushrooming of Training/Coaching centers for professional courses.

Reasons/Issues/Impacts Out of Abolition of Entrance Test:

1) Only students who are studying in private and good higher secondary schools in City will occupy the seats to professional colleges, since they will surely get higher marks in +1 & +2 than respective students from rural & poor managed higher secondary schools.
2) Since there are many Boards/Councils giving +1 and +2 certifications in addition to CBSE in various states of India, the marking systems and ranking systems have a lot of variation. So, if some colleges or Universities accept only the high aggregate scoring students, then, it will be similar to giving favour those students passing out boards/councils who are more liberal in giving more marks/ranks to the students in the exams.
E.g. Entrance to BITS (Pillani) is based on the cut of mark of +2 exam (which is above 90%) and hence, a majority of the students are from TN board and CBSE board which is liberal in giving marks. So, those bright students from other boards in various states can only just forget even dreaming about getting into such colleges as, in their history of the particular board till date, no student has got above 90% in the Year End/Semester Exam under the particular Board exams.
3) Once a student has made a mistake in getting good marks in the +1 & +2 exams in his/her life time because of any unavoidable reasons ; there is no way (even to dream) to become a doctor or engineer in his/her life time. There is also no way to recover from the mistake which has happened knowingly or unknowingly once in his/her lifetime.
4) If such high profile courses are given just to those students who got good marks in the +1 or +2 exams, then, People who are going to be Doctors, Engineers will be just those from the rich and well-to-do family only. Because, their parents can maintain and take good care of their wards during their +1 & +2 school days; and thereby they get the chance to study in good schools having good faculty and infrastructures and hence getting higher score in the +1 & +2 exams.

Justification of Having Entrance Exams: (An Example)

1) If the current Civil Services Exams conducted by UPSC which is the door to the higher functionaries/ministries of the central govt, were allowed only for those who are secured above 80% or 90% aggregate in the degree exams (10+2+3); (since those officials need to be extremely excellent in academic and intelligent so as to lead INDIA) Then, the prestigious ranks of IAS, IPS, IFS and other services will be only from those elite wards from well-to-do family who had the chance to study in good colleges and universities and who had not made even in single mistake in their career in terms of aggregate score in the exams.

But, because of allowing every graduate students passing out from every field of studies from all the recognized universities, any poor or medium skilled students can dream to be among those top Officials in one's life time.

The advantage is - at least, the door is opened to them, and at least the chance to study & excel in these competitive exams is given to them, irrespective of having got low marks while in degree exams or in spite of having stuck in career path due to many unavoidable situations in life time.

Yes, competition is quite tough and there are many coaching centers available to train any students. We can understand that mostly students from rich or moderate income family can afford the coaching fees of various coaching centers. We can also see professionals like Engineers, doctors, lawyers topping the lists of Civil Services Exams.

But, We can still find the stories of some poor and medium skilled students topping among the others. Some are found to have failed many times in their high school exams, some have got low marks in their higher secondary exams, some have missed many years to continue studies in college life. Some could afford studying full time and so, they studied side by side via correspondence while still working many odd jobs. And still, we find many people topping the rank list in the Civil Services Exams, as "Where there is a Will, there is a Way".

What is wrong in the current System of Education/Entrance Exam:

1) Questioning in the Entrance exams are quite different from what it is supposed to be and are always above standard to what they should be (being compared to levels which should be in the minimum qualification prescribed for allowing the students to write the entrance exam).
2) Yes, it is true that we need to choose students who are best out of the best among the thousands of students. But, the questions being asked in the entrance exams are so tough and of higher level of academic grade, that even the teachers who are teaching the students in the schools or colleges find difficult to solve them.
3) There is a big gap between the school or college curriculums, the mode of conducting of exams and education, &, those being asked in the entrance exams. E.g. the IIT questions are such that the mode of answering questions & mode of solving the problems are of Degree/Masters level which nothing is mentioned in the syllabus or questioning style of the +1 or +2 CBSE or local board exams in any parts of India (though the chapters may be also found in the +1 & +2 text books).
4) Students need to study text books & other notes for both the general +1 & +2 exams style and for entrance exams. So, this puts more stress on the students.

Suggestion How to avoid stress from Students and also maintaining standard in Education:

1) Awareness to students and parents that failing or getting in exams (either +1 or +2 or degree exams or entrance exams) are not the end of life. Career is the path time job for fulfilling the likes & needs of our personal life which is the full time job.
2) Having Entrance exams and Semester/Year End exams should be there to encourage the students to compete among themselves to show the talents. Instead of allowing all those lazy students to just pass the exams thereby reducing the quality of education.
3) Grading should be such that 50% for internal assessment and 50% for the Semester/year end exams; so that Bright students get competition among other bright students to prove superiority; while medium students are enabled to pass the exams .. thus, maintaining the quality and the taking out the stress from the students too. But, there should be no way for poor studying students to pass the exam just like that, as it will bring down the quality of education.
4) Entrance exams should be the only way for getting admission to new professional courses or universities; since those who has made mistakes in career once in the life time before, will surely get the chance to excel and realize the dream of studying those professional courses & universities; if they are not lazy to study and search by themselves what to study & how to study to get through the entrance exams in spite of earlier mistakes in life in their career.
5) The onus to enable the students get through the entrance exams lies with the parents and teachers in the schools and colleges to guide the students along with the academic syllabus & exam style of teaching.
6) The exam pattern and level of questioning in the entrance exams should be that of pattern and level of questioning in the general academic exams. So the onus lies on the Examination body and the Curriculumn setting Boards.

With thanks & regards,
Shanjoy Mairembam
E-mail: (P) /
(O) ( /

Right textbooks for students?

[ Sat, 4 Jun 2005 03:20:58 -0000]

It is very interesting to read the news article of wrong question slur on PMT 2005. There were arguments and counter- arguments. Though I don't want to comment on the arguments, I am very much surprised to learn that both parties refer to foreign textbooks (IL Finar and Morrisson, Boyd). I don't know whether the said textbooks are prescribed by the Government of Manipur for the 10+2 students. Since there are so many standard foreign textbooks, we must be very careful in selecting the right one.

Then, we can go by that selected textbooks. We don't have to refer to many textbooks. Because there are theories and counter-theories, hypotheses and counter-hypotheses. In fact, scientific ideas are dynamic,i.e., they may change according to time. If we have to refer to many standard textbooks and research papers available, I can point out a number of mistakes, ambiguities, and wrong theories in the present NCERT biology textbooks for Class XI and XII as an example.

Yours faithfully,
Dr Laishangbam Sanjit
Bishnupur Dist.

X and XII result access?

[ Thu, Jun 2, 2005 5:38 AM]

Dear sir,

Its marvellous for your team to represent Manipur, which may become on of the leading state of India, despite of the present environment. Your team have been in a great effort since its inception of the establisment. I wish and pray your team leads to a grand sucess.

And I would like to request your team to kindly make the X and XII result (HSLCE and COHSEM) accessible in your website. This would help the people .

Adi Nicky
New Delhi

Clean Mother Manipur

[ Wed, 1 Jun 2005 04:05:18 -0400]

With lack of information from their parents, all the grown up childrens in Manipur will be in no land. Insteads of giving good advices to their youngstars all the parents are letting them free which mean no value in life. With all this today's youngsters are developing into bad habits, throwing out education from their life. And in other problems, AMSU and Insurgents in Manipur lead to all the crimes like Band, Strike, Economic Blockade which lead a major fall down in the field of education . We will be there to help you in cleaning our home land fromm all this rubbist things.

"Let's clean our Mother Manipur and let's have a new era in life."

Yours Manipuri
Th Prabn Singh

'Suckers of villagers blood'

[ Mon, 30 May 2005 05:14:51 -0400]

Chief Secretary Shri Jarnail Singh and others are doing remarkle job to redeem Manipur from going DOWN to eternal hell of destruction,due to so called "CORRUPTION""the most lucrative business of bureacrates and politicians of the state. All the Manipuris must extend heartest congratulation to them and at the same time give whole hearted cooperation in their venture to salvage Manipur Sana Leipak from eternal doom.

The culprits are nothing but the suckers of the poor villagers blood. Manipur public should see like the Watch Dog that the culprit should not get away without getting their share of penalty befitting to their misdeed. It will be very unfortunate for the Manipuris if they are allowed to go away freely because of the power of green leave notes which they would be putting behind the so called Great Politicians or Ministers.

Despite mushrooming of Govt school in each and every village in the Govt. record, there is hardly any basic infrastructure such as rooms, library, toilet latrine, chalk, etc etc. Many of the school buidings are not different from Mayang's Cow shed in Bihar. The excuses Govt often make for this is "NO FUND". Where as there was no dearth of fund for offering Maruti car and buying cements for the Officers as the new reports says. Due this very fact, poor parents have to borrow money from the villager money lenders and send their wards to private schools.

This resulted to reduced them bondage labourers. Today, one can find many villagers in the hills livign as bondage laborers to the villages landlords. This the fruit of corruption and thats why I called them, "Suckers of villagers blood".

They should be given fitting penalty sending out a message to all that those who commit the same mistake will meet the same fate. At the same time here public must ask," Did not the Government or Manisters really know what was going on in the department? They must respond this question to the people who have elected them.

I am sending this mail because I myself and many of my poor village friends are living as victim to corruption today. Thus, every sensible person must do every possible means to eradicate this social disease from the state.

Awungshi Angam

What about alcohol and cigarette

[ Mon, 30 May 2005 10:29:54 -0400 ]

The Manipur Naharol have decided to punish every one who is selling or eating tobacco but what about all the alcohol that people are selling freely. I want to say that if they really hold the power to stop alcohol and drugs in Manipur I myself will help them to catch the one who are selling or takng tobbaco in which cigarette too must be included.

10 Std Student

Manipur's chat room - low standard

[ Sun, 29 May 2005 09:32:50 -0400 ]

I am frm Nitesh from Imphal East, and I want to say that the e-pao's chat is of very low standard; I always say to my friends that Manipur is developing but they told me that Manipur's chat room is of low standard and it proves that we are nothing comparing them. So I felt shy in front of them.

So I want to say develop the chat to make it little better.

Yours sincerely
10 Std Student

Doc can earn extra money

[ Fri, 27 May 2005 23:33:05 -0400 ]

Dear Sir,

I advice all the well wishers of Manipur to come forward for a mass education. How do we react to such article ???
Isn't it right if a doctor is utilising his time and earning extra money? Are KCP doing the right thing by taking action to the doc? No, let him do his work... KCP are idle people poking and interfering in other matters.. If the KCP is so concerned then why not suurender to the goverment instead of staying underground. And do all the legal work given by the human civilization.

It's to foolish to claim that you are right in capturing a doc if he is earning extra money...If you do good work in this life will succeed in this life and all the eternity of life.....Beleive in the Law of Universe, The cause and effect...Do good to get good effects....

I am Carlos(not my name)
A hardcore meitei staying in LA

Poor quality of Higher Education in India

[ Fri, 27 May 2005 09:11:39 -0000 ]


Can India really become a superpower? Does she deserve a permanent seat in the UNSC along with the big five? The answer is a big NO, if the current standard and quality of higher education in India is any yardstick.

The alarm bell is-Indian science is sick with poor quality. Based on the performance of scientists, a Pennsylvanian Institute ranks India 119TH among 149 nations. A Pakistani Nobel Laureate once said that scientists from the Indian subcontinent contribute not a single drop in the world of science during the last two or three decades.

Can India stand on her own legs?
UGC must check the performances of Indian Universities regarding quality research papers. Delhi University and JNU have become coaching centres and they can no longer be taken as centres of acdemic pursuits.

Where do we stand in the rung of nations in matters of quality higher Education?

Yours faithfully,
Dr Laishangbam Sanjit
Moirang, Manipur

Calling for film shooting in Chennai

[ Fri, 27 May 2005 10:38:07 -0400 ]

There are many place that looks like real imagination place. It is not far from Adyar, Nillanggiry near to MGM, Chennai. There are many place like fresh water lake, small mountain and many more. If any one is interested in the field of of shooting, you can contact me for chennai location at or

At the same time shooting in Chennai is not expensive comparing with other state, and there are natural sea beaches , nice studio for editing.

Its really cool for doing a project for manipuri film.

Pictures are old and boring!

[ Tue, May 24, 2005 3:34 AM ]

Some of the item need to be updated badly and the pictures are too old and boring to be viewed again and again. I wish some the hot topic like in the newspaper be put up everyday.

thank you.


Dont use disparaging term for a Japanese

[ Thu, 19 May 2005 12:35:15 -0400]

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring it to your notice that the use of the term "Jap" in your newspaper of dated 5/19/05 is not recommendable. The word is a disparaging term for a Japanese.

Please be careful next time. You might unintentionally hurt someones feeling.


Any Manipuri in Hawaii ?

[ Thu, 19 May 2005 00:23:47 -0400]

Dear sir,

I have to visit Hawaii for an official visit during June of 05. I want to know if there be any Manipuri guys in Hawaii. If they have any contact on mail kindly give a list on my mail mentioned above.

With Best

Dr. M. Hemanta Meitei
NIHFW, New Delhi-67

Team E-pao : If anyone is or will be in Hawaii, drop a line to

Dr. Meinya need clarification?

[ Wed, 18 May 2005 08:34:25 -0400]

Greater Nagaland is not just impossible, it cannot happen at all!!
Is it a typing mistake or Dr. Meinya's mistake on comment. Should he mean
'Greater Nagaland is not just possible, it cannot happen at all'
Otherwise, the meaning changes. In case, he commented wrong, is he not supposed to clarify.

This may lead to confusion within the people groups


Neglected ? yes but..

[ Tue, 17 May 2005 08:42:18 -0400]

The problems facing the North-East are the outcome of a lack of bargaining power with the region and to say that all of it is due to the neglect demonstrated by New-Delhi is a misconception. There are places in central and western India where due to acute poverty farmers have been forced to commit suicide and there have been reports of many of them having to eat rats out of hunger. To say that it's the outsider who is responsible for the woes of the region and that the outsider has stolen the recources of North-East is again wrong.

The truth is the region is not actually as rich in recources as is made out to be by the trouble makers who have rebelled against India only to create an exclusive zone for their personal privelege and rule the region in the future, of-course by the power of the gun. Had the region been actually rich in natural recources it wouldn't have had such a miniscule population because people would migrate in large numbers to any such region. Its common-sense.

As to the rebel groups operating in the entire North-East, what is common among each one of them is that they all have been greatly inspired my Mao Zedong. What the Manipuri's need to take into acount is that Mao was a revolutionary only as long as the revolution lasted. Then he became a 'dictator' and that China was a Democracy before the revolution, later it became a 'Communist ruled Autocracy'. The people who want to atain political power by the use of a gun cannot be trusted to let a bank-clerk, school-master or a banana-seller elect a government democratically. The gun will decide who will govern.

This is not to say that the region has not been neglected. It definitely should have been managed better better by New-Delhi. But the North-East is not the only region that has been neglected. One only has to visit UP and Bihar to know what I mean.


Remove Wathi Jugai.

[ Sun, 15 May 2005 01:58:04 -0700]

hai to all the members of e-pao, I m roy,one of the daily customer of your e-pao I have some sort of complain. I don't know whether this will be effective to the members of e-pao but as a regular customer I want to suggest to remove the section of "Phagi Jogai" term because I found this as a very cheap and odd one to all the reader.

So as a request from a customer and as a citizen of manipur, I have this opinion to cut off the said term and put some more good and valuable things to the student which may help them to increase their knowledge for a better future of our manipur.


Road to Israel..??

[ Thu, 12 May 2005 11:44:05 -0000]

Dear Web editor,

This is with reference to the reports of converting some the tribes from our northeastern states Mizoram and Manipur in particular to Jews, which caught the limelight in recent years. There are a lot of speculation that these so called Indian Jews once their religious training are over will soon be migrated to their land of dreams Israel. Itís regrettably sorry that these people once existed to be Mizos or Hmars or Kukis so easily shed their skin and claim to be a clan of the long lost Bnei Menashe of Israel. Their identity of being Bnei Mashe is yet to be proved but the wrong hope of a better future in Israel took them to lofty heights that they are venturing into something which at a later time will prove fatal.

Recent news reports from Israel are to be believed that there were several reports of drug tests being conducted on humans in Israel. While the Indian Government have no reports on the state of affairs of the several hundred Indian immigrants to Israel, it is a matter of great concern that the waiting to be migrated youths from our north eastern states may fall in wrong hands and may be used as human guinea pigs once they are at Israel. Governments in Mizoram and Manipur had no antecedents of the Israeli NGOís operating in the two states. Itís high time the people and governments reconsider their efforts before its too late and save lives of our ethnic peoples.

Sunny, Dubai

Letter to the liberator and Muivah

[ Thu, 12 May 2005 06:26:16 -0400]

Dear Muivah and the self-styled liberator,

I really appreciate your relentless efforts to highlight the plights and the cause of the Naga problem. For decades the struggle has been rolling on with its ups and downs , bUt the thing we have to note here is , how far have we traveled? and how much have we achieved? and how much of resources have been exhausted in this prolonged struggle.? It is quite wiseful to ponder over this at least for some minutes.Along with the struggle the masses have been paying hefty amount in order to keep the machinery running fr decades, extracted from the defunct economy.

Perhaps it is bold and enthralling to jump into a cause which is for the whole people, but, how long do you want to drag on the fatigued masses? Mr. Muivah you must have seen Mercedes , and many others imported cars driven by filthy rich mainland Indian and am sure you have also come across hundreds of thousand students studying in the big Indian cities in search of comfort and safety.Now, you don't tell that Amsterdam is worse than Bangalore and you don't want to live there, I don,t think you will ever call Amsterdam as " bed of nails" Naayyyy.

This is world run by the markets and stock exchange plays the biggest role in all over the world , again don,t tell me that you don,t want to see a stock exchange in Nagalim or in the North East.When people are driving more closer to political and economic integration you are heading for the other way around.Awesome!that is the word I have for all the underground leaders in the entire North East.

Come on! give us a break, we mean it. Instead of taking on a prolonged war and marshalling resources on storing up arms and ammunitions please try to establish standardized schools, colleges and universities which you have seen in Europe and else where. Enable the deprived masses to compete with the counterpart from the mainland. Please , If you are a real Christian , don,t deprive the masses from being in a Mercedes car or on a holiday trip to Disney land.I hope you would ponder over it, if you really love the people.

Forget about Nagas, Meiteis, whatever, when they go to the mainland, the mainland Indian called them "Nepali" irrespective of who is Meitei or Nagas. The Geneva convention has gone long ago. Now think of a productive alternative.

Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei
A former student of University of Pune , Currently residing in Bangkok.

Let us be known to all!

[ Thu, 12 May 2005 06:35:00 -0400]

All brothers and sisters,from nanao macha to Ebudhou,Eben; the time has come for all of us to open our eyes and do something before we fall to the pit of disaster.We are proud of our culture, sports, language but how many of the people know us properly? Then let me put one question by now please.What are we if anybody in this world,dont deserve to know the existence of us?what is so great to be proud when we are not known at all? Raise up brothers and sisters.There is no time to rest and sleep. Life must go on but with perfectness and advancing and roll with the time. Can I suggest one thing that we all shall do by now?All of us whether we are labourers, Doctors, engineers, lawyers, ministers we must know our duties and be punctual to it and grossly after few years the efficacy of our work will prove the progress of our society.

Why dont we use our abilities to the positive direction and achieve the name of being a responsible citizen and gain a success that almost all mankind had already achieve.Can we stay like this forever? Of course not and we have to do something. We have to struggle through life and know the responsibility of each one of us in bringing up a place.We must not bang the administration in every field and at the sametime we must filter out their mistakes either.

How many of us knows what could we be after 10 yrs if we dont change the situation we are now?? We will be a lump of tigers which are of no strength fighting for small piece of meat. We will not live and tear each other apart. Let us not be the one like that please. Please stand up and all of us work together to bring up our society and make it a prosper one.

Long live Manipur and we cope up ourselves with remaining part of the country.


RIMS should have a website!

[ Thu, 12 May 2005 01:21:50 -0400]

I came across this page on your website regarding the "10th Annual Conference, Association Of Surgeons Of India, Manipur State Chapter". I am taken by surprise that RIMS still doesn't have an official website of its own and is managing this upcoming event with a yahoo email id. Its high time that this premier institute goes online.


CFTRI lacks professionalism?

[ Wed, 11 May 2005 06:01:43 -0400]

A reputed institution like CFTRI lacks professionalism. The website still shows the admission details of 2004. The stakeholders expect more from it!

Will anybody look into this?


Open letter to the Kuki and Hmar Inpui

[ Tue, 10 May 2005 13:50:33 +0100 ]


The recent cold blooded murder of two innocent youthís who were returning from a magazine release function of the Hmarís by Kuki miscreantís have sent shock waves and decibels rising among the Hmar public through out the state.

The public is perplexed at being not able to grasp the meaning behind the gruesome incident. Amidst such a suspicious atmosphere the steps taken by the self appointed Policemen Ė The Hmar Inpui and the Kuki inpui in resolving the the murder by agreeing to some compensation according to the customary law shows that the Kuki Inpui is trying hard to follow the footsteps of the 14th Assam Rifles in compensating the gunning down of three villagerís recently. There was a huge uproar from even the Meitei organisationís then but when the Kuki Inpui an the Hmar Inpui follows the same method then every organisaton treats it like the only way of resolving the issue.

The Hmar Inpui as the affected party should not agree to customary compensation as the incident may recur again in the near future. If customary law and compensation will solve the murder then it is high time for the learned members of the Inpui and itís leadership to realize that there are many murderous mindís in our society who are equally capable of committing murderís and paying compensation also.

What if some rich Hmarís think of killing some Kukiís and paying the required compensation that the Inpuiís demand? Our people will be happy if the Hmar Inpui thinks over the matter and try to find out the motive behind the killingís as there is bound to be some agenda behind the killings. All aspectís should be scrutinized at depth to thwart away any attempt at bringing out a communal tone. Who knows a communal riot Ė a Hmar, Kuki clash may occur in the near future leading to a lot of compensation and a lot of work for the Inpuis. If the two Inpuis does't resolve the issue in a proper manner then the common people will be forced to adopt the rule laid down by our forefathers Ėhand down from generation to generations - an Eye for an Eye; Hand for Hand.

Yours sincerely,

John Lalngaisang
Hmarveng, Churachandpur

Opening of Nature Study at Kangchup Hills

[ Tue, 10 May 2005 12:17:33 -0000]

Dear Sir,
I am opening a new centre for Nature Study at Kangchup Hills area. It will be a centre for imparting awreness/information on environment education. The target students will the school going ones (from six standard to ten standard. I wish to convey this information to all concerns. I welcome any suggestions regarding this centre.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Sincerely yours,
DR. Laishangbam Sanjit

Manipur is in total anarchy

[ Tue, 10 May 2005 15:36:42 +0800]

Dear Editor,

Reading such articles from a distance makes me aghast at the state that we have become. Nothing new though, but very very alarming. Whether or not the article is 100% correct factually - may / may not be debatable - but the message is clear - Manipur is burning and is in total anarchy, like it or not.

Its very disturbing and all matters of concern in the society/state are dealt with too emotionally & that attitude - primarily - has been the bane of the state. I dont know how many of the organisations in the state - student or otherwise, really see things objectively and strictly evaluate any decision with microscopic analysis - fully conscious of fallouts and consequences.

I can only pray that better sense prevails - & people in our beloved motherland stop pulling ourselves down all the time & get out of the anarchy!!

Nivedita Salam

If Punjab, why not Manipur?

[ Mon, 9 May 2005 04:12:26 -0400]

Hi Ambika,

Well written article. This has been a trend with people from rest of the India that they are not aware of the Northeast state. What can we do about the situation? As the saying goes, charity begin at home. We need to change our outlook at the the ways things are done. The overall willingness to view Manipur as a whole and not for personal gain is the need of the hour.

I do realise that it is easier said than done. But as long as the attitude remains the way it is, then I don't see why people in rest of India would change the view. I have been staying out of Manipur for more than 9 years and have face whatever issues you describe. What I did on my part was to make them aware of the what Manipur is by talking to them about my beloved State. If terrorism ridden Punjab could be one of the most prosperous state in India, I don't see why Manipur can't become one?


Call for a Second Nupilaal!

[ Mon, 9 May 2005 03:20:51 -0400]

Mr./Ms. Vanhnuailiana has suggested just a little less than the punishment that the wrongdoers of our state deserved. I presumed his sticks means lashes. It will never be wrong to say ours is a confused selfish society, a society without a guard and guide, a society full of blind literates. A society where the womenfolk's are being sidelined which on the other hand is the real workforce behind its economy. Now that the water is being flown out of the jar we have very little to do. The need of the hour is not "MEELAL" but a "NUPILAAL" followed by a strong military intervention and setting everything straight, the ones tried and tested in Punjab and a little nearer Mizoram

Haidar, Dubai.

Face of the week?

[ Sun, 8 May 2005 06:50:03 -0400]

This is Kumar Singh all the way from Nepal now, well this is a No. One platform for manipuris but I thing that it is not sufficient, I think there should be many thing more there like doing " FACE OF THE WEEK" which will help fellow manipuris to come up in the field of Modeling. How about doing that, well I too know that it is not easy as we say but I think where there is a will there is a way. I have send mail many times, for many thing but all the time i got the same response from the E-pao family but now I think this is a serious thing This will be very cool thing of its own!

Kumar Singh

Hindy ? Why not ?

[ Sat, 7 May 2005 09:50:46 -0400]

I have read a few of the views on this web site that talk about abolishing Hindi altogether from Manipur. People who believe in such exclusivist ideas should know that one who knows nothing about at least one other language knows nothing about his own. Besides what is beyond my comprehension is that there is no opposition to English in Manipur. Now English is a foreign language. Hindi at least is from India. Allow me to make it that I am not a Hindi fanatic. But lets admit that the end of a culture or a language has begun the moment any culture begin's to feel threatened by something from the outside. In Bombay almost every second young person communicates in English and the Marathis have been reduced to just 24 % of the population. But nobody cares. Thanks.

Nagalim will make NE more complicated

[ Sat, 7 May 2005 06:25:32 -0400]

Well written Mr Angam. Frankly speaking, you are indirectly saying that parts of Naga Inhabitate areas of Manipur , Assam, Arunachal Pradesh should go to Nagalim. From your point of view it's totally right, no doubt at all.

Let me ask some Questions. If Nagas in Imphal says that they want to be in Nagalim, are you saying that Imphal should become a part of Nagalim?? Or let me ask in other way.. If Meiteis in Kohima & Dimapur say that they want to be in Manipur, are you saying that Kohima & Dimapur also should go to Manipur ?? What if the Bangladeshi immigrants started saying that they want to be in Bangladesh in a referendum, should parts of Nagaland, Assam (where this immigrants are settling down) become a part of Bangladesh??

Shouldn't these Questions apply same if People of NE say that they don't want to be in India?? Will Kashmir be still a part of India today, if people were given a chance for referendum.

One more Question: Who is going to bring solution to Naga Problem - NSCN(IM), NSCN(K) or People. What about the damage done by NSCN to the people especially to the people of Manipur (Irrespective of community) in Highways of Manipur for last some decades. Who is going to give compensation for the lost in business, personal property(due to NSCN looting spree in Highways). Mr. Angam, if you want to bring some solution you should not sleep over even when NSCN loots people in Highways , kills innocent people (remember the bloody reign of terror on Kuki people).

Please don't try to make the situation in NE India more complicated. Instead lets try to find some solution to the problem turmoil in NE as a whole and try to see some lights of development.

Last but not least, even in case Govt. of India announce the merger of lands belonging to Manipur, Assam & Arunachal Pradesh to a Greater Nagalim, that will be the starting of a new era of communal violence in NE. In all this situation, who is going to gain ???? You & me or INDIA govt's divide & rule policy?? It's time to think.


Ambika's experiences

[ Thu, 5 May 2005 08:17:19 -0400]

I am sure, every Manipuri have experienced what Ambika had experienced. There is, I feel, only one basic reason to why people donít know where Manipur is? We have not let the world feel the presence of Manipur.

As mentioned, there are lots of misconceptions about Manipur that needs to be washed away Ė which is our duty. There are lots of facts that are hard to digest. But, if we only feel embarrassed, then we will get to feel more and more until we do something about it.

Manipur today is faced with various social and economic problems. Though we sing of our strong cultures, we also need to realize that time have change. Manipuri Engineers, Doctors, Managers have established in various cities and town of India and even abroad. This number is very quite few as compared to number of students who study outside Manipur. This needs to improve.

Lastly, I would conclude that when each of us changes ourselves, the situation of Manipur will improve and everyone will know where Manipur is. My Best wishes to each and every Manipuri to do well and excel in their respective field.


Help! Info reqd. urgently

[ Wed, 4 May 2005 04:38:33 -0700]

I recently read an article of yours on Kohima and I thought I will get in touch with you. The matter is that I plan to visit Imphal for tourism for a single day around the 25th of May from Kohima . I have read a lot about insurgency in Imphal and Nagaland.

1. How safe / dangerous is it to travel from Kohima to Imphal by road?
2. How long will it take by a taxi and how much are the charges. Is a bus more safe?
3. Is early morning around 5AM a safe time to travel?
4. Any other suggestions and advices you may want to give me for my stay in Imphal...I will be travelling all alone.
5. What time do the private travel agents like Manipur Golden and Blue Hills operate buses to Guwahati and how many hours do the buses take?

Expecting a speedy reply.

Best regards,
Amit Sarkar

Team E-Pao Note: If anyone can furnish up-to-date info on the above, pls shoot a mail to Amit at

Need to be perfect before fighting

[ Wed, 4 May 2005 10:52:32 +0100]

As a true Manipuri and wanting to taste the mouth watering dishes of Manipuri, I make it a point that I visit Imphal every Cheiraoba. But this time my visit for Cheiraoba was a disastrous experience. The entire week was a week-long General strike with 2 days relaxation for some hours from morning till 9 o'clock at Night. The first day of relaxation on 13th April'05, a unique incident that had never happened in the history of the world happened! Though the relaxation was till 9 oíclock, I could hear the Thabal Chongba till 2 oíclock past midnight.

On the other hand where the development work is concerned, the construction of Over-Bridge is making a hell for everyone, which is taking more than a year. Manipuris are excellent in keeping quiet where they are not supposed to keep quiet. If this kind of construction takes place in any part of India, I don't think they would have taken such a long time to construct, neither the public would allow.

Most students, who are supposed to give importance in studies are competing in fashion world & driving bikes and their poor parents had to borrow money to satisfy their children. Most of the time there will be Load shedding. The day there is power everyone will cuddle up to watch movies at home and when there is no power everyone is in bed!

In this competitive world, if these kind of everyday norms are followed, I just wonder how we are going to compete with others. As it is our state stands No.1 in AIDS Infection. If anyone starts talking about or started showing advertisement for AIDS, I feel so embarrassed as everyone will look at me and I think it's true for every Manipuri

So, I think it's high time we understand. We have to make ourselves perfect before we start fighting, but not by destroying ourselves.

Ebemcha Maisnam

Nothing to talk about Manipur's past glory

[ Sun, 1 May 2005 10:49:59 -0400]

Deja Vu for Ambika Nepram's contribution. This was true in the 1980's (when I was a student) both by time & geographic location. So what could be done? Or better, what can I do about it? Not sure I can do much to change what other people are up to. I sure try to take care of myself & my family in the direction where the rest of the world is headed. I beleive the best future of Manipuris does not stem from it's past...whatever there was has faded & it's not much to talk about with general interest. One has to be able to stand in their shoes to see this view point well.

And perhaps it's too much of the dark side which is the reason our better side is not visible to others. Manipur & it's people had enough to cope with before some of us went on the wrong side of law to try solve things. Now it has become insolvent...nature will beckon the proper's the only law that one cannot override.

Sorry if anything sounded know it's the truth though.

- EarthCitizen

Leirang Kaboklei Leinungsi Lira Lira Kellakpi!!

[ Sun, 1 May 2005 08:26:33 -0400]

This is the second installment in her self-exposing series of columns on the despair of growing older and still single, I suppose. I'm old enough to know better what Ebemma Kaboklei is going through but I'm still too young to care. Thatís why I am here with this feedback. But this time around, can I ask Kaboklei if being single was by choice or by chance or..well I wont ask further. Itís very clear from her subsequent columns that she is sadly single.

Haidar, Dubai.

Ima Koubru or Ibudhou Koubru ?

[ Sat, 30 Apr 2005 16:33:29 -0400]

Hi ,
You did a great job. I just saw your beautifull pictures regarding "Ema koubru". Indeed it is fantastic , I really enjoyed it. Especially the range, climate, the green forest etc, in short the scenerio is quite alluring.

Well, to be honest and amicably, I've to draw up an argument to you regarding the headline "Ema koubru". One thing I would like to clarify is that Koubru is a God and not a Goddess. So it was sad to see one of the greatest God of Manipur to be addressed as a female. My humble request to all is to be a bit careful in adressing our God & Goddess as it really hurts.

I would love to share some of my feelings and want let you know thatís why Iím saying all this. Since our forefather's time we are truely believer of the God Ibudhou Koubru. He is a man with higher power of everyting so with great respect, fear and dignity we uttered his name "Ibudhou Koubru". I felt myself to be fortunate that I could performed the ritual prayer on seven numbers of occassion.

Might you already learnt but I would love to share a story about him. A story which my Grandfather narrated in my childhood years. Ibudhou Koubru got married to "Ima kounu", had a son "Ipa Loiyalakpa". After his second marriage to "Ima Koujengleima" [a lady who belong to naga community] they entered through a controversy and decided to stay apart, not to see each other again. So we can see today that they never face each other. Between Ibudhou Koubru and Ima Kounu, there you can see a mountain which was said to be their son "Ipa Loyalakpa". These three mountains are in a row and you can have a clear view of it from Awang Sekmai.

Lastly but not the least, a thousand apology if my mail hurts anybody. It was just my feeling to rectify the mistake.

Gouramangi Moirangthem.

Team E-pao Note: We regret the error in this regard, and have promptly corrected it. Thanks to Mr. Gouramangi Moirangthem.

About LFS ban

[ Fri, Apr 29, 2005 6:33 AM]

Dear E-pao,
It feels so sad, hearing the news about LFS. It's a premier school of our trouble torn state, from where so many prominent citizens of our state had passed out. They(the ones who closed down the school)must be having their own good reasons for doing it so, but if you look back it's not the 1st time that this school's facing problems. I don't know why it always happen to LFS, of all the schools in Manipur. Just that, the school authorities had refused to send their students for a demonstration, they simply don't have the right to close down the school putting the careers of thousands of students on the hold.

The people of manipur have suffered for long n we still don't see a solution to it,at least not for now. Let's all hope that better sense prevails over those who are hell bent on creating probblems in our state, so that normalcy retuns to our state.

ur's faithfully,

Culture of burning - not good

[ Thu, 28 Apr 2005 03:42:47 -0400]

Manipur, a state of pristine glory and valour in the past has been a home to many things of pride in this world, has been put on a dark shade due to the recent burnings of the SCL. I m shocked that such a thing has come up to the minds of a few people. How can such a culture enrich us . I think it is very immature on the part of MEELAL to invoke such an impatient step . I asked all manipuris to respect their past culture and morals so that we can give something to this world other than violence.

Thank You

Double-standards applied to Muslims?

[ Thu, 28 Apr 2005 03:04:07 -0400]

It is of great concern to all the conscious people of Manipur in the recent spate of killings in different parts of Manipur.Recently,we had seen the brutal murders of five Manipuri Muslims in khergao. These killings need to be condemned in the strongest terms.Those youths might have been doing some unsocial activities, but does this mean that God has given anybody,esp., insurgents to take away the right to life, so arbitrarily? This is particularly pertinent when we, as the majority section in Manipur, decide among ourselves that life is so precious & no Manipuri's life should be taken away arbitrarily.

Then, why this double-standards when coming to Muslims? Dont we consider them as another human-beings? Just firing them in their thighs would have set a very good precedent. But,the recent killings call for strongest condemnation. We expect such incidents shall not follow in future.

If anyone does not agree with my views,we can have a discussion.
My e-mail i/d is

Hope every reader will give a thought to these points.

proper to release book in Bangla Script??

[ Tue, 26 Apr 2005 02:52:06 -0400]

This is with reference to your news article on the release of book commemorating Arambam Somorendra. It seems that the book being released was written in Bangla script. My views are that at a time when an association like MEELAL is against the books written in Bangla Script and consequent burning of The State Central Library, is it proper for the people concerned to release a book in Bangla Script, are not they risking their lives in the hands of MEELAL?

Haidar, Dubai.

Dont enforce Meitei Mayek to hill

[ Mon, Apr 25, 2005 12:59 AM]

Well, sir it is a request about the modern dance that is taking place in Manipur where they are organising classes; What I am trying trying to tell is that the shows or videos performed by these artist are not very impressive and when it comes to modern dance it includes break,hip hop and freestyle. I am not trying to criticise them but trying to give them a better suggestion, so as to make this modern dance stuff a real cool one I would like you to publish a notice to the youths of the manipur that if there are people who can really move their body like snake and their legs like of a flowing water to plz join the classes so as to modernise manipur what is modern dance all about!1 with high hopes thanking you! thankin you anonymous

Burning of Central Library is hideous

[ Sun, 24 Apr 2005 08:46:57 -0400]

Its about the burning of central library in Manipur. I m very sad after going through the news that some anti-social elements have burn down the library. What brain they have to do such a hideous crime its more serious then killing a human being. How can any human scope to such a level. Books should be worship instead of that they have burn that. If we go back in world history no country have face this type of crime. But we should not get discourage for what this people have done but we the youngster should try to built up a new society where our future generation will led a peaceful life. Though in our time we do not get what we want but we should not let down the coming generation. This people have a genuine demands. They my and all like minded person's support but they should have taken other course .

We who are away from home studying should try to built up a new society where there is no fear,free..etc. We should reform all the existing system otherwise its not possible. When I see the lifestyle and how peacefully life is outside I'm sad that I couldn't led life like this back home where we are always in a constant fear. Sure they too have bad point but we can learn the good thing. In my opinion we aren't raising our voice enough. So the system is suppressing our freedom. Whenever something happen we just keep quite this attitude of 'mine your own business' should change we should be co-operative when it comes for the betterment of our society. We have endure so much now its a high time to raise our voice. For a better future its not too late we can still do it.

Meetei Mayek naming is fine!

[ Fri, 22 Apr 2005 05:11:58 -0400]

Editor E-pao,

I have seen some mails from a particular guy asking to change Meetei Mayek to Manipuri Mayek. It's really irrelevant thing and would become a great mistake from our side if we rename our Script to Manipuri Mayek. Now people are heading for changing the name of Manipur to some other name acceptable to all communities in Manipur. Meetei Mayek is just a name given to a script. We shouldn't take it literally. Say Roman Script is used by many communities all over the world. Do these people think that they are dominated by Roman people. We should leave learning of Mayek by other communities at their own will rather than forcing them. Let them use if they are interested.

If not, we have to respect their desire to use some other scripts say Roman sciprt.
Yes, if we have to change the Mayek name, in case, it should be acceptable to all communities again. From my side, let me give one suggestion(it's just personal opinion), it 'll better if we could give the name "Puya Mayek". No Community will feel dominated and also this will respect Meetei's sentiments. But for time being , leave everything aside, first step is to implement it.

I do even wonder , if any other community called themselves as Manipuri. If not, why this guy was saying Meetei Mayek name is not acceptable to all Manipuris. I doubts if he is not something related to Bishnupriya???

Thanks with regard

Manipuri Mayek NOT Meetei Mayek!

[ Thu, Apr 21, 2005 1:23 AM]

Dear friends,

This is my second mail regarding the adoptation of the term MANIPURI MAYEK for MEITEI MAYEK. The revolt from other community other than Meitei was for sure and every Manipuri knew that. Everyone love freedom and does not want to be under one dominating community. Let change it even though its late but better late then never...
Thats all I ve from my side...

Need list of latest Manipuri film

[ Wed, Apr 20, 2005 3:19 AM]

Ikai khumnajari,
ahanbamaktada pumnamak pu ikai khumnajari loinana karigum nanao na khagjaningba amakhak leijei /
madudi houjik manipurda fongliba film sing ashigi anou anouba maming sing asi amuktang khangjaning-i. yaragadi amuktang anouba areiba makhei thanggatpiralabadi nanaona punsigi kaojaroi.

Santikumar meitei

Only confine to Imphal Valley

[ Mon, 18 Apr 2005 08:26:25 -0400] is good but it does not give much information about the state. The news section are more or less confine to the Imphal valley. Therefore e-pao need to change. Thank you


Burning--textbooks, library and the State itself

[ Fri, 15 Apr 2005 06:42:01 -0400]

The burning of Central Library by MEELAL activists yet another act of stupidity on their part. Snaching of answer papers, burning of libraries,stopping of newspaper,burning text books etc. They rather sound like another underground group. The organisation which claims to be very much concern with our education, becomes the biggest stumbling block in our already lacklustered education system. I wonder if the organisation responsible have the slightest idea of what impact it might have on the mind of young students .As well as the dignity those studying outside the state who bears the tag 'manipuri students'or 'a student from manipur'. Its really a shameful event for every educated and education concious people of Manipur.

Len Khongsai

What a lost?

[ Fri, 15 Apr 2005 04:20:42 -0400]

All I can say is - it was dumb, stupid and senseless act to burn the State Library. When people all over the world are trying to build these temples of knowledge, we are burning them in the name identity and honor. I donít care whether the books are written in Bengali, Hindi or English (quite a few must be in Meetei Mayek). Those were BOOKS and I am certain some of them must be of historical importance. I donít want to underestimate monetary lost but it has surely closed the door of knowledge until we built a comparable institution. In Manipur, the library must be the most open governmental institution in our state. Our little library was just a little shed with books on the shelf. Around the world or even in India, books are kept in grand library. Ours was such in bad shape but I was glad we had one. All one has to do was walk in and read. Whatever little knowledge we were able to acquire was open to anyone who wanted to read.

What a lost?

Gautam Huidrom

Punish those who burn Central Library

[ Thu, 14 Apr 2005 09:43:07 -0400]

As a Manipuri, I am very shock to hear the news of Burning Central Library. All the persons who were involved in that burning, should be punished in my opinion. They donot know Central Library helps so many students in Manipur. Now I am in Delhi, I know the rules of Manipur and there are so many difference. We, the Manipuri's are the laziest in the world. How can we develop ? There is no development in manipur, only bandh, strike, holiday are the lifestyle in Manipur. All the new generations are lost because of bandh, strike etc. So we have to control all these things and have to start how to develop Manipur. Lastly, please punish all the persons who were involved in that burning.

Burning of Central Library is most irresponsible deed

[ Thu, 14 Apr 2005 08:13:10 -0400]

I opened the e-pao main page, I was extremely shocked when I saw "MEELAL torches Central Library office". Whatever the reason may be, burning library is , I would say, one of the most irresponsible deed in this world. Book is the source of any kind of knowledge even though e-facility comes into play. Before doing this things, MEELAL should think the further erroneous impact to society especially,G-next. Not only MEELAL but all the organisations in manipur always try to burn public properties. I thought burning looks like a fascinated kind of agitation which is totally opposite.

So I would like your view on this scenario so that we can survive for better society otherwise,history will come back soon as we lost our scripts and we should stop damaging things. This is the ripe time to wake up otherwise it may be too late to come back.


Burning of Central Library is an uncivilized act

[ Thu, 14 Apr 2005 03:23:32 -0400]

I am suprised on seeing the picture of central library being burned by the so called Meelal activities. My heart cry on seeing such incident, not only of this but the past few years incident like the june 18 rising, and Manoroma episode. June 18 uprising has something to do about because of the emotion involves and to some extent- Monoroma incident but the Meelal activities burning of central library is something to decry about. Well on one line- it is an uncivilized act. I will like to ask them what do they benefit from that. Do somethings that is relevant. First of all try to verify all the commotion going on for the right Meetie Meiyak script.

Well, being a Meetie , I will also like to learn the script and want it to be implemented. If you look at the whole incident happening in Manipur for the last few year- it is only going to spoil the mind of the youth which is already spoilt with drugs abuse and so call pills. Even a small incident will prove to be a lost and they will copy such things. If you think that by doing so it will bring a change - the answer is clear no- And from the central govt. perspective, they will try to cool it down by acting but on the whole it just help them because this kind of agitation would help them to supress us more. This is the political intrigue they are playing. They try to arouse communal tension and in the long run curtail the so call seperation movement or the mafia like business association. The world is certainly shrinking -will Manipur ever see the light of the day remain a question mark>-???


Chat abusers - deal them properly

[ Wed, 13 Apr 2005 22:38:38 -0700]

Dear E-pao,

I thank Team E-Pao for the news update you provide. For person like me who cannot get a copy of The Sangai Express/ Poknapham/ The Freedom and other manipuri daily every morning, E-pao becomes the daily newspaper in addition to Hindustan Times and The Times of India. Even though i stay far away from my trouble torn Motherland, E-pao brings Her nearer to me every morning. News and Photos keeps me updated of what is on/off in my Meitei land.

Team E-pao, I have a complain with you, in particular with your Chat Room. I entered your chat room one day..and I realised I had made a mistake! People of our own in the chat room uses such filthy languages that I have never heard off. It was a disgusting experience. I wished I could track down the people and deal them PROPERLY. I knew my limitations that I could not do it- the nature of the NET is such! I shall remain thankful to your Team if you could come up with some solutions.

Ever a vivid fan of E-Pao,

Index looks cluttered, more info on poet(ess)

[ Sun, 10 Apr 2005 14:26:41]

I have the following suggestions for the overall website

1. The web home page looks a little bit cluttered. A more cleaner interface would be a welcome. A judicious use of color not too splashy.
2. Include some profiles of the poets who are regular contributor. (some of the poems are really impressive)
3. Kindly condemn using of profanities in the chat (general). It imparts a juvenile nature just for the heck of it.
4. Links to govt and private medical websites (being a medical man I sometimes feel the lack )

Overall I remain thankful to you guys for putting up this portal which has now become a necessity for us staying away from Manipur.

Keep up the good works


Twin crisis and wrong approach?

[Sun Apr 10, 2005 5:48 AM]

Manipur has been burning with crisis after crisis and the two most popular are against the public's security, thanks to the Govt.'s apathy. It ought be referred as the twin crisis,no?

The demands of the MEELAL to include the archaic script as a compulsory subject in Manipur may be genuine. However, their means of making their voices heard are not what the people have expected. For, instance how could they even demand the local dailies to print their news in the archaic script just within a few days time when the reality is that almost of the Manipuris cannot recognise a letter of this script, let alone read it.

Secondly, what's the need of burning of trucks when they have already reached their destination? If those trucks have had exploded, innocent lives could be lost and properties destroyed. Anyway, just a little smashing of the trucks and ransacking the commodities would be enough to have the attention of the Govt.

Thirdly, the snatching of answers-scripts from the HSLCE candidates by the MEELAL and its sympathiser (DESAM) was the most shocking incident. The poor HSCLE candidates of that particular Centre are in dilemma now. The MEELAL had practically destroyed their future while the rest of their colleagues have a brighter future now.

And we should remember, in the past there are tribals who opted for the Manipuri language as their optional subjects and came out with flying colours too. It was because they have chosen the Manipuri language in their own free-will and never under any pressure or force.Every community dearly valued their own dialects and traditions, and we should abstain from trying to dominate one another. And the use of force against any other dialect would only loosen the integrity fabric of the Manipuri society.

Last but the least, the Government should give a serious efforts to solve this Mayek imbroglio. And learning from the past experiences, theGovt.'s shoot-at-sight order would only aggravate the situation.

The other issue is the ban on the Little Flower School by the Apunba Lup. Whatever you say, the ban on a whole school for a misunderstanding with school's authorities is not reasonable. The Apunba Lup should know better that the absence of a single school in their dharnas would make no difference to their cause at all. So,the recent 'ban' on the LF School seems to be a display of egos rather than 'ideologues'. Talking about ideologies, when would the Apunba Lup and the likes realise that dharnas and rallies should be done by the more mature students of colleges and universities and not of high schools. Do we think the young kids would even understand why they have to participate in dharnas? We should stop gambling with their future.

The Apunba Lup has to change its modus-operandii of making protests. It can start with fighting factionalism within the organisation itself.

Pr.Shyleyn Chothe
Old Lambulane, Imphal West,Manipur.

Eputhou Pakhangba is younger brother of Lainingthou Sanamahi

[ Sun, Apr 10, 2005 9:43 AM]

Dear e-pao,

This is reference to the article ĎThe Revivalism of Sanamahismí by Lukram Ingocha Meetei, which is being inserted through our esteemed website It is very interesting to read about the revivalism history of our ancient indigenous religion (Sanamahism), which was tried to abolish by Hinduism. But, the author seems to misunderstand about ĎEputhou Pakhangbaí I would like to say to the respectable author and readers. That, Pakhangba (Konjin-Tukthaba), younger brother of Sanamahi (Konseng Turei Sengba) was not Nongda Lairen Pakhangba son of Leinung Yaibirok who ascended the throne in 33 AD. I hope everybody (author & readers) wonít keep otherwise view to this my letter. I am afraid of misleading to our youngsters. By the way, I highly appreciate to such kind of author who trying to find out the reality of our half-lost identity.

Thokchom Doren
Dubai, UAE

Unlawful order by Chief Secretary of Manipur

[ Fri, 8 Apr 2005 02:25:27 -0700]

Dear Sir,

I'm extremely sorry to know that Chief Secretary of Manipur ordered to shoot the MEELAL activists. CS should remember that peopleís movement cannot be kept under gun point. Instead of unlawful order, he should offer the MEELAL activists to talk with government in a democratic way. We didnít expect such type of heinous and illegal decision from a high profile person. It is against the humanity.

MEELAL should go ahead their movement in a peaceful manner. There are many democratic ways to fulfil peopleís/organizationís demand. Iíll be happy if MEELAL refrain from the attack on public property. There is no doubt that MEELAL has right to fight to replace the Manipuri script. Why not MEELAL change their name as Manipuri Mayek instead of Meetei Mayek? Manipuri language is for all ethnics of Manipur regardless of race, colour and religion. Other ethnics (Ching-mi) also should support the MEELAL movement, as Manipuri language is official language in Manipur. We also respect the other languages. There should not be any elusive thought on this.

The state government for a long time has neglected Manipuri language. It is thousands years old and highly rich mature language. Dear CM of Manipur, pls donít hesitate to replace the Manipuri script for betterment of our next generation. We want to live as Manipuri. Using other script means, we donít have our script. It is more than shameful. It is too late.

I must thank to CM of Manipur for his outstanding achievement on the issue of Kangla and MU. Beside these, I also condemn his unmovable decision on EEma Kaithel, Cheirang-ching and MEELAL. Dear CM of Manipur, pls listen the peopleís voice sometimes it is very foresight-full. Long live Manipur.

With regards

Sad call by Apunba Lup

[ Mon, 4 Apr 2005 01:26:26 -0400]

Dear e-pao,
I could not but feel really sad about the call of Apunba Lup to ban Little Flower School which is one of the best run school in the state and one of the few providing quality education to children.

Apunba Lup who has been spearheading the agitation against AFSPA has till now done a tremendous job in waking up the conscienceness about human rights abuse in the state but has turn very myopic by picking up such a silly issue. They should know that the the power the derive is from the people they claim to represent.

It is high time they do a re-think on the issue, no egoism should stand in the way.

Yours Sincerely,
S. Kumar,

Bring and show quality in front page

[ Sat, 02 Apr 2005 13:49:26 +0500]

Dear E-pao team,

I am a regular visiter and reader of your website. This month,you have placed some clippings, songs, photos etc.,which are not clear, meaningful, informative at all. Thereby, unnecessarily occupying space in the main page. And, when people visit the page, it will give bad and negative impression definitely. It does not look professional, it look very cheap. For example:
"Video clip of Thabal at Imphal City :: Audio Visual Channel"is totally absurd, useless. It seems like it has been clicked by a poor-performance cell camera.

Sorry for this direct approach. But please try to feel what I mean. Request to take my words as a voice from your own member. I just mean to ask for QUALITY.(E-pao is the only active web.., so, it is needed).

Regards, Nanao

More on Marriage Ceremony?

[ Fri, 1 Apr 2005 05:10:59 -0500]

I think this is a great site and through this site we can access a lot of information about the North East including the news, the vibrant photos and a lot bout the culture.

But it would be really nice and helpful to me if i could have come access to the 'marriage ceremony' more so among the I am specially interested to know more about the manipuri culture.

Waiting for a positive response


Me, Meitei & Meitei Mayek

[ Fri 1 Apr 2005 09:07:07 -0000]

Without an iota of shame, I say the only knowledge of Meitei Mayek that I have is how to spell Manipur -- 'mit''na''pa''rai' and of course the additional modifications to make it sound like as we pronounce it.

But why should I be so thick skinned in saying I don't even know my own script? Well, the simple answer to it is that I am sure I am not the only "DUMB" person in this regard in Manipur. I must be having thousands of "DUMB" friends to share my company on this aspect.

Another reason for my shamelessness on the issue is that no matter how hard I tried to learn my own srcipt during my formative years, there was this HUGE conflict on how many letters should constitute the CORRECT script. There were HIMALAYAN EGO clashes between groups who kept on claiming mine was the correct. My primary school didn't have any syllabus on Meitei Mayek, nor my high school had any grammar lessons on Meitei Mayek. And in college it was a taboo to be speaking about Meitei Mayek. So pardon me if I don't know if it is 47, 26 or whatever it may be!

Yes, just to share how I knew how to spell Manipur was thanks to the National Championships one had the chance to take part and the PROUD display of an unfamiliar script on the track suits, which the Mayang competitiors would ask what did that mean? "MANIPUR, and this is our script which we have had since times immemorial," and they would admire us in awe.

Thankfully, their query stopped at that and didn't even bother to ask me to write my name in my script otherwise that would have been a DISASTER!

Circa 2005. I hear kids burning text books, groups forcing Manipuri dailies to print the front page in Meitei Mayek. Economic blockades in favour of Meitei Mayek. And the usual protests, demonstrations and arrests.

One wonders, how many of those newspaper subcribers would have been able to read the news in Meitei Mayek? I sincerely hope the number is HIGH for it would have been a great achievement. But my hunch says that may not be the case. It would have been just like YONGNA YUBI KONBA.

Yes, one does admit and agree that there has to be a beginning to start using our own script PROUDLY. But is the current way of starting using our script the right one? That is an open ended question and the answer can be as myriad as the mosaic.

It does not take the government to put their stamp to let children study Meitei Mayek. If we, Manipuris desire, we can start in our own small private groups to start sharing the knowledge on the script and familiarise ourselves with the script. And when a time comes that all of us are ready to use it, we may as well ask the government to formally declare its official usage in educational institutions, encourage newspapers to print in meitei mayek and many other similar measure to promote the script further.

Before knowing how the script looks like asking people to read it would be a CLASSIC case of putting the CART BEFORE THE HORSE!

Pengba Aruuba Eshingee

Interative conversion of English to MeiteiMayek?

[ Tue, 29 Mar 2005 02:05:14 -0500]

Hey, you guys are firstly doing a great job... well done... my suggestion is that , why dont you keep a sort of interactive program in the site which can convert English into Meitei Mayek?

It will be very interesting and will also promote Meitei Mayek as most of the users are the youth... interactives which can also coach elementary language usage, letters, terms, word formations etc.


A reposte to "The World and North-East"

[ Tue, 29 Mar 2005 11:36:06 +0400]

Dear Web Editor,

Samu's article "The World and the North-east India" lacks the central idea that every reader may have conceived of it. It's like two essays joined together by a preposition. He discussed the Arab or rather Muslim world in comparison to the western world which according to him the more liberal and democratic. I agree, but can l add a small feather to the US, the most insecure nation.

Democracy at the cost of human sufferings can't be justified. Uncle Sam who rather indulges in unjustified military occupation here and there in the name of democracy. They are the main culprits who are responsible for breaking a world order. Uncle Sam has done more blunder than good. There is a pretty long list. Mr. Bush's 'axis of evil' theory guns towards the Muslim world and is all set to control the wealth of the Arab world. Talking about Osama Bin Laden, he was a CIA agent for a long time; Taliban that again was an US funded organization. I don't understand why all of a sudden Sam wanted Saddam's Iraq to be a democratic country, why such a sudden shift, after all US supported Iraq with logistics in its more than a decade long war with Iran. To this day they are closest ally with dictator Musharraf of Pakistan, they dare not talk of Democracy in Pakistan. I don't think Samu has any answer on this American duality. Now they are set to venture into North Korea which might prove fatal for the US.

Democracy or not the Muslim world never had a bad record of human right violations unlike the so-called democratic countries. Muslim countries have seen more women leaders than the western countries. Woman in Arab world enjoys better rights than our democratic India. They don't need democracy to enjoy freedom.

Coming to northeast India, why such an unrest all over for so long? Is democracy serving any purpose to the sufferings of the masses? Can I ask if Samu wants his Uncle Sam to intervene here so that we enjoy our freedom? Democracy is a farce in northeast India. India can better shine without the northeast. It's about time India leaves the affairs of the northeast, which on the other hand can save a large sum of money required to tackle insurgency and at the same time the people can get rid of the atrocities of the armed forces, thus solving the problem squarely.


On Biotech in Agriculture

[Mon, 28 Mar 2005 11:42:52]

Mr Editor,

I have right now gone through through article on your esteemed net-daily on "Agriculture Biotechnology: The answer to food shortages in Northeast India". It seems to be an advocacy for the USA and WTO's propaganda in favour of Gene-Slavery. I would request you and also other readers to go through the articles of Devinder Sharma of Vandana Shiva too, which are freely available on the net. I hope you would appreciate that it is always better that I am going to die instead of facing the danger unnoticed. So that, one should read those articles just to live more honestly and with dignity.

C S Bhattacharjee

Let's use Meiteilol !

[ Mon, 28 Mar 2005 08:28:20]

Dear e-pao,

Apropos to your column "Samaj ashida naharolgi thaudang chauna leipham thok-e" by Gunachandra Kakchingtabam, may I draw the readers opinion regarding the use of Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu or English words in this piece of write-up.

Dear Sir, the writer used at least ten to twenty words (once or repeatedly), which does not belong to Meiteilol in his column of 250 Ė 300 words. What I want to ask our readers is, "Is it impossible to write without using foreign words in our language? Does Meiteilol lacks words or is it justifiable to use foreign words at a time when our society is struggling to get rid of Bengali?"

We have our own script so we have our own language, we should stop using foreign words once for all. I am sure most of our readers knew the Meiteilol word for 'SARKAR, PRAJASINGI, NISA, JAATIGI, DAYTYA, RAJNITI, KALA, BIDYA, BIGYAN, DARKAR, ADHIKAR ETC. ETC.'

It is about time to revolutionize our thinking and acts so as to meet out the heavy infliction of foreign language culture and traditions.

Thanks to Gunachandra Kakchingtabam for his valuable effort in Meiteilol.

Sirazul Haidar

Fault lies with us .. Manipuris..

[ Sun, 27 Mar 2005 22:57:46 -0800]

Dear friends, Things going on Manipur will never be stopping until we, ourselves, come to one conclusion...Sometime I wonder if the thing we are crying will be heard or go drain. But we all should stick to positive note. In general we are divided amoung us and the core thing the peoples attitude for power. Why we need to show power, dominating factor amoung us...? Let be one with same attitute, leading the way by elder and able man...

Let me give an example, in Manipur how many Student Unions are there??? Anybody will lost count...Why do u need to divide amoung yourselves when your is goal is same in one or other way? Why the people are not respecting one-anothers feelings? We are, once known for the unity and the brotherhoods but now we can see people going the way they want lossing the core issue for people but to there own personal issue...Why are we becoming so mean and materialistic? Comon, show the oneness built a nation with bond on love and peace.

When we goes out of the Manipur we became a distinct character amoung Mayangs. They have no respect for us... Besides many do know where the Manipur is?? I wonder what their teachers teaches them in school....But thats not their fault...fault is ours...We haven't done anything recognizable to this country other then Bundhs and Violence... Anyone who know us...know us in bad image... Take the example of Bollywood...they does not know that BODO are not Manipuri... They think Manipur is full of forested and wild... You can feel the pinch in your heart...

Well, all I've to say is now its time for us to open our eyes and help eachother to see the light at the end of tunnel...comon let walk toward the bright future...holding hand to hand....please help eachother to love and peace...

( The above statements are nothing to do with any person or organization social or non social)

bIzz N

Deplorable Hindi Film depicting Manipur in wrong light

[ Sun, 27 Mar 2005 05:12:24 -0800]

I never watch hindi movie that much but I do watch a little ..the latest was "Black" and "Tango Charlie" which had such mis-representation as "Manipur khoobsurat wadeya ghana jungle aur BODO millitants(beautiful, dense, jungle and bodo militants).

We just laugh off and everybody in the theater was looking towards us and we ask ourselves.. Is there bodo at our place? I never know about it and the way they have shown us was quite disappointing in all sense as if bollywood people has no idea about what Manipur is.

Till now the main-land people had never like us in many ways they think of us as cheap and any NE girl for sex only. And these movies have really help more to strenghten the stereoypes that the Main-land people has. This movie is deplorable, a propanganda towards Manipur was disgusting and we should do something about it. P.K. Mishra the then BSF CO in Manipur name was mentioned in the movie; Noboby can understand what is interconencting with the bodo millitants with Manipur and then showing of Bodo Militant killing civilians with cutting of ears and using jungle language.

It was disgusting and we should do something. Nobody should be allowed to take our name until and unless they have done some good research about it and the governement should do some legal action or at least talk with the directors that what he has done is bad and it brings our name in bad sense also.

hope they will act on it.

Akee Sorok

Who are these Lups anyway?

[ Sat Mar 26 21:35:46 2005]

It has become a routine task of these so-called organizations of the people putting dictates for the mere show of their power. Who are these organizations? Who gave them the power to do this? They just can't toast the laws of the land like that?

At one hand they talk about freedom, but does they ever realize that they are taking away freedom of the masses. No one can be above the laws. Itís very unfortunate that these organizations in spite of putting pressure to the concerned authorities harass the people. It would be better to win away peoples support for their good deeds rather than forcibly taking support.

Burning books and banning schools does not lead to any good, it will rather spoil our generation. One should remember that we are getting a lot of bad impression, which tarnishes our image of being sensible peoples.

S Sunny

MEELAL agitation untimely and premature

[ Fri, 25 Mar 2005 21:55:16 -0500]

Dear Sirs,

The current agitation by the MEELAL is not unjustified. But it surely is not only untimely, but premature, too. We know that there is a lot of phonetic deficiency in the present Meitei script. There would be nothing wrong, but only enhancement of it's quality, if we introduce some additional letters in the script so that our script and phonetics wouldn't fail us in this world of cut-throat competition.

It would be useful to remember that the Latin language was enriched by the scholars throughout the history through additions of new words and phonetics. Another point is that we should better change the name of the script to Manipuri script to reflect its relevance to the Manipuri language and to enhance its acceptability to other groups in the state. Chauvinistic steadfastness to the contrary wouldn't help matters.


Absurd to ban Little Flower School!

[ Fri, 25 Mar 2005 02:23:39 -0500]

Absurd! Would my children have to suffer if the Head mistress of their school was rude? Well, I wish the reason for putting a ban on the school would be more appropriate if they make up some other reason. It is Sad that a Person (Headmistress) who is responsible for the education of hundreds of student behave rude with someone (maybe someone or a group, who cares to know!). She should have understood that it is unwise to behave rude with someone who drives with an attitude of newton's law.

It may be suggested to whomsoever concern to take a good review on the sensibility point of view. If it is a must to serve the interest of Apunba Lup by putting a ban on the school then please come up with some other reason to do that.

A Meitei who believes in Apunba Lup.

CM gifts temporary market

[ Thu, 24 Mar 2005 11:25:30 -0500]

We are living in 21th century and the world around us is changing very fast. This changing appear on time for a better living in Manipur. We need a better shopping center. Let us not hinder this development rather help Chief Minister and his collegue to take this project as early as possible.

Manipur state development need public support. Without public support and helping hands,Government lagislature alone will not work. We have to love our land and beautify with lots of decoration like modern shopping complex.

Seikam Touthang
Tulsa, USA

Yaoshang and Thabal

[ Wed, 23 Mar 2005 09:22:40 -0800]

As far I know we were not Hindu before but we are now and many are trying to go back to the time including me.

Yaoshang is coming, the Manipuri version of holi. It is quite a colorful festival with lots lots of mud and drainage water where we used to celebrate it Five days while the other main stream celebrate it 2 days particularly in north India where the first day is for ritual and other as a color and water.

We celebrate it quite very interestingly even I used to and the main attraction of our yaoshang is Thabal Chongba which is every girl and guys favorite but why is that Thabal is interconnected with yaoshang as far I know it was held at the time of full moon night from the ancient time when we were not Hindu so why the heck about interconnecting it. It is a indigenous cultural dance of us so why it should be connected to Hindu Holi even the e-pao is posting happy holi; Would it better if they wish only the Thabal Chongba of full moon day.

I never wants to play Yaoshang because it was a rented festivals and it not ours in any way. Now the time has come we should realized it and stop interconnecting the Thabal and Holi. Enjoy Thabal but not in the spirit of holi but as of our heritage dance form.

akee sorok

Is starvation a form of protest?

[ Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:43:13 -0500]

Is starvation a form of protest? Certainly, but, is enforcing starvation yet another form of protest? To my considered opinion, it is not a civilised form of protest. It tantamounts to holding someone on ransom, yet another means used by a minority group for benifit of a minority section.

Have we forgotten the famous war on 'Form which end of the egg should it be broken?' Are we still in the era of Liliputs?

Emotions and pride of our own script is very much in place, but enforcing starvation to many for 27 vs 35, numbers of something which more than 95% do not know about is simply astonishing.


Seminar is the right direction

[ Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:29:07 -0500]

This certainly is the correct direction for the people of Manipur. What remains uncertain between what has been talked about and what we would achieve is the big gap between the 'lip and cup'. What can be hoped for and prayed, is people who matter should not get blinded by their individual self centered agenda and wilt the spirit of this seminar. I sincerely pray that our leaders 'do what they preach'.

If most of us realise what is required of us and if we start even thinking of working towards that, then the initial resistence in our mindset will be reduced. Let's pray that tomorrow is better than today.


CBSE question leakage as prostituition?

[ Mon, 21 Mar 2005 00:50:42 -0500]

Respected all,

It is really sad to come to know that some people inside academic circles are turning the CBSE examination as prostitution institution where question papers are sold to students . This practice has been continuing for the last 4-5 years. As a result some studensts are alawys in the illusion that they will get question papers and they do not preapre for the exam. Those involved in smuggling the questions out are to be dealt with severely.


Red Savina is hotter than Umorok

[ Fri, 18 Mar 2005 23:35:46 -0500 ]

Nice and easy reading on the brighter side of hot chillies like Umorok. My appreciations to Ingochaoba on sharing the broad benefits though I wished the title of the article was more right.

I am sure the Umorok is a Habenero (under species "Capsicum chinense"). The Genuiness Book has listed a Habenero called Red Savina as the hottest chilli for quite a while now. The only challenger the world knew of was the Naga Jalokia/Tejpur from Assam in 2000...which so far never proved itself (read

Just to add my own personally experience with the hot chillies...I have had the Umorok (yes, I am Meitei)...and the Naga Jalokia (when I mingled & lived with Assamese people when I was a student)...and I bought sapplings from a nursery ( in 2001 & grew the Red Savina for personal consumption (the only way since United States Fed laws require license to sell the Red Savina and cannot be sold as a consummable produce in the market).

My observation is that the Red Savina is hottest among them.


Discrimination of Christian

[ Fri, 18 Mar 2005 06:50:31 -0500]

Your report on discrimination of Meitei Christian in the state is condemnable. Every citizen of this country has the right to choose one's religion and to be a Hindu or Muslim or Christian is one's own personal choice. Let the minority Meetie Christian community live peacefully in the State and also propogate its religion. No one has the authority to decide the religion of others and forced upon them. Let all religious community in the state live in harmony.
Please do not damage the good image of the state.


Dont forget people get news

[ Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:56:34 -0500]

Dear Sir,
E-pao kangbu bu ikaikhumnajari. Loinana manipur da paper fongdrabasu yarimakhei e-pao di chang naina daily gee oina pao happirak-u. E-pao pajaraga eramdamgee pao khangjaba meesing lei haibasu kaothokpiganu, Mayambu thagatchari.

Sanatombi Leima

Black is not the world!!!!

[ Sat, 12 Mar 2005 09:50:01 -0500]

This is in reference to the article so horribly, misinformedly sent in by Mr.Amikki. There he says that the director has clearly showed the harsh realities faced by handicapped people. Sure it does to some extent but its not the total picture. In the context of this country its even more misleading, as almost all handicapped people are facing a tough life not only in terms of communication and education but most importantly from poverty.

To better demonstrate this, just compare Michelle's family background with other less endowed who are wasting their life on the streets. If Michelle was less lucky, She wouldnt even have gotten near to someone like her teacher, Mr.Sahai. Point is the movie doesnt show the reality. Period. And to the next point. Michelle didnt take 40 yrs. to clear her graduation, its just that she became a graduate when her age was 40. And of course referring to its screening in Manipur, just one article is not going to change things, so the only option is to smuggle the CDs and fake DVDs from Delhi or whatever and enjoy it in our own leisure so Mr. Amikki, dont forget the reality that "surrounds" us.

Whether about movies or real life. sure artistically, the movie is not bad. In fact better than most movies of past and present. I'd say it is cut out from a different cloth, but I particularly found BIG B's acting not so "big"..quite raw in fact! but hey one more thing, I dont think you'd want to give your last penny to a handicapped beggar if you saw one on the streets, talk about realities.



Child abuse

[ Sun, 6 Mar 2005 09:24:16 -0500]

Hello Everybody,

I m a Meitie working in Ahmedabad. I would like to alarm to all parents of Manipur to take care of your child and protect from sexual abuse. Male child too need protection. Today I get a chance to tell you the truth that I was in manipur till 10th standard. I was sexually exploited by one of my close relative(male).

Then when I reach adulthood I find it difficult to digest the things and make me really frustrated. Our society is so conservative and hypocrite that nobody wats to listen to reality. Sex is a taboo in our Indian society and still people deny that such things are happening.

I m in a dilemma and very frustrarted . I do not want such things happen to anybody else. So please take care of your male child too.

If anybody disagree to my opinion writr to me


Not much sports?

[ Wed, 2 Mar 2005 03:39:48 -0500]

I am doing my engineering at bangalore.. I always visit this site but there is no news specially for sports... I would be very happy if there are some news for sports... and one thing the news are not updated that much everytime I came the old story is there... this all I want to say... hope its improves next time.... closing here for today..


No to HindI Movie Reviews!

[ Mon, 28 Feb 2005 05:27:43 -0500]

Dear Editor,

It's with utter displeasure I am to complain about your featuring a column called " Lessons from Black". Is it proper for a site, which is dedicated for the welfare, and enlistment of the ManipurI society feature something which is not related to Manipuri, especially at a time our society is going through a cultural crisis and at the same time there is public uprising against the using of scripts of a particular community?

Not to mention HindI movies are being banned for quite sometime now, how dare this writer made an effort to do this and your site featured it. Does our society or web community desperately looking for such praises of other cultures or anything for that matter. Please make an effort to refrain from all these. We have never seen an outsider appraising our movies in other outside media. Those who have the appetite for displaying their skills and knowledge of a different culture and the likes please try to do that somewhere else. Let this site be the site of the Manipuris, by the Manipuris and for the Manipuris. I hate to see HindI movie reviews anywhere in this website, hope most of you agree?

Thanks and regards.

Can we avoid war altogether?

[ Sun, 27 Feb 2005 06:56:47 -0000]

Dear Friends,

War, conflicts etc are due to short sighted policies of the world leaders. If you think the whole world is your country, will there be another country to fight war with?

Why wase billions of dollars for war while your brothers and sisters, Moms and Dads are starving elsewhere on the same planet?

It is the ego problem! But if the standard of your ego elevates, than you will strive to make every body happy on earth planet instead of trying to make only your countrymen happy.

Come up to universal ego rather than confining to narrow minded country-ego. Are you listening World Leaders!

Naorem Gajendra

Aquaculture to improve economy?

[ Sun, 27 Feb 2005 00:15:36 -0500]

Dear Sir/Madam
People living in the Plain valleys of Manipur can grow their income and the improve their living standard, by using Aquaculture as a main industries. We the people in the plain areas have a custom of keeping a pond in front of their house as a water resivour or some people use for fish culture.


Inhuman and uncivilized attitude of CRPF

[ Sat, 26 Feb 2005 07:07:27 -0800 ]

Dear Sir,

Iím sorry to learn that MEELAL activists were arrested by the Police. I'm also sorry to know the news that some Reporters were attacked by the CRPF. It is totally inhuman and uncivilized attitude towards the media. People's voice can be transformed into limelight only by the media. So attacking on media means attack on common people. The State govt. should bring them on the table to solve the problem.

I'd like request to MEELAL to use the term of ManipurI mayek instead of MeeteI mayek and it will wider and thoughtful term. As ManipurI language is lingua-franca in Manipur, ManipurI mayek should have replaced at least 100 years ago. We are too late. Burning books indicate that they want to use ManipurI mayek. India is such a country without doing such type of things, they will never do anything for us.

Now MEELAL should meet with govt. to solve the problem. MEELAL has the right to demand to replace the ManipurI mayek as it is the interest of the whole ManipurI society. Development means to go hand in hand with govt. Long live MEELAL.

With regards

Update scholarship info regularly

[Wed, 23 Feb 2005 09:23:40 +0000 ]

Dear sir,

I m happy to find various information regarding scholarships and courses in this website of Manipur and various other informations available in the site. But some of the informations regarding scholarships and courses here is not updated so its not useful to those who are out of Manipur and those who cannot get these infomation from dailies of Manipur. So I and many other persons like me who are out of the state will be glad and happy to find latest infos regarding those scholarships and courses if you update in time and in regular interval, which ever information will be useful to students.

Thank you.

Cheikaba Soraisam
University of Madars,

MeiteI Mayek or ManipurI Mayek?

[ Tue, 22 Feb 2005 22:02:14 -0800]

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all a hearty thanks to MEELAL's President Shri. Ch Akaba for his effort to introduce MeiteI Mayek right from the Primary School to the daily day to day morning eye opener Newspapers. But sir, I have one simple question.

My question is that why are we calling our script as only "MEITEI MAYEK" not as "MANIPURI MAYEK"? I think that with "ManipurI Mayek" we can cut across the caste and community easily and we don't have to make other communities, other than Meiteis, feel that they are not subdued under one community.

I am just giving my point of view as a ManipurI individual and I don't have anything to do with any community, organization or any other association.

RKB Singh

Let Us Understand Ourselves

[ Tue, 22 Feb 2005 08:58:59 -0500]

Rationalization, NO text book,Burning Books,No class rooms, NO Toilet and latrine, Stealing of mid day meal rice....and so on........... And above all National High Way BLOCKED !!!! What are all these about? Are these the symptoms that Manipuris are becoming more intelligent and democratic?

Those who really love Manipur and want to save the state must ponder on this issue seriously and find some solution. Other wise, Manipur will be nowhere in this age of....... After having waited so long the so called 'Rationalization' process was done. Before,the complaint and accusation was 'NO RATIONALIZATION OF STAFF'. Now the complain is 'NO TRANSPARENCY'. After this what?????????? Now "PROVIDE AMBASSADOR CAR FOR GOING TO SCHOOL' or else No Teaching?? When is this going to end?????

Public should not only knows in accusing and demanding from the Govt and poor politicians, but also know how to respect and understands their difficulties, endure small hardship and cooperate with them.

Minister or Government can not satisfy each and every individuals's desire and at the same time we cannot expect them to be perfect. There is bound to be flaws and commission or omission in whatever decision they take. But if they are trying to do some thing good for the public, we must appreciate and operate with them. In case, there is a genuine problem which is going to effect one's basic survival matter,( in regard to distribution of teachers) then approach the concern authority with descent manner and sort out with mutual understanding.

Threatening the government by mobilizing the poor and innocent villagers, women folks and students is not going to solve the problem and help our people. Development and prosperity in our society will come only when we deny our deep-rooted self centredness and look beyond ourselves and and see the interest of the public.

Therefore, if Govt. us doing something good or trying to do, let us welcome it and cooperate with them. At the same time, Government must firm on what they believed that they have done the right thing and strictly implement. Serious and appropriate action should be taken against to those who ignore the Government order. They should not think about their chair first and compromise with the people.

Then only Manipur can see a new light in the days to come.........

AwungshI Angam

No need for Hindi

[Fri, 18 Feb 2005 12:03:30 -0500]

You know we have to sacrifice something to save our language . And the only way is by banning hindI in schools. Yes it will reduce our chances of getting jobs in North India. But there is always South India . Dont worry too much friend , we can do without Hindi. You need to speak HindI when you do menial jobs like sweeping or pulling a rickshaw, etc.


Environment needs our attention

[Fri, 18 Feb 2005 05:50:34 -0500]

HI All,

Lets wake up. Environment needs to be given our attention. I would like to know if any group is working on Environment for instance, the solid waste management or the biomedical waste i.e., the hospital waste. If there is any information on this, please do mail me.

Looking forward to it.


Wrong history on Bisnupriya ManipurI Website

[ Thu, 17 Feb 2005 11:36:49 -0500]

I just wanted to add a few words of concern.I will start right away. Today I made a google search for "MANIPURI" and was really shocked to see that the website which are displayed on the search page were mostly about Bisnupriya Manipuri!!!!!!!!. I do know that there is a freedom of expression and information. But that does not mean we can't stop all the information which is provided with little research can be put up with such decor?

I was really looking forward to find some information regarding the whole Manipur. But what I saw was very discouraging. If the sites which had been put up is done by some really educated people, then I wonder how Manipur is going to hold on for long. It's more like the old saying....."an insect inside a fruit thinks that's the only place on this whole world".

This is a very pathetic situation. That too when the world has reached such a stage of development!!!!!!!! I feel we are trying to pull ourselves back some centuries back instead of moving forward some years ahead.

History is very important but one thing, we all as ManipurI should keep in mind is that "Past can'T be changed but Future can be changed and How We write our past in the future is in our hands". And also all Manipuris please note that we can survive this "BIG WORLD" as "WE" not as "I". Anyone is welcome to comment on this.

Looking for 'NupigI Khonjel'

[ Thu, 17 Feb 2005 11:36:49 -0500]

Respected Friend,

I am a journalist in Kolkata. As a journalist, I think, I have some scope to seek your assistance. This is regarding 'NupigI Khonjel', the book which has been reviewed on your site. This news have at least two names persons, whom, perhaps, I had met earlier and that to about two decades back.

The names were Ibemhal and PramodinI Devi.

As I do not have the telephone numbers or any mailing address of these two honourable ladies, I seek your help . I can provide you the catch, which might help them to recollect the past.

Ibemhal and PramodinI were in Calcutta in mid 1980s and also went to Manipur Bhawan in New Delhi. They were there for some admission purpose. In fact, they were four of them. One BengalI boy helped them from Calcutta to DelhI and back.

If it is true, you can ask them either to e-mail me or send me a letter through you.

Thanking you,

C S Bhattacharjee
Sangbad Pratidin bengalI daily.

Epao PS: If anybody knows, you can mail to Bhattacharjee at

No land buying law to Outsider

[Thu, 17 Feb 2005 11:08:57 -0500]

Respected Friend,

I am nobody ... thru you I want to start something. I dont know much about politics. You know in the Hill areas we cannot buy land, right ? So how about having a law like that in the plain areas. In the Plain area, only a ManipurI should be allowed to buy land. and by plain areas I mean the valley areas of Manipur, the Jiribam region, the Koubru Ching region ( which our ancestors used to live ) , the Nongmaiching Ching region ( again our ancestral region ), the Thanging Ching region, the Ngarian Ching region, etc, etc, and last but not the least important, the Moreh region.

If we dont start this law as soon as possible, the mayangs , the nepalis, the bangladeshI muslims, the bangladeshI bengalis, etc ,etc. will take over plain land as had happened in Tripura and other places. Soon we will not have any political rights in our land because we wont be the political majority . We have to stop this alien invasion as soon as possible. I hope you start debates on this subject soon. I am just a common and a very concerned meitei.


Job earnings for the drug users of Manipur

[ Tue, 15 Feb 2005 00:09:49 -0500]

Manipur the nice place, there was enough resourses in the past but what about the present day. Most of the young generation are addicted with the drugs mainly with tablets and alcohols, enjoying their life without any ambition for a better life or development of their state or Kangleipak. Most of the young energetic people are seen in the road side sitting with well hI fI dress in groups, talking about this and that, regarding yesterdays party, tonights party only.

And discussing about the quality of the drugs and its effects last time they used. We are agriculturally very poor state. We need a lots efforts for the well being of farmers and the developments of the technology which they are using for the production of the quality food. From my point of view we have lot of opportunities for growing our agricultural resourses with the help of this young energetic drug users and drug addicts. By using this free energy we can develop our production and income.


More music variety please

[ Fri, 11 Feb 2005 08:29:46 -0500]

Well firstly my heartly wishes to the entire team of e-pao which have been doing so good thing to the ManipurI people; The thing that I want to say is that it help us to know about what is going on in the state ( for a person who is out of city / country ) My request is that the music is the same old one?? Why don you try to upgrade it so that we can get a vareity of songs.

As lastly may this web site be even more popular that it is now.

Kumar Singh
Kathmandu, nepal

MeiteI Groom vs Thourani

[ Fri, 11 Feb 2005 02:45:58 -0800]

Technology makes the world much more smaller day by day. People moves the whole world for fame and fortune. Lovers form distances and different caste, religion, creed settle together to share their journey of life. Except for some village (like in central India), man convince their parents and the society to let them go with their own choice of their partners. ManipurI woman getting married to Non Manipuris with the consent of their parents (may be after a lots of convincing words) are no longer strange things. It,s very much happenings, even the other way around too...but can,t a MeiteI man marry a MeiteI Brahmin Woman??????

Till today, I find hard to see this fact happening... No doubt, it,s happening, but without the family of the Bride..People do say, it,s just to escape the Gifts (Awunpot)..and some say,,, Brahmins are higher caste and Meiteis are somewhat a lower one and a sort of untouchables(Amangba). I can,t digest all this because I have seen lots of ManipurI Brahmins accepting their meiteI daughter in why can,t they have a meiteI Son in law....

A beautiful friend(lady) of mine , just ignore lots of propsals from many of meiteI guys who are professionally well.. She told me that She will marry only Brahmin as her father,s desires... So sad, she finally got married to a brahmin who is not that too financially nor physically well as the meiteI man who proposed her... I would like to know whether there is any chance to marry a ManipurI Brahmin with the consent of her parents and with all her families and relatives.

Dear friends, I welcome all criticism and advice regarding this fact, and suggestions from Elderly MeiteI Brahmins. I would be very glad and hope so the confused Guys too who are after Thouranis if well known persons of our society (Aribam Shyam Sharma,well known Engineers, Doctors, Professors, Lecturers,etc) comments a few.. Priceless suggestions are being asked with regards .

Donnie Brasco

Do's and Dont's

[ Thu, 10 Feb 2005 03:12:09 -0500]

It is very sad to learn that the student's are without their books inspite of the academic session being started sometimes around. Why is it so? How the education system works in Manipur? Is there any system for that matter exists in Manipur? Year after year non availability of text book is the buzzword. Is BSEM overburdened not to mention the bifurcation of the Council......

Now these favouritism came to light with the DO's flooding the BSEM, "DO's" finds way everywhere....In Manipur no "DONT's". It would be nice to see someone curb all this favouritism.

I am afraid this time around the so called students organisations are silent, so, that means students can go ahead without textbooks. Well, may be the books are needed sometimes around the examination time! Hope some of you "DO" agree with me....may be most of you "DON'T".

Haider, Dubai.

merger, merger merger...

[ Thu, 10 Feb 2005 01:01:11 -0500]

So much is discussed about merger, merger merger everywhere. So Mr. Candle could you please give some light on the economy and state of affairs of people at that time? How it could be like if we were not merged with India? What was the currency used at that time , if the Manipur state museum does have some collection? Analyse the good things that the merger has brought into Manipur. Why does the Maharajah signed the merger agreement to Indian Union in October 15th 1949, hadn't he the brains of a ruler. He signed it in consideration of the future prospects of the people. May be something that went wrong now with the merger, that all of a sudden people are made to cry foul of it.

May be the maharajah could have sacrificed like Tikendrojit or he was just a timid ruler who loved himself more than his people? You used to refer to N.Sanachaoba, we don't take his one sided views.


Nagalim demand should be pragmatic

[Thu, 10 Feb 2005 00:12:13 -0500]

Dear Angam,

Your article for the voice of the voiceless deeply touches my heart and emotion. Indeed innocent viallagers have been voiceless and their sufferings have never been measured. It is you and me who have the ability to do something for the society must work relentlessly for the upliftment of this under privilege people.

Coming to the point, the sufferings due to decades of fighting for Greater Nagaland have become symbolic for instability and tortures. Not only Nagas all other communities have suffered more than their shares, where especially Kukis remained the biggest victim. Here I want to state that "I m not against Nagalim" but selective ethnic elimination tactics by NSCN IM can never be justify. If you call yourself a right thinking man this barbaric acts must be condemned , you must!

Also curving out a seperate nagalim for the existing boundaries which belongs collectively to various tribes and communities is not that simple as you have asked for. I agree if your demands are for greater autonomy to be pragmatic. Land grabbing and forceful exit policy for communities outside Nagas are against our Christain faith and also against humanity.

My brother lets join hand in hand and realised the true meaning of freedom and live in harmony and peace before it is too late. We all suffered this mistake made by leaders who have divided our culture and friendships beyond repaired. We have nothing to take from this world, a small TsunamI wave is a enough to wipe entire humanity.Then what are we fighting for?

I appreciate your article truly and want more write ups in the right direction.

Ngamkholet Haokip.

(Mis)Pronunciation of Ratan Thiyam

[ Wed, 9 Feb 2005 01:06:33 -0800]

Dear Editor,

Today I happen to read the article by Mindy Aloff - the dance critic for The New Republic in your Review column. I am little disappointed to find the pronunciation of Ratan Thiyam as 'RAH-tahn TEE-yum'. It is little strange to pronounce the name if I follow what the writer teaches me to follow. Being a MeiteI myself who speak Meiteilon, it sounds misleading to guide somebody to pronounce in this way. The editor should have given some of his time in going through the article and doing some careful proofreading before putting it on the net so as to evoid embarassment to the persons who know how to pronounce "Ratan Thiyam".

With Care,

Grow up Kayssunny

[ Wed, 9 Feb 2005 01:06:33 -0800]

"Naga's are known for their NSCN rebel activities over the years". These words are the confession of a guy called kayssunny in reader's mail colum. Is the NSCN ,the identity for Nagas??? Extorting loots, taxes,massacre of 1000 of other villagers of other tribes and spreading their lands is all that NSCN does besides their demand for greater Nagaland. Are all the Nagas support or with the NSCN??? If yes, Please don't force me to refer the Nagas as "Intelligent Animals"? Also are his words "sacrifice is needed to bring out the solutions, and the ManipurI should have no problem in giving away the lands as they dont have the control of the areas". If sacrifice is the only solution, then why don't the NSCN sacrifice. What is the meaning of controlling the areas? Is it necessary, or compulsory to control an area by any community? Who controls the Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Imphal?? If Imphal is control by Manipuris, then who are Manipuris. Are'nt the Nagas in Imphal not a Manipuri? Can't we remember the former Minister of Manipur (the longest), Mr. Rishang Keishing? From which community he was and he is?

Yes, I remember the Grand father stories of lands control by a particular community, but it was the time of early Civilisation, and remote village story. Who wants to keep on fighting and fighting for their whole life for a demand without Logic. Everybody (even my a kid) knows that, negotitation table is way the rebels have to go through to get their demand or to get a solution. Definetely, circumstances, beyond our thinkings, must be there for the ManipurI rebels for their unabilty to turn up on the negotitaion tables. The space are small enough to elaborate.

Mr.Kassunny feels pity and see the future of ManipurI rebels bleak. It's not the problem of Indian Goverment nor the rebels of Manipur, But it's due to the very bleak and weak sight of Kayssunny. That is also not his problem , but due to his immaturity, which makes him feels that whatever he thinks are all correct. Frens, I was just like him, making myself much noise with an empty vessels. But now I ve grown up and still growing, realising my mistakes. Please, lets give time to Kayssunny to grow up . I am sure he will be much matured and better than me when he turns our maturity and gives better suggestion than me when the next Junior Kayssunny comes up with his blows of jokes.

I can bear the wailing of my Kids at home asking me to marry our maid, but if he wails for the same reason in the market place, he needs a beating not a consoling.


Nagas' fruits of revolution

[ Tue, 8 Feb 2005 02:32:51 -0500]

Naga's are known for their NSCN rebel activities over the years, and this is still not changed until the problem is sorted out. The problems faced by the common people are nothing but the fruits of revolution. The government of India on the other hand is not very interested to see the plight of the common people, they are there at the negotiating table just to get rid of their mammoth expenses made to takle the millitancy. And the villagers woes will continue for an even forseeable future, take my word and the radio will never bring good news to them.

On the other hand the so called rebebls of Manipur will not remain silent even if the two parties sorted out things. Yes there is solution for sacrifices..but who is going to sacrifice....Manipur, Assam or Arunachal Pradesh. I don't know much about Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, but I feel the ManipurI people and the rebels of this state should not have problems giving away the Naga dominated regions to the so called Greater Nagaland, moreover they dont have control of those areas. Does they expect to gain control in these areas?

Feel pity of the Manipur rebels, see the ULFA has finally made a move to the Indian invitation to come to the negotiating table. I can see a bleak future of these ManipurI rebels


Arrest of FCI official

[ Mon, 7 Feb 2005 08:07:54 -0500]

It is heartening to learnt about the way the govt has reacted in this case - the siphoning of the rice by the officials. Is this the way a govt treat its citizen? Instead of protecting its citizen' they are made the the scapegoat ? Pardon me for using unparliamentary language, but are the common masses being treated like prostitutes?

Is it the folly of "We- the common people" that we have been treated these way. When I we, I am talking about the whole poor common people who are being made to live a life of hell by both the elected govt and the self elected govt - the "Mafias". Everybody knows that everyone is giving tax to the mafias, including the police and ministers. That says all of us should be arrested under the NSA except for HIS HOLIER THAN THOU the MAFIAS.

The question is, What is the govt trying to prove by arresting these FCI officials? If they are trying to prove that they are acting against the interest of the Mafias, then I am very sorry to say that they are looking for water in the sun. If that be so, then the duty of the govt is to first protect its citizen and not victimised them. The govt have totally failed to protect its citizen. On the contrary it is protecting the Mafias by the way of impeding their arrest or providing safe havens for them though unneccessary as the ministers , the police and the Mafias are all hand in hand trying to promote each other in terms of wealth and power . And in this equation where do the common people stand. that is why I have term the commoners as PROSTITUTES.

It is a shame that the govt is allowing the extortion to prevail so very freely. And instead of trying to curb it its attitude is encouraging to the mafias. Instead of arresting the victims of the illness of our defunct society, please for god sake please protect them. Everybody fears death and the officials are not acting on their own. How do they stand to gain? Why is the govt turning a blind eye to this? Why are they trying to hang a DEAD MAN????

If the govt really wants to clean the society off the evils, then please start taking bold steps, resists the temtations of selfish gains and gain the confidence of the masses that you are there to protect them and only then you expect the masses to stand up and fight face to face to with Mafias . Otherwise you have no moral rights to arrest those officials who are victims of your ill-governance.

I also do believe that the Media has a lot of responsibilty in wakening up the society. And I would not be surprised if this mail do not see the light of the day as I dont see the courage , the determination, the grit, the dedication , the devotion and the will in our media to bring to light the truth except for a few, including one who was shot for his courage by the mafias. I am not alone in this view , these is the voice of the masses reverberating which you choose not to hear but you pick up those which the masses are forced to say.

It pains me a lot . We are the prostitutes . I am just waiting for the day when we will rise and fight the mafias like they did in punjab. Towards that end the media holds a big responsility. Please do not dissappoint the people.


Pray for suffering of Khoibu people

[ Mon, 7 Feb 2005 01:05:31 -0500]

Iam extremely shocked to learnt that the inhabitants of Khoibu Tribe at Khangshim village, Chandel Dist were attacked again by the suspected Maring tribe on midnight of the 1st feb 2005, this time it's other way round by distroying the properties and houses worth 20 lakhs . I request all the readers to uphold for the suffering Khoibu people specially Khangshim Village and not to happen such incidents again in future.

With prayer
Kkamranphom Ronglo
Saket, New Delhi

Wrong TsunamI dates!

[ Sun, 6 Feb 2005 05:39:09 -0500]

I'm a regular reader of your esteem site and find it fast and easy to access all the breaking news happening in manipur even though I'm out of the state. Thanks to the entire team. But, its very disappointing for the mistake made by members since the website is access to the whole world.

The tsunamI erupted on december 26 was written wrongly as"january 26". So I request all the involved members to be more careful in the future.


ManipurI songs lyric?

[Sun, 6 Feb 2005 02:42:27 -0500]

Dear sir,
English song, hindI song gI lyric lei; aduga manipurI e-seI gI dI leite.
MashI eikhoishu thamba yaroidara.

yaragadI sir manipurI song lyric yaohanbi-rak-u..please

Yours faithfully Denit

Heavenly Fire

[Sat, 5 Feb 2005 01:53:41 -0800 ]

According to a late report, the campers at the SALTANG SANSUOKNA CRUSADE 2005 (FREE CAPTIVE CRUSADE 2005) held from January 10-15 at the Prayer Mountain, Muolvaiphei, Churachandpur district, Manipur (India), witnessed miraculous fires showered from Heaven during this crusade.

This prayer mountain known as 'Nehemiah Prayer Mountain' is a place where people from all communities and denominations go and camp to commune with God for spiritual strength and repentance. Official sources said that campers from all walks of life and places regularly visit the mountain and occupy most of the prayer cabins at any given time.

On the night of this miraculous event, it is claimed that a number of fireballs rained down from the sky at different places on the Prayer Mountain. Eyewitnesses said that people had already witnessed this strange fire six times during this crusade. They called it "Heavenly Fires". They were not ordinary fire. The fire did not "burn" the things it set on aflame; neither did it produce heat. Another name they gave is "Divine Flame" because they never witnessed such flames before.

According to sources, the man responsible for calling down the fires from heaven was Pastor Zosanglien Zote. Since long, Pastor Zosanglien has been known for his healing and prophetic powers. When interviewed, the pastor said that he prayed to God to send fires from heaven to prove His divine presence and powers to the World, as a warning to the nearness of the arrival of the Great Tribulation mentioned in the Book of Revelations. He also said that this divine occurrence was a sign given to humanity so that they repent of their sins before it is too late.

He also said that if the people did not accept their sins and failed to repent and ask God's forgiveness, more strange and destructive happenings other than this "heavenly fire" would happen.

The video clips of these "Heavenly Fire" can be downloaded from the website links below:

By Lalremlien Neitham
(New Delhi, Feb. 03, 2005)

Congratulation E-PAO Team

[ Fri, 4 Feb 2005 09:42:49 -0500]


I would like to congratulate the whole E-Pao team for there excellent service. I would like to mention that is the main meduim for outstationed Manipuris to get the daily updates of our state.

It has really help us to know the prvailing current situation in Manipur. It will really help us to react at the earliest possible if we, the sons of the soil, can contribute anything even though we are far from our state.

I hope that you will continue the good service and add upgrtade the website as you have been doing.

I would like to urge to my brothers and sisters to give their valuable suggestions towards the welfare of our people.

Thank You

Meiraba Pebam

'Rationalization' means what?

[Fri, 4 Feb 2005 08:00:59 -0500]

Every time I read this word in whenever I open it. It seems rationalization means waiting for the amount of money from the poor teachers and dsitributing among the robbers-ministers, Secy., directors and even SO and Clerk.

How long rationalization will take? Ten years? To me its simple matter. Ask the CEO, the Babus of the disrict education officers to submit the list of schools in the district along with the number of exisitng teacing staff in subjectwise. Compare each other( Between hills and plain as there has been a lot of discrepancies) and redistribute again. This process will not take more than one month if the person concern( Minister)has the will to do. If he has no will as it would affect his realtives and those who has passed on afew notes to his wife or PA, it will take even ten year or life long. And the present problem in Manipur is this.

Why so much confusion about the distribution of teachers in Manipur? Is it lack of expert arithematician or statisticians? If the present responsible person can not do the work he she should obdicate the job and give responsible to others. There are thousand of young intellectutals who want to serve their own people.


Phoenix, Cannibals, Post Mark, Dark Krusaders .. Remembered

[Fri, 4 Feb 2005 15:55:55 +0530]

As Sting performs at Palace Grounds(Bangalore) today evening, I remember Phoenix, Cannibals, Post Mark, Dark Krusaders.

As a high school going kid at Don Bosco, Imphal, I made sure that their concert weren't missed. They were really good and played to perfection the hard rock - heavy metal numbers of the 80's. That too in those days when there were no MTV, CDs and MP3s, and in a place like Imphal where SSS music was the only sound system, GM Hall was the frequent venue.

It's sad that guys with such great talents faded away.

Phoenix, Cannibals, Post Mark, Dark Krusaders..... if you guys ever come across this piece of mail; know that you, your songs and your shows are greatly remembered and missed still today. Hats off to you.


Strange but true

[Fri, 4 Feb 2005 12:51:55 +0530]

Yesterday my head lift high with pride when a friend of mine read out at our Hostel Library about a ManipurI in Guiness record. But the next moment (Please don,t ask me), I was totally shattered and broke inside. A manipurI lady held the Guiness record for fasting for 4 Years. Yes, it's our very Irom Chanu Sharmila, who stood with her firm determination for the welfare and the Rights of her people of Manipur.

The back page of the paper.. (Don,t ask me Please).. I was feeling ashamed for them.. This time it is a complain of some Ministers about their Official Journey to Silchar where they were not accomodated with high VIP status and their uncomfotability with provision of only a car. Pity for them.

The front side of the paper can never reach the back side. Yes, it's very sad, Indeed very sad .. All of these are happening in my Manipur. Strange But True.

P. Albino Kumar
Ph.D. Civil Engg.
IIT Guwahati

grievances over continual Attacks on Khoibu Tribe in Chandel

[ Fri, 4 Feb 2005 02:00:25 -0500]

We, the Khoibu Tribe who are residing in New Delhi, express our heartfelt grievances over the recent attack on the Khoibu Tribe at Khangshim village in Chandel district, Manipur by suspected Maring Tribe.

2. The following are the brief incidents during the last two years:
(i) At least 13 villagers including women and children were brutally attacked on 4th November, 2003.
(ii) Around 25 houses including household goods worth over Rs.20 lakhs were totally destroyed beyond redemption on 1st Feb, 2005.

3. We have no enmity with our Maring neighbours and we do not know the main reason behind the continual attacks on the Khoibu Tribes. However, one possible reason could be the effort of the Khoibu Tribe Union to remain as a separate Tribe in Manipur.

4. We hereby express our deep anguish and grievances on the barbaric attacks on the numerically small Khoibu Tribe who believe in peaceful co-existence with all other tribes of Manipur.

With regards,
All Members of the Khoibu Tribe,
New Delhi

Perspective from an Arunachali

[Thu, 3 Feb 2005 07:40:08 -0500]

I liked it a lot da way you guys carry on your pride about ur language. I am an Engg student doing my majors in Comp science and it has been a lot fun going through da site. Honestly not because its out of blue or da best kinda but for its general information and recollection of one's culture. I take a lot of pride being an ArunachalI and this genuine description of da degrading ethics is complimentary.


Why we need adventure in our State?

[Fri, 28 Jan 2005 17:47:05 -0500]

Because we need to create the next generation for a better state tomorrow.Activities relating to Adventure Sports and physical education are essential to resources development, helping to promote good health, comaredeship and a spirit of friendly competition, which in turn has positive impact on the overall development of personality of the youth. Let us think about the present situation of our state. Just imagine the anxiety of our teenager those are living in the urban and remote areas. What they want to achieve and what they have achieved. Most of them are ambitious but due to absence of proper guidance and lack of endurance many of them run away from their true goal of life. That is why we need to give them proper guidance through adventure Course for not to do any mistake in their life.


Religion and race are different

[Thu, 27 Jan 2005 00:19:36 -0500 ]

It was a good piece of humorous exchanges. I find it very funny going through all those exchanges. Well the world has come a long way and embracing a religion is a personal choice. Meetei is a race and all meeteis have the right to embrace any religion whether hindu, muslim, christian, Buddhism etc. Religion and tradition should be treated separately. Protecting our language is the responsibility of all manipuris irrespective of caste or religion. A meetei who is a christian is equally responsible as a meeti hindu when it comes to protecting our language. But once again letís be cleared that religion is a totally different things. Itís the teaching that makes a person embrace a religion. There are many englishmen who have embraced buddhism, but they are still very much an englishmen. Let us be very clear meetei and hindu are two different things and shouldnít be taken as one thing.

I appreciate paramanda for taking his concern about our mother tongue. A little attention to our language from each of us can do wonder to our rich language

Lai Doren

A Website Every Manipuri Must Visit!

[Wed, 26 Jan 2005 17:20:52 +0400]

Dear Webmaster/Editor,

I have trouble sending the following item through your site, so I tried it from my personal mail. Thanks for your consideration.

It's with great surprise to note that, I happen to find the site while on a wild search. Thanks to

I am afraid the issue of Bishnupriya Manipuri is no more burning out there in our native places of Assam, Manipur, Tripura and Bangladesh for that matter. But I am quite sure once we see our fellow Bishnupriya community's endeavor and their intellectual communities e-platform will certainly add some fuel to the issue and bring the fire back to light. They are going great heights showing the world as if they are Manipuris.

The great question here, "Are the Bishnupriya's Manipuri or not?" We might have settled down claiming ourselves to be the Manipuri's but the battle or war is yet to begin. They have not shown any sign of stopping, lets see how far our might takes us. But a river runs through every Bishnupriya's that we must not forget.

A must visit site for every one concerned about the community, they have done a great job, better than what we expected or never expected for that matter. You'll agree with me, take my word....just visit

Kind regards.

Mohammed Sirazul Haidar
Dubai, UAE.

Comments on Greater Nagaland

[Mon, 24 Jan 2005 04:35:35 -0500]

A very well founded remark on the part of the CM, I feel it aptly reflects the sentiments of majority of Manipuris. Though if one was to see it very dispassionately, the idea of Greater Nagaland itself is a self defeating demand even for Nagas. It may sound absurd on the surface, however, if we analyse it is indeed a self defeating demand, which is bound to crumble when the practical issues come up for putting it to practice.

Consider this aspect, there is nothing called a common tribe Naga. Other than the euphoria of a new change which some one with vested interest would like to term it as victory for whatever one claims to have struggled for, there is hardly going to be any change. As what so called Nagas of Manipur get today in Manipur is much better than what they can get in Greater Nagaland tomorrow. Why, it may sound so illogical now. The logic is very simple, you get preference/reservation when certain segment of the pie is reserved for smaller section of the group. What happens if the whole group is of the same category? Where is the basic tanet of reservation in such a case. So, will the change be for the better or for the worst?

Most of the affluent Nagas have bought land which they can now claim as their's in the valley. They have invested their lifelong earnings to set up a new life here in the valley. Can any person claim valley areas to the Greater Nagaland? Will anyone who has earned a living in the valley like to go back to the hills. If there are, then the CM has shown their way.

Lastly, Nagas of Nagaland seldom consider Nagas of Manipur as equals. The option is to live in the land of forefathers as brothers from before or get into the welcoming arms of nighbour today and wait for them to push you out to a corner tomorrow. Option is wide open, look before you leap so say the old saying.

Kishor Chand

Wild Thoughts about a forum for marriage?

[Mon, 24 Jan 2005 00:03:49 -0800]

Hello E-pao team,

This is my pleasure to write to E-pao team again. First of all, my best wishes for New Year to E-pao team. E-pao is becoming a messanger/bridge to all Manipur peoples scattering all around the world. Long Live to E-pao Team.

As the globalisation grows on, the world starts shrinking , of course world is becoming a global village soon. Globalisation has started influensing Manipuris already. People started migrating to many places where oppurtunities favour them. Most of them are in the age between 15-30. As this tribe of people grows to many places of world, another problem also arises regarding how these young people should try to preserve their identity,culture and so on.

The main problem comes while choosing the bride/groom. Though it's a personal choice whether to marry a Manipuri or not, there are instances where people can't just find time to see a Manipuri bride/groom or people can't get an oppurtunity to meet a Manipuri due to place where he/she works, which in turn indirectly force them to marry someone else nearby to them. This trend is more common with Manipuri girls than the boys.

As we know, already there are many matrimonial websites like for the mainland Indians. We , people of Manipur, don't really like to see a partner using these sites. Moreover, most people from Manipur believe in personal choice of bride / groom then arranged one. But due to the changes going on around us, sometimes we do need to work around to get our own choice bride / groom.

Here , my wild thoughts starts thinking about , what if, we had a forum where people of opposite sex can put thier bio-data and got a chance , atleast, to think whether they really should marry a Manipuri or not.

This is my request to E-pao team to come up with certain thoughts which in turn may help the Global Manipuris to come closer to each than now. I know the team will face lots of problem, just like happening right now in the Chat room itself. I have some suggestion, like, what should be the modalities of the forum and rules, regulations etc. E.g, the forum should be opened to only (single) professionals,self employed guys/gals or businees man/woman. And each individual should be a registered member (paid one, the team should fix some amount for the membership) of the forum, so that when found breaking the rules & regulations of the forum he/she could be elliminated from the forum by the mediator.

This is one of the Wild thought coming to mind frequently. I'm just passing my wild thoughts to your team. Hope the Team will look over it.

With Best Wishes
Tiken Laishram

Reply from Param on Comments by Haider

[Mon, 24 Jan 2005 05:21:37 +0000 ]

Mr. Haider,

Seasons Greeting from Param!

Glad to know your counter comment and feel nice to learn that you have some interest in e-pao. However, I would like to say that I have already done my bid (I've changed Ch.Paramananda Singh into Paramananda Chabungbam). I understand, your comment is on 'Paramananda', but you can at the same time try to feel to what extent I acknowleged the need of awareness about our fading language. The main concern here is to retain the essence of Meiteilon and in this effort people of all communities/religions who have some love, attachment and affiliation with Manipur can help. So, George, Mathew, Tomba, Chaoba, Rahman, Sameer, Gopal..........any can contribute in this process generously. Name is not the issue.

I was a child and I was unaware about the happenings in our society. I wish I could have written this essay years before and wish, our people could feel the degradations. Now, I have grown up and I do feel the needs.

Hope, I have answered to you!

With regards,
Paramananda Chabungbam

Comments 'Oh My People - Carry me'

[Sun, 23 Jan 2005 02:11:37 -0500]

Dear Paramananda,

I don't have much to comment on your column but agree in totality your thoughts and what not. Can I suggest you to change your name "Paramananda", you know what, it does not sound like a Meitei name? Imagine if it were Iboton, Chaubhal, Tomba and the list goes on. This way at least you can be a Meitei first..why not you be the first..let the others follow. I don't seem it to be a great deal. So, go ahead.


Lack of career related

[Fri, 21 Jan 2005 08:23:03 -0500]

I am very much pleased to go over your web page but I find that there is lack of topic related to career of the student in manipur. So if you add some topic related to career of students in manipur . If you add profile of the many student in manipur who have acheive top position in life such as R.K dinesh (IAS-11th position)and many others

Victor Naorem

Comments on Through developments...wean away militancy

[Thu, 20 Jan 2005 05:16:30 -0500]

Very correctly analysed issue. The central theme is very true and I strongly agree with Mr Oken. What should come first either peace or developement; is like debating which came earlier, egg or chicken? The two are components of the same issue, hence they will have to exist side by side till one wins over the other. Which one wins at the end is upto us, I mean the people. Outsiders, Mayangs may come and mayangs will go. Army jawans will come and they will go. But we will remain here with whatever problem or for that matter developement/improvement we can and make during our prime time.

Like what doctors say, "we treat He heals", or what Gita says "do your duty and leave the outcome to the Almighty" we got to realize what is good for us and what will bring peace in our land. Similiar to the old saying "the longest journey of life starts with your first step", let us make that first step in the rigth direction and never look back come what may.

Let us be a miniscule drop in the mighty ocean of darkness but let us be the shining drop of pure water. Today we may get outnumbered but a day will come for us to shine. If everyone start doing their duties in the manner it should be performed, things will start moving in the correct direction. What has plagued Manipur is we have a misplaced sence of our priorities. Self interest has been placed ahead of our community interest for a long time now. Its hightime we change that outlook least we will build castles in the shit pot! Look at any corner in Imphal, literally any physical corner or any walk of life there are ample rooms of improvement within us itself.

Have you ever noticed that today most of the Manipuri businessmen, officers and many walks of life flock around mayang businessmen in Thangal bazar, if you analyse why they do so, you will realise that we are playing the role of simple pawns by our own desire and design. We(I&my family) can't see our kith and kin doing better than us but we are tolerant of a stranger doing well if that enhance our interest.

As long as this culture is changed it will be difficult for us to progress in today's world. Why has some officials have brought this idea of shifting RIMS from Imphal to Shillong? Today's Shillong is no lesser troubletorn than Imphal? If you analyse who voiced that oppinion you will realise the reason why. Militancy, insurgency, hostiles and so on, came up for the people of the land they belong to, sacrificing their lives for the people of the land they belong to. After more than 50 years of struggle, living in the mosquito infested jungles, running through the security force and state police, have they brought any improvement for the people they have fought for? I salute these selfless brave young boys and girls, but I feel there is an acute need for a rethink in their efforts to bring impeovement for the people of this land.

Might was right, it is no more true in the literal sense, hence we need to evaluate the might of barrel in today's world. An angry young man of yester years have changed to a suave IT savy young boy in today's world.

We need to change with time least we will be a living member of a museum sooner than we think. A time to ponder.


Comments On Trapped In The Theatre Of Big Powers Rivalry

[Thu, 20 Jan 2005 03:43:42 -0500]

Well analysed likely fallouts and perceived threats due to the dynamics of two big nations in a small playground called Manipur. While, the Inhabitant, in the instant case, the writer, has analysed it pretty well, but I beg to differ from his thougth process on more than one account.

I would like to begin with the difference between a successful person and a failure, besides other things, the most important difference is the ability to observe and utilise prevailing situations to his/her advantage. If we can distinguish, analyse and take advantage of the prevailing situations, every movement, every moment offers us a new opportunity, a new challenge. We got to understand it, master it and use it to our advantage. There are many examples in Imphal itself. There are people who came to Manipur as a humble taxi driver and over a period of time they have become employer and today, a few of them are controlling price of most of the commodities in Manipur. No agency gave anything on a platter to them, they observe the opportunity and took advantage of it!
Why can't you and do the same if not better than them?

Second aspect is every civilisation in the world travels on road. Remember in olden days it used to be said "all roads lead to Rome" that was when Roman empire was at its peak, however the context of that is still true. Hence a highway to ASEAN is not a drawback but an advantage. Consider this example, per capita income of Singapore is one of the highest in the world. What is their industrial backup? Natural resource? and Infrastructure developement? Nothing significant. The biggest advantage it has is that it is at the sea route of more than two third of all the transactions by sea, in a way, on the international economic highway.

Aprehensions of brothels and such like are not unfounded, however, as the old saying goes, you can't clap with one hand only, control one hand there will be no clappings. Not going further, we need to learn from the past and master the art to take advantage of the dynamics of big nations least we get drawn in the new waves.

Kishore Chand

Help - Newton's Law is violated!!

[Tue, 18 Jan 2005 07:35:00 -0500]

This is a simple question. If anyone can give the reply of this question I will be very thankfull. this quesion is based on a very short story. here .....

A boy named romeo fell in love with a girl called sophia . In order to express his love, Romeo took the help of a letter. Somehow romeo managed to give the letter with the help of his best frend. What really bothered romeo was that Sophia failed to give a reply of Romeo's letter.

Romeo,being a science student, knows about Newtons Law of Motion.

As we know Newtons Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
One day he asked me ........ according to Newtons Law .. He should get a reply from Sophia.
I said Yes, sure you must get.

Then he asked me as he didnt get any reply,

Is newtons law violated? Please answer me. I am totally confussed

Epao PS: If anybody has an answer please drop a line to

Closer to Sanaleipak - but more homesick!

[Mon, 17 Jan 2005 06:20:04 -0500]

Dear E-Pao

I am so glad and happy that i came across your site so accidentally. Now I feel that I am closer to home but the truth is you have made me feel more homesick. Its been about 15 years since I last saw sanaleipak. Almost forgotten what it looks and feels like. Anyway, thats life and it has to go on. Probably in the next few years I will be lucky enough to come down there and experience how it feels after all these years.

I would like to write a lot of things but I presume I will be carried away with my emotions. You have given me the honour to congratulate you all at e-pao for serving and letting us now keep in touch from whereever we are , thanks once again


Another advise for Kaboblei

[Wed, 12 Jan 2005 07:36:41 -0500]

Hi Kaboklei and alikes,

After reading your article, it seems you are well placed, and got lots of exposure in your present world, implying you got a good education in the better of world (Say India). But its surprising you havenot maintained a circle , which includes eligible guys. you sound smart enough!!! your problem seems like having been in good place and nice job, but the mental state of minds lingering in shingu ngare atmosphere, mid way heart.....the shadow of being a manipuri and ...the exposure----

You have only one option. Either close ur eyes or break the shakles. You have problem wearing Phanek, sees people wearing jeans, sleevles(TANTALISING)..You have the choice. Whats the harm if you go for a marwari guy...if he is going to allow what u want..After all its your life....but you just cant ask for both.....decide ....or else your problem is ur own one else!!!!


Discrimination against girl in Manipur

[Wed, 12 Jan 2005 04:49:36 -0500]

A touching views on a lively issue, though concealed by varied layers of norms and emotions. Does it provide a glimpse of signs of diminishing number of eligible bachelor in Manipur? Is it the inevitable fall out of long turmoil the region has been undergoing? Is it a singular case, which could happen at any corner of the country? Is it a sign of women's liberation?

One thing is confirmed, no matter what the answer to the above queries may be, there is no discrimination against girl in Manipur unlike many so called developed, economically well to do societies in India. Well while it is a sure sign of a developed society, one need to ponder if the reason for developing such a situation is due to the fall out of a prolong turmoil in the region.

Do we, common people like you and me got anything to do with it? Seemingly no, but actually everything. Whether we like it or not, the atmosphere we live in do effect us, hence we need to make it conducive for our living, that too living happily, in the way we want.

As the old adage goes 'no one will roll the stone off your path'. Advisers, observers and hords of people may come pouring to broker and bring peace. They came with their own agendas, which may not be in our interest and they will go back after fulfilling their agendas. Where do we stand? Almost static where we started. We got to change ourselves to make the atmosphere in which we live conducive for us. A time to ponder


News from Bangledesh

[Wed, 12 Jan 2005 00:03:02 -0800]

A couple from Manipur (Bishnupur) is now in Bangladesh to spread the Christian religion among the Meeteis. They have already made a church. Bangladesh is dominated by the Islam religion. They don't like Hindu and Christian. We have to survive there. Oh my God, they have just come from Manipur and don't know how to tackle with Bengali people. We have to change our colour in different situations and times.

Normally, Bangladeshi government and people support Manipur and Manipuri always all time. If we follow Christian religion, definitely they will try to do something against us. We introduce as Sanamahi or Apokpa beside Hinduism. We are trying to convince Bangladeshi people that we are following three religions such as Hinduism, Apokpa and Islam. Manipuri Muslim or Meetei-Pangal follow the Islam religion. If we say, we are following only the Hinduism; there is another problem. So we have to maintain the balance.

If we don't change ourselves, even god can't change us. So we have to change ourselves at first. Some are thinking they can change their life after changing their religion or identity. Their dream will never be materialized. My external teacher from Boston University also said---------RAZ if u born in a Manipuri family, u will be Manipuri as long as you survive, It doesn't matter wherever you are.

'Lamhuina matam yaoraga khongdaba hounabara'. Manipui is on the way of vanishing. If we look at Past and Present we can understand how much we have changed. Of course, enemy will always try how to eliminate the Manipuri from this world. If we eliminate ourselves, there is nothing to say.

With best regards
Rajmoni Wahengbam (RAZ)
E-mail: razwahengbam

Happy New Year but the chat *&^%$

[Tue, 11 Jan 2005 10:54:06 -0500 ]

I wish each and every staff of E-PAO.NET website, without whose hard work and devotion, the success of the website would have been impossible,
I am a regular visitor of this esteemed website. It really updates the information regarding the current news and the happenings of Manipur. But, the chat room, it does not work most of the time i sign in. I very rarely sign in. And there are many fellows who use bad languages. If you do something to better the site (chat) , I will be very happy.
I beleive my request will be heard.

Yours Sincerely,
L. Rita

I want my chahao

[Tue, 11 Jan 2005 05:57:40 -0500]

Can you please tell me all about CHAHAO - the red (brown) rice used for making Kheer.

Kindly include its scientific name. thanks a lot. PS: If anyone knows anything about Chahao - please mail to

Bachelor Kaboklei?

[Tue, 11 Jan 2005 06:41:17 -0500]

Dear Kaboklei,

Your "bindaas" life which you claim may be disguise to a painful life... well, I have no right to comment that way.. all I can say is since you are born a daughter . .needless to say you have a great responsibility to play, ..shall I mention the role of a good daughter, a friend,.etc etc....list goes on.....well, Kaboklei you have played all your roles...I dont know how satisfied are your acquaintances with your various roles.
Very few of your kind exist in Manipur, why such a disbeleif in the manfolk...or ...may be I suspect you ....anyway... it's not that easy to become a mother, as you mentioned adopting a kid...good idea...but you can never feel the pain of a mother for her blood, which at present your mother does feel the same for you.... Finally a peice of advice...its never too late to settle down..someone somewhere is made for you...who knows you have a much better life ahead. All the best.

Haidar, Dubai.

Marriageable Age - rubbish!!

[Tue, 11 Jan 2005 06:10:50 +0000]

Dear E-Pao Team, I hope my feedbacks will be taken in a constructive sense and will explore possibilities to overcome it. My comments are:

1. Why can't E-Pao have a link between the write-ups shown on the webpage (classified as Opinion) with a link on the comments given by the readers shown in the section Reader's mail? This is adopted in all the popular news websites. This gives a full perspective on the issue being discussed and prevents confinement of the discussions to what is expressed by the writer.

2. Is the write-up titled "Marriageable Age" worth enough to be shown on the home page? Reading the write-up gives an impression that writer is desirous of marriage but could not get the Mr.Perfect since candidates eligible to her criteria must be already married gentleman.
I hope your team should do a review of what to be given due importance and what should not be shown on the webpage. This rubbish stuff takes the place of important announcement and advertisement.

Lastly, I forgot to wish your team on New Year eve. Even if it is belated, May this year 2005 be a prosperous and enlightening year for your team.

Rose Koijam

JAC meet CM - then what?

[Tue, 11 Jan 2005 05:17:53 -0500 ]

w.r.t. your news item captioned "JAC meet CM Press for demand".

On going through the article, I could not locate the response of the Government side on the demand of JAC with regard to die in heirness, regularisation of adhoc oppointees, and one or two more of the demand. Were the JAC satisfied with the meagre response of the government, i.e. in respect of a few of their demands. Or the mater was not, mentioned in detail. Could it be/not clarifed further by your reporter in the matter.


Change or remove music section !!

[Sat, 8 Jan 2005 14:35:52 -0500]

Hi E-pao group,

How long it will be keep all the same songs in the Music site? If I say frankly, better to remove if it is not possible to provide new songs frequently at least ever two week. Howerver we donot mind to come back same songs after two months again, means rotating the songs. Otherwise we feel bore, looking at the same song, how many months/years?

Internet web site is not only seen in Manipur. Please do something . Hopefully next time if I open Music site, something should be different.
Waiting reply from e-pao some strong reason or good responce.


Train people according to demands

[Sat, 8 Jan 2005 13:22:19 -0500]

I appreciate the initiative you have taken. Right at the moment, I think Manipur has got a competitive human resource. But other spheres like the basic aminities like roads, transport, security etc. has to be taken with a forsight from the Manipur GOvt with the help of the Govt. at the centre.

I feel the Manipur officials should also start sorting out what all the activities that is going to take place at the border. And train people according the demands or necessities.

I would be very if we can convince the govt. authorities to take the needful step.


Reply to Information on passport

[Fri, 7 Jan 2005 11:30:11 -0530]

I am replying to your mail.
Regarding the passport application Form:
One can get the passport application form from anywhere in INDIA (any regional and sub offices or via any private services). No need to approach any private services as they won't do any extra effort. All has to be done by the self only. The Passport form is attached for reference to check out things required. But, One need to take the application form only from the offices directly.

Regarding actual processing of the passport and other verifications:
It depends on your place of domicile mentioned or place of settlement currently mentioned in the application form for police verification.

One can go there directly. Get the form. Submit the requirements.

For N-E states, Gauwahati is the Regional Passport Center.
For southern States, Chennai is the Regional Passport Center.
For Eastern States, Kolkata is the Regional Passport Center.
For Northern States, Delhi is the Regional Passport Center.
For Western States, Mumbai is the Regional Passport Center.

Though final approval and sending will be done via these centers; for getting the application form and submission, it can be done in major cities and locations in INDIA.

Things Required:
Passport Photos (specific size and background colour is there .Need around 7-8 in numbers)
Verification certificate: One can get from any Higher officials in the govt like Police Inspector or MLA or Minister or Commissioner, etc in the format given in the application form (Govt ID number and photocopy of the officer needs to be inclosed).
Qualification or identification certificates: Like date of Birth (Metric Certificate), Purpose of Passport ( as a student or as a professional).
Signatures: of parents and 2-3 well known people to verify the person
Filling up of the Passport: Only Black pen (own handwriting/ specific pen colour is there)

Ways of getting the passport -
1) Normal system - takes 3 months or so to receive the Passport and fee is normal;
2) Tatkal system - where you need to pay extra money (Rs 1000/- in addition to normal fee Rs 1500/-;) and here the validity will be for 5 years only instead of normal 10 years. Documents/Reasons for applying via Tatkal need to be inclosed.

1) Get the form and get the docs required, some Numbers of signature(self only), photos pasted (some extra too), verification letters along with photocopy of ID, DD of the amount required.
2) Submit directly to the Regional office and get the challan for future reference. (there is a reference no in the challan which one can use for informing any concerning bodies that passport application is under progress)
3) If it is for Tatkal, Approach the Regional officer directly and explain with reasons - like Company's job offer sending for abroad, Need to go abroad for study, Urgent need to go abroad to meet ailing relatives, etc)
4) For normal case, The passport application verification will be done via local police in the address given in the form after a few weeks. For Tatkal too, police verification will be done to make sure you actually is there and is a citizen of INDIA.
5) For Tatkal system, Passport will be received in 2-3 weeks time in the address given or can be collected personally. For the normal case, the passport will be received in a three months duration.
If Any other clarification is needed, Approach the regional Passport offices or anyone who has taken before. It is suggested not to approach Private services for passport unless, the person is lazy enough to do all such works via self and ready to spend some extra money.

Shanjoy Mairembam

Information on passport

[Mon, 3 Jan 2005 20:50:11 -0800]

Dear Sir / madam,

Can you please let me know where is the passport application collection centre in manipur. Or if it is not there, can you let me know how do we apply for Passport from Manipur. I tried searching this site but could not find anything on this subject. Is there any travel agencies that can help getting a passport.

I would suggest to add some information on this subject in this site.

Team e-pao : If somebody has any information on Passport, please send it to Joychandra -

Yes! we are the Manipuri

[Sun, 2 Jan 2005 06:48:06 -0500]

"I DON'T WANT TO STAY IN MANIPUR", all of my friends always talk about it and we always have a good argument and I always lost beacuse they got all the points why they dont want to leave their homeland or like the Manipuris who want to leave Manipur and settle somewhere in metro cities so that they can get all the luxurious things which they can't get at Manipur.

It may hurt some feeling but it the truth. What I hear from my friends who dont want to stay in Manipur and they also said about the 'tongan taba' (divisiveness) as I was arguing about it ... sometimes I think that I'm the only fool who wants to stay at Manipur. What really shock me is the divide of the apunba lup - I don't understand why is that the club and organisation etc..always break up like a couple break up after spending some good time at a restuarent located over somewhere in tiddim road. It really bugs me thinking about it. I see we do need a leader good leader not like those money oriented leader .. a good workaholic leader who can brings Manipur a complete change.

My friends also talk about our civic sense, divideness etc....and the violence and of course the naharols that the main reason they doesn't want to stay in Manipur. But I'm not going to leave my nation or state and someday all the organisation will be one like a long lost couple re unite to make the life more beautiful. Then people will come back again and says "Yes! we are the Manipuri".


Happy New Year from Manipuris in USA

[Thu, 30 Dec 2004 22:41:52 -0500 ]

Dear Moderator e-pao,


I would like to say BIG thanks for your tireless good works for updating daily news through this net. I on behalf of the Manipurians living in USA would like to express heartfelt gratitude for your unceasing informations through this website.

May God bless you to continue as the new year 2005 is at hand.

Wish you Happy New year.

Hagin Haokip
Oklahoma USA,

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