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Ramzan a Month of Peace

[ Sun, 24 Sep 2006 14:45:59 -0400 ]

Dear Editor,
On the auspicious arrival of Ramzan month I warmly convey my greeting to the people of Manipur and wishing that the occasion would usher an era of peace and prosperity. And I hope the muslim brothers of Manipur observed the holy month with fasting and demonstrate the peaceful nature of the Islam the religion of Peace.

Mujubur Rahman
New Delhi

Where has common sense gone?

[ Fri, 22 Sep 2006 08:16:18 -0400]

Does the state of Manipur just have one community, when every community can co-exist with each other why can't the Nagas too? Does the hill districts of Manipur belong to just one community? The June 18 event wouldn't have happened if they knew what is integrity and they still don't know it. And the current issue of affiliation to Nagaland Board doesn't make any sense as long as they are in the soil of manipur. If people want to study in some other university they are most welcome and no one is stopping them. There are students from the North East who are studying in different universities but we don't demand that the university be changed to somewhere else university. If we don't want to study under that board we simply leave we don't burn books, have strikes..etc. Where has the common sense gone? Many people might oppose to what im writing but this is what I believe and many people do so.

Cultural Hurricane blowing

[ Wed, 20 Sep 2006 08:23:37 -0400 ]

Whether one likes it or not, there is a cultural hurricane blowing to and from around the world. No matter how strongly you would like to hold on to your own footing, you can never remain as the same before. The world is changing. So as every one, be it Mayang, Meetei , black or white whoever it is. So let it be. This is called free world and democracy we all yearn for. Let us also chage our mindset. Let us depart from our own minute cells "we, us, me, i, our". Better concentrate on our individual qualities at national level, global level, show the world we are Manipuries by our deeds and action, instead of mulling over the personnel liberties of our females counterparts. In Europe , I personnelly have seen the people out here doing very well in their lives in every aspect. And they don't have time to think who their sisters are going with and who they are living with.Every individual is busy trying to do something constructive in their lives. This is the reason why they are shyning bright in the world today. I was in Delhi for almost good 20 years. And I have seen and witnessed myself how we behave there. We Manipuris from that remote world remain with the same old fasion attitude of keeping watchful eyes on our woman folks. But the question is , have you ever thought of the manipur boys spoiling the name of manipuris in Delhi by abusing drugs, alcohol and prostitutions? This world is fast changing than expected and everyone is trying to catch up with this pace. What Eshanou has written is very true. This essay is potentially very dangerous. It would be wise for us not to circulate this essay around. Otherwise, if it goes in the hands of other people, we will face shameful consequences. My personal suggestion to the authour is to wide open his eyes and start thinking again from right perspective. No more laboratory concept of culture and identity please.
Biswajit Okram

Toast to your progressive views

[ Wed, 20 Sep 2006 03:01:59 -0400]

Read your article and was impressed with your views and opinions. I am a "Mayang" and soon will be married to my fiancee, who is a Manipuri. His views on Mayangs really pained me. Not every male "Mayang" in the world commoditizes women, not every "mayang" is out there to philander with Manipuri women with the end objective and sinister motive of outraging her modesty and "Ejat" as he put it. I love my fiancee and my love for her has known no parochial categorizations. What difference does it make if she is a Manipuri or from any part of the world for that matter? I applaud your thoughts and thank you for putting the issue into perspective so creditably. Will write to you again, will aprreciate if I you reply. Here's raising a toast to you and your progressive views:-)


Extra moral training to police force

[ Tue, 19 Sep 2006 13:31:31 -0400 ]

Is the police force of Manipur a force to check the law and order and to help maintain peace an security of the state or a force to fuel the tempers of rather embittered civilians? The answer may well be given not by the stupid personnel of the department or any authority concerned but by the uncountable victims of the high-headed and rude police personel. I may well say that it is not the duty of the police to stop people from moving around at night, detain with useless, baseles stupid spate of unthinkable, unrelated questions to ignorant and simple citizens. However they should rather concentrate on the motive that the citizens move anywhere without any problem since they are there to give security for the citizens. In many cases people are detained without any reason or just on the plea that the victim answers to their stupid questions smartly and with wisdom. It is very common that police personnel start questioning commuters with the blind question - To which outfit you belong to? From where have you stolen the bike etc. I want to question, are they stationed to incite the ferocity and angers of the simple people. Is that the way to handle things? What is their purpose to show extreme and highly animated anger while questiong even a child? Are they not trained to be a public friendly force? These days people fear the commandos more than the extremists. It has become a common practice for the police to point their gun to people while stopping a running vehicle or show a highly animated war footage like scene producing sounds from their guns just to frighten the man whosoever he is. What if the man is a heart patient, are they ready to meet any unusual circumstances that may occur because of their reckless behaviour? It is high time the top brass of this department to act to correct the present trend instead of collecting daily pocket money from pan pata dealers and looking out for petty gains.

Make A Career Or Earn Pocket Money

[ Tue, 19 Sep 2006 09:24:06 -0400 ]

It has been noticed that most of the students who had come for their studies to make their parent's dream come true are doing salesgirl and salesman job in many shopping malls. This has been increasingly seen as new big, big shopping malls are coming up and sometime we find ourselves awkward to enter the malls and do shopping because of similar faces working as salesman and salesgirl with a meager salary of around 2000 to 4000 max. There is no idea whether this has been entrusted by their parents to do or they are doing it without their parent's knowledge. There is no harm in doing a job and earning but what I mean to say is that when they are involved in the earning activities, there precious time is killed and they do not have enough time to attend colleges or school and at the end their parent's dream are exploited and ended up doing the same or go back home to their native place without the expected education they wanted or their parents and elders wanted. This, I am talking about those who mainly come to study and wasting their valuable time without a second thought but with the luxury of earning and making life easy for the time being, but there are others who had mainly come to find a job and not for any studies. For them, there is no harm in picking up these types of jobs. Once again, dear parents, this is a kind request, if your children are involved in such activities, please let them think for their future career and avoid them before it is too late to realize it.

Inder Rahman
Working as an Editor (Medical Transcription) Vianet Technologies, Pune

No Man's Land

[ Mon, 18 Sep 2006 03:47:13 -0400 ]

Who is MEELAN? Who is ANSAM? Who is...???? And who am I? I m the one living in a small village of 2 Acre located in the border between the Five Hill Districts(Tamenglong, Senapati, Ukhrul, Chandel, Churachandpur) and the Four Valley District(Imphal West, Imphal East, Thoubal, Bishnupur). I call the place as "No Man's Land". Sometime I think that I m very lucky because I have dual Citizenship. Sometimes it bothers me a lot to know that I need 2 sign boards for my shop and I need 2 number plates of my car. I have to use the number plates depend on my step taken. Always I take two things in my hand to save my life anyhow. Now, the doubt in my mind is "Is these two things enough to save my life???"

Chatter's (lack of) moral character

[ Sun, 17 Sep 2006 20:10:20 -0400 ]

Respected Editor,
I, with most humble and respectfully, would like to bring to your kind notice that the users of chat room are not using disciplined language in chatting. It hurts the people, who intend to meet friends and relatives via chat room, very much. I know this problem is not fully controllable from your goodself end but I only request those chatters to use it meaningful and be benefitted from it. If these things continues then it might affect others' moral character because they (those chatters) are always inducing whoever enters the charoom to speak the same language as they do.
So I therefore request your goodself to give some limitations, to certain extent if possible, to avoid such misuse of this valuable chatroom.

Sangeeta Laishram

Chat as a plaything?

[ Sat, 16 Sep 2006 17:26:23 -0400]

e-pao is fantastic, but one thing I noticed specially in the chat room is that most of the chat users misuse this room by using unclean words (even in main room) among themselves and they do not make use of its facilities for useful purposes but use as a plaything. So I would suggest to adopt some kind of limitation to avoid these habits of some users of it.

Mujibur Rahman
N. Delhi

Appreciated unanimously

[ Thu, 14 Sep 2006 04:39:39 -0400 ]

Dear Mr Robindro,
First its always nice to have a same name! I fully advocate your opinions about Manipuri life styles in Delhi & other cities. We can only save ourselves out of this filth only when we have a broad consciousness with a pragmatic mindset consistent with the ground realities of our life.
Robindro. S

Isaac Hmar - a personal friend.

[ Thu, 14 Sep 2006 08:22:14 -0400 ]

Dear e-pao
I was going through the column of essay, where I finally found out "Isaac Intoate Hmar" which happen to be a close friend of mine and who is no more in this world. I feel good to see his collection again but what hurt me is that you have not mention any detail of his life and also said that he can be reached at Please he cannot be reach any more by e-mail. He can be reach only in heart or mind. I hope the e-pao team will change this detail in future.

Popularising meitei mayek is the right step

[ Sat, 9 Sep 2006 17:46:46 -0400]

When Manipuri students get to mingle with students from other state and communities, it is usually a thing of pride that most of the manipuris can manage to speak our national language"hindi" and some of them even manage to write it so well. Besides there are many Manipur students doing Masters in prestigious Universties of India, even in Delhi University, there are many Manipuri students who manage to do even better than those with mother tongue as hindi. So the other Indian students usually get curious about the extra ordinary talent and skill of these Manipuris and in turn ask about our own mother tongue and the script. Very often the Manipuris are asked to write down a few words in our script and show them. And they are often surprise (if the other person is a bengali or know the bengali script and the Manipuri writer doesnt know our "meitei mayek") and many a times in an effort to show how we we write what we speak, some point their finger to Bengali script found on some advertisement on roads to say that we, manipuri, write what we speak in a script almost comparable with it. And when there are few who really wanted to show our Meitei Mayek in writing but coudnt do it, they end up saying that it resembles the Chinese and Japanese script. So it confuses other Indians as well as it fails to show our originality in true sense. It was a great step taken by many groups who tries to popularise Meitei Mayek by making it compulsory in Primary classes even in Catholics School, giving certificates in order to encourage the students. Such steps are highly necessary because if we really want to know our real original script so that we could proudly show it to other Indians, we should start it from the very beginning itself. Because foundation should be strong if we want to make a future for our script. But other measures which can cause arguments and conflicts should be avoided. If we really want to popularise our script we should take up those measures which would be acceptable to every section of our Manipuri society, everybody's opinion should be taken into consideration. I hope that every Manipuri could get to see that day we can really write our script so fluently as we write ABC...

Shocked about banning a mother tongue

[ Sat, 9 Sep 2006 05:18:12 -0400]

Respected editor of e-pao news portal
I'm a regular user of e-pao for news & other things relating to our state, i'm very much shocked to even come across a news report like banning of our own mother tongue within our state itself. Student bodies like ANSAM are trying to create enmity between nagas (and there is no single tribe like naga in the 1st place) and meiteis who are dwelling together from time immemorial. I don't like to say more but relationship between us & them is going to be severe if they continue like this... there is always a limit but there is always a room for reconciliation.

Yours Sincerely
W. Wangamba

No updates in Fashion Channel

[ Sat, 9 Sep 2006 04:09:01 -0400]

Respected Sir/ Mam,
This is once again Laurem Bikram from Bangalore. I have sent mail across so many times but unfortunately me not getting the better responce from your side. I had been already inform u that there is no updatation of Fashion Segement ............. Still it seems to remaining the same 2002 -2004 .. This is kindly request to plz update the new Fashion series as soon as possible ...
L Bikram Singha

Big Flaw in Meitei Mayek naming

[ Sat, 9 Sep 2006 01:13:28 -0400 ]

This is in response to the wide agitation and ban imposed on meitei mayek books and cassettes by ANSAM in the hill districts. A complete ban is not a necessity, but this particular event is a food for thought for the architects,who recreated the meitei mayek. Meitei Mayek literally means meieti script. I feel that there is a big flaw in the name itself. We should realise that there are some 30 (approx.) ethnic groups in Manipur and everyone is not a meitei. Since, we have after all recreated the mayek,a better name acceptable to all would have made the things a little more sensible.After all,the hard fact remains, that even the people in the hills does not have a script of their own. Dont you think that the creation of meitei mayek would invoke the creation of more mayeks and further demarcation of the people in future on the lines of this unnecessary "mayek conundrum". These are my own feelings and i may not be right but nontheless, there is something very wrong with whatever going on right now.
Peter Salam

No proof-readers & no professionalism

[ Thu, 31 Aug 2006 07:50:31 -0400 ]

Dear Editor,
Refer this headline "Jap official denied entry to Tamu". Just wondering if your newspaper have got any proof-readers at all. Or perhaps even wondering if you do have an editor and if it is functioning. Being stylish is fine. But if uncertain about something it is best to write and put things as simple as it can be. I hope you are getting my point here. If you don't get what I am trying to say...that proves your professionalism. Just pray no outsiders read today's page.


Stand up for Inner Line Permit

[ Thu, 31 Aug 2006 02:20:08 -0400 ]

This news about the Inner Line Permit is very necessary in these days as indigenous people are feeling weaker in areas of Manipur. We know that main intruders migrants are Bihari labourers, Bangaldeshi, Nepalese and Burmese which are more than 8 lakhs of population, after 3-4 years they will dominate the state population. The sex ratio is the state is changing from its normal way like 1000/970 because male migrants exceed and create problems in many ways that they easily maried with indigenous women from the state and start buying land. We should keep rent in higher rate if you really know how they earn and exploit our indigenous labourers. Most of the local people are assimilated with migrants which make an identity crisis problem. I have seen few Manipuri albums which film stars dressed with Nepali Dress code. We have strong cultural spirit than any other state we should explore our thing first not ape others. Please realise how the state is increasingly occupied by migrants. We should speak out for the Inner Line permit soon within 2006 otherwise we will assimilate our culture and tradtion with migrants. It is already happening that few of our towns and village are mixed by migrants. Until and unless our political learders doesnot open up their eyes to support the indigenous people it will be in vain. Policial leaders should keep their identity high in terms of religion and coustoms. Why Mizoram can survive by themself and why not in Manipur?

Want more & more from e-pao

[ Tue, 29 Aug 2006 19:29:17 -0400 ]

Hi e-pao team ,
You guys have done a great job. I want the latest songs to be updated here, so that even I live far away from home I can still have a taste of it. Can you please put Photos of the recently discovered Waterfall in Nambol well known as Leimarang (I beleive) and also photos of Manipuri Marriage. This would be great.

Nothing good out of NBSE affiliation

[ Fri, 25 Aug 2006 08:37:19 -0400]

Dear Sir/Madam
I find no interesting on the move made by the four hills district to affialiate with the NBSE. I personally never expected anything good come out of it. The move, however,is to be taken seriously.Nothing comes into being without a reason. Perhaps, people living in the said districts have lost hope with the present education system. The move was for sure a wake up call for the BSEM and State Education Dept. The concern authority should have to realise and get corrected what has gone wrong.Changes too be allow if necessary. Few areas needs to nurture without farther delay such as; finding measures to improve quality of education, introducing more new subjects, completion of Courses on time, question pattern of exams conducted by Board/Council/Univ. also be changed. On top of that, Education Ministry should strictly looking into those districts that educational institutional are well functioning. At the same time, public, students bodies and other YOUTH WINGS should come forward and educating the mass to avoid any sort of strikes, ban etc. upon the educational institution at any cost.

With regards

No Bandhs despite killing

[ Wed, 23 Aug 2006 08:34:36 -0400 ]

Dear editor,
I was also very shock to know that there was a bomb blast at ISKON, killed 4 peoples and wounded 40 peoples. I condemned those who intended to do such terror. I am also very deeply sharing the agony to those families whose souls were departed and hospitalist. However, today I go through that this organization is calling bandh in Manipur. In fact they throw themselves on the floor, people are so dejected like me that they are not feeling sympathy on this organization. At the same time, I would like to aware all the organizations and the people of Manipur that we at least try to avoid the habit of calling bandh in this problems ridden state instead let us concentrate on solving the problems thought reality, fact and finding the proper answer otherwise our future'll be nowhere.

I hope we will go together hand-to-hand toward development.


Barbaric attack of a Church

[Mon, 21 Aug 2006 23:59:56 -0400]

Dear Sir,
It is too horrendous and barbaric to recount again about the attack of a Church at Churachandpur last Sunday by the 3rd Rasputana Rifles belonging to what is supposed to be the third largest Army in the world. For a secular like me I took it as another demolition of the Nation's secular fabrics painstaking designed by the founding fathers. It shows how low can Indian Army go.

The ferosity of the attack and an informer seated in the Army's vehicle- it was clear that the attack was a deliberate one knowing fully it was a worship place. It was not an accident that these soldiers came from Northern States most virulent against other faiths. It can be easily linked to the parallel attack in the ISKCON compound.

Sam Daimai
Tamei, Tamenglong

Protest against the Blast

[ Mon, 21 Aug 2006 01:54:04 -0400]

Dear sir
Tears are still in my eyes when I saw bomb blast pictures of iskcon, it is really a pain from my heart to know that innocent devotees are killed . World is to small and every body is having right to chooose his own religion - God is only one. If you are a true spiritual person you should agree God is one. We should stop terrorism even for religion. One should get this idea of thought . I join this protest against the blast.
May god bless the victims of the family and may the victims soul rest in peace Dr Debala

NBSE issue should not polarise communities

[ Fri, 18 Aug 2006 08:30:14 -0400]

Dear Sir,
For sometimes a movement spearheaded by ANSAM, at al from the four Naga dominated districts in the Hills has been going on to join NBSE. This has spawned reactions from the State Government and some organizations belonging to the Kukis, thereby stoking up political controversies. Even the Congress Party and a factional group in Nagaland have recently lent their voices in this regard. Meanwhile I would commend that the Centre Government has cleverly sidestepped the issue for that time being saying that Education was the subject of the States and the Centre would in no way interfere with it. With this decision the Centre has meekly given up its role to arbiter the dispute and leaves the matter open for clashes. To me, the ultimate decision will be with the private schools willing now to join NBSE. If the issues they raise is correct and if Nagaland welcome them it is for them to decide. Of course it is the prerogative of Manipur Government to do what is appropriate for them. The government schools will remain in Manipur Board. The question of denying recognition or admission for those who pass from NBSE does not stand legal scrutiny. Anyone passing out from any recognized Board in India can not be denied the rights. For the reaction of Kukis and their bizarre statistics, we may take it with a pinch of salt. It shows their allergies. It is up to them to remain in Manipur Board or join NBSE. In any case there no red carpet laying out for them. Time is essence, and one need not be too emotion on this matter. If the students' career life is to be lost, it will stoke further agitation. It should not polarise the already divided communities.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Daimai,
Tamei Bazar, Tamenglong

UGs as parasite

[ Fri, 18 Aug 2006 00:18:59 -0400]

Dear Sir,
I appreciate your strong worded editorial on the terrorist attack on innocent devotees. Its time for us to launch a movement against the self styled UGs who have now turned their guns on us. There was a time when I used to be sympathetic towards them. I used to rectify my friends outside Manipur that they are revolutionaries whenever they referred to the UGs as terrorist. But the past few years they have become a parasite. A whole generation is lost because of the movement. We are now lagging behind other regions by more than 50 years. You are right to be anguished by the public response. I am sure the people are fed up of this self style "freedom fighter". Its high time they we stopped feeding them. A simple protest can be to stop funding them in anyway until they punish the culprit. Should we keep funding them so that next time they fired to us using a rocket launcher? Are they more nationalistic just because they pick up arms? I don't pick up arms but then my love for my motherland is much more than theirs. If my motherland needs my life, I am ready to sacrifice; do these UGs have the guts to carry out suicide attack? I doubt because to them revolutionary movement is taking lives not giving. All arms movements whether it's the LTTE or the Hamas, they are voluntarily funded by nationals settled abroad. But in Manipur, its extortion, either you pay or get killed. Is this a revolutionary movement? My appeal to my fellow brethrens is, it's high time we take on the bull by the horn. Let's stop funding them, let's set up local area voluntary forces. Secessionist movement can be launch through political movement and it's the most effective if the majority of the people favour that. So dear UGs, you have played your part, now give us a chance to take forward the movement through political movement.


An evil act

[ Fri, 18 Aug 2006 00:18:59 -0400]

Dear Sir,

I would like to join chorus of protest and condemnations against the terrorist act of bombing the joyous celebration of ISKON. No word is strong enough to express such an evil act. May the good Lord comfort those families who lost their loved ones.

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Daimai
Tamei, Tamenglong

No Thangal General statue in Delhi???

[ Wed, 16 Aug 2006 05:25:34 -0400]

Dear Sir,
Its a matter of pride that Manipur celebrated its patriotic day on 13th Aug. In Delhi, the capital of India. Dignitaries from all communities have time to speak during the occasion, viewing their feeling of oneness. I appreciate their sacrifice in this endeavour. But something pause me is.. installation of two statues of great personalities namely Bir Tikendrajit and Rajarsi Bhagyachandra in Delhi is on the pipeline. Declaring on such particular day, leaving aside, the equally important person like Thangal General who belongs to Kabui (Rongmei Tribe) hailing from Thangal (Longzang) Village in Tamenglong Distict is ridiculous. It is truly the reflection of the mind of one major community only. Will the slogan CHING-TAM Amatani be justified?


Ignore NE candidates by National Bank

[ Wed, 16 Aug 2006 05:25:34 -0400]

Dear Sir,
Here's another conspiracy against to the students/unemployed youths of North East by a nationalised bank, Union Bank of India. This bank has advertised for some posts through the Employment News (4-11 August, 2006) and has fixed the last date of receipt of application form as 19 August, 2006 for the North Eastern candidates through General post. To be noted, that the said news paper becomes available in due time only to the readers of the state capitals or other major towns of NE. For most of the readers it becomes available when the next (or even next to next issue) becomes available to major cities/ towns. In such situation, a candidate from NE region cannot make his/her application receipt at an office in Mumbai within a sort span of time. Is it a plan to ignore or eliminate the NE candidates by the bank's top management? We would certainly request interference from executives of the All Manipuri Students' Union, NESO or other such students' welfare body at this junction. Please help.

L Baruah
Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh

Telephone lines disconnected

[ Sat, 12 Aug 2006 00:40:55 -0400]

I am a regular visitor of your website & read the articles & the news every single day. Because this is the only link we Manipuris living abroad have with our Ema-Leibak. I alongwith with several of my Manipuri friends out here have a common problem. We've no idea or clue to whom this problem should be addressed.....! So we are writing to you if you could be of some help. Telephone (i.e landline) is the only means of communication with our elders back at Imphal, since they don't have access to e-mail & other techno-stuff. But the phones remain out of order almost all the time...! We are too ashamed of admitting this in front of our colleagues who are from others states of India or form other countries. When I enquired around I learnt that the local linesman of Imphal disconnect someone's line & connects it to some other fellow's connection....! The Telecom Authority staff also show least respect for the elderly folks coming for complaints.

We would be very much obliged if you could help this out through your strong media presence,

Thanking you,
K. Sonamani Singh

In defence of Manipuri Movies

[ Tue, 8 Aug 2006 11:32:24 -0400]

respected editor

This is regarding the article written by some Mr. Doren about our movies.....I do understand and totally agreed with him about the quality but please don't compare with other industries as matter of fact he is based in delhi so he would want our movies to be really good as compare to the hindi movies but that impossible in Manipur as compare to the territory the bollywood or hollywood are doing business. A single bollywood print are sold in 50 grand or more if the star cast is good and let say how many print will the producer sell in whole of India leaving Manipur so it obvious that they are able to produce good quality movies and last but not the least why don't Mr. Doren do somethings other than posting article and letting the world know how bad we are and the same goes to me also that why we are trying really hard to do things(movies) better in Manipur and pray to ebudhou that we can sell the print all over the manipur not just imphal....

long live Manipur movies..

yours faithfully,

Presentations on Manipur history

[ Tue, 8 Aug 2006 07:10:32 -0400]

Dear E-Pao

I read through you entire website on Manipur and found the coverage quite interesting and enlightning. The presentation by Prof. Sadananda is remarkable. I got to know lot about the Manipuri language, historical context and origin. Some more documents and presentations on Manipur history and culture organised in an easy to reference would help people like me to know more about Manipur.

I wish to visit Manipur some day.


What is the policies of AMADA?

[Sun, 6 Aug 2006 06:13:09 -0400]

Dear sir/ ma'am,

Its good to learn that AMADA , which is not known to the people of the state till last year, is working towards the better and clean society in Imphal(Manipur) right now. There are certain rules which we, the people of the state, considered as good policy of the organisation (AMADA) , but as I have learned that the information given to the people of Manipur staying outside the Manipur as well as India is little murky in terms of their goals and mission of the organisation.

The last ten years has been flooded with different organisations with different goals for the people of the state. So far, AMADA'S work towards the control on drug abusers and stringent rules for the youth is quiet impressive but, it would be much better and reliable as an organisation if you could help to declare their policies/goals/mission to the people of the state and people outside the state.

We, as the people of the state , would like to see with confirmation on their hands as our culture belongs to a low context culture. I would be grateful , if you could kindly help to bring out the goals/ mission/ policies of AMADA on this website.



A proud reader of

[ Fri, 28 Jul 2006 07:23:52 -0400]

Editor E-pao

I enjoy reading e-pao every day. It has so much relevent information along with recent photos of Manipur. I am proud to be a reader and I introduced to lots of friends. Keep up the good works,

Seikam Touthang

Dam - speak the truth for majority

[ Mon, 24 Jul 2006 23:08:03 -0400]

Dear Sir,
I have read you article expressing concern over the Tipaimukh dam some days back and wanted to exchange my views. What you have expressed in your article is more than true and is also applicable for all human beings on this earth including those poor rural communities living in the watershed of the Barak-Surma-Kushiara River System. We want development, but we have seen what 'nature-destroying development' can do. It is unfortunate that even then we have to face this type of projects. You know very well that that the area is geologically active, there are faults in the earth's crust and big dams will increase the probability of devavstating earthquakes.

Also the watershed, river valleys and hill ecosystems are delicately balanced, these have been providing resources/livelihoods of the millions of people for hundred of years. The human socities developed there on the ecosystem, now the proposed dam will destroy their nature, ecosystem and livelihood opportunities - fishers, joom farmers,wood cutters, herbals, forest dwellers and many others will directly or indirectly will be affected, most of them have to migrate to the towns and cities live in slums and will be uprooted from their sustainable life-support system. Chances of flush floods, recurrent drought and siltation will increase dramatically due to the dam.

Who will get the benefits of the dam ? We all know.

Please continue to speak the truth and for the majority, this is a question of our democracy, human right and right to live and livelihood - all the 'eveloped section of our society' boost so loud all these but not for the poor majority !! Only for themselves, ourselves !!!

Dr. M.I.Zuberi, University of Rajshahi,
Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh.

Why not job posting from Manipur?

[ Fri, 21 Jul 2006 07:27:59 -0400]

Hi E-pao,
Most of the time I see your website but most of the time you had posting for Job vacancy. But I never get a chance to see any vacancy in Manipur. You always post for other states rather than Manipur. I think there are many people who want to work in Manipur and they do have time to come and search for jobs in Manipur. They mostly visit this website for this help. So I would like to request that when you publish for job availability please mention some vacancy from Manipur. I will like to get a reply in this end so that I can feel that you consider my request.

Thanking you

Not Meitei or Naga or Kuki or Pangal

[ Tue, 18 Jul 2006 02:59:23 -0400]

I m working in Mumbai as a software engineer and am feeling proud to be a Manipuri please remember "proud to be a Manipuri" and not as a Meitei, Naga, Kuki or Pangal. And in my company there are different kind of cummunities working together as a whole family and that spirit leads our company a leading one. But, I now feel ashamed to tell everyone that I am a Manipuri as we people in Manipur, think only about the communal things and not about development in the state. Whenever I read something about Manipur on net or in paper, there is nothing other than communal stories, diversion, seperation, bandhs, strikes....

Please, think about humanities....not about communal,or people are not born with a communal symbol on their face, these are man-made things..And talking about our past history, our background...please mind it, our ancestors were monkeys and there were no Meiteis, Naga, Kuki or Pangal... I want to ask everybody a question, what do they do when they had an accident and requires blood?

Do they ask, whether its blood type belongs to meiteis, nagas, kukis, pangal? And refuse to take the blood when they found its not from their communities????

So Please listen only from the core of your heart and not from a leader who always seek for separation because those person could not be a leader who could not go along with all people, with all communities....

Anil Singh,
A true Manipuri

Burning of Books for unity is foolishness

[ Thu, 13 Jul 2006 10:56:59 -0700]

People in the west try to collect as many as large number of books including the endanger laguage and script for the development of soceity, by analysing the idea to bring the peace to the world. whereas in Manipur books are burnt for the development or betterment of the society . I cannot stop collecting books written in the language of Kuki or Naga as it can give me the inspiration to make a further writings to bring the peace and intergrity to the state. We need to know each and every community well but to learn from the text and literature will act faster afterall. So please stop burning books ,if Meetei mayek books didn,t burn by the kings in 1709 there will not be any problems like the present situation and confusion in Manipur society.

Please learn old examples of burning books in the past...history of Manipur . Instead it will make people suffer more. Save the student who are really not able to get the education in the hilly areas of Manipur. IAS ,IPS ,doctors and engineers' sons who belong to hill areas are more advance and learn better in town and cities whereas real villagers are not getting the education then why should we burn books.


Easy to graduate from Chinese/Russian Medical

[ Mon, 3 Jul 2006 05:12:43 -0400]

Dear Mr Kuldip,

It's true that our students can go abroad to study Medicine. But, it's a fact as well that the students who passed out from Chinese Universities or Russian Universities do not have sufficient knowledge and clinical skills safe enough for patients to rely on. I have myself come across scores and scores of such abominably incompetent Russian and Chinese pass-outs. The reasons are simple. First, these students were not meritorious enough to get an MBBS seat in India, and they got to do MBBS only because they have money. Secondly, passing the MCI Screening Test is just a snap of the finger if you have money. This is nothing more than an eyewash. The ultimate result is that we end up churning out unworthy doctors who are too dangerous to rely on, specially because people are not informed enough. In this scenario, do you think we should continue this practice of PAY-AND-GET-AN-MBBS-DEGREE?


Meiteis cannot overrule the other groups

[ Sat, 1 Jul 2006 04:23:32 -0400]

The origin of human being are spreaded from a single Mother & Father since immemorable years and it will continue until the end of world. Due to the increasing of population the thinking and appearances of individuals changes as per the land where they are resided. Its a universal truth & habitual fact. From time to time many powerful & more calibre individuals & group leaders make different shapes of human life into different communities, languages so on.

Now the point is in Manipur Meitei is the majority in valley area. Meitei groups are controlling the land of Manipur since many years in different ways. Why these Meitei people think as they are the creator of the Manipur land. In fact Meitei should realised that they are also a group of tribe of north east residing at Manipur Valley. By changing their own in born religion to Hinduism they cannot treat them as the Hindu people of other states. They are the people where they don't have their own principle and religion. Even other tribes such as Naga, Kuki and others of North East are changing their religion to Christainity. So after some generations they may also think them as the people of America or Europe. Its so funny. So all the different group of people of this region should not forget their origin and source. By changing a little colur of their appearance they cannot think them as super power of the land. The power of the human being individual or group may vary from time to time. If Meitei wants to overrule the other groups always they will face a lot of struggle from the other groups. Its the time to respect each other. Only a solution of peaceful world.


Ignorance is bliss ! for whom?

[ Wed, 28 Jun 2006 04:33:37 -0400]

Dear Sirs and Ma'ams
It is wonderful to have a website to get updated about Manipur. You all people have done a great job. But I would like to suggest few things ,perhaps it can make you people more refine and and efficient in dissemintating informations about Manipur. Why don't you people highlight more about the social evils like corruption and the evaluation of the performance of different ministers and background. Reporting how many people kill or what ultimatum have been issued to X Y and Z by underground do not serve tne society much even though it may be of business interest. Please do not allow the communal inciting messages or informations. You cannot act like other portal in other states because this portal is the only functioning site in manipur. Be more responsible and try to bring some accountability of the public officials to the struggled people of Manipur.


Know your college before admission

[ Thu, 22 Jun 2006 04:53:53 -0400]

sir, I was suprise to see the number of advt. in the local newspaper asking for direct admission at top colleges in south and other parts of India. As a student I would like to ask the student group of Manipur who are shouting for quality education in Manipur why there in mushrooming in the number of college which do not have even building comming to Manipur to admit the student. Why the student groups are not looking for the welfare of the students or are they busy in taking the "theeka" for there own welfare. The parents should know the number of Manipuri becoming brokers for admission giving wrong information about the college to the student. So I request the parents to take precaution in admittimg their sons/daughters to take admission outside Manipur without knowing the details of the college before admitting your sons/daughters.


Superhighway NH 53

[ Sun, 18 Jun 2006 10:35:45 -0400]

About Superhighway:-
O. Ibobi Singh, the present Chief Minister of Manipur is a very lucky person, because many progressive works have been done and many more are being done during his time. And there is no any objection from the centre. Instead money flows from the centre like anything for the constructive works. He is taking due advantage out of it. Such works couldn't be done during any other former CM. I can't appreciate him for two things: (I) He doesn't pay much attention for the completion of ongoing work at National Highway 53 in his tenure of 5 years, though he has been given green signal to complete it within no time. It is not a big problem for him, his relatives, ministers, sons and daughters of officers and rich families, because they always travel by air whenether they go to other states of India. Ordinary people have been suffering a lot at NH 39 to frequent bandhs, economic blockades, looting etc. I don't think, he will complete 10% of its construction in his 5 years of chief ministership. He is busy with his kendra, that too at his home polling. (II) Everyone in Manipur like the superhighway from Singapore to Istanbul, Turkey through Imphal-Moreh. Widening of roads at singjamei is at full swing. Of course, it creates some problems with the localities near the road. O. Ibobi Singh is very brave enough to widen the road, but he doesn't have courage to construct a bigger market at Wangjing-Lamding Bazar, because the bazar area is under Khangabok Kendra. He suspects that people at Wangjing-Lamding Bazar will not give him votes if he constructs a bigger market there after demolition of shops of that locality. He should not see it from very narrow angle. Bazar is for the people that will exist for centuries. Why does he has courage at singjamei, why not at Wangjing-Lamding Bazar?

Money & lack of Prof in Rock?

[ Wed, 7 Jun 2006 04:00:46 -0400]

Hi, Ringo Pebam...
It was a well put up article by you to promote rock music and talents in Manipur. I agree Johny needs to wake up into the great wide open where the sky is the limit. There are many young talented artists in Manipur now. They are more advanced than our old rock and roll warrior, we all know beacause of the gadgets and the good original equipments that they possess now. But Money is still the factor why they are not able to come up with good original tracks and albums and also lack of professional marketing agents in the region. Nevertheless that should not be the excuse like Lou Majau have rightly said. 100% EFFORT can lead and everything will fall in places and money will roll.

From my experience with most of the artist in Manipur is that they lack professionalism. Despite talented. Never turn up in time for sound check and also when they are being called out on the stage. Anyway that is a blunder they can rectify given a big platform to perform. And another thing in your write up that should be corrected is
---- Pentagram is Mumbai based not Delhi based. They have not even come out of their coocoon in 1990. so they have not performed as openning act for Phoenix in Delhi. I dont know when they were formed. But they had their first stint at Sophia's College festival in Mumbai in 1995 and followed by the IIT mumbai fest' where they won the compitition. Please don't get offended, I m just clarifying some information.

I appreciate your writing and your interest in Rock Music and your concern for the manipuri 's talent. We need writers like you to encourage and promote the Rock music and talents in manipur.


Correction reg. Nagalim

[Wed, 7 Jun 2006 05:56:10 -0400]

I have a concern regarding this article. The placing of the 3rd paragraph in the article is objectionable. Doesn't the example being given to show how we could communicate things via internet could mean this way too - "Oinam Village.. is within Nagalim or Nagaland & we failed to show the incident to the world cos of not having internet facility in that time."

It is good & in everyone's interest to show what is happening in Manipur & other N-E states. But, w.r.t. this article, placing the paragraph in the 3rd section gives us a sense that Oinam is inside Nagalim.

Shanjoy Mairembam

MCA's Marking system need to Change

[ Thu, 25 May 2006 07:19:49 -0400]

I am doing my MCA and looking for a job. When we go for job our percentage is so low that we can't compete with others. I am saying Manipur Education System is good but they are not looking outside the states. Our Manipuri student are good but can go more higher if the marking system is changed. Geting 60 in Manipur is so hard but other places getting 80 is very easy.

This is my first letter and this is just the beginning that I want to tell about Education of Manipur and more to people living there.

Daya Thiyam

More info on Manipuri Literature required

[ Wed, 24 May 2006 02:00:45 -0400]

Dear Readers

Most humbly and with no enmity towards none, I am sinserely requesting you all to please contribute towards the fulfilment of putting properly researched and well edited materials on Manipuri literature. I personally am really finding utmost difficulty in sharing our beautiful literature, works of high quality to persons belonging to people of other culture and origin. I am requesting to the faculty members of the dept of Manipuri literature, University of Manipur, more specially to give their ideas and share the same in the net(a web site is really called for)for wider coverage anf fuller dessipation of our literature, culture and beauties.

It is with a great shock that I see the Bishnupriya Manipuri portal in the web without distinctly separating their own beauties and ideas with the real Manipuri literature. If we all form a forum for discussion in the net which is the cheapest and most handy with the greatest efficiency, the day will not be long when we find people who wish to learn and accept our literature being misled.

Thanking you all

M. Ojit Kr. Singh
Lecturer in Zoology,
University of Delhi.

North East People to save deforestration

[ Sat, 20 May 2006 15:02:54 -0400]

Dear, Editor

It is the news which have been roaming around the world but not yet reached to the native poeple and places who are living in the forest area particularly Himalayan Mountains and Indo-Burmese Hills. One of the main reason for the deforestration may be because of Hydroelectric power projects as its submergence area is highy important for the diverse community of plants and animals for thier suvival. In Manipur people have not realised the forest cover and diverse species of plant and animals, which is reducing in every tens of years eg. the greenary of Imphal valley has been finishing to almost end if you really check the aerial photographs and satellite images or simply google earth.

Our centre director is working in the Biodiverity conservation see this news original one here.

Ingocha Lukram
University of Delhi

What about Greater North East?

[Fri, 19 May 2006 02:33:29 -0400]

We have seen lot of discussion about Greater Nagaland in the last few years. Instead of greater Nagaland What about greater North East? All the people in this remote region of this country have the same problem. It is not wise to think about solving one problem and creating more problems to the neighbouring people. All the problems that we are facing today can be solved only when we are united. Instead of fighting each other it is time for us to understand what is the problem that we are facing now. That is the first thing that we have to do. Emotion should not come here because it is blind and it will not bring out anything new to all of us. If there is a problem then there must be one solution. Our future is so bright if we are united. Otherwise the present situation is going to stay forever. The North East reagion has a good human resource. We deserve to be a developed region and we should lead this country in this arena. We should hope high and fight democratically those who come in our way. This is the only way that is beneficial to all of us and this will make us stronger nationally and internationally.

We live here together since time immemorial. And it doesn't make any sense why we should fight each other? Only a fool will do it. So let us unite and make North East a developed region in the world.


Flaws in Manipuri Films and Albums

[ Wed, 17 May 2006 11:03:14 -0400]

This seems the 1st time a comment has been made about Manipuri films and their flaws. I'm making a comment on some trivial matters, which you may be thinking, but this is important to all the film makers in Manipurs. I've watched lots of Manipuri films and I like them very much. Sometimes I could figure out some spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes or broken english. I can give you a few examples like the movie ANJALI. In this film there is a broken english spoken by MAYA CHOUDH..find out yourself. Moreover, in some trailors, spelling mistakes always occur. By the way I'm studying in Banglore and whenever I watch manipuri stuffs I feel ashamed of myself when those flaws appear in my computer in front of my non Manipuri friends. It's nothing like I'm insulting Manipuris,why should I? I just want them to keep this in mind and to inform them they need some corrections. Think upon it. Next time I hope I could watch Manipuri films comfortably and also the film makers would be more careful and do their level best. I too hope that more super movies would hit the world.


Informatic, Entertaining, Energetic & Educational

[ Mon, 15 May 2006 12:54:21 -0400]

Dear Sir/Madam,
Its my pleasure to browse which is very informatic, entertaining, energetic and in everyway it is also an educational website. I would like to thank all the members of for their tiredless constant effort to make this website a common place for manipuris.

I have some personal questions and I shall be thankful if you kindly clarify my queries.
1. How and where do you register for making website?
2. What is the criteria for owning website?

With regards

Nokfadey makes me feel at home!

[ Mon, 8 May 2006 08:05:34 -0400]

Hello there,
I am very much thankful to you for putting up these nokphadey clips. This initiative makes us feel home here in e-pao! I am looking forward to seeing some more of your creative ideas here in e-pao.

Warm regards,

Sachin from Manipur!

[ Mon, 8 May 2006 05:55:54 -0400]

Dear Sirs,

Some of us may be of the opinion that Cricket is a lazy game and that people from Manipur has no place in the national team. But there are handful of cricket fans in Manipur too.And there are many who`d heard the name SACHIN but know nothing about cricket. There are a pool of talents guys in Manipur who wanted or are wanting to make their kids the future sachin of India. We see and hear the names of good football players from Manipur representing the best teams/clubs in India,and why not with Cricket??? If cricket is the civilised way of wasting time,then, let's jump into it because we can waste alot of our time for the benefit of million cricket fans in India .The GOM,the Sporting bodies and others's a wake up call from your future heroes. There are sachins there please identify them.We(Manipur)never lag behind in SPORTS and we shall never lag behind in CRICKET.


Nokfadey is brilliant!

[ Fri, 5 May 2006 08:25:12 -0400]

nokphadey is just brillant. "Epom" as we all know is now gone or should i say extinct. nobody can replace those 3 or 4 guys. Its sad we have lost a form of art and can't be replaced. these clippings of course can't replace them but is sure a consolation to those unmatched talents. HATS off to them and the brain behind these clippings. CONGRATS.


Open letter to CM & Dir of SC/ST

[ Wed, 3 May 2006 11:30:26 -0400]


I would like to know the policy of Post-Matric scholarship for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in Manipur. The SC/ST students in Manipur receive very less scholarship as compare to the SC/ST students in Nagaland. Therefore I plead you to make clarification in media so that all the people in Manipur will know the reasons. Secondly, the central government of India grants the scholarship for the SC/ST students and all those who passed Class Ten and enrolled in any colleges receive scholarship up to Post Graduation. However the Manipur govt. is not granting scholarship to those students who are doing their M.Phil/PhD. In this case also the Nagaland govt. and other northeastern states are granting scholarship to the M.Phil/PhD students. Therefore I would like to know why the Manipur govt. is not granting scholarship to the M.Phil/PhD students. Most probably, in Manipur most of the parents are enable to support their wards at least up to Class 12 (10+2). But the problem commences in doing Graduation and Post Graduation and thereafter. The State govt. of Manipur should have given the scholarship to the SC/ST students who are doing M.Phil/Phd. At present I am doing my PhD but I am not getting any scholarship from Manipur state government.

Why the Manipur government is discouraging the SC/ST students doing M.Ph/PhD? I think we need to encourage the higher studies in our state regardless of SC/ST or general. Even if you say, you are not discouraging - not granting scholarship to the M.Ph/PhD students is the proof of discouraging.

Yours sincerely,
R.B. Thohe Pou

Sir Anil and his tremendous achievement

[ Sat, 29 Apr 2006 13:57:48 -0400]

I want to Congratulate Sir Anil Kumar in his tremendous achievement. I had been his student and,always like & respect him. He is a very humble person. Once again I Congratulate him & wish him all the very best.

Awesome article

[ Wed, 26 Apr 2006 21:57:05 -0400]

wow!!! that was an awesome article by the critiquer(economic issues along side political agenda). I basically agreed with whatever he had to say(I am not sure whether its a he or she). anyway, coming back to the article....., the guy/gal hit it right on the spot..Personally I too am of the view that Manipur is on the reverse gear, when the whole god damn world is moving forward.. I should congratulate the person for the article...keep it up.. hope someday manipuris would wake up to realise the futility of all these movements, the so called revolution. i just want to see a peaceful and much advanced manipur before i die. hope i live to see it. It is an achievable dream....................

well wisher

A Silicon City on the making

[ Mon, 24 Apr 2006 05:39:46 -0400]

Kudos to your dedicated team for braving to express the daiy happenings of Manipur. At the sametime, it is disheartening to go through the news with stolen headlines like....strikes,bandh, killings,kidnappings and so on. But outside Manipur regardless of our difference in community,religion and language, we(Non-Resident Manipuris) seem to be so unaware of the developments taking place there which may mar our friendly relaton here. We pray that each of us strive to prevent the brain-drain in Manipur and work sincerely toward making our state the hub of industrialisation, knowledge and what else....someone please fill it up. Let us be proud to admit to our Indian brothers that we are from Manipur. Sorry right now this doesn`t seem to work much.


Fact to fiction, Fatal

[ Sun, 23 Apr 2006 14:17:57 +0400]

Dear Editor,
I am aghast to read the possibly valid opinions on the burning Tipaimukh rape case by Elf Hmar. While his opinions may be personal it may have fuelled the hatred amongst the communities dwelling in the state. Let's note that the inhuman act of the undergrounds does not necessarily carry the signature of the general Meitei society. It'll be wrong to refer/proclaim parts of Manipur to be "lands of the Hmars.." let mother Manipur be for all the populace irrespective of caste and creed. Further the larger Meitei society who too, is actually bearing the brunt of the undergrounds in no case should be held responsible for any kind of misadventure of the undergrounds. A presbyopic view would be too dangerous to handle delicate issues while the indifference attitude of the larger Meitei society in response to the inhuman acts is worth denouncing. Let's not arouse sentiments based on fiction, let the facts and the law of the land bring forth justice.

Yours truly,
Mohammed Sirajul Haidar

Condolence for Issac L. Hmar

[ Sat, 22 Apr 2006 05:11:09 -0400]

It is sad news that Issac L. Hmar was murdered mercilessly in Mizoram. It will be a irreversible loss for Manipur and specially for Hmar community. It was a shocked news for me to see the news in E-pao and couldn't believe it for some time. He was a regular contributor to E-pao and Manipuri Daispora, and I never miss any of his articles. Mizoram Govt. should book the culprits asap and should not delay in bringing them to justify. People of Manipur, irrespective of hills, plains, should mourn for Issac L. Hmar and his family.
May his soul rest in Peace.
Hayum Shidaba.

Tiken Laishram - Software Engg - Bangalore

Chat is a real mess!

[ Sat, 22 Apr 2006 05:11:09 -0400]

Hi, It's a sorry state in the e-pao chatroom. Can't you take up foolproof measures to check the vulgarities there ? It's a real mess. It seems like that all the people flocking there doesn't seemed to have a clear vision. All just chatting up for sake of chatting up or just passing off the insominia phase. No serious business, I'm sure. Anyway thanks for your labour to harbour in the fellow manipuris. I hope and wish for the best in future.

Truly yours,
John S

Vainglorious lot in the Meitei Society

[ Mon, 17 Apr 2006 12:51:30 +0400]

Dear Web Editor,

I hate to disagree with Naorem Romeo's opinion "Are we too cocky????" His opinion speaks volumes of the vainglorious lot in the Meitei society (Mind you! not all the Meitei’s are same). What wonders me is that very few shed their skin to bring out the reality or accept it. The present scenario of distrust and turmoil amongst our brethrens in our home state is because of our asinine ego. Would we be able to come out of this and be realistic for the good? I sincerely hope that many young people like Romeo would help building the bridge of trust and goodwill among the different communities of the state.

Thanks and regards.

We Manipuri Rocks!!

[ Sat, 15 Apr 2006 02:42:53 -0400]

Its been ages n years since I have been logging onto epao when ever I go for browsing..I really enjoy logging onto this site..Kudos to you all there assocaited with epao.. U know we manipuris rocks.. As a students there's no college in India or in the world without a manipuri student being there.. Though we may have been from a small state, but we are known everywhere - as a Manipuri..

I will be working in CTS(Cognizant Technology Solutions) as an associate software engineer very shortly n i do want to help my people in getting jobs here too..

For any information email me here..

Looking for old school friends

[ Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:05:35 -0400]

Dear E-pao, I would like to use this platform to get in touch with my long lost school friends from Nirmalabas School to Adimjati h/school. If any of you or their kids are reading this ,I'd really appreciate if they can email back to me. Some of my friends from Nirmalabas School(1975 batch) days are RK. Kiran kumar from Thokchom Leikai, Jibanlata, Niranjan Singh, Khumanthem Surodhoni( if I am not wrong, she's married to Sushil kumar),Ahanthem Priyovashini from Elang Leikai, Jasmine Kaur & Daisy from M.G.Avenue, Gulapchand, Deepak & Nindu Kaur from Thangal Bazar, Rajeshwari from Uripok, Lanjaimei(Rita)& her sis(Tip-top owner's daughters),Gaichuiru & her brother from Kakhulong, Rachel Shimrah, Marcus, Pukninghuba & Sushilkumar from Uripok, Prakriti from Sagolband. Some of my Adimjati h/school friends are Chisa Mao, Lorho Mao, Nanao Guite, Uma Thapa, Tongkhuanlian Paite, Dimleiru, Majachunglu Golmei, Shitaljit Singh, Muneikim Haokip, Awon Shimray, Ajanta Golmei, Rampar Hmar & her brother, Sanjana Joshi, Kavita Joshi, Neilienthang Kom(from Kom Keirap),etc, and many others. Please do not hesitate to email me. It would be wonderful to be able to get in touch with friends through

Yours sincerely,
Shanti Thokchom

Sex without protection??

[ Sat, 8 Apr 2006 16:40:09 -0400]

I am quite sure that sex is always transmited AIDS virus if it is unsafe sex. Whereas in Manipur it is not so aware instead people encourage to have sex without protection if you really gone through this article 'HIV infection through sex avoidable'. I hope people should or should not believe what Dr. Radharani said depends on our observation as she has to confirm this things in International arena first otherwise people of Manipur will face more harmful AIDS among them. It should be published in Science Related journal or should be tested with a good experiments only then we can look what she is saying. I hope she needs to get a recognition from the UN body WHO, otherwise small Manipuri population will be in danger if people start using such medicine after an hour or two hour of sex. It is always better to have a safe sex , why our Manipuri women will more suffer if we follow the words which Radharani mention . I am not opposing her but before saying any comment we should know how come?? and why?? and how far??? is true. Please do away from the things which HIV can attack or transmit to you...

Always need to look for a longer generation if we are looking for a better future....


Warning before Violent Photos

[ Sat, 8 Apr 2006 13:19:01 -0400]

Hi all,

Being so far away from home, I feel is a great way to be in touch with my hometown. Not to forget those great pictures of the current events happening in Manipur or outside Manipur. Sometimes, I see old friends from highschool. Keep up the great work. My only concern would be some of the pictures, particularly the violent bloody dead bodies suddenly popping up right after the beautiful "Thabal Chongba" or any other for that matter. Personally, i feel there should be some kind of warning for the viewers. May be its not suitable to look at it for everyone.


Looking for my friends

[ Fri, 7 Apr 2006 13:26:48 -0400]

Dear Adminstrator,
I am looking for my frined whom I have not seen or spoken with since 1980. I do not have his contact details. We studied together in Utter Pradesh. His name is Lourinbom Iboishak Singh. He is an Agriculture graduate and will be in 50's. He must be working in Agriculture department. I have tried to contact Agriculture department but unable to get through to them.If u are able to give me tel no of Department of Agrculture in Imphal, I will try to find him.

I will be thankful if you are able to find this friend of mine. I have another friend named Lankeshwar Singh. He is also Agriculture graduate. If I am able to find I will be able to find both.
My name is Shuban Kotwal and I live in London.
Many Thanks for your help.

Best Regards
Shuban Kotwal ( Email: skkotwal at hotmail dot com )

My friend has got into IAS Intv.

[ Fri, 7 Apr 2006 09:28:24 -0400]

Hi e-pao team,
I am to remind you of the good news of my friend, Mr Altaf Hussein, of Khetri Bengoon of Khetrigao, Imphal East clearing IAS Mains 2005 in the first attempt. He has his interview on 12th April. I hope all of ur team and the readers will pray for his grand success. He has a B.Tech in Elect. Engg. from Jamia Milia Islamia, New delhi.He also worked in New Delhi Power limited for about 2 years. He studied in St. george School,Wangkhei,Imphal upto Class VII before joining Jamia Milia School, New Delhi in Class VIII.
Say "cheers",dear friends.
It is such a good feeling that manipuri Muslims are now-a-days clearing the IAS Exams so often. We just had Md Noor Rahman Sheikh getting into Indian Foreign Service. It is a very welcoming trend and we hope to see this in future as well.


Kuki names misspelled

[ Mon, 3 Apr 2006 08:02:08 -0400]

It is very unfortunate that the names of people and places are often mispelled! I have been observing Kuki names and places which are very common Manipuri names misspelled many times. You should take more care while putting down names of people, villages, etc. for public information.


More Sports Galleries.. please

[ Mon, 3 Apr 2006 00:47:24 -0400]

Right now in bangalore working out here.. is becoming one of my daily user about the news and entertainment and I am very much touch with this website. Well as Im a sport loving person too, I usually go and check the news about the sports happening in Manipur but the thing is that, I am not able to see how was it. It would be more clear if you attach some galleries along with the news..
Thanks and hope you will put my feedback onto a high priority and try to implement it soon as possible.

E-pao user,

Antipathy of police is the real problem

[ Mon, 3 Apr 2006 02:43:24 -0400]

Dear editor,

This is not the first time such public campaign against drug abuse and trafficking and against other anti social activities being held in Lilong. They all started with a very good intension and the public response in the initial 2/3 months were overwhelming but the problem lies in the negligence of the law enforcing body. What is supposed to be Law enforcement problem, public has taken up and they seem to be more interested in allowing such activities to continue. It wouldn't be wrong if I say they have their own vested interest in this activities. There were organisation like ACTION COMMITTIES in every club of Lilong but unfortunately it is the antipathy of police which is the real problem . We should rather think about changing this state of affair. This will be for the future of our state. I sincerly pray the committee continue their work till the evil is uprouted completely.


TIPS's concern over 'rape' questioned.

[ Sat, 1 Apr 2006 03:34:40 -0500]

"It is disheartening to note why no words of concern for the rape victims and condemnation of the incident came from groups which are seen to be championing the cause of human rights and the oneness and also the integrity of the people of Manipur".

Indeed it is a shame on the part of the so called, I don't know how many, champions of "Integrity of Manipur". So far no strong word of condemnation has come from many of the valley-based organisations regarding the current issue in Churachandpur. Be it the mighty meira-paibis or any such organizations whatsoever. Are we so preoccupied with the problems we are having in the city that we can't even express sympathy to our own folks and condemn such a heinous crime? Would we have remained the same had such a thing taken place in the heart of the Imphal city?

Lets for a moment assume that the rape didn't take place. But something obviously did happen, something very disturbing. We cannot ignore the displaced people of the land who have taken shelter in Mizoram. Maybe it has got to do with other things too. I'm not saying that the people left their hometown just because of the alleged rape. There could be other reasons. Reasons like the ongoing war between the Indian forces and the UGs. But we cannot overlook the complete turmoil over there. Like they say, there can be no smoke without fire. And mind you, I'm not making assumptions here. What about the testimonies the victims gave to different organisations? It's not a question of who committed the rape or whether it took place in the first place. Perhaps a group of people under the disguise of the valley-based UGs committed the crime to tarnish their image. People will believe what they want to belief.

It would be personal opinion, finding it hard to believe that the alleged UGs could have done such a thing. But I find it harder that 21 women will charge an organization with raping them just to tarnish their image. Or that someone could have instigated them to give wrong testimonies. Something really is amiss here. It's not a question of whether non-tribal UGs committed the crime or not. The need of the hour is to let our brothers and sisters feel that we are with them. In every hardship they face we are with them to share their plight. What is the use of shouting and getting killed for "Integrity" if we cannot fathom the idea of integrity? Are we talking about territorial integrity only? Is it a prize worth possessing at the cost of those martyrs if we fail to cultivate the integrity of being a human being in the fist place? Sooner or later the 'real' facts will surface. But in the meantime lets not alienate our own people by sticking to such a thing called "Fact Finding Team".

"Chingmiga tammiga nungsinadanaba silli,
Hatnaribasing uragadi khakna nokli."____TAPTA.


Eco-Blockade against common people

[ Fri, 31 Mar 2006 03:35:31 -0500]

Respected editor of the e-pao news portal

I would like to put my views regarding the economic blockade imposed by the ATSUM , I'm studying outside the state so its really discouraging to hear such things like blockade still happening at home after so many years we have not realised the negative impact it causes to so many people, I think those in the ATSUM have no matured leader so as to understand what they are doing is not in the interest of the general people though I also respect their quest for the development of the hill areas in Education... but is this(economic blockade) the only means to raise their voice !!!

Many opinion regarding these things might have already been written in various newspapers of Manipur but to no heel the blokade ceases, I'm at pain to think that we are still the ones responsible for our own underdevelopment ....regarding also to the hands of the UGs involved in every sphere of development process or interfering in anyone who is well off ... though my opinion may be of the same wit most of us Manipuris but nothing would be heard or done and then it would be another waste of writing ...but let it be known that this is what a student feels for his homestate... i would be thankful if any response comes from the ATSUM and tell their part of the story.

Wangamba Luwang
bds student

Ramblings on my last school days

[ Tue, 28 Mar 2006 14:59:26 -0500]

hi, this is a lonely creature and I stay in my four chambered room. To be honest I felt bit nervous of what to say on the topic I have choosen. Though being a manipuri I never take myself as a Manipuri. I live my own world and I do things which I like may be I am bit different in my way from others. I stay with my family in Kolkata and 13 feb 2006 was my last school day and it was bit boring for me for I missed my friends back at home but what to do life is full of disappointments and we had to carry on with it. Recently, I am addicted to a Bryan number ,not for the song but for the lyric which says
I hear the wind ,call your name
it calls me back home again
----- ill always return.
Sorry I forgot other part. School life is over for me but still those gloomy days are fresh in my mind I dont know why. I want to live as an individual but time never permit me to do so. I even dont know whether this message will reach the destination.

Home is where our Memories are

[ Thu, 23 Mar 2006 15:46:33 -0500]

E-pao Team,

I agree with Anjan, the article by Mr. Hmar, "Please go home, Ma!" was a gem. Please once again highlight the article in the front page. I believe everyone should hear his story. The personal essay has refined the meaning of home, especially under the present political scenario. Our home has nothing to do with illusionary political lines or sectarian insisted lines, but it is where our memories are. I don't understand why we should destroy our homes for imaginary lines. Are we supposed to pretend we live in a place surrounded by imaginary line? Where should we to draw the line? Just pass my house, my neighbor or the next town. Unfortunately, we don't have enough bricks to build a wall and screen our memories. We can to better than building imaginary lines. How about clean water, better schools and industries?


Thabal should be in traditional dress

[ Tue, 21 Mar 2006 10:49:15 -0500]

Hello Sir,

I really appreciate the Thabal Chongba organised by MSAD at New Delhi. I would like to share my opinion, am not criticizing but one thing which disappointed me is that people enjoying the thabal chongba were not wearing our traditional dress instead they were wearing western wears. I do accept the fact that its comfortable, but what i feel is that if we want to enjoy, celebrate n follow the tradition which is inherent in our culture we should follow the trend followed by the people of Manipur. If a part of system disturb the whole system collapse. Hope the changing trends in fashion would not corrupt our strong rooted tradition.

I would like to appologize if it hurts the sentiments of the mass.

With Regards,

Why wasn't Kunjarani on the site today?

[ Fri, 17 Mar 2006 17:23:08 -0500]

Dear editor sir

The whole world knows that our own lady Kunjarani devi lifted the first gold of the commonwealth games - 2006 at Melbourne . I thought it's a big big thing and a moment to be proud being a Manipuri. It's a remarkable. I congrates her for what she have been achieved so far. And I pray and wish her keep on going and just more another gold in the Beijing Olympic.

But, sir I have a few amicably questions to you : why not kunjarani devi in the site today ? Apart from the law and order, killing, rape, festivals etc I thought her wonderful displayed and a gold medal was well deserve to be a hotspot or either a headlines. This is not for the first time she is making a headline to all the country leading newspapers. So I felt the readers will be more please to see their lady on their own site too.

Sir, being a reader and a sportsman, I feel that the e-pao site has become a stable platform to reach to people acknowledgement. So in the coming years I wish that such an outstanding show and achievement be reached to people from people in and out of state. And I felt the site can make it happen. From my point of view starts from the kunjarani devi followed by many other respectable sportsperson who are excel in their various field could get receive a better recognize. They brought the medals, name, fame, glory of their states, country. But in return what they have been receiving is not-worthy. I feel they needed and deserve more exposure and good coverage. What I'm saying is not just to gain some publicity to the concern personalities. I feel it would be a beneficial in many ways for the youngsters who are persuading into sports to be well aware and learnt more of what's happening. More and more the kids, young, man, woman, who are genuinely have the passion of games and sports would be the happiest people to learnt every move of their sport star. Even for the others might it would be a U-turn to follow the trend.

We talk about Manipur "jewel of talents in sports". Keeping it in mind and to live up to the words I feel the media like the e-pao site could play a big role to take the sports to further level. What I'm writing is not a mind of sportsman or on behalf of anybody. I write because I love it and I follow it. Its not only a sports related - we said "sports a way of life" so obviously it can lead to a good cause in social life. I've nothing personal with the site. And it's a pleasure to see the commitment and the work shown by the site so far. It's incredible. I wish keep on going and to see more and more updating important, interesting, attractive news earliest as possible.

I apologize if my words happen to hurt anybody's feeling.

Gouramangi Singh Moirangthem

a4apple is good!

[ Wed, 15 Mar 2006 05:27:45 -0500]

A warm greeting to all the e-pao members.i write to say that the band called a4apple is a rather interesting band. I would love to write to them and let them know that i totally support their music but i know no way of getting in touch with them so i decided to write to you all. i am a great fan of blink 182 and greenday... i love alternative and punk music...

I appreciate that the work this site is doing by featuring bands in the site.its cool and teh band a4apple rocks. I myself am forming an alternative and a punk band. well, we ve composed a little and i wanna encourage everyone with the love of music to satnd up for their talent.


Completely heart broken..

[ Fri, 10 Mar 2006 14:41:54 +0530]

hi e-pao team,

I am sure I am not a stranger associated with your portal. I am not attaching any article this time. for a while now this article on the website " please go back home ma" by Elf Hmar has completely broken my heart. I have read it over n over again several times. Just can't seem to get over it as reality dawns on me and several others like me.

I want to put two requests to you people. first of all there should be provision for any reader to post comments on any article without having to send a personal mail to the author.. it saves the complexity and is more convenient.. the mail id should nevertheless be given for the benefit of those who want to communicate on personal basis. my second request is to keep this one particular article for as long as possible on the front page rather than pushing it in the archive. that way whoever surfs e-pao will go through and get the message.

I am not familiar with your protocols and regulations but I hope you will consider my requests because they are pretty sensible i guess.. and finally i can't thank you more for posting all such articles that really makes us look into our conscience and make introspections...

please keep up the good work.

Anjan Takhellambam

Let's take a bet

[ Wed, 8 Mar 2006 06:18:49 -0500]

Its quite agood deed on the part of the MPSC that it had declare the exam reasults very soon at the earliest Which the people can be proud of as its one of the fastest in the country. But the sad part is that the sucessfull candidate instead of making effort on their part began to worry on the financial bunch that they need to give to the so to say powerful man, what ever,,,which will decide their fate. Thus its quite a pity on our part that we have such a system where the good, knowlegeable and the qualified persons had to sacrifice at the alter of MONEY.


What about the 25 rape in Tipaimukh

[ Wed, 8 Mar 2006 06:18:49 -0500]

Dear Editor Sir,
Let Naobi get justice, let every girl and every women in Manipur get due respect and honor as their counterparts in other parts of the world. This is my prayer on this day THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2006. But one thing that disturbs my mind is that whereas the Naobi incident has created a storm in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, state wide bandh is called, an inquiry committee is instituted etc. etc. and hopefully she may get justice at the end eventhough that may not compensate her loss, but what about the 25 unfortunate rape victims of the Tipaimukh Hills in the same state. No state wide bandh for them, no storm in the State Assembly for them, no word of sympathy for them from the Organisations that are fighting for Naobi's rights and honor,no inquiry institutd for them?
Are they less valuable............?

Yours sincerely

Sports people should get a better place

[ Sun, 5 Mar 2006 04:09:55 -0500]

Hello E Pao.
My Name is Manoj Sagolsem, I have been living in Delhi for the last the 10 years. I am working for American Express business Travel as a Business Analyst. I know, and have heard so much about the sporting talents and the potential that our state (Manipur) possess. We should all urge for their upliftment or better ambience and quality for these talents to outshine from what they already possess. I feel that its these talented individual who is bringing a better name to our state, and for the same reason our state has been widely recognised. I stongly feel these individual should be given a better place, than they all ready have. It is only then they will have the desire to give their best. They deserve a lot more. I hope we together we can make the difference.

Thank you
Manoj Sagolsem
New Delhi.

Saw Keith Urban concert

[ Fri, 3 Mar 2006 14:12:51 -0500]

I read about the article on Uriah Heep concert and it is interesting,I want to share mine experiences at a concert of a different kind. I had the opportunity to attend the concert of the country singer Keith Urban last month in Tulsa,OK. People get a shock to see an Asian,that too, a Manipuri, can enjoy country music among the cowboys and cowgirls.Well,there is nothing wrong in enjoying any kind of music. This artist was a very humble and good singer-entertainer.He connects to people. There was more hype to his concert because of the fact that he is romantically linked to the Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman.


Goons in Uniforms

[ Fri, 3 Mar 2006 14:12:51 -0500]

When all notions of civilised norms and behaviour expected in a modern and progressive society goes out the window, it is really time for us collectively to sit up and take notice. what has come to past in the last week or two is something i consider as beyond abomination. The "supposed guardians of law" acting in a manner not befitting their duty and obligation towards society will go down in the history of Manipur as a big blot against our collective will and ability to fucntion as a civilised society. It is not just the perpetrators in uniform who are at fault, but also all those who are responsible for allowing such savages to don uniform and also for the abject failure on their part to inculcate discipline and a sense of duty in these men. The sorry truth is that everybody in the government has failed in their duty towards the people and the state. It is now up to those be in power to show and reassure the people of Manipur by addressing this issue and deliver the aggreived young lady from her suffering and injustice meted out to her. Mere words will not suffice,Sir, I submit. The strictest possible action should be taken against the perpetrators of this heinous. The young woman has been allegedly sexually molested. Such actions cannot and should not be condoned in any society. No justification would sufficed in this regard. We are watching and waiting with bated breath to see whether,those of you in power, live up to the trust we have placed in you with our votes.

It is time to take a stand and we know one will definitely be taken, but what we would like to know is whether your stand is for the people or will you act hand in gloves with these "GOONS IN UNIFORMS"? Act Now! The time for running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds is over!


No violent pictures

[ Thu, 2 Mar 2006 23:28:17 -0500]

As a fellow Manipuri I m not critisising our/your website but all I can say is that "You guys need to upgrade this website a lot ". Look here we can see that topics on cease fire and killings of innocent peoples. I appreciate that we are updated about the happenings in Manipur. But it would look more beautiful if you can keep it confined only at the news Archive or something. Otherwise sometime it feels like "spreading hatred and violence " Rather than doing any good for the people who don't know about our state. Recently I was searching for information on "Phumdis "But i couldn't . Please atleast if you dont want Display positive sides of Manipur , prefer you take it off.

PS: Atleast i dont want pictures of Violence greeting me ,Think about it pLease .

umpteen problems cripping Manipur

[ Tue, 28 Feb 2006 09:29:48 -0500]


Don't really know what to write and how i should start. Just wanted to share few things regarding the umpteen problems cripping into our state. It is dying in the hands of our own people, least to blame the others. I am sure that nobody is going to be interested in reading this mail but I just thought of voicing out my opinions on this regard. There is still time to change the system. People say we need to be in the system to change the system but is it really possible for us to join politics or even to join a revolutionary party? What are these people doin? In the name of fighting for the land they are creating chaos and confusion in everybody's heart be it in the old or young, regardless of age. Our hearts are bleeding because of these people and the govt, and we the commons chicken out from confronting them. Corruption persisting since times immemorial is still getting worse as time passes by. The so called vigilantes who kill people who are highly corrupt,themselves are corrupted. I fail to understand the philosophy of cleaning out dust from somebody else's eyes when our own eyes are filled with specks of dust. What's the role of media in the process? Is media too highly corrupt? or is media busy favouring some politicians?pl do not be the flunkeys of these people. Please do let the people know about the sufferings that your family and my family go through!

Can nobody change the system of education? Have those people ever seen books in their life? Are they well read to form rules of an examination? An uneducated rather illeterate forming such rules comes as a hilarious news to my ears. Am awfully dumbstruck at their audacity and shemelessness! they say they fight for us yet,they wound us,take the lives of our loved ones and dear ones and they are busy minting money. And we the commons are befooled time and again by them just because they hold guns in their dirty hands! when it comes to fighting the real fight,it is us who fight for the land not them. We the common people get killed when they themselves should be coming forward and protecting us. Does anybody remember pebam chittaranjan who killed himself for us?who is bothered to enquire sharmila's health?people in fact make fun of them. It is our duty to make changes and ameliorate the pathetic conditions of our own motherland. Please do not forget that your own mother gave you birth in this dirt filled land, i too were born in the same condition. I am not blaming anyone but just writing about what i feel.there are lots to write but who would be bothered to read my writings?

Well i am not really a patriotic person. I am just a very normal student who still likes going out and party with friends. I am just not into fighting for the land like our brethens do by troubling their own brethens. I dont believe in harming others to better myself. Please do not be offended about this mail. You are the credible source of information so i just tought of writing to you and spill my guts to you. I am really very thankful to all of you who have taken the pain to launch this website. All the best to all of you! may god's peace be with you all!

with much love and prayer

ANSAM allegation

[ Thu, 2 Mar 2006 23:28:17 -0500]

Dear Sir,

The serious allegation of ANSAM, that a non-tribal militant group had committed heinous crime on the girls of Lungthulien cannot be wished away easily. I have checked with independenpent NGOs, Church leaders and journalists from Churachandpur district and they have verified it to be true. It is unfortunate that a revolutionary group with a vision of 'independent united Manipur' would stooped down so low. It will go down as lingering festering and painful chapter in the memory lane of Hill-Valley relationship.

If the militant group has the credibility, they should punish those who were responsible for this shameful act. The valley civil groups also demand justice as they did on the event of Manorama.

Sam Daimai
Tamei, Tamenglong dist.

Experiences in Mexico

[ Tue, 28 Feb 2006 18:03:07 -0500]

I would like to share my experiences with you all about my mission trip to a small town in Rio Verde state in Mexico. I went with my church group of 26 people, which included 10 youths and rest of us adults. When I reached there,it reminded me of my hometown Imphal. The people rode cycles just like we do back home,carrying a child & the mother at the back. We went to the outskirts of the town where the poorest of the poor lived in slums or plastic -covered dwellings. We had vacation bible camps at 3 different places in the mornings. Then we went to a factory to minister to the workers who were more curious to stare at us than anything else. My team members were all Americans and I was the only Manipuri among them. The people did not believe I was from India because I did not have the general features of an Indian but more of a mongoloid. I really loved my time there because I connected with them instantly. We did puppet shows for the children, mime for the adults and one on one meetings too.I did not know a word of Spanish but the children loved us and called us 'Hermana'meaning- sister.It was a wonderful experience to be able to witness to people and tell them about my home state. They were surprised to know that I loved their hot peppers(chillies). They gave me bottles ful of hot chillies to take home.We played soccer with the Mexican youth, because they related sports with that. I felt very,very blessed.Nothing in the world can compare that feeling of blessedness. I am going to try to go this year again.


Cure for Problems in Manipur

[ Fri, 24 Feb 2006 18:43:24 -0500]

Folks, why can't we open our eyes widely and see the truth. The present worse situation of Manipur are created by the politicians due to their selfish desires. Elections are too unfair thesedays.We should elect those who already had a good education background. We younsters can embellish our state and start up a new society with love, co-operation , peace and harmony. All people in Manipur are manipuris. The politicians are after money, they back-up the useless UGs and for how many years our state is in that condition. The govt sanctions funds through the politicians for a project or to improve the condition of the state and people but how many politicians are really doing their jobs? They use for their personal works.My statement can be proved by looking at the condition of the infrastructures of our state. Bygone is by gone. Let elections be fair frm now on and vote for the 1 who has had a good education background. This way, i guess some lines would improve. It's not my perceptions but a fact which is obvious.

Kindly reply me and share your views. Would be glad if you could show me the errors.

Rape of Justice

[ Wed, 15 Feb 2006 23:59:46 -0800]

I never expected it to happen to me in front of others. And I never had expected that things could be that worse this way – to my people, to my land. I kept track of the unfortunate events that befall the Hmars and their lands in Manipur. But never did I ever comprehend the extent of the agony they had to undergo. I could feel their pains and hopelessness. But only when I heard the gravity of their conditions from a close friend, did I mourn with a shattered heart. A friend, who visited them, listened to the humiliations from the victims’ own; saw their anguish with his very own eyes. I never slept soundly after that. But I felt the trauma of being only the hearer. And not being the victim.

As I listened to the friend’s narration, I could feel the lump in my throat that seems to come from nowhere. I could not help the rolling down of the tears. I could only try holding them back. Gently rubbing them off with the fingers, feeling awkward to be seen ‘crying’. I do get emotional sometimes. Once is a while when life going gets too tough to handle; when I am by myself. But the tear that rolls down the cheek when I heard of the torments the innocent villagers in Lungthulien, Parbung and surrounding villages had to endure was different. It felt as though my soul was ripped away from me. I could only listen not to hear more. Compared, Manorama rape will not be anything. She was fortunate to die. Fortunate not to face the humiliation she would face.

The traumas and pains the innocent virgin girls from these remote villages, minors (aged between 13–17), had to experience in the hands of the outlawed valley-based insurgent groups of Manipur on January 2006 were horrendous. The victims do not number just one or two. There are already ten who stepped forward to disclose their traumatic experiences from the outlaws. They were molested. Taken forcefully from their homes and parents to the forest with guns on their forehead, and raped. Medical checkup confirmed one of the victims pregnant with a child of these revolutionary rapists. And more than twenty remains silent, afraid to face the light. Their life shattered forever. Their young innocent bodies were sexually tortured, dishonoured and infested by the rapists. Their womanhood was not enough. They mouths were stuffed with the pride of the rapists. I expected these inhumane treatments only from barbarians, and not from such so-called revolutionary groups. If this is really what the involved revolutionary groups’ movements are about, why not start it from thy bearers? It would be more understandable.

Justice, Justice, Where Art Thou?

Lalremlien Neitham
New Delhi

Rock N Roll N Drugs

[ Mon, 13 Feb 2006 20:34:40 -0800]

Dear Ringo
I read your artcle about the uriah heep concert. Thanks a lot for giving us some flavour about the concert. Everytime I listen this old band, it took me back to those times where manipur was much more rock oriented and kids like me used to love wearing skulls everywhere. And I believe so many talented guitar player and singer are there, no one provide them a space.

And our youngster are fading away with drugs and HIV. We better do something about it and give them a space.

Long live Rock n Roll


Shocked at the attempt on Ratan Luwangcha

[ Mon, 13 Feb 2006 14:54:44 +0530]


I am shocked (that is an understatement) to read about the attempt made on the life of Ratan Luwangcha, who is senior journalist with the Poknapham daily, Imphal. The KCP has claimed responsibility. I don't know what reasons the KCP come up with to justify their cowardly action, but I do know the following:

1. Ratan Luwang is a journalist who, as far as I know, always fearlessly defended the press's rights and prestige. I met him on one occasion. It was in 2004 when there was a misunderstanding between Churachandpur police department and the Churachandpur Reporters Forum (CRF). Ratan was part of the AMWJU delegation who came to mediate on the issue. There is one thing that Ratan said during our meeting at the Churachandpur SP's Office and which I still remember-"We journalists are at the level of beggers when we talk to beggers; and we are at the level of Prime Ministers when we talk to Prime Ministers".

2. Apart from being a Journalist working for a Newspaper, Ratan is general secretary of the AMWJU. That the KCP tried to kill him point blank, without any reference to the Journalists' organisation shows their contempt for the journalists' fraternity in Manipur, and also highligted in bold letters their cynical attitude towards newspersons in general. The issue is not just about him. It's about every newspapers and every pen-welding journalist in the state.

3. The AMWJU and Editors' Forum takes the right step by launching a sustained agitation campaign consequent to the shooting and suspending publication of news for two days. As journalists who have only pens and papers for weapon, that's all they can do, for the time being. But it is of utmost importance at this critical juncture that we put our foot down, face this naked atttempt to intimidate journalists head on without getting intimidated. The KCP comes up with an excuse for their crime only after committing the heinous crime. Hence, whatever they had alleged sounds like an after-thought and lacks credibility. It is their misfortune, perhaps, that Ratan will survive to answer every charges cooked up word for word.

Lastly, I wish Ratan Luwangcha a swift recovery. What the Press in Manipur needs more than anything at this juncture is Journalists of his calibre and conviction who will not wilt in the face of threats and intimidations. May his tribe increase!

Yours Sincerely,
Thangkhanlal Ngaihte
New Delhi.

Uriah Heep should have concert in NE

[ Sat, 11 Feb 2006 10:01:07 -0500]

Hi ringo

That was a cool article. I wish I could be there. Going through the words I think I have miss something great. It is very disappointing to know the response of the crowd. I have read about them coming to India but I never thought it would turn out like that.. its very awful. Like you said I really agree, if ever it could have been arranged in one of our North-East state it would have been a history of otherwise, very pleasant, contrary to the fact which it was. By god I'm very much sure, crowd over there would have give their tooth and nail to watch them.

I don't know why rest of the country are very immature when coming to rock and mordern music unlike north-east? I guess its gene factor or may be ignorance or they doesn't posseses modern 21st century mindset. I mean its pretty much a fool to be oblivion about the modern mind expanding and regenerating kind of music. I dont know what world are they living in but to north eastern state I give......thumbs up!!!!!! Rock baby the world is out

Ringo..keep the reviewing and reporting alive. More power to you. See ya!


Freedom from Ignorance

[ Tue, 31 Jan 2006 14:47:17 -0500]

Manipur has been going through a bad phase socially, economically and culturally. It may not be impossible to reverse the process but it will take time and effort. Statistically speaking manipur is one of the most under devoloped states (in a third world coutry). Law and order situation is also as bad as it can be. This 'really unfortunate state of affairs' is nothing but artificial. We have created our own difficulties and got it accumulated over the years partly due to greediness and to a great extent due to lack of awareness. Greediness is a terminology only applicable for those so called ruling classes. On the other hand common people lack awareness to an extent unimaginable. These two prove deadly for everybody in the state.

When one lacks awareness it is very easy to manipulate and exploit sentiments. Ruling classes who are ruthlessly greedy will exploit for thier gain the more innocent yet less aware common people. Such a situation is the worst that can happen in a soceity. This has been happenning in manipur for quite sometime. It has taken its toll on our social structure, econonomy stability etc. progress of devolopment has been retarded in the process.

if we fail to find out a way to get rid of the situation, future will remain bleak and a social catastrophe will be just round the corner. No angel from another planet will come to set the situation right. We are directly responsible to correct the system which has gone wrong far beyond the limit.

I hope to share my views on how to catch the express highway of devolopment in my subsequent 'feedback' interactions.

Saroj Konsam

Fashion Hoopla!

[ Sun, 22 Jan 2006 03:31:36 -0500]

Dear Editor,

Muhen has done a commendable research on fashion trends of the Manipuri youths it seems. While a handful of businessman are cashing on with the trends many a parents are burdened to meet their fashion conscious children. I don't see any reason to be proud of following the so-called fashion trends. Had our youths made any mark in the fashion scene of India leave aside the world? Are we able to produce and promote any fashion product of our own? We have already dumped our once famous handloom forget about promoting. It will be preposterous to compare Manipuri films with Assamese films reasons everyone knows. Our fashion conscious youths are misidentified as Nepali elsewhere in the big cities of India.

Fashion conscious girls already felt the heat of the revolutionaries by bringing in dress codes in the state. Does our youths carry anything Manipuri with them elsewhere? It's very unfortunate for us that at a time of identity crisis our youths are lost in fashion. What is fashion? Is it to dress oneself to look like a westerner? These fashion trends brought along Dependency, Drugs and Diseases to our once healthy society. When will our youth come to their senses and try to dress sensibly keeping in mind our culture and tradition? Let's try to move towards a self-sustained society and every one promote it. Playing consumers to the trend will prove fatal. Together let's find ways to gain from this ever-changing fashion trends.


"Sanamahism" can get opportunity in Centre

[ Fri, 20 Jan 2006 11:55:39 -0500]

A team of National Commission for Religion and Linguistic Minorities would be visiting the State on January 22 to review the measures taken up for the welfare of socially and economically backward classes of religious and linguistic minorities. It is a good chance for the Manipuris who are not yet identified by the govt. of India regarding the linguistic minority and the religious minority. I would suggest that Meitei religion called Sanamahi body should be called a religious minority and members should joint such commission and claimed official . This will give the benefit to the Sanamahi for their education reservation and its establishment of the institute in any part of the India. I hope the people who follow Sanamahi should take awareness of such opportunity for the future reorganization and should produced official proof in front of them. We the Sanamahi are very important for the educational purposed to come up for the literature in religious and linguistic in near future as there are certain opportunity for the Manipuri student to translate the Manipuri into English. Recently Manipuri language is added into the world translation GPO.

I hope member of the Meitei religious organization should discuss and associate this commission as Meiteis are really in minority if we go out of Valley e.i Imphal valley. The population of Manipur is equivalent to Karol Bagh a market area in Delhi. So, we should be initiative in taking this chance if we are officially avail. Hope most of the education in Indian institute will provide to the good Manipuri student by recognising the status and dignity as we have distinct creative and research idea. Let us hope that we have religion opportunity and creativity to achieve our goal to success for future to live with peace and harmony and a good knowledge of education and development.


Appeal For Restrain

[ Fri, 20 Jan 2006 07:28:37 -0500]


We the North East Students' Union, Mangalore(NESUM), Karnataka, expressed our deepest sympathy to the Hmars and Paites refugees of Churachandpur district, Manipur. It is known for the past few years that militants in the north east has been harassing the common pupulation in villages,this despite appeals from various quarters to refrain from such activitities.

We as a student, who has been living here far away from our homes always put up the principle of brotherhood amongst us. We therefore expressed our angst to any mal- treatment of the common people by any force- be it the army or militants. We hope understanding and diplomacy prevails in this time of crisis. We appeal once again to all concerned to take a look at the way such innosent villagers are turned out of their homes for the greater interest of communal harmony and peace.

We also appeal to the students community in Manipur and other north eastern states to come out against any mistreatment of innocent villagers wherever it maybe. This is a matter that should bring a uniting force of peace lovers to a cmomon platform so that we as a citizen co-exist in harmony.

Our Manipuri brothers here have been best of friends and we cannot afford to hear things taking a different course in their state. So, on behalf of all our NESUM and particularly our Manipuri brothers we appeal to all parties concern to respect the lives of people and work for the interest of all.

Th Manipur government must ensure the safety of its subject and we appeal the Chief minister to take a personal intervention and visit the striken villagers in the district to instill confidence among the affected villagers.

truly yours,

1.James A. Sangma
President, NESUM, Karnataka

2. Robert L Sungte
General Secretary, NESUM, Karnataka
Phone no. 09945131703

Campaign against Alcoholism

[ Tue, 17 Jan 2006 10:55:22 -0500]

Different Organizations, N.G.O. have taken various stands for AIDS awareness, rehabilitations for drug addicts etc. which is very appraising, but drug is not the only evil on the other hand, alcohol in its attracting stunning figure and transparent plastics also create a major disorder specially to its own families.

The patriarchal societies of Manipur where male species are considered superior to female, exerts its superiority is visible more after drinking. Alcoholism not only affects the person's health but the peace and tranquility of the surrounding is disturbed. It is worth mentioning that almost a higher percentage of male is prone to drinking habits but this figure need not necessarily remain standstill and be a usual spectator.

If we recall, the present day Meira-Paibi or the torch bearer was also called Nishabandh which means to stop intoxicants and mainly targeted to stop drinking practices. However, with the active participation of Manipuri women in other affairs, there has been a changing notion.

365 days in the calendar has national holidays, state holidays, bandhs, strikes but can a single non-working day in Manipur be taken out for a mass rally to campaign against alcoholism. The rally would be legitimate as well as socially accepted where no particular organization or any investment would be needed. General meetings as is very common today can also be held to deal with alcoholism and a general rehabilitation programme can also be enunciated at the foremost.

Yours faithfully
B. Jayalakshmi
Keishamthong Longjam Leirak

'We/us' should police Chat rooms!

[ Sat, 14 Jan 2006 21:42:36 -0500]

God has given us the most wonderful invention of this century- "The INTERNET". One can make it or mar it. This applies to our chatroom. There are more people to mar than to make it. Majority of them log in with their conscious left to the wlid wind blowing in the chatroom which if they realise is like Adam and Eve with their apple. Morality, character, education- all dumped into the garbage can. Temptations taking over.

Sit back and give it a thought if you happen to be one of them. Its like a bottle of wine in your hand or a pack of cigar in your pocket. As has always been with wine And smoking, it is one's will whether to drink or not, whether to smoke or not. But seeing the number of indulgence or the number of quiters- one can easily see if one has control over the will or the will has control over the one.

But shouldn't our will be under our control? Herein lies the open secret. We talk of policing the chatroom but the real policeman is oneself. Those who let themselves be blown away in the chatroom are those who have no reigns over their will. Education, morality, character again all bundled up in control over ones will.

But how does one take control over the will? I think its a totally different subject for drunkards, smokers or chatroom lovers to delve deep into it. Let run into that on another day.


NE Players getting less attention

[ Sat, 14 Jan 2006 03:34:16 -0500]

Its very disheartening whenever other players like Anju bobby George or Sania Mirza comes to headings of news. But Manipuri player like Mary Kom who got gold in World Boxing Champions never gets a heading of news. Even a small change in ranking or even the small things unrelated to sports done by these above two girls come in news, so far I can say Mary Kom has achieved more than these girls. I am specifically mentioning these names for examples. There may be a lot more talented players from North East who do not get proper endorsements and support system still they are working hard to make us proud and I wish them best of luck. And I want feedback from the readers why our players get less attention and endorsements compare to the rest of players of the other states

Somenl Singh

MP3 section need category

[ Sat, 14 Jan 2006 08:25:04 -0500]


I have spend time with your site for the first time and I like the info you are providing. People would say that the system need some enhancement but I say its good. You are providing so much in such simple way that a person with little know how about web can also serve. Im listening to the manipuri songs and I feel you should catagories them ..headed as mp3..wma and other formats so that we find it easy in downloading them.

I thank you for all the efforts that you all are taking to make the world see our state and our culture in a click of a button.
thank You..


Air Deccan in Manipur - A Wish fulfilled

[ Thu, 12 Jan 2006 23:49:00 -0800]

I was brought up in a family where even studying outside Manipur was acheived depriving my family of many basic things, travelling by flight was always a sort fascination with me. Studying in the down south coming back home for vacations was always an ordeal (since it takes 4 days to reach home which includes 20 hrs of bumpy ride on the ever bumpy roads of NH 39), though the thought of reaching home and meeting everyone always gave the required determination to take up the journey. I always thought that if there would be an Airline which could make me fly without increasing my budget... that would be a wish come true. Then came Air Deccan with a bang.... low cost... frills free... etc.etc... I was delighted Yet unhappy that it does not have Imphal in it's network. Then I wished that Air deccan could recognize the market prospects in Manipur and expand its network.

Years passed, I completed college, still no sign of Manipur in the Air Deccan network. A few cities/town from the north-east sprang up in the network. My hopes became a bit brighter.

..... And today morning I cudn't beleive my eyes when I saw the snippet in regarding the booking of tickets in Air Deccan. I immediately checked the Air Deccan web site to confirm myself that it's true.... and it's true. Even though the flights are available only in the Imphal-Kolkata road it is a indeed a very welcome change. With the tickets starting from Rs 500 I am sure there is going to be a very heavy rush soon. Imagine Rs 500 only.... the other way of journey cud at least cost not less than 1500 and one whole day more. Well the travell day cost may be higher but it will be compensated by the save in time and stress. I think now my fascination is going to become a reality.

With the welcome change comes a lot of concerns too. I just hope that there would be no disturbance or restrictions from any quarters. I am sure many interstate bus services are going feel the heat.... and of course there should not be any flight cancellations..( which is seen Regularly on Air Deccan flights). I hope all the people of Manipur will recognize the value and appreciate the development.

Well ... now going home is going to be a lot easier.. :). No longer going to be an ordeal.... HAPPY TRAVEL TO EVERYONE.

Prabin Meitei

Need strong & straight forward Leaders

[ Thu, 5 Jan 2006 06:53:29 -0500]

Everything fails in Manipur. Violence, killing, looting and abduction are the evidences that goverments of state and central have failed miserably. Public has also failed to demand the rights that has provided in the constitution of India. Whom to trust and look for our security and safety in Imphal?

Double standard in every party, office, organization and club show that total failure of our state administration system and our educational and cultural life. Cheating one another, telling lies one another and mistrusting amongst the people show urgent reformation in our people life and democratic system. Good young people can grow up and serve in such system and culture. Where there is no strong and good government for people, all these are the results. People are so wicked and selfish so that they never think for future generation. Underground groups are all fighting for justice and equality but in the end, today, they are the ones who are cheating and doing corruption. We need strong and straight forward leaders in every organization and community to reform our people and land. Yesterday, who killed my uncles in the name of corruption, are the ones today who are doing corruptions in the name of freedom for Meitei or Naga.


State & Central Govt failure

[ Wed, 4 Jan 2006 07:00:04 -0500]

Recent killing of key officers such as IG Police and all kinds of abduction in Manipur is sad to hear and also proved that State Government and Central Government have entirely failed to address the long drawn economical and political issues in Manipur. Many freedom fighting groups as they claimed are operating in the Imphal valley itself. The system of democratic process strongly based on Indian bureauracy must be replaced with effecient customers' oriented administration and the whole adminstration system for valley and hills need urgent changes.

Many a times, there is total choas of state administration in 2005. There are strong dissatisfaction of the state Government from the various community and public. Therefore, State Government and Central Government must able to find a way as alternative soltution in order to satisfy the general public. But the main issue is having double standard by every concerned party or groups in Manipur. If there is no straight forward standard or open discussion in our society, the people will suffer more and loss the trust in the democratic system. Killings may create more problems like commmunity disharmony and also that may lead to seperation of indigeous hills people, Meitei and its different groups. So many non indigeous groups are added into Meitei in Manipur. Nagas and Kukis are all hill people having the same vision and culture for the future.


Not just Imphal .. whole Manipur

[ Wed, 4 Jan 2006 06:09:55 -0500]

This website has to be one of the well known infobase for the students and people working in and out of manipur ! I really appreciate for that ! All the information publicized in this website are true and detailed....

What about the whole Manipur point of view? Not just imphal and the villages around it , but the whole of Manipur ! I'm talkin big here !! ..... just want to make it better

Liam Tombing

Chat, MB & Ethnic Divide

[ Sun, 1 Jan 2006 12:12:57 -0500]

Dear respected admin/epao team

The chat room if gone unnoticed and unattended as such it is, it is surely going to incite the ethnic gap between various communities, especially between meiteis and other tribes with chatters using hao as deregetory term. This not only sharpens the contradiction but also instill the sense of alienations to the younger generation to other tribes in particular. It is also highly recommended if you kindly censor those msgs in MB where such words or context are used in discriminatory tone. Swearing or using foul languages are another things but the worse is racial discrimination which shall show its greater impact in the coming generation.

As we all are aware that our society is undergoing such a great dynamic change, I hope e-pao shall play a greater role. I understand that it is quite next to impossible to monitor such things round the clock yet I do believe there must be some possible ways to solve it as you have managed to launch it. Internet is such a powerful tool as we know it but the thing is how do we manage it.

Angangda khutlai paihalladi sananingba mouwongda sananingani, mature oidriba society nina sennaba changani haina thajei.

thank You
Rakesh Khuman

Press communique

[ Mon, 02 Jan 2006 06:52:20 -0500]

The Zomi Human Rights Foundation, Delhi Cell is deeply dismayed and shocked at the continuing violence in Manipur, the latest result of which was the brutal killing of Mr. T. Thangthuam IPS, IGP (Intel), Manipur and his guard commander by the proscribed Revolutionary Peoples Front (RPF) at Oinam Bazar, Manipur on December 31, 2005. We are also sad to note the continuing deaths occurring in the interior parts of the state, especially in Churachandpur district due to landmine planted reportedly by the Meitei militants.

Worryingly, the killing of T. Thangthuam has provoked some street violence in Lamka, Manipur resulting in injury to scores of people. While the ZHRF-Delhi Cell condemns the killing of T. Thangthuam, a prominent figure within the Zo Community, and the mob violence that were unleashed afterwards in equal terms, it is dismayed to note that the underlying causes which led to this level of violence, alienation and communal polarization between the tribals and the Meiteis remained unaddressed.

The landmine deaths in Manipur hills continue unabated, and the latest reported victim was Mr. Thianlalzem of P. Munlian village, Jiribam sub-division who was killed on 30 December 2005. This is apart from other blasts like the one at Ngariyan village on the same day, which was widely publicized in the media. While the innocent, poor villagers die un-mourned and ghastly deaths, the proscribed UNLF and the Indian army blithely continued their blame game purely for propaganda purposes. The Manipur government as well as the Union government continued to turn a blind eye to it even though the former had promised to sanitize the district of landmines in an MoU signed on August 25, 2005.

The ZHRF believes that at the roots of this circle of violence, insecurity, mutual antagonism and communal tensions, lie institutionalized injustice and state policy of discrimination and deprivation. The blind stonewalling of all aspirations of the tribal population and their legitimate demands, including 6th schedule provisions under the constitution, by the majority Meitei community, the systematic nature of the killings and the subtle and not-so-subtle attempts to silence and intimidate all dissenting voices from the hills by the Meitei militants will fuel further unrest. History is witness to the fact that it is impossible to subjugate people, however small their number may be, forever. At this hour of grief and at the break of the New Year 2006, we urge on all militant and non-militant organizations, civil society and the government make a new start. Peace will come only when we learn to live together in a spirit of mutual love and accommodation, understanding, truth and justice.

Issued by
Media Department
ZHRF Delhi Cell
January 2, 2006

A very good info on loktak lake

[ Fri, 23 Dec 2005 04:52:20 -0500]

I am a student of M.SC agri. I m currently collecting information on loktak lake for my thesis work. It was really very informative to go through your article. Bringing forward the problems of the lake for general awareness and knowledge is a nice job. it will be of great help in our endevour to save the future of this lake.

Devarani Loukham

Manipur Digital Film getting better

[ Wed, 21 Dec 2005 23:25:31 -0500]

After a long gap of about 6 years I watched a Manipuri album from a Manipuri film "Nungsi Hecta Hairage". Surprisingly, it was a very good album acting-wise as well as picturization-wise. I did not believe it to be like this as it is completely different from what I saw few years ago in Manipur, but really the album is good. We really appreciate the filmmakers in Manipur because they put the Manipuri cinema in a level of higher class by putting different effects, good music and of course good editing. The actress is also tremendously improving. I pray to God especially for Manipur filmmakers to give them a strength to produce good Manipuri film like this.

Th. Ranjit Singh

Thanks for the calendar 2006

[ Wed, 21 Dec 2005 00:42:33 -0500]


I really thank you for providing us the opportunity of downloading the calender for 2006, in advance of the year. And I am also really happy to accept my request I made for this opportunity. I am a regular browser of this site. I am really satisfied regarding the information you put in this site. I hope so that you will provide the browsers more good informations in the future also.

Thank you and have a good time.

Ranjit, from hyderabad.

Clarifications on my name!

[ Sat, 17 Dec 2005 22:06:22 +0000 ]

Dear E-pao team,

I have some funny stories to tell you. After publishing those articles I get lots of e-mails from many readers. One of the readers seriously asking me why I feel shy of telling my real name. He might be thinking that I am using a fake name like in Manipur many persons adopts pseudo names (hero alias thouba alias langamba etc etc).

So by chance if you also want to know about my name let me tell you: Mukherjee is academic name given by late parents. At home my family name is Inaobi. I am 100% Manipuri meetei, born and brought up in Manipur. After all in foreign countries nobody bothers of names and I prefer to call me by the first title name , that is, OKRAM.

Thanks. With a smile.

Manipur CM need to be ousted.

[ Sun, 18 Dec 2005 00:15:33 -0500 ]

It is rather sad to read the news, in a national daily, about Manipur CM donating Rs.1.5 crores to two banned separatist groups in Manipur. While the Employees of the state are eagerly waiting for their salaries, their CM had been donating funds of such a huge amount.The CM of such a repute should be ousted. He does not deserve the seat of CM. I appeal to the people of Manipur to demand his ouster.


A Tribute to the Hmar Martyrs

[ Fri, 16 Dec 2005 14:03:55 +0530]

For the Hmars, year 2003 was a bad year - of bloodshed, death and mourning. Year after year, the indigenous Hmar of Assam were subjected to the looting, kidnapping and killing by the Dimasas' armed militants - the Dima Halim Daogah (DHD). The DHD, with an agenda to drive out the Hmar tribals from the N.C. Hills and its surrounding areas, continues to blame the Hmar People's Convention (Democratic), further resorting to its violent tactics of kidnapping, threatening, eviction and killing of innocent Hmar villagers.

Feeling cornered and to their suffering ends, with the Assam Govt. keeping a blind eyes to their plights, the fleeing Hmars had no other alternative but to arm themselves with whatever they could and strike back at the force bend on annihiliating and driving them out from their rightful lands. And soon, the NC Hills and Cachar region of Assam erupted to a serious ethnic violence that continues on for months, resulting in the lost of hundreds of innocent lives and displacement of families by the thousands from both sides of the fence. In honour of the voluntered bravehearts who laid down their lives to protect the precious lands and properties of their people, a memorial stone was erected and a homage paid to them by thousand of Hmars who assembled at Hmarkhawlien village of Cachar district in Assam on the 14th of December 2005. The sacrifices of the departeds will be remembered and valued forever by their brethrens.

But their cries for justice, prayers for a just ruling, pleading for the resettlement of the displaced remains unanswered. Their sacrifice becomes futile. For the people they die for remains uncared, unable to lead on to their normal lives in refugee camps set up for them, without proper clothing, medicine and daily needs. Justice is not only delayed, but denied just for the interests of a few who favours Red over White, all in the name of the politics of insane greed

Lalremlien Neitham,

Foreigners not to be given land ownership

[ Tue, 13 Dec 2005 06:47:27 -0500]

Our land in Manipur must be well protected by laws for the local people. NGO's, authority of the community and villlages must check and punish the local persons who sell their land to foreigners and even harbour them without proper permission from Manipur Government or village authority. Many foreigners are coming to Manipur to buy lands and make a business therefore, if our local people are not educate and protect their rights and lands, foreigners will be your masters over you.

Without the majority membership of the management board of the company as local of Manipur, foreigners must not allowed to register a company. Foreigners alone should not be allowed to form company in Manipur. Not only government but local authority and community organizations must check and take strong actions. Well, we welcome foreigners but must have proper boundary and guidelines in Manipur.Foreigners will not build our towns or city. It is our responsibility and do not look up to them but we can continue to respect one another by building our own boundary. We should not hurry to open to every foreigner but must screen properly and clear guideline must be set up for administration an public education. Thailand is the best example that we can learn from her mistakes.

Huge percentage of local women in invloved in prostitution and social problems are overweight than the actual income from tourism industry which can not even save the social life of the nation. Our people must focus on what we suppose to do in stead of fighting and quarreling with one another and other foreigners will overrule us soon. Our local government and people must change narrow mindset and have greater perspective. People must come to senses and know our rights and also others people's rights to be respected. Educated leaders must educate our people in stead of doing corruption and envying one another. Allow equal opportunity and justice for all.

Vashum Vareingam
(Foreign perspective from South East Asia)

Repartee from Mohen Naorem

[ Thu, 8 Dec 2005 04:00:12 -0500]

Mr Haidar,
Thanks a lot for opening up your valuable views. My article on Outlook was not to defend Ibobi Singh, but the whole Manipur from social boycott and the stigma from such allegations. We dont need to question who is the true politician in Indian democracy. Blaming the head of a state without accurate source is a blame to its people too. We are afraid this article will again create ethnic crisis. People will be alarmed thinking that a Meitei CM is suporting the valley insurgents to fight against Naga, Pangal or other minorities. Saikat Datta and the Gen JJ Singh should not published such news in the interest of people and Nationalism.
Mohen Naorem

Meitei Mayek or Manipuri Mayek?

[ Sun, 11 Dec 2005 07:00:31]

dear frens !!
I would like to mentioned again about our own language Manipuri which is mentioned as "Meitei Mayek" if the people of Manipur is still making a mistake than they should change immediately without further delay , if not it will be to late in the future ,if the language of Manipur have been put up "Meitei Mayek" no one is going to interested to learn in other community like Muslim, Christian or any other religion in Manipur ,although I support with the goverment of Manipur for introducing a new language from the new coming session from class 1 and class 2 , but instead today we can see in front of the page of e-pao saying that "ALL ABOUT MEITEI MAYEK -A BRAND NEW CHANNEL " Why it is so ? Why the people of Manipur do not think of future !! Do Manipur belongs to only Meitei ? Where are other community , if its so then I do not support to any other elimentary school or private school to study our mother langauge Manipuri to other community not only in hill district . If the Meitei Mayek is going to implement to the people of Manipur then it should be with the people of Meitei only .

With regards ,
Sichuan university , China .

Singapore Hangs Drug Trafficker

[ Fri, 9 Dec 2005 03:59:40 -0500 ]

Dear Sir,

Though I did not use drugs nor did I carry them, nervousness overwhelmed me in a trip to Singapore when I read the sign written in red at the Changi airport,"Death for Anyone Found with Drugs." Last week the proved the mean what the say.
Singapore executed an Australian drug trafficker just before dawn on December 2 despite repeated pleas by Australian government for clemency. Nguyen Tuong Van,25, was hanged at the city-state's Changi prison just after 6.00 am (2200 GMT).A minute after the execution, a large church bell in Nguyen's home city of Melbourne tolled 25 times--once for every year of his life.

The hanging follows weeks of campaigning by his lawyers, his family and civil rights groups to stop the execution. Thousands gathered in Australia to pray and mourn for Nguyen in the final 24 hours of his life while Singapore activists moved in pairs overnight to light candles at the prison, according to media reports. Public gatherings of more than four people require a police permit in the tightly controlled city-state. "I hope the strongest message that comes out of a message to the young of Australia --don't have anything to do with drugs, don't use them, don't touch them, don't carry them, don't traffic them," Australian Prime Minister told Australian radio.

This is a clear message to the people of India too where rampant trafficking is going on unabated. No one can take the law into his own hands but the masses should cooperate with the concerned authorities to take stringent action against drug traffickers. It is written in the book of Ecclesiates, the eighth chapter,"Because the sentence against the evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil."

It is also good to remind ourselves again, that the three top "items" being trafficked surreptitiously in the world today are drugs,women and guns. And it is truly horrendous that the region is progressing well ahead of others in these line of things. To repeat the words of the Australian Prime Minister, "don't use them,don't traffick them, don't touch."

Wungkui Zimik

Land-mine issue in CCpur district

[ Thu, 8 Dec 2005 10:40:53 +0000 (GMT)]

Dear Editor:

Apropos to the news item published in your esteemed news portal on December 5, 2005 regarding the steps taken by the Army to sanitize the hill areas of Manipur which were affected by land-mines, we would like to issue this rejoinder.

We are, of course, glad that the Army has deployed Explosive Device Detection and Destruction Teams in the hill areas of Manipur. It is our hope and appeal to the Army authorities to speed up the sanitization process so that normal rural life could return to the affected areas.

The PIB statement says that the Army acts, mainly, on getting reports from villagers about the existence of land-mine in the area, which also means that no efforts are on in a comprehensive scale to sweep the affected areas. It is an ad-hoc measure which is far too inadequate. The onus still rests with poor villagers. This piece-meal, ad-hoc measure may be a result of what Union Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee promised to HT Sangliana, MP on November 25, 05: that the villagers must first inform the army of the existence of landmines so the army can act. The only problem being that a villager or two will die before others will know landmines are in their vicinity.

The Zomi Human Rights Foundation, Delhi Cell has been in the forefront of highlighting the landmine threat in Manipur hills, especially Churachandpur district. We are pained to see that most of the landmines, which were reportedly planted by ‘valley-based’ militant organizations not just to target the Army, but rival militant groups and whose number is yet to be determined, are still lying in areas deep inside Thanlon, Singngat, Henglep and Tipaimukh sub divisions, which were beyond the reach of the Indian army so far. These heartless militant may well also be targeting the villagers themselves, since explosions occurred on dirt roads leading to jhum fields, river side etc., which were only frequented by the villagers themselves.

We are also pained about the Government’s insensitivity and callousness on the issue. Both the Centre and Manipur state refused to take any pro-active initiative to secure the lives of its citizens even after scores of lives were lost. The state government simply kept silent on its promise to sanitize Churachandpur as per its MoU with the Zomi Students Federation. The threat, in terms of physical danger and psychological impact is huge on the villagers and it is directly threatening rural existence. For these impoverished and frightened villagers, the coming Christmas and New Year season has absolutely no meaning.

Yours Sincerely,
Sonna Lal
Secretary, Media
Zomi Human Rights Foundation, Delhi Cell

Defending Ibobi?

[ Wed, 7 Dec 2005 05:28:16 -0500]

Mohen Naorem's opinion over the issue of a report by Saikat Datta in newsmagazine OUTLOOK clearly shows his displeasure to all the journalists' fraternity in Manipur. He is going overboard to defend the Manipur CM. Let the law take its own course and clear all the allegations over the CM. I don't see any reasons of his worries over the issue. Take it easy, it's just a matter of 1.5 crores of rupees, I wonder if anyone bothers when hundreds of crores of public money went into the pockets of these politicians and bureaucrats without any receipt. Let's not blame Saikat Datta, doing his job like any other journalist. The profession should be looked beyond boundaries, moreover these mere expose by journalists fade in a matter of days. Don't worry our CM Ibobi will emerge clear..Soniaji is there!!!!

Mohammed Haidar

Asking for more meitei songs

[ Tue, 6 Dec 2005 05:26:44 -0500]

Dear brother,

I am Bhubal Tongbram studing in Chennai since last 2003. So I need your help, how to listen more Manipuri songs(Film and Album). Also, please put more songs .
Thanks a lot, May God bless you bountifully in your liftime with the full of blessings.

Urs brother,
Bhubal/Sunil Tongbram

Sweet Home Manipur

[ Sun, 4 Dec 2005 14:17:22 -0500]

I had been to Manipur,the Land of Jewels, recently. Its still lovely and beautiful but it had lost its virginity. I started to realise on the road to Imphal--check posted entries, money rolled in the hand, potholed road. Although it was worth the trip, there was an air of uselessness. Sendra was one place I visited but there was the army atop it. Netaji Subhash Menorial at Moirang had sepoys stationed. Boating at Loukoipat was pleasant but nobody were around--only the feeling of insecurity. The Imphal river and the Kangla Park were polluted with the chhaat puja of the Biharis. Where were the ethnic Manipuris?--even Ningol Chakouba was spread out over three four days. The historic Polo Ground was overshadowed by the changing landscape. Infrastucture development was at snails pace. Electricity?, water supply?-near extinct, cooking gas?- a difficulty, petrolpumps?- ubiquitous petrol vendors-no concern for safety. But It still is the Switzerland of India. ynelson

Chatters use unwanted language

[ Sat, 3 Dec 2005 10:03:25 -0500]

We are very thankful to have this site..... but one request to your kind consideration that is please do something for those chatters who use inappropriate and unwanted language while chatting in room which is attracting many people and so creates an image of the state from the way people speak here.

Otherwise things are wonderful... we've seen the advanced improvement in it since it started.. thanks for that


Useless item on your page!

[ Wed, 30 Nov 2005 07:32:39 -0500]

Well I would like to let you know that there are so many useless item on your page and you need to update your web page and give a good look so that people have a amazing look on your web page. And the Colour of your Web page and the font and its Size.

Thank You

Karanjeet Laishram
New Delhi.

What so special about KUT photo?

[ Wed, 30 Nov 2005 07:32:39 -0500]

Is there no other important pictures than the KUT festival in USA? What makes kut festival so important? Was it because it was celebrated in the US? If you think so,Im so sorry to tell you that the generation today no more is in that standard. Please change. Go to the hills, get nature beauties, or places with some mysteries attached to it etc. Change them regularly.


Manipuri language is not just for Meitei

[ Sun, 27 Nov 2005 07:28:19 -0500]

Dear frens !!

"Regarding introduction of Meitei script in Classes I and II in all government schools in the state, he also said Naga students would not allow the government to impose the Meitei script on Nagas" which was published on telegraph. Talking about this matter here we are going to introduce a new language which we have not learn in our lifetime learning about manipuri language its not meitei mayek its manipuri language and its not only for meitei who is residing in Manipur, the language is for all people living in this world - talking about the language its disgusting word from people of ANSAM .

with regrads,

Traditional Dances with strict costume

[ Thu, 21 Nov 2005 02:32:44 -0500]

This is regarding the show of Manipuri Martial at Dilli Haat at Trafalgar Square, London on June 18 2005 presented by Priti patel, Presenting some identity of a certain group of people by some other group is very supportive and is encouraging. The cultural and identity of Manipur people presented in some foreign country without proper costume which we people used to wear in our traditional dances for generation seems to be diluted. We should be very strict with the dress code people wear while performing our traditional dances and martial art, otherwise our future generation will be confused. This is what I saw in those photo graphs. so please, as an art lover and Manipuri, I take it as very serious and it is against our cultural indentity.

Kh Gandhi.

Islam in China

[ Thu, 17 Nov 2005 01:21:58 -0500]

Dear frens ,
I would like to write about "how Islam has been introduced in China" . As early as the middle of the 7th century.islam was intoduced into China .Having spread and developed for 1300 years,going through the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties and the republic period (618-1949A.D), Islam has developed more than 20 million followers (muslim)in China . It was called by different names in different historic periods.

In tang dynasty (618-907) Islam was called 'Dashi Jiao'(religion of Dashi which means religion of Arabs ): In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D) it was called "Tiangfang Jiao" (religion of Arabia),or 'HUi HUi Jiao'(religion of the Huis Huis. Muslim of various ethnic back ground were generally called hui hui ); At the end of Ming Dynasty and the begining of Qing dynasty (1616-1911 A.D)it was called "Qingzhen Jiao" (Pure and true religion )in the republic period (1912-1949 A.D) it was called "Hui Jiao" relligion of huis , which is a Muslim ethnic group in china .

After New China was founded in 1949, the state council issued "Notice concerning the name of Islam" in 1956 Pointing out: Islam in an internationalized religion , and the term of 'Islam is the internationally used common for this religion." Henceforth 'Hui Jiao' do not used the term Islam in mainland China, While it was still called "hui Jiao" in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). There are 56 ethnic groups in China , among 10 take Islam as their national faith namely, the Huis ,the Uighurs, the Kazaks, the Donxiangs, the khalkhas, the Salas, the Tajiks, the Uzbeks, the Bao'an and the Tartars. There are small Numbers of muslims among the Mongolians, the tibetian,the Bais and the dias as well.

Islam exerted great influence on the socail life of China. Muslim in china are still making great contribution to the development of politics, the economy, and the culture of china as well .

Hope you all enjoy reading about Islam in China.

With regards ,
Sichuan University .

More points on LINUX

[ Fri, 11 Nov 2005 00:06:28 -0800]

Having read the mails and corresponding threads, I would like to add some note to the Linux/Unix world. I am glad that Sunil had pointed out the stark naked truth that only handful of Linux/Unix clone enthusiast will come forward. Yes, I agree to the fact that not everyone will like Unix/Linux clones though and rather prefer the old Windows OS. But isnt it ironical that we still used it despite the fact that this OS(Win) charges and rob us in many ways. Be it proprietary rights,License fee ..etc etc ...!! My point here is why do we have to pay some unnecessary fee for our own ignorance. Or are we just afraid to try them(linux clones) out at any point of time??. The intention here is there are other OS wherein we can build/norture the younger/older generation without much ado.Hence no need to pay the ignorance fee.

Another point which I would like to lay here is FOSS is something thats in everyone's mind but somehow afraid to admit it just because they havent tried on this system. Is this the price we are paying for Ignorance???? If this is the case, I wonder how much we can sustain this ignorance!!!! One thing I can say for sure is FOSS will/would've open up someone's inner self and realised its meaning.What we need is something which is very stable and yet something you dont have to pay for some non-sense copyrights. I believe we can give it a try. Yes,Ringo we can train the younger generation. Make them aware that there are other OS which can offer the high quality and even more efficient than the conventional windows.

To our common goals, we have many user coming in the manipur LUG and no wonder its a promising sign of realising our own selves.

On the lighter front : Windows, as in literal meaning,always break..And we always ended up paying the breakage charges.

Thanks to Sunil and Ringo and to many other readers: Would appreciate your feedback.

Anthony Chirom

Condolences by NSUD

[ Thu, 10 Nov 2005 06:17:16 -0500]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today Nagas are at the cross road and striving for peace, It indeed came as a shock when Mr Hesso Mao was succumbed to the bullets of assassins after he was shot at by unidentified gunmen inside his New Police Reserve Residence Kohima at around 4:00-4:30 pm on 8th of November. The Naga Students' Union Delhi strongly condemn this kind of inhuman act and urge the people to stop this kind of action in future.

NSUD will not tolerate this kind of murderous act and urge the responsible person to be booked and give assurance to the Nagas that this kind of act will not happen again. The culprit should be answerable to the people for what he did and give a satisfactory explanation. Nagas can no longer tolerate bloodshed of innocent people. It is high time that the Nagas come together and weave our aspiration together. The Nagas are not murderer, miscreant and rebels but this cowardly act will really prove to the world that the Nagas are what the enemies have coined us. The murderous attack will not bring any solution to the Nagas issues, so we appeal to all the people to refrain from such kind of activities in future.

We extend our support, condolence and comforts to the grieving families and to the relatives.


(Sebastian Kamei), (Chitho Nyusou)
President, General Secy.

meaningless arguments..

[ Wed, 9 Nov 2005 04:56:49 -0500]

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all I wish happy life to all living creatures in this world. I often use to read newspaper. And found that there is a frequent controversy between naga & meitei regarding territorial integrity. But I think it is a badluck for each community to exist harmonial relationship between two. History tells us that there was frequent attack of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur etc. by Burmese king. So gradually, Nagas were concentrated into the territory of Manipur in search of secured place and Meiteis are also concentrated into Cachar, Assam, Sylhet etc. But now why these meaningless arguments. Sajal Singh

Pictures of Manipur's tourist spots

[ Wed, 9 Nov 2005 02:01:29 -0500]

Dear sir,

I will be really grateful to you if you put an additional column which shows different photographs of tourist spots in manipur. Because sometimes friends in outside manipur want to know how beautiful Manipur is. So if that column is available in this website, I can display to them that how is Manipur's tourist before visiting to each places. so I request you to put an additional coulmn whihc provides the above facility. I will be really thankful to you if you do this favor.


Open Letter to DC Chandel - on Aimol's Certificate

[ Sun, 6 Nov 2005 07:15:09 -0500]


I have the honour to state that the issuance of Aimol Tribe Certificate to the non-Aimols obviously indicates the unstability and sheer ignorance of the district administrations. If such falsity can be committed in the district administration, then any falsehood can be prevailing in the society as well. This is not to bring confusion or turmoil nor to bring punishment to the official incharge, neither is this against any community holding Aimol Tribe's certificate partaining to their achievments in the IRB recruitment, however, this is to bring correction from your side without any cover ups from the grassroot.

Let us learn to respect each and every tribe and individual. Only then we will have the sense of communal harmony in our society.


L. Rangsoril Aimol,
Oslo, Norway.

Hello! Is there anybody to listen?

[ Sat, 5 Nov 2005 02:53:36 -0500]


Is there anybody or any organization to listen to the voice of common helpless people? Punctuality is a term which is least respected and which has hardly any value to the people of Manipur. Whether it is a public meeting or social or religious function, no one bothers to attend it punctually and perform it in time. For example, if a meeting or a function is scheduled to start form 1:00 pm and finish it at 4:00 pm, most of the invitees will to attend it and start it at 2:00 or 3:00 pm and finish it at 5:00 or 6:00 pm. In Manipur this is a regular feature which we have been seeing and following for so many many years whether it is in the field of education or governmental or private works as if time had little value for us. Giving and taking "Eikhoi Sir gi cha thaknaba paisa" (money for tea for our Sir) is also normally accepted practice in Manipur without which files do not move fast in Govt. departments. Without this files often disappear and resurface only when the so called "Cha thaknaba paisa" is given and taken.

This year too regarding prescribed text books under common syllabus for Class I to VIII, we hear that printing works have not yet started properly due to loss or misplacement of files for release of necessary funds. As a common man, we cannot but doubt whether it is due to non receipt of "Eikhoi Sir gi cha thaknaba paisa" by ministers or officials or employees concerned. For the last three years we have been hearing one excuse or other for delay in publication of prescribed text books since the introduction of common text books under common syllabus policy and the Govt. has not been fixing any responsibilities and taking any action against those who are responsible.

Now enough is enough. Quality education cannot be reduced to a mere joke by some unscrupulous bureaucrats who play hide and seek of Govt. files. The time has come for organizations championing the cause of quality education to fix responsibility and give exemplary punishment to all those who are responsible after due warning. If they also remain silent and do nothing except calling bandhs which cause lots of hardships to the common people, we cannot but doubt if they also exist and work only for money. Needless to say, availability of text books in time is a must for quality education just as availability of sufficient number of qualified teachers and required educational infrastructures are essential. We common people can no longer tolerate such situation where bureaucrats and rich people and salaried class send their children outside Manipur for best education and drain out crores of rupees every year from the poor state of Manipur for the sake of education whereas students from the poor common helpless families are crying hoarse, struggling just for the timely availability of text books and teachers which are basic needs for education, not to speak of quality education.

Yours faithfully,

I. Gohen Singh
Lalambung Makhong, Imphal

In love, there is no boundaries

[ Fri, 4 Nov 2005 10:27:27 -0500]

I'm referring to the article " With love to my non-manipuri sisters" by the_inquisitive.

I'm aware that the author has written this article in good humor. I just wanted to say that there is more to married life than food and language problem! My relationship is one based on understanding,love and respect for each other so he is compelety fascinated by Manipuri culture. So much that he even took out time to learn manipuri language despite his busy & high pressure job in another continent. In fact,being a new generation manipuri living in North india since 6 years I had lost touch with my roots. It was due to him that I began to take new interest in my roots and even came to this site on his recommendation! I know it sounds 'filmy' but where there is love,there is no boundaries or differences. I know,because i'm experiencing it :-)


Army "Officer's" Tantrum

[ Thu, 3 Nov 2005 10:41:45 -0500]

To Whom It May Concern

When I read about the Army "Officer's" who marched into the power station and disconnected all the switches just because he was angry that he could not have a jolly good time on Diwali, it clearly reflects how the army see the situation in Manipur. The whole nation was in somber mood. With the news of bomb attack, horrible accidents and sadness, I thought it was the time about concern and reflection.

Here in Manipur, our patriotic "Officer's" and his troops wanted the scotch and a gala time. Damn, I forgot, it's their "right" to have a good time. After all, they are in the army and Manipur happen to be their playground. I guess their camp or their island was to be served first. If not, the whole state does not deserve to have any power or whatever. If we were in a real democratic country, the "Officer's" and his troops would have been charged with trespassing in beginning. Since a power station is a high security level area, one could also apply security related laws. I not am sure, but, can we apply anything under APSA or terrorist related charges? By the way, try entering a power station and switch off all the switches in US or any other country with terrorist alert; I am sure he or she will be in Guantanamo Bay.

I am concerned because I don't believe it is the action of a lone low level "Officer". There should be clearance about his mission. How can he take a convoy and marched into a power station by himself? The new freedom of information act should be of some help or is it otherwise. Don't tell me that there is a different set of all rules for the military affairs because it about national security. Then, we should be in the same page. Maybe they could say that Manipur does not fall under the new act because we get all the special treatment as far as laws that promote fair and transparent democratic environment.

The thing that pains me so much is that we, the whole population of Manipur must bear the tantrum of an army "Officer's" and it will be treated as an isolated incident. And the worst thing is that the same "Officer's" will be combing our houses next week.


Ordinance to protect Loktak lake

[ Thu, 3 Nov 2005 10:41:45 -0500]

It will be very easy to find out the aerial extension of the lake using the old toposheet of Russia and other country as it is available since 100 year back along with the recent satellite data which we have. The change detection using the remote sensing and GIS can easily solve the scientific problem but for the encroachers it will take time to stop as many illegal migrant people came across the Loktak lake. I have such evidence that the present Loktak lake has been highly encroaching from its margins, mainly because of its siltation and erosion of marginal landforms and its sediment accumulation from tributary streams. Also the plate collisional regime of Burmese plate and the Indian plate create the loktak lake thinning out its depth due to the tectonic uplift at the rate of about few 1-3 mm per year.

We need to work out on both approaches that is social implication with laws and the scientific reasoning after a good observation and theoretical analysis to protect the valuable lake of Manipur, even though it is perennial, which can be last for nearly thousands years.

The present NGO and research centre of Manipur can take initiative by taking small project from the international body as well as the DST and Ministry of Environment GoI. Safe the present habitat belong to many species right from water organism to terrestrial leaving around the lake by taking the local villagers support living around the loktak lake legally. Make good contribution for the LOKTAK Lake using the societal implications as well as the scientific work to realised world.


Foundation to Social Development

[ Wed, 2 Nov 2005 00:20:28 -0500]

Mohammed Sirazul Haidar,

It was a lovely write-up. It carries the essence of human values, civic responsibilities, respect to the late social leader and DEVELOPMENT. would have become a big knowledge bank that offers foundation to SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT if all of us join hand and write in the way Haider did. How pleasant & wide information it would be when hundreds of us come out with such issues and experience!!??

Please do continue to continue with the same spirit.

Regards, Paramananda Chabungbam

Love the oldies songs

[ Tue, 1 Nov 2005 16:01:20 -0500]

Hi first of all I would like to say thank you for the music, I didnt know you have had some nice oldies collection, I just luv it. I'm big fan of Pahari, Joykumar, Kamala, Shyam, Jamuna. it has been 10 year I didnt hear of my native music. Thank you guys.


Change the front page

[ Tue, 1 Nov 2005 08:06:42 -0500]

I have been reading ever since...Is there no way to change the front page and its settings? Surely, it will definitely give same sense.

Shall we?

Ningshen Wungreihor

Long Live Rock And Roll

[ Sat, 29 Oct 2005 17:25:58 -0400]

I'm in favour of Izzy Pudaite that Manipuri really rocks and I would like to know more on Manipur rock strategies and I would also like to state that it has reallly change the way rock was used to be before when phynx and others were rockings the nation. My friend from Arunachal feel really sad when I tell them that phynx is disbanded. They really love phynyx music and even they were asking me to give me contact numbers of the phynyx so that they can played durimg their fstivals but dishearthen when the news about the disbandonment.

I would love to see rock music in Manipur more other than Hindusthani music.

Long Live Rock And Roll..


Want to learn Meiteilon

[ Thu, 27 Oct 2005 15:07:56 -0400]

I have been regularly going through this site to learn more of manipur,its culture,the people but most importantly I would like to learn about the Manipuri language. Though you have given the basic words and phrases I would more specifically like to learn about the grammatical structure of this language, the vocabular, how to use it in everyday use, especially the Meiteilon. Please do send me a website where I can learn it as I have tried every where but I cant find any proper site. Looking forward in anticipation.

yours sincerely Manasi

On Post Mark, Sando, Nutan..

[ Tue, 25 Oct 2005 15:56:24 +0530]

Dear Izzy,

Your article Rocks Band of Manipur is very well written. And perhaps it's the only article available that talks about those golden days of Rock Music in Manipur. But you didnt mention a word on POST MARK. They deserve a place, they are the pioneers of Thrash Metal, of self album ( remember their own album "Stamp on you" ? ), of music videos ( remember their video "Money" that did heavy rotation in early and mid-90's in Dordarshan ?). When you talked about "Woman", you didnt mention a word on Sando and Nutan. "Woman" was already a hit when Sando was the frontman of Phoenix.

Maybe you didnt know or werent aware of them, * But those talented guys of POST MARK, Sando/Nutan _deserve_ recognition, they stand _tall_ among those three bands and the solo acts you mentioned. *

Anyways, you did a good work !! And when you update your article, please be fair to those unsung heros too.

- Ringo Pebam

Create online journal

[ Sun, 23 Oct 2005 10:43:55 -0400]

It is true that Beenita Ahanthem mention "write on Manipuri who made a mark" if we really willing help for human resource development in Manipur can get full support from educated student and professional who live outside Manipur. So the one way of helping Manipur from outside is to create an online journal or articles and also can select such good article and get printed in the local newspaper to help the wide local people there for all the specialized fields where Manipuri are involved. That will give the distinct education status of Manipuri student to the world in every field if it can do by the e-pao or other organizations. Information which are based on manipur can be documented with reference from such article if we introduce an online article. Also most of the foreigner who want to visit Manipur for research can benefit from this. So, we hope for the new concept to convert into work from Team e-pao.


Opposed The Boycott

[ Sun, 23 Oct 2005 09:13:28 -0400]

Dear sir

I appreciate the UCM and the other organizations which are existing in Manipur and I hope they will take many good steps regarding the co-operation with the government of the state as well as the central government. But unfortunately most of the social organizations even the government office prefer only Boycott, Strike, Blockade etc,etc unnecessarily even it doesn't need. Instead of using all these way shall we think to fine out any other better ways. It is very ironical to presume that all these same way frequently using by every organizations. As all the people all of every corner of the world have knew that the boycott, strike, blockade etc are no more used for the welfare and development of every countries. It is a better way to co-operate with the state as well as the central government and welcome the Prime Minister visit in Manipur by every citizen and discuss the problems what we need? What are the positive way to solve it? Even though the center know clearly about all the issues as "illegal tax by the militant groups (NSCN-IM)and other issues". Nothing is going to bring by the boycott the Prime Ministers visit.If we still do these things again and again our way is towards the hell.


Mobile without proper infrastructure?

[ Sun, 23 Oct 2005 01:32:07 -0400]

When I was in the state capital the mobile phone were not even in the lightest of dreams. It was great to learn that finally the bees have made their hive in Imphal but very unfortunate that they didn't store the honey there. .. Well, I am talking about cell phone and their congestion in Imphal. In recent times I heard a lot of dissatisfaction about the service elsewhere. I wonder why the BSNL launched the service without any proper infrastructure. Had they able to cope up the demand for landline connection? Does Imphal really in need of mobile services? My father in law who is in Imphal gave me two mobile numbers, one personal and the other official but I can't get through any one of them reason.busy network. Thanks to the landline I catch him there. Mr. Johnzazzy is perhaps right some decent private operator can make it happen and change the whole scene. In fact the private operators should break the BSNL monopoly (provided they are not served monetory demands by A, B, C, D.M, N, O, P, .X, Y, Z factions of the UG's). It will create competition and ultimately the consumers get better services at cheaper costs. Thereby any Tomba, Hongba, Chauba, .and yes Chaubi can call up from their handsets and tell that they are coming and eat the chicken too.


Write on Manipuri who made a mark

[ Sat, 22 Oct 2005 09:30:18 -0400]


This website is accessed by hundreds of manipuris everyday. I have been in delhi for more than 6 years now. Every year ,the number of students coming here increases. Anywhere you go, you see a fellow manipuri. Most of the students aspire to make a successfull career here because of lack of opportunities back home. Why dont you start a series of articles on Manipuris working here in different fields....those who have overcome odds and made a mark.....something which would enthuse encouragement on the swarms of students ....

Beenata Ahanthem

Tamo, we're cooking chicken..

[ Sat, 22 Oct 2005 02:33:38 -0400]

To Whom It May Concern:

What is the point of having mobile phone in Manipur since the only thing I can hear is- the network is busy, please try after sometime? I don't need a cell phone to remind me that my life is busy. Only in Manipur cell phones are object of irritant instead of convenience. In other parts of the world, people are making laws against driving while talking on cell phone. One sees people with their cell phone constantly on their ears. People talking on the road, theaters, movies, classes, malls etc. It can be annoying, right? Only in Manipur it would be a dream. I don't understand why it takes so long to build the required infrastructure to support the demand. There is no doubt about the demand of mobile phones in Manipur. Whoever is handling the job, it's obvious we need somebody who can handle the demand. I am not sure about the legal and trade issues but why don't we market our demands for mobile network to a private enterprise. I am sure any decent telecom company will handle the demand well. We are not asking for superfast data connectivity, access to television programs on mobile (by the way some people are already getting these services) but just simple voice connection so I can call and tell- Tamo, we're cooking chicken today.


Rejoinder to "Buddhism in Manipur"

[ Fri, 21 Oct 2005 01:05:19 -0400]

After reading the article "Buddhism in Manipur"

The title of the article itself indicates that the people of Manipur have more awareness of each and every religion since past 200 years of Manipur history. "A lovely Kangleipak will become a religious park". I would like to focus on some of the example which we have been realizing after getting the proper educational. We have few younger brother and sister who did Master in Buddhist studies subject, for them their objective of taking this subject is to learn the peace and meditation and the philosophy of religion which we can further analyse to our own religion Sanamahism as a comparative studies but not to increase the no. of religion in Manipur. As Buddhist studies are more Advance in a way.

But people go out of the state to learn subject related to religions like Hinduism, Christian, Islam, and Buddhist etc. But most of individual expose to such field, try to bring the Idea and Philosophy to the state with or without and future vision, e.g. Prof. M.S. Ningombam, the author become a first Buddhist in the Manipur with a great hope of introducing the new things but it may always disturbed the normal phenomenon of the society instead it create development or peace as we don't considered long term future or research on the particular things. It would have been very nice if his brilliant idea of other's religion by doing a comparative studies with old Sanamahism to have a good exposer of our virgin religion which born in the state 2000 years back to this world.

I hardly found any educated Manipuri student doing Ph.D in Sanamahism or indigenous people, but one can learn for the lifetime to establish a Sanamahism studies to the world as it will be very new to the world and other western people will learn it from us, instead we learn and worship other religion. At the worse I would like to say an example that when the king Garibaniwas introduced Hinduism in Manipur, Manipur was almost destroyed in its ethnic and culture and tradition and unity. There are still some of emotional ethnic feeling in the mind of the people of hill and valley that divide by the religion, i.e. Christian and Hindu whereas the Sanamahism was strongly rule the mountain country with a very discipline and one man rule king.

If the people start thinking the philosophy of century old Manipur, it must have been getting much more talented than the present Manipur. It would be nice to take an example that more the religion more divide in the country like India. It is better to work out mainly for the indigenous people of Manipur to bring back the 2000 years old state religion to make a single state including the other indigenous god of Manipur. How many numbers of minorities community will create in Manipur??? base on the name of religion though we all are belong to the one and old indigenous religion.

But in real it is not the MUSLIM, Not the Christian, not the Hindu, Not the Buddhist, Not the Sikh it is Sanamahism the only endangered religion established from the north east Conner of present India 2000 years back. Within few to 200 years Manipur has sharply increase in number of religion simultaneously increase its unstable economy and situation simultaneously. When and why it is happening in the state just time has come to recall the history of our own.

To go or opted for the own things will give you the respect and identity instead of borrowing some bodies properties as it has certain limit but on the other hand we can learn the difference by looking into the other's things.


Illegal intruison of Burmese Army

[ Fri, 21 Oct 2005 01:05:19 -0400]

Dear E-pao

Sir, this is with reference to your article "CDSU seeks Centre's intervention, Five villagers held by Myanmar army for ransom, alleges student body" dated 21.10.2005 (sangai Espress)

I am really thankful to your esteem websites and the Sangai Express for englightening the people on the illegal intruison of Burmese Army into the Indian territory of the state of Manipur and abducting innocent Indian citizen at ransom.

The All India Tribal Students Association Delhi (AITSA)have been following the matter and even met the hon'ble Home Minister shri Shiv Raj patel with the hon'ble Member of parliament from Manipur Mr Cherenamai in the month of June 2005. Mr Oscar Fernandes Minister of (SP&I)also written to the Home ministry in this regard. However, to our dismay, there is no sign of seriousness in following up the matter neither from the Home ministry nor the M.P representing Manipur in the Parliament. Most unfortunately, we received no acknoledgement nor any action from Mr P.R. Kyandiah Hon'ble minister of tribal affairs & Northeast development even though the application was submitted right in his office chamber at Delhi.

Mr. K Zou President of the Association has been seeking the cooperation of the Delhi media walla but no sign of keenness shown till today. Surprisingly, we were told to contact the news papers and channel in the Northeast.

Despite all odds, in a regular discussion with the Home Ministry official on 14th Oct 2005, Mr K.Zou was told that the said matter was discussed at the high level meeting of Indian and Myanmares officials at Rangoon recently. The India official were told that Myammares government has already convicted the five detainees on the charge on being members of CHIN UNDER GROUND fighting against the Myanmares government. After explaining the innocence and identities of the five indian citizens by Mr S,Duggal Secy, Home ministry, the Myammares government assured that the detainees will be release without delay. And now on the basis of this reliable information the Association is eagerly waiting for their release.

Thanking you

Mr C. Ngade
All India Tribal Students Assn. Delhi

More Jobs posting reqd..

[ Wed, 19 Oct 2005 02:37:26 -0400]

Hello ,

First I introduce myself.My name is Tampha. I am a meitei. I am a software Engineer working in Banglaore since 4 years. I appreciate your website. This website give us lots of informtion about the Sport,Current issue about Manipur. But I have not seen about the job information. I have seen it very rarely. So if you guys have put some more information regarding the job opening .This will help those people who are desperately searching jobs specially for the Manipur people. Very few Manipur guys are in software lines I saw when we compare with the other State. So guys why cannot we try those jobless people to get them inside in some good software companies.

Here in Bangalore there are uncountable number of job recruitement is going on here. So I really want to help them those jobless guys from Manipur.


Education subject in MPSC

[ Wed, 19 Oct 2005 02:37:26 -0400]

The concept behind the optional paper "Eduaction" in MPSC exam approached by MUSU is great, that we, Manipuris, need more educationist oriented fellows to improve the quality of education in the Sate. The person who are selected for MPSC should be concerned to all the specialised fellow of diverse subject range to move forward our state in diverse field in administration. I hope more MBA and finance, economics student should come up for the future of state economy. Even we should know the communities, regional cultural, tradition and religious history of Manipur while giving such exam, so, the MPSC should keep a special paper in the topic "Manipur and its history and development". It is good to follow the UPSC but most of IAS doesn't know more about Manipur so at least our state IAS should know better about the state, so it is better to have a history paper on Manipur.


Govt-Money-Students -> Chain reaction

[ Mon, 17 Oct 2005 02:33:03 -0400]

Does the saying goes like this....We(students) are the future of the nations. Here we are studying in Delhi...but for studies we need money, and that money comes from our parents who work hard so that they could sent us the needed amount. But to the contrary The Govt. of Manipur, instead og paying the salary in time they(GOM) delay the salary and not only that they did not give the full amount. So our parents sent us only the minimal amount. Some of the students can survive but most of the students cannot. If the conditions goes on then no students of Manipur will be succeed in what they do. Thus I request the Govt. of Manipur to stop corruption and be transparent. Think for the future. Ours(Students of Manipur) depend on your hand.


"Mera Houchongba" Greetings

[ Mon, 17 Oct 2005 02:33:03 -0400]


I have the heartiest and deep respect to all the e-pao team members. With the arrival of "Mera Houchongba" I wish you my warm greetings. Dear e-pao team, lets us unite for a better tommorrow of MANIPUR.

Achumbana Yaiphare.........

Urs Sincerely, Lai Rakes

We are Manipuri and nothing else

[ Fri, 14 Oct 2005 10:30:22 -0400]

Dear Rakib,

Many many thanks for your letter. I'm agree with your concern. The people of Manipur should be known as Manipuri. We are Manipuri and nothing else. We are all brother regardless of race, color and religion. I hope you know better what is going on in China. There are 56 ethnic groups living in China. And all are known as Chinese. The people of China are normally claim themselves as Chinese. So we are also Manipuri. It doesn't matter what ethnic he/she belongs to. Dear E-pao reader pls be proud as a Manipuri like Rakib.

with regards
Rajmoni Wahengbam

Manipur is not only Meiteis

[ Fri, 14 Oct 2005 10:30:22 -0400]

Dear frens !!!

This days I have been looking frequently writing about Manipur talking only about meiteis !! What about Muslim, Christian and other religions, are they not Manipuri or do all the manipuri people think muslim as their stepmother's son/daugthers ; Well I want to convey to all the people who write their feedback should think twice before they write it " united we stand divided we fall " apart. Once it fall it is very hard to be united again.

Sichuan university , China

Gallery picture poor quality

[ Tue, 11 Oct 2005 22:22:07 -0400]

Dear Administrator,

The qualities of the pictures uploaded in the galleries are rather poor and lack the lustre that other professional sites provide. I suggest that should use digitally mastered photos or re-load these pictures for better effects.

Best Wishes,
Ronendro Mayengbam

More on - No Hindu in Kangla?

[ Fri, 7 Oct 2005 08:51:28 -0400]

In supplement to the recent column 'No Hindu in Kangla' I would like to extend some ideas on it. Well every indigenous people [Meiteis] of our state knows and awares that we've our own religeon, customs, traditions which clearly depicted our true uniqueness in this living world. This only makes ourself truly conspicuous in this interspersing world of different ethical aspects. I'am sounding quite jingoistic but i'am not an exception . Anybody having its own unique history and ethical values has this basic instinct. I don't know about others who claimed to be this uniqueness but not having the core composite ehical-values comprising their history ,origination,scripts etc. Every living traditions and customs or one'es culture are depicted from history in the form of scripts,carving ,painting or some other logical forms. without this testimony, simply shouting 'we've our own culture ' won't serve and won't create the unique identification. yes, i'am refering the preceding statements with highly ironical.

In coming to the point, the kangla management unit should not intersperse our traditions with hindu ethics. If doing so there's nothing we can proud of rather than saying that we're descendant or variant of hinduism in the future.Let's not defile the true ethical values. we're really what our traditions and customs is. And i'am saying again and again may be innumerable times that there cannot be a homogenous uniform religeous structure out of interspersing the hindu ethical values and ours. The best testimony is the contentious issue of "meitei Mayek' alphabets.

One could justify the indictment of the hindu-fanatic pioneers through this example. we've our own beautiful tradition of worshipping 'Leindou' in every corner of our community. what a great indication of retaining out true culture!!! And also one consequence of interspersing the religeous matter is the 'common' suffixing of 'singh' or 'kumar' at our name. could anyone convince me of doing so?.we feel that we're among Hindus by suffixing our name with 'kumar' or 'Singh'.But when you're out of our system [say northern part] it'll unncessary surprise to a 'biharis'or 'punjabis'. They've their own significant in suffixing those words. But what about us?? Could anybody tell me what do you mean by that 'kumar' or 'singh'?. These are not among our language syllables. I don't agreed the point that 'kumar' distinguishes the gender. There may be some fanatics or cynics who're saying these sort of rediculous, absurd points. If you go logically these words do not correspond to us. Offcourse I've suffixed my name as 'sushil kumar' by my parents. But for me is 'sushil "never likes" kumar.

Today is a different world. Let's try to do and follow things in a logical way. Every religeon philosophy should be : 'Follow any religeon but don't try to hamper or subdue others in different way'. The hindus [specially] are oftenly breaking the preceding point in one way or the other.The Manipur history is the living testimony on it. It's not that I'am despising any religeon. I respect each and every religeon because we all pray differently but leading to a single 'ONENESS'.

Coming to the point I again expressing my view deadly and firmly that it would not be a wise and intellectual to interspersing any other religeous substances to the authentic and indigeneous kangla fort.

Sushil Mayengbam

No Hindu in Kangla?

[ Sun, 2 Oct 2005 03:50:58 -0400]

Kangla fort is first introduced by the Meeteis in 33 A.D. It is mean that almost 2000 years in the hand of our indegenous people. It is not for the outsider who can order to construct in his design like it is the place for Hindu or Chrsitian. It should be a truely of Indigeneous creativity to show the people about Manipur originality. If the leader of Kangla management show's Kangla as one of place where Hindu image fall on its construction, which is of only 200 years old will create the confusion to the eyes of the world for Meeteis.


Disciplinary cases of IRB

[ Thu, 29 Sep 2005 01:14:34 -0400]

This is in reference to recent disciplinary cases of IRB personnels involved in extortion case and misbehaviour with girls. It is sad that people who are entrusted to safeguard the sanctity of governance as well as safety of common people are indulging such acts. On the other hand it reflects the state of psyche, environment and atmosphere under which these young boys grew up. To this extent does this represent today's Manipur? Further it reflects the failings of IRB to "drill in" the importance of self discipline to its cadre. This aspect will point towards the bigger cycle of recruiting, trainning and funtioning at the respective Battalion level. Responsibility of Which will eventually come to the officers of the organisation.

To cut short the accusations, if it is to termed as, let us dwell on what could be done. First is an appeal to the people who matter, please do your duty sincerly and place your loyalty at the correct place. Your loyalty should be to the betterment of the people, society and humanity as a whole. When you do good for this bigger sphere you would have naturally done good for your organisation. And MIND YOU EACH AND EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH MATTERS!

Second, let us enforce discipline starting from self discipline at home. Human being is a self disciplined animal. Remove discipline from him and he becomes the latter. That is what some amungst us have become.

Third, if we learn to restrain our greed (for power, money, sexual gratification ... etc) we will become a better people.

Fourth, the practical aspect is, good governance is the need of the hour, and the situation in Manipur demands rejuvinating our society.


Save Kombeerei

[ Wed 28 Sep 2005 06:19:24 -0000]

Dear E-pao & Anand,

The literature of Oinam Anand on Lamphelpat in the E-pao is worth reading. As a vivid environmental interest, I will say Mr Anand conveys the issue very clearly. It is of course, a distinct instance on the natural deterioration in Imphal on the wrath of modernisation.

If we see any corner in Imphal, the scene on snitation & environemnt consciousness is totally meagre. Anand rightly puts few are having concern on natural conservation. One conference to another, series of workshop, R&D on Loktak lake, Jhum cultivation in Manipur, loss of fish species, threatend of loss of some of the indigenous species like Siroi Lily, kombeerei etc all come & go. However, the reality in the field is something elses, there is sign of deterioration of beautiful faces of Manipur day by day.

Anand rightly gives message to all to come forward, to save the remaining numbers of Kombeerei & some alternative development activities in the area in an ecofriendly way. In my opinion, we need a mass awareness, a movement on its conservation. It is also a loss in our culture, there need street shows, Movies on it, dwindling pictures in public areas, special presentation to colleges & schools, a netwotk of NGOs towards the causes & above all, true & honest, some group, someone very much dedicated for it, need to lead the way.

Who is ready?

I will say to E-pao; untill & unless we deal the things in our heart, the scenario will come more worse & worse. Right issue to discuss, thanks Anand. With socio-economic, political chaos in Manipur every now & then, there need another movement on Environment conservation. But it is not only for Imphal, it is for all. A smart, good choice today will bring BIG smile tomorrow, choice is ours. Either rhetoric or down to earth, either assess the situation or jump to action, either write or speak.

Thanks again for such issue on Environment, lets hope a greener, safer & cleaner Imphal, Manipur or say Mother Earth. I am happy becouse I see a ray of light down the tunnel.

Dr. S. Prem Luwangcha

Too much skin by Girls?

[ Mon, 26 Sep 2005 07:08:32 -0400]

It was a rainy day and everything seemed to be having a sense of propensity to nature's phenomena. Everything everywhere seemed to be on a proper place but suddenly I got stuck inadvertently by a particular scene which really shattered the whole normalcy of my mindset.My whole convictions of 'Meitei women' of being a 'conservative' and 'considerate' on their customs and attires were dismantled into an awful portrait. The customs which they'd depicted and had worn was really an embarassing instant for me and i'am sure for our community also. It is something which're generally forecasted at the fashion show and beauty pageant but something which is very odd and "licentious" at the public place.

I believe and i've experienced that we've been treated something differently in other part of India excluding North-East. Unless we proved again and again our intellectual assets and capabilities it is an apparent and logical to be understimated by other indians [specially the 'Northern' part]. In this ongoing circumstance they're simply agravating the negative-outlooks by wearing things which are not proportionate to their body size. I've seen only one instant. I believe there're lot of instances hapenning everywhere. By saying this I don't imply to feel envious of their 'dirty' structures. we're born only once a lifetime and it's commendable to have certain decent status in the society. It is saying that 'charity begins at home'. When this sort of happening arises I feel the number of 'un-ethical' families in our state. I'am really feeling ashamed to be a part of their community. But i'am proud to be a part of the community which is enriched in good traditions and customs aging over 2000 years. I also believe that whether they wrapped themselves with Britney Spears attires or J.Lopez customs, their looks clearly depicted where they belonged to.

When Britney wears anything it looks sounds and good because it is well attributed to her looks and her environment. But when that sort of things are done by our fellow i'am really feeling a sense of nausea instead of enticing towards them. [please conscious on which is suited and proper to your looks. what's the problem on that?'. Think for others also please.] They may be feeling that I'am out of fashion. But do they know the actual definition of fashion and what's the underlying theme on it. I don't think so. They're doing because preety zinta has done that or rani mukherjee has endorsed it etc. If we're living on our own state we could do whatever we want. Otherwise better to think about the to-be society of our state. it's well saying that 'woman plays a vital role in shaping the society'. I don't know where they've educated and how they've graduated?

I'am saying this not to imply that all the denizens are doing like that. I've also seen many 'meitei-justin-Timberlake' wearing dangling jeans and T-shirts. why is there the requirement to wear the jean in a dangling way as if someone touch accidently there's a likelihood to exposs the 'dirty' stuff. It's not a matter of age. Be it a teenager or a mature they must know how thses small things are affecting the community. If they don't know it is the responsibily of their elders to imbibe the good culture. Otherwise our descendants will face the same experience I've or anyone've faced.

Sushil Mayengbam

Socialist alternative?

[ Mon, 26 Sep 2005 04:49:45 -0400]

This is in reference to the two news items that have appeared on your site on 26th of Sept. One is the "Left leader speaks out for farmers" and the other one is "Plebiscite against Const: Fernandes". It is an Irony of the political situation of this so-called democracy of this country India and the bankruptcy of the left leadership of this country. Though there is nothing to elaborate on the renegade Fernandes, his statement: 'I believe in safeguarding the territories of the region, but the territorial integrity of the Nation should not be compromised.' speaks volumes of his degeneration.

What is a nation? Is an ongoing debate among the oppressors of a nation against the oppressed. But for the Left i.e. the working class and the other down trodden it is a concrete question of life and death. It need not be elaborated here as to the ongoing sufferings of various nationalities with in the prison house of Indian nation. The Nagas, Mizos, Manipuris, Assamese, Bodos the Kashmiris and scores of others have been at the receiving end of the so-called "democracy" of India.

It is not the intention of this write-up to say that separation is an answer to the question of the oppressed nationalities. But to refuse the very right of these nationalities to live as decent human beings in the name of "territorial integrity of the Nation" is a travesty of justice. The leader of the CPI, Gurudas Das Gupta speaking on the platform of the AITUC has mocked at the idea of Independence as imperialist goes to show that how far the Stalinist left in this country has travelled to the fold of bourgeois nationalism. Both his party CPI and the CPI (M) have negated the very principles and ideas of Russian revolution and Lenin. Compare the Statement of Gurudas with of Lenin in relation to Finland after the Russian revolution of 1917.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks had an implacable revolutionary stand on the question of the oppressed nationalities and their right to freedom. The defence of the right of self determination of the oppressed nationalities of Russia and other states during and after the revolution in 1917 stands as a testimony to the Marxists of that genre. It was not just a platitude but a practical and programmatic solution to the question, the Bolsheviks led by Lenin defended this right up to and including the right to secede from the union. This was put test in the very lifetime of Lenin in the December of 1917 in relation to Finland, which was accepted by the Bolsheviks with out any compunction. While of course Lenin did appeal to the various nationalities to remain together in the new socialist union, but gave the choice to do so to the nationalities themselves.

With the sufferings of the various nationalities under the capitalist - landlordist regime of India reaching a new high, a genuine Marxist/Socialist force will have to recognise and campaign for the right of self determination of all the oppressed nationalities, only with a such a stand point can we win the most oppressed sections to the idea and struggle for socialism. It is needless to mention a genuine socialist democracy would eradicate all forms of oppression, which is the very basis for nationalities to demand the right of self-determination, But if a particular nationality wants go its own way even under a Socialist Democratic system, it is their unchallengeable right.

New Socialist Alternative

rectify our rotten society

[ Sun, 25 Sep 2005 04:24:28 -0400 ]

Dear Sir,

It is very fortunate for us to get up-to-date informations through and we are very happy to read Manipur news everyday. But,70% of the news are the news of corruption,chaos and crimes. These type of news indicted that our soceity has somthing wrong and need to be rectify. Instead of blaming each other I would like to suggest to call opinion or suggestion from Manipuri home and abroad, about the topics, " How we rectify our rotten society to be able to participate world's race of civilisation".

With thanks

Lay LAy

Appeal to Manipuri intellectuals

[ Sat, 24 Sep 2005 07:17:40 -0400 ]

I have received quite a few mails from Manipuri friends, whom I did not know earlier, after I expressed my opinion about Manipuri people at your site. I got messages from Mumbai to Zurich, Austria. Like any other community or race (no, I am not racist), Manipuris have made a mark; though number of such illustrious Meteis could have been larger.

Manipur and it's people are passing through a transition- a long, painful transition. Manipur has failed to produce statesman or a people's leader for a long time.Problem lies there? No. Problem rests with intellectuals and thinkers, who live in and outside Manipur. Problem stays with teachers,lawyers, professionals, who have failed to ask 'right' questions.

Manipur needs a social activist, somebody like Medha Patkar or Anna Hazare, who should question people-in-power. I know it is easy to advise. Yet, I think every village, every colony/part/corner of Imphal should have a CLUB/ Citizens Group/ Association where common people could be invited and involved to ask 'difficult' question.

Removal or fight against Indian Army/ BSF will not help. Produce a movement for economic freedom. Political freedom is meaningless. Otherwise Bangladesh would have become a rich nation in last 34 years.

I appeal to Manipuri intellectuals in New Delhi to take a lead. I would love to be a part of your struggle, though I am not a Manipuri.


Look into medical at fringe areas

[ Sat, 24 Sep 2005 04:33:55 -0400]

There is a substential point in what Mr Wejope Lohe has said. It shows that people at grass root level have not got lured by the so called "Greater Nagalim". All they want like any other person living anywhere is peaceful life and live a respectable life. Second point which one needs to take cognisance of is the fact that govt machinery, case in hand, that of medical service is non functional at fringe areas and I am sure other govt agencies would be in the same boat.

We need to look into these aspects instead of clobbering for jobs next door and crying horses for integrity in Imphal.


Condolence message to Dr. Suantak

[ Fri, 23 Sep 2005 03:14:59 -0700 ]

We deeply mourned the sad demise of Dr. Vumson Suantak, who has been one of the greatest leading figures in the struggle for the unity of the Zo-people in South-Asia. As author of Zo History and Co-convenor of the Zo Re-unification Organisation, he strove for unity and common brotherhood amongst the Zo people.

Thought he may have passed from our midst, the light that he had lit into the hearts of the people will continue to shine among those he had left.

May his soul rest in peace.

D. Sanga
Zillai General Headquarters.

No Linux in Manipur NIC

[ Fri, 23 Sep 2005 04:19:05 -0400]

I don't feel that's a good suggestion [for the next five years or perharps a decade!!!] Why because is that there's no expertise persons on Linux/Unices other than you, me or few handful of "devoted kernel/Application observers".

The scope to download the fresh "virgin' kernel from the pertinent repository and binging various GNU tools and making the right stable-user_friendly system is not a child's play and I don't feel the NIC's fellows have the right expertisation on this field. Would there be any significant impact on the overall IT related system in Manipur if you change the platform to GNU-Linux?? I don't feel the affirmative response.

The system is going down deeply beneath the ground level in every aspect and I don't think Linus's Kernel would saved somehow from that. Well someone could set up a Linux base website/group. That's another thing for Linux enthusiasts. But for putting those passions and interspersing on Manipur NIC system.....i don't feel that's a good idea. Linux is pure "virgin" and stable system. Let's try not to defile by contaminating on Manipur NIC system.

Sushil Mayengbam.

No attack in any village area

[ Thu, 22 Sep 2005 08:46:32 -0400]

Dear Editor,

Apropos to the news, "the KYKL midnight attack on personnel of 5/8 Gorkha Rifles" on September 19 at Ngariyan, Bishenpur I would like to express my strongest condemnation of such attack within the village area. The villagers indeed have the sympathy of public at large as they protest with a bandh.

I would like to question the motive behind such attack in the village area.The village headman Mr. L Longgachung rightly pointed out that by attacking the security forces the outfit had the villagers crawled under the mercy of the Security forces.

Did the leaders of the outfit had any concern for the old, women and children of the village? If any villager was hurt or killed in retaliation, would the rest of the villagers have sympathy on their cause anymore? Such attack in future will be the shortest way to ignite the explosive Valley vs. Hills feeling.

I would like to appeal to any outfit either in the Hills or Valley, I am sure most the Valley dwellers agree with me, not to attack security forces in any village area of Manipur.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Daimai
Tamenglong, Manipur

Meiteis in Assam keeping legacy alive

[ Wed, 21 Sep 2005 01:40:44 -0400]

Dear Editor,

I found this news to be very genuine. Most of Meetei Living outside of Manipur always try to make their image and identity by using their old indegenous nature. As it is distinctive evidence for the meeteis when you go out of the state. Simply I am giving an example, I met a guy last month in Rajamundry A.P. a geologist belonging to the Meetei community from Upper Assam. He told me many things regarding the problems of identity which his family is facing . He himself don't want to be recognised as Manipuri instead he want to use the term Assamese Meetei in broad.

It is really true because if people living or settling out of Manipur since 200 years back never think of keeping the community name Manipuri instead they want to recognised them as Burmese Meetei, Assamese Meeteis, Tripuri meeteis, Bangladesh Meeteis as they are not exactly living in the Manipur. Manipuri means those who are living in Manipur that consist of 32 communiteis not the meeteis only. There is not such particular community call Manipuri in Manipur. I mean you can say that I am meetei who is presently settling in Manipur otherwise they preferred to called Meetei, Tangkhul,kabui like this if they live out of the state...

For the unity in Manipur it is good to say that there is one Manipuri for who live in Manipur. But those Meetei who has been settled out of the state try to create their identity as true traditinal and culture and worship of own belongings when they compared to the larger section of society there.

My heart feels great that people living out of Manipur try to keep our old tradition and worshiping culture rather than the Meetei who are living in manipur. So Meeteis should recognised fully those who have been settled out the state since 200 years .The bond can be created if we recogniesd as Meetei instead of Manipuri for this better world of unity.


Meitei are not enemy to Nagas

[ Mon, 19 Sep 2005 11:49:40 -0400]

Nagas are not against Meitei but we stand for Nagas as Nagas. And we work to develop Nagas in good relateship with other like Meitei. There are many Meitei scholars who understand our Naga aspiration and integration. We are not claiming over Meitei rights or land. We wish them to fulfill their desire or integration as Meitei like Nagas to develop themselves is the basic human rights. Good understanding one another under democracy as different peoples will help to live in harmony and peace.

There are many Meitei who understand that we are one with Nagas, Nagas never ignore such feeling and oneness. When Meitei and Nagas in foreign land, foreigners can not think that we are different people. Meitei embraced Hinduism which is not their even original religion disintegrate our Nagas and Meitei in our perspective. When Meitei and Nagas were not well organized the social life and political life, many hurts and wars might have happened but we must realize that we are one in our originalism.

If such understanding can be reached in the hearts and minds of Meitei and Nagas means our educationl system is totally failed to bring back the people to the reality and to our Creator. The enemy wants both Meitei and Nagas to increase hatred and mistruct to loss ourselves so that they can control over us together. The development of Meitei is also shared with Nagas and likwise Nagas also share the same with others people groups. Meitei, Kukis and Nagas are all Mongolians race.

Due to lack of knowledge and political vision, we were fighting amongst ourselves during the Brithish invasion or before the invasion of Manipur.

Constantly, Nagas villages, Meitei different groups, different Kukis villages were also attacking one another for small dispute. Only British gave us names as Meitei, Nagas, and Kukis. We suppose to be one name as one indegenous people. Moreover, different tribes were given, due to influence of foreigner missionary and political agents.

We must learn to live as one people and one nation as we are getting more education and political understanding in stead of taking advantage over our own brothers amongst Meitei, Nagas and Kukis.


Advt e-pao on TV?

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If you start exploring and broadening this site to all the people of Manipur as well as people of outside world, you need some advertisement through TV and Daily papers occassionally. This is for advertisement world and for the reason, we need to think on this purpose too.