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Wrong conclusion on Christianity

[ Sat, Jan 02, 2010 4:14 pm ]

Let us introspect I strongly denied the point made by Mr Nitin in his column on Dec 30, 2009. He mentioned that all the poor locals are being converted into Christianity I wonder how he arrived at this conclusion without knowing anything about what is really happening. People who are following Christianity now are not following it by force but are following on their own. There was no compulsion by anyone. I am a Christian but I respect all religions and it's the same with every Christian across the country. We live in a democratic country and everybody has a right to follow whatever the religion they like to follow. If they are learning Korean its not that they are averse to Indian languages but they learnt it out of curiosity. They are neither influenced by Korean nor by Chinese. It's quite easy to blame a religion or religious entity but one should know the fact and make responsible statements. Religion has always been a sensitive issue in our country and the most tragetic incidents took place because of the religion. So one should be very careful before making any statements. I appreciate Mr. Nitin''s concern and deep respect towards his brethren who live in remote part of India. Surprisingly, you made an irresponsible comment on a sensitive issue which makes others overlook your concern about your fellow citizens of NE. As Menander says "It is as easy to draw back a stone, thrown with force from the hand, as to recall a word once spoken.",

Dangmei - Bangalore (Infosys)

Wish all NE will be proud to be an Indian

[ Wed, Dec 30, 2009 9:06 pm ]

I'm basically a resident from Mumbai and suddenly come across with your web site. I spent a lot of time to read all pages of E-Pao and understood the nature, people, culture and many reviews. I am glad to have such wonderful state we have in India and has been ignored by Indian diplomacy and other politician. I'm agree that we have such beutiful hill station and god given nature can convert to attract tourist more and make locals life more comfortable. Its badluck to have some millitants in that area and make miserable life for all natives. I am really interested to visit such places, which gives more peaceful life and survive nicely as compared busy city life. I would like to see more nature pictures and travel information. I am sad to hear that all poor locals have been converted to Christianism, ban on Hindi channels (favour of Korean) and worst is support from state government on all these activity. Hope that all people understand NE Indians are part of Indians and we wanted to be in touch with them all. I wish God will listen to this and all NE Indians will be proud to be an Indian. Thank you very much for such website.


An inspiration article to many of us

[ Tue, Dec 29, 2009 5:20 pm ]

First and foremost, I really must thank you for writing such a beautiful article. This is such an inspiration to many of us. In addition, I can also say with absolute certitude that your contributions will definitely inspire many others to take part in ameliorating the systems in our Motherland. Indeed, it's very nice that you spoke about many issues such as; roads, drainage systems, electricity problems, education system simultaneously, and you also touched upon ransom, corruption, burglary, despotism, drug addict/trafficking, etc. How true! It's even more interesting that you brought all of this to highlight our past, the present and the future. It really is time for a serious common introspection to be done by each one of us. I only hope all of us widen our thinking and view at Manipur's problems from the beautiful prism offered in your article. Looking forward to reading more of meaningful ones from you in the future.


Immaculate and extensive analysis work

[ Tue, Dec 29, 2009 4:52 pm ]

It's a highly commendable job that someone like Eyamba Paramananda is putting his efforts to bring about a solution to the never ending woes of Manipuris. What i like the most about his articles is the immaculate and extensive analysis work with theoretical constructs as the background and the holistic approach. If i have to suggest one thing, then that would be cutting the articles into parts (further)so that all doesn't get mixed up and lose track. After all a good read.

Naoba Ahanthem

Accept the changes

[ Tue, Dec 29, 2009 1:41 pm ]

We live in 21st century but we still live in the dark side of the world. I wonder why people get involved in such criminal acts. Manipur, a land of torment, we fight within ourselves and kill each other and let others enjoy this. Violence can't be justified. People should realize that this kind of barbaric behavior is not going to help us in anyway. We won't achieve anything through this. God's curse will be upon those who kill; demand money from innocent people which cant be justified. People who claim to be the saviors of Manipur don't really mean it. They just want to cause unrest and benefit from it. Recently some UG group demanded huge amount of money from a Telecom Company. I work outside the state and I call them regularly but one day I could not get hold of them and when I asked my parents about what has happened I got to know that the telecom company which was operating in this remote corner of India has stopped its services because of the trouble caused by this UG group. This is ridiculous. We have been denied development due to this kind of groups which prevailed in the past and we are doing the same mistake again. We should neither encourage them nor be feared of. It's high time that we think in a diff way and refrain from such activities so that development and peace take place in this state. We have witnessed recession but fortunately the situation seems to turning around, thanks to the timely intervention of the govt. and the strong fundamentals of our economy. This is the time we attract investments in tourism and agriculture. Let's contribute our bit for the development to take place. Let's strive hard to build an efficient communication and transport system which is backbone for development. Our forefathers enjoyed a peaceful life. They had no worry of food, cloth or shelter. They were never afraid of foe nor the Indian army nor the underground outfits. Unfortunately these things have become a part of our life. Let's us all build the same MANIPUR which our forefathers were a part of. Let us show the world that Manipur is also a place where one can invest and reap benefits.

Dangmei - Bangalore

Highly abominable and hilarious PR

[ Sun, Dec 27, 2009 1:40 am ]

Happy to hear the announcement of forming a Meitei organization in Maharashtra namely, "The Manipuri(Meitei) Association Mumbai, Navi Mumbai". Going by the names of the office bearers it seems to me that one Bishnupriya is among them, thats great. I also came to know of another surname "Singha" used by our Meitei bretherns. The organization office bearers comprised of highly educated people but the English press release to me is highly abominable and hilarious, though it sends the message clear and loud.

S Haidar

Time to take our own responsibility

[ Fri, Dec 25, 2009 7:58 am ]

Manipur, Manipur, Manipur what else I can say about this place. The name says all about it. Manipur means Land of jewels. God has given all the thing that need to make a place to be a heaven but it own people make it to something else. Come on guys it is the time to wake up. Lets make it a place like haven as before. I always remember Manipur something around 10 to 15 years back, what a place. I never think of leaving of the place. Time to take our own responsibility. By the way me myself is also lacking behind from my own responsibility. I am just staying far from the place and just giving comment. We need to stop blaming each other. I know every Manipuri have a place for the place in some corner if their heart.

DK Alex

To know about Manipur - from Dubai

[ Thu, Dec 24, 2009 10:51 am ]

I am from Manipur - Kanglatonbi presently and temporary working in Dubai so I need your esteem services to know about Manipur, as here and there is quite different in every field so can you sent weekly or day-todays suggestion through my email or any other means. Thank you.

Mishra Purna - Dubai

A very sad day for the people of Manipur

[ Thu, Dec 24, 2009 2:26 am ]

This is a sad day for the people of Manipur. People of Yaiskul Assembly Constituency have let the people of whole Manipur down. I am not against E. Suraj nor in favour of any independent candidates. It is just that I didnt want the congress to win this by-election. There wasnt any possibility for the congress to win this election keeping in mind the sentiments of the people. Sad but true congress has won the by-election. Seems like people still want state sponsored terrorism and fake encounters.
[Unrelated another email]
Wish you all a "Merry Christmas" and Prosperous and Happy New Year 2010. May this Christmas and new year bring peace, prosperity and happiness.


Slide/Video display at Tourism Fest

[ Wed, Dec 23, 2009 7:48 am ]

Handak Manipur Tourism Festivalda utkhiba natki oiba show kayada chanaba photo slide amadi video kaptuna henna mapung phahalli. Adubu kanglup khudingmakki suna mapung phana utpa ngamkhidaba malli. Cultural Integration gi thoudang louriba asibu henna mapung phahannabagidamak mathang chahigi SHANGAI FESTIVALgidamak houjiktagi houna kanglup khudingmakki natki thouam yaoba photo video suna lousilhourabadi phagani khalli.

Shyamkishor Mangsidam

Response to Mr. Ibobi's open threat

[ Wed, Dec 23, 2009 10:14 am ]

Where have the golden days gone when Politicians were humble, keeping in mind the welfare of the people, develop infrastructure for the state, formulate policies for the advancement of the citizens. Comments to his statements: "There will be no use in electing an Independent candidate." - Why? Is there a threat to your seat ? Would this set an example for other independent candidates to follow that would push you over the edge and lose your seat in the next election ? "If the electorate of the constituency votes for the candidate of the ruling party, Suraj, all the Congress MLAs and Ministers will join hands to help him take up a lot of developmental programmes for the constituency." - What sort of developments has there been in the state ever since you took Power? Our Constitution is a Democratic one and everyone should be given a chance to bring about changes in the society for the betterment of the people of Manipur. I am sure not everyone is like you who\'d skim on all the Funds of the state. "The Chief Minister further said that the leaders of the opposition parties are the ones who had been rejected by the people." - What makes you so sure that the oppositions are the rejected ones. Maybe without your intimidations influenced by you and your unknown finances, a fair election would have got deserving people to power. "They are simply spending time speaking meaningless words in the hope that they may be able to rebuild their lost political career." - There is no lost career in Politics. Of all the people you should know this. What an Irony?

"A stable government is required to solve all the issues prevailing in Manipur, he said and appealed to the electorate of Yaiskul AC to elect Elangbam Suraj to strengthen Congress party in order to cooperate with the government to solve the various issues." - Are you sure the current power is stable ? With all the internal problems from every possible corner, the people of Manipur are not too sure about that. Dear Mr.Ibobi. no offense but 'Stability' is one word which which you do not know the meaning of. - Why would you even allow the educational institutions in the state be shut down for such a long period. Would you have allowed this to happen if your children were in a school in Manipur ? - Why are salaries paid after every three months ? Does this ever happen in any part of the civilized world? - Why aren't there any developments and progress in the state ? - Why have you seized the most important profiles in the Ministry ? Does that make you feel more powerful ? OR does that help you in skimming the state's fund provided from the Center ? One you are able to answer all the above questions sincerely with an honest and open heart, then there would be stability to the state. The Government is formed within the norms of our constitution. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, the government is "For the people, of the People and By the People" ... if at all you understand that is ... 'Happiness is not in taking but more of giving and seeing that priceless smile on the other person!"

Meta Morpheus

Fear of the elite ?

[ Tue, Dec 22, 2009 7:50 am ]

Is Manipur a Paradise lost in the hands of the elite ? Where is Democracy, the so called 'Checks and balances' infused in the Constitution ? Where is the future of this state leading ? Everyone knows and sees, but turns a blind eye. Why ? Fear of the elite ? Intimidated by the current Govt ? Where have all the brave people gone ?

Meta Morpheus

Wrong news regarding me

[ Mon, Dec 21, 2009 2:59 am ]

It is really nice that your network is updating every news and event of the country, we are very thankful to your organization but as regarding my news you have published it wrongly that I, i,e Romi Thokchom of Manipur is in 2nd but I'm the 1st runner's up in the contest and I am heartfully disappointed with your mistake. I am requesting you to change the heading as soon as posible and mention an apologized statement of your mistake .

Romi Thokchom - Hyderabad

I feel happy that I don't stay or work in Manipur

[ Sun, Dec 20, 2009 2:00 am ]

It is very sorry to say that the word and meaning of 'revolutionary' has become a mockery in manipur. The terrorist and gundas operating in manipur in the form of naharol and commondos lack the basic discipline. Manipur naharol needs a good devoted leader. Any indisciplinary or cowardly act should never be pardoned or entertained among their groups. Only strict discipline imparting the psychological way of respecting people,woman and their leader can change and mould their attitude.

There is a war in manipur after money and nothing else. I see nothing in these naharols other than their greed for money. I am a great admirer of some of the then true revolutionaries .......and infact some god like figure-fiedal castro.. i feel happy that i don't stay or work in manipur but at the same time i miss it a lot. So many times i felt that now our motherland is losing young and dynamic brains to give a space to these dumb, illiterate good for nothing naharol. They have completely paralysed the society..... at this juncture, i would like to pose a many educated people are there in such groups? And if at all they are there; they are just average or ordinary postgraduates. The basic cream layer of the society are all away from such a mess because they can survive anywhere on earth. And believe me these handful of educated people who are engaged in these cheap crimes of exhorting money are sick and good for nothing people. They know something but without perfection.....however they are very skilled in menacing people...... please live us alone , let us progress....I want to come back to my place and do something different. I am not alone there are thousands of us, wanting & longing to see a better Manipur.


Very Unethical naming of Organization

[ Sat, Dec 19, 2009 12:34 pm ]

I came across an announcement made by an organization with a weird name "The Manipuri(Meitei) Association Mumbai, Navi Mumbai", Dec 19th 2009. I am wondering how the organization came up with the concept that the put term Manipuri in synonymous with Meitei. It is very unfortunate that such an organization has made such unethical mistake, whether consciously or unconsciously . I have no objection if the organization is concerned with a particular community but I feel that the name of the organization is very misleading and I request them to look over it. They need to be more ethical and rational.

Somchandra Nahakpam

Accept your vision but not your works

[ Fri, Dec 18, 2009 9:50 am ]

eikhoi khangi ngasi nakhoina chathariba laal asi eikhoigini haiba. Manipuri khudingmak nasu nakhoigi vision adubudi taramna okli adubu nakhoigi thabak tadi kana amatana thajaba thamde haibasi haimanba thokloi. eikhoi khangi eikhoi ningtamde haiba mamang thakta eikhoi karamna leirami haibasu Manipurda leiriba meeyam khudingmak khanglamgani toubatabu adubu ngasigi Naharol singasina touriba thabak sidi karino haiba ama khangdare. Nakhoisu Manipur gi mapham khudingmakta leiramgani taramgani meeyamna kari ngangnariba....thengnaramgani eikhoigi ningtam lanmi ama sibada meeyamna yenthongba charibasisu....masi karidagi oiraklibano haibadu nakhoi yamna munna khanthahanningi. Nakhoi sire hairadi meeyamna haraobadouna tounare "Mahapapi siro haiba phaoba yaonare" nakhoibu tadaribara? asumna nakhoisibada yen thongba chariba meeyamsi amuktangdi nakhoina nakhoigidamak kaphanba karamba matamda ngamgadouri?......masi ngamlaba matamda nakhoina pamliba Ningtamba haibado phangani.... nattradi oiroi..... attopa ningtamkhiba leiba ki laalhouga yamna khetna na Manipurgi laalhouasi ubagum tounari meeyamna aduna meeyamgi thajadaba singasi amuktangdi nakhoina kokhanbiyu........................... Nakhoigi Vision bu eikhoina hainingaileitana thagatningi adubu thabakti hainingdare.............................


My first Manipuri song

[ Fri, Dec 18, 2009 5:54 am ]

Dear E-Pao Manipur, I'm so grateful to you for allowing me to post my feedback. I love all the Manipuri People without border and I honour all the Manipuri people in Manipur. I remember the first song which I learn to sing, 'sana leibak Manipur', What a strong and meaningful. I can hear the Weeping voice for loosing their children, how many people are living in poverty, innocent children cannot go to school freely, women cannot go to market peacefully, every one is living in fear, there is no electricity, no clean water to drink, no enough food to eat....I think it is time for every Manipuri to wake up before it is too late. I'm sorry but sorry doesn't help. How can we be part of the solution ? What can we do to bring Manipur better place to live? If I burn my house, where I will go for help?

Sithamparap Pillai

"Meidingu" or "His Highness"

[ Fri, Dec 18, 2009 5:54 am ]

I would like to refer to your article "AMADA's opium war attracts thousands". It is observed that the caption below the picture reads "King Meidingu......" would it be better if we address him as His Highness .... or just Meidingu....? just a thought.


Mr. Ibobi's open threat

[ Fri, Dec 18, 2009 5:54 am ]

Look at the open threat Mr. Ibobi is issuing. If congress does not win in this by-poll, then there is not going to be any development in Yaiskul. is this not violation of election code of conduct. And as the CM, can be issue such threats? We know that whether congress or not there is not going to be any development since it is not thoubal or khangabok Assembly Constituency. so please dont play the fool with the people of Yaiskul Assembly Constituency. and as if there has been many development during your reign of terror. yeah the only development is that you have become richer.


Photo Caption

[ Mon, Dec 14, 2009 9:54 am ]

Hi, this is in response to a comment on my caption of a photo that was shown on the home page of this site. Well to me, there were particular part where I found it to be quite hilarious so i mentioned 'rib tickling' with an exaggeration. And that was my personal view not withstanding the larger context of it. Well if that is making a fuss than I would request the in-charge/concerned that particular word to be replaced . Thanx

Irom Johny

"Petition to repeal AFSPA"

[ Sun, Dec 13, 2009 8:15 pm ]

Dear E-Pao Team, I request you to promote the "Petition to repeal AFSPA" (link here). The above link may be pasted and it will be displayed on any webpage.

Premjit K Sanjram - Research Scholar IIT Bombay

Sad things still continues..

[ Sun, Dec 13, 2009 8:15 pm ]

Dear e-pao, I'm very grateful to you all for News from Manipur. It is so sad that this kind of things are still continue to happen in Manipur today. Thank you again from bottom of my heart to you all for e-pao News. My sincere love to all the Manipuri people.

Sithamparap Pillai

Remembering Nupi lan

[ Sat, Dec 12, 2009 10:00 pm ]

Manipuri nupi lan gi thouramsingda narang haidokhiba waa singdu thabakta onthokladi kayamthuna manipursi peace oini. Paperda a honey tongue oibanadi nupi lan pangthoktabana henna phare haijaningle. karigino hairadi nupi lan gi thouram pangthoklaklibasi 70 years surakle aduga ngasiphaoba kariumba resolution amata loukhatpa ngamde asina thouram pangthokpagi wahanthokleite maduna henna lai oikharaba Ima singdu na warounabani. pangthokke hairagana unity leina amata oina pangthoku maduna henna attoppa leibak singna nakhoibu thakwangna lounagani madunattadana hiram khudinggi 2/3/4 thokpagi thabak si toklasi keidoubage eikhoise meegi mamangda eikhoi Manipurini haibaga haijaba ngamdare. June 18 phangle 2/3/4 hekta thokpa thabak khudinggi 4/5 thokpasibu lai oikharaba ipa ipuna tourammi haiduna touriba jatla nattragana kari?

ipa ipuna 3/4 thoklami adubu makhoidi leibak asigidamta thmoisengna kathoklammi aduga houjik sina kadai? money peishana leikharaba meeoisingna leibak ningba saduna leibak yonthokpiganu. leibak asi ipa ipuna yamna waana semlambani haibasi kaobiganu........aroibada haijaningbadi mathanggi nupi lan or any thouram khudingmakta amaga amaga yamna cooperative leina thabak toubadu eikhoi touhanjaninge. 2/5 thokpagi thabaksi handakki 2009 asina chatkhibada loina puduna chatkhiba oirasanu aduga 2010 na lakpada anouba Manipur apunba Manipur haibadu oirasanu....................


Govt forfeits SSA fund - Sad news

[ Wed, Dec 09, 2009 11:17 pm ]

It is really sad to hear this..... What are the intentions of the politicians/bureaucrats? I am not able to understand why these guys do not want the population to be educated. With 300 Crores in 5 years for a state like Manipur, it would have done wonders in developing the education infrastructure, taking care of the existing infrastructure assets. The money could have been utilised to promote literacy and higher education amongst the under-privileged... Hope better sense prevail over this people... and I think the people needs to assert their rights now if it is being taken for granted by this politicians and bureacrats...


'gender identifier' in name - required?

[ Wed, Dec 09, 2009 11:12 am ]

There are only a handful of names shared by both the sexes. But is it really necessary to use these so-called identifiers?? I don't think so. Chaoba and Kiran will not be the only girls playing in the team. There will be some names that will let the listeners know whether it's a men's or women's match. And even if we have to use a 'gender identifier', let's use something which we can proudly call our own. Not the cheap imitation of Biharis!!


Indian Air Force Day

[ Tue, Dec 08, 2009 2:41 am ]

October 8th is Air Force day. A day dedicated to those man in blue guard sides, move men and machine to inhospitable terrain, carry rescue mission on dangerous areas and all those who form part of the support system that keeps the Air Force Airborne. The Man the Might and the Machine. The metal lice creature roars into the airspace, circles the base and comes in for landing bringing a high speed supersonic jet to a perfect Landing requiring extra sharpness skills, and pilot has to perfect and the young pilot saviors the satisfaction. Take off and Landing are pure flying skills for a pilot. He dons his dark Blue Overall checks his notes grabs his flying helmet and works on the tarmac. Into the blue sky they zoom, taking along the responsibility of a billion people who have reposed their faith to the world in the southern water, the endless dessert and the forest. This soldier of the sky ever lower his guard and protests the integrity with a forcity and swiftness of a Himalayan eagle a symbol they becomes familier with as they step into the Air Force. The pilot of the Air Force has, come a long way from being the "Hawai" sepoys of Royal Indian Air Force to the daredevils of Bharatiya vayu sena Flying - the supersonic of the 21st century....

H. Roshninanda Sharma - Indian Air Force Station Agra

More books and discussion

[ Mon, Dec 07, 2009 6:33 am ]

Hi, I just found out that E-Pao has a subsite for books. Which is really good. But there is no discussion in there. Nor any books. Manipuris in and outside the state are not reading. We do not read. This freaks me out. I don't think we as a community has ever been a community that gives emphasis on reading. Have we been!

As a result we as a society have been tumbling down- either through our ignorance, or by the games and tacts of a superior intellect group. It is time we start reading. And read, we must. Of books that have changed this world. From Homer's Illiad to Vyasa's Vedas, from Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, to Sun Tzu and Mao, from More's Utopia to Espinoza's Ethics, from Thoreau's Walden to Tolstoy's War and Peace, from Thomas Paine's Rights of Man to Thomas Paine's Common Sense, from Marx's Kapital to Adam Smith's Nation...we have got to read. How about WEB duBois and Malcolm X! How about Frantz Fanon and Che Guevara! Then there are Edward Said, George Orwell, Immanuel Kant and Nietzsche. And there there are others. We have got to read. I am sure the answers to our problems (we, Manipuris and our society) is already out there. We are not trying enough to find those answers and solutions. We from this generation must do it and pass on the practice to the next. We can have a well working book discussion/review section in E-Pao. Let's us discuss all the important books of the world there. I am very sure there are enough of us out there who are more than willing to initiate the league. Like I am willing to share my ideas and thoughts, I can as well share what I've read . I believe E-Pao can play a huge role in widening readership. May be you should start by telling students across cities and other places, including Manipur, to start writing reviews of different kinds of books. Children book reviews to children studying in schools. Reviews of political and philosophically significant books to a more grown up groups of students and then we proceed. Competions and prize will help. Let's do it.

Premjit L

Sweet little thing ...

[ Mon, Dec 07, 2009 2:21 am ]

Just thought of dropping a note to say, "This E-Pao Radio is a sweet little thing". I got tired of reading about the completely messed up state of our Eema Leipak but believe it or not , I found solace in the music this little app played. I'm not sure if it was the FX from my audiocard software, but it sounded like the music was echoing through the hills of Manipur. (Thanks Creative if your FX did that.) I left it playing ... off to work now. I'll go and talk to Tamo Jesmin about this. He seemed pretty sad and confused in his post!

Chingkheinganba Thangjam - Microsoft

Not 'rib-tickling' to me

[ Thu, Dec 03, 2009 5:19 am ]

I am not sure whether you do any sort of 'review' on the content of this site but it would be nice if someone kept an eye on it. In today's (3rd of december, 2009) featured photo, you have a photo captioned 'rib-tickling' thang-ta performance. Though I am not a martial arts expert per se, I doubt whether thang-ta could be described by any stretch of imagination as rib-tickling (unless of course something hilarious happened during this particular performance!). Though English is not our mother tongue and we can be forgiven the occasional slip or two, it would still be nice if such faux pas could be reduced.


To include international or not?

[ Thu, Dec 03, 2009 4:33 am ]

Below mentioned are some of the links where International news can be viewed. Such as,, And for sports news;, It is a good suggestion that e-pao should include international and sports news. But there are thousands of portals which provide international news and sports news but there very few portals which provide Manipur related news. I would be very happy if e-pao can include international news but I also wish that e-pao does not lose its original theme which is to provide Manipur related news.


Naughtiness in chat room

[ Thu, Dec 03, 2009 3:52 am ]

Dear, Admin of our epao site,
It is very sad to see that one of our chat member by the name/id "the light of the spring" is too naughty in the room, we cannot chat, he has been sending the sound and copy paste unnesesary thing in the lobby, every one got fed up of him,, so, would there be any alternative to inform/warn him not to do this things.. thanks anyway


Include International news and football...

[ Tue, Dec 01, 2009 5:14 am ]

Please include international news n also world sport news n plz put news regarding world cup as it is next year, lets plan wat kind of football world cup news to be put up everyday i can help u in this matter. for example everyday we can hv a small coloumn of world cup news, may be who won the world cup in 1978 winner was argentina, so we can highlight of it i mean of the world cup, or else who scored the highest goal, who won lev yashin award etc. so tat it will b interesting to yur user as world cup is next year.


More and more on 'Manipur and becoming self reliant'

[ Mon, Nov 30, 2009 11:39 pm ]

We all say meiteis are lazy and doesn't want to work hard and gossips more sitting in OKU. When schools are burn down, when bandhs have domination who will like to work hard. Self reliant as our brothers of RPF and articles which is continuously coming in Sangai Express these days expressing their views about Manipur is really a good issue. But in the same time do they allow our fellow citizen of Manipur to express there views? Do any one happy with the condition prevailing now in our mother land ? who have made it done this someone will say India and some will say Naharol. India is alien but we are all from Manipur. We agree India have annexed us in 1949 and our brothers are working hard to regain our Nation. One simple question the funds that our organizations are using is our fund which comes from extortion can we ask what is the progress of your revolution??? Is there any achievement keeping apart all successful Ambush, Band on intoxicants, eliminating some unsocial and party fractions. Where are we now ??? But in this process is there any concrete achievement ??? If we all start asking question I don't think it will be never ending questions. But final question which everyone would like to ask is What are you doing for us, for the people who will represent Manipur???

Our population is just 30 Lakhs not have the population of Delhi. Why we allow killing each other?? When you will become a father or mother you will never like your son to die in hand of anyone. There are lots of things to be done in Manipur. But when you don't allow thinking, how will one come out with good ideas. Let everyone breath a good air of peace where there is no fright from Commandos, police, Army, and of course Naharol. Then see how our people smile and shine. We are not self reliant lets make it first then you can see how our revolution speeds up. We have to play brain game not gun game because we don't manufacture guns but if you allow brain to breathe some fresh and good air this brains is capable of man! See my brain also come on guns while telling an example. I mean to say is if our brains are allow to think in a constructive things without having any fright or threat it will be good for Manipur. Why our revolution is targeted in hitting armys only? Can't we hit on some other things? Now everyone agree we are not self reliant and its agreed by our brother of RPF then will self reliance come by guns and ambushing army. It is necessary but its also necessary to depend on others to make ourselves self-reliant. We don't come to world as self reliant everything is either legacy or hard work. Our parent give birth , nature us then one day we become something I think its same with the evolution of a nation. But no one outside will make us self-reliant. In our home our neighbors don't come to feed us, we ourselves have to work hard to feed ourselves. When my brother threaten me for doing good what will happen to the home. Everyone know very well. We have to support each other to grown and this can only happen when our revolutionary groups keep there arm wings for our protection and maintain peace and not for killing or extortion. In a span of 5 years we can see people allover world will envy us. All great nations have succeeded in becoming great nations only by peace and good alliance with other countries. Please send me if anyone have any suggestion or advice or critics regarding my article.

Peace in Manipur -

Technical aspect of Manipuri Digital Films

[ Mon, Nov 30, 2009 3:26 am ]

Why aren't the manipuri films being released or marketed as DVD. if it is released as vcd then the video resolution is 352*288pixels at25fps or 352*240pixels at 29.97fps with video encoded by MPEG-I and audio by MPEG -1 AUDIO LAYER-2 at sampling rate of 44.1 khz which is much inferior to DVD having having video resolution as 720*576 at 25 fps or 720*480 pixels at 29.97fps with video encode by MPEG-2 which approaches 480p standard and audio by MPEG-1 audio layer-2 at sampling rate of 48khz. The quality of the fims except a few are very poor in terms of quality. We are experiencing the world of high definition but our films are stil in the infancy stages in terms of quality.


Work like a true revolutionary

[ Sun, Nov 29, 2009 2:27 am ]

Manipur is filled with hypocrites emerging from both the sides of insurgents and the government. Well,to begin with, the insurgent gourps operating in Manipur solely depend on the public fund for meeting their monitory needs which is the heart of any functioning organisation. In my view there is requirement to modify their policy of fund collection against peoples' wish. These funds collected at gunpoint do not reach the actual revolutionaries and get diverted in their own pockets. Funds can be raised in other means too by putting money in the international stock market, or by imparting making of electronic goods which will be readily accepted in market. A true revolutionary work only for the peoples' welfare....they don't loot the people and pocket themselves. At this nick of time I would like to say that what the honourable minister of india has said- "there is no insurgents operating in Northeast and all are local gundas" is rightly told.

The ministers, who are only worried for pocketing themselve must change their attitude otherwise the situation in Manipur will become from bad to worse. Let the youth of manipur rise their voice and change Manipur neither listening to any government nor to the insurgents... i pray for my people

dr. pame_jit

No latest news in your website

[ Sun, Nov 29, 2009 2:26 pm ]

News provided in your website is not the latest news, so if you kindly provide the daily top news then hope it would be nice for us to know about more latest hapening in Manipur, since I stay far from Manipur, I used to visit your website frequently but there is lack of latest news.. so if you kindly provide the latest day to day news then it would be very good for every one... thanking u...


Attack on North Eastern women

[ Thu, Nov 26, 2009 10:48 am ]

I am deeply angered by the plight of Northeasterns at the hands of North Indians. The manner in which Indian students are beaten up in Australia same is for the North easterns in India. Most racial crimes are being commited by sikhs,jats,punjabis who come from a traditionally patriarchal background. Sheila Dixit should understand the fact that there are thousands of sikhs, jats and biharis in Assam, Manipur and till now no one has harmed them. This is a clear case of hate crimes, where sikh regiment armymen rapes Manipuri women under the banner of AFSPA, CRPF jawans attempts to rape a women in Kokrajhar railway station, two manipuri girls getting brutally beaten up in Gurgaon for protesting against their landlords lecherous moves, murder of a Manipuri girl in delhi, Rape of an assamese girl in Gurgaon. The day will come when Notheastern people will lose their cool and take law into their own hands. This is a clear warning to all North indians that do not underestimate us as mere weaklings. The most shocking is even north indian women take active part in such crimes. Compulsory self defence training must be given to all north eastern students in delhi and this initiative should be taken up by the state govt. Dr. Manmohan singh should ensure safety for all northeasterns in Delhi.


More on 'Manipur and becoming self reliant'

[ Wed, Nov 25, 2009 4:27 am ]

Thanks for publishing my article. One and important thing is when one starts a venture , he is taking a risk and he has grow in order to servive with compitition. When we check our Manipur employment exchange website its showing huge unemployment rate but less than other states. Govt. is offering many programmes to for the enterprenuers but 2 out of 100 succeeds. There are lot of things involve in facing the compitition with the outsiders. In this condition our brothers our own blood comes and ask for fund is not that one doesn't want to give it but the condition force him to deny. He starts thinking why ? I have invested my money I have gain the knowledge I am creating employment why should I give. On the other hand people engaged in illegal work can give that type of amount. The mind which was suppose to utilized in constructive work is diverted to this things. There is huge demand for medicinal plant , Heikru, peruk etc in the market outside but we can't give because we can't face the price of the compititor. In the department there are very good reports on the cultivation of this medicinal plants but when there is a demand there is no want who can provide it to the market. You can have a look on Shri Rishang Keisings MATA and other contract framing activities the income is in Crores and he give employment to many villages. He can do it because his mind have neither treat nor fright. His farms are recognised in Govt. of India level. Do any one of us thinking on it even if some one is thinking he takes time to materialised it. The first word which will come in this enterprenuer is what will I do if some one comes for extortion. He will again waste his time burning head on this issue rather he was suppose to think how can I make my business compititive. People are afraid to take loans from bank only for this reason. I came to know that even the Emas who sits in Bazar selling vegetable are ask to give money for the organisation is this true ? Yes it happens but organisation should ask as a cherity not ! by force . Your Ejat(pride) will not be down when you say please contribute us some amount atleast to a small time people even not to big and powerful people. He will smile and give Rs. 5 even if he is earning Rs.10. When the condition of the Manipur is in crisis we can never be self reliant. When people is not sure he is save his brain will never think of self reliant. When people are paying Lakhs and lakhs of rupees for a post of S.I, teacher, or other govt. jobs what to think of Manipur. One who can give and one who is very intellegent will get job. But what to others. Have organisation try to find out who is taking that money then why do they extort from the enterpreneur.

With this conditions, Will we be able to be self reliant??? Stop all the activities which is done by our organisation and promote peace atleast to our own people. Then see how our Manipur shine. You all keep saying India is suppressing us but they don't frighten us, they suppress us but our people go outside to them and work there. They suppress us but all family runs on there money. They suppress us but they don't extort money from us. Please lets stay in peace and lets work out on some constructive work how we can be self reliant rather then blasting bomb, firing guns prmote people who cam bring money. Our tourism industry is the most potential market where every one in Manipur can be employed but how can be promote this , it will be only through PEACE. Among the most compititive people all over world we Manipuri also contribute, if he can do it for the world then why not for Manipur. Don't you like to see where every Manipuris have a smile in there face and work forward togther to challenge the world. Lets promote peace and harmony , stop depending on govt. jobs, give support to each others and world will come to us.

Peace in Manipur -

Manipur and becoming self reliant

[ Tue, Nov 24, 2009 2:22 am ]

Its was nice news I am reading today - Let's be self-reliant: RPF but will there not be any torture and extortion to the person who starts to work for Manipur. I am now outside Manipur only because some organisation torture for no reason. Started a business with just some pocket money we were possible to make good earning and feeding 6 families with sincerity and clean in heart. But one day some organisation group call on us and torture for what we have not done. I always love our place but the people force me to stay outside . I am qualified I can easily get job but do they ever try to think what has happen to the person who was working with me. Please think it over and lets find some solution to such activities. We have numerous work in Manipur to become self reliant and it requires support from all angles and not demotivate the hard workers. Please mail me on if any of the organsation have to give comment to my words.

Peace in Manipur -

Manipur is the worst state

[ Mon, Nov 23, 2009 1:47 pm ]

Manipur is one of the worst state I ever seen. Please dont mind but the state capital Imphal is facing the worst case scenario then we can easily make it out what will be the other districts are facing off. No development, no proper education facilities, no law and order, terrorists are fully dominating the state. I can imagine even in my dreams to get back to this hell and please I request to innocent readers stay away from this state. Please try to make your own place a wonderful habitat. Thank you - This views what I gave is my personal experience, it doesnt mean to hurt someones dignity and honor.


Chakhum is driving me crazy!

[ Mon, Nov 23, 2009 4:12 pm ]

Hell, its crazy !! Making me to drive crazy ##@@%% !! Won't belive, m sitting in Amsterdam..I still enjoy Ma Kangsoi, eromba, and many meitei cusines. Honestly, I have left with some hardly 50 gram of Ngari, which I had acquired last october of 2007..and still its refrigereted. And its to amazing to find all the meitei vegie ingredients in Amsterdam..spcly..Thambou. bamboo shoots...I mean fresh usoi.and peruk..I keep askng ma mom back in Mumbai for stuffing it..Really this new add on is amazing and proud to be a meitei..


Manipur still hooked in traditional mindset

[ Sat, Nov 21, 2009 8:50 pm ]

The contents in e-pao seened to be coloured by the running currents in Manipur when there are lots happening elsewhere for the proverbial frog in the well. Manipuris still seemed hooked up in the traditional mindset. Awake And Arise. Worthless to be a Manipuri 'Mans' in Manipur. There's a world outside. Give this a thought.


Article really touched my heart

[ Fri, Nov 20, 2009 4:14 am ]

I just wanted to thank Shreema Ningombam for the article "The right of Rabina's unborn in the pot". This article really touched my heart. I would request all the readers to go through this article and think it over. Hats off to you Sreema!!! Keep writing.

Sivananda Ayekpam

Do away with entry ticket in Airport

[ Wed, Nov 18, 2009 2:14 pm ]

I like that the post about a ticket for entry ticket for the airport for i face that problem before i live in israel for the past 8 years i come to visit my home in Dec 2008 when my dad has to drop me in the airport they charge entry ticket why for because my dad won't be parking his car. If possible they should not charge someone who comes to drop. hmm its just my sugesstion watever it all about Manipur i hate the system plus dats chathak na ba .... lol

Avner Gangte - Israel

B.Ed exams Result held in April still not announced

[ Wed, Nov 18, 2009 8:45 am ]

It is a very strange thing to me to hear that the result of B.Ed exams held in April is not still announced. It is almost six months. I think it doesn't happen anywhere in the world except in Manipur. It indicates that Manipur is lagging behind in every respect and people don't care about slow progress of every work as long as there is "Tomorrow". With a little thought every work can be carried out successfully and on time too. I hope the result of B.Ed exams come soon. My dear B.Ed teachers and related authorities, do your work properly and honestly.


Matam chana newspaper update toubiyu

[ Sat, Nov 14, 2009 3:10 am ]

Manipurgi mapanda leijaba manipuri machasingi khanbiraga matam matung eenna paosingbu update toubiyu. Maramdi mapanda leiribasingdi e-netki mateng nattna update oiba pao fangnabagi atei upai leite. Amuksu hanna haijari yariba makhei mapanda leiba meoisingi khanbira update toubiyu.
Yamna leibak thiba hairagdra manipurgi leiriba epaogi websitesing amatta update toubide masina amukka henna mapanda leibasingda khoirang khoisaonaba pokhalli. haijariba jiban khumancha guwahati.

Khuji - Guwahati, Assam

Question about "Revolution"

[ Fri, Nov 13, 2009 3:51 pm ]

I am S. Dennish from U.S.A. I had been in Manipur for long time. As a lover of manipur land I want to discuss about the manipur peace and development articles. I'll write on this mail chapter by chapter.

Dear UGs from Manipur - My first question is that,
What is the aims and objective of your so called revolution? It\'s right on the way or need to review? If you can not answer, I will do it review for my own question. wait for me in next days.

Dear my brothers from Manipur.
Last of a day, I asked a question about Revolution in this feedback mail. But it is not yet viewed in reader's mail. Anyhow I, myself have to answer my review also. First of all, I would like to open the definition of the word "Revolution". In the common used, the meaning of the revolution is "change of type of the primary state or condition." In the Oxford distionary, it is open that "1. overthrow of a system of government, esp by force. 2. complete or drastic change of method, conditions.. etc". Yes, there have a revolution in Manipur. For what? So many people gave their opnion on their own aspiration. To get back their Independent, to get the fully Statehood, to get the self determination and etc..etc. No one can answer definite goal of the movement. So a question is come out, What is your real goal of revolution? Second is, every revolutions aim for the people of the nation or state to become better condition. On other way, save our people from under of bad ruler to own government or to get Independent from the colony of some one. Mean revolution is to become better life for the people. If this is a right view, we have needed to analyse about 'what is the result come out from our movement since the beginning to now?.' The mountains beauty of Manipur become killing field. AR killed Manipuri youths in the name of UGs. Police commodoes killed Manipuri youths in the name of UGs. Manipri to Manipuri killed the difference of groups. In the final who will lost? People have too burden in the name of donations. Not only to one group but to the so many groups. Sometime if I fear and give to one group, the other will come and torture to me that I am the supporter of that group. Really, I don\'t want to support to any group. May I? Is this the Revolution?

S. Dennish - USA - soya(dot)dennish(at)gmail(dot)com

Wrong terminology for Sharmila

[ Wed, Nov 11, 2009 3:50 am ]

At the photo column of e-pao, there is one column termed: "Festival to Celebrate Sharmila's struggle." Are you aware of the connotation "Festival" and "Celebration"? Since this news forum (e-pao) is use/read all over the world (not only us), I am reluctant to use of such terminologies, because such terms have entirely different meaning, from what Sharmila is doing.

possible true78

"Frog in the Well" mentality

[ Wed, Nov 11, 2009 11:37 am ]

This is related to the feed written by shilhenba2002 on sc status...
What I would like to tell shilhenba is, if indeed you feel we are "hard working, compare to others" then why you want to cling onto the tag of SC or Tribes or whatever it may be..dont you think it is high time we grow out of all these. Wake up, people are wanting to compete with the best and strive ahead and here you are trying to hold onto something for what..just a simple seat quota and some reservations..i think it would be better for all of us once we start abdicating the "frog in the well" mentality.

zaks2523 is nothing but just another information repository

[ Wed, Nov 11, 2009 10:07 am ]

Dear E-Pao members,
It is indeed a pleasure going through your web site with so much of myriad info and links to almost everything a person would expect for browsing a portal. I surely would say your portal has grown big ever since its inception 5 years ago. Hats off to you all for such an exemplary achievement.
On the contrary, I would also like to point out the fact that the site lacks a whole lot of important information which is very imperative for the whole World should know in terms of the current political scenario back home which absolutely contradicts your slogan 'Now the World knows'. I am pointing out a handful of topics which indeed requires everyone living inside the country and outside needs to know and I feel we all are just turning a blind eye towards it.
- The current mass agitation and the closure of all Educational Institutions.
- What is the purpose why is the agitation being demonstrated?
- Why are some of the employees of certain section of Government Departments denied of their monthly wages which I would say is a basic fundamental right?
- Do you think the people of Manipur are happy with the current ruling power in the state ?
o Perhaps you should come up with some sort of a Survey for the web site viewers and get a true picture of what the people really want right on the homepage.

I believe this is democracy and every individual has the right to express their views. Maybe you could tie up with the local newspapers in Manipur and get the survey results printed. I have zillions of ideas, and I don't mean every one of them could materialize. All we need is balls of steel to implement them. Unless you make the site interactive, get opinions, views from the people who actually holds the power, is nothing but just another information repository. I have no qualms whatsoever with anyone, but just another Meitei who is concerned about the future of the motherland.

Jesmin Ningthoujam Sr. Engineer (Microsoft)

Let Manipur be included in Schedule Caste

[ Wed, Nov 11, 2009 3:50 am ]

Please think about it. I m sugesting it on behalf of the youth and pillar who are responsible to make the state a better place. It is the time of opening our eye wide and you know it is very tought to survive in this competitive world. Let's fight together. Please, it is time to think about the benefit provided by Indian govt. We(Manipur) should take the benefit of Schedule Caste. I mean, we should be included in Schedule Caste. We are supposed to get this benefit but some one sided men thrown it on the floor, mean R.K ......etc. Mrs Indra Gandhi went to announce it as Manipur is a schedule caste state but this bad guys made it trash. Please think it again. We should demand it. We are hard working, compare to others, but poverty makes us useless. Not only Kakching and othes schedule caste area but we are also hardworking. See other places of India with schedule caste status are useless and unknown so we can compete easily. So it is the time to change. Let's change this trouble state and show the India "that we are".


Little by little we're changing

[ Tue, Nov 03, 2009 6:36 pm ]

Nongma nongmagi eikhoi eramdamse honglakli. Khara leiradi eikhoi eramdamgi oiba amata leihoudadana pungyan-yanaba pungtot-totnaba ama oihouduna eikhoi masen amaga hatoknaduna loikhibara khangde eramdamse. Ngasidi mapan lamgi miyansingna eikhoigi eramdamsibu loushinkhibada natana makhoi makhoigi charol surol faoba sandoktuna makhoi makhoigi jaga kanba hourakli. Makhoi makhoi gi oiba cultural amadi natki oiba kumhei ka ama pangthorakli.

Ngashidi eramdamse tapna tapna ahongba kaya ama urakli Eramdam da leiriba echil enaosha ngashidi eikhoi gi eronbu tapna tapna honglakli haibase eikhoi punamakna khangfam thokee. kanagumba kharadi nongmaiching Ningthoukaba haibadi mahuta Ravivaar, Somvaar, Mangalvaar hairaga chaothokpasu yaori makhoiduna karamba wakhalno khangde. Leikai-leikaida meitei eikhoi gi ming thonba mashingse khut thekpabu yarakle. Khudam oina hairabada Das, jit,kumar gumbana chingba ngaktana wai chaire. Kanagumba kharadi eiteima (Sister-in-Law) faoba Bhabi hain kounarakle.

Mamangda Tada, Tachou, Tayai hairambado ngashidi DADA na mahut shinkhare. Waheidi yamna leikhare ema londadi madugi waheidi leijaba aduga migi lona mahutsinkhiba. khanlubada takshi sonba natana upai leite. Eramdam ashidi angakpana pik thanlaba ngakatani. Thaina ningthou panlingeidagi adum soiraklabani. Eikhoigi eyek leina-leina migi mayekna mahut shinduna laklabani. Migi mamangda yamna eikaiba wani. kanlubada thamoise soktaba ngamde. khanghoude mitagi pee chinthkhiba. Eimishidi lairadana eramdam faoba migi mamingna thonba hourakle. Ekaijeida mapi mapa oiribashinse.

gol joy

An honest evidence of History

[ Tue, Nov 03, 2009 7:35 am ]

Your piece of work is truly appreciated and helps me lots to provide an honest evidence to my all friends to make them realize, understand the history and situation of the state in relation with India.

Laishram Amu kok-chau

Remember you are an Indian

[ Tue, Nov 03, 2009 5:15 am ]

Just read a couple of paras, its was so disappointing. The blog reflects your attitude towards people and towards your nation. Before Manipuri, remember you are an Indian. You should first respect your nation, then you expect respect from others.


Sharatt puja - a pollution in Manipur

[ Sat, Oct 31, 2009 5:52 am ]

If Biharis in Manipur start worshiping a big festival like Sharatt puja, it will spoil the land and rivers by its dumping statue of God and Goddess. The festival which create environmental pollution should not be welcome by Manipuri. The mainland India is outcast by UN for their unscientific culture against the environment. So, please stop initiative of welcoming of such festival in Manipur soil like Bol Bhum and Sharatt Pujas. This land is not for Biharis cultural migration like Shantidas Gosai did at a time. Outsider should worship their festival without polluting the landscape of Manipur . Save Manipur.


Super-fast changes!

[ Sat, Oct 31, 2009 5:52 am ]

Yamna thagatchari adomgi team bu, E-pao platform da yamha super fast oiba changes ama oikaray...!!!!!! Text ki design su yamna perfect design oikharay. aduga linking systemsu standeard oiba form oikharay ... Khanday adomgi team ashumna loina oiradi manipru gi mapham khudingda yamna athuba matamda Development area oiba yagani khanjai.

M. Prem Singh

Ramchanphy Hongray - RIP

[ Fri, Oct 30, 2009 6:51 am ]

I'm Isaac Chaonamai.. its my previledge to thank that I could read the news update everyday.. and deeply feel sorry for the departed parent of Ramchanphy Hongray and I sincerely condole. May her soul RIP.

Isaac Chaonamai

Study in Korea/Japan instead of Delhi

[ Wed, Oct 28, 2009 6:21 pm ]

My name is Prem, I have been working for the last 4 years and stayed outside my home state from the last 10 years. I dont understand the mindset of the people of Manipur - why we are forcing ourself as an Indian when we are not welcome and the mainland will never recognize us. We are more advanced and developed in terms of culture and Society. With the amount we spent for a student to Delhi, by the same amount we can sent to Japan or Korea as the currency difference makes possible. My great advice to all the parents of Manipur is that dont force your children to go to Delhi rather then plan to send to abroad this will give the international exposure and we will be having a safer place as we are not alienated when we are among the people of our look and the developed society.


Our ladies are molested, alienated

[ Tue, Oct 27, 2009 5:59 pm ]

I am from Chennai, I believed you might have heard about the killing of our very own Manipuri girl in Delhi. Is there any way you could take steps so that the CM or at least we-the citizen of Manipur, voice our concern. It is really disturbing. It was not the first time we are facing this problem. Our ladies are molested, alienated..etc. Please I beg you to do something from Home.

Pau Sont - Chennai

With malice towards none

[ Mon, Oct 26, 2009 8:15 pm ]

Why do some people always have to talk about this district being part of this state or that state. Why get into petty issues about whether one belongs to whatever state in this time of tumultous people conflict between different tribes and culture. I am born in the hills of Senapati district and I never hesitate to say I am from Manipur. Some bloggers and some people always seem to be hell-bent on blogging about the hills and plain people. I do believe that there are so many conscientious and wise people who take life as a passage before departing from this world.

There is so much bias and communal feelings being posted. I think if we just concentrate on loving and thinking positively about another group, that is thousand time more effective to oneself and other's than churning out blogs that smell of hypocrisy. The most funny and extremely contagious issue today in Manipur is that Student Bodies who talk about development and growth are hijacking the precious moments of many young and innocent people by closing down the schools. To me it is an open form of extremism. "Is there no other way to solve issues without closing down educational institutions?" If the intelligent people cant find a way to deal with situations in the right way than i doubt if Manipur will come out of coma soon as desired by every citizen of Manipur. I do believe that there are so many conscientious and wise people who take life as a passage before departing from this world.

Louno Spencer

Ukhrul or Nagaland?

[ Mon, Oct 26, 2009 6:38 am ]

"Ukhrul girl strangled to death at Delhi" - What happened to her is really unfortunate and I sincerely condole. One thing, I was confused after reading this news from e-pao. The confusion is that, TOI & The Hindu, gave the report(dated oct 26, 2009) as the victim, Ramchanphy Hongray is from Nagaland! Whose news is true? If, e-pao's report is true, what will be the impact to the people? Is Ukhrul, an integral part of Nagaland? Just because the unfortunate victim is a Naga, she is from Nagaland! (What seems to be the wrong interpretation made by the people outside North East). Or, are these editors, just another mere ignorant Indian citizen who do not wish to the look for clear details before they print? What ever may be, I am not concerned about their interpretation. But what is really happening with the people of North East is my concern. One can forgive their ignorance, but will the opposite party do the same? Just take it easy what ever may be the clerical error or wrong interpretation. Lets hope that good things start coming with the North East people.


Yes, I'm weak in English Grammar

[ Mon, Oct 26, 2009 5:37 am ]

Dear Rishi, I am extremely sorry for my weak English Grammar which I could not make to understand my people clearly. Effective Communication is very much necessary in this time of juncture for sharing our knowledge and experiences in the society. In future, I would surely give more attention on this and I would be more happy, if you would had given more detail about it. And for the timing I stop writing articles because of some reasons. Anyone can reach me at Loktaklake(at)gmail(dot)com .

L. Kangleicha Meitei

who blinks first? Agitators or Government

[ Sun, Oct 25, 2009 11:58 am ]

There cannot be anything more ironical than the term called "Education in Manipur". When scientists from other countries including the ones from the other states of India have set the date to colonize the moon, we are still reeling under the extreme 'Tug of War' called boycott of Education in Manipur. The agitators and the government are still firm on their stands. With the stalemate going on with no immediate signs of a solution the carnage on the education and knowledge of Manipur is on the verge of a reaching never precedent level.

It seems the situation is heading towards the point of return i.e. whatever the outcome is the damage would have been already done beyond repairs. As the people of Manipur eagerly wait to see who blinks first the agitators or the government, the damage on the knowledge of a generation continues. Now the BIG question is 'Who will be the biggest loser if either of the two blinks'? Will it be the relentless agitators or the unmoved and powerful Govt? The Answer is "The Future Of Manipur". If I say GOD, please save the education in Manipur. God will say What are you doing? ,

Aryan - Florida, USA

Weak in English Grammar

[ Sat, Oct 24, 2009 2:22 pm ]

Your questions are good but you seem a little weak in english grammar. Better improve it, then only your article will be worth reading

Rishi Athokpam

Discourage this dirty act towards women

[ Fri, Oct 23, 2009 2:23 am ]

Its very disheartening to read incesssant cases of rape and murders taking place in Manipur . What happen to mindset of people here atleast we are proud that we treat women modesty at the best unlike some section of dirty mayangs who think woman as a toy i think frens staying outside the manipur know what i mean.. its high time lets discourage this dirty act and lets encourage one another to become a good human being.


Apply for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

[ Thu, Oct 22, 2009 5:34 am ]

This is Ajit Kumar Ng currently in Ghent University, Belgium for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. I would like to let all the young manipuri students to apply for a prestigious european master course for all the subjects with a very good scholarships. Please feel free to contact me at this ajit_b2007(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in .

Ajit Kumar Ng

Making sense out of problem

[ Thu, Oct 22, 2009 5:07 am ]

Thousands of thought have outburst to express the anger and pain they face. The consequence is rather good or worst. Depends upon how we handle the outburst. Everybody face a problem, nobody in this world does exist without a problem. But what would life be if there is no problem? Problems are there so that we could make a solutions. How can we ever stop eating or sleeping or do work? Same how can we stop a baby to learn to walk and talk and learn things around them? That does not make sense to stop.

And to solve my problem why should I create a problem for others? It would be like passing a problem from someone to other that ways it will be simple way of mathematical multiplication of the problem. There was someday problem of light but with some small solution after eventing electricity it became solution for evryone. My concern is related with the Problems in Manipur. Yes indeed there is a problem, problem about who is right and who is wrong? But rather deciding who is right and wrong why not do things which make sense to our life. If we are concern about our life to make it sensible i suppose we would be creating small solution for small problems. To brighten up the city every house should be lighten up then only the whole city would be lighten up.


Use Meetei Mayek to say in Manipuri

[ Tue, Oct 20, 2009 2:55 am ]

Please don't use English script - it will be the death of the efforts to make Meetei Mayek known and acceptable for regular use. Use Meetei Mayek for what you want to say in Manipuri.

Mirza Chhotoo


[ Sat, Oct 17, 2009 1:10 pm ]

What is DAMMS? Today on 17th of october the Annual Fresher Meet Party of so called DAMMS (Delhi Association Of Manipur Muslim Students Union) was held in SVD Institute, Masigar New Delhi. Our beloved MP Dr. Maina was the Cheif Guest. I also attended the party however I have a very bad impression because of some super senior official member. DAMMS was established by a group of Manipuri Muslim students in 1997 in Jamia University. But people rarely knows about this DAMMS. So DAMMS if you want to serve the nation or do good for your community or the students, some super senior who is the member of DAMMS should learn some manner and grow up. DAMMS should cooperate with others and explore. If such is the impression of DAMMS don't waste your valuable time for something that is pathetic.

kelvin pepe

Local entertainment needed

[ Thu, Oct 15, 2009 7:52 am ]

It is a wonderful website, however there are more things that will make this site far better. Local entertainment like Movies, Artists and events needs to be updated. Thanks.


2010 gi Manipuri Calendar

[ Mon, Oct 12, 2009 11:37 am ]

Ming chatlaba ta lakliba chahi 2010 gi Manipuri Calender haojik faoba site ta fhongdari.Bangladeshta laiba manipurisingi oina e-pao da fhongba calender yamna thabakta chanli. Aduna maram oiduna 2010gi calender yarifhoda yangna e-pao da fhongba pamjai.

Adomgi, Hamom Nanacha

Emalonbu chaokhathansi!

[ Sat, Oct 10, 2009 2:34 am ]

Mashi eikhoi Meiteishingidamakni, nongma nataraga nongmadi eikhoi Manipurida tariba Meitei punamakshinshigi mingshing ase mutkhiba tabani aduga atopa-atopa lamsingi mingshina mahut sinkhiba tabani. Eikhoi bu miyanshina chinese look but XXXXXXXXX haina khangnaribani. Mashi khanlubada thamoi ase soktaba ngamde. kanagumbana eikhoigi minsingse taraga nakhoibu Sardar ro.. haibafao yaodabasu nate. Adubu ema leibakna leikha taduna leiragasu ngashigi hourakliba echil-enaoshingna tungda hourakada charol surolsingda eikhoigi nungshiraba emarolgi mingshingbu tekta kaidana leihounaba hotnarashi haibasi eigi thamjaningba wafamni. Eikoigi furup ashidi migi matou tamba yamna pamjaba misingi marakta amani haibada haimanba thokte. Tashanglaba wafamni. Eikhoigi leiriba hakpu mina munkhiba taragasu esa-esana ngamjaba eikhoigi mingshingshikhaktangdi eikhoigita oiba ama oihansi haibasi miyamda thamjaningi. Emalonbu chaokhathansi.


A love poem

[ Sat, Oct 10, 2009 5:54 am ]

"To my papiya.."
The world revolves around the sun But my world revolves around you.. Romeo may had loved Juliet truely but not more than I'm loving you.. My love for you will never end, As long as the sky is blue.. Until the wind stops blowing, the river stops flowing.. Until the Moon stops shining, And the baby stops crying.. I will never stop caring, Never stop loving.. It may sound lovely or maybe funny, But its' true, I'm always here for you!!

Ksh Sotu

ST status for Meiteis is correct

[ Sat, Oct 10, 2009 12:28 am ]

The article on the issue of ST status for the Meiteis is timely, correct and most critical at this point of our history (the correct history and not the surface imagination of some vested interests). Let us remember that we are indigenous people who meet all the conditions of being a tribe in the true sense. Some of us tend to in associate ST with our tribal brothers only whom we in the past called them , Haos, a (derogatary word ). First and formost let us believe in our own roots. We are indeed a very unique tribe. It is now time to give our children the true identity that we are. God please let our people awake to joy and happiness which have been burried in the sands of time .


Refreshingly pleasant 360 Views

[ Fri, Oct 09, 2009 11:22 am ]

It was very refreshingly pleasant experience to visit this website. I came here from rediff article. I saw few 360 deg views now. I wish to come back to this site at my leisure to know more about Manipur. I heartily wish to visit Manipur and other north-eastern states with my family. Thanks for such a wonderful site!

Mandar RP

Thanks for Manipuri Calendar

[ Wed, Oct 07, 2009 6:36 am ]

I think it's very helpfull 2 those people who stay outside d state. Wen m searching 4 d Manipuri Calendar 2 know bout Ningol Chakouba & many more. thank u very much..............& please update d news n events as much as u can bcoz most of my frens & I read d manipuri news everyday.........

M Thounaojam

Preserve culture, traditions, language

[ Wed, Oct 07, 2009 12:42 am ]

Hi Dev - its a true pleasure reading your article. You indeed have spent time to find out our culture, traditions, language and what one should do to protect and preserve it. It is people of your dedication that our community can bank upon or look forward to preserving our idendity. Best of luck for your future projects.


Educative/interesting platform for learning Meitei Mayek

[ Mon, Oct 05, 2009 5:17 am ]

To be very honest I never liked attending classes. Those boring blackboards, the boring lectures sometimes sad & boring lecturers :) But I like e-pao's new method of teaching the Metei Mayek learners like me!! E-pao's classroom is really fantastic. It's truly learning Meitei Mayek the interactive way. I can never imagine some classroom can be so interesting. I could verbally phrase Kok, Sam, Lai, Mit but now I can write these words too :) Thanks a lot to the e-pao team for creating & offering such an educative and interesting platform for learning our own script.

Hodam Pinky

Need a male singer - Apply

[ Mon, Oct 05, 2009 1:09 am ]

I'm looking for a Meitei guy (aged 27 - 30yrs ) staying in Delhi who has his talent in singing and composing songs. For details, contact me at my e-mail ID: ningyosoni(at)gmail(dot)com

Sony K

Bad experiences in Rajdhani Express

[ Sat, Oct 03, 2009 1:46 am ]

I was shocked at the News and hope it does not happen next time. Around six months ago, I was traveling from Guwahati to imphal using Rajdhani express. The journey was quite eventful: tyres got punctured twice,after that spring of the bus got busted and worst of all was failure of the engine around 1 km from kohima. So we took a van from kohima to Mao. At Mao,we tried to reserve a Tata Sumo but they were demanding Rs. 3000 and we must give it there itself and not in imphal. It was scary for we were stranded in some unknown place and had no money. Luckily there was an elderly couple from Kakching. They had some Money and we collected some money from the group. Some 10 people were crammed in the first 2 seats of Tata Sumo. The back was reserve for our belongings. Though it was scary, it was not this that made me sad. We reached home at around some 8:00 pm and there was also lots of people who were going to Churachandpur and Kakching. And mind you, they are not gonna travel in Rajdhani ever again myself included. What made me sad was not the journey but the attitude of the Rajdhani express counter people. Next day, I went to there counter. I told them what had happen and the driver assurance of reimbursement.

Instead of sympathizing, their attitude was like: " happened!!! ok wait till others come. As for the reimbursement, we have to make all those repairs and stuff like that". They were literary cursing at my face for their incompetence. I told them like, we were stranded in some unsafe place,do you know how it feels and their behavior was not expected. And that guy said, "nangna adu heiraga ei nungairamni khanbra, nang discipline watli." Now the point was, it was their error and they should have shown that they were wrong and apologizes. Instead of that they were beginning to blame my Family. I really don't care what they said, it was their problem of not regularly checking the bus and now they were like raising question about my family. Some 10 minutes later,some more people came and now they were scared.And they toned down their voice.

Now they were saying like ibungo, ebemma...gyan tanawari sanasi karino. What a f##k up attitude. Changing faces like Chameleon. So unprofessional. They reimburse half the cost some Rs. 250. I have traveled Guwahati to Imphal road around 12 times. And I have seen their buses plying on the Hill road of Kohima, repairing their buses some 2 or 3 times. My experience included, the no. of times their buses failed in my 12 journeys would be around 4. I believe it is much more than that for as the news showed the bus got punctured thrice. So,anyone reading it...Learn your lesson and never travel in Rajdhani express.


News feature is out of coverage?

[ Thu, Oct 01, 2009 6:05 pm ]

I m very satisfied about the daily news that you subscribe everyday, i use to read it daily before anyone could get it in touch but some news feature is out of coverage, so please kindly make sure that atleast all the headlines are within the news starting section.

Bhupendra Salam

Question - "How it can be corrected!"

[ Thu, Oct 01, 2009 7:04 am ]

Hi, chris first of all, my greetings to you. At the very outset I would like to clarify you that the name Kangleipak does not necessarily mean only for the Meiteis. The name may be in Meiteilon but it'd not be confused. It's for each and every one of us -the brethren of Manipur. But I should agree with you completely about the societal chaos happening in Manipur regarding the UGs. And also please bear in my that all the government employee-parents and guardians are not corrupt. There are a few of them who have never tasted the evil fruit of corruption. People like you and I should try to change the Manipur WITHOUT pondering upon HOW it has come to this situation. "How it has happened?" is not the question of today, rather, the question should be "How it can be corrected!"...Anyways, think positive, let's save Manipur.

Kamaljit Rajkumar

This website is special

[ Thu, Oct 01, 2009 2:18 am ]

Its very good that we can know everything about our Motherland even we are very far away from here. This website is a very special and infact a very important and an image which lies everything of our motherland. And hope it will be more interesting if we can read our daily newspaper everyday from this special website. Thanking you.

Ingudam Boboy - Bangalore

Gandhiji's Birthday: Non Violence Day

[ Tue, Sep 29, 2009 10:37 am ]

Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Peace and Development(MGCPD) would like to wish all the citizens a very peaceful day. Born on this day 2nd Oct 1869 in India, his life has inspired million of people around the world.

Recognising the importance of Non violence means, UN had declared today as "International Day of Non-violence". At present, nations are trying to influence one another through various means inorder to acquire more right or more power. The principle of Mahatma Gandhi for finding solution peacefully has become more significant in our turmoil society, if we are to survive and progress harmoniously. Many people are striving for better life, searching for instant solution. Time has come for us to change our attitude for better socio-economic life though equality for peaceful co-existence.

However in India, the birth place of GAndhi, religious fanatism and criminalisation of politics have led to more violence. The matter is made more complicated when our ethno-cultural diversity are also exploited by some ill motive so called leaders or politicians. It is high time to re-invent and promote gandhian teaching. This Centre has been working to spread the message of peace in India. On this occasion, we would like to appeal to all citizens for contibution by participating in any peacefull activities.This centre wouldlastly want to remind to all the Gandhiji's that "Non-Violence could regulate relations at the personal and national level".

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

L. Leisan - President, MGCPD

ojha bu thakakchari

[ Mon, Sep 28, 2009 1:24 am ]

maman leitraba yamlaba meiteigi oiba puya gi wafam kaya sukhaina tangkak naina meyamda thamblbagitamak ojha Wangkhemcha Chingtamlen bu hainingai leitana thakakchari, tungtasu leppa leitana engkhatlakliba nahaarol meyamgi seba toubiramkho haina, eikhoisu leppa leitana hotnarak khige khali. punshi shangna ojhana meyamgi seba ngamba oiyu haina lainingthou ta khuruchari.

Shyam Asheibam

Make Manipur a developing state

[ Sat, Sep 26, 2009 12:03 am ]

Do you think the UG groups are doing good for the sake of Manipuris and the Manipuris are happy with them, or they, the people are silent because of the fear that they are behaving inhuman ways like threatening and killing using muscle power as they wish. The main cause for facing the problems in manipur is due to these UG groups.... do the people like them.... are they going their own bussiness for profit. are they less dangerous than those commandos, security forces involved in inhuman practices....... plz tell ,, are we the people of Manipur are not independent, so what is independence, can we make even our own food self suuficient all know that what is going outside the world, the pace of development is so high that there is no time for violence, no time for timepass, no time for gossiping.... are we coming in these way of development or are we going back. plz make our manipur a developing state so that we can stand and say we are Manipuris

Gune Ishwar

Please add epom

[ Fri, Sep 25, 2009 1:07 am ]

It is very nice and thanks for your website from which we can get hot informations happening around our state and other places. Once again thank you! As your frequent reader of news and other items, I would like you to add here "epom" to inspire our unforgettable icons like oja Amutombi,..etc


Request for a song in Radio

[ Wed, Sep 23, 2009 10:37 am ]

Adomgi e-pao services toubiriba miyambu thagatjari. Ado eina request touningbadi anouba eshei khra tharakpa yaroidra? ei eshida yam ngaojei eikhoi chena toina jei maramdi esheida ngaojabagi che chena chatthokpa matamda lotna tajei aduna eshei anouba khra tharakpiyu. Aduga adomna e-pao check toubiriba friends noigi email tharakpiradi kayada haraojani eigi email asomda leijei. friends noigisu tharakpiradi ei yamna haojani plize. E-pao services toubiriba miyambu yamna thagatjei adubu eia khwai pamjaba esheidi taba phange "SHAKHENBA BHOOT" gi eshei "HE PIRANG MITLU PIRANG"......haiba eshei thabirakradi kayada haoraojani please adu eshei thabirakgera?

Moshil Maring

Burning Manipur and answers for it!

[ Sat, Sep 19, 2009 11:08 am ]

Hi I am Tomba working as a Business analysis in IBM. Completed BCA, MCA & Executive MBA from IIM -C in Finance Application. We all know what is happening in Manipur . Its burning and we are crying here outside. If we ask the Question what is the issue of Manipur . What is wrong in Manipur . Even a 10th Class student can answer that Question . But How to fix the problem. Nobody have answer. U know why i mention my Qualification. Because every Manipuri are Bussiness Analysis ,Software Engineer & IAS. They think alot & talk a lot but never implement in Live. I talk about fixing the problem. Are we all Manipuri are enough ready to fix the problem . Why i ask this question. U will find the answer later. Whether we are clear about our problem. Shall I start from Basic to talk what problem we have. What is our state name. Funny? our state name is Manipur. I dont know what is Kangleipak . Kangleipak can be only for meitai. Manipur is for Hindu , Muslim & Christan. Please try to learn and respect one others. Only Meitai are not facing the problem. Problem are facing everyone living in Manipur. What is Quality Education? Stopping "Note touba" by unliterate group. Getting into Police force by giving 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs. Giving vote by 100-500 rupees.. Really i am wasting my time to teach all this thing. U dont know basic and now you are crying saying Manipur is Burning. All the Manipuri who is staying outside their parent are either as a Government office or from high rich family back ground. If you want to fix the problem try to fix your parent or your relative. They created all this problem and now they are worried about their children. They are corrupted officers. Please stop all this things. Many Thanks , If you could understand.


Upload new photos

[ Thu, Sep 17, 2009 4:28 am ]

It is very nice to see the photo which you people used to change everyday on the right hand side of home page, but from the last two day I could see that the photo and caption are different. Could you please fix the issue otherwise the user might face ambiguity while seeing the picture and please upload new photos in the photo tab. For the past few days, you have not uploaded new photos. We would be very happy if you guys let us know your difficulty while uploading the new photos.


Introduce NanoTechnology in Manipur

[ Thu, Sep 17, 2009 4:28 am ]

Nanotechnology is such a branch of study where we are dealing the matter from within itself; control on atomic and molecular scale. Its the latest branch of study. It's basically categorised into 2 streams: 1. Material Nanotechnology 2. Medical Nanotechnology.

It has got so many potentials and scope. We are concerned mainly on the old versions of technology which is deteriorating..why should we still go for the others if this has got so many potentials?? There are many possibilities in this branch of study.. it's a research led program. My state really needs to know what's really happening outside n stay updated. Its not too late. If the concerned could convey this message and provide the students with the idea of nanotechnology, i hope my state wd grow to the top and stay ahead of others.


EMA members trying to keep the traditions intact is so moving

[Wed, Sep 16, 2009 5:30 pm]

Its so moving that people in places like england or europe (European Manipuri Association) as a whole are still trying to keep the traditions intact by promoting indigenous culture by way of cooking or growing our own indigenous foods. Im pretty sure it must be really hard considering how cold europe is.What about us in Manipur ? Is anybody highlighting the idea of growing vegetables kitchen garden stuff. How long are we going to import everything from outside the state? It seems the farther you are away from home the more you love and care for Manipur eventually the real cultures of manipur will remain outside of Manipur with nothing left in the name of tradions and culture in Manipur itself
Hats of to you guys


Site has not done enough to promote sports

[Tue, Sep 15, 2009 12:18 pm]

My name is Madan Ningombam and i am doing my MBA from Delhi. I have some ideas and comments regarding your website and news.outside of Manipur we manipuris are known for our skills and abilities for our sporting heroics and prowess and till now(so far) your site has not done enough to promote sports. e-rang, daily Manipuri news, pics of manipur, meitei mayek, efrenz, calendar are not going to help Manipur to that extent, as per my opinion. My suggestion is please do a research (as you are a premier site known by many Manipuris inside/outside of Manipur ) of sportpersons who have till now represented state, national, international levels and their medals achievements should also be highlighted as per their achievements. The life history, economic situation and how they came out of this trouble torn state and performs at state ,national ,international level should also be highlighted. There should a total different section for sport persons in the e-pao, where their struggle ,life history,economic situation and how they overcame all these things should be properly highlighted. As sport is the only way we can build our society there should be a proper section for the eminent sport personalities.Their struggle and life story can motivate many a youth in our state and bring the happiness, recognition, reward career and most importantly the fame of our Mother Manipur.

Madan Ningombam

Add well know radio or television drama

[ Mon, Sep 14, 2009 11:12 am ]

My name is Henba Singh from Imphal. Right now I am residing in Bangalore and everyday I used to check this website out. Whoever is related with the proper function of this website is doing a great job. My concern for today is that I am a big fan of classical drama and love the dramas' you guys have put up in the website specially that of 'Nirupama'. I would like to draw your attention to add up new and well know radio or television drama. I would be very grateful if you look into the matter and take considerable actions

Henba Singh - Bangalore

Suggestion for Meitei Mayek classroom

[ Fri, Sep 11, 2009 1:08 am ]

You have done a wonderful job in promoting the Mayek and we find the class very interesting and useful. We would like make few suggestions
1. We think it would be better if the colour of the board be changed to white and the font may be any colour so that it is more distinct.
2. The audio is of poor quality and so is the speaker’s enunciation.

We hope our suggestion will be duly considered in future. We wish you all the best.

Bee Khoi Mangang

Question & Answer to honorable CM

[Fri, Sep 11, 2009 10:31 am]

What makes you proud being CM of Manipur?

1. Borned in The Land of jewel.
2. Origin of Polo.
3. For the endangered animal Sanghai.
4. Siroi Lily & Ras Lila known world wide of their beauty.
5. For the besieged lake Loktak
6. AFSPA was removed from greater Imphal.
7. Bir Tikendrajit fly over was build.
8. Most wanted CM ever.
9. Being puppet of Central Govt.
10. Grasping CM\'s chair for more than two terms.
11. Death graph increasing per day.
12. Crisis malfeasance.

kh pak

A Tribute to 9/11

[Fri, Sep 11, 2009 12:06 pm]

Everyone remembers those shocking moments which was like a nightmare, the terror attack on the twin towers by four hijacked planes on 11th September 2002 i.e., 9/11. This date will be a history especially for the U.S. But, there is an invisible another 9/11 which people are not aware off. And this 9/11 is the day when the president of India gave his words of acceptance for a special act known as the 'ARMS FORCES SPECIAL POWER ACT', to be use in Manipur to defend the state from the terrorists in the state by giving freedom to the Indian armies to kill down all the terrorists and even the suspects who may or may not have involved in the crime.

And today the 11th September 2009 counts the 51st Anniversary of this act "AFSPA" still being use in the state since "1958". But the consequence is much more severe. This act has overturned the fate and lives of the people. Due to this act, reckless killing of people even the civilians, the innocent ones who are not at all related to the terrorists are being killed in the name of "suspects" giving them fault accuses, a different story line by the armies. But imagine what grief and pain the family members must have been suffering when the government does not hear or see the cries and the tears. So, everyday crimes and bloodshed are increasing. But the armies in spite of stopping they are becoming more devilish by rapping women and children and killing them giving them the same fate(fault accuses).

And the near and there ones enough of this kind of treatment to the victims came out to protest in different, different manners. When a simple village girl, MANORAMA was gang raped by the armies and after that she was executed and thrown away, the women society came out and even stripped down their clothes in front of the Assam rifle camp in Kangla(in the heart of Manipur) to show how much they have hurt their sentiments. Besides this, there are so many other protests done by the citizens of Manipur equal to the! extreme protest done by the women society, including a girl who is known as IROM SHARMILA CHANU fasting for years demanding the AFSPA to be removed. But the government is nose feeding her just for the sake of it. And it is not looking forward to see what can be done for the betterment of the Manipuris.

The only reason left now is, the voices of the people are not still very loud to reach the government's ears. So people, everyone, lets stand together, lets be one and fight for our rights, the human rights given to a democratic country like India. Because, if this still goes on then tomorrow it may be your fate also. Tomorrow the same things may happen to you or to your family. So, lets go ahead and fight for everyone's freedom before it becomes too late. Lets shout India so that freedom be given to Manipur by putting an end to 'the Armed Forces Special Power Act'. Now, where is the Jewel and the Switzerland of India, Manipur.

So, lets change our own fates by stopping these bloodshed and wars and making love and peace by building up new, new ideas for the development and civilization of our state Manipur and joins the races going on in the world in every field of works so that our state will come forward and let Manipur be known to the world as a renowned state and not a disastrous place.

Wendla Aribam - A learning student

Request for Calendar 2010

[ Thu, Sep 10, 2009 9:55 am ]

Due to the present situation prevailing in our home state our parents are affraid for us, so we have to stay away from them & friends but we do miss the heart pounding tatse of my motherland. We could not give any suggestions to bring peace but surely can say that we are sheding the same blood of our brothers & we do mourn everyday. On the other side as a youth we do miss the festivals. We satisfy ourself diving into the only website "E-Pao" calender, now the calender of 2010 is not availiable on the website. Please I request you to put up the calendar of 2010. Thanking & Wishing good luck.

Tom Atiya

Why Nestle makes me sick

[Wed, Sep 09, 2009 1:31 am]

I've been consuming Nestle for as long as I can remember, but I just found out something about their policy for the products they sell in India, and it's shocking. Nestle has actually admitted it would use genetically-contaminated products in the food it sells in this country.

But what's more shocking is that this is the same Nestle that dare not sell genetically-tainted food in EU, Russia or Brazil. Are Indian people less human? Are we guinea pigs and lab rats? Are we less deserving of safe food than citizens of other countries? This has got to change, and it has to change now! That's just why I've told Nestle Chairman Antonio Waszyk to come clean on the products his company sells in my country.

Just click here to join me in demanding safe, GM- Free food from Nestle. And thanks for your support!

Radha Kapuria

More meaningful meitei names

[ Tue, Sep 08, 2009 5:45 am ]

The name given to our newborn babies are usually on fancy sounds rather than the appropriate/ meaningful these days. Nevertheless more meitei names are sprouting each days. Keep helping finding meaningful meitei names.


Spot Light on Women

[Tue, Sep 08, 2009 3:14 am]

I am very much appreaciated you for webcasting The articles based on situation of women in Manipur/N.E. we need to impowered more to women in our society. Its time to show the talent, ability of our women to intire world. Thanks .

T. Bembem Devi - Chennai.

Fraud SMS

[Tue, Sep 08, 2009 3:50 am]

I am a school teacher serving in LOKTAK CHRISTIAN MODEL HIGH SCHOOL, MOIRANG and always supporter of linux-manipur since, 2007. I received an SMS saying " You have won 700,000 GBP, in 2009 IRISH LOTTERY mobie draw to claim send name, address & phone no. to MARK DAVID via e-mail After claiming they again asked me to send 30,000 INR as custom charge to Shakti Singh A/c No.20032437874 PanCHAPS8717D SBI. in order to deliver my parcel . And their Mobile nos. are +919654033267 & +919953740539 . They threatened me that one fellow Mike John from Irish Int'l Mobile Draw in UK is arrived in Delhi International Airport custom department with the prize . I am being required to pay 30,000 INR for India Local Tax Clearance for the release of my parcel. The question is how he know my mobile no. How to check this type of fraud sms legally ? From our state many people lost their money when they resopond this type of sms. So, please take up some initiative steps to save from fraud sms as well as emails.

Thanking You.

Th. Surchandra - Ningthoukhong Awang , Bishenpur, Manipur

Want more hits from Naba Volcano

[ Mon, Sep 07, 2009 12:44 pm ]

I have been listening to E-pao radio regularly.. I am big fan of old singers especially Naba Volcano. Kindly upload some of his greatest hit "Indira Nangdee ....(not the remix). Thank you for the great work. I am really impressed. Also, "Nangbu ashum-khonjel" by Aheibam Shyam is one of the fav track reminds me of Manipur. Please, keep uploading more of classical one.

Vic Sorensangbam - Montreal, Canada

Implement "Single Textbook System"

[ Sat, Sep 05, 2009 3:13 pm ]

I am wondering if the people of Manipur would like to implement "Single Textbook System". You know, under this system a student will carry just one textbook to school instead of carrying the whole textbooks to school. I would be happy if you could initiate or suggest on how this can be implemented in Manipur. Thank you.


videos of leima jago

[ Fri, Sep 04, 2009 1:20 am ]

I have seen many of the videos in ooba video section, its quite impressive but if you could please put videos of manipuri leima jagoi, as there are many classical dance videos but it does not represent our culture as a whole, if anyone type manipuri dance in google all forms of ras lila could be seen, but leima jagoi information is lacking, leima jagoi goes back to our ancient times much before the birth of ras lila form. So if anyone has videos of leima jagoi, please kindly share here that is ooba video.


Advice for making Manipur better

[ Thu, Sep 03, 2009 2:16 pm ]

Since internet users are growing these days and everyone access internet from everywhere. So I want to add or something for those who love Manipur, so that they can leave their opinion or thought there and make Manipur better than before. And let those messages be broadcast in Manipur news channel and let those (minister and others who are corrupted and who take the law in their hands) know that their are some people who want to take action on them. There is a movie called "Rang De Basanti" and a good dialog "no country is prefect but we have to make it prefect". So youngster who do not believes in making better Manipur should take more responsibility to make it better Manipur and lets us together all the crimes and corruption from manipur and there are many things I wanna say. We can make a community for those who love manipur and than may be "May be" one day we can choose the best man (CM) from the community.

Zimnita Stewart

Cant change world unless we change ourselves

[ Thu, Sep 03, 2009 11:25 pm ]

I've read some opinions from different peoples. They are worried about the law and order situations in manipur. I think those people are good coz they spent their precious time in thinking about their motherland. But on the other side, we are compelled to think that there are many people who didn't care anything, they don't care care for other's suffering nor for themselves (outlawed or anyone who are careless about doing a crime). But we can't betray these people, we can't put these people seperately from the mainstream. They are our own people, they are the responsive member our society. We dont need to worry about the situation. Crimes, decoity, murder, extortions unrestness happens everywhere in the world.

At last i would like to give the message we can't change the world unless we change ourselves

Tiken Kh - Imphal

Bend It Like Renedy

[ Tue, Sep 01, 2009 1:01 am ]

All praises to Renedy ..though he missed the penalties just by n inch ,his free kick was not to be forgotten, the curling shot, the world class free kick which gave the hope to the jam packed dejected spectators out there in Ambedkar Stadium. If it was not for Renedy's goal than India would have not still come out from monday's nightmare of last 3 second thrash in 2 hour fully animated match.his free kick was mesmerizing that anyone could forgive and forget his penalty miss even the greatest footballers miss it repeatedly. Well thats why we say "Bend It Like Renedy".


Behaviour of Manipur's UG

[ Tue, Sep 01, 2009 8:19 am ]

Mamang dasu mail thajakhibani adubu readers tadi happirakte kari khudong chadaba leibanano. nagsi manipurda ningtam laalhou chathariba yawollup sing asi na touriba thaba sing asi nakhoi nashana chummi haina khallibara? nattragana kari khanbiribage? ngasi di nakhoina ningtam laal confront touraga peoples sing na oina theng naraga leire nakhoina india army thengnabagi mahutta meeyamdagi peisha khaiduna leiriba asi karigino? meeyam asi adukki matik ware haibasi nakhoina khangdriba si karigino. ngasi meeyamna goverment ki mayokta thawai pamubakhangdana khongjang changsilli aduga nakhoina houjik kari touriba thika supply asi ra nakhoigi ningtamba haibbado? meeyam ningtamhangadouribara nattraga otpigaduribara? nakhoigi mawong asina adummak semdoktana chatthaduna leiragadi hayeng ningtamba phanglagana henna sathiroidara? aduga yamna hingningba wapham amana ningtamba asi gidamak ta lalhouriba singa si pundribagi maram karigino?......... nakhoigi behaviour sing asi khara semdok trabadi nakhoigi terget phangbadi lairadana meeyamna nakhoida onsillak loi haingingai leite


A lesson from Jadonang Day

[ Sat, Aug 29, 2009 6:40 am ]

Date: 29/08/2009 - Today it gives me immense pleasure to write something as I remember the great man of my people, Haipou Jadonang. I know today is not the day to mark his death, but to revive his spirit that is there in each and every Zeliangrong people.

We are not to live like him again but we are in a crucial point where we have to be more courageous and be more patriotic than him. Never forget the fact that our culture is on the verge of experiencing a severe jolt that might even result in its annihilation. We don't mind drinking to get drunk, but become very skeptic when we are to even think of helping our own people. We don't mind seeing our neighbour's children not going to school and wasting their time when we move out of our garage from inside our Scorpio. We are not disturbed when we look at the holes on the roof of our own tie of blood from our two to three storey buildings. Our leaders, especially the politicians for whom some even died literally fighting don't care seeing the dust of the road changing the colour of the houses located beside the road as they move in their comfortable vehicles. But sadly, we still fight for them and not for the Zeliangrong. Don't die for Gaikhangam against Gangmumei, and don't die for Gangmumei against Gaikhangam. Don't campaign for Mangaibou and don't vote for Jiandai, but my dear Zeliangrong people "Live To Live For Zeliangrong". Why do we corrupt ourselves? Go and visit the houses of our representatives. You will find that the value of their one house is equivalent to the value of the whole houses of one village. When we go to meet the leader we are made to wait for him to wake up from his bed. We are expected to leave the message with the PA. Do you remember what we did when the leader came to campaign for vote? We waited for him. We went hungry for him. we worshipped him. Rethink the life of Jadonang. He never did this for the Britishers.

Kamei Samson Poucharong - Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai

e-pao - Sunday gi 2nd hand software

[ Wed, Aug 26, 2009 12:57 am ]

Ebungo toubane dana tou radi phajana maintain toudana . login id ga pass word pirinena piraga log in shu touba yadaba . nangi software shi sunday gi 2nd hand yonpham dagi loubara bondhu


One of the best article

[ Wed, Aug 26, 2009 2:29 am ]

This is one of the best article I ever read the truth about the tainted militants. I appreciate and commend Babina for her boldness and courage. Wish we have more people like her. I wonder what Manipur would be like without these parasites, crooked politicians, insane commandos and a common people like us with less fear of death to stand up.


Women at top places

[ Sun, Aug 23, 2009 4:46 am ]

Premjit , I really appreciate your sugession - its a good and also future for our state. And I also appreciate that what you seen at the bangalore. But in this case if it comes to our state its really crazy to our peoples. You know what the manipuries women like mostly? I know women are always at top at Manipur even we had seen at the Board Exam, HSLC & Medical Exam mostly women are at top. So, at this time I have a question "How many of women want to be a conductor at out state?" My answer is difficult to find that person in our current situation. We are facing everyday crimes, murders, shot this is the main big issue that currently running everyday. At this condition no one can't think about the future they love their life too. So finally I like to say that outside people need to change their mind, because every thing is start from the people.

Boyraj Singh

Manipuri girl attacked by labourers at Manipur bhawan, Delhi

[ Fri, Aug 21, 2009 6:06 pm ]

My cousin Ms XXX (name redacted) who had checked in at Manipur bhawan bir tikendrajit marg, chanakya puri on 17th of august was putting up alone in her room when laborers who was working on the renovation of the bhawan, tried to forcibly enter her room at abt 11-45pm last nite, ie 22nd Aug. When she heard some noises at the door, she immediately opened the door to find four laborers standing right outside the door, trying to break the lock. She immediately locked it and called the Manager at the reception. Later all four were beaten up by the staff and handed over to their thekedars. Gravity of the situation is, the in-charge, who had given instructions to let the labourers sleep in an adjoining room of the guests on the first floor was not present. And the question is why didnt the Manager hand over the culprits to the police? This shows the carelessness of the security-in charge and proves that we are not safe at all in our own state bhawan. Had it not been the presence of the girl, a grave crime would have been commited in the bhawan, a bhawan, which has earned poor reputation since its inauguration and that would have brought more shame to the government. We sincerely hope the Addl Commisioner of Manipur bhawan take some action against the security lapses and the in-charge. And make better improvements for the safety of guests from our own state. And its high time the Manipur Government open its eyes to make sure such incidents do not repeat again in the future.

Bobby Soram

Jiri river changes course, land lost to Assam

[ Fri, Aug 21, 2009 4:35 am ]

The existing territorial boundary, a large tract of fertile land of Manipur has fallen into the territory of neighbouring Assam, could be due to the erosion on the river bank which is cause by the changing climatic signature after cetrain period of time say 20-40 years. The river discharge pattern has changed with stronger rate of erosion. The erosion in such scale may be due to the tectonic cause which lead to the deformation of the river deposits or tilting of channel bed. So, before taking such measure like retention wall along the river bank, we need to see the existing local scale geological and related information from Manipur University or other resaerch organisation. If we contsruct the shafety measures by spending time and money it may not be wise to do for sudden. So, we should lot lost our land by any natural cause spatially, we can get back the land as the existing boundery is already there in previous maps. Changing the river tract is natural phenomanon we can\'t stop for sudden.

So, please take this issues by the related authority of the state manipur by listening the local habitant of the erosional porn area.Our state Govt. should taken up such measures not to lost our soil and cultivated land further.


Karambana Manipuri Lon no?

[ Wed, Aug 19, 2009 5:05 am ]

Manipuri lon asi Internet ta search toubada Bishnupriya Manipuri haiba ngakta thengnei. Lon asina mapham chaona kanbadouna tou i. Madu paruragadi Manipuri lon asi pankhriba lon asina oibagum toui. Lon asigi web site marang kaina phang-i. Site sing asigi ayambana anisuba maphamda palliba LON asigi site ti thengnade.

M Shyamkishor

News spelling and grammar

[ Wed, Aug 19, 2009 2:57 am ]

I'm very much glad for the service (e-pao news) you are offering. I 'll be much more thankful if you could mind the small mistakes such as spelling mistakes, and grammar and compositions. It will be great if you could make the e-pao news more comprehensive.


Need more folk tales

[ Wed, Aug 19, 2009 12:50 am ]

Is there any folk tales of Manipur other than those 3 posted on this website. (henzonaha, blah blah...etc)? I requested many times to post more folk tales of Manipur in e-pao but no one listened. We heard many tales during our childhood not only 3 folk tales. If you provide this kinda service of posting folk tales to your website or not then please let me know.


Ads looks bad and cheap

[ Mon, August 17, 2009 3:08 pm ]

The google ads links coming in between section of Hotspot / Photo / Exclusive and Headlines / Snippets / Sports / Mayeks looks really bad and cheap. Please look into this and remove if possible.

Khuman Ngakpa Oinam

Women boxing included in 2012 Olympic!

[ Fri, Aug 14, 2009 2:58 am ]

Wish you all the best to Manipuri boxers..Mary Kom, Sarita Devi,and all others. Have a great practice time ahead and I pray you all get Gold medals in 2012 Olympic.

Sanjib Meiteicha

Seeking NE folks at Perth, Australia

[ Mon, Aug 17, 2009 12:58 pm ]

Anyone from manipur living in perth? Just wanted to know if anyone\'s there it would be nice meet up with fellow citizens from manipur..

alina_me - alina_me(at)rediffmail(dot)com

Grammatical errors in Hueiyen Lanpao

[ Thu, Aug 13, 2009 9:35 am ]

There are so many grammatical errors on the news articles that you get from Hueiyen Lanpou. It really pains to read incorrectly constructed sentences. Please if possible pass on the feedback to Hueiyen Lanpou. For people who stays outside Manipur, is like a mirror where we try to see through the current affairs of the our motherland.

Thank you in advance.


pictures are not clear

[ Sat, Aug 08, 2009 8:22 am ]

I am Amit Hijam from pune, i would like to express something about the photos in . Actually the pictures are not clear at all to see and the angle is also odd.

Amit Hijam - Pune

Update news in Evening time

[ Fri, Aug 07, 2009 8:46 am ]

I have one suggestion...whether you like it or not....but reader will surely recommeded for this. The daily edition of news items in your website is updated once a day. If possible, try to give some headlines in some part of the evening time....this will be interesting to readers.....what do you say..


streaming Local Manipuri TV channel?

[ Fri, Aug 07, 2009 6:12 am ]

I would be glad if E-Pao team will start streaming Local Manipuri TV channel available on-line on this site.

Priyo - Hyderabad

Download images for actor and actress

[ Fri, Aug 07, 2009 3:32 am ]

I would like to thank e-pao team for great job done to provide such valuable features in the web site. It is really advanced in great extend. However, I have a request to the team to add a feature. Please do add feature where we can download images for actor and actress of Manipuri Films. It would a good one.


Cases of dowry harrassment are false

[ Fri, Aug 07, 2009 1:02 am ]

99.9 cases of dowry harrassment are false. There is no harassment in India. Usual internal family disputes are termed as dowry harrassment in India. So it is the right time to scrap the 498a law.


Make music downloadable

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 12:05 pm ]

I want to make a request to e-pao regarding some facilities, mainly for those who are styding or working outside manipur. We are really thankful to e-pao group for providing us jukebox, through which, now we are able to listen to our music when ever we like. But the main problem is that, most of us dont have internet connection at our place. So I just wanted to request, to provide us more facities, through which we can download manipuri songs, movies, special events etc, through internet, so that we"ll be able to listen or watch at our own place through DVD players. I hope you will understand our problems and will surely solve it out. Once again i would like to thank the e-pao team for the hospitality.


Font size not good for reading

[ Mon, Aug 03, 2009 11:02 am ]

The font your site is using for the news is no very good for reading. It would be more comfortable to the readers if your site can change the existing font with a better one.


Not just Meiteilon in e-pao Radio

[ Sun, Jul 26, 2009 7:41 pm ]

"Have you been missing the Meiteilon channel on your radio station list? Well, e-pao has just revamed its streaming jukebox service."
Wafam asi ta thaba waheini. Houjikti e-pao radio da lon mayamgi eesei yaorabanina "Meiteilon Channel" haibasi louthokpiro.

Malem Ningthouja

This article is completely false

[ Sun, Jul 26, 2009 2:43 pm ]

This article is completely false. My parents were among the people FORCED to sign such petitions from Soviet Jews "objecting" to the statements of the Brussels Conference. Are you so obtuse as to think that Soviet Jews actually objected to this voluntarily? Their Komsomol leaders made them sign those letters and petitions to the Press, or else they'd get kicked out of school. Rightly, the Western press did not publish those bogus letters of objection. Please get your facts straight.

Delia J.

Make this world smaller

[ Fri, Jul 24, 2009 10:53 am ]

Hi, I just added internet as one of my hobby, it's a new world I've never experienced before. I sincerely thank you all at 'e-pao' for the effort you have put into to make this world smaller, am proud of you guys when we have nothing to be proud of as a Manipuri in this trouble trodden kangleipak.


More on BPO

[ Fri, Jul 24, 2009 6:20 am ]

Regarding "BPO Not to BPO" - What one must understand is, all jobs are equally important and respectable be it MBA jobs, BPO jobs, the manual jobs (labourer). All are jobs that needs to be done with passion. When is someone a cheap labour? How do we find the cheapness of a person? It would be wrong to use the word "cheap labour" without defining it properly. TO me the term 'cheap labour' is a colloquial term that cannot be used in practical sense unless one has the method to define and measure it. When we say cheap labour, it kind of creates a negative sense. If we are to compare with US then everything is cheap. MBAs are cheaper, Engineers are cheaper, Doctors are cheaper, IT professionals are cheaper and even the prime minister and the president of india is cheaper than the US counterparts. Then does it really mean that we are cheap. 1 USD = Rs 50 (approximately now). So Rs 20,000 will be equal to 400 USD. What a Rs 20,000 salaried person enjoys in India, a 400 USD salaried person cannot enjoy in US. And when this Rs 20,000 salaried person is hired in US, I am sure he would not be paid only 400 USD in US. So is true for the BPO professionals. So we should put outsourcing as "US is outsourcing works to india not because of the cheap labour but because of their cost cutting strategy. Though it may mean the same, the concept is not de-motivating. And as for not having long term policy on BPOs, tell me which job is for stay. The IT industry is down, the finalcial sector is down, the automobile industry is down. This happens from time to time. BPO is not to stay. That is absolutely right. Then why should we worry about losing BPO to China or Veitnam? When BPO is done another industry will come which will benefit thousands and thousands of people. Or it may also be possible that these BPO professionals be absorbed in China. Who knows. My suggestion is that 'make hay while sunshine'. Many BPO prefessionals are earning far more than MBAs, Engineers or Doctors. But what I dont like about some of the BPO professional is that, some are from engineering background, some from IT. It was much better if you have given up your engineering or IT seat to a much deserving person who can do justice to the engineering and the IT field.


More articles about women issues

[ Fri, Jul 24, 2009 6:29 am ]

Your website is very influential. We want more articles about women issues in Manipur.


Add Folks tales and fables

[ Tue, Jul 21, 2009 9:11 pm ]

Please add some folk tales and fable of Manipur like, Tapta, Uchek Langmeidon etc


Mistakes in UPSC Syllabus

[ Tue, Jul 21, 2009 6:36 pm ]

I happened to land up in one of your subsite on UPSC syllabus here. I found how careless our Government is regarding our own literature. If possible, please edit the mistakes in the spelling, They even misspelt Th. Ibopishak who is a giant figure in Manipuri literature.


Respect The Job What Others Are Doing

[ Tue, Jul 21, 2009 6:36 pm ]

Regarding "BPO or Not to BPO" - "A word of caution! our country is not a developed country so rather begging if an individual work to live what is the harm? I am not disagreeing to the article, but one should write keeping in mind how it de-motivate other individual, it should be something we learn from the article nt de-motivate. Please be advised that ..... but deep inside people working in BPO have beautiful stories which lies....Mr Tongbram, you cannot just figure everything from your end.,, I would rather appreciate if you write about how people end up working in BPO. "Respect The Job What Others Are Doing".


Looking for ISTV news

[ Mon, Jul 20, 2009 1:46 am ]

Hi, this is Ibotomba from Pune stating that from the last 1 week I am looking for the news-reading channel e.g. ISTV news but find difficulties to find this channel. So if anybody have any idea regarding this matter, please inform me where to find this link. I would be grateful to hear from anybody.

Ibotomba - tomba1986(at)gmail(dot)com


[ Fri, Jul 17, 2009 6:02 pm ]

Manpursi yamna pikpa amadi meesing su yamna yamdaba amadi enthinic mayam amana khundaduna leiba adugumba leibakamani adubu laal houbagi irang di nongma nongmagi kankhatlaktuna leiba asi mathong maram khangdaba leibak ama haibado oire laal houribasing asina amata oina punsibagi wakhalsu leite masigi mahutta nongma nongmagi masing yamthokrakli masigi matang asida meeyamna kari responsibilities lougadage? karamba underground na asengba no kana na ningtamba asibu purakkadouribano meeyam asi hingbada yamna ware yargadi bab tabagi matam youre haijaningle.sangai express ta, poknaphamda magi magi mot phongdoknariba da sijinnariba wahei sing adu thabakta onthokladi kayamna harouni eikhoina...


Problem in creating an ID

[ Fri, Jul 17, 2009 6:02 pm ]

My name is Anao Thoxm, as I was checking the web site never thought of creating an ID. However when I finally decided that I should have an ID so that I can access to all the facilities that you all have set up in this we site for such a long time. My point here will be it not easy to set up an ID. It seems to be anyone who is not in US or abroad can not sign up as there is no option to register in the form. Its not user friendly at all for every one specially who's not in US. Hope you guys got the message. Any ways really impressed with whole lot of work put in this web site.

Anao Thoxm

This platform is HUGE!

[ Wed, Jul 15, 2009 7:19 am ]

Thanks to all of you for bringing up a platform this huge. I'm really proud. When it comes to internet, is Manipur. I like to remind that few years back, I write to e-pao to start a Baby Names portal. The moment when I saw eMING I jump off my seat in excitement. It is going to help many of us who are staying far away from home. E-Pao Radio is another great tool and being a music lover, I find it very useful, I dunt need to carry my music library everywhere I go. I listen to it at home, work, anywhere :) whenever nostalgia hits me. I have one suggestion which I have been thinking for a long time. I'll be really nice if you can show the play count on every track, feature to sort the song list according to play count, entry date, song names etc. That way we can figure out the popularity of the song, keep track of e-pao radio listener, their music taste and whole lot of stuff. I hope you guys will take in this suggestion like you did with eMING. You guys take care..


Frustration and agony to sustain our community

[ Mon, July 13, 2009 5:03 pm ]

I strongly appreciate the critical observation and points expressed by Babina through her "Manipur would be better off without tainted militants". I endorse the emotion felt; it is with frustration and agony that we are struggling to sustain our community, language, tradition & rituals. It was a sheer feeling of the public earlier (10-15 years back) that these underground groups came into existence with noble & progressive ideologies for the development of our society. I'm surprised to note that it seems like they have never looked back and tried to realize where they have sunken themselves and in the process infected the society with fears, uncertainties and underdevelopment in all spheres of life. However, the only point I wouldn't concur with is Babina's statement that people already carry a bad impression about us and the tainted militants' activities make it worse. Here I wouldn't like to contest by explaining things but only to say that if you are good & just in what you do & where you are, you gain respect from all the corners.

Param Khuman

Looking for performers...

[ Mon, Jul 13, 2009 3:57 pm ]

I am an MBA student in Xavier Institute of Management. We arrange a cultural event every year, and this year, while I am still here, we are thinking of calling a group from the North East. I need some contacts of performers as well as academies with whom my institution can get in touch with and have a discussion for a performance here. I think Pung Cholom and Ras Leela are better fit for representing Manipur. It would be of great help to have the contact details of those artists who usually perform in India Habita Centre, New Delhi or outside India.

Laikhuram - laikhuram(dot)p(at)gmail(dot)com

Exploring the the inner beauty

[ Sat, Jul 11, 2009 7:35 am ]

Time has come to reunite the platform of exploring the the inner beauty, I myself and you all can do it, just giving us a hand to hand. Everybody knows we manipuris had the potential to fly higher and higher. Espicially on creative works, so I expect from everybody to come as one and contribute physically, financialy, spiritually and emotionaly. Only then we can dig the hole find the solution, swear with us and see the changes, love u all!


Leibak Ashi Shemningba Kanano?

[ Sat, Jul 11, 2009 7:27 am ]

Manipur Appox 22,429 roumni, adubu lebak ashigi mapee, mapadi mashing yamna lei.. Kanana kayam yamna leibak ashigi yaiphanaba shemninba aduga kayam yamna amaga amaga waheina thou shaningba.... Mashigi paokhum kanana Peeba ngani? 1. State ashigi ashengba waridi yamna luna khanba yaday maramdi.... 2. State ashigi Policy program khudingda kanana mapee oina paiba ..... 3. Sri Lanka gi LTTE ga, State ashigi Problem ga compare toubada laina ... or Luna.... 4. Mee amagi hingbagi Value yaoday haina asumna mee khudina hainingleeba karigini khanbagay.... 5. Manipurgi Revolution ashi maram thoina ympham chaday haibada adomgi mot oina.... 6. 1800 to 1900 gi revolution ga New Century gi Revolutionga khenaba krino wahaidadi revolution adubu.. thbak oina pangthokpadadi Public ki power karigi lotshinleeba karigino....nataragane nongmaige maruga ashumna... mee khudingda mashi wakhal ashi phaoriba karigina... 7. Houjikta karigi mamangda houkhiba wakhalgidmak amaga amaga ashum chinta puriba karigino eg. Kabo Velly matam amda Manipurgi Lam oirame hai, adu houjik Kabo Velly amuk loushi hairadi Burma ga War tougadaba ashi Kanano... Manipur People ra, India ra, Manipur Revolution Party ra nataraga kanao mashigi paokum peba ngadaba adu mnipurgi ashengba revolutionna pamba wakhal aduga khenaba kari lei... 8 Indian Constitution da Directive Principle of State Policy ashi Manipurgidi Right Leitabara... 9. Grater Nagalend gidi Manipur Ashemblee Mei thaba aduga manipurgi Problem Macha macha ashigidi People na tumina leiba ..... Mashina takpadi manipur people khuding Revolutiondi pame aduga karamba revolutionodi khangdaba mashina maram oiraga tumin tumina leibara... 10 Atopa Coutry ama Phanglay hairadi Kanana Kari Tougani Leader Kana Kanana Oigani mashira manipur peoplena pamba.... 11. Manipurgi meoi khudingmak revolutionga maree leinei haibada kari oina khanba.....


Fake MLMs !

[ Fri, Jul 10, 2009 12:21 am ]

Hello dear innocent Manipuris, plz be carefull of different MLMs like NSEM, TVI express, Mission Rozgar etc. I wonder why our Manipuri people are so innocent & stupid? How could they believe in such MLMs so easily? Have they ever check the office of NSEM in Delhi and others. If they check the office they would realise that this MLM would vanish overnight after duping millions of ruppees from few thousand stupid North-easterners. Why our hard earned money be wasted in such MLMs? Plz wake up and think before you put your hard-earned money into such unauthentic & fragile business. I think the problem of our people is that they want to be rich or make quick money without pain or hard work. Hello folks, plz wake up & remember! No pain NO gain..! These MLM could be fake or Fraud case. Don't you hear about so many Fraud cases like this around the World. Some of them happened in Manipur too. Yes Mr. Gautam rightly pointed out in this context. I think I have one solution to such fraud like situations i.e. Whoever brings such unauthentic MLMs in Manipur be beaten blue & black for duping innocent people and put him behind bars. This will stop bring such MLMs in Manipur. Never too late. Plz wake up folks.

Fuganba - Delhi

Lets be rational

[ Thu, Jul 09, 2009 5:34 am ]

Dear princesalam103,
My sincere appologies! My mail was not directed to you. I am sorry if you have felt that way. It is neither in response to your mail. There had been many instances where many had tried to vent their anger on ....... But I must say I have failed to understand some of the things you have written. But that is not the point. Glad to hear that you like science. But please dont be a fanatic. Instead lets be rational. You might not be aware but there are scientific explanations for things to happen after performing certain pujas. I am sure, in the Konung puja, not only the cows were milked, but they might have also burned something along side. Since I was not present there I cannot be very sure of my explanation. But as you said, you like science and explanation, why dont you do some research and find out what was burned and what was its effect. Let me again take up an article that came out in Times of India sometime back. A farmer performed a certain puja near his mango plantation for better yeild. For the puja he gathered many ingredients and during the puja he burned the ingredients. Since the puja he started producing the best mangoes in the whole village unlike his farmer friends who had been using fertilizers and pesticides for better yeild. The burned ingredients worked as pesticides and manure for his mango trees. That is, in short we can say his puja worked. That is science. Science is about finding explanation. Science is not about laughing at what people do. Got it, my friend. Please dont take it personal.


Still young to rock the world

[ Thu, Jul 09, 2009 8:22 am ]

Having a lonner is not isolated from the music and I find myself awesome to get through all this stuff. Carry on while we are still young to rock the world and I am still surviving to hear from u all. thanks!


Why Manipuris are so interested in MLM?

[ Thu, Jul 09, 2009 7:03 am ]

There is a possibility that this TVI Express could be a fake. But I cannot tell for sure. There had been many such fake MLMs in the past too. All I can say is, be aware of frauds. Easy money is not as easy as it sounds. But what I dont understand is that, why Manipuris are so much interested in MLM's. You name any MLM and it is there in Manipur. Is Manipur a testing ground for MLMs? If we are so fond of MLMs,then why dont we start one from Manipur and spread it to the other parts of the world. That way the revenue generated will be sourced to Manipur. What one must understand is, when you bring in any MLM to Manipur, you are trying to make Manipur poorer. Whatever little money that we have here, you will pull it and send it to the parent country (MLM origin country). In the process they may pay you some. But is that a good thing? You deceive your own Manipur for few gains! I raised the same question to a member of a very famous American MLM company which is very popular in Manipur. He replied that 12 percent of the total revenue generated is retained in Manipur. Which means 88 percent of the revenue is sent to Delhi and America. What he did not understand is that I am not interested in 12 percent but in the 88 percent. Now if you keep sending out this 88 percent every day every month to delhi or America, would it make Manipur any richer. No doubt their products are very good but does it mean that we can make Manipur poorer. Manipur is a poor place. By importing goods we are only going to make Manipur poorer. The need of the hour is to export goods and stop bringing in MLMs. They say MLM is a part time business. But I doubt it. When you are in office you try to convince your colleagues to join MLM. When you return from office, on the way back you visit your friends and relatives to convince them about MLM. When people visit with you, you talk to them about MLM. Before you sleep, you discuss with your partner and plan for the next day whom to visit and convince them. Now tell me how is that a part time business. I say it is a 24 hour business. So when you do 24 hour business (any business other than MLM), you will succeed much faster than any MLM. Take my word.


Why Manipuris are so interested in MLM?

[ Thu, Jul 09, 2009 7:03 am ]

There is a possibility that this TVI Express could be a fake. But I cannot tell for sure. There had been many such fake MLMs in the past too. All I can say is, be aware of frauds. Easy money is not as easy as it sounds. But what I dont understand is that, why Manipuris are so much interested in MLM's. You name any MLM and it is there in Manipur. Is Manipur a testing ground for MLMs? If we are so fond of MLMs,then why dont we start one from Manipur and spread it to the other parts of the world. That way the revenue generated will be sourced to Manipur. What one must understand is, when you bring in any MLM to Manipur, you are trying to make Manipur poorer. Whatever little money that we have here, you will pull it and send it to the parent country (MLM origin country). In the process they may pay you some. But is that a good thing? You deceive your own Manipur for few gains! I raised the same question to a member of a very famous American MLM company which is very popular in Manipur. He replied that 12 percent of the total revenue generated is retained in Manipur. Which means 88 percent of the revenue is sent to Delhi and America. What he did not understand is that I am not interested in 12 percent but in the 88 percent. Now if you keep sending out this 88 percent every day every month to delhi or America, would it make Manipur any richer. No doubt their products are very good but does it mean that we can make Manipur poorer. Manipur is a poor place. By importing goods we are only going to make Manipur poorer. The need of the hour is to export goods and stop bringing in MLMs. They say MLM is a part time business. But I doubt it. When you are in office you try to convince your colleagues to join MLM. When you return from office, on the way back you visit your friends and relatives to convince them about MLM. When people visit with you, you talk to them about MLM. Before you sleep, you discuss with your partner and plan for the next day whom to visit and convince them. Now tell me how is that a part time business. I say it is a 24 hour business. So when you do 24 hour business (any business other than MLM), you will succeed much faster than any MLM. Take my word.


TVI is fake!

[ Wed, Jul 08, 2009 9:54 am ]

!!! TVI EXPRESS is Fake !!! does any of the member of this Travel Ventures International knows the exact address of this company?? Yes, its in "Marble Arch Tower 55 Bryanston Street London W1H 7AJ". But the best part is no company exist in London by this name. Anyone can check about this on .

Brando Meijao

Feedback Integrate touba Web-site

[ Wed, Jul 08, 2009 8:28 am ]

"Spot Public Opinion" - Mashigi matang ashida utliba ashidi, Manipurda Govt. Policy Lei, Revolution Policy Lei, Ani ashigi wangmada People Lei haibadi Value yaoday aduna Home Page ashida utliba ashi Public shingi wakhal asina karino, Press ki Value na Karino, karigi Party mashing yamlibano, Party Leibadagi Manipur Govt. all department khudingmak mathou phajana touday eg. Narkotic Dept. (AMADA Leibadgi Value yaodabara) aduga mashida makhoi anigi amangba kanao makhoi leirabanina kanana atongba touriba, Peoplena Kari khanliba, Wa ngangba khudingda karigi Kinariba mashi loina Vote louraga asumna ) manipurgi web site ashi worlda Promode touba yai. Maramdi Mapham khudingi Feedback Integrate touba Web Sita thengnabirabara? mashina update oiragadi Business su oiba yai aduga aroibada Like that Google or U-tubes site kumba popular oiba side ama Oihanba Pamee.

M. Premchand Singh

We can see without electricity!

[ Wed, Jul 08, 2009 1:54 am ]

Why should we protest darkness. Manipuris are known to be most developed communities in India! They can see without electricity. Assume how much energy we are saving everyday. Manipur is helping the Globe. As for other day, today needs, we have Inverters from Moreh. We are happy without like because we can adapt. We should not protest because we happily vote for them. We do not worry of electricity we already have inverters.


I m a science fanatic

[ Wed, Jul 08, 2009 1:43 am ]

You are right my friend Gautam. I am fanatic but you are more fanatic. May be I hurt your or hindu sentiment. My mother too is, of course, hindu but my mom never milked cows for rain. My argument is that if rain happens after milking then why they didnt milked in time. Have you heard milking of cows in Gujarat for rain. As you have told all religion are equal and should respect all. That is why I am mentioning, dont ever try to hurt others sentiment in the name of religion. Science is like a religion where every man could believe but religion is not the science. If someone demand something in the name of religion than could you spare it. Religion is to believe not to act. In the 50's and 60's how Manipuri hindus or brahmins/bamons act is to forget, right. If you also said like Krishna was born somwhere in Manipur, then mayang will told you a totally mad guy and Krishna is also an Illusion. So, dear Gautam, dont be fanatic in religion, be fanatic in science you might get Nobel prize. We can share our thoughts not of Gods power, its only by human power what we call science.


epom are really inspiring

[ Tue, Jul 07, 2009 10:25 am ]

Well, I would like to thank you very much for all your efforts to liven our culture in internet too. I find your music service really helpful while working prolonged hours in net. The epom and those songs of Khun joykumar are really inspiring. Please keep it up to provide more. Thanks a lot and may God bless you

Jodha Kh

Poor picture quality in Gallery

[ Tue, Jul 07, 2009 8:40 am ]

I do love to watch the pictures collection...they are awesome but sometime, u guys didnt maintian the quality of the pictures..there r lots of cheap pics..viz..the camera angle, framimg, too much exposure, and low quality images are there.. So please before uploading a picture first go through it..and do upload..coz...u r giving a gate to other different see how beautiful our motherLand MANIPUR is..please do go through the pictures before uploading.

Ashish Hamom

What about protesting Darkness!

[ Tue, Jul 07, 2009 6:36 am ]

I want to share one of my observations with you and the readers. Well, I am a Manipuri from Chandel district but settled in Delhi. Every time while visiting Home state and also through telephone calls almost every day, it is learnt that today is 'loadsheding day, today is not' . Which means every alternate day there is no light in the state. And this has been for may years. Having sited the problem above, Where is the so called social workers, organization and the citizens ? Can't they protest this government's negligents? They only protest about killings. What I mean is the killings of innocent have to be protest but about developments like in adequate supply of light also need to be protest to the maximum. Is that the people of Manipur is so used to living in the DARK? Is there any club/organization/citizens to fight for this right. You understand and know better about all these, therefore, my request is to bring awareness and fight for our rights.

Molove Singh - New Delhi

Need Manipur Police Phone number

[ Tue, Jul 07, 2009 12:14 am ]

If an infiltrator comes in and starts threatening you with dire consequences unless their demands are met. What would be your instant reaction ? What can we possibly do ? Are we supposed to be a mere spectator, watch them abuse you, thrash you or please them with their demands. "OR" call up the police and catch hold of the culprits. But you can do that only when you have their phone numbers. That too again is a task . Where am I supposed to get the phone number of the police stations ? Are you sure that the police will come given the situation that there is no mention of the money which is supposed to be their charges. If any government official or a person knowledgeable enough is reading this simple lines of mine than kindly do reply.

johny_mn - johny_mn(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in

Dont equate Hinduism with Mayang culture

[ Mon, Jul 06, 2009 5:43 am ]

Dear Brothers and sisters,
Every time I read an article from our beloved bother (meitei/meetei) I see a frustated man. I dont understand why does it have to be so. Is it necessary that they have to vent their anger on hunduism all the time. There is no need to divide Manipur any further in the name of religion. Manipuri Hindus are as good as meiteis/meeties any day. Manipuri Hindus worship all the meitei/meetei gods and dieties. Every Manipuri hindu's house has a sacred place for Sanamahi. Is this not ample proof that Manipuri hindus are meitei/meetei too. To tell you the truth my friend, we have not forgotten our roots. By critisizing hinduism you are not doing any good. Do you think by scolding or critisizing a Manipuri hindu, he will discard hinduism and enmbrace meiteism? Dont be under that impression. Hinduism is not a bad religion. So is not all religions. All religions are equally good and important. We should treat them with equal respect. I understand the manner in which hinduism was imposed on us was not good. But tell me which civilization has the best history of imposing things on others? Krishna is not a mayang god. Jesus is not a Roman god. Allah is not a pakistani god. God is universal. He doesnt have boundaries, He doesnt have race. He can be whatever He wants. By embrasing hinduism we dont become mayang. Why I am telling this is that many people feel that by worshiping Krishna, we are adopting mayang culture. No, that is not true. Chinese follow Budhism, then does it mean that they follow mayang culture. Couple of months back, in a certain newspaper (I think it was Times of india), there was an article where china claimed that Jesus was born in china. Historically it may not be correct, but I totally agree with their claim. If chinese worships Jesus, then Jesus was a chinese. So friends, lets not fight over religion. Because only fools and fanatics can fight over religion. Lets not be one. Thats all I can say.


Milking of cows for rain?!?

[ Sat, Jul 04, 2009 7:06 am ]

What type of thing is this to have rain. This shows that our Manipur is still in the stage of undeveloped and unscientific. Even small children knows the region why it is not raining at right times. In short I would like to conclude that instead of investing money in milking we should try to plant more trees and conserve forest and groundwaters. Milking of cows is for hindu, what about meiteis, christian, muslims and other gods. This milking is very unscientific.


Job vacancies and money

[ Sat, Jul 04, 2009 6:12 am ]

I heard there will be countless numbers of job vacancies in Manipur in the coming months. Now let us see how the ministers and other top officials maintain their pockets. I will be among the lines of this opportunity but Alas! I don;t have that thing to impress the authority but my qualifications and certificates.

Brando Meijao

A separate coloumn for local papers

[ Fri, Jul 03, 2009 2:27 pm ]

It's just awesome feeling to be updated of the day to day events and happening of Manipur even when you are distance away to diff. parts of the world...... Well, would be very satisfied if we have separate coloumn of the headlines carried out by local papers daily.... Thanx agian for those who made this happen........


'Pangal' is not a community

[ Thu, Jul 02, 2009 5:41 am ]

Please make correction of the meaning----word 'pangal' as a community. It is just a translation word of Muslim. It is not a community. It is a world wide religion.


Help with "Moreh cupboard"

[ Tue, Jun 30, 2009 1:51 pm ]

I have what you would call a "Moreh cupboard". Got it from some friends of mine from Manipur, but can't put it together as I don't have the instructions. It's got 2 full shelves & 1 half shelf plus loads of rods & a plastic cover with zips. Would be thankful if you could send me the instructions or some snaps if you have them. Btw I am staying in Mumbai.

Vikram - viky_s2000(at)yahoo(dot)com

More patriotic songs please

[ Sun, Jun 28, 2009 10:11 am ]

Ranbir gi "ho ima loktak" haiba song asi yamna tabada nungai makhatanasu adummak masigumba leibakningbagi oiba songs sing thagatpiraku anoubasing athuba matamda thagatpiraikani haibagi hope thamjari masi na outside ta leikharaba manipuri sing asi gi thamoida khitang oirabasu mareibak nungsibagi whalsi phaohangani haibagi ashadani.

Dinesh Sharma

Stand up and look

[ Sat, Jun 27, 2009 10:11 am ]

For those who are providing there opinion on this integrity issue are great and I respect them. As I stand up and see the people around the world the issue become small very small that it doesn't effect 'the hair'of those people who are going to look upon and take care of us. I'm talking of those person who are going to govern us. I would like to do something instead of, forming group and searching spaces among ourself that is to show our integrity to those people who doesn't know "where is Manipur, Nagaland, Assam and the remaining states of north-east". If we think that they are not necessary then we are beyond human because they no nothing other than people of there own kind.

Bikom Keisham

Victim of converting to christianity

[ Sat, Jun 27, 2009 8:26 am ]

I am a victim of converting to christianity. My wife is converted as a christian with the help of her elder sister and I am feeling painful in my heart that I am meitei and we have our own meitei religion. After my wife converted our happy family become a war field daily! I am helpless. I appeal to all please stop this conversion to christianity.

K. Sanajaoba Singh

Article regarding 'Tilaikhumbi"

[ Wed, Jun 24, 2009 10:27 am ]

I would be very happy if you kindly put some article regarding 'Tilaikhumbi" the irritating little creature. I think lots of people have little knowledge about this little creature except that it causes skin allergies.


Six Manipuri footballers in Indian Team

[ Wed, Jun 24, 2009 10:27 am ]

It is great to see six Manipuri footballers in Indian squad. It is really exceptional that this tiny state has churned out so many world class footballers. Imangine, the state has only third class infrastructures and no other facilities. This state has contributed world beaters in Indian Boxing. Even though so tiny, this state is remarkable. Media should be pro-ative to highlight such positive acievments by Manipuris. It is more than a matter of pride.


Error in Muslim topper news

[ Wed, Jun 24, 2009 4:08 am ]

There was an article yesterday regarding the Manipur medical entrance result. I would like to join your team and also the muslim community in Imphal to congratulate the topper and also the other successful condidates. If I am not mistaken there was an error in your news. I topped the Medical Entrance Exam in Manipur in 1986. I joined Ranchi Medical college. After completing my MBBS I went to the UK to pursue my training. I am a Pulmonologist. After working in the UK for 14 years. I was in London as a chest consultant for nearly 3 years then I moved to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, recently, working as a chest consultant.

Baharul Islam

Not the first Manipur Muslim topper

[ Wed, Jun 24, 2009 1:14 am ]

Your topic: PMT topper for better education for muslim of muslim girls - God bless you Salma. you have done it again!
Dear editor, this is the second time in Manipur Muslim History not the first. First one is Ms. Yunus Fatima Khan d/o Ma Janab Khan & Laljan Begum of Hafiz Hatta in the year 1989. Hope you will correct it and for your information too.

MM Haque

Need "Comment" column in the news item broadcasted

[ Tue, Jun 23, 2009 12:53 am ]

Sometime, the news item broadcasted in your website is so commendable....but we are left with no choice for giving comment on the topic. Hence, requesting you to put up the "Comment" column at the end of every news item or article. Hope, this will reduce, at least our frustation.....

Vir Bhatia

Take action on adulterated Mustard Oil

[ Sun, Jun 21, 2009 3:41 am ]

I was shocked to watch the report of CNN IBN 7 on 'massive adulteration of food items in India' telecasted on 19th June 2009. The source also have revealed the supply of toxicated mustard oil from the vendors of Kolkotta to the North Eastern States. Keeping in view of the large scale consumption and use of Mustard oil in the State of Manipur, it is apprehended that the entry of such kind of adulterated and far more intoxicated items of edible oil and other food substances to the market of Manipur had been existing from a long time and playing with the health of common people. It is right time that the Govt. of Manipur and the concern Deptt. should take immediate action to look and investigate in this matter.


Downloadable Presentation on June 18?

[ Fri, Jun 19, 2009 2:50 am ]

E-pao gi "The June Great Uprising" asi yengjabada yamna nungaijei aduga karigumba amata haijage "Martyrs Of The Great June Uprising" hairiba presentaion asi down load touba yahanbiyu aduga masigumba thouram si makhatana su thagatpiraku e-paogi kangbu bu hainingai leitana thagatchari.


Shame on India!

[ Fri, Jun 19, 2009 3:49 am ]

Re: How can an ADC permit foreigners to hold protest rally at Moreh? It is a shame for India which claims as largest democracy in the world and also a shame for the peoples of Manipur who claim that they have people to people relationship with the Burmese peoples, by not allowing a peaceful rally by Burmese living in Moreh for the leader of Burmese democracy movement Aung San Suu Kyi on her 64th birthday. Unlike India which now support the military dictatorship in Burma, the democratic government of Bangladesh allowed the Burmese living in Bangladesh to have a big event for the birthday of Aung San Suu Kyi at Cox Bazar which is border town with Burma. And Burmese in Mae Sot, a border town of Thailand with Burma also held a protest rally in support of Aung San Suu Kyi on her birthday. Shame India!

A. Sharma

Tibet is not separated from China

[ Tue, Jun 16, 2009 7:56 am ]

with regard to a news item titled 'Sukhois deployed over eastern skyline' and Its location bears great significance since it lies strategically between Bhutan, Tibet, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh.' If anybody reads this news, he will definitely come to the conclusion that Tibet and China are two different independent countries and that Tibet is separate from China. But to the best of my Knowledge, Tibet is an integral part of China. Not a single nation considers it as an independent country. So, this news is quite misleading. Such type of blunder mistake should not be commited in future. The duty of a newspaper is to make people well-informed not to mislead people.

Dad William

Radio songs too old

[ Tue, Jun 16, 2009 8:51 am ]

E-Paogi radiogi thouramsigi songs singsi yamna kuire aduna yaragadi anouba khara thagatpiraku yamna henna eina pamjabadi Ranbir thounagi si anouba thagatpiraku :he pirang: haina toubadu aduga ateigisu anouba thagatpiraku aduga leibakningbagisu yaohanbiraku anouba.


Security Force in Hill Districts of Manipur

[ Sun, Jun 14, 2009 3:29 am ]

The decision of the Government of Manipur to deploy IRB and police commandos in the hill districts of Manipur should be welcomed by one and all. Senapati, Ukhrul, Tamenglong and Churachandpur are also districts of Manipur. These districts are not separate from Manipur. There should be law and order in these districts also. Even a little child can tell how insurgents rule these districts, how they run a parallel government in these districts, how they are trying to separate these districts from Manipur. The decision of Government of Manipur should be implemented as soon as possible so that there is one rule of law for all parts of Manipur, so that the illegal parallel government is kept under checked.

Dad William

How to learn Manipuri?

[ Sat, Jun 13, 2009 1:54 pm ]

I find e-pao very helpful in learning about manipur. For a non-Manipur resident like me, it presents the facts in a very interesting manner. However, I have some difficulty in understanding the Manipuri words.. like I dont even have an idea of what phanek means unless I have read a whole article about it and try to figure out by the dscriptions therein. Can you tell me of some websites that teach the language? Or something like a Wikipedia of Manipur.

Anumeha Verma

Award for contribution to society

[ Sat, Jun 13, 2009 4:54 am ]

Gautam's suggestion is a good suggestion. Let those IT-professionals take it as a challenge and not as an insult. Lets take it that they can always create a better website than e-pao. They can design better. And above all they are free and can widen the scope of coverage and upgrade the quality of the contents such as essay, articles and other materials. They (the IT professionals and educated people) can feature their own articles and essays. They can change the minds of the people with their skills, dedication and and their scholarly witings. Then, why dont they? I am not saying e-pao is not upto the mark. What I only say is, if people or an individual thinks that this and that is necessary, why dont he or she start it by himself or herself when he/she is very much capable. After all people are also expecting a lot from such people. Gautam is very much right when he said "How many websites are there which is dedicated solely to the cause of NE or Manipur?" I hope more dedicated people will come up and give the people a better website in coverage, content and design instead of constantly criticising and asking someone else to do better. Brave men are people who know how to admire other peoples good work. Brave men are peopele who can encourage other people. Brave men are people who know how to be thankingful. Brave men are people who know how to praise others and knows how to thanked them for their contribution to the society. Peole who never contribute for the society are like rotten apples. Wherever they are they destroy the whole section/society/community. Bish may be trying to discourage e-pao and its readers probably out of jealousy. He may not be Bishambor. Brave men know how to admire other peoples hard work. E-pao is doing a lot of hard work. The sad side of the story however is that people of Manipur may not listen to e-pao (though they read it everyday) and, it may not even make any difference as far as the situation in Manipur is concern. The Central government may not change its mind. Nor the naharols. The Manipur police may not change its system. Nor the politicians. But we have to thank e-pao anyway. If the people who run the State government of Manipur were like other people outside Manipur, they would have given some award to e-pao already. I am not joking. In fact, in many States, awards were given by the State government to deserving people especially in the field of social works, i.e people who contribute to the society in any form.


Another chat abuse complain

[ Fri, Jun 12, 2009 9:12 am ]

Yamna nungaijare adomna thabirakpa singdu eingonda matam chana phangjare madugi damakta e-pao bu hainingai leitana thagatchari. Matung tarakpadasu khangjaningba leirabadi hangjarake. Aduga e-pao sida chat tounaribasi nupi su yao i aduna yaragadi chinthi basu mayamna yaoi aduna masigumba chinthiba sing asi line thadatpiyu maramdi hekta mawong tadaba wahei wata sing sijinnaba yaoba maramna e-pao sida nupi sing changba ngamdare. yaragadi masigi waphamsi e-paogi kangbuna yamna thuna yengsinbiyu haina e-paogi members singda haijari.

Dinesh Sharma

Encourage people to start web portals

[ Fri, Jun 12, 2009 4:14 am ]

Dear Readers, We are all very proud of what e-pao has done for us (readers). e-pao has been juggling many things simultaneous, from providing news to fashion trends to exotic cuisine to social related issues and so on... You name it and it is there on the portal. Inspite of doing/providing so many things, people still want e-pao to juggle more things. Some want grammer classes, some games, some message board, some exotic cuisine, some job opportunities, some songs, some movies. The list will go on. But dont you think there is a limit to what one can perform. I hope e-pao team is able to take the pressures and ride smoothly. Now isnt it time that we encourage people to start/take up such portals? How many websites are there which is dedicated solely to the cause of NE or Manipur? I know many readers are from the IT industry. Some are into software deveolpment, some web development/design, providing software solutions, gaming solutions and what not. These people have been in this field long enough to understand the nitty-gritty of maintaining/running such portals. Then why not start your own now!!!!!!!!!


Reply to Bish on e-pao Change

[ Thu, Jun 11, 2009 6:09 am ]

Dear Bish, First of all I am not associated with the E-pao team in any form (as reflected by you in your mail). Everything written here are purely of my opinion and nothing to do with E-pao team. Personally I do not want to drag it any further; however, I have some replies for you this time.
"My intent.....was NOT... to disgrace you." - I sincerely believe that E-pao team never felt "disgraced!" by your suggestions. "However, mind that Manipur & its people are not that colourless like the way you have portrait on your portal. A few flat or light coloured lay out across the site or coloured link names that's good to get it loaded quicker than any other sites on any browser does not make much sense." - Will you say the same for and As per your take, Earthlings are colourless as these two sites rule the internet world. E-pao is famous because of its quality contents/news/services/materials and not because of some fancy colours and graphics. I do agree that clothes make the man but let's not judge the book by it's cover here. Quite surprising to hear from an Application Tester that Browser Competency/Web Standards does not make much sense. What are the parameters of a good looking website? Please enlighten us. To me, simplicity rules!! "Do you realise that ...people rely on those news you published regardless of whether you made any apologies... I know, that's your responsibility . At the end of the day, people just don't want to hear those sad news of getting shot or in short KILLED..." - I think E-Pao have enough sub sites to entertain you throughout the day. I can also see your frustrations in seeing the news of violence. My dear, we have no choice but to face the hard truth. Whether you like it or not E-pao is getting appreciated for making available those news items. " may have a team of geniuses....however if you really understand 'CHANGE' - the only word towards success/ happiness/ perfection etc etc." - Let's not CHANGE(!!) our plate every now and then. It's better to have varieties of food on the same plate than to have the same food on different plates everyday. "My idea when I sent the mail, did not suggest to add any gaming designs or gaming layouts...those sites were more of an example that you may want to refer down the line." - Good point. "Talking about attracting people - Have you created the website for yourself or for the people in general? Finally, before I wrote the suggestion/ feedback the other day - I thought, may be we the readers are welcome to come up with newer ideas/ suggestions - whether you guys take it or not....." By "E-pao does not need to be very Interactive to attract people", it means that E-pao team does not need to make extra efforts (in changing the design, look and feel) to attract people. Let them concentrate on whatever they are doing.


Think in English not Manipuri

[ Wed, Jun 10, 2009 8:33 am ]

Hello Dinesh, If you translate Manipuri language and speak English then you will always have grammar mistake. So before you speak out a sentence in English, think about that sentence in English not Manipuri. I hope this will help you out a bit as well.


English grammar course

[ Wed, Jun 10, 2009 8:33 am ]

Adomgi thouram sing asi yamana nungaijei adubu english grammar gi course kumba amatang happiradi yamna henna nungaijagani khanjei manipuri to english translate oiba.


Why dont Depts utilise funds?

[ Tue, Jun 09, 2009 5:41 am ]

Taking a serious view of the failure of Depts to utilise funds allotted to them within the stipulated period and denial of banks to draw cash on the last day of financial year, the State Govt has decided that in the event of any Department failing to utilise two-third of the fund allotted to them by December 31, the remaining funds would be diverted to other Departments.

Sabhass, sabhass, sabhass. What kind of people are these Mmanipuris? Why dont they utilise the funds? Dont be like Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh Khanna, when he was MP, he returned a huge amount to the Central which was allotted for the development of his constituency. Strange is not it? Why cannot he use the money for better water supply, better electrict supply, or just make public toilets at least. Refunding the money shows he simply dont care the people of his constituency. May be he dont even know what is water supply, public toilets etc. There are strange people in this world.

I think, even if 10000000000000 billion dollars were allotted to me, I will utilise it in a year. Because there are so many things to construct and so many works to carry out. 10000000000000 billion dollars will not be enough to build the entire Manipur. What kind of department is the department who dont utilise the fund. Mad department? No. Department cannot be mad. Its the authorities who are mad. They dont have the sense of constructing and implementing anything. They dont deserve to occupy the place. Please substitute them with suitable workers. And why two third of the fund. They have to utilise the whole fund. Is not it? Next time if they dont know how to utilise, send them to me. I can always tell them. Try to do something for your department. There are so many thing which need repair, which need to be constructed and so many, many many things to do.


Need info on animal bone found at Loktak

[ Mon, Jun 08, 2009 5:10 am ]

It is very interesting to see some of the pictures posted on. I have see your photos, the picture that strike me is that the picture of animal bone found by Sh. Rakesh from Loktak lake. I just want to know that you are doing something on it i.e, identification of the animal, how old it is by sending or contacting someone who have keen knowledge of fossil etc. It not clear whether the said animal bone are found from the depth of the lake or from the land around the Loktak lake. Since Loktak lake are associated with the story of our forefather, their great story of courage, wisdom and mythological story that we heared from our father, grandfather.Can you give information about the development that you have made?

Mikado Konsam

I m going in search of my tradition

[ Mon, Jun 08, 2009 3:35 am ]

The article "Folk literature and generation - X" written by Yaiphabi Toudam webcasted on e-pao on 21st March 2009 was a fabulous read. First of all, unlike many others who contribute to your website, it was very well written. It was simple and plain with no exaggeration enabling me to once again 'simply remember' one simple truth of my being- my roots. I thank the writer for her effort to remind us all who we are. I don't know if this occurs to you folks out there, but for quite sometime I've been having this feeling of disconnection to my past. Something immensely important to me and my life has been lost along my quest for a better life. This article, in more a way, brought me back some of the lost treasures. This is my suggestion to the person reading my comment. Please try and send this article to your folks and friends. This probably might be just what they need for inspiration and belongingness. As for me, I am heading home to search where I came from. Not to my house or my parents, but in search of the very tradition that bore me or my father or my sisters. I need to know because only then I will be able to claim I belong to this life.


Oken Jeet's long article

[ Mon, Jun 08, 2009 3:35 am ]

Dear Oken Jeet Sandham,
I appreciate your knowledge on indian politics and its related issues. But what is it you are trying to convey with your long article???


Suffocating moral policing

[ Sun, Jun 07, 2009 4:35 pm ]

At the outset my sincere apology to everyone as its not my intention to hurt anyone. Well we all are passing through a transition phase in the social and cultural and for that matter in every aspect of life. One thing I feel is that we all are heading aimlessly with no goal at all in life. The frustration level is on the rise. The restriction one faces is tremendous with all those organisation imposing all the does and don'ts. With moral policing everywhere it very suffocating with no personal life or rather privacy at all. My question to all my pratroitic brothers and sisters who are imposing all those restrictions is that is it taking us in the right path??????????? Its human nature to have curiosity to do the things which are restricted. Have we forgotten the story of Adam and Eve. It was the curiosity that apple was eaten. Are we able to curb the things we try to restrict - no, its on the rise but done discreetly due to mainly fear. Now time has come to guve a serious thought on it???????????


Many ladies on top, yet miles to go

[ Sat, Jun 06, 2009 11:57 am ]

In 62 years of Indian independence, the country has so far produced number of lady politicians, Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, President, governors, bureaucrats, police officers, pilots, army officers, astronauts, professors, scientists, and many more. Indira Gandhi was the first lady Prime Minister this country had produced. For the first time in the history of India, Pratibha Patil, another lady occupies Presidential post, the highest position in the country. And very recently, we have seen another lady occupying the prestigious post of Speakership of Lok Sabha. She is Meira Kumar. We also have Sonia Gandhi, another lady, heading the largest political party in the world, Indian National Congress, besides heading as Chairperson of the ruling Congress-led United Progressive Alliance at the Center. Currently, Mayawati, another lady, holds the position of Chief Ministership in country’s largest and most powerful state of UP. And also there are eight Union Ministers in the present Congress-led UPA Government at the Center. Yet, there was a strong feeling that 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament and state assemblies should be there. For this very purpose, women organizations had also been demanding reservation of seats for women in legislatures.

The response to the demand was the bill for the 84th and 85th Amendment to the Constitution, to allow one third of the total number of seats in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies to be reserved for women including those from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. This provision is the extension of earlier Amendments---73rd and 74th---providing reservation of one-third of seats in elected bodies in the local government at the rural and urban levels. In fact, the bill was tabled on September 12, 1996, a day before Parliament was to be adjourned. After this, successive governments tried to introduce the bill but always faced opposition from various quarters. In spite of having a lady President, a lady Speaker of Lok Sabha, a lady President of a largest political party in the world, and eight lady Union ministers, things are unlikely that such bill for reservation of women in parliament and state assemblies will be seen seriously. Of course, in a democratic system of governance like ours in India, the President is just the ceremonial head of the country enjoying only the ceremonial status, in a sense he/she is a rubber stamp of the Council of Ministers.

The President may belong to any political parties but the moment he/she becomes the President, he/she ceases to be a member of the party. He/she acts neutrally. Similarly, the Governor of any state in the country does the same. The Speakers of Lok Sabha and state assemblies in the country are also brought in the similar fashion. Although Sonia Gandhi heads the largest political party in the world, she can hardly influence in this male-dominated Indian politics. Meanwhile, women irrespective of their political associations should be encouraged to participate more political activities and the more they can increase their number will also be tremendously helpful in exerting their demands.

Oken Jeet Sandham

More coverage of Santhosh Trophy

[ Tue, Jun 02, 2009 5:05 am ]

As Santhosh Trophy is on the fire and Our team is doing good in the trophy but I seen that the e-pao authority is not taking any interest to provide any information about the game in sport section. So I requested you to put up-to date article of the event...

James Thangjam

IDSP Manipur will remain strong

[ Mon, Jun 01, 2009 3:38 am ]

IDSP Manipur to be strengthened. There was a report in paper, a number of disease outbreak cases occur in Tamenlong, Moreh and Lamkai Khunou in the recent last some few months back. And cases for bird flu a year back could also be mentioned. Death toll from these outbreaks would have reached nearly hundred. The figure tells it is like a form of genocide. Such could have been mitigated, If proper awareness were spread out in time. People could suspect the intelligence surveillance system, IDSP which is playing a crucial role in early detecting such outbreaks and speeding the outbreak investigation. At present, IDSP intelligence system in Manipur is not in fully functional state. The software which is going to collect, analyse and collate health data is not functional yet. Someone inform expert in designing algorithm of software is still researching. In near soon, full fledged IDSP software will release and some good manpower will be added. IDSP system will be strengthened. IDSP Manipur will remain strong.

Gautam W - State Datamanager IDSP Manipur

Congrats to cent percenters in Manipuri

[ Sat, May 30, 2009 1:06 pm ]

Just after reading that 2 students i.e.Thouchom Surbala, elder daughter of Surchandra and Bormani of Sangaiporou Mamang Leikai and Thongam Sona daughter of Th Shyama Khabanganba and Ibemhal of Yurembam of Zenith Academy secured cent percent in Manipuri subject in the Standard-X exam conducted by the CBSE I congratulate these two students for their efforts and lay my best wishes for their bright days ahead. keep it up. you girls make us proud.....


e-pao need change

[ Sat, May 30, 2009 11:26 am ]

Hi Melissa_Khum, It is a good job done when you replied that you have done your homework. My intent here, before I posted the mail was NOT that I wanted to disgrace you. However, keeping one more thing in mind that Manipur & its people are not that colourless like the way you have portrait on your portal. A few flat or light coloured lay out across the site or coloured link names that's good to get it loaded quicker than any other sites on any browser does not make much sense. Do you realise that when you created the news portal, people rely on those news you published regardless of whether you made any apologies on the portal the next day or not. I know, that's your responsibility . At the end of the day, people just don't want to hear those sad news of getting shot or in short KILLED.

I understand that you may have a team of geniuses trying to make the site perfect however if you really understand 'CHANGE' - the only word towards success/ happiness/ perfection etc etc. My idea when I sent the mail, did not suggest to add any gaming designs or gaming layouts on your site, infact those sites were more of an example that you may want to refer down the line. It may be possible that the Manipuris in general may want more additions because there are chances that the other communities of the state may not even know what is, what do you say? Those bits of changes may be the reason that the site may be the most favorite website apart from those sad news. Talking about attracting people - Have you created the website for yourself or for the people in general? Finally, before I wrote the suggestion/ feedback the other day - I thought, may be we the readers are welcome to come up with newer ideas/ suggestions - whether you guys take it or not. Will keep your reply posted on Apr 30, 2009 in mind. THANKS.


Appreciation on Gaan Ngai Photos

[ Wed, May 27, 2009 8:17 pm ]

Have no words to thanks you but simply words break out from my heart "Thank You Very Much" !! For adding Photos gallery and giving us to see GAAN NGAI festival Photos. Your team are really appreciated.

Panti Gonmei & Friends - Delhi

Lets make Manipur another Singapore

[ Wed, May 27, 2009 5:44 am ]

It is very pleasing to learn that some sort of development is going on in our soil. Well, to be frank we are presently residing in the most underdeveloped and barbaric place in India. There is no proper electricity, adequate watersupply and transport system. Every youth thinks that Imphal is New York and they tend to go away from the reality by wearing costly dresses and buying bikes. Let us realise that we are poor people, economically dependent. We will save money and work hard to make our soil a better place. If only youths realise these, the crimes will be lowered. Materialistic world has completely engulfed our soil. Not able to meet these demands make youth frustrated and inject crimes, quite rampant seen in our soil. Let my brothers leave these violent world and join in hand to make Manipur another Singapore.


We are living in mad mad society

[ Tue, May 26, 2009 1:27 am ]

Dear echil-enou, marup-mapang,
We are crying with crocodile tears for those sorrow and misery we help it born with or without intentionally. It will not help to bring all we need by just feeling. I also feel helpess same like you. But first of all we need a responsible, sensible and united society which can bring all this in stable. For this all of us will need to sacrifice some level of our selfishness and cunningness. Not only looking like a "kumhai" is not enough. All of us need to participate with sincerity to this problem. All killing, all mishappening is bring by the attitude of our society. For this we can't blame others. It is we who is responsible for all. We need a best level of understanding in our society,confident and faithfull to each other but unfortunately we dont have. Can you tell me which section of our society you believe? Now we dont even believe in our neighbour. and many rectification will be required like we called tribal "haou" "pangal". All this small small things are needed to rectify if we want to grow and developed. We see our family people work in govt job, it is upset but we accept them as they are our family. But all this are accounted to bring society THE NEED ATTITUDE.I am fininsh my word but for now "kainaras".


People are no longer uncivilised as you presumed

[ Mon, May 25, 2009 10:05 am ]

This is what we need. Instead of filling your newspapers and websites with stories of hatred and gun culture, people prefer this type of news. Nowadays people are no longer uncivilised as you presumed. Media can start filling the minds of the people with good thought and valuable news instead of valueless thiller and melodramas. Now the State government must act fast. The blacksmiths must be protected so that they can continue their profession. The mayangs are jealous. The Chief Minister must act. He must be competent in taking up economic issues, health issues, education etc. etc. He must act boldly. If he act with double minds, he wont succeed. The cabinet Ministers too must start taking their responsibilties. They are ministers in their respective departments for the entire Manipur. If there is a minister who is not a willing worker, he must resign. In the past, people of Manipur are in the habit of giving full authority to ministers but without work. Even if they dont want to, we must force them to work. Money must be spent only for development purposes. It is not their salary. In fact they do have salaries. Beyond salaries they must be guarded properly. They must use personally only their salaries. The CM himself must be a man of strong will with determination and courage. If he cannot perform his duty well and if he cannot control his staff, he must resign. Media too must not take keen interest in sensationalising communal issue anymore. Take keen interest in the important issues. Cabinet Ministers are accountable for the development of the entire region of Manipur.


Ashamed to be called as Manipuri

[ Mon, May 25, 2009 11:02 am ]

We are suffering from untold lies bestowed upon us by our politician. It is very good article to read. Now condition of our state is such that we feel ashamed to be called as Manipuri. But, let us hope that things will improve. There are many good and energetic people in Manipur, who can make positive change to this state. Writing these kind of article and reading it and commenting on it also one of the good sign. After all everything good or bad things originates from thinking.


Wrong english to identify a community

[ Mon, May 25, 2009 9:29 am ]

Mr Birbal or whatever it may be. Do you know literal meaning of "feeble-minded". It is blasphemous to call Manipuris feeble-minded. Manipuris are courageous, hardworking, innovative and versatile (no further testimonials are neccessary to validate this bold statement,it is blowing in the wind!). But these brilliant people are politically, economically and socially disadvantaged for no fault of theirs. Yes, circumtances are not condusive for these people to outexcel competitors due to geo-strategic constraints which cannot be discussed on this platform. Manipur is a land far too more democratic, secular and liberal than any state or province in this country. Unfortunate fact is that vested interests have been exploiting the wonderful situation. But this is the price you pay when you are too kind and big hearted. Lets not be too cynical about a great people who are through a bad phase in history. Yeah, to survive in this political milieu called Bharat Mahan it may pay to be feeble. Manipuris wosrt weakness is that they are bold, courageous, hardworking and innovative (you contact me if Mr Birbal is keen to understand Manipuri traits). Mr Birbal is once again requested not to belittle a gallant people due to lack of awareness.


No Manipuris News of NE TV Channel

[ Mon, May 25, 2009 7:08 am ]

I've been staying outside Manipur for almost a decade. Like many other fellow Manipuris staying outside, I wait for the Manipuri News that comes for a specific time duration in some TV Channels. One such channel is NE TV. But fortunately/unfortunately the Manipuri news that comes during these very limited time in NE TV Channel are topics which are not at all related with Manipur. Manipuri News are flooded with News of Cricket ,Tamil Politics, Some unintersting news of Assam etc etc.... All the news of India apart from North-east (mainly Manipur) are available in any English/Hindi News Channel of India. So there is no point of giving such news in NE TV, Manipuri News. It is quite unfortunate for we Manipuris. I request everyone to put their effort to bring the change in Manipuris News of NE TV Channel. To my opinion, this Manipur News should be only dedicated for topics related with Manipur( let the news be of Killing, Ransom, Bandh etc etc...) Readers' cooperation, assistance & necessary action is sought in this regard.

Samar Kshetrimayum

Allow debates and discussions to article

[ Mon, May 25, 2009 6:29 am ] has served me in many ways. I've been able to update myself with fresh news and opinions about Manipur. I, however, feel the time for just reading news and articles is long gone. The time for discussion and conflict each other's opinions finding a common ground has come. Before our society crumbles to a point of no return, discussions and debates among the folks is needed. I seriously feel and hope that we have a comment option on each of the articles you post, so that we are able to know people's opinions about a certain issue. Sometimes many of your articles contributors write many things inglorious and gets away with them without a proper discussion on the matter. I strongly feel you should open articles for comments, at least for some time after an article is published. One prototype could be

Laikhuram P

Too much importance on meirapaibis, bands and protests

[ Sun, May 24, 2009 12:09 pm ]

Media must start a new system. Programmes like "hard talk", "the big fight", "the devils advocate", questionaire and debate must be introdued in local TV channels (names may be changed). Interview programmes may be introduced where army officers, police officers and ministers could be interviewed on their work. Since national channels dont want to take up our issue, we may featured the interviews in websites as many websites possible and, also in youtube. Instead of giving too much importance on meirapaibis, bands and protests it may also be good to know that it could be much fruitful if we can form a strong organisation who can act as a watchdog to guard against corruption practices of ministers and officers. People must learnt to elect who works and, not on the basis of community, caste or tribes. If a certain contituency elect a person who never works for the development of his or her constituency the people must be held responsible. In the national level, ministers are always held responsible. They are pressurised or made to resign for damages if it relates to the ministry they holds. Even in States, ministers and MLAs are asked to resign for damages in their constituencies. In fact the post of Chief Ministership and the posts of cabinet ministers invlolves money, power and authority besides responsiblity. You and I may have responsibility. But money, power and authority is not involved. So if the ministers on which responsibility, money, power and authority is involved are not held accountable, who else could be held acountable. Civil society, media and the Information commissioner of Manipur must start working together immediately. Media can also spread about the right to information which the government has given to the people. Instead of using bands, protests and meirapaibis, Manipur must learnt to use the right to information. All ministers, officers and any oher irresponsiible politicians must be answerable to the law. Media may also encourae the participation of youths in politics. Manipur must start learning how to pull down a government and an individual (elected member) who does not work for the welfare of the people. Any minister or MLA must be responsible in supply of electricity in their respective constituencies. Every Elected member must be held responsible for the health care in their respective constituencies. Every elected representative must be held accountable for the roads and educational institutions in their respective constituencies. The Chief Minister must see to this. If he cannot, he must resign. Until and unless people of Manipur learn to change our old system of electing someone and leave him/her to act as he/she desires, we will never see the light of the day again. Lets make them accountable. Watch every move they make and, make them work. We should not allowe them to practice corruption even if they wanted to. We need a watchdog and, not a protester. Instead of protests, it is always better to disallow the damage to occur so that protests and bandhs wont be required. Once there was a very able and senior politician in our constituency. He was a minister. Unfortunately, people voted on ethnic lines and someone else was elected in his place. The newly elected candidate in his entire tenure could not even repair our roads once. He transfer one post office to a nearby place where his community are in large number. Thats all he did during his entire tenure. The former minister has done much much more to the other community than the newly elected candidate. In future, in this kind f situation the people must know that they should be held responsible for non development and non performance of their elected representative. If we are coveteous of other constituencies lets elect an able minister and a willing worker. Once again let me repeat, Lets start by checking corruption and force the ministers to work. If they are unwilling and incompetent, lets force them to resign as in many States do.


Media more interested in sensationalising petty issues

[ Sat, May 23, 2009 4:51 am ]

Much has been said about the govt decision to recruit more police to maintain a stable government as far as law and order is concerned. Giving a second thought on this, I think the government have to be very careful. Recently we heard about a certain person arrested by Manipur Police Commandos and he was given to the Manipur Rifles. What kind of Human beings are these Manipuris? A person arrested by the police should be handed over to the law. Let the law decide the case. If he is guilty, hang him or, give him life imprisonment or 20 years imprisonment. Further in a democratic country like ours he must be permitted to have an ukil(lawyer) if he wants. The way the police handle the situation shows how naive the police were and how unaware they are of the democratic principles of the land(India). Can such police commandos be trusted to do good for the public and turned Manipur into nolmalcy from lawlessness? I doubt. Lawlessness in Manipur start from the desire for seperate homeland and because of unemployment. The State government never try to create more jobs. Even the educated people will think I am talking about recruiting LDCs, UDCs and Head Clerks but without work. Actually I am not talking about that. Creating more jobs means, first we have to create the work. For instance even if we cannot create large factories why dont we start with sugar factory, coffee factory, tea factory, soap factory and masala industries, chalk factory and local made paper factories and so on. Then we can employ lots of unemployed youth and even elder people too. The media and the government is more keen in sensationalising communal issues instead of giving what the State really needs i.e. jobs as I have said above. The Chief Minister also seems to be more keen in breaking down(pretends) when anything happens. Is that all the Chief Minister is for? Its time he direct the trade and commerce minister to start his work whereby the people can sell their gingers and any other agriculture product with more profits. He must pave the way for marketing to people who solely depend on selling fruits and vegetables. Similarly the housing and urban develpment minister must start his job in building houses and constructing primary healt dentres in rural areas. He(CM) must start directing the commerce Minister to see into it as to how our economy can be lifted. If they are irresponsible and incompetent, let them resign. The CM himself must resign if he cannot give a stable government. Unfortunately, Manipuris are not keen in this type of issue. You(media), politicians and even people seems to be more keen in sensationalising small and petty problems such as communalism, bands, protest etc. Start the work and give more time in it so that we need no bands, so that we need no protest. For instance if you recruit more police without moral training there will be many protest, rest assured. Then give them moral training first and some intelligentsia too before you recruit them so that protest wont be required. Manipur where the Manipuris lived is already a failed State. It is a failed State because of the lack of sincerity and naiveness of Manipuris and not becuse of the stones, trees, birds and water. Change your mindset.


Lazy, weak and feeble minded Manipuris!

[ Fri, May 22, 2009 8:27 am ]

Reader are sending valuable mails (as seen from the comments of readers below). If readers can continue in this manner I think it will really help the society. People of Manipur are an easy going lots. As the person who had just posted before me said we paid money to corporates when we are to be paid by them! After visiting and living in Mayanglands ( i.e. cities) we never try to learn a lesson from them. No brain at all. We talk about lawlessness. Out of a population of merely 20 lakh people almost half the number of the total population are armies (coming from other States, sent by the Central government). There are thousands of policemen too besides the armies. These includes IGP, DIG, and SPs mostly from the Indian Police Service. Then how on earth there is such lawlessness. Shame on the Chief Minister, the Ministry of Home Affairs of the State and the entire Civil Administration as well as the Armed forces. Shame on you. The police force cannot be trusted. They will fabricate innocent civillian. Shame on them and shame on the Chief Minister. Shameless Manipur. People dont respect Manipuris. Many North-East people who get harassed in cities. Monica Devi was not sent to Beijing. Dont you know it is because they dont respect Manipuris. Shame on Manipur. The Chief Minister is incompetent. His Cabinet is incompetent. What is the population of Manipur? Hardly 20 lakhs. Dont you see Mayawati is looking after 800 million people. Lalu Prasad is looking after 400 million people. Imagine if Mayati be given the responsibility of looking after hardly 20 lakh people. I think she can manage it properly. Land of incompetent politicians. Land of human-faced donkeys who thinks they are westenised and educated. No brain at all. Lazy people. Weak people. Feeble minded people. Half hearted people. No wonder Santi Das can conveted the meiteis into Hindus so easily. The whites converted the hill people into Christianity in the same way so easily. I am not saying we should not be christians or Hindus. What I want to highligt is that people of Manipur are so feable, easy and vulnerable. Land of half hearted people. Can you convert a Hindu or a Muslim into something else within a second. Never. I am not talking about religion. I am talking about our feable minds. The Chief Minister and thousands of people who called themselves educated cannot look after Manipur. Give Lalu Prasad only 20 lakh people to look after. He can do it much better than Ibobi. Give Ibobi 400 million people to look after, he will blink. Blank and completely limited somewhere. Shameless Manipur.


Welfare for people or for the party?

[ Fri, May 22, 2009 6:42 am ]

"Operation Wayel" - Would like to appreciate and welcome the development of Operation Wayel. But as a citizen of Manipur it seems like the program implemented is not for the welfare of the people, but it is done in the interested of the party to easily collect money. Collecting fine on the failure of the contract work by the contractor, it seems like he party is making the rule to easily collect money from the contractors. If the party is sincere enough it would be better to monitor the contract works to execute properly.


Corporates extorting money in the name of providing jobs

[ Thu, May 21, 2009 7:34 am ]

It is a good news that many corporates are making their presence in Manipur. To name just a few the telecom sector, the financial sector, etc. It is good news especially as it is giving job opportunities to the Manipuri youths making them financially independent and most importantly making them avoid indulging in anti social activities. "Ideal mind is a devil's workshop." Rightly said. When you dont have any income or any means (legal) to generate income, and when you have to survive and feed mounths, you are bound to take up many activities. The robbery, fake insurgents extorting money, falsely implicating others as insurgents and getting incentives from security force are some of the results. One such example of falsely implicating others is the recent incident of Khwairakpam Megha reportedly abducted by a team of Imphal East commandos from Khagempalli on May 6, whom the commandos dubbed him KCP and the Assam Rifles later dubbing him PLA.

Well I am not here to discuss about the insurgents and the security forces and their misdeeds. All that I want to discuss is about the corporates (telecom, financial, etc) extorting money in the name of providing jobs. This is not new to the Manipuri society. Manipuris have been paying bribes to secure a job in government sector for a long time. We take pride in giving bribes. The more we pay the prouder we become. This has become the norm. Taking advantage of this Manipuri mentality, the corporates are exploring the opportunity. In the case of telecom sector, even for getting mobile phone towers installed at our place we need to shell out some (huge) amount when the fact is we should be asking for money if they want to install the tower at our place. The vacancies are filled up by paying some amount. But one wonders if the management of the telecom industries are aware of the situation. Are they also a part of the scheme or is it the handy work of the agents (Manipuris who has helped these corporates enter Manipur)? Someone needs to alert the management of these telecom industries.


Co-operation of NE states on improving power supply

[ Thu, May 21, 2009 1:30 am ]

It is very unexpected that Power House of India is Located in NE India within the Arakan and Eastern Himalaya because these hilly tracts and its river valley are considered as Money making valley by the Central Govt and Power industralist. Lots of Hydo-electric power projects are going to set up without considering the proper understanding og the Environment of NE India and its Culture. Even though Environment of NE is degrading in faster rate, Govt of India always sees NE as Power House. These regions has already producing more than 20,000 Megawatt of Electricity and in the future this will reach upto 60,000 MW power. But it is said that Crores of Rupees can be earn by 60,000 Megawatt power.

Dear Ministers who love to develop his own poeple and resource should considered himself as the owner of this Power House otherwise you need to buy this power from Centre Govt as a subsidee or grant. Be sound-full to the centre that NE- produce power and in NE we don't have supply of Electricity for watching a one Hour TV serial made by DoorDashan! It is our right to fight for 24 hour electricity with full power to set up industries because our lands are occupied by the centres in the name of power house and excavating us from the valley and hills. I hope Mr. Ibobi should learn from other state to convince the Govt. I hope NE will light like a Singapore if we have our own power industralist instead of giving to some people who doesn't stay here in NE. Lets make development without giving much impact on Environment even though we need power. So, Lets join in hand among the NE states to serve our own power house in our own valley and hills.


Needed: A Research Forum or Community

[ Wed, May 20, 2009 10:13 pm ]

Hi Everyone, It is nice to meet you all here. I have seen someone talking about religion. The best thing I want to tell about religion is you have your own, borrow ideas and philosophies from other as well. I am inclined to Scientology also. Actually, my mental trait is looking out for some kind of research. Many here seem to have interest on news writing. Why not we go for research also. At this time, Internet is fantastic place for research. It is even said it has some form of "entended conciousness". I will be nice someone introduced a research forum or community.


Please grow up Manipur police

[ Wed, May 20, 2009 10:28 am ]

"Abducted man dubbed PLA cadre". When I read the news about this abduction, I was very much sure on that day itself that this is going to happen in a day or two. It has become a tradition. If you are a policemen and have any personal enmity with anyone...kidnap him and hand him over to the Paramiltary forces. Rest everybody knows..this is what actually is happening in Manipur these days. The process is totaly upside down. Does it make sense to hand over the arrested person(even if they are UGs) to paramiltary force by the local police ??? Manipur police is literally terrorising the people. Everyday what we could see is "UG suspect arrested with 9 mm pistol, 3 live rounds, one Chinese made Hand granade...." Sometimes I got confused why Manipur govt is spending money on procuring arms as Manipur police is doing a great job. We are really sick of such news. We the people of Manipur are really stuck. Its like "Kei kiduna Chellaga Shayom Oaknaba". Please grow up Manipur police. I'm sure our CM and the DGP is aware of what actually is happening our state of Manipur or busy enough in some other job(amassing wealth).


Pest management of tea

[ Wed, May 20, 2009 10:58 am ]

I refer to this report - Pest management of tea is entirely possible without subjecting consumers to toxic risks. Violations of MRLs should not reflect adversely on the merits of pesticides. Endosulfan in particular is an invaluable pesticide because there are genotypes of parasites and predators that tolerate it. TOCKLAI and the TRA have been negligent in promoting IPM in tea. They should not treat British consumers as more important than Indians.


Police are left with no options

[ Tue, May 19, 2009 7:15 am ]

I agree that we, human beings, have inherent rights to life. But I,ll say we, Manipuris, are responsible for those misdeeds. The fault is with us. The dreadful virus is already in our circulation. We are corrupt at all levels, we support those bad elements (Blood Suckers) in our soceity for any reason. Unless they are wiped out and we rectify ourself, there will be no any solution for any crime. You know commission, inquiry and reports will be an endless story. Police are left with no options, they have to do that. What we need is to bring a change, "A Complete Change", in our society.

Dr. Sagirahamed

Every religion has merits and demerits

[ Tue, May 19, 2009 5:31 am ]

After going through the piece "Nagaland of my dream", I am compeled to put forth some of my opinion. I appreciate the writer for the topic he has come up with but it seems that the writer lacks some in depth understanding of the subject. I do not think that the Nagas ever had Hindu as their religion. Before the arrival of Christianity they surely must have practiced tribal religions, shamanism. Here the writer is also projecting that one religion is better than the other. He is praising the Hindu religion and denouncing Christianity, which is unexpected from a wise person. Every religion has its own merits and demerits. As an instance Hindus have their unique and exploitative caste system.

I fully agree with the writer that one should know one's own identity and should promote own culture. This revival can be seen in Manipur where most of the younger generations are realizing the need for identity and slowly discarding Hindu religious practices. In fact the arrival of Hindu religion had led to destruction of the social fabric of the society. People were divided and the concept of purity and untouchability also emerged, although lucky enough that it did not fully work.

It will also be wrong to assume everytime that all Christian missionaries are instigating the people and involve in anti-national activities. Many of them have done good work. They have ran schools, hospitals in remote areas where no other such people had done. It would be good for the author to look into other aspects for developing anti-national feelings.

With regard to tourism in the region, it is not because people of NE or Nagaland lack hospitiality that tourist deter to come to NE. There is no positive promotion of the image of NE(loose characters, place of drugs, crimes) in the mainland. Megahalaya, Arunachal, Tripura, Mizoram are not considered and promoted for tourism even if they are peaceful and have lots of potentials for tourist. Something's fishy!!

Somchandra Nahakpam

Parental guidance to students is a must

[ Tue, May 19, 2009 1:16 am ]

This my humble request to all of people from Manipur, please forgive me if my words hurt your feeling. I have been close to many of students from Manipur during my graduation. It was heartening to see that none of parents gave much importance to see whether their son or daughter is fine and studying good. I saw many fighting, drinking and taking durgs. The problem doesnt ends by keeping your beloved one out of Manipur, coz you have set of problems in State but there are many outside of it. I felt very good when some of my Manipuri friends got distinction in studies, Arts and Sports. Well I just want to say that money and freedom without parental guidance can be dangerous.

JK (An Outsider)

Misdeed of police personnel

[ Mon, May 18, 2009 2:30 am ]

We should raise a collective voice against the recent frisking by state women police personnel during combing operation conducted recently at Khwairamband Keithel area. It is really a disgraceful act in front of the Globe. Even though we are proud of having a democratic government, we are upset at the same time owing to atrocities committed by security personnel in the state. I strongly urge that people must check the misdeed of police personnel by standing united before the situation goes out of hands. State DGP must be held responsible for any immoral act committed by police personnel. We need to take necessary action against immoral police personnel not to repeat the same mistake in future and the Commission would make necessary recommendations to the government to ensure such incident do not recur. These police personnel should always remember that "Human being has the inherent right to life. So no person should be deprived of his/her life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law."


Ban on Bandh on media

[ Sat, May 16, 2009 12:20 pm ]

Some time back I read an article by a person who opined that if you really want to solve the problem of bandhs and blockades put a ban on the media for three months or so. I dont know how much practical it is. He futher opined that if there is no media especially the local media people won't come to kow of the bandhs and everything would be normal i.e no obstructions. But it might hold true as calling bandhs and blockades has become a matter of just informing the media. But hold on, let us give it a thought as to why he mentioned Media!!!! Have you ever given a thought on the role of Media on this anti-social bandhs? Not yet! come let us give it now.


Indecent frisking of girls and women

[ Fri, May 15, 2009 11:48 am ]

Hi!! My topic is related with the "Indecent frisking of girls and women" by Manipur police personnels in front of public. I just can't imagine the indecency and immoral act of the involved police personnels. I think they forgot that they are also woman(even though they are in uniform). It seems like they are not trained properly in police training school or not being taught by their respective department heads. If such things can happen in the heart of the Imphal city....can't imagine about the far off places from Imphal. I really appreciate all the womenfolk of Manipur, Local organisations, NGOs, Meirapaibis etc. for strongly and openly condemning this incident. We must continue on with this protest until and unless the culprits are punished. I'm sure Manipur Govt.(CM, Ministers, MLAs, High profile Bureucrats) is aware of all these and still trying to ignore the issue. Is the Govt waiting for another upraising or is it because this incident has not happened to their near and dear ones as they travel in Govt. vehicles with escorts. I think CM and his collegues should minimize their frequent Delhi visits in the name of OFFICIAL MEETINGS and should concentrate on the welfare of the local people. They must not forget that it is because of the people they are in that position. Let general election comes....Mikap Thoklo Manipuri Praja Sa!!!


Meitei Mayek useless inside/outside Manipur

[ Fri, May 15, 2009 4:16 am ]

I am a student from Sekmai. To be very frank, you are loading us with unnecessary stuff so called Meitei mayek in our curriculum, which is not usable either inside Manipur or outside Manipur. Instead of this, add some subjects like Ayurveda which will be helpful in our life.


Bijoy Koijam culture remark wrong

[ Fri, May 15, 2009 1:58 am ]

Bijoy koijam comment on culture has no foundation. Culture is changes chain with continuity. Even a graduate in sociology or social anthropology will know it. Political leaders should not give remark on culture without foundation. Change in culture means death of culture is totally wrong. Please discuse in your public forum. But I appreciated his feeling to preserve our traditional attires, cultural values etc.

Gitchandra Oinam

Chat problem and solution

[ Thu, May 14, 2009 7:23 am ]

I appreciate your website and love it. I can have all news/acitivities about Manipur and it is a real plateform of our Manipuries. But you know, in Chat room, from starting upto the end, I have found all disgusting words/slangs/even dont want to read what they have written on open chat box. I hope some women/girls also do the chating sharing their moments with dear one. We must stop this act and such incident should be forfieted. I hope today is the world of technology and there will be a way to minimize such acts. I am not able to chat more than 10 minutes in epao chat room. Such users are regular users/every time I have logged in, their user names are there...i didnt mention any of users login.

Suggestion: Should ban the user if they did un-socialised act in the chat room. Should find e-pao group how to get rid of this disgusting act. If you have the option on your website to report such user so that your system is able to disconnect immediately for some 1 hrs or upto 3 hrs, it will be very appreciated. This act indicates how our people are civilised. It is ok to say anything on their private chat but NOT in the open chat is UNACCEPTABLE. I hope you will do the needful action about the matter and look forward your reply.


Indecent frisking and immoral Police

[ Thu, May 14, 2009 4:04 am ]

I dont know what kind of language I have to choose - whether soft or hard for convincing or advising the hopeless people who are half human and half animal kind living in Manipur and creating many problems in our society. Human rights violation, hatred amongst all its different communities, high handedness, interference and playing games by alien rule and killing people are the daily routine in the police state of Manipur. I feel extremely shocked to hear the recent news that our future young girls and mother like women were done frisking by immoral uncivilized third class some Manipur Police personnel in uncivilized and unnatural manner in front of general public at the heart of the city. If the news is true, that means the wicked police personnel were not given proper training and proper guideline or given direction to do so intentionally by the educated high profile related elite police. As a Manipuri I personally feel very shameful in this kind of act for them in front of the world. All the civil societies and civilized people should unite and teach a meaningful lesson to the wicked uncivilized people who are whether lawful or unlawful in the eye of Indian law always harmful and create problems in our civilized society.

L. Kangleicha Meitei

All sections are completely relevent!

[ Wed, May 13, 2009 6:56 am ] has been tremendously good jobs. Many many wishes to E-Pao for the future to tackle various works. Nothing lacks in any angle. All the issues in all the sections are completely relevant. I am always eager to open this site before I start work my on computer. Thank you for all these. I wish each and every one of you with great talent and good health. But I heard that power ( electric) supply is very bad. Anyways, no issue. lets hope for the best.

Tonjam Surjit Singh

Incomplete news on Nightingale Awardees

[ Wed, May 13, 2009 5:27 am ]

Your Headline title "State nurse among winners of Florence Nightingale award" Source: Hueiyen News Service - Pheiroijam Rani, a staff nurse at the Gynae ward of the RIMS Hospital was the only nurse from Manipur chosen for the prestigious award. Actually the complete news is as follows.......
Delhi May: S. Nisa(manipur) who receives the National Florence Nightingale award from President Pratibha Patil at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on Tuesday. Nisa is amongst the many awardees from North East Region, same award has been conferred to Thounaojam Chaoba Leima and Pheiroijam Rani Devi from Manipur, Arunjyoti Baruah from Assam, K. Thansiami and Kapzawni from Mizoram, Droila Warbah and Albina Dkhar from Meghalaya and Bani Rani Choudhury and Lalen Kawli from Tripura. I hope you'll release the complete news in future... we also want to see our people's name in E-pao.


Consolidate news from HL & TSE in one heading

[ Wed, May 13, 2009 2:30 am ]

Its been a great honour for Manipuris that you have been providing latest news from Manipur. But in the news section, you have provided same news in different headings, for example in today's (13/05/09) news "Miscreants set ablaze Churches" and "Churches vandalized in series" have the same content. Please consolidate the news in one heading, it feels easy and comfortable for the readers.

Sarungbam Dennis

Wise like a serpent; harmless like a dove

[ Mon, May 11, 2009 10:38 am ]

I appreciate what the Manipuris in South Korea did, inviting friends to voice against martial law in Manipur. The writer has shown a clear picture of Manipur. It reads: "These groups of activists are voicing against the regimental government of India who has been masquerading in the banner of largest democracy in the world. The martial Act (AFSPA) which has been imposing to only certain ethnic race of India i.e. the region of East India on pretext of "disturbed area" and to control insurgents uprising for the last 50 years has not shown any improvement of the region rather deteriorates abyssmally and spawning of various arms groups. While the "disturbed area" can also be called in naxalite area which is spreading across 13 states, to be mentioned even our Prime Minister said "it is the single biggest internal security challenge" in 2004, but there is no AFSPA been imposed so far and we are not calling for it but abolish from democracy India."
Here, though what has been stated above is true I regret to say that the people of Manipur are naive enough to make an excuse for the government. If the Manipuris know that there is a racial discrimination by the government, then they must remain wise like a serpent and remain harmless like a dove. The path of insurgency only helps the government to justify their actions. In the case of corruption in the police institution and corruption in the entire State government machinery, it is the fault of the local people. Manipuri mindset needs to be changed. Until and unless we are ready to change our mindset there is no future for Manipur. Media should also start writing about the good side of things. Dont fill the minds of the people with only bad things. Start writing about what good the State government did for its State. Start writing about individuals who has done good thing for the people. Start writing about projects undertaken by the State government. Start filling the minds of the people with good thoughts by writing the good side of things too.

Jordan - Dwarka, New Delhi

Security is infringing on our Rights

[ Mon, May 11, 2009 6:54 am ]

I was reading "Raj Bhavan neighbourhood face 'shut-out'. And I found the sentences 1. Re-building work of the burnt down Library has also been suspended under the same security enhancement initiative. 2. Sometime back, all shops located to the western side of Governor Road were forced to close at 4 pm. When I read it, the first thing that came into my mind was why are they suspending the re-building of the library. I dont think that attack on Raj Bhavan is not enough reason for suspending it. The reasons are 1. We cannot tolerate anymore what they are doing in the name of security. And we know they do all kind of things in the name of security. 2. The well being of the common people should be more valued than some bureaucrats. They are there for us and not us for them, Though we should be responsible citizen. 3. We can say Raj Bhavan is situated in the Bazaar itself and shutting of shops at 4 pm affects the livelihood of many people. There are many office goers and they would visit the shops at around 4 pm only. 4. We should think the enactment of all the above act as infringement to our rights because this is a free country and we should live free without fear from undergrounds and police alike.
PS: I fear both undergrounds and security people BUT I fear the so call security people more than I fear undergrounds. The reason is simple: They are kind of protected by law and whatever bad news we hear are mostly due to them (killing ,abduction etc...)


E-pao news more of an Opinion board

[ Sun, May 10, 2009 11:08 am ]

I don't know why I feel the news section in e-pao is more of a notice board than a news website or in other words an opinion board.


Calling for Manipur cinema suggestion!

[ Sun, May 10, 2009 12:05 am ]

I am planning to produce a film in Manipur. I have gathered with one of the best camera in town, tied up with a recording studio and of course a video editing gadgets. As part of e-pao scraper, I would welcome from any or everyone of you to suggest on the way you would like a Manipuri cinema from your lens.

brandomeijao - brandomeijao(at)yahoo(dot)com

Highlight more education in Hotspot

[ Sat, May 09, 2009 9:44 pm ]

I will like to know whether you have data base where all the news which you have published is stored. If yes how can I access those news. If not I think it will be good if you can provide the service. Secondly give a highlight for new information in your channels list especially education so that student can access it for their need information. Many a time the Hostspots information hide out the need in time as it is update every day. It think It will be more informative if you grade the more important informatin in Red colour to attract students. Let e-pao give importance to the guidance of students to build up their career which might increase the use other then social contact most of the youth visit e-pao for chat rather than for their education. I fill that e-pao could be an approach to build career for students.


Need space to nurture 'our way of life'

[ Sat, May 09, 2009 11:44 am ]

Hi Onil,
Your views and concern about the present state of affairs in Manipur are appreciable. We need collective introspection. I find Manipur a land full of oppurtunities. But we original people of this land are bit confused and are seemingly not so confident of our potentials. We need to identify ourselves. We need to understand our strengths and weaknesses. We can comfortably say that we are capable, adaptable and to some extent hard working also. But we are in a socio-politico quagmire (for our information - Manipur is too Indian:too fragmented and too angry!!!) We may be politically Indians but our traits are not the same. We need space to nurture 'our way of life'. But unfortunately we are yet to create that space. I am pragmatic that with people like you around we can start hoping for the best. Kindly keep in touch.

Saroj Konsam

Dont publish just for entertainment sake

[ Sat, May 09, 2009 10:09 am ]

This article is an unnecessary addition. Its nothing sort of a humour or information. It will be good if e pao dont publish things just for the sake of entertainment.


Correction required for academic achievement

[ Fri, May 08, 2009 3:18 am ]

There is a discrepancy in the news article posted on the website which I saw in your news section archive dated 7th May, 2009. I would be glad if you kindly do the requisite correction or remove the news item from your archives. The information regarding academic achievement in class XII is incorrect. Please correct it to a first division and not third in delhi region. I would be really glad if you make the necessary changes. Thank you so much.


Urge: We Yell at everyone!!

[ Thu, May 07, 2009 11:33 pm ]

Hey Mr. Urge,
I think you are saying you are working in non-manipuri environment outside manipur. I tell you one thing, that kinda situation is nothing to be concerned about. I know you must have the feeling of kicking his/her a** but you are bound not to just because you are an employee and I think you are in a private office. See... if you are happy with your salary and satisfied with your work then chill out. Who the f#$% they are to yell at you. We yell at Bin Laden.. we yell at all the leaders of India, we even yell at GOD....... Do I need to tell you more... if you think you need more counselling please feel free to write me back I will be happy to help you.


More news update please..

[ Thu, May 07, 2009 1:41 am ]

ekai khumnabada matik charaba web page asigi owner oibiriba , adomgi maphamda karigumba wahei kharadang thamjakhibani madudi e-pao asiida haplakli paosing si yaragadi kharaga thuna update toubi rak u, mapalda leiba eikhoidi ema leibaki paose taningee adubu asiwaigi news channelsing asida kaya thawai yaona happidabana awaba ama mayoknare, awaba asibu kokhanbinaba haijari.

Budhahemam - New Delhi

4 + 1 succeed in Civil Services Exam

[ Wed, May 06, 2009 12:18 pm ]

One more - Mr. Hauthang Kilong from Tuiboung, Churachandpur Manipur. His rank is 780. At present he on training at Nagpur ( got IRS, Inocme Tax last year).


Police should lead by example

[ Mon, May 04, 2009 10:32 am ]

In fact its a really good news for all the two-wheeler riders and pillion riders that wearing helmet is mendatory. I totally agree with Mr. Brano Meijao. Law enforcement agencies(so called Manipur Police Commando) should follow this first and their seniors should strictly monitor over them. Prove it first and people will follow you. Law is for all, there is no exception for Manipur Police Commando. I'm sure the concerned Law enforcement officers will lead a new example...

Sivananda Ayekpam

Not sorry with MakemyTrip

[ Mon, May 04, 2009 6:47 am ]

Dear Gushein,
Yes it is very unfortunate that makemytrip website does not have Manipur as a state. When the majority of the Indians dont know where Manipur is or whether Manipur exists anywhere, makemytrip ommiting Mnaipur as a state is not a big deal. It is quiet common. I am not sorry and I will not complain. But what I dont understand is that are you sorry because Manipur is not listed as a State or are you sorry at their ( ignorance? When you have answer to this, I am sure you will not be sorry anymore. And one more thing, why do you have to book your tickets through or or any other agents. If you can have access to these sites then I am sure you can have access to the original company websites as well such as for indigo, for jet lite and so on. When you book tickets through these original company websites you will get it at a cheaper rate than what the agents (makemytrip, yatra, etc) has to offer. But one may be required to have a credit card or a debit card with internet banking facility. Thats is one draw back. Thats why I always use my friends credit card and repay him.


Local clubs have no civic sense

[ Sun, May 03, 2009 7:42 pm ]

Clean Imphal city, how to achieve this goal? To clean the city everyday... to organise an association who can take care of this... whatever the steps taken till now it will not last long? Why? Clean a place....the next moment the same will be there. Why, again?? The people they don't have a good knowledge of civic sense. They know how to protest, bandh etc.. but they never know their duty. We don't know lot of money to spend uselessly on this matter, if this local clubs and organisation take a brief account of this matter. Organisations and clubs know how to criticise but they don't know why they are set up. If these organisations teach people the value of civic sense we can hope that Imphal will be like Switzerland. We make this city like a chit. Indians, British, they are not guilty, we are guilty. Accept this and lets try Manipur will be one of the paradise on its a hell.


Helmet safety and SF

[ Sun, May 03, 2009 7:38 am ]

Good News!! Safety for the public has been provoked from the mind of long time transport officers or traffic officers. Although it is mandatory many years back in others states. Infact this rule has been enforced in Manipur before but the central forces i.e. army forcibly unjustified the rule for their safety. But the point here for the head gear mandate is to minimise killed in road accidents. I always happen to see those Police and Army driving against one way. And all those so called reckless drivings are done by the khakhi uniformed personnels. Oh my God, I love Manipur.


Insurgents group credibility??

[ Sat, May 02, 2009 9:17 am ]

This is related to "RPF calls for united struggle". I just wanted to ask to all the leaders of insurgents groups who are operating in Manipur that what is their credibility?? Why they ask ransom?? If they are really interested in peoples welfare then why threatening people if they fail to pay ransom?? Do they think people are really happy and are ready to help them?? They should go door to door and ask if people are with them or not.


E-pao team have done homework

[ Thu, Apr 30, 2009 2:36 pm ]

Dear Mr. Bishambhor, Let me remind you that is not a gaming portal but a news Portal where daily news update is the main subject. So far, E-pao team have done a fantastic job. The site is light in weight (fast to load; one of the main reasons of avoiding graphics), structurally near perfect and runs perfectly on almost all the browsers. Visit any news portal- The Hindu, The Times of India...they do not even bother about the look and feel of their sites. Let us not expect everything from E-Pao. It does not need to be very interactive to attract people. I strongly believe that the E-pao team have done enough homework before coming up with the new design. There are rooms for further improvement but let us not be very critical about everything.


Great History article from Gangmumei & Ranjit

[ Thu, Apr 30, 2009 7:24 am ]

Recently I have read the historic articles written by two great Manipur personalities namely Prof. Gangmumei Kamei and Lt. Col(Rtd) M. Ranjit. Salute to you, Sir ! You have done great things with very facts & dates, in educating the young generations of Manipur about their modern history. Before, I never knew our treasure of history in such details. People like me would very grateful to you both. Such punching & impactive write-ups are indeed necessary to make our State rich & better in many ways. Our humble request to you, sire..! Please keep writing such informative & patriotic lines for us (young generation), for Manipur, motivating young people for better future.


No Manipur in MakeMyTrip

[ Thu, Apr 30, 2009 3:38 am ]

Greetings & Best wishes for the wonderful service being provided. I would like to bring it to your kind notice that the famous MakeMy Trip website does not list "Manipur" as one of the states/UT of India in the mandatory field "Province/State/Region" ( > > > 4.TRAVELERS). Therefore, anybody who furnish contact address as Manipur face problem booking online ticket from the MakeMy Trip website (as the informations are sent for varification). I've contacted the Customer Care but the problem still exist... Hope, somebody would take up the matter more seriously and We, Manipuris, too could enjoy the online Ticketing facility as everyone else do!


Great News - Night landing in Manipur

[ Wed, Apr 29, 2009 11:54 pm ]

wow.. Manipur soon will have the night landing facility. And indeed Manipur is in the utmost way to development and our Ministers are working hard to meet the latest facilities available in Manipur with time. Take an example of BSNL: it is providing Broadband to our mobile users and we can chat live on mobiles. isn't it a great News? I love this land..


Urge: look for other opportunities

[ Wed, Apr 29, 2009 8:11 pm ]

Just now, I came across ur scrap/opinion-seeking feedback for an unfortunate and unconfortable situation. Bro/sis, You got a real situation out there. First of all, only U know, why do u/the person want to hang on in such a situation?? There are ample oppurtunities, and I am sure u can find one, where u will fit-in. Better work where u get respect even if u get a lesser pay. Dont put ur self respect in question for anything bro. Be a man, go get out!! look for other opportunities. I believe, u didn't go to school/college to become/work in that kinda atmosphere. Don't get me wrong but that act is called slavery and that has been abolished. Wake up!!!!!..


e-pao is not interactive, not fresh - dull & lazy

[ Wed, Apr 29, 2009 7:07 am ]

My name is Bishambhor presently working as a Game Tester of a gaming company in Hyderabad. I have been in this testing field for around 4 years. Our company does the website testing as well. I just want to say so something about our Manipur website I think the website developer can work some more on it. This site doesn't look that much interactive to the user and also the site itself doesn't look so fresh. Its looks so dull and lazy. Refer to this site. ---It is alpha stage site. and one more another site ---- this site looks so professional. Just don mind.. Its just a feedback. Keep in touch.. I hope I can help you out in giving some points for improvement.


ishwarna thoujanbiba oisnu

[ Wed, Apr 29, 2009 11:40 am ]

ei Manipur macha ama oijrbsu Manipurda leitba yamna kuire adu oiba tarbsu matam pumnamakta eidi Manipur e-paoga loinadunata lei maramaduna adombu matam pumnamakta ishwarna thoujanbiba oisnu and lastly thank you so much.

Pari Laishram

Article taken from NABARD

[ Wed, Apr 29, 2009 5:27 am ]

The article on "Ornamental Fish Culture Project - How And Where?" by Ingochouba Lukram is very informative. The only problem is, it's directly copied from the NABARD website and the so called "Author" fails to acknowledge the source.


Re:Urge - Talk to Boss

[ Thu, Apr 23, 2009 4:40 am ]

Dear Urge,
I really sympathise with what you are going through. But what one must remember is that we are away from home having travelled more than 2000-3000 km not to serve any employer or a company but to earn, to make a living and during our stay do good for the company or the employer. That is the basic idea. However high the package/salary may be, but at the end of the day it is the job satisfaction that really matters. And I see that you dont have job satisfaction. Dear friend I am sure no body has put a gun on your head and told you to work for this guy. Its a free world, it is your life. You have the right to choose where to work and for whom. But if you see opportunities working for this guy, then you have to believe in the old saying "No pain no gain". From your writing I am assuming that you work in an unorganised sector. This is the case with most unorganised sector. What I would suggest is that you talk to your boss. Tell him you work for him and not for his family members. Tell him to differentiate between professional and personal life. Tell him not to let his family members interfere in the company matters. But all this suggestions, I am not sure how would it help you or help your boss understand it. It may also be possible that you are over reacting to the situation. We Manipuris are not used to getting scolding from others or scold anyone unlike what happens in the mainland India. When you do, we get aggitated. If such is the case, then learn to cop with the situation. It is up to you. The ball is in your court. All the best! And one more thing I would like to bring it to the notice of all Manipuri fellows working outside Manipur. For the same job profile/post, in most cases I have seen that the mainland indians are paid more. What could be the reason for this. Is it because we dont have the negotiation capabilities or we are content with what meagre salary we get. We sure dont complain. I would like to conclude my suggestion with one of the quote by Bill Gates , "Life is not fair, get used to it". A little modification to the quote, "This world is too cruel, get used to it".


The potential of Manipur's Tourism

[ Wed, Apr 22, 2009 3:00 am ]

Our state is not lacking behind if talked about all those places of attractions and areas of tourism interest. Still we are failing to exploit them in a useful way. We have such impeccable flora and fauna still we do fail to utilize them into a much better way for benefit of the state's economy, in the interest of the tourists and also to the local hosts. We don't know how to interact with our guests as we are not much aquainted with foreign tourists and we tend to cheat and disturb their tour right away. The complex formalities to enter our state when visited by a foreign tourist too effects the tourism in our state. Terrorism is also one of the main barrier stopping the tourism inflow in our state. It is well said by Ratan Thiyam that tourism is the only means to improve the condition of the state. When spoken about Thailand tourism which is one of the leading tourist destination in South East Asia, there are are a series of Theatre shows that entertaines a tourist; similarly we too can. Also it is well said by the Counsellor of the Thai Embassy that tourism can generate income largely if it is implemented as a major policy. Tourism is a service industry and not product based and therefore it is mandatory that the better the quality we provide to our guests the better will be for the state. But all these can come into effect if the Government concerned takes some good responsibility and the people of the state starts to co-operate.

Yelis Yengkhom - Chingmeirong east (Tourism Student)

Help solicited on office abuse

[ Tue, Apr 21, 2009 4:11 am ]

A question to every Meitei and Manipuri. I am in a situation which need support and suggestion. Imagine you are working for a very high profile politician who can become the Prime Minister in Delhi. Before you join 3 employees has already left the office nobody knows why.
1)In your office time you are working in your computer and suddenly a ring was given by a member of your boss family and ask you who gave a call ? You say I don't know, may be the operator must have given that call and that person started shouting at you and started saying you are donkey and don't know why you people are sitting in the office.
2) Your duty was, say, from 3 pm till 10 pm but you receive a call and told to immediately come to office at 9.30 am . You reached there and U r call inside the boss residence by a family member and started scolding why didn't u come in the office . U reply the fact that ur duty is for 3 pm to 10 pm but still blame u for not coming to office.
3) and many type of similar situation comes in daily basis still, u continue to work for your boss but never got the chance to speak out as its related to his family and their attitude.
4) Again one day in a morning in ur office u receive a call again from ur boss family member and says who is there with u in the office and started saying I don't want to talk to u give to other person who is in the office.
5) U are kept in such an environment that U can't reply to what they say to u . They are always right and provoke u to commit mistake and scold u repeatedly.

How will a Meitei or Manipuri will react to this situation??

Urge - reply back to this urgegroup(at)yahoo(dot)com

Heinous crime of rape of 6 year Old

[ Sun, Apr 19, 2009 6:46 pm ]

This is in regards to the recent merciless raping and killing of an innocent 6 year old girl child. This incident is here to stay with me for years to come and to all the people who stay outside that how we are being perceived by the people here . Deep condolences to Gaipuilui Gangmei and her family members. At this moment I am jolted, frustrated, impatient, horrified thinking how can a child who have just opened her eyes be a victim of such heinous and heartless act of human shame. A special request to e-pao team to highlight this news to one of your specified spaces so that all the students and families living outside come to know of it and it is high time for all of us to realize that no one is going to come in for to help us in the time of need, it is just we who have to be prepared with to face any of the circumstances . It is us who really need an introspection of ourself whether it is time to really give time to communal fights, hatred, clash of egos or come together and fight for common cause.


Confused about Manipur History

[ Fri, Apr 17, 2009 12:00 pm ]

I m quite confused. Can you please give some evidences in any form of whatever historical facts like year of ascending of Pakhangba to the throne. And the geneology of 7 salais. Because by the article "Manipur and The Mainstream" by N. Tombi Singh, Published in 1975 , it was in 33 AD. Whatever facts you have written please give some references. Some unchecked lines could be misleading for the learners. I m very much interested in my Manipur history. But dont know whom to believe.


History of Mohammedans in Manipur

[ Thu, Apr 16, 2009 12:57 am ]

The article by Warner Keisham on Manipuri Culture and religion is indeed an eye opener. I was born and brought up in Manipur but was never aware of that the Mohammedans were brought to Manipur as slaves. Warner Keisham sounds like an expert with history of Manipur but I doubt his knowledge with regard to Hinduism in Manipur. During our school days we have read of Lord Shiva drilling a mighty mountain with his Trishul and drain out water only to find a beautiful velley surrounded by hills. He called it Manipur. Going by this history Meiteis were originally Hindus. History is equally blank on ancient religion or Sanamahism.

S Haidar

Knowledgeable article on Culture

[ Tue, Apr 14, 2009 10:51 pm ]

I have gone through your article ...and all I can say is that this article is really knowledgeable and a very good resource for those people like me ...who has been studying outside Manipur... since childhood...I really appreciate your work...please...keep on writing ...god bless you


A close look on territorial integrity

[ Tue, Apr 14, 2009 11:04 am ]

I will like to take a closer look on the territorial integrity. First I will begin by asking what do Territorial integrity means to us? Why not give it to them??? How will it affect us??? How many of us have not discriminated against tribal just because they are tribal. And how many of us has perceived them as our own brethren??? If we cannot perceived them as our own brethren except at times like June uprising, what is the use of demanding territorial integrity when we dont have that feeling of brotherhood. We need a more open minded approach. I mean not only the meiteis but everybody. My home village is a 3 hour walk from Saikul and they dont have the luxury of electricity some 5 years ago. Now they have but you can see the filament of the there is no point whether they have or not. The basic amenities is also lacking. I am talking about just some 3 hours walk from Saikul...imagine what it might be in more far flung places. So What is the use of this territorial integrity to is meaningless to them. And we cannot undo the many years of injustice to them. So why not give them. Why are we keeping them when we have just a vague knowledge of them being a Manipuri and not worrying about their existence. First let us learn to love them. And a word to all those demanding territorial integrity: by all means demand territorial integrity if you are willing to love them and not ignore them like we have done for so many years.
PS: I was an active protester during June uprising and am a meitei,so dont think otherwise.


Celebration of 2 Cheiraobas

[ Tue, Apr 14, 2009 2:50 am ]

Some media, Intellectual and Social Organisations are working hard to do away celebration of two Cheiraobas. Towards that direction, even the word Cheiraoba is not mentioned in most of the Calendar on this day 14-Apr-09. Suggest our publication festival, cultural etc should also be in line with the present development in Manipur not the one years ago. Our responsibility should not be limited to celebration and transportation of news but exercising censorship in publications and a kind of guiding forces.


Mis-alignment in Chakhum

[ Tue, Apr 14, 2009 2:50 am ]

I would like to suggest about some adjustment in the "Chakhum" site..!!! There is a problem in alignment.. please make-up it..!!!

Lucky Thoudam

Disappointed with Waikhom Damodar

[ Mon, Apr 13, 2009 4:59 am ]

I read the article by Sir Waikhom Damodar Singh and was impressed by the hard work done by him. But I am disappointed to say that it was more like story telling without any proof and evidence or any reference to others books. So It puts me in a difficult position how much to make out of the essay by our esteemed sir.


Lamlalmoi Gangte is making sense

[ Sun, Apr 12, 2009 1:22 am ]

Lamlalmoi Gangte, a candidate for Outer Manipur Parliamentary Seats, is making sense in saying building the Manipur with the youths as it's foundation. Seriously, what Manipur need is not only the removal of AFSPA, It is the spirit of the youth that is needed. Every youth is afraid of taking "the" step in making a change in our society. We (youth) are force into a stupid mentality of fear by the undergrounds and police commandos. We are so afraid of going out even to near places like Singda Dam for picnic...why??? Just because we dont know what will happen if we step out of our house. We are always thinking we will meet some unknown person maybe police or underground in disguised and beat us up,take our vehicles etc. And the structuring of Manipur society is not just oriented for youth. Yes,there are local clubs but what we need is a mobilization of societies like Red Cross Society in every locality so that youth can get a broader vision of life, knows the right that people should have instead of just doing what we have to do and living out the pathetic life. It's time to make the youth a power to be reckon with and do away with the useless things of all and I mean the old uncompetent candidates also, who does not have any vision of a better society and just living there old pathetic political life. And I hope my letter get published.


guitar chord khara fang hanning e

[ Sun, Apr 12, 2009 1:03 am ]

Manipurgi site ama oina, manipuri eseisingi guitar chord khara fang hanning e. Adu oiragadi guitarbu pamjaba maru oina nahasingda yamna pamnaba site,henna mapung phaba site ama oigani haina thajajai. Henna mapung phaba site ama oiba oirasanu.

Boy Mangang

Endorse Mani Charenamei

[ Thu, Apr 09, 2009 11:03 am ]

Zeliangrong Naga Community in and around Delhi wishes Mani Charenamei the best onwards to the 15th Parliamentary Elections: Over the five years, Honourable MP Mani Charenamei has been a constant backbone for the indigenous people like the Nagas, Mizo-Kuki-Chin etc. in and around Delhi. In particular, he has always been with and worked for the welfare and interest of the Zeliangrong Naga community as a whole irrespective of the time. We are thankful and grateful to him. The concern members of the Zeliangrong Naga community in and around Delhi strongly endorse and fully support People's Democratic Alliance (PDA) candidate, Mani Charenamei in the coming 15th Indian Parliamentary Elections. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


more excellent articles...

[ Thu, Apr 09, 2009 2:50 am ]

Excellent article! Million thanks to the author for its simple content yet very insightful message to be aware of the right. Zillion thanks to the e-pao team for publishing the same. May God bless all of you! And this article is really good and bring some insights to those who are less concerned with law policies and practices. Thanks a lot to the author and the e-pao team for publishing this.

Bantee Konthoujam

Greatest and most detailed article ever read

[ Wed, Apr 08, 2009 3:57 am ]

Million thanks to the author and the e-pao team for publisihing this article. Its really one of the greatest and most detailed article ever read in my life. Badly wanted to know the real history of Manipur in one piece like this. One request is, please enable us to read the part 6 of this article. Currently we are not able to open it. Another request, please give more general information about the author like his email id, current profession, etc. Thank you all very much. May God bless you all.

Bantee Konthoujam

Communal harmony of dearly Beloved Manipur

[ Mon, Apr 06, 2009 3:54 am ]

Its been for centuries that, the communal harmony of the dearly Beloved Manipur is been upholding. However, with deep regrets in our hearts and minds, the liberty of a respective individual and the precious life is being forcefully taken away . Let's all join hands for a further civilised society in Manipur- The Bejewelled Land.

Asen Newmai - Delhi

Downloadable Old songs

[ Sun, Apr 05, 2009 1:39 am ]

This is a great pleasure to find such a website from Manipur . Yet I still love to have more of old songs as a bank from where individual can down load and keep as collections. In fact I want to have full collection of all the songs recorded so far in the last 30 to 35 years. And a group of collections related to rituals, Pala etc as well. I sincerely request your honest help in this regard, and will be great relief if you can kindly advise me in any way/every way possible for this small steps of mine.

T. Ingraji Singh - Mumbai

Great article on part time teachers

[ Sat, Apr 04, 2009 11:36 am ]

Thank you .. Oinam Anand. It a great article. As a part time lecturer I can not see any body saying any thing about the problem of part time teachers.You only catch our heart. Dear friend We really love you.


Block bad chatters

[ Sat, Apr 04, 2009 11:36 am ]

As a manipuri, I love this site very very much.. and I like it.. nowadays everyone is gonna mad, and you can see that in your chatting area... everyone is using so much slang and porn language.. I really hate it.. Why they can't make it a nice place. I have a question is these area a porn free area or what... You have to block those users account who uses slang language, and let their IP address should be block in chatting area...

Guneshwor Thouna

A blog on Dr. Nara

[ Sat, Apr 04, 2009 1:38 am ]

It has been the case that young educated people who are eligible for voting are less aware of our respected Dr. M. Nara Singh & what he has done so far. So, a web page (rather blog ) has opened just to make people familiar of the works/services which clearly reflects his broad ideas on various social & political issues, love for peace & progress of society and his efforts to make the world recognize about Manipur culture. So far, he is also the first one to have opened a web page among the Manipur's politicians. Like before, this time also he is contesting for the people in the coming 15th Lok Sabha Election from Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency.

Already we are very well aware of the fact that there is a need for a right representative for us(Manipur) who can complain properly to the parliament/authority. As a matter of fact, Dr. Nara Singh represented Manipur(India) many times in various national(international) events and he will continue representing our state(nation). A detail account of him and his experiences/contributions can be accessed in his blog. Without having any doubt, I sincerely believe that he is/will be our strong representative who will shout for us in the parliament without a shaken voice. Unfortunately, such an experienced and responsible person could not get a chance to represent Manipur by a few number of votes in the last inner Lok Sabha election. Therefore, I am requesting you to spare a small amount of your precious time to go through the facts which is laid in Dr. M. Nara\'s blog to have a fare comparison with other candidates contesting for the same election. Yes, we stand for liberty of thoughts and actions so, everybody has his/her own right to decide, but I truly believe that if we want to see a real change then he is the right candidate. Finally, I hope that you will support Dr. Nara and help people of Manipur and e-pao users take the right decision.


Meitei Mayek Tamba

[ Thu, Apr 02, 2009 7:34 am ]

e-pao da meetei/ meitei mayek ki e-learning page happasi yam nungai amasung yamna pukning thougatningai oi. Meeram da lakpada meetei mayek ki lairik amatta yaoraktre haina pukning nungnangna leirambadu pumnamak e-pao na kokhalle. adubu karigumba haijaningba amana- e-lairik asida "bus" ta "bas" haina amasung "Unsa" khak hairaga yabada "Uoonsa" haina thengnei masi Khajiktang chumthokpiba yaroidra?


Commercial Sex Workers and Manipur

[ Tue, Mar 24, 2009 9:14 am ]

It's my heart felt salute to our police Chief for apologize to the commercial sex workers for the misdeed by his boys in the recent pass. I often cross the Kekru Pat Road from Minuthong on the way to Imphal town. Almost all the time I have got a very painful eye to see some policemen with there latest weapon sniping around the red light area of North AOC. I wish if that much of inquisitive is carried out to maintain law and order I am sure we can sleep well in the night. Few months back I was reading in the paper, that police are forcing to the commercial sex worker to perform French kiss. As a doctor I do understand all the risk and possible consequences of unprotected sex and all the sexually transmitted diseases. But unfortunately this profession is as such, "One of the oldest professions of human civilization". I traveled half the world forgetting about Kekru Pat area, one can imagine the most conservative place like Rome where Pope openly preaching against the Condom. Unfortunately there is a place called Christopher Columbus Road where all the call girl is roaming around almost necked, In Holland where heroin can be injected openly with a payment with non sharing syringe and commercial sex is working openly in a very unthinkable way. If you enter to a phone boot in London all the wall is covered with call girls photo and there telephone numbers. Perhaps some our intellectual friends must be knowing the meaning of French Lieutenant, Paris was the capital city of the world for commercial sex workers. The infamous Chiangmai of Thailand from where HIV and AIDS were transported to our KANGLEIPAK and many of our leaders (MANUNG SARKAR) are resided there. You may be shock to know that at least forty percents of German men have got girl friends in Thailand. The reason why I am writing this unconventional article is how disparate are we? I am sure nobody in this world like to join this work force. Perhaps this profession may be there last option. One can see so many desperate people in our society, carrying gun by a young woman with her new born child, selling elicit liquor and many small hotels at the outskirt of Imphal area with specific purposes. Lastly my request to our civil societies groups and law enforcing personals is that kindly treat them humanely, after all they are human beings and our sisters. If possible let us rescue them from this chain reaction. I know it's easy to say but difficult to perform. But my basic surgical teaching remained me if you cant help don't try to injure them.

Dr Nabakanta Sharma - JN Hospital

More columns on competitive exams

[ Mon, Mar 23, 2009 3:03 pm ]

I have been a regular reader of your esteem website. I personally feel that you guys are doing a good job by way of bringing new news to un-informed readers in a fair and without favour. We really appreciate your service for the people of Manipur. I hope that your papers will be placed highly in the lexicon of journalism. Nevertheless, I ponder over sometimes that the coverage of the news be widen to accommodate the vast/unsearchable knowledge/informations. I am of the view that it will be of emmense help if and when your paper have special column particularly for various competitive exams goers. I, finally but the most important, hope that you will not fail us in fulfilling readers aspiration.

alwayslemmi - New Delhi

AMSU-DESAM for quality education in Manipur

[ Mon, Mar 23, 2009 10:23 am ]

AMSU-DESAM are trying to bring quality education in Manipur. As a part of that drive they are suggesting cancellation of private examination centres which includes the Komlathabi High School of Chandel district. The NSUC terms the move of AMSU-DESAM as intrusion into others' jurisdiction in the name of quality education. NSUC should know that AMSU-DESAM is working for the welfare of students of entire Manipur, and Chandel is one of the nine districts of Manipur. That means its jurisdiction is not just confined to Valley but it includes Hills also. Manipur is a combination of both hills and valley. I am not a member or sympathizer of AMSU-DESAM or any NGO of Manipur. This is my personal opinion. In a civilized society, any organization should consider public opinion. And I am just one of the public. If NSUC is working for the welfare of entire Manipur (and I hope it is doing so) it is very good. If it is working for the welfare of Nagas only I have no objection because nagas are also citizens of Manipur. I honestly want all citizens of Manipur to excel in whatever they do. AMSU-DESAM is alleging that unfair means is quite prevalent in certain institutions/centres and NSUC is refuting that allegation, it means there is need for investigation. There is one solution for this: Some educated volunteers of AMSU-DESAM should keep strict vigil in those alleged centres and some educated volunteers of NSUC keep vigil in centres of valley. They should avoid confrontation. There is a bad tradition in Manipur of pulling legs if someone is trying to do good things. One should encourage each other and not discourage. One should try to give constructive criticism instead of destructive criticism, which is unfortunately quite common in my motherland. Constructive criticisms and opinions are welcomed.


Message to youngster

[ Tue, Mar 10, 2009 6:08 pm ]

The one who sacrifice for a country is not a sacrifice it is a privilege. People of Manipur are talented having their own distinctive skill in each and every field but due to the lack of exposure the thing are utilizing in different forms. This is not my actual point that I want to come up with the wake up call to youngster. "it is never the activity of rascals that destroys a society, but always the inactivity of the good people". The youth who are the future of our state make devoted their own career by misusing drugs, alcohols, tobacco, how broaden they do exploit painkillers, cough syrup as drug even dendrite/fluid which is used for paste shoes/for cover up pens wrong marks. Even they don't leave markers. How pathetic? The ill effects to the society: (1) The basic thing is they are wasting both time and money. They can do whatever for the drugs robber, dacoit, and gamble or extend to kill people for sum of money. (2) Killed of education: if the youngsters who are the future of country spend their precious time in drug abuse then there is no over all developed in education as we know that we are far lack behind in education strategies. Resolution of the scenario (1) Instead of wasting leisure time make it pleasurable moment involving with participants in sports, painting, music and parts time jobs or vocational training. 2) Make your weakness as your strength this are for those people who are habited life with drug and difficult to give it up. In this moment I will comment there are no such things which can\'t be done. First you will face many difficulties once it comes on track your both guts and will power will help you to solve it. *the current problems face by the family of Manipur are couple who are married with early 20 without any income source due to this brawl between couple husband assault their wife by beating, abusing in bad ways and the worse is if the husband is drunken habitual make it devils whether he is income person or not. It really destroys the love relationship with not only spouse but with the neighbor and society also. So, ultimately pursuance comes do the task as follows: Attitude | Ambition | Action as **Do the right thing for the right reason **Introduce new vitality into your corporate culture- build trust and loyalty **Help others to take on more responsibility **Mutual respect to enhance teamwork **Control things instead of letting them control you **Become more effective immediately

Yumnam Lenin

25th Years of AMPTA

[ Sat, Mar 07, 2009 9:48 am ]

All Manipur Printing Technologists Association (AMPTA) Imphal a non-profitable organisation estd. in the year 1984 at Nongmeibung by a group of technologists serving for the wellfare of its members and keeping technology upgradation in Printing and its allied trades is celebrating 25th years (SJY)in 2009 march onwards by conducting seminars on pre-press, press and post-press


Reg Salary :To the CM of Manipur

[ Mon, Mar 30, 2009 4:13 am ]

With due respect, I am here to state I am a manipuri and I m pursing my LLB law course in Banglore. Sir this is to inform you that my parents are govt employes and our educational fees are totaly relying upon their salaries. There had been delaying in payment of salaries by your government which directly effects to their children studying outside of their state. Quite often I personally as a student had been facing this situation of not being able to pay the hostel monthly fees as well as my other academic related issues on time due to the above mentiond reasons. And this is not an individual problem. This problem is being faced by all my manipuri fellowmates. Being a member of ur state I have seen the problems faced by them due to unpuncutuality of salaries by ur govt. I would like to inform u that your govt employees have done a wonderful job of our state and its ur trun now to do the same to ur citizen. Hope you understand the problems being faced by all the Manipuri student who is away from Mother state. Sir I as a responsible citizen of ur state would humbly like to appeal that this issue may take up for an immediate action and for which act of kindness i shall be ever remain faithful to your authority.

Dimple Gurumayum - Bangalore

Not a public forum

[ Sun, Mar 29, 2009 4:25 pm ]

The very fact that there is a scrutiny system for posting email in readers forum indicates that, its not a public forum and this site is not for all. In short this is a site for some guys and their fav people who need to show off some skills in what!!!! some html scripts!!!!! paradox of the situation is that i am still typing these.


Manipuri spelling errors

[ Sat, Mar 28, 2009 9:59 am ]

I am not surprised to see "Cheirouba" instead of "Cheiraoba" in some of the pages of this web-portal. People seem to have forgotten to spell it correctly. Cheiraoba comes from "Chei"+"Laoba" (Announcing "loudly" the start of a new year by holding a tall stick/bamboo) and not "Chei"+"Louba"(Burning/roasting of the stick). It gives a whole different meaning. AO (as in RAO) and OU (as in TILHOU) pronounces differently. Similar mistake can be seen using by the younger generation in many of words they use such as, Chaoba (big)/ Chouba(used in YA CHOUBA, KHUJIN CHOUBA), Ngaoba(mad/insane)/ Ngouba(white/frying), Shaoba(getting angry)/ Shouba(boiling). Even "LAI KHOIRAMABA" is a common mistake people frequently used. It should be LAI KHURUMBA/KHURAMBA (comes from Khuru Khuduk Kunduna Nonjaba/nollukpa). The name of the place using here is not "Mundrum" but "Mondum". "Mondum Mahadeva" is a holy shrine of Lord Shiva at Tokpaching, Thoubal District.


Photos need more details

[ Thu, Mar 26, 2009 5:32 am ]

First of all we are proud and very much appreciate with your work. But something is not so perfect to me whenever I watch your Foto Gallery. Under one heading there is 20 - 30 foto and below the foto you give the same tag for all the foto. If you give more accurate details for each and every photo then it will be more interesting and meaningful to see. At least I want to give name of the place where foto has shot for every foto. I think it will not be a tough work.

Bhavanand -Delhi

Good Job, Bupenda

[ Thu, Mar 26, 2009 10:12 pm ]

hi bupenda.. You have done a good job I appreciate it, your article will open the eye of our youths n da coming generaton. Keep it up.


Manipuris in Korea 6th sense

[ Thu, Mar 26, 2009 10:12 pm ]

This is awesome. Hope we are able to access this futuristic gadgets soon. You know the strange behavior pattern amongst the manipuri is we intend to forget where we belong. The presence of here should not be treat as an escapee from burden rather an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters who miss this opportunity. We should never forget that we belong to a place where over 32 insurgents (the highest insurgents groups in the world if we include all groups in North East) groups are operating and where there is no government (only contractors are running the government) and there is only 21 hours of electricity in a week maybe little more or less and water pipeline is not at all functioning very, very few are working for few hours regularly.

Korea become developed country only in 2 decades. There are many reasons behind it such as hard working and receptive nature of the people. There are pros and cons to be a developed country but the struggle they put has to be appreciated. This struggle is not merely by peasants but including professors, teachers and scientist. All these people were protesting on the street once in May and June in 1980. However in the general feelings of Manipuri there is a concept of "Ei shoidraga loiray" something very scary projection. Please dont feel bad when the nagas movement or atrocities is getting stronger. There are many naga intellectuals involves in it who barely stays in the country. While in the case of manipuri you would notice some pictures of nigol chakouba gathering or eating foods in dubai or europe or america broadcasting in kanglaonline or e-pao. Sometimes its really annoying to see it although they are trying to show the cultural bondness remains despite of distance.

It is high time for us to contribute little for the people of Manipur and North East. May be a contribution of 5 mins time may make a lot of difference, you never know. Such as signing petition, exchanging ideas, solidarity campaign, etc. Please remember human rights is every body business. You may come across conflict everywhere even in your work place its kind of inevetable but recede when you understand it and know the tactics of fighting it.

kshetrimayum onil - South Korea

Better Start a Holiday Club

[ Wed, Mar 25, 2009 1:43 pm ]

One must agree that Hinduism came to Manipur from mayang land. There is no denying about it. And so is Holi festival. But when in mayang land itself, the maximum holiday for Holi celebration is just one day, which in many cases (read companies) dont declare even a single day holiday for Holi, then why in the hell's name Manipur declares five days holiday for Holi celebration??? Why dont we follow this culture too of having only one holiday for Holi? Dont we have enough bandths and strikes? Aren't they sufficient for taking rest? And what has holidays got to do with news edition? I have time and again tried to bring this to your notice that things do happen even during holidays. It is the responsibility of the newspaper firms to keep the readers updated even during holidays. Forget newspaper firms, Better start a holiday club !!!!!!!!!!!!


Bring Back MB

[ Wed, Mar 25, 2009 5:35 am ]

Dear MB Team,

I am sure that the closure of MB was a forced compulsion. However, we don’t need to be disheartened. This change will surely lead us to a new page with more valuable and useful opportunities. Let us use the time until we restart MB again. When we start again, let’s make it the best of its own. That is what we, Manipuri, need at this time of crisis. Let us make MB an eye opener for not only the e-pao readers, but also for all who dream for a peaceful and marvelous Manipur “The Sanaleibak”.

NG Singh

Live-in Relationship

[ Mon, March 16, 2009 4:05 pm ]

we understand the India is getting a great influence from the West. However,we did not observe the West is also getting influenced from the Indian culture. People have started accepting the idea of getting married and then performing any activity which is to be after marriage. Relationships break before and after marriage,but a physical relationship is not required if the two understand the meaning of love. It has actually become a form of physical requirement for the individuals who do sex before marriage and it would only lead to a broken relationship in the later part of life. Anything, which tastes good is not good for health. It is not just the ancestors,it is also science. It is purely lack of education and guidance who get into these activities. A good guidance to the coming indian generation is required.


Entrusting all indigenous religion affairs to GTB, unfortunate

[ Thu, Mar 12, 2009 10:52 am ]

The decision of the Government of Manipur to entrust all indigenous religion affairs to GTB(govindajee temple board) is very very unfortunate. The government should consider the sentiments of those who have firm belief in indegenous religions,including Sanamahi religion. Whenever I fill any application form, where my religion is to be named, I always write Sanamahi and I will do so forever. I have no animosity or hatred for other religions. Instead, I respect all religions. It is my firm belief that no religion is superior or inferior to another religion. We should always try to preserve our indigenous rich cultural heritage, religion, language, script and tradition. No nation can survive without these. India is a secular and democratic country. The citizens of India can practise and preach any religion. They can follow any type of religion. They can have full faith in any religion. It is clearly given in the Indian Constitution. Everything should be considerd before an elected Government take any decision which directly affects the life of the people. The Government should always remember that in democracy a government is by the people, for the people and of the people. No government can survive for long against the wishes of the people. I hope the government of Manipur will consider the aspirations and wishes of the people and revoke the decision of entrusting all indigenous religion affairs to GTB sooner rather than later.

Abo Mangang

e-pao radio, great service

[ Mon, Mar 09, 2009 2:05 am ]

Hi Fren,

First of all, thanx for ur great service and wish u the best in the future also. I listen e-pao radio frequently....but always feel that sumthing is missing.....the song "dhruba taragum ngallambi - matam eeshei"... forgot the singer....can you pls kindly find this song and upload it..... Thanks.


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