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Welcome to Meitei Mayek Tamba

Learn Meitei Mayek online with e-pao!

This webpage is an easy interface for beginners to learn Meitei Mayek script.
The lesson starts with the alphabets. Audio support is available to let you know how each alphabet is pronounced.

For the first time, blackboard system is developed to make one write the letters as you learn it. How each letters can be written is demonstrated with an animated picture on this site.

Enjoy learning!

Improved spontaneous, sequential learning makes the lesson progressively a fun, in an almost addictive way.

It’s a wonder how most of us never knew how to read and write meitei mayek.
Now, you are a more learned person once you master the alphabets and read e-pao! news in meitei mayek

Watch out for further updates and advanced learning of meitei mayek with e-pao!

Disclaimer: This learning page is loosely based on books prescribed in schools in Manipur. If there are any mistakes, corrections or suggestions, your feedback is highly solicited. Please send feedback to [email protected]

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