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    Tarun Sharma
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  • Jiangam
  • Thangmeiso
  • Hemchandra

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Laimayum Tarun Sharma
Khwai Brahmapur
Imphal 795001.
Manipur. India.

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  • Vignettes
  • BornFree
  • MEER
  • Tantra

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Tarun is working on a few tracks and also has got an idea for a Video up his sleeve.


Who is Tarun Sharma?

Tarun Sharma is the name and Guitar is his passion.
Tarunkanta Sharma or Tarun is from Khwai Brahmapur (Nagamapal) and at a young age of 25, he already has the experience of various gigs and recordings under his belt. He has been part of at least 3 successfull bands and has been part of recording projects for various languages including Tangkhul, Kabui, Anal, Meiteilon and English.

His initiation into western music was directly into the hard rock genre with the first band he listened to being Black Sabbath. This was back in the early 90s when there was a flood of rock bands in and around the Imphal region. One such band was Angelica in which Tarun's cousin Momocha played. Momocha and his friends of the band played an inspirational role in the young Tarun's mind. Tarun was studying in the fifth standard when he tried his hands on drums. He quickly moved on to guitars.

The period between the standards 5 to 7 has been the formative years with much trial and errors, self taught lessons, guidance from cousin and friends. Seeing his enthusiasm, his dad bought him a red Givson (the indian brand) on one of his visits to New Delhi. He yearned for a better guitar and was soon trying to convince his dad to buy him a Gibson Strat. His dad made a promise that he would buy him the guitar after he completes his matriculation exams. He kept the promise and soon after Tarun's apprearing the matriculation exams in 1998, he got him the green Gibson Strat which has stayed till now.

The winter of 1998 saw a big event called Winter rock contest which had many an up-coming rock bands from Manipur vying for the title prizes. Tarun and four of his friends formed a band called Vignettes and swept the contest with 4 out of 5 prizes. Tarun received the Best Guitar and the band received the best Band prizes. That was a good start. Apart from popular covers like Jump of Van Halen, they also performed an own composition called 'Ode to the Motherland' which was well received by the rocking crowd. For the next 2 years, the band did various other gigs and came up with more 'own compositions' in the english language.

In the year 2000, Tarun left Imphal for Moscow to study Photograpy. At the end of four years, Tarun in proficient in the Russian language which he learnt to read write and talk, And has a degree in Photography to his name.

On his return from Moscow, he joined a band called 'Bornfree' which also did many more gigs and has been in circuit till recently. The band has been disbanded and later regrouped as 'Tantra'.

Tarun's love for music led him to various recording studios recording with artistes of other Manipur languages such as Thangkhul, Kabui & Anal. He usually does the concert rounds with them too. He has made his musical contribution to the Social Awareness for the AIDS awareness programs. He got together with his old friend to rearrange the old gospel 'We shall Overcome' into the genre which Tarun knows best - Hard rock with heavy guitaring. He worked with Hari (on vocals), Mickey (on Guitar) and Shankar (on Drums) for this score. A video was also made for private circulation which is in the collection of Ooba Videos of

A short video documentary on the AIDS awareness was also made of by SASO using this track as the background score.The video and the number went on to achieve nothing short of a status of an anthem for the AIDS effected and workers. Tarun also went to Shillong to play at the Candle Light Remembrance day in May 2005.

Tarun tried his hands on Meiteilon Rock with songs like "Chatkhinu Ngaikho" and "Sakhenbi" which he co-wrote. He made a video for "Chatkhinu ngaikho" too. All his recordings and videos are made for private collection and mostly out of own enthusiasm that they are seldom released for public or commercial viewing.

He also perfected a guitar solo named 'Valley of Gold' and recorded it with his pals. The guitar strains in this composition reminds of the guitar god Joe Satriani. Tarun points out that apart from similarities in the arrangement, the complete guitar work in this piece has been out of his true and original inspiration and is definitely not a lift from Satriani.

Tarun has been out of the studio and music circuit since end of 2006. He got married during this time and is working hard to set up a business for himself. Around mid 2008, he started working his hands on helping old friends with a few recording sessions. These recoding sessions inspired him to compose some music for himself. The guitar solo titled "Marching ahead for Victory" is a product of this phase. The composition, arrangements and all guitar works on this track are done by him. His good cousin Hem helped with everything else including being a recording engineer in his own studio.

Tarun's guitar inspirations are Steve Vai, Robben Ford & Eddie Van Halen. And likes melodious rock.

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