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What'z E-Pao! YellOut

E-Pao.net - true to its motto of "a complete e-platform for the Manipuris" and more importantly of "showcasing anything and everything about Manipur to the whole world would like to showcase the rich history of musical talents from Manipur. We have had many a legends from the Meiteilon Pop and Adhuniks sections. Who will forget RR and the individual singers who have won our hearts over and over again?

We also have many rock/pop groups/bands from Manipur who don't usually get a good platform to prove their mettle. Even though E-Pao would give equal importance and opportunities to any upcoming talent in any form of music from Manipur, we would like to launch our new channel by giving the spotlight to these music forms of western origin. We have heard that music transcend cultural, language and geographical boundaries. So let's treat all form of music as music itself without tainting it with any cultural and language and geographical subtleties.

From the early 80s till date, Manipur has witnessed some of the hottest rock bands with amazingly talented musicians who have literally rock the entire nation. Remember those days when there were one or the other band putting up those memorable acts in a sold-out shows in GM Hall. What about those New Year's day - late night rock-a-thon with some of the most popular playing together in THAU ground!

Ah, those memories.... !!!! Many of those involved in the rock of the 80s are a subject of folklore now. We at e-pao.net find it very heart warming to see the musical talents of the young Manipuris. You listen to them and you will surely agree they are no less than any international acts you might have been following. With this firm believe do we feel that we need to showcase these talented groups to the whole world.

E-pao.net will be highlighting any groups from Manipur in the hope that this 'e-platform' can become a launching pad in becoming more popular and acclaimed in the Indian Music Industry or/and to the world. These bands and we would be sharing their music with you. Isn't that a good thing?

If you have a band, or want to promote a band in your kollup/ leikai/ streets/ city/ district et al…please do drop a line to: feedback@e-pao.net with a proper subject heading. The guys need not be living or staying in Manipur. They can be anywhere in the world. What matters would be that there is some Manipuri involved and that's what needs highlighted.

E-pao.net is proud to present a new channel called "e-Pao! YellOut" - promoting promising music talents from Manipur.

So.... Lets all together 'YellOut' loud !!!!

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