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    Raves and Rants
- Kradle o' Beats
Line up -
  • Bulo - Vocals
  • Robby - Guitars
  • Nanao - Bass
  • Boomacha - Drums

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- Raves and Rants -
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Kradle o beats
C/o Konsam Hemchandra,
Near ESU Ground,
Palace Compound,
Imphal 795001. India.

- Musicians who had collaborated with KoB -
  • Paras
  • O Bobby

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Who are Kradle o' Beats?

Kradle o' Beats.
It was the summer of 1997 and some high school kids were awaiting their High School Passing Examinations' result. They hung out together and discusses music, the common passion between them. The hang out soon turned itself into Jam sessions.

There began the jamming, the loud beats, screamin sound boxes, scratchy distortions, and of course the neighbors complaints. The boys landed themselves some gigs. But soon they are separated with each of them going ahead with their studies. There were three cousins in the band and for these three cousins, this was not the end of their music career. They went on to play for different shows associating themselves with bands in different places where they landed up for their studies.

In 2000, Kradle o' Beats was formed but without a fixed drummer. They hired drummers to play for their recordings. Since its formation, the band has been working on composing originals and thus saw many a trips to the recording studios. Being college going students living in different places, these boys hardly had time to get themselves into the act for shows. The college vacations are spent in the studio.

The original 'waiting' recorded in mid 2004 was well appreciated by friends and well wishers. A rough video of it was shot. It was later edited for friends and fans and received airplay on Istv (local Imphal/Manipur channel) for about a month in the late 2005. Appreciations pouring in from different corners kept these boys working harder to make better songs. Another song 'dont wanna fall in love' was recorded in early 2005 with Paras (former Postmark drummer) on the drums.

In the early 2006, another cousin far younger than the rest joined the band. He had been learning to play the drums for the past few years. The band finally found its skins-man and thus making the band complete. The band is now planning for new recordings with the new drummer and also for an album that will be out by a year or two.

The final line up of the band is Bulo on vocals, Robby on guitars, Nanao on bass and Boomacha on drums.

The Influence:

As kids, these boys grew up with their father and uncles jamming in the house and playin concerts in the 80s. The guitarist Robby is the son of the legendary guitarist of Manipur, Late K. Subodh, who was one amongst those who pioneered western music playing in Manipur during the 70s. Late K. Subodh was the guitarist of the first Meitei rock band 'Runaway Tracks' many of whose members later metamorphosied into the first batch of the greatest Meitei rock band ever Phoenix. He also played a big role in composing the hit song 'women' of Phoenix during his days. Another uncle in the family also plays the drums so for the boys the first inspirations came from their uncles and father.

The boys of Kradle o' Beat love songs and are influenced by music of Collective Soul, Dream Theatre, Van Halen, Queen, Extreme, Stone Temples Pilot, Alter Bridge and Pearl Jam.

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