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Rejecting of OBC candidates in CRPF Recruitment

[ Mon, Oct 20, 2008 12:23 pm ]

Manipuri OBC candidates for the post of ASI (Steno) & Head Constables in the CRPF recruitment recently been held on 15 Oct 2008 at Dayapur (Cachar, Assam) have been reportedly deprived of their candidature by the Recruiting Officer (RO) on the flimsy ground that Manipuri is not included in the list of OBC published by the Government of India. Surprisingly the RO has miserably failed to appreciate the fact that the word "Manipur" appearing in Swamy's Compilation on Reservations and Concessions by Muthuswamy & Brinda at page 292 (Eighth Edition - 2005) denotes "Manipuri" as there is no caste called "Manipur" and that 'Manipuri' is the caste cited in the above OBC list, which can evidently be an error in compilation/printing of the Government of India OBC list by the Publishers. The deprived candidates are on the brink of agitation for the injustice meted out of them illegally by the RO CRPF. The CRPF authorities may very well consult/confirm the matter of Central List of OBC's in the Government of India's website of National Commission for Backward Classes, Trikoot 1, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi 110066. Attention of the appropriate authorities of the CRPF would do well to intervene in the matter and ensure that no Candidature so as to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Longjam Dorendra - Silchar

Add new things useful for the people

[ Sun, Oct 19, 2008 1:27 pm ]

This site is perfect from all side. But it need some more things to be added. I would like you to add a downloadable PDF file of the daily newspapers in English of Manipur like Sangai Express...etc. so that we are updated about each and every thing happening in Manipur. No offence but I am not satisfied with the news posted in this site. Don't you guys think that its the time to do something new like adding new things useful for the people. In my opnion its better you start a new blog or a forum in which we Manipuri's can discuss about things happening in Manipur..... step by step with the help like this we can do many things for Manipur. We are always been tried to dominate by others by our own. Its time to leap up. I am not that much a good writer but have written what was in my mind. So hope you guys understand what i have tried to express.


More Kunjabihari songs please!

[ Thu, Oct 16, 2008 12:21 pm ]

We are very glad to you who run such a typical website concerning the information about Manipur. Almost all the features in the are satisfied but as part of entertainment, we would like to allow download songs as we hear in e-pao Radio . Moreover you need to upload more of the songs by popular modern singers as well as yester-years singers such as Kunjabihari etc. We find only 2 songs from Kunjabihari. If possible please upload some more popular songs of Kunjabihari. If so, we will very much thank to YOU.

Thounaojam Bishwanath Singh

Khundrakpam Angou - someone to be proud of

[ Thu, Oct 16, 2008 10:50 am ]

Mr. Khundrakpam Angou Singh of Khangabok is one who can think beyond the past millennium(s) which is proved by his new and only book 'New Techniques and Approximations A Mathematical approach' which has 152 pages. People of native Manipur is silent even though he has published a book which is very helfull for this Human society of both past and future. A big and new area of Mathematical world is created by his thought and ideas. Hope people of developing countries will come and buy this books from the land of New Mathematics without any worry of Gun's sound and disturbances in all aspects. But I would like thanks Mr. Khundrakpam Angou Singh for his efforts of writting such a book while working and living in Manipur as a native people. He has done something big for us.. Lets help him to expand his ideas to this world. I hope people will buy his books in support of him and native writer.

Ingocha Meetei

For Reservation, Against Integrity

[ Wed, Oct 15, 2008 11:42 pm ]

Its really sad to know about the issue happening in Manipur University. Yes we should give the rights for every person and community. But one ironical thing that stands out here is really making me amused and the reality that exists behind the life of politics. This is not about looking down on any individual or community, its just about putting forward the reality. Few organisations that have rallied against education in Manipur for unification and wanted to divide Manipur and shouted and stand against Manipur Integrity. Now they ask for reservation, that's a bit of a stance :) But all is well and hope everything turns out good for everyone.


More pictures on Siroi Lilly

[ Wed, Oct 15, 2008 11:39 pm ]

I can got many more informations about my home state. Thnks for this article on Dzuko ... I have a request to please update more and more picture galleries about the wonderful events of Manipur e.g Siroi lily, sangai ....

Usharani Okram

Studies about sikkim Tourism

[ Wed, Oct 15, 2008 5:22 pm ]

I really don't understand why the state need to learn the Sikkim Tourism as things are different from other. If the state need to developed tourism one should consider what are the things we have other than going to some other places, where there is vast different vegetation and climatic condition. One things which Manipur can do is to develop commercialised food culture.

Akee Sorok

Rather stay in Delhi than Manipur

[ Wed, Oct 15, 2008 2:58 am ]

This incident is disgusting. I am sadden by such savage behaviour. No one is safe in Manipur. In order to survive there, one has to be equally bad like these anti-socials. It's no place for simple hardworking folks. Given a chance, I would rather stay in Delhi among the Mayangs who treat women like toys and get sexualy assualted everyweek. I cannot even think of settling down in Manipur as life is very cheap (Security personel will k... whenever they want and brand them as Terrorist or Underground member) beside looting and raping the vunerable women. Can you blame me for my preference? I love my hometown/state very much and I would feel guilty with my decision. It will be a painful decision but I dont want to go through this turmoil anymore.


chak ngai wari Politics!!

[ Mon, Oct 13, 2008 12:00 pm ]

Recently so many political losers who were in post (past and present) started rising up from long slumber apprently due to upcoming future election. Its a great laugh some leaders are blaming each other about stagnation of development in Manipur making up a chak ngai wari for innocent citizens. I urge my friend, lets not get intoxicated by their venomous speech and lets not give power to those leaders who bribes votes with money. What future could be expected from them - maybe more corrupted govt. than at present??


Chat access is not easy now?

[ Mon, Oct 13, 2008 6:46 am ]

I am a Manipuri, studying in Delhi. Once in a while I try to access the chat room and the page displays an error, which sets my mood off. Earlier accessing the chatroom was quite easy. These days its not user friendly. I would appreciate if you guys could make it more vibrant and user friendly.

Harry Heigrujam

Shiroy lily on the verge of extinction

[ Sun, Oct 12, 2008 10:25 am ]

The Shiroy lily famous for its beauty and uniqueness was first discovered be Frank Kingdom Ward of New York Botanical Garden in the year 1946. The lily won the Royal Horticulture Society Award, London flower Show in 1948. This rare terrestrial lily consisting of seven colours is found only in Shiroy peak.

After the formation of the present Manipur State in 1972, Shiroy lily (Lilium Mackleanae Sealy) was declared the State Flower on 21st March of 1989. Later on, an area of 100sq. km. in and around the peak was also declared as National Park in 1998. The people were very happy with great expectation that some changes will be seen.

The Government has proudly given many promises for the development of the same. People of the state has used the name everywhere. One will find Shiroy or Shiroi popularly named after shops, tailors, hotels, travels...etc in Imphal, Guwahati, shillong. Songs in different dialects are also heard. Government Deptt. are also found publishing posters. The popularity seems never ending.

Inspite of all these recognition, no major developmental activities are taken up by the State Government. Apart from all well published programmes, no proper infrastructural upgradation are seen when one visited the place.

Manipur has many such places needed to be developed. Keibul Lamjao National Park(dont know how much it is developed) and Shiroy National Park are two places, that should be given priority, from environmental view as well as from tourism point of view. These places are important destinations for the students in particular and the public in general.

At present, Shiroy Lily/Shiroy National Park is managed be the locals. Every year thousands came to see the lily. The Goverment should give more support financially to the locals for upgradation of the peak and its surrounding. Concern deppt. can assist/give training to the youths in the field of food packaging, tourist guide, banking, etc... Opening of proper tourist centre/resorts in the vicinity will create the opportunity for self employment. With best efforts and supports from Govt. , NGO, locals, our famous Shiroy lily can be saved from extinction.

Lungshing Leisan - Ukhrul

Chakpram Priyanka's geniune effort

[ Sun, Oct 12, 2008 11:54 am ]

Chakpram Priyanka's geniune effort to put up her notions regarding 'Live-in relationship' is highly appreciated. I would admit that I belong to the same school of thought. These days, even discussing such topic is still a taboo and the need for the exchange of ideas is essential.

Laishram S Singh

Moist eyes when listening to e-pao radio!

[ Sat, Oct 11, 2008 9:21 am ]

First of all thank You. Thank you for providing a forum for the Manipuris. You have been there when it is needed most. I happened to spend some time in Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvannia in the USA on a business visit. During those hectic but lonely days in this far off place you are the one who gave me the flavour of being a Manipuri by offering me everything Manipuri. Ranging from the daily news to entertainment to galleries to E-pao Radio. Through you I kept myself abreast of the happenings in my trouble torn but uncomparable motherland Manipuri. Your radio and its collection is simply superb and amongst the song list was the song "Ho ima poknapham ima" . On listening to that song I didn't notice when my eyes became moist . Thanks and expecting more from you.

Roshan Tekcham

2-way communication between writer & reader

[ Fri, Oct 10, 2008 12:53 am ]

Was going through few articles from your esteemed website. I wanted to give my comments / opinions in few of the articles. I can do it by mailing to the author / writer but, I wish it to be maintained with the particular article in your esteemed website. Moderation can be introduced to ensure only relevant comments / opinions is given. This will enhance the 2-way communication between the writer and reader effectively. Also, will help the reader in clearing the doubts / queries / issues with the writer if any. Please look into this request.

Oinam K. Ngakpa

Mistake in Ooba video

[ Fri, Oct 10, 2008 3:38 am ]

please check the OOBA section under heading "A visual story of Kangla" which is with certain error in the typing I think, please be very careful about the historic Kangla so that all the world knows. But with errors, I think there is no editor before posting or webcasting the things either job posting/social issues and more.. please be curious as this is one of the well built site of Manipur to the world of internet. Thanks otherwise for your new effort to make Manipur known to the rest of the world through internet.

Laishram Chalamba Singh - NIT Silchar

more newer songs required

[ Wed, Oct 08, 2008 5:53 pm ]

Hi all, This is with regards to the Leisure section, please update new songs ..I hope it won't cost much effort to do so.. since I stay in Bangalore I wish to hear to new Good songs.. Hope the same will be looked into. e pao is doing real good..keep up the good work..can I expect a response to thsi mail.. :)

Lakshmi Priyadarshini

Masjid in sacred Kangla

[ Sun, Sep 28, 2008 1:27 pm ]

I extremely sorry to hear that some Muslim organizations are recently demanded to construct Masjid inside the sacred Kangla and Sajiwa Jail. It is possible to construct a Masjid inside the Sajiwa Jail but it is not possible to construct a Masjid inside the sacred Kangla. I personally accept that all the Meitei Pangals who have been staying from the last some centuries are the brothers and sisters in Manipur. But the Indian secularism which is not mature can not be applicable in our civilization in such cases. Other community or other religious people (other than original Meitei) should not interfere and mix up to our distinct culture and religion.

We the Meitei people are so generous and we have a civilization from the very beginning with a good discipline, moral, ethics, custom and culture. In real sense, we are distinct from any other community, religion and custom. If anybody wants to live in peace, we should not feel any jealousy and we should not interfere to other. Secularism means we can have our own choice of belief, faith and religion. That doesn't mean to interfere to other. That should be the real meaning of secularism in the modern world. Then, we can minimize war, terrorism, genocide, communal riots and hatred etc. Thanking you in anticipation.

L. Kangleicha Meitei

Wrong Question Paper in MCSCC

[ Fri, Sep 26, 2008 6:55 am ]

My mail to you is regarding the recently conducted MCSCC Prelims Question Paper of General Studies. While going through the paper, I have found some discrepancies which need to be discussed so that neccesary actions are taken henceforth. They are
1. Chairman of Central Water commission:
Correction: None of the optios are correct. The correct answer is A.K. Bajaj
2. A uniform 3*3*3 cube weighs 810g. Three holes each measuring 1*3*3 1*3*3 have been drilled in the cube. How much does the remainder of the cube weigh?
Correction: Where is the data for the third hole. If at all the sizes of the 3 holes are the same, what is the need for giving data for the 2 holes and no data for the third one!!
3. Which of the following Indus valley sites is not in Pakistan
Correction: None of the options are correct. I feel the question should be as
"Which of the following is in Pakistan?"
Answer is Harappa

There are more errors in the paper. But I feel they are not that prominent. It can be considered. Whatevever I have sited above needs to be taken care during Evaluation. Kindly webcast this. You can verify if at all you wish to. Bye and thanxs if you take forward this mail


Yongchak survivality is bleak

[ Tue, Sep 23, 2008 5:52 am ]

I have been going through the article "Session dissects disease stalking Yongchak Experts blame fungus, insects ..... " posted in your website and found that the seminar do not really address the issue regarding the issue of the decline of yongchak. In my research and publications I have mentioned time and again that the future survivality of this tree is very bleak, it may not last for 50 years (in one of the symosia in MU in 2003. I have been working in this tree since 1997, through my findings I have established the DNA profiles of different cultivars found in Manipur, insect & microbial infestation both in the field and in storage, visulaised the biotechnological approaches to solve these problems both immediate and long term. Immediate requirement is the proper management through systematic scientific approach to conserve the different cultivars (both wild & cultivated)for the sustainance of this tree.

Interested persons can contact me - robertthangjam(at)gmail(dot)com

Robert Thangjam

Searchable Manipuri words

[ Fri, Sep 19, 2008 2:09 pm ]

I find to be the most easy way to get information on what is going in Manipur. I am glad that Manipur has come up with this website. Student who stay at other place in India find a easy way to keep in touch with there state and its happening. What I would like you to add is some education columes where students can put questions and can get there answer on the net, more like an encyclopedia of Manipuri words. I have been search for a manipuri word which has the maximum syllabus but I have no clue how to find it at e-pao. I will be glad if you come up with an answer. Thank you.


Please start a Forum

[ Thu, Sep 18, 2008 1:02 am ]

MB's closed. Why don't E-pao start own Forum, based on Phpbb, SMF,etc. It would be a nice place for discussion and E-pao team has got the full Authority over the forum. I'm recommending it for E-pao and for everyone.


'Tommorrow is a Holiday' is really good

[ Mon, Sep 15, 2008 7:05 am]

This feedback is on 'Tommorrow is a Holiday!' by Debby A. This one is really good. Please pass on my gratitude towards the author. I am happy that he has posted it here, in e-pao.


Attention class of 1968 of Don Bosco Imphal

[ Sun, Sept 14, 2008 6:41:45 PM]

If any of your parents/relatives passed out from Don Bosco, Chingmeirong in and around 1968, please inform them that their dear old friend Dr Gautam Sengupta is on the lookout for them. Dr Gautam Sengupta gave his HSLC exam in 1968, he also studied at DM College for a year and then studied in Medical College in Calcutta.

He can be reached at gautam24sg(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in.

DBS Imphal Alumni

Twisted democracy

[ Sat, Sep 13, 2008 6:35 am ]

Everything seems to be so obscured in this small place where Violation of Human Rights in all its possible manifestations have been the order of the day for decades on. Even the word Manipur sounds irrelevent against the backdrop ethnic self identifications. Maipur is the last priority. Every body is happy to pounce upon her with all thier might not knowing the fact they are also a small slice of the whole called Manipur. This is the fact all of us in tiny land need to understand before looking both inward and outward.

Extremely weak social values,lack of commitment by the political leaders and grossly ignorant citizens are pushing this half dead entity to its certain death. Do not we have a responsibility to get ourselves away from this extremely perilous situation?

We need to stand up and shed our habit of sucking our own blood. Everybody seems to be in an extremely unhealthy comfort zone exploiting each other. People in higher social and economic strata need to set example. They need to learn the meaning of social responsibility:social responsibility to bridge the gap between have and have nots. It will be the first step to making Manipur an egalatarian soceity in real sense which will in turn set the motion to peace, prosperity and developments.

Educated social elites please shed your mask of double standard. This tiny land will bleed to death if you do not stop stabbing her over and over from behind. Let us pave a road to a more hopeful future

Saroj Konsam

News update is irregular

[ Thu, Sep 11, 2008 1:23 am ]

I'm regular reader of e-pao's news. Sometimes you people update the news early sometimes late. Why is it so ? I would be very happy you people update the news in the early morning. If you people have some more manipuri video song please do update it also. It seems the vedioes in OOBA video are very old and most of people have seen it.


Don't push us. Or our women. We don't like it.

[ Sun, Sep 07, 2008 4:36 pm ]

This mail is a feedback on Hopson Sapam's article Dress code in Delhi University beautiful article. Fact is,they'll never respect us. By birth i'm assamese...but by nationality, i'm not indian. i'm assamese, i'm manipuri, i'm naga, i'm mizo, i'm tripuri, i'm arunachali..and then maybe..possibly.. probably..i'm indian. I'm not too sure though.

Some facts:

*i love the north east
*i believe in its goodness,n strength
*i hate the word chinky
*my fiance n future wife is manipuri
*i hate the way indians think our women are easy
*they think we're junglee..i'm junglee and proud of least junglee women don't have to pay dowry to get married..neither are any junglee women tortured n killed for dowry.
*i love north eastern food
*our women are hot..excuse me but that doesn't make them sl*ts. If north east girls are pretty and attractive,its an upside,not a downside. Its a gift..not a disease.
*india has a step motherly attitude towards us...otherwise there's no reason for my hate to exist..i cheer for india during a cricket match as much as another indian..but they call me "junglee" and my woman a "chinky"...we're not treated as equals but refugees. We're not.

Indians,you want my love? My respect? My brotherhood? Earn it. Show me some first. Don't push us. Or our women. We don't like it.


Bye bye to my mobile phone

[ Sat, Sep 06, 2008 7:26 am ]

My first mobile phone was in the year of two thousand AD at Roma Italy. I was perusing my post graduate degree at Post graduate Institute of Medical Science Roma Italy with the scholarship of World Health Organisation. I was really fascinated about this piece of equipment. My precious procession was bought from the Piazza De Republica where the fountain of Naiads (A nude nymph woman statue) with a huge fountain.

Walla I got a mobile phone that was Motorola with Tim sim card, I could not remember my first mobile number. I make my first call to my home to talk to my family it works what a great felling. Although I am staying thousands of miles away from my home, I have got the tool to communicate to my near and dear at any point of time.

I learn how to send sms and other funny things of mobile phone. It was little bit expensive but my WHO scholarship was taken care of my small fantasy. During summer vacation I traveled England and Ireland in the same year with the roaming facility the service provider was UKNET what a instrument I was enjoying my mobile phone like a small child with his new toy.

After completing my course I brought my mobile phone but the SIM was hand over to one of the Indian family. I felt the vacuum for a pretty long time here at Manipur, I longed a network at our state. Atul Bihari Vazpai announces for introduction of mobile phone at North East I was really excited to get a SIM. There was lots of long queue and black marketing for a new sim connection. I was not an exception I bought a sim from Dhimapur of course that was illegal.

My honeymoon with mobile became sour to quickly rather it became a nuisance value to me. Many a time wrong numbers are calling at the middle of operation many empty SMS. Worst part of it is became a good weapon to extort money from me. Firstly they will send few SMS with intermediating wards asking to call and the remaining is the history which average Manipuri do understand.

With my heavy heart I have to surrender my SIM to the authority what a great tragedy. It's something like finding my dear girl friend having a relationship with my best friend. What a disgusting situation is it not?

I really apologies to my clients who are HIV positive and complicated pregnancies who was enjoying a free assessment to my phone at any point of time, but now your friends mobile phone has gone. Sorry folks I work my last thirty years of my professional life for you people now I think I deserve a little piece of mind in the beginning of my sunset of my life.

Dr Nabakanta Sharma - Gynaecologist, JN Hospital

Is there any Broadband/Datacard in Manipur?

[ Sat, Sep 06, 2008 1:10 am ]

Hi All,

I want to know if there is any Reliance/BSNL Broadband/Datacard in Manipur. If it is there which one is the best and what is speed and the service it gives. I will be grateful if anyone give me any inormation regarding this.

maibam (dot) sharat (at) gmail (dot) com.

Publish my email

[ Mon, Aug 25, 2008 4:36 am ]

It irked me a lot that till date you have not publised even a single mail sent by me in your readers' column. Kindly, make it available to our readers so that they can appreciate and gain something out of it. Despite having busy schedule, I tried to share some of my ideas as to how to restore peace, development and prosperity in our land. Complaints do go in hand but I feel you still have time can and mend your attitude. Please, make it biased-less, unprejudiced. All of us are here for a better cause looking forward for our motherland.
With lot of positive attitude,

Dr. pame_jit

e-pao needs more pao!

[ Sun, Aug 24, 2008 3:10 pm ]

I find the site very informative and useful with various categories of informaton related to Manipur. However I find very little news from Manipur which is a bit suprising. As the name suggests more pao, but we seem to have almost everything but pao from Manipur. I request you to provide more focus on providing regular news update from Manipur.


Ashamed to say I don't know Meitei Mayek

[ Fri, Aug 22, 2008 11:51 am ]

Is it possible to start supplying some basic Meitei Mayek learning course on your site. Or else please supply some file to start learning Meitei mayek . Meitei Mayek is necessary as a Manipuri , I feel ashamed to confess that I don't know Meitei Mayek even though Meitei Mayek is there. Its a shame as a Manipuri to use bengali as a Manipuri script. Please reply if possible. Thank you.

Salam Hemson

Medal-hungry nation and red-tapism

[ Wed, Aug 20, 2008 3:24 am ]

This is in response to the editorial titled 'The Monika lesson'. It has aptly projected how politics and red-tapism has rubbished a sportsperson career. A medal-hungry nation which swears by nothing but cricket has once again failed to draw a line between politics and every other thing. Till the day authorities become accountable and responsible of their doings, and act in the best interest of the country, I am afraid to say, the nation will remain medal hungry and rejoice on lone medals such as Rathore's Silver Medal from Athens or Bindra's Gold Medal from Beijing.


Indian Media not tuned to NE

[ Tue, Aug 19, 2008 12:34 am ]

The unfortunate incident of L. Monika is yet another reminder of the mentality of mainland mayangs against us & NE people. Such bias & racism incidents have been happening quite a long time in different cities of mainland India. Every now & then, Manipuri & NE people are facing such discrimination & racism in someway or somewhere. And I observed that most of the Indian media including news channels are also always biased towards the people of mainland. There were not much news on the issue & other social happenings in NE. If the issue had been of Delhi, UP, Maharastra or other Northern Indian states, there would have been a media hype, and there would have been a big issue & media pressure. It is very unfortunate & very sorry situation of Indian media for ignoring entire NE most of the time. I think shouting simply 'NE is part of India or NE is India" will not win the hearts of the NE people. Please remember, such small small things / incidents count a lot in winning the hearts of the NE people. I would to remind my dear Manipuris & NE people to be alert & act smart always to avoid any unfortunate or unwanted slur / racism incidents, please.. watch your steps always (or many times) before you step out / in..! Peace in Manipur & NE. N-E India is potential conquerer & will emerge as winner at the end.. let NE lead the country in future. Thanks & prayer to Him.!


Please visit Hermontlang Village

[ Thu, Aug 14, 2008 7:48 pm ]

Hello friends, my name is Hmangte Haoneithang Kom, S/o. M. Jampu Kom, I love my village and my villagers, sometime when I think of them I remember what I used to do in every moment there. I am from Hermontlang Village, my village name was taken from the bible out here we put together in different languages but we are only one in Christ through spiritual. Our village is a sweet village located at the foot page for the hilly reason though it is hilly it is absolutely tremendous for everyone. Because we are punctual and focus in everything what we have. M. Lenkhomang is our chief of the village, you can figure it out because we only have around 20-25 families. Although it is only few, we stayed together here along with Kom and Gangte tribe. We appreciate and care for you, please visit us sometime.

Haoneithang Hmangte

Think-tank and solutions

[ Sun, Aug 10, 2008 4:07 am ]

Jshank- I really appreciate and adore your opinion given to my people(Manipur). Yes, I a citizen of Manipur do concern how to solve my problem? Thinking about the reality I am forced to rethink is it not possible at all to solve the problem (face by each citizen/ longnao/ village/ tribe/ comunity/ state as a whole)? Yes, indeed I can, but how? -By taking care of as such (given in your opinion) and maintain the decision from the result by taking it the best way. Even if things has gone too far I believe every blood of a concern citizen believe "peace" and longing for it. Once again thank you for the generous and like minded suggestions given by you to a person like me (too selfish minded) so that I realise 'Yes' indeed I can solve everything by knowing my problem rather than blame game and creating more problem. Think-tank is highly appreciable if it thinks for reality.

Concern Citizen

Is Monika more important then life of children?

[ Fri, Aug 08, 2008 2:22 pm ]

United Club of Manipur (UCM) has authorities to issue do's and don'ts to the state Government by asking the Government to use different colors for the vehicles using for schools, Government and private hospitals, police and security, passenger taxi services, other public vehicles and Government vehicles to control crimes like kidnapping. A big question is, will this color coding of vehicles resolve the kidnapping issue? Our assumption is UCM is powerful and can do anything to any extend for the welfare of Manipur denizens, UCM will not hesitate to intervene in any issue involving individual, family, society issue etc. But surprisingly why are UCM silent when it comes to the child missing case? not even a word of regrets. Had it been for other issue UCM would have initiated statewide band, agitations and so on. Does any responsible organization (s) think children are cheap enough to ignore and let them be like that? Honorable Chief Minister Ibobi Singh promptly intervened in weightlifter Laishram Monika's case without knowing if she is the real culprit. Has Monika denied using dope? She only said she wanted to know the detail result of the dope tests/suggested retesting. If Monika's representing the state in particular and nation as a whole in Olympic is important then the life of the children here at home is important too. If Monika is a victim of racial discrimination then children here are victims of child abuse. If Monika is important for the state of Manipur then children have greater importance for the state. Why the children missing issue can't be treated in the same manner? Why can't People of Manipur responded and acted in the manner like it has been done on 6th August 2008 for Monika's sake? Revelation of 15 years old Jangpao is shocking and unfortunate, 70 and above children in custody punished and tortured, isn't it shameful on the part of government to stay aloft when such precious lives are under threat? Any responsible organizations like Meira paibis, UCM, DESAM and so on who are spontaneous and responsive to any issue by calling band and torching offices and vehicles need to take up any action plan and act it out to rescue and free the children. Our children are suffering and parents are turning blind eyes to them. You can cry your heart out and even went on to the extend of vandalizing public and government property for a person whom you are not even sure if the person is a real culprit, why not lend your life for those innocent children?. Please wake up and rise up for those innocent children.


losers - Indian Sports

[ Thu, Aug 07, 2008 11:09 am ]

It is very insecure being a player of India as our systems and management of sport is very horrible and corrupted. A girl from Manipur hurts a lot about the report of her Dope test just before she was seat into the Beijing flight. How a nation can blame to her only but we should also blame on these authority who are managing the team without proper guidelines. If this girl is positive then we need the real test data and it should be test again and it will move with RTI how a nation weightlifter lost her bright chance to represent her nation. If she is not innocent why she should show a tearful face, accompanied by Indian Weightlifting Federation officials and media persons, challenged SAIs' dope testing standards while also taking Naidu (the Executive Director (Teams) on even as the SAI Director ). Monica on voice shouted "I must be given the reports of my dope test which says I flunked the test. You declared me positive and you must prove it now," Monika fumed. But a composed looking Naidu said he was not supposed to give the report to the player. Manipuri weightlifter launched a severe verbal attack on Naidu, saying that "he had killed the sport in the country". "You don't want to make India (proud), you want to bring it down". Monika also accused him of promoting Pujari Shailaja and said she had flunked dope test five times in her career but was not banned yet. As a innocent citizen who belong to Manipur and as a reader I would be very glad to learn such a big lesson of players as well as the managing executives that a nation have . The managing executive should not manipulate the national spirit of sport and they should not be keep in blind in such issues. Finally losers are we Indian only in front of this Olympic game.

Chengleima Laishram

Manipuri Dishes - A "Fantabulous" idea

[ Wed, Aug 06, 2008 3:02 am ]

Khuman's request about "cooking manipuri dishes" is a "Fantabulous" idea. I love cooking and have always wanted to write recipes on all fantastic Manipuri Dishes. A column on Manipuri recipes would be a great gesture if included on the e-pao website and will always be welcomed. We will be thankful for the same. It would be very helpful to manipuris like Khuman and for all those who long for Manipuri dishes staying away from home. What more, it might add on a taste bud to all the non-manipuris.


No news on targeting Monika in Olympics

[ Wed, Aug 06, 2008 6:58 am ]

Surprise to see that there is no comments or columns on recent debacle of Monika being targeted for a place in the Olympic Games , I was thinking there could have been enough news and support for the same. Will love to see some support for the same, when its available across all mediums of newspaper, it should be first over here in this page.

Dileep Singh

Nothing against cricket

[ Tue, Aug 05, 2008 5:25 am ]

Rohit - Please be assured that the author's view is his personal view. Yes I agree that majority of the Manipuri's don't play cricket, but thats not the case with how we feel about the game. May be the author didn't realise that we have visitors from other communities too. I think he should be more careful next time or be more sensible in what he expresses. BTW, it appears that you syspathise with the plight of the Manipuris. Good to see that. And thanks for visiting Manipur. I wonder if your stay had been pleasant. If not for the present situation, your stay would have been wonderful.
P.S.: I don't play nor do I enjoy watching cricket. But be assured that I have nothing against cricket. will try some cricket this weekend.


Dont destroy historical names

[ Sat, Aug 03, 2008 7:27 am ]

Its very positive to respect the people who have already declared not to change the name of the waterfall which has been known to a name Waroiching Eshing Chaibi since 1000 BC. Most of people who are in state planning and development commision used to give some name for place, market or building with the word which is not belong to the Local or the regional language, it simple indicate a sign of uneducated people who don't know how respect themselves in front of the others. Preserving a historical things should always try to know the history first otherwise history can be ruined by an unrelated changes in name or recognition. I would suggest that people are having better consciousness than the members who are in the commision. So, please try to listen what the local or regional people is asking for. Please stop keeping Laskmi bazar instead of Ima keithel to destroy the popularity of our history of womenfolk.
Read news about this here & here.


Cooking exotic Manipuri dishes

[ Sun, Aug 03, 2008 3:03 am ]

I have an unusual request for the e-pao team members but I would be very happy if the team members could kindly take my request into consideration. I wanted to request, if at all possible can e-pao add a column in the website on Manipuri recipes, like making paknam, ooti , tharoi thongba and other exotic dishes that we have ? I wish to cook all this dishes but donít have much of an idea of the recipes; neither can I find it anywhere in the internet. Hope to see a cooking page in e-pao soon.


Cricket is not foolish

[ Sat, Aug 02, 2008 5:44 pm ]

Wow' the game which Manipuris never (Cricket) play is a game of foolish people and watched by 1,10,000 people and the game which Manipuris play is a game of intelligence. Check out your lines in your article "Manipur- Past, Present And Future". "In the field of sports, there are no two words that Manipur is the super powerhouse of Indian sports except the cricket which is played by 22 foolish people and watched by 110000 foolish people."

Good justification, above lines indicate the mentality of the author which means that "What you can do is good and rest all is foolish." Although I love to watch football and tennis and other sports but I never say Cricket is good and football is bad. It is just a matter of taste. I read your whole article and even read the sense, the lines make, which didn't impress me at all. As I had been to Manipur 4-5 times for a long period, so me too had analyzed the situation back there. This is a humble request don't call a game foolish if you don't like it, as same thing can be felt for your game also. And by the way all sports means competition.

Rohit Bhardwaj

How to recover bribed money!

[ Fri, Aug 01, 2008 4:07 am ]

Now that the recruitment for the post of Sub-Inspector (SI) to the Manipur Police department is over, I am sure the selected candidates must be busy scheming ways on how to recover the money they have spent on bribing the officials for the post. Truly speaking if I had been in their place I would do anything to recover the money. If they don't, they run the risk of loosing every thing. Rumours have it that the bribe money went up as high as Rs 15 lakhs and the least being Rs 9 lakhs. Rumours also have it that the Rs 9 lakhscandidates were kept on waiting list for sometime. But they were later selected. Maybe they paid up the remaining amount. Most of the recruits except for the few, have taken loans, mortgaged properties, sold land to gather the money for bribing the officials. And with their meager salary it would not be possible to pay off the loan or to get their properties back. So it's quiet obvious that they would look for other means.

There is no way we can stop them from recovering the amount. But as a true civilian we can suggest them ways on how to recover the money so as to avoid a conflict between them (police) and us (civilians). One such suggestion could be to request the new recruits to try to recover the money from the persons or the officials to whom they have bribed for the post. They can make a list of people involved in bribing. Calculate the amount of money each person has received. And then they (the new recruits) can decide how much amount to recover from them. But it would be up to them to recover the money with or without interest. I am 100% sure this solution will definitely work. Hope the new recruits take my suggestion seriously and act accordingly.


Ignorance, a denial of Justice in Garo Hills?

[ Thu, Jul 31, 2008 12:33 pm ]

I was reading the newspapers the other day and I am very pained to see that the people of Garo Hills who suffered the incidents of 30th September 2005 are still seeking justice. I am greatly pained to see that this issue still seeks a political solution. If there is a talk of justice then we must look to the Judiciary. I still wonder why the issue never reached the courts; a simple letter outlining the violation of Fundamental Rights of a citizen of India to the Chief Justice of India would have sufficed. All it needs to do is pass a preliminary scrutiny to determine that the case is bona fide after which it will be considered a writ petition.

I also wonder why no learned leader has ever refered the case to the Meghalaya State Legal Services Authority (MSLSA), which was created vide notification no.LA./3/94/101 DT 15th july, 1998, or the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) which was constituted on 5th December, 1995. The MSLSA can provide free legal aid to the poor and the NALSA under Section 12(a) of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 can provide free legal aid to a member of a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe, and under 12 (c) of the same Act to a woman or a child. According to section 2(1) (a) of the Act, legal aid can be provided to a person for a 'case' which includes a suit or any proceeding before a court. Section 2(1) (aaa) defines the 'court' as a civil, criminal or revenue court and includes any tribunal or any other authority constituted under any law for the time being in force, to exercise judicial or quasi-judicial functions. As per section 2(1)(c) 'legal service' includes the rendering of any service in the conduct of any case or other legal proceeding before any court or other authority or tribunal and the giving of advice on any legal matter.

Legal Services Authorities after examining the eligibility criteria of an applicant and the existence of a prima facie case in his favour provide him counsel at State expense, pay the required Court Fee in the matter and bear all incidental expenses in connection with the case. The person to whom legal aid is provided is not called upon to spend anything on the litigation once it is supported by a Legal Services Authority. I pray that my poor fellow countrymen who suffered irreparable loss will definitely start to question as to why these avenues have not been explored by them or by those who advocate their rights. I pray they never have to feel that Justice has been denied. Kindly note that one of the functions of the MSLSA includes Legal Literacy Campaign.

Febroneous Silkam Sangma - University of Delhi

Ashamed to say I'm a Manipuri

[ Mon, Jul 28, 2008 8:47 am ]

Manipur politics sucks....... MLAs are under Manipur Militants or what they call "Naharol". They don't know the meaning of "Freedom" and call themselves as freedom fighters. I feel pity on Manipur and ashamed to say that I'm a Manipuri and I'm from Manipur. What's they are trying to prove by kidnapping the Kids?? They can Do Anyhting? They are 'Naharol'??


Contaminate the academic atmoshphere

[ Sun, Jul 27, 2008 10:37 am ]

The most thrilling and unexpected issue has just germinated out in the state, kidnapping the youngs for misleading and misguidance by the insurgent is a matter of drawing the people's attention and alert. Before they were against the govt and forces but now they extend to public. I overheard the UG in the state are for a better revolution. But the barbaric acts depicts out their real colour and contradicts their non-verbal motto. The youngs are indeed the pillars and foundation for a harmonious tomorrow, but this act will spoil them mentally and physically. I fear, what the children have in their mind with the upcoming scenerio. Will they be able to concentrate to their study and the days for youngs towards leisure and plays for fun. Now the kids have become the primary target and prey for the inhuman oufits, the most challenging epidemic ever noticed in the soil. I would like to question the group for why they target the little ones and for what??? This rarest deeds will totally contaminate the academic atmoshphere, intensifying the state resulting to chaos and ignorancy. The govt, should immediately root out this terrorist group by hook or crook, no matter what's the impact to ameliorate the state.


Stick to one rock band please!

[ Sat, Jul 26, 2008 6:35 am ]

Hey all you rock band of Manipur please stick to a band and entertain our masses and one request that puts me off is that you guys never last for even a year. I know a few who have stuck together but band that brought Modern rock alive in our state like "On The Verge.."(kudos for the name!)...where art thou? If you cant keep up with the pressure and if you cant stand each other then why did you come up with a band. Band always stick together no matter what. And dont jump bases. There are so many bands in Manipur but the band member, more than 40% of them are the same in each band. Im confused who is with which band and I thought i was looking at the same band but it was another band that was performing with the name of the band ...Im so confused!!! I losing my head. How can you guys remember which band you originally are from. How badly and confusing I wrote but I guess I got the point right home. Rock on Manipur!!


Manipuri Movies sucks big time!

[ Sat, Jul 26, 2008 6:26 am ]

It was a great move from our "brothers" to ban 'mayang' movies and songs. I was hoping for a new era or a boom for our movies but I was shell shocked to see a carbon copy of the banned "mayang Movies". Where do you find singing and dancing in the rain or exotic location in our past movies? Is our present movies showing our culture or culture of the so-called mayangs? Even the tune of songs are just like bollywood... and it sucks big time! Where are the movies that used to fetch National Awards..."Lamja parshuram"? Anyone? Lets change our style and bring it back to our basic and lets give up fancying about bollywood and bring out our own wave of movies. See what Korea did with their movies? Its a trademark! And if we cant do that I would ask my "brothers" to ban any movie or song adapted from Hindi movies.


E-pao Radio brings back memories

[ Fri, Jul 25, 2008 1:32 pm ]

Thank you so much for the great E-pao Radio. I desparately miss my sweet home Manipur. I really enjoy the E-Pao Radio, sometimes they reminds me of my Golden memories at Manipur and makes me cry.

Vikramjit "Vic" Sorensangbam - Montreal, Canada

In Airtel's Dilemma

[ Fri, Jul 25, 2008 4:54 am ]

My wife has been a regular pre-paid customer of Airtel services in the North Eastern Circle for the last few months, nearly a year. It's true to the edge that services being delivered by the Airtel have been good enough for everyone in India thereby boasting of being on the top for better connectivity and services. Even the same thing was there when I started using its services. Not only me, there are good numbers of customers using Airtel services in the North Eastern region and might be enjoying its facilities sans any brunts these days.

Anyway, keeping these truths aside a few moments, let's know about something the Airtel has given me this season, which really makes me incredible. The Airtel drama began when I got an SMS with the subject " MY OFFER", reading " Best Bada Top Up Offer Only For You. Pay 111 & Get Rs. 111/- Talktime. Hurry Offer Limited. You can even buy fullest talktime on Rc 888 / 1111" on the 14th July at 7:23 pm and the 15th July at 4:26 pm respectively.

Following this SMS, I got my mobile recharged with the aforesaid 111 Top-up to get 111 talktime on the 15th July at 8: 47 am. But everything turned out to be opposite as I got an SMS in which I have been paid Rs. 73.79 instead of 111 which was promised by the Airtel. My Trans ID was 231282695. That jiffy I was puzzled and nowhere. Later in this connection I approached that retailer to solve the problem but he also got confused without any prior knowledge on the matter. He called it somewhat to be of technical problems.

But I didn't sit silent. I called up the Customer Care Department of Airtel instantly with the problem and the Customer Care Executive (CCE) there assured me of getting the remaining amount in 48 hours. I waited for the 48 hrs to pass and thus even after that long wait nothing came into my account. That's very ridiculous to witness as a kind of good service from the Airtel. The very next day I called up another CCE to tell the story happened and even that 2nd CCE assured me of getting the problem solved on 22nd July i.e. to wait 72 hrs more. That again made me astounding.

Next day (the 21st July) I got an SMS from Customer Care at 4:13 pm reading, " We regret for the delay in resolving your complaint. The same is under consideration. We would revert back to you very soon ". Later another SMS on the same day at 5:16 pm reading " Kindly note that you have received the correct talktime of Rs. 73.79. You are not eligible for 111. However you may recharge account with Rs. 888 and get full talktime (Rs.888) and Rs. 111 Airtel to Airtel free talktime. The bonus talktime of Rs. 111 will be credited in your account with in 72 hrs". Whenever I sent replies to its SMS, they sent me this SMS (above) repeatedly.

And another SMS blocking me to get away from such problem as soon as possible " Thank you for contacting Airtel. Your request reference number is CBNRA30719414663. This cut short my journey of enquiry in search of truth.. This is the whole drama I had to witness from 14th to 21st July 2008. I didn't even expect of such things from a topmost mobile service provider, like Airtel. If they were not ready to get me the right amount according to their MY OFFER sms, they shouldn't have sent me that SMS. This is Airtel's fault, in failing to keep its promise to one of its esteemed customers. This is the right of a customer to get whatever talktime being promised through an SMS as mentioned above.

Is it now acceptable by everyone that Airtel is playing a good game of cheating its customers in the North Eastern region? I think it is high time for every customer (subscriber) to avail of his or her right towards the fulfillment of any information being delivered by such mobile service providers in the market. Remember, they earn money from its subscribers and without us they are nowhere in counting. Let's know the Value For Money.

At last, I would like to draw attention of the concerned authorities to detect such burdens on public especially the valued customers without any good reason for clarification in truth.

Roshan Tongbram - Moirang Bazar, Bishnupur District

What's the Govt response to NSCN?

[ Fri, Jul 18, 2008 8:53 am ]

The acronym of NSCN is 'National Socialist Council of Nagaland. The word 'socialist' stands out what exactly they are for, which means for the public but they behave oppositely against the very word. They are operating in Manipur as a source of their income causing intensity in the state. Transport owners pay a lump sum of more than 90 crores a year, besides they are prone with looting, blockade and other acts. They are the great loophole and issue for overdraft and inflation in Manipur, they are draining out resources in Manipur. Everyone knows this fact-file but yet nobody especially the Govt take up no action. The issue of ceasefire causing unwanted impacts and cause cold war between the big two, is a fine example, so the question is despite knowing all the circumstances, what's the Government response to this? If we want to create a harmonious and peaceful state of human value then first the government should immediately look into this problem. If an outsider intervene in the matters of a family, then it would be an unfruitful product, so I wish these words to be an eye opener to the Govt and the public as well.


One day, NE state will get 'married'!

[ Thu, Jul 17, 2008 10:46 am ]

The first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru kept the key word for the North East State of India as "Seven Sisters State" of Indian state. It means, we the people of North East state of India are daugthers of the Indian State. So, Central Govt is keeping and saving all our development and improvement programmes, proccess, right, freedom, etc. for the dowry that why we didn't get yet!!! As a result all the NE State lack on development, improvement, new technology, infrasturcture, right, freedom, etc. In short going backward. Manipur also a state among the "Seven Sister State" of India. But please dont lose heart, one day we (NE state) will get 'married' and will get all the aforesaid promises!!!


E-Pao to another level of PAO?

[ Thu, Jul 17, 2008 4:20 am ]

I was going though the mails from Readers' in your esteemed website. The above link written by One Gautum caught my attention. For many of us, E-Pao has become a basic need of life like bread and butter. Everything from news, photos and advertisement etc. are all gathered from your website only. I believe many did the same. So time has come for the E-Pao team to revamp and introspect some of the basic ideas so that they can become more accountable and responsible like the other news channel. Else E-Pao will remain as Free Lancer Site of some bunch enthusiasts website developer. I wish to see E-Pao in different level. What the reader said in the above mail was quite right in many ways. Time has come for epao to have a Professional News Editor Team who are specialized in doing such things and will take E-Pao to another level of PAO.

Oinam K. Ngakpa

What about demerits of Aviation Industry?

[ Thu, Jul 17, 2008 1:48 am ]

The column about Aviation Industry by and will be a big BS..its not at all entertain people but you dont get entertained...careen wise..again Hotel and Tourism Industry is a place where workers are getting makin them work for long hours...and there is lot of this particular field...I understnad that she is writing goodd things because she works as a Marketing Exe. ...but cant she write about demerits...its 21st century please..give ...or cover both sides of the story..because people like both sides..


A forum for enterprising people?

[ Wed, Jul 16, 2008 1:27 pm ]

I think one critical portion missing in your website is a forum/platform for enterprising people to meet/discuss. Like people with service offerings/looking for investments with project plans and people who have the resources to invest or use those services. I think we would only move forward when markets are extended beyond physical boundaries and internet is a very strong medium to make this happen. You could also attach a fee to the usage of this portion and also keep the hooligans/abusers at bay. Look forward to something of this sort.


When police becomes goondas!!

[ Wed, Jul 16, 2008 4:17 pm ]

Its quite unpleasant to hear from the common people that most of the police so called commandos (without anything in the nuts) started to force money from innocent people, and even can kill people for money, its a shame for the khaki . Make a sample of these personnel otherwise it will continue to spread . A population without discipline will never grow.


Is SSP Imphal West aware of commando action?

[ Tue, Jul 15, 2008 4:56 am ]

Is the SSP Imphal West L Kailun aware that some of the security personels (commandos) are cold blooded murderers, killing innocent youth at random in the name of eliminating the various undergrounds groups and protecting the public. The so called suspected UG are innocent people like you and me and most of them have nothing to do with UG. These trigger happy criminals in uniform should not take the law in their own hand. Do they know that whenever they kill the victims family are the ones suffering the most. The victims are not UG or suspected UG members, they are father, brothers and breadwinner of the poor family.


Message to my Villagers

[ Mon, Jul 14, 2008 3:24 pm ]

I want to express heartfelt gratitude to all my families and my villagers. When I looked up and down to my village it was so far different from before, thank you very much.

And Many many congratulation to Mr. Newton from our end, when I saw your novice album i very very proud of you, God bless you as you the first who carried out such a tremendous songs for all Manipuris not only for it is for all over the world!

Haoneithang Hmangte - New Delhi

Awareness against unscrupulous institutes

[ Tue, Jul 15, 2008 3:38 am ]

Manipuris appears to be wise but they are not so! The fact is so many of us get hooked up by such malacious advertisement or information of lowest grade institutions inside and outside Manipur. Admittedly, it is legal but we should always be on our guards from such Institutes. One example is The Indian Institute of Planning and Managment, IIPM in short form. Doesn't it look like a premier institute? It is a business organisation run for the sole motive to extract money from gullible students in and around the country. After having spent lakhs of rupees in such Institutions, those passed out are recognised by the government with their diplomas and also by any reputed corporate house. Many of my NE friends whod did PGDM from such institutes are regretting and doing petty jobs in Call centers. Does it worth? For Call Center and shop assistant jobs you don't need a managment certificate. Please , let's try to campaign to create an awareness of such unscrupulous institutes.

Thouna M

More lessons for e-pao team!

[ Mon, Jul 14, 2008 5:18 am ]

"PGDM launched" - Is this a news or an advertisement? e-pao team needs to understand and differentiate between news and advertisement. And moreover when I read the caption, I was thinking that PGDM is launched in Manipur. But unfortunately it was launched somewhere else. Why would e-pao be interested in publishing this type of news (if the e-pao team feels fit, but I call it advertisement). If the motive was to inform the aspirants of such course, then why only Indore. there are many institutes all over india. but e-apo does not get paid from all of them, right?? One more thing, why do you think these sub-standard institutes come to Manipur? Do you think they come here to spot talents? wake up guys, they come to Manipur because its easy to make money. Make money in the name of donations, commissions, whatever. Yet we dont ask them nor do we try to see if other students ( other than north east students) are also paying. And our beloved parents, they are happy sending money whatever the institute is demanding not even bothering to check if the institutes in question is recognised. No wonder we dont have IIM's or IIT's coming to Manipur but we have Rai University's, Amity's and many more sub-standard/bogus institutes coming to Manipur to spot talents. talents??? I would rather call it "Fools".


fat men get fatter, thin men get thinner

[ Mon, Jul 14, 2008 1:30 am ]

It is a great concern and a heart breaking condition to see the situation of Manipur State - Corruption. They claim Manipur is a land of 'Jewel' then why the young educated generation can not stand up to wipe out the corruption situation. The people are struggling to get a decent job in a merit basis even if you have the highest education also, you have to bribe a huge amount of money (in terms of lakhs) but giving bribe doesn't gurantee again. In the other words, Top officers/MLAs, please stop taking money from the candidates which you cannot offer the job because the people who gave you money ended their life paying for the interest while the fat men get fatter, the thin men get thinner. It is so unfair and cruel to learned the hidden corrupted condition of Manipur.

Unknown source

Manipuri film are irritating

[ Sun, Jul 13, 2008 2:21 am ]

Films from Manipur are so irritating to watch at. Espicailly while in dancing scenerio, there is no movements of body parts at all. They need a proper traning under a good dancer! It is not only for a show but also for a competition with Bollywood and Hollywood as well, I would like to remind about the background and spectators around while shooting, ask them not to laugh and be a part of the film. From them it is easy to learn that it is a film. Directors should select the best to role in, it seems everyone can be a character. When action is concerned its totally humorous, as they are shot in slow motion. It should be as if the real thing is happening. I understand the investment and shares to a film by a producer. Manipuri films are booming and as I'm born and brought up in Manipur soil, I like the films to hoist the flag to the highest!


Keep featuring Open Source article

[ Sun, Jul 13, 2008 1:52 am ]

I greatly appreciate open source communities' initiatives in particular the one linux manipur. See how devoted they are to their passion they drop the commercial aspects that can be obtained from their skills. Despite they value transparency or openness, code sharing. By this sheer attitude, they get motivated and keep expanding their knowledge. It's nice e-pao featuring article on open source community. Possibly you may put a distinct column in near soon solely devoted to open source community.


Insensitivity towards Manipur

[ Thu, Jul 10, 2008 7:22 am ]

I think it is a hard time for us to realise the games of dirty politics & stain of grapevine which causes the hatred among the communities. Its really sad at the same time it really hurt me when a people from Manipur hide their identity.. this incident occur when I'm taking an interview there is a girl from "district" .. when I ask her native place do you know what she said... She is from "District" not MANIPUR .. will someone educate me what does that mean.. its not only her many people residing from other "district " believe that they are not from Manipur I just Wanted to know why is that ..The Place they have given them Shelter, Education and all the means of comodities..I really don't want to discuss further but its really hurts when someone say that..

Dhanachandra Khoibam

Sensitivity towards HIV writings

[ Thu, Jul 10, 2008 12:37 am ]

Please pass on this feedback to Sarlima. The article does not provide her id, otherwise I would have written to her. The article definitely deserves appreciation as it does try and analyse the trend of HIV infection in the state. However, the writer needs to be much more sensitive in the usage of correct terminilogies. Eg: Using first case of HIV/AIDS is no longer used, it's rather the first case of HIV infection. She can also refer to the UNAIDS website before writing any article and check correct use of terminologies. HIV infection should not not always be labeled as a disease and of course, prevention is not the only solution. Please talk to some of the organisations there in Imphal and ask them what is required before actually concluding to this. Dont just refer to the epidem of MACS and conclude. Please dont refer to HIV infection again in your last para as a dreadful disease, it does take us back to the days of 90's when stigma was so high. Yes, I agree with Sarlima that we need to be together to fight against HIV and AIDS, but not as a dreadful disease, but rather recognising the need of GIPA and also making people aware we contribute and can still effectively contribute to the process of Universal access and that needs to be recognised. This process will answer a lot of questions that Sarlima have to control the spread on HIV.


E-pao still my No. 1!

[ Mon, Jul 07, 2008 3:32 pm ]

I have been a regular visitor in E-pao since its inception about 10 year ago. E-pao is blessing to all the Manipuri specially for those who are staying away from home, in other parts of the world. Like many other dedicated user who are regularly sending inputs to how we can improve e-pao further, I have come up with an idea which can make e-pao chat little more interesting.

1) Adding frenlist in e-pao chat which enables any registered chat user to add any number of frens.(provided it is accepted both side)
2) Sending offline message to frens in the frenlist like we have in yahoo messenger. (Only to users in their frenlist)

I felt the need of this feature when you have a new fren & like to pass a message, which can only happen when ur fren is log into e-pao chat. If we can send our message anytime we like even when our fren is not online, it sure is going to be another wonderful attractive addition.

Some years ago, I write to e-pao about putting babynames. When I saw E-Ming I was so overwhelmed with emotions not because my request has been accepted or anything but with the feeling that e-pao is taking very seriously about reviving our old tradional names which is fading out at an unimaginable pace. Thanks to all you guys who make this all possible. You have done great job. E-pao still my No. 1.

like to stay anonymous!

e-pao team caught in the wrong job!

[ Mon, Jul 07, 2008 5:26 am ]

How many holidays your e-pao news portal/organization have in a month? e-pao must be the only news portal in the whole world with maximum holidays. This is evident from the news not updated for a number of days in a month being holidays. What holiday? God knows! Is it not the responsibility of the e-pao team to keep its readers informative? If holiday is something you guys are looking forward to, then I am sorry to say that you guys are caught in the wrong job. Why join news portals? Join holiday clubs instead. And the funniest excuse the e-pao team gives is "being a public holiday there is no news update". so we are made to believed that there is no activity on holidays. wonderful!!! Take my advice e-pao team, better start looking for jobs before its too late.


Indian Air Force Day

[ Sun, Jul 06, 2008 5:08 am ]

October 8th is Air Force Day. A day dedicated to those man in blue guard sides, move men and machine to inhospitable terrain, carry rescue mission on dangerous areas and all those who form part of the support system that keeps the air force airborne. The man the might and the machine. The metal lice creature roars into the airspace, circles the base and comes in for landing bringing a high speeds supersonic jet to a perfect landing requiring extra sharpness skills, and pilot has to perfect and the young pilot savors the satisfaction. Take off and landing are pure flying skills for a pilot. He dons his dark blue overall checks his notes grabs his flying helmet and works on the tarmac.

Into the blue sky they zoom, taking along the responsibility of a billion people who have reposed their faith to the world in the southern water, the endless dessert and the forest. This soldier of the sky ever lower his guard and protests the integrity with a forcity and swiftness of a Himalayan eagle a symbol they becomes familier with as they step into the Air force. The pilot of the Air Force has, come a long way from being the "Hawai" sepoys of Royal indian air force to the daredevils of Bharatiya vayu sena Flying the supersonic of the 21st century....

H. Roshninanda Sharma

Mistake in Polling

[ Wed, Jul 02, 2008 12:12 pm ]

I am a Web Developer. There is a mistake in Polling. It will result in error if one client is continuously clicking the Submit button - "Vote". It will bring a big mistake. One client will get all the vote in the "Poll Result Pop Up Page". I will give the hint. Try to use the Session or otherwise use web Service for IP identification. A good knowlege of Javascript is also required. Why don't you try to use the Secure Socket Layer? What is the meaning of using PHP? PHP is an open Source group. It means codes are widely open. Any one can download the code.


Anglo-saxon laws applied to 'unfortunate' Manipuris

[ Mon, 23 Jun 2008 12:56:33 -0400 ]

The people of Manipur and the entire region are extremely unfortunate. In this age of economic globalization the Union of India is deliberately isolating this rich region. The people have been blackmail as tribal barbarian beyond the realm of civilization. And in the meantime India is carrying on its campaign of termination with impunity with laws and machineries which the Hindu majority India inherited from Britian. Laws like restrictive laws to foriegners entry and draconian laws like Armed force special power acts are all Anglo-saxon laws created by Britian and applied and perfected in Ireland for centuries. The Hindu majority India is giving the same treatment to the people fo this region .


Saikot's plant clinically true?

[ Mon, 16 Jun 2008 08:09:22 -0400 ]

When I came back from a business tour, I found in a news column on "Saikot stays awake as miracle plant seekers swarm" - Source: The Sangai Express / S Singlianmang Guite. Indeed it is a great pride for our state if it is found clinically true. However , my concern is in the pursuit of giving this drug to the masses and when after the trial is found clinically true. The said plant have high risk of get itself extinct. Because of the unplanned and large scale harvesting. SO if possible please spread this information to the masses for the benefit of the same.


Anti-India feeling are going to hell!

[ Sat, 14 Jun 2008 14:19:34 -0400 ]

You think that by propagating your anti-india feelings you are representing the whole of north east. Just go to hell. The govt. of India is investing hugely in the North east. The amount of money that is being spent here is huge. Every year about 1000 crores or more is being given to our state govts of the North East. But the ministers here are so corrupt that they eat up most of the money. The ones who should be blamed is our people itself who have not cooperated for the development of north east. You just need people to listen to you so that you can propagate anti-india feelings. It's only we who are solely responsible for problems in our north east. I even being from the north east don't adhere to your thoughts. You guys just want to show your personel hatred. It has nothin to do with the ignorance of north east thats it.


e-pao is boring and unattractive!

[ Fri, 13 Jun 2008 02:22:43 -0400 ]

I have been reading e-pao news, reviews, movies etc, very rarely but whenever I open this website I found the same news, old stories etc........... i just wanna know that when the e-pao team updates thier news in their websites... .i think they should update frequently, say the recent happening news of manipur or any latest entertainment , informative news, stories, veiws , anything which is enjoyable while reading.. hope , your team 'll get my point . Its pretty boring to see the old stuffs ......try to be attractive as possible as........ have a great day ahead


Wrong date in Memton's diary

[ Fri, 13 Jun 2008 01:01:33 -0400 ]

I am a regular surfer of . I have gone through Memton's diary "A fairy tale ( Diary of a domestic helper)" . I have went through all the episodes of her dairy . In her "Part 4 - My Idol" l am quoting the line "30th august: End of the month and here I am ready to go back to my "new home"". Here it is to be noted that 30th is not the end day of August, it should be 31st august. It gave readers a confusion.


Information regarding marup

[ Wed, 11 Jun 2008 04:36:35 -0400 ]

I am doing a research on the traditional institutions of North- east India. For that purpose I need a detail information on "marup" as a financial and social institution. I shall be thankful to you if can provide this information. This information will be used only for academic purpose.

Deepak Bhagat
North- Eastern Hill University
Tura Campus, Meghalaya
Team e-pao : Anyone who knows about this, please email to dip19bhagat(at)indiatimes(dot)com

Geoffery - doubtful character?

[ Tue, 10 Jun 2008 11:51:09 -0400 ]

I have been visiting your popular site for many years now. I live in Canada in BC on the west coast. Epao is one of best place I get to read about Manipur or NE. I also visit other sites too though. There is a disturbing element in There is this Geoffery and he writes so much about so many things, I am figuring out he is unreal. I googled him all over the world and the only place I find is you site and the BLOG he runs. If you are to promote a doubtful character, would you be doing justice to the people you espouse to serve?

Carol - Vancouver, BC

Clarification on Monsang community

[ Sat, 7 Jun 2008 18:01:50 -0400 ]

I am Rev. Alani Monsang from Monsang community. I live in Chandel District. Presently I am here in the USA. I found this article "The People of Manipur" - Courtesy: Dr. Pukhrambam Lalitkumar Singh. I need to make some clarification regarding the term MONSANG.
1. Monsang is not a village name. It is a person name.
2. Monsang language is not similar to Anal Language. It is different from Anal Language.

I will be grateful to add more if other need is rise.

Rev. Alani Monsang

Ibobi's kins and next what?

[ Tue, 3 Jun 2008 04:15:22 -0400 ]

All these time I thought Ibobi is the only goonda, but no, many are in the offing in his own house, "CM's kins use 'State' muscle power, goonda style". Good, Ibobi, keep it up. This time it is your kins, next time it will be people from your constituency. But I heard people from your constituency have already started boasting around. What say?


cultural-integration - Mami Sami

[ Sat, 31 May 2008 05:47:32 -0700 (PDT) ]

I am writing this very letter after seeing the soundtrack of the movie Mami Sami by Ningthouja Lancha. This is the best Manipuri movie soundtrack I have ever seen in the recent past. The vocal of the young singer Jita really suits the track. And the amalgamation of the musical instruments and the voice is the most amazing part of the track. No one could ever ask for more than this masterpiece. Camera work is excellent. The director has chosen a very right place for the shoot, the climatic depiction is awesome and most importantly a right actor. The song enriches more and more the scenic beauty of Manipur. The song has already gained many acclamations in my university, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) New Delhi. And most of them are non-Manipuri speaking people. And this is what I called as "cultural-integration". It is my request to the already-accomplished directors and the aspirants to produce more of this type that speaks out excellence in every sense. And this could be the best way to bridge the gap between the mainland and the north east part of India.

Alvite Alfonso

Prospects for Journalism

[ Thu, 29 May 2008 06:06:43 -0400 ]

I am writing this for Mr. Rajkumar Sushan who posted an article- The Role of media in North-East. It was good to know that you think constructively in building up a good society in Manipur. I agree with you on the front that media need to play a huge role in it. But do you think the prevailing conditions are favourable enough for free media?? I am asking you this question because I am also a Journalism graduate from DU and even I wanted to work in the north-east and contribute my share. I visited the state in 2006 and out of curiosity, enquired about the prospects for Journalists, even met some senior Journalists, but they advised me not to try change anything. Everybody has become so pesimistic. It hurts to see our people suffering. Anyway, if you want anybody to work with in Manipur, I'm there for you.


Minister has legalized UG?

[ Thu, 29 May 2008 04:16:09 -0400 ]

It is nice to learn that a lot of people are against the killing and bombing in the Princely state Manipur. Protest in any form by the public after every killing or an act of terror either by the UG activist or by army/police clearly shows that people of Manipur are against any kind of bloodshed scenerio. Now the question is who is against these peaceful mind set of Manipuris or who is fueling such kind of terror activities and for whose benifits. This question remain unanswered for quite a long time, now it is high time to take some step and learn some lesson towards a peaceful living. Talking to this context I would like to quote Mr. Parijat's comments on the ongoing agitation in protest against the Bomb blast in the premises of RIMS. It is very fortunate for the people and admin authority of RIMS and doctors that our Mr. Parijat is present between then in time of need. But I fail to understand his comments in the para no. six of the headlined context. "If any underground organisations want contract work or percentage cut, then they should approach the contractors concerned, the Minister said in the presence of the agitating doctors." Who is Parijat? Is he a member of some outlawed UG group, may be armed or unarmed? Are these UG a legal organisation? OHHH! Mr. Parijat is our Health Minister, I believe Ministers are representative of the people, a democratic, a law adiding, authority, who can decide on his people's fate. But in regard to his comments it seems our decision maker the very Minister has done it all, he has just legalized and permitted UG to enhance their certain unlawful activities. Just a good sign of developement.


No interference to schools and colleges

[ Wed, 28 May 2008 03:27:41 -0400 ]

This is with regard to the News on 28th May 2008 which is against driving out the curruption from the state, the word seems to be really good and a eye-wash to the people pretending that they are doing good in the society but they never realised what is the root cause and what make up to do all this. In the news it is said that "A number of students from Manipur have gone outside the State due to lack of infrastructure as well as the inability of the teachers to teach them their course effectively, said the statement" but I guess they have taken the wrong concept in this sometime right but it not the thing. We are not secured at all in Manipur because they have no mind to think before killing a person either they have reason or not, sometimes for personal feelings. They demand huge ransom from school and close down the school which in turn affect the student. Not only KYKL but how many of groups are running in Manipur for such a small state with different objective. If they are with a common objective why they all can't join hand and work toward the goal as "Unity Is Strength And Divide We Fail". If they really love the people of Manipur especially the young student going out of the state they should not interfere in schools and colleges. I really love to be at home with my dear ones but today away from home. Last but not the least, my appeal is to bring a good youngster in the state by allowing freedom to the students.


Advice to North Indian girl..

[ Sun, 25 May 2008 13:37:02 -0400 ]

Hey North Indian Girl, don't worry Manipuris are very kind hearted, you can always trust them and they'll accept you. But for your side I don't know but as a friend I'd suggest you to sit down with your parents, talk with them and let them understand how things are. Yeah I know it'll be a bit hard but they are your parents and they are the elders and they'll understand. Even I have a cousin sister she's married to a Non Manipuri guy so you know how things were........ And about the view you're talking about the way Manipuris keeps to the others I don't know what view you're talking about but there's always been a view that these people keeps to us and what are those, only a Manipuri will understand it. But you need not worry abut that. best of luck.


Exploring the Koubru mountain

[ Sat, 24 May 2008 04:28:58 -0400 ]

Dear Manipuri people, as a Manipuri I want to expose and reveal the beautiful mountain of Koubru to the outsider and want to realize them that Manipur also has several beauty of nature. Besides that I want to explore the hills more carefully and innovate it to make it more beautiful then before. so lets try our best to do to make our beautiful Koubru and to explore it.........

H Pritam

Congrats to all Manipuris who cleared CSE 2007

[ Fri, 16 May 2008 18:41:06 -0400 ]

Though there was none in the top 300 this time, it is really heartening to know that many Manipuris cleared the Civil Services Examination 2007, the results of which were announced by UPSC on 16th May 2008. My heart-felt congratulations to Altaf Hussain (Rank 313 and he had secured 22nd Rank in MCS 2005 Exam), Naorem Jogendrajit Singh (Rank-321), N. Kheda Varta Singh (Rank-338 and he had secured 76th Rank in MCS 2005 Exam), Michael Achom (Rank-491) and Nirmalamati Maisnam (Rank-512) and all other Manipuris who have cleared the examination successfully. I wish all of them the very best in their new careers and hope they will work very hard to contribute positively to the developmnent of the society at large.


We north Indians are not really bad

[ Fri, 16 May 2008 11:39:12 -0400 ]

I m a North-Indian Jaat girl... I love a manipuri guy ... he also loves me... but our family is not accepting our relation... I love Manipur, its people, its dance... I havent tasted Manipuri food so I can't say anything about it, but I believe if you people like it very much then there must be something in it... As I read your views about rest of India or its culture or language... it seems you people also won't accept me..... I don't know how I can prove that I love him soo much... please help me out if you can....

Your North-Indian friend

Change We Can Believe In

[ Mon, 12 May 2008 14:49:25 +0530 ]

After the Ngasuanlui tragedy, I was shock to read that Singngat MLA Hangkhanpau reportedly termed it as "human error" if his statement is fair enough why not he corrected it before 20 precious lives are sent to grave and skinned 37 alive if he really cares for his people? Politicians after winning the election live a cat and dog life and forget from where they derived their power. They are on seventh heaven in their star studded bungalows. HAIL! Work Minister K. Ranjit for his 2 crore sub-standard wood bridge! Mr. Hangkhanpau's statement "if the authorities had paid heed to the poor state of infrastructure the accident could have been avoided" Which authorities is he talking about, when he has the authority over the region and the community's development? Politicians who cannot persuade the government for the development of the people are couch potatoes, deemed unfit to be a leader. Surprisingly, the Delhi based Zou Organisation demanded the Manipur Government for a judicial inquiry to investigate the circumstances.

Why cannot the people of Churachandpur learn a lesson from the Rajkhowa Inquiry Commission who still after 2 years make no headway to deliver justice to the 27 Hmars sisters in the Tipaimukh rape case? Communities in different states had given walking papers to their unfit Politicians replaced by exuberant young leaders who have itchy feet for a radical change. It is high time that we pull out all the stops and change our leadership for the betterment of the society rather than re-electing the obsolete and corrupted politicians. Otherwise it will be a hard cheese for all of us. But, it solely depends on the people whether to re-elect the politicians who does disservice to the people or to elect the deserved and fit leaders who would not only do different things but do things differently.

Tolheishel Khaling

Spelling mistakes and immature reporting

[ Mon, 12 May 2008 05:05:36 -0400 ]

What's happening to your news edidors, please see the topic heading
"Black Widows strike back, kill 8 workers"
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Guwahati, May 11: In retaliatory attack, suspected cadres of the Dima Halam Daogah's (DHD) BlackWidow (anti-talk faction) on Sunday killed eight construction workers at a place called Phaidang under Mahur Police station inAssam's NC Hills district. (link here )

There are various spelling mistakes found in this column of news more than eight words as I go through it, which makes me feel it is an immature news reporting. Please in future be very care about the spelling.

Laishram Chalamba Singh - NIT Silchar

Open letter to the Hon'ble Minister of Education, Meghalaya

[ Sun, 11 May 2008 15:02:46 -0700 (PDT) ]

As a responsible voter of Mawpren constituency (Meghalaya), I take this opportunity to laud as well as criticize the words and actions of my competent legislator. It is my firm belief that this respectable newspaper will take the courage and have the magnanimity to print criticism just as much as it prints accolades of our respectable legislator. It is a matter of pride for me that my legislator is now a responsible Minister to the state of Meghalaya in the Indian Union. I write this letter for it is a matter of intriguing ticklish interst that our Hon'ble Minister is expressing the possibility of privatisation in the education sector in the infamous aftermath of privitasation of the power sector.

What does our Hon'ble Minister mean by privatisation of the education sector; by public and private sector tie up? I am a common layman and I always understood that private educational institutions supported by Govt grants were a private-public cooperation. There are so many such in Shillong, let alone Meghalaya. Maybe it is not so? Maybe it is something more? Is it that the State Govt is incapable to make the Right to Education a reality on its own? Free primary education? Maybe the Private sector can make it more efficient and effective? How much of the profits are to be shared with the efficient Private sector? Is the private sector indulging in Corporate Social Responsibility? Tax exemptions? But, does it really matter as long as the purpose is served?

Ahhh...indeed a matter of ticklish interest. Or is it that that the MBOSE is to be privatised just like the MeSEB was proposed to be so? Which Chamber of Commerce will be able and willing to bell the cat?

Febroneous Silkam Sangma - University of Delhi

Give life to MB again!

[ Sun, 4 May 2008 09:15:59 -0400 ]

The Message Board of the has been a main forum for discussions on serious and important topics. And it is real sad that the messrs of this esteemed site has decided to do away with the MB, AGAIN! It is true that some irresponsible netizens have using this MB for satisfying their egos. But is it right to deny the serious people the right to expression? I would like to point out that the abuse of the net will not stop. And for this reality, most websites are still keeping their discussions' forum. Yet, the e-pao's MB is different from others because it makes us feel more at home. So, i hope the MB fof your site rock and roll again.

Shyleyn Chothe

A little flexibility

[ Thu, 1 May 2008 01:11:05 -0400 ]

We have been talking on this regard of identity issue for long period of time. Yes this has been a concern for everyone of us. But naming a 'mayang' name does not mean that we have forgotten our roots. I would like to say it is very natural to get some influence from neighbouring states. Afterall we are not living alone on this planet. I think who purposed this have a rigid view. That's inherent trait of Meitei who doesn't require much logic. But in the case of naming new markets which is going to be some important spots, I also agree such name like laxmi, purana should not be named. But I am thankful some good things are constructed for public convenience. Considering the number of using mayang names, we require good understanding and hard work.


Whats up with Hindi name in market?

[ Tue, 29 Apr 2008 02:14:39 -0400 ]

Today I came to know that the three New markets under construction at the heart of Imphal are being named as (1) Laxmi Market (2) Purana Market (3) Ima Market . I don't know who purposed these names & who approved it. Whoever those people are I want to remind that we should do things through which we should be proud of. There is nothing to be proud of when we name our new markets in Hindi but instead it is a shame on all Manipuris. Such names reflect that we Manipuris are deprive of it's own mother language which is very wrong. Naming new markets in our state as "Laxmi Market" & "Purana Market" shows the world that we Manipuris don't do / think something of it's own instead they rely & depend on others. Come on...... why don't we people changed. I do agree that we still depend technologically on others but let us avoid things that we can (like naming of Market names). I think there may be many persons like me who feels very bad hearing such names. If we don't change from now onwards what our coming generations will do. If we continue in these trend very soon there will be no sign of our Manipuri culture/tradition in the near future. I hope we will not start speaking Hindi instead of Meiteilon. This is my heartiest request to all Manipuris that we change these names to some good traditional name.

Samar Kshetrimayum

Campaign to restore old District Hospital

[ Mon, 28 Apr 2008 00:25:23 -0400 ]

Your site is superb and beyond our expectation. But one suggesstion from me. The state need just now roti kapara aur makan. There is a lot of failure in all field. People think that a shopping mall is important than a hospital. What I wanted is to have a campaign to restore the old district hospital in the right place. The area can be misused. Do something!

Th Tejkumar

CM Ibobi should continue forever!

[ Wed, 23 Apr 2008 10:46:01 -0400 ]

If I speak about Manipur and its prevailing situations, I may take long space of your column. In Manipur, we can pick up any topic which is not there in any part of the world. Now something about politics in Manipur since I am more of a Political Analyst. As an Analyst, I have gone through lot of news-paper and read the opinions expressed by various people. Most of the opinion given are very divisive in nature. What I mean is about politics. We have seen many heavyweight politicians who will never become the true representative of their constituencies. This former heavyweight politicians only created hell of problems which we are facing today. Whom to blame? But still, these gentlemen are actively participating in various poltical parties and blaming the present government. This is purely stupid. These politicians think that the people of Manipur dont know anything about their misdeads. Luckily, we have a Chief Minister who knows the pulse of people and who is willing to do anything for the people of Manipur. He is the saviour of Manipur. During his Chief Ministership, we have got almost what we dreamt. Yes, there is law and order problems. But this is not created by the present regime. It was created by various individual politicians for their own benefits in the past. Lets pray to God that the present regime under the leadership of Shri O. Ibobi should continue as along as possible.

Liston Kumar

IKEA can help Manipur

[ Tue, 22 Apr 2008 01:31:19 -0400 ]

It is really one of the best opportunity or moment of the Manipur and Manipuries to show the potential to the visiting Scandinavians Ambassadors. I work for a Swedish started, world largest home furnishing organization called IKEA in Sydney, which was started at a remote Swedish village, the very concept or vision is "to create a better everyday life for the many people", which is possible by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at price so low that as many people as possible will be able to affort it. To achieve this vision, IKEA outsourced its production in various part of the world where the raw material is cheap, and help in the employment and industrial development of that place, a good example is the soft toys manufactured in Uttar Pradesh of India, cane furniture in Vietnam etc. in the process IKEA also educate people on environmental preservation, ecological balance and above all an ethnical employment. Manipur in particular can take this opportunity to introduce itself and its potential and its rich resources and designs to this visiting people. I welcome the Scandinavians Ambassadors as a part of IKEA and sat "HAJ" to them for their effort to locate this small and tiny place. I hope it may lead to a next phase of this trouble prone state to a better everyday life.

Raj - Sydney

Where does 'Purana Market' comes from?

[ Mon, 21 Apr 2008 15:37:42 -0400 ]

This is with reference to the news report "Ima Keithel vendors stall construction work" (Sangai Express-10 Apr 2008). After having read the report, I'm dismayed and a little concerned. Dismayed because the redevelopment of this very well-known & well-loved market has taken so long .... more than 20 years (if I remember correctly). It's beyond comprehension how the government machinery works (or rather ...... how it doesn't work). It is not as though it is a physically huge project. The incongruous flyover constructed by its side is definitely a much larger project in terms of cost, engineering technology & time. Take a look at this structure from any point of view. It is completely out of place & context. It just does not belong there. There would have been a dozen other ways of managing & resolving vehicular traffic issues in & around this area. This ill-conceived fly-over has destroyed the human-scale character of this market place. Ima Keithel is a unique landmark ...... both in its urban context as well as in its socio-cultural context. Its significance goes far beyond its looks, physical size & boundaries. It represents many things we as a society strive to protect & nurture ...... freedom, 'democracy', social emancipation, equality, enterpreneurial initiative, hope ............. and love. Its foundations are deeply rooted in the socio-cultural life of our society. It's sad to see that the authorities accorded top priority to the construction of this monstrous concrete structure of a fly-over while Ima Keithel's redevelopment is put on the back burner. Let us hope that the government will work towards preserving & nurturing the socio-cultural values & symbols of our people while creating & strengthening infrastructural facilities of the state. My concern is about the fact that at various points in the report, Ima Keithel has been referred to as Purana Market.... Or should I say Ima Keithel has been reduced to just another Purana Market. This casual interchanging of names/words is what concerns me. Where did the word 'purana' come from ? 'Khwairamband' nor 'Ima' has nothing to do with 'purana'. I do not understand this love & fascination for Hindi words which have nothing to do with Meetei language nor any of the tribal dialects. Ima Keithel may be old but let it be called Ima Keithel. Let it not be called Purana Market.

R.E. Gonmei

Ucheck Langmeidon - Pointers to improve

[ Sat, 19 Apr 2008 09:53:10 -0400 ]

A very very thanks to DOEACO, Imphal "Ucheck Langmeidon" First animation film production of Manipur, the story base on Meitei folk tale. We are very proud of such production and production team for their hard work. I wish this team will produce better film again in the next time. I am working here as a creative head at one of the small Animation Production Company. We produce specially for the Educational learning standard and also produce other regarding to Animation standard in both 3D and 2D. My specialisation is on 2D Animation. I am, as a Manipuri to be a animation film maker, just want to suggest some concept to the creative team as ....
1. Technically the entire scene need to care about both key-frames and in betweens
2. It need more idea about gesture maybe body language
3. At every angle the whole body anatomy and staging and posing should be taken more care
4. Sometime 'bg' painting can be more expressive and better look rather than 3D work
5. The most important thing is that the entire scene has lack of good story board. We should put more care on story board with excellent camera view. We know every film maker are really crazy on camera point of view, it should be a challenging work.

I really appreciate the character look. Thanks to everybody who are involve in this film.


Disturbing aspects of private life video clips

[ Fri, 18 Apr 2008 12:48:51 -0400 ]

This is not related to any of the news or comments related to your site. This is just to bring to ur notice about some disturbing incidents and also to ask for your help. Now a days some of the video clips that are privately taken by Manipuri couples about their sexual lives are available on the net. Mostly, these clips seems to be mobile MMS and then put on the net by someone who got hold of their mobiles. This is very disturbing. Maybe these couples are not aware of the consequences of such steps which they have done in their moments of joys. So respected editor, if these trends continue then we would be in a very helpless situation and we don't know what others would think about us. So I would like to request you to either educate the people of Manipur on the negative consequences of capturing their private moments in cameras as Manipur is a very volatile state and anytime these clips could fall into the wrong hand. Dear editor I've written this letter as you, as the head of one of the respected and widely circulated paper in Manipur could help in controlling the trend by letting the people aware of these facts.

Joe Smith

Life attempt to Moreh College's Principal

[ Thu, 17 Apr 2008 12:33:05 -0400 ]

I would like to share some of my view on the matter where there seems to be a conspiracy theory about the attempt on life of Lunjapao vaiphei who is the principal of Moreh College. It is particularly pointed on him and what about the accused? He doesn't know about the unfair practice in the College may be someone is trying to frame with false statement. So lets all be good enough and try to solve the problem by any means. Threatening a life is not the only way.


Add life to photos in Gallery

[ Mon, 14 Apr 2008 04:00:53 -0400 ]

I have two proposals -
1. Please add life to photographs in galleries by adding details of the photograph - for example the school hockey meet held at Imphal. There is no description about the photos - who is the flag bearer or whose team is being presented. Sometimes nice photographs are just clicked and posted without any description which will justify its presence at this popular portal.
2. I think Manipuri Digital movies are the major entertainers in Manipur. Why don't we have a regular (weekly or forth-nightly update about the new releases). That will enhance the growth of the media as it is taken to different parts of the world. Lets start it out. When Manipuris mentioned about it to their colleagues, our culture and identity is being introduced to them. I am saying this because entertainment is one of the may factor to introduce ourselves.


Taking too many days off

[ Mon, 14 Apr 2008 04:02:32 -0400 ]

Dear Manager, I think you are taking lots of off days. Its not good for a news website where people staying outside rely on your news updates.. I guess this month itself you people were on off for 2 days, I dont see anything like that here even if there is national holiday


Couldn't just be spelled out in words!

[ Sun, 13 Apr 2008 04:29:48 -0400 ]

Miles away from home your team has consistently given us joy of being near to home, with your latest update. And this time couldn't sit quitely after watching the latest animation of "Uchek Langmei-Dong". What a wonderful job you guys are doing couldn't just be spelled out in words. This is our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation from the camel land, and please keep up.

CK Pukhram

Promoting Meiteilon in cyberspace

[ Sat, 12 Apr 2008 00:37:27 -0400 ]

Meitei mayek usage is still in nascent stage. I think everyone should make an effort so that majority overcome the handicap of using it. First everyone should know what hampers the growth of using meitei mayek script. Is it plain laziness or anything else. At this stage, i would like to suggest media would play a good role promoting emalon usage. Any type of media should promote in any form. Say for example local paper can include a column written in meitei mayek script. It shall be started from basics and regular feedback should be received from readers to know how far the mission is progressing. I think It would take some few years for mass popularisation of emalon script. But I am sure If everyone makes an effort, i won't take long. In the meantime, bengali script can be used web-publishing meiteilon.


Cloning of nicks in chat room

[ Sat, 12 Apr 2008 10:29:08 -0400 ]

It is a good news that you guys are making a secure e-pao chat room by making the users to register the user name and password. But some e-pao chatters are misusing the chat room by cloning the nicknames of others and speak dirty language and slang at others. So I therefore request you to check on those ids/nicks and take some necessary action towards that persons.


Don't object the truth

[ Wed, 9 Apr 2008 02:43:43 -0400 ]

I find it very funny about our state because people are not willing to accept the truth. Let the truth be exposed why should we concealed the truth. Don't protect the wrong person because he is your relative/friend/tribe. Whoever protects the wrong person is also doing a wrong thing. See that the truth prevails. Believe me honesty is still the best policy. I hope and pray that more truth about our state be exposed so that we may go back to our previously peaceful state again. 90+ percent of any organization of our state is fully corrupted. Remember that we the people have elected the MLAs. Let us elect the right person to have peace and prosperity in our state. Believe me fighting and war is never a solution to any problem. See America attacked Iraq and Afghanistan but more terrorist came into existence to fight back. We are here for today and you may be the one who will not see tomorrow again. Don't fight for oneself and for own group. Come let us joined together and start a new live in peace and love. Please try to understand life is only ONCE. once gone is will never ever come back again. Remember if you divide community wise. one day you will start dividing among your own family....


Shobhana Chelliah's reply on Mayek

[ Tue, 8 Apr 2008 19:50:47 -0400 ]

I am writing in response to an article that appeared in e-pao on March 02, 2008, titled "Mayek goof ups; Right the error : DESAM" Please note that I did not submit or endorse any alphabets for the Manipuri language. My name appears with the unicode font literature only because the font creator read my publication where I describe what the Linguistic Survey of India wrote about the Manipuri writing system in the early 1900s. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Shobhana Chelliah
PS: Also read reply from Tabish on this matter here.

Medium in both English and Meiteilon

[ Tue, 8 Apr 2008 09:47:26 +0530 ]

Everyone has noticed the present days is changed so dramatically from the days a decade back, particularly by this fast paced development brought by internet era. I think a kind of Global memes has impacted here too. News, all kind of information inundated from every possible corner. Now a matter of concern is rising use of English is becoming a demoralising factor to the growth of emalon usage. I would like to draw your kind attention to this issue. My suggestion would be you make the medium of this portal both English and Meiteilon. I am sure a large section of meiteilon user will also get benefitted from E-pao.


Inadequate security features in Chat

[ Mon, 7 Apr 2008 16:15:43 -0400 ]

Some of the chat users are misusing the inadequate security features of e-pao. It is a good step towards a secured e-pao site that you guys have made it mandatory to register the nickname and password of any user. However, some miscreants still continue to duplicate others nicks. For instance "lady" and "Iady" looks the same in the chat nicknames because of the font-style. I, therefore, request you to please change the fonts of the nicknames in e-pao chat application so that "I" (uppercase i) and "l"(lowercase L) can be differentiated clearly.


News update all hours

[ Mon, 7 Apr 2008 09:55:27 -0400 ]

I have been a regular reader in your internet news channel and feel proud of it. My request is - "Kindly update the news on-line so that we can browse the latest news at any given time" and not wait for next 24 hours.


Happy Cheiraoba wishes!

[ Sun, 6 Apr 2008 22:39:38 -0400 ]

I wish all the Manipuris a very happy cheiraoba! Sajibu nongma panba cheiraoba is the new year of Manipuris. With this coming cheiraoba, may this coming new year be a prosperous new year.
Sh Donil Sharma

I m wishing you for this new year. May this new year bring our great servicer - '' to the most likeable point!
Amarjit Singh
Chairel Khongnang Leikai
Thoubal Manipur

Contribute something to our bleeding motherland

[ Sun, 6 Apr 2008 02:05:35 -0700 (PDT) ]

Its really nice and you guys work sooo hard to make our place lively and show to the world that we have the talents and caliber & we are not less than anyone else in the world..i reallly appreciate that you have created this site and make us see and feel what exactly is happening there as we are far away from there. We should do our best so that we atleast contribute something to our bleeding motherland , yes when we stand up in the crowd we should be the best.. thanks alot

Sanjeev K Leihaothabam

More non-manipuri songs in Radio

[ Fri, 4 Apr 2008 09:26:39 -0400 ]

I am a regular visiter of the E-pao website. Its good to see a lot of updations taking place regularly. There has been a lot of changes that have changed the face of the website, however I think lots more can be added and you guys can add some more spice. Believe you me, there are many non-manipuris who use the e-pao radio, which is easily accessible to free online music. However the lack of good number of non-manipuri music has put a hold to the welcome trend. Hindi of course has a big NO! from the BIG BLOG!!!!! Please add some more English classics and evergreen Pops to the existing list. This will give some more refreshing moments to people who regularly visits the website.

Pusham Azad Babu - New Delhi

Pictures of 'other half'

[ Fri, 4 Apr 2008 00:23:12 -0400 ]

May I request the writer - Anjulika and e-pao Team that whenever she profiles women who have taken a prominient role in the Manipuri society, a picture/photo of the lady be also carried in the article. I am of the opinion that this will make the lady's face more prominient in the society and we will be also aware of the personality. Of course, Anjulika has to take the desired permission from the concerned lady to have her photo flashed and the lady's comfortability with the same.


Lets start to spread peace in Manipur

[ Fri, 4 Apr 2008 04:00:56 -0400 ]

JM I can undersatand you I've been writing many articles on e-pao readers column but few are publish they are also help less. Yesterday itself I worte an article but it was not publish. I didn't abuse them but just wrote to end the responsibility of our Insurgents in the name of revolution. I'm also a victim of some illiterate youth who are fighting for freedom without vision. I value my life so I came to other part of the world. I will not fight against them rather I just request them to spare the life of our Manipuri youth who have better future and let them shine in front of the world. Just request them please think of other alternatives rather then killing and extorting money from ourself (Manipuri). I never got a chance to speak Manipuri here where I'm staying but my heart beats for Manipur. I feel proud telling myself as Manipuri. They were about to kill me without any reason but I beleived in God and my life was spared, I could have hate Manipur but I think why should I because of few illiterate, selfish, coward, cheaters in the name of revolution. With this few words i want say to all the Manipuris that they are few and we all more. We can make it happen lets join together. Lets break the manipulation which is spreading to our youth in the name of unemployment, corruption and torture from India. Lets teach out youth how to stand of it own and make our Manipur a better place. Please drop down your opinions to this email ID:-

Peace in Manipur

Manipur's solution #99 - Appear for IES/IAS exams

[ Thu, 3 Apr 2008 02:16:50 -0400 ]

I remember Manipur as a peacefull and a wonderful place when I was small. Now everything has changed. Everyday there is no news without someone dying / dead. Killing is NEVER a solution to anything. Adolf Hitler thought his dictatorship will bring respect and peace to his country but he was wrong. Do you think extortioning, killing, and hating others will bring peace and security? If so what are we waiting for...lets start doing the same. How foolish we foolish????? It seems there is no human value in our sate and the same prevails in Nagaland also. Life is once...value it. ... Once gone is gone. To nurture up one child to become an engineer/doctor/IES/IAS/ not a jock. I remember how I had work day and night to become a good engineer. It does not happen overnight. But things that are happening around NE is terrible. the UGs are just killing .......... just because the engineer/doctor/IES/IAS/IPS...did not go along with their wishes. Truely speaking they don't know the value of human being at all. They should be given a chance to appear for IES/IAS exams...then I think they will value the person and the hard earn degree. We can understand that CORRUPTION prevails in Manipur from head to bottom in any organization. If we speak the truth people don't want to hear. But if we don' will be too late. Let us build our state before it goes beyond we can handle it.


Choosing your right career

[ Tue, 1 Apr 2008 07:03:23 -0400 ]

Last 1 years I have always thought of doing something for my state. To contribute something that I can or I am capable of to my people has always been striking hard to me. I took out some problem which Manipur has been facing for the past 3 or 4 years. The problem which I am addressing here is about career. I have seen and met lot of students after completing their 12th getting confused about what career to take up. What's next is a very common question in today's youth and parents of manipur. This has become a menace of today's youth in Manipur. Even a very bright student who has always performed well find it very hard when it comes in choosing a right career.

I personally feel the need of a career counsellor who can help student take up a right career option. Since, Manipur is aloof from the updates around the globe. It is indespensable to make students aware of various career option which are available other than Engineering, Medical and IAS. So,the imperative need of the hour is Awareness of Various Courses available and to choose the best option avilable. Here are some points which can solve the problem:-
1. Use of Internet, News paper and Magazines to be aware of the latest career option.
2. Always try to get guidance from elders who are modern in thinking and whom you think is worth discussing.
3. Go to a student counselling session which colleges and other private party organise.
4. Go to a career counselling centre if available.
5. E-mail,Chat or talk via internet to career counsellor which are available online.

I personally feel that a student should always know his/her weakness or strenghts whether it is personal or studies. I think this is very important in choosing a right career. A student who knows his/her strenghts or weakness will always choose a right career which suits his/her background, weakness and strength. Please be very careful in choosing your career.

Hijam Arjun - Web Designer/Developer - Bangalore

Introduce Manipur to the world?

[ Tue, 1 Apr 2008 05:49:50 -0400 ]

I have a little grudge to our fellow Manipuri. We know how to fight lifting up guns, Extort money, kill innocents, form lot of revolutionary groups, fight against Indian Army, make people to use indegeniuos things just in the name of identity. Just recently I read a news published in Sangai Express sent by our fellow KYKL on "Identity fight" telling many things about other places and foreign countries. But they have forgotten about ourself. But we, as a Manipuri and tech savvy, have also forgotten to do our duties. I can't find details on Cheiraoba festival , Ningol chakaoba and other festival of ours in any of our Manipuri sites and others too. Yes, I admit I also represent Manipuri and I also didn't do it but I'm not fighting for myself or Manipuri Identity and all places and people around me know Manipuri and created lots in my level. As you people are maintaining a website you people can take initiative for this. We always get angry if some one call us names but how will people know about us by face. But I think this kind of articles and publication of Manipur in Web can be a good source of introducing ourself in to the world. Lets bring peace in our land and guide our new generation to divert their knowledge and mind to construction of Manipur and throw out the ideology of killing people and extortion created by some of our so call greatest lover of Manipur. We civilians can also show them how much we love MANIPUR .


On improving

[ Mon, 31 Mar 2008 10:35:45 +0530 ]

First of all, congratulations for the unending good work that you guys are putting in. It's very difficult to imagine life without for people like me who live outside the state. It's not just for me, it's for most of us Manipuris who live outside the state. I still remember when e-pao first came out in the cyber space. You guys have come a long way ever since. Year on year you guys have put in your efforts to keep the website more informative. Your constant endeavour to keep improving the website is very commendable, specially showcasing the state in a different manner altogether. However, there are couple of things that I would like to mention, if you don't mind.

  • Even though you guys act as just the providers of a platform for the people for manipur, the website is increasingly becoming a place to sell out personal frustrations.
  • Some of the articles that you have featured contains such anti-nation and personal vendatta. You might want to go through the articles before you even post it. Contribution should be welcomed but you guys have a lot at stake. Its very easy to say that e-pao does not take any side, we publish the bad and the good side of an issue. In that case, you guys act like a blackboard where anybody can come and write whatever they want. But the blackboard is being watched, there is someone who is watching at what is being written over there.
  • I think it might be a bandwith issue when it comes to editing some of the articles. Specially the news articles. There are lot of spelling as well as grammatical errors. You guys can't afford to have this when you have become so big as a website. People look up to you guys for reliable information. Please edit the news items.
  • You guys have done a great job with the yellout sub site. The latest artist that you have featured (Korin-G), is someone who needs to be on the international scene. It's something the country has never seen. I guess it's time, you guys take the initiative to organise a concert for all the artistes that you have featured on yell out. The artistes deserve that.
  • Finally, please look at the option of turning into a company :-)
And, Keep up the good work. Hope to see a lot more happening.

Muhen Khundrakpam

A shame - No picture of actress in e-pao

[ Mon, 31 Mar 2008 05:59:38 -0400 ]

I'm a regular fan of Manipur film which is increasing its popularity day after day. But it is really sorry that one of my friend here in Delhi, when i narrate about the beauty of Manipuri film, he request me to let see some nice picture of Manipur actress suddenly I login in e-pao and search but sorry no actress from Manipur is seen. What a shame on that day, its really very upset matter and shameful thing to say that no actress is launched in the web site. Please, we want it to let see other our land beautiful ladies.

R Shimray

No more Switzerland of East

[ Mon, 31 Mar 2008 05:45:53 -0400 ]

I visited Imphal after a period of nine years gap. What I saw was shocking. I felt really bad the way things have deterioted and nobody seems to be bothered. No connectivity to the rest of world. It seems to be caught in time wrap. No rail connectivity and poor people are going to places like Guwahati in buses which could have been easier if there were trains. There is no effort from Govt of Manipur to get it like Agartala. There was complete breakdown of law and order. I saw news footage of people shooting each other like the mafias in South America where gun and drug rules. My heart bleeds to see a beautiful place turned into hellish place for gun fights and short term gains of people with illegal power. I used to tell people that it is the Switzerland of East and I regret asking friend to visit and see Manipur as thier security is a question.


No job - no education

[ Thu, 27 Mar 2008 13:52:15 -0400 ]

I read the posting about Quality Higher Education, Its Status, Problems And Remedial Policy. I think, it's quite impossible in Manipur. We all know that in Manipur, there is no job scope. And it is the general mind set of primarily all the student that what's the use of studying if we aren't getting any job??? It's is my opinion that Quality Higher Education is not possible unless something can be done about the employment market. Even if we send our wards outside to study. Is it leading us anywhere??? As a matter of fact there is only a handful of Manipuri student that are really serious about their studies. Many of my friends told me, one of his friends did this and that, and there wasn't a single good thing in the story. What we really need is to instil a sense of purpose in students, a discipline and that will solve it to most part. And is not instilling a sense of purpose and discipline, the duty of the elders. Hope everybody will give a serious thought about our society and not just go on blabbering about... What we need is purpose in students, if they have the purpose. They will go on after their teachers and ask their doubts and not the other way.


Totally stolen song!

[ Thu, 27 Mar 2008 04:55:36 -0400 ]

I just heard a song "Ngamu Leite" by Eastern dark..But the worst part of the song was Totally Stolen from a Song "Beautiful Sunday" by Daniel Boone. What a shame! so shame!....


Photos of actor/actress please

[ Wed, 26 Mar 2008 11:48:54 -0400 ]

Please keep many of the beauty of our land Manipur in so that people may enjoy it. Espicially please keep more photos of our actor and actress. Let people enjoy their beauty too!


Factual error in Anand's HIV data

[ Tue, 25 Mar 2008 04:42:38 -0400 ]

I happen to see Oinam Anand's narratives on "ORCHID project " by chance. I know that he is not an expert in HIV/AIDS. But his attempt to write something in connection with HIV/AIDS needs appreciation. But his data on HIV/AIDS was wrong. Everybody knew that the first case of HIV positive was reported in Manipur in February, 1990 . According to Anand, it is September, 1986. E-pao should not publish such misleading narratives. Moreover, whatever he says about Avahan or ORCHID project si not correct. E-pao should verify the facts before it is webcasted. I suggest that E-pao should accept articles on HIV/AIDS only from recognised experts .

Robinson S.K.

Yaosang - max 2 days official holidays

[ Sun, 23 Mar 2008 11:40:08 -0400 ]

I hope people should understand the value of time when yaosang comes, it is very necessary to revise the holiday list of Manipur to deduct the number of yaosang Holidays. We are having less potential of working in work place instead of 5 days holidays we should have max of 2 days holiday so that we can give better media and output in every field. For example Hindustan capital Delhi celebrates 1 day holidays during Holi. If Delhi is supposed to do like Manipur, India will have lower economic interest by other countries.


Chat - Never in million years

[ Sun, 23 Mar 2008 07:53:37 -0400 ]

Its been a few days I started using the site as a medium to know and feel close to the land I was born. So ,I thought of using the CHAT ROOM to get some valuable info about Manipur. I was stunned and shocked the way people use the Vocabulary to their liberty, I need to really praise and appreciate the way people abuse one another. I felt ashamed of myself thinking why I enter the chat room. I never expected such things. Never in million years I will again take the initiative to enter the chat room. People please start behaving like cultured men and women. If the same thing continues I am sure what the outcome will be. People need to know the correct usage of technology and should me grateful enough to those guys who hosted this site for all the "Manipuris". Please stop taking liberty for abusing one another. All the best and have a good one everyone out there.


Serious thinking is needed

[ Wed, 12 Mar 2008 02:24:18 -0400 ]

I would like you to take some step to make Manipur an economically self-sufficient state. It's very embrassing every time to heard of economic package from central Government. Making common public suffer every time with late payment of their salary for those in government job and increasing unemployment for pass out student. Their should be certain long term plans from the side of government to solve it or otherwise the state name Manipur will one day become a beggar state. Serious thinking need to be employ in time before times run out and before unwanted things happens. Exprementation are needed in various field to make things happen. Need serious thinking why the established Industries of Manipur Government and Private Companies colapsed. Need question like Why and How? and need answer for it to. According to the constitution of India,"Government is by the people for the people of the people".

Th Tombi

Education system must be changed

[ Mon, 10 Mar 2008 11:54:08 -0400 ]

I actually dont have the rights to comment on all such type of topics, but I request all the readers to consider my words as some of my desires. The system of govt is been changing decades by decades, and there is no hope of bringing a better state in term of education. If the authorities take up some necessary steps to solve this problems, it would help me stop thinking about the endangered education systems. Half of the merited students are wasting lakhs, crores outside my lovely state just for completion of there secondary and graduation levels. I have lots to write but time is not waiting. If anyone is around WHO likes my feelings about my state, please help suggesting me in giving better feelings to all my fellow brothers and sisters that our leaders bring us changes in our state to uproot and stop the system of parents sending there own good and merit childrens out of manipur in the young age. Education system must be changed in manipur. We want beter a Sana Laibak. .


Adamant in setting up NIT at Langol

[ Mon, 10 Mar 2008 11:54:08 -0400 ]

Why is Manipur Govt so adamant in setting up NIT at Langol despite strong opposition from the settlers? What is the criterion for setting up such educational institute? Is Imphal the only place in Manipur available to the govt? It makes little sense to establish such Institute at the agony of its citizens whose fate will be of untold sufferings after losing their lands. Out of eight dist in Manipur I am sure there will be more than sufficient space that can be better utilized and improve the living condition of many less privilege citizens a part from Imphal. Manipur govt already got enough problems in hand and the citizens have been always at the receiving end of the profligate and incompetent govt. Let the govt take cognizance of its failure to safeguard the basic rights of its citizens, forget about improving their living conditions. Therefore, it would be prudent on the part of the Chief Minister and his cabinets to shift NIT site somewhere else and don't make the mistake of evicting the Langol residents which will alienate more citizens that could propagate ant-social mindset even from innocent civilians. I hope the govt re-consider its plan before it is too late.

Ngamkholet Haokip - C C Pur

Matamgi Kangleipak

[ Thu, 6 Mar 2008 22:05:43 +0530 ]

I really share the same ideology with that of Dr. Sandeep regarding the AIDS patients and their grievances. Instead of giving lectures we should act and help these helpless people. I am really shocked after reading Dr. Sandeep's story. Yes we all knew medicines are very costly and parents cannot afford to buy for them. But where has all these NGOs gone. They are good in advertisement and camps, in order to show their annual report to their funding agencies. All these NGOs are using them as a means to collect funds from state, national and internationals organisation. And there is no any government agencies to check their activities. After all who is suffering our own dear brothers and sisters. So now the time has come to act and help them, care about them. Proper care both economically and medically should be given to them so that they can get a new and better life. We love you all,come forward. You can do it.

Tears in eyes but hope in mind, I pray for our Kangleipak. We all don't know where we are heading violence on one hand, backwardness on the other. Ema leipak Kangleipak in sphere of life we are behind every state. Corruption and extortion has reached its peak. No development and no so called "quality education". The time has come to change Manipur to Kangleipak again. When we have change Bengali script, we should change our state name to Kangleipak.

We all are using the suffix 'Singh' after our name. Take the example of my name also. I am using suffix Singh (i am using because it was there in my certificate). But we are not Punjabi or Rajput then what is the use of using it. People always ask us whether you are punjabi or rajput and there is identity crisis. So i have decided not to name my son/daugther mayangmachagi maming. When we have a culture of our own why should we adopt other cultures. When Bihari/Bengali/UP/Punjabi/Jain (Rajasthani) brought culture with them in Manipur they never adopt others culture. But we Manipuri even our Ningthous ignore our own culture. When we were in school we were never taught about our history. We were taught only about Akbar, Ashoka. Where has gone our history our culture? What is the use of studying Mughal empire? I have been reading Kangleipak history for the last few months and got to know that we were the most successful civilization in Northeast India. Our dear students should be taught about all these facts of their state. SCERT should know about these impacts on the mind of the children. All our dear sisters in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata love to be girlfriend of Mayangmacha. The condition of Manipuri girls in these places are very worst and its spreading to other places also. They love to fly high and they have forgotten all our culture. I felt ashamed when all these Mayangmacha speak bad things about our Manipuri girls. They take us cheap. I even want to kill them at that moment but its not their fault and its our own society's fault. Parents don't care, students love to go outside state. We have come to these place with a mission in our mind to study and make our dream true. But some lost their way and lend up in bad paths. My words may seems to be little odd but its from my personal experience.

So now is the time to change the way we think the way we do. Still we have the time to work and develop. New companies should come up and new research institutes should come up. We have rich biodiversity which will help in establishing many Pharmaceutical, biotechnological companies etc. Don't let these also lose to outsider. But if possible please stop violence and its not going to take anywhere rather than destruction. We need one good leader like Mahatma Gandhi in Kangleipak who can uproot the bad in our society.

Khuraijam Jibankumar

hospitals meant for dumping HIV patients?

[ Wed, 5 Mar 2008 23:09:34 -0500 ]

Everyone living in manipur knows about AIDS/HIV. Everyday I see posters, banners, etc about AIDS along the side of main roads. This shows that everyone is made aware of AIDS and HIV. But what is really happening behind the scene? Nobody knows except some helpless person. I have some experiences dealing with AIDS and HIV patients in imphal and I can see a huge difference in how people treat these patients. Yes, I am talking about the relatives of the patient. See the differences between the one suffering from HIV/AIDS and another one suffering from any other disease. For the one who is suffering from any disease other than HHIV/AIDS, the relatives will definitely ask the doctor "please suggest or do whatever you think best to will bring better life" for the patient. On the other hand relatives of HIV patient seem to be supportive in front of the patient but in the doctors' chamber, they will ask when will the patient die or they will say that all the money, whatever they have, are already spent so help the patient.I hardly see patient's relatives visiting in the HIV and AID hospital but in General hospitals I see lots of patient's relatives visiting the patient with handful of nutritious items. They all will gather and have a grand feast, sitting on the patient bed, showing much care to the patient. Doctors working in HIV hospital is trying to call relatives for help on phone or for a personal visit.

Am I wrong in telling that people, including all of Manipur, thinks that doctors and staff of AIDS/HIV hospitals are fools or Are these hospitals meant for dumping HIV patients? One day I saw a patient coming with the same sign and symptom, I thought that my drugs are not working or patient has developed resistance to the drugs. Then he brought out folds of paper ie prescription paper. He said "sorry doctor I could not buy your valuable drugs because I don't have money". So tell me is there any doctors who will cure the patient without medicine or nutrition support. So please don't try to show sympathy to the HIV affected people but help them to improve their nutrition and moral support so that we can save human being from extinction due to this deadly virus.
Lastly I would like to send this message to the people of manipur that HIV infected people are also human beings so help us instead of lecturing.

Dr Sanjeeb

Great job

[ Wed, 5 Mar 2008 08:54:41 -0500 ]

The last time I had time to visit was about two or three months ago. Today, I don't know why, I was feeling a little mischievous and wanted to find out what my colleagues at work are actually doing on the Internet. And was I surprised. Someone had been to I'm the only Meitei macha here and I have no idea who the other guy is but he had been to What I couldn't help but notice was the homepage. It looks really neat. So designers out there, keep up the good work. You guys are doing a great job there. Linked pages still do have the older classic look but that we can fix later. The Homepage, wow !!!
Brilliant!! Great stuff !!! And to all chat room users: stop abusing each other. it's embarrassing to open the chat window in front of other people.


Meitei Mayek and Unicode

[ Mon, 3 Mar 2008 14:39:45 ]

This is in response to the article "Mayek goof ups - Right the error : DESAM", dated March 2, 2008, carried by Sangai Express. The article is full of factual errors and misunderstandings. I am surprised to see that there are some people who are keen to get into mindless activism without even understanding what Unicode is and what inclusion of Meitei Mayek in Unicode means. Since I was part of the group which discussed the Unicode proposal for Meitei Mayek when it was being prepared by Michael Everson, I consider it my duty to clarify any misunderstandings. Firstly, contrary to what the article says, Unicode is not a software. It is not something which lets you type in a script. Unicode just assigns a unique number to all the letters of a script. Using the unique numbers, software developers can make software which will allow people to write in that script. Secondly, Unicode is not an authority in deciding which form of Meitei Mayek is official. The official Meitei Mayek is already approved by the government and is being taught. This 27 letter script is official and will become Unicode compatible shortly.

Let there be no doubt about it. For example, a typical future Unicode compatible typing software for Meitei Mayek will have only 27 letters, i.e., the official script. Thirdly, I would like to comment on why extra letters of Meitei Mayek have also been assigned numbers. The aim of Unicode is to assign a number to all the letters of all the scripts which are being used, or which were ever used. So, Unicode Consortium also assigns numbers to scripts which are dead, and no longer used. Gothic script is an example of an ancient script which has now been encoded in Unicode. Egyptian hieroglyphs is another ancient script, which is no longer used, which is going to be encoded soon. The reason for encoding letters of dead scripts, is that there may be old historical text and documents using those letters. Encoding those letters will allow storing those ancient texts in computers. So, the purpose of encoding extra letters of Meitei Mayek is that some ancient documents exist which use those letters.

The extra encoded letters will allow scholars to store the text of these documents in computers. However, these extra letters will not form any part of the Meitei Mayek which will be used in typing Meiteilon today. There are similar examples from other scripts. For example, when we type Hindi using Unicode characters, the typing software does not use all the letters encoded in Devanagari. It uses only the official Hindi letters. The extra letters encoded in Devanagari may be used in storing old Sanskrit documents. There are some glaring factual errors in the published article.

It says that Pravabati Chingangbam co-authored a book titled "A Grammar of Meitei". The truth is that Dr. Pravabati Chingangbam is a well known physicist, but is not an author of any such book. The article says that Prof. Sobhana Chelliah of the University California, Berkeley submitted the 35 lettered one to the Consortium for inclusion in Unicode. This is incorrect. When an ancient script is to be encoded in Unicode, published research work is used as reference to establish the authenticity of the letters. The Unicode proposal for Meitei Mayek used several published research works, including Shobhana Chelliah's work as reference. She did not submit the letters to the consortium. I hope people who are upset on this issue will realize that all their fears are imaginary. The present Unicode proposal for Meitei Mayek will greatly help in the promotion and universal acceptance of the official 27 letter script.

Tabish Qureshi - Delhi

I am really moved by the documentary on HIV +ve people

[ Sat, 01 Mar 2008 05:46:23 -0500 ]

Dear E-Pao Team,
After a long time, I just happen to get time to browse e-pao site. I just found you sister site Ooba. I am really moved by the documentary on HIV +ve people. I would love to acknowledge my sincere appreciation for the efforts the team has put and by those who came out of fear and taken the steps to lead new life with courage.

Premjit - Mumbai

Shanti, Listen to god

[ Fri, 29 Feb 2008 01:46:23 -0500 ]

This mail is in reply to an article by Shanti. I understand your hardship out there. Please listen to God and His providence. Remember you.

Shilsila - Japan

The situation in MU vis a vis tribal students and NGO

[ Fri, 29 Feb 2008 00:33:24 -0500 ]

Dear e-pao
This is in reference to the situation in MU vis a vis tribal students and ngo. what i understand is they want to increase the ST quota above what is allowed in a central govt institution.i wonder whether this is a rational demand. by extending their logic, they can demand for increasing the quota in othe central govt departments. then what is legal veiw. the recent judgements of supreme court on ST quota can be referred. we can also see the practise in other cental govt institution in the region like nehu, nerist, cau etc. if the ST are really deprived they can sought justice from courts.


Logical to extend the upper age limits for qualification

[ Thu, 28 Feb 2008 09:47:35 -0500 ]

Considering the fact that the population of Manipur is dominated by OBCs @ SC &ST, the frequency with which the MCS/MPS exam is held and the poor quality of overall education to which we have been exposed - it is but logical to extend the upper age limits of not only the reserved catagories but for all the catagories.

Robindro Singh

Gapsap's reply to Shanti

[ Thu, 28 Feb 2008 04:44:03 -0500 ]

This is in reply to the Mail of Shanti.

Dear Shanti,

Your article did nothing to me at all, but I felt that It could tarnish the image of the some people. You seem to forget that your community in Tulsa has also friends and relatives who could well come to e-pao and read it. I would like to ask you - when you don't like your brother/sister or your community for some reason, would you be writing an article and publish on the internet? If you do so, then I doubt your sincerity towards them. Also do you believe MORE in strangers, who visit e-pao like me, than the people you have known and seen each other? You must be!!

Tell me how do you feel being criticized and posted on the internet? Did you wish that this could have been written on my e-mail instead of publishing on the internet? That is the crux if the matter here.

I would be shocked as you are if I was in your situation, but that is not the point here. My letter is just a word of caution from a reader who found something was not right somewhere in one of the corners. This is for you own good. I am glad that you found you long lost friend through your articles.


Manipuris will extinct

[ Wed, 27 Feb 2008 03:11:04 -0500 ]

I forget sometime about my home Manipur.When I suddenly remembered my mother, I went to net and see what is happening there. I am shocked to see the news of killing peoples.Now I think that it's better to forget my mother (Manipur) with tears in my eyes. Manipuri doesn't want to develop. What is happening outside the state, nobody wants to know.No businessman, No rich person, No good road,no private bank,no phone bankig,no net banking, no GPRS,no e_shopping,no shopping malls,no high building,no industry,nothing but guns. I am afraid that my mother will not live after few years. Manipuris will extinct.Sure.It's sure. Then who is responsible for this? -Manipuris.


About International english or Neutral Accent

[ Tue, 26 Feb 2008 16:21:28 -0500 ]

This is in reply to the article Manipuri English by Sushitra which was a reply to Ranjan Y's article titled Mend your Language.

Every language has its own originality and uniqueness.Hence how close you come to the the way the native speakers speak, is the measure of how well you speak their language. In the english language context, the terms like 'International English' or 'Neutral Accent' are set apart mainly for non-native speakers. There is no standard that measures those terms. But, in any case if there are any, its the nattive language itself! Grammer, intonation, articulation, voccabulary etc. of any language are all derived from its native language. So....speaking like a native english speaker is the best way of speaking good english(or should i say correct english).


Is Langol in Imphal the only available place for NIT?

[Mon, 25 Feb 2008 02:23:03 -0500]

Why is Manipur Govt so adamant in setting up NIT at Langol despite strong opposition from the settlers? What is the criterion for setting up such educational institute? Is Imphal the only place in Manipur available to the govt? It makes little sense to establish such Institute at the agony of its citizens whose fate will be of untold sufferings after losing their lands. Out of eight dist in Manipur I am sure there will be more than sufficient space that can be better utilized and improve the living condition of many less privilege citizens a part from Imphal. Manipur govt already got enough problems in hand and the citizens have been always at the receiving end of the profligate and incompetent govt. Let the govt take cognizance of its failure to safeguard the basic rights of its citizens, forget about improving their living conditions. Therefore, it would be prudent on the part of the Chief Minister and his cabinets to shift NIT site somewhere else and don't make the mistake of evicting the Langol residents which will alienate more citizens that could propagate ant-social mindset even from innocent civilians. I hope the govt re-consider its plan before it is too late.

N Haokip - CC Pur

Response to GAPSAP'S mail regarding Shanti's article

[Sun, 24 Feb 2008 02:56:57 -0500 ]

This reply is to the reader's feedback on Shanti's article.

I would like to ask GAPSAP about my articles in the E-pao if it has ruffled his feathers in anyway? What would she/he do if faced with such situations in life,I would like to know from this person who feels my articles are personal propaganda? I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth nor do I belong to any privileged family.For me life has been a constant struggle all along and so sharing my experiences on this platform with readers is a great way to connect.Matter of fact,I have been able to get in touch with my long lost school friend Rk Kiran after 23 years ,through a reader from Bombay who emailed me after reading my articles.if I hadnot mentioned their names,this would not have been possible at all.The Manipuri people whom I am not happy with are those that are here in Tulsa and not anywhere else.So GAPSAP should be clear about it.Please feel free to directly email any other concerns and questions regarding my articles.I would really appreciate constructive criticism from any one!

Shanti Thokchom

Regarding the number of IDUs in Manipur

[ Fri, 22 Feb 2008 10:07:45 -0500 ]

This reply is to the article Data Required: IDUs in Manipur by H Sukhdeva.

Your search regarding the number of IDUs in Manipur will be found in Mapping Survey Report -2007 prepared by the AIDS Consortium, Delhi submitted to the Manipur State AIDS Control Society . The HIV seroprevalence rate among the IDUs is found in the montly EPIDEM Report of the Manipur State AIDS Control Society right from 1995 to 2007.

AIDS Consortium India

Students can mail me to deal with their problems relating to studies

[ Fri, 22 Feb 2008 03:08:53 -0500 ]

My heartiest congratulations to e-pao team for providing such a great platform not only to Manipuris but also to the whole North-East successfully.I am settled in Delhi. I am working for an international school as admission in charge. I am an IAS aspirant.I want to do something good for my State. As my first step towards that i would like all the students to mail me their problems relating to studies, lack of confidence, lack of motivation.I will answer them and help them to reach their aim and objective.Exam anxiety are common these days, which hamper the perfomance of the students.I will remain ever thankful to you if i could help them beat the exam blues through your help.Thanks.

(my mail id :- liby_ch (at)

Another reply to Vikram (Mail Today)

[ Thu, 21 Feb 2008 06:01:45 -0500 ]

Mr. Vikram Kumar ,

This is in regard to your article that was published on jan28, 2008.. You just summed up, the entire N.E community in your article.. quite easily, I must say. I didnt know that N.E girls are easy targets for prostitution...since they.......(can you give me a valid explanation...or what were your assumptions based upon...??) I was....(for the lack of appropriate words) ..APPALLED... after reading your article which gave me an insight into your sorry state of your mind..... are you a Journalist by any chance?? Please stop writing and do the whole nation a favour..

I would strongly suggest that you pay a visit to any of the N.E state and get your facts right... making a generalised comment on girls from any community, leave alone the N.E girls, is showing disrespect to women in general.. Do you live in Delhi??... I suppose.. that makes the task easier. .please open our eyes and look around.. .you will see what you need to see and not just what you want to see.. you wont just find the mongoloids with flimsy outfits walking around, fagging away their parents investments to glory.

I dont need to yell it out to convey how much this article of yours has hurt me and my friends and I request you that in future please try and be a little sensible and dont abuse your professional liberties.. you have a responsibility and the ability to bring a positive change. Next time when you write, please get your facts right and be free of any prejudices..

Paonam Thoibi - BHU

Has E-Pao become a platform to ease out personal frustration?

[ Thu, 21 Feb 2008 03:01:41 -0500 ]

I am a big fan of e-pao. E-pao team has been doing a great job. We all the people of Manipur are so proud of E-pao and it has become part and parcel of our life. I have seen so many cases where non-resident Manipuris come to know each from E-pao and become a good friend in a foreign land. E-Pao is a boon for non-resident Manipuri. It has been a platform for expressing and discussing social and political matters. I think that this is also platform aspiring writers to write, publish and enjoy sharing with their fellow Manipuri.

However I would like to bring up one concern I have. Recently I read an article by Shanti Thochom published on 20' Feb and I observed that some lines very personal and felt that they need to be well reviewed before publishing. Like for example - She criticized so many people in her story and used very blunt language to them. I think that, those are more of her personal matter and that need not be included for a general reader. Nobody knows what she telling is truth and even if she thinks it is true, people have different perspective and different opinion. I think that, it will be wrong to publish something that will fuel hatred and give negative impression to somebody that we don't know.

This also make me wonder whether E-pao is endorsing what ever she said is right and publishing it on the internet all over the world. It also makes me think of those people to whom she is using blunt language, what would be their reaction be if they read it and will they still like e-pao after reading it. I strongly felt that, if E-pao continue publishing this kind of hate story, it will be helping more in destructing relationship and it will become just a platform for spreading personal propaganda and hatred among our people.


AIDS - A source of money for NGOs

[ Wed, 20 Feb 2008 12:47:45 -0500 ]

Manipur is the only state in India where the number of AIDS patients never decreases even after getting lots of funds and help from different sources. The actual number of patients may decrease but in order to get funds, the number is still stable which was once few years back. Is AIDS a medium to get money for those who call themselves social workers. These words may sound odd I do believe its now the time to scan these NGOs and ban them from taking further funds in the name of deadly diseases. AIDS in Manipur spread due to sharing of Syringe among drug addicts. During the peak of Golden Triangle Era, Manipur was of the main market for Heroin as Manipur had International Market at Moreh (Border of Manipur and Myanmar). Youngsters became victim of drug abuse and get infected with AIDS and ultimately spreads via many means like sharing of syringe, husband to wife, mother to son and so on. However, due to effort of several NGOs, the number of patients decreased in course of time. But the real effort goes to several organisations rather than NGOs who gave severe punishment to those drug addicts which avoids the future youngsters from landing into the paths of needles and syringe. Whatsoever if may be what we observed now is - AIDS has become a hot property in Manipur. Proper survey and scanning of NGOs is required otherwise these NGOs will be always sucking money and spoiling our state image by showing wrong numbers.

Khuraijam Jibankumar

Make people entertained to match theme

[ Wed, 20 Feb 2008 08:25:17 -0500 ]

I have been browsing for about three years ago. Now I am extremely impressed with all the content of this website. The recent news are getting everyday, though many manipuri stay outside Manipur for study or jobs and they really do not need to ask their friend for the news in Manipur by making a call or letter. Again, I wish to your site to put some more things that could make people entertained more than before, to match the theme of this website. As it's name shows a news related site, I again want to put some news related video happening in Manipur which could more impressed to the person who regurlarly browse What I love most about is efrenz, which I can contact all my friends and we are able to connect with others manipuri friends. Here,we are linking to those Manipur settled in Bangladesh and other staes of India or foreign countries. As you are probably aware, is why people come to the web and surf. By allowing visitors to post their articles on your website, you are now providing informative CONTENT for your visitors. These are some of my feedback regarding your valuable website of MANIPUR - ""

Naorem Bipin - KSR COLLEGE ,TN

Politicians are not cat on the wall

[ Tue, 19 Feb 2008 02:48:56 -0500 ]

Good news, "Politicians are not cat on the wall" as against my earlier suggestion "Politicians are cat on the wall". Now it seems they are with Mr. Ibobi. Thanks for showing maturity. they belong somewhere. Good for them . Good for their family. Now they can get some share (funds sanctioned from the centre for the development of Manipur). They will become rich again. This is good timing actually since the funds were released only recently. But now what is to be enquired is, who was bearing all the expences for the entire dissidents while they were stay put in Delhi? Was it the tax-payers money or from their own pocket? But what difference will it make? Whether tax-payers money or their pocket money, either way both belongs to them. Long Live Manipur. long live politicians. Way to go. Its very sad that I've to eat my own words. Thats whats worrying me and nothing else!!!


Reforms for Manipuri Film

[ Mon, 18 Feb 2008 05:40:57 -0500 ]

Hello mr/ms. e-pao operator, dont get obsessed. This is the first time that I am leaving an opinion on your desk. I have searched it a lot but couldnt find any clippings of Manipuri films. I would be very thankful to you if you provide these. And one more thing, what is up with those "English Dictions" being used in the films? It is very awkward. If they dont know how to pronounce the words properly then leave it. Since my non-manipuri friends are also watching the movies, it feels embarassing in front of them when our top actors speaks in "Broken English". Please clear your dictions and please get out of the family oriented kind of films only. Try to adapt more stories which deals with social problems. e.g, boys who are nowadays addicted towards SP and all. Try to reform the society through the medium of your films. Please forgive me if I have offended anything but this is the truth. I seek for your forgiveness.


No form for MPSC?

[ Sat, 16 Feb 2008 11:10:34 +0530 ]

I, Gaikhamdim Marangmei, would like to request you to kindly help me and some of my friends and I guess there are many more like me who are waiting for this. Well the MPSC have informed and have clearly written in the notification that the form will be available in the official site from 11 feb 2008, but till now they have not uploaded the form and more over they have not given email to contact them. So through you, I would like to request the concerned authority to kindly upload the form, so that many student outside can downloaded and sent back home.

G Marangmei - New Delhi

What have we(I) done for Manipur?

[ Thu, 14 Feb 2008 03:07:59 -0500 ]

"Craft of peddling shame : Panthoibi Emporium at Delhi". by Chaoba Devi of Sangai Express. My heartfelt congrats to Choaba Devi for doing some investigative journalism. But I was wondering if Chaoba Devi has any enmity with the management of this Emporium. Because we (Manipuri) never object to any wrongs unless of course we have some enmity with them. And what would also be more interesting to know is, if you ask the management of this emporium as to what went wrong, they would come out with a ready-made excuse to put the blame on someone else. This proves the fact that Manipuri's lack the courage to take the blame/responsibility, but they have enough courage to play the blame game. This is evident from the fact that the head of this government, CM Mr. Ibobi does not want to take responsibilities instead he is happy blaming someone else. Am I blaming soneone? I'm a Manipuri. I'm no different. All these time we have been asking, what has he/she done for Manipur. But have we ever tried asking what have we (I) done for Manipur? Yet we take offence. No wonder mayangs make fun of us in Delhi. Lets try asking this question to ourselves and see where we land up. Once again Choaba Devi, congratulation. Keep up the good work. But what is to be seen is would it make any difference to us, to them?????


Add job postings from Manipur

[ Thu, 14 Feb 2008 01:47:21 -0500 ]

I would like to request to update the announcement with various current happening's of Manipur like job, quick infos, health care, awareness or any other govt./non govt. ads/announcement. I think it will help many people outside to see such informations. In Job Posting sections all jobs from across the country are given but jobs of Manipur like MPSC,MU and govt./non govt. are not even indicated. Thus this means that Manipur is not recruiting any personnels or either no one is posting the advt. even though broadcast in various medias. I think regular updates of such will attract more and more people seeking various information.

Laishram Chalamba - NIT, Silchar

Add zing with Manipuri Film Stars!

[ Wed, 13 Feb 2008 13:29:39 +0530 ]

Kindly include a column specially devoted for Manipuri Film Stars. Whatever it be, film gossip or picture gallery, it will be an eye wonder or will be a sort of different entertaining element. I really think it will add an extra zing to the already popular E-pao. Salute to e-pao team.


People want peace

[ Tue, 12 Feb 2008 06:09:25 -0500 ]

My name is Pardip Gurung. I m form Dubai U.A.E. I have been working here for three year. I m a Nepali but I was born in Manipur. I love Manipur, I like the culture, the food, place, festival but what has happened to this tiny state Manipur, there are always killings, bandhs, strikes, corruption, it gives a bad image to Manipur. Whenever I open your web there is always sad news. When it will stop? We all people want peace in the country.

Pardip Gurung - Dubai U.A.E.

Abolish all anti-social organizations

[ Fri, 8 Feb 2008 03:22:28 -0500 ]

"DESAM expels member". One day there won't be any DESAM member left because they would have expelled everyone by then. I wish the other anti-social organizations or rather "mayang's agents" also follow suit. Why mayang's agents - because they (anti-social organizations) will extort money from mayang and the mayang in turn have to increase only 50 paise per kg on any item. That way the mayangs earn far more than what they have been extorted with. So you see there is a nexus between the mayang and these anti-social organizations. They give the mayangs an opportunity to earn more at the expense of the general public. One more incident to prove this. Earlier the barbers used to charge only Rs. 5 for hair cut per person. Ever since these anti-social organizations started extorting money from them, the barbers are charging Rs. 10 now. But what of the general public who now have to pay extra Rs. 5. I wish one day we abolish all these anti-social organizations.


Good points of having NIT in Manipur

[ Fri, 8 Feb 2008 03:27:32 -0500 ]

I would like to put up some few good points of having NIT in Manipur. As we all know that Manipur is a better place for peaceful living together with all communities, besides instability in law and conditions otherwise. In my opinion, Manipur has less(or non as I would say) nationally recognised Technical Institute as compared to other neighbouring states like Tripura, Meghalaya, Assam etc. which have atleast one Technical Institute recognised by the govt. due to wish students from Manipur are compelled to go out of the state for their Technical Degrees which spends thousands of our state resources even though we are economically backward as compared to other.

Still today, we are going to NERIST, Tezpur University or NEHU for Technical Course although Manipur University and some other institutes came into being for such courses. But if we have such an Institute here within Manipur, atleast some few thousands can be saved for the development of the state. I have found that many companies both govt. sector and non-govt. sector came for the campus recruitment which means a sure job for the qualifying candidates. If such institutes werr in Manipur then atleast some Manipuri fellow be selected for jobs. I personnally seen such recruitments as I am working in NIT Silchar. Here I found not a single candidate who are eligible is left without job offer in reputed companies either govt/non govt . Here a candidate is getting atleast more than two job offers at the minimum even when he/she is BTech. I think such a campus offer is an easy chance to solve some unemployment problem in Manipur, by establishing such national level Technical Institute, some poor families who cannot affort to send their wards outside for technical education may have a chance.

In return some huge amount of financial flow to other states will be solved and students can study without any harrassment by other main land people of India who treated all the north east people are of low class people and discriminated beyond the limits of tolerance by the people from the region. Last but not the least, I would like to request Manipur to decide a better place to start such Institute and have the benefits of having such. iIf any words is used which hurts the sentiments of any community please forgive me I don't mean to hurt the sentiments.

Laishram Chalamba Singh - NIT, Silchar.

Parents not expecting kids to excel in studies

[ Mon, 4 Feb 2008 06:43:35 -0500 ]

This refers to the feedback "Change of Lifestyle" by dear fellow Manipuri JibanKumar. Yes I fully agree with Mr Jibankumar that most of the students from our state are wasting their time and money. In fact more than 80% of the state students are doing so. I too felt the same way you felt about state students studing outside Manipur, to be studious. And it was a shock to me too. But it took little time for me to realize the situation. If my understanding is to be believed, with bandh and strike sponsoring and supporting many (too many) organizations active in Manipur, it is quiet natural for the parents to send their wards outside Manipur even for schooling, leave alone technical education. And what is more interesting to know is, the parents of these wards does not expect their children to excel in studies. All they want from them is that they are not associated with the many organizations in Manipur. Thats true. Its high time they(many organizations) realized, its not paying any dividents.


Change of Lifestyle

[ Sun, 3 Feb 2008 12:29:15 -0500 ]

When I was in our state I thought those who are studying outside our state are all good in studies. But when I visited the places like Bangalore, Delhi, Madras, Pune and Gwalior, I was surprised to see most of the students from our state are roaming here and there wasting their time and hard earn money of their parents. Only few of them excel in their studies the remaining I don't know for what purpose they are in these places. I was really shocked to see their changes in lifestyle; they have completely forgotten our culture. How can a society develop when one couldn't maintain their own culture? Is our culture only confined when we are only in our state? One should remember we are still Manipuri when we are outside our state. So our dear parents should be well aware and should take proper steps to avoid their sons/daughters from landing into any bad company or bad habits. Above all one should remember for what purpose he/she is in that state or city? We should remember we belongs to a very poor state, so its our sole duty to work hard and make our state an economically and culturally developed state. Its not the time to waste money/time we are far back behind all the states in all spheres of development - education, economy, agriculture and so on. Lets study and work hard for our bright future and for our state. Lets make our state a better place to live. I do hope everyone won't mind my views. But these are some of my concern for my state which I want to express through to my fellow Manipuris who are outside Manipur or in Manipur.


Develop Labour Intensive - Hemp!

[ Sun, 3 Feb 2008 12:14:58 -0500 ]

Surely the proud Indian Army have not become the tools of American cultural imperialism? India has so much to gain by re-adopting Hemp based Industries and utilizing the medicinal qualities of certain strains. India must lead the world in developing Labour Intensive, rather than Profit Intensive Industries. After opening the Hemp markets, India could become self-sufficient in Fibre, Bio-fuel, and high-grade Protein. Instead it appears as though the once proud Rifles have become the blackshirts and Iron fist of American Pharmacuetical and Petrochemical interests. How else can you begin to explain how a widespread and naturally occurring Herb, guaranteed to all humankind by God on the first page of genesis, has become the excuse to abuse individuals and the most basic human rights? War against free citizens over a herb = fascism.


Stop E-pao chat

[ Sun, 3 Feb 2008 10:35:02 -0500 ]

I've been using E-pao chat from the past 2 yrs, still there is no significance of existing E-pao chat. Always throwing bad words to each other. Aint there any means to stop it? Why dont E-pao team stop Chat feature. Come and inspect a day. Thats now a place for abusing. I think your team got many complaints regarding Chat. Aint it? It's shame that your team is letting it happen.


Contributions from e-pao netizens

[ Fri, 1 Feb 2008 04:02:11 -0500 ]

I'm not here to start any blame game, since I'm not a politician, nor am I innovative enough to come out with a solution. All I want is the participation of the e-pao netizens to contribute. And where to contribute? Thats also in itself is a very big question (where to contribute)!! This is how I would want it. With e-pao's help I would like to initiate a column where we can list down the reasons behind the present state of Manipur be it economy, infrastructure, education, reasons for many people leaving Manipur either for studies, business or whatever. And then e-pao in turn can have one of the news agencies to have it published in their issue in a seperate column, reserved for the same purpose, every day. The person or the organization we are not happy with can be made to understand whatever they are doing does not have public support. That way they can also have an opportunity to rectify thier misdeeds. This can also be in the form of a survey. I know e-pao team must have also been thinking of initiating similar kind of service for quite long time. Why don't e-pao team take my email as a reminder. And also I did read the feedback "Druglords prey on N-E girls" :: Mail Today". The article in the "Mail Today" was very disheartening. But one cannot rule out the possibility. And lets stop taking offence whenever anything is said of N-E people. We are also human beings, we too have black sheeps in our society, but yes comparatively less. This is not to hurt anybody's feelings, especially "iamih". I'm very sorry if I have. I would want "iamih" instead to contribute in suggesting, if at all N-E girls are really involved, how to discourage them by bringing them back to the main stream. And also it would be worthwhle to find out what promted them to take up this extreme step. Any suggestions !!!!!!


"Druglords prey on N-E girls" :: Mail Today

[ Wed, 30 Jan 2008 12:00:15 -0500 ]

"The next time a cocaine addict in Delhi orders for a fix, ..., it'll probably be a young, trendy Northeast Indian girl. And for a few extra thousands, she'll put sex on offer as well"; That is what Kumar Vikram wrote in the article title "Druglords prey on N-E girls to act as peddlers " in MAILTODAY on January 28, 2008.

Is this how ignorant mainland people see us? or is it just an One ignorant's view?


Want News Video in e-pao

[ Wed, 30 Jan 2008 00:43:04 -0500 ]

I think it will be a great pleasure to include video clipping in e-pao web page for the latest happenings in Manipur. I have been viewing video clipping in BBcnews about the current Kenya crisis and other world information daily and it is very delighted to see them. So if there is a possibility please include it in your web-page please.


Radio blew my mind away!

[ Sat, 26 Jan 2008 04:55:02 -0500 ]

Congrats E-PAO! Well, I got to listen to your radio yesterday and it really blew my mind away, reminding me of yesteryears. And I really thank the the e-pao Team. A million thanks to you and keep it up. I think it be a great thing if you guys put those "shumang leela" (Comedy of Manipuri) in the air too. Thank a lot.


This site has become useless!

[ Sat, 26 Jan 2008 04:27:14 -0500 ]

This site has become useless as we cannot chat with anyone and I do not know what is the problem with it let us try and work out something better so that we do not face any sort of difficulty in such cases and this is just a small example but there are lots of problems with our site and whoever is maintaining it please look for the better version and be updated and not outdated.


something special to me....

[ Thu, 24 Jan 2008 08:27:51 -0500 ]

Its been 15 years, I am here in kerala. I had forgotten all Manipuri thoughts but you remember me a lot....thanks to your site... I feel like I am there in I am able to know all the basic news happening there.. It will be better if you were able to give video link to YouTube (I meant important news only)... which must able to access from EPao...Thanks..... a lot may be I am too late....even then......I like to see my motherland I am coming there soon.....see you...


Dont burn, sell it?

[ Mon, 21 Jan 2008 06:50:38 -0500 ]

This refers to the news article "Tobacco items worth over Rs 26 lacs seized". I'm very glad to know that the people of Manipur is waking up to the Drug and intoxicant menace. I think with developments as this, Manipur will surely become a safer place for the younger generations to come. In fact we should encourage more and more people contribute in this front. But at the same time it was very disheartening to know that the whole seized item was burnt. Instead, I feel we should have sent it back to where it came from. Yes it does sound very unethical. But what of the money involved. After all it was Manipur's money. The money could have been used for some other useful purposes. If not, could have been donated to UG or given to the so called many student's organization, so that at least for some time they won't extort money from the public. That would be a good relief to the public also.


Log your complaint to

[ Mon, 21 Jan 2008 00:56:40 -0500 ]

With the rise in the number of crime rates against the people of the state, i would like to bring to your notice, this very important information about a web site called as This is a site of an NGO started by Ms Kiran Bedi you can go to this site an log your complaint regarding any crime if the police at your place is not accepting your complaint. Then this NGO will mail your complaint to the DGP of your area. You can also use this mail as the legal document in case of filing a case in the court of judgment. This is to be noted that this site is directly administered by Ms Kiran Bedi so all your mails directly goes to her. I am software engineer, located in chennai and I need your help in spreading this small piece of information to the mass. This site may not guarantee a sure justice but this can give some hope for the helpless.


Irrelevant opinion

[ Fri, 18 Jan 2008 22:58:59 -0500 ]

I, Govind Meitei who wrote the article- Manipur - past, present and future would like to share a few sentences viz-a- viz the views expressed by Roopam Baraua. Before doing anything else, on behalf of E-Pao members, I thank Roopam Barua for reading and analyzing the topic specially/especially Socio- Economic plight and predicament of our state. Once again, I appreciate you for extending such a valuable comment. At the same time, I feel regret to express that some of the points which are pointed out by you are utterly and completely irrelevant. Some of them are presented as below.
Dear Roopam,
You have mentioned that the topic is not properly edited ( Please have a glance in your sentence- its not properly edited-one mistake here ) and this - how things become contradicting - How? Here, I am against the opinion that only editing the topic/articles properly will bring the solution for contradiction even if it is happened so. Now, let us forgive and forget the editor. Please let us know- what is the contradiction as mentioned by you? Dear Roopam, Can I put one sincere request to have one more glance or so the sub-topic-Education System. I believe the topic is only general facts of education system which is openly known to Manipuris. At one stage, you cited that I have committed grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Here, I would like react-is it relevant to point out in such a manner. I expressed the general facts of education system in Maniput as mentioned in the topic whereas you are you are telling the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I assume/presume that you have misunderstood me as non-Manipuri/Meitei. If it is so, you are completely wrong. You might not be the first one who read the article. Till now, no negative reaction has come. If the topic is (totally) against the sentiment of Manipuris, somebody will certainly blast something. Again, is it relevant- Dear Roopam, Manipuris are ignorant ,lazy and not doing their duty properly as mentioned by you. It is a really a surprising conclusion and not a foregone conclusion. I may be excused for the sole reason that my English is not bold. But if you blame the Manipuris like this, I believe - no people from Manipur will spare or forgive you. Please bear in mind, the purpose of writing this article is not the one what you think or mean. All the topics/articles which are published through E -Pao are to express/translate something which is relevant to Manipur and not to show/demonstrate one's level of English language. Lastly not the least, you also have blamed the editor of E-Pao for broadcasting information coming from a place in socio-political turmoil. At this juncture, I partially agree with you - regarding the responsibility and totally oppose in case of provoking information. How/What this topic provokes and to whom? Further, how are you telling that the editor is (un) biased and prejudiced? Again, here, I will say there is no linkage between the topic - Education system and what you meant. I believe -Publishing the general facts may not be biased. I am so weak in English as described by you that I am not able to follow on what way you want to construe the statement starting from- Seeing an...... meant for!

Govind Meitei

Are we safe?

[ Fri, 18 Jan 2008 16:54:53 -0500 ]

To, The GOVT. of Manipur, how long will our state manipur will remain as killing field .. we the citizen of Manipur feel unsafe just to come back to our home state Manipur ........... How long will this situation move on ? Who will be responsible for all this act ? Do the government and society think that exchange with ex gratia will solve the problem, How long will the battle field will continue ... When can we breathe fresh air with healthy mind in our state Manipur , Who is the responsible for this evil act in our society ?

Rakib Sichuan University, Chengdu China

Download songs like earlier

[ Sun, 13 Jan 2008 21:59:16 -0500 ]

As I am staying aboard, my suggestion is, since we are far from our motherland, Manipur, we will not able to go and buy the music of Manipur, We hardly hear our manipuri songs, so please if you can open the music box, like earlier, so that we can download songs to any system, so that we will be able to listen to our songs, and also please update the songs. And also open the MB to only registered users, because with this we all will be in touch with the friends. We are proud to be Manipuri!

Th. Raaj B. Singh

a more engaging debate/ dialogues

[ Fri, 11 Jan 2008 13:38:30 -0500 ]

I like reading the articles and everything that E-Pao and its contributors have to offer. Well done on ur 8th anniversary. But I was wondering if compared to most modern Website, it still is a little static and Web 1.0. More specifically I was wondering if more element of Web 2.0 could be part of the web site, like when I am reading an article, I would really like to leave my opinions and comments. This can be more than just a feedback but can result in a more engaging debate/ dialogues regarding burning issues. And instead of displaying in the traditional static sense, how about implementing a more user involving system like an upload field. An admin can be the judge os what to include and what not to include. Well all these might sound a little social networking but I am not asking u to implement social networking; most manipuri would not budge from orkut and I won't from facebook; but element of social networking can be borrowed in enhancing your website which has become the premier portal for Manipur.


Lack of Purpose

[ Fri, 11 Jan 2008 10:47:39 -0500 ]

When people lack purpose and direction, they see no opportunity. If a person has the desire to accomplish something , knows the direction to move to achieve his objective , has the direction to stay focused , and basic funda and approach required to put in the hard work, then success follows. But if don't have purpose and direction , it doesn't matter what else you have , you wont succeed. Courage is the foundation upon which all else is built a right " Right Public Forum" and it endures apart of ingredients of finest quality in right proportions. In short , All you guys just need to set and prepare a Well-defined goals to give a society forum a sense of direction , a feeling of accomplishment when it reaches its goals. Which brings a society a sense of prupose and vision. Lastly ' all mankind are nearly always willing to believe what they wish but definitely not true specially in Public forum .. apparently that shows the randomeness to the very Organization. Keeping the spirits of E pao.

(dot) simple

Solution to Racism - "On Par"

[ Wed, 9 Jan 2008 03:48:42 -0500 ]

It is a fact that India is one of the very racist countries. It is also fact that Indians are not aware of its internal racisim. Racism that is prevalent in India is not considered as racism by Indians. So, it is understandable if Indians were hurt by the racism in London against Indians, or North Easterners were hurt by the racism in Delhi. Are we, Manipuris, aware of our own internal racism? People get offended when they are called "Pangal", "Mayang", "Hao", "Lawai macha", "Loi", etc. What is the solution to this? Rarely the victimized community gets external and influential help when the magnitude of the racism is enormous. Most of the time, the only solution is to ignore it and just work hard to come on par with the others. It have come a long way. If we tell our stories of hurt feelings to the previous generation Manipuris who have studied in Delhi, it would be a completely shocking and different story. And we still have a long way to go. The world is like that. It is not just India or Manipur. As I mentioned, the only solution is that we come up to the level of others, be it on our own or with whatever support we can get. Once we are on par, it does not matter how we look, pug nosed or small eyed. It is unfortunate that the dressing of the NE or the western tourists are sexually appealing to most Indians. I know it is wrong to remain without sex till middle of one's life and also wrong to target weaker prey. But it is better to be safe. Just avoid anything that invites trouble, until the day comes when we can get justice of atrocities towards us. We fight for justice and at the same time be careful. I know our blood might boil, but it does not help. It is the reality.


Politicians are 'cat on the wall'

[ Tue, 8 Jan 2008 06:04:23 -0500 ]

Before I go on with my views, let me make it clear that I'm neither in favour nor against CM Mr. Ibobi (after all he is a politician). With this email I'm trying to put in some senses to the Ministers who are camping at Delhi. Its been quite some time now they have been camping there. What my point is if the Congress higher authorities are not listening, why stay put up there? Either come back, join hands with Ibobi again or defect from congress (like you always do) and start a new party. Dont be a cat on the wall. If enjoying life at delhi is their intention, then that's a different story altogether (I was in delhi for some time and as the rumours goes, I know some of the few things ministers do when they come to Delhi). The citizens of Manipur need to ask what are they doing there? I think e-pao should initiate a campaign.


Rs 18 Thousands and not 18 lakhs

[ Sun, 6 Jan 2008 20:40:40 -0500 ]

This refers to the news "Financial Aids to Mr. Manipur" currently online at your esteemed portal. I wish to point out that Mr. Pradipkumar received Rs 18 thousand and not Rs 18 lakhs from the donors on the felicitation day. I will appreciate very much if you kindly put a corrigendum in this regard for information of the readers. Mr. Pradipkumar needs to mobilize more funds to prepare for Mr India competition in March. This error may hamper his prospects of getting assistance he badly needs from other sources. I discussed the matter with him today. I fully trust that e-pao will help Pradipkumar in getting more helps by showcasing his success story. Thanking you.

Dr. Rajkumar - (Pradipkumar's uncle) - Toronto

Give it a sober look

[ Thu, 3 Jan 2008 00:16:24 -0500 ]

hey congratulations! 8 years or 100 years makes no difference. The fact that there arn't any other portal to rival e-pao in terms of news reporting (although bad reporting and bad grammar of Sangai Express sometimes reflects badly on you guys), entertainment and for propping up a platform for budding writers, says a lot about you guys. Keep it up and all the best in every ventures of yours. About the new look, everytime I open your site, it kind of makes me wonder whether yaosang is already here!. Maybe its got to do with the different colours you give for each letter of "E-PAO" and different colours for bottons of "MAIL" "CHAT" etc. and then you guys seem to get bored or you ran out of colours for the rest of the bottons! Yeah, my problem is with the overall look.. give it a sober look.


Meitei-mayek is not distictly visible

[ Thu, 3 Jan 2008 05:04:20 -0500 ]

Wishing you & e-pao team a very Happy New Year & Prosperous New Year-08. The new looks of e-pao is better & impressive. Good Work ! But E-pao written in Meitei-mayek is not distictly visible, if possible.. Please change the font color.. a bit darker one. Cheers to Manipuris! Peace & Development to Manipur.


Message to readers - Compliments & contribute!

[ Wed, 2 Jan 2008 06:29:23 -0500 ]

I would take the opportunity to thank you all for your hard effort and contribution to create this website. It is very excellent for me as sitting in Germany, I can procure detail of happening in my home town, Manipur also known as Kangleipak and it is really worth because I have never been to Manipur since my childhood for the last 28 years. Brilliant work and this is an urging message to the fellow readers who post their messages, that instead of suppressing or giving negative comments, I would appreciate if you all pull up your socks to contibute and compliments the piece of work for more improvement, if you really think so! If not, atleast don't bother others in their afford and commitment towards work.

Amu kok chau - Germany

Nonsense confusion

[ Sat, 29 Dec 2007 14:29:20 -0500 ]

I've read the article written by Chong Singsit "Role of DNA in tracing ancestry..........genetics and the Kuki society". Firstly, I appreciate the hardwork and labour she might have put in bringing out her article. But with regard to her claim that a group of people from the Chin-Kuki-Mizo undergo a DNA test under the supervision of so-and-so is "completely nonsense". If they had done such things, why not published the result for the public. I've came across some articles published on a local paper in Churachandpur (the writer of the article which I don't remember) that the DNA test was a 99% positive (which I doubt), and that the Chin-Kuki-Mizo are one of the lost tribes. So please, please....I pray to all not to publish an article without a solid proof. They are just creating a "nonsense confusion" in the reader's mind.


gramatical errors and spelling mistakes

[ Fri, 28 Dec 2007 03:14:30 -0500 ]

I strongly feel that the article pasted in your website by Mr. Govind is a good attempt in throwing light to the contemporay socio-political scenario in Manipur and via internet making it known to the world mass. The points raised are very true indeed but very emotional. According to my observation the socio-political scenario in all the North eastern states are more or less similar. I liked the article because it has a essence of "Research work", at the same time I am not happy because its not properly edited, and this how things became contradicting- How? The writer talks about the educational system in Manipur and how schools lacks in providing proper teaching methodology because of whom students suffer. And the writer have drawn innumerable examples to prove his point one of them is how english being taught in schools - but my dear friend Govind, have you realised how gramatical errors and spelling mistakes you have commited? One can excuse you for the sole reason that your command over English language is not very bold is understood, but don't you think its duty on your part to opt/request to the editing team of the website to edit your copy. This is one major problem of we the North Eastern people we don`t realize, admit and try working on the mistakes we do. To the editor of this website I refer to this website very often and feel good to see such bold and thought provoking information coming from a place in socio-political turmoil, so you need to be more responsible and unbiased in dealing with any information. Seeing an unedited article like this questions the credibility of the information published in your website and how the person in power not utilizing/doing its duty or lacking in showing results, which they are meant for. Sorry, if I have hurt your sentiments(which is not intended), expect to see more thought provoking, responsile, unbiased flow of information on your part.

Roopam Baruah

* Comments posted by users in this discussion thread and other parts of this site are opinions of the individuals posting them (whose user ID is displayed alongside) and not the views of We strongly recommend that users exercise responsibility, sensitivity and caution over language while writing your opinions which will be seen and read by other users. Please read a complete Guideline on using comments on this website.

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