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- Fubar Ghetto Band -
Current - March 2013
  • Guitars Vikram Chongtham
  • Bass Raju R.K
  • Drums & Percussion Aditya Singh

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Email: fubarghetto(at)gmail(dot)com

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Mar 30 2013: Vapour, Gurgaon
Apr 5 2013: Law Faculty Auditorium, Delhi University


Fubar Ghetto - Band Members

Fubar Ghetto at  the Czech Embassy, New Delhi
Fubar Ghetto at the Czech Embassy, New Delhi

Vikram Chongtham (Guitars)

Born in a family with a strong musical tradition, Vikram has been musically active since the last 20 years. Son of Chongtham Kamala, the famous Hindustani and Rabindra Sangeet singer in Manipur he started playing the Accordion, Hawaiian and Spanish guitar at the age of 8 and grew up performing for All India Radio. It was during his two years stint in Calcutta in the early 1990s that he was introduced to classical and jazz music by eminent musicians at the Calcutta School of Music.

He has been a member of a few rock bands in Imphal Ė the most notable of which being Ultra Vires, Phoenix and Eastern Dark. Having played in more than 300 concerts, he has 30 albums and 120 singles to his credit as a session musician.

Vikram now works as an instructor at a Music School, affiliated to The Trinity School of Music, UK. He owns a Gibson, customized Ibanez and Nylon String ClassicalGuitar and uses BB plus, Compressor Sustainer, Horsie Pedal, Roland and Marshall Amp speaker.

Raju R.K (Bass/Guitar)

Raju is a self-taught bass player and guitarist who honed his skills in Jazz Bass under the tutelage of Karl Peters (Mumbai). He has played in some influential bands such as Dizzy and Cannibals which played throughout India in the early 90s. While in Mumbai, Raju was a sought after session musician and also performed with the well-known outfit The Hoboes in the late 90s.

He has also been a member of the Indian Harm Reduction Experience in Delhi. Rajuís playing is greatly inspired by Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report, Stu Hamm and Jeff Berlin.Raju plays a Warwick Corvette 6 string Bass, Fender Jazz Bass 5 String, Ibanez 5 String Fretless using Hartke 5500 Amp and XL 410 Speakers with Zoom B9 ut 09 multi effects processor.

Aditya Singh (Drums & Percussion)

Aditya is a self-taught musician, playing the drums and percussion for the last 15 years. He has played with bands and theater groups while at the University of Delhi. Aditya's playing is inspired by musical spontaneity and improvisation. Aditya plays a Mapex Vx series drum kit with Zildjian cymbals and a Tama Stagestar with Sabian Cymbals using Vic Firth sticks.

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