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  Ronid Chingangbam's Corner
  ** Some of the poems are PG-rated **
  Burma, Embrace Me Please    The Rich and the Poor
  Ode to Mary    O Loktak! When will you stop being a myth?
   Happy Cheiraoba   Cabbage Blues
  Ema Keithel   Manipur Stop Spanking Me
  Haiku by Akhu   For the Foreign made Arms
  Curfew   love in the time of killings
  to the CM   Dogs in my Land
  Bir Tikendrajit Road   As the dead mother sings
  Broken   A Market
  Jesus In Crossfire   Dance My Love Dance
  Mang-gi paodam ama: Qutub Minar - mHgi paAoduM Ama : kutub minar   Shamu Makhong - smu mKoH
  Yes, I am the patriot   An Answer
  Da Kishan   Da Kishan (Part 2)
  Letter to the Editor   That Evening (Winter, 2006)
  Our Private Literature   Allen Ginsberg's letter to Kangleipak
  The October Blast   Kafir
  Imphal Talkies and Ngakpa   For the Hero I have lost before Spring
  That's me!   How I wish not to be you
  In This Land!   Drifting To The River!
  The Newspaper   Chimes Of Freedom!
  Akhu's Protest Blues   Political Idiots
  A Silent Summer Night   Ode To Leaves of Grass
  I am naked   The Warrior
  Poetic Quests   Reciting haiku over crossroad by a cuckoo
  haiku of may   The Masked Brotherhood Blues
  Here I Am   Free Forever
  New Delhi, The Capital   House Arrestee And Beggar
  Lament   A Sketch of No Man's Land (Moreh)
  Independence Day   My Love
  Lets Scream   Alone You Suffer