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Lacksadical attitude and careless behaviour of officials

[ Tue, Nov 09, 2010 7:33 am ]

Mr Fareez5feb you are right that though our Manipuris lads had done extremely well with their performance in the games, one of them Renu Bala was not provided any official vehicle. It's the lacksadical attitude and careless behaviour of the officials who needs to be questioned. But this must be common and nothing particular to North East or our Kangliepak. Actual gr8 work by our Manipuris sports men who made our state and our country proud by their excellent performance every time. Its actual shame to the officials who have not provided these basic amenities. And a gr8 sportsmen had to go on a public conveyance. Jaago !!! to these officials.

RK Surjit

We have this habit of blaming others..

[ Mon, Nov 08, 2010 6:16 am ]

I thoroughly agree with you, Gautam. It is only us which brought all these so-called schemes and fooling the ignorant masses. The problem lies in us only, we just try to mint money by fooling our own fellows. The paradox is very clear. We have this habit of blaming others so rudely or criticising others vehemently and proudly and their systems, of which we are already very much a part, when we don't have nothing in our hands to feel ourselves proud. This notorious corruption from lowest to highest office in the state, corrupted bureaucrats and ministers, meddling with the smooth running of schools' and colleges' administrations and leading to collapsing of higher education in the state,etc. Who is responsible? Think yourself, analyse critically without shadowing your superficial interest. Nobody is going to change, only ourselves. If we love our kangleipak, it is our responsibility also to make her proud, to make her laugh. What kind of pride do we have now, except those legacies of our ancestors!!!! What kind of freedom we want when little school-kids(Kangleichas) are made to spoil at home and let them put at the mercy of drugs and uncivilised culture of ignorant violence against helpless innocents...

There is complete "Mistaken Identity." Peace will come only when we stop abusing others and start working, shedding our laziness. All problems will confront with their respective solutions when children are in schools, youths working harder to compete with others, all people focus on their jobs, there is no corruption, no black money then no black politics, then no black people, no black politicians then our mamangi totido esing lakpa hougani, nong chubada lambi chatpa nungaigani, mei matikchana funglankani, atoppa mibusu nungsirakani and eikhoi masen nungsi chananna leirakani, ema leipak haraogani, manipur yaiphagani.... think my manipuri frens......very simple if we stop greediness, a bit broad-minded, stop dominating helpless people, start to learn lessons from our past mis! takes and achievements and work more harder to put ourselves in the world map also. Long Live Manipur.


The best site ever!

[ Wed, Nov 03, 2010 9:11 am ]

E-pao is the best site ever. Didn't know earlier that so much is there to read.


Some Oo-morok / U-morok facts

[ Mon, Nov 01, 2010 2:00 am ]

Dear dan_satur, Some facts about this chilli. Naga Jalokia (in Nagaland) or Bhot Jalokia (in Assam) or Oo-Morok (in Manipuri) are the same. The chilli has been included in the Guinness book of world records as the hottest chilli. The chilli originates from the NorthEast. There has been some disputes as the NE states are claiming it to be theirs.
Assam claim: The Assam claims that the chilli is theirs. It is not called 'Bhut Jalokia' as it is widely known now. It is called 'Bhot' meaning 'of Bhotiya origin', or something that has come from the hills of adjoining Bhutan. The distortion of the name 'Bhot' to 'Bhut' is done to mislead it to mean 'ghost'. When the name itself says that the chilli is of Bhutiya origin, then how can it be Assam's. Something to think about. If Assam wants to claim it as theirs then the name of the chilli should say Assam origin and not Bhotiya origin.
Nagaland claims: Nagaland claims it to be theirs. In another story, the chilli is believed to have originated from the hills of Nagaland and hence this chilli becomes 'Naga Jalokia'. But 'Jalokia' is not a naga term besides Nagaland was carved out of Assam in the year 1963. So if Nagaland wants to claim this chilli as theirs, then they should have a naga name or a term.
Manipur claim: So far there has been no claim from the Manipur side. Since time immemorial people of Manipur have been cultivating and consuming this chilli. In Manipur, people locally know this chilli as 'Oo-Morok' (Oo = tree, Morok = chilli). We have a local name and we have been cultivating and consuming since time immemorial , and yet we have not made any claims. This shows how informative and competitive we are. Someday we need to shed this callous nature. So it is difficult to determine which place this chilli originated from. But it is safe to say that this chilli originated from the whole NorthEast region. The nagas did not invent this chilli, the assam did not invent this chilli nor did the Manipur invented this chilli. Simply put, this chilli grew in the NE region.


U-Morok or Naga-chilli ?

[ Sat, Oct 30, 2010 1:42 pm ]

I've a suggestion, yesterday I watch Master Chef on Star Plus host by Akshay kumar and he announced the red chilli which was known as U-Morok in Manipur as Naga-chilli. I've a confusion that is it from Manipur or Nagaland.


Why a regulatory body for network business?

[ Fri, Oct 29, 2010 2:19 am ]

Dear Dayanidhi, Why do you think we need a regulatory body for network marketing? I am sure you must be referring to the recent fraud by a network marketing company. But to be honest I always believe that people get what they deserve. Manipuris deserve to be cheated by such schemes and many more. Manipuris look for easy money, quick money, more money. And if such is the moral and attitude then I wish many more such schemes cheat us. There is no such thing as hard work, ethics, amongst Manipuris. Then it is obvious more network marketing companies will come to Manipur. Look at how many network marketing schemes are operational in Manipur. Probably thousands. Manipur is a testing ground. And each Manipuri is trying to be the first to bring it to Manipur. If not they try to be the first to join. I get calls from Manipur informing me that a new network marketing scheme is coming to Manipur, let's be the first to join. No thanks, I am happy working hard here. I value my hard earned money and I dont need any easy money. And talking of government, I heard that a sitting MLA sold his bazar plot (Rs. 3 crore) and invested on the recently doomed network marketing scheme. So what regulatory body when they themselves are the investors.


Yesterday and Tomorrow

[ Fri, Oct 29, 2010 2:19 am ]

I just asking just one very simple question by myself that is................What is past and What is today and is tomorrow?
PAST------------ mean gone. (never come back but can take a lesson)
TODAY----------- mean going to be past. (focus on what you doing)
TOMORROW-------- mean future. (do right way and posible way)
My peoples from Manipur What you learned from past and what is your today and what will be your future. please think deeply.

Rose Thangjam

A regulatory body for Network Businesses

[ Tue, Oct 26, 2010 7:59 pm ]

Dear Respected Manipur Government Authotity and Lawmakers,
As we all aware, multi-level marketing/ network business have already crossed its limits. They are playing illogical and quite often inhuman practice for minting money. Quite a number of ignorant people are aleady hit hard. Inspite of this, it grows like mushroom. I request, through e-pao, the govt. authority to establish a regulatory body to examine and take necessary actions to curb further foul-play.

Dayanidhi (from Canada)

Khong pullaga chatlu haiba!

[ Mon, Oct 25, 2010 10:43 am ]

Khong pullaga chatlu haiba!! : Manipur asi yamna pikpa, resource leitaba, mising yamjadaba lam amani, maram asina state ki oina income generate tounaba source leite, aduna tourism asina income generate touba yaba source oiri, "tourism is the only potential resource of Manipur" masi haibada haimanba thokloi, Bharat sarkar na tourism chaokhatnaba policy kaya semli, manipur sarkar nasu tourism chaokhatnaba thourang kaya loukhatli, adubu tourism chaokhatpa haibasidi mapan gi mi changlaklakanda da chaokhat kadabani, adubu eikhoigi oina khwaidagi laibak thibadi Bharat sarkar na manipur asi restricted area oina thambiri, foreigner na hekta changlakpagi ayaba pidri, foreigner changlakke haiba taragadi ministry of home affairs tagi hanna ayaba lougadabani, tourist centre singda army deploy tousille, Bharat sarkar na chinda tourism chaokhathallu hairi, foreigner changbagi ayabadi pide inner line permit louraga changhalli, masi Bharat sarkar gi karamba aronba policy no. Masidi khong pullaga chatlu haibaga chap mannei...,

Dilip Thokchom

Save Higher education in Manipur

[ Sun, Oct 24, 2010 9:49 pm ]

Manipur higher education kansi: manipur da leiriba govt college ojha sing asi chahi 32 chupna u.g.c pay scale fangduna lakli. Adubu hangdaki hon\'ble c.m. Shri Ibobi na luchingba govt asina 2006 tagi chatnaba houkhraba u.g.c pay scale houjikfaoba chatnahandana thamli. State govt ki college ojha sing da U.G.C na 80% grant fangli aduga chupnatangi 20% khak state na puthokpani. Masida govt ta financial burden oiningai leite, ugc gi matung inna college ojha singi thabak pothabagi matam asi chahi 65 ni adubu state govt na chahi 60 da namshinduna thambiri.Houjikfao govt college singda regular principal happidre, regular director happidre,houjikfao govt na ugc norm mapung fhana chatnahandri. aroibada haijaningbadi ugc norm mapung fhana chatnahansi, manipur higher eduction kansi.

Dilip Thokchom

E-pao is not a waste of time

[ Sat, Oct 23, 2010 11:10 pm ]

Eina e-pao asi matam mangnabani haikhiba leikhide, reader mail da asumna happirake "e-pao is a waste of time" sumaina happirakpa laibak thibani ei e-pao reader amasung e-pao manage touriba singda sengdokchari madudi eina haijakhibadi air fare yengbada matam changlaga toke result fangde haibani,aduga amana member ama oiba tarasu chat toubagi khudong chabasu fangde haibani. E-pao afhaba makhel gi media oina amasung information centre amani haina loujei.

Dilip Thokchom

Best wishes on Mera Houchongba

[ Sat, Oct 23, 2010 7:00 am ]

Best wishes on the occasion of Mera Houchongba. Hope this festival bring greater unity and integrity among the indegenous people of our motherland Kangleipak. Long live Kangleipak. Kangleipak na Yaiphare.


Air fare is not correct

[ Sat, Oct 23, 2010 2:45 am ]

E-pao da hapliba air fare asi yengba yade.masi yaragadi chek toubiu. Aduga wapham amana eina eriba asi reader mail da happiu. Thank u.

E-pao, na overseas ta leikhraba manipuri gi socio-economic amasung makhoigi punsi gi maramda happiraku. E-pao matam kuina miyamgi seba touba ngamba oisanu. Eina overseas ta leikhraba manipuri singbu diwali amasung ningol chakkouba lakpa asidi yaipa mangol pijari.

Dilip Thokchom

Meiteis in Myanmar

[ Fri, Oct 22, 2010 4:44 pm ]

d pic of meiteis in myanmar is really touchin!! my brethen in another country yet still followin our custom ,cultures n traditions..


Broken sentences with many grammatical errors in news

[ Fri, Oct 22, 2010 4:35 am ]

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the members of the e-pao family. Through these turbulent years e-pao has been our only source of information of our home state. I have been following e-pao for the last 6 yrs and as a loyal follower i would like to suggest a few opinions which I hope might help a bit in making this site better. The site, despite its many good aspects has a few problems when it comes to the language that is being used. In the first place I am quite disheartened to read the broken sentences with many grammatical errors which makes the news articles more confusing, which is also a matter of embarrasment and shame to this site. i do hope the team members would look into this mistake at the earliest so that our only platform remains in all its glory.


E-pao is a waste of time

[ Fri, Oct 22, 2010 3:18 am ]

E-pao yengbagi karisu kannade chat, air fare, pao chajik khara hapsilli, hairiba sing asi maming da oina happi yengba yade matam manglaga toke.

Dilip Thokchom

When will peace come to Manipur- A view from a Cachari

[ Thu, Oct 21, 2010 1:26 am ]

manipurse karam matamda saanti oigani, eihakti cachargini
cacharda chaorakpani adubu epa epugi hourakpham ni haina nongma gurdian puraga manipur koiba chatlui, naharolgina marol ama manipur state forcegina marol ama aduga indian armygina marol ama karam matamda saanti leini, lambida check touribani haina leiriba naharolgi gate, state forcegi gate,indian army gi gate, leibakki leingak sasanda motliba thouburoi sing, eena eebu kakpa, eeena eebu hatpa manipurda uurakyee, adubu poknafam lamdam mak natrabasu eepa epu hourakfam ni haina chaothokna chatchabani adubu lambida manipur cammandona ussittaba amasung peisa munkhiba tu chungee amuk hanna lakningde, adubu amuksu khallakyee masi lamdamsiniko eikhoina lapna khoiramnariba, magi meenungsidagi cachardagi pokpa naria phulona mangluraba laining amuk hanna leisat tamhankhi, magi seirengda adukki matikk pukningbu kaphalli maduna ei manipurda thoklakpani, ei eshamak defence da employeni adubu manipurda touribasidi defence da leirabadi mahak masana masabu laini khanba toue, yawol ehou ni haina touribasina mayamdagi tax louraga maa maagi machu machusingdu foreign country da lairik tamhanba thaba, india gi top prvt. institute singda tamhanba aduga meeyamdana moigi taxpu peedraga hatpa punba touba, ngakyee ko manipur sigadi eikhoina sana leipak hainari....

prmkhuman - Cachar

Music College is affiliated with an unrecognized Body in Lucknow

[ Mon, Oct 18, 2010 7:40 am ]

REMINDER:- for Till date NO ACTION
Sri O. IBOBI SINGH, Hon'ble C.M. Manipur Govt.
Dr. MOIRANGTHEM NARA, Hon'ble Minister for Culture, Manipur Govt.
Director, Art and Culture, Govt. of Manipur
Sir, it is repeatedly informed with email to the Secretary and the Director, Culture of Manipur Govt. that the Govt, Music College of Manipur, which is affiliated with the Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow is fully illegal, because this Vidyapith is totally a Private and Unrecognized Examining Body (not any Institute). It is neither Recognized by any State/Central Govt. nor by UGC/DEC or by any University/College of India. The Certificates of this Vidyapith are strictly not acceptable by any State/Central Govt. or by any University/College of India, for any purpose. This Vidyapith is not at all related anyhow, with the World fame UGC Music University, known as Bhatkhande Sangit Sansthan, Lucknow (prev. known as Bhatkhande Music College). Kindly get it Verified, the above statement from the Vidyapith and if it is found True, order to cancel the affiliation at once, of this Govt. Music College, from the Vidyapith. Because this is fully Illegal to affiliate any Govt. Institution from a Private & Unrecognized Examining Body. Kindly Verify the facts from the Registrar- Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Kaiserbagh, LUCKNOW-226001, if are found correct take necessary action atonce.

Ghan Shyam Sharma - Lucknow

Atoppagi dharama toklasi

[ Mon, Oct 18, 2010 7:40 am ]

Kangleicha eikhoise atoppagi dharama toklasi. eikhoigi epa epugi chatnabi ngaktuna eikhoigi lingjel utpagi matam youre.malemse chaokhtpagi lambida yamna yangna chenkhre. Amuktang ningsingminasi keidoubage!


What an irony!

[ Wed, Oct 13, 2010 3:04 am ]

I have read both the reports/articles, 'Of those allegedly Discriminating and Of those felt Discriminated - Witoubou Newmai' and 'Social Profiling: Root Cause to Racial Discrimination Faced by North Easterners in National Capital - Madhu Chandra' and found that what a contrasting report and perception they represent. On one hand Madhu Chandra, a Non-NE is trying to fight our fight and on the other hand Witoubou Newmai, an NE himself wants to play it down. Not only Witoubou Newmai but there are other readers too amongst us who has the same perception. Can't actually blame them. Inspite of the contrasting report and perception, one must appreciate the research and the findings of these two groups of people. Some of the esteemed readers suggested that crimes are committed on other communities too and so why the brouhaha when the victim is a NE people. They even went on to the extent of asking if we have been overeating. And I don't know what made them think that we are not aware of the crimes committed on other communities and that we don't sympathize. Crime in every form should be condemned and everyone should join hands and stand up for the rights/justice irrespective of caste, communities, sex, regions, etc. I can be fighting for the rights of the south indians. I can be fighting for the rights of the north indians in maharastra. But I dont think the suggestions that other communities are also victim of crimes, should be the ground for deciding whether Manipur or NE should fight/stand up for the rights/justice. Say if a south indian rape victim does not fight for justice in delhi, should that be my ground not to stand up for my right/justice. It would be foolish and illogical to come to that conclusion. So please dont tell us not to stand up for Manipur/NE just because crimes are committed on other communities too and they dont fight.


Comments on featured photo page do not remain stationary

[ Wed, Oct 13, 2010 3:04 am ]

This is to bring it to the notice of the e-pao team that the comments posted on featured photo page on a particular photo does not remain stationary i.e if you write a comment on a particular photo today, the next day the comment appears below another photo caption. This has created some misunderstandings amongst your esteemed readers. So I would like to request e-pao team to resolve this issue at the earliest so as to avoid more smart people from giving more smart comments.


Braves and real children of the state

[ Sun, Oct 10, 2010 6:51 am ]

Indeed very heartening to hear that Renu Bala wasn't provided with any official vehicles after she won the gold. Hope our own state goverment will not repeat the same wioth her or any other sports person. This is a shameful act and highly condemnable. She deserves the respect that is shown to other sportspersons of the country. Also the national media is bias, particularly the electronic one, in highligting the achievement. She should be given due recognition as an encouragement for future big events and for the youths as well. Good luck to our chanuras and to other spotspersons from the state. We are behind you always because you brought us laurels and most importantly smiles to us who are suffering from multiple onslaughts from various angles in the state. We consider you- the braves and real children of the state and the country at large.


Manipur is a very nice "gold-land"

[ Sat, Oct 09, 2010 6:16 am ]

I am happy to see your website, its a very nice site. I live Bangladesh at Bhanugash in sylhet Division. Manipur is a very nice "gold-land" in the North-East region in India. The culture, Dress and Language is very simply & nice.

Amrita Singha - A Bangladesh Manipuri

Proud to be a Manipuri

[ Fri, Oct 08, 2010 7:24 am ]

Manipuri is rocking onstage whether it be in India's top T.V. shows or in Common Wealth Games. Our Manipuri lads have proved themselves that Manipuris never back down. The unfolded pages of Manipuri culture to many Indians and to the World came into the limelight since the Opening Ceremony of the Common Wealth Games. Manipur is not just the "Land of Jewels" but a Jeweled Land. Proud to be a Manipuri..

Serpentis Max

They dont care for NE Sport's player

[ Thu, Oct 07, 2010 12:33 am ]

I m very happy that Manipuri Girl Renu Bala wins gold for India. But today at star news, I watched that she is going out of stadium in auto rickshaw with her family, she was not provided any car or cab. This is a shame for the whole of India. Top Indian And foreign player are provided with car and bus services. I want your help and Sports Ministers and Authority to complain regarding this matter. They always don't care for North East player. We want justice so that it won't happen again.


How to read Meitei Mayek news in mobile handset?

[ Wed, Oct 06, 2010 11:25 pm ]

Now it's mobile age all the internet facility is available at a small handset. But I can't read the meitei mayek script on your Meitei Mayek News. It becomes a zig-jak letter. How can I read it on my mobile handset ?


Ban this e-pao chatter

[ Wed, Oct 06, 2010 3:18 am ]

eishey e-pao da changba kuiraba chatter amani...MB dashu msg yamna ekhraba mishakni..ei e-pao chat room da changba mee amagi leipham khangba pammi..serious nattey ..ashum khangningbani..e-pao da dhiren haina ama yaori..machin thibada yadrey ..e-pao gi member nashu karimta action laukhatpidrey..yengbada yamna nugaijadrey...meegi mama mapa pallaga ming sharaga changak e ..adudo yengba eikhoi chatter kharadi yamna nungaijadrey aduna yaragadi dhiren hairiba meeshakshey chat room dagi band taubikhro IP adress ka loinana nattradi chat room da eikhoi amuk hanna changba ngamjararoi...Delhi da leiriba e-pao changba eikhoi chatters 20 mukna wakatchari..


No Escort Girls for Common Wealth Games 2010

[ Tue, Sep 28, 2010 7:56 am ]

We have heard that recruitment drive is going on in many parts of NE States for Escort Girls for the forthcoming Commonwealth games. 25% of the escort girls will be recruited from NER. As they may be put into prostitution, Govt of Meghalaya have also sounded alert and taken necessary action. We, the manipuris from Shillong, Meghalaya request you to please necessary alertness in your esteemed publication. You may also kindly take up the matter with the Govt of Manipur. Kindly help to save our young and innocent girls from such nasty intention of few section of people from Northern India.

SDK Singh

Tourism Day observed

[ Tue, Sep 28, 2010 6:53 am ]

Tourism is the largest foreign exchange earning sector. It is the only industry capable of providing the most number of employment and infrastructure development of an area. For the state like Manipur with so many barriers like hostility of the state, has really hampered the inflow of both domestic and international tourists; still both people and the government should join hands to mitigate the problem with proper research, education and infrastructure development.

serpentis max

Info on Training of Manipur Martial Arts

[ Mon, Sep 27, 2010 2:52 am ]

My son is interested to learn Manipur Weapons Arts, Kindly inform about official training school. I need details as follows:-
1 ) Name of weapons and per day how much time of training.(Period) 2 ) Training fees. 3 ) How much day stay in your club OR cheapest hotel and rates(Accommodation). 4 ) About foods ( Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner). Anything more requirements, Kindly inform.

Prakash Prabhu - ibf_india(at)hotmail(dot)com
E-pao Note: If anyone has info on this, please write back directly to the above email

News about Sarita correct?

[ Fri, Sep 24, 2010 12:34 am ]

Hi E-pao, Is the news about Sarita correct? Why the news seems like she is against Mary Kom. Why they are related, as Mary Kom is 48kg cat while Sarita is 51kg cat. Both the boxers are in different weight category, have you verified ur information before posting such a news? I am talking about this news date 22nd news, not the date 23rd news. They are in different weight cats ( Mary and Sarita). Your news seems like Sarita is against Mary Kom. I wonder whether this is correct or not.
"She said, she had scored more points than Mary Kom in the trial bouts for Asian Games held at the SAI Centre, Bhopal. However, the result had been kept under wraps following insistence from Mary Kom. In the trial bouts held at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi today, in two of the three rounds, she beat Mary Kom, Sarita claimed."

Sanjoy - Bangkok

Kids ruining chatting environment

[ Sat, Sep 25, 2010 4:42 pm ]

We really appreciate all the members of E-pao for giving us unlimited knowledge....E-pao chat, use to be more lifely at one point of time, but now, we do not have any control to those kids , who ruin the chatting environment using faulty comments, which is against meiteis prestige and integrity. If you could kindly do something to improve the community of E-pao chat....we meiteis will be really appreciated


Collective corruption

[ Fri, Sep 24, 2010 5:32 am ]

Every Departments job recruitment should be outsourced in Manipur. Reason is obvious: people pay in lacs and get through. Some luckless folks don't even get after paying and end up wasting thousands trying to get back from the corrupt officers who have all the possible reasons to delay or never return. Sad to say but there seems to be quota for every organisation and individuals having close link with Ministers and officers. You can see many undeserving folks being employed in every dept. "A time will come when all this unscrupulous appointees will someday get kicked out because what one don't deserve will be taken away someday." Just a matter of time. Folks remember this "Illgotten wealth will wither away."


Because of YOU, ME and all Manipuris

[ Fri, Sep 24, 2010 5:29 am ]

Hello Seram Rojesh, Thanks for providing such informative news (history) - "Maturity of political consciousness during 1947 to 1949". I would love to receive more historical information about Manipur. This is a good response to those people who does not have any self confidence or lacks Manipur history. I hope your little inputs help clear many misunderstandings. Before Manipur was annexed with the indian union, Manipuris existed. Even after the annexation, Manipuris are still existing. And if Manipur gets separated from india, Munipuris will continue to exist. With or without India, What we need is confidence and get a little maturity in our desire to grow and develop. The confidence to be ready for any eventuality. Lets stop blame game. The present condition of Manipur is not because of India, Army, Insurgents or Chief Minister. It is because of YOU, ME and all Manipuris. How many of us act? Atleast I dont. Now you know who is at fault. ME.


e-pao has no interest in sportsmen of Manipur

[ Thu, Sep 23, 2010 1:33 pm ]

e-pao has all the time and effort to make "erang" which is dedicated to film people of Manipur. But, they don't have no time of making such sub-site for the sportsmen of our homeland who is bringing glory now and then. But, forgotten very soon by media and then public. I wrote about this to e-pao more than a year ago about this sub-site. But, they paid no heed to my ideas. Perhaps, even they don't have interest. (I won't say time and effort). Manipuri will remember / know / follow Sadananda or Kaiku than any of the sportsman.

Oinam Khuman Ngakpa

Nagaland to get taste of NH Blockade

[ Tue, Sep 21, 2010 5:01 am ]

Being in Manipur, it is very very normal of getting a National Highway Blockade since last 9-10 yrs, they feel it like a normal activities in their regular life-cycle. But this time, it would be first time for the person who live in Nagaland to get this taste. I pity for them. Manipur is the first state who has tasted the longest time / most frequent N.H Blocades in Indian history. A wise (best) decision only can be taken after they taste it practically.

GK Lei

Why do different people perceive different meanings of a word/sentence?

[ Mon, Sep 20 2010 07:31 AM ]

General assumption is that, the meaning of a poem is supposed be the perceived differently by the different readers. Not only poems but there are articles too which are supposed to convey different meanings and perceived differently. I don't know whether this is true or not as I have no authority to decide on this topic. But honestly tell me, when the author or the poet wrote that article/poem, would he have conceived two meanings. I highly doubt it unless the author is not sure of his ideas or is purposely doing it to confuse readers. (please correct me).

So then why do different people perceive different meanings? What is the need to do that? And why is it happening? When I say spade, what are the chances of how many people perceiving it as hammer? Not many but definitely some. One reason could be that the reader does not actually know what is a spade. Quiet possible. The other reason could be that the writer may have accidentally used spade instead of hammer because the situation of the sentence demanded it. Again possible. Another reason could be that the writer does not know the difference between spade and hammer. I am sure every writer would want their articles perceived in its truest form (what the writer had conceived). It would be a failure if it fails to convey the same meaning. But should the writer be only at fault. Doesn't there comes the need of the reader for better understanding? If my understanding is poor, then why blame the writer. And so goes the debate. Then how do we solve this problem. As far as the e-pao reader's mails are concerned, the best way is to write in simple and plain language for everyone to understand unless it is a poem or a confusing letter. LOL. But one cannot guarantee how simple that would be for readers to understand. I have had my share of confusing readers with my writing. As for me I never intended to convey different meanings with my writing. I want it perceived as I conceived it. I am sorry for all the confusions my writing created. I am still learning and I know my shortcomings. How I wish I could write in my "Mother tongue (Meiteilon)". No more confusion then! Lets learn our Mother Tongue.


A Response For A Responsibility

[ Mon, Sep 20 2010 07:31 AM ]

The responsibility of a sustainable development as well as a change for a better change in every system where everyone is talking about in our society depends upon the response of the "youth". Otherwise a change of miracle is the word parallel to God creates this Earth without a conscience of the very term Big Bang if I will correlate with scientifically. The very essence of the term "response" is what we need to reconsider and reanalyze again and again. A way for how we will reach up to every point where we need either directly or indirectly is what we can consider. As the time has come to bring a change collectively with all these likeminded and broad minded internetworking in a society for a society to have a response for our responsibility. I meant let's try to have an involved in our relative concerns directly or indirectly as much as we can. Let's not blame the system as we all are the responsible for the systems instead let's try to have a response by every one of us. As everyone will agree that past is past as we just learnt mistakes from the past and we are looking after the present for a better future concerning those mistakes. But yours' is also true, mine is also true, he is also true and she is also true but the better will be a collective idea of altogether. Keeping all these in my mind from sometimes back I started involving in the way of managing and innovative teaching module with some initiative from my side to my former schools and some others where I can reached as an educationalised,starting and making my circle of groups to whom I used to share knowledge information as well as career guidance, a campaign concern to all these global warming and green house effect through sms and I am planning more sitting at here at down south of India as I am supposed to be due to my profession and as an opportunity of a secure job from govt and what I used to consider as an indirect involvement in the social concerned as a youth. And all these are made possible with the help of all these intern! et (soci al networking) and mobile connections. I do hope that everyone will also agree that to reach up to that few millions of populations we can have a simple calculation of 100x100x100 is what we 100 can spread an idea to reach up to next 100-100 and then they will transfer it into next 100-100 and thus it reach up to our few million populations. Otherwise how can I reach up to 1 million is an impossible task for time being with my own responsibility for my own life with this situation and condition where a sacrifice meant only for fame and name. Otherwise we have to wait for the next generation of youth and really it will make a huge gap in the global phenomenon of development which we already faced it in our generation if our response is not taken care of being a youth of this generation.


Why is Manipuris alway try find excuses not to do their duty?

[ Sat, Sep 18, 2010 11:31 AM ]

Hi, This is very disappointing. "No news update on Account of Vishwakarma Puja" I don't think this really make sense. Rest of the country also celebrate this puja but they never do such type of cheap excuses by declaring" On account of Vishwakarma Puja Press holiday, there will no news update on Sep 18, 2010". At sharp 6 am in the morning we got our newspaper. Why is Manipur people always try find excuses not to do their duty??? Grow up!!


People are forced to corrupt

[ Thu, Sep 16, 2010 6:03 am ]

Problem of these extortions and forceful kidnapping of persons by the UGs in our state is not a new issue. Everybody know this. And the UGs are not answerable to anyone of us except when they answer, they answer using guns as a means. The money is being used by them to buy and build buildings in and outside Manipur and not to mention in bribing the ministers and MLAs for getting official contracts in large scale. They are quite enjoying travelling in the US, Europe and parts of Asia.

We are so weak that the hard money we earn through hard labours day and night viz.farming, doing odd things, educating the youths are being forcefully taken away. We cannot do anything other than hidding our kids outside the state so that they are safe from these cruel, protected goons who tyranise us in every walks of life. No respect for humanity and one's hard work. It is quite paradoxical that we are accusing outsiders for everything wrong done to us while the real culprits are roaming freely in the state. We are demanding things which, after getting, will make a safe haven for them to survive. Except the Army, all of us, not to spare the corrupt babus from the person who is running the state to a simple farmer in far flung area, are paying some kind of notorious taxes to these so-called freedom fighters without any valid reason(s) and we get a receipt also for that. Wow,......great, we don't the actual ruler.

Now, this is closely related to or, I would say, directly give rise to this culture of notorious corruption of which we are a part now!!!If they are demanding 15% of every contracts from the contractors forcefully,they have to delay the project to think upon as to how they would make profit after given the claimed p.c. to them. They will also need some profit for themselves too, so they will start to take little care about their jobs and public safety. In case where they would need 100 bags of cement they would use 70 instead. The officers and ministers have to give the share of these people, but they do not want to sell their properties to give, so the best idea is to collect money from the people in job recruitment and all....Now the price of an S.I. is Rs.15 lakhs, an A.S.I. is 10 lakhs and so on. This kind of recruitment standard is a mockery to our educational system and the meritorious youths as a whole.....grreat....mother kangleipak....she might be very happy watching the lila playing by the so-called son-of-the-soils. People are forced to corrupt. This is also a fact.


Regarding July 23 2009

[ Fri, Sep 10, 2010 11:05 pm ]

I was going through the article that was published in your esteem web site. Inspector Y Munal showing a pistol after Sanjit's death. It was such a surprise to me see such fake statement. I was very curious to know the gun they have use for evidence i tried the whole morning look for the particular gun but could not find. If you may, if you have the picture of the gun that was use in the incident i will be grateful if you could share to me. Since reading about fire arms id my hobby and doing so for the last 12 years... if you have the image please send to the above email. appreciate a lot

tom thounaojam

Is there any solution against monetary demands of these ugs?

[ Mon, Sep 13, 2010 2:35 am ]

Yet another incident of monetary demand to the principal and teachers of Don Bosco school in Imphal is real mind boggling and heart throbbing. Is there any solution against these monetary demands.

One side we are supporting repealing of AFSPA, and on the other side accepting these kind of demands, corruption, exploitation, extra and extra. Who is going to save us from the collateral damage of these so called revolutionary groups who are into deep looting business of filling their own pockets. They are constructing houses, building properties from the money looted from educational builders of our society, who are making the pillars of our future generations. This is not a first kind of incident happening here. I have a small fear that if AFSPA is repealed, the draconian acts of these revolutionary groups will increase manifolds. A message should be sent to these so called protectors of our state that their un lawful acts will never lead them to anywhere you know. Something like, a lazy person is too lazy to plant seeds, so at the time of harvest he looks for food and finds nothing. Placards of the protestors should be given importance in fighting these cowards who are minting money from dignified people of our society. The best way to repeal AFSPA is to **** the UG's, get some peace in our land and then take care of our security with the police without AFSPA and without other forces.

tomba singh

We are trying to make an issue out of everything

[ Mon, Sep 13, 2010 2:37 am]

It is very interesting to read many people and Gautam, Krsingh.singh 922 taking so much interest in discussing facts & presenting prevailing situation of the precarious scenario of our Kangleipak. Well gentlemen, there is no intense debate on issue of non-manipuris or manipuris. We all are part of an independent nation. Everyone is under the same umbrella. Presentation of facts should be related to events of happening. Non-manipuris who are here in Manipur are either top class government officials, entrepreneur or the low end job holders. These are the generic kind of people. There is no one specific trying to grab anyones opportunity. Opportunities are chances for everyone. We need to put in handwork & luck should favour us. People from our state have gone out of our state with opportunities, luck and labour and are flourishing well outside. Are we not getting more sensitive about the issue of crime against we manipuris in Delhi or Mumbai? These crimes are committed or may be committed against Maharashtrians or Andhrites also.

A person who wants to commit a crime, finds a chance to do it anytime, anywhere. Its not particular to anyone. The point is how easily he gets to commit a crime. In places like Delhi, Mumbai where 70-80% of people are from different places, there is total mix of population, cosmopolitan kind. Crimes are prevalent not specific to manipuris or Assamese. We all should raise voices against crime and not against any crime committed against particular community in such cases.

Most of the crimes in Mumbai and Delhi, I am sure, are committed against people who are not locals because there are large percentage of non locals in these places. Bihari labours were killed in Manipur. Did we see any bihari in Patna protesting against manipuris for the barbaric act? We all should raise voices and fight against crime as united and also fight against corruption as united and not against communities. Making any point in headlines is very easy. which results in nothing. We should all get united and work for the need of the hour and work for a prosperous, developed Kangleipak.

berlin saikhom

Virtual Reality Tour of Manipur

[ Sat, Sep 11, 2010 6:44 am ]

just now i happen to check out this application "Virtual Reality Tour of Manipur" 360 panoramic view of various spots in Manipur and i did like it a lot. its good to know that e-pao is putting so much effort and taking lots of initiative to contribute it's share. i would like to thank and congratulate e-pao team. suggestion: please try to increase the pixel/resolution of the image.


Who are we to approach to?

[ Thu, Sep 09, 2010 9:56 am ]

Today we, the manipuris, are engulfed with every kind of problem with no one whom we can approach for justice. We resort to Bandh, General strike, Dharna, Cease work strike, Wearing of black-batch; in short every possible way we have been trying to get our grievances heard, but everything remains unheard and unattended. Be it the Government or the non-state actors, all are same. We, the public, are always the receiving end for whatever they have been doing. No one is encouraged to find show the mistakes they have committed, instead of trying to get the things corrected by listening to comments from different angles, rather the person would be punished on the pretext that everyone knows it's just not true. In such a situation, "Do we have to just watch and wait for their natural end?"

Kiran Gurumayum
Soibam Leikai Wangkhei Khunou
Near Citizens' Club,
Imphal East Manipur-795001

Appeal on U-Morok

[ Thu, Sep 09, 2010 5:37 am ]

I had come across the article in Economic times dated 9 September about " U-Morok" being patented as "Bhut Jolokia" and companies like ITC ,a major player in FMCG, looking out for opportunities to export the same. And to my deep regret, there was never a mention of Manipur in the article. The very indigenous " U-Morok" has been a part and parcel of all the Manipur cuisines and it flavours. So who better than Manipur and its people would have a rightful claim to it. Putting aside the claim factor, when a major player like ITC strikes a deal for its export, it would be a grand opportunity for the state to foster its economic growth through the mass production and export of one of its most indigenous spices.

So looking at it, i also see a way to drive economic growth with this opportunity. So why not take this chance and work on it for the very develpoment of the state.For a state which is regressing instead of progressing , this would be one opportunity that we all should not let go away. Plz find the article below which appeared in the economic times today , 9th of September:

This is an honest appeal to the ministry, the department of agriculture, department of horticulture and every responsible Manipuri to grab the opportunity and foster economic growth in the state.

lakshmi gurumayum

corruption exist in every dept

[ Thu, Sep 09, 2010 4:19 am ]

Needless to say corruption exist in every dept, social org, ngo's etc. How much money did the concern government dept profit if there was back door appointment under the ADC primary teacher's post created lately. I knew people with years of teaching experience not getting through while some unfit folks just get through. Smart way of getting rich - riches that will wither away someday somehow.


Comment: 'Biren proposes setting up sai centres in hill districts'

[ Wed, Sep 08, 2010 1:27 am ]

Dear Biren,

In your enthusiastic attempt to build SAI Centres in hill districts kindly do keep in your mind or at least memory that Manipur is suffering from scarcity of food grains. Do not consume fertile lands and do not displace people, do not clear forest or confiscate peoples resources. I hope your grey hair would enable you to bring changes in the lives of the people without necessarily hurting them. Though 'NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION" Opression should not the mother of Development". keep this in mind.

Kamei Samson

RAP - Archaic Laws - who is Responsible

[ Tue, Sep 07, 2010 9:13 am ]

The comments on PAP and RAP were very well read and taken with a true spirit. Who is responsible for these laws to be implemented & why were these laws implemented is matter to think over? If we take a consensus of the public for PAP & RAP, maximum people might say No? One side our friends are telling the non-Manipuris to leave this state, & on other hand these permit are in vogue. Matter is not understood. If we are supporting any country for not permitting any VIP visits, then we are absolutely blindfolded. No country will be interested on another without any advantage for itself. Our state is very nearby to countries who are in a watch to plunder. Plunder, this beautiful jewel of India. Which illusion, delusion and confusion is discussed in your article. We are a state with international boundary having problems of our own. Our neighbouring country is an easy route to another country which feels that our Kangleipak can be easily acquired. Eye opener should be the ties of friendship between the neighbouring countries which poses threat to our state. Our great Kangleipak so part of our great India. Hail Kangleipak as an integral part of our Nation. Both are ours ---- Kangleipak as well as India. We hail from Kangleipak and are proud Indians as are people from Punjab, Bihar, Orissa, Maharastra or Bengal. We own India as much as any other Indian. We also own Kangleipak.


People are being looted by government and militant groups

[Tue, Sep 07, 2010 9:39 am ]

In a state like Manipur,where work opportunities are less, people spend a very tough life to get their livings.The environment is such that private companies cannot come and invest in the state. Had this been allowed, people would have got more opportunities to earn some of their livings. But everything goes in vain since private companies are sought after by demand letters of militant groups. This action of militant groups has indirectly aggravated the economic lives of our people.We have heard the story of demand letters being flown into individual's homes, schools, colleges, government authorities and private businessmen. Furthermore, these funds are utilised for unknown reasons to serve the private interests of a few unknown individuals. Ultimately,common man bears all these costs and risks.

The other side of people's faith is no different from the above mentioned conditions. Thousands of development programmes and schemes have been implemented by Central Government to uplift poverty and bring in light for common man.Unfortunately, these programmes are only increasing assets of our bureaucrats, officers and administrators. Bank accounts of our politicians are flooded with funds meant for public.It is very difficult to proof their mistakes and corruptions since officers are also involved in these matters.People have started to blame Central Government unknowingly because they are unaware of the root cause of corruption, which ultimately is our state government. All these years,people have suffered and will continue to suffer until and unless the system of our Government gets changed. Militant groups should also allow individuals to do their day-to-day businesses in a very fair manner and sound environment.They should stop earning money in the name of freedom. Rather,they should try their best to find any kind of faults on the part of government. This is the only long term-solution to bring peace and harmony in the state


The third angle on economic blockade

[ Mon, September 06, 2010 2:08 am ]

It is natural to be overwhelmed by what lies immediately in front of us, indeed all the animals are. If the basic necessities of life namely food, water, air, shelter is not met all forms of life struggle for survival. The economic blockade imposed such a kind of struggle for the people living in Manipur be it the valley or the hill districts. But my article is not about the hardships faced by the people, it's not about the politics, or welding of power through communal agenda. This article is about science and logic and reason.

One of the things that separates Homo sapiens from the rest of the animals living on this planet is his/her ability to think beyond the present his/her ability to contemplate the future outcomes of events and prepare accordingly. The progress of this species has been spectacular and most of this progress has been achieved in the last 100 years. It is very easy to understand why? The discovery of coal and petroleum lead to the availability of abundant energy. This lead to the invention of steam engine which lead to the industrial revolution and so on, now the whole of our society is based on industry, industry which depends on energy. If you were to plot a graph with total population of the world in y-axis and time in x-axis for the time period of the beginning of mankind till now then you will see a constant population of 1 million from the beginning up till the 18th (discovery of coal) century after which we see a steady rise in the population till we reach the present population of 8 billion people.

A rise in 7.99 billion people in just 200 years how did it happen? For nearly 10,000 years the population never went beyond 1 million and all of a sudden in 200 years we rose by 8000 times. Simple actually like a bacteria multiplying when food is plenty we had plenty of energy which lead to manufacture of fertilizers use of tractors building for dams and what not. It's all good that we are producing more food and having better standard of life, now the disturbing part is that we are doing it using fuel which is non renewable in nature. In fact our whole society is based on this fuel. Can you imagine your life without petrol, diesel, fertilizer, plastic, kerosene, LPG, paint and countless other things? Petroleum is going to become too expensive for anyone to use within the next 5 years. Can you imagine petrol that cost Rs 150 per litre? I think you can.

The extra 7.99 billion people which the use of energy in agriculture is supporting will have to perish. This may be a bit blunt but it is the truth without the natural gas used for making fertilizer there will be no fertilizer to produce large output of food grain to support the large population. Food scarcity will be prevalent, the same scenario Manipur was facing during the economic blockade. This is the third angle on economic blockade in Manipur. The continued and frequent imposition of economic blockade on Manipur may look unfair and harsh at the present but in the long run it will prove to be a god sent for the people. Already people have started to adapt to it, we see increased use of cycles and a desperate effort by the farmers to make the state self sufficient in food production. There is a need to go beyond this, entrepreneurs can cash in on this and introduce and advocate the use eclectic bikes, solar panels, or try out a do it yourself wind turbine generator.

Okay now enough of science and logic and reason. What we now know from the economic blockade is that no matter which tribe you belong to or which culture you inherit or where you are, be it Imphal or Ukhrul or Senapati or Moreh or Tamelong or anywhere, if we don't get food we feel hungry than we die. When we die none of these quarrels matters does it. There is no Manipur for the dead people or Nagaland etc nor can you take the land with you when you are dead claiming it to be yours. Well there is one thing that is going to stay with you, what you did here, now in this life. That's the only thing you are going to take with you. Rest of it is just nonsense of varying degree. Try to live a well lived life and leave behind a better world for the next generation. All of us really need to indentify the real priorities in life. I don't even bother going into the details of what Meitie or Naga or kuki or Mayang is, because it's a waste of time. You are trying to find differences where there are none.

Yumnam Devjit

Plz Dont Mix Cultural events & Voluntary works with Religion

[ Sun, Sep 05, 2010 8:08 am ]

Organising cultural festivals or community gathering or voluntary social responsible works, etc..etc should be conducted without mixing it with religious speeches/views for everyone to appreciate, to participate, to create peace & harmony in the society.

We clearly know that when we discuss about Religion, each one of us is going to have different views and rather strong views [something which we wont give up at all for no nonsense reasons]. So, It's suggested and rather should be acknowledged that 'KEEP RELIGION TO SELF AND OWN HOME; and HELP CREATING THE SOCIETY A COMMUNITY ARENA TO PROMOTE PEACE & COHABITATION'. In the name/work of religion, it wont be realistic to promote peace to other individuals from another religion.

There is growing trend in Manipur and North-East India that few groups of people mixing religion with good voluntary social-works and cultural events. This is a dangerous scenario toward building communal harmony among various communities. 'HOW WILL ANOTHER COMMUNITY FEEL SAFE & COMFORTABLE WHEN INVITED TO RELIGIOUS EVENT OF OTHERS?' Preserve and promote cultural heritage with PRIDE, but Please do not mix them with Religion and religious views; or else there wont be 'HARMONY AMONG COMMUNITIES Across Manipur/N-E India'


Emotions are based on perceptions

[ Sun, Sep 05, 2010 4:31 am ]

"Men are disturbed not by things, but by the views they take of them."....Epictetus. Our emotions are important to us. They feel real, and we often attempt to find validation for them. But our emotions are based on our perceptions, which often are lopsided. So we may truly feel a certain way about an event or a person, but that doesn't mean what we feel is the truth. For example, when you're feeling elated or depressed, you might believe that something or someone is more good than bad, or conversely, more bad than good. But that does not mean that it is true. A wise man met Tomba, a middle-aged man who looked old and tired and said he was depressed because his 24-year-old daughter, Thambal , " was killing him." When the wise man asked him to tell him about it, he said, "she ran off with some jerk and married him, after I told her that I'd disown her if she kept dating him! I can't believe she did this to me. She is my only daughter, and now I've lost her to that scumbag." Tomba didn't see that he had a choice in how he was feeling and reacting. He was caught in the illusion that his emotions were the truth. The wise man explained that emotions are based on our perceptions, and if Tomba were to broaden his perspective, he would probably feel differently. For the next several hours, the wise man helped Tomba balance his perceptions of his daughter Thambal and of Chingthang, his new son-in-law. As the wise man probed deeper and deeper into Tomba's perceptions, he began to realize that one of the reasons he disliked Chingthang so much was because the young man reminded him of Koireng, who had dated Thambal's mother before Tomba dated and married her.

"I know what that kind of guy is after," said Tomba. "He wants someone to wait on him hand and foot and look like a trophy all the time so he can brag to his friends. It makes me sick to think that he's getting that from my daughter." It took some time, but eventually Tomba was able to understand that his opinions and perceptions of Koireng, and the simi! larities he appeared to have with Chingthang, were colouring his perception. Rather than open his mind and heart to the truth, Tomba believed his emotions. When he truly began to comprehend that he was letting his emotions dictate his reactions, and thereby creating his own headache, he began to cry, and he humbled himself to the truth. Tomba finally opened his heart and his face began to shine with the lightness of unconditional love. He was speechless for several minutes before he whispered, "Thank you."

The crux is: how you feel about something or someone is based on your perceptions. People often fear and condemn what they don't understand. When you feel elated or depressed you're viewing the situation with lopsided perception. Your perceptions of the people and events around you determine your reactions. "Tragedy and comedy are but two aspects of what is real, and what we see the tragic or the humorous is a matter of perspective." ....Arnold Beisser. The truth is: Events are neutral. Your perspective determines your perception of reality. You assign to people and events meanings based on your previous experiences and knowledge. Emotions may feel real, but often they are far from the truth.


Make Meitei Script Popular

[ Sun, Sep 05, 2010 4:18 am]

The stand taken by the ADC chairman on the issue of Meitei script is really great. Meitei script is one of the oldest scripts in the world and the people of Kangleipak should learn the script and make it popular. Learning the script will bring unity and integrity of Kangleipak. If we can learn hindi, sanskrit, english, bengali we can learn meitei script. This script is far more easier to learn than others because it is closely related with the parts of human body.


Gloom and happiness are both contagious

[ Sun, Sep 05, 2010 2:13 am]

Gloom and happiness are both contagious? Which one are you spreading. Changing statements of your own is something like chameleon changing colours. One cannot just say for the sake of it. This is how the revolutionary groups are contradicting their own statements. They are utter confused of their own statements addressed to the public. Real danger of Manipuri people is from insurgent groups only. They do not have morality and they indulge in all kinds of extortion & torture innocent civilians. Bizarre incident of killing poorest of poor, low end job holders in Manipur is real barbaric man. Quoting past examples and provoking public is not right. They should look into their own unlawful acts carried out by them. All we Manipuris should wake up and realise these facts. Combining Maoist and themselves will not help anyways. Because these low end job seekers hail from the maoist areas. Has any low end job seeker or any job seeker for that matter of our state killed else where in any other part of our country?

Bimol Naorem

We should learn Meitei script

[ Sun, Sep 05, 2010 1:50 am ]

The news report "ADC Chairman champions Meitei script" is really amazing and great news. Some of my friends from Churachanpur were against learning Meitei script because they thought that Meitei script is script of Meitei and why they should learn the Meitei script. Then I asked why they were learning Hindi script, Bengali script and English script although these scripts belong to Mayang, Bengali and British. They were dumbstruck; their reason for not learning Meitei script is not practical. "Do you think tribes of Manipur are closer to Meitei or to Mayang, Bengali and British?" I asked. All of them agreed that the tribes of Manipur are far closer to Meitei in every aspect than Mayang, Bengali and British. When we go to big states of India they are not able to distinguish between Meitei, TangKhul, kabui, Mao, Kuki, Chin, Mizo; for them we are one and same thing: the "chinkies."

They argue that these scripts are more popular than Meitei script and learning them will help them in finding jobs in both private and public sector. It took some time to convince them that Meitei script was not at all a new script; it is one of the oldest scripts in this world. Meitei script was very popular in the past before the arrival of Hinduism in Manipur. The arrival of Hinduism marked the end of communal harmony that existed for thousands of years between the indigenous people of Manipur; marked the deterioration of Meitei script which were learnt by almost all the indigenous people of Manipur; marked the gradual deterioration of Sanamahi religion which were followed by almost all the indigenous people of Manipur.

There was no General, SC, ST or OBC before the arrival of Hinduism; all the indigenous people of Manipur were treated as equal. It is the people who can make a script popular or not. We, the indigenous people of Manipur, have the responsibility to learn Meitei script and make it popular. Learning the script will help in bringing unity, integrity, communal harmony and employment in Manipur. I and those friends of mine from Churachanpur have learnt the Meitei script. What about you? I have read and analyzed the books written by Professor Naorem Sanajaoba, who died recently. His untimely demise was a great loss for Manipur. The emptiness created by his untimely demise can never be filled. I missed him a lot when the crisis arising out of proposed visit of Muivah was shaking Manipur. I was missing his wise words at the time of crisis. As I have said during my exchanges with Stewardkham, I think the majority of the people of Manipur acted wisely during the crisis.

Haokip S

Your perceptions colour the truth

[ Thu, Sep 02, 2010 1:31 pm ]

The truth is not always obvious, especially since we generally see it through the filters of our own perceptions. But the more we learn about different beliefs within our culture, and in other times and cultures, the more we understand and are humbled by the knowledge that our perceptions are based on very narrow, limited views of the universe. The more we see and experience, the more we comprehend that our reality and the meaning we assign to events are individualized according to the time and space in which we live.

If you were a farmer experiencing a drought, you would welcome rain and see its coming as a good event. But if you were on the roof of a low building as flood waters rose around you, you would probably dread the rain and see it as bad. The truth is that rain is rain- neither good nor bad. It just is. I still remember a discussion I had with three other students in one of my literature classes in school. We were talking about the legend of Robin Hood, and each of us had a different opinion about his actions. What one of us thought was good, someone else thought was bad, and vice versa. Clearly we each had our own perception of the legend and what it meant. Our teacher overheard our discussion and decided to involve the entire class. He asked us all to write down what we believe to be Robin Hood's best and worst qualities. Out of 20 students, 13 different qualities were listed as his best and 15 different character traits listed as his worst. It was a wonderful lesson in differences in perspective- one that has stayed with me through the years.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite...." - William Blake. So the truth is Perceptions generally are based on a very limited amount of information, especially when compared with the vastness of the universe. Your perceptions often exaggerate or minimize the truth. A wide variety of perceptions sometimes makes the truth appear relative. Your reality is based on your perception of the truth.


In a democratic system, majority wins

[ Thu, Sep 02, 2010 12:14 pm ]

Same thing.... we share the same conceptual map!!!! You are just interpreting my language using a different type of sign-system of yours. That's what I am saying, we should incorporate the habit of interpreting or decoding one's language from different angles instead of sticking to one angle or a belief-system. Then only, we will be abled to appreciate others, tolerate the plurality and composite culture. For example, there is a debate going on regarding the nature of French secularism because the French Parliament has decided to ban using of veils(hijab) and burqas by Muslim women from public places in France.

Now, honestly, I don't like to see women in burqas.... but at the same time, i don"t support the ban because I respect the culture, their rights to profess the religious practices anywhere and it is a harsh decision which will curb the freedom and rights. What I don't like doesn't mean that it should be not there or I won't support. I don't like is an actual will but my second thought which correlate with the needs of others is my real will in accordance to the famous French philosopher, "Rousseau." Real will is always better. I hope you won't disagree and argue the fact that America is the most powerful and richest country in the world.... Secondly, you are right in pointing out that our thinking and senses of the world is different for different individuals. Agree. Also please note that I am talking in a particular context that we all share ..... I mean we are born in a same place, same culture, in a same historical time-frame...we are all contemporaries of each other. Products of the same history, all born after 1947, and, most of us in 1980s, we are born in a era of rapid development, modernisation and globalisation. If this is the condition then why some of us(very very few) come out from the mainstream with such ideas which are completely different and quite hard to digest properly. My grand dad is a Marxist, but I think it is not relevant today as it was in his time of 40s, 50s and 60s. It is also not like this that I have no ideas of Marxism or Lenin's. I have read all the basic assumptions of the ideology. So different ideologies and beliefs has its zenith in some(a) particular historical time but not always, it has to be tested by time for its claim to be universal..... it keeps on developing and changes accordingly. So also the reality changes. If one is very emotional about a particular belief or misguided assumptions, then, he/she is advised to have a debate on the assumptions or,atleast, discussed with the majority. Ohh ha.... we have a very beautiful solution in our democratic system, majority wins. Agree with the majority. When I was a kid, mother used to ask us(with my brothers) what she should serve for the dinner? We had different tastes 3 in nos., mother couldn"t fulfill our wishes in one dinner, so she served the dish which got the majority among us and we got satisfied with that. Now if one is saying this is my way of thinking and one might say that she(mother) should have served the dish that her eldest son wanted irrespective of the other siblings than I am sorry.... I cant understand the language.... Hope you understand. I won"t be able to discuss further. okay good night to all.... I should wish Mr. Ibobi, instead, personally. Ibobi, hope you read the reader's section sometimes.


Want Manipuri Calendar 2011 now

[ Thu, Sep 02, 2010 5:44 am ]

Does anybody know how and where one can get Manipuri Calendar 2011? Can e-pao do something on this? I know we will get it towards the year end but if we can get it now it is always better.


Nothing in life has any meaning, except the meaning you give

[ Wed, September 01, 2010 1:22 pm ]

From the moment we were born, we observe and analyze our surroundings. We begin making decisions based on those observations and whatever else we perceive with our senses. That's why people's perspectives are so different. Even when several people experience the exact same event, each one will perceive, interpret, and explain it differently. Thus the same situation can bring about healing for one person but sickness for another. How could it be any other way?

Your assessment of any specific event in your life will be based on your previous experiences and learning. According to that information, you decide what the event means and often judge it to be good or bad. But if that same event occurs in the life of someone with a different history and perspective, he or she will invest it with an entirely different meaning and judge it in a totally different way. For example, if you grew up in a family that celebrated and rewarded hunting skills, you might associate good feelings with hunting; if you shoot a deer, you'll probably think of it as a good thing, something to celebrate and feel proud of. But if the family in which you grew up condemned hunting, the thought of shooting a deer might distress you greatly and even make you feel sick. I have always enjoyed a story about a wise medicine man who possessed the ability to balance a situation and see both sides quickly. One day, his village was attacked by another tribe and the man's son broke his leg. The people in the village said this was bad, but the medicine man said, 'we'll see'. A few months later, several of his son's friends set out on an excursion to hunt game. They said 'it is too bad his leg is still healing, and he can't go with us on our hunt.' The son agreed, but the wise medicine man said, ' we'll see.' Months passed, but the three young braves never returned. The people in the village said, ' It's good your son did not go on that hunt.' But the medicine man said, ' we'll see.' The story continues, but the message remains the same. To reserve judgement and see both sides of a situation in balance is a true sign of wisdom. Since an event seen or experienced by many different people does not always mean the same thing to everyone- and can actually mean many different things- we eventually realize that events themselves are neutral. We give them a meaning, or 'colour' based on what we believe or know. The more we understand, the better.


Culture set limits to one's intelligible

[ Tue, Aug 31, 2010 7:02 am ]

Sometimes, culture set limits to one's intelligible thinking. This is true. Let me take the liberty to explain this. I hope every individual who hasn't been hypnotised by a particular unidirectional set of belief(s) will be easily able to understand me. So, what I basically mean is that if you are a Marxist(supposed), you will explain things from a particular point of view which has been set by you(or your belief) as if Marxism is the only best way of leading lives or communism(socialism) is the last goal of mankind and no other option. He(or, any person) would argue as if Marxism has been existed since the evolution of humankind or as a universal ideology, just like we have been born with our nose or ears.

In the process, you would fail to see the various angles and here it means different people's viewpoints and beliefs or suggestions. You will never try to question the fundamentals of your assumptions and you would remain hypnotised again within your unidirectional belief system that you once incorporated with(intentionally or unintentionally). Your liberal way of thinking, at this stage, will go out of touch. At a critical stage those who are criticising you(your critics) would become your headache and you will think of seriously putting a check on them, even if it means using unconvetional forces against them.

So, when people enter a group of a particular belief system, the system has a set of culture which reflects their(members) self-interests, they sucummed to its ideology or belief because once entered into it, they don't have the liberty to escape from the group or system in which they entered without knowing its nature and purpose. Even if they realise them later, they cannot escape(I hope everybody understand) and they have to defend it(group) by hook and crook and ultimately becomes the victims inside. This is what happens basically. But I think we, of course, most of us are independent and not related to any group.....and we are free to think as to what is right and what is our goal(s). Our culture allow us to think, see and receive the inputs from different angles and produce them into a better way which will best serve our society much better, I mean it is not rigid as such. So let us not be in this parochial way of thinking and instead focus on the things that are more important. Let us shed this dirty way thinking off, "WE vs THEM" Its over now, not relevant anymore.... and if you guys doesnt agree with this, keep it with yourselves, but please don't fool people. We know everything, just that we are weak doesn't mean that you will diktat our brains also. WE are serious to the problems face by us, we can't do big things but we can atleast discuss the solutions and create a pressure to the government. Let us unite together.


RAP-archaic laws implemented in Kangleipak

[ Sun, Aug 29, 2010 9:11 am ]

The news report "Untold story of permit denial to Chinese Consul Gen" now in print' from Sangai Express is really good and quite informative. It will be helpful in making the people of India form a good and unbiased opinion regarding the visa controversy. 'Manipur comes under the Protected Area Permit and Restricted Area Permit, both thought to be archaic laws in this modern world, but for reasons, which have not been explained so far, these two Acts continue to lord over who should visit and who should not visit Manipur.'..... This paragraph is an eye opener for all the ignorant people of Kangleipak who are under the illusion that India treats us as true Indians. They should ask themselves why such archaic laws are implemented in Kangleipak. Just enquiring and analyzing on these archaic laws will help them a lot in clearing their illusion, delusion and confusion about themselves, Kangleipak and India.

G Kanglei

A question to UCM

[ Sat, Aug 28, 2010 1:16 am ]

According to the local news paper published on 24th/25th of August 2010 about resolving passenger fare. But Mostly the Jeep which are plying from Imphal to Game Village, they are taking Rs 10 from every passenger. So, I like to know that, is there any appropriate action?


Correction on IVF article

[ Wed, Aug 25, 2010 8:48 am ]

Most welcome for your correction of the name of US President "Bill Clinton" I am sorry for this common mistake. 2nd answer to your query about IVF: - whatever I write is based on reports available to me and it is a laboratory finding reports and prediction on the study of advance IVF technology by scientists of Australia and Europe. For your details, please refer to 'sex for baby' - ANI reports, Times Of India - Dated 18 May 2010. I am not an expert in this subject. Of course, modern fertility techniques have meant the healthiest couple already have a 50:50 chance of success using IVF. This is the answer of your query, thank you.

GS Oinam

Jobs are being pre-selected

[ Wed, Aug 25, 2010 3:00 am ]

Is the Government truthful in selection of government job?? Same thing is happening now as "AYUSH" is conducting a selection of government job in Manipur but even before selection, the job are being "selected" - meaning health minister Parijat conducted a interview which lead to the selection of AYUSH job even the government had launched the "application form" to recruit the job but inside its already selected the job!! And then why the government cheating the people showing in the news paper about application form and everybody had taken the form @ Rs. 200. Why?

Shatiajit Ningombam

ADC - Ibobi is playing with the tribals

[ Wed, Aug 25, 2010 3:00 am ]

DPC Issue... How long should we be allowed to be fooled by the so call Sarkari of Manipur or the great netas of manipur? How could the answer script be disposed off before the final selection result is declared? How could the candidate complain without knowing the result? The stink /smell in the deptt is too strong to bear; its beyond tolerance. Where is Ibobi, the most patriotic son of Sana Leipak of Manipur? Or is he also aprt of this group? Of course, there is no doubt in it. People who loves our land, Manipur, and want to bring a change should never give up the case till the culprit are found out and give a befiting penalty and teach a lesson to the corrupted netas or beaurocrats. In this regard, media should play great role along with other civil societies and keep on writing on the matter and let the public know it. Let us bring some changes in our society and provide some hope to our young people otherwise, they will all become goondas. Today they are troubling the GOvt but tomarrow they will trouble us and demand our lives for giving them birth.

Issue on ADC... Ibobi seems to be so daring and playing with the tribals. There are section of tribals who apposed the ADC election and because of this thousand of innocent Manipuris are suffering due to blockade. Instead of trying to settle the issue first and relief the poor suffering people, he is coming up with giving more power to the ADC. Wah! so great! So much concern for the tribals....! Manipur Tribals must coronate Ibobi, and call him 'the son of Tribal of Manipur..! Is he really interested in promoting tribals? Or playing divide and rule policy? Divide and rule policy brings only war and destruction; not peace and prosperity. Rulers who loves his subjects never indulge in such a policy. Ibobi should not play dangerous politics. Perhaps today you are on the chair and you seem to be the winner but tomaarow you will be in trouble. Think of the future of Manipur and play fair game.

Awungshi Angam

Focus on the relevent topics

[ Tue, Aug 24, 2010 6:18 am ]

ohh....come on both of you. I have read your comments. Gautam, I appreciate that you clarify your view points clearly in an appropriate manner and apoligised too which is a sign of great maturity and liberal thinking. Same goes to my other friend......, you did the same too. Confusions and misunderstandings do happens sometimes but that should not be wrongly interpreted. You both clear it out, good....The important thing is our intentions. We should never try to fool others by concealing something. Being sarcastic or satirical is good in literature but sometimes very bad when applied in real life particularly when we discuss or debate something very important(issues) related to the mass. We all come here to comment something or lay down our views on topics that has(or is) put us in the fire. We are finding solutions to them..... Not to discuss our or write down what we did yesterday or what we are gonna do in the next few days(shopping, partying, get together.....) this isnt facebook or twitter... So guys, It will be better if we focus on relevant topics more..... One problem we face is the acute shortage of electricity in the state and proper education.....


Cleaning rot in DPC will send out a positive message

[ Tue, Aug 24, 2010 2:31 am ]

DPC Issue... Why it took so long just to find out the fact what had happened regarding the DPC teachers selection? Why extending another fifteen days? GOM should not fool the public. How long will they fool the people of Manipur? Why it took more than two years to announce the written test result? Were there no qualified persons to correct their answer papers? DPC issue is the ice berg manifestation of deeper malaise inside the GOM. This is the root of all problem in the state. Corruption is everywhere but the level of corruption in Manipur is too much to bear. Why so many UG groups sprang up in Manipur? Do our young people really want to become killer ot dstroyer of our own society? I don\'t think so. It is the govt. that pushed them to the dark side of life.Those who don't really want to become UG escape the state. Today, some of the Delhi localities like Pater Chest or Munirka has become Manipuri colonies. Untill unless the rot inside the state or Govt. is clean, more problem will come up. If the same siuation continues I am sure bloody revolution is waiting for us before long. Govt of Manipur and Delhi must pay more attention to it. Cleaning rot in DPC will send out a positive message to the people that Govt is seriously concern for the people of Manipur.

Awungshi Angam

Dont be jealous of other communities

[ Mon, Aug 23, 2010 12:30 pm ]

Gautam, I can understand your point very well. But in your words something is concealed which I have expressed clearly and if it is not so then may be my assumption. If I have hurt you then I am really very sorry. Being a Manipuri in disguise I want to say you why you feel demeaned if it is discussed that working somewhere in India or say abroad , why you think that you are working on mercy of non manipuris, who had written such it is all your assumption . Why you want the topic "Manipuris working peacefully and handsomely in other indian cities" taken off the list as written by you. What hurts you , are you really on mercy of some one. You should not feel demeaned if you are really a hard worker and neither you should be jealous with other communities. It is your jealousy that you have written "Every time we talk about the present situation in Manipur, we tend to compare it with the other cities of India, how much freedom we are enjoying there, how developed it is compared to Manipur, etc, etc.. and most importantly how handsomely and peacefully we are working and earning. And whenever we talk of working and earning in other parts of india, everyone makes it sound like we are working at the mercy of others (non- Manipuri)"


It still is hard work and my competency

[ Mon, Aug 23, 2010 5:47 am ]

krsingh.singh922, Looks like I have failed in explaining my ideas. I am very sorry if my explanation had not been good enough to make people understand. So let me take this liberty to explain my points again. Hope the below few points help clear the misunderstanding.
1. Does it anywhere in my mail looks like I have problem with Non-Manipuris coming to Manipur for jobs. Please read again. 2. Have you been attending interviews in other parts of india as begger. If so, please change that attitude. You are not a begger understand that. 3. When I say, your employer may be paying you Rs 10,000 while he is making Rs 1,00,000 through you, did you happen to perceive it as me telling that your employer is cheating you? Please read again. This is a global phenomena and it is not only in indian cities. Whether it is the US or the UK, if the employer is paying you Rs 10,000, he must be definitely making more money through you. This is the concept of a business. Otherwise no business survives. Through this sentence I wanted to make you realise that you are not working (employed) at the mercy of other people but your hard work and capability. But if you had been working at the mercy of other people than I am very sorry for you. 4. Who says Manipuris does not have sympathies for Non-Manipuris? Look at you. You are a Manipuri and you have sympathy for Non-Manipuris unless ofcourse you are a Non-Manipuri in disguise. It is a good thought that we should stand up for the Non-Manipuris in Manipur. But at the same time I am assuming that you are not suggesting us that since Manipuris don't care about the Non-Manipuris (as you believe it), Manipuris should not protest if anything happens to us in Delhi or other parts of india. The whole idea of writing my earlier mail was to make ourselves feel proud and not to demean ourselves, which is true. I felt that the majority of the commentators made it sound as though the employers (outside Manipur) took pity on us and so we got the job, which I felt was kind of demeaning. But I am sorry if I have failed to make you understand my point. If this explanation is not good enough, I will be happy to explain again, but this time with expert advise.


Mayangs are not treated as human being in Manipur

[ Sun, Aug 22, 2010 1:08 pm ]

Well said the word " Whenever I attend any interview, I dont go there as a job beggar but as their requirement. This is the kind of attitude and moral we should have". You are certainly right to your view that you go there as their requirement but it is your need that takes you there. Likewise many non manipuris comes in Manipur for jobs as per the requirements of the people of Manipur they too work much harder then you do. They are treated as a 3rd class citizens of India .They are greeted with slang languages like mayang **** ..and so on ,but no one stands for them but if something happened with us in Delhi the next day it is the headlines of National Paper and many NGO's of that state comes in our support . So why cant our NGo's do the same with them why cant we help them .If something happen to us we come out with the slogan that we Manipuris are not treated like Indians .But in facts mayangs are not treated as human being in Manipur. No one goes any where to beg job everything happens as per requirement of each other. So you cant blame by saying that they are making 1,00000 and paying 10,000. It is your need that you are accepting otherwise leave it if it is not your requirement. So the topic which you want to drop is not possible as far as my knowledge is concerned .As long as the discussion is there the topic will be there because the issue is different there where you work and here in Manipur.


Very easy thing to download Ooba

[ Sat, Aug 21, 2010 3:16 pm ]

Its very easy thing to download whether video from Ooba or Mp3 music from Radio from E-pao. It may be sensitive to the website administrator or they may not like to let know the people how to do the same from the site mainly for Radio. If you are interested to know how to download video/mp3 from E-pao please do let me know your email ID so that I can send you the process that would be handy thing to you.

Yasin Ansari - ansary(dot)shent(at)gmail(dot)com

Problem for student due to petrol unavailability

[ Sat, Aug 21, 2010 5:18 am ]

I feel very satisfy with your sacrifice. And i just want to add an idea regarding a big problem facing by students of manipur due to the present economic sitution. since from the unavailabity of petrol and diesel much amount of money is to be spent for going to and coming back from school. Due to this problem, many students especially students from poor economic condition are facing problems. so by taking help from you i would like to inform the concern authority in order to save the future of manipur.

Rojen Khuman

The dirty city in which we live

[ Thu, Aug 19, 2010 3:23 pm ]

Good to hear that the government has initiated a clean drive in Imphal. Though there has always been a concerned department for keeping the city clean, they have not been performing their duties properly so far. When nothing seems to be going good in our state, at least the government has looked into a matter that has been lying due for the city for long. However, going by the past experiences, the accountability of the concerned civic agencies dealing with the subject is a matter of concern. The budget allotted for the job is a huge sum, if we take into account, the size of the city and the most importantly the economy of the state. The government should find out all possibilities to make sure that things are carried out in a proper fashion and embezzling of the fund is not taking place. Acute care should be taken to maintain quality. The concerned civic agencies should take up the job with a sense of responsibility and pride, because at the end of the day we would only get to see a beautiful city of our own, for which we are proud of. Wherever we go, Manipuri's are known for our cleanliness. Perhaps this image has been impaired by the dirty city in which we live. The heaps of garbage lying in the middle of the arterial roads inside and at the outskirt of the city have defaced the city. Instead of coming up suddenly with a big idea of a clean up act, for which a huge sum of the taxpayers money would be used; the government should rather find out some modalities for a permanent solution to keep the city clean. The government should rather devise ways to make the civic agencies more accountable and effective in performing their duties. Proper disposals should be maintained and proper system of segregation of biodegradable and non- biodegradable wastes should be ensured, keeping in mind of the pollution and various environmental impacts.

When the government of Sikkim can make sure that the Gangtok city is maintained to the highest level of cleanliness and charm, why can't! our gov ernment come up with a proactive idea to keep our baby clean? I have got to know that in the previous session of Delhi University, more than a dozen colleges and different departments of different colleges organized their study trip to Sikkim. After interacting with few of the students form other states, I get to hear how much they appreciate the hospitality and the cleanliness of Gangtok, people following the strict traffic rule on the city roads, different colourful flowers decorating the roads of the city, etc. And a changing trend that has taken place recently is the movement of people who were once used to visiting the hill stations of north India, are now looking towards the unexplored beauty of the northeast. Why can't we grasp this opportunity and make our motherland a heaven of the honeymooners and other tourists. People have started coming up with theme parks, eco parks etc. We should encourage them and rather the government should encourage such initiatives. We should all work together so that we are truly proud of our state and our city with valid reasons.


Earning and living peacefully in India

[ Thu, Aug 19, 2010 8:14 am ]

This is just to give attention to my fellow readers, not a clarification. We discuss so many things regarding our state, some of my articles have been blocked from highlighting because I tried to find out the truth, from the problems of insurgency to Naga-blockade, poverty to huge extortion, past history to non-manipuris in Manipur, etc. We, in the process, use various examples to defend our opinions. One is, as a friend is pointing out here, "We earn handsomely and live peacefully in other Indian cities." Friends, as you all know, the way we perceive a writer's comment is different from individual to individual. It(coded sentence) can also mean that he\she wants to compare our state with other cities in India. Say, for example, if you are saying that all the non-manipuris must not be in India because they are the agents of the Indian government to Indianised the state. If we allow them to continue their living here and their businesses, then one day we will be colonised. Now this particular chauvinistic way of thinking (Remember Raj Thackeray in Mumbai), if we endorse, then we dont have the right to stay and study or search for permanent settlement in other parts of India (almost all of us want a good home so that we can stay permanently in Delhi). Here lies the paradox, imagine a sincere student in a Top College in Delhi University! Would he want to leave Delhi because some sympathisers want him to leave Delhi? NO.... so, in this context, if someone compare and write that he lives and freely moves anywhere in India outside Manipur and also he earns lots and live peacefully and happily, I think, you don't need to catch him and say, "hey I didnt beg to anyone , I earn here through my hard work." I mean its irrelevant. You need to see the context in which he was talking about. He is just saying that when other people are not complaining about us, why should we hunt them down like animals in the night. This is the crux. This is just an example.


Sensible approach - discontinuing grades

[ Thu, Aug 19, 2010 3:18 am]

It is quite sensible that the IITs and the IIMs have decided to drop the grade system. Other Universities/Boards must also do likewise. The grade system makes it, in a way, difficult to compare students' abilities in individual subjects and further, evaluating their overall performance. Also, when grades are given, students are found to approach their Institutes to know what the individual marks are in each subject and the corresponding overall percentage. The Institutes then have a double task to reopen the records for satisfying the students. Therefore, the best option would be to indicate both, the grades in each subject and the corresponding overall GPA, as well as the marks in individual subjects and the corresponding overall percentage. This will solve a host many problems of students especially when some universities/colleges (whether here or abroad) demand grades and others demand percentages. Our Boards/Universities should be more proactive and student friendly.

Harischandra Parshuram - Mumbai

Behave like a unit to safeguard our integrity

[ Thu, Aug 19, 2010 12:41 am ]

I am extremely happy to see people of Manipur coming out and stand for the integrity and peace. This should continue forever and in all sections of our society. Unfortunately, people in the valley seem to only realize their problems and not for the hilly regions. The same is the case with people in hilly districts. Even though we are politically connected, we do not seem to have proper coordination. This is one of the biggest threats to our state's integrity and peace. Today, results are very clear. Every communities of our society has come up with its own militant group with different ambitions and mindsets. Each group has got its own ideology. They have started to act accordingly in order to achieve their goals. In the process, people have become pain-bearers and soft targets for them. This is going to get its worst form if timely interventions of Government are not invited. Unfortunately, Government comes out to be the root cause of all the mentioned issues and problems. We need to change our system completely and open a new page of our society.


Hard work and competency gets me job in Indian cities and nothing else

[ Wed, Aug 18, 2010 5:43 am ]

I see that a lot of learned people have been arguing for and against the many hot topics concerning our present day life in Manipur and it\'s future (history included too). To name a few, the indian rule, the insurgency, the bandh, the economic blockade, the fake encounters, the corruptions, the extortions (highway as well as valley), the list will go on. And I believe every information shared is very valuable and I also believe that every individual who have shared these informations are true to themselves. I may not be as learned and as competent as you guys are to give a conclusion on these topics and what I am going to share may not be totally relevant to the above topics either.

Every time we talk about the present situation in Manipur, we tend to compare it with the other cities of india, how much freedom we are enjoying there, how developed it is compared to Manipur, etc, etc.. and most importantly how handsomely and peacefully we are working and earning. And whenever we talk of working and earning in other parts of india, everyone makes it sound like we are working at the mercy of others (non- Manipuri). I live and work in a good city of india. My income is not great but it is good enough to take care of me and my family. And do you think I got this job because the interviewer took pity on me? Never. Dont even think about it. Whenever I attend any interview, I dont go there as a job beggar but as their requirement. This is the kind of attitude and moral we should have. And believe me my friend there is no such thing as free lunch, especially in business organizations. If the company is paying you Rs 10,000 a month, they are making Rs 1,00,000 out of you or through you, a month. There are americans working in india. india does not treat them as indians. Likewise there are indians working in america and americans dont treat them as americans. And there are Manipuris working in america, singapore, etc. They may have acquired the citizenship by now, but they were not when they first applied their jobs. So the next time we discuss the choatic situation in Manipur, I request, the topic - Manipuris working peacefully and handsomely in other indian cities, taken off the list. Because if you competent enough, you can work anywhere. We only need to work hard and believe in our selves. No Hard feeling!


How to download videos from Ooba

[ Tue, Aug 17, 2010 1:20 pm ]

Hi, I would like to know how we can download videos from ooba. I've tried downloading by using a mozilla firefox 'add-on' called oneclick youtube downloader. It works really well with youtube and many other sites but it doesn't work with e-pao. Could you please suggest a way to download it? It would be really great. If I could save those videos on my disk or drive I'd be able to show it to other people even when there's no internet. Thank you. I've just started watching the 'India in 1957' video and its awesome. I've always wanted to see how Manipur looked like in the old days and now I get a glimpse. That's terrific. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. Thanks again.

Varun Huidrom

A chat room suggestion

[ Tue, Aug 17, 2010 11:33 am ]

e-pao chat room ama sembibagidamak yam nungaijei adubu suggestion amata toujage. chat room da laklaga taba waba akam apet ki wari yam na toina touba thengnei. yaragadi "Report Abuse" gumbagi option hapchinbiradi yam nungaijagani. ignore gi option happiba adusu yamna phajaba option ni. adubu makhoi id onthoklaga amuk changlak e. kanagumba user amana karan taba user amagi against ta "report abuse" touraklabadi administrator na user adu block tousinbiragadi (by ip address not by user id). yamna nungaijagani. natragadi pharak yam tare. eikhoi Manipuri masel wari ngaihak saningbagi lakpada pheireng tureng ngakta. moina ngangnaribadu taba yam ware.
I hope you will take some urgent action. Looking forward for your response. Thanking you.


A pledge for Manipur

[ Tue, Aug 17, 2010 6:22 am ]

dear all manipuries, come with me and let's pledge 'to oppose bundh, strike and communalism. Let Manipur be a safest and peaceful place to live. Let it be the best state in India. Let's celeberate chrismas, id, yaoshang together because we r one. Let's stop violence because it brings nothing but the death, crying, sadness, misery for our own people. If every 'i' is good believe me Manipur will be a heaven'.


UNC and ANSAM is waiting for GOI

[ Tue, Aug 17, 2010 2:05 am ]

This is with reference to PM's address on 15th, August, refering NE with half of sentence. PM clearly stated that diologue is the only solution to the problem. Who is againts the dialogue? Is it not his govt ( Delhi and Manipur) denied dialogue with the tribals that resulted to blockade and suffering of the entire state? Even now, UNC and ANSAM has been waiting for the Govt of India to call for dialogue. Our PM should have collect the fact from the ground reality and send out right message to his people, instead of just bombasting on the Red Ford to please some section of the people. Every individual has the saem right whether big or small, literate or iliterate. The consequence of ignoring this fact is costly.

Awungshi Angam

Remove obsolete website

[ Tue, Aug 17, 2010 1:03 am ]

I think it would be great if the admin remove the inactive sites from the personal hompages page. Some of the sites are quite interesting while some are just ordinary ones or geocities links which have already discontinued services.


Remove obsolete website

[ Tue, Aug 17, 2010 1:03 am ]

I think it would be great if the admin remove the inactive sites from the personal hompages page. Some of the sites are quite interesting while some are just ordinary ones or geocities links which have already discontinued services.


19th Manipuri Language Day

[ Mon, Aug 16, 2010 6:57 am ]

Is it true that "due to the pending case in the supreme court of india about the number of meitei lon alphabets, many jobs are lying vacant in the central universities of India"? If it is true then I wish the two warring groups come to an understanding leaving aside their egos, so as to enable many Manipuri (meitei lon) scholars take up these vacant post.


Benefit of Fasting - a work of Plagiarim

[ Mon, Aug 16, 2010 3:32 am ]

Just gone through your article in e-pao. it seems to me that not a single word of the article came from your fingers. Why do you have to copy and paste others works. Try to do some research yourself and put through the benefits of fasting rather than copy pasting of facts that others have done research earlier. Your article has crossed the limit of plagiarism. You can't fool people in this age of internet. The all knowing GOOGLE will give the sources that you have copied the ideas and lines from for your article. Please avoid copy paste and try to write something of your own. It's so unbecoming of a learned man who live and works in the UK. E-pao please screen articles before webcasting as it's a known fact that there is a growing case of plagiarim with the advent of internet.


No Muslim festival updates in e-pao

[ Sun, Aug 15, 2010 6:30 am ]

This is a request to the e-pao team that while you update all the state and national festival and happenings, you have forgotten to update about the Muslims'(Meitei Pangal) festival Eid which is about to come and more particularly about the ongoing month of "Ramzan". You have so many Muslim freinds who are strict followers of e-pao and frequently contribute articles and comments on reader's mail. Thank you.


State of Chaos

[ Sat, Aug 14, 2010 6:05 pm ]

There were month long blockades that cripple the lives of many. The high price of commodities sucks the lives out of the common man. Though the politic was good for both the ruling and opposition parties, as it was a good juncture to show the gratitude while the people bleeds. The blame game was just what the people need to heal the invisible wounds. Now that everything is partly cooling off, its time to look for something new again. But the sufferer remains the same only the name change. Its high time that the people of the state take things in their own hands now. The leaders that we thought would lead us towards a better future, is leading only the grants and money of the states to their pockets. But we aren\'t going anywhere. Here we are stuck in the same pace and sometimes, I wonder whether we are going forward or backward. The savior that takes the uniform now get the control of common men\'s life. They got the power and the license to kill anyone of their choice.

So you think govt is gone awry. Lets think about the brother fighting for us in deep jungles spending restless nights. Are they really up to their terms. I guess not, they act like gangsters from some movies. the only difference is that they are for real and the blood too are real. Well everywhere is not safe here anymore, you and I need to change the world, the society, the state. So what you can do best is to liberate education and make it accessible to all. Whatever is the matter don\'t ban the school and the students from school. They belong there and its for the future of the state and for the society. If its to be granted wanted and kill to anyone, just label it on the one who obstruct anything on education or its system.


Remember their supreme sacrifice

[ Fri, Aug 13, 2010 12:27 pm ]

Lets remember the heroes of our motherland Kangleipak, lets remember their supreme sacrifice for the independence and freedom of our motherland Kangleipak and behave like Heroes of our motherland. I was born in Kangleipak and I would love to die in Kangleipak. For me, nothing is greater, nothing is more beautiful, lovely and wonderful than Kangleipak. Long Live Kangleipak.


Salute to the heroes of Manipur

[ Fri, Aug 13, 2010 12:16 pm ]

On the auspicious day, the 13th August, I salute to the freedom fighters of our motherland Manipur(Kangleipak) who had sacrificed their lives for the freedom and independence of our motherland Manipur/Kangleipak. God bless Kangleipak. I love my motherland. Long Live Kangleipak.

Haokip S

Let us remember the heroes of 13 August

[ Fri, Aug 13, 2010 9:42 am ]

On this auspicious day of 13th August, let us remember the heroes of our motherland Kangleipak who had sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom and self-determination of our nation, Kangleipak. Let us remember their heroism, bravery, courage and patriotism and fight for our freedom which is absolutely absent in our motherland Kangleipak. I salute all those who had laid down their lives for the cause of Kangleipak, for the freedom, independence and self-determination of Kangleipak. Long live Kangleipak. God bless Kangleipak. Kangleipak na yaiphare.

G Kanglei

Include Government Job in

[ Thu, Aug 12, 2010 12:57 pm ]

I would like to thank to all the employees and teams of this portal, for providing daily news and many other information. But I would like to suggest a bit knowledge of mine about the government jobs news in Manipur. It seems to have very lack/poor of information about the Manipur Government jobs news in this site. This may be due to some reason, but here we the students at outside were ill-fated of getting opportunity of trying jobs in your own state rather than other. I would be very thankful if you could provide such information in time. By adding manipur government news (module) on this site. Thanking you with best regard.

Ratan Thockchom

Yaingangpokpi is not under Ukhrul

[ Tue, Aug 10, 2010 12:57 am ]

In your column 'UG beaten up labours' of 10th aug 2010 source frm huiyen lanpao has mention that construction work of police station at Yaingangpokpi in ukhrul district borthering imphal east was beatn by some suspected NSCM -IM cader and threaten them to leave place has again highlight the illegal activities of d NSCN IM, here again what i would lik to emphasize is that yaingangpokpi is not under Ukhrul district, its under Imphal East so please rectify d undue mistake.


SPF Govt. and 3 MPs of Manipur are cowards?

[ Fri, Aug 06, 2010 4:39 am ]

We are ashamed of the SPF Govt. and the 3 MPs of Manipur, are they really cowards and mad on NH Blockades. They are worth resigning immediately on moral ground if they have the guts of a Manipuri. Leaders of ANSAM and NNC cannot be arrested by Manipur Police and the SPF Govt. again they were invited and ultimately Ministerial team is sending to talk them. On the other hand the Hon\'ble Gauhati H/Court's final judgement day, in this regard, is 21-8-10. It is very ridiculous but let\'s wait people's judgement day!

RB Laishram

Manipur is on the verge of a Rwanda genocide

[ Fri, Aug 06, 2010 1:47 am ]

Anand's reaction to GOM initiative.... While the while world is trying with all their hearts how to bring peace and reconciliation in the strife and war torn tiny state of Manipur, hon'ble MLA RK Anand seems to have failed to understand the mood of the people. His statement, if taken serious, will fuel another communal fire in the state. According to him, UNC and ANSAM are 'criminals'. Recently UNC call a Naga Peoples Convention assembly. More than 3000 people responded, sedning their representatives-including respectable retired bureacrats and professors. Are all these people criminals? UNC represents the whole Nagas of Manipur. Is 6 lakh Nagas criminal and be sent to jail? If GoM could so that it will be wonderful! The point is, of branding 'criminal' to right citizen of the country who express their democratic right in order to addrees their grievnaces is the most unfortunate things and a hineus crime. It would be better for the respected MLA to desist from such irresponsible statement while the state is in volotile situaion. Such a statement from elected members brings only misundersstandng and conflict in the state. Manipur is on the verge of emerging 1994 Rwanda genocide situatio. The present concern of every right thinking person is to how to redeem and avoid such a catastroph before it occur. Let us avoid all the emotive issue and try to bring some understanding to our people. I have much to write on the reason for Naga Blockade but let me not do so, since it would vitiate another pointless argument.

Awungshi Angam

Manipur Cdos > nobody exists above them

[ Thu, Aug 05, 2010 9:39 am ]

I should say that the people of usoipokpi have done the right thing which is the call of the day. It is indeed needed and the way they have done should be done everywhre where people in uniform takes to brazen looting, ransacking, injecting terror in the minds of the common people , creating chaos and havoc in our society . They should have been thrashed even bitterly. When people kept and fed to keep our society secure, ironically takes up the job of hooliganism and spreading fear phycosis in our land , they should be handled in such a way that gives a clear message that the land has a syatem , system of law, a system when respected , gives equal rights and opportunities to all the people, a system when handled correctly, can handle any sort of illegal activities happening in our society. I cannot deny any facts that the concerned family be associated with any business of contraband drugs, but even that could have been tackled lawfully. Instead of pciking up those viruses of the society and handling them in such a way to stop their business promptly , these commandoes are looking out for such parties as a opportunity to earn big bucks. They take regular taxes from the drug peddlers , even call up frequently to recharge their mobile phones , a dirt cheap act to be done by a person in uniform!!!! When the latter refused to pay up, they start using their power and the power of their guns to pay up. Brandising their weapons, using high tone, illogical queries in such a way that everything they say is right, everything they ask for should be provided promptly, and nobody exists above them; are few things which gives enervating stress in our eyes. Just sick of these cheap armed personals recruited through job auction of MR. IBOBI government. ( the more you pay , the bigger star you get, no matter how much grey matter you have. Even you can replace your head with that of a donkey and go for a job in MP department, if you have money).


Govt of Manipur and Sadam Hussein

[ Thu, Aug 05, 2010 3:05 am ]

UNC and Ministeral team ...Its good sign that GOM is showing its concern about the plight of Manipur. Remember George Bush did not intend to Bomb Iraq; it was a thread to Sadam Hussein, believing that he would surely succum to the thread. But unfortunate Sadam was also a man who had ego and pride. Instead of surrender in in the hand of enemy, he decided to stick to his ego and pride even at the cost of gis life. The result is, as we all know, the utter destruction of Irag and lost of million of life. The point is, because of a little ego and miscalculation, a huge demaged has caused to the humanity. The same could happen even in Manipur. GOM may think, UNC and ANSAM could be ignored or even suppress through thread. But I think, it may not work. Every human being has ego and pride. So while dealing with UNC GOM can take this part into consideration and deal in the manner that would acceptable to them. On the part of UNC, they should approach the matter with proper reason and democratic manner understanding the suffering of the common people in the state. After all, who are the sufferes? Are they outsiders? Not at all; its all your kids and kins. The demand or grievances they putforth to the GOM or GOI should be clear and reasonable in the eyes of men. They should not demand the thing which is beyond their jurisdiction as an civil society organization that operate under the law of the land. If both the GOM and UNC listen to this voice, I think there is a ray of hope emerging in the state. I wish all the best to both UNC and GOM.

Awungshi Angam

please grow up and save Manipur

[ Wed, Aug 04, 2010 6:10 am ]

i dont think calling off the blockade made any difference....coz the truck owners continued their own agitation against the highway extortions...the price of essential commodities like gas and petrol never came down....i still feel there are many out there, even amongst the meiteis who are making hay while the sun shines...making the most of the situation for their own filthy gains...and Ibobi Singh as the chief minister aint helping either...he's too much in love with the seat of CM to even care for the hardships of the common ppl...what manipur needs is a real statesman.. the politicians have made a mockery of the state...everybody just seem so helpless, just watching things as it happens...there are like 10-15 bandhs, sit-in-protest every freaking day...i dont even understand how the state is still running...come on ppl, whoever u r, a politician, a businessman, an engineer, a doctor, a naharol...please grow up and save Manipur...


Fighting just like cat and dog

[ Wed, Aug 04, 2010 3:48 am ]

Here we, the people, are suffering from transportation problem, food price hike, inflamation of in the community throughout the year. The communities are fighting just like cat and dog. These days even animals are not fighting each other. The main reason behind this cause of the diseases in our state are everyone need to become boss , leader. behind that, money is the main cause. politician are not in one, lalhoulup are not one and the people who live in state are not thinking themselves as a manipuri. the people dialogue them as meitei, naga kuki, pangal and so many small communities why we could be one. than only prospectous, happiness, brightneess will be sure in our state. why we can't work together to bring up our state on top, in culture, sports, and education.

Shatiajit Ningombam

Inviting for talk is an insult!

[ Wed, Aug 04, 2010 2:43 am ]

After having been wounded, instead of healing first, inviting for a talk is another insult to the agrieved part. No matter how low or insignificance may be the body or parson, nobody will ever accept such kind of tactic by the Govt. of manipur. Conducting ADC election against the wishes of the nagas is a big insult to the whole Nagas, not only to UNC. Today, axcept a few greedy fox who want to grasp a little money from appointment of Council Teachers, as it has been in the past, the rest of the Nagas are against the election. What was the problem with Govt of Manipur to invited them and discuss the matter before the election? UNC and ANSAM sent several signal to Ibobi for discussion but his ego was too big that he bzazenly disrgearded them. The fruit of his ego was the suffering of thousands of innocent Manipuris due to economic blocked. What is the wrong with Ibobi? Is he really concern about giving power to tribals under ADC? Really? Why so enthusiastic about empowering the tribals suddenly? This is amazing! Tribals are not idiot who find so difficult to read his gameplan. Today, UNC has imposed ban again. Who will be the victim? Not Ibobi or Beren who live in the glass house but the poorest of the poor. Centre Govt must not play poltics with the North East people. They must changed their basic attitude toward Nagas and tribals as a whole. Otherwsie, another Kashmir is waited in the region very soon. Dclare Null & void the recent ADC election, invite UNC or Tribal bodies for round table conference or discussion as it was yesterday. The problem will be solved. There will be no more blokade nor more suffering for the Manipuris. The world is full of problem; let us not create more problem because of our small ego. I hope, GOM and GOI listen.

Awungshi Angam

Ibobi is the breaking Manipur into pieces

[ Tue, Aug 03, 2010 1:54 am ]

COPTAM agitation - One really fails to understand the wisdom of Ibobi who is the breaking Manipur into pieces! The way he deals with the Tribal have resulted to deep sense of anger and discontentment. It is the right time that he should be asked to step down gracefully so that wound and hurts of the tribals are being shoothed. Everything has its time; now is the time. Tomarrow may be too late. Yesterday was nagas who cried out; today is the Zomis. The day when these two comes together, will be the day of breaking the Manipur Sana Leipak into pieces. I wish there is some one who listen to the voice of sanity and respond.....

Awungshi Angam

Eid missing in the E-pao calendar

[ Mon, Aug 02, 2010 11:36 am ]

A big state, multi cultural , multireligious , adorned with different colours, different people. Muslims, which constitute a major portion of the population are part and parcel of of every pulse of the state. when every artificilal, natural , induced, kapnabi , thinnabi #$%^&*(()+_) festivals are included in the E-pao calender, the makers of this colourful calander seem to have forgotten that the only 2 festivals of the muslims, celebrated worldwide are being ( perhaps forgotten) ignored. If not the exact, due to uncertainity in the sight of moon , at least the universally accepted dates assigned for the two festivels should have been added. I was shocked to see the ugly miss today , when i being so touched by the works on e-pao and having full confidance of getting the date, opened the site instead of looking into any other calanders. Good work guys, keep it up !!


This was a game played by the centre

[ Sun, Aug 01, 2010 12:16 am ]

The recent threat to remind the non-manipuris to leave the state by a UG group came into picture when manipur is trying her best to restore normalcy. The recent blockade and Muivah's proposed visit were directly linked with those threat... how?.....
ANALYSIS the great uprising 18th june 2001 occured during the rein of BJP the centre. The present ruling Govt. in centre is Congress and they are well aware of not committing the same mistake as the former govt both politically and morally.....then why would they do this? the answer is quite simple..the ultimatum given by the UG to non-manipuri were reciprocated with a similar threat from naxals operating in eastern and central india. however, later the said UG group had published that on intimating them it was found that no such threats were imposed. and this was a game played by the centre. yes, it could be right. so, the centre were left with very minimal options to divert the public attention....those days there were fear psychosis among them who were keeping non-manipuri tenants. the centre finally gave green signal to muivah to visit his native and with the other mission of drawing the public attention there, which may not be known to them. the public fought with all their might and finally succeeded . however it lead to series of blockade and sufferings to general public which is felt even today. when the people of manipur needed help...the so called UGs( FREEdom fighters)were hiding in the rat hole. they were afraid to die and the most funny thing --no one listens to one another among themselves. the center is more intelligent than them..mind me it may happen that the student community studying or working elsewhere in various part of India may be the victim of their unthoughtful resolutions. the very UG group proposing such ultimatums are also staying in different part of the country. a fortnight back one of its self-styled high ranking member was caught from guwahati. so, my dear brothers including UGs please come up with some other option. please don't put salt in the wound .......let manipur rise and let normalcy be restored

Dr pame_jit

Mongloid, mongloid, this word should not be used

[ Sat, Jul 31, 2010 2:31 am ]

Luseng . It is actually a foolish dream of yours to talk that we have love and respect for India as a neighbour and relationship ends here. Hello brother wake up sid !!. We are always a part of our country India okay. India is as much ours as it is of any other Indian. I feel you wish to become a stooge of a China or our anarchy? India looks different after every 100 Kms or so with its populace speaking different languages. It doesn't mean that every state wants to become a country. Never, in dreams also. Talk little senseful brother. Are you in Manipur? Truly speaking if you are in Manipur you will never speak like this. First of all, call back all our brothers and sisters who are outside Manipur, well settled and leading peaceful co-existence with other Indians. You speak about Platform, of mongloids, you can never have a different platform. First think of a common platform for every sphere, education, economy, policies etc which are existing with us. We must think to eradicate the treacherous problems of corruption, extortion, commission, terrorism etc prevailing in our society. Mongloid, mongloid, this word should not be used as pretext to separate ourselves from our country. Our relationship with anyone depends on us only. Any one, anywhere, anytime. Think properly, decide and write. If we are good then every one will be good to us. There is no king or a foreign country ruling us. We are a democracy, we are ruling ourselves.

Berlin Saikhom

Govt failure in dealing with Tribals of Manipur

[ Fri, Jul 30, 2010 3:44 am ]

I don't really know how the so called 'Manipur sana leipak' is going to keep its integrity. Yesterday was Nagas and today is Zomis (Chin-Kukis). There is every possibility the situation could become worse and become as serious as the nagas if proper measure is not taken at the movement. I wander what Ibobi is thinking right now about Manipur. When Nagas agitated I thought, it was the problem with the Nagas, not GoM, but today, CCpur has started again. Will the problem be with the CCPur? All the problem may not be neccesarily lie with the Nagas or CCpur. I am sure, somewhere and someway, something has gobe wrong with the Govt of Manipur in dealing with the Tribals of Manipur. Govt of Manipur needs to introspect very honestly and correct it. Otherwise, I caution, worse is waiting for the state. Prevention is always better than cure'.

Awungshi Angam

Are we public the only fools?

[ Wed, Jul 28, 2010 2:45 pm ]

Thanks to our great politicians who have turned our motherland Manipur into a company, with its CEO as the Chief Minister of our state and the Managing Director as the Governor. This company has an investor...New Delhi & the company members(MLAs) are ready to do anything to fill their own pocket and not to think of building the pillars of this company. When the investor is investing the money they always think for profit. So how do they get this? What i feel with my analysis is that more than half of the investment procured by the company goes back to the investors again in the form of non-utilized funds. So in paper the money is sanctioned and hence the great big boss in New Delhi can get access to this money with the aid of their counterpart in these states like ours, without any fear of CBI probe. The company poses many threat from the local gondas and thats where our brave naharols role begin. To keep there mouth shut the company gives money through various it goes in a vicious cycle. Now, the company needs some employment and according to them, it is an opportunity for them to mint money for themselves. These funds are collected from the public who approaches to seek job from the company. The public left with no alternatives fall easy prey to their bait and risk everything they have in the form of savings and property just to avoid a situation of hand to mouth living. Now, all the members in this company do not have a like mind and differences among them causes postponement of the recruitment, finally causing more sufferings to the jobseeker who has sacrificed all his belongings. Mortgaging and borrowing money at interest are a very common affair in our society. To maintain proper governing for the company, it employs good number of security persons. The number of security person to the citizen of this state is in a ratio of 1:5. These law maintainers had also taken the same path to get their respective jobs & hence are also in hurry to recover their investments, thereby promoting them to commit pretty crimes. Locked in these triangles (company members, naharol & security) are the public with every demand of theirs are met at the expense of us. So my dear youths, never allow all these funds to return back. It is our property. From next time onwards see to that all the utilization certificate of the funds are published in the paper including those that have been taken by the insurgents or have been hijacked by high officials.

Dr pame_jit

Abolish reservations

[ Tue, Jul 27, 2010 12:47 am ]

What is reservation? Who are the reserved persons? Are they really backward? We will never become a Developed Country until and unless this reservation policy is completely abolished. It's OK if reservation is made only for relaxation of age only purely for age relaxation only. Due to this reservation policy all good candidates under unreserved categories who possess better marks in any recruitment are not recruited and only those who obtained little marks around 20% are recruited. If the recruited reserved candidates become teacher what they will teach and if the recruited reserved candidates become Doctor or Engineer what will we do. Bridges will be broken, causalities will admit to Hospital and those reserved doctors will treat the causalities, they will leave scissors or some instrument inside our body. Wrong prescription, wrongly diagnosed i.e. giving prescription for T.B. which is now curable where the patient is not a T.B. Now think if reservation is abolished we all have to compete in the recruitment and the best will be recruited. No more scissors will be left, no wrongly diagnosis will be occurred and teachers will teach the best as he can and produced bright student as students are the backbone of the nation.

Jeenesh Th

Comments for healthy exchange of ideas

[ Mon, Jul 26, 2010 10:03 pm ]

I have been a regular contributor and follower of and recently I observed that we dont have a comment for the readers under any article...hence even if the article is good and people read it there is not way by which we can comment on the article . Hence i have a suggestion to your technical team to include the comments option under each article so that people can discuss about the issue and we can have a healthy exchange of ideas among the contributors and the readers.

Aeroshil Nameirakpam - Union City CA

SoO need to be reviewed

[ Sun, Jul 25, 2010 1:03 am ]

SoO Rule and regulation are not strictly followed by Kuki militant in Manipur - SoO is sure and certain everybody knows it. They are more selfish group of militant who are looking for Kukiland and their base camp in Manipur which is supported by this SoO. KNA, KRA, KNF, KKK these militant are some of them. Kuki militant threatens small village and individuals to leave the agricultural lands in the name of Kuki land. People are suffering after their action on encroaching lands in the hill areas. They are buying lands by pressuring that these land belongs to Kukis. Our CM is responsible for these problems as he introduced such harmful and not peaceful environment in the Kuki areas and Kuki area is like a military rule state in present situation. Kuki are intelligent and they encroaches land without killing but making officially and individual threatening for their gain. Now, Kuki villages are increasing in and around Imphal area and other districts of Manipur because of this SOs. Hope Kuki militants are enjoying full right of using gun in the valley and Hills using official certificate from the brainless state Govt. politicians. Time has come to close this SOs otherwise Manipur will become a bloodshed state. I think state govt's tactics is wrong to handle the situation, militant get their chance to grow in huge level during this Sos or cease=fire. Ibobi should follow the CM of J&K to amend the AFSPA. This Sos will not bring peace to the people of Kuki or Manipuri's this will only create more crimes and illegal things in the coming future of Manipur. CM and his followers should be very clear to provide such freedom of ruling their own political region by supporting armed militants who is not thinking of Manipur too. Kuki land is also not possible and it cannot touch a single land of Manipur like Nagalim it should same for all. The SoO need to be reviewed .


The only solution for selected DPC teachers

[ Sat, Jul 24, 2010 4:53 am ]

This is regarding the gheraoe of Directorate of education by the selected DPC teachers. Public must understand their desperation. Each one of them have paid not less than Rs 3,00000 (Three lakhs) to the concerned appointment authority two/three years ago. Most of these people are from the poorest of the poor in the society. They borrowed this money from the money lenders at the high rate of interest. Just imagine- interest for three years for three lakhs rupess??? At the same time their appointment is not certain now due to recent episode. They have every right to be enraged and gheroaed the Education Office. But on the other hand, there are people who have been denied of their right since they did not give money and they will not allow the DPC appointment without investigation. What is the solution? Thorough investigation by CBI must take up; the culprit-Ministers, CEO's and those who inlvoved in the scandal must be booked and they must be forced to return these poor man's money with all the interest. Above all their service should be terminated. This is the only solution.

Awungshi Angam

"Say No To Drugs & Bribery"

[ Thu, Jul 22, 2010 9:47 am ]

Let me begin writing with a code that every citizen of manipur must memorize & practise......"Say No To Drugs & Bribery". The former is always discussed and various organisations are trying their best to check it but the later is always ignored. Why not form an anti-corruption organisation and provide oppurtunity to those who are more deserving? This will certainly provide a platform to our very youths who are compelled to leave Manipur for no fault of theirs. We will have more skilled and resourceful person if the culture of rampant corruption prevailing in our society is abolished. Corruption is the greatest threat to our society and if not removed from grass-root level can pose to welcome series of criminal activities in near future. It is the ripe time we, the youth, take part in anti-corruption campaign by avoiding bribery from our side first.

Dr pame_jit

Corruption starts from 5 paise

[ Thu, Jul 22, 2010 8:19 am ]

A reply to Oinam Gautam. Boss, hats off to you to bring such notices of people doing their duty to the fullest in view to the development for we Manipuri people. If one does like this, in a life time for our state then an our achievement. So many such avenues are open for our great Kangleipak leaders/ministers to do in the times coming in future. You are right that she would have got a demand note or commission letter. But why?? 5 paise daily by 5 lac people amounts to 25,000 Rs, similarly for 365 days is almost a crore rupees. This is how people are supporting corruption. No choice !! corruption starts from 5 paise and never ends at five crore rupees also. Betterment of Manipur people has to be looked by such great leaders. Top rung leaders should learn something from the brave act that she has done !!!

L Sonamani Meetei

More info on Edn Ann with Mgmt/Research

[ Wed, Jul 21, 2010 4:29 am ]

I would like to thanks the brothers and sisters who are back-bone of . Wveryday I visit this website, though I stay far from our motherland. I have an request, please update some more information about the education announcement, related with management and research. I would be thankful. I am looking forward from epao.

Romila Thingnam

UTRTI is a good intiative

[ Wed, Jul 21, 2010 1:32 am ]

UTRTI is a good intiative which should be appreciated and encouraged. But the fear is many of such groups have become money making machines in the past. In the name of public interest, individual stomach are being filled. Thus, instead of helping the poor and helpless tribals such orgainzation has become instrument of oppression to his own kins. But I hope, UTRTI will be a different one. I hope, it will work fearlessly for the interest of those who are the victim of corruption in the state. I hope, UTRTI will try to unfold all the rot inside and bring a new hope for the suffering villagers.

Awungshi Angam

On the GB meeting of MBA

[ Tue, Jul 20, 2010 7:09 am ]

It is well known fact that Manipur is a land of Sports and famous for it except in the game of Badminton in spite of MBA's long endeavour and having suitable anatomical players for the game. May I invite the attention of the authority of MBA to elect an able Honorary General Secretary in the ensuing G.B. Meeting to enable the Association to produce National and International players in the years to come.

RB Laishram

DPC probe and fitting punishment

[ Wed, Jul 14, 2010 11:14 pm ]

This is regarding PT's DPC bungling. This is the tip of the whole rot inside education deptt. Inguiry by the committee appointed by the state Govt, means committee appointed by the culprit, is not the soultion at all. Therefore, taking the opportunity of what has happened, its time that the whole process of PT. DPC should be probed thoroughly by CBI. Manipur Govt and the Manipur public should not take the issue lightly and hush up; rather it should be the time to rehaul education deptt in Manipur. In this era where knowlege is everything for survival. Manipur cannot play with the education. Playing with education is tantamount to playing with the very life of our people. The main victim of the game will be the 90% poor villagers in the interior part of the state. Therefore, if Ibobi wants to show that he really cares for the people of Manipur, he must thoroughly probe the case, find out all the culprits and give them fitting punishment, so Manipur will be saved. I want to mention there that this is not the first time, these people has been doing since last many years at the cost of thousand villagers life. So I would earnestly urge the Manipur Govt and the Public, not to sidetract the issue but follow up till the end and find proper solution.

Awungshi Angam

Its people elected Monarchy!

[ Wed, Jul 14, 2010 9:23 am ]

Should I say its people elected monarchy. Its the mistake of our society that seeks every area to be a source of income. Are we that poor or selfish to stop thinking about development without corruption. Its loud and clear though not on record that we need to pay to get a job because no one has ever got a job without paying. May be we Manipuris think too much of our future that once in power he/she would earn even for the family's yet to come generations. Everyone eligible should get a chance to become someone in the society and rich people should not force themselves to be someone they are not suppose to be. I work outside Manipur and I find many Manipuris working in other states. Its not because we wanted to but its because we have no place in Manipur. I want to make everyone know that Manipur has lots of manpower but there are no good leaders to bring them back instead sending more away. To become Minister/MLA is not an achievement/career but service to the people. Its up to us to decide now that we chose to make few rich and hundred poor or we choose to become rich together. All the leaders, lead Manipur to become better.

Ph Nganthoi

Headline for our daily dose of morning paper

[ Wed, Jul 14, 2010 12:09 am ]

Reference the news item : "CCpur DC shows what public service is all about" dated 14 July 2010 webcast. I suppose this should have been the Headline for our daily dose of morning paper....!!! But I am no Editor for any newspaper so who am I to decide. Not sure if any of our own top rung leaders/ministers/ bureaucrats, do not get goosebumps when they read/see such selfless act from a lady from down South India. Unluckily , she might be served a demand note or % commission tomorrow for walking a kilometre of slushy terrain on foot... for the betterment of Manipur people...hmmm !!!! Point to ponder and think.

Oinam Gautam

Are we too weak to protect our future?

[ Mon, Jul 12, 2010 11:22 pm ]

Are we too weak to protect our future? For nothing we shed so much blood and sweat but we are keeping cool on the very issue that is destroying our future. This is ridiculous. All those who involved in the TDC teachers are the real criminals of the state. If Govt of Manipur is really serious about the state and its people, they must look into the issue with all seriousness and take immediate appropriate actions. Let us shed our sweat and blood on the matters that builds our future, not on unneccesary issues. Those who have demanded for CBI inquiry should not give up till the satisfactory result id found. They must know that the whole pulic are behind them. And CBI must thoroughly probe the whole TDC teachers recruitment process since 2003 and clean up the bad ador in the education deptt.

Awungshi Angam

Wrong way to advertise for Faculty in NIT, Manipur

[ Mon, Jul 12, 2010 6:55 am ]

For NIT Manipur, appointment of faculty positions like professors, associate professors and assistant professors should be properly advertised as permanent posts with proper guidelines. Only recruitement of high quality teachers will bring prestige and fame to NIT Manipur. What is doing here is completely wrong and it ia means for manipulation. Students body should try to stop such short-cut practices.

Prof. N. Nimai Singh - Gauhati University

Keep Dr. Thingnam story alive

[ Fri, Jul 09, 2010 6:47 am ]

Please do not let die the story about Dr. Thingnam. I know all organizations like JAC etc. are frustrated now and not doing anything. It's just your news paper which can bring the story forward. Pankaj Pal is from UP so if a newspaper in UP publishes a story about him, it'd be a good exposure. Again I want the truth out nothing else.

Desh Premi

Check traditional names before uploading in eMing

[ Thu, Jul 08, 2010 12:03 am ]

I would draw attention regarding the "e-ming" which I believe is for reviving the traditional names. Rather, its very irritating to see that some of the name are not checked before forcasting on web without seeing the credibilty of being true of its essence. Please do consult and have little bit of research to avoid such blunders. Because, you will again be helping in degrading true meaning of culture and tradition which web is so fast in doubling the aggravation.

H. Chingleiral

How to survive after independence?

[ Wed, Jul 07, 2010 4:47 am ]

Everyone here is talking big about survival. I would like to ask a simple question. When one is married and starts his/her own family, how do they survive? Do they always depend on their parents? No. The world is a global village and every nation is helping every other nations to prosper well. World Bank assists every developing countries in varisou fields - science, technology, education, agriculture, .. and what not. It is give and take policy. By regaining our independence we do not meant to close our border with India. We meant self-respect, recognition by fellow countries, representation of our culture, our nation, our identity by our own Mongoloid people ( and India - mostly Aryan dominated will let us represent them in the next 100 years by any of our people - be it in education, economy, sports, science etc.)

Every country in the world is not self dependent. Even US depends on other countries for survival. Yes, we know our nation lack natural resources. However, we do can survive without even receiving (rather say begging) from a ruling country. I guess many of you guys are educated but are not well learned enough to come with a solution for a simple question - "How to survive?". Are you always on the begging side? Don't you have hands, legs, eyes, land to till.... We may suffer in our generations like the Jews did during WWII holacaust, but we can promise our future generations a much better platform - platform of Mongoloids in every sphere, education, economy, foreign policy, international peace, sports etc. Think what our forefather have done and how we have spoiled their image. Think how we can given them (our ancestors) their hard earned reputation back! It is hard to say this but, "You are born Mongoloid and no matter what you do you cannot be an Indian!". We have love and respect for India, only as a neighbour and the relationship ends there!


Help me choose a 'right' baby name

[ Wed, Jul 07, 2010 3:04 am ]

"Piyanu punsiba echathoi thaballei thambal kusumlei" ...... Its very confusing while chosing a right name for baby, so people should encourage each other to suggest some names that helps while keeping your child name.

Rojesh Ningthouja

OLPC or not?

[ Wed, Jul 07, 2010 1:54 am ]

Are you sure these were OLPC's ? I am under the impression that 200 machines distributed were Intel\'s Classmate PCs. Please clarify. Thank you

Valsa Williams

No doctors/engineer .. we need businessman

[ Tue, Jul 06, 2010 11:07 pm ]

Dear All Manipur Nupi Marup, your crying for controlling the prices of the essential commodities and taking out rallys in front of chief minister can't do any good. Actual thing is Government of Manipur is less educated .They don't know how to cut cost ?? How to improve business communities in the society . Until and unless Government of Manipur take control of transportation or let a private firm control it under government scanner provided the firm owner should be a good business mind local person. When ther is a price hike in petrol for Rs 1 or Rs 2 there is always a cry in north India. But for them government has just to order them and business firm do the rest. Petrol cost in India is approx. Rs 57 per litre, basic cost per litre rs1 6.50 centre tax Rs 11.80 excise duty 9.75 state tax rs 8 vat ces 4 total 50.05 rs 7 extra margin. Whereas senereo is different in Manipur. Business hub eats in the name of problem area. So we need lots of good businessman from our community. Who will developd the society also. We need no doctors and engineer any more .. we need businessman from our society who are educated, financially sound and brave at the same time who not only think about regular trading but think about expansion too. Good things about business is if government promote local businessman (enterprenuer) than there will be competition amoung themself and consumer will be the gainer. I would request Government of Manipur and people of Manipur to promote business enterprenuer so that after years or ten years we do not see such problems. Let me tell you sir , Country or state is not run by doctors or engineers they are just a necessity for good living and good health. But food and clothing is necessary for survival. So, politician is running a country or state to give this necessary to people . So this will never be possible without businessman. Last month because of blockade Politician Erabot Yumkham went to bring essential house hold materials that was a "Joke" coz its not politicians work my fren ...its a left hand job! of a businessman...what do you think , a business man can bring drugs and unauthorized goods inspite of army , police and UGs restriction. They can't bring rice and other thing or what?? Bringing rice by flight was a "joke" So to the people of Manipur ....kindly support your community businessman so that they can do service in return. Let businessman get richer they will surely help the society where they are living in because they have no ther choice. Non locals will go away but locals will stay no matter what happend.. they might run but will return.. So, kindly support local goods only from locals .. if wholeseller are not selling directly than they will not be wholeseller after some business power is where who is directly in contact with consumer not the dealer or distributor. Distributor will not be distributor if he is not seller and dealer will not be dealer for long if he is not selling so give power to local businessman so that they can grow and contribute a little in the society. There are very few who are doing real business from Manipuri comunity. I would request Government of Manipur to kindly help young business entreprenuer by doing survey and conducting business forum and giving awards to young talents in the field of business. Plz support businessman in Manipur. Thank you

Sarat Meitei

Photos are all jumbled up - organise it

[ Tue, Jul 06, 2010 12:46 pm ]

E-pao is a great source to reconnect with my birth place. Whenever I browse through your photographs, I'm completely drawn back to where I belong!!! but please they are all jumbled up...need to organise.

David Hawaibam

More info on Manipuri Books needed

[ Tue, Jul 06, 2010 11:02 am ]

I have been surfing the net for Manipuri books - both historical and modern. there is no information anywhere. Can something be done about this? Like a list, at first of the famous authors of Manipur and their literary achievements.... Thanks.

J Laishram

Pleased with Chakhum

[ Mon, Jul 05, 2010 10:18 pm ]

With respect, I am happy to find e-pao chakhum. And, the recipes provided here are greatly helping. I am really pleased with this e-chakhum. And, now, I want to know a detailed guide of Ootee.


E-pao's design looks archaic

[ Mon, Jul 05, 2010 5:19 am ]

E-pao is no duobt the best platform for Manipur. I have been hitting this site regularly for a long time now. I just wish that the whole web page is redesign in the near future. The page colour seems to have been withered due to weather after such a long time. The page design looks archaic and give an impression of remnants from the Pentium II series monitors. The content in this site is great but the visual presentation is not upto the mark.


Is Manipur society going to dog?

[ Sun, Jul 04, 2010 8:41 am ]

Its shocking to hear that three ladies fron Pangei Baazar were kidnaped by some on 03 jul 10. Its a society where women are placed at a higher strata. So far its rare to lay hand on ladies whatever be the reason in our society. But such incident will set an alarming trend in the society and tomorrow anybody will kidnap any girls giving any reasons. Is Manipur society going to dog. Where the society is leading to? I dont see any strong reaction from the govt. from the so call patiotic insurgent groups of Manipur, Civil Societies. We all are mute spectators waiting for our turn. God bless Manipur. Please start a debate on such issues to awaken the sleeping mass of Manipur.


Is the inspection drive for better education or for popularity?

[ Fri, Jul 02, 2010 8:35 am ]

Our state occupies a strong position through policies taken up by both central and state Government to elevate the education system. We people of Manipur believe that education is not only student oriented but also should be society oriented. But this doesn't mean that such kinds of releases of inspection drive will be done by all and sundry. We have an elected Government in place and let them do it. Let this so called well wishers contribute to eradicating other ills such as the unseen extortion and corruption ailing our society. Tomorrow, I would also form a committee and start going to Government offices to check out their work timings. Who has given this authority to do this way of conducting an inspection drive? Why the Government is mum on such kinds of drives? Education leads us from darkness to light. Let us not be in such darkness for ever by these kinds of drives. Find out from my friends staying outside Manipur whether they face or undergo such types of drives in their educational institutions. Never! will be a prompt answer. So, then why in our Kangleipak. After all we are living in a civilised society and not in the wild west where might is right.

RK Surjit

A Commenting space, please

[ Thu, Jul 01, 2010 9:32 pm ]

Thanks for all the effort taken up by e-pao. Could you provide a comment space so that readers may comment on the article. This will encourage readers to participate.

AK Bikendrajit

What is thinking: ABC of it?

[ Fri, Jun 25, 2010 10:14 pm ]

ABC of Thinking A: All thinking is a product of perception and logic. B: Back and forth movement of mind from general to specifics. C: Changing perceptions and experiences into useful ideas. D: Direct attention or focus is needed for clear thinking instead of mind being allowed to wander. E: Exemplifying ideas through specific instances. Thinking is an internal mental process of human beings that uses direct observation, experience or data or information for its integration into previous learning or already acquired knowledge for furthering the human trait of sense making. Thinking happens when our mind considers something carefully or attentively through attributes of a thing, comparisons, classification, reasoning, analysis, synthesis, application, evaluation and discerning like mental processes. Thus, thinking consists of mental forms and processes to make sense of our imagination, perceptions, ideas, experiences and information.


If a scot free atmosphere is created...

[ Fri, Jun 25, 2010 8:18 am ]

A reply to Manipur is unique on her own. Very well said by Haosana in his mail to e-pao team regarding Manipur's scenic beauty and otherwise also. Manipur's beauty is any day much more better than Switzerland's artificial beauty. I would like to ask my friend that, have we ever turned back or look forward to see who are those people on the whole, responsible to spoil and make our state to see all the odds of the world today? Today when we see status of our state as 'Jewel of India' as, beauty and people are its jewels, my heart sinks. Such a situation of all odds is created by the so called underground outfit people who have made our beautiful state to suffer in all ways. If a scot free atmosphere is created, with the cleaning of the underground, people will freely have a mind to think VISION 2015 or VISION 2020 for our state Manipur. We must not forget one fact that we are a democratic country and common public has the right to choose our own representatives. Our state can be made more beautiful if there is development, employment, peace and prosperity. Today's children are tomorrow's future. Lets us all plead to Government for our state's prosperity and also pray to underground people to stop all kind of treacherous activities and permit us to enjoy our freedom and rights as citizens of this beautiful state as a part of the largest democracy in the world.

Berlin Saikhom

Meitei and Meitei Pangal are separate

[ Thu, Jun 24, 2010 2:11 am ]

After reading the article of "Nandita Haksar must tender apology to Kukis:Lunkim" I feel that Meetei population are considered as Hindu and Muslim in the census then the real Meeteis who follows Sanamahism. Indian Govt or State Govt should not imposed while counting the Census that Meetei are Hindus. If it goes like that then there will be a civil war again . Please stop dividing Meetei. I would be very happy to mention that Meeteis as One and Meetei Pangal as One. These two cannot be merged into one term. We know Muslim are the Biggest population in the world whereas Meeteies are the smallest community. Stop mixing and dividing the state population. Please do the royal duty by using Meetei Sanamahi or Meetei Hindu and Meetei pangal in this ongoing census counting 2010. Within the Meeteis 40% are Sanamshism followers. Some of the Meeteis are Hindu, but Meeteis do not belong to Muslim. Meetei Pangal belongs to Muslim religion. Please see what Meeteis are considered here in 2001 census.: Manipur population as per census 2001 Kukis 4,23,227 Meitei Hindus 13,6,1,521 Meitei Muslims 1,67,201 Nagas 2,94,585 Others 1,46,096 Total Manipur population 23,88,631

Luwangkhoi Meetei

Deplorable photographs in E-pao Photo gallery

[ Sat, Jun 19, 2010 7:38 am ]

As much as I appreciate the E-Pao Team for a remarkable website, I cannot help but complain about the deplorable collection of photographs in the E-pao Photo gallery with regard to our state. It is acceptable for such photographs to be a part of the dedicated Personal Photo Gallery Section. But I cannot digest the fact that such personal collections have become a part of the State Photo Gallery. You have established yourself as the most prominent online platform for Manipur, and also for the North East in general. When anybody conducts an online search related to images from Manipur, I personally would like people from across the globe to find your collection more than from any other website. But with the current collection, I would not recommend it to anyone.

Of course, the Gallery does have many amazing shots, but only marred by the deplorable ones. For any contribution made to the website from various users' personal collection/shots, I strongly suggest that E-Pao have a QA Team to screen the images coming in to the State Photo Gallery, and only approve those images which truly reflect quality and correlation to Manipur, and hence encourage the effort of Photographers as well as showcase true beauty of Manipur through the Gallery.

The QA team may consists of a couple of interested photographers and/or volunteers who have an eye for it. If you do not have enough staff members, there's no dearth of Manipur photographers, who regularly contribute to your website. I don't think anyone can turn down a request for voluntary help to your team. My suggestion is a sincere effort in order to help make Kangleipak presentable on the internet. I wish to contribute a collection of my shoots in Manipur to E-Pao Manipur Gallery, but lack of QA is holding me back.

Do keep up the good work.

Empress Bach

Wagah border is in Punjab not J&K

[ Sat, Jun 19, 2010 7:38 am ]

In the following article, please note that Wagah border is in Punjab and not in Jammu and Kashmir !


Many of the exotic recipe has no image

[ Fri, Jun 18, 2010 7:00 am ]

The Paan Iromba image in the featured photo column made me follow the chakhum link. This gave me an opportunity to revive my taste buds and prepare something manipuri tonight. Its been long time since I tasted paan Iromba with thangjing. Although thangjing is not available here I will be content with the paan and most importantly ngari.

I really appreciate the efforts and the initiative of the people managing this site. But it is a pity that many of the exotic recipe has no image. It would be great to have a photo image for each recipe. Traditional exotic manipuri dishes are simple and plain without any masala (if we dont consider maroi nakupi, maroi napakpi, etc as masala), even if required are in less or negligible quantity. Of course there are items which are not of our origin and requires a lot of masala. These items have been associated with us for a long time yet we cannot claim it to be exclusively ours. But we can still prepare it in our traditional way and sovour it. I feel the process described to prepare the items does not sound quiet meitei enough and the food items looks too oily. Or maybe I have a different taste!


Manipur is unique on her own

[ Thu, Jun 17, 2010 2:22 am ]

Manipur is not the Switzerland of India, but Manipur is more beautiful than Switzerland due to the gift of nature. In fact, Manipur is the land of Jewels, and the jewels of Manipur are its natural beauty and people. The natural beauty of Manipur is unparralled in the world. Manipur is unique and is the most beautiful land in the world in terms of natural beauty. To call Manipur, the Switzerland is a colonial tag used by our 1st PM, who himself could not appreciate the hidden beauty of India. Just imagine, how Manipur will look if the same artificial beauty of Switzerland is implanted in Manipur. I bet Manipur will look far more beautiful than Switzerland. I have seen some photos of Switzerland and there is nothing great in that save that the people of Switzerland work very hard to turn Her into a magnificient country envy by all. If we do the same thing in Manipur, She is zillions time magnificient than Switzerland. To conclude, let's not degrade the virgin beauty of Manipur by calling it the Switzerland...let\'s work hard to make Manipur the land of jewels.


Meitei si fei hairira fatte hairira

[ Wed, Jun 16, 2010 6:36 pm ]

meitei macha singse yam eenareda "hardcore manipuri" da, adubu , eenarakliba mee-oisingse sak khangjaningee. meitei si fei hairira fatte hairira , khangbada khara wai, mamuttaana hangjaningee. society khudingmakki afaba fattaba leinari. afababu puthokninglira nattraga fattababu puthokninglira. masa masasingdi karamna leinarino khangningee.


Solutions to problems in Manipur

[ Tue, Jun 15, 2010 8:24 am ]

The time has come when we review where we are standing today. The people are the only problems and the people can only bring the solution to those problems. As Manipur is constantly hit by many problems the solution for this problems cannot be find out. On the contrary instead of finding out the solution we are always heading to the conventional method of Bandh and Dharna which will again make the situation more complected. As almost all of the educated Manipuries are reluctant to work in Manipur because of the situation prevails. On the other hand the state govt also is not powerful enough to take the bold decision and always try to compromise or hide the problem without any Solution. Now its always easy to say the things are not ha penning but the thing is it won't turn up itself until some one come and turn it up. The suggestion which i have given if can be followed then the people of Manipur will shine with their head high:
1. Open up the security camps at all the critical points. I am amazed that their is no security in Mao Gate. Instead of keeping Manipur commando for bribing and torturing keep them in those places where there is need. And this guys really needs training and complete change of the image and show them that they are for the people. 2. Govt should be proactive in every situation specially in Manipur where the situation is volatile. We cannot wait for something to happen. At the same time the govt should be powerful enough to protect the people and land diplomatically. I prefer the young educated breeds should come forward for this and take the commands in their hands. 3. The student unions and various organization should come together for the common cause which would be acceptable by all. They can really make a difference in the society. Apart from this if there is any platform where we can able to get connected all the Manipuris who are staying outside Manipur will help the Manipuris who is living inside. 4. The worst thing is unemployment which can makes a empty mind a devils mind. Providing fair and ample opportunities for job will defiantly help. Private companies are ready to open in Manipur but the only hindrance is insurgency. This should be tackled fast by the govt as well as by the people. 5. Improvement in infrastructure will boost up the economy of the state but I think the return that the govt is getting is much less. That's why the condition of all the NH are gone. Govt should impose strict tax policy to generate funds for infa development. There are so many suggestions but lets take this step first and can be continued in the long run. There's a saying "You hit me we hit you".


ICFAI - approved by UGC or not?

[ Tue, Jun 08, 2010 10:19 am ]

Good to hear that many institutes are opening up their branches in the NE providing good education. But one must not be carried away. Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal identified 44 deemed universities that offer programmes with degrees that do not figure in the list specified under the UGC Act or follow syllabi that is not approved by state universities. I am not very sure but I heard that ICFAI also featured in that list (can someone please verify). One can also google and see for news related to these universities. eg :- here , here . (though the case is a year old) Many preferred institutes and universities among the NE students like Amity, Rai University, ICFAI etc had cases in High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. So it would be advisable for the parents and the students seeking admission to such institutes/universities to do a thorough checking first. There is no harm in asking friends and colleagues about these institutes. One can even go to the state universities to which these institutes claim to be affiliated and enquire about the courses. Taking this extra effort will definitely help save your parents money and most importantly your future career. Imagine passing out from these universities with certificates not approved or recognised anywhere after spending lacs of money (these institutes charge lacs). If this is not convincing enough, here the deal, I have been a victim myself.
List of 44 deemed universities - government de-recognized. please follow the link Some of the names mentioned in the list are one of the best in their field and I personally know them. But if they have not fulfilled the UGC norms, then I am sure they are on the wrong side. The reason why I am sending this list is, this is admission time and many student from the state will be definitely going to other states for higher studies. There are many touts and fraud institutes to mislead students and parents alike. I want them to be careful. Please dont hesitate to seek expert advise. There is no harm in that.


e-pao just copy-pasting some crap repeatedly

[ Sun, Jun 06, 2010 4:23 am ]

I am regular reader of your site and I would like to thank you for providing valuable information to the people who are staying outside Manipur. As e-pao is one of the important site, not only for Manipuris, but also for other people who are studying the situation of Manipur, I would like to provide some feedback. Many a times, I found that the headlines are different but the content gives the same information. For example, in today's news, I found the below headlines are redundant:
1. Orphanage donated: SF hands over orphanage at Kanglatongbi: 2. MPP leaders' hunger strike from Monday: MPP to fast unto death : 3. MU honours meritorious students: Gold medals distributed: 4. Ranjit inaugurates four bridges in a day: Four bridges inaugurated in a day:
This redundancy is sometimes annoying to read and led the other people think that e-pao team is not updating the news properly and just copy-pasting some crap repeatedly; but this is definitely wrong because I could see that the team really works hard by sacrificing good sleep in order to provide the info to us. Therefore, I would request the team to review the headlines so that it is not repeated and thus, save the effort.

Roshan Oinam

Laurels for our motherland Kangleipak

[ Wed, Jun 02, 2010 6:16 am ]

Today I came to know about the achievement of MC Marykom and L. Sarita in Asian Boxing Championship from Well done MC Marykom and L. Sarita. I hope both of you will bring more and more laurels for our motherland Kangleipak in future especially Commonwealth Games 2010 and London Olympics 2012.

Abo Mangang

Congratulation! MC Marykom and L. Sarita

[ Wed, Jun 02, 2010 6:14 am ]

Congratulation! MC Marykom and L. Sarita. In this hour of misery and suffering in Kangleipak(Manipur), we, the people of Kangleipak, got a reason to be happy, to cheer and to feel proud. All the Best and Best of Luck for Commonwealth Games 2010 and London Olympics 2012.

Meitei MC

Well done Chanura Boxers

[ Wed, Jun 02, 2010 2:59 am ]

I would like to congratulate both MC Marykom and L. Sarita both winning Gold Medals in Asian Boxing Championship. When people of our motherland Kangleipak are suffering from economic blockade by frontal organizations of NSCN(IM), both of you have brought some cheers for the people of Kangleipak. I have already mentioned in my last mail that the people of Kangleipak are very courageous. This is again reaffirmed by both these Chanura Boxers. I am so proud of being Kangleicha.

Dad William

Sarita and big picture

[ Wed, Jun 02, 2010 1:14 am ]

Well said Sarita, we require more persons like you. We all in Manipur should learn to see the 'big picture' and think progressively...

Rob Th

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