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Why do we deserve such a life?

[ Sat, May 29, 2010 1:50 pm ]

Its only money that the chief minister cares about. At the cost of human lives, he just keeps on adding........and adding, misery to the people. Today, we are being forced to crawl back and bow down to dominating killings both by the state forces and by our glorious terrorists. Being very good in the art of throwing grenades to civilians and making claims about their not so bravery deeds on the local papers have been a trademark of their revolutions. But they can't and will never, ever make a stand against to those who threaten our existence......our very survival. Not even a single word or a minute action from the relatively large armed revolutionaries(or terrorists). Extorting money, beating up addicts, showing muscle power to drunks.........This is the moment where the people needs help against invasion by outsiders. How long will they remain as mute spectators? How much of the people needs to die for their selfish cause? Forget about any help from the central democratic government or from any of our MLA(s). They are also busy in taking their shares from investors, transfers, job interviews while the commoners suffer and die. Manipur is my birthplace and I'm proud to be born here. I m ready to fight for the cause of our rights. Be it against state forces, terrorists or the outsiders. Leave Manipur alone....we do not need any liberation and think for once before you violate any of our rights. Do not force us to do things that will separate you from us. This is not a single statement but the voice of the masses who are waiting to be killed day by day.

cancer3sr - a homely treatment & environment

[ Thu, May 27, 2010 3:39 am ]

First of all I w'd like to thank for making us avail such a helpful & precious space in this wide web world. Who prefer living far from home, its time that make us accept everything. At this juncture of life, make feel us a homely treatment & environment where ever we go.

Shaan lai

More pictures of Lin please!

[ Thu, May 27, 2010 3:08 am ]

It feels good to read and see the pictures of Lin Laishram on you esteemed wesite. I think it's a great acheivement first ever for a Manipuri to be in the field of beauty and fashion. Beware North Indians, we "Chinkies" have finally arrived...Noth Easterners please don't get offended!! Just pondering if our majority chauvinistic/conservative populace would ever come to terms with sexually motivated over-exposure that's part and partial with the beauty & fashion industry. I earnestly request our Yaolloi's and other civil organizations not to dictate a ban on beautiful Lin's work. Her pictures are a pleasure to our eyes, e-pao please load a loads of pictures on your site.


Comment for Featured Photo

[ Tue, May 25, 2010 6:24 am ]

I'm regular reader of and I have a suggestion for you. It'll be awesome if there space for writing comments on featured photo". Visitor can express their thoughts of the picture (picture related to state crisis). I think it'll be helpful to all of us in this present situation.

Kh. Pacpa

Upto e-pao what to filter

[ Tue, May 25, 2010 12:27 am ]

I very much agree with Ningyosony's statement. Regarding the posting of "Love Messages", the editor of E-Pao has to make a wise sense of decision making of what to publish & what not. So, let's us not question the decision of e-pao editor. E-pao readers can send any mails to e-pao & it's is upto e-pao editor what to filter.


On cleaning Khwairamband Keithel

[ Mon, May 24, 2010 4:40 am ]

Let me clarify your doubts ..there is nothing relevant with expressing love and cleaning Khwairamband Keithel but the love for oneness can bring us together to uplift the bad condition of Manipur. India is a democratic country and Manipur is a state of India so anybody/anyone living in Manipur has the right to express his feelings. You mean to say is a person can never express his/her love on the E-Pao as nobody likes to read the article about love which means this E-pao is only for frustrated people ready to argue and fight. Yes, about cleaning Khwairamband Keithel, If Im just asking help from those reading my article to help me in making the market area, a clean and beautiful market. I know very few will be interested as most of the Manipuris love to sit idle at home. Unless we club together or unless we work in groups, we will never progress in life. You ask your frens sitting idle is better or to work in groups for a better Manipur. Its fine if u r not interested ..but hope for a better Manipur even if u dont want to contribute anything from your side. Lets be positive and lets hope for a better Manipur.

It is the Youth who can bring a change to the Manipur society........ Lets join hands to save our parents and our birthplace.... Lets make Manipur a peaceful state and the most prosperous state in India. Thank you and expecting your support....


Maybe Imphal valley will be part of ADC after some decades!

[ Sun, May 23, 2010 11:38 pm ]

Khurkhul and Haraoching should not be included in the ADC Poll, it is very unlucky in the present trend that some of tribal group are trying to occupied land by encroaching unnoticed in the valley and its old hillocks in the name of ADC. Tribal land are always not compulsory for every hillock, any Hillock is formed by flat plain as mountain area rises day by day. Imphal valley is on the top of the mountain geologically its not a plain land. So, please left the concept of Hill are for tribal because hill can be form in any time during a big earthquake in imphal area..(that will belong to tribal?) if it happens Imphal valley will be part of ADC after some decades...Please look into this matter..I have my paddy field in closed are Ukhrul area since my great grandfathers time but some of the tribal trying to buy by giving lots of pressure to give to them by mentioning that millitant will be here and there you can't do your farming well so instead I should sacrifice my land. As I belong to valley they are underestimating its ownership of the land but it belongs to my great grandfather. If Manipur is inside Manipur boundary I can own my forefathers land in the hill or valley , now I will put up petitions to Govt. of India as Meetei are also belong to hill part and we are living together in Manipur. Who is Principal Secretary, why his notification is not maintaning the rules and regulations, he should take back his notification issued by him last year. Every Principal secretary is conquering land of valley by creating small tribal village close to valley land and finally belong that tribe...Please took some broad structural steps otherwise valley people will be no where as rule are making day by day..


What is the relevance of someone expressing love and cleaning Imphal

[ Sun, May 23, 2010 2:13 am ]

Hi Nigyosony, What is the relevance of someone expressing someone's love and cleaning Imphal. Care to explain? Nevertheless I will be answering to your concerns. Coming to your first concern -what if Kamaljit was confessing his love to his dying girl friend who has been hospitalized for days. I was wondering if a dying person lying on a hospital bed would be surfing the internet and checking out the readers' mails in e-pao. There are possibilities but very remote. Your second concern that expressing love is not against the law my response would be there was not a single word in my mail that suggested that it is against the law to express love. Can I ask you one thing? How do you feel when you see words like Raju loves Sunita or Kaiku + Kamala or Sandanananda + Binata on the walls of public places like bus stands, hospitals, tourist spots and even in public toilets? Is it against the law? Your another concern -What is the harm in expressing his love in e-pao? Nobody minds reading his column except you two-. If you would have read my mail with a little more attention you would have found that I suggested to e-pao having a separate section for love and romance. To answer it I have to ask you one question again. You have expressed your intention to clean Khwairambandh and Imphal. Does it mean that you are the only one in the whole Manipur who wants a clean Imphal? Just talk to anybody around and seek their opinion . You will get the answer. In the same way people disgust the mail "to My Papiya" but they don't express. Your initiative to clean Imphal is really appreciated but I am still wondering about the relevance of cleaning imphal and someone expressing love in e-pao.

Aryan Meitei- Bangalore

Topic-discussion with young educated persons

[ Thu, May 20, 2010 7:00 pm ]

In my view the ministers+MLA's of manipur and groups of insurgency like PLA, UNLF, KYKL, NSCN etc. Seems to be same in devasting the life of common peoples. The former one in name of governing they corrupt whole the assistance by putting into their treasury box while as the later ones they interfere life of peoples by damanding, intervene in rights of peoples during election but both the parties applause that they serving our motherland. Such a nonsense think i haven't see in other parts of an India. So, we the people are so fearing to them. No, dear friends now awake lets change the manipur- never support those rotten hypocrisy's. If we start today we are sure to brighten our state for tomorrow,.. I also request my expertise's in manipur to held topic-discussion with the young educated persons through media, schools and college. And to Govt. of Manipur they can arrange such programme by spending few amounts but by not putting their hands in respective pockets. Long Live Manipur, Peace Be Dwell" Amen! Jai Hind!

Dr. Moshil DP Maring

125 days deadlock in a year is 34.25%

[ Thu, May 20, 2010 2:54 am ]

Congrarulation, the 125 days deadlock has been call/put off with a minimum benifit of agitators and loss of nothing of the state Govt. "Khoda Pahar, nikla Chuha" there is a hindi proverb. It is the fade of the landlocked state Manipur. 125 days in a year is 34.25%. It is more than one third of the year which are the black days in the Manipur history. The normal life of offices will begin from today onwards spending the hours gossiping about the last 125 days and the happenings during the days nerating to each other how they spent the days with cards etc. etc. The Pan Dukans near the offices will again start functioning inviting gatherings all the office hours and the chairs, tables, dusty files will start crying saying that even after 125 days we have not been touched/used and even could not see the faces though said came to the offices. Before 11 am and after 1.00 pm generally we the office furnitures remain alone with the office choukidars and hope somthing for their comfortduring 11 to 1.00, but it is also not available to give them comfort as they remain with thw pan dukan Eche/ Inama in the Pan duan areas. Nobody knows this and listen our cries. It is also not known when this type of blocking of offices and roads will begin and who has taken over the charge from the present one. Who will lead the next agitation/ strike and when it will start might have been decided and take over the charge before signing of the MOU on 19.5.2010. Who will be the next JAC for which leaders might have been decided after consultation with all the bussiness organisations to share the benifits and laid foundations for line of negotiations and take benifits for the next general election to be considered as leaders or capable man to be contacted beforehand. If the announcement is made for the agitation/strike with tentative duration of time, general public not not suffered like the present one and can keep stock of essential items for the period of strike/agitation and so should request for announcement before hand to the next JAC.
JAC, JAC - a word so meaningful but so bitter in tast in Manipur, when this three letter word will go out from Manipur. It is also a migrated one and why not a warning should not be served to go out from Manipur like the present non manipuri migrant people warned by ..... If so the developement of Manipur may be expected and peace will restore in the state.

Shamo Singha

HTML 'face' attribute - II

[ Thu, May 20, 2010 3:01 am ]

Dear Pritam, Thank you for the piece of enlightenment. Sorry, I thought that "attribute" was different from "rule"! Well, the "@font-face" rule is not fully supported by all the browsers. It still is in the "W3C Working Draft" stage. Check the compatibility list also. Please open the link on different web browsers and see how it has been rendered. If I am not mistaken, the "E-pao" pages initially used the @font-face rule during the CSS 2.0 days. It worked on some of the browsers. Yes, @font-face is going to be a boon for the web developers/designers in future. I agree to that. But, the best solution, as of now, according to my limited knowledge is the use of universally accepted unicode. Thank you for your valuable inputs.

Shanti Khumukcham

HTML 'face' attribute

[ Wed, May 19, 2010 10:15 am ]

To Shanti Kh, Thanks for appreciating my view. :) About the 'face' attribute you are talking about, it seems that you are much mistaken with that. At this juncture of web 2.0 & 3.0, no one talks about HTML elements, rather it is taken for granted that when someone is talking, it's about CSS. @font-face is a CSS rule which allows you to retrieve the actual font file you've uploaded in your hosting server and made it available to the font-family construct declaration. I believe this article will enlighten you more on the topic

Pritam Pebam

What is the harm in expressing love?

[ Wed, May 19, 2010 2:28 am ]

Hi Rajbork and Aryan, It is not against the law to express one's feelings for their loved ones.... I would appreciate his feelings n his confession for his girlfriend....what is the harm in expressing his love in e-pao? Nobody minds reading his column except you two. God forbid, but what if Kamaljit was confessing his love to his dying girl fren who has been hospitalised for days... You can think it this way also instead of creating a scene for Kamaljit in front of the public Yes, I understand ur feelings as well. About the situation in Manipur.....we are also thinking, discussing among friends how to bring a positive change in Manipur. IF you really think that we need a change and its time to really put our thoughts into action then, please help me cleaning the Khwairamband Keithel or if we all can help Ima vendors giving a proper place for them to sell vegetables instead of selling vegetables on the road.... For any queries/discussions, please be contacted at ningyosony(at)yahoo(dot)com Why wait for others...lets take the initiative and lets put our ideas into bring a change in Manipur in terms of Cleanliness... Cleanliness will wipe out the dirts prevailing in Manipur....this is the beginning for a better Manipur....and I need your support. Lets do it. I request Mr. Kamaljit and his Papiya to take part in our target on "Cleaning Imphal"...since, it is the most dirtiest area in the whole of Manipur and we, staying in Imphal should be ashamed of not learning on sanitary and hygenic awareness. Lets work on it.


Send mails for Changing Manipur

[ Tue, May 18, 2010 3:15 am ]

Dear readers, In my 10 years stay outside Manipur, I feel & come to know that many Manipuris are genuinely interested in doing something good for Manipur. Your valuable suggestion in this regard may please to send to my e-mail united(dot)manipur(at)gmail(dot)com which is dedicatedly created for this purpose. Hope this initiative will one day change the present Manipur into a better & peaceful Manipur.

United Manipur

Lets clean up the Market in June 2010

[ Tue, May 18, 2010 1:36 am ]

Hi Sarjesh, I really appreciate your views and ideas in bringing a change to our state. To me, its no point discussing the past and recovering the history never to be traced...we should leave this topic on "Manipur history" to historians of Manipur. I also agree with your point that we have enough resources but we dont know how to utilize it....
We, Manipuris has this mentality that if we work in Govt Office, we would be considered as a good son/daughter by the family/relatives or neighbours. Why?? Why do we have this concept??? One should remember that hard work pays whether you work in Govt/private or your own business.... Look at Thailand, Japan, China....the world respects them and the reason is they work in groups, they grow together, they live for each other...More than 60% of Japanese cannot speak english but the world uses the maximum numbers of four wheelers made by Japan and many tourists visits these places in most seasons as they know how to attract tourists from the resources they have in their land. Sarjesh, I would like to add one point to your topic. Cleanliness is the only way to drive out the dirt from the state of Manipur...and I know we, Public can do it if we have the driving force in us of making Manipur the Most Clean and Green state in India. Or else, we can request our concerned Clubs to mark a day for Cleaning the market areas at least. If the Clubs, representing the Public, shows hesitancy then, without any delay, We Will Do It... What do you suggest? Club up some of your trust worthy frens who love to save Manipur and ask your frens to spread the news to other of their frens to get ready to clean the Nagamapal (market areas)...and I know Ima vendors, selling vegetables, for us to survive will appreciate us. I'll convince my frens and Clubs to join hands with me c. In the beginning, it will be a little funny cleaning the market area as there will be thousands of other fellows to mock at us but with the time, they will also come to help us. I request to those reading this article to kindly support us in removing the dirt from the state as it is becoming filthy. Those staying outside and leaving for home in the beginning of June'10, we all can meet up or we all can co-ordinate among ourselves so that we reach the Imphal market on a set date and time. It will be funny for those reading my article that "Its My Dream To Make The Market Areas/Nagamapal Areas The Cleanliest Area In Manipur If I Can". Those who wants to be a leader or those who wants to take the full initiative can come forward but just that let me be a part in cleaning the most crowded areas of Imphal areas. I think a group of 50 people can clean the market area in a day....or we can join the Group whoever has already taken the initiative. So, Please support. lets walk together for cleanliness..


Future Generation X-Leipak

[ Mon, May 17, 2010 11:53 am ]

Manipur, Land of Jewels, ..The title was given by late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Neheru. Still our motherland is prosperous in Human Resources and Natural resources. These resources are still hidden. Lets the time for declaring how much we can do for our motherland Manipur or generally known as Kangleipak. Our state is comprising of different clans, cumminities, different ethinic group but they have the same idea for a Future Generation X-Leipak. We all the people should know what is going and what are doing inside Manipur and Outside Manipur.. I as a citizen of Manipur, I would like to request all the people that WE are people who will make for our future Manipur. We should understand what we are doing.

Sarjesh Khuman

Not everyone knows how to install

[ Mon, May 17, 2010 1:54 am ]

Yes, Pritam is right. Not everyone knows how to install the font. Using a unicode editor, if possible, is a better option. One small correction. The "face" is an attribute used for the HTML tag font and is not there in CSS. Moreover, it is outdated. The CSS property of "font-family" is the replacement. In both the cases one need to have the required font installed on the system!

Shanti Kh

Implement Meitei Mayek without downloading

[ Sun, May 16, 2010 2:20 am ]

I've noticed (if I'm not much wrong) that to view the meitei mayek pages in the site, one has to install the Hueiyen Lanpao Meitei Mayek Font as described in your page . I was wondering if the team has implemented CSS @font-face attribute to display the fonts without letting the visitors download and install it on their systems (which is quite a robust thing to do for a non technical person), it will be much better and more user friendly.

Pritam Pebam

Allow comments on articles

[ Sat, May 15, 2010 10:20 pm ]

I sometimes follow the news in Manipur when I am not home. I was wondering if the website could allow people to comment on articles. I think this is one way in which public debate and consciousness is generated amongst us Meiteis. That said, I do understand there maybe a lot of contentious points for this proposal of mine. But I do believe there could be censorships from your to avoid any offensive statements. Thank you for your consideration.

K Yambem

Query on Manipur

[ Sat, May 15, 2010 5:41 am ]

I m from tripura. I m a regular reader of ur website. Through ur website i have been able 2 learn a lot about the origin and evolution of manipuris, especially. I have a few querries of my own in this respect. Hence i would be very grateful, if u can show me the procedure 2 put my querries.

Thangjam Dipesh

One's rights and One's duty

[ Sat, May 15, 2010 2:49 am ]

It is very good to know and ask for one's rights, but its better to know and do one's duty with sincerity and dedication. Only then we can contribute to the progress and development of our state, its just my opinion.


Joint Family system is no more relevant

[ Fri, May 14, 2010 2:16 am ]

Reading the at distant land the problem of Manipur can be summerised as follow: 1. No Office workers (State employees against GOvt.) 2. Govt not willing to pay the employess 3. No essential commodities available in the state 4. Peoples representative resigning 5. No Electricity in the state 6. Valley people feeling so insecure 7. Hill People pursuing Separate Land 8. No Tranport system in the state 9. No National Highways roads withing the control of the state. The list is endless.... The great Manipur.
The solution: 1. The Joint Family system is no more relevant in the present society. Therefore, it time for the brothers to live separately as nuclear family and be happy. 2. After the first point installed a responsible Government, I mean people to run the family/state. If there is no good people available in the state, outsource it.


More on interior villages & PAP

[ Tue, May 11, 2010 8:43 am ]

Thank you for your service of news. I think this is the only site that covers most of Manipur. We love to read about Manipur and show to our friends. May I suggest two more things, if I am allowed? 1. Please include more details and photos about interior villages both in the valley and hills. 2. Please include the latest PAP information. IFP mentioned about lifting PAP from Manipur govt but it is still not full. We try to look at Manipur govt website, but all is junk. We cannot get any current and reliable information. Thank you once again for your service!

Aboi Aimol - Central Europe

Downloadable full Manipuri Rock songs

[ Mon, May 10, 2010 7:38 am ]

I write this letter to the e-pao brothers in order to place a simple request. It will be very nice if you guys put some downloadable full manipuri songs of the modern rock artists with their consent. I really admire them. Using e-pao, we can show the world a thing or two about Meitei modern songs. Moreover i am studying outside and these songs are the only thing which make me feel the Meitei blood flowing through my vein! So, I hope my e-pao brothers will surely fullfil my dream.

Donald Tokpam

Update multiple times a day

[ Mon, May 10, 2010 7:38 am ]

It is seen in E-Pao website that news or readers' mails are being updated only on everyday basis. It is suggested not to restrict the updation time of 1 day. I hope everyone will appreciate more if Manipuri news or topics are being updated multiple times with previous news/reader mails being stored in e-pao archive. This will allow a faster & a better participation in any discussion/news.


May Day : Actual hardworkers day

[ Fri, May 07, 2010 12:16 am ]

A great scholar of Manipur said and I quote 'The way to settle a disagreement is on the basis of what's right not who's right' unquote. The significance of May Day is actually for hard workers who shed their sweat and work whether in fields, work shed's, offices or government agencies. Not for those who carry out extortion activities, lure youth for mouthful, threatening etc. Everyone are aware who does this??? Underground people, sucking our blood. The majority of Manipur people have become poor and working class due to these insurgents only. The elite and top class people have moved out of our state because of them only. Remaining people are government employees, farmers, taxi owners and shop owners who pay tax to these outfits and get their blood sucked. So ultimately gone!!! Hard work was always a tradition of Manipuri society and still it is for hard workers and not for people sitting at homes constructing bricked buildings from extracting money and carrying out all kinds of illegal activities. As far as work culture is concerned, it never fades away because of the influence, of others. If we are hard workers we remain till our conscience never allows to do something wrong. I plead the people, (actually there is no point) as we got habituated to feed the real hard workers who are putting gun at the back and feeding themselves. God please help us.

Tomba Singh

Blackmailing and threats of Press in Manipur

[ Fri, May 07, 2010 12:18 am ]

Heartiest thanks to e-pao team for uploading the latest news to us. In yet another event of world celebration day that is World Press Freedom Day the proscribed outfits are extending greetings and respecting freedom of expression. It is mind boggling to see and listen their bizarre statement of giving respect to the departed media persons. Do they actually mean it? Do they really respect them? Giving statement is very easy in the media threatening people, but to live up to the expectations of the those statements is pretty difficult. Actually Article 19 of universal declaration of Human rights adopted in 1948 states that fundamental right of freedom of expression encompasses the freedom 'to seek, receive and import information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. This is straight given in wikipidea of World Press Freedom Day 2010. But it also fosters reflection and exchange of ideas on freedom of information to advance empowerment, transparency, accountability and fight against corruption. People giving statements in media should actually fight against corruption, but it is sad to see that they themselves are into corrupt practices, corruption taking cuts from Government etc. It does not require much of intelligence to make out that their so called 'press releases' which appear frequently on the front page of newspaper are published because of blackmailing and threats and not because of the merit of their releases. Freedom of information has been increasingly acknowledged as to key to democracy and solid economic development.

My friends are not aware of windhoek Declaration. The issue of declaration includes women and men yearning for peace and striving to resolve conflict and bring peace, reconciliation stability in their countries. Public awareness, monitoring, evolution and accountability are a part of plan of action of the declaration. This is not included by our dear underground people in their article in news paper. Media persons of Manipur are given respect all over the country. This is a known fact. Their way of giving news and tackling problems is over whelming and is known from times immerorial. The reporters if they fear, actually fear of the proscribed outfits and not others. All the uncalled acts are carried out by the underground people. The next moment they rub off their shoulders after creating havoc and terror in the minds of the people. In all spheres, realization of the right to know cannot take place without free, independent, plural, ethical and professional press. All press institutes enjoy and meet these requirements in Manipur. Finally how come proscribed outfits who themselves make people suffer in all regards feel for pangs and sufferings of the media community? People should realise that those are one among others to make us to be in a cocoon of denial of the freedom of information. I plead the media people that may God shower all blessings on them and they carryout their work with same dedication as they are doing right now in our state Manipur.

T Milan Singh

Manipur's situation--an analysis

[ Thu, May 06, 2010 7:53 am ]

Govt of Manipur (Manipur People inclusive of all communities) should realise by now that no UG group (neither meities, kuki, naga, Hmar, pangals...etc..etc..] should be allowed2justify (whatever the reasons/evidences they talk about) on their demands/revolution and crying for homelands within the current Manipur state. Bcuz,In Today's condition of Manipur i.e. in 21st Century...2010..., Manipur is now...a state with diverse communities/culture/religion/etc/etc which is analogous to the current scenario of India as a whole). govt of Manipur & People of Manipur should tell any ug group to get lost bcuz none of these ideas/concepts make no sense if considered on the overall perspective of reality.
*** Meitie UGs/People in Imphal areas should rather come out of the fantacy thoughts & living feeling still in the past history of the then Imphal Kingdom and being stuck in 1891 (Kongjom War.. bla.. bla..)... or 1950 (Merger Agreement.. bla.. bla..); Bcuz, It should not mean about asking Hill tribals & rural meiteis/pangals/non-natives to fit into the concept of then Meitie Imphal Kingdom Concept????? In Today's Manipur... Everyone (irrespective of community/religion) deserve to be treated equally in democratic way (i.e. None will appreciate to be consider superior or inferior to others). So, It's time 2change the mentality & broaden the thinking horizon. Think beyond Imphal municipal areas when we talk about manipur.... think about manipur of current geographical area on the world map for social/economic development....and not about Meitie/Imphal Kingdom/Manipur of 1891/1950....
*** Naga organisations/people/UGs (such as NSCN) should realise that their action 2create homeland (via justification of whatever they try 2provide) by carving out geographical areas of current N-E states will not bring the so-called PEACE in N-E; and instead, it will lead to civil war & death to many of us. Please ask/vocal out "What's the problem with being as it is - the current states of Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, etc..etc"...???? "How far or say what change/positivity (development, social improvement, a Naga individual or community) it will bring about by just grouping areas majorly inhibated by Nagas"???? "If development or recognition is main reason, why can't the current democratic systems in each state be modified/adapted to serve the purposes (and ...anyhow there are MLAs & officials from each areas of Manipur & other states at the moment.. so why not improved on it)"????
**** Other UG groups (pangals.. or Kuki.. etc..etc.) should not take up arms just bcuz other communities had their own UG groups, even though they may try2justify as means of survival. Isn't there other approaches????
every manipuri.. it's time 2think with global outlook & 21st Century (i.e. Humanity/Democracy) in mind.... or else.. we all die together earlier than we thought....

Shanjoy Mairembam - Coventry (UK)

Separate time zone for North East

[ Sat, May 01, 2010 10:15 am ]

Seven sisters' demand for separate time zone gains momentum - "For years, they have been waking up early and starting late. But India\'s northeast, which sees sunrise almost two hours before Mumbai, has decided it's time to set the clock right. The region's demand for a separate time zone has never been more vociferous ....."
The above article was given in The Times Of India, 1st May, 2010 by Sanghamitra Baruah. We, the people of manipur, must support the creation of a separate time zone for the entire north east (Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland). It will really be a boon for us. India should not see this demand as a demand for separation of north east. It is a foolish idea. If indeed India wants development and prosperity in the entire north east, then India should at least create a separate time zone for the North East. I really support for this demand. But, personally I have a strong doubt whether India will create a separate time zone for us.


Stop ruining life of Students.....!

[ Mon, May 03, 2010 7:16 am ]

First of all I would like to thank all the staff member of e-pao for the constant upgradation of news you people provided on your website. It is my very first time on the mailing list. The reason why I am here is just to express my feelings hearing the news that all the teachers who are supposed to check the examination papers for the class 12th exam are in strike, just because they don't get enough money. I would like to share few ideas where they are right and where they are wrong in this matter.
#1. Money is important, the living expenditure is increasing exponentially day by day, So they are right. However, is it more important than life....? I am talking about life of those students who are waiting for their result to get admitted in various institute and Universities. #2. Time is really important, everyone agrees with it. So, if they failed to declare the result in time they are to be responsible all the consequences. #3. Are they become so selfish.? Just because they have become somebody, why they are stopping others the same opportunities. Are they really trying to reduce the competition by doing so....? #4. Is it justified to receive punishment without any crime being done. Why this kids are suppose to suffer if they have done nothing wrong...? I just wish that these teachers realized everything in time and save the life of thousands of students. Students are pillars of nation. They are the building blocks of the society. So, do whatever they want, I just request them not to ruin a students life. So, lets keep our finger crossed, May the strike comes to an end.


Sex in restuarant is not an issue

[ Mon, May 03, 2010 1:43 am ]

To love is not a crime. Please let all the 'Ningol Khongchat Lup' members knows about this. I think they are jealous of these lovers. They are the one who restricts our Human Right. Ask them about their eloping style, ask them the meaning of 'Lai Haraouba'. Talking about sex is education which they don't have. Sex in restuarant is not an issue. Actualy they are virus to our society. They must do something productive instead being enemy of lovers.


Improving UI on Chakhum

[ Mon, May 03, 2010 12:48 am ]

I have a few comment on the UI(User Interface) design of Chakhum Web Page. (Please consider if applicable) 1. Please list out Menu Lists(the item for each category) in the left side of the pages with bold colors . 2. In the same windows , Display the Images of the items in the same coordinate (in the static location ) on the mouse event on the text ( on the menu item list ) in the right side of the Windows.


Warning by State Government is absurd

[ Sat, May 01, 2010 12:05 am ]

Todays news reads "The State Government has decided to take up stringent actions against Government employees, contractors and suppliers found siphoning off funds from Government departments for delivery to militant organisations."
The above statement sound absurd. A culprit should not be made to investigate the crime in which he is involved. Such investigation can be fairly investigated & judged by Central government agency only. You tell what these doctors, engineers, teachers, contractors can do/say infront of Gun. Who on earth wants to die leaving their family. Hurling of bombs in houses, threat calls, even killing etc is the proof how much these employees suffer. It is not that the state goverment does not know all this things but instead the government has been watching this game for years. They don't take any appropriate action because they want to live happily. Politician too don't want to die because they have their family & so on. Manipur needs some excellent persons (bachelor/spinster) who can bring a change. The state government should think before releasing such news. They should remember the saying that when you point your finger to a person four more fingers are pointing at you.


Quality of news reporting is incredibly messy

[ Fri, Apr 30, 2010 3:53 am ]

The quality of your vocabulary and grammar on the news section is incredibly messy and hard to understand. If I am not wrong, the Editor checks the quality of the news to be publish, then why are there so many mistakes. Please check the news about a mother and her child electrocuted (source Huiyen Lanpao). Check this.....
"The mother and child were coming back in hurry from a night stay at a house of relative at Chingdong as the child is to attend school. The mother was shocked when she attempted to save her daughter who goes ahead her was found lying with electric shock. The daughter received serous burnt injury at her face. Her clothing also burnt down in the accident. They were saved by the villagers of the surrounding area when an old man in a cycle intercepted them alarmed".
The language is terrible, how do you manage to hire such people who does not even know how to report things in simple and understandable language and I am surprised you didn't even have a look at it before publishing. Hoping for better work from the most popular online site of Manipur.


Naming - Insurgency, Counter-Insurgency or Armed Conflict?

[ Fri, Apr 30, 2010 3:57 am ]

I have some issues and suggestion. E-Pao has divided 10 categories under the "E-Pao opinion" as,
* Manipur's integrity issue, * Opinion of Discrimination /////// AFSPA killing of Manorama opinion, * Opinion of effects of insurgency * Opinion of killing in Manipur
In section of the "effects of Insurgency", many opinions and articles from many perspectives have been expressed by my writers from different discipline and academic background. All this articles are not only from the perspective of the effects of insurgency. There are opinions from the perspective of the "effects of counter insurgency" in Manipur. Whatever happening in Manipur in the context of human security, life, suppression and intervention from both state and non state into the domain of public, whatsoever can't be framed from the perspective of "effects of insurgency" in Manipur. The term "effect of insurgency" and the "effects of counter-insurgency" has its own meanings and understandings. Many of the articles and the opinions under this section can also be framed from the perspective of the "effects of counter insurgency". By mentioning only the perspective of "effect of insurgency" by E-Pao shows only one sided position and denying other perspective which can't be denied. As role of the media is to bring all the perspectives and informing or giving an equal space to all, it is suggested to the E-Pao team to bring both the perspective as "Opinion of effects of insurgency and counter insurgency". Or one can always suggest to the editorial team of E-Pao to overcome this problem, by saying to put this category as "effects of Armed Conflict" if E-Pao doesn't want to mention as "Opinion of effects of insurgency and counter insurgency". I hope that by mentioning and contextualizing only from one understanding of effects by the E-Pao is not attempted consciously and I therefore submit my humble suggestion to review this.

Seram Rojesh

Need of the hour

[ Fri, Apr 30, 2010 12:53 am ]

First of all I would like to thank all the staff members of e-pao for updating news and informations for the people. Today, I would like to share a very serious issue with all the readers of e-pao. In fact,I would like to share this with all the people living in Manipur. In a small state like Manipur, why do we have so many parties? Why do they have different visions and missions? Why are their strategies different from other? If their ultimate dream is to get a free Manipur, what is the need of having 20 plus parties....? One has to think over it very seriously. It simply indicates lack of unity among the people of Manipur. If they really want freedom, they should support people rather than torturing people, giving demand letters, killing innocent people, disturbing peace process, hampering development activities, etc. These are becoming business activities for them. They have started participating in Contract Works thereby construction works are getting slow. In fact they should closely monitor these works so that unwated things are prohibited. Even if Manipur becomes a free state, who is going to rule her. We can expect lots of fights among us, ending up like a mesh. So,my request to the concerned people is to first unite among all of us and go ahead. Otherwise things are going to get worsen day by day. Stop doing business in the name of freedom campaign. We need to clean up our own mesh before going the next step ahead.

It is a known fact that political leaders seem to concentrate only on their constituencies. They forget about any other places in the state when it comes to development. If this is going to continue in future,it will only give rise to fresh public issues. People living in remote places of Manipur deserve to get basic needs in time. Probably, this could be the origin of different extremist groups in the state. Let development works take place equally in all the places. We need to completely remove the system of mantri quota...... For example... the process of selecting ASI and SI in Manipur is a complete mess. Its like selling ASI and SI for Rs 15 lakh to 20 lakh in market. Imagine what these people would do when they become ASI or SI. They would definitely start earning money illegally to get back what they have paid. If this is going to continue, what is the need of conducting written test, physical test etc....... Dont waste your time conducting all these steps.... Just publish in paper saying that Government of Manipur is sellig SI and ASI for 15 lakh (negotiable).... contact ibobi and his crew members......... we are tired of seeing all these non sense... stop doing all these.... this will only increase social issues in future... if you really love manipur..stop it....


Primary Education in Manipur is getting worse

[ Wed, Apr 28, 2010 6:09 am ]

This paragraph is all about conditions of primary schools in Manipur. Primary schools are something from where we get our basic education but unfortunately these are becoming a party place for teachers in Manipur. They are like ideal places to conduct monthly marup (local term). In fact,no education takes place at primary levels except for a few. If children are forced to give up education at primary level, what would be our future? I request all teachers to be little more responsible at this level of education. In this front, I would request all clubs and organizations to review nearby schools on how they are functioning. Further they can lodge complaint to the concerned department of education. We should not always wait for government. Its time to act. It is worth mentioning here that primary schools in other states are well ahead of us in various aspects. Clubs and organizations in Manipur seem to be very concerned about strikes and bandh. Can't you guys come up and involve in education matters as well. For any matter, you guys form Apunba Lup.....Why not for education? Lastly, teachers are asking for 6th pay commission..... Shame on you (not all)...... Without even going to schools properly...Why are you asking for pay hikes..?


Railway project- opportunity for Manipur

[ Tue, Apr 27, 2010 2:07 am ]

The Central and State Government of Manipur is under full swing of completing rail projects in Manipur.It is high time for us to give our best support. To all the people living in hill districts (villages where rail tracks are to be laid down) of Manipur, please do not hesitate to support it. It is going to uplift our economy in the form of job opportunities and better economic output. It is going to improve our communications with other parts of the world. Imagine a situation wherein we have direct trains between Imphal and other major cities of India. It is going to cut down our travelling cost substantially. We can continue import-export activities at cheaper cost. The issues of blockades and strikes would become a story of the past. At the same time we need to be careful about our environment,so that the project does not pollute our natural beauties. I am eagerly waiting for these days to come. Hope you too.........


What do we want ?

[ Mon, Apr 26, 2010 11:48 pm ]

Yesterday has come and gone, and never more will be. Tomorrow's dawn is the grace of God that may light for us. But we still have today to live and today belongs to us. And we must live each precious hour the best that we can be. This should be the thinking about the future and the future we are heading towards in Manipur. One should realise the fact that earlier before and just after independence of India, the feudal lords used to enjoy the powers. Only the kings and their families or relatives used to have a contended happy life and freedom to do things as they pleased. Freedom of speech, freedom to take up a job of your choice, freedom to follow any or no religion and other fundamental rights that the constitution gives us you think we can enjoy this in any other form of government? As days passed, things changed. Democracy, Constitution and Government all these concepts came into existence. Overall prosperity, education, development had taken place. The point of concern is who elects the Government ? We, the common people. Now who elects the MLA or politicians ? Again we the common people. This much of freedom was never given to the people in those historic days due to non prevalence of such concepts. It was only the idea of ancestral rule which was into being as kings children used to be the heirs. Now the onus lies with us the people to select/ elect the correct representatives to look after the overall development, welfare, prosperity and well being of our state.

So what do we want ? Do we want to go back to the historic days under the rule of the kings which will surely happen if given a chance under the influence of the insurgents. Now the insurgents are not living a peaceful life and not allowing us to lead a peaceful life. They are threatening us from all sides and becoming super natural figures from the darker side. Whose representatives are they? I believe that a strong political will is required in our state to have a green, clean, prosperous and developed Manipur. We, the common people should realise this aspect and not to support the insurgent groups. The centre will surely support us if we project our requirements in the right and correct way. For that we unitedly have to choose and elect our representatives. I request the gathering, our people to decide. What do we want. A well being peaceful, prosperous and developed state, or to go back to the old days of rule of the kings as the insurgents are trying to do this way. Their activities should no more be accepted by us. If they want to be leaders let them stand for elections and we can decide if we want them

Sonamani Meetei

Thabal Chongba and Sigmund Freud

[ Mon, Apr 26, 2010 9:40 pm ]

With a heartfelt appreciation, i would like to congratulate you for the article about Thabal Chongba and Sigmund Freud. I never realized until I read your work that there could ever be any linkage between the two. Freud is one of my favourite despite the fact that his theories lack empirical evidence. I am so glad that Manipur and her people is becoming aware about Psychology and its perspectives. I look forward to your work in the future.


To sustain the attitude of a caveman

[ Sat, Apr 24, 2010 5:03 am ]

I've just gone through the news regarding the expelling of non manipuries away from our state. Its so pity some section of our population so called loosers are upto. Just wandering how they manage to sustain the attitude of a caveman in this present world where world is singing in a single rythm. Our state so small but so much diverse with no bonds to unify and so much dependent on others, fighting with just the neck out of the water, is again pulled underwater by so call the fanatics. Our leaders are just enjoing the dirty game as if they are immune outsiders. People who has nothing to loose and those who doesn't bother or regret on loosing are trying to pull others into there own side of hell and dictate with there own henious plans. They should realise by now that if the life of the remaining is threaten they too will be equally paid back with interest compounded. It is time now to rethink again to live and let us live. We better know the story of both the sides. This I would like to brief to all those antisocials throgh the editor's column.

Kangjam Devraj

We should take actions in our hands

[ Fri, Apr 23, 2010 8:42 am ]

I am wordless to say to the article on complaints(List of complaints- 20 Apr 2010) written by Mr. Prem, he said everything on my mind, wad he missed is just that we should take actions in our hands, we should strip those bloody politicians off their power which they have been misusing for generations, the current incident regarding the pay of arrears fot the 6th pay is frustrating, the chaos produced by it is so annonying cause both my parents are govt employees and haven't got their salaries for 3 months n counting, for myself I am fine as i am working in bangalore but i still haven't reached the stage of providing financial help to my family yet, as cost of living is very costly here, n i have just started to settle here. wad i plan, is to bring my whole family here n settle down permanently, that way I wil never have to fear abt any harm to my family due to the killings which takes everyday in manipur, both the UG and the police force are killing innocent lives just for the one same reason "Money" I know that just by writting this msg i am gonna change our motherland but i do have the good aim that one day i will give a sacrifice for my motherland when the time comes, so i hope the people who can bring these changes should stay focus and acheive the goals which every manipuri wants, All the best.....

James Sorokhaibam

Public awareness: great step towards bright future

[ Thu, Apr 22, 2010 3:29 am ]

It is great heartening news to see in Sangai express dated 21 Apr 10 regarding thrashing of a member of one of our proscribed outfits by local populace. People are realising day by day these UG's are not our friends but our enemies, enemies of our society, of our prosperity, future & development of our state. Today public of the locality realised that unity is strength. Combined together & voice raised to such untoward incidents will help in curbing such types of extortion activities in future . May Almighty God give tremendous strength & power to us to fight against illegal activists. This should be a good lesson for most of us fearing in the wake of demand letters floated by these proscribed UG outfits. Hats off !! to those people who raised their voice. May I plead to others also who are undergoing such trauma and should realise that when it comes to such incidents on innocent people by the UG's we are all together to fight. All for one & one for All.

RK Surjit

e-pao - a dumping ground for personal frustration

[ Thu, Apr 22, 2010 4:14 am ]

I am regular user of e-pao for past 9 years. One of the section I don't miss to visit everyday is headlines section. I have some feedback which I feel can enhance the headlines section. First there are repetition of news under different heading. I see that almost everyday. For example in today news, the following two news are same even though with different header. Removing such repetitive will improve reader experience of the headlines.
Secondly it will be great of there is section to give user comments for every news. I see similar features with most e-media. This feature is missing in e-pao.
Thirdly I see that e-pao Hotspot has sometime become a dumping ground for personal frustration. One such article which has cross the limit seem to be an article by Deepak Yumkhaibam under title The concept of living freely. I do not like e-pao being a place where people discuss their bedroom stories by some irresponsible writer at the pretext of expressing personal opinion. Appreciate the effort and thanks for creating such a platform.

Romeo Ningombam

News and discussion

[ Thu, Apr 22, 2010 3:20 am ]

I have been reading e-pao for a long time and I would like e-pao team to include a discussion board below each news. So, we can discuss it out here or give our comments on the news.

Oinam Ibomcha Meitei

List of complaints

[ Tue, Apr 20, 2010 1:46 am ]

manipurda leiriba praja khudingmkta karigumba khara fongdokchari......... naharol mayamna state asida ning tam lanni haina touribase oigadaba mande.masigi mingda peisa khaiba,prajabu wahanba,leibak erang thokhanba tokpiro. party kayano lamdam asida leiriba? mantri mandolsingna peisa chabadi kananasu tainaba ngamde... leibak ase loire... khutta nongmei pairaga thika toubasu yamna tajare... yumga saonabagi, bike thouba fangdabagi, nupi kainabagi, chak puk thandabagi naharol changba oina toure.... leader kharana phamcha charaga makha tabasingna peisa kanna khairi.... amaromda, waduna leiraba lamdam ase indian army,crpf,bsf... kaya laktuna henna wahalle... lamdam asida erang thoktradi makhoisu lakoi... private company kaya laktuna job opportunity leigadabasu, naharolna demand touduna loina chenkhre.... gyan tadre? praja ama oina pukningi apamba fongdokpasu kinare.... pumnamak asigi asoibadi praja eikhoini.... election gi matamda eikhoina loukhiba peisa,thakpa yu, chakhiba yen amadi hiu thongba....pumnamak asigi awabane eikhoina fanglise.... mantri mayamsu election da changkhiba peisado hanjinnaba touba taba.... matik chaba chadaba peisa leiradi vote kare, ningthou oire..... central government na thadarkliba peisa mayamdo karaida leige.... mantri mandol mayamgi lou engkhol,oktaba macha masusing leirik tambada thada leire... aduga makhoidi pass toubasu ngamde...... mantri mandol singi machana donation lakh kaya piduna medical tamlise karaidagino... makhoigi salarynadi konnaroi haiba khange.....

Manipurbu sengna nungsiba oiradi erang khara leppiro... ching tam ani amata oiduna chatminnabagi matam oire... panbiriba sarkarnasu manipurgi kachin koya sinba thungna chattuna choukhat thourang toubagi matam oire... manipurda erang thoklise arappa lamsingda leiba prajasingbu yengsinbidabagini.....

Notice To All Parents In Manipur:
Adomgi Echasing Mapanda Leiri Haina Nungaina Leibigano. Karamna, Kanaga Leiri Haiba Khara Thigatpiyo. Maru Oina Nupising (Not All). Foreigner Saringeida Pumloi Loire. Public Place Ta Kari Dress Setkani Haisu Khangde. Americagi Matou Tambada Loire.... Masida Eigi Ethou Leite Haiba Khange, Adubu Makhoigi Matou Asina Manipurdagi Lakpa Mi Pumnamakpu Hanthaba Mityengda Yenghalle....... Matik Magun Leiraga Style Touradi Khara Fagadaba, Exam Pass Toubasu Ngamdana Wathi Warem......

Sportspersons Are The Real Heroes Of Manipur:
manipurda leiriba sanaroi pumnamakpu ahanbada khurumjari. nakhoi mayamna manipurpu ngasi malemda masak taklibani. lamdam asina lairaba oirubana nakhoi mayamgi pennaba touba ngamdri. adubu ngasi faoba leppa leitana mingchat purkli. matungdasu ahenba kaya purktuna manipurbu malem sinba thungna masak taksi. all the best...god bless uuu all


Land grab at Yurembam - a merciless decision

[ Mon, Apr 19, 2010 12:30 am ]

With due respect, i would like to draw your attention towards one of the burning issues of land acqusiition in manipur. Sir, i m basically a student of pondicherry central university persuing my PG in ecology and environmental sciences(1st yr). It was an utter shocking news while i was at home for my winter vacations last december ,when i heard the news of expansion of the power grid branch located at yurembam, imphal west at the cost of the agriculture fields. A vast area of fertile land ,the agricultural feilds in yurembam is under the risk of lossing at the hands of the so called power grid corporation whose branch is located at the sited place. Infact these fields have been the means of livlihood for the residents since time immemorable. Its a merciless decision by the state government to accept such a deal of selling these land which has been a priceless possession of the farmers of the place. I m quite aware of the fact that the corporation is going to give some amount of money as compensation to the owners of the agricultural land,but sir,what will the farmers do when once the compensation money gets over. with little idea of investment ,low level of education how are they going to deal with their life ahead? Sir it is said that give a fisherman a fish ,he will be happy today, but give him a seed ,he will be happy throughout his life and in the case stated above its the opposite. Why are the literates, the politicians who has assured to work for bringing betterment to the society cheating the people,is this what they promise us as a good future for?

Hats off to the local group of residents of yurembam specailly the women wing who are trying to save the land but they are clueless whom to concern with and what to do? Inspite of any hurdles which come up ,they are willing to save the land not only for them but for the generations to come. Similar situations of land acquisition by some company over agriculture land were there in some parts of south india but with local people and state government support they were able to overcome the hurdles,i wish something like this happens in our place also. I m well versed with the fact that electricity suply is a major issue in the state and steps should be taken up to meet the need but my question is ,is it appropiate to do so at the loss of such agricultural fields?Manipur is no doubt a land famous for wasteland.It tops the list of wasteland among all the indian states so why dont we build a substation of the corporation in some place designated as wasteland which is in no way applicable for agricultural purpose. By doing so we will be able to meet the shortage of electricity as well as conserve the only means of livlihood for the local people of yurembam,the agricultural fields. I m just a student and i dont know how far my small piece of this article is going to help those who are fighting for the land but i pray each one those who has gone through this will at least take up a better way to help the local people out there.

Yumnam Chanchan Devi - Pondicherry Central University

Think of it Mr. Rahul Gandhi

[ Sat, Apr 17, 2010 11:26 pm ]

I would love to pull the attention of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the President, INYC regarding the present situation of Manipur (Law & Order). Mr. President (INYC), You must be knowing the meaning of Manipur, yup (land of diamonds / treasure)but no more though but "Killing Field". No more law & order prevail in Manipur but corruption from A 2 Z. Police personals are the worst corrupted but who is the BOSS ? Think of it Mr. President (INYC).


Do something for our language

[ Fri, Apr 16, 2010 5:56 am ]

We are proud of this site. I am requesting you to add a column/topic of old/new manipuri words. e.g. fullmoon(english)= purnima(hindi) = thanil(manipuri). there are so many words that we dont know what is it called in our language(manipuri). If we know that, we will use that and our language will more popular. if we are continuously using the hindi or english, one day our new generation may not know, may lost our language. Whenever, we would like to know a word in manipuri, we dont know where we have to find or would to ask. Please do something for our language.

Longjam Shashi

Mantra for job creation

[ Fri, Apr 16, 2010 3:10 am ]

Who says Manipur has no job creation. even though a person is not well educated he or she can earn more than a person in US. I have the mantra for this. Shall I tell you all??? Alright.... All you have to do make a letter head starting something patroit like words and go for demands. If you can do good job in photoshop then you can do some of the publicity stuff like rising day or something with photo of multiple people with guns in their hand but don't forget to paint with camouflage.


Talk Show piece on Sharmila

[ Wed, Apr 14, 2010 5:06 am ]

E-pao gi staff singbu Elangbam Nandaraj na hainingai leitana thagat chari. hotnaba lepiganu. Nongmadi eikhoigi Manipur etap-pa leibak amadi suk soisoidana oirakani. E-pao gi RADIO da hapiriba "Talk Show" tajabada mitagi pitakhiba khanhoude. Asugumba mit-mai oigadaba data sing asi tekta kaidana thambinaba haijaning-e. Asugumba yamna maru oiba data sing asi update toina tobirak u.
Manipur dagi AFSPA louthok-u.
Long Live Manipur....Save Sharmila.....Long Live Manipur

Elangbam Nandaraj

Pictures on handloom and handicraft

[ Tue, Apr 13, 2010 3:16 am ]

Have read the article on the condition of Manipur emporium, i do agree with the content to a large extent. I happen to visit Imphal last week. Saw a lot about the state of artisans there. visited some weaving center's as well. after coming back to Delhi i tried to find photographs of hand loom and handicraft products but couldn't find much. The emporium which is solely dedicated to promote the local products does not have any official site carrying images of the products. Now a days if consumer want to buy any product,most of the time he/she prefers to see it online and than decides to go to buy. I would appreciate if i can be provided images of some products. I during my visit had requested for the same to some people there but have not received any till date. I dont know if this is the right place make such request, if this is not than kindly provide me the right link where i can get the same.


camera installation is not costly

[ Tue, Apr 13, 2010 3:16 am ]

I have a small company in bangalore, for installation of camera and software desingning and web designing. I have few customer in hyderabad, bangalore. I use to read news in poknafam , I found that people in Manipur think that camera installation is costly. But I want to clarify that its not that costly, its depend upon the feature of the camera. A low cost camera cost come around 3800, and a night vision camera cost comes around 4500. A dvr machine to record will cost around 13000 to 17000, depending upon the feature you select. So please put this news to , so that every manipuri will get a knowlegde about it.

S Anand Singh

enough of this Bandh...

[ Mon, Apr 12, 2010 5:15 am ]

I think people have become accustomed of using unlimited strikes, bandh to vent out their frustration against so called govt. Again I feel they are doing knowingly that it will hamper the day to day to activities of general public as a whole. I think from both sides have to work out holistic approach so that public should not suffer and prices of essential should not get above public reach. So i humbly request all the people to ponder over it and see other alternative to protest against the system

Abujam Jayanta

Its really a dictatorial rule

[ Sun, Apr 11, 2010 7:21 am ]

Its really a dictatorial rule that is prevailing in manipur right now. Whatz the use 4 casting votes n selecting leaders when these so called leaders r not listening the cries of the people. Such shameless chief minister, taking bath in mineral water when there is drought outside his home. Its high time, we should support the residents of in and around yurembam to save their pieces of land ,the only assets they have 4 their livelihood. Common people lets fight it together, it may happen to any one of us tomorrow. Lets show to the dirty politicians that Manipur rules by the people not by their whistles.


Need information on History, Puyas?

[ Sun, Apr 11, 2010 5:22 am ]

I was just wondering if you guy have more information on Manipur histories likes, PUYA, about our forefather etc,... stuff like that. I would be appreciate if you send me this kind of information to my mail. I'll be waiting for your reply.

KK Nanao

Mistaken identity

[ Thu, Apr 08, 2010 7:25 am ]

The snaps of Kanglasha and the names are not matching,, The drummer is Chinghei, but the man (drummer) in snap is Tomba, (Ex Red Devils). Pliz refer the link

Albino Potsangbam

Next batch of Memton Diary?

[ Wed, Apr 07, 2010 12:56 pm ]

g-nie .... its good when is the next batch due for Memton's Diary?

Rahul Akoijam

Like the coverage of Rewben Mashangva

[ Sun, Apr 04, 2010 7:00 pm ]

I really like this site because it helps me to keep in touch with what's happening not only in Manipur but also the big things happening to Manipuris in any corner of the world. I particularly liked your coverage of Rewben Mashangva's work, being a Naga and also as someone who is trying to find her roots. I wish you would update all the videos on Youtube. Thanks and keep the momentum going.

Pamchuila Hungyo

Who says Manipur is not Reach, oops Rich

[ Sun, Apr 04, 2010 3:24 am ]

Wow, good to hear that Manipur govt. have bought BMWs. That too 5 numbers, not just 1. I do agree that life of the VVIPs in Manipur are in grave danger. Three Cheers, VVIPs, for securing your valuable life. You have the power to utilize the money funded for the benefit of public. Public will not mind now! You may used up the benefits of the public for your personal benefits. Public may be wondering if the amount spent for buying 5 BMWs which cost 60 lakhs each after a duty waiver, would have been used somewhere else, say, giving arrears to the demanding employees for 6th pay or might have been utilized efficiently in construction of road infrastructure or might have bought heavy duty transformers which can deliver more power supply and less load shading to public, that includes VVIPs too. There are many ways to get maximum benefit. One should remember that VVIPs also belongs to the so called section, public. Only difference is that they are being selected to represent the remaining section peacefully. If everyone would have become representative, there would have been chaos. When we talk about getting benefit, why don't we talk about maximum benefit. But not just for some 1 or 2s. Anyway since the so much talked BMWs are bought, i feel it cannot be undone. Now that the life of VVIPs who represent the remaining section of the public are secured, i hopefully hope that they will start thinking about securing the so called life of the public and start thinking for the welfare of the public sincerely. I said "so called life" because i am not sure if the value of life in Manipur is as much as valued as life in some other place! I feel, the life of the public have much value as that of a VVIPs as long as they stay in the same place. When i say I, its any common man. So if every individual thinks the way one common man thinks, means, its the whole public.
I felt, so i wrote, i have no hard feelings for anyone. Let us share our views through feedbacks at one common plateform. i.e. E-PAO I wish, our VVIPs also spare some time to go through the readers mail section which might make them realize what is going on, if they are really asleep. cos, "It is easy to wake up person who is asleep but not possible to wake a person who is not asleep".

parask meee

Empty vessels make much noise!

[ Sat, Apr 03, 2010 8:42 am ]

It is very important to have a good knowledge and understanding about the past and present of our motherland Kangleipak before commenting in a public forum. One should have a good knowledge and understanding about the history of India, the history of Kangleipak and World before commenting anything good or bad in relation to the prevailing situation in our motherland Kangleipak. Most people in this world tend to criticize others in a negative way without realizing who they are and what they have done or doing. And Kangleipak is no exception. The poorer the knowledge one has, the more he criticizes in a negative way. As the saying goes 'Empty vessels make much noise'. Wise person also criticizes but they do so in a constructive manner without any discrimination. We should always try to be a wise person, think like a wise person and act like a wise person. It is very easy to criticize a person, organization, institution, company or government in a negative way. Anyone, literate/illiterate, can do so. The quality of wise is that the wise criticize in such a way that the criticized person, organization, institution, company or government is not irritated or offended but is compelled to improve. I hope more and more people of our motherland think, act and behave like a wise person.

Abo Mangang

Army Men good for common people

[ Sat, Apr 03, 2010 9:44 am ]

I need with interest Mr Looksamars comments on AFSPA in Manipur. I am a regular reader of all news papers and visitor of e-news of all channels. The work what Army Men or Border force to be doing lot of good for common people. Their presence at the moment, I think & necessary and necessary._ that they need to pay more attention to remove the fear and apprehension in peoples mind about them and be more people friendly. Are the UG's disciplined? Why no one is bothered about their brutality? I think people fear them more than Army men or Policemen. I only hope that we are not getting habituated towards their brutality . I plead that the time has come to realize all these facts.


no educated people among the UG

[ Fri, Apr 02, 2010 4:06 pm ]

Haisu haibani..hannasu e-pao da wahei khara thamjakhre adubu update toubada yaohanbiraktre. Thawai nungaitaba pao yam tabana iramdamse loire khalle. Why do we need UG? UG singna afaba purakpa taragadi asuk kuina UG leiraklaga manipur chaokhattaba karigino? It is sure there are no educated people among the UG..they are damn useless. Lalhouba oiragadi lalhoubagi mathou toudabana ngasidi kannadaba UG oirakle. imung manung ngaihak saonaba matei manao ngaihak saonabada makhoina wayenduna leite mathoudi nattabada. thouna leiragadi mapan thokalaklaga chap chaba thabak toubiyu haijaningi pikhraba lamdamgi asonba kharada kihanbadunadi kanaba purakkani khande.


Wake up call for all the youths in Manipur

[ Thu, Apr 01, 2010 4:07 pm ]

Drugs ,sex, music is not only the enjoyment in our life . Lets be a little logistic guys of our position in making a difference. Its we youths who are going to be the leaders some day. Lets not hesitate to learn new things who ever they are may be our great enemies whom we call them mayangs, lets not feel shy to say i am ignorant about that, can you please teach me. Well if you have not realized people of our age have created history in this world take Nadal the lawn tennis player who will ever forget him he in his twenties , take rahul gandhi ,sachin pilot they are all in their thirties but what they have achieved is remarkable. Why hesitate to follow their foot steps instead of boozing around and fooling our shelves.smoking grass will bring ideas but it too will end up in an i c u struggling to breath.If we youths are strong and say no to all these non sense even god cannot forbid us in creating history in our mother land. So people lets wake up say no to nonsense and unite together for a better cause.


No development done by Manipurgi naharol

[ Wed, Mar 31, 2010 1:05 pm ]

Manipurgi naharol singsina tauribasi karino. I don't see any development done by them so far for the welfare of the society. All they do is to create hassles to its own people. Karimta taude haibadi laangani, they do take up the intiation of Extortion, interfering exams or chasing non manipuris. Once there was a time when I educate my frens that they are not terrorists and differentiate between a terrorist and a separatist. However, at this time, I felt that it was wrong. People can be judged by what they do and not by what they address of themself. Thabakna zero ( paisa khaiba haatke tupke natana ), ngangbana afaba ngakta newspaper ki thongda Khaber ga pagada talle hai Eboo!! Mingna sathiba, tamthiba nakta kausillaga paisa piyu piyu yadraga haatke tupke haiba, adusu for multiple parties. Instead of forcing people to contribute money for your organization, let people be satisfied with your work and have the willingness to give it happily. Demanding is easy. Earning money is a big thing and you will not understand it. Khairiba paisa mayamdo kaida thamgaymee!!? Show us the list of your expenditures with our money. Suk kaapsu kaapnadaba nakhoigi nongmei adubu tha khudinggi leiba darka leibro. Nongmei kappagi thouna leitabasingda piraga thadok abanina commando na pullap pullap fabado prajasinggi paisa ngaktani kaobiganu!! Just to remind, lal haunaba paibani, prajada kihallaga paisa khainaba nakte haibasimasu kaobinu. Can you really define the term "Quality Education"? I know your answer is to stop unfair means during exams, as you do. Isn't this a very unmature definition? Lairik to phajana tambidradi masana note taurakpatabani. Lairik tamjage haibasing tamba phangdri : bandh, strike natraga leita laira na maram ioduna. Firstly, you need to solve these problems ( can you? ) if you really like to bring quality edu. To bring Quality edu, nakhoina oja fao kappi. Quality Edu aduk yamna pamba nokhoising keidau leihauge, Sanjit's killing gi school college matam sangna thingjingkhibaduda. This is one of the examples, atei yamna leikhrey. Tumminna karigi leiriba asigumba matamda. Ibobi pham thadok-u na nokhoinabu pressure taurammadi ( he will surely do so ), college asuk sangna thinglamloi. Tauba yaba nathau di taude, quality edu gaina satra oja da, adusu exam matamda pressure pibaduna kanaroi. Thamoi sengna purakpa pammadi, makhondagi semmu. On the other hand, an educated person cannot get a job without corruption. And you know well how much this is related about bringing quality education. What are you doing with regard to this issue? To be continued......

Th Malemnganba

Its not the time to blame each other

[ Wed, Mar 31, 2010 1:05 pm ]

well it has been a custom for us i mean all the people in manipur to blame each other despite knowing that it is extremely wrong .May be we were not taught to say sorry,may be it is to difficult for us to utter that five letter word .one word from either side whether in a fight or in a quarrel would have settled the matter in seconds ,but who cares as far as i preserve my ego and prevent people calling me sissy right. It is high time for every citizen in manipur to realize our mistakes in the last few decades and make up our mistakes.I think if our leaders who are busy in their own corrupt world,our intellectuals who r busy criticising one another ,all the leaders of different groups and finally the citizens who prefers to remain ignorant and silent , comes out of their shells and work together for a better place then it would be easier to sole the problems.Unless everyone comes out together i am sure our kangelipak would one day be a grave yard. Every one has different views,some may feel what i am saying is rubbish but whatever lets respect each others views and not fight for small issues .Lets be little gentle .I guess every problem has a solution so why cant there be a solution to the problems in my mother land.


Killing the spirit of Manipur

[ Wed, Mar 31, 2010 1:03 pm ]

My dear brother in arms......please don't mind if i call a spade, a spade.....but hearing the news of giving a date for the so called "non manipuries" to move out of the state force me think as to which world my brothers are living is 2010....and the world is talking of globalization. Taking up such an issue to highlight your demands will not serve the very purpose of the goal you are fighting for. It will rather complicate the chaos state of affair that manipur is already in right now.............. As the saying goes there is slightest of difference between a genius and a fool......please see that in trying to do something good for the state, u might end up in doing something that might kill the spirit of manipur. Let us not forget that action and reaction are same but opposite in direction ......the harder u hit the punch in the wall the harder the pain in your hand......lets spread love and not hate...........there is always a better way of doing the same thing......lets learn something from sikkim and mizoram. its time to stop living in the world of dreams. let us wake up and work together for the development of the state. if u think u can do something for your land then try doing something good and not take yourself and the state to a grave.


Unbelievable love story

[ Mon, Mar 29, 2010 6:32 pm ]

An unbelievable love story between 85 years old widower with 75 years old widow in a village under the head quarter Senapati district not only spread like a wildfires but it has given a viable spirits to all the couples and also given another thrilling spirit of romancing for the old age above 70 years. Few people in the village talk about their affair but none paid heed because they thought it was a jokes. It was only 23th march Tuesday they learnt about the truth which few villagers talked. As Mr. Haba widower s/o late Lunii run away with paosiiru widow d/o late Dahii. The newly married couple are now in relative house, as per as the customary law the elope couple have to stay with relative for five consecutive days to avoid bad fortune in the future. Having heard from the local sources that the couple will go to Nahmai zhoh one of the most beautiful valley located at koide village for honeymoon.


India does not approve same sex marriage

[ Tue, Mar 30, 2010 9:37 am ]

I would like to raise a query in relation to your recent news, I qoute "For the first time in Manipur, gay couple ties the knot". Within the body of this news, you mentioned about the Delhi High Court legalising gay marriage. I believe this has been sourced incorrectly because in October 2009, Delhi High Court only decriminalised intercourse between same sex, I doubt India now approves same sex marriage. This has been a burning topic ever since and I have not come across any law approving same sex marriage. I would appreciate it if you would be able to clarify my position on this area in the interest of the public.

E-pao Note : Please read TSE correction here.

Women are perceived as mere playthings

[ Tue, Mar 30, 2010 4:38 am ]

Thank you for updating such a suggestive news which will certainly be helpful awakening the mind, body and soul of the female society which has been deceived and suppressed by utilitarian male domain for years and years in our "Sanaleipak Manipur". This news proves the fact that women are perceived as mere playthings and pawns in the hands of men. They are caught in the web created by male soceity and become the victims for their innocent acts. Finally, I would like to thank MSAD for informing such a great news to this famous manipur news site. This news will definitely help all the parents of Manipur taking good care of their precious daughters.

Suranjoy Singh

It is better to light a candle

[ Mon, Mar 29, 2010 9:43 pm ]

Glad to know that lots of people are coming out in the open to express their views. UG groups should know that the people of Manipur no longer want them and their ideologies. We are really fed up of them. Yes, they are sucking the blood out of us. It's a good beginning. i hope more will follow. Instead of sitting in the dark and cursing the darkness, it is better to light a candle. I want to thank those brave people who have come forward. Manipur needs people like u, not people who in the name of fighting for motherland are creating a hell in our society.


Protest against UGs demand

[ Mon, Mar 29, 2010 4:06 am ]

At last !! people are opening their eyes and realising that UGs are not our friends, but they are existing in this society to suck our blood by their demands. I feel that this is a great beginning of protest by LEWS against KCP(MC) and should not die its own death. I plead to the people responsible for controlling these extortion activities to rise & shine and help organisation like LEWS. LEWS is one of the NGOs which is helping the disabled people of manipur. Every one in this society should realise that after all we all are human beings. KCP or any UG group should fear God that what they will answer to him once they are with him after their death.


Trying to be Bhadraloks and Extortion

[ Mon, Mar 29, 2010 3:44 am ]

How can a banned outfit advocate guidelines, rules for exams ? KYKL, what are they doing ? Everyone knows. Are they not feeling ashamed of themselves by doing like this ? If one cannot think about betterment, education, how can one become moral police and propagate dos & donts for exams. Because of these outfits half the time schools are closed other half there are economic blockades and bandhs. Why should a common man not think for better education of his child outside ?? People who are well to do in the society are sending their children outside to study. They are also perturbed because of these activities of UGs. Oh God !! When will we understand about these all issues.

Gosh !!! it is really heartening to know that people are coming up in the open against the extortion demands of the UGs. Gr8, Mr Tolen should be felicitated and helped by the Government to check these kinds of extortion demands, from NGOs working for poor people. Similarly other institutions and also common people should rise against such demands. . God helps those who helps themselves. LEWS has done a great job !! kudos !!


Procedure for Bravery award ?

[ Sun, Mar 28, 2010 7:04 am ]

what is the procedure for Bravery award ? My son was in CKT school bus fire mishap happened on 20th AUG 2009, and pulled out two his freiends from fire with risking himself, in which both his hands get burn injuries. But neither any award nor any compensation recieved by Government.


Politicians don't have an ideology

[ Sun, Mar 28, 2010 3:57 am ]

Few days back I wrote a mail to your esteem daily but i don't see it publishing till now. Anyways my point is that everyone in Manipur knows who are responsible for the present situation in our motherland but don't bother to speak up because if you do so then you are in real trouble. Politicians don't have an ideology and are really responsible for all these messed up in our motherland. They are either busy horsetrading for power or amassing wealth. They think of people only when general election comes up. So my request to our sincere underground activists is that if you guys really think of people...punish the corrupt politicians first. Bureaucrats are not a big problems...they will automatically come to line if they saw you people punishing these politicians...Please prove that you are there for the people of Manipur only then people will trust you.

S Nanda

Waitng for the dawn

[ Sat, Mar 27, 2010 8:42 am ]

Corrruption in Manipur has touched a point that it has made a life horrible to find a decent job and settled down at home i think same is the case for everyone ......... it is the high time those responsible should be given maximum punishment and act as deterrent to potential individual and we Manipuri are yet to see corruption free , real competition in search of job without the hindrance from any external and internal factors.. waitng for the dawn


Its not the central/indian govt's fault

[ Sat, Mar 27, 2010 5:50 am ]

International Campaign conducted recently to Save Loktak Lake and efforts by many experts & volunteers seem to be just a roadway to create wealth of few Manipuris (in power).
Why was a Rs 224-cr project to clean up Manipur's Loktak Lake given to a ghost outfit - Article on Tahelka:
Who Is The Real Culprit Of All Issues In Manipur???
This incident proves it all.... Manipuris in power (to rule/govern/manage) manipur are the one misusing/destroying/mistreating/colonising Manipuris. It's not the central govt / indian govt. Causes of troubles in Manipur are MLAs, ministers, CM, state govt officials, militant bosses, local associations, etc. (who are all manipuris) So Manipuris.. dont blame on central indian govt by default... dont show your stupidity & make fun of urself...
If that crores of money is utilised in development work or social entrepreneurial projects for youths/local people.... Imagine, how many new Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) could have created in Manipur giving jobs to Lacs of Manipuris inside Manipur (thereby reducing unrest in militancy and job to graduates & school drop-outs)....

Shanjoy Mairembam

More Kunjabihari song in Radio

[ Sat, Mar 27, 2010 12:23 am ]

E-pao is the best Manipuri site I have ever come across....and the songs on the e-pao radio are awesome. It's my sincere request you to please update your page. Where we can select some very good songs. I also have another request of Kunjabihari songs...pls add more of his songs....

Bouy Singh

Achieve 'its' goal-independence of Kangleipak

[ Fri, Mar 26, 2010 9:53 pm ]

Does RPF really think that if all the non-manipuris leave manipur it will help to achieve 'its' goal-independence of Kangleipak? When i read that article i cannot help but think about MNS's action (against the north indian), who mistreated the people from UP, Bihar,etc. not because of their love for Maharastra but for political reasons (to make the common man think that they are doing a great service to the state; hence to gain sympathy, vote, support,etc. of the public). Don't get me wrong. i love my Kangleipak too.

Marc Meitei

On the 1957 Manipuri Footage

[ Fri, Mar 26, 2010 4:36 pm ]

I wonder if the footage shown by Watson Kintner is really of 1957. My feeling is that it could be 70's. This is not to put any disrespect to his work. This is really a great capture. There is no doubt about that.
My points are from the following.
a) On 11.21 min shot, I could see some modern building, which, I doubt, of would be of 1957 (of course one old Chrevolete is there - but they were more popular during the 1970s then 1950 where trucks were very few still then).
b) Then, I also saw one person on a boat wearing a trouser. I am not sure if wearing trouser was common particularly in the rural or fishing community during those days, and
c) Third, I could see some animals and birds in a zoo. If it is Manipur Zoological Garden, then it is on official record that it was established in 1976.

This is to share some points.


Discipline in Police/Army Forces

[ Wed, Mar 24, 2010 3:39 am ]

It will be unwise to comment on AFSPA imposed in Manipur. Everyone in Manipur know the ground reality but never feel secured to speak it out. Talking about the police forces, there is an increasing trend in the indisciplinary act by them. From the present situation, it is very clear that discipline is not imparted to the policemen & Armymen. The above statement will be self explained by the following words " Why the civilains of Manipur are afraid of Police & Army ? " But the fact is the presence of Police & Army are not doubt very important but with a change. To bring the change, I suggest that the new Police/Army recruitees should be trained rigorously for months both physically, mentally & most important "to be disciplined" and they be taught to be human. If they are nice, the fear for Police/Army that a civilian has will gradually go away and a cordial relation between these forces & the civilians will built up and that may help in bringing peace.


Mails - Good, Bad, Ugly!

[ Thu, Mar 25, 2010 12:37 pm ]

The mail titled "article Influenced By The West" is the best I have ever read in the Reader's mail of e-pao. It is a very thoughtful mail. This is the first time I have ever written to e-pao. E-pao is really an important link between Manipuri who are outside Kangleipak and their motherland. I regularly read news about my motherland from e-pao. I hope e-pao will continue serving the people of Kangleipak. I really appreciate the idea of e-pao to publish the views and feedback of their guests. I think some mails are really good, some really bad and some really ugly. But still e-pao publish all the mails. I think it is fine. The only exception is that the mail should not be abusive. The person who sent the mail is entirely responsible for his mail. E-pao cannot be held responsible for the views expressed by others. Long live Kangleipak and Long live e-pao.


Rape or fake rape?

[ Tue, Mar 23, 2010 11:29 am ]

In the case of naga girl rape is fake rape case, as By: R.B. Thohe Pou wrote is only superficial. really girls wants very high job without quality and she also compromise, however when she get job and didn't get than became fake job. I had same type of experience from a woman, she charged wrongly to get revenge. Thats it.


Help questions to Shija Hospital

[ Tue, Mar 23, 2010 4:31 am ]

Sir, I have been to some other hospital for my brother-in-law cancer treatment and it was resulted as last stage, but as I was seeking for other hospital, my friend recomended your hospital (Shija Hospital Imphal) as best hospital. Therefore, may I put this question that will there be any chances to cure from this desease, If come seeking for your hospital. hope you will give me hope.

moa chang

Lets form an E-Group

[ Sun, Mar 21, 2010 12:20 pm ]

I've seen that many of our fellow Manipuris are keenly interested to bring peace & Development in Manipur. For those interested, I suggest that we form an E-Group for discussion & opinions on these topics. Dear readers, please do give your views.

Samar - looksamar(at)rediffmail(dot)com

Think twice before u write

[ Sun, Mar 21, 2010 3:06 am ]

I feel really shame for those people who took advantage of epao to express personal feelings which are not related to social cause. for example to my papiya. we the manipuri society is sitting in a war right now n having so much relax and leisure time for you.


Wonder how e-pao uploaded such an email!

[ Sat, Mar 20, 2010 1:04 pm ]

Can anybody tell what the mail "to my papiya" is all about? When the frustrated people of Manipur are finding it increasingly difficult to survive each day and using e-pao as a platform to express their opinion, here comes a Romeo expressing his undying love for his Papiya . Boy! You might have been smitten by the love bug. But to be honest you are showing your love at a wrong place. One loves one's girlfriend . There is nothing special about your love . It is just one of those .My wishes for you to marry your love and lead a happy life forever. I wonder how e-pao uploaded such a mail. Please go through the mail at least once before making it public. Or please have a section only for love and romance. Why I express my opinion here is because E-pao is not just a website. It is a platform for all the Manipuris. All the people, especially the ones who are residing outside Manipur keep themselves abreast of the happenings in Manipur through this website. People do take interest in going through the readers, mails.

Aryan Meitei

Self Advertisement of Ph D award - Cheap

[ Sat, Feb 27, 2010 10:38 pm ]

What I couln't understand is the self advertisement of Ph.D. award in Manipur Newspaper? In Manipur it is a trend to follow without any purpose. These self advertisement are on for quite a time as if they have achieved "something great". In sixties Graduates, in seventies Post Graduates were a rare one but in nineties these were cheaper than paddy straw what we called "Charu". So is the Ph.D. in 2K. The trend of Ph.D. started with the implementation of UGC guidelines that NET is compulsory to apply for lecturers post from 1993. The additional clause was NET requirement was waived off for those students who had submitted Ph.D. thesis upto december 1993 (not sure the exact month). There were about hundreds of thesis submitted that time only in Manipur University, I heard. I am not sure whether the waive off is still valid or not. I have many friends who had passed CSIR-NET, completed their Ph.D. from prestigious Indian institutes and working aboard or in these prestigious institutes but I never saw their self advertisement in the newspaper. To me the latest trend seems like an advertisement for most eligible bachelor or spinster looking for a groom or bride. The old proverb "empty vessel sound much" holds good in such self advertisement. What do they do after their Ph.D. should be more important than these self cheap advertisement? The trend of "show off" in Manipur continues without any purpose in the society just for the personnel ego satisfaction. We need to curb these thing and need to raise above the "I, ME and MYSELF" syndrome.

Samar DP

Not influenced by Western Media and West

[ Sat, Mar 20, 2010 10:19 am ]

Dear Dad William, This is related to your topic Highly Influence by Western Media And West. I'm not at all agree with your thought that "The Nobel Peace Prize is a very political award given by the West to persons who are puppets of West, who are used by the West to interfere in the internal affairs of countries who do not believe in the Western ideas, principles, propaganda, hypocrisy and double standard." Take for an example Mr. Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. And please don't say that Mother Teresa is a christan thats why she got the Nobel Peace prize. There are lots of other great people who have nothing to do with the West but still got the prestigious Noble peace prize.


Tipaimukh dam is a boon for Manipur

[ Sat, Mar 20, 2010 9:50 am ]

For years the debate on whether the Tipaimukh dam is a blessing or a curse is on. As a layman I feel the dam is certainly going to be a boon for Manipur, in the long run. What to talk of rural areas, even the Imphal city has to bear the brunt of long hours of power cuts, to the extent that some parts of Imphal barely receive electricity for six hours a day. We are mostly dependent on pukhris for water be it for drinking or other wise. Can we have a more organised and healthy mechanism of water supply. The Tipaimukh, project and such like projects will go a long way in meeting our basic daily needs. I appeal to my friends who are against the Tipaimukh project to re orient their thought for overall benefit of state and for improving our living conditions.

L Sonamani

Request for Epom - Dhatu Ramayan

[ Fri, Mar 19, 2010 7:40 pm ]

E-pao radioda hapiriba epomsing tabada yamna nungaijei. yumdagisu lapna leibana ahangba matamda tajaraga pothapham oijei. adubu hijaningba amana thainagi DHATU RAMAYAN haiba epom adu leiragadi amukta hapirakpa yagadra. Hapiraklagadi yamna nungaijagani.


Power crisis in Manipur and Planning Commission of India

[ Thu, Mar 18, 2010 5:51 am ]

This is a small paragraph on my views regarding power shortage in MANIPUR. I would like to blame both government as well as people for this issue.Maximum number of families in the state do not have proper power connection via meter system..... At the same time concerned departments in the state prepare electricity bill on a lump sum basis rather than using utility based calculation....... The state is already facing extreme shortage of power because of which economic activities are quite slow in the state... This might bring a situation where MANIPUR become the most backward state in INDIA. I do not want this to happen and in fact all people in the state.... So its time for us to be more responsible towards social issues like power crisis... giving our best shot..... I hope this view of mine would create some level of awareness among a few of us.....

"Planning Commission Impressed On Seeing Development Activities In Manipur"......... This is the comment given by Planning Commission of India regarding the ongoing activities in MANIPUR. This takes me by surprise and of course lakhs of people in the state. I really believe PCI should closely monitor the works of state government.As far as I know,public funds go into the safety bank account of a few political leaders. The rate at which property of these leaders grow is immensed (unofficial data... We people are aware of this fact but helpless.....The Center should come up with a strategic plan to divert public funds from the account of political leaders to social schemes and development activities...... I request concerned departments to take it seriously or else we are going to face the issue of servility in the near future............ EARN MONEY BUT IN A RIGHT WAY.....


provide a space for comment at the bottom

[ Wed, Mar 17, 2010 4:48 pm ]

How great it would be if you guys provide a space for comment at the bottom of the news. Everyday thousand people visit Readers want to raise their voice regarding extortion by factions and killing innocent peoples by Indian armies and if the comment are good, why don't you guys publish in news paper it will alarm peoples bring to their attention. Its pain to learn killing innocent youth under the suspicion of underground.... Thanks


Shameful of those leaders

[ Wed, Mar 17, 2010 1:42 am ]

Hello Epao team I am so glad of seeing your photo "Korean Realease of Sharmila". Now the world knows how the people of Manipur are living and Still our leaders are trying to make her fool. I am shameful of those leaders......why they are not having common sense.


Humble Request to all the UGs

[ Tue, Mar 16, 2010 2:53 pm ]

Humble Request to all the UGs / Revolutionary Armies of Manipur.
Its true that since many decades many UG groups / Revolutionary Armies of Manipur are demanding sovereignty from the government of India. In many gun-battles, thousands of people from the UGs / Revolutionary Armies, civil innocent population and the Indian army had lost their valuable lives. The entire people of the planet of earth had learnt about the serious lost and catastrophes of war from the great world wars (I) and (II). Approximately, 10 million and 55 million lives were lost in both world wars (I) and (II) respectively. Every community on the earth hates and stands against wars. As a simple citizen of Manipur ( Kangleipak ), I would like to request to all the brothers and sisters who are struggling for the welfare and Independence of Manipur since many decades to come forward for peace talks and disarm for our better and safe tomorrow. Now all the people of Manipur are as free and independent as any citizen of any independent country in the world. The present anti-Indian attitude of the people of Manipur is due to misunderstanding between the people of both the communities. We must know that the people in other communities have good thoughts, respect for human lives and desire for peaceful co-existence just like us. We can have everything that we need while we are still with Indian mainland. We can maintain our own cultural identity and work together for betterment of our future generations. We the people of Manipur have a lot to learn from the history of Sikkim state. After the British had left India on 13th August, 1947, as a part of the mission of the government of India to unite all the independent provinces and form a big and powerful nation of India in Asian sub-continent, The then King of Sikkim was requested to join into the Indian Union. But, unfortunately, the King had not accepted the proposal and Sikkim remained as an Independent country for a few years. But, later, the student community and the educated elite people of the province had realized that the King had done wrong by deny! ing the proposal of the Indian Government. The people come to know that Sikkim alone can not join in the present global economic wars and it can never meet the ever increasing needs of the people. Due to the immense pressure of the people, Sikkim joined into the Indian Union and the King accepted the statehood of Sikkim in 1972. Sikkim is one of the most peaceful regions of India. Being a peaceful state, all the development projects are going on in time and it has become a very popular big home for tourist at the international level. Because of this, the lifestyle of the people are changing so fast. Indeed, if someone goes to this wonderful hilly state, one will know that this is the real heaven on earth. If the people of Sikkim can make progress in their economy, culture, traditional identity and in all aspects of life, then why not we Manipuris. Yes, we can do wonders. So, I request to all the concerned brothers and sisters who are in many UG groups / Revolutionary Armies of Manipur to come forward for peace. Whatever the amendments required in the constitutions of India, we will do that and people of Manipur and people of India are ready to support and stand by for you in this regard. 'Lets give peace a chance in Manipur.''Lets disarm and surrender to the love of our near and dear ones.''Lets do and die together for a better Manipur. Once again thank you so much for reading this article and hoping for your kind and positive response.

Samananda - Founder and Chairman, International Youths Welfare Orgn., Bishnupur District

Problem lies in current mindset of people

[ Sun, Mar 14, 2010 5:51 pm ]

I totally agree with your opinion. Yes, we indeed need a young, challenging and self-sacrificing politician. But the root of the problem lies in the current mindset of the people. If we promise ourselves not to bribe or get bribed and promise ourselves to have a clean election, then the politician might give a second thought before taking a bribe. What we need now is the SEARCH for those hidden self-sacrificing politicians which can only be search by the people. So what I think is we should start searching in schools, colleges or university by organizing a competition or public show in local channel with the title "who wants to be a politician?".

H Satya

Karino royal riders Manipur gee pandamse?

[ Sun, Mar 14, 2010 4:05 pm ]

Yamna nungaijei eikhoi meetei macha amadi Manipur da leiminariba ichin inao,iyamba amadi ithakthongba mayamna punna ROYAL RIDERS CLUB haiba ama sembiduna amadi mapham khuding chatminaduna photos kaya nambirakpadu ubada nachan ama oina yamna nungaijei amadi chaothokchei! adubu mashigee pandam karino?????? amadi mashina tungda kari oirakpa yaba leibage???? amashung mashina MANIPUR gi houjik oiriba phibam asida ROYAL RIDERS MANIPUR na kari thabak paikhatpirige amadi kayam kuina ROYAL RIDERS MANIPUR gi CLUB asibu leibikhidoino????????? amadi paodi yamna tajei mapham mapham kaya chatuna yamna nungairakpa amadi yamna warakpagi pao adubu photos amadi video shu upload toubirakte mashishu karigino haina khangjaningee ningshingba numita amadi mayam punna chak chaminaba numita matam ama leplaga "upload" toubirakadoubirabara?????
soirabashu ngakpiyu adubu paokhumdi soidana hanbirakani khalli nachan.

Rosyjohn Laishram - Maryland, US

Vent out all the frustation

[ Sat, Mar 13, 2010 9:14 pm ]

Hi Nungsiraba Echil - Enao Mayam
Heartiest thanks to the team who actually got this wonderful platform where all can share a thing or two..guess we have to vent out all the frustation somewhere!!.. Its sad to know and realize that even after being a Manipuri you have to think twice before writing something. And its when you think that you realize there is too much of THINGS happening in our small state. So many people have written so many things about our state being torn between Politics and Politics "maker", it seems impossible to mend or perhaps heal all the damages. Even if you want to start..where will it be from?? Working outside my state, away from our families, have made us more stronger and perhaps compelled us to over-look the matter or take it for-granted, but deep down inside we tend to think how good will it be,if all these killings,corruption and blackmailing stops and gives us a new morning, where instead of reading on the newspaper how many people have been killed .. we could perhaps check when is the last show of a movie so that all family can watch it together after a wonderful dinner at a restaurant!!..


Role of leadership in shaping Manipur

[ Sat, Mar 13, 2010 1:06 pm ]

Role of leadership in shaping Manipur. What is the role of leaders in the 21st century; the concept and perspective may vary from one to another but let's talk about the context of Manipur. Fundamentally, leaders are expected to be intelligent, Honest, fair-minded, inspiring and courageous. When people say they want to become leaders, they're thinking of the power and glory associated with high office which should not be the case. It should be about to change the world regardless of the consequences encounter in personal and professional life. Our leadership styles slightly differ from other; a good leader is someone who is willing to bring about a change in every walk of life. They should try different techniques rather than the same old conventional techniques. This doesn't mean that we should use western style of leadership. We should use those techniques which are relevant to our society. But we don't. That's why we are far behind others. I wonder how a corrupted person can become a leader of a state whereas a well qualified person struggles to run to the electoral office. This is a major concern of our country and Manipur in particular. If the leaders are right people will automatically follow their footsteps and reap benefits of that ideal leadership. However our leaders focus more on material things and are self centered. In Asia, India is the second fastest growing economy but not every state is part of that growth particularly Manipur. We stand at the bottom of every parameter of development. We are good at planning but very bad when it comes to implementation. Low populated but increasing number of underground outfits. Fewer problems but raising unnecessary agitation, strike and bandh. More poverty and more corruption. No sign of positive growth since many years. This is the common phenomenon of our state which leads us to nothing. Let us make our state a better place to live in.

Dangmei - Bangalore

Kangleipak not Manipur

[ Sat, Mar 13, 2010 2:44 am ]

Why we have not still changed the name of our staate to Kangleipak rather than keeping this hindi name. Also Meiteis are not Hindu, Meiteis have a different religion, why we do not adopt for it and why we should celebrate Holi and Diwali?

Nazeer Tomba

Help the layman to survive

[ Fri, Mar 12, 2010 1:52 pm ]

With due respect,i wuold like to draw your attention towards one of the burning issues of land acqusiition in Manipur. Sir,i m basically a student of pondicherry central university persuing my pg in ecology and environmental sciences(1st yr).It was an utter shocking news while i was at home for my winter vacations last december ,when i heard the news of expansion of the power grid branch located at yurembam,imphal west at the cost of the agriculture fields.

A vast area of fertile land ,the agricultural feilds in yurembam is under the risk of lossing at the hands of the so called power grid corporation whose branch is located at the sited place.Infact these feilds have been the means of livlihood for the residents since time immemorable.Its a merciless decision by the state government to accept such a deal of selling these land which has been a priceless possession of the farmers of the place. I m quite aware of the fact that the corporation is going to give some amount of money as compensation to the owners of the agricultural land,but sir,what will the farmers do when once the compensation money gets over.with little idea of investment ,low level of education how are they going to deal with their life ahead? Sir it is said that give a fisherman a fish , he will be happy today, but give him a seed ,he will be happy throughout his life and in the case stated above its the opposite. Why are the literates, the politicians who has assured to work for bringing betterment to the society cheating the people, is this what they promise us as a good future for? Hats off to the local group of residents of yurembam specailly the women wing who are trying to save the land but they are clueless whom to concern with and what to do?Inspite of any hurdles which come up ,they are willing to save the land not only for them but for the generations to come. Similar situations of land acquisition by some company over agriculture land were there in some parts of south india but with local people and state government support they were able to overcome the hurdles, i wish something like this happens in our place also. I m well versed with the fact that electricity suply is a major issue in the state and steps should be taken up to meet the need but my question is ,is it appropiate to do so at the loss of such agricultural fields? Manipur is no doubt a land famous for wasteland. It tops the list of wasteland among all the indian states so why dont we build a substation of the corporation in some place designated as wasteland which is in no way applicable for agricultural purpose.By doing so we will be able to meet the shortage of electricity as well as conserve the only means of livlihood for the local people of yurembam,the agricultural fields. I m just a student and i dont know how far my small piece of this article is going to help those who are fighting for the land but i pray each one those who has gone through this will at least take up a better way to help the local people out there.

Yumnam Chanchan Devi - Pondicherry Central University

'AFSPA has been demonized'

[ Fri, Mar 12, 2010 9:46 am ]

Who feel secure when we have Govermentt arms forces in Manipur? Arms forces who has to protect the general public turn to be demon exactly what the news statement say's., I agree. I feel we are more scared of goverment Arm Forces than the undergroung outfit because I have seen where goverment arm forces heard of underground presents in any area they would torture the civilian. If AFSPA are to bring stability and peace in Manipur why not now its been a decade?

chiru jrrangsong

Highly influenced by Western media and West

[ Wed, March 10, 2010 8:09 am ]

After reading article titled "struggles of dalai lama and aung san suu kyi" I have come to the conclusion that the author is highly influenced by Western media and West. He is highly infuenced by the thoughts, politics and propaganda of the West. One should know that the Nobel Peace Prize is a very political award given by the West to persons who are puppets of West, who are used by the West to interfere in the internal affairs of countries who do not believe in the Western ideas, principles, propaganda, hypocrisy and double standard. The so-called 'tibeten government-in-exile' is not recognized by any country in the WORLD including India, USA, UK, France, Russia etc. Dalai lama is really a threat to peace and security of China. Many people in the world know what happen in March, 2008 in Tibet. There were widespread violence leading to the death of many innocent lives, and arson of private and public properties all under the disguised instigation of Dalai lama. The Chinese government has shown maximum restraint possible by any country in response to that violence. That violence was an attempt by Dalai lama and West to sabotage the Beijing Olympics, 2008. But China gave a fitting reply to the West and Dalai lama by becoming Champion in that Olympic and organizing the greatest olympic the world has ever seen. The west is supporting 'Tibet issue' because they want to contain China which is going to become a superpower in very near future. The West always want to dominate the world. The West want to impose their ideas, values, principles and lifestyles. Any country that resist this imposition is treated as enemy and any person(dalai lama, suu kyi ) who help in imposition is awarded Nobel Prize, Congressional Medal etc. Both award are highly political. One should analyze all the news and articles published all over the world so that he/she can form a good opinion. For example if one reads CNN, BBC, Washington Post, NYT, London Times, Times of India and Hindustan Times he/she will surely have anti China, anti Iran, anti Myanmar and anti-communist feelings. Aung sang suu kyi is just like Dalai lama in the eyes of the West. Her husband is a British national. She is highly influenced by western ideas, values and principles. The West is using her as a tool to impose Western principles. In order to make her more popular the West gave Nobel prize to her. Now when a Nobel Prize winner says something her statement makes headlines in Western media and its followers. When a Nobel prize winner says anything the innocent people considered it as a truth because in their mind 'how can a nobel awardee tell lie'!!! The same is true in the case of Dalai Lama and Shirin Ebadi of Iran. The West is also against Iran. Any educated person in the world know what is the relation between Iran and West. USA and CNN use MYANMAR; UK and BBC use BURMA. It is so funny. MYANMAR is recognized by U.N.O. According to the follower of West "The United States wants to prove to the free world that it is a champion of human rights". Many educated people in the world know how the USA treat its prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, how Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded leading to the chaos in those countries, How they keep a strict vigilance on the use of Internet and Many people have protested against the same. Internet was invented by USA and USA introduce Hackers for the first time and USA is the country that does not want UNO to control the Internet because USA want to continue dominating the Internet. Now US is complaining against China for hacking and talking about 'internet freedom'. It is so funny!!! I can write many things regarding this topic . I hope e-pao publish this mail. I think e-pao believes in the freedom of expression.

Dad William

Education related-Outdated information to our students

[ Mon, Mar 08, 2010 12:01 pm ]

This is for general information to all that the BSEM is giving outdated information to our students about Nepal in class VII English Course Book (Let's Learn English). According to the prescribed "Textbook", King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shahdev is the present head of State of Nepal!!?#@? and politically, Nepal is still a constitutional monarchy!. eh? I'm an English teacher at the govt. Model School, 'Keishamthong High School' and I can't give outdated information to my students. I wonder how our 'learned' writers and participants of the textbook review workshop overlooked this (mis)information. Its my humble request to the authorities at BSEM to rectify this error before the commencement of new academic session, 2010-11.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely.

Chongtham Chittaranjan Singh - Keishamthong High School(Model School) Imphal

God and Eternal cycle of life and universe

[ Sun, Mar 07, 2010 10:36 am ]

with due respesct of the article 'do God exist' you have posted brother it is obvious that you are a firm in Him. Well i also believe in the Almighty. the one who helps us realise our destiny provided we give enough effort to it. but my question is did the barber realise what his client was trying to point out? we know that the man went to the barber for his haircut, so does it make the barber equivalent to God that he came to him. the man with the long hair....what if he was a beggar and the cost of a haircut may be worth his one meal. my point is God doesnt wait for some one to come to Him. He is with everyone. but he cant come down to give a haircut but he can make the man with long hair to not make him sick for few weeks so that he can save up some money for a decent cut or maybe just for style factor he wants it long. if there is so many people dying ang suffering, God is with them. A part of it is inevitable. but the fact is its all a part of the eternal cycle of life and universe.


Why is the northeast still so backward?

[ Sat, Mar 06, 2010 6:40 am ]

The world at large has moved forward and many countries in Asia are doing extremely well for themselves. Take for instance- Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. When we land back to India we realise the filth, grime and the stench of corruption that's holding our country back to the same era of a tardy and tedious development. China alongside has moved up by leaps and bounds. You go to places like Shanghai and Beijing and you'd know how backward we still are. The world at large is waiting for us but our leaders all over the country are paying no attention to growth but are happy filling up their coffers.... Corruption has eroded everything that could have been something nice and better. And the people at large do not understand what's happening? I guess they are too busy trying to make their ends meet. Busy in their daily chores.

The point that I want to bring forth here is this. Why is the northeast still so backward and what are we as educated people doing to save our beautiful place from going back to the stone age? The answer is this simple. Instead of fighting for bigger Nagaland and my Manipur and their Assam and Bodoland and non-existent Tripura and unimportant Meghalaya and quiet Mizoram and aloof Arunachal Pradesh. We have to come as one state, one voice, one purpose and one vision- the development of the northeast. A handful of MPs from each of these states has no voice at the Parliament where the representatives from Bihar, UP, Tamil Nadu have their say almost always. The voices that springs from the bellies of the Northeast go unheard and unnoticed almost always. We need to field Candidates who are educated, outspoken and honest who can not only see the problems that these states have but also have the resolve to solve them. And all these are only possible when we as people realise the bigger vision and come out of the petty local politics. That's the only way we can save our culture, bring about development and make ourselves visible to the rest of the world. Readers can reach me at . You can also find me at Facebook. Your feedback is welcome.


"To my papiya"

[ Wed, Mar 03, 2010 3:55 pm ]

The world revolves around the sun But my world revolves around you.. Romeo may had loved Juliet truely But not more than my love for you.. My love for you will never end As long as the sky is blue.. Until the wind stops blowing the river stops flowing.. Until the Moon stops shining, and the baby stops crying.. I will never stop caring, Never stop loving.. It may sound lovely or maybe funny But its true, I\'m always here for you!!

Kamaljit Ksh

Open Secret

[ Tue, Mar 02, 2010 1:15 am ]

If there is any security checking going on road the police will just stop some vehicles and do some checking or for any reason say harsh driving, drunk driving or so. Immediately they will point guns and of course the culprit will give any amount they have to them or else call their near ones to help them (with money). My God! how pathetic this police can be...right.
Yes thats true but this people need to pay depts they have, just to become a police because they paid lakhs of Rupees which is possible only by borrowing or else they will sit idle at home. Also big Dukans asking much more money then the cost of the itemis not that much...poor us we badly need the item so pay with high amount and buy that item. These people are sucking our money. And my God big civil Officers asking money for any work we would like to ask...what the hell is this! Well there is bigger issues of 'donation beggars' who ask good ransom money from such rich people or rather kidnap them if no money is recieved or they threaten them.Hence they have to increase the price or price of the work so that they can pay the ransom these 'beggar' ask and save thier life. Where these beggars are also living a harsh life, they have money and power to order but they can't enjoy because at the end they die like dogs. SO when you see everyone is 'looting' one another cause they cannot tell out loud. When evryones knows it openly. SOme people can even buy a villa in hongkok out of this termoil. And some earn their lifetime but endup with that old maruti car and the job. Some are paying depts by depts and still undergoing corruption. Some doesnot have enough money to do any work. When you see who suffers its the word call 'WE'. Evrywhere there is corruption but here in our land its like cutting each others flesh and eating and evryone is aching of pain. ANd the anger goes on and on. Who dies is our people.


British are now very proud of their indigenous cuisine

[ Sat, Feb 27, 2010 3:44 am ]

Just a very brief response to the article published here entitled Curry and the Mosquitos Raid. It\'s an odd piece of mimsy. First Britain does not have a mosquito problem. I have been in Kottayam this past few months even with nets and a fan on all night I get bitten. Possibly because temperatures drop so low until recently in England it was around -30 with wind chill if you walk outside for a few minutes the saliva becomes frost on your beard. So we do get lots of insects in England, no place on earth can survive outwith insects, just no mosquitos and no malaria. The rest of an article is certainly a warning from me if reading Herodotus was not enough not to completely misunderstand a local culture if I visit for only a brief time. The Asians he has seen in England numerically less than 2% of the population but we tend to congregate in areas so phenomenologically we may appear more numerous are called British and the people the British don\'t like are the new foreigners who tend to be eastern european and are employed as domestic staff and cleaners.

Imperialism and racism are pretty much fluid the immigrants of yesterday become the racists of tomorrow. I was always critical of the British system of Justice but if Manipur had anything resembling it you would be crying for joy today. Apart from that anyone is entitled to mimsy but the writer painted such a ridiculous picture of his vicarious visit to England it would appear that they really hadn\'t left Manipur in their heart and soul. One minor point to end, the British are now very proud of their indigenous cuisine, in this they have displaced the French and now challenge the Italians as the culinary doyenne of modern Europe, but then British cuisine is very varied my personal favourite is Heston Blumenthal but he is representative of English cooking only because he is not limited to a particular type. Good effort then but no cigar.

Dezie Coutinho

Tipaimukh Dam will not create history

[ Thu, Feb 04, 2010 2:57 pm ]

The Tipaimukh Dam will not create history rather it will destabilise the backbone of the indigenous people of Manipur residing at the very site of the Project. If a history been created then it will be one of the worst of its kind, in the history of development of North East India. The people, who were neglected for the last 60 years of Indian History. The Project Site is need to be developed, but not with such project. The Govt. of India should first bring there Education, eradication of poverty, awareness about such project. The people are very innocent, ignorant on such issue.The impact of the down stream will be so great that the destruction what it going to cause, that can be estimated by those who had experienced the great flood of 1989. Those who dwell for the last sixty years there. The down current of it in rainy season.

I am presently attached with a construction company and have knowledge on such project. What the Govt. is expecting and what the contractors are expecting from such project is very much unknown to the general public. Darlawn and Sipuikawn are not the only two places, which are only to be affected by the project. The affect of its down current will be sense by Barak Circle of Manipur and Barak Valley of Cachar Assam. The Govt. is trying to dilute people\'s sentiment towards their culture, social attachment with packages of compensation and rehabilitation packages. The real factors which are to be questioned to the state actors, who are heading the states for the construction of the dam are:- 1) What is the Govt. expectation? Life/Energy. 2) What is the Govt. purpose of such Project? Prosperity/Development. 3) What is the percentage of compromise do the Govt.expecting from its citizens? Tears/Give and take. 4) How much cultural upliftment do the Govt. expecting to bring with such project? By uprooting the ethnic culture/ By imparting Trans culture. 5) How much precautionary measures do the Govt. can take in case of crisis? Take the example of Tsunami affected people in South/The Govt is inviting another tsunami type crisis for experiment. If so, the Govt. is inattentive, impolite to its citizens. The civilize society must to react. The politics is not politics when the minds are playing against the rule of evolution, welfare, Society. Politics must be based on its people. People and Politics are two sides of the same coin. Both cannot ignore each other. So media, think, study, research, survey... Finally react.

P. Hrishikesh Singh - Jiribam, Manipur

Didn't know the existence of this site

[ Fri, Mar 05, 2010 12:59 pm ]

Didn't know the existence of this site. Found it to be very interesting and informative. I am from Manipur but has been living in Mumbai for the last 12 yrs and it's been 14yrs out of Manipur... If there is anything we can do to contribute to the wellness of my beloved state which is in a bad state I would be glad... Looking forward to your response..


Response to the proposal for political dialogue by senior citizens for society

[ Wed, Mar 03, 2010 9:14 am ]

A RESPONSE TO THE PROPOSAL FOR POLITICAL DIALOGUE BY SENIOR CITIZENS FOR SOCIETY :13 FEB 2010 SANATOMBA KANGUJAM After giving an article on senior citizens bat for unconditional talks it gave me immense hope for somebody is reading and thinking about Manipur to be a prosperous and developed state. Some issues which I would like to ponder upon as said by writer are put in pen. Honestly speaking yes it is the political problems which are one of root causes of hampering the development of the state. But who are these politicians ??? We only select, rather elect them. We, the common people. My friends say that we require a political will to solve the problem. Truly speaking how are these UG's groomed; Is it not by the politicians. Actually, Politicians become the Bhadraloks of the state. Have we ever heard of any politicians being harme by the UG's any time seriously ??? In fact we read in newspaper that two UGs are found at some politicians house. Actually common man is not aware what his job is? His responsibility is? And some of them are supporting UG's as well due to their own hardships. UG's have the feeling that they are fighting for Manipur, sovereign, independent Manipur. They feel Manipur was never part of India. Come on, lets chill !!! If one is fighting for Manipur then why not to take the care of the poorest Manipur who doesn't even have one time food to eat. Development, education, prosperity are the realistic aspect of a condusive environment to people. As of now, lets not talk of the Naga cease fire , its violations, etc. Those groups are no less as far as the illegal activities are concerned Their ideologies have also changed from times immemorial. What so ever the case might be, ultimately we common people are suffering. Ethnic clashes between various gps has become a fashion these days. Nagas claim for their history and Meities claim for their culture( Not the common person). Lets be one, one for all and all for one. This is what is required. Small issues keep coming in life but we have to take it easy. If 20 vessels are in a bucket they will make sound, but it doesn't mean that you will take all of them and through out one by one . We should realize one fact that out of the 658 tribes of the nation 238 alone are in North East. Isn't it a great thing for our state that so many ethnic culture are prevailing here. Think !!! especially those who are staying out side Manipur should crack their heads and slowly come back to the state and think of the development by progressing in the way they are well settled outside. Of course one way as my friend Sanatomba said that UG's must have also thought that they would so something for the state after seeing the collateral damages and tremendous spill over of the prevailing sour economic conflict, But why high financial demands, extortion activities, calling tax etc. Extortion is rampant in Manipur. Where are those ideologies of the UG's gone ?? By extortion are they developing the state rather than building their own empire of terror in hearts of people. Economic undevelopment of the state is inscribed to insurgency. People fear to work in factories, cotton mills, power projects etc as they might have to pay tax as well. Centre also will listen to state only, when a step would be put forward for a developed state, our stat e Manipur. Struggle is a struggle. Struggle for better state their education, development and tourism would bring real prosperity and not converting from our state forcing them to live in exile far away from parents, due to insurgency. Is it not true? What I feel is a 'Need for political will' which should be the right solution. I hope this will help people to realize that we all together can make our state a prosperous, healthy beautiful and developed one especially for those who are staying outside Manipur and who really know that Manipur should be a developed state.

Sonamani Meetei

GOI should not disturbed the integrity of the other NE states

[ Wed, Mar 03, 2010 12:17 pm]

To bring peace in the north east region this is the right step for both the parties to come in the negotiating table. Discussion should be broad based. Just for the interest of the Naga people, the GOI should not disturbed the integrity of the other NE states.



[ Tue, Mar 02, 2010 6:16 am ]

If one is staying outside Kangleipak for any reason in other parts of India, mainly northern India he will realized that Holi/Yaoshang is celebrated for just only one day in contrast to 5 days in Kangleipak ( Manipur ). 5 holidays means heavy loss in all aspects. This is well understood by rest of India except Kangleipak. That is why the rest of India celebrate Holi/Yaoshang for 1 day only. Holi was originated in Northern India and it is celebrated for one day there. Why does Kangleipak(Manipur) celebrate holi for 5 days and not one day?


No news update on Holidays

[ Tue, Mar 02, 2010 3:54 am ]

My name is Gautam and I live in Pune. I am a regular visitor to your site and other news portals. This is the only means to keep me updated on the happenings in Manipur, apart from the occational callls I make to my parents, friends, relatives. And whenever there is no news update from your side which happens quiet often on account of holidays, general strikes, bandths, we feel totally disconnected from Manipur. When the news agencies in other parts of the world are going the extra mile to keep its readers updated on any happenings be it holidays, strikes, war, natural calamities, on the other hand the news agencies in Manipur is keen on declaring holidays. Dont they (news agencies) sometimes feel as a responsible news agency, it the duty of the agency to keep its reader updated even during holidays. I understand the staff also deserve a break. In that case why dont the employees work in shifts and if need be hire more people. The employees also need to understand that when they have decided to join news agencies, they should expect more work, more pressure, and lesser holidays. Otherwise why join news agencies, join holiday clubs. Everyone must agree that the festival of Holi originated from the main land India. Manipur adopted this festival after the arrival of hinduism in Manipur. My point is when the other states (where the Holi originated) celebrate Holi only for a day ( in most cases it is a working day for many companies) why do we have five days holiday in Manipur for Holi celebrations. A country or a state does not progress by the number of holidays but by the number of working days it has. I think there is a need to make some changes. Hope the right person gets the message and put it into action. Happy Holi to everyone. May this Holi make our lives more colourful.


Readers' Club Of Manipur On Facebook!

[ Mon, Feb 22, 2010 7:18 am ]

READERS' CLUB OF MANIPUR has a group and a FAN page on Facebook.

For Group:

For Page: We have our vision and mission defined clearly on our group link given above (the first one). We want Manipuris across the globe to participate in knowledge sharing, which we believe is the most essential task of us all to move forward. Forward. We are basically trying to inculcate the habit of reading into our mainstream culture, which has been lacking if not entirely absent, to develop the much needed sense of inquiry and critical thinking among our people. This attitudinal effect, we believe, will serve all of us to think deeper and bear sacrifices and change our wretched condition. Please help spread these links to all. We are confident E-Pao will support our effort and will join hands with us as a knowledge partner along the way.


proud to see your website

[ Mon, Feb 22, 2010 3:04 am ]

Greetings of the day, I am Laishram John Singh, a domicile from Uripok, Imphal and working as a Principal in Premwati College of Nursing, Jabalpur, M.P.

I just want to thank the whole team of e-pao for doing a great job in giving every informative details of my ema leibak Manipur. Its proud to see your website. I wish and pray that you all will continue doing the good job and make all the Manipuries proud.

L.John Singh

'Land-grab: Meluri warns Manipur village,' was completely misleading

[ Sun, Feb 21, 2010 10:58 pm ]

The Editor, Epao Dear Sir, I, on behalf of Jessami Village Council (JVC), take this pleasure to inform you that the article published in Morung Express on 13 January under the caption, 'Land-grab: Meluri warns Manipur village,' was completely misleading. The news item has hurt the sentiments of the village in particular and the whole region and Manipur State in general. It was rather exasperating to note the fact that Meluri Village Council (MVC) had twitchily created their own story based on their own imbalanced emotional imagery and not on factual happenings. In fact, the story has been created to tarnish the image of Jessami village due to the age-long ill-feeling of Meluri villagers against the peace loving people of Jessami. Therefore, the JVC is left with no choice but to retort and tell people the truth. First, the news reported that 'Jessami villagers have been intruding into Meluri's land engaging in illegal activities.' The truth of the matter is that the people of Jessami have never encroached or intruded into anybody's land. If Jessami villagers were found fishing, hunting (in spite of the strict ban by the village council), or picnicking it was in their own ancestral land which, for instance, stretches from North Khamachi to the South Kiiziiri and that includes Tizu and Thetsu Rivers. However, Meluri villagers have been willfully claiming some of these areas and the dispute still remains unsolved. The news also reported that on June 6 1994, demarcation agreement was signed between the two villages which is totally baseless. There never has been anything like 'demarcation agreement' between the two villages. In spite of all these undesirable twists, it has been the desire of Jessami village to settle the dispute once for all in order to maintain peace and harmony between the two villages. On several occasions, both on personal and official levels, the JVC has initiated and invited its counterpart MVC for peace talk between the two villages. Sadly enough, for the reason unknown, the people of Meluri have been ! adamantl y opposing to the proposals of peace and harmony. Surprisingly, they have rather rubbed the wounds with salt by concocting some elaborate story (perhaps to invite the mercy of the Nagaland government) against the people of Jessami. If they were serious enough for peace and harmony, they would have positively responded to the many proposals of peace talk rather than choosing to concoct the story of their own. This clearly shows their attitude how they chose to bypass the diplomatic approach and invited the rightful anger of the people of Jessami. Even more surprisingly, the report stated that Jessami villagers 'took the aid of Manipur police and even using the official pool vehicle of the DGP of Manipur' when the DGP has never visited the village let alone the police station Jessami has never own a vehicle of their own. This flawed and defamatory statement has propelled a serious question in Manipur State for smudging the office of the top police officer in the State. Both the Manipur and Nagaland governments must seriously probe into this defamatory statement and take appropriate action against those who have challenged the integrity of the highest policing authority. Notwithstanding the undiplomatic approach of the MVC as portrayed above, the JVC still welcomes them for a straight talk to settle the issue of land dispute that is acceptable to both the villages. One must realize that a twist of facts in letter or in spirit will never bring solution to any problem. It will only hamper the peace process. Only when people are willing to sit down and talk with transparency and sincerity, will there be a solution which is to be aspired by any civilized society.

Nizote Mekrisuh Secretary,
Jessami Village Council

I am surprised you publish a lot of materials about the rescued children from Manipur

[ Sun, Feb 21, 2010 12:33 pm ]

Good job! I am surprised you publish a lot of materials about the rescued children from Manipur - and almost the same thing every time. We the public also want to know what becomes of those who ferrried them to Tamil Nadu and what happened to those so called children homes. What investigation has been done? Hope you do justice by enlightening us with sound information - not only about the rescued kids but also what happens to those who recruited the children and those children homes...


Senior Citizens Bat For Unconditional Talks

[Wed, Feb 17, 2010 8:54 am ]


Senior citizens of society urge to initiate dialogues with UG groups is a wise step for a prosperous & healthy state. The memorandum has been rightly forwarded to concerned people at Delhi. Now it is the higher ups to take iniative for Manipur, the Jewel of India to get back to normalcy. The aftermath action will have a lot of affect. Every person can dream to make our beautiful state a better one. The outcome will bring peace and security in the midst of everyone. Development works will prosper sooner or later any point.

There will be more concentration on education. People (own people)will have better chances of studies inside Manipur. There would be no conflicts between UG & security forces with us suffering in between. This change is essence of life of common man. A common man today does not desire great ventures in life. He wishes a peaceful & normal life which will prosper him in future. Realizing all these issues, each citizen should think for rebuilding love & trust for each other from heart to head. We want peace and education first. RPF in this statement RPF censures senior citizens initiatives have forgot that one day they have to be the former one(senior citizens). They spoke about maturity, capacity,reasoning. Senior citizens would have nurtured younger generations. Now we are commenting rather than respecting them. "Sovereignity" was discussed in their article. Development ,peace ,tranquility & better education would never question sovereignty. The problems of killing, HR intoxication/drugs are linked with development and better education. Doe we have them here ?? for job oppurtunities, better education is reqd, for that better colleges& further better infrasturcture & government. All the rich people children are studying abroad or outside manipur. They have to understand the situation, present situation and join to make this state a better developed one. These issues will flourish once things will be in its place. For that let us join and take responsibility. The problem is within us. If everyone of us especially Manipuris staying outside the state join hands and decide to do even a bit. I hope our state Manipur would become a better place to live .

sonamani meetei

thank you e pao team but there are miles to go ahead

[ Wed, Feb 17, 2010 5:45 am ]

i am really happy to have a platform for manipuris like this but what i feel is there is still a long way to go, i enjoy the job postings section a lot and so although i am away from manipur my birth place still through e pao i feel as if i am in my home ie in manipur.I would like to wish best of luck to e pao and go ahead to achieve the best platform for manipuris all over the world.


desam appeals on admission

[ Mon, Feb 16, 2010 11:59 am ]

It is a good thing that desam is requesting/dictating only to select/admit students according to the merit lists of entrance test. But we need to be assured that desam is themselves not forcing the school authorities to admit their favoured candidates. What is desam afterall? Eevery body knows.

Where do the other candidates go if they could not clear the entrance test. when the whole world is going to do away with the entrance test for lower classes, desam wants to encourage it. A good school is one that admits poor students (academically) and makes them shine. And not one that admits meritorious student and boast of the results. Ofcourse to bring out a good student active participation of parents and guardians are very vital. But if so much importance is to be given on the participation of the parents, then why send our children to the schools. We can educate them at home as well. People have actually started accepting this concept of educating their children at home in some parts of the world. It is called unsschooling or home schooling. Many success story can be read on the net. The so called good schools in Manipur should take this up as a challenge to admit some poor students (academically) and make them shine academically. Then only we will accept that the school is really good.


same news are given in different headlines

[ Mon, Feb 16, 2010 11:59 am ]

I appreciated you all for your efforts in letting us know the upto date news of Manipur when we are outside of Manipur.But one thing in news section which I have found out is that same news are given in different headlines say for example in today(16 Feb 2010) news headlines "Under the nose of security escort, blockade supporters torch a loaded truck" and "Fish-laden truck burnt at senapati district" contains the same news. It will be nice for the readers if you consodilated the news and put it under a same headlines.

S. Dennis

NH 39

[ Fri, Feb 12, 2010 3:13 am ]

I had the chance to travel on NH 39 in recent time. It is truly pathetic. How could a national Highway be so bad/ poor in this 21st century. Its beyond one\'s imagination. Why the Govt. woke up only now? Where were they before? Were they waiting for people of the area to call a ban?; naturally it implies that. And that's why they should never give up their fight, I mean road blocked till the repairing work is completed. Mind you the moment you stop your fight, the work also will stop. Go ahead, people are with you.

Awungshi Angam

Forgive Them O Almighty For They Know Not Their Responsibility

[ Fri, Feb 12, 2010 8:55 am ]

Dear sir i have an account in the .. i am regular reader and i want to thank you for all the good messages you send.. i want to share something with you all for posting in the site please...


A dream to make my beautiful state a better one. Understanding among each other is always the first step towards peace.Be it at home,office or region i somewhere believed we can understand and trust each other among different society in one way or other. The outcome will not only bring peace but security in the midst of everyone. Consequently development works will prosper sooner or later at any point. Good development doesn\'t suggest building skyscrapers and big towers. It will be better if we concentrate more on education and tourism market. my friend has rightly said it. If Kota,Roorkee,Bangalore,Pune can become the educational hub for many want-to-be technical students,, why ,,why cant imphal be in the north east region?? I sure do beleive it will be,one day or the other.In order to make development prosper from good to better, the unity and opinion among people who stays outside Manipur are more required than ever in this context here. If only they could think and contribute 15 only 15 minutes of their daily time for the growth of my state, it will have tremendous impact in all portion of development. With better progress comes better electricity, water, transport, heatlh and after a better life.. 15 minutes is to do some prosperous work.. If any case u can help 3 people at a time anyway and tell those 3 people to help another 3 people ... the network will increase.. say you share to tell to good to people by joining the sites of networking.. help them of guiding of good education, help them to write to governemnt for better education.. it will take asome time. I am a common man who wish to live a peaceful life.. But what is happening??? I am always thinking whether I will be able to do the basic needs of fulfilling the dreams of my own family members who are equally tired of seeing the incidents happening... A Big question mark.. My friends and uncle say that we manipuris live for the day..The rich are becoming richer and poor more poorer, after all the projects of different kinds are implemented and not utilized properly.. On one side the NREGA one district are the best,..similarly the other districts also should compete to get the best prize for the overall development of the state...which should be the ultimatum.. Culture should not be a hinderance in the overall development of the education and tourism of the state..People say our state has 2000 years history.. Yes i am also a part of it.. But we should strive for the development aspects.What Shri Paramananda Chabungbam wrote is true.. We, ourselves (Government and Public) successfully made an unsuccessful deep rooted culture , a culture to remain unexplored, in efficent and underdeveloped, fighting against each other.

L sonamani meetei

Manipur can't be Switzerland of India - 6

[ Fri, Feb 12, 2010 6:34 am ]

Why not??? Only if these political people, UG groups and secirity people let us make it. I happened to be there in the month of december and i witnessed the mood. I am talking about last day of manipur tourism festival. Being a casual visitor back to my home town, i was there. I was shocked, i was amused, i was scared, i was happy. Somehow one event, i dont know how, it appeared that everybody in town was there. The official function finished around 7 in the evenning maybe 7.30. But there were hoards of people coming in even after that (maybe till as late as 11pm). One could sense the mood in the air. Everyone wanted to feel the night life, although it was just 7.30 in the evening, it was a kind of a night life for us, back in manipur. I was scared, but thank god the security forces as well as the insurgents groups behaved that evening. There was not an incident of firing on that huge crowd, which only wanted some change from the daily monotonous routine of getting back into the house by 6 o clock in the evening. The palace compound area was full, full of vehicles, full of people, full of enthusiasm. It was in the air. Traffic was jammed, it was just crowd, crowd and crowd every where. And I was thinking why cant this happen in our day to day life and why just once in a blue moon. Please... I pray to god and all the political people, UG groups, power makers and the security forces, Let the common man live his own life, for God's sake, Let us make this jewel, the Switzerland of India.


Senior citizens wrong appeal to PM

[ Thu, Feb 11, 2010 6:53 am ]

This is in relation to today's news of senior citizens letter to PM for initiating dialogue with UG of Manipur. If we honestly look into the problem, it is not the UG but the politicians. I have talked to several top officials who have indept knowledge about Manipur. One common point they are suggest is 'need of political will' to solve the problem. We should make no mistake that in Manipur, UG are grooming by the politicians. A military officer told me once, 'how can I arrest UG when they are protected by your politicians? If you want to solve the problem, remove all these politicians first.' Therefore, my humble submission to SCM is that we must appeal to PM to remove the present MLAs by bringing PR in Manipur and hold a fresh election. If not, there is no other way. I hope I am right

Awungshi Angam

Manipur can't be Switzerland of India - 5

[ Thu, Feb 11, 2010 3:32 am ]

You are right in expressing your ideas. Infact you are right in advising "Loktak lake" to change his outlook. But it seems like you are not aware of the ground reality. It also seems that you have not been a victim of Security high handedness. No doubt state forces are more brutal. I have been a victim of security high handedness for no fault of mine. I am writing this mail from the comforts of my office which is centrally ACied. I have free internet access. So you can be pretty sure that I am not an anti-social element or any member of the insurgent groups. Had I been one I wouldnt have been in the office in the first place or read your comments leave alone writing one myself. So you see, a law abiding educated citizen like me can also be a victim of security high handedness than what to talk of the people (not so lucky as you or me to be in the comforts of AC rooms , cars, flights, etc) who are constantly exposed to them (security forces). Now lets not start that the security forces are there because of the insurgets. It could also be the vice versa. Before AFSPA was applied to Manipur there were very few insurgent groups. But after 50-60 years of AFSPA there are more than 40 group. I dont even know the exact figure. Whether the AFSPA is there because of the insurgents or the insurgents are ther because of AFSPA, I dont know. This appears to me to be the case of "Chick or egg first". Whether good or bad, one must agree that there are many impositions on us though not written. You can do this, you cannot do that. How many of us has the liberty to explore the night lives of Manipur (ofcourse it is non existant)? Dont you sometimes feel like going out in the night and see how the road looks like, how the fields look like? But we just dont do that for the fear that we might come across the security forces - state or central. When I was a kid, sometimes I used to go out fishing with elders at night by the nearby ponds and lakes for fun. I miss those funs. So people sitting in the comforts of their AC rooms cannot comment on what one has gone through. One has to be aware of the ground reality. But people have the right to comment. Its the freedom of expression, right!


Manipur can't be Switzerland of India - 4

[ Wed, Feb 10, 2010 4:50 pm ]

Mr Zaks2523 , I am sorry to say this. You seem to be an ignorance about the Human Rights and more importantly about the present situation of Manipur. All the sections of people (except few power hungry selfish people) are demanding revocation of inhuman AFSPA,1958 and PAP/RAP Act, etc. from the soil of Manipur. This is known to the whole world except you people. If I am wrong, please forgive me and please guide me to the right ways. I actually don't want blame game which is practiced in Manipur since long time. Otherwise other people will think differently. For any further discussion, please mail me at loktaklake(at)gmail(dot)com


Option to comment on news article

[ Wed, Feb 10, 2010 8:37 am ]

To the Administrators of the Site,
I follow the news on your website daily. I think it would be very good if you have options for readers to comment on the news articles. Reading the Feedbacks of other people should make for an interesting reading...
thanks, well wisher


Manipur can't be Switzerland of India - 3

[ Tue, Feb 09, 2010 11:44 am ]

Dear Loktak lake,
Till the time people like you have this premonition that basic fundamental rights are being violated by "other alien people" and for reasons best known to you only, there is no doubt that our society will still be in the muck. Please change your outlook and thinking if thats the least you can do before starting off with anything.


Manipur can't be Switzerland of India - 2

[ Tue, Feb 09, 2010 11:44 am ]

Manipur can't be a Switzerland of India because inside Manipur there are so many leaders & they are not sincere. On ohter hand, Switzerland people are educated and they love their country too but in Manipur see what is going on .....maybe in 2100 year Manipur can be a Switzerland of India..............but may be not....??????


Icha gyan tanaba hotnabada meechaoina gyan tare

[ Tue, Feb 09, 2010 11:34 am ]

Manipur gi laan houba sing asi news paper da punsi haina hainari ngaida mee chada lousing pire.... news paper da punbasi tokpiro meeyamna kabar paba tannare.... thabakta oina onthokpiro....laan houba khudingmak loina khangnei madudi pundradi ningtamba oithokloihana adubu.......punba ngamdrisina kari.......luchingbasingdi 5 star aduga..khongbi khongnaona........nongma kangdana siri nakhoibu makhoigidamak kari amata khandrabara.....?????punba ngamloidaba oiradi laan houba ga tokpiro meecham eikhoi ware?????????????????????????/....munna khallaga thabak toubiyu ngaihakki wakhalna thabak toaubiganu....ichawaraknaba hotnabada meecha gyan taihaibadu thokle.........


Help on Education Minister coming to Korea

[ Fri, Feb 05, 2010 11:41 pm ]

It's nice to hear that Manipuri Education Minister is coming to Korea. We are small members from Mamipur living in Korea. We will like to have small reception type of gathering with manipuri members here in Korea. I don't know how to pass this message to them so I just write here. If e-pao source can pass this message to them please pass on behalf of the group.

Korea Manipuri Group - manipurikorea(at)gmail(dot)com

Why Manipur can't become the Switzerland of India!

[ Fri, Feb 05, 2010 4:37 pm ]

There is a simple but meaningful proverb, i,e, "Without freedom never develop the country" (Universal truth). Without freedom we won't get our rights and subsequently there won't be no peace and no development. How many educated people are aware of this? If so, why some educated people are repeatedly complaining Manipur is not liked Switzerland or Germany or others? First of all let's try to get our basic fundamental rights (Right to life, freedom to live without fear etc.) which is violated by other alien people. And if we get this basic fundamental rights then Manipur can become not the Switzerland of India but the heaven of this Universe.


Manipur = Afghanistan of India?

[ Fri, Feb 05, 2010 5:23 am ]

I was a student residing at Delhi, now I am employed with Delhi Intenational Airport, I worked with several airlines, moreover I have been to several places i.e. Germany, Switzerland , and many more. Since I am from Manipur, I would like to share my opinion. Why we cannot make a beautiful place to stay at Manipur which is the Switzerland of India. Why Manipur is converting into Afghanistan of India. Where do you want your child to live and brought up?


Gen. N.K. Singh's appeal is meaningless

[ Fri, Feb 05, 2010 3:07 am ]

Untill unless the present elected memebers are gotten rid off, there will be no solution to UG problem in Manipur. Gen. N.K. Singh's appeal is menaingless. Nothing is going to happen because he is not touching the point. Better declare presidential rule in the state and remove all the polticians and talk to UG directly.

Awungshi Angam

Answer on blue mass falling from sky

[ Wed, Feb 03, 2010 10:40 pm ]

I am a enthusiast in the extra terrestial happenings and when I heard about a frozen blue mass falling from the sky, I took my attention right away. I have done some brief research on the internet and i found out that blue colored frozen masses called the blue ice are sometimes leak from airplanes, which actually is a frozen mixture of human waste and liquid disinfectant. The high altitude forces it to freeze. By mere common sense, I think we can rule out its possibility of being a object from outer space because objects which enters are atmosphere are bound to be fiery hot. The blue ice leakage from planes is a common thing in US. This incident occurs rarely and sometimes are dangerous for the passengers in the plane. Please do look into the idea of possibility which I have sent.

Jesse Heikrujam

RSS feeds for Opinion, reviews required

[ Wed, Feb 03, 2010 8:34 pm ]

I'm a regular visitor to e-pao. It has been the main source of info, expert opinions on Manipur and its various issues. Tired of visiting the site every few hours checking for new updates, I have subscribed to the RSS feeds. Problem is, you provide RSS feeds for only news 'snippets', 'headlines' and 'sports'. Even your twitterfeed doesn't include the opinions, reviews, features, et al. I was wondering if there is any way I can subscribe to other content like those under 'reviews', 'features', and the likes. Can you please make RSS feeds available for the same? More than the news, I love reading the opinions, reviews on issues related to Manipur. Hope the E-pao team can help. Thanks & Regards

Devakishor Soraisam -

non-conformity of manipuri-english

[ Wed, Feb 03, 2010 8:02 am ]

I know im a million years late, but i HAD to do this! wel, i was going through the article "manipuri english" by sushitra* and i was like,"WHAT!"
with all due respect ma'am,(im informed you are a thorough academician) its a shame you support the non-conformity of manipuri-english... ah! on second thoughts no wonder you do! the entire article in itself is full of grammatical mistakes! i suggest ma'am to kindly go through the article and "mend your very own english" before you extend your most intellectual insights to the larger cause!
--(by which ,i mean "educating" us, manipuris on the use or non-use of "manipuri english"!! whatever!!)


Poor Services delivered by Postal

[ Wed, Feb 03, 2010 7:57 am ]

First of all I would like to thank all the crews and members of E-Pao for giving me this opportunity to express some of my views on current issues of Manipur.
I would like to share some of the poor services being delivered by postal service (post india) in the state. It has created thousands of issues like delay in delivery, inefficient services, absence of services, etc. There is no difference whether one uses normal post or speed or regigtered post. It takes minimum of 5 or 6 days to recieve a delivery even through speed post. I hope this issue would definitely come to the notice of concerned departments in the state. Help the poor students living outside the state. They cant afford huge amount for courier services everytime.Some students had even missed competitive exams and interviewsin the past. Please help them Lastly, I request E-Pao to publish this issue very frequently to the people of Manipur.


Stop violence among ourselves

[ Wed, Feb 03, 2010 5:18 am ]

The idea in this article sounds energetic. It has lot of hopes hidden behind it; only if the feeling of unity rise in everyone's heart. However..just imagine our fellow Nagas' feeling towards us. Its really heart broken imagining the situation of our land & status. Moreover, the way we are treated in the mainland India. Its high time that we start understanding ourself & our capability in restoring our land. The first move we all need to do after having a nice thought is to stop violence among ourselves & develop a sense of acceptability & obviously friendship. Then, will automatically unity follows...Our Dream Start...toward a new develop society.


Re-revolutionize the entire Govt

[ Wed, Feb 03, 2010 4:46 am ]

Exclusively not able to describe how to re-revolutionize the entire government. All the human beings doesn't have freedom to stay in this current events what's happening now. Accordingly, it scares me to live without security, even the government servants also have full power to make the subject freely instead of helping to the public. Already, Public is in the center of this two government, what else can do without having the power. So, we have to re-think the goverment - what the goverment supposed to do now, immediately it should take into account to help the public more comfortable to live a life independently.

Chitra Saikhom

Need expert to improve on Wiki entry of Meiteilon

[ Wed, Feb 03, 2010 12:42 am ]

I came across this Wiki article:
I sincerely feel we need an expert here to correct and improve the article. And what's the Bangali script doing there? "Meitei-lon", also Meitei-lol and Manipuri" I'm not sure if the fonts would render correctly when this is posted but that's how it appears in Wikipedia. It just saddens me. I looked at articles on other languages and dialects and found ours nowhere near the others in terms of quality and content. Now, let's look at this: That's what I'm talking about. If there's an expert out there, please help. Please.

Mr. Concerned

Rugby Correction

[ Mon, Feb 01, 2010 4:39 am ]

The "MOA effects rugby Unification" (24th April 2009) as the headline went, was way off the actual proceedings as it happenned. MOA and/or any person who wrote/reported on this should do well to get the facts right before coming to print. Manipur Rugby Football Union (MRFU)is the only state level organisation/association doing everything for the promotion of the sports and is affiliated to Indian Rugby Football Union(IRFU) which is affiliated with the IOA, the national representative of International Rugby Board (IRB) the world rugby governing body based at Dublin-Ireland and not in London as some "self-styled raghubhai experts"- Idiots in short would have you believe , which happened due to the paucity of their own knowledge of this interesting game. Please insist on the latest documents if one wishes to verify this with the MOA(Manipur Olympic Association) as their version of the "latest documents" may be about 10 years late to our conventional system of time. These facts can be verified from the official website of the IOA and the IRFU (please use google search and don't pester me) or ladies can email me up for a detailed lecture with demonstration(if the ladies so desire) on rugby over a cup of coffee. Hope this should be enough to raise a few eyebrows and more importantly tickle a few more grey matters which is my sole intention, and this piece was written without malice towards anyone in particular, but to everyone who's trying to use sports for their meagre personal gain. Isn't it time to stand up and say "No" to all these? Satyameva Jayate- Truth Triumphs

Akoijam - akoijams2000(at)yahoo(dot)com

Manipuri Marine Commando awarded Nausena Medal

[ Fri, Jan 29, 2010 9:18 pm ]

I strongly believed that it is a matter of pride for every Manipuri, when a Manipuri Marine Commando (MARCO) of Indian Navy received Nausena Medal (Gallantry) on the 61st Republic Day. And I feels that it merrits to be published in news paper for the general public to know at the same giving a great service to the brave MARCO. The name of MARCO is Petty Officer Leimapokpam Yaimachou Singh S/o L Lokhon Singh of Thoubal Khetri Leikai, has been awarded Nausena Medal (Gallantry). For clarification you can reffer the Hindu paper published on 26 Jan under the heading AShok Chakra for Havildar Rajesh Kumar. In the newspaper his name been appeared as Leading Seaman Yaimachoul Singh. Since then, Yaimachou Singh has been promoted to Petty Officer and presently posted in MARCO headquarters, Mumbai.

NB Singh

Same news repeated for months?

[ Fri, Jan 29, 2010 5:13 am ]

It has been observed for the past many months that in news column the same news are repeated. Should have been better if it is monitor before uploading.


Need latest news on Manipuri's cinema

[ Thu, Jan 28, 2010 11:06 am ]

This is really a great opportunity to have this kind of facility specially we can express our view to this site, this really try to focus in Manipur yes really great I love manipur people and my motherland Manipur so that when I saw this site my first I felt something, but day by day it brought so many great advantages for us, but the thing is that due to some problem we can't find out the latest news about Manipuri today's cinema try to bring some good news for manipuri digital cinema and bring some latest items about manipuri films. thanks for your anticipation

Suresh Kumar Mayanglambam

A kind of shearing knowledge

[ Thu, Jan 28, 2010 1:35 am ]

It was a pleasent thing that you are contributing like this, people like who are in other stream will a kind of shearing knowledge. I m proud of you. Keep the good job alive.


You don't have originality

[ Wed, Jan 27, 2010 5:48 am ]

I read the e-pao new section almost everyday, and it feels good to hear about the happenings in our state, staying so far from home, but today on 27th January, I found that there will be no News update due to Republic day holiday. I find it really sad, if you see other news channel, or electronic news channel, like CNN, BBC or Times Of India, although they do not publish their print media, but they do update their electronic media. I am not sure if I am right or wrong, but I feel every NEWS cannot wait for holiday to happen. I feel every NEWS channel should cover it, and reporters should work in "shift" not like a 9-5 job, if its 9-5, you cannot cover all NEWS, and you don't have the originality, if you "copy" it from other sources.

Firoz - Sweden

Separating the news

[ Tue, Jan 26, 2010 12:56 am ]

At times, I read the same news twice from your website as you have combined your previous source and Huiyen Lanpao source. Not because I want to read twice but out of confusion as they have different headlines for each news. Will it be not great if you can group them into separate category / tab / sub-heading ?

Khuman Ngakpa Oinam

Loire manipur

[ Mon, Jan 25, 2010 3:45 pm ]

Loire manipur , kanana kanabu karamna ubirige , kari mityengda yenglige khangdre. Tamna chingda karaga , chingdagisu tamda kumlaga , angam angam atongba phaknare. kok amata pannadrajatla khangdrene , wareda ----- nasagi humangmangi peisana punsi hingbasu khara tamsida leibak machasa. Mama mapana machabu piklingeidagi semnaba hotnarakpada kayamuk waramgani haibasi mipum khudingmak khangnara ngaktani. mi oiraklaba matam ,mahei charakpa matamda , mitlu piranga loinana semlakpa , awaba kaya khangla semlakpa punsi gi humangman bu, nongmata awaba masak khanglaktaba echin enaosingna kharana erai laina dhamka touraga loubagi heinabisi keidourage khit henmalle. Toklo . leibak wahallanu, ei chairana, manipur si maram chadabada phangba cheinakholna thalle . Please stop extortions !!!!!!!!!!!!, stop gundaism!!!

Rehman Sheikh

Fake NGO - proper background check

[ Sun, Jan 24, 2010 7:17 am ]

This is about the incident that happened in Chennai where 17 manipuri children were ill treated by NGO. To be honest I have never seen those children in person but I did see a photo in newspaper. The children were so thin and a pain expressing in their faces. I can imagine the pain and struggles they might have gone through. They were not only beaten and tortured but also molested. It is also very disappointing that some manipuris are behind the so called human trafficking in the name of NGO. We manipuri's usually believe in "Lamgee shana machi shangba henli". Their parents would have been under the impression that their children are being well cared and educated in a metro at free of cost. It is time that we do a proper background check before we start to believe of what we hear. My deep condolences to all the children and their parents.

sin bem

Sit down together and work out

[ Fri, Jan 22, 2010 5:23 am ]

I would like to highlight that everybody concerned should sit down together and work out a plan to make a successful initiative to better the lives (an not life of an individual concerned) of the people at large... The people who should be involved in should be professional without malafide intention of misusing the fund of their own gain. Let the vision be to reach the people/regions which is need it to reach a higher level of standard level of living (from where they are now), creates a better accessibility to health, education, and infrastructure and at end of the day a decent way of being employed and being self reliant....


A positive attitude

[ Fri, Jan 22, 2010 4:55 am ]

I just read the article 'I have a dream' by Mansingh Nepram. It gave me satisfaction just by the mere thought that people are still hanging on with the thought that our motherland Manipur will change to a better place one day. What we all need to do is see things with a positive attitude. We need to believe that our little contribution can help in building a peaceful Manipur. Lets join our hands together putting aside the differences and walk ahead with bright hopes....."All for one, one for all".

Jaya Sapam

Manipur has gone to the dogs

[ Thu, Jan 21, 2010 10:46 pm ]

"I have a Dream" by Mansigh Nepram is a wonderful piece of writing if one is ready to sratch the the top to get to the bottom. It is a strong desire of many people of Manipur living outside. I can write pages confirming that Manipur has gone to the dogs, it hasn't been like the good old days of my childhood when sense and sensibility prevailed. The standard of Education wasn't bad compared to other cities of India then. But where are all those many good things gone? Again one may come up with thousands of reasons blaming each other. The truth of the matter is, if Manipur has to exist with prosperity, each citizen should start rebuilding from our heart then to our head and then begin to love and trust each other and move ahead with all communities hand in hand. This is my dream that sooner or later we will realise this and start doing good starting from self. To this end, let everyone of us join Nepram in dreaming!!!!!


Immuned people !!!!

[ Thu, Jan 21, 2010 1:26 pm ]

You are doing a great job inspite of having a lot of limitations and constraints. Dear editor how long we are going to wait? I would like to mention one great difference with the people of Manipur with others, we are indisciplined lot, (including me), we do not have any commitment for anything, we do not love our land, our people, a very good example is a good friend of mine (Kishan r k )was killed for doing good, nobody till date starting from so called revolutionary to politician did nothing to proof that they also love the land, every day we are loosing lives, every day crime rate is increasing, students for no reason sat back home for three months, there is no growth in economy , there is no infrastructure development, but all are happy, happy for what becouse they still are alive, how come we are so immuned to these kind of a bad situation, this is specially for those who says we are fighting for our motherland and for those people who says they are serving the people, shame on you people, have some dignity , we know you.


A shameful website

[ Mon, Jan 18, 2010 9:02 am ]

"MLA only for a day as the money was given was a Sunday" - what type of sentence is this?? "money was given was s sunday" check the new which you publish on 15th january under this heading "Govt compensation deposited in Rabina's son name" It is very shamefull for us when we open the site in front of our friend..

Somerjit L - EDS

A disillusioned tribe of teachers

[ Sun, Jan 17, 2010 3:17 am ]

It is indeed happy news for the govt. employees of the Govt. of Manipur that our Hon'ble C.M. has 'finally' consented to implement the much awaited 6th pay commission recommendation sans arrears. In the light of the above mentioned fact, I would like to draw your kind attention towards the woes and mental anguish of the 2007 batch Graduate Teachers of the Deppt. of Education (S) govt. of Manipur. The current basic pay enjoyed by the said teachers is at par with primary teachers. Nowhere in India, we will find such pay anomaly as it is in Manipur. The 'disillusioned tribe of teachers' are simply made fools by the govt. and all complaints against this gross mistake have fallen on deaf ears. On top of that, the trained teachers are deprived of enjoying the trained pay-scale like their counterparts in other Indian states. I therefore request you to kindly highlight our grievance to the concerned authorities through your esteemed news-site so that the error may be rectified at the earliest before the implementation of the 6th pay commission. Yours sincerely,

Ch. Chittaranjan Singh - Arts Graduate Teacher, Keishamthong High School(Model School)

Collecting money from public - Why?

[ Fri, Jan 15, 2010 4:51 am ]

Why the people so call 'son of the soil' (naharol) collecting money from public and who give authority to them for doing so? We know the Govt. collected tax from public and deliver in the form of development like road, water supply and electrification etc. But what they delivered for the public with that money collected from public? If, they don't deliver anything than why should we pay for?


Punishment for setting traps at Keibul Lamjao

[ Thu, Jan 14, 2010 12:03 am ]

Mr. Bira & Mr. Kripa who set a traps at Keibul Lamjao Sanctuary must be given 5-10 years imprisonment instead of fined. We must protect our sanctuary otherwise younger generation will not have an opportunity to see birds and animals from that sanctuary.


Learn from countries abroad

[ Tue, Jan 05, 2010 11:01 am ]

First of all let me thank to almighty God, for giving me such opportunity to share my opinions through your esteemed services, secondly I would like to thank you for permitting to subcribe your services at I am very happy to get your email and also I''ll try my level best to uplift the thoughts of the youngesters of Manipur. Though I stay here for 1 and half years, Of course my body is here but thought, dream, hope, love; everything is in Manipur as I, born, grown, educate, serve and bear the sorrows and happiness etc. on the soil of Manipur, I could not be able to forget the land. When I, hear the news of manipur, regarding tortures, killings, bandhs, govt. policies etc. Comparing to this(UAE) places regarding, societies, developments, civilizations, Governments, publics, polices, Armies, highways, thoughts of the public and social livings style etc. that I, can say that We are living in the bottom of the world developing society - Just like the orphans who does not have parents. So, when I, think of Manipur background prospectus, "hopeless". Until and unless Govt. and the public thoughts are changed or they need to have a tour for abroad countries so that they can change the Minds, standard of livings, behaviors, manners, disciplines &characters etc. by following/looking the style of living of the countries abroard. I hope that if we follow the above mention suggestions, one day we will be able to be equal with the others and lead a happy and prosperous life in future. With this I would like to stop for time being, thanks.

Purna Mishra

E-pao needs a professional camera men

[ Mon, Jan 04, 2010 11:59 pm ]

E-pao gi photo gallery da upload torkba photo singdo yengba da khara fajaba watle. most of the photo were taken very unprofessionally. We as a Manipuri were proud of our beautiful landscape and rich in culture, and the photo which were shown act as a medium for exploring Manipur. But it is very unfortunate that the photos aren't good enough for exploring Manipur. I kindly request you e-pao people to have a professional camera men.


Outdated information

[ Mon, Jan 04, 2010 8:11 am ]

What is this? All the information here are of my frend from outside just check this site to get some information for hotels ............and the information you are providin is bakwas the telephone no of the hotels are some 10 yrs old...........plz update informations...........

Rahul Jain

Education is mixed with Politics

[ Sun, Jan 03, 2010 1:15 pm ]

Could I have a chance to speak regarding the CM of Manipur[Ibobi] and the 'Education' system of Manipur. Kindly point out my mishaps. As heard our Chief Minister Mr. Ibobi has not gone to hearts of the youth and inspiration 'Kids' referring to classes X and XII. They, the student who have spend 11-13 years of Education has left unhealing wound. I request the Education departments to consider about the education of the youth who have spent a lot of hardship studying. Mr. Ibobi, if found guilty, doesn't he have to take sole responsibility for all the Education System. The Politics of the State affair has been mixed with the Education System of the State. I didn't know where to express my thoughts about it but as i have seen the feedback and message...I chose to express here...


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