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New Year Wishes...

[ Mon, 24 Dec 2007 00:29:53 -0500 ]

I am very pleased to know all the informations and events in Manipur. I am very glad that this service is maintain and update every day as I am staying in Delhi, I am always eager to learn all the information of Manipur. May this coming year be filled with full of success, prosperous, happinest and all your wishes comes true with new funs and excitements.


Greatest achievement in history on Manipur

[ Sun, 23 Dec 2007 10:52:45 -0500 ]

One of the greatest achievement in the history of Manipur.. Well am I over exagerating! but it is. Contribution from a silent valley - An innovative idea .. well, we are proud to be sons of the mother "Manipur". I believe, all of us has a potential and proving it out. Is what Yengkhom Devson's did..Once again we am proud to be from the silent valley.. Let us wish him all the best for his innovation.


Problems and solutions please!

[ Sun, 23 Dec 2007 09:54:51 -0500 ]

I fully agree with all the messages in e-pao message box. There are thousands of people with different ideologies. Every one has a different way to present their knowledge and experience with different activities. I am a regular reader as well as mailer just like you all. I do feel the same as you all. From all the mails I could understand few things very clearly. Points are mentioning below:
Manipuris are very smart in finding out the mistake of other.
Their thinking about Manipuri culture is very high.
Their respect toward the culture is like anything.
Some of the mails are very common, like warring about the crisis happening in Manipur. Without any solution.
Complaining about thabal chongba. And chak chanaba in other state.
Some people will say, forming student organization is good
And some will not give any value to those who is running to keep the student organization alive.
Complain about politician. Etc.Etc.
And many more, we all know there are different thing which we need to change it in good way. In Manipur, nobody like the crisis to happen, everyone wants peace. Culture is something which we only establish for our good. It will change according to the time and situation. This change is call - civilization. We all cannot stand in the same place where we were earlier. Except the change and try to think in good way and try to change in the good way. Copying form other culture and behavior in bad, it is there inside everyone that is the gift of nature. So friends, I like to request you all that whenever you find something is happening wrong, please try to find the solution of the problem too. It will help the readers to understand the topic well and to accept the matter form their heart. I will be very thankful if you all take my request positively


Special children of God

[ Sun, 23 Dec 2007 04:44:56 -0500 ]

Mr. Oinam Anand - wish you a very very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2008. It was really a touching narration of the nupilan for which you and I and all Manipuri enjoy today amidst troubles. It is great to know how and what courage a woman can realy exhibit for the love of her motherlad and its beautiful people. Your article really made me feel we are very special children of God with special feelings for our country. Wish you all the best for future write-ups.


Who is an Educated Fool?

[ Sun, 23 Dec 2007 04:07:07 -0500 ]

Ms. Josila's letter is a clear example of vulgarity, lack of decency. Will Josila's parent expect such correspondence to a public platform from their literate child? She could have respond fri_gem and Haider using decent words in an excellent and civilized way. Parents are best teachers too. They teach many good lessons/Values to their children. When their children gave up all good manners in course of time, yet you will blame their parents? When you point your fingure to someone, all other four fingers point towards yourself.

Abu Sultan

The ends of the rainbow

[ Sat, 22 Dec 2007 05:31:58 -0500 ]

Nobody seems to have even a smattering of idea what is the matter with the place we live in! The whole system stinks! It is going to crumble sooner or later unless of course due to some unforeseen divine intervention, the rot is uprooted. But that is a far cry! Some voice inside me whined 'It is none of your ****** business!' But my almost cynical and tired heart won't let me shut my discerning eyes from these horrendous caricatures being played out one after another as if there is no end to it! Clearly, our society has become colorful (though violently, hic!) and the leaders all farce. 'Is there anything which I can do to help douse the fire that is taking on the character of a wild -fire unattended?'

The more I ask my poor soul these kind of question the more confused I become. Should I ask these kinds of questions onto myself? Who has given me the right to? Why don't I just sit it out? Because my lifespan is numbered and I want my children's future assured. Then crept in these interfering thoughts -'why don't you just leave this rotten place? You can have a brighter future someplace else. It is no big deal for you!' Well, it is a big deal for me. It is my birth place! I belong here! 'But you don't belong in the present system!'

True, I place my beliefs and values above everything else and I am not red.' Then what the hack are you doing out there in the democratic wilderness? Do you believe that you can fool all of them all the time? Of course not , but you know someday I will be able to turn them around when it suits me and my goal. Even though they make it out as if you are the culprit, sooner or later they will be called their bluff. How far do you think you can pull on? As long as it make sense to me and my beliefs.

Who cares if you are good at it ? Them who are concerned that their days are numbered! Stay always one step ahead of them. Even if they outnumber you, you can outwit them with what you have picked up along the line. And one day , fine day when all is done you can rest in peace that your world belongs to your loved ones and their future and dreams all safe and sound.



[ Sat, 22 Dec 2007 03:14:23 -0500 ]

I would like to compliment the message of Th. Muivah on the unification process which is presently undergoing in Dimapur area. It is true that lasting unity is possible only through a common vision, faith and political agenda encompassing the whole of Nagas. If it lacks these uderlying principles it will create more divisions. At the same time we should also appreciate the difficult task of Western Sema Hoho in bringing unity issue to the public. Let them continue to actively explore unity platforms. It is the responsibility of the leaders to find ways to unite and stop extortion/killing each other. That is the least the common people expect from them. I can only suggest now that let the unification camp in Niuland break up and rejoin their parent bodies and continue their unity effort from inside out. In this way public at large and the highways will be spared from extortion by an additional groups, officially entitled as NSCN(Unification).

Sam Daimai - Tamei Bazar, Tamenglong

Travel Inconvenience from Ghy to Imp

[ Sat, 22 Dec 2007 01:07:24 -0500 ]

I m an Engineering Graduate, would like to express the inconvenience that people of Manipur are facing while boarding the bus from Guwahati to Imphal. As I love my state, I came home for my vacation on 20th Dec along with some of NE Juniors from states like Arunachal pradesh, Meghalaya and Mizoram. As soon as we reach Guwahati, we rush to book the tickets but ticket counter told us there are no ticket available for Imphal, if you want to go you can go by paying Rs. 450 and that also in standing without seat. 1 guy approached me and ask 'Did u get the ticket?? " I said 'no'. He told me "Give me Rs 900 I'll give you the ticket". I feel shock to hear this. I enquire why ticket is not available??? He told me because of Christmas. How come our juniors from other NE states easily get the ticket. There are many buses from Ghy to Imp but still we didnt get the tickets. There are many people including old, young, students who are facing such kind of problems. So, I hope there is a public awareness about this problems and govt much take necessary steps to avoid it. We must prevent such kind of activities.


Thabal chongba is NOT Culture

[ Fri, 21 Dec 2007 06:44:56 -0500 ]

Why are we so obsessive with the word 'culture'? For the simple reason that the killings and fightings that are happening today in the world is mainly for saving 'culture and identity', we need to examine indeed if it is worth fighting for. But the simple understanding I have of culture as taught to me by my parents is: a well behaved and mannered person is well cultured person. Well, education and exposure to the outside world are the best means to maintain and preserve these culture. Outside exposure? otherwise I wouldn't know who this non manipuris are.. what they eat, think, and what is their culture like ..and how to respond to them, etc. So, my parents used to encourage me to study harder and be good to others (be it meetei/mayang/ a human). My parnets at any point of time, never said that only girls have to be well cultured not the boys? Because I am a boy and paid the same attention to me as they paid to my sister. An educated person should be able to judge what's bad or good for her/him. No one on the earth has the right to interfere on anybody's life in the name of anything. Culture is nothing to do with Thabal chongba, chak chanaba, etc.etc... It is solely to do with the person's innerself' attitude. I may wear a priesly rob, yet I may still induge into so many uncultured activities. Instead of indulging into drug trafficking wear phanek and muga phi, better wear jeans and behave properly. Let's not talk about black is every is in everyone's mind...good or bad. Violenece in many part of the world has shown that it brings nothing more than destruction. To save our culture..we need to stop these violence that are going on now.

Dr. Shiva K - Manipur

heaven for UG?

[ Thu, 20 Dec 2007 10:53:14 -0500 ]

Look at the condition of our state, its like heaven for UG, this is ridiculous and shameful. They are also like a private Company. You cannot build buildings, owned vehicles just because of fear of UG, their monetary demands. Even outside state, they scatter, so be careful never entertained them. Youth are the pillar to the State, but now talented young men & women cannot stay in the state for fear of these groups, so where can the state receives development. Look at private Companies in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc. You will find Manipuris. So why not we take these companies to the state, but who will bear the threats of UG.


Is dying?

[ Thu, 20 Dec 2007 04:37:53 -0500 ]

Wont it be better if someone keeps a check on the message board. Is dying? Why bother but it doesn't look good. Also it would be good if there's a comment system on the news published. have a gr8 day.


Who is a true public servant?

[ Wed, 19 Dec 2007 12:47:51 -0500 ]

Who is a true public servant? - the person who serves the common interest of the public or who squeeze the juices out of the public fund? Or is there something fundamentally wrong in our premise? For example, can the public servant be more intelligent than the public, and what if he happens to be corrupt also? Would our premise still hold true? Or would you say all these are besides the point? Then obviously the question is who should serve the public? The public themselves? Then I would be compelled to interject that the public are corrupt in the first place. If our premise is fundamentally wrong in the first place, then who would serve the public interest? Our masters? In order for a master to serve the public, should the master be weaker than public? In a sense yes. In a democratic society, the master is accountable to the public. In fact, the public is the actual master. And the apparent masters are the actual servants of the public, as long as the public is aware that they are the actual master. So how does the problem start? Is there a problem and is the problem our common destiny?


Christian United Missions Manipur condemns

[ Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:48:44 -0500 ]

It is shocking to hear the killing of 8 innocent people at Pourabi. How long this kind of bloody killings will continue in Manipur? Does it justify to kill innocent civilians in the name of freedom or whatever be the right cause? Never the history also, will never in the future also. Peace can be brought only through peaceful, non violence ways, not through genocide or any kind of bloodshed. We like Manipur, to be a peaceful and prosperous state. All Christians in Manipur, specially the Christian United Missions Manipur greatly condemn the killings, and this will never happen again in the future.

Raj Meetei

Wash them out from society

[ Tue, 18 Dec 2007 07:04:11 -0500 ]

Just want to ask all the public of Manipur - Are you all happy with all the things happening especially the insurgent groups PLA, UNLF, KYKL, PREPAK, KCP, NSCN, KRA, KLA, PULF etc etc?? In the name of revolution it is quite clear that they are just torturing people. We should wash them out from this society. What can we expect more? What India is doing is something we are not happy and, of course, we should keep our identity. Please tell me, Are you all happy with the situation they are creating or are you in for a change. Lets join hand to fight - We are Manipuri.


Meitei Mayek - great initiative

[ Mon, 17 Dec 2007 04:48:06 -0500 ]

This is a great initiative and because of your team's hard work we can easily set into the happenings of Manipur even though we are at a very far distant place. Its quite very interesting to see the gallery section. But sometimes when I check this site in the morning I could not get the news of the same day. But everything is okay.

Amar Ahmed - Delhi

Stop behaving like an educated fool

[ Mon, 17 Dec 2007 01:04:08 -0500 ]

Its not a surprise to know that people like you ( fri_gem & Haidar ) exist among the Manipuri community also. I just want to remind you one thing, human has two dogs in our mind i.e a bad dog and a good dog. Both of you seems to be feeding the bad one more so can't think anything positively. Manipuri Women has lots of contribution in the society and they have their own participation. They don't need anybody to guide or enforce them to follow a particular rule and regulation because they are human and they are provided with more sophisticated brain to think about themselves better than the men flock. What do you mean by selling or saving the culture? Who is selling the culture? My culture is education, responsibility, humanity etc and I do that. My parents never teach me that I should wear a phanek when you grow up and go for drug business. Be a responsible women so that your brothers can look up to you and tell the world that I belong to Manipur, this is the culture my parents teach me. Women of Manipur are not going to discourage by any threat from becoming next Condoleeza Rice or Shirin Ebadi. They have the potential to raise or fight any obstacle in their way. It seems like both of you are feeling insecured after seeing or hearing your female counterparts sucesss story, please dont't give a generalise comment after seeing one or two examples of black sheep. Yeah, its very funny to mention kunti sumang leela here, a drama to discourage or supress the women flock. It is really sad to know that why our theater personalities are not making any success story about women. Don't they hear of women IAS, professor, sceintist, Engineer etc. If you really love your culture or want to save it then emphasize in the positive effect of it proudly. Don't be too possessive of culture, we can only form a talibanized society out of that. You should look up to a youth like Yumnam Devjit, Banglore to save our culture. Hats off to you Devjit!!! Its very unfortunate that thabal is banned, its the only festival I can enjoy with my non-meitei friends from Manipur and to show them that there is no cultural superiority or inferiority between us. Finally mind you haider, please don't blame our parents for being irresponsible. Irresponsible are those parents who don't want to educate thier daughters and don't keep their trust to daughters. But I'm sure that our parents are not like that. Our parents are so liberal that we never face any gender bias among the siblings, So why should we give a damn to others comment who has no role or contribution to our life and afterall to our society. Yes, we are running out of time, we should change our mentality to save our culture and the subordinate groups of the society. Its high time we stop behaving like an educated fool!!!


Sericulture to be a casualty of bomb blast?

[ Sat, 15 Dec 2007 07:10:54 -0500 ]

Just as the Japanese funded, Manipur Sericulture Project was proving to be a launching-pad for people in the low-income bracket families to economic independence, the prestigious program with 500 beneficiaries may once again be jeopardized due to extorting related violence. The employees of Manipur Sericulture department sat in protest in front of their office gate against the incident of bomb blast that occurred at the residence of its Director 3 days ago. The Manipur Sericulture Project that started in 1997 was suspended in 2003 due to law and order situation and was resumed only in 2005.

For these employees of Sericulture department, the bomb that exploded in the courtyard of the residence of Sericulture Director was more than an act of intimidation. It could well turn their worst nightmare into reality. Although the bomb did not cause any injury to persons, it could stalled or forever stop Japanese funding for the Manipur Sericulture Project. Before December 1997, Manipur's Sericulture Department existed just for records but Japanese funding changed all that and the dept that do not even have proper office till today has been instrumental in bringing smiling to 5000 beneficiaries who maybe on the threshold of economic freedom without any capital investment.

Even as the first phase of the Japanese funded Manipur Sericulture Project is due to complete on 31 March 2008 with a projected target of producing 85 metric tons of raw silk, the incident of bomb blast, could land the dream project of many mulberry farmers into troubled waters once again as it did in 2003 after a shoot out that endangered the lives of Japanese consultants. Incidentally, Manipur Mulberry production is internationally competitive and is unmatched in any of the other Indian states.

Effective Television

How to assess the worth of a doctor

[ Thu, 13 Dec 2007 23:41:12 -0500 ]

It pains to know that some of the doctors are trying to mislead the lay public into believing that they are pretty qualified by suffixing lots of meaningless membership titles after their primary medical qualifications. The recognised Medical Degrees in India are MBBS, MS, MD, DNB, PhD, DM and MCh. Anything other than these are titles given by a particular association or medical society by canvassing or paying around 5-10,000 rupees. Many a times, these titles are not allowed to be used if they have not paid up the annual fees. Therefore, if a lay public need to know about the worthiness of a particular doctor, one should look at his primary degree like MBBS or MS/MD, especially the alma mater or the college which has given the degrees, because there are ranking in the status of the medical colleges in India. All are not the same. If one wants to look at his/her further qualifications, one should look at his super-specialist degrees like DM/MCh/ DNB. There is no FRCS (degree by exam. Equivalent to Indian MD/MS) from 2000 Dec, it has been changed to MRCS(Collegiate) or MRCS (intercollegiate) or AFRCS. If anybody has obtained FRCS after 2000, it is a title which can be bought every year by paying 20 pounds after canvassing for nomination from 5 members. Even the MRCS is not recognized in India. Therefore, it is the British Govt's economic policy to sell the archaic title to around 300 to 400 Indian doctors each year, knowing the Indian lay public penchant for foreign titles. Therefore, for all practical purposes, any qualifications beginning with 'F' except perhaps FNB (Fellow of National Board) given by Central Govt India are not qualification. It only reflects the narcissistic leanings of a person. It is time the public woke up.


Claims & counter-claims in RIMS

[ Thu, 13 Dec 2007 13:07:40 -0500 ]

I read with interest the 'counter-claims' by Prof GS Moirangthem ( M Gulamjat Singh). First he seems to be countering his own Institute authority as it is understood that the previous claim was made by the Medical Superintendent of RIMS and next he shot a counter-claim on his own. Next, it is learnt that there is no post of Professor and Head of Surgical Gastroenterology in RIMS and his post is only professor of General Surgery and heading the 'supposed' unit of Surgical Gastroenterology with the help of staff of General Surgery unit IIIA . Also there is no post of Assistant professor of Surgical Gastroenterology in RIMS. He also seems to be a bit confused about the procedure of APR and TME-APR. Last, Dr A Devadutta Sharma MBBS(JIPMER), MS(JIPMER), MCh (AIIMS) is the first MCh Surgical Gastroenterologist of the Entire North East as carried in your own esteemed paper last year and he is also the only person holding the only officialy created (1988) post of registrar of Surgical Gastroenterology in RIMS. There is no other officially created post, neither Professor nor Assistant Professor. There is also no evening clinics of Surgical Gastroenterology as practised for any superspecialist subject in RIMS, nor no officially sanctioned operation theatre of this subject. It is also learnt that the Late Dr Nungshi, former MPSC member and former professor of Medicine of RIMS was the first Trained Endoscopist for RIMS. He should not have brought out his personal anguish against only one of team of doctors as the claim was not personal but RIMS as an institution. That is bad ethics. And Prof GS may pleas explain why he can not start a department of Surgical Gastroentorology in 10 years time already!


Utterly displeased with Manipur's Journalist

[ Thu, 6 Dec 2007 23:53:17 -0500 ]

I have been reading for quite a long time and I am utterly displeased by the way the Manipur's Journalist are presenting themselves. I think all the Journalists of Manipur are either afraid of the UG or they are hand in glove with them. For example, when someone is attacked or killed by the UG due to non payment of demand money, the Manipur's Journalist does not publish the name of the organisation even after ten days of the incident. Why is it so? Even when they do not disclose themselves, your police will surely know who is who. I think there are lots of things the editors of Manipur has to learn from others. Maybe you can start learning from the Assam Press.

Anil Baruah - Guwahati

Need more people like Pabung Ibopishak

[ Thu, 6 Dec 2007 07:33:07 -0500 ]

This is a really touching story. The people of Manipur in 1969 and the people now can be clearly seen from this article. The hospitality and the honesty of the people then are worth admiring. Pabung's son Ronnie was a very close friend of mine. He was an extremely talented guy but GOD knows, what judgement was given to him. He died recently in a very unfortunate road accident near his house. Pabung had a very hard time facing such a tough fate. We need more people like Pabung Ibopishak at this time of lawlessness in our land.


"fake encounter" killing

[ Thu, 6 Dec 2007 04:27:05 -0500 ]

It is indeed frightening to read the remark of Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi's speech justifying the "fake encounter" killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh on Thursday. Its implication of such justification has full protend in state like Manipur and Kashmir where Armed Force Act is operative. To punish or hang a person belongs to the law, not to any person whoever he or she is. Such irresponsible utterance has parallels only to some historical brutals like Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin and Polpot.

Sam Daimai - Tamei Bazar, Manipur

Poor Manipur Expo at IITF

[ Tue, 4 Dec 2007 01:33:42 -0500 ]

As a student I am going to give feedback about International Trade Fair (IITF) at Delhi. There are participants including Foreign countries (44 delegates), and 1152 delegates from states of India. The performance of Manipur is very poor compare to other states. It look like there are few people and fewer products. We are proud of Manipur but it is hopeless, so, I am requesting the organiser (Manipur) to look after this matter & hope the next expo will be better than this one.


Correcting the wrongs in NGO sector

[ Wed, 28 Nov 2007 07:58:01 -0500 ]

I always feel that we should initiate E-Pao as a platform for correcting the wrongs in the NGO sector. When we come to a common platform and discuss our shortcomings, NGO sector will be more successful and beneficial for the people of Manipur. Manipur is an NGO Home of the North-East of India. The State is more advanced in the NGO sector than her sister states have achieved in the sector. In comparison with other states of the North-East of India in achieving grants from the Central Government, Manipur left them far behind unexpectedly. However, many questions are asked in the minds of the people about the done and undone of NGOs working in the State. NGOs and their mentors working in the state need to read the pulses of the people of the state. Some questions arising in the minds of the people are:-

i) Do NGOs ensure the richness of those who are operating in the nook and corner of the state?
ii) Many successful NGOs are operating in the state. Is there any change in the socio-economic conditions of our society due to the efforts of the NGOs?
iii) All NGOs are profit making in contrast to their commitment that they are non-profit making organizations?
iv) NGOs are good for a handful of people who are directly operating them?

Now is the right time for those who are operating NGOs to think and read the pulses of the society. The society cannot consummate what the NGOs are doing for the society as a whole. While the society may blame the NGOs, the NGOs are blaming the people for their obstinate in their nature against any change in the socio-economic set-up of the society. NGOs may claim, from their experience of working in the grass-root level, that the society is not ready to accept any developmental changes in the socio-economic machine.

For example, they claim that the members of the society are selfish and egoistic. They are not ready to award others for doing a good work for the society. Once, an NGO received a grant from the Ministry of Forest and Environment for a social forestry programme under the NAEB. The NGO has done its rightful duty upto the planting of saplings in the pre-determined area. Three or four days after completion of planting, the volunteers of the organization made a visit in order to see whether the plants they planted were growing at their expectation. However, at their surprise, plants whose seeds are eatable and flowering plants were not at their sites where they should be. On further enquiry, the volunteers came to know that the people who were residing by the plantation site rooted them out and planted in their gardens and at entrances. The organization claims that still due to this, the state officials who are ready to report to the Center that the project is 50% success, and the organization is facing the threat of blacklisted. What does this example show? What conclusion is drawn from the nature of the people? In my opinion, NGOs can not blame the people for failure of a project. My argument is that there is not ending line of the continuous blaming fighting between the NGOs and the people. NGOs work is focused on imparting awareness on the people and bringing developmental changes in the existing socio-economic set-up or the general welfare of the members of the society.

Here comes the question of successful management of NGOs. Who is to be blamed??? The NGO or the people??

Huirem Surjeet

Humans always ask for more

[ Tue, 27 Nov 2007 18:05:07 -0500 ]

Looks like there is literally a verbal war going on in here. Some narrate their past (not sure if it true or false), some accuse someone, some ask for music updates, some uplift our sporting spirit (well .. sport is the pride of Kangleipak).. so on and so forth... This will never end like the time itself. Humans always ask for more and we, Meiteis, ask a little more than everyone else. This is our driving force, our secret to adaptibility and at times becomes a curse.


My personal reason on settling outside

[ Mon, 26 Nov 2007 06:49:42 -0500 ]

It is very nice to see the opinion from different people in different topic. Since the history of Manipur, it has mention very clearly that Manipuris are very creative and very loveable and they are very unique. I feel there are thousand and thousand of Manipuris who are staying outside. Some places like Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Banglore are the places where Manipuri community population is increasing like anything. Almost 15-20% of the Manipuri student dont go back after completing their education. They wanted to start their career in the same place where she or he completed their education. Yes, I am also one of them. And this rate is rising with a very high speed. I know there are many prople who wanted to work in Manipur like me but there is no scope to grow at all. If I have to do what my parent is doing today then what is the point of coming here and study. I could have stay with them. People are fighting for food, without money there is no source for live. Let me share with you my own experience. After I completed my Master Degree I went home and tried to find a job to support my parent but I was not getting any job except as a Private School Teacher with the maximum payment of Rs 1700/-. My parent use to send Rs 3500 per month when I was studying. I keep on thinking whether I join or do something alse. That was the time I dont want to leave my parent and I am not in a condition to join any of the other offers. Almost two month I suffered like anything. Then one day I decided to come back to the place where I studied. I came and start looking for the job, within a week's time I got a job with the payment of Rs 4000 per month. I accepted the offer and after 4 month I got another opportunity in a multi-national company with the package of Rs 9000 per month..... then keep on getting .... now in three year I am in a position where I can give all the happiness of the world to my parent. I am sure you all will understand the reason why 15-20% of Manipuri are settling outside.


Life changing article

[ Fri, 23 Nov 2007 08:05:39 -0500 ]

Fantastic work and thanks a lot for putting up such and inspiring article "EEta thaomeina hao khumlaklabada" definitely a breath of fresh air amidst these torrents of violence and uncertainty in Manipur. Munna tao langanuko....the voice of kamala...certainly took me back to those days. The opinion by the Japanese colleague
"Almost all Manipuris are very good cooks, excellent sportspersons and are very good in music sense as well. Rare combinations of qualities. A good cook signifying a perfect balance , perfect timing and presentations. A good sportsperson signifying balance of discipline and controlled aggression. A Good musician signifies tolerance, refinement, and blending of different ideas and cultures. This group of people having all these qualities together, will definitely rise and deserve to be at the top"!! should act as an eye opener for all of us, I thought as Dr Krishnananda Samurailatpam so rightly presented, is something all of us have in us, and we need to nurture and justify this potential. Please put up and highlight if possible such articles which can bring a drastic change in the perspective of Manipur through the eyes of others as well as ourselves. For me it turned out to be a life changing and thought provoking article, and my self respect as well as respect for other Manipuris have grown many fold after reading this article. Looking forward to see many more articles like these in the future.


free and fair election from college

[ Fri, 23 Nov 2007 13:53:09 -0500 ]

Its a good practice to give the practical knowledge of election and electing representatives right from higher secondary school as well as college and Universities, In fact it helps the student the exact know-how to choose the representative for the particular session. But these days its becoming the way MLA, MP or other election takes place, the candidates spends a huge sum of money to win the election, there are lots of other issues that a candidate has to face during the election, it might be pressure from the big students organization, or from the UG. Starting from nomination to election date and results the candidate has to be in fear. Why dont we go for free and fair election, Why dont we choose the person who is capable to be the right representative, why dont we choose the right person who should work for the cause of students. If we practice the right way from the college or higher secondary then definitely we would be able to get good leaders who would definitely work for the people without any self interest. If you elect someone who spend the reasonable amount (which is needed while filing the nomination) and make him/her win and you know that he/she is worth to become a student union leader then you would definitely find results that is worth for the student community. Lets make college elections a free and fair election which shall be an example to all the other political who spend a huge amount of money just to win the election. As the politician spends a lot of money during election, as soon as they win they would start filling up their pocket and wont care for the developmental works which they promise before the elections.


Why our Stupid Polictian camping at Delhi?

[ Thu, 22 Nov 2007 03:58:35 -0500 ]

Why our 'stupid Polictian' camping at Delhi demanding the removal of Chief Minister? This is not the time to do this MLAs, this is the time to solve the issues and the distorted law and order situation together whether you are oposition or ruling, this is your own state, if you are not ready to solve the issue in this situation how can we believe when you are in power you will tackle all the issues and problems, you are just cowards running after the throne, you do not have the courage to bring the people to one stand. This is time to show your sincerity to the people; not to revolved against the govt. You are just running away in fear of the people of Manipur, you are good for nothing. Go home and first help the people of Manipur, then fight against the Govt or Ibobi or whatever you want, the people of Manipur are your own people if they are killing each other and finally everyone dies and you MLAs are only left then, what will you do without the people, are you on a game or something like to show your useless, thoughtless ability. Hey MLA's where no one is there how can you live alone. In a society you need people to share your thought and ideas to bring a peaceful society. People are trying to bring their society to a peaceful society and your are trying to mess up all and bring the society in chaos. So show your sincerity, honesty and obedience to Mother Manipur, Mother Manipur will forgive your past sin, after all Manipur is your own Motherland, you will be buried here to rest in peace when you sacrifice for the Motherland. Go Home, Go Home, Mother Manipur has already forgive you.


Chat and gender and slang

[ Thu, 22 Nov 2007 04:25:41 -0500 ]

Its very nice to have such a nice site for us. We can share our thoughts and mind through this site as we all are far apart. But some of the people inside the chat room are using bad word(slang) most of the time. So could you (e-pao team) please resolve this problem and the main reason Why i am saying is because everyone of us (irrespective of gender), are using this site ... I will be very thankful if you resolved the problem.

Nirmala Devi


[ Wed, 21 Nov 2007 09:27:47 -0500 ]

The recommendation of the Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) formed by the Government after protests were held by the Manipuri and especially by Sharmila, that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act should be scrapped would be welcomed, and not just by the people of N-E, and Manipur in particular. This recommendation of the ARC, headed by Veerappa Moily, in its Fifth Report on public order sudmitted to the PM a month or two ago should not be a surprise. The act according to Justice Jeevan Reddy Commitee which called to repeal the act "it is a symbol of oppression, an object of hate, instrument of discrimination, and high handedness". Given this view, it is high time the Law was scrapped. Unfortunately, despite demands from various society, including the unforgetable hunger strike by Irom Sharmila, going on till today. The UPA governtment is yet to act in keeping with the sentimental and expectations of the people of NE and Manipur in particular. In fact the Goverment has not made public the recommendation of the Commitee Findings and Report. For this reason, the demand for scrapping the Act altogether is bound to gather more force with the ARC lending its weight to what is felt a democratic need.


Manipur is not a place to live

[ Tue, 20 Nov 2007 08:31:40 -0500 ]

It seems the cacophony of violence in the state is only set to increase to the level where other people from civil societies will shudder to just imagine. Who are the gainers from all these cat and mouse games? The losses are being incurred by the civilians. When the security forces pull the trigger against innocents, the civilians suffer. When the Militants attack the security forces, the collateral damage are faced by the civilians. When lives and routines are tossed into chaos, the civilians again suffer. No amount of effort nor prayer will bring back the lives snuffed out by these bombs and bullets. Why target the innocent civilians and bring untold anguish to the families of the deceased? One thing is clear, Manipur is not a place to live. To think of progress and development in the state is just pure fantasy.

A concerned Manipuri

ei manipuri ni

[ Tue, 20 Nov 2007 01:12:38 -0500 ]

Firstly, hats off to Mr. Yumnam Devjit for the excellent write up. Agreeing to all the facts which have been clearly mentioned in his article ; I would suggest to all the frontrunner news publishers in the state to spend some space for the same article and help it getting published; at least for once. We all know the mentality that must have been carried on by our common people over there (in Manipur) since that very day when our beloved freedom fighters webcasted and printed those news of "Thabal Chongba in Bangalore - An Act of tarnishing our Manipuri Culture" everywhere. Taking a serious note of this, concerned parents & family members have been constantly carrying out all those worried calls to their kids/wards and dear ones and seeking assurance from them at the same time, not to repeat or go for any such events held hereafter. We all know "What is the dignity held by them now?" - just because their kids stay or study in Bangalore. Securing those confidences back from them will be an elephant task , If I am not wrong. Well!! I still praise our beloved freedom fighters on continuing their acts of gaurdianhood and their essence of warriorship for our great culture eternally, however on the contrary; making a little note or emphasize on performing a bit & hay of R&D before just hitting the media hard carrying out their propaganda would be highly appreciated. And believe me, Manipuris are no more dumbs.. they are going global with prides in their brands as "ei manipuri ni"

Livon Martinez - Representing Manipuri Community from Bangalore

Response to Debanish Singh

[ Sun, 18 Nov 2007 11:50:17 -0500 ]

This is in response to the article by Debanish Singh, titled ..' a word on disorder ' ... He has written :
"At a tender age if children are trained to burn books and taught that as a noble act, they would eventually acquire a taste for higher crimes early on. By the time they are in tenth grade, they would not give second thoughts to murdering a person. "

With all my rationality, I can't get from where Mr. Singh, is able to generalize this. How can he even have thought of children being taught to burn books or get involved in anti-social activities ? He remains no different from mainland people who thinks of NE as a barbaric place. All of NE is certainly not a Hinduistic region, where kids are taught about touching the feets of elders... but absence of such courtings too, certainly doesnt rule that People are disrespectful here.


A hopeful prayer from Sportsmen

[ Sun, 18 Nov 2007 01:18:09 -0500 ]

First of all, a best wishes from NS NIS - Patiala from the Sports Family of Manipur undergoing Diploma Course in Sports and the young sportsmen undergoing training and keeping their best to keep the flame and spirit of Manipur burning and the name of Manipur high to epao team who is providing a lot and upto date details on Manipur. I, on behalf of the the small Manipuri family, had been planning to give you information of how the sportsmen in this institute is doing out here and in the process your site is helping us a lot in keeping in touch with Manipur in regards to news of Manipur and the sports in particular. And in the later days I will be keeping in touch with you and lets hope and pray all together "For A Better Manipur Free Of Violence But With Peace And Happiness Everywhere" Wishing you a great success in providing the all important and entertaining information.

Basanta Waikhom
Netaji Subhash Institute of Sports
Patiala Punjab

Student union and organising functions

[ Sat, 17 Nov 2007 02:36:52 -0500 ]

This is a message for all the students staying away form home. In E-pao's Reader Mail, I could find some mails related to the programme organise by the Student Union in different location. I fully agree that all of them have come for study. Whenever any programme organised by the Union it has its advantage and disadvantage. What I experienced during my college time I do participated in those programmes. The Union has to spend a lot of time to organise the programme succesfully and run here and there to collect money. Many times, they fail in examination while organising those programmes. Almost 70% of the audience will come to enjoy without contribution to the organisation. Some will come to create unwanted thing too. Only about 25-30% will come honestly. But due to those 70 % the remaining will accuse that the union is putting money to their pocket. So everywhere there is good and bad, so lets take only the good form. And if possible try to change the bad into good thing.


A messed up society

[ Fri, 16 Nov 2007 06:38:13 -0500 ]

Can somone tell me where are our society now heading for? We are living in a messed up society. What society is ours? We are in confusion. In the name of freedom, we are heading for opposite direction. Every one is afraid to come out to openly challenge all this. Is this freedom? I love my state but I hate myself to see all these. You all will understand what I want to say. Is there anyone who can listen or reply me what life we are now living? We are heading to hell and to bring back normalcy will need more sacrifice done by anyone till now and more time.


Saving or selling student's Identity

[ Thu, 15 Nov 2007 01:03:32 -0500 ]

This case is not only for Bangalore but in Delhi also. Though I heard earlier also, I was helpless. But at my level I tried to convince some student in Delhi. Why they are organizing Thabal Chongba there? Even during holi (Yaoshang) also they should not do this. They are sent for study not for Thabal Chongba, not for organizing Freshers party, not for partying. In manipur their friends are fighting to save their identity, and there they are selling our Identity. This is also because of their parents too.


Irresponsible parents & students outside Manipur

[ Wed, 14 Nov 2007 23:01:40 -0500 ]

Thanks a billion to people/organization responsible for the news article , this should have been appeared long time back, still, better late than never. Irresponsible parents sent their ward to distant places without even knowing what their wards would be doing under cover of being a student. It's time our parents/guardians introspect with issues and help root out the menace of cultural shock that we are experiencing outside Manipur. The Shumang Leela "Kunti" ( Available @ youtube) clearly shows example of what may happen with our wards outside Manipur. Our parents, though not all, are to be blamed for their irresponsibility. Having said that many a students studying far and wide brought fame for themselves, their parents, relatives, communities, localities, yes for Manipur and Manipuri's as a whole. But unfortunately their number is very few. We are running out of time, it's everyone's duty to secure our culture; else we would be blaming India for all the bad things happening with our people, like Indian politicians blaming Pakistan for all terrorist related activities in India.


Time, place & situation dictate dress

[ Wed, 14 Nov 2007 01:53:05 -0500 ]

Mr Bobo, As a lady I would like to give you my opinion to your ideas. No harm in wearing short in any occasion, whether it is a marriage or any other occasion. It all depends on how comfortable the person is with putting up the dress. But tradition and religious are something which we only created for our own good. We need to follow the rule which is specially made for our own good. Otherwise its your life, your ideas, you have the right to create your oun principle. I wish you a good luck. Everything is dicided by time, place and situation. Lastly I would like to mention one point; do anything whatever you like, whenever you want but please remember time, place and situation should match with what you are doing.


Ningol Chakouba - greatest festival

[ Mon, 12 Nov 2007 03:21:16 -0500 ]

Wish you all a very happy Ningol Chakouba. Through E-Pao Team I wish all Manipuri ladies for this lovely, ritual and biggest festival. I have not seen this festival since a long long long time but whenever this festival come I refresh myself with those memory of my life. The joy of Ningol Chakouba cannot be compared with any other festival throughout the year. I really feel so good when I saw picture of ningol chakouba in E-pao gallery. That why since morning I am waiting to see more latest picture...I could see few but not satisfied... I hope by the evening I will be able to see some more picture. Thanking you and again a very happy Ningol chakouba.


Amazing collection of e-pao Radio

[ Thu, 8 Nov 2007 04:53:22 -0500 ]

I just got into the site of music e-pao. The collection is amazing and the clarity is also excellent. The classic ones are making me nostalgic and hope you will be able to load more. Keep up the good work and hope that you will carry the message of peace and development in Manipur. Manipur has the potential let's all make it happen.

Giten Khwairakpam - Chiangmai, Thailand

Manipur's Economy and settling abroad

[ Wed, 7 Nov 2007 20:01:05 +0530 ]

Where does our state stand when it come in term of Economic Development?? As we know that Indian Economy is blooming day by day and attracting investors from abroad when it is assumed that Mr Mukesh Ambani {30 Oct 07 - Times of India } is now the richest man in the world, a net worth more than Mr Bill Gate. In this kind of fast growing Economy where does our state figure, growing economy? situation under control? or what positive aspect of our state figure in ? When fastest growing cities of the world are announced where does our state capital (Imphal) figure? Guwahati does figure in the list of 100, Faridabad topping the Indian cities placing at no. 6 among the fastest growing cities in the world. Do you know where does our state figure? Our state figure in the list of highest violence against women being beaten by their husband, on 4th position, with Bihar topping the list (Times of India - Oct 12, 2007). Guwahati is much developed than us, but we can make our state a better one too, if we come together and tackle the problem we are facing. Are you ready to do that or simply say "O! leave it I am going to settle somewhere abroad or in some other part of India?"

Gaikhamdim Marangmei

Want new songs from new movies

[ Sun, 4 Nov 2007 09:15:03 -0500 ]

This is the first time I am writing to Yes, I am really happy with the news and other updated items like Games and Sports and even about features of Manipur. But I'll be more happy if you put up newer songs from new Manipuri movies. I have not been to Manipur for the last 7 years. So I dont know any new songs ... please kindly put up new songs from new movies.

Chanam Somen

Another Diwali wishes

[ Sun, 4 Nov 2007 01:08:42 -0400 ]

A wish to all the members of in this coming Diwali. and long live Lord Rama will bring a new smooth way for This web site is the best one which provide day to day required materials in the life.

L. Amarjit singh Thoubal, Manipur

What will society think?

[ Fri, 2 Nov 2007 23:47:18 -0400 ]

I would like to tell N. Bobo Meitei that wearing shorts and going to library is considered kind of indecent. I don't know whether Manipuri is open minded or not but I want to ask if somebody comes wearing shorts in his marriage. What will society think? The person who came wearing shorts while is comfortable in his dress. The other person doesn't feel comfortable. We nust go hand in hand with our present situation! I wonder whether Mr. Bobo wears shorts in his office? If the answer is no... I would like to ask what's the point in going to the University library wearing shorts... If the answer is yes...I think ..... I certainly agree that students are much into politics... but you have seen only a fraction of it. Even if they did study well in manipur what's the use? It's the same old thing ...bandh, blockade... first let us think how we can improve ourselves and let the others be themselves like you said. Where people should rather be more concerned about different thoughts and maintain respect for unique personalities. If I may sound rude in this letter, I do apologise.


Gender sensitized mind

[ Fri, 2 Nov 2007 08:00:34 -0400 ]

I really appreciate your article and totally agree with you, its all about 'gender sensitized mind'... keep sharing your knowledge so that one day all the Manipuris or lets says all the North Eastern people will come to know about these issues and can avoid all those unwanted incident, we will be waiting for your next articles, might be from next time I will also try to add my comment. Thank you.


An excellent website!

[ Wed, 31 Oct 2007 13:15:03 -0400 ]

I find this website very useful specially when I am outside Manipur. I never thought it would be like this when I was in Manipur. I have also told to my non-Manipuri friends from Delhi about this website and they find it quite informative to know about the state. I would like you to add more and new pictures of Landscape and Forest of Manipur. I would be again thankful to you if you suggest me of anything that I can do for my side and our people from here.

Oinam Samananda Meitei - New Delhi

Happy Diwali from Hassan

[ Sat, 27 Oct 2007 02:07:46 -0400 ]

I love your edition of this e-pao. I can get a lot of news and updates mostly when I am far away from home as I am currently now. I am a student studying in MCE, Hassan. Thank you for all this useful information & wishing all the staff a very happy Diwali & the best wishes once again to carry on the service.


Yongna Tal Yenba - No politics in education

[ Thu, 25 Oct 2007 15:46:11 -0400 ]

It pains me to read such news about Northeast people being 21st century most foolish Community. You know it is time to help each other (northeast people) to gain our lost respect. If we keep on fighting like a crab, we cannot come out of this situation, I dont know who was right or wrong in the past but both the state or the people are doing bigger mistake for being political in Education, at least leave education for the future nation sake. Looking from a wider aspect, India is giving us less and we dont get enough, so we are fighting for bigger share, but why cant we act together to get more instead of weakening ourself by fighting among us. "Yongna Tal Yenba"- that is what India is doing to us, what is happening in this world, we are not here to compete not only with India, there are many more ...


Do we have a a culture ?

[ Wed, 24 Oct 2007 17:00:07 -0400 ]

I m not a writer but a speaker, here in my mind I am asking myself - do we have a culture? We manipuri are mixed in culture; mixed with Bengali, southern, other Northeast States, and many communities of Manipur. Talking about cultural context, what we are confusing now, is that - shall we talk of the hindu culture or taubism culture (pari-puri almost unseen culture these days). Are we multi-culture, or do we have a real history? Questions for nongpok thong hangba, nongchup thong lonba, yes to protect our culture, we have ban all Hindi but what we do, we copy each and everything from Hindi, one funny thing is that when a new born baby or girl we say she look like 'preety Zeinta' or he look like 'sharukh khan', we have been influenced by India. First thing is that we need to root out such thinking and second for nongpok thong hangba we need to have a 'key' for that, that should be the language like Chinese, Burmese, or Thai and ( hindi-- is not bad to know). Finally what we need to do is that we need to think that we are in the centre, you have to think that we are in the centre of India, Myannmar, Bangladesh, Nagaland, Mijoram, Arunachal and Asssam. Maybe, find a new name for Manipur and new religion for Manipur so that all we, Naga, Kuki, Meitei and many other can stay together. Stop being foolish for banning alcohol, it should be legalised, it is a source of income.
Peace: it will not end by war, nor talk - it will be brought by financial stability and employment. How: Stop fighting, not peace ;
Anybody regarding this contact me at angcha84(at)gmail(dot)com .


Arm or Armed Conflict ?

[ Wed, 24 Oct 2007 03:41:42 -0400 ]

I am currently based at Republic of Ireland doing my research study on International Human Rights. I, being a Manipuri visit your site regularly to update myself about all the issues there, particulalrly those related with my area of study and research. Please note that in your news under the heading ' Meet issues calls to respect human rights to all' there are two errors which either confuse or carry different meaning to me. One is, it should be ' armed conflict' not 'arm conflict' and the other one should be' the International Criminal Court' not ' the International Criminal Court of Justice'. There is not court by the name International Criminal Court of Justice. This is just a suggestion for your future care, wanting to have this epao site at par with international standard.

Bishwajit Okram

Youth & History of Manipur

[ Wed, 24 Oct 2007 02:32:14 -0400 ]

I am an Engineering student in my final year and a regular user of this site and greatly satisfied with it. I m requesting you to post more stories on the ancient kings of Manipur. Also on " Seven years Devastation" and other stories related to it, I would like you to keep a separate section naming it as "History of Manipur" as most of the present youths don't know the story of their state. Present youths are now flowing down in the stream of ridiculous Korean Fashion Culture. They don't know what is their past, what is their origin. Some youth even tries to hide their real name as they don't want to be the part of their past.. its ok let them flow with time but atleast they should have a little knowledge of their origin. Ask any of the present youths,
"When is the merger day of manipur?",
A: What manipur wasn't a state of their own!!!!! (or)
A: What is that crap!!!!!???
These are the answers that you will find when you try to communicate with the future of the country or the future of the state as they are referred to. I too have a lot of questions with no answers but I m here to seek the answer of my questions ... I m too suffering from the same as others are suffering, I don't know when is the Merger day, who was Manipur's 7th king etc etc Who was Epu Khongnang Thaba, Langol Lukhoi, etc etc but I m eager to know about all these thing. Thanking you for all the things you have done to enlighten me with other information......


Bandh's alternative ?

[ Mon, 22 Oct 2007 15:14:31 -0400 ]

Its always shocking to hear that there is bandh called by so and so organization on this/that day. It has become a culture in our state. Are there some other alternative rather than bandhs, who is going to get benefit from the bandhs, who are the worst affected by the bandh definitely the public, are all the demands fulfill when bandh is called, if all the problems could be solved within a year then we shall have a one year bandh and within that time all the problems must be solved and then lets delete the word bandh from manipur and throw it away in the Nambul Turel or Imphal Turel or to Barak Turel. And for god sake lets stop calling bandhs to Highways which are the main lifeline of our state, lets find out some alternative rather than calling bandhs.


Chat Login - help maintain decency

[ Sat, 20 Oct 2007 06:16:48 -0400 ]

Earlier e-pao chat room use to be full of vulgar scenes. Now that there is a need to put login IDs, it will surely help in maintaining decency. Most often one would find things which were 'out of control'..some people use nicknames which could have hurt the sentiments of other communities. Personally, once I requested a person to change his nickname, after much persuasion he agreed. But there were many who were not so understand and wise enough. I also don't think that people come to this chat room are with limited time and if there is need for communication than what is the problem in putting the ID!!

S Nahakpam

Overflowing Ideas from Shanti

[ Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:42:15 -0400 ]

As I mentioned before in your scrap, doesn't matter who you are or was. Its simply wonderful to explore your article and learn much more in life. I'm hopping in future that our society will light up newly in unity, by acknowledging one another the true and real essence of knowing each other.

Moreover we tend to rely on materialistic world, even though we have the zeal to fully understand the meaning of life in deeper sense. I was really moved by your overflowing ideas and renewing mind of our society. I do wish in future to work in hand in hand together with love in order to bring our society in peace. I regard your existent and as the matter of fact your compassion, patient in life. Thank you so much to lighten up people mind with hope n decision in life.

Shilsila Pukhram

Chat Login - Big mistake

[ Thu, 18 Oct 2007 17:05:42 -0400 ]

It's always been good to get the opportunities of communicating among us (Manipuris) that are staying far away through this source. It helps us to keep an easy and convenient way to keep contact during leisure times......Recently I recognize that you had made a better or worse option to this site.....What is the use of making a login id when (s)he wants to chat among us??????? What's the use of that?????? You are simply wasting the time to those who were eager to chat from their limited times.. from your side you might be thinking of better way of blocking the unauthorized users to this site.......but I would like to reconsider to strike off this thing as soon as possible..........this would only help thousands who got limited times to communicate among us.......It's been a big drawback to this site.......

Surjit Ch

Life is complex

[ Mon, 15 Oct 2007 02:13:57 -0400 ]

Since the day we are born, we came with a purpose. Being driven away into a wrong direction is an easy way out to hell, small period of enjoyment. From the moment we came to realise it is a wrong way, then only our real life begins. People are always surrounded by insecure feeling most of the time and result is that, those who are weak see the way towards Drugs. Life teaches us many things but the moment we discover the real meaning half of our life is gone, it happened to most of us. Ohh God! you are great. The gift we get from God in not countable but we hardly accept them all. We are not able to receive his gift because we are not opening our arms and not raising it at all. We always misunderstood Him, the Almighty.

Every heartbeat of us is gifted by Him only. Feel his love inside your heart, mind and body and see the changes. Believe me, it will be a wonderful experience. What we get from this hatred. Are we happy when we hate somebody? Life is not always a smooth road. Yes, we can reach our destination very easily and fast if we carry ourself only to a smooth road. But, life is not complete without a hard or hilly tract. Passing through hilly track consist of long struggle, patiance, compassion, sacrifice etc. but the result is different from those who walk all along smooth road. The result will always be a long lasting happiness and the maintainess is easy. Every corner of hill will give oppourtunity to go further and encourage us to be stronger more and more.

Many things happens in our life. Good or bad, it is all part of life. Every good or bad experinces we had, teaches us the beautifulness of Life. Change our thought and change our life....this is the way to cope up from every difficult situations. Lets be always safe from every wrong thing. Life is beautiful.

Sonia Thingbaijam

Police - protect or scare public?

[ Mon, 15 Oct 2007 04:27:39 -0400 ]

We love police only when they are our friends or family member otherwise they are like eeee..tilaikhombi we just hate them, but why???? We are suppose to think like "Ya, that's the way I should travel, police much be on the way." But no we don't, instead we think "No, police much be frisking, better I travel that way so I could reach home soon and safely." That means we are afraid or running away from those who are mean to protect us. But Why????? What make us scared?????? Police Department need to think twice and serve us better.


Bandh never bring any solutions

[ Thu, 11 Oct 2007 00:44:58 -0400 ]

How many of us can actually say, "yes, we got our demand from the bandh we call." I think no one. By the way how many shops, hotels, office and other private sector remains open on every bandh, may be 30-40 percent and what about the rest ???? Are they really supporting the bandh? Maybe not, they must be just taking care for their valuable. Then who support or love it? May be only those people who pay for the day by their employer and if they are, ask to work on holiday or deduct from the salary for that day they have not worked. If an officer happens to be travelling or need something, they will do it or have it done unlike the common people, so what is the use for the Bandh and for whom - Public, Government or our own Economy? I just can't understand and I think bandh never bring any solutions to anything. But what to do? Because this comments will not affect the 'bandh lovers' that everyone knows so journey continues.......


Wanted - A "Youth page"

[ Tue, 9 Oct 2007 10:59:39 -0400 ]

I would like to reiterate nganthoi's statement and vouch the opinion that there should be a page or column specially on "What the present Manipuri youths think about Manipur - today; How can they bring a change?" The youths are the future of tomorrow and they are the one who can effect a makeover for our ailing state. Rather then posting long essays which fill up pages, decorative yet beating around the bush. It should not be detailed essays but small ramblings, anecdotes and scraps which should make a difference. This will give a consolidated view of all the Manipuri youths disbursed all over the globe.

Th. Meerabai

jenni - "Blooming young writer"

[ Mon, 8 Oct 2007 11:54:42 -0400 ]

Hey!!! Jen.... I cant believe myself that you are great inspiring writer of coming generation (present)... I felt that your story is not like ordinary story...its like a real story "a person who thirst to fulfilled his/her the very need in there real life"... the expression given by you is just like a real to me how a person expressed there feelings in real life.... its very interesting to read your story... and I further want you to complete the Memton's Diary soon.... keep the good work .... I hope one day you would become a great writer if you give your effort on this......
"Do the best of the best"


Everyone need to stay in union

[ Mon, 8 Oct 2007 07:36:17 -0400 ]

Frankly speaking the state is now full of chaos and bloodshed. Internal politics is gradually failing and it ain't going in the right path. People suffer a lot and they are between two fires . "Might is right" is accepted as 'right'. Every person irrespective of thier origin, caste, creed, language, religion need to stay in union to heal this place and make it a paradise.

D'na usham

Manipuri Women on top!

[ Mon, 8 Oct 2007 08:14:55 +0400 ]

Just read your article [ No Sex Please, We are Hypocrites :: Shreema Ningombam], it is fabulous! Very few Manipuri women had the courage to raise such questions that you have mentioned in your article in our predominantly male chauvinistic society. You are on top of them. I am very optimistic that the courage and vigor of young women like you will increase by the day and revolutionize the society thereby saving from the present state of turmoil. Keep writing and keep inspiring.

Mohammed Sirazul Haidar - Dubai, UAE

Jenni is a gr8 writer

[ Sun, 7 Oct 2007 15:15:00 -0400 ]

Jenni ....u r a gr8 writer and journalist with deep view...keep it up Jenni. There are some mistake in name Viky in part 2. As I like the idea you want to express. I like to read further. And lastly I want to say that write capital letter M while writing Manipur......


Who is the main culprit ?

[ Thu, 4 Oct 2007 13:17:55 -0400 ]

Why? There is always restlessness in our Manipur, every now and then there is some short of disturbances, why it is happening, who made is happen, why they dont want the word "peace" in manipur, UG attack the armed forces and innocent civilian has to pay for it every time that has become a culture, instead of having such type of battle, why dont they fight a battle in such a place where there are no civilians, and that war must be in a remote area and they fight the deciding war. We are shocked to see the pictures of the innocent who were beaten mercilessly, how can the civilian know who is UG or not, and the same thing happens with the armed force, they are thrashing everyone to find out who is the UG. When can we all get rid of that, when can we feel the air of peace. What I assume is that all the brothers and sister who are in the path of revolution could leave that path and all their strength be used in the development of people then we can send all the armed forces out of Manipur. Only some of them would be there in the borders for border security. Hope the wish come true, and once again we live in the environment of peace. Otherwise for every act of UG we public has to bear the result from the armed forces as they assume that the people who fired at them came from public and they went back to public. lets hope for peace, may god bless us and our state.


Abuse of position by Commando

[ Thu, 4 Oct 2007 01:06:47 -0400 ]

This is regarding the news on 3rd Oct, 2007, two UG shot dead by commandos. I don't believe the commandos, they are the worst who abused their position to shoot innocent people in the name of UG and self defence. A few months back my younger brother and his friends were shot dead by these commandos and the excuse was they fired in self defence as they were attacked. They were asked to stop and did not stop and that was the reason why they were murdered. They even claimed they they were UG. My brother is a married man with 1 yr old son and not a UG. I feel for the family as I know what they must be going through. I have no clue on who the two were but it does not matter. This has to stop and it is only God who can stop this. Its just a matter of time before Manipur will be punish with a natural calamity by God and the commandos will be the worst sufferer.

Jam Hangzo

Langban Tarpan is relevant

[ Tue, 2 Oct 2007 07:44:50 -0400 ]

The article by Oinam Anand about Langban Tarpan is very relevant to the samskaras mentioned in the scriptures. Every one of us should read this article. I would like to thank Oinam Anand for posting such useful article which will really serve to humankind.

Th. Roshni

Less job posting

[ Mon, 1 Oct 2007 07:14:38 -0400 ]

Thank you for your immediate updation of my proposal on Education Announcement. Once again with another please remove the old job postings older than one month only keep the latest and valid to the current date will simplify other job seekers to avail the oppotunity.

Laishram Chalamba Singh
N.I.T, Silchar

e-commerce for youngster

[ Sun, 30 Sep 2007 10:53:57 -0400 ]

I am very happy that we have a website which is trying to bring all the thoughts of manipur together in a single website. I very much appreciate the innovative approach. Thanking all the developers of this website and hope many more innovative and practical approaches will be made and develop more from your side. I would like to make a suggestion in making the website more practical. Let us build a website which can bring e-commerce to our society and to use the youngster of our land more expose to the outside world of development rather than their minds wasted in the field of drugs, useless gossips and other things which makes the idle minds, the place of birth of devil's workshop.


Civil War is going to break out

[ Sat, 29 Sep 2007 06:33:14 -0400 ]

Manipur has become one of the most worst state of the world in which every people have to pay heavy taxes to the extremists and many other villain and worst organisation. Number of organisation increases day by day for the easy earning. Such activities resembles to daku of the past like in film solay(gabbar). Even the rickshaw puller have to pay for thier livelihood. Soon there will be civil war between public and all the villains. After that Manipur will become a peace land.


Working outside of Manipur or staying at home

[ Thu, 27 Sep 2007 04:21:18 -0400 ]

This is my fourth letter to I am away from home since mid 1999 for my education, and then I completed my education and started working here. Yes I am getting a good salary & getting everything I wanted. Yes I get money but money cannot heal my internal feeling.

I really miss my home town all those small small road and singju, bora, kangou ..... which really make me cry most of the time. Whenever I came to manipur I have to rush to see my friends, places and relatives. No time with my parent except at night! First few day will go on taking rest, then when you start enjoying, all your leave will gone!!! My parents will arrange manipuri special ngari, dry vegetable and many more. Mother will run here and there to get more stuff to pack. Then the day came ... leave ...............You know it like a heart broken...Sometime I feel like leaving this job and go home... that time my heart stop telling me that, "What do I do there in Manipur? School teacher? and earn 1000 to 2000 rupee per month???? .... How will I fulfill my parent wishes? The respect which my parent are getting will not there if i work there in Manipur.

What do you think - Is it my fault to be working and staying elsewhere and NOT in Manipur????????


Missing dates in Edn Ann

[ Wed, 26 Sep 2007 04:11:36 -0400 ]

I am a regular viewer of the site and I find some thing is missing in the Education Announcement section. One has to see all the posting to found out the last date or any information related to dates. I think it would be better if you put the posted date also in the link provided so that any person could check out the latest posting easily and avail the opportunity there. hope you will look upon the matter at the earliest. By the way the site looks good but a bit plain in looking; please add more of graphical things and pictures.

Laishram Chalamba Singh
National Institute of Technology, Silchar

The Tour O' Duty

[ Fri, 21 Sep 2007 08:55:41 -0400 ]

Born in a family.
Grew in the lap of parents.
Enjoyed the comfort of parental love and security.
Then comes the inevitable parting for "The Tour 'O Duty".

The present generation manipuris are seldom blessed with the comfort and the chance to stay and mingle with the family, childhood friends and with the home-town. Sometimes we are left pondering and murmuring, "Ah those were the days, the days of childhood joy". Here we are, on various missions on the far & near lands, with a come Vision and the Mission "to survive like a man". Some accomplishes their mission and starts the reconstruction work. Some strays away form there path and go in search of eternity only to find nowhere waiting for them. If you look from the other side we, are multi terrain species now.

PEOPLE the condition is not all that may be inviting for anyone to make his/her's career. The reasons are diverse and multi-faced. Lets not strayed into politics and start blaming each and everyone, because that will just waste some memory space of this website and after sometime it will go to the trash without serving the preferred purpose. The land is now going to be in our hands (the present generation) and lets us take a resolution or at least have the desire to pull our "MANIPUR" form the present state of paralysis. Let us implement, what we have seen and learnt during our "Tour 'O Duty". So at the end of the day, we can say "I have played my part for my state". Everything comes to an end, but for everything to change there has to have a revival. And if you want to scrap away the term "FAILED STATE" we the present generation is the one to revive.

Nirish Okram

More to Pramod's query

[ Fri, 21 Sep 2007 09:46:57 -0400 ]

As a reply to that of Mr. Mirang Pramod's complaint. The unwanted ads do pop up, if you are accessing a web server (say e-pao in your case) from a proxy server. Proxy-Server providing websites do subscribe to those kind of advertisements. You might have used a proxy server knowingly or unknowingly to access the web that day (17th September 2007). If you feel that is to be blocked, contact your system administrator or stop using proxy-S service providing sites. As for the case of hacking, keep that as the last factor. This mail is to complement 's reply to you. And I being a daily visitor for this site did not notice about your complaint on any given day.

Nirish Okram

Folly of Firefighting Against Affiliation Drama

[ Fri, 21 Sep 2007 04:32:10 -0400 ]

Manipur Govt's knee-jerk reation to the affiliation issue will surely backfire. If the contemplated Ordinance is issued and implemented, it will be a classic case of jumping from frying pan to the fire. Ibobi's Govt will be hastening the process of disintergration of Manipur by banning schools in Manipur to be affiliated with other Boards (read Nagaland).

More so, denying employment and others benefits to students passing out from Nagaland Board will be absolutely ultra vire to the Constitution of India. In such a scenario, students passing out from Boards of other states (including CBSE and ICSE) will also be ELIGIBLE for such ban! Ultimately, this will become the strongest ground for integration of the Nagas inhabited districts of Manipur because schools will continue to remain and students will continue to study whatsoever.Everybody knows that the writ of Manipur Govt does not run in the Naga Areas.

It would have been appreciable if Manipur Govt sit down and ponder seriously as to why the matter has reach this far. Better option could have been like this: Set up FUNCTIONING schools in the hills by GETTING THE TEACHERS FROM THE VALLEY (who are posted to the hills) TO ACTUALLY go there and WORK. At the moment, teachers sit at home in the valley and DRAW their PAY. I must set up Public Schools in every District HQtrs. The education system in Manipour is ROTTEN. If a better system is in place in the Hills, nobody will like to send their children to Nagaland Board. Let us admit this fact. The instant act of firefighting by Ibobi Govt is creating a fertile ground for judicial intervention. Once this happens, Manipour Govt can kiss the Hill Schools (and the land) goodbye. Wake up, Advisors to CM, Governor etc.


Repeal of AFSPA - remains to be seen

[ Wed, 19 Sep 2007 01:13:49 -0400 ]

The fight for repeal of AFSPA, 1958, imposed on the people of Manipur has already garner support from various organizations within and outside India. Irom Sharmila has surpassed all odds to highlight and force the Indian govt for repeal of the act that sacrifices the dignity of humans. She is a sort of hero for Manipur and we salute her courage and determination. She has been fasting for more than six years that no human being can ignore her cause. While the protest is gaining momentum we ought to know the irony of how her fast-unto-death protests progresses remains to be seen.

Now the big Q is why a democratic country like India which had been fighting for democracy around the world would virtually arrest the freedom of people of the NE and Manipur in particular by imposing such a draconian law? A country like India will not take such extreme measure unless the situation calls so. Unfortunately, in Manipur, the elected members, be it in the assembly or parliaments are just sitting ducks without any intellect or courage to deal with issues for the welfare of the electorates. We have been deprived of politicians who have the courage to speak the truth, but are elected without free and fair elections and defied all logics when it comes to corruption and ethics. Our bureaucrats too learn the tricks of their political masters. Extreme frustration on the govt apathy leads to mushrooming of non state actors, business of extortion, threats, killings and all sorts of crimes that virtually control and dictate the taste of the people.

To the world it all sounds convincing to support repeal of the Act, but the common man and people who live in Manipur only know the ground reality. No human being would like to be under the subject of military control, by nature we all want freedom and privacy. Indian govt would be happy to withdraw troops from the region and deploy in place like J&K to fight infiltrations from Jihadis, provided the situation improves. Indian army as compare to other state force is not entirely bad; they are fighting insurgency in the most difficult conditions, the small sporadic incidents of human rights violation is bound to happen when operations against armed militants are on. And without having acts like AFSPA, the purpose of army deployment will not yield results. In view of the past incidents where many innocent people have been maimed and killed by militants, Indian govt cannot simply overlook the gravity of militancy and the safety of the common citizens in the hands of mindless armed groups.

Now the success of Irom Sharmila and her supporters rests entirely upon the consensus among the citizens of Manipur. To be successful the people of Manipur irrespective of community and religion should appeal unitedly. When militants are killing, raping, planting landmines, on innocent civilians and no human right violation is being highlighted, one cannot simply afford to overlook the situation after the Act is repealed. In fact Manipur is a failed state, instead of an elected govt, we need President rule until all unwanted social elements are weeded out. Therefore, solution lies entirely on the citizens of Manipur, blaming and fasting against AFSPA and Army will further hurt the interest of the people.

N Haokip

Obscene front page Ads in e-pao??

[ Tue, 18 Sep 2007 01:03:58 -0400 ]

I'm regular user of your site and I've written to you regarding a problem that was seen yesterday. I don't know whether your site has been hack or not but it doesn't look proper to give advertisement of some obscene site. I have seen it before. I'm suggesting this, since your site is used throughout the globe and if you can't maintain its value than people will stop using the site which is a great help to the Manipuri who are living far away from home. Hope, you will look to the matter sort it out soon. Thanks

Mirang Pramod

E-pao's response: does NOT subscribe to any adult/obscene website advertising. This might be due to a spyware/malware problem/hack/hijack in the end user's machine. For more details, please read this link.

Wrong to excommunicate Dr. Shishak

[ Thu, 13 Sep 2007 06:10:53 -0400 ]

It is a shock to read that Dr. Tuisem Shishak, the founder of Patkai Christian College in Nagaland and Patkai Christian Academy in Manipur was excommunicated by his fellow tribesmen, the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL). It is sad that a person of Dr. Shishak stature is treated in this manner, allegedly for his "confession." (Morung Express Sept 11, 2007). He did a personal expression acknowledging the excesses and shortcomings of his community. It is good that he did that boldly, and I am sure every one of us understood it, and join him in laying down before the Almighty for our own shortcomings. We all have our own shortcomings and errors, individually and corporately. It is thus important to have such a critique in the society so that the communities will move forward healthily. Dr. Tuisem Shishak is a giant among us.


e-pao's sheer performance

[ Wed, 12 Sep 2007 04:33:55 -0400 ]

I can't inhibit myself writing this appreciation note (though it might not be very valuable and materialistic)because of's sheer performance and the sustained maintainence. Like me, I guess many out-stationed manipuris might be cherishing this website and those too, which are blessed enough to stay back there in our birth-place, it provides a platform for many of the manipuri public to express and share about there opinions/stories/poems etc.Its really nice to go through the various articles web casted here by many of our fellow public. The various pictures of "DAVID.M" needs a especial mention. Whatever happens DAVID have it captured. Its really heart-warming to see fresh pictures of Manipur, whatever may be the event or the incident. But least hope to see pictures of disaster someday. Let that never happen,by the grace of God. And the 'MUSIC' section is an icing over the cake. Its really refreshing to hear some manipuri songs in the middle of some tied schdules.

The e-chatting section sometimes fills with stuff that can be avoided, its no others who are coming here to chat, its our own folks so why should we be exchanging things that we can't say or do when we are facing the public physically. You guys in "e-pao" are doing a great job which is inspiring. And I, as a general public enjoying your priceless service wishes you for a great time and, all the best of wishes is with you as always.

Okram Niris

Tapta's success

[ Mon, 10 Sep 2007 06:19:55 -0400 ]

A very warm thankful to for enabling us a lot of news for our best top singer of TAPTA, Sir Jayenta. I am a die hard fan of Jayenta and after seeing bro. Jayenta struggling to reach to the present stage he has achieved now, I thank God, at last He pays off Jayenta's hard work. All the very best to TAPTA to achieve more than this success in the near future. Please do more for your fans
"Long Live Tapta, Long Live Bro. Jayenta........."


When are we getting rid of bandh?

[ Mon, 10 Sep 2007 00:56:29 -0400 ]

When are we getting rid of bandh, strike, killings and all sorts of disturbances, people in the other parts of india are eagerly after development, not to go farther we can take the example of Mizoram, being a hilly state we can see development in every sector, everyone is literate. When I think of our state it gives pain not only to me but everyone has the same pain, who is going to bring development, who is going to establish peace once again, its like long long ago there used to be like these like that, each and every organization are formed and their first objective would be "strike" and everyone would ask for rights, has anyone thought about the responsibilties that they had to do. In the name of revolution every other organization are formed for what "just to take live of people" extortion, disturbances, if all worked together then we would see Manipur on the top of the world with all our natural resources, it would be a tourist destination, when i see tourist in Gauhati, Shillong, I would remember our state. For everything from every level, corruption is always there. and its becoming the system, "kwa or cha" gi damak piradi yare natradi heiyeng hangchik.


Flood and landslides in Manipur

[ Sun, 9 Sep 2007 12:11:10 -0400 ]

It is recent sad news that more than 45 houses of Lower Shajouba Village have slipped along the hill slope by the heavy landslide due to the heavy rainfall along the NH 39 in Tadubi area. This region is having huge landslide because of the popularly known structure i.e. Mao Thrust in geological term. The village road connected to the Tadubi and Ukhrul have been cut off and the landslide condition is worsening due to the further rainfall. There is a further chance to slide more houses in this area. The crack which developed in the morning worsened at dawn thereby displacing around 40 houses. The sub-divisional officer, Tadubi and SDPO Mao have visited the site and briefed the villagers to be vigilant for any eventualities. The household goods of affected 45 families have been shifted to a safer place by the villagers.

The Tadubi-Ukhrul road is totally cut off by the landslide which is the main connectivity to the people of the north eastern parts of Manipur. The agricultural products which are ready for the market have been blocked by the landslide, affecting severely the economy of the people. The conditions are still grim with the continuous incessant rains threatening to worsen the situation, according to a release from A Hekha, chairman of the Makhrai Padaina Development Association. The Terrace Farming and other agricultural crops have been wash out since yesterday by heavy rains. The hazardous issues can be taken up by the state Govt., other organization by visiting the landslide prone area, along with research institutes like Dept. of Geology of both Manipur University and Nagaland University to find out the causes and future prediction in the area. Time has come to monitor the active landslide zone along the national highways and state highways during this rainy season with strong monitoring wing in the landslide prone area. The villagers living near the landslide areas should be shifted advancely so that they can save from the hazards, for this Manipur University as well as the Nagaland University can be approached in the landslide zone as soon as possible. Time has come to understand the natural hazards in the state like Manipur as at present Valley district are also in flood turmoil.


Why Sanamahi-ism?

[ Sun, 2 Sep 2007 09:23:16 -0400 ]

Why Sanamahi - ism? an impressive article written by hidden name:supermale0072001(at)yahoo(dot)com . I would be glad if the author can show his or her name without any fear because he should be proud of having such own religion. This small place Manipur will become a Religious centred of the world after they learn much big religion like Hindu, Christian, Islam and Buddhist. So not need to shy or fear in telling things related to your own religion (a very rare religion).Instead educated people should try to tell the people of Manipur who were and have been the followers of Sanamahism to make many good massage of Sanamahi with his or her disignation only then we can go ahead with this old and indigenous religion of NE-India in broad. Lots many young people in the other part of the world are looking for such religion to make a valuable form of worshipping culture which can apply scientifically in the present societal world. One we should not forget is that all the Hindu living in Manipuri valley are worshiping this religion without any mistake in every family. Sanamahi religion is still worshiped by the Hill's people without any assimilation. So, to revive this religion we need to go to people who are still with this religion since immoral. Let's us educated our people by giving many valuable indigenous rituals and thinking which other people could not think beyond.


An experience at a seminar

[ Sat, 1 Sep 2007 02:14:11 -0400 ]

Dear Friends,

I had attended a seminar in Kolkata on 30th aug 2007. I want to share the experience we had in the seminar. Officials from the Govt. of all the North Eastern states were present except from Manipur. Below is just an excerpt of the experience. Kindly share to all the readers.

A Seminar on "Healthcare North East: Towards Creating a 'Global Healthcare Hub" at Hotel Taj Bengal, Kolkata on 30th Aug 2007. The seminar was organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with an objective to identify the present healthcare scenario and to invite investors in the region. Delegates from Government of the North Eastern States attended and each of them presented on "Overview and opportunity areas in the Health Sector" in their respective State.

Unfortunately, no officials from Government of Manipur attended the seminar. From the private sector Dr. Jugindra S, Medical Superintendent of Shija Hospitals, Mr. Suresh Thokchom Manager - BD, Shija Hospitals, Mr. Santosh Shekhar, Assistant Manager-BD, Shija Hospitals, Dr. Vivek and Dr. Guneshor representing the State of Manipur attended the seminar.

In the seminar Dr. Dipankar Chatterjee, Chairman, CII-North East Council, rightly pointed out the healthcare scenario as 'not an encourging services.' He also mentioned the nursing qualtiy of the nurses from the region appreciated all over the world and also the skilled doctors and paramedics of the region. The PPP model in healthcare that was implemented in the region were aslo discussed in the seminar.

Dr. Jugindra S. presented a presentation on "Overview and opportunity areas in the Health Sector in the state of Manipur." He mentioned the healthcare scenario in the state. He also mentioned the economy drained out of the state for availing treatment outside the state otherwise which can be stopped if the facilities are made available in the state. He further mentioned the opporunity which can be tapped by investors and the benefits that can be delivered to the state in terms of saving lives, economy and generation of employment.

As a concluding summary Mr. Anjan Bose, Chairman-Phillips Medical System, New Delhi, appreciates the delegates for putting fowards all the hidden opportunity and invites investors to tap these opportunities and create the region as a 'Global Healthcare Hub.'

Thanking you,

Suresh Thokchom
Manager - BD,
Shija Hospitals, Langol.

Calling 'Mayang English' is xenophobic!

[ Tue, 28 Aug 2007 22:05:53 -0400 ]

Sushitra has reacted very sharply to the article by Ranjan Yumnam. While she seems to be a well travelled and enlightened personality, a few statements by her are equally disgusting like the article she is talking about. Why does she have to compare the language spoken by Indians as Mayang English? Does it not reek of sectarianism of the worst order that the entire Northeast is suffering from? Why does this xenophobic characteristics refuse to leave such enlightened people? I wonder about their mindset and what makes them stick to these distressing comparisons? Ranjan may have shocked her into writing her rather erudite reaction, but she is also living in a blockhead. While there are such people in the Northeast, who refuse to contribute their enlightenment to uplift other people to a higher level of integration into the humane mainstream of the sub - continent, the bucolic and serene Northeast will remain doomed. The future of such a wonderful people will remain in the darkness of our civilisation, like it is today.


More Manipuris in Bollywood

[ Mon, 27 Aug 2007 05:05:50 -0400 ]

I watch chak de india and this movie was just marvellous and superb. I just cant express my feelings after watching this movie. Being a Manipuri citizen I am very happy that even there are people who respects the North Eastern region. When I saw a Manipuri lady playing a role of a player in that movie I m excited and burst with happiness that even we people have so much of talent but the other people didnt recognise us. They must have the knowledge that we can do. I m proud to say that the lady of our states are emerging in Bollywood trends and I hope the legacy continues in the future showing a bright honour of our state.


Funny Uniform - "tie with Phanek"

[ Thu, 23 Aug 2007 10:16:02 -0400 ]

Has anybody thought of the disease which has infected the whole population in Manipur ? Its not AIDS , its not Bird Flu, its Fear Psychosis . Almost everybody is afraid of living free , no one can say or do anything freely irespective of whether it is good or bad. Childrens are forced to wear some kind of funny uniform - "tie with Phanek" . Who is bothered , why it is bothered, let the children remain as children. Where has law and order gone , there use to be late night shows in the theatres . How did we produced so many trigger happy confused people. It appears that the so called Govt of Manipur has failed to protect their tax payers. How long this will continue. Shall we blame those leading the state or the population. Why any Tom, Dick and Harry wants some power to exercise? Its enough now , its time to change ourselves to bring back the harmony again . Please start thinking positive.


We control not politics

[ Thu, 23 Aug 2007 08:43:30 -0400 ]

Now I would like to know whether Manipur is in a good positions or bad conditions? After seeing the development I know the people of Manipur are RUD. Why we are only consoling ourself! Why we only waiting for Minister? We have to control our land not politics. If we go like these, we can never come up, we will never acheive what we expect. I am proud of you people, you have work hard for our people. But no one is paying attention for your work.


Bird Flu- Prevention not Curative

[ Wed, 22 Aug 2007 02:20:04 -0400 ]

Reg - "Rs 94 lakhs paid for culled birds" , I would like to bring to the notice of kind authorities that giving compensation is not the solution of the problem. Most of India's poultry farms are in pathetic conditions full of filth and unhygienic. Large number of Chickens are crammed in small cages where they cannot even strech their wing in their whole lifetime. Moreover use of anti-biotics to make the chickens reach their slaughter weight in just 40-42 days, makes the poultry farms a conducive place to nurture Bird Flu Virus. Government has to adopt preventive measures rather than curative so that this menace could be tackled. Otherwise Government as well as poultry farmers should be prepared to face this problem every year because if conditions in the poultry industry are not improved, bird flu will become a "Norm rather than Exeption".

Nikunj Sharma
Campaign Coordinator, PETA INDIA, Mumbai

Start saying "Kok sam lai..."

[ Tue, 21 Aug 2007 15:09:30 -0400 ]

Meetei Mayek must be taught right from the begining so that each and evey younger generation start picking up easily, since older generation find it sudden change some time must be given so that every one learns gradually. Regarding number plates, the solution would be bilingual number plate - English and Meetei Mayek. I learned Meetei Mayek when I was in class V, till now I can read but it is becoming difficult to write as it is not used in day to day life. I used to write my names and show them to my friends then they would say it look like chinese. Let everyone start saying "kok sam lai mit pa na chil......bham".


Development of Manipuri language is not "fanatic"

[ Tue, 21 Aug 2007 05:14:06 -0400 ]

It is very glad that we, Manipuri, realised the value of our own right to preserve our valuable culture, script, religion and tradition. It is almost 15 years after Manipuri Language was included in the 8th Schedule, we the Manipuri should be proud of having such a language and we should strive for improvement of the script. But in terms of research and literature, we are lagging behind because Manipuri student as well as the literary people never stop mixing Manipuri words with Hindi or Sanskrit. If we have our own expression we should try to use such words first before you use other language in Mmanipuri language. I hope people should stop saying and calling "Fanatic" to the people who are doing well for the development of language and script. They are trying to develop their own script and language which can give a valuable light to the North East History that we NE people have our own script. Govt. of India will take initiative only when we plan out according to our requirement, which we need to produce a good number of student and researchers and professional translator as a career in Manipuri language in every corner of the world like French and Chinese language do.


Photos reqd for Manipuri Personalities

[ Mon, 20 Aug 2007 23:15:37 -0400 ]

I am a keen reader of " Manipuri Personalities Profile" by Thingnam Anjulika Samom. I am grateful to her for all the information, which I could have never know even being a Manipuri. Cheers to her. It will be great if the great writer can add a picture of the great women personality so that the image can become a part in my knowledge and always remember the personality with the real feeling. Thank you again for all the effort.


Monitor chat else remove it

[ Mon, 20 Aug 2007 23:15:37 -0400 ]

From the very day I start using this chat room I find out people using slang language that too also in such public. It seems as if it has become a part of it.. It sounds to be annoying and irritating .. please do something to remove such things otherwise I can assure you that a day will come when all women folk will asked you to remove this completely.. b4 anything happen pls kindly take some steps. i guess you can understand me wat i meant to say..wat m suggesting you is 4 the benefit of all the people.. i hope you ll take right action 4 it..


PAN as irrefutable proof of citizenship!

[ Sat, 18 Aug 2007 00:35:49 -0400 ]

There have been so many letters to the Editor regarding deletion of names from the electoral rolls. To my amusement I have noticed that one of the documents mentioned in more than one occasion is the PAN ( Permanent Account Number) card as an irrefutable proof of citizenship. Why it amuses me ? I am reminded of the time when I got my PAN card done. I filled up the form and it was delivered to my doorstep. It was that easy! No police verification. No proof of citizenship. Nothing! I don't know how it is done in Shillong but, here, in Delhi it is that easy. Another thing that adds to my amusement is that there is no mention of birth certificates, passports, ration cards (I hope they are not obsolete), PRC, etc... Next thing we know people may turn up with letters from aspiring "to be elected representatives" stating that they are bonafide Indian Citizens, which seems to have been the case in a recent news report of illegal foreign workers. That will be the day!

Anyway, elections are always an exciting time.

Febroneous Silkam Sangma
University of Delhi

E-Pao Community at Orkut

[ Sat, 18 Aug 2007 00:35:49 -0400 ]

E-pao has been one my favourite sites. I've been using it regularly for the last 6/7 years. I like it so much so that I've decided to start a community in Please spare a time and visit here.
Members can start a forum thread on burning topics of Manipur. Make new friends. Create and vote polls. I'll be grateful if you can announce about the site to all E-pao users.

Subodh Thokchom

Request for ISTV news on e-pao

[ Thu, 16 Aug 2007 13:18:52 -0400 ] has been growing at a rapid rate. Enterprising as it is, it will be well appreciated if you could add a segment of the daily (ISTV) news [video] on the portal. This will be a great source for the thousands of people from the state living in different parts of the world, to learn about the everyday happenings in Manipur. It is about time that e-pao gets a new face-lift in this ever evolving period.

Nelson Nameirakpam

Haobam Paban documentary needs improvement

[ Wed, 15 Aug 2007 14:14:41 -0400 ]

Haobam Paban Kumar's AFSPA, 1958 was shown in the 9th Osians Cinefan film fest 2007 among an array of movies and documentaries. In fact, it is an honour and a leap of faith for us, fellow Manipuris that Haobam's AFSPA,1958 is shown along with other documentary from many parts of Asia and Arab that dealt with issues like culture, violence and norms in different environments like Lebanese society to Japanese society. I have a few points of improving the documentary so as to reach out to the wider audience outside the country too.
* Though tagged as documentary, I wish the footages were arranged sequentially to show the progression of the uproar.
* The documentary sub-title should be more conveying to the audience.
* The documentary lacks a monologue which can be a background to link up all the disconnected scene.
* Editing could be improved upon.
* Although the documentary redundantly scream the message" Repeal AFSPA, 1958", Remove Black Law": Stop Catapult" fails to deliver the message of what AFSPA really is.

Well I am of the opinion that many don't know AFSPA,1958 is, beyond our N-E States and J&K. So on your next project, do have some proper research about the project and presentations.


Missing - tribute to the martyrs

[ Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:47:19 -0400 ]

Niranjan Subadar was a Gurkha who was in the service of the British Army. Niranjan Subadar was the son of Daria Singh, Chetri aged 39 years of village Tikuamoh. He was an Ex-army (Shiphai) of the 34th Native Infantry. He left the Britishers and joined the native force of Manipur and later appointed as Subadar by the Tikendrajit Jubraj. He was an ex-army (Shiphai) of the 34th Native Infantry. He left the Britishers and joined the native force of the Tikendrajit Jubraj. He was tried by the chief Political Officer, Manipur Field Force and was sentenced to be hanged by the neck for assisting the Manipuris against the British. The sentence was confirmed by the officer Commanding Manipur Field Force and the Government of India. He was hanged on 8th June, 1891.


Meiteis out in the world

[ Sun, 12 Aug 2007 02:23:56 -0400 ]

The success of e-pao shouts loud the excellence of manipuris in every field- whether it is the news arena or entertainment or both. Your site is taking us high in the sky, over the world below-we are flying. Bingo!

You will be glad if I tell you that like your website, Manipuris are doing well in all walks of life, but not on the manipuri soil. I am not saying that those in Manipur are not doing well. I don't have any knowledge about them. What I know is those in our own land are suffering. But this is also true that those outside Manipur are totally sensitised and can never forget the woes of our own people.

It gives me much pain to read Ranjan Yumnam on e-pao and his unsuccessful PR activities after he was criticised. Hope he is reading this message. The truth of life can never be gauged from the face value. If you happen to be in Delhi you will find many a manipuri boys and girls roaming around and enjoying life. But who cares to look beyond? They are living such a pathetic life away from home and in the abstracts of life. The burden and pangs of living in the troubled city of Delhi can only be understood when you are forced to spend that kind of life. I've never stayed there for long but met and talked to many of the manipuris. The two sides of the coin have different bearings.

Well, the aim of this mail was to apprise you that apart from remembering the Meiteiness, the Manipuris outside the homeland are performing good in whatever profession they are in. At the same time prosperity outside does not mean that they have deviated of the Meitei line. I want to stress here that the integrity of the meiteis should also be spread and protected from outside as well. Living in Manipur alone can never be the guardians of Manipuri integrity. Through this message I would like to inform you that the world all over is infected by hypocrisy and there is no fix characteristic for any community. In the name of development they don't mind eating out the whole world. And remember we are fighting for an identity. We should not go by the misnomerism of identity. Every one of the Meiteis think that they are the only ones who are concerned with the meiteiness. Well thats good. But it is the time we think of something for development of that meiteiness. Only having the concerns is not enough. It is time we meet and talk together to plan our future strategies for development. It is not the time to hurl stones on others.

I said we need to plan our strategy. If we look the spectrum of Manipur development it is very unfortunate that we go by emotions rather than logical strategies and planning. Even at the times of killings we had reacted sharply with VERY STRONG emotions but there were apparent lack of deliberations. We protested but could not win. We need to win now.

If one studies the current global situation, it will be discovered that every community is facing an onslaught of multinationals. These multinationals are run by people like us. Only difference is they come with newer and newer marketing ideas. In the same fashion we can invade the world with our meiteiness with proper deliberations.


Killing each other made Manipur 100 years behind

[ Sun, 12 Aug 2007 06:37:53 -0400 ]

Its high time to stop killing each other, as people will look at us down. World has gone ahead so let's think of progress , progress for the future. Its been quite long and I m still waiting to hear some good news from my motherland , oh sons of motherland come out and please work hard to help those suffering people. Justify yourself, while killing anyone, killing is easy, probably the last resort beyond which you dont have any idea, but its a coward decision. Please face the world and be bold enough to come forward and do something for your motherland .


Citizen's responsibilities

[ Fri, 10 Aug 2007 14:49:34 -0400 ]

There are many reasons of not growing in normal pace like the other states (a) Illiteracy (b) Corruption (c) Blocked mind (d) System.
Who do we blame about all this?? How are the citizen going to understand their responsibilities towards the state when they themselves are living in hell. For a person to get a job you have to bribe and for children's education you have to pay a lumpsum amount of money. Many kids can't afford to have a better education because their parents can't afford it. Many people are not paying electricity bills because they don't earn enough. They rather have delicious "gna thongba" with "eromba" at home. Why are we not able to generate employment is because of the insurgent's problem. People who are willing to generate employment by investing on outsourced business from UK or US have great fear of insurgent asking for money because they won't let anybody stay in peace. A person even building a dream house is also a problem. Nobody wants to risk theirs and the family's life. So to cut in short, its the people who need to be aware how they should make their life simple and peaceful. Its upto the citizens who have to take the situations in their own hands and be responsible towards the state but first of all they need to be capable enough to be responsible for their own life.................

Sheela Nambram

MPSC exam is a complete mess

[ Fri, 10 Aug 2007 06:11:52 +0100 (BST) ]

I was closely following the just completed MPSC exam which I think is in a complete mess. I also want to share some of the information i have with all. As the marks card of the candidates were made public a few days back I was stunned to the marks of one candidate. She did her masters in Zoology and was a topper in her batch. I could not believe what i saw .... only 98 in Zoology 1st paper. She secured more marks in the other optional paper. A big question mark(??) surrounds this. The 2nd matter I would like to put is why is their separate signature on the marks cards for those selected candidates and those which were not? The marks cards of the selected ones were signed by the secretary and the others by the secretary-in-charge. Why this difference?

Boris Oinam

New Trend Of Manipuri Spelling

[ Thu, 9 Aug 2007 09:59:10 -0400 ]

When I was in middle school ,there was a class for dictation both for Manipuri and English subjects.The class teacher dictates and we write to show him to found spelling mistakes which cost us one mark for each mistaken word.This mould us to write the correct spelling of the words.And in the next higher classes, we learn Grammers, correction of words to suit the meaning of the sentence. A word of similar pronounciation gives different meanings so one must be careful enough to use suitable words. Of late, in this few years of the decade I observe some feature articles in different Manipuri dailies, Magazines with violent change of spellings violating all the grammetical norms. These write ups are mostly from the new generation of linguistic students. They write spellings far from the normal trend. Some of the common english words they write for and what it actually pronounce are..Term=Taram, School=Iskul, Reference=Referen, Of=Op, Object=Opject, First=Fas, Third=Th at, Study=Istudy.

These are few examples to note. It is not possible to divulge all spelling in english write up. Once these new generation university linguistic graduates are suppose to get back to their middle class, they will of course fail to secure the minimum passing marks in Manipuri Dictation.

:Abu Sultan:

Fashion and Economy and Manipur

[ Wed, 8 Aug 2007 21:35:18 -0400 ]

Relating fashion with economy is a wierd idea but cannot be ignored. Everything run in the vicious cycle of Ecomomy. Manipur fashion or say the trend in modern fashion prevailing in Manipur is quite analyzable. in my teen days buying a pair of branded jeans or a pair of reputed brand shoes, I have to think a lot and argue a lot. I still remember my grandfather telling my uncle those days to carry the NIKE shoes on head intsead of wearing it on foot because the price is so high. But there has been a drastic change in the affordability of this fashion or say required materials in the new age group. Now-a-days generation find it is as easy to decide to buy a stuff which cost 1000 to 4000 bucks. Is it the symptom of the increase in the affordability power of the new generation, or the symptom of the good ecomony prevailing in the state OR is it just a trend following wildly without any thinking of the future consequence! There need to be a good thinking in this area. I am not against fashion coz i believe fashion is a basic requirement for the human being. The topic here is to analyze whether we are on the right track of the fashion? all your inputs and comment -positive or negative are appreciated. let us explore. I have started a community call Trendz and Fazhion (Manipur) in orkut


Tax holiday for tribals?

[ Wed, 8 Aug 2007 17:53:14 -0700 ]

After reading a letter to the editor sent to the Shillong Times by Bipin Hazarika under the caption "Total tax holiday for tribals" I must say only one thing comes to mind -
I am sure he must have conducted a thorough research on who are the top businessmen of the North East ( the obvious as well as the nondescript ) I am sure he has a fair idea of how 'benami' transactions take place. I am also sure he is very much aware of how the "tax havens" are being made use of in North East India and by whom. Many people term NE India the biggest SEZ in the country. Until such time as a reliable thorough research is conducted and made public I would suggest Mr. Hazarika sing beautiful patriotic songs and not those that his present political party may find convenient. I would also suggest he re-read on the legal concept of equality as it is understood in India. Mr. Hazarika is not a layman and it does not behoove him to think as a layman .

Febroneous Sangma

More research on Manipuri Muslims

[ Tue, 7 Aug 2007 09:02:07 -0400 ]

While going through the different articles presented to your esteemed daily by our brother Mr.Farooque Ahmed in different headings/Captions regarding Manipuri Muslims, I decided to sum up as follows:
1. Our brother quote from differnet books as reference/evidence even if the references are not related to the Topic.
2. Our brother surprisingly concluded that Amir Hamza who fought against the King Gaudades could be non other than the uncle of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). There was a mention of Amir Hamza by Asim Roy and O. Bhogeshwar but they did not identify him as the uncle of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH).
3.It is compulsory to mention "Peace Be Upon Him" for all Muslims whenever they call or hear the name of Prophet Mohammed( PBUH). Our brother must not forget this beautiful/blessed Hadeeth..
4. Do our brother wants to justify that the Manipuri Muslims are the ancestors of Amir Hamza ?
5. Our brother misquote and misinterpret the literal meaning of "Go in quest of knowledge unto China". Here "China" bears the metaphorical meaning of Distant place.
6. The other article "Manipuri Muslim : Socially speaking", our brother wants to propogate the different theory of the term "Pangal" which leads to conclude that all Manipuri Muslims are migrated from Bengal. Most importantly in an article to the "Milli Gazettee" Vol.3, No.13 by this brother noted about the term Pangal as "..some others opine it is corrupted word from 'Bangal' which is less likely." which is self-contradictory.
In my opinion, we will be more enlighten by our brother in future if his collection or researches starts from the earlier findings mentioned in "Nongsamei Puya", "Turko Afgan Gee Chada Naoda" and "Manipuri Muslims" etc.

Abu Sultan

Apply to Call Centre directly

[ Mon, 6 Aug 2007 23:53:09 -0400 ]

I was going through your articles and came across "Of Call Centre's and pre-emptive measures" by Ms. Thangboi Lhungdim. Whatever she has mentioned is true. I'm myself into this Industry for more than 4 yrs now and to my knowledge there are no Authorised (in NDA with BPOs/KPOs/ITES companies) consultants in Imphal (whole Manipur itself). I would sincerely like to request all the aspiring candidates, their parents and guardians to go/send their wards personally to the Company premises itself or apply online. Each every CMM Level or ISO certified company has its own recruitment section and they provide you with an emailid where a canididate can mil his/her testimonials. Furthermore, there are lots of small time outbound call centers (international) who are mostly into sales and mortgages which do not provide a prospective growth opportunities.

Suraj Thingom

Open letter to Professor Timothy Kaping

[ Sun, 5 Aug 2007 03:18:23 -0400 ]

Dear Professor Kaping,
Having read your letter, I was slightly dismayed to the fact that you seem to have not carefully read my article, In and Out of PSND. By now, I believe you would have had more time to read my article. As you would be aware that the issue is not whether one is an Indian, Naga or a Korean. Nor the issue is regarding whether one's name is Sema, Sumi or Kapimoi. My article raises certain issues, namely 4 in number, which I believe needs to be answered, for you conveniences, I will list them below:
1. Is PSND formed by an Act of the British Parliament?
2. Did PSND came into being, by the command of the British Government?
3. What responsibility has the British Parliament given PSND?
4. What power do the do the PSND have, that has been given by the British Government or the British Parliament?

I believe that not only I but whole of Nagalim need to know the answers to four points raised. I for one, have no object if you were to consult your good friend Lord Ahmed regarding this matter. However I must ask you that the answer should be given in simple manner stating dates names and sources which should be easily verified by the people of Nagalim, I ask this because as you are aware that the people of Nagalim at large are not Doctors or Professor but simple folks who like to think good things of others. I with the rest of the people of Nagalim eagerly wait for your response.

Vikishe Sema

Call Centre Training are lying

[ Fri, 3 Aug 2007 17:21:21 -0400 ]

The way how you express is totally right. Right now I am working in a 5-star hotel in a Front Office Dept. Before working here I had faced the problem like you in regarding this Call Centre Training....They are lying to the new generation....

Jiten Thounaojam

Targetting Northeast people as tribe

[ Thu, 2 Aug 2007 03:45:25 -0400 ]

From the time of statehood till now the other Indian feels about North East people as tribe which came from nowhere. That is the reason those booklet have come up. I just want to ask one question - "why should only Northeast people being targeted, as if other Indian do not dresses showing indecency? Especially in parts of Delhi we can see lots of girls, they go with only tops and mini skirts. In fact they wore such a dress that people always dare to see them like something is falling from heaven. According to my opinion it's the question of being targetting Northeast people as tribe. This is interfering in someone's life and insulting to all northeast people.

farnan wanna, A dedicated notheast

Shameless Identity Theft

[ Thu, 2 Aug 2007 04:27:15 -0000 ]

One friend in Nagalim who is a messenger of just peace and advocate of harmonious relationship among the Naga people, kindly emailed me the funny article "In and Outs of PNSD” today. I was happy to know that he said the truth when he mentioned that “there are many who write under fictitious Naga names and fool the people. So many of them. Newspapers are doing a great deal of injustice by publishing them”. Indeed, I could identify the non-Naga author who has abused a misspelled-name belonging to the Sumi community. I have forwarded that article to the PNSD. What made me interested is not the despair-filled article but the shameful identity theft he committed. Yesterday we were in Plymouth, the city from where the Pilgrim Fathers started their journey to America centuries ago. We were there to brief our English friends about the latest status of the Indo-Naga political talks and the support we Nagas are getting from certain British parliamentarians and our relationship with the PNSD. One of the gentlemen we met informed us that, not knowing his interest in the welfare of the suffering Naga people, during his visit to the Southeast Himalayan region the Indian Army proudly showed him the array of computers and other sophisticated gadgets being used by it as essential components of the psychological warfare being waged there in order to completely subjugate its peoples and nations which colonial India has successfully isolated from the attention of the world and where she can do whatever she likes with total impunity. Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP) in particular should be very active all the time and even more so during this ceasefire and negotiation period. Here the Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP) will do well in remembering what Charles C Colton said: “Silence is foolish if we are wise, but wise if we are foolish”. For the sake of our beloved Naga Nation, I wish that the MIP is wise and more active. And if I am to humbly suggest as its former member, as one of its priorities, the MIP ought to be advising the newspapers in Nagalim to kindly educate the people with Christian principle of true reporting and publishing authentic articles. But most importantly, because of the war-zone situations prevailing in Nagalim, it is important that newspapers in Nagalim publish articles and letters only after proper attestations of names, surnames, and addresses. Lastly, it is proposed that each Naga community makes sure that no one falsely uses a name which belongs to it.

Professor Timothy Kaping,
President, Naga Support Group (UK)

On the naming of Naga?

[ Tue, 31 Jul 2007 02:47:20 -0400 ]

This has reference to readers mail, by Mr.Bishwajit , Prague, "Thoughts on Nagas" on 16 Mar 2007, the feedback given on the article written by Mr. L. Kameih, "The challenging and changing face of the Nagas". Mr. Bishwajit writes,"I have a realiable source that says 'Naga' the name was given by British". Here I would like to know the sources how the British has chritensed the name Naga to the Nagas. I am doing research on this aspect and I dont find any relevant source or document, how the British christened the name Naga to the Naga people. I would be happy if you would provide the revelant source so that it may be helpful to solve the mystery of chritening the name Naga to the Naga people. According to me there is not any proof that the British christened the name Naga to the Naga people. (Simple reason: The British came to Naga Hills and they also studied the possible word that can be derived the word Naga; if they have christened or coined the word, they dont need to study the possible word that can be derived the word Naga)

RB Thohe Pou

Just a wish

[ Mon, 30 Jul 2007 08:48:03 -0400 ]

My wishes remain dreamz for a long time now since no issues in Manipur can add wings so far. Intentions were buried many a times. No single intentions can be made on multitudes of problems in our dear motherland. But, there should be a beginning. And I am not sure whether I take my turn at the right time. So I said it's just a wish. Media reports of culling the infected birds in Manipur is an eye-opener as I think it is the time we look at things with clear minds. When reports were confirmed positive for bird flu and an expectation that it may spread to other partrs of the country prompt actions were taken by the government of Manipur and governments elsewhere. One may quipped here that how many persons have been killed by the flu and or how many are likely to be affected?

Can't we draw an analogy (in respect of prompt actions) with this episode with other problems of manipur, say for example, the problem of development etc? Manipur is better known as a militancy affected state and its development is seen as a definite zero. Through this article I would like to draw the attention of everybody that if the government of Manipur is that active as that of the bird flu it could have solve many more problems. The Government and its media machinery (read Public Relations Department)worked wonderful like magic when it was brought to the national media with the top headlines.

Bird flu in Manipur even earned reputed banners. So far so good. But one may find it ridiculous when Manipur is not found in the books of General Knowledge deemed for competitive examinations. If ever one found Manipur in the national map, it would be the militancy or AIDS. People have performed their duty by electing the representatives who in turned formed the government. What more can one expect from the electorates? Now it is the turn of the government. People are crying hell in Manipur with killings and demands and all the nonesense happened in Manipur. It is time we look forward to the government and expect to solve problems in the same spirit of killing the flu. The problems can be squared if it is chequered by the government with new initiatives.

However, I may be wrong. It is just a wish. Because it is not clear whether the people elect the government. Or is the vice versa true?


Is viva voce of MPSCE a farce ?

[ Sat, 28 Jul 2007 09:29:45 +0100 ]

On seeing the marks awarded to all the candidates except the selected groups the viva voice appears to be farce. We think all the candidates who passed the MAIN examination are of same calibre, except in their personality and mode of presentation. But in the Viva Voce taken by the board member of MPSC, we see a gulf of differences in marks, between selected and unselected candidates. In my opinion the marks variation at the most, should be less. A great variation in viva voce shows dishonesty of concerned members of MPSC. Before the announcement of the result, the Secy (MPSC) published in the local paper that those candidate, who are trying to bribe will be disqualified and will struck off his/her name from the list. But now there is news all over, that chairman has taken bribe through someone. We want to know, What the Secy, MPSC is doing now ? Whether he is keeping those words published in the paper or not ?

Boris Oinam

Let's rehumanize technology

[ Fri, 27 Jul 2007 14:11:56 -0400 ]

Great job, You guys did in order to filter out the dirts in the chat room. However, there are some people who still annoy everyone with the sounds in the room. I know your inability to keep a watch over the room round the clock. Yet, we must understand the fact that we should not abuse technology. We, Manipuris, should learn how to use Technology. can spread this message to everyone, "let's rehumanize technology".


Sacrifice Verses Protest

[ Wed, 25 Jul 2007 05:33:51 -0400 ]

In Manipur, there is a habit of protest and resistance whenever there is any government plan for extension or establishment of new institutes or any office. It is clear from some of the plans/schemes taken up by the state and central government. Let us take a few examples to clear the picture.
1. Expansion of Manipur University.
Before some days, local people protested against the expansion of Manipur University telling that expansion should be vertical by constructing multi-storey buildings within the university campus/premises. It is a fact that the proposed area is under agricultural area. So the local people do not want to lose the produces from these areas. Or may be they are scared thinking that their ownership will be lost. But if we come to a broader way, it will be not be wrong to expand horizontally.
2. Establishment of NIT:
Here also , story and history is same with the addition of bringing an extra honor for the state.
3. Construction of Tipaimukh Dam:
Same as above, except it will bring Manipur a new lease of life from the total darkness and earning extra income from other states provided if it is sold with a purpose of earning income.
4. Now, it is the turn of protest and resistance from the neighboring areas of Malom Tulihal Airport. Here also definitely local people will follow the principles of the above three. We should not be so headstrong and conclusive, as a citizen of the state, we the people should think the + and - consequences from these plans and policies. It is totally anti-social activity which is harmful and poisonous to the people and the state; that only protest and resistance must be used as the last weapon. It will be relevant to discuss some points as follows before concluding for protest against the plans and policies of government.

  • If we calculate the difference between the income coming from these land and the interest earning from even public sector banks (if the put in fixed deposit), the interest will be more.
  • The government must provide enough compensation to those who are affected due to such policies. The livelihoods might be wholly depended on their lands.
  • In case of those who do not want monetary compensation, alternative land should be provided by the government.
  • It is right time for those people of such affected areas to think twice before concluding for protest and resistance whether such plans are more useful to the state and as well as to the whole people.
  • We have learnt that many generous people had/have sacrificed their belongings for the cause of development of the people. If our people are broad-minded and liberal, they should welcome such plans as good for the state.
  • If these land owners use for their own cause say, establishment of private school or private clinic, they will not object themselves. It shows that they are not taking interest in development and changes for the betterment.
  • If they are headstrong telling that they will not take any other agricultural products from other places which are either provided by the government or purchased by them from the monetary compensation given by the government, other than their so called fertile areas, then there is no other means for the government except to stop the plan which is meant for the development of the state. Better they must start thinking space in the air.
And, those people who are against the development and changes for betterment should be trained to produce more and more agricultural products for the whole state. Another way is searching the ways - how to go back to dark-age. Let us know- The radius of Mumbai city is more than 30 km


It's all about money, honey

[ Thu, 26 Jul 2007 01:35:25 -0700 ]

Life is like a journey. We may be walking along a path with friends and then come upon a cross-road where each of us must choose the road that's right for each of us individually. At times we may find ourselves walking alone but somewhere along the road, we find new friends- to walk, to love, to grow and to share. The path of life is full of cross roads and at each of them it's really difficult to say good bye and to go our own ways; our own separate ways, choosing the direction that is right for each of us. But the memories, yes the memory of being together will always remain and there is always a chance that our paths will cross again." Of all the moment's we gather in our lives, the one's we cherish most are the moments shared." In the cross roads of life we keep meeting people, many of them become our acquaintances, and a very few-yes a real few of them become our true friends. So let's share our dreams together and let's start a flame to do something worthy and make out an aim and try to contribute our fullest to it, as a saying goes that "promises are sometimes broken but commitments survive". We are in an age of competition and every part of our life is at risk, we need to think and plan further, for ourselves and about the generation to come as the people here are doing.

Today, India with a population of over 1 Billion people is the second most populous country in the world. A positive factor has been large working-age population, which forms majority of the population and is expected to increase substantially, increasing rate of literacy, better health care and sufficiency in food production in recent times have ensured that a large population has not caused any serious problems. As the economy is growing, GDP is expecting to grow at 8% plus at least for the next 3 years, inflation is under control, interest rates are still way below the 14% plus rates seen a decade ago, forex position, with over $188 Bn in reserves, is comfortable.

The spending capacity of the working class has also increased so as their saving. We have been recognized in all sectors specially in Civil Services, BPO, IT, Hospitality etc. The mindset of the people has been changing although it needs more as we deserve, by the time comes we will excel in all sphere of life. We, the young people, are working and earning, we do need saving for our future needs, so there are lot of ways of earning extra money in the market today, eg:- Insurance, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Equities which gives tremendous returns in recent years. We need experts' advice and a proper planning to make ourselves safe in our investments, If any of my fellow friends need to share about the investment plans in the financial market, please feel free to contact at mdnasir(dot)khan(at)indiainfoline(dot)com / grnasir(at)yahoo(dot)com ; after all, "it's all about money, honey!"

Md. Nasir khan , New Delhi

Website has dull colours

[ Wed, 25 Jul 2007 13:26:13 -0400 ]

It's rocking to see your works on the internet! it has been a rather long time to see a Manipuri website where one can share feelings and emotions in this common platform (most importantly with the fellow manipuris). You guys had done great web designing to keep all the audio visual features here. It is certainly the best website right now but hey! you need to keep working on it (mainly the website has dull colours, features are not highlighted properly and the letters are too small to read) anyway keep going!
long live manipur!


Stop illegal migrants & Inner Line permit

[ Fri, 20 Jul 2007 17:06:59 -0400 ]

Arunachal Pradesh drag out lots of Bangladeshi migrant, which is approaching towards Manipur at last:
In the recent event of last week Bangladeshi illegal migrants were thrown out from Arunachal Pradesh which results in flooding towards the Assam and Nagaland. The student organizations of both the Nagaland and Assam have been taken up few steps to send Bangladeshi to Bangladesh directly without any illegal migrant chances to these two states since last week. Whereas Manipur is not taking up any steps towards such activities that Bangladeshi are increasing in both the plains and Hills of Manipur day by day with land encroachment activities. We need to stand on these effects where lots of Bangladeshi from Arunachal Pradesh is flooded to Manipur through Assam and Nagaland. We have to worry is the Bangladeshi which drive from Arunachal Pradesh are already reached to Lakhimpur of Assam which is much closer to Manipur. Time has come to check these unlucky events which could impact in our small state and its economy as well as cultural figures so our state Govt. of Manipur should try to remind the inner line permits as soon as possible by opening up their eyes like neighboring two states to stop illegal migrant headed towards Manipur. Already Manipur has good number of Bangladeshi migrant because of its careless Innner line permits which fails to apply in the state for the outsiders. We would be very happy to make such awareness to you all because after all we Manipuri should stand by ourselves strong time to time to stop all illegal migrants which is a increasing day by day. Indigenous people of Northeast will be threatening by population compare to migrants after few years if we don't take such initiatives.


Congratulations & Proud of L Sarita

[ Tue, 17 Jul 2007 08:46:41 -0400 ]

This is a mail to congratulate my Homeland Sport Idol - L SARITA. I am so proud of myself for being a Manipuri, so that such a little state can occupy a big position in this country. I feel so happy, when I heard this news of victory. And feel proud among our colleagues here, so that the victory of SARITA, coming out with flying colours from Boxing Championship can indicate "What Manipur is?" and "How brave the Manipuris are?" Actually I am a Sport-Addicted fan. I used to go and watch every match where Manipuris are playing inside Chennai, even on office time! I have watched WeightLifting Championship, Tennis, Boxing, etc. And I too help and encourage those Manipuri Players here in Chennai. The huge unwanted things that impact my mind so badly is that 'I can see most of the Manipuris participating from some other states'. I hope this is due to the facilities given by other state more than Manipur. However, again, I don't feel pity, bacause the rival is only in between the two MANIPURIS, even they participate from other states. I request and want to convey a message to the Govt and all Sport Authorities in Manipur, that "It is the time to keep our own properties in our hand, so that we can occupy the whole nation by us. We can win at any situation, at any competition. Provide full support, more facilities, to hold on the good and talented players from flying over to the nest of other states." Wishing for a bright future to all the players of Manipur, I appreciate for their braveness and stamina to victory.

Rozeet Heirangkhongja

Concern for morality

[ Sat, 14 Jul 2007 06:08:01 -0400 ]

I read your article. I can understand your anguish and concern for the morality. You the whole world is becoming greedeir for more power and wealth. Even the Heads of the states are being carried away by this trend. Unless there is mechanism where only people with wisdom, selflessness, with sence of simplicity can lead the nations, then only we can expect some good policies and good results. Hope some miracle will happen we can expect good things to happen for humanity.

TS Gupta

Majority or Minority - An Inhuman Act

[ Thu, 12 Jul 2007 15:03:34 -0400 ]

The writer of this article has a very good point to prove. I must say that the so called majority should even think of saying 'sorry' for the acts the authour mentioned committed by the majority. Because, those were the prestigious assets of the state belonging to all the communities. No communities whatsoever has any right to cause destruction and damage to any state properties and possessions. And every one, irrespective of what they are and for what the destruction is, must really ponder over hundreds time before committing the act. Everyone must appreciate this author's sense of belonginess to the State as we can understand from his article. His feeling of sadness for wanton destruction carried out by the unruly mob in 2001 in Imphal is worth patting on his back. In this hour of chaos and confusions in the state, I appreciate his sentiments.

I would have ended this feed back with a higher note had the authour equally condemned the act of those miscreants burning 11 schools in a very determined and deliberate manner. The manner in which the the burning of 11 schools were carried out at different geographically located areas explicitly shows that was an organised and deliberate crime. I would also have ended this article with a big applause for the author, had he also condemned the miscreants on the National Highways who still continue to humiliates, extort, loot and indulge in all short of anti-social activities. Not becasue the victims are either minority or majoirty; but because the very acts are inhuman crimes per se.

Last but not the least, the author should have known the difference between the two acts: Burning of the 11 Schools and the Buring of State properties inter alia the assembly and the library, where the former was an out-come of a well planned, deliberate, systematic and widespread action of an organised group and the later was truely an outcome of a frenzy and unruly mob exasperated by the killing of innocent lives by the state machinaries. Whatsoever, I would still say , the mob should have not done that. I would have really appreciated had the author condemned all these incidents. But you accused others as hypocrites whereas you yourself are not spared from this phenomena. Legally speaking, your argument doesn't hold water.


Open Letter to the Governor of Manipur

[ Sun, 8 Jul 2007 04:43:26 -0400 ]

Congratulations for the recently concluded Manipur State Civil Services Combined Examination, conducted under the [watchful] supervision of the Manipur Public Service Commission. Sir, this letter is addressed keeping in mind the larger issue of both public interest and administration of the State. Both during the period of the examination and post the declaration of the examination "information" of corruption, unfairness and unethical behaviour on the part of the Manipur Public Service Commission, the higher echelons of the bureaucracy as well as those of the concerned ministers and candidates have made rounds. The most troubling dimension of this whole event is that the examination was aimed at recruiting the meritorious, honest and hardworking deserving candidates into the administration. Rather the examination has once again proved that Manipur is able to successfully perpetuate its status as the failed state. On behalf of the people, this open letter implores His Excellency to put to rest the unwanted publicity of the examination. Transparency and accountability can be made a reality by allowing the social audit of the marks, both of the written Mains and the Interview, of the qualified candidates. Simultaneously, an investigative enquiry into the matter of "how and why" many deserving candidates failed the examination will help weed out the corrupt practices in the state. The appointment of the candidates must be made only after scrutiny. These steps must be necessarily taken to restore the faith of the people in the governance of the state. Lastly, successful deserving candidates fear not.

Kiran Sapam

What about an exclusive youth page?

[ Fri, 6 Jul 2007 03:02:16 -0400 ]

I would like to request, if we can have a page on "What youth think about manipur - today; how can they bring a change?". Where all the youth can scrap their thoughts and can read what other youth think; In which we can assign specific topic for a month or so.. I feel it might help to bring out some good from the youth.


Fresh, creative, informative

[ Fri, 6 Jul 2007 02:48:50 -0400 ]

Simply marvellous. You've enthused a new form of feature writing. If people are looking for something new, this is the way to put it. Fresh, creative, informative and highly rooted. You've successfully taken us to the past and the present. You know, we enjoyed the 'Rock Yatras' in those days. Looking forward for more from you.

Homen Thangjam

Cant face Chat abusers

[ Sun, 1 Jul 2007 05:13:07 -0400 ]

Will you please check the E-pao Chat Lobby today? You'll find the Environment of it as soon as you log in there for once. If possible peep in there now. It's at its worst condition so far even a Kid can say. Many Chatters have started leaving your precious Lobby. And many shifted to some other sites. Regarding the Admin Console & Moderation, E-pao Team is neglecting its importance. Wish to stick with E-pao for many years but can't face the Abusers there.


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