Repoll likely in 14 polling stations in Ccpur
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Joseph Joute

Churachandpur, May 27 2010: Even as the electioneering process of the ADC Churachandpur is intensely going on, the District Magistrate yesterday ordered a repoll for 6 polling stations in Henglep A/c and troubles brewing up in many stations within Tuibuong A/c, Lamka A/c, it was not clear whether a repoll was held today, till the time of filling this report.

All together repoll is likely to be held in 14-15 polling stations, according to sources.

The district administration was busy tending to problems that arise from many parts of the district.

Even as the RO of 2/14 Tonglhang PS in 2-Leimatak and his team after completion of the process were on their way yesterday evening, armed militants stop them and take away all the ballot boxes and materials and burn them, according to a report submit by the RO today.

Even though no gun fire was heard, troubles and untoward incidents were reported from many places during and after the election.

As far flung areas agents have not arrive till today, the overall performance could not be ascertain.

Within the heart of the town the vote percentage was recorded to be 93.80% from 1, 15,793 voters to elect 15 Councilors from 53 candidates out of which 9 were already elected uncontested.

Many residents complained of them unable to cast their votes because of election by selections or uncontested system.