TYCM blames hills MLAs, Ministers
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 25 2010: The tribal Youth Council, Manipur (TYCM) has blamed the MLAs and the Ministers belonging to the hill districts as responsible for the Manipur Hill Areas District Council (Third Amendmend) Act, 2008 .

In a press release, the Joint Information Secretary, TYCM, Aboy Keishing stated that the State Cabinet at its meeting held on April 23 has decided to go ahead with the ADC poll in a hasty manner despite the protests and condemnations against the Act.

The TYCM has resolved to demand for the Sixth Schedule, but not the ADC polls.

It is unfortunate for the government to force the tribals to participate in the District Council election under the hollow and suppressive Act, said the TYCM.

The TYCM further demands resignation of the hill MLAs and the Ministers since they are not fit to represent and protect the rights of the tribals.

They stand for fulfilling their individual interest at the cost of the rights of the tribals.

Asking why they are still silent, Aboy Keishing further asked, why couldn't the MLAs and the Ministers of the hill districts open their mouth when the amendment was discussed in the assembly.

The Chief Minister had said that the Act was passed with the knowledge and consent of the hills MLAs.

It is shameful for all the tribals that the representatives of the hill people are short-sighted, the press release said.