UNC president justifies call for economic blockade
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, August 04 2010: The United Naga Council, Manipur today came down heavily on the state as well as Central governments for failing to address demands put forwarded by the council and ANSAM as per wish of the Naga people justifying the 68-day long blockade imposed on the national highways.

In an interaction with some selected media today at Senapati district headquarters, president of the UNC Samson Remei said that 68-day long economic blockade on the national highways was imposed failure on the part of the State and Central governments to address the plight of the Naga people.

UNC and ANSAM imposed the blockade as Central and State government failed to hear and address to the demand put forward by the two bodies even the blockade entered 40 days which they were compelled to extend further the stir, he said.

Even after the economic blockade was suspended temporarily from June 18 last, both the government failed to initiate for talks and discussed the pending demands.

With no other options, after consultation with leaders of the Naga People, UNC decided to resume the same stir, economic blockade from 6 am of today which would last for 20-days, the president lamented.

He charged that the state government is neglected the Naga people in the hill areas and said that government always keep aside the plight of this people.

Samson also asked how they could come up and attends the meeting called by the government when arrest warrant and wanted tag imposed on their heads are still not withdraw.

Is the government going to arrest them when come up to attend the meeting, he asked adding that it seems having a hidden agenda behind the invitation for meeting.

He also reiterated their for institute a Judicial Enquiry into the May 6, 2010 incident at Mao Gate, where two students were shot dead and more than a hundred 'peaceful' protestors wounded in the hand of the state security force, immediate withdrawal of the imposed section of 144 CrPC, removal of 'wanted' tags and fixing of rewards imposed on two Naga leaders, dissolution of the Autonomous District Councils election etc.

Unless the demands are address by the government of India and state government, UNC will continue with the economic blockade with the support of the people, Samson reaffirmed.

When asked whether Naga people supporting the UNC will surrender their government job in hand, he said that the fund paid as salary to the employees is coming from the Government of India.