Society urges to end blockade, advises UNC, ANSAM and Govt
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 19 2010: The Nupi Lan and Khongjom War Memorial Society has appealed to mothers of volunteers and leaders of the ANSAM and UNC to prevail over their sons to end the continuing highway blockade.

The 20 days economic blockade being imposed by the UNC and ANSAM soon after the 68 days blockade was lifted has multiplied the woes of the people of both the hills and the valley who have been already reeling under severe hardships due to acute scarcity of all essential commodities.

The 20 days blockade started from August 4 .

A regular affair, stranded trucks on NH-39-File pic

The society appealed to both the UNC and ANSAM to pursue their demands through other means.

It's time for the mothers of ANSAM and UNC volunteers to rein in their sons, asserted secretary of the Nupi Lan and Khongjom War Memorial Society, Indrani Devi.

Speaking to media persons at New Checkon Bazar today, Indrani decried that blockades have been continuing on NH-39 and NH-53 despite repeated appeals and protests.

Economic blockades cause severe hardships to both the people of the hills and the valley.

Such mode of protest/agitation is a direct challenge to fundamental rights of the public, she noted.

Though ANSAM and UNC do not represent the whole Naga population of Manipur, economic blockades called by them cause severe hardships to all the people.

Despite the fact that economic blockades have become regular features on the highways passing through Manipur, the State Government has never tried to solve the resolve this recurring problem, she said.

The Govt should have looked into the demands raised by UNC and ANSAM in time.

The Govt should ensure that the public are spared from undue suffering caused by blockades, Indrani asserted.

Observing that the two National Highways have been at the receiving end of dirty politics since many years back, Indrani demanded that the two highways should be kept away from any dirty or sectarian politics.

Otherwise, the patience of the public may run out.

"The Govt, UNC and ANSAM should always keep this in mind," Indrani added.