Repoll for CCpur tomorrow
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Joseph Joute

Churachandpur, May 29 2010: As notified by the State Election Commission in accordance with the complaint filed by the District election Officer/DC for misconduct and undemocratic practices, repoll for the 14 polling stations under Churachandpur ADC shall be held on Monday May 31, according to official source.

The DEO Ms Jacintha Lazarus, IAS issued an order to this effect yesterday and the polling personnel for the Team 1-5 have left Churachandpur today and the rest of the team 6-14 shall leave from the DC office on Sunday morning for their respective polling stations.

The 14 polling stations for repoll to be held are identified as 3/2-Phaibong, 3/3-Songkhong, �-Khanpi, 3/5-Napphou, 3/7-Songphu, 2/1-Kungpinaosen, 2/3Tokpa Kabui, 20/3-Saiton Khullen, 20/7-Tuiring Phaisen, 20/8-Dampi, 21/4-Tonglhang and 12/10-Mata Lambulane, 14/8-Sielmat, 1/6-Khousabung. Even as the repelling process for the 14 stations is in progress, polling personnel's from the far off places like Vangai range cannot till today reach the district headquarter, according to source.

Yesterday, polling personnel from the Tipaimukh and Thanlon areas were air-lifted by an Indian Air Force helicopter.

However, the team who went to pick up the Vangai range personnel had to return back due to unavoidable circumstances and the polling personnel could not reach as expected.

Since the polling agents have not arrived the overall performance of the farthest region of the district could not be known.

The recent rains does not works in favor of the much talked about NH 150 (Tipaimukh Road) and others of the interior parts since no vehicles could pass through it, some of the polling agents from Vangai coming by the Barak river are stuck at villages in Tipaimukh, according to our sources.

The other interior areas like Thanlon 94.29%, Chongkhojou 94.21%, Senvon 72.72% and Parbung 70.57% all recorded more than expected, added our source.

It maybe mentioned that counting of votes for the Churachandpur ADC shall be held on June 7, according to official source.