Officer beaten up in Tamenglong
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Daniel Kamei

Imphal, June 15 2010: In relation with ADC election, a government employee working at National Information Centre (NIC), Tamenglong, was beaten up by unidentified persons on the late night of June 13 and was left alone in an isolated place.

The victim, identified as Kh Bhogen (48), son of Kh Nabakumar, of Imphal, was beaten up black and blue and was hospitalized.

The incident happened when around seven unidentified persons picked him up from his rented house at about 7.30 pm, and was taken away in a Maruti Gypsy to an isolated place.

The culprits started beating Kh Bhogen asking him how much money he had taken while arranging for the presiding officers and the polling officers in the ADC election.

In the meantime, the Inriangluang Village Authority strongly condemned the incident where the NIC officer was beaten up under the jurisdiction of Inriangluang (Tamenglong) village.

Keiramphui Pamei Chairman, Inriangluang village authority demanded those involved in the incident of beating of the officer to surrender before the Pei (Village Court).