KNA reiterates
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 11: Reacting to the allegations of MPA/UNLF, the Kuki National Army (KNA) has reiterated its stand of its political body, the Kuki National Organisation that any Kuki casualty resulting from encounter between MPA/UNLF and security forces on Kuki soil is due to intrusive presence of the former even if they are not welcome.

In a statement, under secretary of publicity and information of KNO/KNA T Stephen Kuki asserted that MPA/UNLF's presence on Kuki soil continues to remind the Kukis of the desecration of their places of worship (the Christian Church buildings) by forcible occupation to shelter MPA/UNLF cadres and planting of landmines resulting in death of 33 innocent Kukis in Chandel and 25 others in CCpur district besides maiming the limbs of many others.

The continuing violence against the Kuki people is a clear indication of MPA/UNLF's intention to subjugate the Kukis and occupy their lands, Stephen Kuki said, adding that no Kukis would ever accept being killed or allow their lands to be defiled and forcibly occupied in order to support the movement of MPA/UNLF.