Teach KNA a lesson : UNLF to Kukis
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 10: Categorically stating that the KNO/KNA is hell bent on fomenting communal discord with the help of the security forces, the proscribed UNLF today stated that the people of Manipur especially the Kuki people should condemn their communal politics and added that the time has come for the Kukis to teach the KNO/KNA a lesson.

In a statement, UNLF said that after some cadres of the KNA were killed at Moreh yesterday, the KNA targeted civilian Meiteis and killed some of them and destroyed their houses too.

This is nothing but fanning communal tension, said the outfit and added that the fact that security forces are working in cahoots with them has become very clear.

Asserting that UNLF does not believe in communal politics, the statement recalled the role it played to save both Nagas and Kukis during the ethnic cleansing drive taken up by the NSCN (IM) in 1992-93.The UNLF had at that point of time made it very clear that what it was against was the policy of ethnic cleansing initiated by the NSCN (IM) and was not against the Naga people and added that such a stand was appreciated by the mature people of the land.

As a result, in the efforts to save the Kuki people, the UNLF did not become the enemies of the Naga people, said the statement.

Today the Indian security forces are targeting the UNLF because they are wary of the UNLF's ideology of uniting all the communities of Manipur.

In such a situation they have to fan communal hatred.

As such the security forces have been using the KNO/KNA against the UNLF to sow the seeds of communal distrust and animosity, it asserted.

The manner in which the Assam Rifles posted at Moreh remained mute spectators when the KNA attacked the localities of the Meitei people at Moreh is enough testimony.

Until and unless the KNA/KNO stops working against the revolutionary movement in cahoots with the security forces, UNLF will not spare them and target them, it added.

Such an action should not be construed as picking on the Kuki people, it said and added that this should be taken as an offensive against the enemy of the people.

Differences in ethnicity, religious affiliations, etc will have no bearing on any crackdown on elements working against the revolutionary movement, it asserted.

UNLF also appealed to the people not to whip up communal tension in other parts of the State due to recent incidents at Moreh.