Moreh continues to remain paralysed for third day
Source: The Sangai Express / I Ibobi

Moreh, June 05: Normal life at Moreh continues to remain paralysed for the third consecutive day today following the killing of a youth by activists of a Kuki underground organisation even as the people of the border town have decided to go elsewhere if the security personnel cannot provide security to them.

With no sign of the tension prevailing here ebbing, a team of four MLAs is likely to arrive here tomorrow at the instruction of the Chief Minister to find out a solution to resolve the present crisis.

A deserted street at Moreh

"As the Assam Rifles are openly supporting the killers and Moreh police have failed to protect the people, the people of Moreh will go away from the tense border town.

Afterall, our life is more precious than our properties," organisation secretary of Meetei Council, Moreh (MCM) M Thoiba Meetei announced during a joint meeting convened by ADC Moreh at the office of MCM today to discuss the present situation at the border town and to urge the JAC to take back the body of Roshan.

Addressing the meeting, he said despite identifying the names of the killers of Y Roshan, an innocent person who was shot dead by Kuki underground activists, the 24 AR personnel posted at Moreh or the Moreh Police have not taken up any steps to arrest the killers.

This only goes to show that they are not really concerned about killings by Kuki underground activists.

Demanding to show why the Assam Rifles personnel have been trying to arrest other innocent people instead of arresting the killers responsible for the murder of Roshan, Thoiba said this attitude of the Assam Rifles has confirmed that they have been supporting the Kuki underground activists.

The people are not afraid of the Kuki underground activists as all the communities along with the Kukis have been living in peaceful co-existence at Moreh for a long time, he added.

Meetei Council, Moreh president L Imobi informed that the number of Meiteis killed by Kuki underground activists over the years including Roshan has risen to 13.But the State Government had never given any positive response for taking up necessary measures.

Even DIG N Karnajit, who is currently at the border to assess the situation has fuelled the tension even by his partisan attitude.

Unlike Christopher Doungel who reached out to the people directly when he came to assess the situation in the past at Moreh, Karnajit has not yet venture out from the Police IB even though he arrived at Moreh 2/3 days back.

So it would be sensible on the part of the State Government to send a mediator to resolve the situation here at the earliest possible.

Giving his opinion, SDPO Moreh Hasna Jaman said the decision leave Moreh by the people would snowball into a very big issue for the entire State.

So he appealed to the people not to leave the border town.

The fact that the people of Moreh do not have trust have on 24 AR personnel posted at the border town is also something that is known even by all the top officials concerned, he added.

Apart from ADC Moreh TH Chothe, MCM president L Imobi Singh, MCM secretary M Thoiba and SDPO Moreh Hasna Jaman, vice president of MCM L Tomba Singh, representatives of JAC and other local clubs were also present during the meeting.

Meanwhile, with the JAC not budged from its earlier stand, the body of Yumnam Roshan is still lying at Moreh Police Station.

As a result, there is no sign of ebbing the tension at Moreh.

When contacted in this connection, the ADC Moreh said that if the situation remains the same, then the State Govt would take up necessary action.

The representatives of the JAC would also be requested to take back the body.

Owing to the indefinite bandh called by the JAC, normal life in the border town remained paralyse for the third consecutive day today.

All the educational institutions, shops and market places have also closed down.

Meanwhile, according to information received by the press, four MLAs would be arriving at Moreh to resolve the present crisis at the instruction of the Chief Minister tomorrow.

The four MLAs are Ranjit, Morung Makunga, Y Surchandra and Bijoy Koijam.

The four MLAs are likely to meet the representatives of the JAC.

On the other hand, JAC has filed a complaint with the Moreh Police Station to register a case in connection with the yesterday's confrontation between the AR personnel and the Meira Paibis even as AR has urged for registering FIR against the three injured persons in the confrontation.