MPP dismisses Congress claim
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, December 24: Pointing out that any Congress executive can hold portfolios regardless of whether he/she won or contested elections, Manipur People's Party president Dr L Chandramani dismissed the claim of Congress party to safeguard the integrity of Manipur saying that such claims do not merit any trust.

Speaking in the political conference organised by MPP Heingang Kendra Committee at Heingang Kangjeibung today, Dr Chandramani asserted that the Congress party has eroded significance of democracy by making elections immaterial for its executive members.

It was under the Congress party led by NehruGandhi family that Manipur was annexed to the India Union, the MPP president alleged.

Owing to that, issues of unemployment, massive poverty and territorial integrity arose in the State which was earlier a sovereign Nation.

He further observed that issue of greater Nagaland to adoption of two sets of books in the hills and valley of Manipur are all direct consequences of the memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister last year by Congress MLAs urging for integration of Naga inhabited areas.

As such, the forthcoming Assembly elections would be a battle between MPP which is standing for the integrity of Manipur and the Congress party scheming to dismember the State, asserted Dr Chandramani.

Addressing the conference, MPP's general secretary (administration) L Jatra quoting article IV of the Merger Agreement signed in 1949 under which special reservation was guaranteed to the people of Manipur but has not been implemented till date, stated that MPP would avail the advantages of special reservation to the people of Manipur if MPP gets elected to power.

In case the Union Government refuses to extend the special reservation to the State, MPP would declare that Manipur is separated from India, claimed Jatra.

Further, MPP would also ask to hand over Loktak Multipurpose Project to the State Government.

Failure to concede to this would prompt MPP to destroy Ithai Dam.

The political conference was also addressed by MLA Dr Nimaichand Luwang, RK Anand, Paonam Achou, chairman of MPP Minority Cell Md Nazir Hussain and other leaders.