Bishnupur-Voters have their day under the rain
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 14: Breakdown of Electronic Voting Machines which led to delay in commencement of polling at Thanga AC and discontentment among the voters at Nambol AC as they could not cast their votes marked the second phase of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly election which was held at the six Assembly segments of Bishnupur district today.

However, voters in large number came out to exercise their franchise in all the Assembly segments namely 24-Nambol AC, 25-Oinam AC, 26-Bishnupur AC, 27-Moirang AC, 28-Thanga AC and 29-Kumbi AC.

Though the turn out of the voters in the morning was comparatively less due to incessant heavy rainfall since last night, the tempo picked up in the afternoon with many voters coming out with umbrellas in their hands and standing in the queue to cast their votes.

Talking to mediapersons, the voters maintained that unlike in the past they could exercise their franchise without any inconveniences and apprehension.

At polling station number 29/10- Kumbi Government Primary School of Kumbi AC, the voters were seen exercising their franchise peacefully with CRPF personnel providing the security coverage.

Out of total 1130 voters in the list, 370 voters had cast their votes by 10.50 am in the said polling station.

Similarly, at polling number 28/3-Thanga Chingya Junior High School of Thanga AC, out of the total number of 1266 voters in the list, 552 voters had cast their votes by 12.30 pm.

Out of the total 820 voters, 543 of them had cast their votes by 1.30 pm at polling number 27/36- Kwakta Youth Association of Moirang AC.

At polling station 26/31-Thinungei LP School of Bishnupur AC, 855 voters, out of the total 1313 voters had cast their votes by 2 pm.

At polling station 25/13-Keinou Girls´┐Ż Govt Primary School of Oinam AC, 939 voters out of the total 1401 voters have cast their votes by 3 pm.

In case of Nambol AC, 865 voters out of the total 964 in the list have cast their voters by 3.30 pm at polling station 24/2-Utlou Primary School.

Some of the voters under this polling station have expressed resentment against alleged conduct of the security personnel in not allowing them to enter the polling station and cast their votes while the time was just around 3.20 pm.

However, polling officials and the security personnel on duty contended that the polling had been closed on time.

The poll percentage recorded in all the six Assembly segments of the district till 3.30 pm ,which is also the end of the polling hours are 68 percent at Kumbi AC, 74 percent at Moirang AC, 77.5 percent at Thanga AC, 80 percent at Bishnupur AC, 88 percent at Oinam AC and 80 percent at Nambol, thus recording an overall 80 percentage of voting.