KSA redefines NHs gateways
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, September 02 2010: Maintaining that National Highways 39 and 53 are not lifelines but gateways of Manipur, Kangleipak Students' Association (KSA) has observed that people of Manipur are not only being made to suffer but also face many obstacles in earning their livelihood due to the frequent imposition of bandh and blockade along these two routes by Naga-land based and Naga organisations like UNC, Naga Hoho and ANSAM.

In a statement, the student body pointed out that despite imposition of bandhs/blockades along these routes for more than six months and burning down of trucks by some disgruntled groups in the hope that they could bargain for their demands by blocking these two routes, no one in Manipur has died from starvation so far.

In such a situation, can these two routes be called the lifelines, the student body questioned, adding that instead of considering them as lifelines, they should be considered as gateways.

Observing that imposition of indefinite economic blockade along these two routes that connect Manipur with rest of India by some Naga bodies implies snapping the relationship between Manipur and India, KSA categorically stated that the same Naga bodies should be held responsible in case a gap develops between Manipur and India.

The silence of the Government of India to such developments also implies that it does not want any connection with Manipur.

If it is not so, then the Government of India should ensure a separate route to connect Manipur with rest of the country, the student body demanded, adding that no solution could be brought about by remaining silent over this issue.

India Government should prevail upon UNC, ANSAM and other Naga bodies from imposing frequent bandhs/blockades along the National Highways, the student body suggested.

On the other hand, incensed over the past injustice, people in the hill areas of Manipur have not been able to love their valley brethren and this mad desire for revenge specially among the Naga brethren is being taken advantage of by Indian agents to create enmity among the hill and valley people, the student body alleged, adding that UNC and ANSAM should understand this point as well.