AR personnel foil further bloodshed
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 09: Thanks to the timely action taken up by the Adjutant of 18 Assam Rifles AK Sharma and his men, further bloodshed as a follow up to the killings at Moreh today morning was averted.

According to information received here, a group of unidentified gunmen stopped a number of vehicles at Tengnoupal area and tried to massacre some of the passengers.

However timely intervention by the Assam Rifles prevented further bloodshed and the passengers escaped unharmed.

Soon after five persons were killed at Moreh today morning, a number of passenger vehicles started making their way towards Imphal.

At Tengnoupal area, the vehicles were stopped by the unidentified gunmen and the passengers were separated with the intention to massacre them.

A number of vehicles bound for Moreh were also held up at Tengnoupal area, as the passengers were unaware of the incidents at the border town.

Sensing the outbreak of further trouble, Tengnoupal police personnel were put on the alert and vehicles coming from Moreh side towards Imphal were instructed to cross the area as soon as possible.

Frisking exercise was also conducted in front of the police station.

On the other hand the vehicles coming from Imphal towards Moreh were made to turn back by the police personnel.

However since the road was choked with vehicles coming from either side, it was literally impossible for the vehicles to take a U turn.

As a result, a large number of vehicles could be seen standing in a long line stretching from the police station upto Tengnoupal bazar.

Taking advantage of the large number of vehicles being stranded on the middle of the road, about 15 unidentified gunmen armed with sophisticated weapons started picking out the passengers at about 11.30 am today.

This sent panic amongst the passengers.

Fortunately a patrol party of 18 Assam Rifles led by its Adjutant, AK Sharma arrived at the scene, said sources and added that the gunmen who had lined up the passengers escaped by jumping down the hillock.

As soon as the gunmen disappeared all the passengers boarded their vehicles and left the place in double quick time.

The timely arrival of the Assam Rifles personnel led by its Adjutant averted a major massacre which had the potential to snow ball into a major crisis.

Sources said that to avert any further outbreak of trouble at Tengnoupal it is important to increase the strength of the police personn el at Tengnoupal PS and to provide them vehicles as well as sophisticated equipments.

This will go a long way in ensuring the safety of passengers going to Moreh, the source added.