Blockade unreasonable, says NKWMS
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, August 19 2010: The Nupilal and Khongjom War Memorial Society today urged the Naga based women bodies to take the role of being mother of the society in convincing the UNC and ANSAM to stop them from frequent imposition of economic blockade stating that the stir has made suffering to all section of the society.

They also expressed unhappy when the Naga based women organisations remaining silent despite people are at the limit of their woes due to the prolonged imposition of economic blockade on the national highways in the state.

Secretary of the Nupilal and Khongjom War Memorial Society, Y Indrani, speaking to reporters at its office at New Chekon today lamented that imposition of another 20-day by the UNC while people are bearing the brunt of 68-day long blockade is not a rightful step.

While pressing their demand, UNC and ANSAM can launch other forms of protests or agitations but instead of doing this, they are using national highways as easy mean to fulfill their demands.

They are taking ransom right to life of the people of the state, she said.

If the appeal of the people is not heard and continues to make suffering the people, the looser will be only for the state as a whole, said Indirani reiterating that it would not be a right decision on the part of the UNC and ANSAM.

She also urged the state government to bring the agitating bodies to the negotiating table and end the blockade before things went worsen.