UCM flays govt's bias towards CSOs
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, July 09, 2010: The United Committee Manipur today urged the state government to take the role being guardians of the people and solve the hot issues ahead of the state before time is running out of hand.

The committee in a statement signed by its IPR secretary Kh Nilamani Kha-Nganba while urging the state government to solve the issues without delay also drew the attention of the organisations doing their activities under the "instigation" of the NSCN (IM) not to harass people repeatedly.

UCM is not against any activities mean for the welfare of the people but organisations caught in the trap of the Government of India and boycotting holding of ADC election under the Manipur (Hill areas) District Council Act 2008 giving harassment repeatedly to the people could not be tolerate and not take lightly.

When they are boycotting and shouting against the ADC elections, the process of constitution of ADCs had been near completion.

Among the elected members of the ADC, many of them are close associates of NSCN (IM) leaders, Th Muivah, his relatives were also included among the elected councilors.

They had been taken oaths already, the UCM alleged.

It is double standard policy to continue and amount to spewing venoms to erupt inter-communal clash and it will better to leave such acts which would not be welcomed by all, the UCM warned.

Instead of doing like this, they can press for bringing up the matter for amendment to the act which they don't want through the members of the Assembly with a proposal to the provisions that they demanded for rectification.

Why they are harassing to the people repeatedly, it suggested.

Reminding the "Voice of the people is the voice of God", the UCM observed that the mandate of hill people whether they wanted the ADC or not has been clearly given in the recently concluded elections.

Majority of the people wanted the ADC has also been shown by the fact that many candidates came out to contest the election despite threats and also casting vote.

The voter turned up percentage is the clear mandate of the people.

Considering the very fact of the people participation in the election, it was also very clear that only a few sections of the people against the Act, the committee observed reiterating to stop in building up unrest situation in the society further.

It is very unfortunate thing that while people are yet to relief from the suffering caused by the 68-day long, ANSAM is once again announced imposition of 72-hour chakka bandh in the parts of the Manipur effective from July 12.In such condition, how the people remain silent, it asked.

On the other hand, while the state police is yet to translate the directive of the Gauhati High Court to produce presidents of ANSAM and UNC by declaring them as wanted persons, leaders of UNC met with the leaders of the BJP led by opposition leader Sushma Swaraj in Imphal, at the office of the BJP state unit Nityaipat Chuthek just near the Raj Bhavan.

Apart from representatives of Naga People Organisation, Zeliangrong Interim body, the meeting with the team included the UNC general secretary Ashohrii and its Speaker S Milan.

Leaders of the agitating body were not arrested by the police or security forces even though they openly came and met with the team leaders, whether it may due to failure of the state intelligence.

By saying this, it does not mean that UCM wanted to arrest them but the difference treatment of the state government and its police and security who always acted excessively to the bodies agitating for certain demands were beaten up or disperse using tear gas and other mob ammunition devises is condemnable, it stated.