Demands on RK Meghen's whereabouts
Students join CSOs' chorus of concern

Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, November 03 2010: Student bodies have also joined the voices of concern over the unknown whereabouts of the UNLF Chairman, RK Meghen @ Sana Yaima.

Students of CC Hr Secondary School today organised a sit-in-protest in front of the school demanding the government of India to disclose the whereabouts of the UNLF leader.

Meanwhile, the All Manipur Students' Union (AMSU) has announced that the Union will launch a mas campaign in protest against keeping UNLF chairman RK Meghen hidden by the Government of Indiafrom November 4 onward.

Students in educational institutions will wear black badge as part of the campaign.

The AMSU appealed to the student communities of Manipur in particular and people of all communities living together in the state to wear black badges and join the mass campaign.

The AMSU in a press release said that even though RK Meghen is a leader of an outlawed organisation, the act of the Government of India keeping him hidden shows that India does not respect rule of law and also doesn't understand the meaning of democracy, which AMSU condemns.

The students' union of Churachand Hr Secondary School in a press release said, it is unfortunate that the Government of India has not made the details of RK Meghen's arrest in Bangladesh known to the people of Manipur even after more than a month.

Though he is the chairman of UNLF, RK Meghen is a man of Manipur which is a part of India, therefore he is an Indian citizen, the union said.

When a citizen of India is arested within or outside India, keeping him at an undisclosed place for so long is an example of treating the citizens in an unequal manner.

Or is there a secret agenda ? Doesn't it so that the Government of India does not sincerely desire to end the insurgency problem of Manipur, the students' union said.

The Students' Union Ananda Singh Hr Sec Academy said in a press release that the union views the way RK Meghen has been concealed for such a long time and condemns it.

The Government of India and Manipur should disclose the whereabouts of RK Meghen to the people of Manipur as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the students of the Academy organised a sit-in-protest today demanding the Government of India to let the leader's whereabouts known to the people.

Thangmeiband Apunba Nupi Lup (THANIL), Kairang Muslim Litan Makhong Women Welfare Assn., Progressive Farmers' Assn., Laingoubi, Bishnupur district, Terakhong Meira Paibi Nupi Lup, Terakhong, Bishnupur district, Ithai Khunou Nupi Samaj Lamjing Lup,Bishnupur district and Liwa Ideal Women's Assn.

(LIWA), Singjamei Makha Liwa Road have demanded the authorities to divulge the whereabouts of the UNLF's Chairman who had been arrested in Dhaka last month.