KSO for wider consultation on ADC poll
Source: The Sangai Express / Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, April 21 2010: Questioning the motive behind the proposed ADC poll in the State, KSO general headquarters today has called for a wider consultation and dialogue on the issue as it feels the elected MDCs, who for all purposes are under the Deputy Commissioner of a district, is nothing but a mockery of democracy and a sham on the people.

The KSO's stance, an apparent boost on the demand for revising the ADC Act before conducting the ADC poll, was clearly in tune with the viewpoints of ANSAM and ATSUM.

Besides, the Kukis student body's declared approach to stand shoulder to shoulder with the two organizations in this regard also reveal a fresh approach on the issue within the Kuki community.

It also claimed that there were apprehensions that the MDC issue is being used as an instrument to divide the unity of the tribals by the powers that be.

'What is the point in having an ADC which do not enjoy any judicial and legislative power ? .

An ADC in which financial power is limited � where the district councils are not empowered to mobilize sources of income, ? it queried.

The KSO also called the MDC Act 2008 as ambiguous and clearly indicated that 6th schedule provision under the Constitution that were in tune with the ones enjoyed by the district councils in Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura should be implemented in Manipur too.