Naga ADC councilors dissatisfy with delay in power transfer
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, October 22 2010: ADC councilors from Naga dominated districts today threatened that if government delays in devolution of powers to ADCs, they may go to the side of the United Naga Council (UNC) demanding "null and void" of the ADCs in hill areas under Manipur (Hill) District Council (3rd Amendment) Act 2008 .

Naga councilors held a meeting today and discussed the matter.

In an interaction with Hueiyen Lanpao, Naga councilors expressed dissatisfied with the delay in taking a decision by the Cabinet in its meeting on the recommendation made by the Hill Areas Committee of Assembly regarding to the devolution of powers.

Government was unable to take decision even though HAC, looking into the sectors of some departments of the state government which powers can be shared with ADCS, has submitted its report with the recommendation.

This will amount to delay in the deliberation of powers to the ADCs which they are expecting government will do at the earliest, they lamented.

There is no reason for delay in the transfer of power to the ADCs.

Government should understand that the elections to the ADCs were held amid disturbances and boycotts from various directions and still continuing demanding null and void of the ADCs constituted.

They had contested the elections confronting all challenges ahead of them.

Considering this, it would not be a right decision on the part of the government to delay in devolution of powers to the ADCs.

They also said that some chairpersons of the ADCS had also held talks with the Union Home Secretary, GK Pillai during his four day visit in the state.

They had put down the grievances facing by the villagers in the remote hill areas due to bad road communication and non-availability of power supply there.

Pillai had assured them of airing their grievances to the officials of the Planning Commission of India.