Tamenglong prepares for MDC poll
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Daniel Kamei

Tamenglong, May 25 2010: In spite of the boycott of the MDC election by Naga frontal organisations, hectic preparations are being made by the District Election Officer to conduct the same.

The intending candidates are also getting ready for the second phase polling on June 2 .

The District Election Officer today organised the final rehearsal for the polling officers and the presiding officers.

The training started on May 19 .

All the candidates have put up banners and posters, and opened election offices in the villages.

In all 24 constituencies in Tamenglong district, four INC candidates have already been declared elected uncontested.

Official sources told the Hueiyen Lanpao News Service that 24 polling stations have been identified as hyper sensitive, 54 polling stations sensitive and 56 polling stations normal.

In the meantime, Col PS Chhonkar, Commandant of 11 Battalion of Assam Rifles, under the aegis of Red Shield Division, today distributed rice to poor villagers of Phungong, Tamenglong Ward No.X .

According to the source available here, 98 packages (4,470 kilograms) of rice were brought from Dimapur on the request of Phungong Kariudai Women's Society at the cheapest rate.

During the handing over of the rice to the Phungong Kariudai Women's Society, Maj S Dey, Quarter Master and Maj HP Singh, Adjutant of 11 AR told the women's society to give support and cooperation to the 11 Assam Riffles and the Army.

"The Army is here not to give harassment but we are here to help you," the officers said and appealed to the villagers to give information to them whenever they find anyone extorting money from the people.

The Phungong Kariudai Women's Society, Tamenglong Ward No.X has expressed profound gratitude to the 11 Assam Rifles.