UNC poll call invites flaks
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 16: The Congress Committee Nungba Block, Tamenglong district and Langol Village Authority, Chandel district have raised objections to the decision/stricture of the United Naga Council (UNC) regarding the ensuing State Assembly elections 2007.In a statement issued today, Langol Village Authority terming the UNC stand on the poll as an act of dictatorship said choices of candidates for the said election is confusing and against the interest of the public.

Substantiating its allegation the Authority accused UNC functionaries of selecting candidates of their own choice rather than adhering to the previously declared norms that aspiring candidates would be selected based on the criteria of good moral and 'responsible person'.

"In the public meetings jointly convened by MUA, MNY and MSU on January 5 at Khunbi community hall and similar congregation hosted by the UNC on January 6 at Machi community hall, the UNC representatives had openly declared that candidates for the forthcoming 9th Assembly elections of Manipur will be selected through the recommendations of the said organisations (above mentioned) contrary to which the UNC had declared in today's newspapers without the consent of organisations concerned as well as the public," contended the Village authority in a statement that also stuck the 'dictators in the name of democracy' tag on the UNC.

The village body also stated that it would not accept or follow decision of the UNC regarding the forthcoming election.

On the otherhand, Congress Committee Nungba Block asking the UNC to stay away from State politics expressed serious concern that from campaigning for the election in some parts of Naga inhabited areas of Manipur, the UNC had started to campaign among the Naga brethren that would only create divisions within the community.

"Let the people decide their future leader for the future betterment and peaceful co-existence.

Lt there be free and fair election among the Nagas to promote cordiality," said the Congress unit.

Highlighting that it, nevertheless, respects the UNC with the exception that certain proposals concerning election matters need to be avoided, the Committee asked the UNC to be wary of individuals who could sweet-talk their way to win favour of the UNC.

Instead of being lured by such vocal individuals, UNC need to closely observe qualities of certain other individuals who are equally committed for the betterment of the Naga people but seldom make boisterous comments, suggested the Committee with reference to gospel events of betrayal in crucial moments.

Contending that some candidates organised certain elements for election purpose only which in the long run would be detrimental to the cause and aspiration of the Naga people, the Congress unit also advised the UNC leaders to take utmost care before any action creates more confusion within the Naga society.

It also asserted that only people of a particular constituency could ascertain the most suited and perfect candidate for the constituency while outsiders would be naive on character of the individuals.