UNLF doffs hat to all people, 'unmasks' KNA
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 14: Acknowledging the maturity and restraint shown by all section of the people, despite the efforts of the KNA to put one community against the other in the recent flare up at Moreh, the proscribed UNLF today observed that the people, especially the Kuki people to understand the agenda of the KNA which is working in cahoots with Indian security forces.

Giving a detailed background of the incidents behind the slaying of five KNA cadres at Moreh on June 9, the outfit said that the KNA has for long been trying to pit the Kuki people against the revolutionary movement.

It was precisely because of this that the KNA has been targeting Kuki people who were members of the MPA at one point of time and added that Nemneining Baite was killed by the KNA at Moreh recently just because she was a former cadre of the MPA.

Not only was she tortured but was also raped before being done to death, alleged UNLF and added that this was the lesson the KNA cadres had learnt from the Indian security forces.

Turning civil society organisations like the Hill Tribal Council, Kuki Women's Association and the KSO, UNLF asked them where their "morality" was when the woman was killed.

Why was no protest raised, it countered.

Protected by the 24 AR KNA terrorised the people of Moreh no end, charged UNLF and added that it was along this line that an innocent civilian Roshan was shot dead under cooked up charges.

The HTC and KSO of Moreh dubbed Roshan as Sgt of UNLF while the KNA dubbed him as a 2nd Lt.Both the contentions are false, said UNLF and added that after this, KNA cadres started storming the houses of the minority people settled at Moreh terrorising them with the help of the 24 AR.

When this information reached, UNLF a 13 member special team of the outfit was despatched on patrol duty Ward number 7 and Ward number 5 at the border town to encourage the minority people.

As the UNLF team approached a Muslim settlement they met seven persons.

As it was established there were some KNA cadres among them, they were rounded up, said the statement and added that while another escaped, another two were let off as they were found innocent.

As per the instructions of the outfit, the four were awarded the capital punishment, said UNLF and identified them as Doumang Haokip of Chavangphai village, Henjang Lhungdim of S Morzol village, Lenkhomang Misao of Kanan Veng and Lunkholun Haokip of Chawangphai.

The last named masqueraded as an auto driver.

The four were involved in the killing Nemneining and Chandel district AMSU president and Roshan earlier, added the outfit.

The patrolling party of the UNLF again met another KNA cadre posing as an autorickshaw near the residence of the late Roshan and he was also awarded the capital punishment.

The deceased is identified as Tolkhulun Singhao and he was also involved in the killing of Roshan.

Following this KNA cadres started targeting the Meitei people indiscriminately with the sole agenda of whipping up communal tension at Moreh.

They even fired lethod bombs at the houses of Meitei people and damaged their houses.

The KNA was following the agenda of the 24 AR to fan communal clashes at the border town, said UNLF and added that the statement of the KNA on June 12 blaming the UNLF for the flare up at Moreh was nothing but to cover up the killings of civilians.

The KNA not only defended the AR in the statement but also charged the Myanmarese army and IRB of helping UNLF.

This misinformation campaign was nothing but to divert the attention of the people from the nexus that exists between KNA and the Assam Rifles.

Addressing the people, especially the Kuki community, UNLF explained that the base camps set up by the UNLF at Dingpi and Khengjoi area as part of the revolutionary movement for the whole land, were attacked by the Indian security force.

In the offensive launched by the security forces, the villagers were used as human shields and as mine sweepers.

The Indian security forces also bombed the villages forcing many to flee their homesteads.

On top of this the morally depraved security personnel violated the modesty of a good number of women, charged the outfit and added during this time, the KNA never ever uttered a word of objection as they are pawns of the security personnel.

Later, the UNLF was blamed for planting land mines, said the statement and added that this accusation came even as the UNLF cadres were helping the villagers in many ways.

Though it was the UNLF which helped the villagers of TS Layang and Molcham, a propaganda was spread that the villagers were forcibly taken back by the outfit's cadres.

All the civil society organisations which spread this canard had sold themselves to the security force, it added.

The media has already met the villagers and given a clear cut story, added UNLF.

The time has come for the Kuki people to seriously take a look at the conduct of the double faced KNA and the civil society organisations supporting them.

The communal politics pursued by the KNA will prove disastrous not only for the Kuki people but also for the people of the land, observed UNLF.

The KNA too should realise that instead of acting in cahoots with the security personnel and indulging in fratricidal it would be better to work together as one to bring about peace.

Acknowledging the maturity and sensibility of the people, UNLF said that it is to the credit of the people that the Moreh outrage did not spread to other parts of the State but was contained.