RPF calls to fight propaganda warfare
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 13: In addition to the superior weaponry and much larger military strength being deployed to subjugate the liberation struggle of Manipur, the Union Government and its armed forces are very much active in the field of propaganda warfare aimed at creating distrust and rifts among the UG groups operating in the State as well as among the numerous ethnic groups, remarked RPF.

A statement issued by the RPF's Assistant secretary of Communication and Publicity, Lily Leima observed that the overt and covert warfare being employed by security forces are aimed at bringing a chaotic situation in the State in their attempt to subdue the liberation struggle.

Despite their superior weaponry and far greater military strength, the Union Government is unable to give any major blow to the insurgents and will never be as the liberation movement is based on historical truth and justified aspiration of the people.

Yet, it is paramount for all the insurgent groups to analyse in minute details and understand thoroughly the malicious covert propaganda warfare of the Union Government and chalk out strategies accordingly.

At the same time, the people of Manipur should always be on guard so as not to fall into the trap of the Government of India, cautioned RPF.

Had the UG groups and the people could see through covert warfare of the Union Government, the unfortunate events of Kuki-Naga clash and the Meitei-Meitei Pangal clash in the past and the recent Kuki-Meitei misunderstanding could have been avoided, rued the outfit.

During the Kuki-Naga conflict, the central security forces remained a silent spectator on the excuse that "We are accused by Nagas for siding with Kukis while the Kukis blamed us for aiding Nagas".

Likewise, they were totally unconcerned during the days of MeiteiMeitei Pangal clash.

However, RPF immediately got into action and declared curfew and was successful in dousing the communal rage.

In the recent violence, Meira Paibis blamed Assam Rifles while the IRB personnel refused to act saying that why should they take risk when UG groups confront each other.

Fortunately, no unwanted incident followed the violence of Moreh on June 9 as people are quite conscious and able to see through the diabolic conspiracy of external forces, remarked RPF while calling upon all to avert continuation and spreading of the unfortunate incident at Moreh.

On the other hand, it would not be any exaggeration to say that the people of Manipur had defeated the covert propaganda warfare of the Union Government and its agents by not allowing the Moreh incident to continue or spread to other parts of the State, asserted Lily Leima.

She further called upon the subdued people and all the insurgent groups fighting for liberation of Manipur to understand the true colours of the Govt and to keep under check their emotions and sentiments in order to collectively fight the covert warfare of 'enemy forces'.

The outfit cautioned that causing collateral damage to civilians on account of the conflict between KNO/KNA and UNLF and the resultant act of sowing seeds of communal animosity between Kukis and Meiteis would be a blunder of far reaching consequences.

As such, it would be to the common interest of all the people of Manipur to stop such victimisation of innocent civilians and to restore normalcy, said RPF to all the parties concerned and the people of Manipur constituted by various ethnic groups.

Even if the conflict between UNLF and KNO/KNA cannot be compromised, it will be in the common interest of all the people not to extend the animosity between the two groups to the common people.

It is obvious that any ploy to sow seeds of animosity among the indigenous people who have been living together in harmony since ages can be the handiwork of only 'enemy forces' bent on perpetuating their administration in the State under their divide and rule policy.

Involving in such destructive ploy or endorsing such policy, wittingly or unwittingly would only strengthen the adversaries of the people, RPF noted.

Any activity aimed at creating distrust and conflict among different ethnic groups also reflects the handiwork of self proclaimed public leaders with demented minds who are concerned only with their personal interests.

Such acts can also be perpetrated by vicious elements during moments of unrestrained anger.

Stating that the RPF do not expect such activities from UNLF and KNO/KNA, Lily Leima lamented that 11 precious lives were lost in the spate of violence.

Moreover, many others sustained injuries, properties worth lakhs of rupees belonging to innocent people have been vandalised and destroyed while many others are mourning the loss of their loved ones.

The pain and anguish is still burning in the hearts of the affected people, she noted.

Hailing the collective understanding of the people to share the pain and loss of each other rather than indulging themselves in furious and vengeful clash, RPF acknowledged that the restraint visible among the people is a manifestation of the people's clear consciousness and the result of the outfit's endeavour above board and within and of the cooperation extended by PREPAK and other organisations.

RPF also shared the pain and grief being endured by the bereaved families of the deceased victims.