CEO cracks poll code whip
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 04: Cracking the election code of conduct under the instructions of the Election Commission of India, the State Chief Electoral Officer has issued a notification banning the use of Government machineries for election purposes.

According to the notification issued by the CEO, RR Rashmi today, a complete ban has been imposed on the use of all vehicles belonging to the State Government, Public Undertakings or Statutory Body of the Government, Local Bodies, Municipal Bodies, Co-operative Societies, Autonomous District Councils or any other body supported by the public funds by any Ministers or MLAs for political activities.

The notification explained that political activities include, campaigning, electioneering or election related travel during elections.

The use of such vehicles even on payment for campaigning or tours connected with elections but with the alleged and bogusly certified purpose of election in their capacity as Ministers/MLAs is also totally prohibited, decreed the CEO.

All the Government Departments, including the GAD have been instructed to immediately withdraw official vehicles alloted to Ministers/MLAs and keep them in their custody.

The order however said that Ministers are entitled to use their official vehicles in their headquarters from their residence to the office for official work provided that such commuting is not combined with any electioneering or political activities.

The Heads of Department have been advised to take necessary steps so that the instructions of the Commission are strictly adhered to.

Sounding a warning, the notification said that if any Government official is found to have permitted the use of Govt vehicles for unauthorised purposes he will be liable for penalty.