TPFM poohs poohs MLA remarks
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 06 2010: Reacting to the statements of MLA RK Anand who is quoted to have said that imposition of blockade is a criminal act, Tribal Peoples' Forum, Manipur (TPFM) has categorically stated that it is disappointing to see that the MLA has spoken in a typical style which is full of rhetoric but without any practical solutions.

"At a time when Manipur is in need of sincere leaders, we are sorry to see that MLA Anand is no different from the rest who actively advocate division for the sole selfish objective of garnering votes," TPFM member secretary H Ruleng said in a statement.

Ruleng made it clear that TPFM does not condone the blockade, but it firmly believes that for peaceful coexistence, which the MLA Anand also supports, it is necessary to apply the same yardstick of law for the same acts.

TPFM has not come across any statements made by MLA Anand in which he has condemned the blockades and bandhs imposed by the Meitei organisations.

In fact, his own political party has actively called bandhs and blockades in the recent past, Ruleng pointed out.

Instead of such political rhetorics, TPFM believes that the people of Manipur would have appreciated it more if the MLA had sincerely made efforts towards addressing the artificial shortage of essential commodities and fuel created by the inept governance of Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh and the boycott of National-Highway 39 by transporters' association, UCM and AMSU.

He went on to say that MLA Anand surely knows that hill areas have always enjoyed a special distinct administration because of the undeniable difference between the people in the valley and the hills in terms of culture, politics, economy and social systems.

Respecting these differences is crucial to peaceful coexistence which MLA Anand is also espousing.