INC swept Manipur (Hill areas) District Councils elections
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 22, 2010: Indian National Congress (INC) today swept the Manipur (Hill areas) District Councils elections in Manipur as out of 67 seats across the six ADCs where the results were declared today the party won as many as 36 seats which were closely followed by independents who won at least 23 seats.

Nationalists Congress Party (NCP) and Trinamool Congress won in one each seats till the last minute of counting of votes today held three places, Imphal west DC office (for Chandel, Senapati, Ukhrul and Tamenglong), Churachandpur district headquarters and Kangpokpi ADC hall (for Sadar Hills ADC).

Results of four seats, all in Churachandpur ADC was not yet available till the filing of this report.

The counting in this district will continue further tomorrow, sources said.

Elections to the six ADCs having a total of 144 polling stations, 24 each in each ADCs of Senapati, Tamenglong, Churachandpur, Chandel, Ukhrul and Sadar Hill, was held in two phases on May 26 and June 2 last with re-poll in various poling stations where necessitated due to violence incidents.

Polling was held at 69 DCCs as state election commission declared lone candidates in 75 DCCs, who filed nomination papers, as elected uncontested except in some few DCCs where no candidates filed nomination to contest.

In Chandel district polling was held at 11 District Council Constituencies (DCC) after the remaining 13 seats were declared elected uncontested or no candidates comes up for contesting the elections.

Counting of votes for the ADC completed today and Congress candidates won eight seats and the rest three seats went to independent candidates.

Congress candidates who won the election in the district were T Haochan Maring from Machi DCC, Meshin from Langol DCC, SP Thoms from Kangei, Newson from Komlathabi DCC, Ringo Lamkang from Aihang, S Moheni from District, SS Beradin from Vomku DCC, SNG Kashung Anal from Chakpikarong DCC and Volhring Anal from Joupokpi DCC.

Independent candidates who won the elections were Korungthang from Khoibu DCC, DP Thomas from Kangei DCC and MK Noha Chothe, from Purun DCC.

Results of all the six DCCs where elections conducted in the second phase on June 2 were declared.

No votes were found casting in all the polling stations of two DCCs, Tungam Khullen and Phaibung Khulllen, where many Naga civil bodies boycotted.

The four seats, where voting was recorded with high turned up of voters, congress and independents share two each.

Congress' candidates Dinganilongham and Liva won Yangkhullen DCC and Oinam DCC seats respectively.

Independent candidates Jacob won the Ngari Khullen seat while Danny won the Lakhomai DCC seat.

In the results declared for two seats in Ukhrul district ADC, NCP candidate KS Joseph won the Sanogkap DCC seat while S Thatoshang of congress won the Kasom Khullen DCC seat.

Results of all 20 DCCs of Tamenglong district where elections were held on June 2 last were completed today.

Fourteen seats went to Congress while the rest six won by independent candidates.

Congress candidates who won the election were Jadoubou from Kuilong DCC, MP Guang from Tousem, Touchu Panmei from Magulong DCC, Lungshu Panmei from Magulong DCC, Lungshu Panmei from Charamram (Saramba) DCC, Tadinang Gangmei from Oinamlong, Hatthing Doungel from Phaiton Paohatlung of Tharon DCC, G Gaichumjang from Dailong DCC, Charles Liangdeang from Tamenglong DCC, Maleireijang Gonmei from Chiuluan DCC, Dinthaorei Panmei from Cheangdai, Zira Kamei from Longmai, G Soihem from Luangeang (Nungang) DCC and Daisinglung from Rengpang DCC.

Independent candidates who won the election were Namsinrei from Lanlaba, Tp Tabui from Awangkhul DCC, M Daveil from Dalong, SG Pamei from Khoupum, Kaiphunglung from Nungba and Hakhulal Singson DCC from Longpi DCC.

The counting of the three above said ADCs was held at DC Imphal complex under tight security.

The counting of all the 13 seats of the Sadar Hill ADC held at Kangpokpi ADC hall has been completed and seven seats went to independent candidates while the rest five to Congress.

Elected independent candidates were Thangkholun Kipgen from Irang part-I DCC, Seikhosat Kipgen from Tuyangaichang DCC, Paominlen from Kalapahar DCC, Nekholan Chongloi from Khengjang DCC, S Khuptanthang from Kangchup DCC, Raingam Thanga from Bungte Chiru DCC, Hengjathang from Kamuching Khullen, LR Kothin from Rilram DCC and Thangjamang from Bongbal Khullen DCC.

Congress candidates who won the election in this ADC were Paotinlun from Makhan DCC, Seikholan Haokpi from Lhungjang, Paojalet Touthang from Chinglai Khuleen DCC and Molung Leirung Leirung from Nongmaiching DCC.

In Churachandpur, counting of votes for 12 seats against 15 where election was held in the first phase has been completed.

The counting for the rest three will be held tomorrow.

As per the results available with Hueiyen Lanpao, seven seats went to Congress, one to Trinamool Congress while the rest won by independent candidates.

Congress candidate Demmang Haokip won Leimatak DCC, Genneikhup from Changkhajou, Lalhuangpui from Parbung, Lalhosson from Vangai DCC, H Jamkhanpao Simte from Senvon, Sumlianthang from Lanva DCC and Kamsonlung from Hiangtam Lamka DCC.

Independent candidate Paolen Haokip won Henglep DCC, Haipou Haokip won Khelmun while Thangkhomang of Trinamool won the Khousabung DCC seat.