New Delhi wants Yangon to act tough against NE militants
Source: Mithu Choudhury (NEPS) *

Imphal, April 16 2010: Myanmar Ambassador to India U Kyi Thian said the Myanmar juntas has been launching offensive against the insurgents of northeast India, operating from their soil against India.

He said at least 15 northeast insurgent camps are operating from Myanmar soil.

These insurgents are fighting either for an autonomy or independent homeland in Manipur, Nagaland and Assam.

India and Myanmar are sharing 1643 km long porous border making it extremely difficult for the Juntas to launch operation against the insurgents.

Indian government fully supports the Myanmar junta government in providing all logistic supports, it further stated.

New Delhi, since long time back, has been requesting the Myanmar government to launch a strong military offensive against the northeast insurgents, namely, ULFA of Assam, UNLF, PLA, PREPAK and KYKL of Manipur that have bases in Sagaing Division and Chin State of Myanmar.

These insurgents have been fighting against India from Myanmar soil for quite some time and New Delhi has been complaining that the Myanmar juntas have not done enough to contain these anti-India activities operating from their soil.

Arunachal Pradesh Government also alleged that these insurgents used their territory as a safe corridor to organize their camps in Chinese territory.

It said the state government did not allow shelter Myanmar based rebel group-Kachin Independent Army (KIA).

But of late, cadres of KIA were reported to be in Arunachal's Tirap and Changlang districts to forge links with various militant groups active in the northeast India, mainly to help create safe corridor to China via Myanmar.

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