NYF backs 20 days eco-blockade call
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 08 2010: The Naga Youth Front (NYF), Senapati district has pledged support to the ongoing 20 days economic blockade imposed by UNC.

The NYF today in its Presidential Council meeting held at Senapati District Hqs decided to morally, physically and financially co-operate and support the endeavour of UNC to pursue its genuine issues and demands submitted to the Central Government.

It also demanded the Centre to fulfil the demands of the UNC which represents the aspirations and voice of the Nagas.

The biased and communal State Government under O Ibobi Singh has totally failed to address the problems of the Nagas in Manipur.

The Centre has its Constitutional duties to solve the problems or face more intensified agitations in the State of Manipur, it warned.

Naga Youth Front (NYF) stated that the surprising decision of UCM backed Truckers and Drivers' Council (TDC) to finally ply on NH-39 under security is a mockery to the general public of Manipur.

Despite knowing that, plying on NH-53 is next to impossible, the TDC in collaboration with the organizations like UCM, AMUCO and AMSU were building castles in the air.

TDC has finally realized that it was a suicidal action as the general public in the valley are starving to death, it said and added that the media and valley based public still blame the 68 days blockade for the misery.

Terming the alleged twisted reporting and writings as very unfortunate, the NYF would be restrained to ban such newspapers or media in Senapati district without further warning, it added.

NYF appealed to the media fraternity to stop such malicious and fictitious writings but rather build opportunities to create a peaceful society.

NYF also demanded the State Government to stop harbouring communal forces and its repressive policy against the Nagas.

TDC should restrain itself from plying on NH-39 but rather take to NH-53 and save itself the blushes and embarrassments after their tall talks, NYF added.