37 withdraw nominations in CCpur
Source: The Sangai Express / S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, May 06 2010: As the dateline for withdrawal in the ADC poll here concluded today, a total of 37 candidates who clear the scrutiny withdrew their nominations leaving a good 9 seats uncontested.

Ironically the Indian National Congress candidates were the sole contender in all uncontested seats.

The entire seats numbering three in Singngat sub-division were uncontested with nine other contenders withdrawing their nominations allegedly on the advice and appeal of the UZO, the Zou tribe's apex body.

The UZO is understood to have a dinner with all the candidates that withdrew their nominations at Sauliim Restaurant sometime yesterday under a cordial ambiance.

Other uncontested seats include 2 from Thanlon sub-division; Ngazam and Tuivai, and 4 other from Churachandpur sub-division.

The Churachandpur seats were � New Lamka (East) and (West), Zenhang Lamka and Haopi Range.