Blockade a criminal act : RK Anand
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 05, 2010: Imposing further economic blockade on both the National Highways in retribution of the Mao Gate incident is a criminal act, asserted MPP MLA RK Anand while appealing to all concerned to lift the blockade.

Speaking to media persons at his Kwakeithel Akham Leikai residence today, RK Anand asked whether the Government should remain silent on such criminal activities.

All those behind such blockades which challenge the entire population of Manipur should be booked, he asserted.

If the Government does not act in the face of such criminal activities, the present period would go down in the history of Manipur as a dark period, Anand said.

Expressing surprise over the assertion made by a Naga group that the Meiteis are not indigenous people of Manipur, Anand pointed out that Meiteis have been living in Manipur since pre-historic time.

"Without Meiteis, there can be no Manipur history nor Manipur", Anand asserted.

The contention raised by some Naga groups that hill areas do not belong to Manipur Government in reaction to a private member resolution put up by the MPP for enactment of a law so that all indigenous people of Manipur can settle anywhere in the hills or valley has all the potential to mislead people.

Since the days of monarchy, Manipur has had a very clear cut territorial boundary.

Moreover, all the indigenous people of the land have been living together in peace and harmony, the MPP MLA recalled.

The Government of India's policy of 'playing' with the situation of unrest among different ethnic groups resulting from NSCN (IM)'s ethno-centric policies and anti-social activities like open extortion need to be understood together.

"We need to understand the significance of the mandatory enactment of a Tangkhul man on the concluding day of Lai Haraoba rituals, Maibis attired in traditional Kabui costumes and the compulsory requirement of Leirum Phi on Meitei marriage ceremony", Anand said.

Instead of attempting to distort the ages-old history of Manipur, every one should focus on protecting this ancient land, he added.