Smouldering ballot boxes, proxy voting, brawl mar CCpur ADC poll
Source: The Sangai Express / S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, May 26 2010: Smouldering ballot boxes set afire by irate mobs, bullying of polling officials and rampant proxy voting marred the poll that was conducted here today as part of the first phase State wide ADC poll.

The Returming Officer has recommended repoll in 2/3-Topka Kabui polling station under 2-Leimatak District Council Constituency in CCpur ADC following reports of the abduction of the presiding officer and three polling officials by unidentified persons last night.

A good twelve hours before the polling started, an irate mob allegedly torched four ballot boxes in the interior Henglep sub-division after an armed group forcefully cast the votes even before the voting began.

These DCCs were identified as 3/2 Phaibung, 3/3 Songkong, 3/4 Khanpi, and 3/7 Songphu.

Similar reports have also come in from at 3/5 Naphou late last night.

Other polling booths where canvassing votes were reported includes, 2/3 Tokpa Kabui, 20/3 Saiton Khullen and Dampi under Sagang DCC, at the time of filing this report.

Physical brawl between the supporters of various candidates were also reported at Mission Compound, Phailian, Chiengkonpang and Vimala Raina within the township.

Timely intervention of top ranking security officials averted any major crisis in these areas as it was within the township and none of the booths in these areas were recommended for re-poll.

An awkward silence also hung over the polling booth at Kholmun where officials and security guards were heard alerting themselves about the arrival of the Press troupe.

At Torbung, the booth was already empty when this correspondent reached there at 12:05 pm, and the unarmed security guards turned down the request to enter the Living Water School campus, saying officials were having their lunch and the voting was over.

Polling booths visited by The Sangai Express, other than the already mentioned ones witness a huge turn out with a relatively lovely ambience prevailing all over.

Nevertheless, charges of proxy voting were on the rampage.

Lack of adequate security could very well be attributed to as the main reason.

In fact, some polling personnel upon enquiry said on condition of anonymity that they have been summon by armed men and forced to hand over the ballot boxes at gunpoint.

Some even dub the way they were treated by the gun welding youths as filthy and express their desire to reconsider remaining as a government employee if they were to face similar situation every election.

"The frequent thrust of 9mm pistols on my forehead since last night have hurt even now,' an RO said moments after arriving here.