Punish the blockade supporters, no need of negotiation with them : ACOMLUP
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, August 06 2010: With the sufferings induced by the more than two-month long economic blockade still not having subsided, another 20-day blockade called by United Naga Council (UNC) is an act of open declaration of war against the people of Manipur.

The state government should not negotiate with the blockade supporters instead they should be arrested and given exemplary punishment.

In a press conference held today at the office of All Clubs, Organisations and Meira Paibi Lup (ACOMLUP) at Lamphelpat, the Advisor of ACOMLUP, Haobijam Kulla said that Naga organizations use economic blockade as a tool to get any demands put by them.

In the process they strangulated the throats of the common man and smashed the livelihood of the poor..

The Supreme Court of India had even banned the calling of economic blockades of the National Highways.

Kulla added that in the recent economic blockade called by ANSAM two of its leaders were declared proclaimed offenders by the Court and arrest warrants were issued against them.

Similarly, the leaders of UNC should be arrested and given punishment as per law.

Kulla decried the attitude of the state government for trying to negotiate with the blockade supporters.

The blockade supporters are criminals and are not deserving of any form of negotiation.

The criminal Naga organizations like UNC, ANSAM etc.

should not be given a free hand to play with the lives of common person.

The Centre and State Governments should teach an unforgettable lesson to these criminals.

The self-centred leaders of these Naga organizations try to break the age-old fraternity and harmony existing among the different communities of the state.

They propagate lies among the people to serve their vested interests.

Taking part in the press conference, the Secretary General of ACOMLUP, Indrajit Tourangbam decried the Central Government for remaining a mute spectator to the sufferings of the people.

It shows its negligence for the people of the state.