Bomb threats at shop
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 25 2010: Yairipok Police today seized a demand letter of Rs 3 lakhs with a hand grenade deposited by suspected undergrounds at a grocery shop at Yairipok Yambem market today, at about 6 am.

A demand letter was found placed under iron shutter of a grocery shop belonging to Md Bari at Yairipok Yambem Bazar under Yairipok Police station, Imphal East this morning.

A police team of Yairipok Police station arrived at the spot when lodged complaint and detected a hand grenade with no detonator placed on a piece of paper at door of the grocery shop.

The demand letter of a group of KCP addressed to the grocery owner Md Bari, Pradhan, Yairipok Changamdabi Gram Panchayat, Md Kamarudin and Md Najakar and it also threatened as last warning to them.