Pherzawl ADC in doldrums
Source: Hueiyen News Service / Joseph Joute

Lamka, June 23 2010: Even as the economic blockade in the national highways were opened and pave the way for development and growth, the condition of the office of the Assistant Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Pherzawl which was opened and inaugurated by the Chief Minister O Ibobi during 2005-06 is in ruin state.

The office premises, where the ADC office was proposed to be set up, looks like nothing sort of an administrative building and a property of the government department, it looks more like that of a cow grazing ground or deserted ghost house.

Talking to this correspondent, the villagers said that the ADC office premise has been lying like this for many years, and there are no staffs present to be seen not to mention for works.

The people have high hopes that the ADC shall function properly and that the people of the area will be able to solve various officials' problems and not have to come a long way to Churachandpur.

"However, all our dreams were shattered and we do not have much hope of the office being run and things implemented as long as the present government is in place," said one villager who declined to be identify.

It maybe mentioned that the Pherzawl ADC was inaugurated at the time of Dr Chaltonlien Amo being the minister of Health under the Ibobi government.

Dr Chalton was instrumental in formation of the ADC and he told that Rs.5 crores was sanction way back in 2006 for the construction of the said office.

Students from the areas said that they have to run or come up long way to Lamka just to get simple official papers and they have to spend more than their monthly school fees just to get a certain certificate.

Therefore, the Ruonglevaisuo Students Union (Tipaimukh Area Students' Association) urge the government to look into the matter and try to establish the Pherzawl ADC as it should be so that any problems face by the people may be solve.

"Sometimes we heard only names of the official who were supposed to be posted here, and see no face at all," lamented one village elder.

The people of the village are fully depending upon their village Chief Mr.Lalhmangpui who is contesting the MDC elections and just won the concluding ADC elections since they have no more confident to the local MLA or the government in Imphal to look into their problems and grievances.

It maybe mentioned that Pherzawl in Tipaimukh sub-division lies about 200 Km from the district headquarter Churachandpur, and any developmental activities are as good as nil.

Proper medical facilities are a far cry and the people just have to bear the brunt of disease and many died before they could reach Churachandpur.